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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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turbo!!!! what a weekend! ER trip and everything....I'm so glad you are feeling better ((((healing vibes))))
Tes! two weeks?! jeez...time is really flying.
and minxy and MB are sooo cute...i love all this pre-relationship mumbo jumbo...warm fuzzies i tell ya.

hi moxie, doodle, taloo, poodle, kari, mouse, diva, the fj's, and the lurkers(lurv)

my weekend was crammed full of exciting events. well, events(not really) but things to come!!! let me explain. Sat. i had my class, which turned out GREAT as i ended up doing this uber cute chic haircut on this sweet lady who had broken her arm and couldn't do her hair. She said she'd come back cuz she loved it SO MUCH. talk about warm fuzzies...and she gave me a fat tip too.

And then i got the best phone call ever. My friend L, the one who got us Jake, has found us another cat(sphinx) and she wanted to know if we wanted her. So, lots of stuff later....She(the cat) is arriving on friday via airplane from Cinncinati, Ohio!!!! East coast kitty! her name is molly and she's red and white....which means pink all over with red fuzzies. aaaaaa i can't wait!!! the suspense!!! and saturday i'm going to a birthday dinner for my friend N. woooo! Sunday i spent cleaning, which is good since now i will have another kitty around the house!

How bout renaming her "East Coast Kitty" ? It's cute!

Hi divala! Most black leather jackets are not just sleek, they have some pointless detailing. I got a black leather biker jacket -- the classic style, and one kind of like that but longer with smaller, flatter pockets and a curvy zipper. The plain ones (??) one of my co-workers in the past got one at Valerie Stevens, but that's petite clothing. Petite is not where I go to shop... the Wilson's leather chain used to have plain ones though!

~*~*~*turbo's butt!!~*~*~
((((fetus vibes for the fj's)))))

((turbo's butt))

i can't wait to see your hair picts, moxie!!!

(((Mouse-non shaky flirt vibes))))

all busties (((((****^^^^^***^^~~~~********))))

(dances around singing "i'm getting a kitt-y, i'm getting a kitt-y")
Whoa, lots of action in here!

~~~~~~~fj baby vibes~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm sorry you had a freakout, but I am so glad your friend was there to make you feel better. I think it is smart to not get the blood levels checked yet, just to give yourself an easier time of it. You are going to use a midwife? I think that is so cool.

Mouse, I think a survey is really sweet. I like things like that, it requires a lot more effort than just asking someone out or asking for a number, ya know? Those types of things make me feel flattered.

Ms GB you are getting a new kitty? Exciting!

Jenn, I hope you are right about our state voting for the Dem. I just don't trust the general population here. It would be so nice to live in a blue state for once.

Hi Diva! 22 bras?! That is a lot! I am glad you found one, finally. Bras are hard to buy.

Hi Wombat!

Well, I did a workout at lunch & I still feel like taking a nap. It did not do its job of waking me up. At least there is less than 2 hours left in the workday.
whoa! Thanks for all the, uh, erm....butt lovin' here! Though really, its my guts that hurt. Ye 'ole rump is fine fine fine, but I've still got some ab cramping and upset tummy. I figure I'm heading outta here in a little bit, and hitting the bathtub tonight.

East Coast Kitty sounds so chic-chic...I'm lovin it! really, ms gb, I need to see more piccies of these kitties, they just seem so adorable, and piccies won't make me sneeze!

Wowza Diva, you were a busy woman this weekend! I think just trying on the 22 bras alone would have exhausted me! I hate brar shopping....but it is so divine when you get the right one.

I just warmed up my rice bag in the nursery micro, and now it smells like popcorn. eeew. I hate the smell of micro popcorn.
Wow. You guys are all way more productive than I am on the weekends. Saturday is a day of sloth and sunday is a day of cleaning and other errands. I really need to get my ass in gear one of these Saturdays and paint my bedroom. I just don't feel like cleaning it and moving everything around. I wish the fucking building people would give me a storage space already. That's another thing I need to take care of this week.

Yay for new kitties!! I want another kitty.

