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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi folks!

Man I tried to get in during the week but I was all tired again. I've got the big shiny super mac at work but can only use it for work-- I really want to make a good impression -- I'm taking a ton of responsibilty and it's working! I passed my probation period and get there every day early and meet all my deadlines early.

I've got some good money these days but the moving thing is going to be a lot of suckage - so I'm trying to buy nothing. Just more to haul and throw away, and the way it always goes, you end up spending more on the apartment and moving than you want to.

I've seen some really cool things on craigslist and am going to try to call them tonight and see them tomorrow! Something like that. It took me forever to get my butt in gear today.

Hey tyger, good luck on the job, I hope it went well!! I found waiting tables wasn't as hard as people say. Almost everybody is nice and you don't have to keep everything in your head, write it down on a pad.

Hooray for turbos bike and for tart having tartlette!! That woman in the greenhouse was super nice!! Hooray for turbo's new bike too!!

FJ you are freaking awesome for giving that woman your soup!

Hi Msgoofball! It's nice to be missed as minxy would say! Hi divalla tyger catsoup doodle and poodle!! Karianne and Marileen are back too! and plynn sighting! fan freaking tastic. I missed you all. I miss my real life friends too.

But a new job plus dentistry is a lot to carry...

Oh, Kundalini yoga is yoga all about waking up the snake of energy that is your spine. They just have gentle postures and hand positions and chanting. It sounds pretty woo hoo, but i figured it would be fun and relaxing and I need somethign like that once a week to remind me to be nice to myself.

And, I didn't entrirely believe in it but this time a really cool little dinky spanish woman in bright lipstick took over the class and as I went though the motions and concentrated on what they wanted us to picture I could really feel all those rainbow colored chakras and this kind a tremblything the whole way up.

We were working on insight chakra, and really, when I release bodily energy that's all around my bottom four vertebrae fused together and my stomach pooch it's kind of unhappy trapped energy, there is sadness I don't usually let myself feel. But it's okay, I can consciously integrate it.

I have a good journal which is just a spiral notebook and i can write as much or little as I like, and I faced what makes me sad and I can separate and not repeat it in my life...

very cool.

I think everybody needs a certain amount of money power and control in their lives poodle so don't feel guilty or bad about it. I need a certain amount to feel happy too! I am really crossing my fingers about this big lofty like place for reasonable money in a cool location. It just listed today so I wish I'd gotten my ass going sooner.

This is like, cloudy and unpleasantly cold and damp here even with all the big flowery green budlings on all the tress and it feels like it's 5 am all freaking day and i drink coffee and eat food and drink coffee and eat food and still -----blahhhhh!!!

Maybe we'll see the apartment tomorrow or otherwise just get it settled and i can relax a bit and just work like crazy throwing out and selling a cleaning ten years worth of accumulated goodies I pretty much don't care about anymore.

Yeah!! A new life is in my cards at least according to my last tarot reading. And just looking at the facts.

I want to paint the window frames yellow green or yellow orange and hang up the prisms I have saved, to throw rainbows all over the place. And have people over.
Happy Sunday, has everyone's weekend been?
I decided to celebrate my tax debt by having a shopping spree on Friday night. You have no idea how rare this is. I don't like shopping. I spent about $200 at Lane Bryant (including some of the cutest panties ever made) over $30 at Vigin Records and $40 at Lush. My best friend and I even did a nice dinner with everything else. It was a lot of fun.
funjules - way to go! It is so hard for some people to stand up to doctors and it often so hard for doctors to look at their patients as humans. Congrats and I will cross my fingers for you and your man...

Last night I had an interesting and suprisingly deep conversation with this guy that I am very interested in. He is coming out of a bad relationship and...well...he is just in a weird place at the moment. I told him that I was just fine with taking things slow and that weird emotional places don't scare me. So, I don't know what is going to happen next. However, we have decided that we are going to get to know eah other over the phone and email first. If for no other reason but that my next two weeks are so busy that it works best for me.
Hey kitten - happy Sunday to you too!! I likewise celebrated my tax refund with a new bike!! That, and I don't know, but the sunshine makes me want to go shopping! I really need some new undies and spring blouses, but its going to have to wait at least a month now, until I have a little more spending cash.

And a new boy on the horizon - very cool!!

Today is colonic day - who wants to join me!! And the colonic place happens to be on the same block as the LUSH store, so I might have to make a wee stop in there - I want another tub of the fresh facial masks, and I want to get my momma some good hand cream for Mother's Day.

Whammy, you *are* getting a whole new life - YAHOO!! Well deserved, and just keep rolling with it. I'm using you for inspiration, in fact. Last night we were at a cocktail party for my friend's birthday, and I did a little networking there too...I'm getting the word out to all corners, and see what comes up. I'd love to get into the university here, so I'm going to meet with someone over there that has good connections, and hopefully she can get my resume in past the shitty HR system.

Tyg - I hope your first day on the job went well. I loved waiting tables...something about making people happy made me feel good. Watch your tendinitis though....waiting tables gave me a wicked case in my right arm...

