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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I heart todd oldham - is that a good book?? Maybe I'll go and peruse it at the bookstore this weekend. I need to go spend some dawdling time at a bookstore again, I've been lacking lately in my reading, and I can always use more inspiration for the house.

Pastor Dave is a radical dude, for being Lutheran, and while I have several friends who are pretty fringey Lutheran Pastors who I adore...none of them are in Chicago. But anyway, I explained to him that the current public face of Christianity feels too messianic to me, too settled, too conservative, and too sure that they have all the right answers. I don't feel like truth offers you the answers, more that it offers a framework for exploration on the journey. Furthermore, I feel like most churches exist to preach to the people sitting in the pews, and largely engage in too much navel-gazing, and not enough good works in the community. So, NO, I don't really call myself a Christian these days, though I am Spiritual, as washed out as that phrase can be too. And then I said I am still very uncomfortable with a church that still thinks its OK to exclude groups of people - namely gay/lesbian people....that while they may be welcomed in many churches as parishoners, if they are not allowed to be in leadership roles, I can't sit in your church. The Jesus I've read about was as radical as they come, and he was out there with the people living on the edges of society - he wouldn't care about the suburban churches, except to mobilize them to get out there and help those who've been excluded. So that's my stance.

Pastor Dave was more than receptive to my feelings, understood them, and reflected much of it back to me...the guy walks with his god in the best possible sense, and that's why his church is out in the community as much as it is in the sanctuary, and going to other countries to offer help where needed. He pushes the envelope and makes his congregation feel uncomfortable in the face of injustice, so they get out there and act on it. His response was so welcome, where my parents make me feel like a pariah. And, the guy can tell a story and wrap it in his faith in a truly remarkable way...I'd love to go to his church again, but I am NOT moving to rural Georgia. And then he tells me that this Sunday for Reformation, he's going to preach in blue jeans and a ripped t-shirt, and segregate the congration by those with tattoos and those without, and let them all know that they need to be reaching more tattooed people. Good stuff.

Soo for a long ramble....that took up much of the evening. He did try and bring me back to the Lutheran fold, though, and it was pretty cute. I told him he has some work to do, yet before that ever happens. smile.gif

Poodle, you might want to check around and see if any theaters in Mpls are showing Nightmare in 3D - its been re-released all across the country! I heart tim burton too...dude is a genius.
Happy friday bitches.

Boo, it is gray and depressing here.

Doodle, are you gonna post pics of the curtains over in the ab fab thread? You should.

We didn't go to the coctail party lastnight. Didn't feel like venturing out in the rain. In stead we ordered pizza and watched broke back mountain. I fell asleep half way through it cause I was so tired. Jake G is fucking dreamy I tell ya.

*sigh* i need to go get more coffee.
Hi, peeps!

I've got that Todd Oldham book at home. I've been meaning to make the woven ribbon pillows, but haven't gotten around to it. I really need to make a point of using these books for things before I forget about them.

I love the idea of curtains for closet doors. I used to have that in college, actually. They were made out of black crushed velvet and were held together by staples. I still use the fabric to cover chairs and sometimes tables for craft shows. smile.gif

Doodle, I'd love nothing more than to be able to make my own beads, but I fear I'd have to get a bunsen burner, and I'm not comfortable using one of those in the house, not that I'd even know what to do anyway. I want to take an art class at some point and learn how to do it before I invest. I've already got a half million hobbies and I'm running out of places to put them.

Turbo, Pastor Dave sounds darn cool. I'd always wished I were Lutheran because it seemed a lot less sanctimonious than Catholocism, in which I was raised. I like people who truly walk the walk and put serving others before themselves, and remembering that that's what Jesus did. We had a priest like that for awhile at my parents' church, Father Mickey, but he's long gone. Their church is especially sanctimonious, and pretty damn conservative. At least the really bad priest retired, and now they're left with some guy who looks like Richie Cunningham with a beard.

I don't believe I've ever seen a Tim Burton movie.

Hi, Poodle and Taloo!

I started on those glasses I was talking about yesterday. I only got the wire and anchor stones done for one of them, but that's because I'm experimenting with adhesives (using epoxy resin right now) and don't want to do a whole set out of the wrong stuff just to have to do it all over again. I think it'll hold with the epoxy, but I'll know tonight when I take the tape off. Then all I have left is the beading, which is beyond easy, just a wire with a bunch of beads on it coiled around the stem. It'll take all of 10 minutes, and that's if I'm being perfectionist about it, which I probably will be.

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend? We're sleeping in and just hanging out at home, except for one day with the giant's family because his brother comes back from Iraq today for a couple weeks. And I'm only going out if it's an extended family thing. If it's just his immediate family, I'd feel a little uncomfortable and would rather stay home and catch up on TV.

Where is that darn Karianne? I miss her.
turbo, its funny that you're meeitng with Pastor Dave who has a church in rural Georgia coincides with me reading Jimmy Carter's new book on moral values in America. Now, I'm an athiest- ok, a secular humanist (i tent to think of atheists in a very fundamentalist light myself), but reading of Mr. Carter's brand of Christianity reminds me of why some of the most potent philosophical and moral teachings I've adopted into my life are those taught by Jesus. Mr. Carter seems to have a special resentment towards christian fundamentalists, and has even recently formally seperated himself from the Southern Baptist Convention- for EXACTLY the same reasons you just outlined, turbo.

