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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I saw a couple pretty scary demon kids last night- and a couple of very creative fairy princesses (one with a blody wand...that one was older).

So, per lurv's request...


Ok, off and running to make a 8:15 meeting on my day off...lovely.
Mornin' ya'll!!! I'm still trying to thaw out here - its 30 degrees this morning, so it was a brisk ride in, but so pretty. I've got the heat cranked in my office at the moment, mostly, its making me want to take a nap.

As always, moxette is such a cutie-pie - and she's growing up SO fast...I can't really believe its been 7 months!!!

I didn't see any really good costumes last night, but then, there's not a lot of trick or treating happening in the city - its not really effective when most of the buildings are apartments. I never really liked trick or treating - my older brother and cousin were generally mean to me, and thought I was always slowing them down - my 'rents would make me run around with them for an hour, and then I'd head back to our friend's house and pass out candy, which was a lot more fun to me. We lived way out in the country too, so we'd drive an hour to my mom's friend's house, and they lived in a huge subdivision, so there was lots of loot to be had.

Sorry for the call, minx. It was late, fj was sacked out and the Yuenglings took over. Also didn't account for the time difference.
For shame, mr fj!!! Calling minxy, when your wife is so vulnerable and all knocked up!!!
good morning.

Mox, how freakin adorable!!!!

J and I were out on the road last night and saw a bunch of tricker treaters. What a dissapointment. Only 1/3 of them were dressed up. The rest were just walking around in plain clothes carring pillowcases for lute. Now that's just lazy and greedy. If some little kid came to my house sans costume, I wouldn't give them anything. I guess I am just mean that way.

I decided next year I definately want to dress up, so I am going to go as the corpse bride.

Saftey is yet another reason on the long list of why I am not having kids. I would be way to freaking paranoid to ever let the kid go play on their own. I just don't trust people today. I would live in constant fear that some one would snatch my kid.
Well, he was just so CURIOUS about my B-52's and amazing lactaction abilities. It was when he started asking for "free samples" that I had to tell him where to go and how to get there. wink.gif C'est la vie. Lucky for him that he doesn't slur, otherwise I wouldn't have even picked up the fucking thing.
moxiegirl, are you Indian? I'm just curious cause I noticed some of the pictures were labed Divali.

I handed out candy to all the kids last night and I just adored the really little ones! They're so cute. There was one little boy (maybe about 2 years old) and even though I had the door open he was looking around for the doorbell so that he could press it. His dad had to help him along with saying "trick or treat" and he was soooo cute I gave him a big handful of candy.
hi hi!

we had a number of trick-or-treaters last night, but not nearly as many as i thought we might. they came in groups, some more dressed up than others. there was one little guy dressed in captain jack's full regalia, complete with the braid down the front of his face. he was adorable!! he got extra candy. smile.gif we also had a supergirl that saw my paint colors and said, "oh, i love your house!". so yes, she got an extra sprinkling of treats as well. we had two kids in white t-shirts and plain white masks that came first, and then came back without the masks and thought they'd fooled me. i gave them more candy but asked where their masks were. they giggled and i called them stinkers and just laughed at them. they were probably 10-12 years old. i guess if visiting my house twice was their prank, i'm ok with that.

moxie, your girl is sooooooo beautiful and full of smiles and giggles. i want to bite her cheeks! smile.gif
Gooooood Mooooorning!

Moxie your girl is so sweet! Thank you for sharing your photos. Is she crawling? How old is she now?

So lurv - our wonderous kiddo cuteness lover - what cutie pie halloween kiddos did you see out and about last night?!

I think next year, I definitely need to crash at my friend S's house....I don't have many friends with actual houses with trick or treaters, but last year my BGP and I crashed her halloween and had the best time seeing the kids and passing out candy, and I missed that this year. But I had the CS therapist at the house, so I didn't really want to go anywhere, so I could chat with her between appointments.
I didn't see any trick-or-treaters! I went to a costume party last weekend and saw some great adult costumes thought (not ADULT but grown-ups dressed up not sexy but sometimes sexy but not necessarily.... feh)

The red-head was an elephant (his mom made the costume) and Tatie (who turns 1 tomorrow) was a frog.

