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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Crusty Twat Lickers....hehe....dirty sanchez....oh the memories. tongue.gif wait, that sounds wrong. laugh.gif

its super quiet here at work today..the students left for a road trip of sorts.

so moxie, how did the hair turn out? or is that today? i'm confused.

yesterday i did my MIL's manicure and my Aunt I-L's haircut and blowdry. and they tipped me WELL. such sweeties. but now i have gas money(((mouse))) and then i did a perm. which the girls said was perfecto...i was a bit sloppy...but i'm a huge critic of myself.

today i get to go find some more product at a new nail shop..provided i can find it. ohmy.gif

hi PIB. whats new? what's your kittys name?

TES!!!! how ya doing girl? and karianne?

as for the hollandaise...i'll pass. you can have mine mouse. but you may have to fight for it. as for me....i'm a mayo and ketchup it. but i do prefer ketchup to mayo. and only deli or dijon mustard...the other stuff is only good for hot dogs. not sandwiches or brats or chicken or....

*head explodes trying to comprehend*
i must confess that i sort of like hollandaise in small doses. and one of my fave places makes a dill mayo for their fresh catch sandwich that is yummy (again in small doses). but this talk of putting mayo on french fries is just sick.


mayo with lemon and dill for dippins for artichokes....omg...yum
yeah, see, the thought of mayo on artichokes grosses me out. but mayo on fried shit.....bring it ON!

i like my artichokes with lemon, or a little butter. or HOLLANDAISE SAUCE OMG
The hair is tomorrow, msgb.
Moxieman found this hairstyle which he thinks would be good with funky coloring. I'm inclined to agree- still soft enough to be ok for work...i've got to keep that in mind, i suppose.

Hollandaise=YUMMY, so long as I'm not the one making it. I like things that are easy, but look hard, not the other way around.

PIB- pull up a chair and tell us about yourself. Cats? Kids? COffee preference? Any good tips, tricks or treats you can bring to the OKAYland commune?
*crawls into thread and flops slowly on the sofa.*

I'm home sick today, since I spent most of the night in the bathroom, and still can't sit upright...poodle's morning insult is a little too close to home this morning...gah, my whole body hurts, and when I move, I pretty much have to run for the toilet. That spider better get the fuck out of my bedroom, 'cause this sucks. I wish turbomann was here to take care of me. I think I may have food poisoning though, so it may not be the spider's fault.

Moxie, your hair is going to be fabulous, but then it always is!

And I do have my hard drive backed up, so it'll really just take some time to get the apps re-installed and put everything back in iTunes. It would have been a $600 repair, so I'm glad I have the warranty!

Ok, back to the toilet for me....blerg.
moxie, that haircut is similar to the one i'm sporting now. but longer. its quite nice.

turbo, you need to take care of yourself...and get that spider bite checked. as soon as your stable. i've heard horror stories..better to be safe on that. just the thought is giving me the willies.

now i sound like my mom. gah.

well, if i'm going that way....

"drink lots of water so you don't get dehydrated" and "eat some soup and toast if you can"


my personal fav--"what if you were dead in a ditch somewhere? How would i know if you don't call me?"

uh..if i were dead in a ditch somewhere...i wouldn't be able to call. hehe
oh no, turbo! yeah, if this is your reaction to a spider bite.....get that stuff checked out! i too have heard scary bite stories.....better safe than sorry. in the meantime, i hope you feel better ****turbo better vibes****
turbo, i'm in agreement with the other ladies- even if its "just" food poisioning- you need to watch out for dehydration. Do you have a fever? I'd call a dr. and even just talk to the nurse over the phone.

***ass (all which way) better vibes***
(((turbo))) Dayum. It's a good thing you got a buttflush coming up soon.

That's awesome that you still have the warranty, turbo!!! I'm glad you'll get your iTunes stuff back, too. I would be absolutely devastated if my music collection disappeared.

Why all this rippin' on mayo, dudes?! You'll eat globs of stuff with skin and grizzle that has been attached to bones, but you don't like a little whipped egg goo? Y'all are strange. Or maybe I'm the strange one. No. You guys are definitely the strange ones. blink.gif Mmmm...ketchup and mayo with fries....*drools*

Spinach cat!! Ha! That's cute. I gotta come up with a new meaty concoction for my cats. I suppose I could shred some carrots and mix some oats in there with some liver, hearts, and a little lean meat. Funny--when we were out at lunch a bit ago, the antisocial hippie lady said that she fed her dog only vegetarian stuff for almost 2 years. That's fucked up. Why would people force their animals to eat something that is completely opposite of their natural diet? Weird.