Ok, now, I must grocery shop!! Catch ya'll later!
Lush is having a spend $40 get a free mask deal.
doodlebug's butt flush day. :-)

Good morning all. Ugh, it's not even 8 AM yet. What am I doing up?

I'm trying to decide whether to go back to bed or just stay up. I still need to buy capitol city-worthy shoes, but nothing opens till 12. (Don't you know, everybody's at church till then.) BUT I'm afraid if I go back to bed I will drift off lazily for half the afternoon and will waste half of the meagre Sunday shopping hours available. Hmm.

Everybody heard Pink's new kick ass song yet? It's called Dear Mr. President (video).
I have got to get the new Pink CD.
Oh, well perfect, I'm sure I can spend $40 in there to get my mask for free! I'm such a LUSH addict.

How do you like the new Pink CD, kitten? I was kind of disappointed with her last album....I shall have to check out Dear Mr. President...
Well, I'm still up.

Hi turbo! And kittenb! And...wait, is anyone else up?

I love Pink. I also seriously have the hots for her.

Instead of returning to my nest of blankets and pillows, I decided to see if I could play Dear Mr. President on the guitar. It's not complicated, but I can't quite get the strum down. I'd love to be able to sing it!!!

I've also been thinking about shoes. When you are size 9.5 EE (thanks, Dad), it's not a question of choice - it's a question of what fits and doesn't look awful. This is why I don't shoe shop. *sigh*
Happy Sunday Bustie girls!!! What's shaking? I stole away from the humble abode for a few do some surfing.

I've had a craptacular day! My kid told me her dad is engaged again. Please lecture my ass, ya'll. I really don't love the man anymore. But it's still a shocker. Am I allowed to feel all pissy pants about it for a little bit? If not, someone please put me in my place. Seriously dude- What would Pink say? ;-)

Well, thank goodness it's sunday. I'm going home to drink a bottle of shiraz and watch the sopranos. Who wants to join me at the cyber-bar? What'll ya have?

Alright, well my time is up. I must head back to South Fork. Thanks for listening to my whine...

Howdy again!

yummymum, of course you're allowed to be all pissy pants. You can be pissy pants about whatever you want! Just make sure you don't sit on the sofa in your pissy pants.

I found one - count 'em, ONE - pair of shoes that fit me and don't look like old lady shoes. ONE. Slides. Black leather. $120 CAD (plus taxes) on sale. They are by Josef Seibel, whatever that means. And I bought 'em. Fuck. I did learn that I can order in some shoes in my size, but I don't have time now.

THANKS FOR THE BIG FLAT FEET DAD! (He's dead, so I hafta yell so he can hear me.) A real family inheritance, yeah. Some people shouldn't reproduce - I'm stopping it here, now.

BFF's foster daughter (FD) wants to borrow my car so she can learn to drive a standard. BFF would be in the car with her. But I'm not sure how I feel about it. I just learned that FD isn't allowed to drive BFF's van anymore because she scraped up one side of it while driving drunk. WTF?? If FD had been caught by the RCMP, she would have lost her license...why should I let her drive my car if she's irresponsible? Not that there's anything you could really do to my car, it's so old (and FD would be sober and supervised) but it's the would never occur to me to drink and drive, ever!! Or toke and drive, for that matter. (It's true - I've actually had to tell my mother - twice - that she had to drive b/c I was stoned.) Anyway, I told BFF I'm thinking about it...but I'm not really comfortable with it, so I don't know....

I'm such a prissy Young Drivers of Canada graduate.
Doodle - DO NOT let FD drive your car...for that matter, I am not a fan of letting anyone drive our car (manual and diesel)...first, there's the manual fact...and you *never* let anyone learn to drive a stick on your car, no matter what your car's age....she will burn out the clutch faster than you can count to 10...Say NO. Set that boundary now.

And yummy, of course, you can be pissy pants...and I hope the shiraz is soothing your pissy pants.

And ya'll -- I have a *lovely* butt flush today! I'm all fresh and clean inside and out!
Ok turbo, you convinced me! You're right. And I can't afford for anything really bad to happen to my car.

I'm glad your butt flush was so enjoyable! Hee! :-)

After today's disastrous shoe-shopping experience, I've decided to start a "Cowboy Boots for Doodlebug" savings fund.

Maybe I should set up a PayPal donation account. And a blog? Hmm.
Good Morning!

Doodle, I second Jenn, no way! That chick will mess your car up. I think cars are one of those things....don't loan 'em out unless you honestly will not care if someone crashes it.

Butt flush Sunday! Jenn, are you all clean now?

Yummy-I think I'd be pissy too. I hope you aren't feeling bad for being pissy. I think that's a normal reaction. Does he get engaged often? I just ask b/c you said "engaged again".

Tyger, how'd work go?

Whammy, good job on your new job! Sounds like you're working really hard!

Doodle, that blows that it is so difficult to find shoes that fit. I am sure when you do they are all costly. How irritating!

Kitten, your conversation with the guy does sound interesting. I bet you will gain some more insight over the next 2 weeks too.

