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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Okay, so I just watched the Tom Waits videos. I looooove the Mike Douglas Show one. That's beautiful. The first one is cool, but he sounds much throatier than usual--still, it's cool to see him sing that song. The Piano has been Drinking is one of my all time favorite Tom Waits songs, so of course I love that last one!!! Awwww...Small Change is probably my favorite album of his, because it's sounds so soaked and seedy. It's kinda depressing, but it's really entertaining and damn funny at times. I could go on about TW forever, but I'll spare you guys.

I tore apart my vacuum cleaner and pulled about a huge amount of hair out of it. It seems to be working a little bit better, but it's still a piece of shit. I wish I had a reason to own a Dyson. It would be cool just to borrow one for a day.

I've been in a dark beer mood for the last couple days, too. Mmmmm...I had lots of Newcastle last night and it was sooooo tasty.

Beer and chili nights are the bestest. I always regret it the next day though.

QUOTE(taloo_magoo @ Oct 29 2006, 03:13 PM) *

poodle, yeah occasionaly he shocks me. so unlike him.

taloo, the funniest part about what you just said, is that well, the whole "two in the pink and one in the stink is actually called the shocker


poods, i must have had esp with you again. while you were posting that i should drink detox tea, i was downing a cup of it.

thanks for the votes of non-dirty confidence. yes, i am occasionally a bit slutty and have been far too often these past six months. i mean, i've enjoyed every bit of it. but i guess it's taken it's toll on me. and it just so happens that we have no plans in the near future, especially with the holidays coming and all, so i've got plenty of time to get myself back in good working order and for mrfj and i to just chill together and be sluts with each other. that's the end of fj family slutfest 2006.

the ass-invader is much less painful today. i think because it finally started letting loose of all the gunk it had in there. i have researched a lot on it and can't even begin to imagine the plight of those that have. recurring. abcesses. minx, i hope yours is nowhere near as painful as mine has been. two months? i would cut off my ass. i'm sorry you've been dealing with that.

i haven't watched nearly enough of tom waits. i don't know how he and leonard cohen got past me because now every time i see or hear something from them, i love it. i'll mention the coffee and cigarettes movie again here. tom waits and iggy pop in a dive.

ETA: you tube rocks... watch this! the movie is just made up of a bunch of vignettes, so it won't ruin anything. just plain wierd. love it!
Eeeeewwww...there shouldn't even be names for that kinda stuff.

I started listening to Tom Waits a lot when I was living in the vegan house. A couple of my friends were into him and then we listened to his stuff all the time, especially Rain Dogs because we thought it sounded like pirate music. I sorta understand why people don't like what they hear, but at the same time, you have to listen to TW with an open mind and listen to him a lot. Tom Waits is like coffee or cigarettes or whiskey on the rocks; not too pleasant at first, but ooooh so good once you're hooked. I LOOOVE that skit from Coffee and Cigarettes. That was the only thing that made the movie worthwhile for me. I have a screencap of Tom and Iggy in that movie that I use as wallpaper sometimes.

Alright, I'm off to the grocery store! Later!
Goddesses of gash, sex adventurers and abcesses - oh my!!!

So I called apple tech support again this afternoon and held the phone up to the hard drive while it was grinding and squeaking (not nearly as dirty as it sounds - it was more a screaming mice kind of scary sound)...and the tech said she'd *never* heard that sound before, and told me to take it directly to the apple store, and even set up an appointment with me. And then it proceeded to freak out all the geniuses manning the Genius Bar there, and one of them screamed "make it stop." My hard drive is very unwell. SO, she's getting a new hard drive, but I'll be sans laptop for 2 weeks. *weeps*

But, turbomann's sleek new laptop is very very nice, so I don't mind using it in the interim.

I can't wait to figure out what the next painting project is in the house...I'm gonna think on what the living room color needs to be, but there will defintely be a purple wall in the boudoir...we just love it too much!

FJ, I think spending the next couple months with in-house sluttiness sounds like a perfect recupeation plan!

Shit. I need to clean the house up to make ready for the massage therapist to come tomorrow morning and work out of our space. Good news is, turbomann will get a free massage. Maybe I'll make him split the cost of mine with him, so it'll be more reasonable for me. And tomorrow night, I'm gonna go to spin class, then come home and get bodywork'll be GOOD.

My goodness, your laptop is dying from consumption! Maybe it has SCURVEY!

Today is one of those days wherein I would very much like to strangle my offspring. My goodness, I like a sharp tongue as much as the next person BUT DAMN, can the WHINING END?!! I fucking hate whining. She goes through these pity-party bouts, and since her grandparents were in town earlier this weekend she was spoiled just enough for her to start acting like a princess. Well, princess is now in time-out for the third time today for brattish behavior. These five-minute reprieves are enough for me to get the bitters out of my system as well. Feh. Psychological development is a bitch.

Plus, I have not heard from the Math Baron since the Ding, Dong, Ditch and that is irksome. I am assuming that he is wrapped up in end-of-quarter shit (we have finals this Wed and Thurs), but a thank-you call would have been nice. I am a little put-off by this. Is it fair to say that I have little faith in the penis-party?