So, Poodle - you aren't worried about the AB//CD onsie/t-shirt? The website said they generally ship out in 24-48 hours and I ordered mine on 10/17. I'm mad at them. If you aren't then I feel better for some reason. Maybe I'm unreasonable?? very possible.

I did see photos of my friend's Bulldog dressed up like a dinosaur. Last year Edmond was a ballarina in a tu-tu.
Moxie, your girl is so cute! I love her punk face and that picture with the sippy cup. And she's so cute in her costume!

I don't know if I was ever anything really scary for Halloween. I think the worst I got was "punk rocker," which involved gluing my hair up into a mohawk and spraying it different colors. I do remember being a princess in kindergarten, though.

We didn't have too many trick-or-treaters last night, and very few were really even dressed up. A tiny dash of glitter on the nose does not a costume make. Some of those kids were agressive, though, so I didn't say anything, and several were far too old to be asking for candy from strangers. It was pretty cold last night, so that probably kept a lot of them away. Now we have no less than 2 full bags of candy left and we have to find something to do with it all. It's really sick how much candy we have in the house.

When we were little, my mom never let us play by ourselves much. The furthest we'd go was to my friend's place up the block, or once in a great while we were allowed to walk to the drugstore for candy. We lived just off a really busy road, so I understand the caution there, but man, it was boring to only be able to ride our bikes no more than a block from home.

I finished covering my martini glasses in polymer clay, so all I have to do tonight is bake them and glaze them. Then I'll take some pictures. I think the giant's mighty happy about that because now I won't ignore him so much while I'm working.
moxette is soo cute. one of my classmates brought her little girl in. She was outfitted in a hot pink leopard print kitty costume(the one pieces that are super warm)--totally reminded me of the lounge and bust and all the busties!!! smile.gif

and in class, we had a costume contest and i got 3rd place!!!! the medusa wig totally got alot of people talking yesterday....i even had a guy approach me when i came out of quiznos saying 'What hair salon do you go to? I need a trim" which i replied "its down the street actually, I'm a hair stylist." and his jaw dropped....and he scurried away like a crazy man. LOL

and my car is fixed.....$325 bucks later...ouch. sad.gif and the worst part, i know he overcharged. mad.gif which sucks, since he's a family friend. and i think my muffler is to speak. its making an awful racket...but as long as it gets me where i'm going...good.

doodle, i went and got wine last nite and thought of you and the centre. *raises a glass in toast* To Doodle, for a job well done. cuz you worked so hard on it.

we don't get trick or treaters since we are out in the sticks--literally. but we always had to be in when the street lights came on. which sucked during the time changes...cuz they were off by an hour.

hi ladies! and mr fj!

moxie, you have a really beautiful daughter. there's something about her face that looks so intelligent. she is going to be one intense human being, from the looks of it. smile.gif

i grew up in the middle of nowhere so we didn't go trick or treating by ourselves simply because each house was about a mile away from the last one, but we would sometimes get dropped off at the edge of a subdivision and then get to go around on our own. the best though was when someone would fit up a haywagon and we would all drive around from house to house in that.

last night i had a ton of fun even though we didn't really do much. my ladies and i went over to our friend baby's house (we call him that because he is tiny and has a baby face even though he is like 25) to meet up with a bunch of other people intending to cab it over to west hollywood for the festivities there, but the cabs took forever to come so we decided to take the bus instead--there were about ten of us, all dressed up, and drunk, certainly a spectacle for the others on the bus. but the traffic was so bad that we simply weren't moving. my ladies and i got off the bus to purchase some chips and champagne and when we got back out the bus was only half a block down the street, so everybody got off the bus and we kind of walked a giant circle back to near where we started and just ended up at some bar. but it was totally fun walking around with people yelling at us from their balconies from their parties, in costume, cracking each other up. plus baby has finally hooked up with this guy who works with one of my friends and who we've all gotten to be really good friends with lately, and i'ts the kind of thing where you think both "why hasn't this already happened?" and "this is too perfect and predictable, it can't possibly happen". they're kind of the greatest couple ever and if two of your closest friends hook up and still wanna hang out with you, it's pretty awesome.
Oh Ms. GB, I feel your pain.

