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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I'm loving the idea of the Okayland village. And I *totally* wanna have a wardrobe of mouse designer wear! And I think even *I* could garden if I had Doodle and FJ to teach me!

I'm feeling a bit better now, I just ate about a half cup of rice, and I think I'm even going to keep it down. My bod is pretty sore all over, but I'm sure I'll make it.

Turbomann used to be a picky eater when we first started dating, but his family really wasn't into cooking much - food was functional, and that's about it. Now, he's learned that asparagus is not gray and mushy, but vibrant and crunchy, and he'll eat just about anything I put in front of him, except raw tomatoes or mushrooms. I can live with that.
Yeah, unfortunately, I think we still need "Women's Comedy Night" and books like "Susie the Firefighter." The gender roles are still overwhelming, and even if the majority of people walking around aren't overtly saying that women shouldn't have traditionally male jobs, the "vibe" is there. The message is still conveyed. When a boy is born, he is immediately outfitted in clothes with truck images or sports crap. Girls clothes don't have much stuff other than sparklies and butterflies, etc. To me, that means that the social norms are still fucked up.

My meaty concoction was a hit!! I put some hearts, livers, carrots, wheat germ, and parsley in the food processor and then mixed all of that in with a half-pound of ground turkey thigh. I mixed that with a can of their normal wet food so that they would find the taste a little more familiar. Gus is super picky and likes his normal stuff and his other meats to be cooked. Oscar loves raw meat, and he absolutely loved the stuff. I froze about half of the mixture and left the rest fresh so that they could eat it over the next couple days.

Ugh, I'm still so sleepy. The ex-RB and I talked about hanging out tonight, but I'm not really in the mood to go out.

I hope that minxie and the baron go on a little walk tonight because it's absolutely gorgeous outside and the moon is huge. It's not even a hat/mittens night. ~*~*~*~moonlight kissing vibes for minx and the baron~*~*~*~

ETA- Oops! I cross-posted! Hi turbo and taloo!
Wait, I'm going to need diva as my partner in running the Okaytown Home and Garden Centre. She's got good business sense AND creative sense. I'm the shits with the money part.

Ah taloo, that's nice that you have some time to do the move. I always hate apartment moving, where you have to be out on the 30th but you can't have the new place till the 1st! It's a nightmare of logistics, trying to convince landlords to bend the rules. We've got movers coming on the 29th. I don't think christening a new office would be appropriate, though. smile.gif

turbo, I'm so glad you're feeling better! I hate that after-sickness feeling, where your body aches and you didn't realize so many muscles were involved in throwing up!

I think maybe that was some of my problem growing up, too...bro was picky and mama never, ever liked cooking. (To this day, there is a sign in her kitchen that says "Just Say NO to Cooking!") I'm the one introducing mama to new foods, actually! She probably would have eaten only cheddar and mozzarella for the rest of her life otherwise...

poodle, yes! Doesn't it seem like there's more pink and sparklies for girls now than EVER!? I don't remember there being that much pink when I was a girl. I certainly never came face to face with The Wall of Pink in a toy store till I was an adult.

We did some research into this at the Centre awhile back, when we started up a self-esteem program for girls...did you know that toy stores put the "girls' toys" further away from the entrance and the common pathways, because boys won't walk through the girls' sections, but girls will go through the boys'? Same with books - girls will read stories with male protagonists (Harry Potter), but boys won't read books with girl protagonists. They're already indoctrinated into boy = norm, girl = other.

When I was a girl, I was desperate for any representation of me as female. Wonder Woman was my first hero - ironically, she was created to help develop girls' self-esteem! And it was the same with women musicians - not just singers, but real musicians - I was desperate to find them. And books and movies - I hungered for a REAL representation of femalehood, strong, positive femalehood. Yet there was so little. When I think of things like Lilith Fair - whatever people think of the music - I almost cry wishing I had something like that to look up to when I was a budding 14 year old with an electric guitar. (And even for "normal" careers, there were few or no role models. To this day, whenever I'm on a plane and the captain's voice comes over the PA...if it's a woman, I get a little thrill inside! If that had happened when I was 6, I would have been jumping up and down in my seat, demanding to meet the captain and see the cockpit.)

poods, is it very expensive to do this raw food diet for your kitties? I've thought about it you buy organic meat? (So hard to find in my little town...grr.)
Doodle, bionic woman was my hero. I even had the "barbie". She was 13inches tall and had flat feet so she wouldn't fit in barbies clothes. My cousin Jason used undress her and lick her plastic poony. I was horrified when he did that.
EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I'd have hauled off and decked him.

Got ya one better...I had the doll AND the Jamie Sommers convertible! The doll had this thin rubber outer "skin" on her could roll the skin up and see the "circuitry"...and then hook her up to the car engine to "recharge" her! The car was red, not pink, hallelujah. But she came a bit later in childhood for me; WW was first.

I never had a WW doll...I STILL wish for one, I've even asked friends for one! (I got Catwoman a couple of years ago, as if that is the same thing at all. Grr.) We didn't get the WW TV show...I'd never heard of it...I was all about the comic books. My MOM read the comics when SHE was a girl, too! (Sure wish we had all those comics now...we'd be stinkin' rich.)

BFF's girls had Xena and Buffy. Thank goddess.
That toy store thing is super interesting, doodle!

I think part of the deal with clothing is that it's really cheap and disposable these days. I wore hand-me-downs for the most part and as I grew older, I wore a uniform (plaid skirt). When I wasn't in school, I would wear t-shirts or whatever that my brother/sister wore before me. I guess I really didn't think about it all that much. As far as toys, I had a couple barbies, some stuffed animals, and a baby doll, but for the most part, I would play outside or do creative/artistic stuff. Heh...I also entertained myself by vandalizing my sister's toys. I regularly ripped the heads off of her barbie dolls and cut their hair. I also tore apart her doll case and colored all over her fashion plates. laugh.gif

Wow! That bionic woman doll sounds bitchin'!!!

