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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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good morning.

just checking in before my assistant arrives. i can't have her finding out that the real reason i need an assistant is so i can BUST!!! smile.gif

i had to take the car in for service this morning. MIL met me there to take me to work. mrfj had already told her our news last night (we're of the belief that telling our families is ok as it provides support regardless of what happens. after our first loss, they've wanted this just as badly as we did) but she wanted to know the "whole story" about why i decided to take the test, how late was i, do i have symptoms yet, etc. it was very cute. we're all cautiously ecstatic. smile.gif

minx, you make me giggle. boy, i can't wait to smell like parmesan cheese. err, uh... yeah.

poodle, i really want to see your frame project. that just seems like such a cool idea. as does diva's polymer clay covered martini glasses. i NEED to come up with a good project for myself. i still have the hemp beading set that i bought a couple years ago and never opened. perhaps i'll pull that out one day soon. or learn to crochet again. i'm sure once i pick it up again, i'd remember how. i never quite got the hang of knitting. i know that's the trend, but whatevs.

i want coffee, but i'm trying to be good and i know that's not really good for me. maybe hot chocolate?

Holy good fucking tuesday - and halloween too!!!

I go away for a couple hours of bodywork, and I come back and the FJs are knocked up!!! WOOOOT!!! I am SO excited for you guys!

And FJ, we are ALL going to do our very best to swat all those nasty fears away, and hold your growing baby up in love and white light! And trust me....getting knocked up when you've finally let go of the stress is really common - I see it all the time here - seems like signing up with an adoption agency also gives fertility a boost, as we lose about 15% of our clients when they finally get knocked enjoy the ride, and be sure to keep us posted here! And I'll certainly do my part to send good, strong energy to your growing bebe. ((((((FJs))))))

Gosh, I just feel all warm and fuzzy now, thanks for making my morning!

poodle - I hope you'll be posting piccies of your house decor projects as well!! I can't wait to see what you do with your bedroom...I think that's up next for us as well...or at least another purple wall. heh.

And I sure hope we get some cutie wootie piccies of the moxies with their little bumble bee - I can't wait to see that silly smile with antennas on!

Doodle, I do hope that you can enjoy this last day of the centre, do a little walking down memory lane, and really feeling proud of all the work you've done to help the women in your community and province - you've given your all, and now its time for some new energy in your life. Oh, and I am totally with you on crushing on the boss in Ugly Betty. Yum.

So the CS therapy last night was fucking incredible...I really wish Deb had more time here to give me another session, as I could definitely use one more, but it was really an important session for me, got a lot of ugly stuff out, and I'm glad for that, however tired I am today. A day at home to sleep would really be nice...but she's seeing clients all day at our house, so I really wouldn't feel right slugging around the house with folks coming in for their work. I do however seem to have adrenal fatigue again...which I had guessed at, and I do know how to fix - though it doesn't come cheap with the supplements I'll need. Oh well, time to get healthy. And time to kick the wheat and sugar, once again. This weekend, turbomann is going to be gone, so I'm gonna get started on the cleanse stuff. yay. I need to make an appointment for a colonic too, I guess.
Happy holloween you TWATWAFFLES!

I dreamt that I was going to see cheap trick, and I was SO excited. Which is funny cause I almost didn't go see them when they played here. Oh, also dreamt that I left my laptop in the rain, and I watched some people get dumped in to a huge machined that processes shrimp. how pleasant.

I would love to start some kind of art project. however, that's not very realistic seeing as that we are moving. but I am uber excited to do stuff to the house, so I guess that is my project.

My hair looks like crap.

Love you all!!!
all things to be cured by the FLUSH! hehe. Seriously, turbo- its great that you're taking your health seriously now- no sense in getting really bad off again, right? RIGHT.

FJ- a cup of coffee a day is just fine. I kicked alchehol, cheeses (the soft kind) and took nasty vitatmins...i wasn't giving up on my coffee!