Holy shit, am I glad that I allotted myself about two hours to get the car to the repair shop. The place where I initially took it in June is located in Saint Paul (close to the ex's house), so I had to take it over there on the offshot that the issues I am having are because of their product. Unfortunately, I could not rent the fucking car that I reserved because I do not yet have a Minnesota address. What a pain in the ass. So I had to take the damned bus from Saint Paul to downtown Minneapolis in midday rushhour, and then a cab from downtown to the northside. They had better be able to fix that fucking thing by tonight or I am a bit screwed and will then have to get really resourceful.

I am running out of resources. sad.gif And patience.

My teacher friend that is super-depressed LOVED the mixed CD--she actually said that it made her day and I saw her smiling for the first time in a week. Thank you all for the awesome suggestions.

Additionally, I did see Math Baron. I, too, dropped his CD in his box and I think that he was trying to wait until I was done talking with another teacher in the hallway before I went off on my car adventure, but I was too busy to talk with him at the time. Ah well...hopefully he isn't one of those people that gets creeped out when folks do random nice things for others. Those kinda people truly confound me.

I am hoping for my luck to change here on many fronts.

EAT: Okay, I guess that this is an "ask and you shall receive" scenario...the auto place just called and said that there is nothing wrong with my brakes. They had glazed over. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi all! I called in sick today and now I'm just chillin' in the poodlepad, drinkin' some coffee.

That's cool that there's nothing wrong with you car, minx, but I'm confused. Why is it acting up then?

Mouse, your Halloween night sounds like it was gobs of fun, even if you did hang out on the bus for half the time!!

Moxette is such a ham!! I like how she makes super serious faces every so often. Cuteness!

I was lucky to grow up in a small town (at the time--now it's fullblown suburb) that was densly clustered around the lake and primarily residential. There were craploads of kids and, like minx's town, there was somewhat of a community supervision thing going on. I also had oldler siblings, which made my outings pretty safe in the early years.
minx, what do you mean they said nothing is wrong with your car??? what was it doing that made you want to take it in? i think i missed the original diagnosis portion of this.

i'm so glad your friend was cheered up by your mix cd gift, minx. i swear little thing like that brighten most people's days.

today i sign up for saturday classes....woo boy. am i gonna be hurting now. and last nite i had a dream about my ex. who i haven't thought of for over a year. why?

mouse, i love it when some of my friends finally hook up and we say 'now why didn't they do that sooner?' my classmates wanted me to go out to a bar or bar hopping in pasadena last nite...but my medusa wig was giving me a huge headache..bummer...i haven't been bar hopping in over a month. ok...2 months. damn i'm getting old. cool.gif
The brakes were just needed a lube.

Kinda like me currently.
wow, i guess that's a good thing then, minx! too bad you had to go to all that trouble to get to work this morning. i've never heard of brakes glazing over, but then again i'm in FL and i'm imagining it has something to do with cold weather?

mouse, it does dound like your halloween was much fun. did i miss where you told us what you were dressing up as?

msgb, good job on the medusa thing. you MUST post pics. surely you know that! dry.gif and might i say that your kitty is adorable.

speaking of kitty-cats, theta the "tripod" (and i have to add that this is what my friend, the owner called her!) is doing well. she is purring when touched and she's already up and walking to the litter box and back to her bed. she wasn't eating much over the weekend but they think that was due to the pain meds she was on. poor bugger ate some tuna on her own this morning and seems to be on the mend. oh, and their other cat ike even walked over to her bed and nose-kissed her. but as my friend put it, his "savanna lion instincts kicked in when she stood up and hobbled to the litter box" and he wanted to attack. the vet had warned that might happen. she sent me a pic of theta this morning, titled "frankenkitty" as the poor girl has staples and stitches all over her front.

poodle, good for you for calling in sick. that's the bomb. i wish i hadn't missed two days last week, or i'd do it too.

now that i think of it, i need to think about selling all my paid time off that i have leftover for this year. things are moving on the new job front. with the recent, uh, development rolleyes.gif i have decided that i might want to leave this job sooner that the first of the year and go ahead and get started training with the new job. i don't want to wait too long and then be dealing with other things while training for the new job. my neurologist seems to think that i'll be put on bedrest pretty early on, or at least be severely limited with my mobility so i want to get any travel out of the way as soon as possible. our friends are based out of dallas, but are staying in tampa right now to open the newest branch of their company, so it will be a good time to go train there, rather than all the way to TX. plus, i'm just ready to leave soon. mrfj's pay increase is at the first of the year, but we should be able to get through the month of december with a little belt-tightening. it'll mean not going to savannah for our anniversary again this year, but i think we can deal without going. we have some other things to think about now, obviously.

