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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Its. Still. Raining.


I better not catch some guy loading animals onto a boat.
okay, so i got sucked into this thread looking for africa covers (toto et al) and i found myself led down yee olde internet path to - he was the folkie mentioned, as well as david gray...

i didnt find an africa mp3 or anything, but i did find the cutest version of magnetic fields 'you, you, you'.. the tune that a female sings on pieces of april. jamieson posts whole mp3s which is nice.

smitten! this guy is beyond tender and what a voice... he also does 'blue' by lucinda williams...

hard to believe this honey is straight, but i gather he is. and a canadian vegetarian too boot. nice!

just thought i should share. i emailed him about africe, so we shall see.

bustily yours,


uh, is that last post a litle spammish, or is it just me? Mermuse, if you'd like to hop in on the convo here, introduce yourself, doll!

I think my oven does not like to roast chickens. I have a lovely bird in the oven with a slew of root veg and herbs, and the oven is making a constant, peculiar buzzing sound. It did this one other time, and continued all night even when the oven was off. I had to flip the breaker on it. Not sure what to do about it, as the bird is half done. Maybe I'll switch to convection and see if it stops....
My connection keeps effing up, I'm going to have to give up soon! GRR!

turbo, are you sure it's not the chicken who is buzzing?

Ok, sorry.

I am trying to work myself up to finally going grocery shopping, even though it's 5:00 and the worst time to be at the store. I don't want to leave my cozy nest! But I'm almost out of groceries...damn.
"Unmarried under thirty couples fundamentally pisses you off? Aren’t you feisty!"

Only when the asshats walk into my house on Mother's Day trying to remove me from my fucking home!! Tomorrow is the meeting with the loan officer--I am looking at other listings to see what's out there and see if I can get some more bang for my buck...we shall see!!! Thank you for all of the well-wishing. I kept picturing in my head Jenn whispering "It's your house, Minxy...just remember that it's your house."

For some bloody reason, I like having her as the narrative voice inside of my head. :-)

Plus Lurv has already enlisted her mother's help for me!!! This is gonna be alright. I just know it.
Awww, minxy, you're so sweet! You can have the house, you can have any house you desire, just remember that, and be sure to let everyone else know that too.

My chicken/oven stopped buzzing. Thank maude.
Good morning lovely ladies!!!

Oh gawd...what I wouldn't give for a couple more hours of sleep. I stayed up way too late last night because I was downloading more crap, again. My co-worker wanted me to make him a CD of all the versions of MacArthur Park and I made him another CD with all the other songs that we joke about in the office. He's one of the few people who appreciates cheeseball music like I do. Sure, he's a republican, but he never fails to crack me up.

~*~*~*~more housing vibes for minx~*~*~*~

Turbo makes a great narrative voice. We luvs ya, turb!

I want to be the FJ's adopted daughter!!! Sure, I'm 27, but I'm young at heart!!! We could sing karaoke and Mr. FJ could play John Denver songs for me. All I need is an air-conditioned room (Hey--I'm Minnesotan!) and an ample supply of sugar cereal. Whaddya say, FJ's????

Good things about today:
1. My boss is still out of town.
2. I have a bunch of new music on my iPod, and the thing is alive and kickin' even though I though it was gonna keel over and die a couple days ago (she's gettin' pretty old).
3. I had Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast and it was yummy.

That's all for now. I better get my ass to work. Later babes!
Falljackets, that is a hoot that you and Mr. FJ snuck off for a nap. That is good marathon partying technique. I have crawled into piles of coats on the bed for a nap on more than one occasion. Not only as an adult looking to increase my stamina during long events where drinking and the like are present, but even as a little girl when my parents would have Christmas and New Years parties. I would hide under the coats with our boxer Floyd and see if we could go unnoticed. I wish I could get away with that kind of stuff now.

I am sorry Minx, I am a Buddhist and I have trouble understanding the sense of ownership and territory sometimes.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Loan vibes for Minx~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Good things today:

1. My wife has the rest of the week off for nothing other than rest and relaxation.
2. I went dumpster diving on the way to work and got a paper bag of hard cover fiction books and a Donny Hathaway Free Soul and Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come albums.
3. I am boss free for the next three days.
Hi, peeps!

I've realized that one of the best parts about being a grown-up is that you can have Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Sugar Smacks, Honeycomb, Cocoa Pebbles, and Cookie Crisp as much as you want. I'm currently on a Cookie Crisp kick - we were never allowed to have it as kids.

Turbo, my parents' oven does the same thing, and it's worse on convection. They just grin and bear it.

I should kidnap Poodle and make her fill up my iPod. I've only got 200-some songs on it and no videos. For a 30G Video contraption, that's pretty damn pathetic.

FJ, I'm jealous of your party. I want to play in a pool!

Hi, Gloomy and everyone else!

