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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Posting this for poodle, who's "redrum" comments were the first thing I thought when I saw this room!

Gird your loins before you look - it's really scary.

And....there are more new entries in the colour contest, too.
Hi doodle! Did the news people ask you questions at all? I'm sure it'll be an interesting story.

Thanks for the staple gun tips. Now I'm gonna have to come up with some projects involving staples. I would like to make a simple ottoman for my living room. I could do some upholstery stapling. Yay!

"Dykes With Staple Guns" Why stop at a book? I'm thinking MUSICAL!!!

We're dykes!!
Dykes with staple guns!!
Together we can lift a thousand tons!!
Just like a man
but ovulate, we can!!
We're dykes with sta-aple guuuunnns!!!!
*jazz hands*

ETA- REDROOM!! REDROOM!!! Hahahaha!!! I love it!!
Poodle, I love your songs!! You are definitely in charge of music when we get our Okayland commune!

Everyone just left our place, after some yummy chicken chili, mulled cider, and pumpkin carving! We had a lovely time, much laughter, and a little pumpkin carving. By the time we got the pumpkins cleaned out, and seeds separated, we were not very interested in actually the pumpkins this go-round are pretty weak, but whatever, I got what I wanted - a house full of my good friends -- and LOTS of pumpkin seeds!! They just came out of the oven - half with garlic pepper and olive oil, half with garam masala and honey. YUM!

I did get some good thoughts from my friend Susanne, who is a decor master like our doodle, and she was agreeing that a soft pear green might be nice in the living room...then I was considering that maybe poodle's robin's egg blue might be nice in the kitchen...the hallways are still a mystery. I definitely need to spend some time with the fall colors piccies doodle posted to look at different palettes.

Ugh, doodle, I'm sorry you had to spend the day fending off media. That is in no way an enjoyable way to spend time. At least tomorrow you'll have all your new Ikea items - woot!!!
I have had a lovely evening! Dinner was fantastic! Prime rib, mashed taters with creme fresh and bacon, sauteed mushrooms, bananna bread puddind, pecan pie, flouless chocoate cake, martinis, and bordeaux. Yum. The parents are fantastic, and we've decided that they are adooping us. Hell, they asked if we would come down and stay at their house in cozumele in February. For sure! They said they just want to have a cool person to help make yummy food every day. My fucking pleasure.

I feel bad though, cause the bill was seriously over 600. Shit, If i was rich, I would looove to be able to pick up tha tab.

Yeah my avi is me. It is such a funny spontanious picture. I used to have it as my myspace pic.
Hey poods! Well, it wasn't much on the news tonight, but I think they are coming with their cameras to film us sorting through files and packing up books on Friday....and then next week is our last official day. Boo.

Staple guns are essential to re-cover furniture with. Dining chairs are pretty easy to re-do as well as ottomans.

I am still not over the REDROOM. Somebody could have been murdered in there and you'd never know it!

I just finished writing this letter....BFF's daughter's class is going on this retreat, and the people closest to each kid were asked to write letters telling them how great they are and how much they love them. They won't know about the letters till tomorrow. Anyway, I wrote mine, and it was hard! Well, it wasn't hard, but it made me cry.

According to BFF, the dad (who lives in another province) was reminded several times and has not sent one. And it's after midnight where he is, so I doubt one is forthcoming. I know I'm supposed to hate the ex on behalf of the BFF, but this one's such a prick, I'd be hard-pressed not to hate him just for himself.

I am burning a vanilla bean smells like fresh baking in here!

ETA: holy cross-posting, Batman! Hi turbo and taloo! Sorry, that took me a long time to get posted...heh.

turbo, I'm glad to hear you had fun, did everyone like your purple wall? Pumpkin seeds, yummy! Do you eat the hard shells or just the inside? We used to eat the whole thing when I was younger, but I don't think my body likes the shells now.

taloo, wow, that's some bill! And that's USD - with the exchange, I could pay my month's rent and electricity with that, LOL! Glad you enjoyed dinner, though, it sounds fantastic. That is a really cute pic, I'm glad you posted it as your avatar!
Hola Busties!

I am only able to do a drive-by so I am waving at you all and give you good wishes and ((happy vibes)) and big pieces of cack!

I haven't been able to Bust at work lately because I'm finishing a project and there is something wrong with my computer at home that makes it keep shutting down after only a couple minutes and then I have to wait a really long time before I get it to start again (I'm borrowing another one right now). I hope we'll get my computer fixed by this weekend so I can Bust again and catch up on archives & stuff and see what you all have been up to! smile.gif

Yola, Okayers!

I just got home from work - I have been working my ass off. I haven't had a day off in weeks. But, I will have Monday off, so that's good. I am going to my friends' Halloween party. I don't know what to dress up as, though. Mr. PK suggested a chef - I said that was LAME - and he then suggested a *dead chef*. Hee hee.

Several years ago I dressed up. I don't want to tell you what I was for fear that someone will be offended. Don't worry - it wasn't a Nazi or anything like that. It was just gross and distasteful. That was that last time I dressed up, and my sister helped me with makeup and stuff. At that same party, my sister was a dead pregnant nun. This year, I am broke, and I don't have any fun makeup or clothes to play with.

