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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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FAAACK! Did you all see that Pawlenty only won by ONE PERCENTAGE POINT?! That was nutters to watch. 46.71% to 45.71% Ah well...the House looks good to me right now. The rest of the nation is now setting me on pins and needles.

I just heard about the K-Fed/Britney bullshit on the radio. Those folks need redneck rehabilitation. Fer serious.

So pleased with the elections! woooooooot.

How the hell did Pawlenty win?

Gah, I feel horrid, so so sad. I wish I could shake this, but I just have to wait it out.

I did infact keep my unset caramel and put it on iceream. I now have a great recipe for caramel sauce, I guess. J was like, "who cares if it didn't set, it's sooooo good." As he was eating out of the pan with a spoon.

We are going to Cozumel in Feb. Our friends parents have a house down there and they invited us. So other than airfair and a bit of money for food, it will be a bargain vacation. I do hate the idea of putting on a bathing suit after having been wrapped up in layers, stuffing my face all winter.
holy hell in a handbasket....wowsers....

Pelosi is in the seat....Dems all around...this is a great day.

and MSN is saying how Bush has to be on the 'defense' now...bwhahaha...

smoke and a pancake anyone?

well, it was obviously time to wipe the santorum off the plastic sheets. thank goodness. and hurray for a female speaker! a quote from cnn:

"Maybe it takes a woman to clean house," said Pelosi, a mother of five. Asked if her remark was deliberately sexist, she replied, "It is. Because the fact is a woman represents what's new, because it's never happened before."

schwarzenegger won by a landslide, but i voted green for governor anyway. angelides was destined to lose and i'd rather have placed my vote for something i believe in. and besides, he's definitely one of the better republicans--raising minimum wage, strenghtening environmental protections, and funding education. if he just keeps his muscley paws off planned parenthood, i might even like him. his speech was all about bipartisanship, which seems to be the prevailing sentiment from dems and reps. maybe people are finally realizing that divided we do fall.

they're still processing, but the two most important measures for me are close--prop 84, which i voted NO on, to force minors to tell their parents if theyre pregnant, and prop 87, which i voted YES on, for alternative fuel research. 84 is 46% yes, 54% no and considered still processing, but 87 is 45% yes and 55% no and the no is the projected winner. i guess that one point is the cutoff??? ugh. well at least 84 probably won't pass.

but! DEMOCRATS IN THE HOUSE, holy f-jayzus!

(oh and, my mailbox was empty)
Hi Busties! Long time no see! I am glad to be back. I feel like I’ve missed so much! I’m still reading archives but I didn’t want to wait to post.

I am so glad the election is over although this morning I got really depressed over Pawlenty’s win. I hate him with the fiery hatred of a thousand suns (yep, it’s personal). And to squeak by, by such a small amount! My boyfriend JT got to share an elevator with Hatch in downtown Minneapolis yesterday and wished him luck. Boy, I wish he would have won instead. I hope that Diva is right and Pawlenty will be isolated and prevented from imposing too much of his republican will on Minnesota. I am soothed by the many Democratic victories elsewhere, though. I hope Bush is freaked out as hell about it, too!

I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to the FJs! And ((happy healthy vibes)) to both of you.

Diva – I got your email but your bust email won’t let me reply to it for some reason – check your yahoo account. And yay for you getting into the good craft fair!

Taloo – how lucky you get to go to Cozumel this winter! I’ve heard it is beautiful there. I want to go to Mexico again someday.

Ms GB – I won’t have a smoke but I’ll take you up on that pancake…

*Delurks again*

Rumsfeld is gone!

Sorry, I'm unemployed, with a lot of time on my hands and have to take joy in the little things!

Thanks to Rose for breaking the news in K.U.
Rumsfeld is stepping down. It just keeps getting better. You have to appreciate how far Republicans will go to keep the headlines on themselves.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I RACED IN HERE HOPING THAT I COULD BREAK THE NEWS!!! I think we need to party again tonight.

*dances Irish jig around room*

My boss and I embraced in joy when she told us the news. The republican is still trying to argue for his side. laugh.gif
Damn! I thought I'd get to break the news! *hula dances around thread* Still, I'm scared of what he might get replaced with.
holy shit! i think the poop is about to hit the fan! i just watched the brian williams/tim russert footage. time could hardly hide his glee.

but diva is right: how much worse could this next guy be?