Anyway, i had huge, scary troubles getting on the lounge this morning, too. i think the old URL's forwarding has expired. I got the new URL, and here I am!

My man comes home tonight! YIPPEEE!
I may go rent Chocholat tonight...i've never seen it. bad me. i know.
Moxie, I think if there is anything that might lead to some good portions tonight, its watching Chocolat and then ravaging your man after a week of separation!!! Go for it!

I'm actually home now....I was feeling really pluuurby in the office this morning, and just decided that finishing the day was not what I wanted to do. So, I came home for a little mental health afternoon...and wouldn't you know it - with a mug o' hot mulled cider, and some pumpkin seeds, I feel just fine. Still, I think there will be napping this afternoon, and perhaps a bath.

Diva - those glasses sound really cool - I wanna see piccies of your finished product! And then, you owe it to yourself to go rent a Tim Burton movie - I like Corpse Bride more than Nightmare, but Edward Scissorhands might still be my alltime favorite, although I do like Beetlejuice alot, and the new Willy Wonka....there's so many good ones, its hard to choose....just stay far far away from Ed Wood - that one was a stinker.

I think I need to go check and see if Audible has the new Jimmy Carter book....and if he reads it - that would be truly excellent!
mmmm even doodle admitted the hotness of depp...amazing.

drunk depp-dipping crusty cooches...hehe

tonite i am supposed to go to frightfest at six flags....i think i'm going to need a nap to keep up. lol
and tomorrow i get to sleep in!!!! yay!!!

that's so cute about george...sniffing in the curtains....'i know i know that smell from somewhere'.... laugh.gif
jake is still spooked. but he's much better. still a clingy pillow hogger though. dry.gif

yay for moxieman coming home, moxie...i swear the week just flew by.

i've also decided to start the Saturday program at school--thus getting me thru faster...which is a good thing. so i will start that next much for taking it easy. lol

mmmm...soup...i need to make that on sunday. any good crockpot recipes?

my dad wants to get some llamas....which means I would be gettting llamas....i seriously hope he's current schedule doesnt' allow for llama time.
fridayyyyy! oh i'm so glad it's friday. i've been so stressed all week with two freelance projects in addition to my regular job, plus i've been feeling on the verge of sick since saturday, plus ex-stress, plus waiting for the last paycheck i need to be able to afford my apartment......i still have a ton of stuff to finish up tonight and then tomorrow i have to get up early enough to go deposit my $$ but after that i can just fucking relax. i can't wait.

what all of you are saying about religion sounds a lot like my own beliefs. i was raised quaker, which has been called "more christian than the christians"--pacifism, tons of social justice work, etc. i have trouble though with thinking of any sort of god as an entity, and i have a crapload of trouble with any sort of evangelism at all....i mean, not to start a melee, but why do tattooed people need to be lutheran? and generally unless you're talking prison or gang tattoos, tattooed people aren't generally a populace that needs a lot of help--if they can afford to get tattoos. meh. but i agree with the walking the walk. so many christians really don't pay attention to christ's actual teachings, which really irks me. my college roommate used to get upset when i argued with her about religion, but it turned out she really had nothing to back it up with--i'd done a lot of bible study and could point out passages that she had never even heard of or read for herself.

speaking of, i really want to see that movie "jesus camp". talk about a halloween horror flick!

poodle, that pendant lamp idea sounds really pretty! you should make some to match your new chair.

yay! moxieman is coming home!!!

hooray for doodle's new household bounty!

turbo might go to jamaica!

talooooo watched the gayest movie oh my god tongue.gif

who did i miss? do we need to send the bustie mob out to kidnap karianne?
hello diva, ms gb, turbo and mouse.


I was going to dry my hair. I go to plug the dryer in and it comes on cause I didn't turn it off last time. All of a sudden I smell something really bad. I look down at the dryer, which I am holding by the chord, and it is a ball of flames. I unplugged it and let the fire go out, and now it is a black melty mass, and my house smells like burny. Thank god I was holding by the chord and not the handle or I would have gotten burned really bad.

Oh well, I need a new dryer anyways.

Jesus camp? Never heard of it. I will go look it up on IMDB.
Have any of you ever seen "Saved?"
taloo- HOLY SHIT is right! Thank whatever-is-out-there that you were holding the cord!

Saved! One of our favorite movies! I know christians like that- and attended a wedding of young (college age) hippie-rock-new evangelical christian types, and couldn't keep the movie outta my head the whole time. hehe.

I suppose if I were raised with a religion, the closest would be Unitairian church. Its where my parents were married, and really, its secular humanism at its finest, plus a dietety. I can't get over that intellectual hurdel, but I do enjoy going to the Unitarian church near my house from time to time.
Oh, I guess I have seen some Tim Burton films, just never the claymation kind. I've seen Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and Ed Wood. It was odd, but not that horrible.