but all this is hinged on insurance. mrfj is trying to find out about putting me on his plan by the end of this month. it's the same company that my company uses, so it shouldn't be too bad, as long as pregnancy is covered in their particular plan. if not, my friend said they need to get a group policy for their florida employees and can have one in place by the new year, and she'll be sure it covers preg just for me. she really is a wonderful girl and is affording me an awesome opportunity. i should be able to work from home, 4-6 hours per day, on the phone and a laptop so i don't have to be very mobile, make more money that i am now and not have to worry about the eventuality of childcare.

you know the saying about sounding too good to be true though... yikes!! but the cool part is that i have witnessed HER living that exact dream PLUS SOME, so i know it is possible and quite likely.

ahhh. i think i have heartburn. i've been eating all day and still don't have half the calories i'm supposed to be eating. i think that cheeseburger i was wanting earlier this week might have to come tonight...
FJ- how wonderful that all the desires for your life are falling into place at once!

Thanks for all the moxette compliments. The more we get to know her, the more I am sure she is MY child- happy about 90% of the time, but stubborn as shit and intense when she's trying tro figure something out. My inlaws even stopped trying to say she's like anyone in their family- hehe. She's white- isn't that enought for them? By that, I mean I'm all rich brown goodness, and she's a cracker. A lovely crispy craker.

minx- phew on the car!

Soooo...i'm waiting for moxieman to get home early and plow me like a farmer in springtime. Yep, i'm the girl who actually appreciates's face cream jokes. smile.gif
The timing is actually pretty good for you guys, FJ. I'm jealous that you have an excuse to eat for two.

~*~*~*~vibes for theta's quick recovery~*~*~*~

Heh...I'm watching The Brady Bunch right now. I haven't seen this show for ages! Their orange kitchen is so awful (yet strangely cool). It's so obvious that Alice is a lesbian.

I died my hair dark red last night, but it ended up looking like a subtle auburn. I'm actually sorta liking it. I probably shouldn't have died my hair while my ears are screwed up, but oh well.

ETA- Moxette doesn't look like a total cracker. She has such gorgeous thick, dark hair and deep brown eyes. She's gonna be a babe someday.
((car vibes for minxie and ms gb)) car trouble sucks, i know all too well. i got some horror stories, but they'll wait for next halloween.

fj, on saturday i was a sixties housewife--basically, vintage stuff i already had in my closet (including a calf-length turquoise linen coat that was PERFECT), too much makeup and jewelry (pearls!) and my hair in curlers, and a martini glass. last night i went even more low key and was a cartoon-type artist--i had a red and white striped shirt, a scarf, paintbrushes and a thin curly moustache painted on.

i just got off the phone with the woman i did some illustrations for and i feel like shit. i have a lot of money from freelance projects coming to me but right now i literally am not even sure i have enough $$ for gas for the rest of the week. she didn't respond to my last email after i sent her the finished pieces, so i wrote her another email yesterday asking for her address so i could snail mail her the hi res versions, and threw in a line about how it would help my grocery bill if we could work out payment soon. no answer. so i called her just now and she was all huffy like "well MOST people get ten days". okay, fine, lady, but number one, most people don't manage to not send me the info i need for three days because they've left out a letter in my email address (which is my freaking NAME), most people give more than two weeks for three full-color illustrations, most people pay a hell of a lot more for illustrations than you're paying me, and most people answer emails within a day. would it have killed her to just write back? now i feel all guilty and shitty for bugging her, but she didn't even respond. ugh ugh ugh. sorry. stress.
thanks, moxie. it sure would seem that way, right? and i want to thank you again for your live in the moment advice yesterday. i'm at times paralyzed with fear that i'm going to go pee and find blood and realize that this is all too good to be true. but right now, everything is good. that is what counts. it would seem that everything is going to work out wonderfully for me. and you know what? why the hell shouldn't it!? i've dealt with a LOT of bullshit and while i know i've hit the jackpot where mrfj is concerned, i think it's time i got the rest of the cake too.