I worked bocu overtime last night (which is only a lousy hour and 15 minutes, but more than I've ever done) and the giant and I had breakfast for supper while watching wrasslin'. I got my laundry done and cleaned up the bedroom. I feel so bad for the giant having to see my shit strewn everywhere. I also made most of a bracelet, but I realized that I have nothing for a centerpiece. Maybe I'll go to the bead place on my lunch break and find one and get a really yummy lunch.

I also did the most wonderful thing last night and this morning: I listened to Air America in my car CLEAR AS A BELL. My car makes me so happy. *tears*
I was so tempted to buy Cookie Crisp last night. I decided to go for the middle-ground and get some Honey Nut Cheerios instead. I've been eating so much sugar lately--it's not even funny.

Diva, I'm gonna lock you in your bonus room and get you started on a downloading frenzy!!! You have the capacity for 7,500 songs and you've only got 200!!! If I had that much space, I'd never leave the house. My face would be ghostly white and I'd see spots from sitting in front of the computer for so long.

Hi gloomy! I know what you mean about the ownership thing, but you gotta understand that this house is beautiful and has been such a deal for minx until this point. The house has a personality of it's own and it has sentimental value. She has very few options other than to buy the house. Either that, or she'll have to move into a market-rate house (rental or ownership) that has half the appeal of her current place. What else can a person do? She can't exactly set up a yurt in Powderhorn Park.
Gloomysunday--I'm an atheist and I do understand religion and affiliation with said religions (deist or otherwise)...and I think that you understand perfectly well concepts of property and ownerwhip (which I find hard to believe since you called Floyd the Boxer "our" and called the wife "My"), but if you live in the western world, you are familiar with the tenents.

And yes, I'm being a little confrontational, but mostly it is sarcasm and a PSA due to my heavy background in feminism and linguistics (and I'm an English teacher). In my aforementioned reply to you it was pure hyperbole (I totally acknowledge that these people were not LITERALLY taking the house up from underneath me); but what you need to understand as a non-breeder is the want to protect and keep stable the life of your offspring. I have put a lot of work into this house. Plus, ya just don't really know me, and that is no fault of your own, nor your responsibility--but keep your discrepancies in check, por favor. :-)

BTW, good score with the Jimmy Cliff (second show I went to--number one being Black Uhuru) whilst dumpster diving. I love free treasures.

Poods, I have DREAMED of a yurt in Powderhorn!! Actually, what I do dream about is moving onto my parent's land in WI and building a house off the grid. Completely off the and wind power, wood burning stove--all that jazz. I wanna get crazy, smoke a lot of rope, and write things that will only be discovered long after someone finds my skeletal remains on the front porch with a pen, notebook, and a bowl in my boney lap. I am highly UNnomadic. I want to buy a house now, maybe one in my mid-years, and then build the dream cottage in the woods.

So I can plant my pot and peonies in the buff. Anyone wanna join in? I'm a hoot when I'm high and nakkid.
Dood! I've always fantasized about living out in the middle of nowhere and welding giant scrap metal sculptures and brewing my own beer! I would also have several rescued animals (including pigs) and chop lots of wood in my woodswoman gear. I also want some heritage breed animals, like Orpington hens and maybe even a Jersey cow.

The new lady in our office is a total hippie. She's wearing a long, flowing linen skirt and earthy, granola shoes. Plus, she has Annie's dressing in the frige.
Good morning you gorgeous Okayers!!

Wow, that was a lot more cheerful than I really am. Since I took yesterday off, today is like my Monday - ugh! But it's not too bad so far.

Hi minx, turbo, poodle, diva, gloomy, and everyone else!

Good Things:
1) Took yesterday off so today is a short week.
2) Hot, fresh cafe Americano from the bistro next door.
3) Hot, fresh eggs, bacon, and real cheese on an English muffin, from the bistro next door.
4) An "almost-new" (donated) XP computer is here at the Centre, and someone besides me did the work of setting it up!
5) A huge handful of clicky pencils for the Centre, given away by an accountant's firm (and stolen by me off the tables) at the conference on Friday.
good morning!

good things tuesday, eh? now i have to think...
i have tasty tasty tea
i had a good sleep last night

minxie, i'm sending all kind of supervibes that you get to have your house. you deserve it.
hi everyone else!

me and cougarlion had girly talk (and McD's of all places. odd) yesterday. it felt good to just say out loud to someone that i really don't know how i feel about the boy. it's like, part of me is convinced i'm going to hurt him, part of me is just scared of getting that close to someone in that way, part of me just doesn't want to share him. and then there's the fact that i like curling up on a couch with him and falling asleep with my head on his chest. my life would be so much less full of confusion if gerard way would just marry me.

go doodle, stealing clicky pens! i do that at school all the time. the university bulk-ordered clicky pens are soooooooo nice.

i don't wanna go to work! whine whine snivel snivel. at least i'm working 2.5 whole shifts this week, which is far better than the .5 i've been getting. i just wish i could find a job i actually liked
Oh geez, doodle, your #3 good thing sounds soooooo tasty. I feel bad for liking bacon-egg-cheese biscuits.