I had theeeeeeeeee best dessert just a little bit ago. It was Bailey's and coffee icecream, with a layer of Oreo cookie crumbs on the bottom, whipped cream and caramel on the top, and three warm chocolate chip cookies to complete the masterpiece. Oh god, that made my day. I'm ready to go to bed now.
yes, turbo! get yourself to a doc if you can! no need to wait.

here in FL, a spider bite can be bad! do you know what kind of critter it was?

~*8~*8~*8~ass vibes for turbo!~8*~8*~8*~

moxie, i like that hairstyle. you'd look great with that, esp with the red you're talking about. smashing!!!
Mayo on fries fucking RULES!!!
Fuck yeah!!!! \m/ \m/ \m/

I like that cut, too, mox. It looks like you could easily pull it back.
its why i have a good husband. hair advice and hbi's. sigh...
Hi, peeps!

Mouse, did you make it home okay with your magic gas?

(((((((Turbo's belly and ass))))))))))

Moxie, I really like that cut, too. It's a little choppy, but still soft, and lots of volume. And wow on Moxette not crying when she got her shot. That's quite the little girl you've got there.

I wanna see Poodle's reddish hair. And have a bite or 12 of that dessert.

I love mayo, but I try not to think about what it's made of. I can't have a sandwich without it (butter on sandwiches is just gross), but find it too bland to dip fries in. Mostly, mayo makes the world go 'round. Hollandaise is good in small doses, but I can't stand bearnaise. No flavor at all and kinda slimey.

I love artichokes, too. Has anyone ever had artichoke soup? Mmmm. And they're the best on pizza and in salads. I had this weird appetizer on vacation, though, where I didn't know I needed to scrape the meat off the leaf with my teeth, so I chewed on the whole thing. That was kind of gross.

Doodle, sorry about the smell in your apartment. It must suck to have that smell lingering when you didn't put it there.

Hi, Tess, Karianne, FJ, GB, and Taloo!

I just had pad thai for lunch. Mmmm. And I have leftovers for Monday. Mmmmmm. I can't wait to blow this popsicle stand so I can get all my stuff together for truffles. I'm going to no less than 3 food stores, 1 liquor store, and a clothes store after work. The giant and I need groceries like nobody's business.

Hello all...just kind of driving to run out and get groceries before it gets dark and the wet streets freeze up! (No winter tires yet.)


Back later!
diva, that's the best way to eat artichokes! scraping the meat off i mean. just steam/boil em for about forty minutes and you're golden--and once you eat all the leaves away you get to the heart and it's like a little goddamn vegetable cookie!

artichokes are my favorite vegetable.

i made it home okay, thank you for asking......and my coworker gave me a ride to work today. i am so full of shame. but the freelance lady finally paid me (of course, she did it through paypal, so it's gonna take three days to get into my account, make that five since it's the weekend). but i get a paycheck TODAY, and if my car can manage a couple miles tonight (i am supposed to be a model for my friends' vintage ebay store) i will be fine.

how do you make artichoke soup?
oh man, i love artichokes too! there's a place in st. augustine that serves artichoke soup and i always just order a bowl of that with salad as my meal. so. yummy.

perhaps i'll try making that one day near the holidays. hmmmm. yeah, how would one make that, diva?

D'oh!! My boss decided to drop by for a while! Oh well.

artichokes on pizza=yum

Butter on sandwiches? Never heard of that one (other than on grilled cheese).

While diva is making chocolate treats this weekend, I will be making meat treats! I decided to pick up some lean ground turkey, parsley, carrots, hearts, tuna, and eggs for my furry velociraptors. I'm gonna try out a couple recipes.

I'm gonna gets me some dark beer for tonight. Mmmm....
this recipe looks delicious and easy.....hmmmm...! artichoke soup as celebration of having grocery money again? i think perhaps!

ETA: oh wait, crap, i don't have anything that purees. do you think i could leave it chunky?
I like artichokes too. The thing that drives me nuts about them is that they have a chemical in them that taints anything else you try and work with. Say if you are just cooking up the hearts, you need to wear gloves, cause it doesn't wash off. And it taints the cutting board too.