Doodle, the meat I bought is free-range stuff, but I suppose you could use conventional stuff. The free-range organ meats aren't expensive at all. You can get about 1/4-lb. of chicken livers for about 50 cents. If you chop them up, they make good kitty treats for the week. I sear the liver chunks a little because Gus is picky. Oscar, on the other hand, will steal and eat a whole raw liver while I'm chopping the stuff up. Cats can eat this stuff raw because they are pretty resistant to bacteria, but freezing or searing is a good measure. If I was gonna buy conventional stuff, I would probably cook it because of the mass production behind it. I'm just using the meat concoction as a supplement for their normal cat chow and wet food. I don't think that my mixture alone would give them everything they need, nutritionally.
Oh Turbo! Your poor belly. If you can, take tomorrow off too. Does the anti-nausea stuff make you sleepy? Take that, enjoy the rest adn let the bod recover! Its amazing how 2 litres of fluids rejuvinates you, though, eh? Try applesauce. As a frequent gastro-intestional patient, i've learned applesauce cures all belly ills.

I do like a lot of female musicians, but the scene is still way too limited. It's lame. It's like it doesn't even occur to people to hand a little girl a guitar or a pair of drumsticks.

Yeah, you all haven't met my kid yet. Moxieman and I think its important for her to learn and appreciate music, and our close friend (who currently lives in WI, but will be back in MI soon), has the ambition of opening a music school- for rock. Guitar, bass, drums and piano. Um, yep, that will be moxette's music school. A girl's gotta learn the classics, right? Harrison, Lee, Van Halen...Hendrix...and, of course, Janice.

Ok, off to pop some more food into the wee one...she's not going back to sleep as easily as I'd think she would. See you all when you wakey.
Mornin' moxie! Thanks for the vibes...I'm feeling much better today, but still pretty pluuurby. My whole body is still sore, and it hurts to take deep breaths, but I'm definitely on the mend, for which I am thankful. And I am definitely taking today off from website reconstruction, and if anyone's upset - fuck them. I had to go to the ER, and I think that buys me a weekend like everyone else has. I count work as complicit in my recent string of illnesses, so work is just going to have to wait while I work on taking care of myself.

I wished for applesauce yesterday, but I don't have any in the house, since normally, I can't stand the stuff, and there was no way I could walk to the grocery yesterday. This morning, I feel good enough so that I have some apples baking in the oven with cinnamon, which will be my breakfast for the next many days. I love cinnamon apples on top of oatmeal. yum.

And I got turbo out for a semi-decent walk this morning, and he was very patient with me walking slow, so that was good - he just went into super-sniffy mode, which was perfect for my pokey self. And for my next act of bravery - a shower! Like a real person!
((((Turbo)))) It's completely reasonable for you to put the website reconstruction aside today. Yeah, fuck 'em.

I looooove the idea of a School of Rock for girls! Awesome! Sometimes all you gotta do is hand a kid an instrument and they fall in love with it. At some point, someone gave Jimmy Page a guitar and someone gave John Bonham a set of drumsticks. We need to do that for our little girls, too. Just think of all of the female rockstars that we'd have out there if someone had encouraged all of those little girls to pick up an instrument.
After eating some good baked apples, I'm feeling much better. BUSTie vibes ROCK! And I even dried my hair after taking a shower.

I just put a couple drops of bergamot oil on top of my humidifier vent, and now my house is smelling less like a sick house and more like spring. YAY!

I remember in 4th grade when we got to choose whether we wanted to do band or choir, and I chose band...we got to try out different instruments and choose which one we wanted. I chose the trombone. The band teacher tried his very best to talk me out of it, because he didn't think a little girl could carry such a big instrument. I was NOT going to play a clarinet or flute, and I had to have my parents come in for a conference to reassure the teacher that this was my choice, and that they were supportive. And I showed 'em too! I sat first chair trombone until I quit in high school, because I didn't want to do marching band, and preferred working backstage for the drama club by that time. But I always keep saying to turbomann, that rock needs *more* trombone!

Moxie - how did the hair turn out?!! We NEED piccies!!

Oh, and I just have to say how much I LOVE Macs this morning...I just dumped my backed up iTunes library into the folder on my brand new hard drive, and it took it perfectly, all playlists intact! YEAH!
turbo, I am so glad you are feeling better.

I got a new winter hat its grey, knit, with earflaps and long strings down the front.
so cute, I am wearing right now.

I am making quesedillas with the leftover chicken from last night. Yummy.
*plays air trombone* Yeaaaah!!! \m/ \m/ \m/

I was in choir, because I liked singing. Big surprise, I know. I learned guitar, too.

GAAAAAAHHHH!!! I can't take anymore political crap!! *grabs remote* I mean, really, how can the media come up with non-stop discussion on who's gonna win? Gawd! Shut up already, people!! It's the same thing over and over again!!


Alright, I'm seriously gonna take care of my errands today, so I better get going.

i'm lurking, everyone!

jenn, i'm glad that you are feeling better!

poodley, i'm happy that you are getting your errands done!

what i would NOT give to see a pic of taloo cooking up some fab meal in her ohsocute new grey hat with flaps! now, why does that make me think of turbo dog????

doodle, i think that we should SO have an okay collective!! taloo and i could cook. i could also help garden. but diva would HAVE to have creative direction AND accounting on her plate! she rocks at those things.

doodle can decorate and make all sorts of clever craftsy things for the house. diva can design shoes.

mouse can just make us all happy by being near us.

it is raining here.

it rained yesterday.

the sun has gone down and i am feeling completely uninspired. i don't want to do anything. i wish i had some lush stuff so that i could take a bath. nice smelly bubbly baths always made me feel better at home. of course, at home, i had mr hotbuns to bring me a glass of restorative and to light the candles. maybe some aromatherapy would be good, anyway.

it is SO weird to be living in an apartment again, after so so so many years. i can see how people get less grounded. i miss my garden.

mr. hotbuns reports that the redneck neighbor is still not living in the house next door, but his nice wife is. no for sale sign. no police cars.

something to soothe me: i will be with mr. hotbuns in 14 days. he says he doesn't like counting like he did last time, because he found it made him miss me more.

my next goal for when i get back from the states after thanksgiving: buy a car and learn to drive on the left.

it scares my undies off me. and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up.

i'm sorry for being so self centered. sad.gif
WOW! (((Turbo))) You poor dear! Are you feeling better now? I cetainly hope so.