*goes back to msnbc video footage*
taloo and others -- was just reading an article about the connection between diabetes and depression.

It suggessts taking metformin, a drug that lowers blood sugar, so that the anti-depressants will not destabilize the insulin processing system.

There is a definite link, also, higher cortisol and cytokines. Prevent side effects also by exercising, not smoking, and eating omega 3 fish.

I've always been in favor of people taking medications for as short a time as possible, because I observed people I know getting fat and the cycle kind of feeding on itself -- and they got diabetes later, and then feeling down from diabetes and worried about it makes depression -- ugh. But maybe now if you need them or need them for a longer time period, you can prevent the side effects. Great news.

It was just in the Health/Sciences section of the Globe, October 30, they've proven the link and okayed the metaformin.

So you can have your medications and your cake too! Freaking awesome.

Seriously, my mom's depression was untreated so she was always hiding away, judging , criticizing, crying, yelling, getting one sickness and pain problem after another. Ånd my dad's sickness was extreme but cops and nurses etcetera we knew could intervene. And when he wasn't in an episode, he was highly functional.

But he did get diabetes later.

However, I want to encourage you, because that was then-- several decades ago. And the studies of the kids, well, only 10 to 30 percent of the kids had problems later, depending on who you read, and that was THEN. So, now I think what we will see is people who happened to be born with a slightly different structure in the prefrontal cortex being able to manage it very well. The future is bright.

PS Dood!! I'm using "stealing" kind of carelessly. I used to make and swap cassette tapes back in THAT day. To some extent, it all HELPS the artists, because if you care about music, you can't buy everything (usually) and more people playing their music means more people buying it eventually or at least definitely means more people going to their shows and buying magazines with articles about them., So, no criticism of doodlebug from me!
Regardless of who takes over the position, Rummy's resignation is majorly symbolic and yet another embarrassement for the repubs. I love it!!! Poopoo on them!!!
CNN just called Montana for the Dem! We're up to 5 now, and Webb is leading in Virginia by just under 7,000 votes!
I can't concentrate. I'm too excited.

But seriously -- if I don't change this avatar I am so going to look like squat. Back in a few
Holy shit!!! I go to a meeting for a couple hours, and I come back, and Rummy's GONE!! This day is TOO good! Maybe he got a little scared at all the fingers that might be pointing his way very soon! And we gone Montana too - WOOOOOOT!!!!

Seriously, if I wasn't getting a butt flush this week, I'd be headed to the pub tonight!

SQUeeeeeee! I can't sit still now...must go read news!!!
Hah hah! As soon as I read turbo's post, the first thought in my head was that the U.S. Sentate got a butt flush!! HA HA HA!

Hi everyone....can't stay long, am in the Centre packing stuff. Bleargh!
well, maybe they SHOULD!
Jenn, that is the best excuse ever:

I would ___________ if I wasn't getting a butt flush this week.

You could insert anything you want, like "help you move", "finish my taxes", "walk the dog", "call you back", "go to work", etc.

And yes, the entire Senate really needs a butt flush.
who would've thought talk of politics would eventually just devolve into talk of buttflushes and santorum?

excuse me, i think i just grossed myself out.
Bwahahaha!!! So true, mouse!

Hi marileen!!
Yeah, I *am* funny! bwahahaha - I crack myself up! I think that's going to be my stardard excuse now!

"Gee, I'd really love to design your brochure this week, but I'm getting a butt flush."

Hi guys are kind of crazy today! I'll mark it down as euphoric delerium.

BTW, I started an Ugly Betty thread, if anyone is into it.

Still at the Centre, checking out soon. Had a guy practically breaking down our door wanting to pick over our furniture and buy some of it - cheaply. Vultures. Oh well. I'm not going to let it get me down!