Tyg, maybe it would help to just enjoy the couch spooning-sessions and not worry too much about where things are going. While waiting for the bus yesterday, I started thinking about how much energy and time I've wasted worrying about relationships and crushing on guys, when I could have been thinking about happy, cool things instead.
morning okayers!!!

(((minx houseing vibes)))

hi poodle!!! i loves cookie crisp...

(((better job vibes for tyger))cuz she needs it.

doodle, now i want a sammich...grr

good things tuesday....
1. i found my vitamins yet still haven't taken them
2. free 1/2 off tickets to six flags from work...lots of them.
3. my cookies were fixed on my acct
4. new nickname by IT guy "aeon flux"--must be the new 'do.
5. i look cute sans makeup...but i could still use some concealer...

hi fj, turbo, gloomy, and diva, and kari!
goood afternoon babes in okayland!

just got back from "recruiting" new applicants at the unemployment office and it wasn't too successful. again. eh.

having a sort of yukky day today. it's coldish outside (only in the high 60s - usually about 85 or 90 right now). it doesn't look like rain so much, just gloomy. it's the kind of day that you just want to go home, curl up with a book or the remote and just vegg out. i swear i'm going to do that one day very soon. perhaps i need a pep talk from diva! :-)

i really wouldn't mind just taking some time off and gardening and playing in the house. i need to take some pics of my plants to show you guys. they're really starting to take to the soil and thrive, which makes me very happy! my ivy had actually grown about five inches across the sidewalk yesterday from the time i left for work till the time i got home!! YAY! i really want them to take over a four by five foot section (maybe bigger) of our front yard around a big oak tree. we've planted lots of ferns and mulched with dead leaves in an area about 10x10 (round-about) around another big oak and they're doing well too with their little new growths coming up every day. AND! my mexican petunias are still blooming and looking pretty. so that makes me happy. i actually wish it WOULD rain but i guess i'll just water them tonight.

i'm in another "unfocused" rut right now with work. i feel like there is only so much i can do to find the people that my client needs. where my own company is concerned, i work harder than most in my position at trying to drum up new business and resources, but i'm not coming up with anything. the current unemployment rate is actually TOO LOW for my industry: when people have jobs, they don't need my hard labor, not so great paying positions. they're looking for fewer hours, more money and better conditions and i can offer none of the above!! eh. it's making me unmotivated. i need to find other work.

and see, like i've said before, i've pretty much put my changing careers on hold for pregnancy. UGH! i hate that i'm saying it, but it's true. i've been with this company for two years now and if i switched, i'd have to change benefit plans and start all over and then not even qualify for the FMLA for another year. so, it's suffer through this for the next howevermany months it takes to get knocked up and then take off when my back can no longer deal with the extra weight and find something to do at home, on my own again OR quit this job, find something else that i may or may not enjoy and put the whole baby-making plans on hold (and you know, if i chose the latter, a baby would "choose" to arrive at the most inopportune time).

so, honestly, it's a no brainer for me. of course, i'll keep this job for the next howevermany months and then find something else to do while i'm off. i know that's the best thing. but i just keep having these "off" days and it's killing my motivation.

hm. didn't realize i was going to launch into that when i started this post.

*breathes deeply and envisions a high and nekkid minxy planting pot and peonies.*
hello lovelies!

*rubs sunblock on minxy's bottom so it doesn't get sunburned*
You gotta be careful with that nekkid planting, you know!

I went to a lame seminar foor 4 hours this morning, and honestly, I would have rather been at work, where at least I have BUST. And then I had to pretend like it was good to my boss....blech. Its rare to get any training opportunities at all here, so you have to pretend, even if it was bad.

But only 1.5 hours of work left today, so I'm counting that as my "good thing" for the day!
I'm so bad. I bought more beads on my lunch break and am going to put in an order for even more on Friday when my direct deposit comes in. But at least I know exactly what I'm going to do with these and I'm going to do it tonight before I can make excuses and let them sit and forget what I was going to do in the first place. This would be so much easier if I didn't have a roommate/boyfriend to distract me.

FJ, look at it this way: you went out and recruited. You probably put in more time than you would have if you were in the office. You should go home if you want if you've got the time to burn. That time is yours and yours alone to use when you please as long as you don't have anything absolutely pressing to do that has to be done before tomorrow. :-)

I wish we had workweeks like Europe, with fewer hours and more vacation time. There never seems to be enough, and most people's work isn't THAT important that it's worth killing themselves over.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) yummy Middle Eastern artichoke salad and lemon torte for lunch
2) Al Franken on Air America coming in clear as a bell in my car
3) I talked to Sam for a little while
4) Maybe some help (finally) with this overtime project, if I didn't scare her off while I trained her in yesterday
5) bacon

I called up my mom to see what time we were all going out for dinner tomorrow (today is my bro's birfday - the bro I used to live with), and it turns out my brother doesn't want to go out with anyone but my parents. No big whoop, but I wanted to show him my new car and play with Sam. Anywhoo, I talked to Sam and asked him what he's going to name my car. He says he's thinking about it, but knows that's it's a girl car. I'm thinking he'll pick something like Cleo. He's taking this very seriously, now he wants to also name his strong arm (a toy that scoops up stuff and dumps it), which he also says is a girl.