I make a mean artichoke soup, put a tiny parmesan flan in the middle of the bowl, pour the soup around the flan, and you have pure yummyness.

Or you can cook up the hearts, halve them then put a nice piece of humboldt fog in the center and stick it under the broiler for a short spell.

Today has been very productive.
We switched over our renter's insurance to home owners.
Turned in our notice (we currently don't have a lease.)
I touched up my roots.
Went to target.
And I have an apple pie in the oven. A drunken one at that. I mascerated the apples in cognac.
Oh, and I had a cheeseburger and a guiness for lunch.

Er, I have yet to pack a single thing today.

Mouse, I am glad you got paid. Yay for $$$$!
what's the chemical??? should i be worried? is that why they have that crazy sweet aftertaste?
Thanks for all the vibes ya'll. I can finally sit up a little bit, so I'm counting that as progress. Mostly, I think I just have gas trapped in my intestines that is making me really uncomfortable now. Turbomann was supposed to leave work hours ago to bring me some stuff, but it looks like he got suckered in at work. I did talk to a nurse, and she said that hydration was mostly what I should worry about. The spider bite is nearly gone, so I'm not too concerned about that, and the broken blood vessels are already fading.

All the mayo talk in here today is not pleasing to my turbulent guts. eep. Normally, I do like mayo, and try to talk as many of my friends as possible in going to this belgian beer bar here that has the most amazing fries, and they come with homeade garlic aoili - now that shit's good!

mouse, I love your new avvie!!
I've never made artichoke soup, or any soup for that matter. There is this litle place in Carmel where I tried the artichoke soup, and I was amazed. So creamy, but kind of light.

I wish it would hurry up and be 5:00 so I can get outta here. I've got so much shit to do tonight.

Glad you're feeling a little better, Turbo. And that you made it home last night, Mouse.

I haven't done shit at work today, but I really don't feel bad about it. I was uber productive earlier this week, and my boss went home early, and it's payday, so how can I be expected to concentrate?

I can't remember the name of the chemical. It's nothing to worry about. Actually, It's an enzyme, not a chemical, my bad. But, if you handle a raw artichoke and then lick your fingers afterwords, you'll have this really bitter taste in your mouth. Then anything else you try to taste will be off for a while.
What in the hell should MB and I do tomorrow? smile.gif
hmm well! you've already done the picnicky thing, you've already cooked him a meal....i don't know. you guys should cook a meal together at one of your homes....there's something about privately getting messy and ingesting things >:) i want to say rent a movie but that's so typical, on the other hand i don't want to say something totally hokey like "play board games together!". do something first, out in public, like go to a museum or something you've both wanted to do/see, then come home and cook a meal and feed it to each other.
You could go mini-golfing, minx. smile.gif (ETA: mini-golfing and a home-cooked meal, like mousie says.)

Hi everyone! I'm back! It's raining. It's raining inside my car, actually - apparently my sunroof leaks now. mad.gif

Do you know - I don't think I've ever eaten an artichoke. How have I made it to almost 38 and not tried artichokes?

Anyway, going to catch up now on the day's posts!
I didn't know that artichokes have a strange chemical thing. I guess I've never tried to cook them from scratch. I usually just buy a jar of marinated chunks if I want to put them on pizza.

Ugh...I'm so damn tired. I'm gonna force myself to stay up for a while though or else my sleep schedule will get screwed up. Daylight Savings is still affecting me.

Hmmmm...ideas for minx's date....let's see....I like the homemade dinner thing, but yeah, it can easily lead to other things. I guess it depends on your intentions. If I were you, minx, I would resist the temptation to jump his bones. Of course, that can be a super hard thing and, lord knows, I've broken down before. Howabout some homemade food and some drinks and bowling at Bryant Lake Bowl? There definitely needs to be some kind of kissing environment in all of this though. Hmmmm...walks are usually pretty good for that, but it's damn cold out. You guys could also hang around Uptown. Go see a movie at the Lagoon and then walk around and make fun of people. OR, you could make homemade food and then rent a campy movie.

ETA- At the Bryant Lake Theater, there is a comedy show titled Women Stand Up, and it costs $8-$12 ("pay what you can"). I don't know if he would enjoy it, but it would definitely be a test of his manhood.
Minx, how bout a play? Or going to the Walker (if it's the afternoon.)
Make a fondue dinner?
Are there any good shows at the fine line, 400, or triple rock?
Ice skating at the depot, you can both make asses of yourselves. It's a great tension breaker.
Are there any places around that do live band karoke, or how about bowling?
What about going to one of those plate painting places?
That's all I can come up with.

