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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Bwa-hahahaha!!! That kinda fits given his massive stature, Miss Mouse. I am loving the way my house smells right now. I got the mirepoix all rocked out, the beef is sauteed, and the broth is...uh, brothing on the stove top. I am thinking about making a couple of loaves of regular oatmeal bread and a couple of loaves of apple bread (his portion of the apple-hunting booty). The basket is a faboo idea. I am all over that!

Speaking of Pirate Treasure, well I call it BOOTIE!! BOOTIE!! Nice call on the sig line, FJ. And FWIW, you rock my world. I have dreams of Florida now, thanks to you and the Mister. And you said "queef". BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Is it bad that I have been existing on apple crisp the last few days? smile.gif
oh, minx, i might ask for your recipe there. i bought a roast last night and would love to cook it up in a soup. i've never made a beef soup. stew, yes. but not soup. i think i know what to do, but what's your secret recipe?? do tell!

and thanks for the props. i just go through these little depressive stages and i really think it has a lot to do with my cycle/hormones. i always seem to feel this way mid-cycle. when i have time, i might go back in this thread and document my "bad" days to see exactly when they fall. i'm pretty sure it's ovulation time.

msgb! what's wrong with shirley temple hair? hehe. i think i might go curly tonight. it's awfully humid and rainy outside and we're going to be moving from one pub to the next tonight, so the curls will stay in tact, mostly...

mmm, apple crisp sounds so yummy!

oh, i stalked saw kari pop in the PR thread yesterday. i wonder if she's just busy at work.

i did it like this-
i did it like that-
i did it with a whiffle-ball bat
that soups does sound yummy, minx. please post the recipe....

mouse, that's a huge pot....! but probably the size i'd make too. hehe.

fj, i was practicing to see if i could get sexy waves for tomorrow nites shindig. i may have to break out the 'big barrel' curler. we'll see. today i'm supposed to take picts of me-actually-in-said-dress. i will post if they are good enough. which they better be. rolleyes.gif

as for the cake we are going to be may end up phallicly shaped since i have a cake pan for that kind of thing. will be hard to hide from my church going mom. hehehe.

(hilarity ensues)

i swear sometimes my life is like a 3 stooges episode.
Hmm...recipe...lemme give it a go. I usually do a "dump" sort of thing for the broth that goes like this:

1 bone-in roast...chuck or something of the like
--remove the larger segments of beef and cube
--keep all the other parts and throw into a stock pot
--cover with about...oh, about two quarts of water

Add to this:
2 carrots chunked in big segments
2 celery stalks chunked up
1/2 onion in big chunks
4 garlic cloves cut in half
1 tbsp of peppercorns
2 tsp salt
1 bay leaf
some basil and oregano

Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 2-4 hours. Leave it on the stove for another hour or so, strain out the stuff and cool in fridge until the fat hardens. Remove the fat, and put it all back in the pot.

While all the simmering is going on, salt and pepper the beef, and brown it nicely. Put it in a bowl.


4 carrots (peel on, thank you), sliced up
2 stalks of celery, sliced up
1 smaller vidalia onion, chopped up
--Sautee these for about 15 minutes until they start carmelizing
--Put them into the bowl with the beef

Now, take a 1/2 cup of red wine and a cup of the broth and deglaze the pan for a few minutes. Pour the liquid over the veggies and beef.

After the broth is defatted and back in the pot, add to it:

2 bulbs of garlic, smashed and chopped
veggies and beef
1/2 c. pearl barley
1 potato, cubed (with peels, thank you)
1 can of diced tomatoes--24 oz.

Simmer for about an hour covered, salt and pepper to taste. Add about 1 tsp thyme.

Voila! Soup!!
okay.......they just posted a diagram thing of everybody who works for my company on the bulletin board in the dining area......and i'm not on it. i'm the only one not listed. WTF??


(minx that sounds delicious)
I'd be a lot happier if they learned the word "Vulva!" since that's the fun part.

Today I came both outside and inside "Brag." Sorry, is that too much information? A little TMI about HMI around here IMHO, LOL?