I am so freaking hungry right now. I'm waiting on a friend to call back to see if she wants to have lunch somewhere, otherwise I'm thinking today's a Chipotle day.

I loved Saved! I loved Mandy Moore yelling "I'm full of Christ's love!" as she threw the bible at the back of someone's head. Thank Maud my parents never made me go to Catholic school, it sucked bad enough forfeiting my recess time on Wednesdays to go to CCD.

Shit, Taloo, I'm glad you didn't get hurt. The thing just burst into flames, huh?

Hi, Moxie, GB, and Mouse!
holy crap taloo! i hope you're okay! that is scary!

i thought "saved" was hilarious. "i drove my van into JESUS!" "jesus camp" just came out and the creepy thing is it's real; it's a documentary about christian evangelical camps and it sounds terrifying.
so karianne is MIA....taloo's hair dryer just spontaneously combusted, a potential jamaice trip for turbo...what next????

(((bustie vibes for health, weath and happiness)))

who knows?

p.s. i glad you didn't get scorched dryers are scary things. i always make sure that each one i get has one of those 'breaker's on it...just in case of power surge.
I think I need to go rent Saved! in the near future...

I don't think I'm *actually* going to Jamaica...but it does sound fun. And Dave's daughter is going and we were close friends in HS, so it could be very fun, but I doubt we'd have money to do Jamaica and Ireland in the same year...we'll see.

talooo! I'm so glad you're okay!!! What a freaky thing to happen to your hairdryer!

ms gb - that's great that you'll be able to finish up school faster - how much more do you have left?

mouse - I think you have a well deserved weekend of relaxation ahead - you've had a busy week too!

I just canceled our plans to have friends over for dinner, I'm too wiped out to think about entertaining for the 4th night in a row. I need a break...and to spend time with turbomann.
Hey babes!!

Saved is a cute movie. "I ran my car into Jesus!!!!" Hahahaha!!!

I'm actually grateful that my parents sent me to catholic school, because it was small, we wore uniforms, and, truthfully, I got a better education during those years. A lot of the kids in my grade (including myself) were put in advanced classes upon entering public highschool--especially in english. I did that thing for a year or so, but then I started hanging out with the skaters, punks, and stoners, and it was downhill from there.

We always despised the CCD kids because they would leave garbage scattered around our classrooms.

The problem I have with so many religions and belief systems is that they're so anthropocentric, and that includes atheism. The human brain is too retarded to ever grasp the mysteries of the universe. We give ourselves way too much credit as a species. In the grand scheme of things, the difference between a human and, say, a dog is so small, that the two are almost indistinguishable. Christianity and Judaism put human existence on a pedestal, and atheism overestimates human intelligence. I have a spiritual side, but I suppose I would fall into the agnostic category. I might also fall into the secular humanist or universalist categories. My main problem is use of the word "human" in the title. I view my cats' lives to have the same basic meaning as my own life. Meaning created by humans only applies to the human world--not the universe. If you can't tell, I hold a grudge against humanity. biggrin.gif

That's scary taloo!! Last christmas, my sister gave me a $50 hairdryer (I asked for it). It frellin' rocks. It almost looks like a power tool.

I just discovered Netflix this morning. I feel so out of touch. Netflix is perfect for me because I like the classics and weird-ass cult films. Right now I have The Graduate and From Hell on the way. From Hell is a Johnny Depp movie about Jack the Ripper. My main interest in the film is his bathtub scene. *drools*
Poodle- secular humanism explores just that- what life as humans can mean. It doesn't really apply at all to the universe- who the hell am i to try and understand somethign that big? At the same time, some universal truths, which can be found in most religious philosophies (note, i think the philosophies and practice of religion are 2 very different things) can be shared and bonded over. One of my favorites is the general "golden rule"- in hinduism it's expressed as karma; in christianity "do unto others" in humanism "do good for good's sake" and not out of divine fear or bribery in an afterlife.
Happy Friday, you skanky Republican Ann Coulterites!

I haven't had a chance to read yet, sorry! Just got everybody out of the Centre, and I'm about to leave shortly....I'm way past my paid hours for the week now! Did the media thing, had to do a TV interview - first one I've done about the closure, b/c the board has been handling this, so it felt kind of odd. They also filmed us packing and sorting and all that fun stuff. Ugh. Chair says she felt sick to her stomach and got a headache from doing the interview - not from nerves, but from talking about closing. I think maybe I've been through too much already to feel it the same way.

Anyway, I don't mean to post all gloom and doom. I feel okay. A little annoyed at having to give up part of my day off to come in and pack for the media! But I did get 7 shelves cleared of binders, and most of those binders' contents sorted for keeping and shredding. So that's positive.

Ok, WHAT am I still doing here? I need to leave! Next time I post, it will be from home!!
Bwahaha!!! That's funny, doodle. I was contemplating using some kind of republican insult this morning!!

