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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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yeah! for both the FJs! Go body weight in the right directions!

back to invoicing...
This is a rarity...I am in a foul fucking mood. I could eat a fully-developed asshole republican right now. no likey, but I'm so tired that it's hard to break the funk.

Sorry. I'll snap out of it. Just give me a gallon of coffee.
*delurking with mp3 player 2 cents*

I'm a bit late, but doodlebug, I've been very happy with my Creative Zen mini MP3 player. It has a radio *and* serves as a voice recorder so I've used it for fieldwork interviews as well. The boy gave it to me and it is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I love it.

As for the DLing, I rely on our russian friends: a russian-run music DL site which is legal but super-cheap. I can PM you the name. They're pretty comprehensive. I have no problem with illegal DLing, I'm just paranoid.

And cheers for the Sennheiser headphones tip turbojenn; I may get me some of those.

/AV club moment

I wish I could vote today.

Oooh, Syb, I didn't realize the Zen was a voice recorder too...that would seriously come in handy for interviews...I know they have an attachment for the ipod that does that, but built in - that's sweet...and the radio too. I have an attachment that turns my ipod into a radio, but I definitely would have preferred the built in radio too...*drools*

(((((minxy))))) I'm sorry you're having a pissy happens to us all. Will your mood be lightened when the Dems make a sweep tonight? I can offer no other thought in my head today, except for a blue landslide. smile.gif

GO FJs!!! Wow - congrats on the weight-loss mr fj!!

I need to get me somma that motivation...of course, I'm now down about 10lb from my weekend adventures in food poisoning, but I know that's not staying off until I get back to the gym more than twice a week. But my guts are definitely ready for getting back to my stricter dietary life. No more sugar! No more Wheat! ...That has to be my mantra now...*sigh*
*passes gallon of espresso over to minx*

no, no, no!!! minxy, it is good things tuesday!!

don't let whatever the frell is pissing you off get to you. "it aint worth it"

sorry that i am just jumping in and out of the fray without mentioning what is going on with everyone!

jenn, i thing that maybe (was it poodle?) was right when they said you should let your body get back to a more regular state before butt flushing. did you talk to the butt flush people? what did they say?

i want diva to make me a tart! (wait! i am already!)

in fact, i would like for everyone in here to make yummy food that i could taste. minx's pot roast, anything that taloo made (even the caramels that would not set!), diva's chocolate truffles, mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

mouse, i'm very sorry if i offended you. of course you are talented and accomplished! i did not mean to belittle. you are so creative -- i would never have thought of giving hints the way that you did! (i lurk more than i post)

it is just that i really like your icons. you change them frequently, and they all make me smile. so that is why i said that. please forgive me for implying anything negative at all.

i can't believe that jenn and wombat get up so early to exercise! you have more of what it takes than i do! i just want to snuggle down in bed and hit the snooze button again.

yay for the fjs!!!

good things tuesday:

it is a splendid day here, with beautiful blue skies and not too hot. maybe 28 or so. low humidity.

the day has ZOOMED by.

i'm going to go home in about 15 minutes.

tonight is Veronica Mars night!

i'm having dinner and drinks with a friend after Veronica.

i will see mr. hotbuns in less than 2 weeks!! the morning of 19 november

i will get to have thanksgiving at home (with 25 people!!!)

i will get to see my nieceoid!!

and my kitties!!

okies. i'm starting to make even myself sick. rolleyes.gif
*rides in on bad-ass motorcycle*

Hey beeyatches!!! Those republican assclowns are goin' down!!!!! \m/ \m/ \m/

I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about the governor's race today. Go Mike Hatch!! And after Amy Klobuchar takes her seat, then all we need is for Al Franken to kick Norm Coleman's ass and we'll have zero republican U.S. senators!!! MN is a fucking blue state dammit and we need to completely reclaim it.


Congrats on the weight loss, mr. FJ!!

I don't really have anything interesting to say this morning.

Hi tessie poo!!!
tessie!!! So good to see you here when we're all popping in and out!