Maybe there should be a bead-addicts anonymous group for you, diva, and a file-sharing addicts group for me. :-)

MMMmmmm...I got a veggie sub from Jimmy John's and it's making my tummy really happy. I haven't had anything this substantial for almost an entire month and I don't think I can eat any more soup. Hopefully I won't regret this sandwich later.

(((FJ))) Work sucks balls. I think you guys should move to WI with Minx and I.

More good things about today:
1) Yummy sandwich for lunch
2) I had to explain something to the new lady and it reminded me that I have skillz.
3) The republican loves the CD's I made for him and he's listened to the MacArthur Park compilation twice now.
4) I have $474 more dollars in my bank account because of my state tax refund. It'll go to medical bills, but the timing couldn't be better, really.
5) It's my nephie's 3rd birfday today.
Actually, the good thing about my tax refund going to medical bills is that I'm not able to buy crap which republicans are hoping I'll do.
Diva, you phunnie!! And I am living vicariously through you and your new car. Fabulous! May you both spend many hours in safe, intimate circumstances together.

Good Things Tuesday:

1. ExAsshat called me last night to bitch and gripe and I laid out firm expectations and boundaries and stuck to them. It made me feel awesome, even though I had to hang up on him because he started in with the name-calling and negativity.
2. I made risotto with broccoli last night for supper and we just GRUBBED...and then I got to eat it again this afternoon for lunch. YUM!
3. I had to postpone the loan meeting for Thursday after school, but that's cool because the lady is super-nice. Anyway, I only want women looking at my genetalia and finances with a critical eye. Supporting other women that rock!! Hurrah!
4. I love Lurv's momma and am excited to work with her. Hurrah for women that rock!!
5. I feel really positive. Things are going exceedingly well. The kid is doing super-well at school for over a week now without incident. My attitude at school is altered, and I know it ain't the coffee.

Okay I am officially tired. I was up late drinking wine and stuff. It just now hit me since my students are gone. BLERGH!!!

Has anyone talked to Tessie since she got stateside?
Yikes - I have missed you guys over the past few days. I've been extra busy and stressed out lately (you know, the whole money thing).

The other day I was out of gas so I had to walk to work. I thought it would be no big deal because it is only 2 miles. It was fucking 99 degrees outside that day, and I feel like I had a near death experience. OK - I'm exaggerating, but I was suffering, man!

The whole walk, I was bitching and whining in my mind - "This sucks! I wanna go home to Minnesota and I want my gramma!!! I hate Arizona and I'm too effing pale and scandinavian to be here when it's 115 degrees outside!" Yeah - I'm a big baby. People have lived here all their lives and survived. Sheesh. I need to toughen up.

Good things Tuesday -

* Talked to my landlord today about the bounced rent check, and she was very understanding and said I could pay it on Thursday when I get paid. So, that's a load off my mind. Now I just have to talk to my car people.

* Talked to Heikki and he made me laugh. I miss that little spunk.

* Got a text message from my cousin who has been MIA since Christmastime. It only said "Thinkking about U", but at least I know she is alive.

*I found a dollar in my car this morning, and I'm a-gonna do some laundry - woot!

OK - I gotta catch up on the archives now.


Diva's got a new car with CUPHOLDERS! Hoorah! Mr. PK id friends with this girl whose dad invented the Spillmaster cupholder. Isn't that sooo innovative.

Mr. PK's show opens tonight, and I feel bad that I could not be there to see it, but I congratulated him and he said thanks.

I miss Mr. PK. And I miss Heikki. And I am so so so homesick. For both Minnesota and Chicago. I effing hate this incinerating heat here, and this isn't even the worst of it.

You guys all have such fun weekends. FJ - when you guys left the party, I thought it was for a quickie, but someone else thought it was for a nap. I was confused.

My weekends consist of drinking and puking. I'm living like a college student right now, and it's getting kind of old. I feel like I go from zero to blasted in seconds flat. I can't seem to find that nice buzzed point, then stop. Last night I barfed all over my new friend's jeep. I felt like a moron.

Today is my day off, and I'm just going to chill out. Tomorrow I have to go to the food bank and organize donations with some volunteers from work.

The Bosnian guy I told you guys about a few days ago is a weirdo. I mean, he's cool to hang out with, but he feels that because we slept together that one time that I should come home with him on demand. Last night he was trying to get me to go to his place when I suddenly had a high pressure vomit spray into the bushes and he gave up. I have to work with this guy starting next week.

I need to relax.

Has anyone heard from Miss Shuggah lately? I e-mailed her and didn't get a reply. I miss her.
Here she is!

Carmella Pic 1
Carmella Pic 2

I just got my cam working 30 minutes ago, so they are the first shots of her I could get that aren't blurry. I shall strive for cuter ones in the future! But she is pretty cute "as is"...