so, there. cool.gif

mouse, i love your costumes. i wish we'd have been able to go to our party, but in retrospect, the weekend of sobriety was probably a VERY good thing!!!! sorry about your freelance lady being a jerk. sad.gif ~*$~*$ money vibes for mouse$*~$*~

poodle, i better not think that way just yet, but man if i'm not eating everything in sight!! oddly, when i weighed this morning, i'd lost three pounds. i even stepped off the scale and moved it and hopped back on, with the same result. weird because i haven't changed my eating patterns at all until today and i'm eating MORE!

i bet your hair is gawjuss! i was planning to dye mine again, but i think i might go with a henna in a few weeks. actually, it really just needs a gloss or something right now. it's just sort of dull.

mouse - the first lesson I learned in freelance was that you get half the cash up front, on good faith, non-refundable (write it in the contract), and they do not get finished artwork until you have a check in hand...and you have to be firm on that, even if they whine - its your only protection. Its your first freelance gig, so hang in there, and it'll all work out in time. You're talented, and next time you take a freelance job - up your prices, and keep doing it, as you get more confident in your work, and relationships with clients.

Moxie - you crack me up....

Ok, I am beyond swamped, so that's all I have right now, and my boss just came in and demanded I waste my day tomorrow helping with a seminar here, which I do not have time to do...the website has reared its ugly head again. blerg.
thanks turbo, but unfortunately i'ts NOT my first freelance gig. that's the depressing thing. and i don't know how to get out of working for such small clients. i did an illustration for bitch magazine a few issues back, but that's the biggest thing i've ever done.

anyway, enough ranting. i feel like its friday...i wish it really were. **nap for turbo**
hello ladies.

I FINALLY went grocery shopping.....the wine store, produce market, the butcher shop, and trader joes. I have tons of yummy food. We even got apple pie ice cream and black and tan ice cream.

Minx, I am glad nothing is wrong with the car.

FJ, have you been having morning sickness yet?

Poods, I wanna see your hair. I have a box of dye in my posession, I am just too lazy to do it.
Hi all....only had a chance to skim the posts.

I just got everyone out of the Centre. This closing up stuff is going to be a lot of work, and the media was all over us today. And our politicians....I can't even talk about them! Assholes. Anyway, I'm packing it in for the day again. I probably shouldn't, 'cause I've got lots to do, but after sitting here packing up with my board for several hours (all of them completely demoralized), I need to go away and start again tomorrow.

Will check in a little later, from home.
I'm sorry for your shitty client, mouse....and sorry for thinking it was your first gig. Even small clients should be prepared to pay half up front - I only work for small clients too, and really, I like it that way. The couple of large orgs I've worked with were more demanding in wanting to communicate with my during my normal job hours, and that's just not acceptable for me. I just got another referral today, and I just can't think about it today. ugh.

FJ - you absolutely SHOULD have everything you want - you've done your work, but in your time, struggled, and now its time to be rewarded! And the new job sounds perfect if you're going to be resting more!

Poodle's got luscious locks!!

And taloooooo has yummy food! I wish I felt inspired to cook tonight, but I just feel tired...and I have to work more tonight anyway. BUT....before I work, I'm making a batch of homeade nutella so we can have sliced apples with nutella for dessert. YUM!

Thank cod I have some more leftover bean soup in the fridge for dinner tonight. Just need to chuck it in a pot.

Doodle, packing up sounds dreadful - good for you for getting away and going home to your haven!
(((mouse))) That blows. Soooo inconsiderate. I don't think you should feel bad for writing her. Want me to leave a flaming bag of dog poo on her front steps?

Hi doodle!

My hair really isn't that different--just a little spicier without baby grey hairs.

I FINALLY got my yummy organic apple cider from the co-op. The last 2 times I made a trip, they've been out of the stuff. The produce dude told me that they have trouble keeping up with the demand and that I should look for it in the middle of the week. I scored!!! tastes so fresh...
*lifts a mug of mulled cider in poodle's direction*

Fresh cider is the best! This time of year, I've always got a jug in the good. Sadly, when we were in MI a couple weeks ago, I went to a couple of my favorite cider mills to get some cider, and they'd moved to toal pastuerization and was basically fresh apple juice - which is okay, but not what I like.