I think that I, too, shall listen to some Tom Waits tonight and drink bourbon.

I just got back from the grocery store and now my fridge is full of healthy stuff.

Geez turbo!! I told you to stop downloading so much porn!!! Ah well, I'm glad you have something to work with in the meantime. A purple bedroom sounds fabulous, by the way.

Hi minx!! You survived the family invasion!! That sucks that mini-minx is being a snot. Give her some bourbon and then she won't be such a handful. When all other parental tactics fail, it's time to bring out the bottle. Just put a little sugar in there and it's all good.

Yay! I just realized that I didn't reset my kitchen clock, so I have an hour more than I thought I did!!

It's time for me to pop in my That 70's Show DVD. Hyde is my boyfriend. (I only hang out Mario Lopez on Tuesday and Wednesday nights) *hangs head in shame*
Minxlette came out of this last time-out and says. "Momma, I have thought about what you said and have decided that I haven't been working like a team with you."

Ahh...sometimes they do comprehend. wink.gif

Looks like bourbon for her won't be on the menu, Poods, but that was a good call.
Awwww...minxlette is getting the message - how sweet - and perhaps just in time!

Yeah, the laptop thing kind of sucks, but hey - I'm glad its still under warranty! I think it does have scurvy - that's probably why it was screaming, right?

minxy, I'm all for giving the penis-party the benefit of the doubt until they prove asshattery otherwise...catch up with him tomorrow, and reassert that thanks would be appreciated, and he may return said favors on your next date. wink.gif
I am being reactive and a bit unfair...he did say "thank you" when he called me after I dropped it off. But I am a tad bit curious as to whether he ate it and am looking for my little smidge of affirmation that he liked it, ya know? I know the shit was divine smile.gif and I wanna hear him say it. Actually, I would rather hear more to the effect "Minxy, take me to bed, or lose me forever!" [insert canned groaning for bad Top Gun reference]

And since we're on the subject of tasting things...Turbo, what in the hell gives that Aveda tea that sweet taste? Do they put stevia in it or something of the like? I went to Aveda at Southdale yesterday to get my six-month allotment of shampoo and conditioner and caved--I HAD to have that tea! I have a sneaking suspicion that it would cost me about half as much to make the blend myself, but have no way of knowing the proportions. Can you help a girl out?
*drives by on a vespa*


I am caught up on everyone's posts, but no time to post anything much for myself right now - got to go slap some more paint on a wall....
Mornin' ladies!

Awwww...that's so cute about minxlette.

I wouldn't worry too much about the baron yet, minx. I'm sure he'll say something this week.

I bet that Aveda tea has a wee bit of licorice root in it.

Poooooooooo....I don't want to go to work. sad.gif
Poodle is absolutely right, minxy...the sweetness is from the licorice root, and you can defintiely make the tea for about half the cost yourself. Its just peppermint tea, with a dash of licorice. I like mine strong so I use about 1Tb peppermint tea and 1tsp licorice root per cup, and I steep it for about 12 minutes. Its really good as iced tea too! I get my loose teas from culinary tea, and it'll taste even better than the Aveda stuff, because it will be a lot fresher. I make myslef a pot every morning to bring with me to work.

Doodle - what are you painting now? I can't keep up!

Poodle, I don't want to be at work either. Booooo! But, I have to say, it was nice to get up at 5:30 with the sun already beginning to rise - that makes it easier for me to wake up.

But tonight, I have spin class, and then I'm going home to an appointment with my cranial sacral therapist, after which I will tuck myself into a hot bath, and then head straight to that's a GOOD monday!
Good morning. Jenn, doodle, minx and poodle.
I had a nice night last night. we went to our ex neighbors to eat. their across the hall neighbor was over too. She has a little boy that is 4. For some reason I was chosen as the person he wanted to play with all night. I am not a kid person. AT ALL.

I am gonna scan a bunch more stuff to put on ebay today. Most of our auctions ended yesterday, and we made out like bandits. Some dude bought 2 records from us to the tune of 500 bucks. sweet. I can't imagine spending that much on a record.

Is any one else having trouble getting in here? I can't do it on the other laptop, and to do it on this one I have to go back into the history and actually get into a thread. how bizarre.
Really?! I had no idea that licorice root had a sweetness to it. Fascinating. And good on the cranial/sacral, Turbo. That shit is the bomb.

Well, I just got done having a short conversation with the MB. He is still illin and has a doctor appointment on Friday because whatever it was settled into his lungs on his right side and won't go away. He was all sweetness and light so I'm not too worried, but...ya know. wink.gif

Congrats on the mad money, Taloo. That's bueno in my book.
monday,'s hoping everyone's week is splendiferous!

So, yesterday, we had our annual Indian New Year (think christmas with indian food) celebration. GOD did moxette lap it up! All the attention from her cousins. hehe. pictures will be up soon, i think. tomorrow maybe. We had a great time, and my auntie made my all.time.favorite veg dish- matter paneer. YUMO.