So anyway, I'm at Banana's house. He's sleeping. I'm not tired. I should be, but I'm not.

I'm going to read some archives now. I hope everyone is doing great.

I love spontaneous bursts of Missing Persons in the Lounge. cool.gif parents are coming up tonight. I actually think that they will be coming to visit my classroom this afternoon. I have spent the last two days fumigating my livingroom. Still, there is the refusal to give up my two cigarettes with coffee in the morning. Why is it that my parents coming up still instills fear in my heart?

Alrighty then, gotta run. Minxlette wants to clean her room for a few minutes this morning. WHOOT!
Whoa - PK AND Marileen sightings - this is a good morning indeed!

Minxy - I get a little freaked when my parents visit to....but mostly, its at the thought of spending a couple days with republicans who try and convince me I need to go to church. Speaking of which, I'm having dinner tonight with my childhood pastor...I'm not sure I'm freaked about that, as I have lots of clergy friends - BUT he's spending the week at a conference at the super crazy evangelical mega-church in the 'burbs - now *that* scares me.

Doodle - that is so awesome that you wrote a letter for BBF's daughter - I remember getting letters like that at camp, and they meant so much, and somewhere I think I still have them stashed away.

As for the pumpkin seeds - we roast up the whole things - I'm not shucking those suckers, and if you toast 'em up enough, they're pretty easy to eat - and yummy. I wish the dried ones you can get in bulk toasted up as well, but they don't - storebought ones always taste flat.

My friends did indeed like the purple wall and curtains, though I think my friend Ry thought it was a little too bold - but what does he know - he's just a silly boy! The other walls are definitely calling out to me now, so I'm gonna have to think on it awhile. Maybe I'll just start with the purple wall in the bedroom...its hard to have too much purple, right?!

Wow taloo - that sounds like *quite* a dinner!! ....And if you need a sous chef for when you go down to Cozumel, you just let me know. wink.gif And your avvie is indeed adorable!
Hi marileen!!! Hi PK!!! Nice to see you guys!!

Doodle, that was very nice of you to write that letter. That dude is a dickhead for not writing a heartfelt letter for his daughter. Geesh.

Mmmm...I want to hang out at turbo's house drinking cider and popping pumpkin seeds while admiring her purple walls.

Holy crap, taloo!! That's quite the dinner!! I'm glad you got your meat fix. smile.gif

I can't imagine my parents coming over to hang out in my apartment. I can't even stand having them here for a minute. My mom is too curious.

Yay! It's thursday, which means tomorrow's FRIDAY!!!
Yeah, the last time she was here she found my sex toys and stash. wink.gif

It's just such a small space...and the fact that they are both pro-life republican born-again x-tians doesn't help matters. They have "mostly" gotten that I won't be converted to anything, but Ma still feels the need to save my soul and prays for me (and tells me about) all the time. How do I break it to her that as an atheist, prayer to me amounts to little else than mumbling to an imaginary friend?

Dayum, but that meals sounds splenderific.
Oh dear minxy...I feel your pain, though thankfully my parents are not snoopers, and I don't let them stay with us - which is the sole reason I have an air mattress instead of a pull out couch in the second bedroom. I *know* they won't sleep on the floor! The religious coercion thing gets old - FAST....I just don't get trying to foist your beliefs on others, and that's fine if they're worried for our souls, but they should keep their yaps shut about it.

One time, I did take my 'rents to the spiritual center I was going to, and the gay pastor, and 60% gay congregation was enough to scare them, and shut them up for awhile. They want belief - I'll give it to 'em, but in MY packaging. heh.

poodle - come on over! I'll put the cider on the stove, and I'll roast up some veggies, and we'll have a fall harvest evening!!!
Good morning.

Minx, you'll get through this visit, I promise. My mom visits once a year, and last time my sister came with. I noticed that when my sister was with, I was less irritated with my mom, she was a buffer. Not that I don't love my mom...she can just be insensitive. ALWAYS making comments on my weight or apperance. They are always positive, but I hate that she makes my weight a focus. AND even worse, she weighs less than me and does the whole "I'm so fat" thing. GROSS.

I can't believe I missed marleen and pk.
Awww shit! My moms does that too!! She's been on a fucking diet since I was born...there was always this subtext about how she had to gain all of this weight when she was pregnant with me, ergo...kinda my fault. They were constantly on me about my weight and putting me on diets. Yeah, back when I was about 30 pounds lighter than I am now. Fucked up. She's still on Weight Watchers. I have no love for the diet industry, which I view as suspect as most religions.

Pardon me for my blunt opinions of such things.
Minx, I am in total agreement with you. I am very suspicious of both.
The thing that gets me about my mom, is I tell her over and over, that my weight is not a subject for discussion, and I've chose to make it something I don't focus on. If I do I will go crazy. I had a raging eating disorder, and it took a long time to get better. She KNOWS better. Fucking brick wall, I tell ya.
Ah mom is the same way. What's up with that? I told her that she is no longer allowed to comment on my body unless I have a limb growing out of my back that I'm not aware of. She's been pretty good since then. It got to a point where these discussions became bloody wars. It was my way of punishing her for talking about my body. I once said something like, "at least I'm not fucking ugly like you are," and I listed off all of these physical features of hers, which made her cry. I also told her that her she was one point above mental retardation on the IQ scale and went on and on about that. It was cruel, but it was essentially the same thing that she was doing to me, so I showed her how it felt. I apologized later, but I told her that will go into a bloody rage if she ever says anything about my body or even hints at the issue.