I did check with the butt flushers, and they said it was a very good thing to get flushed out, and they'll put a bunch of acidophilus in the water so that it'll help clear anything else out, and I trust them not to steer me wrong. I just want the bugs in my body to be evicted once and for all! ...And the LUSH store is right next door, so I get a treat or two afterward. heh.

Oh, and tes, I'm not an early morning exerciser these days...I was saying it was hard enough to get to work at 7am without working out! heee! I used to go before work when I worked at 9am, but now it just doesn't work. I have to get up at 5:30am to walk the pupper as it is!

And Squeee! for less than 2 weeks to mr hb, good family gathering and seeing your kitties! Time's a flyin' by!
Hi, peeps!

Today is indeed a very good day!
Good Things Tuesday:
1) we're going to have the FIRST EVER FEMALE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE! Seriously, it brings a tear to my eye
2) Minnesota is going to reclaim it's BLUENESS, dammit!
3) I got accepted to do a craft show I had been turned down for but got on the waiting list! Woot! And BUST is even a sponsor of it! I can't wait!
4) I'm wearing a cute pink long-sleeved t-shirt because it's going to be a gorgeous day.
5) Friends to spend the night with watching the election returns, eating chocolate things, and drinking copious amounts of champagne.
6) Mike Hatch is going to WIN, dammit!

Minxy, I could eat a Republian this morning, too. They're already up to their voter suppression tactics in Ohio. Of course it was the low-income precinct that is probably Democratic that all the machines broke in. Uh-huh. And some other nasty stuff has gone on in Minnesota, too. I'm going to vote right after work, I just hope the lines aren't too long. They never have been before, but then again, this election is bigger than the other 2 we've voted in at this precinct, so you never know. I need to make a cheat sheet for the giant so he knows who to vote for.

How am I supposed to concentrate on work when there's an election happening and we're going to take back Congress? I've got half a mind to leave work so I can go volunteer.

Congrats on the weight loss, Mr. FJ! I'm trying to lose that much, too. I was so much happier a year ago when I was down 30 pounds, and my clothes liked me a lot more.

I had to sell off my earbuds. They really hurt my ears and kept falling out. I got the kind that are like earbuds, only they go in your ears side-to-side, and they're mounted on things that wrap around your ears. So much better. I'd totally get the radio attachment for my iPod, but I can't get reception where I sit in my office, so there'd be no point. My building is built into a bluff, so I'm kind of underground since I'm so far away from the window.

I've never bought anything off iTunes; the only stuff on my iPod are CDs and stuff Poodle has given me. I really need to work on filling it up more.

Hi, Tes and Turbo and FJ and Poodle and Mouse and Doodle and everyone else!
ooooooooooooooooooooooo!! divala!!! watching election results and eating chocolate things and drinking champagne!!! can i come over?? i'll rub your back! and massage your feet!!!

female speaker of the house!!! can we all say WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT????
hi ladies!

i haven't voted yet and now i'm super worried i won't be able to tonight......the polling places are open till 8, but what if there's a terrible line???? shit.

tessie don't worry, we cool smile.gif

doodle, i gave it to him with my address and a stamp on it and write "please return by mail, postage has been provided". so there's a chance it could be in my mailbox tonight. i'm preparing myself for him to have checked either the "no, i am currently involved with a: baby's momma, b: someone else" or "i am not interested and unwilling to give you a chance" boxes. or written in "i am gay". oh well.

taloo, you're gawjuss! there are some of me on my flickr (and some of my apartment), but i'm warning you they are indulgent self-portrait mirror shots to show off a haircut that is now about four months grown out.

i kind of like the anonymity.....i like imagining what you all look like.

yay for the fjses appropriate poundage! haha when you say fjses it sounds like you're saying "f-jesus" in a southern accent....

good things:
i have a delicious lunch awaiting me
if everything goes well i am GOING TO VOTE
i may have a certain thing in my mailbox when i get home
Do we have to woooot even if we're not her biggest fan? I'm not sure if I'm a believer in "woman in power" just because she's a she and a dem. I get asked all the time about Hillary, for example. I'd certainly vote for her in a general election- because, really, voting republican just ain't right. Still, given the choice between her and some male democrats, i don't think i could be a vocal Hillary supporter. Her policy leanings on issues that are very important to me, my busienss and way of life are too centrist and not truly progressive enough for me.

