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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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oh, red is definitly the color- my guidance will be "bright and fun enough to be just barely appropriate for an office". I like the a-line idea, though. i was thinking featherd somehow, but wasn't sure. msgb- is there a regular haircut website you students frequent? Like for ideas for non-models/non competition type haircuts?
i'd feather it in the front a bit...depending on the thickness of your hair, she might razor it to lighten it up. as for websites to look and go 'eww gross' or 'oh that's nice', try this.

i agree with the red...but i'd do two colors...for depth. or three if you're daring.
NO, ms. gb, REALLY?? *whistles and looks away, trying to appear genuinely suprised*

i have a girl in echo park that i've been going to but i haven't seen her in a while and i could use a change....and i wanted to meet you anyway....hmmmmmmmmmmm! are you good with short hair?
(snickers and looks slightly embarrassed..) well, its worth a shot.

short hair is so much fun! come in come in and we'll chat. either way, you'll get a good shampoo and that's worth it, right? laugh.gif
Hellllllooooo Bitches!!

It has been too long since I've been in the loung & I miss you all! I was out of town for work most of last week & then this week, for some reason have not been able to access the lounge. I thought it was down, but now I see that you all have been hanging out. Hmpf. Stupid comptuer. In any case, it is working now!

FJ!!!!! You are knocked up?? CONGRATULATIONS!! You too Mr FJ! This is so exciting! When did you all find out?

Minx, you are still kickin' it with Math Baron? Sounds like things are going smashingly! Awesome! Sorry about your car. I fucking hate mechanics. I had to get mine worked on last month & it was not pleasant.

Moxie, Moxette is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. What a sweet little baby! I wanna pinch those cheeks. I have no hair ideas, sorry. I am not good with that sort of thing, I rely on my girl for guidance.

Doodle, how are things at the centre?

Lurv....I see you have been in here! nice! How are you? It's been forever since we've talked!

Hi poodles, mouse, jenn, ms gb, taloo, and anyone else I did not mention. Where's diva? On vaca still?

Jenn, my NYE Chicago trip is canceled. sad.gif Boo hoo. It was getting way too expensive, and now Mr K may not be going either.

Things here are good, though frelling busy. Started a new class on Saturday & there is SO MUCH work to do for it. I have been informed that I have to begin going on interviews for a practicum site starting like, now. One assignment for class is to go on interviews until you find a site (up to 4 interviews) and write up papers on each one. Blah. Consequently, I have been brushing up the ol' resume. Work's also busy. I have a deadline of Nov 26 for the report I am working on. In addition to all that, there is the house stuff, and people coming into town next weekend, and a housewarming party we are having this weekend. on and on it goes......Help!

hi hi hi kari!!!! Whew - I'm tired just reading about everything that's been keeping you busy - and away from US! Bummer about NYE....t'would have been fun!

I just escaped the seminar we're hosting downstairs for hospital social workers. I've been running around non-stop since 8am this morning, and my feet hurt! I only just got excused because the video camera I was using just stopped working. hmph. BUT, I'm happy to be back at my desk, especially because the rest of my dept is still trapped downstairs. ha! Maybe I'll even get some work done...I need to, so I don't have to spend all stupid weekend here in the office.

moxie - I'd definitely like the a-line look on you - tres sexy! I'm not sure about the feathering though - razor - yes - farrah - NO!!! And we know you rock the smoltering reds and burgundies - wish I could wear 'em as well as you!
dude, you know that movie sucked. definitely creepy, but horrible horrible movie

hot lesbians. stfu. that movie rocked.
grrr, just had the second post of the day eaten! stupid computer!!!!

hi karianne! welcome back! we meeced you!!!!! you do sound like you have your hands full, so i guess you can have a hallpass for not being here. smile.gif this time. dry.gif hehe

yes, i am knocked up! i can't beleive it still. it's fresh news; just found out on monday night. we're excited and nervous and happy and optimistic. i've had a couple bouts of nausea, although i wouldn't classify it as "morning" sickness really. it's been before eating and then right after eating. water also tastes and smells funny, although i'm drinking it from a coffeecup and that might be the cause. i guess i threw away my waterbottle somehow yesterday.