I've been thinking alot the last week about living life for the moment, not getting too caught up in the past or future. When we got married, Turbo read one of my most favorite stanzas from a play, ever- the LIfe Mantra from "Rent"- I repost here (sorry, I am a musical theatre nut):

The heart may freeze or it can burn
The pain will ease if I can learn
There is no future, there is no past
I live this moment as my last
There's only us, there's only this
Forget regret, or life is yours to miss
No other road, no other way
No day but today

There's only us, only tonight
We must let go to know what's right
No other course, no other way
No day but today

I can't control
My destiny
I trust my soul
My only goal is just to be

There's only now
There's only here
Give in to love
Or live in fear
No other path
No other way
No day but today

SO, the post is longer- but the more i remember the stanza, the better I cope. Its nutters to be that attached to a phrase from a play, but we can't control what moves us, eh?
hmm, thanks moxie! i feel suprisingly good right now for not having had my cuppa today, so i'm going to skip it today. but it's nice to know, for i'm not sure how long this little high will last. smile.gif

and thanks for the sweet words, moxie and turbo and everyBUSTie else from last night too. i'm really excited. i feel all googly.

and mox, that's a great thing about living life in the moment and not getting caught up in the rest. i needed that. no matter what happens, i am so incredibly happy right NOW and that's what is important. nothing else.

oh, my poor assistant just called. she is 32 and recently married but has suffered endometriosis for a number of years. so when they got married, she went to the ob doc right away to get checked out because she knew her days might be limited. unfortunately, they were more limited than she imagined and she's been given a very discouraging prognosis. she's been going to a specialist who told her that most of her eggs are "gone" and that her hormone levels are showing that she isn't ovulating. they said with IVF treatment, she might have a 20% chance. she was telling me this yesterday and sharing because i've had my own issues with infertility. she even gaveme a card for her RE so i could make myself an appointment in the new year and get a full workup and find out what our issues were. anyway, when she left yesterday she seemed ok. but she just called me in tears saying that she couldn't get hold of her emotions this morning and wanting to know if she could skip today. i told her of course and that she should take it easy and be good to herself.

oh boy, i don't know how i'm going to tell her that i'm knocked up... i know it isn't my FAULT or anything butit makes me feel bad.
wow, what timing, right? FJ- your little group of cells is a blessing- period. In 2-3 months, when you're ready to share with the "Real world," you need to trust those in your life to accept and welcome your child. Other emotions are theirs to manage. You need to accept and trust that, too. My assistant had a bad miscarriage when I was about 6 mos pregnant with moxette. She's pergnant again now, thank goodness, but it was really hard for her to see me for a few days. Since I had so many problems early on, she really felt like we could still talk and share. Maybe sharing your fears and sadness from the previous year or two might help.

Crap- I posted that stanza, and now the song is stuck in my head. I guess I know what I'm listening to next!

Why isn't it lunchtime? Mama needs to exercise and have some yummy chicken salad. yummmm....
Why, I never knew that Mr. FJ was also sportin' a breastmilk fetish on top of everything else! And this surprises me why?? tongue.gif

Uh, I drank two cups of coffee a day and smoked 5-10 squares. I didn't really drink anything until my third quarter where I imbibed in two or three beers (spread out over 3 months) and a half a bottle of wine one time with my other friend who was in her eighth month--we called ourselves the fetal alcohol club that night. We needed it. For two bad girls like us, it was particularly difficult being that fucking good for that fucking long. I am a firm believer in isn't like I was a soak. Fuggit. That wine was GOOOOOD, and we ate it with a bunch of cheese, grapes, and a loaf of french bread.

Okay, so far, so students are doing quite well on the exam. This leads me NOW to believe that I can certainly up the ante next quarter. More than a small handful of A's in a quarter, while really nice, tells me that either the material isn't rigorous enough, or that I am really getting through to these kids. I would LOVE to think that I have fucking superhuman powers in this realm, but I am not getting drunk on success today.

Ugh...the candy!! THE CANDY!!!

And a flusheramadingdong. WHOOT-WHOOT!!
minx, that man is sportin' a woman fetish, that's all. he always says that he can't wait to do me with a big pregnant belly. hopefully, that wish will come all too soon!! smile.gif

and you're right, moxie, this is a blessing all the way around. i know shannon won't be mad at me over it, but she's just in such a low place right now that i feel sorry for her. i know she doesn't want my pity though and i have shared a lot of my own pain with her over the past few weeks. that's why it just feels so wierd to not have 'infertility" looming over my head anymore.

ack! as if you couldn't tell, i can think of NOTHING else.


That's what 145 million swimmers per mililiter will do for you. I have to walk around the house wearing a hazmat suit when we're not doing it and wear special reflective sunglasses. Even then I can only look at people peripherally and for a few seconds at a time.
Mr. FJ and his hazardous container of...uh...demon-seed?