I'm so happy you Yanks are getting some political relief. I hope it is contagious. You know, there is a saying up here that whenever America sneezes, Canada gets a cold. biggrin.gif
I gotta watch that show one of these days. I'm addicted to Earl! I can't help it. The trashy scenery, the campy props, the classic rock, the El Caminos...right up my alley. Plus, I love Jason Lee, even if he is a scientologist. Pretty much all men need a little fixing up. biggrin.gif

Sorry, you have to put up with all this yank stuff, doodle. I hope that the rest of the world that is paying attention is happy that we managed to give a gigantic middle-finger to our leadership. Hopefully other countries (like Canada) will realize that we're not all redneck war-mongers. I don't like the phrase "proud to be an American," but I do feel proud of my fellow citizens for doing something intelligent, especially after that last presidential election blunder. This election has restored some of my faith in humanity.

ETA- So what happens to all of the furniture and supplies, doodle? Is it being donated to other organizations?
heee heee hee, this is hilarious: the right was right about the left.
I'll be back in a bit - I just got home and the kitties need to play!

mouse, thanks for the link, I'll check it out soon....btw, did you hear from crushee yet???????

poodle, there is some great Pierre Elliott Trudeau line....I'll have to paraphrase it, but basically he said living next door to the U.S. was like sleeping next to an matter how friendly and good-tempered the elephant is, we're still affected by every twitch and grunt! So yeah. We pay attention, and we're all breathing a sigh of relief.

And please don't apologize for dominating the thread with U.S. politics! The whole world pays attention to what happens in your country - it really does affect the rest of us. You're like the bloody Roman Empire! tongue.gif

Ok, I need to go play with George, who is reaching up and tapping my thigh with his paw.

Back soon!
"Ban Christmas: replace with Celebrate our Monkey Ancestors Day" Bwahahaha!!!
Ok, I'm back! With happy kitties. It's so fun having a play room! They seem to like it also. biggrin.gif

poods, I never answered your question, sorry....we were hoping to donate everything to the new campus women's centre, which would hopefully be opening in a year. BUT they have nowhere to store anything but the books and a couple of bookcases. Sadly. I've made a few attempts to place stuff with other women's groups, but it's a small town, so there aren't that many women's groups. Other than that, no one has time to find homes for everything. Pooh. Anyway, we are keeping some things, since the mother society will keep going - a few pieces of furniture, office supplies, phones, computers, etc. I guess if people want to buy stuff, we can always use the money to pay the phone bill and things like that.

I'm going to read mouse's link now!
Okay, that? Was funny.

Math classes replaced by encounter groups
Quarterly mandatory abortion lottery
Texas returned to Mexico

They decided in favor of the Democrat in Virginia --- WEBB so we get the Senate!!

In freaking credible

the AP and MSNBC are calling the VA rave for Jim Webb...which means...the DEMS HOLD THE SENATE!!!

ok...back to your regularly scheduled wednesdays...

x-post- HI WOMBAT! hair pics are moxette's flickr site...
That link was funny!! Thanks mouse!

I am still most pleased by the election results tonight! There was much squeeing and joy at the doggie park tonight - it was a delightful change from the usual grunting and griping about the administration.

and YAY for doodle's happy kitties and their new play space! And booooo-hissssss for having to divest of furnishings you'd rather save for the campus women's centre.

Last night, I discovered that our hot water heater is half broken. I tried to pour a bath, and I got about 2 inches of water before it went cold. But, this afternoon, I called GE, and they're sending me a new heating element, and once that's installed we should be all set...I just hope we don't have to call a plumber to install the element. In the meantime, its short showers for us!

ETA: Mox - you are *gorgeous* - the new hair is totally glam and perfect, and you with your beautiful baby - makes my heart melt. Truly, moxette is just so much more a little person now - growing so fast, and her personality expressing more and more!!!
True! Moxette is "Cutest Baby Evah!"
Oh. My. God.

Remember the Redrum/Redroom in the AT colour contest? It got an honourable mention by one of the judges.

Everytime I look at it, I get chills. It's not just cheesy. It's CREEPY. Creepy like someone hired Manson Family Interiors to do the work. Creepy like I keep looking for glowy-eyed dobermans in the corners.

Ok. *shakes self* Gotta get over it.

mox, your hair is very cute! And li'l moxette "bee" very cute in her costume! AWWWWW. Like an Anne Geddes model, only not smarmy. biggrin.gif

turbo, oh no! How long do you think it will be before you get the new heating element!?