i'm jealous that mouse might get an original msgb 'do. that is so cool!!! and moxie is getting new hottie hair! woot! i think i might chop on my bangs to funk them up a little this weekend.

what are everyone's weekend plans? tomorrow is the art walk already again and i think a visit to our mexican place might be in order. then our friends (grover's original parents) are coming in from tampa and we're going to go see the borat movie on saturday. other than that, it'll just be a lot of taking it easy.
Thanks! Here are some winners, i think. listed in no particular order. I'll talk to my stylist, though, and see what she thinks, obviously.

Two-whispy bob
Three-short and spiky-
Four - long and spiky

Overall, I'm somewhere between #1 and #3 as favorites.

definitely between 3 & 4....1 looks like the Jennifer ANiston cut, and face it - we've alllllllll been there. I think the spikier razor cut would look fabbbbbulous on you - especially with the wicked color your stylist does. You're gonna be the hottest momma in the 'hood.

my weekend plans suck. Work. yuck. Turbomann's gonna be out of town, so I guess its okay. I'll take next friday off to get my butt flush and rest, so it'll all work out. And when I'm not working this weekend, I *may* rest...that would probably be the best plan, but I may be attacking another wall with the purple. heh. I can't get enough of that color. I love it!
Hi, peeps!

Hi, Karianne! It's good to see you back! I'm tired, too, reading how busy you're going to be. That sucks about your NYE trip.

GB, that's the same site I used to pick out pictures to show my stylist last time I got my hair cut. There is some really terrible stuff on there, too. Why would they include that?

Mouse, that sucks about your nasty freelance client. I hope she gets that check to you, toot sweet.

Poodle, now I want to see Blacula! I love your taste in wacky movies.

Doodle, how much more time do you have to spend at the centre, now that it's closed? And when can you start on something new (and hopefully less involved)?

FJ, I want to see the Borat movie, too. The giant doesn't really get it, though, so it wouldn't be any fun for him.

Minx, you better get a kiss on your date. This would be the 3rd date, right? He needs to kiss you, or you need to kiss him.

Hi, Turbo and Lurv and everyone else I missed!

I went to see Al Gore speak at a rally with a friend of mine. I couldn't see a thing, of course, because we were near the back, but he was poignant, as always. I swear, when I'm in charge, there's going to be a rule that anyone 5'4" and under gets to stand at the front of things like this, and anyone taller has to fend for themselves. I'm so sick of not being able to see things because some tall jackass stands in front of me. Looking at the backs of heads sucks.

I'm going to have a pretty busy weekend, I think. Tomorrow, I'm buying everything I need for my holiday baking, as well as going to the high-end grocery store for stuff for Saturday, when I cook for the giant's family (there'll be 6 of us and a baby). We're having good ol' homemade roast beef, smashed potatoes with homemade gravy (none of that stuff from a can, only my mom's recipe will do), veggies, brown-&-serve rolls, jello, and I'm going to try making a fresh fruit tart for dessert. And Sunday is going to be Divalla's Day Out. The giant wants to stay home and watch football, so I'm buying a new bra, maybe a new fall jacket (I want a sleek, streamlined black leather one), and some knit shirts that don't have those goddamn 3/4 length sleeves and some sweaters. I'm going to spend the day out wandering by myself, which is just about my favorite thing to do on cool fall weekends. I might even go to the really expensive shopping center just to see their holiday decorations, then sit in B&N with a coffee while I read books and magazines I have no intention to buy. Sounds just about perfect to me. smile.gif

Okay, I think I can call Sam again since Dragon Tales is done. Yay!
ETA: shit, their phone is busy again. I wonder how many days it'll be until someone notices. This is what happened last week, and it took them a couple days to notice.
yeah, i really dig #3 the most- moxieman thinks it might fall in my face too much, but that's what clips are for. smile.gif We'll see. We'll see. My stylist is hottt and a young mom, too, so she's a great sounding board. Almost as good as the busties!