IPB Image

hahahahha. oh shit. this positive test is all he needed to talk about his super-sperm again. HA!

oh, and minxy, i agree with you on the moderation thing although i do think i'll be abstaining form all no-nos. (oh, sheesh, just remembered i smoked a CIGAR last weekend for codsakes!). not to mention the cajillion red bull and vodkas. it's a wonder this little speck is hanging on! shit, if it made it this far, we're proably pretty safe! smile.gif

i just told SIL and she is excited. she did the stacey "SHUT UP!", hehehe.
You say demon-seed, fj says facial creme. Whatever. Let's not bicker over semantics.

MRFJ! you nasty bitch, you!

IPB Image
Wherever there are lines to be crossed I will valiantly cross them. On that note, before you light your torches, I'm out of here.
reflective sunglasses? oh, so that explains the avatar tongue.gif

CONGRATUFUCKINGLATIONS HOLY OH MY GAWD *dances around hugging fj* wow. i am holding this teeny tiny cell bundle 3,000 miles away in so many bustie vibes you can't even fathom it. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

sooooo happy for you guys wub.gif
thanks mouse!

i'm officially weepy right now. only realy symptom so far besides sore boobs and no MRG. but yes very weepy. and now that i think of it, i was pretty weepy this past weekend too... it's all coming together now.

oh, and i took another test and it was positive. but that doesn't mean i won't buy a couple more just to make sure. i mean, they BOTH could have been faulty...

sorry guys. i'm being an attention whore. i'm just still too much in shock to go into the actual preggo thread for a few days at least. but i promise i'll get myself together and talk about something else soon.

like halloween! i'm wearing my black latex kitty ears today. anyone else "dressed up". i know msgb has her costume contest... anyone else?
It's all about you, isn't it, fj? Let's all just stop what we're doing to hear you rant about the insignificant minutiae of your life.

No, go ahead. Don't stop now.

Nope, FJ, you get to bask in the glow of this happy news for as long as you like...feel free to continue on chatting about your knocked up self!! I know I'm glad to hear anything you want to share....except for facial cremes - that's just gross! Mr fj remains the gross-out king of Okayland!

No costume here. I was so ridiculously out of it this morning, I didn't even realize it was halloween. And I'm pretty much useless today. I just want a nap. But at least its lunch time, and I have yummy homeade black bean soup and some fruit!
oh my cod.....congrats to the fj family.....wowsers.....*gives fj a huge hug and a cuppa tea and slaps on the back* when is your first baby-doctor-appt? this is sooooo exciting....!!!!

i have the auto horror story from hell story to tell but it can wait...

*has to put on shades because fj is GLOWING*

ETA- my costume has frightened quite a few people...i've posted a pict on myspace but i'm smirking in
I like hearing you muse about it. Everytime I hear a woman talk about a fucking PLANNED pregnancy with a loving, supportive partner I drool...and it makes me happy. It wasn't my experience, so I live vicariously through those who did or are doing it that way. Not feeling sorry for myself, it just really makes me glowy and sniffy.

I bought candy for the kids to eat today whilst they are taking their final exams. Nothing says "I love you and this won't hurt a bit" like a fucking BlowJo...I mean BlowPop. wink.gif
pinkpoodle FJ says such gross things.

Good things Tuesday:
-Jimmy John's sandwich
-I found the information that I needed to start my analysis
-I got paid
-My boss has a meeting this afternoon, so I don't have to talk to her for a while
-My cats are super cute
-My first Netflix DVD's should arrive today (Mitch Hedburg stuff & Blacula--Weee!!)
-Dancing with the Stars is on tonight!!

Ya know, I don't want to offend the mommies or mommies to be, but I just gotta say that pregnancy sorta weirds me out. There's a thing growing inside of ya!! It's essentially a host/parasite situation. Plus, if it's a male, then that means there's a little penis growing inside of you. I'm always happy when my friends get preggers (if it's wanted), but I hate seeing pregnant strangers, because it means that they did the nasty and I don't even want to know about it. It's like saying to the public, "I fucked somebody!" which, coming from a catholic background, makes me uncomfortable. I'm content to walk around on a day to day basis completely denying the sexuality of all those around me. I'm pretty much grossed out by the thought of anyone other than myself having sex. It's a little different with friends, because I care about them and I understand that it's not always comfortable to talk to family about sex. Still, I can't help but be a prude about that kind of stuff.