*throws out warm, pepperminty poop-shoot vibes*

And I am completely overwhelmed by all of your responses and ideas for the Math Baron date! Holy Holly Hobby, are you chicks creative!! Yes, I would LOVE to run the sex toy shop, but I would also like a cornerbar for me and MB. It will always have open mic and a kick-ass karaoke system for everyone to use at any time of the day...say, Poodle gets the hankering to start belting out I WANT YOU TO WANT ME! Oh yes, and we will have Tom Waits at the piano every Friday night.

But the bar will also be a food venue where I get to make tons of different soups and breads, and wheat-free stuff for Turbo and tons of vegetarian options. Every meal, for here or to go, will come with a complimentary "Ideas to make your vagina a happier place" leaflet. Today's idea is for everyone to go home and make a commemorative plaque to your labia majora using pasta, glitterglue, and scented paper. We will post the winners in the foyer. Mousie will be making screenprints at the end of the year and t-shirts will be free to all Okay patrons and their lovers and pets.

Minxlette gets to run the stereo and Groovy Girl playarea.

Mmm...I had such a nice date with Math Baron last night/this morning. He showed up around 5PM and didn't go home until 5:30AM. AAAARRGHHH!! He is making me so shy!! I totally wanted to kiss him, and did manage to land a really nice one on his left cheek before he left....oh, the tension! It is so lovely. We talked for awhile at my house, got a cup of coffee in Linden Hills and explored a City Pages for things to do, went to the CC Club for a pitcher of beer and a burger, and then walked (and HE was the one to point out the huge full moon, ladies...oh yes...he's an observant, romantic one!) from Lyndale to Hennepin on 26th and back again talking about weird phenomena and I told him all about everything since that's where I lived with the ex when Minxlette was born. The mixed CD I made him? It was in the deck when he picked me up and he had memorized nearly ALL of the lyrics--mind you, it was full of sappy, romantic, mournful songs--and he was singing them OUT LOUD all the way home! I was thinking of taking in a play at the Brave New Workshop, but really just wanted to feed him a little likker and get him talking--so I showed him a ton of embarassing photos of me from the late 80's and early 90's and when I was knocked up. Then we started watching horror movies, and he tickled my feet, and started scaring the shit out of me at every possible opportunity. Then he took me to the Uptown for breakfast.

And lemme tell you about what an awesome cuddler he is...oh me, oh my--I have dubbed him My Ottoman. wub.gif We have plans to go see the Roller Derby girls and Horrorfest 8 Films 2 Die For This is just getting to be too much fun. I think that your advice about NOT jumping his bones is very spot-on, Poodle. There will be time...there will be time. Earning someone's trust, and having them earn yours is highly underrated. Did I mention that he grabbed my leg and shoved up my jeans so that he could fondle my leg under the guise of being interested in my knee-high argyle socks? He, he, he...

Ah yes...falling in love is good.

Happy November, my Pretties. I should attempt to be productive now. Maybe that will take on the guise of going shopping?
GAAAAAAHHHH!!! I can't take anymore political crap!! *grabs remote* I mean, really, how can the media come up with non-stop discussion on who's gonna win? Gawd! Shut up already, people!! It's the same thing over and over again!!
I know!!! Gawd, and I thought Texas was bad! The minute I registered to vote in NY, I was immediately inundated with crap mail from all the people running for office. Add that to the non-stop NY/NJ ads on tv, and I'm about to explode!
tes!!! *runs up for huge booby squishing hug, mindful of the sore intestines!*

WOWza, you get to see mr hb in 2 weeks!!! Time is flying by - seems like you were just off vacationing together! And you get Thanksgiving in the states, which is wonderful. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

I'm feeling hungry again - yay! I just chucked some sweet potatoes and butternut squash in the oven with some garlic, rosemary and thyme and have some wild rice and leeks cooking on the stove. Good stuff, but I'm keeping the food simple for awhile.

Our minxy is having toooooo much fun with a boy!!! I shall henceforth live vicariously through you! I liked MB from the start.....but now, he gets MAJOR points! Romantic walks, leg feeling up, all night chatter....MMMmmmmm....I'm looking forward to seeing how this one unfolds!

*hands poodle politco-chatter isolating ear muffs*

Really, I'm giddy for wednesday, to see what transpires...but we don't really have all that much political stuff on the air - chicago is always a forgone conclusion, so politicians don't spend their money here. Fine by me.
Yayayayay!!! So many good things!!

Hi tes!! *fills bathtub and lights candles for tes* That's so neato that you get to see hotbuns soon!

MINX!! Yay for your awesome date!! You were right by my place!! I coulda been your wing woman! I'm glad you guys had a chance to enjoy the nice weather and the beeyootiful moon. That's so cute that he touched your pants!

"scented paper" Bwahahaha!!!

Those horror movies all sound cool. I haven't seen any of them. I'm interested in the Penny Dreadful movie.

I just got back from the Mall of Hell. I bought some shirts, a belt, and comfy pajama bottoms from Lane Bryant. I didn't spend a whole lotta time there though, because there are just too many people (families in particular) and it stresses the hell outta me. I was tempted to go to IKEA, but I quickly came to my senses. Now I'm gonna do a little cleaning and watch Nacho Libre.
WOW! Now I am TOTALLY living vicariously thru minx. You spent 12 hours together and no sex was involved???? Holy shamoley, batman!

tesao! It is SO good to see you in here, girl! I miss you so much, too! If I knew when you were coming into the thread, I would totally count days. smile.gif

turbo, so glad you are feeling better, your apples/oatmeal thingie sounds like the perfect cure. I also find a teaspoon or two of honey works for a bad tummy. (I used to have reflux, till I changed my diet.) How is turbodogg? Trombone - I am impressed!

