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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Oh honey, I hear you. Remove the kidlet from the equation, replace her with a lazy-ass-good-for-nothing leech of a husband, and that's exactly where I was 10 years ago. A long time ago, granted, but I remember very, very clearly the frustration, depair & feeling of powerlessness that overwhelmed my life at that point.

I wish I had a magic bullet, or some fabulous piece of wisdom that would make it all better for you. All I can say is that, eventually, it will get better. A new job, a windfall tax return, something will happen eventually that will help you turn this around. Meanwhile, as demoralizing as it is, if your folks have cash to give, I say ask for it. I had to do it when I finally left what's-his-nuts, and it was humiliating, but it got the bills paid and me out of a potentially horrific situation. You aren't in your situation because you're stupid, or irresponsible, or lazy. You've had several bad turns at the karma wheel, and that's no one's fault. The thing to do now is to not beat yourself up over what could/should have been, but to do what it takes, however painful, to get out of this hole. Remember that Minxette loves you more than anyone else on this earth, because you are her mom, and a great one, at that.

Take a deep breath, remember that your Busties got your back, and don't be afraid to ask for help. I know charity sucks, I know it feels like just one more slap in the face, but asking for help takes more balls than suffering it out alone...
Minx, one afternoon just a few years ago I had to pull the cushions off the sofa and check behind the washing machine for enough spare change to have the electricity turned back on. Checks were bouncing. I couldn't afford to have the tire on my car fixed so it sat in the parking lot of my apartment all day on a pathetic little spare that screamed to everyone in the complex that I was broke. That was an obvious personal low for me and was due, in most part, to costly life decisions I'd made (a divorce and a risky, calculated job change that wasn't panning out at all). I was 34 and educated and should have been on MUCH more solid ground than I was yet here I was scrambling to keep myself from becoming a virtual third-world resident. Two years earlier despite being in a woeful marriage I'd been a high-income homeowner with a growing investment portfolio and every reason to feel easy about the direction I was headed in. Money matters weren't much of a stress point for me. Now this. How depressing. I felt like a complete and utter failure. I don't know that I've ever experienced as much anxiety in my life as I did at that point and I could trace every bit of it back to actions I'd taken, decisions I'd made. This wasn't a fatalistic thing. This was a what-the-fuck-have-I-done-to-myself thing. And all the time I'm looking over at FJ, the most beautiful woman on the whole goddamned planet, who could EASILY (ladies, you just don't know...this girl, fj, is the ideal mate. If we were water buffalos on the African plain I'd have to fight off every motherfucking last male water buffalo away from her) have been a wealthy trophy wife in some gated country club, and I'm wondering what the fuck she sees in this and how much longer she's going to swoon over some dude who's fumbling with his washing machine in search of a few linty dimes so he can have maybe power again. Living with FJ was a huge band-aid but I wasn't seeing a lot financially to make me feel warm and fuzzy.

So, Minx, I can relate to most of your anxiety (minus the kid thing - we didn't have that to fret over). But the rest of it is a very recent memory and still too close to the skin to recall without wincing. Most of that is behind us now though. We've had some interesting, unforseeable turns in the road since that time - little opportunities we clutched at and made the most of - and things are better now. Our income is healthy and getting healthier. We're homeowners again with a solid household income, our investment portfolio - although 10 years or more behind schedule - is back in the positive growth column. We have money to spend on frivolities. We're not wealthy and we never will be but life isn't the comedy of compounding problems it once was. I know it won't assuage the anxiety you're feeling today but you need to appreciate that you're not in a permanent place. I won't tell you glibly just to "hang in there, it will get better" but it can and in time it probably will. I don't know you well but you come off as the smart person with good values that you need to be to see your way through this sort of crap.

At the very least, know that there are two people here who empathize with you and understand what you're going through. smile.gif

PS - We still have our power shut off sometimes but that's because we're stupid and forget to pay. I haven't had to move the washing machine in years.
(((((((minxy)))))) ~*~*~*~*~*oodles of prosperity vibes for minxy~*~*~*~**~

We've got nothing but love for you here, minxy, and while that won't pay the bills, you can vent all you like in here...You are an incredibly strong woman to raise a conscious, thoughtful child, with stress backing your every step between the custody battles, ex-asshats, and the financial burden of raising a child by yourself...its not easy, and I can't even fathom the struggles you've experienced...but you've done it. You've carried on, and I really do think that the universe is coming around to reward you. You've got good friends, an intelligent daughter who's doing well in school, a job you sometimes even love, and maybe even a start to a new relationship - one that will be nurturing and supportive for you...the world is moving in the right direction for you, even if its hard to see. And when it feels like its not going especially well for you, just let us know, and we'll push our BUSTie vibes out there to help you along.

BUSTie and BUSTer vibes work faster than greased lightening! Yesterday, I remembered reading a letter that came from my life insurance company stating that I had a surplus balance of $1400 that I could claim (I got the policy in 1998 when I was still engaged to be married), but when I called the office, there was a message on my agents machine stating that she was on vacation until the second week of November. Well, I got a call from her office lady (who I now want to send lillies) and she told me she could cut me a check tonight and fed-ex it and have to me in two days!!!