Today, I have a list of 4 major things to accomplish, its almost lunchtime, and 1, yes, 1 of them is done. The other 3? Waiting on materials, guidance, review from other people. I hate waiting. It screws with time management. On the other hand, I'm busting. smile.gif

Poor math baron. It sounds like he's pretty pluuuurrrrby right now.

turbo, was the cs thereapy wonderful? I need to get in with my therapists...both the physical and mental kind. Hmmm...mental note. Take care of SELF this week.

moxie - I think you *defintiely* deserve a self-care week this week!!!

Indian new year sounds wonderful...especially when filled with good food and people who love you - and your kiddo!

I have my appt with the CS therapist body is appropriately cranky and ready! But I'll be going to spin class first, so I should be nice and loose for some good work tonight. Yipee! Turbomann has a session right before mine...I'm not sure when turbodoggie is going to get his walk, but we'll figure it out.

Taloo - you and J are becoming Ebay Barons!! Congrats on all the great sales! I, too, cannot imagine spending that much cash on one album, but I'm glad for you that someone else is! Oh, and I think the forwarding URLs for the lounge have expired, so just add a new bookmark for and you should be good to go.

((((((math baron get better vibes)))))
Hi, peeps!

I think, on my own, I'd be a cat person. I kind of like their aloofness and not-so-needy-ness. But being with the giant, I'm probably going to end up a dog person. I'm trying to sell him on the idea of getting a greyhound because I like their cool temperment, and they're sleek and beautiful. And then we'd get some tiny little toy dog for him, 'cause he likes little "hilarious" dogs. Or maybe I could get a great dane, and then the giant and I and our dogs could be like a funny little parade of opposites every time we took them for a walk. He's tall and skinny, and I'm not, and with a huge dog and a tiny dog, we'd be pretty funny. But we're not making any real pet plans until we have a house of our own with a yard.

Sorry about your 'puter, Turbo. Those sounds sound awful.

Hi, Taloo, Moxie, Poodle, Minx, and everyone else I missed!

We had a pretty chill weekend. I had an evening alone on Friday while the giant went to his family's house. I watched "When The Levees Broke," since I know the giant wanted to delete it off our list. Then we went to the giant's aunt's house (I love going there) for pizza and familyness 'cause his brother's back from Iraq now. And yesterday, I started in on one of my glass projects, covering martini and wine glasses in polymer clay. It's going really well, and I'm over halfway done with the first set. And that was about it for our weekend. This one coming up is going to be busy, though. The giant's whole family (mom, bro, SIL, and 2 neices) are coming over for dinner, which I'm supposed to cook. I'm thinking of either lasagna or roast beef, but leaning toward roast beef because I put vegetables in my lasagna and I know some of them won't like it but I don't like it any other way. But everyone likes roast beef with all the fixins. And when they're gone, I'm officially starting on my holiday chocolate making, thus commandeering the kitchen for the next 2 months.
Hello divala!

Scanny, scan, scan. So far I've done 14 cds, and 18 45s. I have about 30 LPs and a shit ton of art rock posters left to do. Ugh, how boring.

It's allright though, I'm listining to Pearl Jam's Lost Dogs on vinyl. 3 lps of Ed Vedder's delicious voice.

I am feeling the overwhelming urge to bake a big fat apple pie. Maybe I'll take a walk down to the grocery later. I hate going out when I look craptastic.

Diva, will you post a pic of your finished product? I am curious to see it.
Of course I'd support your greyhound or dane plans, diva!! The funniest thing is when you have these huge dogs, and either the cat or the small dog bosses the big dog around - it always seems to work that way, 'cause the big guys are so laid back, they don't mind being bossed. chocolate making! Would you perhaps take some out-of-state orders, diva? I'm sure I could give out a few boxes as gifties, and I'd love to put money in your pocket instead of someone else's...damn, holiday thinking has begun! *curses under breath* pie. I think it must be lunch time...I'd better go down and heat mine up before I go out and get something bad for me!
diva, how much chocolate are you doing this year?

I don't think I'll do as much as I normally do. Instead I am going to do some grey sea salt caramels (I had them in LA, to die for) some orange balsamic caramels, and some caramel lace tuilles with chocolate, and maybe some almonds to some of them as well.

It is gonna be a very lean chrismas this year. I told j not to get me anything, cause our house is our present. He looked at me and said, "I don't think I've heard any thing sillier come out of your mouth. Buying a house is not a present."

J's step mom is making something for us. dread dread. It is always so horrid and ugly and really old lady crafty. One year she made this vest for j. yes, a vest. I think poodle and diva saw it. It was all embroidered with broadway marquees of musicals. when he opened it, I thought I was going to die. I sat there staring at his brother and were trying not to burst into laughter. After his dad left J put it on and danced around the house.

Last year I got this horrid doll made out of stuffed nylons. Oh and a george foreman rotissery. The thing is huge. I already have something to roast chickens in, it's called an oven.