Turbo, that weekend blows. We're having friends over saturday night for a feast of some sort, and my fam is coming sunday for pot roast. I've got the urge to just cook away right now. Its the fall nesting instinct.

Hey, hey FJ- don't you make a killa pot roast? I haven't made one in YEARS, and I'm not quite sure what spices/herbs to use.
KARIANNE!!! Welcome back!! *pushes Kari's homework aside and gives her a boobie-smooshing hug*

Mox, I think you should get the Chelsea! Bwahaha!!! It's actually the complete opposite of what you want. For real though, I like the haircut in #1, but I don't like the coloring. #3 looks cute in the picture, but I would imagine that it would look really scraggily if you didn't do any styling.

Short hair is super fun, but it's an expensive, time-consuming pain-in-the ass. You have to find a really good stylist who won't botch your hair and make you look like a dyke (unless that's what you want), which usually involves spending a little extra money. You also have to get your hair cut about once a month, which means spending even more money. Then, you need decent hair products so that your hair doesn't look flat or fluffy (more money). Also, using lots of goop in your hair on a daily basis dries out your scalp and hair, and your hair feels sorta dirty. Like I said, I enjoyed my short haircut for a little while, but I'm just to lazy and poor for that style.

ETA- Hi diva! You and I should go see the Borat movie.

I say 3 or 4.

Karinne, it's good to see you.

This week end is gonna be lame. We were going to go to Minneapolis, but decided to stay home and pack. Oh well, it needs to be done, and if both J and I are going to be packing it seems less painful.
The sad thing is, now we probably won't make it back to MN until Jan. I kind of want to go there for my birfday, but I HATE MN winter.

I am making ribs and baked sweet taters for dinner tonight.

Ben and Jerry's American pie ice cream is one of the lovliest things I have ever had in my mouth. The black and tan isn't to shabby either.

ETA: damn I just cross posted w/ diva and poodle. Hi ladies.
Speaking of hairstyles, I just posted a great blog on myspace about some of my past hairstyles. Funny stuff.
moxie, i love 3 and 4....but your stylist will know whats good for ya. but i'm sure she'll appreciate the ideas.

hi kari!

i'm in for a sucky weekend too....class on sat. and just chillin at home...cuz we is BROKE!....bah.
Hi taloo!

That sucks that you're not coming up this weekend. Boooooohoooo. We need to go down there. The shitty thing is that everybody wants me to go everywhere. I don't have enough money for that. Hmmm...I'm gonna have to start thinking about this.

I looooooove B&J's American Pie flavor!! When I first took a bite, I thought to myself, "Why in the hell hasn't anyone come out with this before??" Pure genius!! I haven't tried the Black & Tan, but I'm very curious.
short and spiky!!!!

i'm too lazy for short hair too, poodle. but i'd love to try it someday.

hi diva! hehe. i love it when you talk about sam. he just seems so great. your weekend sounds good. cooking for the giant's family should be fun. i love doing that sort of thing. and hot damn if your menu isn't making my mouth water!

moxie, i always do a dry rub on my roasts. i don't measure, but here's about what i put in:

T sea salt
T ground black pepper
1/2 T tony chachere's cajun seasoning
tsp adobo seasoning
2 tsp or so each onion and garlic powders
tsp dry mustard
tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 dry bay leaves (crushed)
shake of herb seasonings
few sprigs of fresh rosemary and/or sage just on top

cook it in the oven at 300 for a couple hours, or until the center is 140, then take it out and let the temp rise another 10-15 degrees (usually 10-15 minutes) if you like your meat medium rare. leave it in till 150 if you like it longer.