WOO-HOO!!!!! It is totally enough to catch up paying on daycare and fix the car and get groceries.

I am in awe right now. Seriously in flagrant, gonna run-around-the school whooping half-nekkid, happyville.

Thank you. cool.gif

(((BUSTies and BUSTers)))
Dayum minx, I'm sorry. I hate to sound like a redneck, but this is America for chrissakes, and if you pursue your education and work hard, then you should be able to have some decent food in your fridge. It pisses me off. ~*~*~*~financial vibes for minx~*~*~*~

I can't wait to see pics of your purple pad, turbo! You guys are making me want to paint my living room orange. I think it would look cool with my new red chair and swirly technicolor rug. I need to take care of my bedroom first, though.

"If we were water buffalos on the African plain I'd have to fight off every motherfucking last male water buffalo away from her." Bwahahahaha!!!

Good things:
-I get a break from this stupid airport project thingy.
-I went to bed early last night and I feel very well-rested.
-I put on makeup and it looks pretty.
-My etch-a-sketch frame doesn't look like a total piece of crap.
-I have yummy, healthy purple grapes in the fridge.
-I finished tracing my Heart logo and I can scan it when the office meddler leaves.

ETA- Holy crap! That's friggin' awesome, minx!!! That's definitely a good thing.
Oh yeah, and I just started bleeding about five minutes ago.

Relief. Nothing like it in the world. smile.gif

Hey Poodle--if you come up with a good transfer, could I have you make me a Heart t-shirt as well? Pretty please? With yak-portions on top?
WOOT!!!! Hooray for minxy's money falling from the sky!! Seriously, BUSTie vibes -- they deliver.

And that was the sweetest post ever from mr fj...not only for minxy, but that water buffalo sweet!

Oh, good things Tuesday:
1. New purple wall and grown up curtains!
2. BGPs and their SOs coming over for dinner and pumpkin carving tomorrow night
3. ...Which means I get to make a mean pot o' chicken chili tonight for eatin' tomorrow
4. My pretty new house is all cleaned up, and ready for company
5. I feel excited about painting the rest of my house now!
6. Yummy spaghetti leftovers for lunch
7. And most importantly, Minxy's feeling better, and more prosperous!!
Mr. FJ IS the Muthafuckin' Water Buffalo!! *practices her bellow*

Can I get an almighty snort or wild YAWP!! for his eternal love of one of our favorite ladies?!!

OH DEAR SACRED THIGH FAT!!! I can get new glasses!!!!!!!!!! I can get new glasses!! My old ones are so scratched up that I can scarcely see through them. One of my students actually commented yesterday that he thought they were greasy or cloudy.

Dayum!!! this is a great day!

*****continual prosperity vibes for all busties and busters******

last nite was trivia nite at the pub...there's nothing like playing trivia with a bunch of intoxicated amgen scientists. laugh.gif

i finally did it. i got all the clothes off the floor....freaking amazing. and i also talked to my friend E who's moved up in the world and has a permanent home! we're gonna hang out on friday and catch up!

good things :

-3 days of school left this week
-frightfest on friday with E
-Potluck birthday dinner with homemade quiche on sat.
-clean clothes, sheets and kitty.


I love good news.

Y'all are sweetie pies.
dayum, girls.

my normally forty minute commute was pushing TWO HOURS this morning because of some accident on the freeway and i sat down at my desk ready to smack somebody and then i read of minxy's financial woes, followed by bustie support and magik vibes, followed by minxy's deliverance from financial woes and now all i can do is smile.

not to mention mr fj's water buffalo love.....i think mr. fj is the okayer's silent bob--never talks, unless to say something terribly inspiring, or having to do with weed or boning tongue.gif

good things tuesday:

1. i have a team for the LA scavenger hunt! my friends c, j and mr. pr himself bradley are going as a bike team (you can do either cars or bikes, but they have different routes and clues for each).
2. i'm mostly happy (kind of nervous) about how my freelance stuff is coming along
3. my car hasn't done anything bad since it smoked briefly last week; i think it was a fluke
4. i'm sticking with the no-contacting-the-ex thing. even tho it effing hurts.

i need advice on how to woo my coffeeshop crush.
Soup, Mousie. Let's keep a good random trend of kindness going.

Hit that shit. wink.gif
heheheh i can picture it now; leaving a gigantic stockpot of beef barley in the tip jar!

Good afternoon everyone....

Good things:

1) I made it into the Centre this morning even though I could have slept in and no one would have noticed
2) I am wearing my blazer for an extra touch of class
3) I got my bedroom a bit more organized yesterday
4) I also got the pendant lights hung up in my bedroom last night
5) my cats are groovy
6) I'm having not one but TWO bacon/egg English muffin sandwiches from the bistro next door
"water buffalo love" When I read that, I immediately started thinking of the song Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band. Buffalo love! It's drivin' me mad! It's makin' me crazy, crazy!!

Doodle, what kind of tools do you have? I can't do half the shit I want to because I only have a few basic hand tools.