I'd like to have a beer with Tim Pawlenty, but only so that I can throw it in his face. I initially assumed that he would win the governor's race, but it's a dead heat with Hatch. I think we'll end up with these results for the most competitive races:
Sounds pessimistic? Well, that's how I'm feeling, at least for governor. Who knows? Pawlenty does seem a little extra evil these days. As far as Bachman vs. Wetterling--I can't stand either of them, so I'm not that interested. Patty Wetterling strikes me as having a lower than average IQ. I don't know why. It's something in her face. Or maybe it's that she still thinks her abducted son is alive out there.
i swear i am taking some pictures as soon as she calms down from all the excitement. yesterday jake was napping on me and next to me...and...he's just a cuddle bug. i'm wondering how her personality is gonna be and if she's gonna take to me or how she's gonna adjust to jake. and then there's the sleeping arrangments....LOL...maybe we'll have it figured out by thanksgiving if we are lucky.

diva...22 brars!?!?!? what stamina.

I have my special cutting class tonite...woooo!!!!

and payday is tomorrow...finally!!!! i hate having to ask for money. its a pride issue.
we must all be really bored or unmotivated at work. i'm the latter.

oooh! msgb! a new kitty! wow! that's so cool. i would love a new kitty, but we don't need any more kitty cats in the house. that reminds me, i think i'm becoming more sensitive to smell because now when i go near the room with tha catbox, i can smell it really bad! of course, i am making mrfj clean it out so i don't have to worry about the germies! he's been cleaning it since the last time i was pregnant actually. what a good good man i have!

diva, i would love to see the pic of your tart. glad the dinner went without a hitch! getting everything on the table while warm is a feat in itself!!

yes, karianne, i'm going to use a midwife for as much as i can. my doc office is pretty cool in that my ob is a male and his wife is the midwife for his practice. they have two other midwives and another doc there as well, and it's right across the street from a major hospital... which i guess will be the one i deliver at. wow. that sounds so strange!!!!
I hope everybody gets along, gb. That can be tricky sometimes.

Heehee...diva, the republican says "tell diva that her views are just too extreme for Minnesota and that the Star Tribune says she's WRONG!" I hate the political ads, but they never fail to crack me up. The republican and I have been laughing about them all week.

"Pink Poodle...just another liberal appraiser." laugh.gif
is east coast kitty coming from a multiple-cat home? maybe that will help her adjust if so. missus abigail boots is a nurturer and has been ever since she was living with our friends. so when we got her, it took a little time for mister boots to get used to her bathing him. it took about six months actually before they were cuddling with each other. i'd say six weeks until mister boots finally stopped spitting at her on a regular basis.
Hello everyone.

Jeez, you bitches sure are motormouths today. Just the way I like it.

Mouse, I think it is so adorable that you gave the coffeecrush a questionnaire.

Diva. 22. Bras. I don't know how in the world you can do that.

FJ, sorry about the freak out. Don't put any unnecassary stress on your self, darlin.

So, I went to the apple store and I am PISSED off. My ipod is 1 1/2 years old. The hard drive died. The best they can offer is to turn it in for the battery recycling program for 10% of a new nana or video ipod. Neither of which I want. How shitty is that. It was so hard for me to keep clammed up instead of telling the chick (I know it is not her fault, which is why I kept my mouth shut.) that it is REDICULOUS that I spent so much dough on an ipod and it was a piece of shit and now worthless to me.

Okay rant off.
Fj, I am bored AND unmotivated at work!

((taloo Ipod)) I am really beginning to think Ipods are pieces of shit. Mr K's broke after 2 years, as did my sister's. I think if they are not going to last very long they need to be cheaper. If it was like $100. Fine. But upwards of $300? That sucker should last.

Fj, that sounds like the perfect arrangement, esp since I've heard there can be a disregard of midwives by medical professionals. That is really cool that your doc is married to one. So you will still deliver at the hospital then?

Poodle....your statement about throwing the beer in the guy's face cracked me up! I got a visual.
Yep, 22 bras and I'm not totally sure I picked the right one. I'm breaking it in, though. I got a minimizer, so maybe they're supposed to fit a little strangely. And why, when you find your bra at a store and try it on, it looks just dandy, but then you spend half a day with it on in the real world and it gapes out in the middle? I spent $60 on this damn thing! I might take it back since what I was really looking for was the same one I've been wearing for the last 2 years, just not all worn out. I'm not elated with my purchase.

Poodle, tell the Republican that he's a neo-con Bush sympathizer with no brain of his own. And he should just go marry Ann Coulter.