*drools at thought of roast*

i need to go grocery shopping tonight. we don't have any food in the house really and we have friends coming in this weekend. i'm already starving. i don't know if i can make it through shopping without eating.
poodle, your new avvie ROCKS!!!

I dunno, I have short hair currently, and I've had long, and I use a lot more product when my hair is longer, because I have thick wavy hair, it must be tamed a bit more when its longer and more wavy and volumous. Currently, my hair is short short and I don't put a damned thing in it other than conditioner...but if I wanna get all fancy, I can funk it up with a little texture paste...but I haven't felt like funking anywhere in a long time. Also, I stopped using all silicones on my hair - none in product or 'poo or conditioner, and my hair is the happiest its ever been. Its just all about what suits your head best, right? I'm definitely a short haired much as I never thought I would be, 'cause my momma made me look like a boy when I was a kid. Seriously...I always got mistaken for a boy. stupid people.

Poodle - you are welcome in chicago anytime!! All ya'lls are always welcome to stay at chez turbo!

Taloo - staying home to pack, while not fun, will take more stress off you - and J definitely needs to do his share too, since you've been doing a lot of it - so put that boy to work, and think about how happy you're going to be in your new home!

Ok, I'm outta this popsicle stand...I need to go home and take a calamine bath. I'm getting all itchy and hivey now - damned insects....feh. Its 30 degrees out - there shouldn't BE anymore insects to dine on my fine white platter of an ass!
Thanks, turbo!! Pam Grier is sexalicious.

Mmmm...I have co-op egg salad in da fridge and I'm excited to make a sandwich when I get home. I'm starving. Oooh! I also have an endangered species chocolate bar that has 88% cocoa content. That's the most I've ever found! It's so rich and natural tasting.
see, i'm too lazy for LONG hair. i haven't had hair past chin length for over 10 years. my hair gets really tangly anyway--it's really fine, but there's a lot of it--so it's much more manageable if it's short. plus i like being able to wash my hair in a minute and just use one box of hair dye tongue.gif

anti-itchies for turbo!

hi karianne! good to see you around these parts.

i am hoping that somehow i'll find like, three dollars on the street tonight. i don't think i have enough gas in my car to get to work tomorrow. i really don't wanna borrow money from friends, i just feel awful doing that, but i just checked my bank balance and it's actually negative. god. the worst thing is that i'm not ACTUALLY broke. i get my paycheck tomorrow and i have nearly $800 coming to me in addition. i just have NOTHING right NOW, and i need like 40 miles worth of gas. *whine* aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh why don't i have a credit card?????
(((mouse))) I know how it goes. I wish I could reach though the computer screen and lend you a little cashola.

Funny thing. I couldn't find my bus pass when I got on the bus this morning. So I fumbled around forever and I told the guy he could drop me off if he wanted. Then some nice young man let me use his pass. Maybe humans aren't so bad afterall. wink.gif
I guess my hair qualifies as medium, but on the longer side. I'm too lazy to cut it short, because my hair is pretty fine (though there's lots of it), and I hate getting it cut all the time and having to style it daily, which I had to do when it was short. I don't even comb my hair in the morning, or blow dry, or anything at all. I shampoo, condition, then let it air dry and finger comb it when I get to work. It kills a good 3 minutes of my morning. smile.gif

((((((((( vibes for Mouse's gas to get magical mileage power ))))))))) I've been there so many times. And it sucks when you have lots of money, just not in cash form. I'm broke right now and will be running amok this weekend, probably spending every cent I've got.

Poodle, we need to set a date and just drive down to Chicago. It could be a pretty cheap trip, since we don't have to pay airfare since now we both have cars we can trust to get us there and back. If I have to make a trip down to Kansas City the day after Thanksgiving for the most boring wedding of the century (reception is in a church with no music and no booze), I can certainly make time for a trip that's actually going to be fun.

What kind of flavor is American Pie?

I'm gonna have a Twix now, just to get rid of some of this Halloween stash.