ETA- Taloo!!! That's heeelarious that you had a Cheap Trick-related dream!! I'm so proud of you. Where do you think it came from? My avvie, perhaps?
Hi, peeps!

Congrats, FJs! ((((((((( healthy fetus vibes )))))))))

Doodle, try to enjoy the last day as much as you can and remember as much good from the experience as possible.

Moxie, my nephew was a bee, too, for his first Halloween! Those costumes are the cutest.

I'm surprised there hasn't been more candy around the office. Someone dropped off a little bag of M&Ms, a twizzler, and a tiny Snickers, but that's it. I've got Heath bars, Kit Kats, and Twix bars to hand out to the kids tonight. The Twix are on top 'cause I don't really want the kids to take the other stuff, I want to keep it for me, but didn't think one bag would be enough.

There is entirely too much candy in the house. Probably 3 pounds of saltwater taffy from SF, another unopened box from CocoaBella, the big-ass bowl of Halloween candy, random hard candies from another candy store, and I made a sheet of english toffee last night. I've never done it before, so it was a test run. The consistency is perfect, but it's a little overcooked and tastes like the top of a creme brulee. I had no idea toffee was so easy to make - just put the stuff in a pot and boil it until it looks about right, then dump it on a sheet to cool. Easy peasy.

Minx, I wish I would have had you as a teacher in high school. You kick every single one of my other teachers' asses.

I think I'm going to finish up my polymer clay/martini glass project tonight. I've only got a little bit of the 3rd and all of the 4th one to do. And the really funny thing about this is that I'm having fun doing it! I haven't actually enjoyed doing a craft in quite some time. I'm also going to do some wine glasses in the same pattern and then cover some candleholders if I've got any left.

I can't wait until Friday. I know I've got money right now if I want to start calling in favors from the giant, but I'd rather let him pay me when he wants to. I need a new bra in the worst way, and we're running out of groceries, and I'm going to need to buy gas tomorrow. But I'm still going to go out in a minute and buy the new Oprah magazine because somehow I think it's going to be different from other issues of magazines I already have, and I won't get around to reading it for probably another 6-8 months. But I could use the walk to the newsstand, so maybe that $4 will be worth it. I can't walk anywhere without the intention of purchasing anything, especially in downtown on my lunch break.

Poods, I am sooooo with you on that one. I HATED being pregnant--I just like hearing other people have a good time with it. It was a fucking sensory overload and my body did not like the end I couldn't even walk two blocks and I wanted to rip her out by the end because I was too fucking big to even MASTURBATE. That's REALLY frustrating when you need an attachment for your vibrator just to make it around your womb.

And then you get a little grossed out because it's like beating off with your kid in the room, not that they are sentient of it or anything, but...eeesh.
FJs!!!! Oh hooray! Baby BEAN!!!

Hi pretty girls and super potent Mr. FJ!

FJ while you are waiting to share the news with your "meat" friends and family, you can just start throwing phrases like this out in passing: "I'm stuffed" "what do I smell? Does somebody have a bun in the oven?" "so, do you take your coffee with child, I mean cream?" "I'm feeling kind of knocked-up today" . k maybe not that last one.

OH POODLE! did you buy that onsie for your neice? the one with AB/CD on it? I tried to buy that for Ira's birthday and they charged me but it never got to me and the baby's birthday party has come and gone. waaahhh! did you have any trouble? Culture-Bomb SUCKS!

Hi Minxie muffin!

Hi Diva Darling!

Turbo the tart!


and all you other whooooores!
Poodle, I love your minnesotan stoicism about all things sexually related. smile.gif

Well, poodle, if what I've been reading on the intarwebz this morning is true, 85% of amaericans have parasites and worms living in their intestines - so we all have stuff growing inside us! Hooray! Aren't we all gross?! I've picked a natural parasite cleanser program out, and I'm going to go pick it up at the homeopathic store this afternoon - who wants to join me?!

I wish we had trick-or-treaters coming to our house, but we don't! Oh wait! I just remembered that our friends will be bringing their 3 month old daughter by in her costume - she's going to be an ear of corn, I think. I'd better whip up some apple crisp or something tonight! Yipeee!
oh Turbo, I'm so glad you said apple crisp. I just found a recipe yesterday that sounds divine (not for apple crisp but you reminded me):

Pear and Gingersnap Crumble - you make it in 30 minutes using canned pears

I figured I will just get the ingredients and keep them around so that I can always whip up that deliciousness.