I think Hatch has a very slight lead, though still within the margin of error, but Wetterling's lagging. It's not that I like her, but I really hate Michelle Bachman with a passion. Talk about a divisive time-waster! It's her we have to thank for all this stupid marriage amendment bullshit. Imagine what she'd do in Congress!

GB's cutting class! Hehe!

Sorry about your iPod, Taloo. I hear about that a lot lately, iPods petering out. For $300, you'd think it'd be with you for a decade. THAT is the reason I don't buy into most technology.

taloo, i have to admit that when i first read your post, i thought, "wow! a whole store dedicated to APPLES? gee!" hehe. sorry that your ipod is defunct. that really sucks. i have to agree with karianne: seems like i've known too many people with ipod issues for me to buy one.

i forgot to mention that i had car trouble this morning. must be my turn. it actually appears to be something easy. it wouldn't start this morning for some reason and mrfj came and jumped it for me. then i stopped at the post office and turned it off like a big dummy and the stupid thing wouldn't crank back up. so this nice old man at the post office checked my battery with his meter and said it was fine but that the terminal connector was bad. he fiddled with it and made it start but said i needed to go right away to get a new connector. so that shouldn't cost more than $5. and then he said to clean the other one and keep some WD40 on it, "no one seems to take care of their cars the right way anymore", he crabbed. but i just smiled and said thank you kind sir and moved along. smile.gif

karianne, i'd love to deliver at home, but i've pretty much resigned myself that i'm going to need a cesarean because of my spinal fusion. it's not a foregone conclusion, but i'm not going to be suprised, nor will i be upset. i know some people have hard and fast "birth plans" but i tossed that out the window a long time ago. i will do my best to carry this little speck full term and then when ready to hatch, we'll figure out what's best for all of us. i don't think pushing will be in my best interest, considering the physical limatations i already have in place. but then again, my ob has delivered babies from women with fusions with no issues, so there is always a chance.

and i must admit that i'm bored and unmotivated also. i have things to do, just not exciting stuff!!
go Hatch...! i'm actually related...distantly..but related to hatch. go figure.

woooo cutting class!!!

i hope they adjust well, as both cats came from multi kitty homes. I expect it to be mostly i've been moving furniture around and cleaning well.

have a great day!!! i'm off to class!
Hello all....just got here, still reading the archives for today....but had to post and say POODLE! That is a fantastic chair! Love it! And that rug is pretty cool, too. Did the furry cat-shaped pillow come with the chair? LOL.

Ok, back to reading....
wow, i go to lunch and come back and y'all have written a novel!

ms. gb, that's so exciting about your new kitty! a RED hairless? so cool.

sucks about your ipod taloo sad.gif i still don't have one.....but i've heard a lot of bad stories. i just wonder if there's any mp3 player out there that actually does last.

loving all the voting talk! i actually started a voting thread in atwt....if any of y'all are curious.

ms gb, are you voting? i think i might vote green for governor. angelides just doesn't thrill me at all, and it's not like voting for nader in the 2000 election....da governator may be republican and a bit of an asshole but he's actually done several decent things lately. some of the propositions i just have no clue about though. i wish it was easy to find straightforward information about this stuff....gah.

i have a bit of a headache. i wish it would go away.

also i think there is a black widow on the steps leading up to my building. it is large and black and scary-looking...i tried to look for an hourglass but it was too bright to really see, though it looked like it.
Hatch is 2 points ahead, which surprises the hell outta me. It doesn't really matter though because of the margin of error, which is 4 points.

~*~*~*~anti car trouble vibes for FJ~*~*~*~

Yeah, my old ipod lasted a little over a year, which is BS. I haven't taken it in to the apple store yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the hard drive was shot or something like that. Maybe I should purposely break my current one right before the warranty is up. Stupid planned obsolescence.


Thanks, doodle. Yeah, I thought the cat pillow was a nice touch. The taxidermy bill was a little steep though. Here's a close-up. I can't get over how realistic it looks!
Heh...yesterday I came up with this song about Oscar and his toy mouse to the tune of The Who's Pinball Wizard:

Ever since I was a young cat
I played the furry mouse
From the kitchen to the bathroom
I've played the entire house
La la la la la la, do do la la la ouse
(can't come up with a line here. Grouse? Louse? Spouse?)