I had a nice weekend. Friday night was long, had to study. Saturday I had a final & a presentation in class. I'm glad that class has ended, I didn't enjoy it. Very dry topic. When I got home from class Mr K had cleaned the entire house! And mowed the yard! He was a little energizer bunny that day. I was muy impressed. That night we made dinner-seared ahi tuna salad-and drank some wine. Very enjoyable. Yesterday we realized that Saturday marked 6 months of marriage for us. :-) Can't believe it's already been 6 months!
Congratulations on your 6 month mark Karianne! My partner and I just celebrated our one year anniversary last Tuesday. Although we were celebrating one year from our commitment ceremony. New Jersey is not ready for same sex marriages, but perfectly fine with heavily hair sprayed standing bangs.
Hi, gloomysunday!! Welcome to the Okayers thread!

Congrats on your one year, that is really awesome!

Hee hee, heavily hair sprayed standing bangs. Always a good look.

Where is everyone today??
Hi ya'll!

Its going to be a wild and wooly week at work here...too many projects, plus a big fundraising event this Saturday, as well as next Sunday....summer is no fun for me - we've got 5 events in the next 3 months. Ick.

And yes, my liver and intestines are all clean now, and I'm feeling great...well, except for my bruised ass bones from riding my bike so much this weekend...they're pretty sore. But otherwise, I'm feeling great, and my clothes are definitely a lot looser after the week of cleansing.

welcome gloomy!
work was pretty okay. i'm not allowed to have holes in my face (which is actually kind of sad 'cause i was thinking about getting a lip ring near the corner of my mouth) or dye my hair colours that don't occur naturally on the human head, 'cause it's a little chinese buffet that old people frequent, and the boss wants everyone to look friendly and approachable, which i understand. tomorrow is going to suck, though, because i work a split shift, and during my break in the middle i have to tutor my tutoree. funtastic in the not sort of way.

yeah, dood, don't led the FD drive your car. if she isn't driving a standard right now, there isn't really a big need for her to learn standard right now, anyway. that and the driving drunk thing. that's just really fucking stupid, and no way should you let someone who thinks driving intoxicated is okay use your car at all.

i just went for a run, and now i feel good and exercised. it was short, 'cause my muscles are tight from not running for a few months due to my lungs being ornery, but it's all good now. my goal is to get back to my prom weight (-15 pounds) by the time i go back to school in september, which i think seems like a reasonable goal to me

yay for cleantastic bottoms! and for six months of marriedness!

now, what to do with my day of freedom? i'm thinking it's going to start with scary red eyeliner, but past that i'm not sure
Hi, peeps!

Turbo, I'm blaming you for getting me into Lush. :-) I ran amok shopping online on Friday and finally succumbed to it. I just hope everything gets to me okay and in it's original form.

*ain't no one as dope as TurboJenn, she is so fresh and clean (so fresh and so clean!)*

Aw, that's sweet that you're at your 6 months, Karianne. I figured it out and Saturday marked 9 months of being with the giant. And yay on your class being over with. Are you taking summer session?

Yummymum, of course you can be Miss Parlor Pissypants about this. Anyone in their right mind would be. But set a time limit on it so you don't dwell so much that it affects you too much.

Congrats on the job, Tyger! I've always assumed it was really hard to wait tables. Also, I'm a bit of a bitch, so I make a really good bartender when I only have to deal with someone for a few minutes, but I have no idea how I would deal with the same group for upwards of an hour. Blech. How did your first day go?

Congrats on your 10 years, Marileen! ((((((( house selling vibes ))))))))

Hello, Whammy, Moxie, Doodle, Kitten, FJs, Gloomy, and Lurv!

Today is a crappy day to be back at work. Our systems were down until about half an hour ago, and now they are again for the daily update, so nobody could get anything done. I had a really good weekend, though. The giant treated me to dinner on Friday (a gigantic steak because Lent is over), I got a shitload of new plain t-shirts, we went to the MOA on Saturday afternoon where I ran amok some more at the shops getting: good shampoo, a messenger bag I've been lusting after at Fossil (at 40% off), 5 pairs of cute undies and a bra and pair of pants I'm going to return because I spent too much. Then Poodle and I had fajitas and latin lovers, then the giant and I went grocery shopping before our coupons expired (we had 10 minutes to spare by the time we were checked out - 24-hour grocery stores rule). We had lots of the sexiness all weekend and hung out at home all of yesterday doing not much of anything. 'Twas lovely.

Hey, TC Busties! Poodle and I and the giant and my gay boyfriend are going out for Dining Out For Life on Thursday night. Would any of you care to join us? It's all for a very good charity, and all you have to do is eat lovely food with spectacular company.
Yummy, that is totally a normal reaction! I all but hate my ex and I still got all pissy pants when he moved a girl in with him. Of course karma finally got him and teh woman is gone and I'm getting married Saturday so I win! ;P As if anyone wins in divorce.

Congrats Karianne!