Of course I'll make you a Heart t-shirt, minx! That's assuming that I'll be able to transfer the print though. I'm a beginner, so I'm gonna have to do a couple practice rounds.
ever so quiet in here today!

hi poodle my love!

where is our girl Diva? isn't she back yet?

I miss Karianne and Shugga!
Hi lurv and poodle....yes, where is everyone else today?? Hmm.

poodle, I have a cordless Skil drill - that's my only power tool. Oh, and the sewing machine, of course. I long for a power saw, and my mom is actually holding onto one of Grandad's circular saws for me, but I'm scared of using one, so I'm hesitant to bring it home and have it take up space. (Before I was born, my dad was using a circular saw, helping his dad on a building site - both my grandfathers were carpenters - and he accidentally cut all the fingers of his right hand off at the base knuckle, along with the tip of his thumb. They couldn't save any of them, so it changed his life utterly.) So far, I have gotten BFF to help me with stuff that needs cutting - she has 3 power saws - although you can get Home Despot to cut stuff for a fee, you just have to be precise about the measurements. Anyway, I couldn't live without my drill! You can get decent ones for under $100 when they come on sale.

In the human-powered tool department, I have a staple gun, a hammer, 2 multi-head screwdrivers, a hack saw, a monkey wrench, a socket wrench, some really good pliers/wirecutters I stole from one of Dad's lineman buddies, some different scrapers, a big utility knife, and a studfinder. My next purchase needs to be a hand saw. I used to have one, dunno what happened to it...must have loaned it out.

Another good thing:
7) I picked up my boots from the shoe repair - had them dyed from brown to black - and they look shiny and lovely!
poodle got herself a new avatar!

doodle, your toolchest sounds quite well-stocked. i have some screwdrivers and a hammer from the 99cent store. but, it's served me for the minor things i've needed to do. i probably won't be living in this apartment for more than a year, so i'm not doing any major apartment-hacks. my biggest adventures have been nailing a spice rack to my kitchen wall and putting clear-embossed contact paper over my bathroom window. wooooo!

my dad is a big handy man, he's a carpenter and architect by profession and has lots of very exciting tools, table saws and routers and planers, that i have never learned how to use. he is not much of a teacher, sadly.
I'm scared of circular saws, too. I really wish I could use one though. Oh the things I could make...

I really need a cordless drill. The staple gun is a good idea, too.

ETA- Hi lurv! I love having you back!!

Ah yes, my Cheap Trick pop art avatar. I took the images from the In Color album, arranged them in a square, and played with the colors so it would look like their trademark black/white checked pattern. Genius. biggrin.gif
Hi, peeps!

I'm finally back from vacay! We took 4 different planes to get there (Mpls to Cincinnati, Cincinnati to Chicago, Chicago to Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City to Monterey) because the direct flight we were supposed to take from Cincinnati to SF got cancelled, so we got to visit every time zone in the course of one day. We did end up getting out day together (just the giant and me) in SF, but on Friday, because that's where our bags got sent. It was really lovely - we saw Alcatraz, the sea lions on the pier, Golden Gate Bridge, drove down Lombard St, and did a little shopping in Marina and Russian Hill. On Saturday, the giant, BFF, and I went to Hearst Castle, which is really amazing. I had no idea how into religious artwork Hearst was - totally wasn't expecting that. I was most impressed with the stuff going on outside the house. On Sunday, we all went to the Monterey Aquarium and took a whale watching cruise (saw a lot of them, too). And yesterday morning, we were supposed to be on a couple flights that would have gotten us home yesterday afternoon, but another flight got cancelled, so we got bumped. So we took back the rental car we had, wandered around Monterey, and just bought a couple 1-way tickets home on Sun Country. I heart Sun Country. The flight left from SFO, so we drove back up the coast and got another entire day to spend there, so we went to Golden Gate Park, through downtown, to the Castro, and someplace really nice to eat, then dessert at Ghiradelli Square. It was a really lovely day. We got home at 7:00 this morning and have been sleeping ever since.

Phew! It feels good to be home. I haven't read archives yet, but I will tomorrow.
Hey babes! Sorry I've been MIA....I've had a busy evening of tidying up the kitchen, vacuuming, cleaning up doggie diarhhea, making chili, and really, just loving my cozy new home...and dang, with the curtains up, its SO much warmer in here! And my rosemary plants look lovely against the orange curtains! Okay doodle, so now I need help with paint palettes for the rest of the living room walls, and the entry hall...I'm not sure where to go from here....Purple Love

I've gotten out of the habit of being handy since turbomann's been around...I kind of leave that stuff to him, even though maybe I should do more of it...but we have drills and hammers and a cheap saw and all that, but we don't do that much with that stuff...hence why all the artwork is still laying on the floor.

Hi hi hi diva! Your vacay sounds amazing!!! I'm glad you had a good time, got to do your sightseeing, and that you're happy to be home. I love the relief of being home after a trip.
Hi diva, welcome home! That sounds like a hell of a flight pattern you were in....I'd have killed any travel partner I had by the end of it! smile.gif It sounds like you had a lovely time, though.