My question about Nancy Pelosi has quite a bit to do with her ability to caucus are her skills as a parlementarian? Can she kick our own asses when needed? She seems a little wussy (very simiar to the Tom Daschels of the past) to me in that respect. Maybe I'll be proven wrong, though. I'm just praying that we win enough to get ANY democrat as speaker of the house!
I dunno, I'm pretty damned excited about Pelosi...she's held the dems even loosely together in tough times the last year, and I think she's gonna be a tough closer and will provide a little fire that the house desperately needs. And I'd be excited about Hilary too - given a choice between Obama and Hilary...well, that's tougher, but Hilary is damned smart, knows better than anyone how that office works and I think in terms of presidential politics, centrism is a fine strategy - whoever made it a bad word should just piss off. Its the most centrist position you could have - or it should be...the last 6 years aside.

I'm definitely going to pop up some popcorn, and watch the results come in this evening!

Mouse - I can't wait to see how the cafe boy responded to your quiz! I think its an ingenious way to make an approach, and make the man think a little. And I *love* that haircut on you - so perfect! I'm a big fan of short haircuts, and am always shopping around for something new!

Oh, and mouse, the f-jses thing just cracked me up...I actually hear Dolly Parton saying in in my head... cool.gif

Gah, I just wanna get out of here and VOTE! 3.5 more hours....
hehehehe "f-j*sus" hehehe. you're right mouse. smile.gif and i love the options you gave him. i hope you find it in your mailbox tonight. that would be so way cool!! well, if he put the desired response, of course!

i'm taking my lunchbreak right now. assistant left a little while ago. no better time for BUSTin'! smile.gif
*mmm, amy's organic burrito and a blackberry yogurt*

poodle, i checked out your chair last night! very cool! and i, too, like the kitty pillow.

doodle, the earbuds hurt my ears too... but i have a smallish head, so regular headphones always slip. i need the ones like diva was talking about that clip on the ear. but i use earphones so rarely, it's just not much of a necessity for me.

hehe, tes is a tart!

minx, i hope you're feeling better after some good coffee! you're allowed to be ms. pissy pants sometimes.

moxie, where are those piccies, young lady!?!

turbo, i'm hoping you are feeling much better too. have the aches gone away yet? *~*anti-achey vibes for jenn*~*. too bad your CS therapist isn't still there!

hi diva! i will live vicariously through you with that chocolate and champagne! YUM!

good things:

1. it's no longer monday!
2. i had a yummy lunch!
3. i get to live with the best man in the world!
4. i am still pregnant (and even a little nauseaus today!)

Generally, I agree Turbo. I don't know much about Pelosi- I just read her bio on her House website, actually. I guess, in my mind, I'm an Obama dreamer- and he's very centrist, too, actually. His "pet" projects happen to fit my own better, I suppose, and that gives him an edge over HIllary. I think that's a fair position, too. I've just never been a "support person X" because she/he fits in with my gender, ethnic idendity, etc. I try very hard to evaluate a candidate based entirely on policy, personality and qualifications.

x-post with FJ- HI!

Hair- yeah, last night was RUNNING, RUNNING, RUNNING, so no headshots. Maybe tonight admist the pizza, beer and election results, we'll get a picture.
hello Busties!!!

taloo, pm me and i'll send picts too. speaking of picts...mouse, you and your hair are soooo cute!!

i finally saw photos of my furbaby-to-be....she's a cutie...sphynx wise. check her out under adults at -- look for molly. she's got mischief in her eyes, i swear. and she's the same age as jake, doodle.
I finally got paid...woot! now i can get kitty supplies...yay!

i am getting a hankering for my uncle ron's homemade fudge. agh.....must resist.
As for voting...i don't know if i'll get over there....not with class and crazy schedule-ness. i'm a delinquent citizen. ack.

Today is supposed to be in the 90's -- uh i thought we were in November...what the heck happened?

good things...