I chose choir in school, but I always loved to sing. Actually, I asked my mom for drums (my bro has been a serious drummer since he was 5), but we were living in an apartment by then, so I got the electric guitar instead. Which was still a pretty unusual thing for a mom to buy her daughter in 1983. (I remember the year 'cause the first thing I learned to play was "F-f-f-foolin'"....a tale which my mother regales every new boyfriend or girlfriend of mine with to this day....complete with the "f-f-f-foolin'." And then she whips out the story about how we met them, but I was shy, so she went and knocked on their bus....oh how moms will cut you down when you're trying to impress a date, huh?)

moxie, get that babe a Runaways album, tout suite! biggrin.gif

taloo, that hat does sound really cute!

Hi faerietails!

I am making "stoop" today. That's what my stepmama used to call it when it wasn't quite stew, and it wasn't quite soup. smile.gif It's, like, that last week before payday after the rent and all the bills are I decided to use up a bunch of's a weird combination: cooked chicken, white beans, red potatoes, celery, and garlic...and in a little while, it will also have green peas and green beans! Hopefully it won't suck too badly....I might thicken it with milk and flour and call it Creme de Stoop.
Twelve hours and no sex...can you even imagine what's gonna happen when sex actually does become introduced?! I may be hard to find for a little while after that. smile.gif

Stoop. Ya know, most of my soups turn out like that. I like stoop.

That's so exciting that Tessie gets to see her Hotbuns in two weeks. She's had a hard run of things lately. It will be good for her to have a hard run of the nice kind finally. You know, the HIGH HARD one.

I got a brown, corduroy jacket today at Dayton's today (fuck Macy's) and a DVD player. I called up my buddy, The Dragonlady, and told her to divorce herself from her data collection and help me not make a tragic fashion mistake. She keeps my helmet on and also thinks it's hilarious that MB and I haven't had sex. Dragonlady is awesome and we are making lomo saltado together on Friday for a little family dinner with Minxlette.

Yeah, Penny Dreadful sounds spectacular. I can't wait to give MB more fodder with which to terrorize me. We are rediculous. We sat at the diner this morning both waiting for the sun to come up so that we wouldn't have to deal with interpreting shadows in our respective homes and spend thirty minutes looking for wet girls crawling out of our televisions.

He fucking called my phone after The Ring. I nearly stained my drawers. Oh wait. I don't wear drawers. wink.gif I need to come up with a good revenge prank to get even. I have access to his room via the custodians, so there are a great many things that I can do to scare the behemoth.

Where are our FJ's?
Hi again...hi minxie!

I am envious of everyone's shopping sprees...I think I need some new clothes. I am down to 2 pairs of jeans, and one's looking dangerously thin in the ass area!!!!

I just got rid of a house full, actually....BFF came over and I discovered she'd had never seen Ugly Betty, so we watched the first eppie and ate our cinnamon toast. Then one of her teens showed up with boyfriend in tow...they played my guitar while we watched UB...I guess BFF is more use to extraneous noise than I am. blink.gif

THEN we actually installed my wall-mount tables!! HURRAH! Kids went to the store, because apparently being hungry at 17 means rejecting the offer of toast or grilled cheese or Stoop and going to the 7-11 for chips. mad.gif But another friend showed up to drop some stuff off...she got roped into helping us with the tables. I am just sitting down to breathe and eat my Stoop now. ohmy.gif

The tables look REALLY cool! I am such a genius, yes I am. Except I'm not finished painting was too awkward to will be easier with them on the wall.

Piccies not till the end of the week, when the paint job is done, and I can afford cam batteries....
Mornin' babes. I'm back in the office, though not really happy about it. I could probably still use another day of rest, but we'll see how it goes. I brought both my microwaveable rice bags with me to work, so I've currently got one on my tummy and one on my back, and hopefully that will help me manage sitting in an upright position all day. I definitely went for the wrong pants today, though...I should have gone with something softer around my waist. Oh well.

Minxy....the more I hear, the more I'm loving the fun you're having with MB - horror movies and pranks...that's awesome!!

And doodle, I can't wait to see your finished new work area and coffee bar!

Good Morning chicas.

((Jenn)) So sorry to hear about the food poisoning. I am glad you are feeling better. That sounds like one rough weekend. sad.gif Don't work too hard today.

Minx! Your dates sound like so much fun! I bet you can cut the sexual tension with a knife. That is HOT!

Doodle, your day with BFF sounds lovely. Wall mount tables? What are those? I am not sure exactly what they are, but damn they sound cool.

I too make stoop. I often throw together whatever I can find for a quick soup dinner. Last week it was tomato with orzo. The one before that was chicken broth, ginger, garlic, pasta, onion, & spinach. I love soup.

Taloo, the meals you describe made me drool. YUM. I am gonna come over for dinner, K?

I played the viola in middle school & part of high school.

Well, we survived our busy weekend. Friday night MR K & I did house stuff. Saturday I had school, then we went to a wedding party, which actually turned out to be a surprise wedding! It was a lot of fun. Then we went home, cleaned, & made a bunch of party food. People started coming over around 8PM. It was a fun party, a diverse crowd. After most people had gone, we had a late night poker game. I did not win, but I was gettings shit for cards. Yesterday Mr K & I did nothing at all, which was wonderful. Every one of our past Sundays has been full of house & yard work. It was so nice to just relax.
Hey ladies!!!

~*~*~*~turbo comfort vibes~*~*~*~

Wow, you did have a pretty eventful weekend, kari! A surprise wedding? How does that work?

Heheheheh...F-f-f-foolin'!! I love it!!

Okay, here's my vintage red chair (cat not included). As you can see, my apartment is still very unsettled and white. A lot of stuff is still sitting on the floor. It's not very homey.

Poodle, that chair is gorgeous.

Karriane, that is really cool that the party turned out to be a wedding.

Blahh, its dreary and kind of chilly today.
Morning bitches...its monday...

Yeah, how does a surprise wedding happen? like a surprise proposal, then official? or surprise on the guests? it DOES sound like a lot of fun!

Turbo- i'm sorry your belly is still pluuurrrby. Treat it kindly. And yourself, too. Maybe ease into the planned butt flush?