Yeah, I'm with you on the "good for good's sake," but I want believe that "good" should be expanded to include all life--not just human life. On that note, I have a lot of respect for earth-based beliefs. They're a little "out there" for me, but I like how nature is held above the human individual. The world's major religions are so focused on the individual and punishment/reward. That's just plain bullshit. I'm sure that's not what Jesus had in mind. See, I think the whole WWJD? thing is actually pretty clever, even though it's cheesy. When I think of Jesus and Christianity at it's purest, The Grateful Dead comes to mind. I imagine the first Christians stoned and dancing around while listening to a jamfest by Jesus and The Apostles. Hey! I'd be there! I'm almost certain that Jesus was a dirty, smelly, stoned hippie. I'm down with Jesus. I'm pretty sure that he wasn't the "son of God" though. He and his followers probably did too many drugs and started having regular hallucinations.

I love hippie Christians, or Christian hippies. They seem to be the only Christians who actually "get" Christianity. So many Christians give Christ a bad name.

I'M FULL OF CHRIST'S LOVE!!!!!! Hahahaha!!! *throws book* Sorry...

Okay, I changed my Netflix top 2 to Blacula and some Mitch Hedburg thing. I can't wait!!!
yeah. people don't realize that jesus hung out with outcasts, losers and prostitutes. biggrin.gif
Wow doodle, I've never been so insulted in all my life! Good one.

((((doodle))))) that's just cause of all the crap.

j said something that totally cracked me up today. We drove past the pleasure chest, and I said that I should get some new toys. I only have one that is functional. He said "all your toys have broken cause you have a kick ass vagina." that's my man.
Eeeep! My beloved mac is making nasty noises - ugly grinding noises. I just got off the phone with a lovely tech at Apple, and she seemed to solve the problem, but now its doing it again. I was informed that I have 117 days left on my warranty, I think I had better take her in for a thorough looking over in the next couple of weeks.

taloo - J's comment is awesome - and I'm sure you Do have a kick ass vagina!

Doodle, you are a good person - coming in on your day off for media - sounds unpleasant to me!

I did take a yummy orange spice bubble bath and then a great nap, so that's a good thing. And I'm drinking more cider - gotta ward off the scurvy ye know.
Holy crap, taloo, your hair dryer was on FIRE? I haven't heard of that happening for a few decades...hey it's not one of the old kind with asbestos inside, is it?

I know that getting out there and helping people is a really important part of the Christian faith, but, as a service provider, I have to say that I'm more than a little disturbed by the way most church-based service-providers operate. And even worse, faith-based services - which are really Christian-based services - are starting to gain a lot of political power in communities, and that is really disturbing. With their newfound power, they are building service "empires," and sucking up all the service-provision funding that used to go to more human rights-based organizations. And they are able to carry on as sexist, homophobic, and racist institutions without being penalized by funders (not even gov't)...without even having to have accountability mechanisms in place. Then there's the condescending attitude and disempowering treatment when it comes to marginalized people, which makes me insane. I think I'm more disturbed by what I've seen so far of faith-based service providers and their relationships with the disenfranchised, than I am by the idea of them preaching to the converted in the suburbs, to be honest. (ETA: FWIW, I have had good experiences with service providers from the United Church, which is the only left-leaning service-providing church in my area.)

Curtains. Yes, I will post some pics, but not right now. I really want to get that wall painted first, and I've got some other things to do as well before it's all "camera ready"! Plus I've got to stop spending for the month, and new camera batteries have to wait till next payday...

Shit, I forgot what else I was going to post. I got all caught up in my service provision rant. Sorry!
I made a new thread...

When You Wish Upon the Lounge...a virtual wishing well for busties!
ooooh.....maybe we can work our bustie vibe magik to make some a those come true smile.gif

so, delia's wants this print of dinosaurs based on a bedsheet that they found at a flea market. it's huge (as bedsheets tend to be), too big to look at up close, so to get a good view i tacked it up on the wall in front of my desk for reference. now our office's front wall is covered in red, green, yellow and blue dinosaurs and i feel like i'm in kindergarten again biggrin.gif
Word, doodle. Faith-based orgs seem a little shifty, even if they are well-intentioned. It's like how Mr. Bush wraps campaigning into his public addresses. It's all mucked up. Still, if they're out there doing a good thing, then I can't really complain. It's better than nothing.

I love your new thread, by the way!!!

Awwww....Oscar's so lovey when I get home from work. He loves it when I tackle him with hugs and then hold him down but allow just enough room so that he can wiggle out.

~*~*~*~vibes for turbo's 'puter~*~*~*~

Ha! I'd love to see that dinosaur print, mousie!

That's so heelarious that J said that, taloo!! He comes up with the wittiest stuff sometimes.

Mmmmm...I'm drinking Summit Great Northern Porter. It's like beer concentrate. Yummmmmm....if I only had a cancer stick right now....minx???
I suppose it's better to have something than nothing, I agree. But the problem is when "better than nothing" becomes good enough...governments that let that happen become participants in racism, sexism, homophobia, and other discrimination, and governments that fund it are endorsing discrimination and the old boy's "no accountability"-network outright. I know you are probably more used to faith-based social service organizations in the U.S. than we are, so I'm probably so strung out about this because is still new-ish to me. I'm seeing faith-based services grow like crazy in Canada lately, and a new rise in the right wing as well. But even when we had fiscal conservativism, we've mainly been a country that rejected the kind of social or theocratic conservativism that's practised in the U.S. So I guess it's still shocking to me. I'm outraged, gol dangit!