Hi again, wombat!
bwaaaaahahahahahah!!! yes, shrub, you got a thumping. people do not like your dirty little war. that does NOT give you leave to pester ms. pelosi about "redecorating her new office, with new drapes". sleaze bucket fuck chop.

2 american friends came over last night for dinner and we ate and drank champagne and watched the news together. we were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jumpy up and downy when rumsfeld "stepped down"!

moxie and moxette - gorgeous color, fab hair, adorable baybeeeee. the magic of drool! heh.

whoooooooooooooa. that redrum is exactly that. gah. blink.gif

not at ALL like the lovely kittie fun time room that doodle has for carmela and george!

i stayed up WAY too late last night, and drank WAY too much for a school night. (thank the gods that tomorrow is a holiday. slleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. that's what i want!

and it is ONLY 10 am. bah.

i'll pop back in later to see if anyone is around.
Tessie, I just read the CNN transcript of that asshat. Pelosi is a gem. I hope the fucking feminists shred him. Whatta maroon!

*Revels in the fact that we have the majority and moans a little in pleasure*

Okay...time to make lunch for the girlie. Hope you all have a smashing day.
Mornin' ya'll!! And what a lovely, warm, sunny morning it is! The birds are singing, and I *swear* its just because the Dems are taking over! WOOOT! Hearing folks overseas on NPR share their joy about the election this morning was fun too - the whole world rejoices! Right tes?!

I've got a long day of work ahead, I guess I'd best get to it.....*grumbles*
You know, I do feel more inclined to be perky. Funny, eh?

Thanks for the compliments on my hair! I do love it. You all don't have to keep complimenting us, though. My head's gonna swell, republican...oh, wait, they got DEFLATED! hehe...

ok, off to write reports. hehe.
Hey ladies!!

I looooove your hair color, mox. That's it. I'm gonna have to buy another box of the auburn stuff and leave it in longer this time.

Gawd, I can't get over moxette. I love her fuzzy head.

That red room is interesting, but I'm not sure that I'd want to live in it or spend lots of time in it. It reminds me of 70's interior decorating mags. I swear those pics can lead to blindness. Retrocrush (one of my fave sites) has a great collection of hideous decorating projects: gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3

I'm not gonna celebrate until Allen concedes. I know all the news sources are calling it, but I'm not satisfied until I know for sure.

I lurve red hair, but I cannot do it. I have really pale skin and warm colors turn me hepatitis color in the face.

Not nice.

Poodle! Thanks for the hideousness. Although.... I LIIIKE the purple bedroom, and I bet a LOT of us do!

(Collection 3)

I'm playing with my money bags today, buying New York Dolls tickets for me and Batman and our friends G&D, coming back to finally finish my application to MIT -- how do I mention all the qualifications I need to be competitive without seeming too OLD? but they don't seem like they care, so this version of the resume is adding things in that I took out of my other ones.

Then, going to the gym. I didn't get to the 8:30 in the morning class so I went to the 6:30 in the evening one! The kids were yelling, oh, my ears. The water aerobics is in the pool (duh) and they have no sound baffling on their walls. Tonight -- more weightlifting and Kundalini class. I got all the energy to the Chakras last time, reconnected with intent, and sprung gracefully from position to position. Even the teacher noticed.

Then, outside, I continued harnessing source to parallel park in a busy, scary place, go in and buy wine, go to the burrito store and take a u-turn, parallel park again, and get my boyfriend and me some of the most delicious burritos evar.

I might also get my eyebrows waxed today. I'm dressing mod for all the rain and gloom we have in this old victorian city. It seems to fit. That means I need my skinny brows and thick lashes back. At least I can kind of get my big thick hair to behave. My Birthday party Saturday! I've got a great idea for my friend's housewarming gift.
Hi, peeps!

I checked the news, and it looks like there won't be a mandatory recount in Virginia and that racist asshole Allen isn't likely to ask for one, so... WE WON!!!!!!!!! I can't freaking believe it! I'm going to try my damndest to see that concession speech when it comes. Ah, sweet victory! I just hope the new congress passes some real legislation, like raising the minimum wage and making the tax scheme more equitable to lower-income people, and finally passing the ERA!