I am in agreement with turbo...coming home is bliss. I didn't always feel that way, but I sure do now!

turbo, I posted about your room(s) in the Decor thread. Great job! Wish you were here to help me paint so speedily! I love that orange and purple....maybe you could do all the walls purple except the curtain wall, which you could do to match the drapes. Yeah! Actually, now that I think about it, doing the curtain wall to match the drapes would look really good....

poodle, my staple gun was the first thing I acquired that made decorating REALLY fun. They aren't very expensive....though make sure you get one that's not too hard on the first staple gun just about killed me. Some of them are very easy to use, though. Before you know it, you'll be re-covering vintage footstools in leopard print! I think I hung up a homemade window swag in my first pad, with my first staple gun...I use my current one most often now for securing wires to baseboards...(tip: unplug before you staple!)...but I did have a vintage footstool that I did cover with leopard print, at some point....very fun.

mouse, I wish my dad had taught me about tools, too! He didn't use any, though. I learned mainly by doing. And by dating butch women. Heh. BFF taught me to use the drill, though, and I did get to help with the table saw a couple of times.
Dykes with staple guns. That will be the title of my first novel! Hee!

That purple is GREAT, Turbo.

Okay, gotta run. Check ya later.
mornin' ya'll!

I've got to bounce out of here in a second to go on a press check - blerg. It'll keep me out of the office all morning, which is a good and bad thing.

And thanks for all the props on my painting...I'm really loving it so far!

I'll see ya'll later!
morning ladies. sorry i've been totally MIA, but the last 3 days have been holy-hell-hectic city. Moxieman away, mom sick, baby really sick, car in shop, feed cats, try to accomplish something at work, the list goes on and on.

I read through all of this page's posts...minx, glad all is well. turbo- that wall is SOOO you. I'd say some sort of food-based color (carmel, chocholate, eggshell) on the other walls to compliment the burnt sienna window covering and purple rain wall.

This morning, a normal-ish day lies ahead. Moxette is on the upswing, i think, but still home with grandma, who is much better than monday. Work is manageable.

And,DOODLE- THANK YOU fior this: ".I use my current one most often now for securing wires to baseboards" I have been WRACKING my brain to figure out how to get the cords out of moxette's way! Without cheesey cord covers. WHOOO HOOO! I LOVES me my staple gun!
Happy hump day!

Diva, it's goood to have you back. Your trip sounds fun, but I would go insane spending all that time on airplanes and in the airport.

Fj, love the purple. thanks for the pics.

Moxie, wow, how hectic for you, and get well vibes for moxette.

I love power tools. I became really acquainted with them when I was doing tech stuff for theater. I swear to god, I actually get turned on whilst using the belt sander.

We are going out to eat tonight.
Our old downstairs neigbors who we became very good friends with are having thier parents in town. Said parents want to take us out to dinner, cause they love us. Sweet. I can't wait to eat steak. A big med rare steak.

Tomorrow night we are going to some fancy schmancy coctail party. The accounting firm that J uses for the stores just moved and they are having a celebratory party. It shouldn't be too bad, the firm is fairly hip and specializes in small buisnesses. But I'm thinking we'll have a couple drinks and then leave.
*sigh* I'm a thread killer. Where is everyone?
Does seem a might bit slow-ish today.

I would like a bag of Gardetto's and a can of Coke. Can anybody make a run?
I'm here! I'm here!

Taloo, I think you should change your handle to "meat." Seriously!

Welcome back, diva! It sounds like you had a really great time! I would have had an absolute fit with all of the plane stuff, though.

Turbo! I love the purple! I'm really motivated to take pics of my apartment now. Maybe I could borrow our office digital camera and upload the pictures when the office meddler isn't looking. Geesh! She won't freaking leave! I haven't even had a chance to scan my Heart logo!

Doodle, what brand of stapler do you have?

The muthafuckin' bus drove right by me and some other guy today! The frellin' bus driver stopped and waited for a little bit at the next block, but there's no way that we would've been able to get there in time. He drove off again! So I walked for a while until another bus came along. I need the exercise anyway.

Ugh. I'm really in the mood for coffee and cigarettes. I'm gradually cutting down on my coffee intake as part of my health plan, so I had about 3/4 of what I normally drink in the morning. Even though it's just a little bit less, I can definitely feel the difference and it's making me crabby.
Hee, I should change it. "Meaty." That's me.

Gardettos? I don't think I've ever had those.

Poods, take piccies! I've never seen the inside of Casa de Poodle.
Well, Casa de Poodle is looking pretty sad these days. My kitchen is pretty cool though now that I painted it "robin's egg blue." I would like to get a little valance thingie and put a new picture above my sink, but that's about it. I should order a little fabric from repro depot so I can make a little curtain. I just want to cover up the mini-blinds. I despise mini-blinds.

How about, "redmeat" for a new handle? Heh...I want my handle to be "redrum." I love The Shining. Redrum! Redrum!

What? You've never had Gardetto's?????!!!! Get the to the grocery store this instant!! Mmmmm....I love Gardetto's, but I always eat too much and I end up feeling crappy afterwards.

Guess what song I'm listening to....
Hold the line!
Love isn't always on time!
Hold the liiiine!!
Love isn't always, love isn't always on tiiiime!