-Kitty is coming on friday
-Healthy snacks.

and i'm spent. cool.gif
ahem, msgb, you're new molly is lovely, but um, a FUR-baby she is not. hehehe. she's adorable though. i just looked at all the kittens and adults and they're all just so sweet looking. they're certainly not your average cats! i've never seen one in person. now i'm super curious!

*no more kitties, fj... no more kitties!*
ok's my non-fur-baby....i swear they have peach fuzz. smile.gif

(((((Fetus vibes))))))

i need to get some new tshirts for the non fur babies....(goes looking)
Hee...she's cute in a goofy way! Very endearing. I love the name "Molly Ringbald!" Bwahaha!

I can't concentrate right now because I keep thinking about the election.

~*~*~*~coffee boy vibes for mouse~*~*~*~

I'd be surprised if he wasn't interested in you considering your bitchin' hairstyle!! Cute!!

Boooo...I was gonna list my absent boss as a good thing, but she's here now. sad.gif
wow......those pics of sphinx babies i've never met a sphinx cat, they look fascinating. molly's gonna be the best new family member for you smile.gif molly ringbald....ha!

thanks for the compliments on my haircut, but unfortunately those photos were taken several months ago and i haven't gotten it cut since! it's getting kind of shaggy and mullety. i ran into my hairstylist sunday and so we are setting up an appointment--i dunno if i'm going to go that short again, or just get a trim--maybe i'll go to ms gb next time!

miss g, they legally have to give you time off to vote! do it do's so close on prop 87 and we NEED that to get!

there are rumours of us going to get dim sum for lunch.......if we get our boss to go, we can take an extra long lunch! talk about good things tuesday. yum yum!
last nite i went to this hair cutting class where we learned to cut the hair in the growth pattern....minimal hair is cut and it looks fab!!! even works for cowlicks(like mine) and wavy hair! amazing stuff. plus, the guy told us to come by the salon anytime and just sit and watch! how cool is that!??!

yep, that's molly. the kittens are soooo day....i'll get a kitten. egads...i'll really flip for a kitten. aahahahahahaah......4 more days....or 3 if we start!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*vibes for mouse that coffeeboy picked the right answer~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

hi poodle!

I'll try to vote...honest.
OOH, taLOO! TeSAO reminded me that you have made wonderful CARAMEL SUNDAE SAUCE!!

Okay, so it was supposed to harden -- but you didn't throw it out, did you?
The one and only thing that will ever make me go into Starf**cks instead of Dunkin' Donuts or an independent shop is their caramel. It's that good.

I wish I could draw well enough to quickly draw and post a cartoon of Minx eating a giant asshole with "Republican" written on it. Actually, she would have big long cartoon pointy teeth and a snarl with 6 big thick frowny eyebrows and be chasing him/it!! with open mouth.

Kinda like Bitchy Bitch (cartoon by Roberta Gregory)!

Anyway, Batman just called and we will vote! I must go pick him up. We're hoping to beat the after work rush.

1) I'm so glad I exercised early -- glad it's OVER! It was at a different branch of the Y than usual and this branch is more for guys in the ghet-to. I did some truly miserable inept swimming -- I can keep myself afloat and get somewhere, but I'm pretty uncoordinated with the turn-to-the-side and breathe thing. I inhaled more grossly over-chlorinated water than I wanted to. And my eyes, oh, my eyes. Back to my nice, neighborhood modernistic gym with the clearer swimming pool for water aerobics at 8:30 tomorrow!!

My point about "for ghetto guys" is they have different machines -- I did the weight lifting and elliptical afterwards and I swear they were tougher machines. Owsie. The aforesaid guys were nice, though! The Y in that section of town is also a voting center, OHH and they had the steamiest effin' steam room ever! So I'm more "tired ow" than "aching muscle ow"

2) Did voice exercises in steam room!

3) Will apply for dream job doing graphics/print/web at MIT -- probably they will favor some graduate school person/ young/ male but perhaps not! VIBES APPRECIATED

4) Wilst now go forth and vote against asshats.

Mr FJ -- congratulations! and Shut UP!!! Sorry, I'm back at one of my higher weights. Cranky Miss Crankerson about that. Well, if I keep eating this Halloween candy, it will be GONE and I won't eat any more! good strategy, right?