Will hopefully post some pics of the new furniture this evening as well...
Well. I fell asleep way too early and woke up at, like, some damned wee hour of the night. So I posted some pics. Now I think I'm going back to bed.

Pic Updates (the new furniture is the first link).
Happy hump day ya'll!!

Its bright and sunny here, I rode my bike in today, and it was really hard to come in from the sunshine to my office. AND, my new lenses for my glasses came in today, so I'm going to drop off my frames this afternoon, and hopefully by tomorrow evening, I'll have glasses with a correct prescription that don't give me a headache, and maybe my contacts will even come in tomorrow too! WOOT!

Doodle - your home is SO fabulous!! I wish someone would come and decorate my house for it stands, all of my artwork is sitting in a pile on the floor...its only been 4 years since we moved in. I need moxie to come visit and kick my ass in gear and help me hang everything. ;)
Doodle, I want to live in your home. It's so great. I love all the colors and plants. I'm jealous. And Carmella is adorable.

I need new contacts and glasses as well. The contacts I can afford probably. The glasses - no way.

Not too much to say. I've been lurking but haven't had much to post. If I come up with something, I'll let ya know. :-)
It should be a crime to be indoors today, it's so gorgous out.

Doodle, I love your mural more each time I see it.

I wish I had a bike sometimes so I could ride places. Unfortunately, it'd be a long and unsafe ride to work from where I live.

Yay! for Jenn getting to see again, headache-free!

Hi, Catsoup!

So it looks like I get to see my Sam tonight after all. My family is just weird. I was invited out to dinner last week, Mom dis-invited me yesterday, then Dad re-invited me later on. I don't get it. I guess my brother just wants to have some time to play with Sam without me being there, which I can understand because I can sometimes suck Sam's attention away from him and it is for his birthday, after all. And I get to leave work an hour early to go for a walk around the lake with my gay boyfriend. That'll be 2 walks so far this week since I made the giant go exploring more of our neighborhood last night. I need to make a habit of walking every night.
morning okayers....

doodle! your apt is the mural! and carmella looks snugglicious. i really like all the plants...i wish i had more but i think mr. gb would freak out.

hi catsoup!
Hi turbojenn! yay for being able to see!
and Diva gets to see!

hi PK! are living the college kind of life...crazy girl.

so i just did a major 'ooops'. i called one of my coworkers by the wrong name..ack....i must be inhaling way too much hairspray or something. bah.

i made this great salad yesterday...ate half of it, and then it slipped out of my hands and fell on the floor...outside on the pavement. my two classmates who were walking with me at the time, had a sad moment for my salad...they are funny. but it was a good salad. ;)

I am so tired and i want to just go to bed and eat chicken and rice. maybe some tea would help.
Hey ladies!

I like your apartment, doodle, but I LOVE your kitty pics!

Yay for seeing nephies! I get to see mine on Saturday. Yes, families are weird and they get weirder as parents age and refuse to adapt to new ideas and technology.

Yay for clear vision! Turbo, I was thinking of you this morning as my home computer was frozen and my ipod would get stuck during the update process! I needed you! Hopefully it will have fixed itself by the time I get home.

Hi msgoof, PK, catsoup, and anyone else I'm missing!
heyyy everyone! :-)

doodle! your pics of carmella are great! she's such a cutiepie! i really love full tabbies like that. mister boots is sort of tabby with white spots, but he doesn't have any of the yellow that carmella has.

i love all your plants too. i would like to put more plants in my house, but right now i'm too concerned with outdoor plantings. not enough money for all i want to do!

i got home yesterday and missus abigail boots was up on the roof. she's such a silly girl. she's been getting up on the roof every time i leave her outside unattended, and then she freaks out and can't get down. but yet, she keeps doing it. isn't that the definition of insanity? must have been that poisonous skink she ate. anyway, she's even cuter because she knows to go to the upstairs bedroom window and that i can let her back in the house that way. i still wish she'd stop doing it, or stop running out the door every time i open it!

yay for clearer vision is right! i need new contacts and have for over a year. with my astigmatism, it costs too much, even with insurance. but i'm hoping with the new products they've released in the past few months, the prices will have lowered. and, after reading turbo's post, i told mrfj that i need to go get some this weekend. my vision is horrible and i have been experiencing headaches a lot lately.

it's a gorgeous day here too. i really didn't want to work today, but had to. diva, i'm really seriously considering taking off all day on friday. i have a report that is due each friday, but i can do it from home, or turn it in early monday. i'm really due for a ME day, even though i would have to go to the doc right in the middle of it.

and i am seriously thinking of leaving early today. i'm tired and i've accomplished a lot this week. tomorrow is going to be very busy with 10 interviews scheduled for the morning. YIKES!
fj - I've got astigmatism too....bad, and there's only 2 kinds of contacts that even fit me...I've tried them all. I'm getting a trial pair of my old standard acuvues, and whatever the new hotness is for people with football shaped eyes like us. I'll let you know how it works out. I can't afford new contacts or lenses either, but I can't afford to have a headache everyday either....oh well. 6 hours of coding with my old contacts in has made me a little bit crazy this afternoon...
for new landlords to check credit and other references
should be okay except they mistakenly thought they didn't get
their rent when they did!! (the last month) and I called them Tuesday -- had faxed the other stuff to the new folks Monday --hoping no accidental snafu because we have lived lives of virtue in money and deed.