My pie turned out lovely. I am just about to go start dinner.
Roasted peppercorn porkloin over a bed of mixed greens and apples.
Goat brie and some rosemary crackers.
I also have a pumpkin beer waiting in the fridge for me. MMMMMMmmm.
Damn, taloo!! That dinner sounds beautiful!! I'm envious of your skillz.

Ooooh...fondue...that's especially dangerous!! I can see it now: Minx dipping a strawberry in chocolate and then accidentally spilling some on her cleavage, giggling at her oops, wiping a little off with her pointer finger and then seductively licking it, and then batting her eyelashes at the baron...

I scoured the Shitty Pages for date stuff and I couldn't find anything fun and inexpensive going on tomorrow. There is always karaoke at the Sportsman's though!!

Heheheh...I did notice that Firehouse is playing at Bogarts. I've finally found the love of a lifetime!! A love to last my whole life throooouuuugh!! Finally found the love of a lifetime!! Forever in my heart, I've finally found the love of a lifetime!!!

Sometimes a good date thing is to take a person somewhere that you really love or expose them to something that you're really passionate and/or knowledgeable about, so that you can share that with them. I think that's something you would do after a few dates though--when you both know that you reeeaaally like each other and you crave more of each other (in a non-sexual way). Once I took a boy on a little tour through Stillwater and up the St. Croix River Valley. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I was able to expose him to my passion for geography. Heh...I love being in control of the steering wheel so that I can force my geography nerdiness on my passengers. I often take my mom on little side-trips against her will.
Poods, it was a yummy dinner, and now I am stuffed. But, not too stuffed for pie later on.

I am watching this documentary series on sundance channel called Iconnoclasts. It pairs two famous people who are friends and you learn more about what they do. Tis one is Alice Waters and Michail Barishinikov. I have always loved him and I was fond of her. Damn if I am not utterly in love with her now. She started this program with public schools where they create an organic garden and they use all the produce to cook with. In 6th grade they tend the garden and in 7th they get in the kitchen. They even built a wood burning oven by the garden so they would have an immediate connection with the smells of cooking where they came from. The woman is my hero.
Damn, sorry - I haven't totally caught up yet. BFF and I spent a couple of hours on the phone, and now I'm starving, so I'm cooking dinner.

I WILL read the day's posts before through! It's a matter of honour now.

Have persuaded BFF to come over Sunday and eat cinnamon toast and help me install my wall-mounted tables. Also, hopefully, she will pick up the chair. Unless it snows again - no winter tires on her van yet, either.

Stoopid Canadian winters.

I think sometimes you have to "test" dates with the things you, what if I met someone and they didn't like Blue Rodeo or Eddie Izzard? Dealbreaker right there, I tell you!! My last partner didn't like Margaret Atwood, and she thought my fave Atwood book was the worst...but I let it go....after three years, I finally realized how ill-suited we were! Trust your instincts, and introduce them early on to the things you love - that's my rule now. smile.gif (Or rather, it would be, if I could be bothered to date these days. Heh.)

What's your vision, taloo? What's the first thing that comes to mind? I know your passion is food, but what is your ideal scenario? That's a deep and somewhat cliche question, but the ex-RB and I were just talking about that over the phone, so it's on my mind. If money wasn't an issue, what would you do?

ETA- Damn! I still cross-post even with the new lounge!! Hi doodle!! Hmmmm...dealbreakers...lemme think about that for a second and I'll get back to ya.
Music is a test for me, but it mostly comes down to appreciation. I can accept that a guy may not care for a certain band/musician that I like, as long as they can explain why and at least acknowledge a little appreciation for certain aspects of that band/musician. If a person can't listen to music, then that's a dealbreaker. It's really fascinating how music plays such a huge role in how we define ourselves and how we relate to other people, especially when it comes to mating.