Diva, American Pie has vanilla ice cream with cinnamon, apples, and pie crust.

You and Poods should come down. You have a place to stay.
American Pie is basically vanilla icecream with apple pie. It has apple chunks, pie crust chunks, a little cinnamon, and a little apple goo. It's awesome.

Oops! X-post!

Yes, we should go down. Ya know what would be super cool? If all of us MPLS busties rented a passenger van and drove down there. Road trip man!! *rolls up doobie* I get to control the radio. biggrin.gif
~*~*~*~*~*~*~prosperity vibes for mouse~*~*~*~*~*~

Gah, that totally bites, mouse. Still, I'd borrow $10 from a friend to at least get you gas - I'd do that for any friend for sure, and I'm sure your friends know you're good for it.

YESYESYES!!!! Poodle and Diva, you should totally come to Chicago sometime soon!! We'd totally put you up, and we'd have a blast! Of course, you know the weather prognosis is no better for Chicago than Mpls this time of year, which is not so much fun...but that only means, its time to warm ourselves up with likker!

*ass update* Uh, I just came home and looked at my butt, and well, its definitely a spider bite...and covered in broken blood vessels, and raised about a half inch. Yuck. I slathered it in calamine, and I'm going to take a calamine and chamomile bath a bit later tonight...but if it gets worse tomorrow, I have to go to the doctor. Feh. And *why* did it have to bite my ass? I mean, I know its lushous and soft and all, but jeebus, it feels like fire to sit on it. I'm really feeling for FJ's earlier ass woes...
Hi everyone! I'm about halfway through reading today's posts....

ETA: I'm a bit slow catching's snowing today (first snow) and so every window in my apartment building is closed...and the ciggie-addicts next door have been smoking up a storm. Indoors. Windows closed. And it leaks into my apartment. Ew. Thus, insta-headache upon arriving home.
HA! hey you guys, if any of you look at the most recent issue of cool'eh magazine (occasionally free for pickup at record stores or whatnot) the girl i took over my lease from has a fashion spread in it (she's a stylist) and i just got to see it today and just realized that it's actually shot in my apartment building. so you can all impress your friends and be like "a girl i know on the internet lives there!" tongue.gif
Hi doodle! Sorry 'bout your stinky pad.

Oooooh...mouse's building is famous!

Heh...I was watching Mary Tyler Moore yesterday and I got to see my office building back in the day. That's right--I work in the MTM building! At the time, it was a pretty big and modern building for Minneapolis. I'm surpised she didn't have an apartment in the crack stacks.
Poods, my mom used to live in the crack stacks! She also used to live above Muddy Waters.
When? Apparently the building(s) was pretty "cool" when it was first constructed, but that didn't last long. Did you know that the crack stacks were originally supposed to consist of 6(?) phases, but the neighborhood fought so hard that only one phase was constructed. If it weren't for the neighborhood groups, the entire Cedar Riverside neighborhood would consist of crack stacks. This was back when architects/planners thought they could create utopia with their ultra-modern designs.

ETA- Whaddya know?! Mary Richards did live in the crack stacks!!! I kinda thought she did. I wonder who wrote the wikipedia entry, because it's pretty uninformative. That complex has a pretty controversial history. I wrote a paper on it once.
What are the crack stacks? *confused*

That's really cool that you work in the MTM building, poods! I had no idea!

And taloo, really? Muddy Waters? That's cool, too!

I don't have any stories like the apartment I grew up in used to be Gene Kiniski's apartment...he was a famous Canadian old school wrestler. My big Brush With Greatness. Heh.

mouse, I don't have access to that mag! *pouts* Any chance of scanning the pics?

Someone is making chicken soup or something, so the smoky smell isn't so bad now. Plus I took some tylenol...

I had more comments/questions from the posts, but I have to go back and re-read...oops!