I sound like an ungrateful wretch. I know. It kind of comical. We actually look forward to seeing what new delights each year brings.
*drooools at taloo's chocolates*

Seriously, if you're sellin', taloo - I'm just let me know. I love chocolate waaay too much, and especially sea salt with chocolate. YUM. Have you ever had sea foam before? Its my most favoritest chocolate treat ever, but so hard to find - its like salty little chunks of hard sugar foam, dipped in chocolate....YUM.

J's step mom sounds like her gifts make for some christmas hilarity...yikes! Turbomann's mom was always famous for goofy gifts too - not homeade goofiness, but just random that she's gone, we all try and buy a "mom" gift for one person every year, and it keeps christmas very silly - which is how we like it.

And J's right...a house is not a present. Its a commitment. But, turbomann and I don't ever really do gifts for each other either - he claims I'm hard to shop for - ridiculous! - and turbomann really IS hard to shop we just skip it, and go somewhere nice for dinner.
Mmmm... homemade apple pie.

Of course I'll get pictures of the finished glasses. Actually, I could probably have the giant take a picture of one of each variety (polymer clay and wire/beads) tonight since I only have to bake the clay one and spend maybe 10 minutes putting beads on the other.

Sure, I'll take out of state orders! And I'll really send them out this time! I'm doing: english toffee with chocolate and almond topping, chocolate dipped pretzels, fudge cubes, and potato chips, pecan pralines, and truffles with homemade caramel, malt powder, coconut, key lime, orange/Grand Marnier, Bailey's, hazelnut/Nutella, peanut butter/Rice Krispie, tiramisu, peppermint/candy cane, raspberry, and maybe a few others if I find good recipes. Maybe even regular old chocolate with cocoa powder, too. I'm not making nearly the huge batches I did last year, though. I'll still have more than I know what to do with if I just do half batches of the truffles.

Taloo, your caramels sound wonderful. I especially like the sea salt ones. My favorite thing about caramel is the salt.

I don't remember if I saw J's vest, but it sounds like it came straight out of gay hell. A vest with musical marquees? For a straight guy? It's sad when so much effort is put into something that's laughable.

I hate to admit it, but yep, it's getting to be that time of year. I gotta start saving for gifts again and not let myself go overboard like I usually do. Last year, I got my brother this really cool framed piece of artwork from a local artist and a cordless phone. He got me a cheap-ass AM/FM discman and some stupid lotion. I put actual thought into what I got for him, and I got bubkus. Really, I wish people would just tell others what they want for the holidays so unfortunate gifts don't have to happen. WE CAN BE THE SOLUTION!

Well, I've got some Trader Joe's tomato bisque waiting for me. I suppose I should eat it.
turbo, you don't have to buy, i will give you some.

oh, what are your favorite restaurants in chicago? Just curious.
Mine would have to be:
Schwa (but they are booked for 3 months in advanced now, grrr.)
Hot Dougs
Khan's Barbeque (on devon)
and Tony's Burrito

wow, diva, what a variety. You know, I try really hard to give thoughtful and useful gifts. It totally bums me out when some one gives you some thing stupid and thoughtless just to give something. I would really truly rather not get a gift from them if thats the case. Its more junk to get rid of.

I forgot that you guys finally got a trader joes.
hi hi sort of driveby....i read but don't have time to comment, busy landlord is being a total dick and won't give the girl who lived here before her deposit back unless it's in person, but she's stuck in canada because of visa issues.....can we get some vibes for that? oh and doodle, watch your mail.

taloo - you are too kind! I would be delighted to get some of your chocolates!

And diva, I'll definitely place an order....baileys chocolates...droool....

That's it...I need to make another batch of homeade nutella tomorrow to stanch this choco-mania!

Favorite restaurants....hmmm....Thai Spice (devon & wayne), Campagnola (evanston), Wholly Frijoles (skokie), Chinoiserie (winnetka), Indian Garden, Hopleaf, Moody's Pub, Gruppo di Amici (devastatingly close to my house), Heartland Cafe, Frontera Grill, El Novillo taqueria...we go to fancy spots so infrequently, most of those are more general/affordable selections....there are just too many choices in our city, and we always end up with the same 4-5 restauants in heavy rotation - mostly spots that are close to our house.
hello everybody....

i need to start making crock pot soups....i did the chicken overnite...jake woke me up insistently cuz he smelled chicken. hahaha silly cat. oh and we carved his first halloween pumpkin last nite. i even took picts. he so did not like the smell. laugh.gif

fj, an abcess? boo hoo. those are so not fun.

((((get better vibes for math baron))))

this weekend was a blast, frightfest and rollercoasters on friday, potluck with friends and good wine on sat. and cooking, crafting, and general sleepyness at home with my boys yesterday. so nice.

oh i almost forgot...turbo, i have 900 or so hours to go in class. booo.

tonite i have to make rice krispie treats for tomorrow in class...which we are doing a potluck and costume contest. the an-ti-ci-pa, killing me!!
"sea foam" I think I know what you're talking about, turbo. The inside is light brown and has the texture of hard foam insulation. My dad gets some of that each year at this candy shop in northern MN and they call it "hot air." It's soooooo tasty and addictive. My teeth always hurt afterward.