So, I just got back from a new class at the gym- Gliding. Holy mother of all divine things...this was the HARDEST, silliest thing i've ever done. Think of those little furniture glider pads, only bigger, and for feet. But, its helping to energize me for the "last 5" push. I'm SO close to skinny jeans. SO, SO close. Its just the baby bulge that's left. So, strength, mobility and flexibility along with new cardio are my plan. On wednesday: Cardio pilates.

FJ- how u? Any sicky-sick signs yet? I hope your pregnancy goes flawlessly!

Poodle- that chair ROCKS.
Ooooh - good for you moxie!! I've seen those glider things advertised on tv - it looks really hard, but I'd love to give it a try myself! Sadly, there will be no spin for me today, I think I'd not survive the warm up - I'm always sad to miss my Monday class, since my friend teaches it, and I always get a good work out, and have a good time. Ah well, its a restorative week for me.

I'm still doing the big flush on Friday, its actually a pretty good thing for my bod. I'm supporting my intestines with some extra acidophilus supplements this week, and I'll do a light cleanse this week to keep building my strength and keep the organs happy, and then I'll just do a more thorough cleanse later. No big deal.

Poodle, that chair is quite elegant - I love it - and it looks pretty comfy to boot!! Its a lovely addition to your house - I'd love to see a piccie of your finished etch-a-frame too!

I think a suprise wedding sounds really fun, kari! Tell us more!
Poodle, I love your chair! Did you move to a new apt? I am out of the loop.

Moxie, I did gliding once, years ago. I thought it was a lot of fun, though I was really scared I was going to slide too far & go skidding across the floor.

Surprise wedding: our friends had planned a wedding in Costa Rica, I think the date is sometime next month. They were having a pre-wedding party here in town, so friends could celebrate with them. Due to a few different circumstances, I guess they decided to just go to Costa Rica as a honeymoon. But! They didn't tell people. So, we went to the in-town celebration this weekend. Someone got up to give a toast, which he did, but he also announced that the couple would be wedding momentarily, right then! The look on the parents' faces, oh my. They were in shock. So were most people! It was cool. Very exciting.
Congrats on reaching your goal, mox!!

Turbo, I dunno if you should do the buttflush thing so soon. It seems like you should let your colon get back to a normal state before you mess with your body's natural recovery process. Just eat really healthy for a while. That's all your colon really needs, anyway.

ETA- Thanks for the chair compliments! It's really Oscar's chair now, but that's not gonna last for long. Kari, my apartment looks really white and empty because the resident boy moved out in september. So, in a sense, I do have a new space to work with. I haven't had any money to buy furniture and decorate because of my car purchase. It's gonna be a long process.
I just called the butt flushers and left them a message to see whether I should come in on Friday or not...part of me just wants to get on with it, and get all this crud out of my guts that's been making me sick for the last few weeks, and part of me thinks I should we'll see what the experts say.

Ooooh, kari the suprise wedding sounds like so so much fun! What a shocker for the parents, though! Honeymoon in Costa Rica sure sounds nice right about now too....mmm...warm sunny beaches.

I really don't wanna work today, the gigantic pile of work is intimidating me...a common monday dilemma, I suppose.
I do not want to work today either. I want to go home. dry.gif

I have work I have to get done too, so I guess I will do my best to be productive.

Poodles, ah, ok. I knew RB moved out, but didn't know if I missed a bit about you moving too. It takes a while to get a homey feeling, doesn't it?

jenn, I think it is good that you are asking the butt flushers what they think about your upcoming flush.

So, tomorrow is election day. I am nervous. I think my stupid state will elect the Rep. candidate. I hope not, but am preparing for the worst.
I had a dream last night that I didn't make it to the voting place before closing and DFL senatorial candidate Amy Klobuchar lost to the evil neo-republican whose name I will not mention. I was so happy when I woke up and realized that she's gonna totally kick his ass.

I'm craving sugary stuff. MMmmm...cinnamon toast at doodle's house....I ate a lot of that a couple months ago when I didn't have a whole lot of other stuff in my kitchen and no money in my wallet.

I'm so grateful that the political ads will be overwith in a day. Unfortunately, holiday advertising is gonna rear it's ugly head this week. When I was at Lane Bryant yesterday, Jingle Bells was playing over the speakers and a woman near me was whistling along. I was so close to screaming at her.
Kari, from the perch of a northern blue state, I have great hope that your state might go for the least that's what I was hearing on NPR yesterday morning, so I'm definitely holding onto hope for you. I did get accosted by 4 election volunteers yesterday when I was out with turbo, making sure I was registered and informed, which made me feel good.

Well, the wise butt flushers assure me that a colonic is the best thing for me right now, *and* they'll do a special implant of extra special acidophilus in the flushy water so that it'll help get all those nasty bugs outta my guts. I'll just skip the liver cleanse portion of the program this time and just eat really simple healthy stuff this week...which is all my body seems to want anyhow.

I've got roasted sweet potatoes and wild rice for lunch...yummm...
hiiiiiiiiii ladies!

poodley, you moved? or are you just still adjusting after xrb left? that chair is awesome--and your kitty so fluffy!
suprise wedding, kari? that's so funny and great. sounds like a ton of fun!
minxie, you know i'm already vicariously smitten with mb. your date sounds excruciatingly lovely.
yay for taloo christening her new house heheheh. that's totally the funnest part of moving tongue.gif
turbo, glad to hear you are feeling better.
moxie, how's your hair? i wanna see!
doodle has new furniture! and cinnamon toast! (that made me want cinnamon toast....hrmph!)
tes......with all due respect, darling, i DO actually have talents and AM useful. i appreciate that my presence would simply make people happy, but i can do more than that, yknow.