I think it's creepy that 99% of Weight Watchers clientele consists of women. It's just so sad. I really, truly need to lose weight so that I'll feel better mentally and physically, but it's mostly an exercise issue. I am a little unsatisfied with my appearance, but it's not something that I see as a big deal. One day (not long ago), a light bulb appeared above my head and I realized that I don't really notice what other people look like (unless it's extreme) and that other people don't care what I look like!! Anyone who's gonna hang around me isn't gonna think, "Well, she's really funny, but her butt is just too big for us to be friends." Nobody cares!! Most people are too focused on their own appearance to notice. It was such a liberating thought and I've been operating that way ever since.
Poodle, you are SO right about other people basically not caring what we look like, and that the baggage about it is mostly between our own ears...I love the way you wrote about it...I think I'm gonna paste that into my journal! And wanting to lose weight so that WE personally feel better physically is such a better outlook...however challenging it is to hold myself to some guidelines. I think I may need to enlist a friend, or personal trainer to help me get in a little better shape - I need someone holding my feet to the fire with some expectations to keep anything up in the long run. And with the weather turning lousy again, I don't mind being in the gym so much.
Projection is a big, ole nasty thing with which to contend. My mom (and dad) have done this for years, about nearly ANYTHING. I didn't realize that they were doing it until I very conscientiously started listening to my "inner tape recorder"--whatever the fuck you want to call that eerie quasi North Korean propaganda that keeps spinning around in your dome unleashing disinformation about yourself and belief systems. I can honestly say that my parents had/have some serious self-hatred that I internalized. I released mine, and I still fight it because that's some hardcore programming, folks, but I refuse to get depressed again and refuse to have more panic attacks. Won't happen. And I won't let my daughter be poisoned by that bullshit either.

Awww...I loves me some BUSTies. Keep on truckin', in whatever rig you're outfitted. Give it a pinch for me and tell it, Minxy loves ya. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

My mom used to be a lot worse about picking on me for my weight. I think she's just given up on it for the most part. I'm pretty happy as I am, and she's the one who has the problem with how I look, so it's her issue to deal with. Granted, I do want to lose weight for myself, but she's got nothing to do with it. She's fat, too, so it's not like she really has a leg to stand on when it comes to bitching at me about it. She's of the mind of "just do it!" when it comes to losing weight, like it's just so easy. But, like I said, it's not like she should expect me to do something she can't do for herself.

Doodle, yeah, it's pretty ambitious, but I made over a hundred dozen truffles last year, and when you consider that I'm doing less of those and more easy stuff that just gets tossed in the oven, heated on the stove or dipped, which I can make in pretty large quantities a lot more quickly, I figure it'll amount to the same amount of work. For the glasses, I'm taking plain martini glasses (like at Target), gluing a flatbacked glass stone to the basin and base, and coiling 16 gauge wire around between the two (wraps around both pieces of glass and around the stem) with a beaded wire that coils around the stem in the opposite direction. It sounds a lot harder than it is, trust me. I'm hoping to bang out at least a set of 4 in a night. I'm also going to work on some mosaiced flower pots tonight or this weekend. I may have a day to myself over the weekend if the giant does family stuff 'cause his brother's back from Iraq for a couple weeks. I'd rather make myself scarce right around then.

Sorry stuff with the media and your centre closing is going to be so rotten.

Congrats on selling your work, Mouse! I've got no advice at all on what to do with the boy. My very strict policy about exes is that you simply can't be friends with them. I'm all about very clean breaks. And the one time I made an exception, I ended up making a clean break out of that later on anyway.

Hi, PK and Marileen!

Hi, Taloo! I love your avatar pic, too. It looks really, really awesome. That dinner sounds absolutely luscious.

I had a pretty fun night last night. I met gay boyfriend after work at an ice cream shop. Somehow, he got supremely lost in North Minneapolis because he took a wrong turn somewhere and got so frustrated he took the nearest freeway exit even though he used to live in the area and knows exactly not to do that. Then we went shopping at Trader Joe's, where he saw a friend he used to work with. Then home to cook up some food (another cheese/bruschetta plate) and watch the PR finale. I couldn't bear to watch it alone since I knew Jeffrey won.

I need to find the tickets I got on my old car a couple months ago because I have a court date tomorrow to fight them. I donated the car to Habitat for Humanity last week, so maybe they'll take that into account tomorrow. A major charity donation should count for something, y'know?
I hearts all my busties!!!!

ah the parental mind never ends. currently, i am trying to prevent them from doing that to my lil sis....cuz imoh, she's doing a good job(she backtracks a bit but who doesn't) and she doesn't need to be an over achiever...really. don't even get me started on the weight thing. bah. so not going there.