I have virgin hair for the first time in about 10 years...but the grays are advancing, so I may have to do something about that soon. I really want my orange and purple chunks back, but I also want a new job, and the two may not be compatible. cool.gif
Hi all! Hi poodle and turbo!

Colour me green with envy over turbo's apples and homemade nutella! How on earth do you make nutella, anyway?

mouse, that sucks....I hope you get paid a.s.a.p. Don't feel bad for asking for your pay, you've earned it, and you have a right to eat!

Ok, I do still need to catch up, but I also need to....move furniture. Yes. I brought 2 chairs home from the Centre, going to get rid of my big green Ikea chair. I think. I have to test run this first. Back later!
*clinks mug with turbo* Yeah, the pasteurized stuff just ain't the same.

Ooooh, that would be fun to have purple and orange chunks. I can't do that stuff either. sad.gif

I'm steaming some lavendar/hops essential oil right now and it is sooo relaxing. I wonder if my cats feel the same relaxation effect (not that they have a problem relaxing). I love having this little steamer. It's so damn dry during the winter months, so the steamer helps a little. I have an an apparatus that you can put on top so that you can directly inhale it.

ETA- (X-post) Ooh! I wanna see some pics of the new chairs, doodle. I still need to take a pic of my new red chair. I should try to snag my parents' digi camera next weekend.
Doodle - you are SO impressive with all your decorating. Maybe this weekend while turbomann's away the bedroom will get a purple wall! muahahaha! Seriously, I am in love with this purple. I want to lick it.

Homeade nutella is the easiest thing ever if you've got a good food processor. Toast some raw hazelnuts at 350 for about 15 minutes. Remove the skins by chucking them into a metal colander, and rubbing the hot nuts (dirty comments anyone?) against the sides of the bowl to remove the skins. Chuck them in the food processor and run for about 5 minutes until the nuts are warm and buttery (anyone, anyone?) For about 2 cups of nuts, add 1/4 cup of cocoa, 3/4 cup of powdered sugar, and about 3-4 Tb of hazelnut (or veg) oil. Process for a couple more minutes, and VOILA! Deeliciousness! ....And then you eat way too many spoonfuls of it until its gone.

But, I wanted to make it this week before I do a cleanse and BUTT FLUSH next week. I gotta get my energy back, and that means, buh-bye my wheaty and sugary friends....*sigh*

ETA: what kind of steamer is this, poodle? My scent whore self must know! *runs off to bedroom to drag out humidifier*
Woohoo!!! It's buttflush time again!!

This is a little Revlon thing. It's a metal cup in a plastic thinger and it's not very expensive. I usually just set it next to my chair and let it go with a couple drops of rosemary or lavendar. The direct breathing thing is really nice. I would like to get a larger humidifier/air filter type thing for my apartment, but they cost so much. It would sooo help my allergies and dry skin issues though.
WTF?! The car is still making that same obnoxious noise, and I have no idea what is making it. It squeals (like a chirping noise) when I am in drive and will grind (although not always) when braking. I hate to think about taking it in again. Perhaps if I take it to my normal guys THEY can figure out the WTF factor.

Minxlette is sick and already sleeping. Poor little thing. Wasn't even hungry.

Moxette is spectacular! WHOOT for cute babies.

(((Mouse))) Anti-Asshat vibes for you.

Rubbing warm and buttery nuts sounds FABOO!!
I really love my big green Ikea chair. I really love it - it's the most comfortable chair ever. I paid (what was, for me) a lot of money for it. I am loathe to give it up. But it doesn't really fit my space so well anymore. So I need BFF to come and take it away before I change my mind. So sad. I guess I can visit it...until her band o' teenagers wrecks the thing, probably within 2 years. sad.gif

poodle, sadly, no pics till payday, 'cause I need to buy cam batteries. Stupid thing - that's the problem with digital cameras...once they get a few years old, they suck up a lot of power really fast.

turbo, I don't have a food processor, but I have a blender and an electric hand mixer - do you think one of those would work? Or maybe I could buy an organic nut butter and use my mixer....ooh! I wonder what it would taste like made with almond butter???