I'm soooo full.

hehehe, you're all making me laugh. minx and lurv, you slay me!!! i love that, "i'm feeling a little knocked up today" one. hehehehe.

minx, i hope i don't get miserable. i've always wanted to be a pregnant lady for some reason. i can't wait for it, but i am honestly TERRIFIED. with the hardware in my back i'm a little unsure of how things are going to work exactly, but i guess there's no turning back now. i hope i'm not on bedrest for the entire time. i just now got around to calculating the due date. looks like it would be right around july 4th. oooh, maybe i can be one of those pregnant ladies in a bikini. i've always wanted to do that. tacky, i know. but still.

poodle, if i stop and think about it in those terms, yeah, i can see what you mean. it is basically a parasite. but i'm a happy host i guess, so... wink.gif i never thought of preggo women as gross though. i have made the joke when seeing a pregnant woman, "oh, she likes to fuck. see, she has a reciept". i don't even know what that means really, but i still say it.

and like turbo said, we all have parasites! i just have one more than you now. hehehe.
well, that and the ass-invader, which i'm happy to say is nearly healed up. finally.

"I'm feeling kind of knocked-up today" . k maybe not that last one. "

hehheeheh that cracks me up, lurve.

oh i forgot:
good things:
-i have a working car(more on that below)
-my costume is bitchin!
-rice krispie treats in the car where they are safe from me.
-a cool eyeball ring...

as for the car horror story from hell....

yesterday as i was driving my car to the mechanic, the trans starts acting up. but i made it there and got home to the other car/truck, betty. now betty and me are old pals..being that she was my first truck. soo, me and betty are trucking down the freeway when we hit traffic. betty decides to tank it on the freeway-- literally. i'm starting to block traffic. Talk about freaking out. fortunately, the guy behind me offers to push me to the side. once on the side, after making numerous phonecalls and a random tow truck showing up, betty decides to start up again. no jumper cables needed. so i make it to class and on my break, i start her up no problem. on the way home, betty is fine until we get within a mile of home. She tanks again. fortunately(there's a lot of those in this story) i still have cell reception in this cow pasture i'm driving thru and i call dad to come get me. 2 mins later betty starts again. i drive home. dad meets me at the door and we talk about betty and her cantankerous nature.

today i have my dad's car to drive. and its sweet! but i just found out i need a new alternator for my car. and he still hasn't checked the trans. gah.

maybe i should have posted this in kvetch. sorry for the rant.

i need some tea.
I thought a parasite was something that took but gave no benefit to the host. Which one of you bitches called my sperm globule a parasite?
Yeah, one of my ex's called them "Sex Trophies". laugh.gif See, I can get laid, TOO!! FJ, you are going to be such a hot preggers chick. There is this beach that I go to all the time with Minxlette and my friends and their kids--Hidden Beach--and every summer there are about two or three really scrumptious, voluptuous knocked-up chicks that hang there just looking fucking Venusian. It really is amazing. The pregnant body can be a very sexy thing. WHOOT!! Ya know, and yer titties get all yummy and full. Or like B-52's in my case.

Ooooh...that gingersnap pear crisp-thing soounds marvelous, Lurvie!! I am so glad to see you!!!

Car stuff sucks gaping ass. I am so sick of my car breaking down. Good luck with yours, GB. May it ONLY be the alternator and one more piddly-assed thing.
as a mother, i officially call your sperm glob a parasite. At this point, all it gives to its host is sleepys, puking and sore tits.

When it comes out, it gives cuddles, warmth and affection.

I hated being pregnant. Not all the time- sometimes i was indifferent to it. I'd love to have more moxiekids, but not if i have to be pregnant with them.

FJ- you should go see your dr. soon-- its kind of exciting the first time. smile.gif Not so exciting the umteenth time...
Eww. I don't know if I want to be involved with this thread today.

I know it's Hallowe'en, but do I really need to be creeped out by Mr FJ's sperm all over the place?