ETA - Bwahahahaha!!! I was looking for pictures from The Shining, and I found this:
IPB Image
Can I change my handle w/out creating a new account?
*pops head in to see what's going on*

i love it when poodle darn cute.

mmm steak...there's nothing like a good steak that SOMEONE ELSE has prepared. i am not sure i am emphasizing that enough. laugh.gif

its foggy out...first real foggy day of fall. the kind that rains fog. you can actually see it going at an angle to the ground. and today we have a staff mtg..but i'm not sure how well that's going to go since 2 people are out today and my boss hasn't even come in yet.

'dykes with staple guns' that i would buy.
((((get well vibes for moxie's momma and moxette))))))

hi taloo, poodle, minx, doodle, diva, and moxie!
Hi gb!!!

Taloo, I'm pretty sure that you have to start a new account. Do it anyway!! Meaty Meat Girl!!

Damn, healthy lifestyles suck. Seriously. I want Jimmy John's, but I need to lose weight (or at least not put anymore on). I want REAL soda with lots of caffeine, followed by a cigarette. Then I'd like to watch daytime TV in my pajamas, wait for a couple hours, and then treat myself to a sixer of beer and a plate of cheese and crackers. After that, I'd have something sweet--like B&J's Chubby Hubby. I'd stay up to watch That 70's Show and Conan, then I'd go to bed and sleep for 15 hours. Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh....that would be the perfect day. The sad thing is that I actually have days like that on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. I can't do it anymore or I'm gonna end up looking like Mama Fratelli in 10 years. Poop. I swear that this "health" thing is just another example of God's bad sense of humor. *searches for Depeche Mode song*

'sup ya'll!?

sorry i've been miz. i had a great weekend, called in sick on monday to lengthen said weekend and GOT SICK FOR REALS!!! i spent yesterday in bed with flu-like symptoms. i don't think i'm completely in the clear yet, but i'm at work so that's a start. at least now i don't feel like a loser.

i got out of my funk on friday by buying not one, but TWO new denim skirts. a short-short one, and a long tailored one. both are very cute and serve their own purposes.

turbo, i love your purple paint. i agree with moxie that you should go with a cocoa-like color, maybe slightly darker, but still a cool brown and/or a cool mossy green. i was up looking at the thread in my theraflu induced haze last night and found the perfect colors on the behr site, and then couldn't remember how to do screen shots and gave up. but i swear it was awesome.

meeeeat! meat! yum! i am making a pot roast tonight. i think it will require stopping at the grocer for roots, but it will be worth it.

sadly, i think i'm uncommitting to the halloween party this weekend. we had the greatest costumes picked out but haven't even begun to get them prepared and while they'll be pretty easy, i think i'd rather sit this one out. i'm too tired. maybe it's just my sickies talking.

that pic just frightened me, poodle!!!
hiya girls, happy humpday!

i just sent my freelance designs in for approval; can i get some bustie vibes that she likes 'em? i stayed up till nearly 4am last night finishing them so she goddamn better!

turbo! your house is looking great! i love how well the curtains match with your wall hanging.

good to see you in again, moxie, i hope all generations are feeling better ***healing vibes****

diva, welcome back--that sounds like the most ridiculous plane(s) trip ever, but i'm so glad you had fun when you got there. did sanfran have the insane heat wave that LA is getting too?

hi doodle, ms. gb, taloo, poodle, minxy and everybody!

what are gardettos?

my coworker is listening to some radio station and it seems like the only songs they play is that my chemical romance song about marching bands, straight outta compton, or some song that sounds like "when doves cry" but isn't. if i hear any of them again, i'm going to break something.
Gardettos.....eeeeew. They're dried out little toasts and otehr wheaty snacky products all flavored with some kind of salty worsteshire kind of pretty much pickles your body on contact from all the salt. I will admit to eating my share of them in high school, but now, the thought of them makes my tummy hurt.

Whew! 4 hour press check this morning for a print project, and then an hour drive on each end...I'm kinda pooped now, but the project is gorgeous, and my fave project of the year - a calendar with baby pics of the cutie-wootiest babies we've placed in the last couple of years.

(((((moxie fam)))) Yikes - it sounds like you're having a rough week there - I'm glad moxette is feeling better, and I hope you can get some rest tonight.

Poodle, I think you should just tell office meddler to go take a long lunch - I mean really - sitting at her desk watching everyone all day must get pretty tiring!

~*~*~*~*mouse's client liking the designs vibeage~*~*~*~*~

Really, clients are the reason I don't take more freelance work. Design is a lot more fun without clients who make you crazy.

taloo - that restaurant looks verrrrry yummy, especially for meaty meat meat folk.

My social calendar just got really busy all of a sudden....I've got pumpkin carving party at my house childhood pastor called me out of the blue and we're having dinner tomorrow (haven't seen him in 12 years, should be interesting), having a dinner party at my place friday, and going out with other friends on Saturday...I'm not sure I can handle it all. I may have to ditch on Saturday, just to catch my breath. Oh, and then my most wonderous cranial sacral therapist is coming into town on Sunday, and she's gonna work out of our massage room for a few days, so a bunch of her clients (myself included) can get some good bodywork done. That'll ROCK.
$~$~$~freelance vibes for the mouse~$~$~$

*~*~*~*~*~feel-better vibes for the moxiefamily~*~*~*~*~*

um, so, i have a HUGE zit or something on my ass. right in the fold in my thigh. WTF!! it hurts so bad, but there isn't a head on it (not that i would be able to see it anyway). garrrrrr!
Phew! I just read all 7 pages of archives since I last posted last Wednesday. You guys were busy!