Doodle, I feel your pain. I wear size 5.5US and I went to like 6 shoe shores yesterday that don't even stock my size! I am so not wearing childrens shoes to my wedding!
Pixie's getting M A R R I E D this week!!! How exciting!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! *throws confetti all over the thread*

Diva, we can only hope that you do not get in as deep as I have lately with the LUSH habit...yikes. I'll take the blame though, no problem. I only bought one little tub of biofresh facial mask when I went to the shop yesterday though, so I was a good girl!

Oh, and pixie, I wore Birkenstock sandals at my wedding, 'cause no one was going to see my feet anyhow. At the receptionl, we went with hawaiian shirts and shorts.
Pixie is going to be a Married lady!

Congratulations on your six months Miss Kari.

hi diva, tyger, doodle and gloomy! hi everybody else!

Turbo! my friend W says she got her butt flushed and it was a very painful process. What say you?? She said all the water made for cramps an cramps.

Kari-congtatulations! today is, in fact, our 2 year anniversary! I have a very hard time believing its been 2 years. Pixie--ENJOY everything about the week and your day!!! Is minipixie gonna be a flower girl? cute! we will expect pictures, of course!

Self-involved moment approaches: grrrr for not being able to get HBI on my anniversary. Stupid post-partum recovery. Hrumph. We were very, um, creative with non-hbi lovin, though. only 2 more weeks...then massive HBI...gah.

Just had the lovieliest nap with moxette...she loves sleeping on our chests, hedgehog style, and its really the perfect "couch" napping position for us, too. So, awake and refreshed, we are about to have the neighboorhood ladies (I know..surburbia whoo hoo!) over to chat, gossip and drink a glass of wine. How seriously stepford? Well,. we are also gonna check out stories from a recent trip to china- so that's cool. :-)

XOXO all!

Oh, Tart, tartlette...auntie moxie has been BAD about getting to P.O...tomorrow, there should be something sent out your way! hehe.

turbo, remind me soon that we want to get family bikes...moxieman wanted to chat with you about your recent selection. Me, I'll just go craig'slist. haven't ridden a bike since i was 11 (broke my nose...decided walking was safer...), so as long as it doesn't collapse, I'm cool.
morning ya bitches....its monday..and i wish i was back in bed...

yay!!pixies getting married...woot!!!

i wore flip flops at my wedding and had mr. gb do the same...cuz thats one of the only ways i can stand in one place for a long time.

yesterday i was helping out the Doves at the Vidal Sassoon much fun!! but its located in Santa Monica near 3rd of course i thought of going shopping at lush...but by the end of the day..i just wanted to go home via the was nice out...and i wanted to forget my achy feet. but i had sushi and made some new friends so that was all good.

congrats on the job, tyger! do you get a free lunch when you work a certain amount of hours??? i personally loved that part of the food service since i tend to forget to eat.

doodle, don't, i repeat, don't let that person drive or pseudo drive your car..i barely learned manual from an ex like for emergency-gotta get out of the, they already have a mark for drunk driving...hell no...sorry..its my car...we do the same thing with our equipment...cuz if you drop the may as well throw them out cuz the bump on the floor will have misaligned the blade and might nick someone or make the motor bad. just my 2 cents.

i need more sleep...really.
lurv, darlink! A butt flush should not hurt...maybe she had a bad colon therapist, or maybe your friend just has a low pain tolerance or wasn't as open to the process as she thought. You feel like your guts are filling with water, you can feel the water snake around and fill you up, and then it gushes out. Sometimes you get a little cramping from gas, but I've never experienced it as might be more intense for people who don't do some kind of cleanse before getting the colonic, or for people who don't drink enough water. I've just always done them while I'm on a cleanse, so I can't really speak for what its like to go in cold. The therapist should also be massaging your abdomen during the process to aid the flushing.

Awwww....a moxette cuddlebug - how sweet!!

moxie - if you end up getting bikes -be they new or used, I highly recommend at least going to a specialty store and getting fitted, so at least you know what size frame you first experience last week showed me how important that was....I could barely ride the first bike the 5 miles to work, and the one I bought on friday - I rode 25 miles without my legs even getting fatigued - now that's good equiptment!

msgoof - sounds like you had a 'stylin' weekend! *groan* - ok, that was bad, I admit it, but I couldn't help myself!
Hi all...sort of a drive-by...

Just phoned BFF to say NO to FD borrowing my car. So that's that. BFF is in the middle of her SECOND fight with the internet boyfriend. And they haven't even met fact-to-face yet! Oi.

Well, back to it. Tons of work to do, and it feels like it's all slipping through my fingers, like sand. I have not yet decided which has been the best/worst tactic for me and this job: giving up my life in order to manage the workload, or suffering the tension and anxiety of being permanently behind on everything.
HEY! I'm baaaaack!

I just got internet at my new apartment, so I will be able to Bust again with you guys! HOORAH!!! I'm so freeging happy!
Fighting with an internet boyfriend she's never met? That is kinda sad! Mr. Pixie and I met online! Suprisingly enough, we met on Yahoo personals. I was convinced that was the bottom of the barrel, but I wasn't about to actually spend money to meet jerks online!
I have missed so much in my okayer-hiatus!