This place will be really great if I get it -- stained glass, fireplace, california style kitchen and living room for entertaining, gas stove, washer and dryer, arched window in the bath room -- thick stone building! Foyer with storage space. Clean bedroom. First floor but up a few steps.
I can store my mom's furniture without it getting sun-damaged (1940s from Venice Italy) and then have a reasonably sunny living room because it faces south.

Hope, hope.

Rain like boston hasn't seen since 1930s has finally left, am going to finally take bookshelves and microwave (both really neat and new but II dont need em) to friend who will give them to friend with a kid.

And may as well drop off ALL THE HARRY POTTERS and some cute clothes! while I'm at it.

It's good karma, me thinks.

Hooray for diva's car, doodle's art and kitties, and... turbojenns' new clear vision

gotta go

hi poodle fj and ms goof and pk!!
Hello, y'all! Hi turbo, FJ, diva, poods, 'soup, and miz goof! Where is everyone else today, I wonder?

Thanks everyone for the compliments on my place, and Carmella! I love both of those things! Y'all are welcome to come visit...especially now that I have that fold-down sofa bed! :-)

It's friggin' HOT here. It's going to be a miserable summer. Hope my A/C stands up - it's pretty old. Today I brought out my trusty coil hose to water the plants, and I was so hot that I wished I could strip naked and hose myself down on the balcony. But it being the middle of the day and all, I decided against it.

X-posted with whammy! Hi girl!
Hi FJ and whammy!

~*~*~*~rental vibes for whammy~*~*~*~

I need some ipod/itunes vibes from y'all. I'm gonna be so pissed if I have the same problems tonight. At least my ipod keeps rockin' on. I hate to give it up for the new version, and I don't want one of the super-ipods with pictures 'n' shit. It's so evil that apple doesn't make an ipod with, say, a 2,000-song capacity and no other fancy features. Grrrr...I want the music, dammit!!! :-(

On a positive note, I didn't experience any side effects from the yummy sandwich I ate yesterday! This means that I don't have to stick to a strict low/no-fat diet largely consisting of apple sauce and soup!
((((((revvvv up poodle's 'pod))))))

My old 'pod did the same sorts of things, poodle, and sometimes it needs a day or two fo rest, but its still truckin' along with the friend I gave it to.

I will say that I did not want the new video ipod either....but oh, poodle, I love its fancy color display, click wheel that is so divine, and I do enjoy having my fave music videos on it, and a couple of my favorite movies, which I've ripped from my DVDs and dumped on there....

(((((credit check check vibes for whammy)))))

Yay for poodle's organs finally accepting real food!

Doodle, its hot up there already? We've seen none of that down here in chicago....I'm ready for some sunshine, that's for sure after days and days of rain....but I keep telling myself that all this rain is good for the farmers and all those tender lettuces that I hope to buy at the first farmer's market of the year this saturday!
Hihi everyone!

I just spent the day volunteering at the Community Food Bank. It was pretty fun. We didn't get the turnout of volunteers that we were hoping for, but we still had about 30 people. And we kicked ASS!

Yayayay for new glasses and contacts! I need new contacts so badly. Mine are way old, but I still wear them occasionally. I really love my glasses. They're extra cool, so I don't feel the need to wear contacts very often. But every once in a while, I like to shake things up.

I just got a text message from Chango. He must be thinking about me. Am I crazy to still like him? Even after being away for seven months, I still melt when he sends me a message.

I have an iPod but I lost the thing that connects it to the computer. So it hasn't been updated in seven months.

It's ass hot in my apartment. I have AC, but I keep thinking to myself, "It's not unbearable yet. I can take this." I hate using the AC for some reason. I must be crazy. Well, we'll see how my tune changes when it reaches 110 degrees.

I might be going to a wine bar tonight. I hope so. I would like to just chill and drink a couple glasses of wine and chat, instead of getting blasted and puking in front of everyone.

I got some bad news from Heikki's dad yesterday. He said Heikki's counselor recommended he not take any trips this summer. He is too unstable. He has attachment disorder. I have never heard of that before, but I am so worried about my baby. He is suffering, and I don't know what I can do about it.

So, we were planning a trip to Minnesota and Chicago this summer, but that's off. I will have to make the trip to Denver to see him, but the Minnesota and Chicago family won't be able to see him this summer.

And I don't think I'm going to make it to Minnesota because I need to go to Colorado. I am so so so homesick, too. This sucks. But I want to do what is best for Heikki. I miss him so much, and I worry about him a lot.