Turbo - I love the juicy purple color in your living room. I'd probably go for a color like Moxie said in the brown family. Maybe a dusty taupe?

My uncle and aunt (she died a few years back) adopted their daughter from Russia. They had been going through China, but were getting nowhere after years, so they went through Russia instead. I guess it worked out okay for them in the end, having a daughter now, who's cute and smart as hell.

Poodle, I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. Sometimes with older people, it's really not sad when they go. They've lived a very long, full life, and they're ready to be done. That's how it was with my grandma, even though my grandpa is still living. I'm glad you got to be there for your mom.

That etch-a-sketch project sounds awesome. I'd like to try it sometime if I ever come across a really cheap one that I don't mind ripping apart. And can you make me a Heart t-shirt, too? Pretty please?

Speaking of projects, I need to start with the craftiness again toot sweet. It looks like I'm going to have another show coming up in less than 4 weeks at the U of M (the giant's mom works there and told me about it), and then 2 more the first week of December. I'm going to do mosiaced flower pots and decorated martini glasses this week, and try to hold off on the jewelry as long as possible. I'll probably start doing my chocolates next week, which is way earlier than I wanted, but that's okay. Of course I'll do many different kinds of truffles, but also chocolate covered fudge squares, dipped pretzels, potato chips, and graham crackers, and English toffee with chocolate coating and almonds, and pecan pralines (which are insanely easy). My kitchen is going to be a wreck again for the next couple of months, but we'll just have to deal with it.

Minx, I'm glad to hear about the sudden windfall. Good on you for remembering about it.

Mouse, we didn't get hit with the heat wave at all. It was pretty foggy along the coastline, but never got up past the mid-70s, which was perfect. That fog sucks to drive through in the dark, though.

Taloo and Lurve, so good to see you guys around on a regular basis again!

Doodle makes me dizzy with envy at all she accomplishes at home. Doing the dishes or laundry in my house is a major feat.

Hi, FJs and MsGB!

It is so good to be back to normal now. The giant and I slept for probably 12 hours yesterday right after we got home, got up for a little to unpack, eat, and watch TV, then went back to bed. I was going to have a piece of wafer cookie I got in CA at a winery, but I saw a mealworm crawling around the packaging, so sent a mean email to the company. I mean, WTF?! Anyway, we really did have the bestest trip, aside from the pain of getting there. We did go to Good Vibrations, and I got a gorgeous glass "art piece", bummed around some neighborhoods a little bit, and had the best time hanging out because we'd already bought a real ticket home and didn't have that stress hanging over our heads. Seriously, happiness can be bought and it cost me $430. Best money I ever spent. Because of that, we were able to have a leisurely Monday in one of the world's great cities and no agenda to accomplish. We even got to go to the park for several hours. The whale watching cruise was so much fun. Real whales out in the wild! We saw lots of tails and sprays and a ton of sea lions all swimming in groups. This was probably my favorite trip out to San Fran of the several times I've been. And the giant was so great about being the navigator and not letting me lose my shit in the airports. He's definitely a keeper. My BFF and her husband loved him.

I tried to call my mommy last night and talked to Sam for awhile instead. Then I went to talk to my mom, but there was buzzing in the phone, so I told her I'd hang up and call her right back. Their phone has been off the hook ever since (going on 19 hours now) probably because Sam switched phones and didn't turn the other one off. Funny.

The giant's brother is going to be home from Iraq on Friday for a couple weeks. Yay! We're having all of them over for dinner probably next weekend, and I have no idea what to make. I guess we'll figure something out.

This day is going by so slow, probably because I haven't done shit yet. But I am going for a walk with gay boyfriend after work if the weather cooperates, then maybe a trip to Trader Joe's, then to watch the PR finale, even though I already know how it turns out and it makes me really mad. Grrr.
mmmm chocolate.....dipped anything sounds good right now. damn hormones.

diva, it sounds like you had a wonderful adventure; i mean vacation. I never get vacations-only adventures....something to work on, eh? is being super fickle. bah. i swear sometimes he's a child. dry.gif

hi diva, mouse, and fj!
holy........bustie vibes DELIVER. god, you guys are awesome.

they're buying ALL SIX designs. i wasn't even sure they'd buy two. i have just doubled my week's income. holy moly.

Your trip sounds like it was great, diva! The whale thing is totally rad. I'm jealous. Had the giant met BFF (and hus) prior to the trip?

Of course I'll make you a Heart t-shirt. Again, that's assuming that I'll get around to it! I'm gonna try both iron-on and screenprinting. First I have to finish my etch-a-sketch frame and paint my bedroom. Geez...I'm sure doodle would be able to do all of these things in one day. *hangs lazy head in shame*

~*~*~*~health vibes for all~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~freelance vibes for mouse~*~*~*~

Turbo, I can't get over your hospitality!! All of these human and animal guests on a weekly basis!! I would have gone completely insane by now.