soooooooo okay, let's see--i played piano and cello and recorder as a kid--i went to a school where they start you playing music very early, but classical, not rocknroll. i don't really play anything still, though if i picked up any of those instruments i wouldn't do too badly. rock school for girls is totally cool--there's a summer rocknroll camp for girls in PA that i would always read about, and moxie, tell your friend to check out the paul green school of rock for inspiration. there's actually a fantastic documentary about it called rock school, which i highly recommend, and not simply because one of the stars (madi) is a friend of mine tongue.gif

also! i kind of asked out coffeeshop guy this weekend. i don't know his answer yet. what i did was i wrote a silly little questionnaire for him (the bustie crush thread called it cowardly, but fuck 'em, this is my way of wooing. i asked my dearest closest most understanding guy friend if he thought it was charming or chicken, and he said that it was very charming in a way that is indicative of how my brain works--which is exactly what i wanted) and left it in his tip jar. he went "ooh!" and looked at me but i was hightailing it outta there tongue.gif i am anxiously now waiting by the mailbox to find out. i feel like, if he says yes, then fantastic, and if he says no, no big loss since we weren't even friends, and if he's totally weirded out by it, then my bad because i pegged him as a totally different kind of person. if he's not charmed by it, then he won't be charmed by ME, so no loss.
Okay, sorry to take a break again, and to leave on a bad note. I'm sorry to have made fun of your posts by comparing them to Mrs. Which, Tesao--you're entitled to your enthusiasm and the funny little ways you express it. And I GET IT -- it's fun to have a place to discuss the little things of everyday life, and to get support from others, and give it. That's cool. I am glad to have scrolled a few pages of archives and seen people are doing well.

It took me awhile to set up my computer, internet access, graphic software, and web software, also, I was setting up my job search money and rolling over my retirements, talking to financial advisors and the like. I'm learning and practicing Flash and Actionscript, and beefing up my portfolio and making new web sites to amuse people.

I also figured I needed to get what I had to say about my life into good order so it did not just burst out at random times. I don't want any of you to think I will just fly at you in a bad way. However, if your negative ventings and aggressions are OKAY, then, so are mine. So, I'm setting terms.

I think my conflict with tesao and minx, later with doodlebug, has come from my attitude toward depressive illness. I don't want to be insensitive to depressives or people with other mental illnesses, whether temporary or chronic. I do believe people with these disorders deserve to be given credibility, which too often, society wishes to take away. Also, I think they should be treated with respect, and whatever is strong or beautiful in them should be recognized.

However, I also have the right to speak, to be given credibility, and to have MY strengths recognized. When I speak, I reserve the right, to say that living with parents, and sometimes coworkers or friends that have brain disorders was not easy. I need a safe space to bitch about that as much as they need a safe space to bitch about dealing with it within themselves.

Screaming at me to shut up, that I don't have the right to speak up, was disturbing. Essentially, that says that some people matter here and some do not, some matter more than others, some have the right to virtually yell and scream and judge and accuse and take others to task, in lengthy, lengthy posts, and others have NO right to criticize or disagree, no matter how well-considered and infrequent the criticisms or disagreements are.

Particularly, telling me to "get therapy." I think that was supposed to insult me or frighten me. Why would that invalidate me, or anything I said?

I have had therapy. When I was in my late twenties, I started making enough money to afford it, and I had spent the 80s learning how to take care of my body and my spirit with a lot of the "new age" things that were around at the time. I went to the gym, got massages, tested a variety of foods and started eating properly, made a good home, career and social life for myself, and even started having some creative accomplishments.

Most importantly, I was AWAY FROM MY FAMILY, and I never spoke about the illnesses they had or the stigma we had suffered. I passed one possible "age of onset" and then another, feeling like I was walking on the edge of the abyss. When I had passed the usual ages of onset of psychotic diseases, I went to a feminist therapist to make sure that I hadn't kept any leftover destructive thought patterns or distortions, and that I had a safe, private place to discuss and vent about how growing up with mentally ill people had affected me. I am happy to say that I could get on in life without ever once having an episode of it, and without ever needing medication.

I am not a hypocrite or hiding my head in the sand.

There is still a lingering stigma in my lack of financial privilege, as my dad started ot strong and loving and theen became incapacitated. I'm a smart cultured person that had chaos hung over my head, and the money went away. But I grew up thinking that the adult world would in fact intervene against any inappropriate behavior, and therefore, I have a responsibility as an adult to intervene as well.

So, when I read what Minx had to say about her life and about Minxette's life, I thought I could offer worthy and valuable advice, and did so, knowing that it would not be welcome. I also vented negative feelings that it brought up in me. I figured that, if initially unwelcome, it might still serve a good purpose.

Minx, I have faith in you and your ability as a parent--I absolutely love that you encouraged Minxette to talk out her negative feelings. That is exactly what is required!! How did you know?! You are very smart about emotions as well as about intellectual things. I felt guilty and felt like I had to protect my parents all the time, that they were too busy struggling through their daily lives and then wallowing in their compensations at night, to be burdened with any problems of mine. It's all to your credit that you are doing such an extraordinary job.

It just bothers me when I see someone responding to me or to others from within the distortions of depression. That is, thinking in terms of all or nothing, all good or all bad, you're with me in all ways at all times or else you hate me and fuck you!!! That's the black and white thinking symptomatic of depression.

I don't like the tendency of depressives to be narcissistic in the grandiose way. To have a real NEED to be more prosperous and more attractive and more sexual and more popular. A need to prove something, a need to make the safe friends, get in a clique, get a power position to excuse and protect one if the secrets come out. Sometimes that leads to class bias and being bitchy about looks, these are the women that seem to be saying, well I may be nuts but look at my MONEY or look at my GUYS.

I have friends that have struggled with severe depressions, they came into my life when I was speaking honestly to my personal friends (not my professional acquaintances, god help me!) about my family life because I was sick of hiding it, and there were certain gaps in my side of our conversation that couldn't otherwise be explained ("Going home for Christmas?.... Why doesn't your Dad help you pay...?") etcetera. The two friends I have who have had major depressive episodes are fun, attractive, intelligent, sophisticated, capable women. But sometimes they verge into that kind of bitchiness. And sometimes I verge into my honest expression of negative emotions, which is something they find so hard to tolerate. But we know each other well enough to communicate honestly and we get though the rough patches.

I'm here to tell you to take care not to get trapped outside of or beneath everyday society. Your depression is just one aspect or a few events of your life, it is not WHO and WHAT you ARE. If you start feeling that you are already stigmatized and it can't get worse, or that you will be indulged, I'm here to tell you that it can get worse: if you're arrested for having sex in public, or you have to call the police because a man in bondage or other "death by misadventure" situations starts blacking out, or you or a friend overdose on heroin or other drugs, or you steal from stores or an employer -- either the cops or the criminals will be there to scoop you up.