Moxie, what page in the photo album has your new hair?

I kind of liked that Redrum room on AP. I'd think seriously about doing a room like that if I had an extra one to spare.

Hi, Poodle, Wombat, Mouse, Turbo, and everyone else!

We had a pretty good night last night. We had some HBI before gay boyfriend came over, then we watched 30 Days and Top Chef. Pretty mellow, just the way I like it.

Good Morning!

Mouse, that list is hilarious! I love the one about making tofurkey the official Thanksgiving dish. Heh.

Moxie, haven't checked out your hair pics, but will do so.

Yes! I can't believe the Dems took the senate. SWEET!

Hi Tes! Good to see you round these parts. You too, Marileen! Hi!

Nothing much exciting here today, working away on this paper. We are off tomorrow for Veteran's Day. Anyone else off?

Wombat, is that you in your avatar pic?

diva- the first page. just put the url in, and it should come up.

I am in shock and disbelief still, i think. Its wonderful today, to see what we can do collectivly to set our country straight.

Mo' less. It's Diana Rigg. But, I look like her. I need the eyebrows and the lashes.

I got the big old pale face and straight nose and deepset eyes and the same forehead and dark hair.

I look best with lined neutral eyes and pale lipstick.

I have bigger boobs, but, hey, she also started out skinny (ish) and then turned into a fat old thing. Check her out in King Lear.

Ima get my brows done today, and get some nice cake mascara at the fancy mall, get my hair done Saturday and see how well I can match the pose. I've got my camera right here! Dare me to post it?
good morning big winners! happy thursday!!!

i'm having a rough morning. got out of my car and heard a *pop* in my back and it's been all hurty ever since. hurts when i walk and put pressure on my left leg. booooo. i don't think i "threw a rod" (pops really aren't all that uncommom) but i'm concerned. and they can't exactly take an x-ray in my current "condition".

i have a meeting with my manager and my client this afternoon at one. she had BETTER be on time for this one. we're discussing pricing and basically finding out if our new proposal is going to fly for next year. the HR manager is pissed that she wasn't included on the email with the proposal and called to tell me that my manager needs to remember that SHE is the manager here... blah blah blah. she was VERY nice to me, thankfully, but she's a hardass and i can imagine that she's going to give my boss a hard time over it. i was afraid of this lady for the first year that i worked here. this could be interesting.

but i'd really prefer to go home and lie down. i guess i might do that after the meeting is over.

good news is there will be free pizza in the conference room in a few minutes. can't find anything wrong with that!

oh, and i'm still pregnant. i did some calculating and i don't think i was as pregnant as i thought i was originally. now it's more like 5 weeks 4 days, rather than 5 weeks 6 days. i guess we will find out a little more when we do the ultrasound on the 20th. i really really really really really hope there is a little fluttery blob on the screen!

i need to pee and some guys are painting in the ladies room. oddly though, they've been inside the small bathroom (not even large enough for stalls, just a toilet and a sink) with the DOOR CLOSED for well over three hours. they should have been finished by now. i didn't know they were in there and must have knocked into one of them when i tried to open the door. i can't imagine it's good for them to be in that small unventilated room for that long. two guys! and when i looked in, the walls weren't painted! i think they've been sleeping!!!
Oooh, Falljackets!

Can you get a massage from a real therapeutic bodyworker?

We can get them cheap in Boston because there are a couple of massage training schools here.

Darn, I have yet to avail myself of the opportunity...

In Florida, I would bet they have those schools because of all the athletes, spas for rich ladies, and old folks down there!

Maybe they can relieve the pain while subtly feeling your spine to feel if anything is out of place.

The other thing is, my left foot kills me too if I over use it, because the spine problems will usually make you favor one side or the other. I finally got the left heel built up a quarter inch higher at the shoemaker. Yeah, dealing with non-shoemaker-ready shoes they are trying to foist on us all really is a pain.

I also am careful not to carry too much, and to distribute between sides. i can lift weights and that's helpful, but that's because it's only for a half an hour. If you carry a lot, think about traction and how that affects the body. So carry a lot only for short distances, or find a better way to carry it.