I was just talking about dealbreakers with my boss and my co-worker. I'm trying to remember what subjects came up. *scratches head*

It's funny that we have to have "Women's Night" in stuff like comedy and music. Most music and comedy shows are basically "Men's Night," but people don't really think about it. Now, I realize that this is a lesson in Feminism 101, but it still baffles me. Women are immersed in Men's Nights and so on, but they don't feel threatened by it. Yet, to ask a man to go to an event where the majority of performers are women--Heaven Forbid!! That's just cruel!!! *said in complete sarcasm* I wish that entertainment venues wouldn't mention a thing about the majority (or all) of the performers being women. At the same time, it's a powerful statement to have a title like "Women's Night," because it's proud and honest. It's flat out saying, "Hey, women are just as fucking funny and we deserve some fucking stage time!" I'm so conflicted with this. I could go in circles forever.

I'm sure I just cross-posted with people, so I apologize in advance.

ETA- You're right doodle, when it comes down to something that you reeeally love, that's a true test. If a guy thought formica/chrome tables were ugly, then it would be over in a second. Today, one of newer employees said that she thought those tables were ugly and I just about had a heart attack. My response was, "Well fine, honey, but I'm sure my chrome/formica table is worth a lot more than whatever table you have." *slaps self* What can I say? It's probably true!!
Ah, poodle, yes, the "women's night!" And "women's movies." Women's music! All-women bands, oh my god, what a concept! We never say "all-male bands," because it is the presumption, the rule! And we as women are so bloody grateful when there is something for us. I think that was one of my real defining moments as a feminist, understanding society treats "women" as "other" and "men" as "the norm." Privilege is a fascinating I think a lot about my own privilege as a white woman, and what it must mean to be "the other."

Didn't mean to go off on that tangent! It's Friday. No, I haven't read YET. I needed to get those tables going with some paint. (I am typing with George right in front of the monitor, NO idea if I'm typing in gibberish...ok, there.) And (poodle I was thinking of you) I decided I needed to watch Chocolat. My dilemna is that I find both Johnny Depp AND Juliette Binoche appealing in this movie! (I find rebellious women so damned sexy...)

This is my problem, I can't choose. I give up looking 'cause I'm not sure who to look for. I keep thinking I'm ready to try a guy again, but I just don't trust 'em anymore. Another problem. Probably one of those long-term job hazzards nobody talks about in my work.

But whichever it is, I know damned well that the person I eventually fall totally head over heels for will be the one who turns to me and says, enthusiastically, "Hey, you like Blue Rodeo, too?"
Good morning!

My vision? I think if I could do anything, I would travel around in europe working in different kitchens. Or I would own a small cafe/bakery. Something with a limited menu that focuses on fresh seasonal item for food and pastry.

Deal breakers. I think dating someone who is rude to waitresses and cashiers. If they are that rude to strangers, there is a good chance that they will eventually be that way with their mate.

Or some one who is really unadventurous and picky culinary wise. I understand if you have restrictions due to medical issues, hell I could even love a vegatarian. I just think that if you write something off cause you think you wont like it, you may tend to do the same thing in everyday life.

The Music thing goes for me too. Funny, I have a depth of knowledge and tastes from all my years in the record stores, and J still blows me away with what he knows.
Damn! Just call me killer, yo.
*crawls into thread once more*

Ugh....the last 36 hours have been perhaps the most painful of recent memory. Definitely food poisoning. And this morning, I woke turbomann up at 4am to take me to the ER, as I just could not stand to hit the bathroom one more time, and the abdominal cramps were just getting too painful. And thank cod we go to the suburbs for healthcare. We walked in there, and I was hooked up to an IV and speaking to a doc within 5 minutes. They confirmed the food poisoning, and just ran 2 liters of fluids through me, and gave me something for the nausea, but that's about all they can do. But even so, I was able to come home, and got 6 hours of good rest, so it was well worth whatever its going to cost me.

And I figure if I have to go to the ER, its my "get out of website work" free card, so I'm not doing that today. Nuh uh. My crowning achievement today, I think, will be walking turbo, which seems quite a challenge at the moment. Turbomann is out of town for the rest of the weekend, so I'm on my own. I was thinking of calling the neighbors to take turbo for me, but then, I can't stand to be without him either. I love how he comes up to sniff me and check on me every couple of hours.

Taloo your dinner sounds amazing, even if all food seems suspect to me now. I tell ya, this is a helluva way to give up wheat again. blerg. And I figure I'll have to call the cafe that made me sick, since I order from them weekly, and the owners have become friendly with us. I just want to make sure they're checking all the day dating on all their ingredients.

I'm with taloo- if a man mistreats servers in any way or tips badly, that's a dealbreaker with me too. I was a server for too many years, and they were the most fun years I spent working, and anyone I'm with has to appreciate that they work hard and dela with assholes on a daily basis.