HI PK and Marileen!!!!!

congrats mouse on the new windfall of cashola!!! how's that for a vote of confidence?

oh i have a sad/funny story to cat jake was snooping around my mom's closet when he found one of those gift bags with the cord as handles....well, he got his head looped into one of the handles and then spooked himself and took off running for our rooms. well, the bag was still attached so it was making 'whack whack whack' noises and freaking him out. mommagb chased after him trying to get the bag off but he managed to get it off himself. but he's totally freaked out. I got home last nite and he kept looking over near the stairs where he finally got rid of it with a paranoid look in his eyes. poor thing. i hope this doesn't last long. but when mom told me he was tearing down the hallway, i just laughed my ass off. ah, the joys of furbabies.

hi diva, minx, turbo, doodle, taloo and poodle! smile.gif
happy thursday ladies!

gb, that's a hilarious cat-story. why do they love to climb into tiny openings so much??? the cat i had growing up would actually climb into my dollhouse.

puppykitty and marileen sighting! where's karianne? and tart?

**parental withstanding vibes for minxy**

turbo, dayum, those pumpkin seeds sound delicious. so good. one of my favorite parts of autumn was always carving pumpkins and roasting the seeds yum yum. i don't have an oven currently so i can't do it myself, but i have pleasant memories smile.gif so cool you got to see all your friends too

doodle, hang in there with the centre and don't let them make you do anything you don't want to. hold your ground, and remember that your busties are supporting you.

oh, and that red room is looks like some gross bachelor pad with like, roofies hidden in the couch cushions. *shudders*

**vibes for diva's ticket-finding and the court's understanding**

re: weight. my mom was always overweight when i was growing up, and a couple of years ago she started paying attention to it and lost about 60 lbs. i'm really proud of her, she's much healthier and feels a lot better now, but it's also made her slightly critical of my weight--something that, thank god, she never, ever mentioned when i was growing up. i'm at the point where i could certainly stand to lose a few pounds (like i really could, not the way some girls just say that), but nobody would ever call me "fat". i actually just joined a gym because my main issue is that i've always had some sort of exercise worked into my day (being on my feet all day at a restaurant, or riding my bike to work) and this is the first time in my life where i drive my car to work to a job where i sit on my ass all day long. but for me that's about health, not weight. i don't care what i weigh as long as i know i'm in shape, and i'm not in shape right now. anyway, my mom mentioned something earlier this year, on the phone, and i hung up on her. which was probably not the right thing to do. but then i wrote her a very detailed email saying how i was happy she did it for herself but that AS A MOTHER she should KNOW the influence that she has on her daughter's body and know to never comment on it. we haven't had any problems since then.

also, my mom's best friend's daughter, who's my age and who was my best friend when we were little, has been in and out of hospitals and rehabs and emergency rooms for extremely severe anorexia for the past, let's see, about eleven or twelve years now. and my current best friend, who is really close with my mom (we joke that she's turning into her because they went to the same college for the same major and now are both working at very similar places that actually used to be associated) has struggled with being really overweight her whole life (though in the past few months she's gone vegan and is currently really healthy). and my mom worries herself sick over both these girls (in a good way, not in a critical way).

sorry for the long post. i have to add one more thing, which is that against everyone's better judgement i drunkdialed the ex last night. it was just so abrupt when i told him to keep his distance that i was paranoid he was pissed off at me, but of course he wasn't, and he was very sweet and understanding and all "i don't want to lose a friend but i understand if you need to do this". goddammit why's he gotta be so good. if he was an ass it would be so much easier. but anyway, now my mind has been soothed, i know he doesn't hate me, but i'm still going to keep him out of my life for a little while and see how that goes. it might work, we'll see. oh AND i had a reaaaaaaally nice dream last night about crushie mccrusherston, as fj hath dubbed him.

*shuts up*
Diva, you should open a chocolate shop. Then maybe Johnny Depp will come along and serenade you with his guitar and the two of you would make love on his gypsy boat.

Garrr!!! I hate the unpredicability of grapes!! The harder ones are definitely better, but I keep biting into ones that are overripe. Stupid fruit.

I need some colon-blo. I think we should have a butt flush party at turbo's house!!!

That's such a cute story about jake, gb. My cats do stuff like that a lot--especially Oscar because he's naughty.

I want to be the drummer in a rock band. I like guitar, but I prefer pounding on things really hard. *rocks out on air drums*

Hi mouse!!!!!
Oh, and on the parents visiting thing, I really wish my parents would come over more. I think it's because I don't own my home that they don't care to visit my place. That, and my mom is scared to death of driving in Minneapolis, even though I don't live anywhere near downtown. She just refuses to learn how to get here, even though it's so freaking easy. They seem to visit my brother plenty, though. Feh. He's the home-mortgager. They haven't been to my place since our housewarming party last February.

GB, that's a really cute story. Makes me wish I had a cat of my own.

Poodle, I feel your grape pain. I test every single grape I put in my mouth. If it's soft or flawed in any way, it's a reject.

I'd totally open a chocolate shop if I could learn how to mill my own chocolate. I don't know if it'd be worth it to melt down the stuff I buy at the baking crafts store I get all my supplies from. But maybe the Johnny Depp fantasy is a good enough reason to learn.