Okay, breathe, doodle.

*breathes in, breathes out, breathes in, breathes out*

mouse, I'm envious of your dinosaurs. That sounds like a fun thing to do!

poodle, that's cute, I do that with Georgie, too! Carmella doesn't like it, but Georgie loves a good wrastlin' with mom. He loves me to chase him around the apartment, push him down on the ground, and rub the shit out of his back or sides. And also to lift him up partways (as long as he can have one body part on the floor, he's okay) and hang him there for a few seconds - he loves it, especially if I'm still scritchin' away! If I stop, he stands there and waits for me to do it again. He reminds me of a wee black "cub," so that's why his full name is George Little Bear.

Aw, I need to go find him now!

And start spackling a wall.
Doodle- word on the FBO. They're creepy in general and way too close to nationalised religion for me. I could go on and on about this, as the blending of religion and politics has been an intellectual (and emotionally scary) interest as of late. A great book on the history of religion and politics in America is "American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers and the Making of a Nation." Basic thesis: liberal democracy as a philosophical concept is very christian in nature, but none of the founding fathers wanted religion to have even the least bit to do with the RUNNING of the country. The whole "Keep what is Rome's Rome's" idea.

So, tonight has been an evening of odd contradictions. A short list: moxette would not let me put her down after school. BUT, she wanted to play and talk and wrestle and cuddle. LOTS of good mom-daugher time. Moxieman's flight is delayed at least an hour. BUT, he ran into my cousin (who lives about 20 minutes away from us) at the Philly airport, and they're on the SAME FLIGHT home! She's giving him a ride so we don't have to pick him up!

Ok, off to get my heating pad and chill before moxette decides to wae up and cry for mama.
Good morning.

Listening to you guys talk about you cats crack me up. I think it's funny that there are cat people and dog people. I am a dog person, part of the reason being, cats make me feel craptastic. holy allergies.

j and I are thinking of getting a bulldog. they are so snorty and cute, and they do this funny but wiggle when the walk. Or a boxer. We babysit our ex neighbors boxer quite a bit and we are totally in love with it. Before we make the leap of getting a dog, we are going to foster for a rescue shelter. We've been slowly working on the application, but we are holding off till we move.

Has any one seen "an american haunting, the bell witch story?" Watched last night and it left me scratching my head.

Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight, bitches!!! Yay for an extra hour of sleep. Boo for getting dark at 4 in the evening.

Oh, my new hairdryer works lovely, and it's sparkly purple. Plus it didn't burst into flame.
taloo - yay for purple sparkly hairdryers!! I have one too. And I'm sure that I bought that particular model just because it was purple...its a high selling point in my book!

And I love bulldogs - there's a 10 month old bulldog puppy on my block, and he is soooo cute. I will say that they are pretty oily and smelly, so if you're sensitive to that, you might want to watch out. Boxers don't really smell at all, and aren't oily - so you're good there...and they're totally sweet doggies too!

I'd love to foster greyhounds, but I fear that I wouldn't be able to part with them...I feel pretty attached to the greyhounds we sit for! ...And eventually turbo reaches the point where he doesn't want to share anymore, so that's stopped me on the fostering plan so far....

Okay, I've got to go to the market and get some chicken bones for making stock - tomorrow I'm making my renowned black bean soup - YUM!

Oh, and at the farmers market this morning, I bought a 1/2 bushel of apples...I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with them that I'm home, I realize - its alot of apples. Most of them are going to hang out in a cooler on the balcony until the apple drawer can take more occupants. But I do have a yummy apple strawberry crisp in the oven right now!
Mornin' ye comely wenches!!

You know you're suffering from caffeine withdrawal when you have dreams that someone drank your coffee and you go on a mission to find the perpetrator(s). Ah well, the good thing is that I'm already shaking less even though I've only gone down to 3/4 of what I normally drink. I guess my brain doctor was right afterall. Stupid brain doctor.

Awwww....bulldog puppies are so freakin' cute. ALL puppies are cute. I wouldn't call myself a cat person, but I do like the fact that they do their own thing and don't smell as bad. I love dogs, but I probably won't be able to get one for a while because of space constraints. I pretty much love any creature on four legs.

I bought a bunch of apples, too. I think I'm just gonna eat them as snacks though. Mmmmm....fiber.....

Damn. That picture of moxette is so damn cute!
thanks for the cutiepie compliments! That one is really the key to her whole goofy-ass personality. Lucky mama, I am.

Oh! We'd LOVE a boxer or a bulldog. Our neighbors have a boxer, and she is the LOTS of health problems, though...joints, eyes, cancer prone. Just sayin...

OK, I'd best be getting to my cookies for tonight b/4 silly-face wakes up. and by that, i mean moxieman! smile.gif
*peeks in* happy weekend ladies!
Oh! I was convinced I was a thread killa! Hi Mouse!!

just dropping in to say hella before the BFF family comes over for dinner, games, wine and shooting the shite!

kisses all!
Ah, happy Saturday, all! Greetings, turbo, poodle, mouse, moxie, and taloo! Wonder what the rest of the Okayers are up to this weekend?