Okay, I need to go settle into a hot bath, so I can see if I can muster the energy to walk turbodoggie.
Turbo, I so sorry you are feeling so crappy. What did you order from the cafe? It could be a case of poor hygine from the person who prepared your food.

Anyone wanna come over here and help me pack? We are makin' good progress. I have 3/4s of the kitchen done, and the office is done. baaaahhhhh.

<<<>>>sends healing vibes to turbo<<<>>> Hope you feel better soon! sad.gif
Thanks for all the vibes - my intestines appreciate it. smile.gif

I made it through a short dog I need another nap though - my tummy is unhappy with the walk.

I ordered a salad from the cafe with arugula, olives, artichokes, prosciutto and herb vinaigrette.
((((turbo)))) That sounds awful. Take it easy on yourself! That salad sounds really yummy. What kinds of stuff did the doc tell you to eat?

Yeah, if a guy was rude to service workers, then the deal is off.

I feel a little conflicted with men and music, because the bands I like are pretty much all male bands. At the same time, I'm not gonna limit my music based on sex or race or whatever. I do like a lot of female musicians, but the scene is still way too limited. It's lame. It's like it doesn't even occur to people to hand a little girl a guitar or a pair of drumsticks. As for little girls not being interested, it's probably because they're not regularly exposed to hardass female guitarists. It probably doesn't occur to them that women are just as talented and relevant in the music world than men are (and that it doesn't stop at Britney Spears). Anyway, I realize I'm preaching to the choir here, but I just can't get over crap like that.

Heh...I just had this little daydream about a little village full of bustie stores. Taloo would have her bakery, diva would run a little jewelry/bead shop, I would have a vintage goods store, Minx would have a sex toy shop, turbo could be our homeopathic/gluten-free goods supplier, gb would run a little salon....think of all the possibilities!! I love the idea of a bustie business strip.

Okay, I promised myself I was gonna do a bunch of stuff today, so I should probably get my ass in gear.

Later babes!
man oh man jenn that's so scary! i'm glad you're feeling better. rest up and drink fluids and cuddle with turbo. **get better vibes**

taloo, that sounds delicious--and i love alice waters too. not only do we share a name, but i've thought she was cool ever since american girl magazine ran a (beautifully illustrated, and i'm sure that was part of the reason it sticks with me) story called "fanny at chez panisse" all about her daughter and her restaurant and it was really cool smile.gif that sounds like a lovely dream, too--i'd definitely eat at your restaurant. yum!

hmm,'s kind of funny because i feel like a lot of things about my ex would have been dealbreakers if i wasn't so goddamn in love with him. funny how that works. i don't know if i have any set-in-stone dealbreakers cos i feel like the kinds of things that would be dealbreakers for me would automatically make them someone i wouldn't even start associating with in the first place--homophobia, etc. i dunno. being boring is my dealbreaker, haha.

but i think the culinary thing is very valid. i get very annoyed when anyone (prospective paramour or not) specifically shuts themselves off to stuff. i'm probably openminded to a fault, so i get upset when other people say "oh, i don't do that". meh.

i think the "women's night" thing should be on the way out. i understand it coming out of such an unequal society, but i feel like it's been long enough and we need to start not having to specify. unfortunately in reality i think we're a ways away from that still.

i remember hearing some story, or someone telling me this--i can't remember the origin, i feel like it may have been in a dan savage column?--of how she was looking for a present for someone else's young daughter. she wanted to give the little girl this book she had had as a child that was all "i'm a girl, and yes i can be a fireman if i want!" she asked the parents about it, and they said no, they didn't want their daughter to have a book like that. they explained that it wasn't out of an anti-feminist standpoint but rather that the daughter had no doubts in her mind that she could be a fireman if she wanted, and having a book that made it seem like something you should be suprised about would confuse her.

i hope eventually that will be the prevailing sentiment, but we're not there yet.
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Nov 4 2006, 08:15 PM) *

I ordered a salad from the cafe with arugula, olives, artichokes, prosciutto and herb vinaigrette.

Yeah turbo, sounds like there may have been some cross contamination going on.

Poods, that would be a utopia! Hmmm, are there any ghost towns we can take over?

Howdy mouse.