ETA: I am watching the news....some jerkoff in Vancouver (my mom's neighbourhood) put pills (painkillers) in a bunch of kids' trick or treat bags! WTF is wrong with people?
What I'd really like tonight? A hotfudge sundae and a packed bowl. Mmm...doesn't that sound nice?

The crackstacks are these two apartment buildings on the West Bank of Minneapolis. They are all weird and multi-colored and have taken on a reputation since the 80's.

Poods, LOVE the avvie!
Hee...doodle, when taloo said her mom lived above Muddy Waters, she meant a coffee shop--not the actual guy. smile.gif

The crack stacks complex actually has six buildings connected by these open skyways. There are two "stacks" though. The building isn't actually *that* bad, it's just in shitty condition because the tenancy has largely consisted of poor immigrants over the years. There was a period in the '90's when it was a problem-building, but the crime/murder rate was up all around Minneapolis. The main issue with the building is the pathetic elevator system that would frequenty break down, forcing people to walk up dozens of flights of stairs. I'm just so grateful that it never went beyond phase I. The neighborhood was covered with hippies during the time and they raised some serious hell. The neighborhood groups managed to stall the development for so long (sit ins, rent strikes, etc.) that it lost all funding and the remaining phases were never completed. If not for the financial loss, the government would have condemned the entire neighborhood and we'd have multiple crack stack complexes!! Gotta love eminent domain.

I love your avvie, minx!! Hahahaha!! You're a total MILF.
Aw, minxie, I knew you only wanted to visit me for my weed. biggrin.gif

When is the next date again? Saturday?

Raise your hands everyone who is living vicariously through minx and MB.

Ok, I've been watching Dixie Chicks videos since I got home, and I need to seriously do some laundry....brb....

ETA: x-posted with bad on the Muddy Waters! I spent ages 20 - 25 hanging out in a blues bar every weekend, so I guess the musician is the first thing I thought it connected to him in any way?
Poodle, I love your passion for architecture! I also love slang names for ugly complexes. We have "marina towers" here, which is usually called the "coral reefs" because that's what they look like...and ditto, it was supposed to be part of several towers, and only 2 were built. The idea of this one being that your tower would have everything you needed - you'd never need to leave - your office could be there, it has a gym, do you think that one worked out, eh?

Yup, I'm definitely loving the ringside seats for the minxy and MB romance!

Turbomann picked up my laptop at the apple store this evening, so now I'm back on my own machine....only its not mine anymore! It has amnesia, has no memory of our 2 year relationship, and its going to take us some time to rebuild that rapport we once had. sad.gif BUT, I do have a brand new hard drive, and it doesn't growl or squeak!
Hah! Look at the difference between the Canadian poster and the American poster for the new Dixie Chicks documentary! Heh.

You Yanks. You fetishize sex as a nation, but in the end, yer a bunch of prudes. tongue.gif

Hi turbo....I have great empathy for your computer amnesia problems. Did you have everything backed up? How long do you think it will take till it's "yours" again?
Ha! That's funny as hell, doodle. Ads are so mild in the U.S., which is strange considering it's so drenched in media and uses sexuality to sell just about anything.

I'm glad your computer's working now, turbo. The amnesia thing sucks, but I'm sure you'll fill it up in no time!

Eeeewww...I just cooked chicken livers for my cats. These guys don't realize how much I love them. I wouldn't cut up and cook meat (esp. organs) for anyone but them. The smell gives me a headache. Both cats are in meaty bliss right now though. I love how they go apeshit for this stuff.
That's so kickass that you work in the old MTM building Poodle. Have you taken the obligatory Mary Tyler Moore pic in front of the place??

I used to love the skywalks in the cities. My mom and I got lost once while we were touring the city waiting for my first off-braodway play of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat downtown mnpls. It was cool cos there was a dude who came on the intercom and directed us when we got lost.