I'm the world's biggest moron. My court date was today! I called in to confirm it, and they told me I missed it! They were so nice and pended it for me and set me up with another date, I think partially because I need to get proof that the title of my old car switched hands. I hadn't even thought of that. So now I have a whole month to find my tickets and get my shit together once and for all on this. I can't believe I'd be so stupid to get the date wrong TWICE!

Turbo, those pumpkin seeds sound delicious. I'm gonna try to find some of those at the store. I know they're not as good, but that's the closest I'm gonna get.

hi everyBUSTie!

what an unmotivated day i am having. i mean, i'm getting some good things done, but i'm also doing a mighty fair share of farting around on the intrawebs. tyger posted a site in another thread and i've been surfing around on it four hours.

it's also been a day of answering already answered questions. i hate it when people continue asking me the same shit over and over and treat me like I'M the one with issues. grrrrrrr.

minx, i am sure your visit with your 'rents will be fine. see, i have that internal tape recorder thingie that's always spewing horrible things about me. but i know it didn't come from my parents. my parents have never said anything unkind to me regarding my looks, or anything else for that matter. in fact, i can't even really trust my mom to be my human mirror for me and tell me for sure if something looks bad on me or if my hair is stupid or whatever. her answer is always, "oh, you are so beautifil". blerg. i could have boogers hanging from both nostrils, have baby oil slathered in my hair and be wearing mismatched socks and she'd tell me i was perfect. my dad is almost as bad. so i want to know where the evil voice in my head comes from. the one that taunts me and tells me that i'm ugly and not as good as i think i am.

diva, i am loving all this chocolate talk. yum. i watched some food network show last night about a chocolatier and thought of you. wow, i think of BUSTies a lot when watching tv. actually, there was an HGTV show the other day about real estate in minneapolis, so i thought of ALL of yas!! and then, noticed the weather in cali this morning while watching my own forecast and thought of mouse and msgb. and while listening to npr this morning about a tennessee political race, i thought of how i miss karianne in here lately.

i think i'm in love with you all. wub.gif

msgb, my mister boots has done that very same thing before. and i had the very same reaction. horrified for the little guy and running to his rescue but laughing my ass off the whole way!

oh, speaking of kitties, i need some vibeage for our good friends' cat, theta-potata. theta had what they thought was an abcess on her right paw, but it turns out it is actually cancer. this particular kitty-cancer usually grows back within 1-3 months if you just take the tumor, so poor little potata is losing her arm today. the tumor hasn't matasticized yet so the vet says as long as she makes it through the surgery and recovery period, she'll still enjoy a long life as a tripod. she's a sweet black and white kitty, a little overweight with a cute little face and disposition. poor booger! she's already kind of old but there's no reason she can't live another 5-10 years. (these are the same friends that had skippy, the 21-year old cat who, hours before going in to be gently put down for not eating or moving for five days, ran around like a kitten and ate an entire can of tuna, thereby extending his life for seven months. he eventually died in his sleep.)

i still haven't watched the last segment of PR. the affair is over.

*whines because she won't be able to see taloo's avie until she gets home*
stupid IT jerks and their cock-blockin'
Damnit Poodle! You KNOW that I want him to make love to ME on his gypsy boat. But if Diva would be so kind as to make the chocolates... wink.gif
cat stories!

once my cat killed one of the baby chicks we were raising and i was so upset about it i called my mom at work in the middle of the class she was teaching. oh wait, these stories were supposed to be cute....

taloooooo, you're GORGEOUS! seriously.

hi fj! how's your ass?
"stupid IT jerks and their cock-blockin'"....bwahahahahah....i should tell that one...since he is an IT jerk. LOL

((((((vibes for theta-potata's arm surgery)))))

a chocolate dipped johnny depp....anyone? anyone? poodle?

Dipped Depp..mmmmmmmm will wonders never cease? laugh.gif

oh my cat...poor thing was so petrified last nite...clingy too. and jumpy at every.single.little.thing. he finally relaxed when both of us got home and were talking sweet to him. but i can bet he won't be in gbmomma's closet anytime soon. cool.gif week is the actual closure? no wonder the media is being assholes...*throws a pox on the media*

((vibes for fj's ass))....snicker snicker....
hahaha - colon-blo is such a fabulous SNL sketch!! But, I'm not hosting no butt flush par-tay at my house ---eeeewww! That one is best left to the pros, I think!

Mouse - I'm glad you drunkdialed the ex, just to get it out of the way, and lay your cards on the table! I need chocolate!!! *drools at chocolate dipped depp* Argh...but I already had my chocolate fix for the week, a bar of G&B's milk chocolate, so I am outta luck. But I might make some apple crisp for the folks coming over for dinner tomorrow, though...I still need to figure out the rest of my menu from what I've got left in the fridge.

(((((theta kitty safe surgery))))

Yeah, I'm not real motivated today either, but I'm slowly getting things done, just because I have too much on my plate at the moment. I'm hoping to have a lazy day tomorrow.