That black and white kitty cat
Sure plays a mean fur mouse!!!

*air guitar*
He's a fur mouse kitty
He plays without a flaw
Fur mouse kitty's got
such a supple paw!!!

Obviously it's a work in progress. biggrin.gif
poodle, that is a very realistic pillow. And adorable to beat the band! Awwwwww....

mouse, oh mouse...if someone wooed me by slipping me an artsy little questionnaire, I'd be so charmed I'd probably marry them. And everyone knows I'm not really the marrying kind. tongue.gif I did read the criticisms in that other thread, and I think they're unfounded - if everyone had the same way of doing things (or strived for the same way), what a boring bloody world this would be.

karianne, if you do a search at the Ikea website, they are the Norbo tables...they mount on the wall, and fold down against the wall when you don't want them up. Huge space saving idearrrrr.

The cats aren't really going for them yet, though....maybe they remember when I had one up in the bedroom and it slid off the wall? Hmmm. I swear, they are in the studs this time!

Jakey's getting a sister!!!! How exciting is THAT??? I'm thrilled for his naked little ass! How old is the new kitty, miz gb? Are they going to be around the same age?

FJ, you have that man well-trained, if he's cleaning out the litterbox! Is he talking to your tummy through a paper towel tube yet? smile.gif

turbo, I'm glad you're feeling better, too bad you couldn't take today off. Food poisoning is very serious! But I love the way you take charge of your health, not like most of us who just wallow in it...heh.

My mouth waters every time diva mentions some goodie she is making. I wish food could be sent across the border....*sigh*

Hello also taloo, wombat, moxie, faerietails, and any lurkers!

Is there really much difference between a garden variety mp3 player and an iPod? Don't you have to sign up for iTunes? I'm not clear on this. I'm thinking very seriously about getting an mp3 player, b/c they are wayyyy cheaper than iPods, but I don't understand the difference. I got burnt when I tried to enter the PDA world a few years ago, so I'm pretty gun shy about electronic gadgets. Can anyone help me out?
Mouse, I have a headache too. boo.

I have a batch of fleur de sel carmels cooling. Yum. But I will pig out, eat the whole thing and get sugar sick.

Our apt is starting to look so barren. All the art work is down now, and our lp shelves. Wooo.
bwahahaha!!!.....doodle, you crack me up - "are you talking to fj's tummy through a paper towel tube yet?!" funny shit. Of course, if this is commom practice amongst the knocked up, my sense of hilarity proves how out of that circle I am.

*nabs a couple of taloo's luscious caramels*

I think you *need* those caramels to help you finish packing like the super-woman you are!

I dunno, for all the issues people have with ipods and apple hardware, I'll never give it up. Their customer service is generally pretty excellent, and I just always make sure I buy the extended warranty so I get at least 2 years coverage out of my product. And then there's the beautiful user interface and ease of use...I'll probably never turn my back on apple, I'm a Mac user as much as I'm a Democrat. cool.gif And I find iTunes delightful...signing up really isn't much of a process - just a regular registration process, and giving them a credit card or bank account where they can debit your buys. I don't like to download illegal stuff, since I don't like it when I've had my design work just doesn't feel right to me to steal another artist's work, so iTunes just makes it easy to get what I want legally. *puts down the pitcher of Apple kool-aid*
caramels! Oh, yes please!

taloo, our bookshelves are nearly empty at the Centre, too, and most of the posters and art is off the walls. Need to go in with a drill and "unhang" some stuff still.

I thought it was common practise for daddies to speak to mummies' tummies through a paper towel tube. Heh.

So can you play other stuff on your iPod? Like, if you have CDs and you rip them, can you play them on the iPod like on an mp3? I have a ton of CDs, but I really want to go totally digital and declutter my music collection....and I don't want to have to carry a discman AND an mp3 player around with me.

A huge part of the reason I don't feel guilty about downloading is that most of the music I've DLed, I've already owned in different formats, either LP, cassette, or even CD (I wouldn't be the first person to lose, break, or scratch a CD). I really, really, really resent the multiple licensing you're expected to pay for whenever the format changes. I don't think it's fair. I've got a few things now that I've bought in 3 different formats, and I don't think I should have to pay a 4th licensing fee (or even a 2nd or 3rd one).