Yay!! Dancing with the Stars is on tonight for the elimination round. I'm addicted to that show. I think Mario Lopez is gonna win. Dude can dance. After watching him do so many latin dances, I've developed a little crush on him. I haven't had a crush on "Slater" since I was 13! *blushes* I feel like such a dork.

ETA- Congrats mouse!! Bustie vibes are friggin' amazing.
yayyyyyy! mouse! that's great! i'm a big believer in the BUSTie vibeage. i hope you make lots of $$$$ from those freelance assignments. do you think you could quit your regular gig and just start doing freelance work all over? that seems like a sweet gig.

diva, your trip really does sound great. i'd have liked to go on a whale watching cruise but we didn't have time. we did get to see some from the cliffsides, so that was cool. really amazing.

oooh, that reminds me: this weekend we took our friends to dinner at a really swanky place on the beach. we sat on the back porch and were drinking our wine, overlooking the ocean when a dolphin jumped COMPLETELY out of the water and dove back in. it was totally a sea world kind of move. i had just mentioned that we always see dolphins at this stretch of ocean, but i had NEVER seen anything like that out in the wild. he did it several times. it was beautiful with the pink sun reflecting off his white belly. so freakin' awesome. there were little dolphin fins coming up everywhere, but i think it was just one actually jumping out of the water. people came running out of the restaurant to see it, mostly locals like us that see dolphins all the time, but everyone was exclaiming how they'd never seen it before. did i mention it was awesome?

poodle, that's funny about slater. last night when i was watching DWTS, i thought of you and imagined that you had a crush on him. haha!

uh, can i get some vibes for this ass-cheek invader? it's really uncomfortable!!! dang! i've never had anything like this and i have no idea what to do for it.

diva's post made me go to the vending machine and get m&ms. might be hormonal for me also. i bled a little bit yesterday, still a week before i should be getting AF. but maybe i'm just gravitating to the OKAY common cycle...

turbo, is your therapist staying with you during the evenings or is she just there while you're out? i;m with poodle, you're very hospitable. but then again, if i was getting a cranial-sacral out of it...
eeeee! biggrin.gif thanks guys. yeah, fj, i'd love to get to the point where i can just work freelance. it's a commitment, certainly--all the freelancers i know are expected to work at least 10 hour days, often more like 16, but then they do that for two weeks and then have money for the next month and get to travel. i need more expertise in other areas though; i don't think there's enough of a demand for t-shirt screens that i could just do that. i wanna do print and web too.

that's so amazing about the dolphin! i'd love to see that in the wild.

**fj ass vibes** WOW that sounds dirty. biggrin.gif you know they work though!

ladies, i'm so torn. i don't wanna turn this thread into a whine-fest by mouse, and please feel free to skip this if you feel i'm being too self-indulgent, but i'm really struggling with this ex thing. he's the first one i would have told about the freelance thing, since we're both designers and basically came her together to try and further our careers. but i told myself i can't, so i can''s so fucking hard. i just get so jealous and hurt by the tiniest little things, like the thing that made me finally be like "okay, this needs to stop" was he didn't call or text me for about three days and i got so mad/sad. and i shouldn't care! he's not my boyfriend, hasn't been for over a year. i just can't seem to shake the fact that i feel like there's something really important there--but he doesn't see it. it pisses me off so much that we had it once and then he changed his mind, or he just changed, or something. and he's being such a fucking decent guy about it, there's nothing he's actually doing wrong. it's all me, and the separation is for me too, so i can get used to the fact that he's NOT the one, and that i can get it out of my head. but i miss my friend, i miss my fellow designer. i wanna tell him about them buying all my freelance designs, and i have a question about invoices that i KNOW he'd know how to answer, but instead i'm looking it up on the internet and not finding it. what the hell do i do.
Mouse, way to go, talented girl!! I don't have advice to give you on dealing with the ex and your feelings. More often than not I come across as unsimpathetic or very hardline when speaking on such matters, and I don't mean to be. Thus, I keep my vomit trap shut.

FJ, that is super cool about the dolphin. I almost cried when I saw a bunch of mama and baby seals swimming and lounging on the sand at alkai beach.

I can't wait to have a big juicy bloody steak.
And a nice martini too.

****Bum vibes for FJ******

Oh, I just FINALLY figured out how to get an avitar up. I am slow.
mouse, i'm sorry you're feeling so hurtie over this guy. i wish i could give you some really stellar advice, but since he was the one that ended the romanticalness of the relationship, and now you're the one drawing the line on the friendliness part, there really doesn't seem like much to do except to keep your distance until you are sure that you won't be falling for him. or you call him, get his advice and tell him your happy news and allow yourself to feel more hurtie over it and hope that the hurt part will eventually die while the friendship remains alive.