Welcome to all the new okayers. This is has really become a super-active community, hasn't it. Remember when it was M-F 9-5???

Moxie! Congratulations on your moxette's arrival! I love that she's a chest snuggler. That's extra cute. I can't wait to hear more about her. I just lurvs babies.

karianne! Congrats on your six months. That really did just fly right by, didn't it? You got married around the same time that I came to Tucson. I can't believe I have been here for six months.

And pixie - I'm so excited to hear you're getting married soon. Yayayayay!

doodle - I'm sorry to hear about your travails shoe shopping. I have a similar problem, except with jeans. I am skinny all over except my butt and hips (thanks to mum) - so I guess that's called the ol' pear-shaped body, eh? Jeans look stupid on me. I hate them. They peees me off.

tyger - Hooray for the new job, and I'm glad to hear that it started off without a hitch. I am terrified of being a server. Guess that's why I work in the back of the house.

diva - don't get hooked on lush! Be careful, man! You'll get sucked in! I have thus far avoided it because I know myself and I know I'll go on a rampage, kinda like with the BPAL.

and that brings me to turbojenn - I miss you! Your butt cleanse sounds so refreshing. You're so clean clean clean. And a new bike, too? Wow. Cool. I have a bike now. And a car. And I moved into an apartment by myself.

AND I am on the day shift now making the fancy desserts ans making *f*r*i*e*n*d*s*!!! I have a social life now.

Now that I have a car, I need to go visit Miss Shuggah. I haven't seen her in a couple of months. She is getting married soon.

Is poodle around today?

I have to read more archives. Anyone heard from tesao? I meece her. And I miss you, lurvpaint, and everybody everybody everybody! I'm so full of affection right now. FJ, are you around?

And kittenb! You have a guy - that's fun. Scary emotional places don't scare you - that's very admirable. You have always seemed so together to me.
Congratulations, Pixiedust! On Saturday already? Tell us all about what it's going to be like! I love hearing about weddings, all the planning and everything.

Hi, PK!

Good on you, Doodle. Maybe if your car weren't a standard and she hadn't already fucked it up driving drunk in it without a license. I know it would be more of a favor to your BFF, but it's still like the kid would be getting rewarded for her awful behavior.

Gawd, I miss Santa Monica. I wish my BFF and her husband would just move back. It was so much fun to visit there, with the pier and promenade and Montana Ave... I never thought I'd like SoCal so much.

Moxette sounds so sweet! Cuddly sleeping babies are so adorable.

I just posted this in the TV thread, but does anyone else here watch Top Chef? That is the MEANEST reality show I think I've ever seen. The judges are mean, the contestants are mean, the guest judges are mean. I just don't get it. Even that witch Heidi Klum could pull it together once in awhile and say something positive.

hi! this is a total drive by cause i have other things i should be doing! but i just wanted to come in and say:

HI PK!! we've meeeeeced you!!!

oh, and diva, top chef is pretty mean. but i like it. can't help it. i can't wait to see who wins now.

ok, be back later. have to finish work and then go get mrfj!!

Divalla, asked....
We are going to be married in a very cheesy fake castle where they hold Renessaince Faires here. My dress is very Renessaince. My veil has a wreath of gold filigree orange blossoms. My minipixe and Mr. P's minipixie will walk down the isle in purple dresses. My Sil will stand up with me, and Mr. P's best friend from college will stand up with him. Mr. Pixie's step dad is going to walk me down the isle because my dad is dead and my stepdad might as well be. I am going to sing a John Lennon song(grow old with me) when we do the unity candle. My mom is performing the ceremony and it will be pretty non tradional and not overly religious. I hate going to weddings where people try to preach at you just because you are in church!
We are going to have a horse drawn carriage that will take us to this beautiful little bed and breakfast. Instead of rice or birdseed, we opted for silver bells.
All of the pics will be digital so I will be posting them on Flickr and hopefully posting a link so people can see them.
PK PK PK!!!! *runs up to pk, and gives her huge booby squishing hug*

We've mmmmeeeeced you so much, you pastry making wonder woman!! And YAY for new friends, and car, and fancy-pants-pastries, and an apartment all to yourself!!!

Oh, oh, and how was your week with Heikki! You must tell ussssss!

diva and fj, I also love top chef, almost because of its utter making street food or catering a wedding in one day or starting a restaurant in one day something a *top chef* would do??? Uh, no. Not at all. Top chefs are very precise, and every job and learning experience is working toward a goal. And the judges are totally mean spirited...sometimes I think Tom realizes the ridiculousness of the challenges, you can kind of see it in the smirk lingering in his eyes....but oh, its just a personality conflict contest, that's all.

Pixie, your wedding sounds really beautiful...I think the best weddings are the ones where you can really feel that the bride and groom put alot of thought and time into planning a personal ceremony.
Well, my week with Heikki was very special. We mostly hung out and watched movies and played games. We also went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which is super cool. Heikki was very excited to see javelinas and an ocelot.