Also - it is Heikki's birthday on Friday. He will be 12. Can you believe I have a 12-year-old? I can't. I feel like a 12-year-old myself.
Double Taco!

I forgot to say, doodle, how cute and snuggly-wuggly Carmela is. She's gorgeous!

Last night I played "Kitten War" and "Puppy War". Luckily, I was alone because I probably looked like an idiot, going "Awww" at every picture, then click, click, click on the cuter animal. Have you guys seen that web site?
PK - I'm sorry to hear that Heikki is developing attachment disorder....I forgot that he wasn't in Chicago....if he was, I'd hook him up with the amazing counselor at my work who specializes in attachment issues...I'm sure there are some good counselors out there too - you'll want someone who specializes in adolescents and attachment...its just going to take a full family effort to support Heikki and help him feel safe and comfortable whether he's in CO, IL or AZ. (((((((heikki and pk))))))

I just hopped out of a super hot bubble bath, and then put on a cinnamon oil scented massage bar for skin feels tingly and pulsating....I love it!

And now...for Top Chef! Wheeee!
Hey Turbo! I just emerged from a nice cool bath then slathered myself with intensive moisture cream. My skin is so dry, it's hot and yucky, and I felt like a piece of filth. I'm sensitive to a lot of lotions, so I have to use unscented cream.

But I am *not* sensitive to BPAL oils. Yay! I can't wait to get the shipment that I ordered before I found out I was in the middle of a financial catastrophe.

Miss Shuggah and I were playing with our imps one day, and I tried one that I think was coconut and lime, and it burned my skin. Yiy.

I feel so bad that I effed up Heikki's life. I feel like it is my fault. Thanks for the hugs, turbo.
Hi again!

turbo, it's very hot and dry's semi-desert. Lots of sagebrush, etc. 105 is normal in summer; 110 is not even unusual at the height of July. But it's a dry heat. *rim shot*

PK...snuggly-wuggly? I dunno, Carmella has a pretty fast swat.... :-)

So that little dickhead who keeps riding his mini-mini-motorbike across the lawn? He was doing it AGAIN tonight (almost every night, now that the landlords are away). So I queued up my bucket of water....only to see a cop pull up in the driveway next door...and the guy on the mini-mini-motorbike? Gave the cop chase! While driving a mini-mini-motorbike! Then he tried to sneak around the back, pushing his bike along the lawn and into his section of the building...evading a cop! Another neighbour came out and told me she was the one who phoned the RCMP. By then the cop had left her vehicle and was coming after him on foot. I told her where he lived, she got into the building, and arrested him. And THEN, as she was escorting him - in handcuffs - past my balcony and to her car, I actually heard him say, "Honey, can I at least get my ID?" Of course, she gave him shit for calling her honey! I laughed and laughed and laughed....

Then his buddy came out back and started yapping off at us and swearing about the cops, and a third neighbour came out. Buddy wanted to know who called the cops, so I took the blame, 'cause I'm safe up on the 2nd floor, and the one who called lives on the 1st. Buddy started giving me lip about how they have permission (not from OUR landlords, I guarantee it), and how they're only 20 and trying to have a little fun, and did I know what I had done to the poor guy, calling the cops, and having him arrested? And telling me what a sad, sad person I was for doing so. Of course, unwilling to face the fact that his pal got arrested for running from a cop, not for the bike.

I hope my car doesn't get wrecked. I think I might park it at the Centre for awhile.

I burnt my steak during all of this. It's probably very well done, bleargh, but I'm about to eat it anyway.
good mornin' lassies!

I'm so sleepy this morning, I just want to crawl back into bed. When my alarm went off I was having the best fantastical dream, and I was so sad to have to leave it behind. *sigh*

Doodle....semi-desert, eh? Looking at the lush verdant green of your home, I just did not picture that at all....shows you what I know. I'm really bad about knowing anything at all about geography...I'm a typical amercian in that way.

That's hilarious about the motorbike guy. I think I would have loved to hear about the bucket of water too, though. ;) It never ceases to amaze me when people try to evade the cops...and on a motorbike no less!! I'm not sure guys like those two will have learned their lesson though, so keep that water bucket at the ready!

PK, please don't beat yourself up about Heikki...taking care of yourself is an important part of being a parent, and adolescence is hard for every kid. What's important is that Heikki has parents who love him who are committed to helping him move through this tough period.
Goooooood Morning!

How are my ladies today?

I worked from home on Tuesday and went to a workshop yesterday. Jenn, I sympathize with your feeling about the training you went to. The one I was at started off well enough, but quickly went downhill. Well, I shouldn't say that, it wasn't a bad training, but it did not really apply to me or my work.


((PK and Heikki)) I am sorry to hear about the attachment disorder & you guys not being able to take your trip. That is no good. I second Jenn, please don't be too hard on yourself.