Diva, you can toast up any nut, and then when they're alllmost done, add your spice mixture, and a little tiny bit of honey to adhere to the nut, and then chuck it back in for 5 more minutes, so the honey will harden. YUM. OR, my other favorite toasted nut combo is tasted walnuts with a little olive oil, dried thyme and salt...truly heavenly. Put them on a salad, or wild rice, or just eat 'em plain. I love spice toasted seeds and nuts!
thanks for the vibes on both counts.

the asscheek-invader is still there. i had mrfj look at it and he said it looks like it has popped but that it's going to be one of those painful ones for the next couple of days.


*takes a lick off the chocolate-covered-depp*

so just how many licks DOES it take, mr depp??

teeeehee, i love minx's avatar. i loves me some dolly parton.

jolene, jolene, jolene, joleeeene.
i'm begging of you please don't take my man.
jolene, jolene, jolene, joleeeene.
please don't take him just because you caaan

my momma had that album and i used to listen the shit out of it.

eta: "Diva, you can toast up any nut" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA
Argh...I have been contending with one of the most annoying ass-cysts ever for nearly a month now, FJ, and totally feel your pain. I am avoiding going down to the clinic to get it lanced, but it seems to be synched with my menstrual cycles (which would be NOW) and I am having such a difficult time making it go away. Jerky ass-thing.

I love that song, too. I really like it when Jack White sings it. It's so damned funny to think about some dude singing a song about a woman taking his man away...unless Jolene's a Queen. smile.gif

Okay, gotta run. Classes are coming in and Mom and Dad are due to show up here within the next 30 minutes. WHOOT!
FJ, I'm just going to say this and I really don't care if your Bustie friends know it. It's the truth and I'm not going to hide what's in my heart. I refuse to live a lie. So here it is. When you bent over this morning to show me your pimple I actually spent more time looking at your junk. You have the sweetest junk. I like looking at it.

I'm troughing. My lips and palms are dry. I've got this blend of melancholy and ennui happening that you can only earn from a 3-day binge of ecstasy, watermelon martinis and the kind of lurid exploits we've been too forthcoming about here recently. All I want to do is crawl into bed and stay plugged there throughout the weekend, occasionally getting up to throw another log on the fire. Lies will have to be crafted, RSVPs rescinded. There is a new prime directive.

Off to the water cooler to keep the Hyrdoxycut wet...
oh dear. i don't think i could take this for an entire month. it's making me sit all cock-eyed and that's no good for my back. i already feel like i'm out of alignment and need to have my thighs rotated.
I just gotta say, that I love the FJs....for alot of things, but today, for ass-cyst honesty and mr fj's humor in the face of feeling like dren, as our dear tessie would say.

I don't want to work anymore today....thank cod tomorrow is Friday, I am used up on this week.
oh! bustie language attack. While sadly pathetic and sick earlier this week, I asked moxette if she felt PLUUUURRRBYYY...and i swear, she nodded! They say babies understand language long before they can speak. hehe.

thighs rotated...ass pimple...isn't there something mrfj can do to help both those things? smile.gif
i feel pluuuuuuuuurby. what's dren? i haven't gotten a lot of sleep this week since i've been working on two freelance projects in addition to my 45+ hour week and this morning i had a cup of shitty instant coffee from the office kitchen area and i feel like crap now. i feel jittery and nose-runny and slightly nauseous and i just wanna go home. but i got stuff to do. meh.
Bwahahahaha!!! You guys are heeeeelarious!!!

There's this friggin' cinnamon roasted almonds stand down on the street and it makes the entire strip smell like heaven. Mmmmm....I want something involving chocolate, cinnamon, and/or nuts.

Back off beeyatches!! I was only lending my chocolate Depp fantasy to diva and it was not intended for mass consumption!!!! He's mine!! MINE!!! Oh god, he's so freakin' hot in Chocolat. Seriously. Oh. My. God.
IPB Image
IPB Image
Mmmmmmmmm......chocolate.......... *drools all over keyboard*

I love the Dolly Parton avatar, minx! FJ, why is your avatar smooshy?

I'm hoping that my boss will forget that we were gonna meet until it's too late. Of course, then there's the risk of being stuck here later than usual.
Dammit poodle, now why did you have to go and post that piccie? Seriously, now I definitely need me some chocolate and/or chocolate depp....scrumptious!

mouse - our dear tesao uses the word "dren" as a general pluuurby feeling....see, isn't that nice how BUSTie lingo is interchangeable?! (I am guessing that dren is an actual word in portuguese, though)

*steals chocolate depp fantasy and runs out of thread, cackling*

moxie, you *know* moxette already has our number! How cute, that her first word was pluuuurby!
This is from the scene where Johnny and I do it on his gypsy boat (that's him ogling me):
IPB Image

Phew! My heart beats faster and my loins quiver just thinking about it. Excuse me....
poor mrfj and his troughing. i didn't have that this time. yes, we succumbed to the powers of e again this weekend and it was actually quite a wonderous time. we even ventured out to a dance club after the eric clapton concert on saturday night. it was quite a lot of fun.

i am STARVING right now. i was planning to make tacos tonight for dinner. but i don't think i have cheese and i don't really want to stop at the store unless i have to.

i thought dren was just a nice way of saying shit. and according to that link, it is also nerd spelled backwards. hehehe. nice.

moxie, i haven't said it about your avatar, but that is the cutest pic yet. i can't wait to see her as she grows! i'm so happy that she is learning the BUSTie language. she has lots of doting aunts here.

oh, poodle, you might have to refresh. i changed my avatar to one with missus abigail boots in it and first it shrunk my head until i refreshed.
Hey all, I'm still reading, but.....