Ooh, you know what's great to do with a big load of apples? Make a big batch of applesauce and freeze it in serving sizes! Yummy! Applesauce is so easy to make, too.

My thing with dogs is I just find them too needy, I think. turbo almost has me tempted on the greyhound thing (except I can't have a dog here), but other than that, they just seem too....I dunno. Cats are independent and there's a kind of equality of spirit between them and people, which I like. It's a "live and let live" thing. Dogs need so much attention and "togetherness" - the pack mentality - and seem to prefer the structure of domination and submission. Of course, dogs are usually more loyal than cats. I'm a real visual person, though, so the beauty of cats outweighs the loyalty of dogs! (Based on that criteria, I've made some disastrous relationship decisions in my life, too! tongue.gif)

It's sunny but windy here. Half the leaves are gone from the trees, so I can see more of the river. Georgie has been out on the balcony chasing leaves, but it's too windy now, so he's gone to bed. Carmella is, as usual, curled up very close by, on an afghan. I've got a coat of primer on the wall surrounding my closet....

Ok, have a good evening, everyone!
Hi all!

I just returned from my nephie's birfday party (he's 6). It was actually pretty damn fun. We went bowling and had pizza, and I drank lots of beer. My nephew is playing air guitar these days!! I'm so proud of him! He was also dancing to We Will Rock You, which is friggin' awesome, because I made a CD for him and put that song on it. I kinda figured the kids would like the beat of the song. I made the CD's (for both nephies) pretty mild so that my brother doesn't have a cow, but my bro told me that the kids are actually into some of the rock stuff. I'm trying to start with the basics, so I gave them a little of the Beatles and Elvis. My plan is to progress from the basics to the more complicated stuff as they get older. I'm gonna make them another CD with more Queen and other upbeat, slightly louder stuff that's still somewhat poppy and mild. I'll wait til their tweens to introduce them to AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and the more complex stuff by The Who and The Beatles, so that they'll be able to really appreciate the sound and lyrics. No blood of mine will go into this world without knowledge and appreciation of music, in all of its forms (but especially in ROCK). \m/ \m/ \m/

That reminds me, my niece's AB/CD shirt hasn't arrived yet. I'm so excited for my sis and bro-in-law to see it. No niece of mine is gonna wear pink flowers all of the time. Fortunately, my sister hates all the sparkly girly clothes, so I'm sure she'll appreciate this. I'm impressed that my sister makes an effort to buy semi-gender-neutral stuff for my niece.

Yeah, dogs definitely need more attention or else they get depressed. If I had another person around and a larger place, then I would definitely adopt a dog. Someday I would like to have several dogs. My BFF and I have this dream of running a dog shelter. I want to start a shelter for senior dogs or other special needs dogs that will most likely not be adopted. Basically, I would like to run a retirement home for dogs. My friend wants to do something with therapy dogs. I suppose the two could be combined. The only concern I have is the medical expenses. If I was a vet, then the doggy retirement home would be more feasible. Otherwise, I don't know how I would be able to provide the medical care without spending gobs on vet services. I suppose I could always just adopt a few old dogs and leave it at that.
Just checking in to say "hey".

And I'm drinking wine tonight. Oh yeah. A little extra money is a mighty good thing. smile.gif
How weird, I couldn't get into the lounge.

Good morning ladies! did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep?

Doodle, your statement about dogs is exactly why I love them. They want to be loved and paid attention to. Doggies don't hold a grudge, and they are just so happy to be around you. It is so cute. I think cats are too aloof. They decide when its an okay time to be lovey dovey. My step grandma had this siamese that was a total snot. I hated that cat. So bratty. It's like, hey I let you keep a box of crap in the house, and I even clean it out for you, so can't you at least let me love you when I want to?

There was actually one Onion headline that said "want a box of shit in your house? get a cat!" Cracks me up.

I wish you could toilet train dogs, that would be the bomb.

It's going to be beautiful today. J is going on the last organized scooter ride of the season. 100 miles round trip. I on the other hand am going to stay home and fun for me.

I feel a bit irritatated cause I know I will end up doing most of the packing. Everytime we've moved I've done most of the packing.
Mornin' babes!

Meh, I didn't really get an extra hour because Oscar decided to wake me up early. If he could talk, this is what he'd say in the morning, "Hey everybody! I'm awake now, so it's time to play!" What really irks me is that I'll wake up and feed them, but he'll just sit there. So apparently he just wants me to be awake.

I think a lot of a pet's disposition has to do with their owner. My cats are extremely affectionate (with me anyway). Oscar likes to spoon and Gus likes his tummy rubbed. Sometimes my cats give me the most loving gazes. It's so cute. Cats need to attention and playtime, too.