I haven't cut up any fresh meat for my new cat yet, but I did microwave a pouch of whiskas. I felt bad that he had to eat cold processed uber-meat with gravy goodness while I was heating up my hamburger helper.
i am sneaking into the lounge at work! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand: diva is back!!!! yayayaya!!! hi DIVALLA!!!

we have a new member -- welcome!

we are talking about architecture: there is a round building in Rio that had a bunch of what i call "gingerbread" trim -- essentially lots of architectural frills usually carved in wood but this building had the equivalent in stone.... we all called it the wedding cack.

also, the congressional/senatorial building in brasilia is oddly shaped, and i always called it the breakfast building, because it has a bowl on one end (cereal), a dome on the other end (an egg) and two towers in the middle (toast).

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand speaking of which,

Poodle has EGG salad!!


some things never change.

the only thing i see missing is HBI and shoes...... smile.gif

That's all for now, but TESSIE!!! I love you, baby!

AWWW....I love coming into the thread and seeing tes' purple font!! How ya doin' tes?? What's new??

Mmmm...egg salad. I haven't bought an egg salad sandwich from the little lunch place for a while because they started to get runny, and as an American consumer, I prefer consistency in my sandwich purchases.

Hi PI!

My cats aren't really that interested in my food. They actually prefer their overpriced stinky free-range wet food.

Oh god, I don't know if I can make it through 8 hours of work without gnawing my hand off.

So what does everyone have planned for this weekend?
Okay, not as good as poodles, but still effective.

Tess!! Hel-oooooo.

I haven't had egg salad in years. Some thing about it really grosses me out. I guess that would be the hard boiled eggs and mayo. Mayo is one of the grossest foodstuffs ever.

Turbo, I am so curious as to what the marina towers look like inside. I cant look at them without being remided of my favorite band, Wilco. The towers are on the cover of their Yankee Hotel Foxtrot cd.

My face is a mess! Several zits, with a very painful on right at the entrance to my nostril. My lips are also super chappy, and I keep biting the skin off of them, so I have mulberry colored patches on them. I am a beauty I tell ya.
Happy Friday you Dirty Sanchez Loving Twats!

Ah....Friday finally! Yes!

Jenn, sorry to hear about your spider bite. ouch! Is it any better today?

Minx, I love your new avatar! And yes please, re your suggestion last night of hot fudge sundae & bowl. I'll take one of each.

Doodle, man that really sucks about your neighbors smoke getting in your apt. That would drive me nuts, b/c I too get sinus headaches from smoke. I can't believe it's already snowing there. It's chilly here today too, about 32 degrees I guess. Colder than it's been so far this year.

Poodle, I am impressed you cook chicken livers for your cats. That's love, baby.

That is funny about the Dixie Chicks poster, as, like you said, American culture is soaked in sex. Just let it be, you know? Why must nakedness be so "dirty?" It's really ridiculous.

Taloo....I love your insult today. That's a good one. It reminds me of the cooter pops discussion in here from a while back. COOTER POPS!

Well, I am hoping this workday goes by quickly. My allergies are really acting up.

Welcome PIDUBBZ!

Tes, I would love to see the wedding cack building you mentioned. Sounds really pretty. Is it?

taloo, a agree with ya n the mayo/egg salad front. it's one of mrfj's faves that his mom makes, but i just can't eat it. i like the egg part ok, it's jsut the mayo. so if she makes it, i always add a helluva spoon of mustard to it to cut the mayo taste. once mrfj told her i didn't like it and she made me a burger instead. i felt bad, but then i didn't have to suffer the egg salad.

i'm eating apple and cinnamon instant oatmeal right now. it reminds me of being at home sick and mom making it for me with little raisin eyes and an apple slice mouth.

*~*~*~*~*~memory vibes for turboputer~*~*~*~*~*

poodle, i can't get past the chicken livers. i've tried cooking them for my kitties before and it just made me feel ILL. mine aren't interested in my food unless i eat tuna. then they go nuts.

welcome, pid!! smile.gif

oh, doodle, you know we can't have those harlots naked in the same picture as our beloved shrub!

hi tes!!

hi anyone else i might x-post with!