Bwa-hahahahaha!!! And just as I was about to shove another strawberry Starburst in my maw...
yeah but! every pregnancy is different. Minx and Moxie! You all might LOVE being pregnant the second time. Some folks do.

by the way moxie - that photo of your offspring absolutely slays me. What a cute baby you have!
thanks lurv, for the moxette cuteness. she is a cutie-pie. I hate being the mom that talks about her kid all the time, but with me right now, its either that or miniscule items of political throw-down- which i recognize is even LESS interesting to the general public. smile.gif I hope to have some more ubercuteness posted tomorrow on the flickr page.
*wipes a sperm free corner on the lounge*

One of my co-workers just brought her 9 month old son in to see us all - he's a green dragon with purple spots, and he was do damned cute crawling all around the office area in his little get-up! CUTEness abounds!
The nurses down the hall are pretty overwhelmed today with 10 babies in the nursery, so I'm not sure we're going to get our "dress up the babes in pumpkin suits" photoshoot in today...its a lot easier to get done with fewer squirming babies.

YAWN...I need a nap...I think I'll have to go home and get one this afternoon...
hey, i'm married to the man and i'm still grossed out by his humor. but, like fart jokes and ticklefights, they always make me laugh. i guess we realy are meant to be together. wink.gif

i could use a nap right now too, turbo, but we are pumpkin carving tonight. i know, we waited a little late to do it, but they always get so mushy if you do it too early. and i have to buy a ton of candy because i'm anticipating a lot of trick-or-treaters. i could be wrong, but our neighborhood is full of kids and i want to be prepared.

thank you guys for basking in my news with me. i really love you all so much!!!
It's a beautiful sunny day here, so somebody please tell my why I have to work for a living?

We usually close at 1 on Tuesdays, and since it's our last day, I am absolutely the eff out of here at 1. I have to send a press release before I go, but my name's not on it, so I've decided after I officially close the doors, I'm going home to get intoxicated and play with the kitties.

Ooh, turbo, speaking of the adorkable young boss from Ugly Betty, here's a pic for ya. NSFW - I think it might be from his "L-Word" days!
moxie - you will have to put up another link to your photo page. I love the babies like crazy. You should here obnoxious me talking about my baby friends.

for instance:

Last weekend the red-head had a very very small red dot on his finger. He pointed it out to me and said "I have an owie" I said I was sorry that he was hurt and he said "a little crockadile probably got it". Yes, I have repeated that story countless times in the last six days. So freakin' great!

Moxiette looks kind of like Minxie's girl if you ask me. It's the eyebrows and the squinty eyes and big cheeks.

i prefer the accounting guy betty almost dated last episode. when he showed her his superman costume--*swoon*!
turbo, what do you think of this colour scheme?

Erm, I had the wrong pic in the original link of the hot Ugly Betty boss's correct now. You should be seeing a pale nekkid redheaded man.
Okay, so....I'm a thread killer? Where'd everybody go?

I am home now and engaging in Project Intoxication as I write this.
i'm around, doodlebuggy. i'm all jittery though. for some reason, cheap instant coffee makes me cra-zy. regular, decent brewed coffee hardly affects me. myeah.

i have to research the issues i'm going to be voting on next week. *nervous*
" beating off with your kid in the room" Bwahahahaha!!!

"Sex Trophies" THAT'S sorta what I'm talking about. That and the parasite thing. Keep in mind that I can be somewhat neurotic and obsessive about stuff sometimes. It is true though, that the end result is pretty cute (well, most of the time). I'm sure the FJ's would make cute babies. FJ still grosses me out.

The AB/CD shirt hasn't arrived yet even though it was supposedly shipped last week. If it doesn't arrive in the next couple days, then I'll give em a call.

Another good thing: I'm starting to develop an earache in both ears, which is a bad thing, BUT, I have prescription eardrops to tackle the problem before it ends up getting out of control like the last time. That's the good thing (yeah, I'm stretching).

Alright, the meddler is gone, so I'm outta here. Later babes!!
I'm da thread killa. sad.gif

By the way, doodle, I looove that nekkid butt cheek picture! Is that the boss on Ugly Betty? I'm always busy watching My Name is Earl at that time. I love that show. I would like to watch UB at least once though.
poodle - you can actually watch Ugly Betty and a bunch of other ABC shows streaming on their website. You have to watch four :30 commercials during the show, but its not bad - you still save 12 minutes of wasted commercial time of watching it on the tube.