minxie, I'm sorry yer car is being a bitch, but if they charged you and didn't fix the problem, they need to give you some kind of deal, like either re-funding your labour from today, or not charging you labour when you take it back. Seriously. My uncle owned an autobody business for 35 years, and a reputable mechanic would make that offer at a minimum, and maybe more, like not charging you for the 2nd visit.
awww....doodle, it is so hard to give up furniture that has become a good friend. I had to do that a few years ago with my beloved papasan chair and ottoman that I got at Pier One when I was in college, and it was the *best* napping chair ever...and in my first chicago apartment, I had a sun room, and I would just cuddle up in the chair with a book and a blanket and nap in the sun....I miss the chair still, and the sun room more, but *not* the 4 flights of stairs! There just was no room in our new home for the chair, so it was okay to let it go, and it got a worthy home. I think that's important, to give your chair a worthy home.

How did BFF's daughter like the letter you sent her - I hope she appreciated the special presence she has in your life.

I think if you bought some almond or cashew butter, and mixed in the cocoa butter, and a little powdered sugar, and a touch of oil, you'd have something really delicious on your hands too! I've made my own cashew butter too, and added cocoa, and that was divine! I'm a big fan of nute butters though...mmmm....

((((((minxy's car))))))
Bwahaha!! I just finished watching Blacula and it was your perfect cheesy 70's blaxploitation/horror film, complete with the misunderstood beast, a determined investigator, funky music, afros, African tribal fashion, loads of dead white cops, and even a little romance. I love that shit.


~*~*~*~vibes for minxmobile~*~*~*~

Alright, it's time for me to turn in. See y'all tomorrow!
Mmm...chocolate-almond butter!! Doodle, if I can afford it this spring, I am so coming up to Canadia (mispelling intended) and will give you a bodyrub with chocolate-almond butter! Then we can "do it" in your IKEA chair. Do you like plaid mini skirts with pleats and big boots?

Blacula! You bitch! That sounds like oodles of fun. Didn't they just have a Blaxploitation film fesitval at the Suburban World theater? Poods, how's yer bod feeling these days?

Well, those folks yesterday didn't charge me anything for looking at the car...however, I am wondering if they looked any further than the actual brakes. I dunno. I may just take it in somewhere else on Saturday morning for a second opinion. And thank you for the car vibes. You all are the besht.

Math Baron and I talked for nearly three hours last night. He called. wink.gif He loved the mixed CD, and confessed to eating the soup the night I brought it over and loved it. Plus (and Poods will appreciate this), his favorite tune on the CD was Tom Waits' "Tom Traubert's Blues". Ahhh, good boy! It's one of my all-time favorites.

Okay, gots to run. Have a good morning, you hot burritos.
WOOOOT!!! Minxy's got a HOTT date this weekend! And in my book, anyone you can talk on the phone with for 3 hours is worth a thorough investigation! I'm not sure I could talk to anyone that long....but then, I hate phones. Actually my mom called me at work yesterday because she thought something terrible happened to us, because she couldn't get through to us at home...but the massage therapist turned off the phone on Sunday, and I just didn't figure that out until last night...I did enjoy the phone not ringing, though. smile.gif

I'm exhausted through and through...I can't wait to get this fucking website rebuilt to its former glory this weekend, so I can stop working so much, and take care of myself. And then, look for a new job. Yeah!!

Blacula - that's a good one Poodle - turbomann and I rented that one last year, its a classic.

Oh, and I just ate a sliced banana with homeade nutella for brekkie....YUM!
yay for minxy and her hot date! i bet you a bucket you get some lip sugar this weekend. smile.gif

poodle, i've never seen blacula but now you have me curious. i do think it's funny that was the first movie you got from netflix. smile.gif it's totally YOU! hehe.

turbo, i can't believe you are still having to deal with the website. please tell me that the IT dude has put something in place to prevent this from happening again! you don't deserve all that stress. oh, a banana with nutella sounds yummmmm.

(((doodle))) i'm sure once you get the other chairs in place, you'll feel good about the decision. and your BFF and her girls will enjoy the IKEA chair, i'm sure. i guess there's no place for it on your balcony or in your bedroom?

grrr, i'm sleeeeepy. i went upstairs early last night but didn't actually go to sleep until after 12. boooo. now i'm just in a daze.
Vampyros Lesbos = greatest vampire flick ever.
dude, you know that movie sucked. definitely creepy, but horrible horrible movie.
Heh...I just ordered it! It looks positively horrific. Lesbian vampires...jebuss, that's like two of my favorite things in one campy-ass package.