***~~~<3~anti-hurtie heart vibes for mouse~<3~~~***

what you REALLY need is to get over to that coffeehouse more often and chat with crushie mccrusherston and find out what his deal is all about. once you get the mooshies over him, you'll forget about your feelings for what'shisname and be able to just be friends with him.

i'm taking off now. see you sluts later.

***drools over taloo's steak***

that same night at the restaurant with the dolphin, we all shared our entrees, which were: rare seared tuna duo - one crusted in light and black sesame nuts and the other in fresh herbs, filet (med rare) and huge crab leg, and prime rib, medium rare. we also had shrimp seviche, prime rib stuffed portabello mushroom caps. none of us could even consider dessert. then we went to a martini bar, where i had a "flirtini" (vodka, a little pineapple and a shot of champagne for bubbles) and a godiva martini. normally, i don't go for frou-frou, but this place is known to put enough likker in their tini's to knock me on my ass. literally. ahem.
Sigh...I wish I could have a martini. The brain doctor says I shouldn't drink more than 1 or 2 alky bevs per week. I think I might cheat and allow myself 3 generously-sized drinks. Normally, I could finish off a bottle of wine or 5 beers in one night, one or two times a week. I would love a nice, hearty stout right now. sad.gif

Mouse, my rule of thumb: stay away from exes until you're absolutely certain that everything is cool, and be honest with yourself.

FJ!! That's so funny that you thought about me during DWTS!! I had never mentioned anything about Mario Lopez before. It must have been ESP.

I'm outta here too. Smell ya later!!
you girls are smart wub.gif
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY MOUSE!!!!! Congrats, sista!!! We all can be excited with you in here! Great job - SIX designs - you are a great talent!!!

*hands poodle a magickal non-injury inducing martini*

Ok, ya'll, I gotta go pick up turboman, so the pumpkin carving party can get started!

I'll catch up with ya'll later...I am looking forward to the oohs and ahhs at my magnificent paint job!
Hi everyone! This is the first chance I've had to get online today, and I've spent the last hour catching up on the day's posts!

I spent a huge part of the day fending off the media, who want to descend on us like vultures in the days before we "officially" close the Centre, so they can get some good footage of us packing boxes and putting "keep" and "give" stickers on everything....and no doubt (they hope) some nice exploitive shots of women crying, boo hoo. I hate the media a lot of the time.

mouse...I think dealing with exes is different for everyone. It sounds like you have the makings of a really great friendship and colleague-type relationship, if you can find a way to move past the stomach-flipping stuff. Then again, maybe I take friendships with exes for granted, because it often seems to happen much more easily in the lesbian world! (Probably because our dating pool is much smaller, so we all have to get along! My last ex-g/f, also a political activist, is probably my closest confidante in the universe.) But I don't see why it has to be different for everyone else. I think it just takes reaching a place where you're happier to have that person's friendship than be without him/her altogether. You might have to work through your own inner turmoil while you're pursuing that friendship, but I don't think it's impossible, if the other person is honest and emotionally fact, sometimes an honest and emotionally healthy ex can help you through the transition.

And yeah! Congrats on selling 6 designs!!!! WOOT!!

*breaks out the champagne*

turbo, I'm sure you are going to get a zillion compliments on your purple wall and orange curtains! They do look fabulous. Also, I want to see pumpkin pics!

FJ, that's a very cool story about the dolphin. Maybe s/he thought s/he was entertaining you all! Dolphins are funny like that....they seem to be really into people, no matter how many bad things our species does.

Speaking of dolphin watching, I long to go killer whale watching off the coast of BC someday (killer whales, aka orcas, are actually a species of dolphin)'s my totem animal, I have to!

taloo, your avatar is adorable! Izzat you?

diva, WOW, can you really get all that stuff done in 4 weeks? You are going to be busy, girl! I need to take a page from you and start doing crafty stuff to sell. BTW, how are you decorating the martini glasses? That's really gross about the mealy bug, too...did you get a response to your e-mail?

moxie, you're welcome about the staple gun tip! But I really mean it when I say...unplug everything before you staple!!! 'Cause you will accidentally staple through the cord at some point, and then have to pull the staple out....and one of those things will zap you if you haven't unplugged! (I'm very emphatic about dad was the guy who went around to schools giving electrical safety lectures.)

poodle, my staple gun is....*goes off to hall closet*....a MasterCraft heavy duty. You should never get less than a heavy duty one for decorating....and it's also useful for leafleting telephone poles! MasterCraft is the Canadian Tire line of tools, so I doubt you'd find it in the U.S., but you can just go into a hardware store and test them...if they're in packages, make them open them up till you find one that's not too hard on your hand.

I'd like a nail gun as well as a circular saw, but I'd probably kill myself with that, too.

BTW, you should totally complain to the bus company! Some public transit drivers think they can do whatever they want....lords of their own small universe, I guess.

minx, if Dykes With Staple Guns makes it into production, I certainly hope I'll be in the dedication!

Speaking of home projects, doodlemama put my stuff on the Greyhound this morning! YAY! That means I should have it tomorrow.

Okay, Okayers....I'm gonna go turn on the hateful news and cook myself a STEAK, which I've been thinking about ever since I read taloo's post about going out for STEAK, and which miz gb emphasized...damn you both!
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