The Indian NY sounds like it was lots of fun, mox!! How cool for moxette to participate in an event like that! Mmmmm....Indian food.

Wow taloo!! The guy spent $500? Craziness.

Oh's diva's chocolate season...beware...

That vest thing is so funny, taloo! I can't really remember it. In my family, we pretty much just tell each other what we want and then nobody's disappointed. We throw in a few surprises though. Fortunately, I have a sister with pretty good taste and she keeps family members from buying stupid gifts.

God, I hate eating healthy. I know I complain about this stuff all the time, but I just can't help it. Why?!! WHY?!!! *in Nancy Kerrigan voice* Why must yummy stuff make me fat and give me diseases???!!!! No fair.

ETA -(X-posts!!)

~*~*~*~deposit vibes for girl~*~*~*~

Gb, you always have the most eventful weekends! I'm jealous! Save a Rice Crispie bar for me.
Yep, that's the stuff poodle! My gramma usually gets me some for xmas, its always something to look forward to - she and I are the only ones who like it - so its all ours!

You're so right on the eating healthy thing, poodle...I have to get some religion about it again soon - maybe a cleanse'll happen next week...and we're headed into the dreaded eating season to boot. oy. I've just been eating too much wheat lately, and its making my body tired, so I need to cut myself off. The wood fired roman pizza place two blocks from my house has been devastating for my supposedly wheat free diet.
oh, its not really an "event" any more than a big family get together with lots of food, and gifts for the kiddos. Instead of a tree, there are sparkly lights and bright colors. We eschewed the big celebration at the temple this year. Maybe next year she'd like that.

so, i started back at the gym with a vengance today. on MWF, there are a slew of new, exprimental classes being offered through the beginning of January. TOday, i did an old stand-by, abs/back; this wednesday, I'm doing "gliding" and next week "hybrid: a mix of gliding, pilates and the 'chi' ball". I've never ever even heard of the chi ball...but the trainer who's teaching the classes is my favorite, and its sure to kick my ass good! I just can'd go and just ellipitcal and weight train anymore. boring, zzzzzz...and with food season coming up, i'd better work hard to maintan my WL goals. This week, the goal is NOTHING bad for me enteres my system. That means: no sweets (save for homemade cocoa- i control the sugar intake), and no fried foods. I had the yummies grilled hamburger with potato salad for lunch. See? Substitutue the fries, still enjoy meal.
Good afternoon, all! I haven't had a chance to read.

I've got a group of teachers from China coming through this afternoon, to hear me talk about the centre and about women's issues in Canada, and I have NO idea what I'm going to tell them. Well, I have a vague idea, but that doesn't mean I'm not completely unprepared. Which is why I'm online, trying to see if there's anything I need to know.

I DID just learn that China has ratified the U.N. International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). As has Canada. As has NOT the United States.

Ok, got to run. Will check in later today, early evening.
hi kiddos!

been busy beaver today. hehe. beavers. does anyone here follow college football at all? this past weekend, the beavers beat the trojans. when the announcer said that, i couldn't help but giggle. hehehe.

i'm a dork, i know.

i've not had any trouble getting into the lounge, but i've had two posts get eaten today, which is why i haven't peeped much. got a lot done, so it was a good way to start the week off. in fact, i might have met my worker goal for the first time all year. i really hope it happens. because...

there is a good chance that i can CAN this job at the end of the year. actually, it would be mid-january. mrfj is about to get a substantial pay increase in the coming year. like enough to cover my salary. so he's offered for me to take a couple months sabbatical to "find my calling". at the same time, some friends of ours that own their own company are looking for people to work part-time from home, making substantially more than i make now, setting appointments. they own an upscale dating service and need people to call on their leads and set appointments for them to go into the office to buy memberships. the memberships run from 3K-7K and i would be paid 12% commission on anyone that follows through with the appointment and buys the membership. they tell me i could bring in several thousand per month. but, even if that doesn't work out, it will be sooooo nice to tell this company that i'm not coming back. i'm burned out and i've hit the ceiling unless i wanted to move 6 hours away to their corporate office, and i'm NOT willing to do that.

i'm still not allowing myself to truly believe that i can blow this popscicle stand just yet, but it would be pretty awesome to go out in a blaze of glory and break all sorts of company records. dig? dig.

gah! the seafoam chocolate sounds amazing. on the show about the chocolatier that i watched on food network last week, the guy had made earl grey chocolate, which just sounds incredible. YUM.

diva, i hear you on the thoughtful vs. non-thoughtful gifts. sometimes i go to a lot of trouble and wonder why. but then again, last year most of my family got food for their gifts. as taloo, we had just bought our house last year, so we offered to have christmas dinner at our house and we bought a tree and all the food to prepare each person their favorite meal. i thought i would spend less by doing that, but ended up spending a shitload on shrimp, standing rib roast and other yummies and still wound up getting actual gifts for everyone in the end.