Also, I hate my mom's Mac. Sorry turbo! I feel like we just un-twinned!!! sad.gif
*delurks to put .02 on iPod issue*

The thing about all the iPod problems is that you only hear about the problems. Le Boy has had his iPod for over three years and mine's just over 2 years old. Occasionally mine will freeze up, but you just have to force-quit it, and it's fine. I'd be pissed if I had spent all that money, and I agree there are some problems, but it doesn't happen with all of them. And yes, doodle- you can put your own music from CD's onto an iPod- just download (or upload?) them into iTunes.
I think the recipe I used was bunk, they don't seem to be setting. hmmm.

Man, I just got sooo fucking depressed. Gah, I hate this. I think I need to go back on my meds. Enough with this, I am not going to vomit my phsycosis all over this thread.

I got some new undies today, and they are cute. Well one pair is, the other thre are just white cotton girl shorts.

Polly, nice to see you.

Doodle, isn't it weird to look around and see everything so bare?

Turbo, I wanna love apple, I do, but I have had nothing but trouble. The battery in J's died about a year after he got it. Both of the batteries in our laptops died, then there's my ipod. But, I will tell you, their customer service is great.
I don't like to download stuff illegally either. ph34r.gif

See, that's where apple has it right - the tech support is *always* knowledgeable and today's customer service environment, that goes a long way in my book. And when you compare it to all the problems of the PC based world...well, I don't think apple looks so bad at all. But then, I drink the kool-aid, so who am I to say?

And doodle, there are no CDs cluttering up our house....they're all safely stored away in our storage locker downstairs...that was almost my favorite thing when I first got the ipod - I got my gorgeous architectural bookshelf back! And, I also have a radio tuner for my ipod so I can listen to my NPR, and I listen to audio books almost more than anything else, that and NPR podcasts that I download free from iTunes....
(((Taloo))) Take care of yourself, baby. I've been off meds for awhile now, but if I started feeling that oogey again I would go back on in a red hot minute. No shame in doin' whatchoo gotta. We've got your back. PM if you need to spew and get anything out of your system. stomach and guts are all gassy and pissed off which is entirely too bad because I just made a rad batch of beef broccoli stirfry. Minxlette ate so much beef I'm afraid she will begin to beller any second now.

*ginormous flatulence*

Have any of you ever had those "Kind" bars? Holy Holly Hobby on a Handrail! Those almond apricot ones are to DIE for!!

*completely apalled by the stench*

I ran into MB in the copy room after school and he was all smiles. smile.gif So, I put a picture that I ripped out of a magazine under his windshield wiper with the face all scribbled out like in The Ring. He called me tonight on his way home. He's just fun...and you're all correct in your esteem at this point. He looks like the real McCoy. Here's another sickening detail: when he showed up at my house I realized that we were wearing the exact same outfit--black buttondown, black t-shirt, jeans, and black shoes. Dork, dork, dork...

Okay, gotta run and hang with the girl while she bathes. Apparently one of her cars needs to talk to me!
I should also add that file sharing is legal in Canada, to the extent that you can download copyrighted files for personal use, but you can't upload them (i.e., share yours). It's like our pot laws, actually - you can buy it but you can't sell it. smile.gif Most ISPs enforce this by cracking down on people with high outgoing bandwidth. I do believe that artists should benefit from their work, but in fact, there's no evidence that recording artists are not. Music sales have increased over the last 10 years, and record companies are making more profits than ever.

I've used my mom's Mac quite a bit, and I don't find it very usable, compared to the PC. My mother has totally drunk the Apple Kool-Aid, and has been a Mac user for almost a couple of decades, but even she has difficulties with her Mac and can't use it the way my bro and I use our PCs. Don't get me wrong, i HATE Microsoft, and I even tried Red Hat (Linux) for awhile. But I still prefer my Athlon PC to the Mac. And I have very few problems with my PC or my laptop, but I know lots of people prolly helps that I'm an experienced user...been using Windows since it came on 47 floppy disks that you had to load one by one! tongue.gif

Ok, ANYWAY, I think what I was originally trying to ask is....what is the difference between an iPod and an ordinary mp3 player? biggrin.gif

taloo, it's weird, but I'm trying not to think about it. I just focus on tasks when I go into the Centre - I'm grateful I have a nice peaceful home to crawl back to, so I do feel for you having to live amongst the chaos....