I am thinking about broaching the elephant in the room conversation with MB. We've been dancing around the subject of being interested in eachother for over a month now. I kinda just feel like jumping on his lap and planting a nice wet one on him, but he's a contemplater and that might just make him...well, either freak or cream his pants. If I get some sugar, what kinda bucket do I get from the FJ'S??
woooo minxy has a hot date!!!! i remember talking for hours....not with mr. gb though...he's a bit direct and to the point on the phone, unless he's bored and then its just heavy breathing. cuz he'd rather be there with me. smile.gif

doodle, the chair will have a good home...where it will be warmed by someone else's butt cheeks. but loved.

hot warm nuts. bwahahaha turbo you kill me. and smack the IT boy around--he's not doing his job.

i just found out yesterday that the IT guys at's work play foozball when they have down time. not gleaning info from tech mags...nope...foozball. and they are playing teams. do any of them actually work?!? dry.gif

blacula...nice...why does that remind me of deep throat?!!?

yesterday i was on! i got a whole bunch done in class and i signed up for saturday class. which one of my more focused classmates goes to. it will help me stay inspired and motivated. i hope. and i gave a little old lady a haircut and roller set..she's a sweetie...talked my ear off. but i think she loved that part.
woohoo minx! i know the feeling of wanting to speed things up like whoa. i think a kiss is definitely in order, but just think about how this past month you've gotten the chance to squee about him and do adorable things like ding dong ditch soup and leaving mixes....which probably wouldn't have been half as fun if you'd known for sure you were "in". but then again, i'm the kind of girl who loves the crush almost more than the relationship tongue.gif

(speaking of, i've been thinking about cafe crush inordinately much lately and if i see him this weekend i'm just going to suck it up and ask him out)

doodle, your chair is going to a place where it will be loved, and you can still visit it! it won't be sad and resent you, i promise.....and just think of your lovely new chairs, that are more suited to the space.

((job vibes for turbo))

((car vibes for minx))

((wakeup vibes for fj))

i need a haircut badly. unfortunately, there's such a lack of nice young talented hairstylists in los angeles...... *SIGH*..............
Happy Thursday ladies!!

I've been cleaning up all the junk around here for the last couple hours so that I can actually make sense of what I'm working on. My boss changes stuff so much that we end up with about 10 different versions of reports and spreadsheets. It's extremely irritating.

Yay for minxie's date!!! How exciting!! (PS- my bod is alright these days. Thanks for asking!)

I'm gonna have to look for that lesbos movie. I can just tell that I'm gonna become a total Netflix whore.

Damn. I haven't received my AB/CD shirt yet, so I'm gonna have to raise some hell. Grrrr...what a pain in the ass.

I think I might be able to screw around a lot today now that I'm starting on a new report (same job though). I would love to work on my Heart logo but, once again, I can't use the scanner because the office meddler is right there. I tried to do it last week, but I only managed to pick up half of the image. ARGH!! I'm gonna have to use the ex-RB's printer/scanner. I need one of my own. I have too many things on my wishlist though.

ETA- Lurv, I checked out the culture bomb F.A.Q. page and it said that orders generally take a week to arrive. It's been over a week now, but I think I'm gonna wait until Mon. or Tues. before I contact them.
So, i've got a question for youse alls...

I'm scheduled for a cut/color on saturday. WOOT! Trouble is, I don't have the foggiest idea what I want, beyond this:

1. I'm turning 30 in 2 months- i want to avoid looking like a kid, and avoid looking like suburbo-mom.
2. Long enough to pull back the sides at least

Any thoughts? Good websites for ideas?

Minx- you get some sugar, sista! I don't know if I could have waited this long for some lip smackin.
Mouse, you may have forgotten...

I cut hair. and i will do yours if you let me. and since i've started can come on down to school! I'm just saying is all....and I'm cheap! (for now)

moxie, i'd go a bit on the a-line side for you...a little higher in the back and longer in the front. as for color, currently i'm kinda stuck on any shade of red, including coppers and burgundys. but you pick what you want. any good hair stylist will know what i am talking about. and then you can still pin back the front and still look foxy--not suburban-momish.
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