oh, and on the "oh, you shouldn't have" tip: mrfj is currently on the outs with his mother because she bought us this hideously garrish halloween decoration and assumed we'd be putting it up on our mantle. he called her out on its tackiness about three weeks ago and things have been strained since then to say the least. yikes!

moxie, so proud of you for the gym efforts. i've done well just to get out and walk a few times in the past week. we should do that again tonight. it's kind of fun/exhilirating, even if many calories it does not burn.

poodle, i want a big greasy cheeseburger and french fries. i can't help myself. i know i should eat better, but i just don't want to. fortunately, my checkbook won't allow the greasy burger and i'll be forced to cook what i have in the fridge, which isn't much.
FJ - you have got yourself the sweetest man - and take him up on that amazing sabbatical offer and use that time to really find your perfect job, that uses all those mad skillz you have!

I just had the most fun spin class ever - it was spooky halloween themed..there were a couple of people dressed up even - funny! Our Monday night class is small - 10-15 people, and we're like a little cycling family, so we can be silly and have fun together for the hour a week we spend. And my friend Tess is a kick ass instructor. And I think we know anyone names Tess is good people. wink.gif

Turbomann is in getting a massage now, and I'm up next!!! Its sooooo good to see my CS therapist...this past week has just been a bounty of people I've been missing, who've popped up in perfect timing. And she's already planning to come back in february and be here for a whole week! Yipeee! And I love having her energy fill my space, so I get double extra bonuses!

After my session, I'm crawling straight into that's a good way to say good night. Turbo's gonna have to walk himself, 'cause neither one of us are gonna wanna do it!
Tee-hee...the Beavers beat the Trojans. Now THAT'S just beautiful! And so are the prospects of doin' what you want after the mythological pay-raise comes into effect. How damned cool is that?!!! You two are such a unit--between you and the Turbos, you make me believe in the reality of respectful love. DAMN YOU!! wink.gif

I got done writing my final exam. To me, it is a fucking joke, but I am beginning to wonder if these kids can really handle higher-escheloned thinking in an academic sense, so I am easing them into it. I forgot to get Hallowe'en candy for them today. I am just so farking tired by 5PM, plus there is the getting ready of the child for said holiday to account for, and the multitudinous car problems du jour to contend with (the brake are going again...I just had them fixed in May), and my inconstant obsessing of Math Baron connundrums.

A teacher friend of mine (the one whose kid was the one who narc'd on the child who brought knives to school) confided in me today that her depression has spun out of control. She had a cousin commit suicide, a retarded baby-daddy to deal with, the knife-threatening incident (her kid was slated to be one who would get "stuck"), and the break-up of two relationship within the last 12 months. She's really in the pits. Do you all have any suggestion of something nice that I could do for her? She's going into counselling (or to the doctor) sometime this week and I'd like to do something to cheer her up, even if it is something fleeting. I remember that you guys were my fucking life-line when the last bout of depression reared its ugly made even the rainiest of days full of sunshiney Green and Black chocolate goodness.
Heee! We're making minxy believe in the power of good relationships! I love it! Turbomann and I are pretty good together now, but shit, we weathered some bad behavior on both sides in the past, we just really accept that each of us will grow and change, and we both need our independance as much as we need our partnership. We're lucky.

And even though moxieman doesn't post here, there's another rock solid partnership for want examples...we've got 'em. How about taloo and J, and tes and mr hotbuns, tart and tartman...there's lots of good commited folk 'round these parts....

Hmmm....what to do for your friend...I think some small things over the next weeks and months are really a wonderful way to keep boosting her thoughts up a bit. A random hilarious card here and there, maybe a home cooked meal, a bar of really good chocolate, some nice bubble bath, good tea or coffee, a picture drawn by minxlette maybe with some hilarious minxy captions, a mix cd of some fucking awesome songs...nothing too expensive, just little thoughtful gestures, that let her know that you're not only thinking of her, but sending light and love her way. (((((minxy's friend)))))
once again, the goddess that is turbojenn hath given the most beautiful advice.

minx, i hope your friend finds herself in a good place again very soon. i think any and all of the suggestions from tj are perfect for her right now. oh, and maybe offer to take her little one for a weekend/day/evening to give her some alone time to clear her head.

yes, my mrfj is the sweetest man i could ever dream up for myself. he's my perfect match. i wish love like ours for the lot of ya. i know so many of you have found it already.

oh, bloody hell. i hate to be a thread whore (why stop now?) but:

earlier today, in one of my eaten posts, i was obsessing a little over my missing period. i had some spots last tuesday, really dark and old and thought the rest was right around the corner. but nope. not here yet. i wondered in my post if perhaps my recent ailments is what was keeping her at bay. surely, with the abuse i've been giving my body recently, it wouldn't decide that NOW is the time to get fertilized.

but i got home this afternoon and...

took a test and...

it flashed a few times and...


i am nearly speechless. i don't know how i feel.