We are done packing for the day. 3/4s of the kitchen is done(what am i gonna do with out all my stuff sad.gif ), all the records, books, dvds, cds, little tchochkes. Man, we sure did get alot done. We did take a break around noon to go to the pub on the corner for coffee and pancakes.

Tonight I am cooking up an herb roasted chicken, and acorn squash.
hi taloo!

i love the idea of an okayers town smile.gif we'd eat so well and be so stylish!
Mouse could be our design person and we would all wear bitchin' t-shirts!!

Of course, our bustie men would be there, too, and possibly own their own shops. J could run a record store, for example. We would all live above our own shops. What other shops would we have? Doodle could run the home interiors store and be the main hardware girl. FJ could create a glorious garden that serves as the center for the neighborhood. Mr. FJ could run the local sperm bank. laugh.gif

Crap, I let too much time go buy, so I didn't end up taking care of my errands. I was gonna go to the MOA to get some shirts and a belt, and then take more pictures of the neighborhood we're currently working with (it's just south of the MOA), but it got too dark. I guess I'll do it tomorrow. I was also gonna check out some thrift stores, but they close early around here. I'm just gonna make a little trip to the co-op to get more apple cider and some meat stuff for my cats. I suppose I'll try some meat experiments tonight. No livers this time though. It's not good for them to eat liver (or fish) on a regular basis.

That reminds me. Another dealbreaker of mine is if a guy doesn't like pets. If he's allergic, then I'd be willing to look into solutions for that, but the pets aren't going anywhere.
I also get to run the garden centre in Okaytown. Home store and garden centre. biggrin.gif

turbo, OMG! I'm so sorry you got so sick! What did you get FP from? Was it a restaurant or bad leftovers, or...?

Hey taloo, we can be packing buddies while I pack up the Centre and you pack up your place this month! And moving buddies too? When do you make the big move?

mouse, I kind of still see the need for the book that says it's okay to be a woman firefighter. Most girls now are up for anything when they're young - even I was, and I was born in '68. My parents said I could be Prime Minister, and I believed it! It's when girls hit puberty that all the cultural messages start sinking in, and often they do start to believe that they shouldn't really be going into those kind of careers. Keeping them believing they can do whatever they want is really hard in the face of society telling them, "Well, you could be a woman firefighter, but it's really not normal - you want to be a normal woman, don't you?" Or, like in my case, they see how much different it is for women in politics (women are 1,000% more heavily scrutinized by everyone, they are still harassed by their peers, they are marginalized within government, and they certainly never get to the position of Prime Minister...even now, in the Liberal Party of Canada, there are four white men running for the leadership), and women avoid those careers in the end. I don't think we'll stop needing books and other means to counter those messages until that kind of gender brainwashing doesn't happen anymore.

Totally with you all on the server thing being a dealbreaker. I broke up with a bad tipper once! I'd always go behind her leaving extra money...her whole family was like that! And of course, also being an ex-server, I'm the one who always overtips anyway. (I call it "a little wealth redistribution.")

And pets! Especially cats. Love me, love my cats. Plus, cats have ways of telling their owner when someone's no good. Years and years ago, I was living with a partner...we had been fighting and it was turning really ugly - the air was practically electric with tension. Anyway, my cat left a parcel of poop under her desk. A week later, we decided to separate. Another time, I'd just started dating this guy. He left his jacket on the floor, and my cat (same cat) peed on it! I quickly discovered he was an alcoholic. The current cats haven't done anything so extreme, but I do judge newcomers to my home by how the cats respond to them.

I'd be okay with a picky eater - I was raised alongside one (Virgo brother), and my mom was "not a short order cook!" So I ate what he ate. I've tried hard to overcome it, but I'm still not totally there yet. My BFF is very picky (also a Virgo), and we get along very well when it comes to meals!

Well, my beloved big green chair is gone. *sigh* I miss it already. But I know the family will enjoy it...I'ms okay knowing it's got a good home, full of teens who love mod furniture!
I couldn't date a man with a cat. I could never go over to his house, I'd have to be looped on benadyrl all the time.

Doodle, our closing is on the 15th but we don't have to be out of our place until the end of this month. We are gonna take truck loads of boxes over and then rent a moving truck for the big stuff. It will be gradual so it won't seem so bad. Plus we can unpack along the way. It will be a whole lot less stressful this way.

After we get done at the closing we are going directly to *our* house, ordering a pizza, and popping a bottle of bubbly. Oh, we'll problably christen a couple of the rooms too. hee.
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