Ninja Poodle Strikes Again.

ETA: crossposted with minx! Hi minx!
doodle, the difference between players mostly is, do you want to use iTunes? If so, ipod's your only choice...I've heard good things about the iRiver mp3 player too.

*holds nose and hands minxy some GasX*

Awwwww, our minxy's falling for a boy! ....A NICE boy too!!! Squeeeee! Just keep the cuteness coming, I can't get enough!
WHOOT!! Turbo!! WHOOT!! Doodle!!

You all are Bad Ass Chicks:

IPB Image
You know this, minxy. I'm the one in the red bandana, if you couldn't tell already.

I need to go put some bathwater on to boil. Yes, I have to boil bathwater...I only have a 30gal tank, and the boiled water helps warm the tub before I pour the bath.
I thought *I* was the one in the red bandana. Huh.

Speaking of digital players, what is up with those stupid earbuds? I hate that they are the default headphones that come with personal music players now. They HURT my ears. They start out uncomfortable and after about 1/2 hour, I have pain. I don't know if my ears are "too small" (but then why can kids use them?), or if it's something else....I can't be the only one.
badass chicks! hee...

i am so looking forward to going home in a few and pigging out. i finally got money in my account and spent a good portion of it on groceries this weekend. god i love trader joe's. some of the things i have to look forward to: thai lime chili cashews, stilton cheese with apricots, artichoke hearts, spinach and chicken sausage. mmmmmmmmmmm.

i think i am going to brave my gym first though...wish me luck!
Yay!! Mouse has money!! Eat up, girl!!

Yeah, earbuds do kinda suck. I'm sure that part of the reason I got an ear infection was that my other earphones broke and I started using the earbuds.

As far as the music industry claiming losses due to file-sharing:
1. They're assuming that people would have actually purchased the music in the first place.
2. They're assuming that people haven't already purchased the music in CD form at some point.
3. If it's such a problem and they feel that they can't compete, then they should lower their prices. $1/song is too much.
I hate earbuds.

Ya know, I wish I knew what everyone looked like. I know what poodle, diva and tess look like. I love the whole anonimity thing, sometimes I wish I could put a face with a name.
taloo, are ya gonna go to the festivus gathering at stargazer's pad next month? Then you'd at least have one or two more faces if tart attends as well!

I dunno, I'm cool with the $1 a song, because I rarely buy a whole album anymore, I just pick and choose, and my music catalog is much more diverse that it would be I don't mind, really. And I don't really care whether people download stuff for free or not, I'm just not gonna into it....I'm also not as avid a music listener as most people I know either. I'm an audiobook dork and NPR fan.

I don't dig the earbuds either, I have a nice pair of soft comfy sennheiser isolating earphones to perfectly exclude all the stupid cell phone talkers on public transit.
Ooh, turbo, isolating earphones, that's what I need! Can other people hear them "leak," though? I worry about that, ever since the bus-riding old ladies used to poke doodleteen with their canes.

I guess it's lucky I can't use earbuds, if infection is a risk! Jeepers. It pisses me off that they charge you for a "set" that includes whatever player and headphones. Charge me less for the effing player, and let me pick my own headphones! Some of them are doing that now, though.

poodle, I hear ya on the file sharing. And $1 a tune is a bit much, IMHO, considering a lot of the music they're selling can be bought in a bargain bin - like, a 12-song CD for 5.99! I'm also of the opinion that it's the record companies that benefit from restricting file sharing, not necessarily the artists. Anyway, I'm not coughing up another ten bucks for a fourth bloody format of Moondance (my classic seduction record), and that's all there is to it! smile.gif

Though truth be told, I'm just as into DLing movies and TV would I see Ugly Betty otherwise?

poods, have you ever used BitTorrent? I never have, but I'm curious. PM me if you don't want to answer this publicly!!

Hey mouse, what options did you give your crushee for responding? Is it by post only, or can he phone you, or deliver it to your house? I'm kinda sitting on pins and needles myself, waiting to hear back!

I totally live vicariously through busties. biggrin.gif

taloo, if you PM me with an e-mail addie, I can send you a pic.