Yes, if they dislike you, there is a LOT they can do about it.

I think most people misunderstand William S. Burroughs. He had a ton of family money and influence and could run off to South America after he killed his wife. He wanted tolerance for his writing and his homosexuality -- he did not want tolerance for sadism, oppression, domination, violence, cruelty or drug addiction. He worked tirelessly to rid himself and society of those influences, of that behavior. His killing his wife and kicking junk made him aware of the evil in himself, and he was not for it, he was against it. That is the whole point of "Naked Lunch," so often misunderstood by "wild" people as a statement of macho fuckupdom.

<<Junk yields a basic formula of "evil" virus: The Algebra of Need. the face of "evil" is always the face of total need. A dope fiend is a man in total need of dope. Beyond a certain frequency need knows absolutely no limit or control. In the words of total need: "Wouldn't you?" Yes you would lie, cheat, inform on your friends, steal, do anything to satisfy total need.

So listen to Old Uncle Bill Burroughs who invented the Burroughs Adding Machine Regulator Gimmick on the Hydraulic Jack Principle no matter how you jerk the handle result is always the same for given co-ordinates. Got my training early... wouldn't you?

Look down LOOK DOWN along that junk road before you travel there and get in with the Wrong Mob...

A word to the wise guy.>>

I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know, and I hope you are cool with my getting that last bit off my chest. I have missed you all, and I trust your basic competence and kindness. I like you all. I will be around, on the bust boards, in okayland or not.

Do feel free to say "hi."

That was a total buzz-kill, dude.

I love ya wombat, but could you please PM this stuff instead of writing such a huge thing in here? Yes, it's okay to talk about problems or whatever, but geesh, that was overkill.
turbo, does that hurt? flushing my bum just sounds uncomfortable.
Word, poodle. Enough on the re-hash, already....I thought we settled all this last week and moved on. right?!

I find it really difficult to stay focused on reading posts longer than a screen, but really that's just my personal issue of scrolling blindness, more than anything.

*sweeps all negativity out of the thread, and sprinkles happy bustie dust over us all*

Mouse, I totally love your quizzlet date proposal! I think its sweet, and I'm sure you did it in a way that was fun, and personal to you - I hope he bites! And you played recorder?! How cool - for some reason, I *always* wanted one when I was a kid, though I'm not sure why.

And yeah, Moxie - how's the hair?! Do tell!!! doesn't really hurt, sometimes you get some gas pain or cramping, but if you do a simple cleanse prior, and hydrate really well, its usually fine for me...and you can stop and take a break at any time if you need to as well, and they massage your tummy the whole time which is nice and soothing.

Yes, mouse, that is super exciting!! ~*~*~*~coffee boy vibes~*~*~*~

I have the scrolling blindness thing, too.

I still haven't received my AB/CD shirt. Grrr...stupid culture-bomb people.
Oh, my hair! I love it! Its not as funky color-wise as I wanted, but moxieman did a fine job of pointing out that I'm not 22 and a junior level employee anymore. So, for being almost 30, management and still a hot mom, its perfect! Deep burgundy, that SHINES red in the sun. The cut is long and chuky, and can be really poufy or really funky, depending on how I decide to blow dry it. I'll try to remember to get moxieman to take pics tonight.

Why isn't it the end of the day already? I think I have some spring fever in november. pre-election day jitters, i suppose. Which reminds me- everyone, VOTE. Well, all American Citizens here-- VOTE.
Oh YES, give us some piccies tonight, moxie!! I wish I could handle my hair longer so that it could be a bit more fun, but really, I haven't got the patience, and can't seem to be bothered to style these days. ah, well....I still love my short hair anyhow.

fer real...why isn't it the end of the day? I'm trapped in tedium here...helpppppp meeeeee!

well, ya know, pinkpoodle, I've often thought my signature line should be:

My ass is long, and so is my post.




but, I don't like posting stuff like that either.

Ack, I say.

People in my real life read this, and, I also just hate to leave stuff hanging, but, enough, truly.


Here in Boston, it is sunny, and cold, and the trees are beautiful. My hair -- needs hairdressing! A big check has cleared so that means I can -- do the same old thing!! Cadging around for design professional job makes me conservative. You'd think designers would be wild and wacky, but there is a whole corporate structure of "results by a certain time in a certain exact way or money is lost" just like any other business. Which means my hair is a big snooze.


The political race for Governor of Massachusetts is incredible. The Republican candidate is a woman who is like Martha Stewart in a steroid rage. The Democratic candidate is way out ahead, and is a mellow black guy who went to Harvard, and is very liberal. Then there is an Independent who's main campaign ad was an animation of politicians sticking their heads up their asses, literally, and scuttling around, all this on a major TV channel. The "Green Rainbow" candidate is kind of a cool woman who has 2 percent of the vote and not a chance in hell.

I'm actually finding all the yackety yack quite amusing. Me and Batman are definitely voting tomorrow.
helloooooo okays!

all is well. i read a bit throughout the weekend and just finished catching up today. well, except for wombat's post. i did TRY to read it, wombat! and i respect you for writing all that stuff and getting it out, but like the others said: i just couldn't get through it. BUT, if it made you feel okay, that's what matters.

so, i'm just sort of floating along right now. i had a major freakout session on saturday morning because i woke up and my boobs weren't sore anymore(which is really the only tangible "symptom" i've been having). i cried and cried and mrfj soothed me. then my gf got to our house with her baby and her husband and i told her i was feeling negative and she smacked some sense into me and told me that the crying was a much better indicator that everything was going well than the lack of soreness in my boobs. then i played with her little one for the rest of the weekend and have been positive ever since. no moxie, still no real sickness yet, although i am sort of feeling queasy right now... just minor though. i've been trying to eat small meals to ward it off, but i have to admit, i wouldn't mind some reassurance via vomit. hehehe. so so bad!

oh, minx! i'm so happy that you had such a good date. that sounds wonderful! and yes, it's so good that you held off on the sexual stuff. keep him wanting more more more!! that's yummy!

karianne, that does sound like a cool thing. i thought only britney spears did surprise weddings. hehe

mouse, i had read about your questionairre idea in the crushie thread and thought it was a great idea! i meant to tell you that last week. good on you for doing it. i bet he digs it from what you've said about him. *on pins and needles waiting for his response*

turbo, i hope your hiney is feeling better and that the flush, well, flushes you out!!!

hi poodle. i tried to check your chair out, but it's on photobucket, so i'll have to do it from home. boooo!
Yay for mox's new hair!! I want to see pictures!