of course, i'm incredibly happy. but i'm also really scared. i've wanted this for so long and have tried so hard and then, when i stop trying and stop worrying and stressing: THIS is when it happens. in the middle of my biggest party phase in my life! and while i am sure that it's mrfj's (yes, we've sampled the fruits of an open marriage many times in the past six months, but i always keep ov week seperate and always use condoms and rarely does another guy uh, "finish" with me rather than his mate) it still frightens me because we did ecstasy just this last weekend. wow, i hadn't even tried the stuff until two months ago and now i've done it three times.

i have done the research already and i have read that there is little chance that anything could have happened within only seven or eight days of conception. i didn't even have the implantation bleeding (which i'm figuring it must have been) until tuesday last week. if harm had been done, it's likely that implantation would not have even occurred in the first place. so i'm trying not to be hard on myself, but i could use some reassurance right now.

holy shit. i still can't get over this.

and i'm scared that regardless of WHAT i do, i'm going to miscarry again. i was doing EVERYTHING right last time, nothing foriegn allowed near my body and it happened then.

so i'm trying to be optimistic. at least now i KNOW that i can get pregnant. my eggs haven't all dried up and that wasn't my one and only shot last year.

man, i was really hoping to get pregnant again before my 30th birthday and i guess i just beat the clock, as the big day is 17 days away.

mrfj is still in shock and is refusing to get too excited over it yet. he's so afraid of seeing me let down like i was last time. but i'm feeling good. this is a good thing. the timing is perfect where our future is concerned. i just wish i hadn't taken that pill last weekend. but what the hell. i can't change it now. i can only take care of myself as well as i know how and hope hope hope like hell for the best.

i need some hugs you guys. i hope someone is still up.

Stop. Freaking. Out.

That's an order.

If you are currently freaking out, I order you to stop what you are doing, go make a cup of tea, and come back.

What's done is done, and there's absolutely nothing you can do to change it, you are right. Stressing out about stuff could impact your pregnancy and your fetus, so you're going to have to find a way to let your worries go.

Do you think it's likely that it's because you weren't worried and stressing about trying to get pregnant that it happened? I've heard it usually happens that way...

Anyway, congratulations are in order, I hope!

Still got to catch up on the thread, but I'm around...
Gah!!!!! It's frellin' cold in my apartment! I left the windows open all day because it's gonna start to get really cold out starting tonight, and I wanted that last gasp of fresh air for my apartment. Unfortunately, I got home too late to close them before the temp started to fall. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Just paid all my bills. I hate the student loan people. *takes deep breaths and lets financial stress melt away*

Beavers vs. Trojans!! Ha!!

Yeah, all of these successful bustie relationships throw a wrench in my theory that all men are evil. Back to the drawing board, I guess. dry.gif

Minx, just spend some time with her and make her laugh. You guys should have a chili night or something. It sounds cheesy and cliche, but laughter really is the best medicine. MORE COWBELL!!!!!

Wait...people pay $3-$7K on dating services? Wow. That's crazy.

ETA- (X-post!!) Holy crap!! Lemme read the rest and I'll get back to ya.
wtf? you're pregnant????
tongue.gif <--at mrfj

thanks for talking me down, doodle. you're right. the mr just said the same thing. i'm going to move forward and take good care of me and this little tiny speck and hope for the best. yes, congrats are in order here. i'ma wantin' to be a momma. i just didn't think it was going to happen when i least expected it.

and yes, it most likely IS because i stopped thinking and stressing and TRYing so damn hard.

i am still in absolute and utter shock. wait, is it utter or udder?

is it possible to keep waiting for the other shoe to fall, while maintaining a level dose of optimism? that's where i am now.

Still reading....

FJ, did you make that tea yet? tongue.gif Just breathe, girl. Let it be. And it's "utter"...but I'm sure there will be enough udder jokes in the next few months to satisfy all.

Mr FJ, you sly old dog. *elbows Mr FJ and hands him a cigar*

Hi poodle!

Is it wrong that I ate Kraft Dinner and cashews for dinner?

ETA: oh, turbo, I did see your was the bedroom wall around the closet door - well, curtains - that I painted, charcoal grey. Not as neatly as your purple wall, either! But it's an improvement.

And diva, I really want to see pics of your crafts, especially the martini glasses, which sound wayyyy too cool!

Nurture that egg, you sexy beast!!

I swear, this shit always happens when you are being bad. I had been on a likker and weed binge when I got knocked up and was super-freaked (it was only within the first two weeks of conception). I don't have any salient advice other than stay away from high doses of vitamin C and take yer folic acid.

I am making teacher-friend a mixed is full of fun stuff and weird sentimental shit I know she would like yet would not help push her over the edge. Thanks everybody!

HOLY SHIT!! SHE'S KNOCKED UP! (and yeah, it's utter...udders are on cows).
thanks, me ladies. i'm really happy and getting used to it as time goes on. i appreciate the love though. smile.gif
Wow! (((((((FJ))))))) Take some serious care of yourself now. Did you take the test more than once?