BFF surprised me with a visit - this is 2 days in a row! Yesterday, I got her hooked on the Ugly Betty pilot, so we watched the 2nd one...actually, she came over to help me cut something, but I had a bit of a headache* (miraculously gone now), so I made tea and we cheered for Betty instead.

*was it Okayland Headache Day today or something? I thought I'd worked on the 'puter too long, but then I read taloo and mouse had one too...
Nope, doodle, that's the beauty of isolating earphones - they're isolating for you and the people around you. Which is why when I'm walking through my neighborhood, I don't wear them...cause I don't want to be unsafe. They keep my ears a bit warmer in the winter too. Here's the headphones I bought, but I think I got them for a bit less somewhere else. And three years later, they're still worth every penny.
I need to get a set of those earphones. I have eczema in my ears, so the skin gets irritated easily when it comes in contact with foreign objects like earbuds.

Doodle, you can easily upload your CD's so that you can listen to them on an MP3 player. In fact, you'd probably save money buying the CD and then uploading the songs rather than downloading the songs from iTunes or wherever. One thing about iTunes that drives me batty is that there's no AC/DC, no Led Zep, no Tool...the list goes on.

I wish I had a reason to go to music stores other than to buy LP's that don't cost more than $2.00. Cheapo has some more popular LP's on the main floor, but I can find them cheaper on ebay. Taloo, do you guys have an ebay store or are you listing them individually?

Oscar's being a jerk tonight. Poor Gus has to hide underneath the console. I folded up a blankey and put it under there so that he could relax a little. The funny thing is that Gus could kick Oscar's ass if he really wanted to.
Poods, we do have an Ebay store, it's under the username secondhandtunes. The stuff we have in the store is less common stuff though.
But see, that's another reason for you to come visit. You could come to our record store, cause you know you'd get the friend of J and talloo discount.
Last time I went to cheapo there were no deals to be had. But that doesn't surprise me knowing the asspickle owner.

Doodle, I will pm you. I wanna know what you look like.

I'll just give the link to my myspace for anyone who wants to see me (the pic of me in my avitar was all squinchy and strange.)
Gus is a lovah not a fighter. biggrin.gif

poods, you sent me a reply PM with no message in it!

turbo, I need to get me some of those headphones. BTW, have you ever tested them on an airplane?

Did you have your nice hot bath, btw? How much water do you have to boil first?

taloo, yer such a cutie!

So, my dining room is looking very spiffy! I just re-arranged it a bit, and finished tidying up the mess from yesterday's wall table install. I promise pics this coming weekend, but it won't be totally finished...still got to get the lights up, and do some touch up painting, and also varnish the tables. It's pretty cool overall, IS fully finished as the kitty's playroom! They are so lucky; I hope I come back as a cat owned by someone like me!
I couldn't get into the lounge for the last forever! 'twas sad.

I missed tes! pouty mcpoutpout
fj got knocked uuuuup! fj got knocked up! yahtahtahtahtah!

they boy has decided he is in love with my car. if the stereo acts up/locks freeze up, if you swear at her/threated her/smack her around a bit she works perfectly, and if she starts getting stuck in the snow if i make encouraging car noises (i go vrrmvrrmvrrmvrrmvrrm) she gets unstuck. she's a beauty, she is.

i really have nothing much to add. i went to an awesome craft fair and got a leather mask and oodles of chocolate and presents for the fam, then me and a friend made cookie dough and rented looney tunes.

oooh, the boy finally managed to rent butch cassidy and the sundance kid. i must now go watch
Going to gym early. accckkkkkk. Not a morning person. This cool guy I met at X and Henry Rollins show offered to show me real swimming form instead of the bastardised way I came up with. At the Y. For FREE. But he's on the early shift. So -- owwww. How he gets there at 5 am I will never know.

Okay, stop me if you've seen this before, or *gulp* you're the one I got it from

Cult of Apple -- yes, it's a cult, hahahahaha

I started out on non-apple computers and thought the graphical user interface was weird.

"Whattaya mean, it's like my office? I don't go up to the file cabinet and bang on it with a giant arrowhead!"

But now I really really love it.

Haven't given in to the ipod mania. In a way, it would be great to get rid of the cds and the, like, 9 "milk crates" of albums we have, some of which could be sold for mucho dollares. But.... eh.

It is frustrating how iTunes made no deal with LedZep and Tool! Poodle rocccckkkksssss!!