Oooh...the growth pattern thing sounds interesting, gb. I wonder what my hair would look like with that. I have lots of wavy, thick hair.

I'm going absolutely crazy waiting for the results to come in. I don't think I can wait until later in the night. I'm definitely gonna need some chocolate and booze to keep me going.

~*~*~*~job vibes for wombat~*~*~*~
I can't wait until tonight to see the returns come in, either! And trying to sate myself with articles in the papers really isn't helping at all. What I want are hard and fast results, and I want them 10 minutes ago! I wish they tallied as people cast their votes, but that would be wrong. An election isn't a horse race, and imagine if they did it that way, the surge of bad guys that could come in and swipe it all up!

I wanna go out and punch a Republican right now.

$$$$$$$$ job vibes $$$$$$$$$

Mouse, as long as you're in line before the polls close, you should still be able to vote. Don't let 'em stop you! BTW, you have a really cute apartment. Makes me kind of miss having carpet a little.

In a position where I had to choose between Hillary and Obama, I'd probably go with Hillary. Experience means a lot to me, even though a long voting record could be held against you. I'd like to see Obama run, but I really think he should wait until '12 or '16. That said, I really want to see John Edwards run again. He ran such a beautiful, positive campaign and I think he's a great example to follow. He lost, but gained the respect and love of so many people who won't forget about him. I'd also like to see Tom Daschle run, just to see what he would do. I really liked him, but I think that has more to do with his association with Paul Wellstone than anything else.

I wish I could get paid again this week. sad.gif I'm poor again. sad.gif

It looks like I have to apply for a permit to be able to sell my chocolate stuff at this craft fair I got accepted for, and even then I might get turned down for that if the building policy won't let other food vendors sell or if the people organizing the show decide not to let me. I'm not sure which way to go. If buying the temporary permit will let me sell, then yeah, but I don't want to waste the time and money if they're not going to let me do it anyway. What a conundrum. At least the permit is pretty cheap and it'll cover me for all the shows I have planned so far.

Hello everyone! What a day....*whew*

miz gb, molly is adorable! She def. looks a li'l mischevious; I hope she and the Jakester become good playmates. (Of course, since Molly is a girl, Jake will lose his crown as highest kitty on the totem pole...that's what happened to George, but he doesn't seem at all put out about it.)

turbo, you've totally sold me on those headphones. I hope turbomann feels better soon.

Oh and sybarite, I think you may have sold me on the Creative Zen.

Congrats diva on the craft show acceptance! Yay, and Bust is a sponsor!!

mouse! I am totally squeeing with anticipation! I hope he checks the right boxes!!

Hi tyger! Good to see you around these parts!

Oh, and I just want to clarify again (this is a general comment and not directed at anyone) that downloading music is NOT illegal in Canada. I'm starting to take the "stealing" comments personally! Heh. Kidding. (Sort of.)

On the women as politicians thing....I know you shouldn't vote based on gender, and that not all women are our sisters! But, I also don't think anything will truly start to change for women as a group until 50% of elected representatives are women, regardless of party affilliation. The public needs to be able to see women as equal decision makers, and even Republican women can change the perspective of (slower to change) Republican citizens in that respect. Plus, you all might want to read about Marilyn Waring, who was elected in New Zealand as a Conservative...she is one of my personal heroes, and proof that one woman can make a difference...she brought down an entire government!

Shit, I gotta run...hello also poodle, minxie, moxie, wombat, FJs (FJaysus!), tesao, and anyone I'm missing...forgive me!