Oofda. I'm a tired poodle. I wish the freakin' heat would go on so I can crawl into a nice cozy bed.

wooo hooo FJs!!!

I am stuffed to the gills. I had chicken boti, frontier chicken and garlic nan.
I watched corpse bride too, but I didn't make a pie.

I am feeling a bit cranky for no good reason. I think I am just PMSing. My boobies hurt so bad.
Hello minxie and taloo!

FJ, I hope you take some time now to just enjoy what's happening. I know it's hard not to worry about all the different possibilities, but I think no matter what happens, you can only focus on what's happening right now....and enjoy it! Live in it, if you will.

poodle, how's that coffee table project coming along?

minx, how's the...oh should I ask? Yes. How's the math baron project coming along?

taloo, I'm extraordinarily jealous of your meal.

Well, tomorrow is the very last day the Centre will be open. I can't honestly say that I feel sad. I guess that's a sign of how burnt out I really am, after all this time. Maybe I'll feel sad when we finally move. All I can think about now is the month of work ahead.

I am managing my stress by manufacturing a crush on the guy who plays the young boss on Ugly Betty. He's kind of a cutie.

try to enjoy the last (open) day at the centre and if necessary, keep repeating the mantra: when one door closes, another opens.... i know, it's cheesy, but in this case, seems mighty appropriate.


i should be sleeping right now but i can't.
FJ's- you are so lucky to have each other and this little one will be a very lucky little soul. A family full of love, life and laughter is all a kid really needs. Oh, and I was butt-ass drunk for about the first 2 weeks of my pregnancy with moxette, and she seems brite eyed and bushy tailed. smile.gif I actually was having a glass of wine when i TOOK THE TEST. Yeah, well, sue me. smile.gif (((grow little fj, grow!)))

Don't worry about the spotting, either. Its totally normal, esp. if you have had, um, lots and lots of portions recently. And, you have! Yeah for that, too! smile.gif

So, today is moxette's first halloween...i hope the little lady can make it to our annual gathering with our neighbors w/o flipping a lid. Minxy- what's minxlette's costume? Moxette is a fuzzy buzzy bee. hehe.

ok, i really need to accomplish some payable work here...but i don't wanna. grrr...

Egads, but my circadian rhythms are rock solid. I woke up at 5AM...I only got about six hours of sleep, but my body is so stubborn that it still thinks it's 6:20AM around these parts.

And I swear to Hip Momma Blanche, if I start sympathy lactation because of the FJ's, I'm gonna get pissed...and smell like parmesan cheese. Have I ever mentioned that shit before? I remember at the height on breastfeeding Minxlette (14 months), I would wake up with these B-52's that would shoot milk straight out, and occassionally, I would be morbidly curious and check the bedclothes. It was akin to all of those Tammy Faye Baker t-shirts from the 80's with her make-up smooshed that said "I ran into Tammy Faye at the Mall"...there would be two perfectly shaped footballs of milk stains. Minxlette was always well-fed, but the bed always smelled of parmesan did my nursing brars. Hee! tongue.gif

I always look forward to the annual box of Diva-liciousness. She makes the best confections in the omniverse, yo. Two years ago, she dropped a box off at my house without my knowledge, and when I went out for a cigarette--there they were!! Totally exciting at 10PM! Those peanutbutter ones are simply CRACK. Minxlette and I ration those ones out for we have sold our souls to this candymaker. Diva must have a memory like a steel trap, because she had only been at my house two time previously. Whoot! Or maybe she had Mapquest. Har!

Hmm...Math Baron. I am not sure what to do with him. It seems fairly sure that he is interested, but it is finals time this week and everybody's scrambling to get shit done, and since he's a bit on the obsessive-side (girl, you should have seen his PERFECTLY organized house...the rows of water bottles simply SLAYED me). I am dropping three Halloween bags off to staff buddies of mine today, him included. We shall see...he really liked the last mix.
Happy All Hollow's Eve!!!

Awwww...moxette's first cute. I love baby costumes.

I haven't quite adapted to the time change either, minx. Oh well, that gives me a chance to watch an episode of Saved by the Bell this morning!!

"B-52's that would shoot milk straight out" Bwahahaha!!! I'm imagining the femme-bots from Austin Powers right now!

I agree with FJ, doodle, the closing is very symbolic for you! I hope that it gives you some peace of mind in the end.

Oh, and my coffee table project is on the backburner while I work on the etch-a-sketch frame, christmas gifts, and painting my bedroom. Now that I have this 70's chair and put off the couch purchase, I'm rethinking my coffee table options and now I'm considering putting an ottoman where the table currently sits and buying a smaller, round table to put between 2 chairs. I'm still gonna do this collage somewhere though. It'll take a while because I'm picky and neurotic when it comes to composition and imagery. I plan on collecting stuff for a while until I come up with the perfect pics. It's gonna be more of a work of art than a random collection of images.
I would wake up with these B-52's that would shoot milk straight out

Ok, ladies. If anyone needs me I'll be in the men's room for about, oh, 45 seconds.
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