Hi everyone!

diva, I just had an idea for your selling booth know those glass pendants that Michael's sells - the ones that are all-glass, and even the loop is made of glass? I think they are by Blue Moon, but there might be a couple of different brands....anyway, I buy them and wear them on a black silky cord, and I get sooooo many compliments....that would be something quick to make and people would probably buy them. I just loop knot the ends of the cord and melt the tips with a lighter so they don't fray. You could do them on silver-plated chain, too. I've seen people selling them on the internet for $20 - 35 USD, just like that, Michael's pendant on a black cord.

The weight issue and family is soooo hard. I was on diets from age 6 onward. By 23 I was bulimic, surprise. After recovering from it, I had to tell everyone to back the fuck off. My grandad was the hardest - so critical. It ended when I was around 27 or 28, when he and my mom took me to the Greyhound after a visit. While waiting for the bus to load, I was talking about playing golf when I got home. He kept saying stuff like, "Yeah, you need the exercise." He did it, like, 3 times, so I finally turned around, stuck my finger in his face, and said, really firmly, "My weight is between me and my doctor and it's none of your business. I find your comments offensive, and I want you to stop." He sputtered, "I wasn't talking about your weight, I was talking about exercise." I just kept saying, "I find it offensive, and I want you to stop," with my finger up. It took three times of being a broken record ("I find it offensive, and I want you to stop"), but he did stop. Afterwards, on the bus, I was mortified that I had done it (b/c my ma hated it when I fought with Grandad - which happened often, b/c he was such a racist), but when I got home and phoned ma, she said, "I'm so proud of you, he was really quiet in the car on the way home!" And he never did it again. Oddly enough, I think that was when he truly started to respect me - ironically, b/c I had finally lost all respect for him.

Anyway, what I'm saying is, "broken record" works even with the cruelest, most critical of assholes.

Ok, back to the reading!
Wow, interesting story, doodle. It's so true that you have to do the broken record thing in order for people to take that shit seriously. You seem to have recovered nicely from the illness. You always strike me as having a very positive self image.

My boss has been on the phone for about an hour now. The timing in this situation is critical. I can't sneak out early, because the meddler is here. I'm hoping that my boss will stay on the phone a little longer so it's too late to meet.

I'm starving, too. I had grapes and a pumpkin granola bar for lunch. I'm gonna totally hit the tortillas and bean dip when I get home.
Blue Moon does have some pretty cool pendants, but I made a promise to myself last year never to ever set foot in Michael's ever again, and I've remained good on that promise. You can get everything cheaper from Fire Mountain or Shipwreck Beads, anyway. I do do something kind of like that, but I put some accent beads on. I'd feel bad not putting any workmanship into something I'm selling as something I made. I'm really persnickety that way. I even feel a little bad that I don't make the beads I use from scratch.

Good on you for standing up to your grandpa. Sometimes it sinks in and makes everything better. It was kind of like that last year at Christmas when my whole family turned on my grandpa for treating my brother like shit. Wish my brother had been around to see how the whole family stuck up for him.

What I get really sick of is the "such a pretty face" comments, and what a shame your body doesn't match. Feh. It's like now I'm a piece of waste because of one thing that someone else has a problem with.

My favorite Depp picture is probably from Once Upon a Time in Mexico or maybe Don Juan de Marco. I like him with kind of long hair. I hope he has a very long career. There are very few younger actors I'd say that about.

I forgot to say that I adore that red room. I'd totally do a room like that in my house.

Just 10 more minutes until I can blow this popsicle stand, and I don't even have to stay late because I actually got my ass out of bed this morning when I should have!
"Such a pretty face" What a bullshit line. I hate that! My mom has totally pulled that on me.

Ah yes, I watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico last weekend and he looks hot, as usual, but not hot in the Chocolat way. He has long hair in Chocolat, too, but it's in a ponytail (or braided). That's one of my fave movies of all time. Christ, don't even get me started on Johnny.

Oh darn. The office meddler has to turn off all of the computers. That means I won't be able to get my work done. I guess I'll just have to go home!

Hello again...sorry, did not make it back here from the home now!

poodle, thank you for saying that! I think I probably have as many "good days" and "bad days" as everyone...hard to shake the self-talk, I guess. Working in the women's movement has helped a lot, because body image issues are more understood and discussed than they are out in the rest of the world.