Don't worry 'bout it, wombat.

(((FJ))) All you can really do is to relax and take good care of yourself.
FJ- why haven't you seen a DR yet? My girlfriend, who also miscarried and is pregnant again, was really scared (absolulty understandably) and flipped out when the Dr. (not her regular doc) told her she had to wait until 8 weeks for her 1st prenatal. She called her regular doc who got her in the next day- at 5 weeks. Seeing a Dr. should help reassure you. Until then:
((((FJ embryo- GROW))). I don't wish puking on you, though. Not at all. smile.gif

moxie, i set an appointment with the mmidwife for november 20. that'll be about 7 weeks. they're going to do an ultrasound at that time as well. i had thought about going in and at least having my blood drawn and checked, but i decided that i'd rather not add more stress to myself. waiting for the results nearly killed me last time. so, unless i have any bleeding or cramping other than mild, i'm going to wait. i am sure if i started freaking out and needed, i could get in sooner. but i'm feeling pretty positive. besides, since my miscarriage last time was caused by a blighted ovum and not a typical miscarriage, they said my chances are really strong this time.

and yes, i could easily be freaking out by next week and banging down the doc's door. smile.gif

thanks for your support, guys. it means so much that i've got all these positive BUSTie vibes coming at me and the speck, which according to my baby book is actually pumping it's own blood right now!! i tear up just thinking about it.

Yay for our FJ, floating along, embryo in tow!! And YEAH, I don't wish any vomiting on you after the weekend I've spent. wink.gif But, if you really need sore boobies, I'm sure mr fj could help you along with that. heh.

Is it time to go home yet? I mean, seriously...this monday is dragggging by.
hiiiii fj!

**fetus vibes**

thanks for the support on my questionnaire. i can see how it could be considered cowardly, but anyone who actually knows me knows that's much more style.....anyway, i get so physically affected by those things--even if i'm mentally not. i wish it didn't happen but it does. i was shaking so hard after i dropped it in his tip box. seriously, i don't think people like me should be allowed to drive after they've done something like that.
mouse, i know exactly what you mean. mrfj will attest that when we first started our flirting phase before we started dating, i walked back to the copy area of our office where he was using the copier. i was trying to get postage from our mailing machine and he said something cute to me, like "hi" or something, that caused me to shake uncontrollably and stutter and practically slobber on myself.

i think he will appreciate the gesture. and if not, poop on him! smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

It's taken me a few hours to get through archives, but I'm here now.

Doodle, can't wait to see pics of your mounted tables!

Minx, your dates with MB sound so cute. I'm so proud of you for taking it really slowly.

Turbo, I'm glad your tummy is feeling better and hope everything stays on the up and up.

Mouse, your little questionnaire sounds cute!

Moxie, I wanna see your hair!

FJ, I'm sure everything's fine, but I don't blame you for being anxious and wanting to see a doctor right away.

Karianne, a surprise wedding? At least it was just a surprise for the guests instead of the bride! Have you ever seen those surprise wedding shows on TLC and such, or when they have to hand the planning over to someone else? I could never do that.

Hi, Taloo! I wanna eat at your house!

Wombat, that race in your state sounds really good. I love those kinds of ads, just so long as they're not against the side I'm voting for, then I'm all jealous that they thought of something so catchy and they'll probably win.

Hmmm, dealbreakers. Treating waitstaff badly, voting Republican, any kind of drug use, the attitude that you can get any girl to sleep with you, facial tattoos, not trying to work up to your potential... basically all my exes rolled up into one. There are a whole lot more, but I'll spare you.

A Bustie strip in a town would be so incredibly awesome. I'd want to own a chocolate store and a nightclub, too. Poodle can mix old man drinks there.

Poodle, what time did you go to the MOA yesterday? I was there, too, at LB, probably around 4:30. I had a coupon to use.

This weekend was a busy one. I kicked my own ass running errands after work, between getting the car washed, buying everything for truffles, looking in 3 different stores for plain black leather jackets (and no luck at any of them), getting dinner, and then going out again with the giant for 2.5 hours of grocery shopping. It was ridiculous. On Saturday, we did a flurry of cleaning the house, and I made a full dinner for his family. I actually managed to put everything out on the table at the same time, which I'm impressed with. I also managed to make a gorgeous fresh fruit tart from scratch, including the crust. The giant took a picture of it. And then yesterday I tried on 22 bras at Macy's (only bought one), went to LB (they don't have much good stuff there at the moment), then to Avenue (they had loads of good stuff). And now I'm almost broke again, after paying rent (and the giant paid half of mine since he owes me for our trip). Oy vey.

I'm starting to get a little annoyed with all the political ads. I wish there was a way to block ads in races you can't vote for (US House of Reps) in your district. I haven't seen a single ad for my local house race, but I know the intricacies of at least 2 other house races I can't vote in. I'm pretty confident all around and have resigned hope for the races I know we can't win, but I'm most worried about the governor's race. The one we have now is so terrible, but he's likable on TV, so lots of dumbasses will vote for him. I wish people would look at the issues, not whether or not they could have a beer with the candidate (not that that would ever happen anyway).

Either way, I'll be watching the returns tomorrow until the wee hours of Wednesday until the (hopefully not) bitter end with like-minded friends who will cheer and cry with me and confuse the hell out of the giant.
ooh boy. You always get shy and dorky with the ones you REALLY LIKE.

Actually, it's a good bullshit detector. If they scoff at you for suddennly being shy and dorky, they're not the right kind of person anyway.

~*~*~*~*~beautiful falljacketses beastie! ~*~*~*~
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