We also went bowling and spent a day in Nogales, Mexico. We shopped and shopped for junk, and ate in this nice restaurant (that I have been back to two more times because of the cute cute cute waiter). Heikki wanted a cow skull really bad, so I bought him one, and it is humungous. I still have to find a way to ship it to him.

So, that was our visit. I think the desert museum and the trip to mexico were highlights of the trip for Heikki.

Guys - there's a mouse in my new apartment and I'm terrified. See grody gross-out for details.

Also, my banquet of HBI has slowed some, however, there was a Mexican anarchist last week, and the cute waiter at the restaurant in Nogales has very directly offered me HBI.

Top Chef doesn't sound like a show that I would like. It sounds scary, like it would me me nervous and teary-eyed.
Hi again all...home now. Think I'm going to take a nap.

pixie, sounds like your wedding is going to be really cool! You should do a webcast just for us busties. Heh.

So, I just got asked if I wanted to paint a recycle bin at the university, as an art project. I would get to design the art and then paint it; they supply the paint. There are going to be several bins, done by different people, and apparently the bins are quite big! But I'd have till August to do it. Think I might say yes, 'coz it sounds kinda fun...NO idea what I'd paint, tho'!
Hi, guys.
Boy, just when i think i have neglected my friends too much someone calls me up!! This goes to show that Bust is magic. But probably it is being conscious of our intentions and speaking them in public that makes things move.

So this weekend after I was so tired on Saturday our old friend called us and we went to their house and had delicious food and drink and fun conversations and watched videos -- rock and roll stuff.

So Sunday we saw the apartment we like and put a deposit on it!! It's bright and clean -- a little smaller than the craigslist photo made it look but still cool. It's on the corner of an industrial building that used to be offices so it's windows on two walls and faces the west! Bright white walls and blond shiny floors and a ton of storage space and a brand new kitchen with a gas stove (gas stove -- i MEECE YOU!!) and a disposal. It's like, holy carp!! I really like it. It's right in the middle of everything and has everything we want for less money -- we can still pay less than 500 a piece a month rent.


Also this cool woman at work told me all about how to take free homebuying classes and get all these credits, she just bought a little place of her own -- still bigger than our apartment -- for a couple thousand down.

so -- you know. Things are happy, i just have to creep carefully through time/money/energy business.

thanks for the well wishes and acknowledgment turbo!! you rock!! Yeah, you can meet people that don't quite want what you have to offer but a nice person in the corner will give you a lead or two and you think maybe it won't be good but it's a lot better than you think!! YESSSSS.

I'll be tired for awhile but just have patience with it. With the digging inside physically and mentally with changing job and house I feel all pulled out of myself. But I'm dealing. It's happy goddammit!!

Doodle, that is awesome!! Paint!! You might have to hang out at the bin or the location for awhile, get more information and the ideas will come, that is so cool!!

puppykitty and divalla once again I envy your weekends!!

Pixie-- okay, you chose silver bells over birdseed or rice, but if people throw silver bells, won't it HURT?! (ha ha ha)

Hi to falljackets msgoof tyger moxie pinkpoodle karianne marileen and anyone I missed!!

I just ordered more BPAL. :-(

I am a bad rabbit.
bad rabbit, who smells *good*!

PK, I need your pastry skillz...I'm trying to make spelt crust pizza, I've got my soy cheese, and that works out just fine...but the worked ok if I cut the dough with 50% wheat flour, but when I used 75% spelt tonight....holy goo-ball, batman! It was so sticky, I couldn't roll it out, it wouldn't come off the counter, and it didn't get brown and light on the pizza stone, it stayed a litte tasted fine, but you couldn't pick it up. So, pastry expert, what can I cut the spelt with that will make a nice crust, and not taste like dirt like so many of the alt grains do...HELP!

Whammy, your new pad sounds divine!! And a great price too! I miss having a gas stove too....I don't like my electric at all...and I only have 2 burners, which really bites...but to buy another cartidge of burners is $300....eep. Mostly, I get by ok with 2 burners, but when we have friends over for dinner, it gets tricky.

Doodle, I think painting a waste container sounds like a cool project...of course, all I keep thinking is that no-class louts like my turbo would pee on it, but I think any chance you get to create beauty in the world is worthwhile.
Good mornin ya'll! Its a cold, wet and windy one out here...turbo and I nearly blew away on our walk this morning - we're having 35mph gusting winds this morning...and while yesterday it was gorgeous and didn't need a jacket, this morning, I'm back to wool sweater, peacoat and scarf...such is spring in the midwest, I suppose.

I've got a full day of meetings ahead today...le blerg, as tyg would say. And I have way too much to do to spend 4 hours in meetings, but oh well...I'll make do somehow.

HI PK!! It is so good to see you, and I am happy things are going well for you there. It sounds like you are really enjoying life. Glad your visit with Heikki was so much fun! Looking forward to seeing you in the lounge more again!

Congrats Pixie! Your wedding sounds like it's going to be a blast, I can't wait to see the pics. How fun!