But I do the same as Turbo -- check out a song or two, for a buck or two, that I would not have otherwise checked out-- who wants to spend 10 to 20 dollars on some trendoid band you're not sure you'll like? Probably most bands have gotten more success in this song by song format.

But I don't steal music either. For the same reasons mouse mentioned. But -- well, I do agree with doodle too, cuz I love to listen to other people's lists at work!! One guy in my last place had Alice in Chains acoustic, that was good shit. Still haven't bought it. Then there were the Arrogant Worms and Abba...

tyger! Hi!

5am at the gym - wombat, you get *major* points for that! One of my favorite spin classes is at 6am, but I just can't get there at that hour, and I'm sure that's a good time of day for swimming, but yeeesh, its hard enough getting to work at 7am already!

I do love the cult of apple - everytime I look at that site, it makes me smile.

Doodle, I especially love those headphones on airplanes! And the padding around the earpiece is so soft, its easy to snooze in them when you're crammed into an airplane. They're really perfect for what I need - they isolate a lot of noise, while not *totally* making you an unaware freak if someone talks to you, the sound is gorgeous, and they fold up...which the really serious isolating headphones do not.

tyg!! hi hi hi! Nice to see you 'round here! Ah, I remember my college car had such character too....good times.
Mornin' babes!!

Hi tyg!! Ah yes...Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid--The original Brokeback Mountain.

My message wasn't that important anyway, doodle.

Cute site, taloo!!

I believe that Led Zep is holding out (with itunes) because they feel it compromises the artistic integrity of their music. The thing is that the music can be listed as "album only." So Robert Plant is just stupid. Apparently he'd rather have his music pirated. I get the impression that Tool just hates "the man." They actually defended sites like Napster on the basis that their music will reach people who wouldn't ordinarily buy their albums because of cost or whatever. A lot of the other itunes "hold-outs" (The Beatles, AC/DC) have label and contract issues. Itunes has come up with awful tribute albums to these bands to fill the void.

I have spent a lot of time in itunes just listening to stuff and browsing the mixes. There are actually quite a few decent "itunes essentials" lists. They get pretty detailed, down to sub-genres. It's fun to read and listen to the stuff before downloading it from other sources. biggrin.gif

Good things about today:
2. The weather is supposed to be awesome today.
Turbo's college car! hehe- how many of us could we pack in? Hmmm... smile.gif

So, I assume everyone stateside has voted? Yes? Is it too early for you all in MN? I got to our precinct at 6:45 am, and was still #65 to vote. I've never seen it that busy, that early before!

I'm a bad music lover- i rely soley on my man to get me new music. I'd love to do it myself, but since i use a PC at work and Mac at home, but my ipod only talks to the mac, I just let moxieman hook me up.

Good Things Tuesday:
1. Its ELECTION DAY- yes, I'm blatantly what?
2. I had yummy-ass oat and flax oatmeal just now.
3. I'm sore from gliding class yesterday, but in all the "your body WORKED" ways.
4. Pizza and salad for dinner tonight.
5. Moxette got herself back to sleep at 6am this morning, thus freeing her mother to have an extra 45 min of slumber.
I didn't vote yet, precincts here don't open until 7am, and I need to leave for work at 6:45...I get home around 4:30, so I can just pop over on my way back home. The nice thing about living in a city is that your polling place is close - mine is in the apartment building right across the street. I love that.

Good things Tuesday:
1. I feel much better today!! YAY!
2. Election day, lets hope our team pulls it off!
3. Butt flush friday is coming up - woot!

Okay, that's all I got here this morning...

Turbomann is sick today - he seems to have caught a cold whilst playing paintball in the cold all weekend, and of course he's going to work. I really dislike people who go to work doesn't do any good for your body, and just makes other people sick. I told him to get the minimum done and get his silly arse home! I doubt he'll listen. And he better not even think of giving it to me...
Sorry for the drive-by non sequitur. I know it's poor netiquette but I'm making the rounds to all my message boards to tell everyone I've lost 31 pounds as of this morning.

My weight loss goal is officially met and the pursuit is over. Go me.

I'm still working on the gun show, though...
congratulations, dear.

i seem to have found two of your lost pounds overnight. yay for me.

hi all... bye all... i have to get off here before my assistant catches me!

be back after noon!

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