~*~*~*~*~*~ happy election outcome vibes for U.S. busties ~*~*~*~*~*~
*whew* diva that makes me feel a lot better. i'll definitely get there before they close.

doodle i love that you're vicariously squee-ing through me--while i'm doing so for minxie! haha. i actually was a lot more delirious about it as soon as i dropped it off, now i'm kind of like "eh". though that's probably my subconscious preparing me for a let-down.

we did go get dim sum and now i'm so stuffed full of steamed dumplings that i actually feel like a steamed dumpling.

we have a design meeting in ten minutes. i gotta get my stuff together. i'm sure it's just going to be us looking over my boss's shoulder at some fashion forecasting site, though. gah.
Yeah, doodle, I insist on voting based on my own principles--however equal representation of women, minorities, etc., is one of my principles. It's a tricky thing. I think it's absolutely sick that all U.S. presidents have been white men. I'm sure that the republicans would be thrilled to see Hilary Clinton run. They'd have a lot more fodder for their campaign. What really gets me is that so many people don't like Hilary Clinton because she's a tough, opinionated, witty woman instead of a warm, fuzzy "Laura Bush" type. It's sad that the "bitch" perception still exists in something as important as our government. Doodle, that Marilyn Waring bitch sounds pretty damn cool! laugh.gif

If Keith Ellison wins o'er here in the 5th district of MN, which I'm sure he will, he'd be the first Muslim to serve in congress. That makes me proud to be a Minnesotan. I'm even proud that we elected a pro-wrestler for governor back in the day. I was devastated at first, but then Jesse Ventura did a hell of a lot to get the Twin Cities our first light-rail line (LONG overdue), so he's cool by me. I like how our state isn't so predictable. It shows that we can think outside of the box. MN could easily be dominated by repubs considering that it's a midwestern state, but we still primarily support the democrats. Minnesota rocks!!!! \m/ \m/ \m/

ETA- The state of Virginia passed the ban on gay marriage. Big surprise, I know.
Yeah, poodle, I'm with you in that when given the choice between a white man and a minority or woman, I definitely take a closer look at the non-white-male candidates....until we have a better cultural, social, and gender balance in politics, I'm voting for as many women as I can. And especially when you have the slate of 60 judges before you to choose from, whom you know little about, I check all the women first, and then go back for a second look at what's left.

I was most pleased by the ballot this was the easiest one I've ever filled out, even if the electronic voting is such a sham here....there was one electronic voting machine...and I'm skeptical about them anyway, so I took paper. Paper covers computer, ya'll.

And I am looking forward to the Daily Show coverage of the election at 10pm. heee!
I just don't understand why we haven't refined the voting system yet! Come the fuck on! I'm just glad we don't have those sucky punch-hole ballots. How stupid is that? Although, I had a lot of trouble filling out the paper ballot because I shake a little more than your average person, especially after I've had my coffee.

Ooooh...Howard Dean is on the TV. Remember this picture?
IPB Image
Hmmm....I don't remember that photo, but its kind of hunky and reminds me of Damian Lewis, who is scrummy-uptious!
I don't know who you're talking about, but if he looks anything like the young Howard Dean, then I'm sold!!

Okay, I'm off to diva's house to celebrate and/or mourn the results. I'm gonna leave the TV on so that my cats are informed, too. tongue.gif

Ciao, babes!!
We don't have computer voting here, or punch ballots, or whatever it is. We still do paper, and I hope it stays that way. I mean, there is tons of human error, I'm sure. But there are lots of accountability mechanisms to deal with that....last federal election, I was a scrutineer, and forced a vote recount at the poll I was working. I got my candidate an extra vote for that!

Do you have volunteer scrutineering in U.S. elections?

You know what I thought was interesting...something Camille Paglia wrote or said...and normally I tend to disagree with a lot of what Camille Paglia says, but anyway. She said it was too soon for Hilary Clinton to run because she still has sexual power as a woman. And that made me think about how much of a role that plays in how we perceive women politicians. I mean, it's different for men, they're "allowed" to have sexual power...look at Bill Clinton! For gosh's sake, everybody wanted to do him. Maybe it's because men are measured by their sexual prowess, but women are measured by our sexual availability. Or something. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. smile.gif

turbo, I'm sad I don't get to watch the Daily Show, too! Boo hoo. Stupid Canadian channels.

poodle, you should know that at one point in my life, I very seriously contemplated jumping on a plane to New Zealand and asking Marilyn Waring to marry me. smile.gif In fact, my last long term partner bore a slight, probably-not-coincidental resemblance! Heh.

mouse, it was a lovely brave thing to do, and no matter what message the guy returns, you should congratulate yourself for taking the initiative in a way that matches up with who you are. And I still hope you get the right answer!!
This is Damian Lewis...I fell hard for him watching the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers....he's very dreamy.