Jenn, that sucks that it is cold there again. It is already getting pretty warm here, I think it's going to be a HOT summer. Blah. Oh, Jenn, let me ask you something. Last night I did spin class & I think I pulled something in my leg. On the outer side, on the very upper part of my calf-well, really where my calf connects to my knee, on the back of my leg. After I've been sitting or lying down it hurts like a bitch, but feels better when I stand or walk. Think it's just a strain?

Whammy, congrats on the apartment!

Doodle, what a cool offer on the painting. Do it! I know you will come up with something fabulous. You are so talented.

I am feeling good today, got to bed before 11, so that's something new. Woke up early & got to work early. Nice. They are very close to implementing a program here where we work from home once a week. That would be nice. I would also have to get internet at home. And a new computer bc/ mine & MrKs are oooollld. Boo for the cost of that, but then I could Bust any time!
kari - sounds like some sort of muscles strain to thought always is, that you generally know if its bad when you can't walk or the pain is too bad. Take a nice hot bath tonight, and see if it unwinds a little bit. My knees are complaining a little bit about all of the riding I've been doing, but otherwise, so far so good for the season.

I'd love to work from home one day a week of my previous bosses encouraged me to do that, as it can get crazy for me here and difficult to find quiet time for the writng and design projects, but not this boss, she prefers me firmly planted in my chair...its fine, I just shut my door to keep the madness out from time to time.
Sometimes I really wish that I could smoke in my classroom and drink coffee...ya know, like those old-school places. I know, I know, they will kill me and kill everyone around me, but just sometimes...

Today my kids are taking the MCA's, well, today and tomorrow. These are the benchmark exams for NCLB, or EVERY CHILD LEFT BEHIND. Feh. Although I did find out yesterday that the written MBST's that the kids in my classes did so well in actually meritted our school the highest passing rate in six years. That is some pretty cool business.

Last night, me and the conchita had a baked potato festival replete with sour cream, tons of broccoli, sharp cheddar, and PEPPERED BACON!!! YES!

I am really strung out on Benedryl. I keep telling Minxman that we ought to do more benedryl because it doth rock hard when you get spacey and into La-la Land. Although right now there isn't a cup of coffee in the world that will keep me from having heavy eyelids and I even got over seven hours of sleep last night. I had to take three of those danged minitabs over a span of six hours. I don't think that's much, but I hate medicating. Birth control, wellbutrin, and benedryl. I am a pharma-girl. Actually, in May I am going to wean myself off of the Wellbutrin. My life is a lot more sane than it used to be, and as soon as allergy season is over, I fully intend to be the yoga queen of Minneapolis again. My tendons and muscles are so tight and my knees are cracking again, which is something that went away for the first time in my life when I started practicing yoga.

Jenn, I am so glad that you have a clean colon. Honestly, I can rest better now knowing that your plumbing has been flushed out. :-)
Jenn, that is too bad about not being able to work from home. I presented my boss with a full scale formal presentation detailing the pros and cons of my working from home and it worked! I now work from home three days a week, but sometimes I have to go in for meetings or to give a presentation. One of the points that she said sold her was studies I found detailing that people that work from home work, on average, work 13% longer than traditional office dwellers. I also found statistics to support the idea that working from home translates into heightened efficiency, and a decrease in personal errors.

That is great Minx. I volunteer as a counselor here in Newark, and I am sad to say only 32% of the students met the HSPA graduation standards. Our state average is 85%.
Hi, everybody!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) homemade banana bread with chocolate chips to bring to work
2) cake in the afternoon for a supervisor's retirement (unfortunately not my supervisor, but probably the nicest one in the office)

That's it. It's a pretty uneventful day and the weather sucks.

I'm so jealous of people who get to work from home. It's an option here, but they'd never let me. I get so little work done here as it is, with the added distraction of not having anyone around to catch me screwing around, I'd get nothing done at all. But even once a week would be really nice.

((((((Kari's calf)))))))

Doodle, do the painting! Our own Lurv did something similar on a Snoopy figurine in St. Paul. I don't know which one it is, though.

((((((PK!)))))) It's so good to have you back! You're not going to get in trouble with Heikki's dad for taking him to Mexico, I hope? And congrats on the new car and awesome job and your own place! What are the car and apartment like?

Pixie, that sounds like a very fun wedding. I like when people create their own ceremonies, too. My BFF did that and I plan to do the same. I guess not being religious kind of forces you into it.

Hi, Whammy! Congrats on the new awesome place!

Today is just kind of a blah day for me. I'm staying an hour late to put in some overtime, it's cold out, and gas prices are way high right at the time my tank is empty. But at least there will be cake later on. Cake makes everything better.
hi everyone!!!