((((((poodle's ear)))))

Today has been total halloween cuteness overload! At work a few co-workers brought their small tots in with their costumes on. We had an adorable 9mos dragon who loved crawling on the floor and grunting - very dragon-like....and my boss brought her whiny 20mos old in who was unhappily dressed as tigger. And then...we had 2 placements today, and the 5 day old bebe was dressed up like a pumpkin, and the other baby who was about 3 weeks old was another tigger. Then, at home tonight the 3 year old from upstairs came down - he was a fireman, and totally adorable, but it really freaked turbo out....and then my friends brought their 2 month old daughter over who was a bumble bee - and she was the cutest - totally full of smiles and snuggles. Cuteness, I tell ya.

I've been productive tonight, in spite of my general tiredness - I did laundry, since the massage therapist was running out of clean stuff to use, so I have clean undies too - YAY! And I cooked a healthy stir fry for dinner, then took a bubble bath. Its been a good night.

Oh, and turbodog is totally spoiled tonight - several of our doggie friends were out passing out treats to the other dogs, and we even got a couple of small sample sized baggies of treats. Turbo was trying his best to raid my pocket all the way home!
Awwww...I know. I love little kids in costumes, especially babies. I'm a total sucker for baby hats that have fuzzy ears attached (even if it's not Halloween). I have no idea what my nephies and niecoid did for Halloween. I should call.

I feel bad for them though, because their candy opportunities are so limited, considering that they live out in the middle of nowhere. I grew up in a satellite suburb (sorry for the geog nerd lingo), so my friends and I would totally work the 'hoods until we couldn't carry anymore candy. I don't know what the story is these days, but we would go out for hours without parental supervision. Ah....those were the days. Is it just me, or are parents somewhat overbearing these days? And why? Is it the media or something?

Halloween has also gotten wussier over the years. Everybody is worried about their kids getting scared. WTF? That's the whole point!! Nowadays, you have to be a teddy bear or, get this, and IPOD!!! Yes, they had an IPOD costume on Good Morning America the other day!!! What ever happened to a good ol' Satan costume?? Here's me in '86 or so. Heh...I told my mom that I wanted to be the devil.

IPB Image

Aw, I wish I could watch those streaming videos, but you can only get them in the U.S. I don't know how the website knows I'm not in the U.S., but apparently it does b/c I can't watch. mad.gif I'm still trying to DL the last eppie. GRRR. But anyway, I haven't seen the one with the accounting dude yet - just excerpts.

Yep, poods, that's the same guy. I was thinking about making that pic my desktop wallpaper, but I'll get teased cruelly by my dykey friends, who think I'm just going through a bi phase. ESPECIALLY 'cause he was also the guy on L-Word. tongue.gif

That devil pic is cute! I wish I had a scanner....I'd scan the one of doodlebigbro dressed like a devil, and 3-year old doodlebug in a clown costume, crying and running away!
I wish that I could feel safe letting Minxlette do things on her own someday, but there are those ghosts of media past that preclude me from ever feeling like that would be a good idea. I remember in the early 80's when that "Adam" movie came out on national television--you know, that kid who got abducted in the shopping mall in California and they later found some of his skeletal remains in a fucking culvert? That is soooooo firmly engraved in my psyche. As a result, there were all of these school and television programs geared around the concept of "stranger danger". To top it off, as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I can tell you from personal experience that I toe the line of "let her make mistakes by herself" and "keep her as close to the fold as possible on a regular basis. We were also in the wake of much more media coverage of rapes and serial killers.

The biggest problem that I see currently is lack of community. Back in my hometown, there was regular neighborhood child-rearing (with the exception of not acknowledging abuse within the home). Our neighbors kept our asses in check, and if we sassed off to them, our parents heard about it pretty quickly so we knew better than to be assholes. Even in high school, if I was spotted in a part of town not "expected", my folks would totally hear about it and I would catch hell. Nowadays, it seems that people are afraid of parents going off on them if they do such things. I know that over by where I teach, adults regularly get into it over retarded shit like that. There was actually a huge fight like that over MEA weekend on a streetcorner.

This is why I am nearly a misanthrope. I just like kids. But yeah, we totally tore around by ourselves by age seven all over on our bicycles until dusk. Very adventurous. That shit wouldn't fly in a city like Minneapolis unless I knew Minxlette were totally self-sufficient in making very good decisions.

Egads, I am soooo tired. A drunken ex-boyfriend called me at 1:30 and then Minxlette was awake with a sore throat for nearly an hour. I am so grateful that today the kiddies are watching "The Crucible". I need to figure out how to arrange transportation in order to get my automobile fixed today. FEEEEEHHHHHH!!!
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