Have fun poodle!!! I can't wait to hear how it all unfolds for us blue state hopefuls!

i'm going home to vote

and check my mailbox (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

california's basically guaranteed to be blue (though i'm sure schwarzenegger will continute to hold office, especially not helped by my intent to vote green for governor) for congress, but we are super-close on proposition 87 which is a near-revolutionary measure for alternate fuel research.

i'm out.
was arnie up for re-election this year?
Oooh! This is exciting! The Dems are kicking ASS in Minnesota!!! Cr-aaaaaaziness!
Montana polling closes in 15 min! Any montana busties who have not yet exersised there right to vote, get out there and oust Burns! GO TESTER!!
Wooooo!!.....3 senate seats so far....3 to go!
Craziness? In Minnesota? Hardly, it is simply Minnesota getting the vote out as we have for years and years and years -- and years. This state has ALWAYS been a democratic strong hold and it appears as though we will retake things, as they should be. The FIRST female Senator from Minnesota (EVER) is completely exciting to me along with the fact that we will hopefully have a (majority) female speaker of the house in D.C. ! Woot-woot. Rock out!

I can't wait until my pal Al Franken (really) is running and crushes that POS Coleman.

ETA: Keith Ellison is the winner! Oh, yeah. Again, another first from Minnesota, the FIRST Muslim in Congress and from the State of Minnesota! Kickin' some ass and taking names. Hell ya!

c'mon virginia and montana! you can do it!!! this is soooooooooo exciting! i actually have chicken skin!! and i am so jazzed that i am having real trouble concentrating on work! i just want the rest of the okayers here in okaylândia to wake up and come and post with me so that we can have a PAR-TAY!!!!

*pops open champagne bottle*

well, i may as well start drinking the bubbly by myself!!

*throws sparkly, glittery, incandescent confetti and streamers into the middle of the thread*
YAY!!! I had almost given up hope. And I did a little jig when I found out about santorum!!!! I put on Queen's "another one bites the dust"!
good morning, blue blue ladies! 27 HOUSE seats, and a nail biter in the Senate. GAH! COUNT THE VVOTES already! Optimistically, we win 51-49, realistically, i think we go 50-50. Which, unless one is out for blood (which is attractive!), is probably the best set up. I know, Cheney tie breaker and all that, but a 50-50 split in the senate allows us to stay on the attack, and build momentum for 2008. And, we get control of key committees, so oversight still happens.

There, early morning wonkyness over. Now, off to study election returns...oh, wait...didn't i say the wonkyness was over? ~~~ambles off to find a print NYT~~~
WHOOOOT!!! I am still catching up...I ordered a friend to call me around 1AM and give me an update, and now I'm back to to see what the fart's going on.

Cr-aaaaaziness, ma bitches. Mama's coming back to reclaim what's hers, and those naughty little Refugs better be on their best behaviors!

But Santorum unseated? Fucking priceless...although his name carries on in sexual history. Choad. BWA-HHAHAHAHA!
Woooo-Hooooo! What a night!! Seriously, I don't know how I'm expected to work today with votes still being counted, and the taste of Senate AND House control on my lips! And let's just hear it loud and proud for Pelosi, who not only is going to be our speaker, but THIRD in line for the presidency!!! I can dream of bush being impeached and Cheney falling at last to his weak heart, can't I?! Ok...maybe that's a little drunk on democracy dreaming there, but DAMN this is a good day!!!
Mornin' babes!! Well, the incumbent republican won in our governor's race but, other than that, I'm very pleased with the election results. On a state/local level, pretty much everything turned out the way I thought it would.

"Santorum" is a very unfortunate name! laugh.gif
Good Mornin' Babes!

I too am pleased overall with the results from yesterday, but will feel lots better once we have the final word on the Senate. My dumb state voted like I thought it would. Booooooo Tennessee! Too many Republicans here. Plus the state voted 80% vs 20% for an anti-gay marriage amendment. Great.
Our democratic incumbent governor did win though.