Now that we have a few couch covers, and the windows are not all wide open for the breezes, we inaugurated klacky couch sex around here. Don't worry divalla, definitely no fluids on or in the couch itself!

Kitties. Cutest little fluffy carnivores ever! When we had a cat she would totally FREAK OUT whenever we had chicken! She would start SCREAMING and trying to crawl up our legs. "Don't worry, we'll GIVE you some! Just WAIT a minute! What kind of mean person would bring a delicious, featherless DEAD BIRD home and not SHARE it with the KITTY?!"

Hi poods! wink.gif

The part of New England I come from, that is, Massachusetts outside of Boston, is a LOT like the midwest. We had a ton of snow, and even some tornados.

And it's full of small towns and farms and woods and lakes and old churches and the like.

But we have mountains! And the ocean! tongue.gif

So there!

But seriously, my grandfather had a cabin on a lake that was SO NICE. It sucked when he got rid of it a few years before he died. It was so exciting to ride through the hot sun, smelling the tar -- I like the smell of tar, am I a freak or what? then we'd turn at the country road with the mailboxes all at the end, and go down the windy dirt road, and catch glimpses of the blue lake shining thru the pine trees, and -- oh, the feeling of opening the dark and smelly --but in a good way -- cottage, and then opening the windows and going out onto the BIG WOODEN SCREEN PORCH.

Frankly, I miss all that because the housing is so pricey around here now that people live in the summer cottages year round. It's not their second home, it's their first, and they cram the whole fam dam and a couple dogs in there. With just a central gas heating stove and no insulation. Le blergh. Also, there are no big wooden screen porches since everyone has air conditioning thank you very much. bummer.

I got a computer today! I got a computer today!

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Soon I'll have him hooked up to the internet! I have some apps and will get some more!

OOh, big beautiful screen and all.

Ima go home and PLAY with heem!

I have my caveats about what table and chair to use -- my grandpa's fancy desk that opens on the front might be okay! But do I have long enough power cords? And dig up my telecommunications stuff.

But these are happy problems.
Good evening everyone...this is the first time I've gotten online all day...phew!

Stupid meeting with the board this morning, trying to make them commit to more moving/shut down stuff than just, "Yeah, I'll do it." Okay, when? "I'm so busy." Yeah? So am I, on the measly 25 hours of pay you expect me to do 40 hours of work with. Hello? I'm NOT a volunteer! The chair assigned a few more tasks to me, and I argued back but lost. I'm kind of pissed. I really hope this doesn't turn into them asking me to do something else everytime we get together. GRR!


Anyway, BFF and I went out to Home Despot and Art Knapp's (garden centre) in the afternoon, and also rounded up boxes for the Centre, and treated ourselves to medium-rare restaurant STEAK, (sans BFF's tribe, which is always nice), then came back here and collapsed in exhaustion over tea! I snatched up 3 weird little succulents at the garden centre - one of them is growing tubes like Shrek's ears! I'll have to get a pic - I've never seen anything like it. I guess I'll name it Shrek!

I do like my "arboretum" (good word!), and I get mad at some of those minimalist design whores always poo-pooing indoor plants. I would have MORE! Weird species, too, and maybe a rare specimen in a glass case or something. I am so into it that I don't even believe it's an accident that Georgie's name means "farmer" and Carmella's name means "garden." wacko.gif

Ok, this is way too much about me now, and I haven't remembered anything I was going to comment on or ask. I'm so sorry. I have to say that it's because I'm a little bit high. tongue.gif
doooooooodling!!! do i need to put on my board stomping boots and come over there and give them a lecture on SMART objectives (strategic, measureable, acheiveable, realistic, time limited)?????

everyone sounds so happy! it's good to pop in here and see that every thing and every one is OKAY!!! thank the gods!!

so, minxy???? did you make the soup and take it to the math baron??? barley. mmmmmmmmmmmm. i luuuurve barley! can't remember seeing any here anywhere, though.

i'm finally having a day off!!! first day with no work whatsoever in weeks. literally. yayayayay!!!

my goal is to see if i can make it through the day sleeping, playing with mimi the african attack cat, and drinking bubbly.

oh, and busting!
Hellooooooooo...........where is everyone???