Well, I'm gonna go read the archives, just wanted to say hi.
Good morning Spring Goddesses. I have nothing of importance to report but I was thinking of you all last night at a dinner party and remarked how much I have enjoyed reading the boards. I spoke of how there is a robust community of strong empowered intelligent women that have an area that they can go for support. I have read many posts from some Busties that make it evident how integral the board can be in coping with a traumatic or difficult situation.

We don’t use our central air much either Puppykitty. It just seems like we should cope, or use something that is less of a drain on energy. I am always reluctant to use it because I also think that it should be unbearable before I go around and shut all the windows. It also encourages Ms. Gloomy to roam the homestead in the nude. We are hoping to put up solar panels this summer, so maybe I we will be a little more inclined to use the AC.

Doodle, your home is gorgeous! The before and after pictures are stunning. I am so jealous of the work you did in your kitchen. You have a wonderful eye, and you are incredibly talented and resourceful.

Have a wonderful day, one and all!
good thursday lovelies!

AND it seems like FRIDAY to me because i'm NOT coming to WORK tomorrow! YAY! AND AND! mrfj might take the day off TOO!

gloomysunday, every time i see your name, i think of this, which i happen to think was the funniest SNL skit in years. i'm glad you're enjoying the board! did i ever say welcome? hm, if not, WELCOME!!
*tosses confetti around thread*

PK, i don't like to use the AC either. mrfj does, but we've been turning it off during the day and only turning it on if it's hot in the evening. we've been having some really nice evenings in the low 60s lately, so we've kept the windows open a lot.

(((((((((((pk)))))))))))) don't beat yourself up honey. and, no, i can't believe that you have a 12 year old! i didn't realize heikki was that old. i always imagined him as about 8. hmmph. still, just give him love and support and he'll be fine.

i still feel left out of the BPAL dealio. but i get SO incredibly overwhelmed when i go to the site. and i'm sorta poor and easily addicted to that kind of thing so it might be best that i not start ordering!

turbo, i forgot all about top chef last night! grrrrr! for some reason, i always think of you when i plan something sort of out of the ordinary for dinner. tonight i'm making salmon, which has not yet become a staple in mrfj's diet, but he's working on it. i need to stop and buy some dill.

actually, what i think i might do tomorrow is go to the nursery and buy myself some veggie and herb plants and make a container garden for the side of my house that gets sun. hmmm. yes. that sounds like a good plan.

howseverybody else?

is the poodlepod still operational?
Hi, kids!

Today does feel like a Friday, but alas, it's not. Oh, well.

Doodle, good on you guys for giving those kids what they deserve. Isn't funny how they still blame you for it even though they're the ones who did it? Sad, sad, sad.

((((((Heikki)))))) Did this happen right after he got home from visiting? The boy just misses his mom, but I'm sure he'll figure things out for himself. He's where he needs to be right now and everyone loves him. That sucks that you won't be able to come up this summer, though.

(((((((Poodle's iPod))))))))) I still think you should come to the dark side and get a video iPod. Then you could watch Dave Chapelle sing "I'm Gonna Piss On You" whenever you want, not to mention all the Styx, Cheap Trick, and Journey you could torture the people on the bus with.

I absolutely adore central air/AC/whatever. I can't make myself tolerate heat when I have the option to be comfortable. What's the point? Sure, it costs less, but if you're miserable, then isn't that couple of dollars worth it? I used to live in an apartment with some college friends for the summer and it was a *REAL BIG DEAL* to put the a/c on. Big whoop.

I was about to buy yet even more beads yesterday. I've developed an addiction for collisone beads, and they're less than 30% of retail when you order from Fire Mountain. Fortunately, I had to leave before I could place my order and overnight, a bunch of stuff cleared my account. Phew! That saved me an overdraft charge.

Last night was really nice. I forgot how long it took to walk around the lake (and it was the smaller of the 2 we frequent) and the giant and I ended up being a half hour late for meeting my family for dinner. I got to play with Sam for awhile and see his smiling face and watch him dance around and bobble his head. I think my car is going to be named either Cleo or Hillary. My steak was undercooked (as was my mom's), so we all got free ice cream to have with birthday cake. Yum. And then Top Chef on top of it all. I want to talk about it, but I'm afraid of spoiling it for FJ, so let me know if it's okay to say who got eliminated.

I want to go outside and play. It's gorgeous again and I'm stuck here probably until 6:30. Suck. But I really could use the overtime.
diva, yes! tell me! feel free to talk away about it. i'll see it later. it won't spoil anything for me!
OK, then I'll spoil the fun - Harold and Tiffani are the finalists, even though Tiffani really didn't do that well in the elimination challenge. I'm sad for Dave, I really grew to like him, but his lack of emotional control was an issue for me, and I would not want to work for a chef like that. I want to work for a chef like Harold...calm, creative, great on the line.

We use our AC to keep the dog comfortable...greyhounds can overheat quickly. Me, I don't care so much - we have the breeze coming in off the lake and most of the time that's good enough for me. We need to get a new unit for the bedroom though - its the only one we turn on (there are 3 through-wall units), and ours is from the 70s. Great for white noise though. ;)
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