Thanks for all the advice on the hair! I think the short and spiky is the most adventerous, but like Diva and Poods said- i'm not sure i'm ready to committ to that much work- making the medium/spiky perhaps the best way to go. Hmmm....

Can I flat out brag about my kid for a minute? She did 2 absolutly remarkable things this morning: 1. Pulled herself to standing all by herself in the crib (which will be lowered this afternoon!) and 2. DID NOT CRY when she got her flu shot. Holy goodness, what a lovely little lady I have! I even put her in the "Crying: It Gets the Job Done" shirt, and didn't even need to!

Turbo- I'm sorry about the spider-ass problem. I hate that kind of bite. Not quite as much as the bite in the spot on my back where i can't quite scratch, but damed close.

FJ- thanks for the roast tip! I'm doing mine in a crock pot, so a dry rub is PERFECT!

Doodle- have things aired out a bit?

Ok, to work, work work.
Damn!!! So many great insults today!! Heheheh...dirty sanchez...

I love mayo. I add extra mayo to my sandwiches and stuff. I also like dipping my french fries in a mix of mayo, ketchup, and mustard.

Yay for moxette!!! She's such a big girl!!

I should play around with some more stinky meats for my kitties. The only problem is that they're so picky, so I don't want to buy stuff and then have it go to waste. For example, they're not that into chicken hearts. I guess they don't have as much fat as the livers do (so the butcher dude tells me). My cats will practically dance the running man for even the slightest drop of tuna juice. I should look for some homemade cat recipes to supplement their normal boring stuff. Oh god, I'm a cat lady. Oh well.

Awwww...that's so sweet that your mom used to make a smiley face on top of your oatmeal, FJ.

Yay!!! My boss is out of the office for the entire day. We're all going out for lunch to The Local (Irish place). I'm definitely gonna gets myself a beer.
good morning ladies!

i love that you work in the mtm building poods smile.gif la has so many weird buildings i'm not sure any of them have nicknames.....they're weird enough to start with.

i love mayo, except when i hate it. i think there is nothing more delicious than fries with ketchup and mayo (especially if they are seasoned fries), but i can do without it in sammiches, and if it's in any sort of salad other than tuna (pasta, chicken, egg, etc) i want to hurl. but fries and mayo....mmmmmmm.

yay for moxette being so brave and strong! she could fight dragons!

i love that you sacrifice for your kitties, pood. they love you for it. one cat i used to live with (my roommate in boston's cat) was a very strange one though--her favorite food was spinach. my roommate was a vegetarian and he and his cat would sit at the table and finish off a bag of spinach together. it got to the point where if i would hold out a piece of meat and a piece of spinach to her, she'd go for the spinach. aw i miss that cat. she was so great and weird.

turbo that sucks so much about your puter. did you back stuff up? are you gonna be okay?

i love the idea of a tiny fj eating oatmeal with faces smile.gif

**healing skin vibes for talooo*

karianne is back for good! and tessie dropped by! and minxie is a milf, for real!
turbo, I hate computers and electronics! My ipod just crapped out on me.
I took it off of the charger, went to hit shuffle, and nada.

Everything gone. I have every thing backed up on a seperate hard drive so I was just gonna reload. My computer wouldn't recognize it. J took it in to the shop and they said it was basically fucked. I have to see if I have my waranty to get it replaced. 35MB of music gone.

I just have to say again, I hate mayo. And hollendaise sauce too. For along time making it was the bane of my existance cause it kept breaking. Then one of my chefs showed me a trick and I have no problems. Its just sooo gross. Yolks and clarified butter. guh.
oh, my god, hollandaise sauce is the best thing EVER. taloo, i will fight you on this. fucking exquisite. yolks, lemon and butter...........all whipped up into a creamy tangy buttery deliciousness to pour on salmon or asparagus or eggs or dishtowels or or or
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