Hi PK!! you pastry making goddess of goodness...mmm butter.

whammy, congrats on the apartment..

kariannes calf gets extra vibeage...feel better.

pixie...i love the sound of your wedding! i hope its all you have dreamed of...they are ringing the bells, right?

i am soooo out of it today. my wrists still gb thinks they are sprained...not that i have time to relax and not use them. but if they still hurt pretty bad by this weekend...i may end up going to the doc just to have them checked...

yesterday we did a frosting cap in class...yeah we 'frosted' our dolls...sounds kinda kinky...and we learned about soap caps and all sorts of other things in our coloring chapter(which is HUGE btw).

good things tuesday:
1. Motrin for all my aches and pains...
2. the new michaels crafts ad to pore over for my craftyness...
3. 2 bottles of cherry flavored bubbly water and a coke in the fridge for later..mmmmm
PKPKPKPKPK!!!!!!!!!!! i meeced you! i'm glad you had good times with heikki. yay for being able to bust from home now! have you talked to dirf recently? she hasn't been around in AGES!

i don't have a good things list for today. i work a split shift, and most of my three hours off in the middle of the day goes to my tutoree. but i bet tonight if i'm not too tired i'll be able to post a list of good things that happened today

oooh, i got a call yesterday from a gas station that i applied at to work. the guy actually said 'if your job right now doesn't end up working out, just stop by and talk to me'. sweet. so that's my good thing, even though it's from yesterday. i'l going to find out how much a week i'm going to be working, and if it's more part-time than i wanted, i'll talk to the guy at the gas station and see if i can work a schedule there around my waitressing hours.

my friend chuck moved to van city this year, and i meece him terribly, but i'm going to visit him at the end of july. his sister and her fiance are going to be on their honeymoon then, so i even get to sleep in a real bed, not on the couch (he said it was tiny, but he's six feet tall, so tiny for him equals not so tiny for me, most likely) okay, so another good thing tuesday, though again i got this figured out yesterday.

doodle, do the painting! we get to do that with cokmpost containers at my university, though they're very low-budget and they let anyone who wants to paint one, but it's still cool.

i'm sorry for you guys with sucky weather. i officially broke out the summer pjs yesterday (running short shorts plus a bra) but it's getting cold and rainy again by the end of the week. stupid bipolar weather. why can't you make up your mind?!?!?

pixie, your wedding sounds awesome. it reminds me of my grad; me and my best friend bought matching renaissance dresses to wear to the dinner to be weird and different

(((kari's calf)))
i'm sorry, i'm forgetting people. hi whammy! and gloomy! and diva! and everyone else!
Cack!! I wish I had some cack. You know what I bought the other night that is really good? Key Lime icecream. Oh my.

Yes, I must say I am excited at the possibility of working from home one day a week. That will be very very nice.

My leg is feeling a bit better, must be all the vibeage!

((msgoof) sorry to hear about your wrist!

Minxy-do you have allergies? No good. I can't take Benadaryl, it makes me waaaaay too tired.

I forgot about good things Tuesday:
1. It's been more than a week since I've seen the chiropractor & I am still not in pain
2. I got to work early so I can leave a little early
3. We get paid Friday but I still have some cash left over from last check. A rare occurrence indeed!
4. It's not too hot today & is overcast. Which sometimes is just nice.
cack would be soooo good. i actually have some in the freezer, but i'm trying to be healthy and crap, and i had cack yesterday, so none today for me. i'll have some tomorrow.

okay, i need to stay out of the feminist outrage thread. there's a thing about people saying their religion is beind discriminated against because they're not allowed to discriminate against gay people, and i'm getting REALLY riled up, 'cause somebody just said that is covered under the first amendment right to free speech or something. if they have free speech, i should get free punch-them-in-the-face
mmm cack....i loves plain chocolate cack....

speaking of key lime flavored thingies...i had a sip of a key lime martini on sat..mmmm delish!!

'free punch-them-in-the-face'..hehehe i want to do that....but not till my wrists are better...i may go to the doc at this check for hairline fractures...which would suck BIG TIME. Cuz hair and casts and water don't mix. i know i should have been taking my calcium supplements...aaagh.

Good morning all...

tyger, your comment reminds me of something someone said...I think it was Michael Ignatieff, actually, but don't quote me on that. He said your right to free speech is like your right to swing your fist. It ends when it connects with someone else.

turbo, hee hee! You gave me an inspiration that I should paint the recycle bin with a greyhound lifting his leg on a fire hydrant. :-)

Hi msgoof, karianne, whammy, diva, gloomy, minx, and PK, and anyone else I missed!

I am having either a fibro attack or a pinched nerve in my left shoulder blade and it's making me miserable this morning. I'd like to go home and lie on a heating pad....but I'm settling for robaxacet...
i like that quote, doodle. it's a good one.

i'm thinking maybe i have a little twinge of social anxiety. half an hour before i go to work (not just this job, any job i've had dealing with people) i get a funny, nervous, 'something isn't quite right' feeling in my chest. it was so bad with my first job (telephone surveyer, aka job from hell and a half) that i'd break down in tears before going to work and i ended up quitting because i couldn't handle it. maybe going back on the st john's wort will help. it can't really hurt anything, i guess, other than my wallet.

hi msgoof and turbo and minx! youse were the peoples i forgot, i think.

ane hour till work, half an hour until i leave. i think i'll lift weights and drink tea. seems like a good thing to do, for no real good reason
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