I was overjoyed when Santorum lost. What a jackass.

Mouse, did you post a pic of yourself? I missed it. I agree, taloo, it is nice to have faces to go with names. I have seen pics of a few of the okayers....jenn, poodles, diva, ms gb, tes...I think that is all.

Hi Tes! You get to see mr Hotbuns soon! Excellent!

Hi jenn, diva, treehuger, minx, taloo, moxie, & everyone else!
Kari, I was sad for you and your state when I heard the news this morning. Boooooo!!

BUT, my stomach is doing flip-floppies with the last two senate races hanging in the balance, with the Dems leading by about a half-point each....c'mon guys, COUNT 'em up!!!

Ahem...maybe when all the excitement settles down, we'll get to see the piccies of moxie's hot new hair!
Thanks for the vibes, poodle and divala!

Now I gotta get my fat BRAIN in gear. Yessssss. I have a big, fat, juicy BRAAAAAIIIINNN.

Present myself properly.

Batman and I were thrilled last night. Democrats got control of the House, nationally, and the Senate? As of 11 am here in Massachusetts, they're not sure.

Oh, but Massachusetts rocks. Deval Patrick was elected, the first African-American and he had a very stirring acceptance speech. The coverage of that was beautiful. You should definitely look it up on CNN, YouTube, or He was standing there with his family and his running mate from Worcester, which is near where I grew up, a little city that used to be very prosperous mechanics and farmers town and has now fallen to ruin except for some hospitals and insurance. And they have the rock shows there. Very midwestern.
Axl's playing there tonight and I'm not going! It just kinda came up at the wrong time -- I need all my resources to woodshed for my own creative career success.

Anyway, seeing a guy from "woostah" go to the Statehouse was pretty cool, also Ed Kennedy was there and was elected to more terms than anyone in history at this point (eighth I think?)

We were really touched by the speeches and the whole event, we felt we were witnessing history being made.

Oh, btw, Massachusetts is way out in front with the gay marriage thing -- people can come to Provincetown and get married in an old-fashioned wooden town hall and have a great vacation where you can just walk up and down the streets to gay bars (and straight, but, you know) the hotels, the restaurants, and the beach. Too effin' cool.

"Santorum" yeah, ever since Dan Savage the sex columnist decided he was going to name anal sex secretions after the closeted anti-gay Pennsylvania hypocrite, we all giggle every time we hear his name, and now he is out, out, flushed down the toilet of the public legislative process. Truly a proud moment.

D'Ohh!! First African-American Governor in Massachusetts!
I'm going crazy waiting for the Montana and Virginia results. Gawd, I can't wait til all of this is overwith. Then we can get back to the real issues affecting America, like the Britney/K Fed divorce and the next elimination round on Dancing with the Stars.

And we all care SO MUCH about Jessica Simpson.

~*~*~vibes turbo's dad~*~*~
~*~*~vibes mouse's mailbox!~*~*~

I'd say it was a pretty good result, except for Mike Hatch losing to that sneering asshole Tim Pawlenty with a permanent smirk on his face. But on the upside, we took back the Minnesota House and strengthened our lead in the Senate, so now he's surrounded by Democrats and won't be able to do shit. Also, every other statewide race went to the Dems, so now Pawlenty's on an island of ignorance all by his pathetic self.

My parents' district also went Dem, and they live in what is normally a Republican safe zone. Yay! My youngest brother's old boss got kicked out of the House!

I've got my fingers crossed for Montana and Virginia. We're expected to take Montana, and I heard one of the precincts that hasn't been counted yet is heavily Democratic. And in Virginia, I don't want to see a blatant racist rewarded for his terrible behavior. Go Jim Webb! I am a little worried about all the military and absentee ballots that may have yet to be counted, but I'll take every little victory along the way that I can.

And now we have the first woman ever heading up the US House. I can't say how proud I am of that. And Minnesota gave the country their first Muslim representative of the people. It seriously brings a tear to my eye. It's about time Muslims had someone in Congress since they've been so discriminated against.

Things are looking up, y'all. smile.gif

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