Ten to one it's a "use issue" and not damage, so take heart, but have it checked out!
one more day till molly comes home with me....squeeee!

i'm pooped....but i've got news...i should post the details in the gross thread.
My toe nail popped off last nite!!!! Remember ages ago, smashed my toe? Well, last nite it finally came loose...and had to 'go away' before he upchucked his lunch. bwahahah....funny.

Moxie, i love the color! but i love most shades of red anyways...lovely lushness!

my brain is fried...i still am working on that outline for class...suckyness galore.

*~*~*~*~*~**~health and prosperity vibes for all busties*~~*~*~**~*~*~*
ohh man gb, your toenail fell off? COOOL!

moxie, i love your hair color--so pretty! what cut did you end up going with? i can't tell from the photos.

poodle, the commentary on those rooms is hilarious---but secretly i'd actually be kind of thrilled to have that daisy bathroom tongue.gif

**heating element for turbo**

**back healing for fj**

**MIT job for wombat**

i can't believe the election results. amazing. we just gotta step it up and make sure it all doesn't come crashing down on us in 2008. the expression on pelosi's face in this photo is almost as priceless as the one on santorum's kids' faces in the one pollystyrene posted in the voting thread.

hi diva, karianne, tessie, minxie, anyone i'm crossposting with!

my mailbox is still empty. harrumph. but margaritas and taquitos last night made up for that.
~*~*~*~*~*fill that mailbox!!! vibeage ~*~*~*~*~

ms gb, i've got to agree with mouse! toenails that fall off and almost make the mr. puke = priceless!!! or, as mousling said, COOL!

ooooooooooooooo!!! only one more day til molly!!! yayay!!! how can you STAND it??

right, i admit, i really liked some of those 70s rooms. there were several that i could actually imaging living in NOW (minus the loni anderson pubic hair shag rugs). the in-laws house that is worse than the amityville horror is pretty hilarious, though. actually, the commentary was great.

fj, GO HOME!!!! you need to lie down! fused vertebrae are not something to be messed with! i worry about you, darling. (i may pm you; my best friend is about to have surgery to fuse 3 vertebrae, she is freaking)

~*~*~*~*~*~ warmth and relaxation for jenn ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

karianne, i am off tomorrow as well, but not for veteran's day. tomorrow is the birthday of Maputo City. there will be much laying of floral wreaths and fireworks and a rock music contest. plus, i get to sleep late! which is getting more and more difficult with the sun coming up at 4:30 am!

jealous of margaritas and taquitos!!! mexican, or tex-mex, or anything vaguely resembling mexican is not available here unless you make it yourself. jalapenos are considered "gourmet food". hee.

it has been great to be here and have people congratulating me and asking if this means that shrub will be kicked out now. he is really unpopular in a lot of other countries, including here.

la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

diva, it is so great to hear you so relaxed and happy. just the way you like it. ((((((divalla))))))) i miss your stories about jaw cracking man, though.

about the redrum room: the designer DID do a really good job of making a small room look 3 times the size it actually is! points for that!! (and i do like the mirrors!)

that expression on nancy pelosi's face is, indeed, hilarious.

FJ, are you sure those guys aren't just sitting in there with open paint cans to breathe the fumes? You can get high that way, can't you? Sorry about your back popping. I can't imagine how that must feel.

Hi, Tes! Do you mean Throat Clearing Guy? He's still at it, and I'm SO sick of the sound of his voice, but he may have finally discovered lozenges.

Hi, Karianne!

I kind of liked some of those '70s rooms, too, or at least some of the stuff they had (except the sofas, those were terrible). They certainly committed to color schemes, didn't they? I've never seen a room done monochromaticly in quite that same way. Coordinated, but still garish. smile.gif

Where is this voting thread with the picture of Santorum's family after he lost? I've been looking for it, but can't find it anywhere.

By the way, Dan Savage wrote a really good op-ed in the NY Times this week about the code of the call-boy. I love when he gets brainy.

I wish my friend would hurry up and finish what he's doing so we can eat. Grrr. A few minutes to him usually turns out to be closer to 30.

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