"Such a pretty face"'s like your brain automatically fills in the "rest" of the sentence...."too bad about the rest of you"...even though they never say it! I've stopped believing people are thinking it. I know some of them probably are, but I don't think all of them are doing it automatically. I used to get rude comments when I was younger. I don't get any comments about my size now, not even by bongoboy when I called him a dumbass to his face! I think it has a lot to do with how you carry yourself...I do carry a lot of attitude with me when I go places or walk around, and people always turn their heads and look at me....but now I prefer to believe they're looking because I look so damned good! biggrin.gif And I think that you carry yourself differently when you believe positive things about your body, and people see that and treat you better - I also believe people sense how you feel about yourself, and treat you accordingly. Of course, some people are just ASSHOLES - they are the ones lacking empathy for everyone, big, small, black, gay, anyone "different." And also, people in your family often think being blood-related gives them special dispensation to say any damned thing they please. Which is why they must be told off on occasion.

diva, I do appreciate your "persnickitiness"'s a good work ethic! It would be cool to make beads - how complicated is that to set up as a home project? What kind of equipment would you need?

Chocolat...okay, now I'll admit, that WAS a movie where I kinda wanted to do Johnny Depp, too. Yes, I admit it, poodle.
AHA!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I knew you weren't immune to Depp fever!!! I don't know how anyone could dispute his hotness in Chocolat. Dayum. That's one sexy movie. I need to buy myself the DVD.
Oh my god, Auntie Em! It was AWFUL! I tried and tried, but I simply couldn't get into the Lounge!

Did anyone else have problems? Will this even post?

I picked up doodlemama's parcel from Greyhound, so now, Georgie is snuffling around in ma's old sheer curtains, which, to him, smell exactly like Nana's House. He has curtains all over the living room.

ETA: oh yup! It posted!

I better go hang the curtains! I was going to wash them first, but I guess I'll wait till George has his fill of Eau de Chez Nana.
I dunno, doodle. I just got here. Weird. exciting!! I love how animals react to new stuff in the house. When I got my red chair, both cats were having so much fun jumping on it and sniffing it. Unfortunately, they were also really excited about scratching it, so it's covered up now. Grrrrr.... *shakes fist at evil fur-raptors*

So what else did you get, doodle?
Okay, I got the sheers up! My closet looks so much better! But I can't find my second pack of curtain clip rings, so I had to layer one curtain on top of the other, for it's not as full as it's supposed to be. Anyway, it's much nicer than the fabric I had literally tacked up there!

poodle, there is a very old set of sheer curtains, which my mom had in the apartment I grew up in...though I think she got them near the time I left home. She had them in her current place too, until she put wooden blinds up. And three round paper globe pendant shades, 2 Ikea hanging cord sets (I have one already), and my 2nd wall-mount table. Also some stuff BFF requested. It was really cheap on Greyhound, considering how heavy that table is!

Yeah, animals are funny that way. Cats and dogs have to inspect everything carefully for it's smell content. Mine can spend half an hour sniffing my hands if I happened to pet a cat outside!

Oh speaking of the cats who hang around my building, FJs, there is a cat, whose name I don't know, who is extremely sweet and friendly towards me, and who has little white sock-feet. So I've taken to calling her Miss Boots in honour of your Miss Abigail Boots.

I am eating honey-roasted macadamia nuts. They were on sale...I normally can't afford macadamia nuts. I think I might have to go back for more.
Good morning you wanton front butts!!!! Happy fucking friday!!!

It is DARK out this morning, and dreary....I think the sun must be sleeping in, and I am mourning the last day of daylight savings time, as tomorrow, we shall be plunged into the darkness at 4pm. blerg.

Last night turbomann and I had dinner with my childhood pastor, and I realized both how much I missed him, and how much influence he really had in who I turned out to be. I could still be a Lutheran in his church, but not many others, and when he asked me if I was still Christian, I really had to take pause and give explanation before I answered...which kind of startled even me. But his brand of faith where you're out in the world sharing what you have with others, and rebuilding those places in the world that need it - I can get behind it. He runs a community church now, and they take the community part very seriously with building homes, and offering free clinics, and they take 4 mission trips to Kingston, Jamaica every year where they've adopted a neglected village, and are building them a community center and school, and helping them start a fish farm. He invited us to go with them in Feb, and I'm kind of thinking about it. So it was definitely a worthwhile evening.

And tonight, we're having good friends over for dinner...and tomorrow we're going out to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D, and having dinner before...we've been busy bees this week! Sunday, I plan to do nothing. at all...ok, well maybe make soup.

Hooray for Doodle's curtains and Ikea stuff!!! That's adorable that Georgie was rolling around in the curtains! I am looking forward to seeing the latest pics of your pad with the new additions! I do really like the idea of curtains for closet doors, and I do have one closet with broken doors...hmmmm...
Happy fucking friday, you truck-stop whores!!!!!

Your pastor sounds pretty damn cool, turbo. So how did you explain your stance on Christianity to him and how did he respond?

Wow, doodle, you got some neato stuff!! I need some hanging cords. In Todd Oldham's Handmade Modern book, he shows how to make colorful diamond-shaped pendant lights by sticking the bases of plain lampshades together and mod-podging tissue paper over them. Very cool.

Turbo, I'm sooooo jealous that you get to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D!!!!! I love that movie. I love Tim Burton stuff, in general.

Kidnap the santy-claus
throw him in a box
lock him up for forty years
then see if he talks!!!
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