ETA- I like your avvie, taloo. I LOVE Tom Waits.
taloo, i haven't been able to get into the lounge for a few days now. SERVER NOT FOUND was what i kept getting. could get into the bust site, but not the lounge. WTF?

i actually woke up at 4:30 this morning, when the sun came up. i got on line to do some work, and minx im'ed me and told me to GO BACK TO BED. she was SO right. wtf was i doing up? i am really whacko.

so i went back to bed and slept until 10:30. and now you dudes are all another hour behind me. sad.gif

that's 7 hours for the eastern coast, 8 for minnehsohta, 10 for the left coast.....

and it was 34C today. on our way to summer. yup.

"want a box of shit in your house? get a cat!"

bwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahah!!! laugh.gif cracks me up TOO!!!

i love my cat. without mimi i would feel very very very alone.

i wonder how diva's vacation is going????

my brain is mush. i can't think of anything to say. i bought a VERY cool beaded lizard at the saturday wood market yesterday. you know those serving spoons, etc that have beaded wires wrapped around the end of their handles? my lizard looks like that. beaded wire. he is about a foot long. i also bought 3 birds made out of tree branches, long skinny ones with pointed ends for beaks, painted to look like birds. they rock. one of them is all squiggly. i have both the birds and the lizard in the guest was looking so grim in there.

i also ordered 2 sets of 3 beaded starfish, one of oranges, reds and yellows to go in the living room, and one in shades of blue and green to go in my bedroom. it is very hard to go to the market and NOT buy something really cool.

i want to wait until mr. hotbuns gets here so that he can pick some things out, too -- so that he feels that he has a part of him here in my house in africa. my walls are pretty bare. maybe we can find something cool to go on them.

it is now officially after 5 pm. i am going to go open some wine.
Minx: The Official Lounge Bedtime Enforcer!!
IPB Image
Tess, It's so nice to see you!

I am baking chocolate macadamia brownies, yummers.

Poodle, thanks! You know I was watching some old Tom footage on You tube, stuff from 75. Holy shit, he was hot. It's funny cause his oldish looks finally go with that scraggly gruff voice of his.

ETA: Poodle, these are just for you.

This one is so hilarious.
GAK! My beautiful laptop is really unhappy now -- not only is it grinding, it grinds and then stops with a CHIrrrrrUP! Eeeep. I've got an appointment at the Apple Store this afternoon, so I'll have to bid farewell to my shiny friend for awhile. boo...

tessie!!! I hope you're spending the rest of the day relaxing - boooooo to working on a Sunday!

Its a gorgeous day here, I got up early and took a long walk, then to the grocery, and now I've got a pot of black bean soup on the stove for dinner - YUM!

I'd definitely have a cat if my allergies could handle it....but its just not to be. Turbo is the perfect feline-canine blend. I'm not sure dogs can be more low maintenance than greyhounds. He comes up for skritches a couple times a night when we're on the couch, and when we come home, but mostly, he's in his bed snoozing.

poodle - I love that you're making your nephie mixed CDs - I wish I had someone cool to introduce me to rockin' tunes as a kid. I had a houseful of Neil Diamond and Musicals...which is okay, and all, but not the hippest selections.

Doodle, I wish I had room in my freezer for applesauce, but there's no room for anything at all at the moment - its stocked solid with frozen summer fruits for smoothies - YUM! I think next summer I'm gonna help my cousin can her summer harvest - that way I can help -- and profit from the spoils! She's got an acre of veggies, an orchard, and grape arbors....its pretty amazing.
hi, taloo!! it's great to see you hanging around here again, too! when is your move OVER and done with???

i FINALLY have a stove. i haven't had one (that worked, anyway) since may! now i could bake bake bake -- except that i didn't bring a single electrical appliance with me because they would all have been the wrong voltage and have the wrong plugs. i need to hie me to a Game store and buy (in noparticular order) a blender, a mixer, and food processer. plus cake pans and muffin tins and and and and....

i am eating cashews and drinking bubbly. after which i will have a lovely dinner of greek style chicken breasts and red peppers and olives and onions over brown rice and a dessert of fresh mango.

for me, it is the reverse. my neiceoid and her new hubby are the ones making mixes for me! so i get to be an old fart who listens to tori amos and white stripes and tool and scissor sisters and trashmen and garbage and death cab for cutie and sebastian and belle and they might be giants and and and .......

am i a geek?

i have slept late, worked enough to keep the worries at bay, played with mimi, drunk wine, eaten cashews, watched bad television, read some neil gaiman, done dishes, talked to my neiceoid on skype (well, she talked, i listened and responded via im -- apparently i need a headset. anyone know anything about this?)taken a short walk (too hot for mucy more) caught up a LITTLE bit with my el jay flist and here at bust.

and that is about it.

it is seven pm. not sure what else i will do tonight. i wish i could get my dvd to work with my cable. SO frustrating!! can't even watch any porn! hee.
wow! eveyone is here today! yay! smile.gif

not feeling too great this weekend. i think i am officially fatigued from, dare i say it, having too much fun over the past few weeks. the cyst on my ass? um, not exactly a cyst. it turned into an abcess. wtf is that all about? it hurts like hell and well, i'll spare you all the gory details. suffice to say that i can't believe this grossness is happening to my own body! then last night, i got a fever again and felt like dren. i feel better this morning though. mrfj made us a fire, i made us some eggs and bacon and now i'm kicking back warming myself.

missus abigail boots is sitting here beside me, preening. she keeps looking at me, her expression moving from intense love to seething disgust. yes, that's my girl. dry.gif mister boots is sitting on the porch with his fur all ruffled up with the slight chill in the air. meanwhile, freshly bathed miss grover is chilling in her freshly washed bed, looking cute. i guess i'm just an animal person, but i must confess that i find the cats much easier to deal with. we weren't ready for the dependence that grover has. we like to go away for weekends and she's such a stubborn handful for other people that we hate leaving her in others care, so we always have to come up with a plan for her.

for instance, my 30th birthday is coming up. since i was born in key west, mrfj has offered to take me back there to celebrate the milestone (i'm VERY excited). but my thoughts immediately go to grover and what we'll do with her for that long weekend. i think we'll call on the SILs.

taloo, i want a brownie!!! that sounds yum! i like your avatar, but i loved the one you had up before that. i peeked in here yesterday to read and was able to see it since i wasn't being cockblocked by IT guys at work.

turbo, your cousin's garden sounds great, if you can call such a sizeable plot a "garden". wow. i'd like to have something even half that size one day. my yard now is big enough for a nice sized garden, but there are so many trees and roots that there's no way i could till the soil enough to plant. it would have to be in spots. thus, i'm relegated to pots. when i read that you bought a bushel of apples, i imagined you struggling to keep a bushel basket on your handlebars. hehe.

hi tes! glad to see you here. listen to that minxy, she's a smart lady. i love you both!

poodle, the birthday party sounds cool. how often do you see your nephies? my sis called the other night and said they're planning to visit us for christmas. it's been nearly a year since i've seen my niecelets. i can't wait. i wish i could spend more time with them. i'm hoping things will work well and i won't be working full time in mid summer next year and i can have them come visit me. without my near-fundie sister. ugh. sis just started working at their church and is really getting into it. i kept waiting for her to tell me she would pray for me... she's always been a bit of a sheep, as is her former marine husband. they started going to this methodist church because "he thought it would be good for the family to do something together". wtf? how about visit a park? go on a hike? take a picnic?

argh. but at least she does have them listening to beatles music, so that's something.

ok, i need to clean up around here. it looks like a sick house.

Yeah, my apartment looks sick, too. (((Fj's ass)))

Hi tessie!! For a moment, I thought you bought a "bearded" lizard! Hee. Yay for new ovens!!

That's weird about your 'puter, turbo. I can honestly say that I've never had any issues with my home and work Macs since I've been using them.


Thanks for the links, taloo!! *runs off to watch*
Tess, we close on the 15th, but don't have to be out of our apt til the end of the month. This will give us time to slowly move. We are packing up all the smaller stuff and bringing it over in our truck. Then for all the big shit we are gonna rent a moving truck and do all that in one day. It seems less painful when you don't spend all day hauling heavy boxes. One really great thing is the garage has doors on both sides so we can back up the truck, close the front door and use the back one. We also have our old neighbors volunteering to help us.

Oh, and your day sounds absolutely fantastic.

FJ, an abscess?? Is that like an infection. For some reason I think of an abscess as a gaping puss-y hole. I'm sorry you feel so crappy, but that's what a binge of naughty things tends to do.

Oh, j said something really funny last night. Completely crass and out of charcter for him, but in the context of the coversation, it worked. Ready for it?
"two in the pink, one in the stink." Shit, I am giggling right now.
Eeeeewwww....I didn't know that J had all of these sicko lines in his head!!
wow, taloo, MY j said the same thing yesterday... that is so funny!

and yes, your thoughts on an abscess are unfortunately correct. it starts as an ingrown hair, but ends up as that. i've researched and it looks like unless you have a wound, it's caused by a staph infection. most peole have staph already and it's harmless unless you're fatigued or sick - like living at a phrenetic pace and not taking care of yourself. i THOUGHT i was taking care of myself ok. i eat a lot of veggies and fruits, i take vitamins. but i guess i'm not getting enough rest. i'm a sad case right now. i feel like taking a bleach bath. sad.gif

no more naughty binges for fj. not after this junk.

i feel dirty even though i know i'm not.

and sad. i feel sad.
(((FJ))) Take care of yourself. Drink lots of water or detox tea or something.
aww, fj. you are not dirty.

poodle, yeah occasionaly he shocks me. so unlike him.

my brownies are delish.

I really really am craving a guiness. maybe i will have to wander on down to the corner tavern.

this evening we are going to our friends for chili and beers. yum.
Oh, our Mizz FJ is diryt...but not in the way she is thinking. I rather think of her as Our Patron Saint of Wanton Hussiness. To make a distinction, Tessie is the Goddess of Gash...I am just the fucking gardener. wink.gif

(((FJ))) That sucks beyond definition, and I am sorry. Mine is finally starting to go away after two months, but it sure is ugly and makes sitting on the toity an awfully painful event. I would totally kiss your ass if it would make it go away.

I made a pot of homemade onion soup today. Totally yum. But now I want to sleep...must.sleep.
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