Hello tesao! Are you still up? What are you doing? Are you drunk on champagne? Hee hee.

*pounces on tesao, throws her on the red velvet, lip-shaped sofa that was earlier appropriated from Newbies, and covers her in smooches*

To celebrate your day off, of course.

*smooch, smooch, smooch*

*lifts head, gasps for air, grins, looks at rest of Okayers looking on, wide-eyed*



Ok, so. I am mucking about in the "garden" today, potting up plants. I got a garden urn planted up with 3 different varieties - a small ponytail palm (spikey), some pilea (bushy), and some pothos (viney) - and it looks very swish! I put it, and also a small ficus (weeping fig), in the middle of the dining room with the big now it REALLY looks atrium-esque! And I potted up my 3 succulents in one pot, too, which are now in front of the balcony door with the other desert species. Still got to pot up about 5 containers, don't know if I'll get to them all today, though. I wouldn't mind getting the wall around my bedroom closet painted this weekend, too (since doodlemama's old sheer curtains should be arriving by the end of the week), but I'm kind of achy, so I'm not going to push if I can't. These damned ceramic pots are heavy to move around when they're full of wet dirt! I used to push them around on my steno chair, but I stupidly got rid of that. mad.gif

I am sitting at the round table, posting from my laptop, eating crackers and cheddar with iced tea. Carmella is sitting on the arm of the green chair, watching. Georgie is standing in the balcony doorway, watching. Hmmm...maybe I should give them a scare and run the new dustbuster. tongue.gif
morning all...i promise i'll read archives today..but i'm on seriously limited time right now.

Moxieman is packing the car up to head to airport- he's off for a week. GAH! I'm trying very, very hard to hold my shit together, but i have this horrible, paranoid, nagging feeling that this is the last time he and moxette will be together. Someone shake me the fuck out of this, please?

here's hopin everyone had a great saturday night.

Ah, my family is having a big bwadabada conversation with out me...i'd best be off.
*extracts self from rolling around with doodle on luscious lip shaped sofa*

MOXIE!!! snap out of it!!! moxette will see moxieman before you know it!!!

*shakes moxie gently*

okay in there???? okay. everything is going to be FINE.

what is a big bwadabada conversation?

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i'm meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelting!!!

okay, i know that no one wants to go there, but: DUCK FAT FRENCH FRIES???? i have obviously missed this conversation! i love duck!!! i love foie gras!!! foie gras and really really good bubbly -- the ULTIMATE in lazy food! the mousse from the bubbly is so fine that it dissolves in your throat and the foie gras simply melts. no swallowing or chewing required!!! gotta LOVE food like that, that tastes THAT good!!!

minxy needs to come in and tell us how the ding drop ditch worked!!!!
Psst, darling, you need to adjust your top before you address the room again. *ahem*

Hi tesao and moxie! Where the hell is everyone else this weekend? This is most odd, is it not?

moxie, of course moxieman is going to be fine. I think it's probably natural for a new-ish mama to worry extra-hard about her partner in the parenting endeavour, because it's not just you now, it's you and your babe, whom you will do anything to protect, 'cause you have that mama fierceness now.

tesao, how IS mimi the African attack cat?

Well, I got three more containers potted up yesterday - haven't done anything today....didn't get up till 1 PM!!!! Shocking, I know. I still need to shower and get out in the world to buy some groceries and other things.

Plus doodlemama is going to Ikea for me tomorrow, so I need to take one last look through the catalogue or website and see if there's anything else I need.

I know, such a chore-bound life I lead. smile.gif I've worked so hard to protect my weekends from work intrusions, though, that I FINALLY feel like I DESERVE lazy weekends....boy, that took a lot to get there, eh? Although I did dustbuster the kitchen....but to be fair, I was planting in there! Potting soil is a bitch to clean up.
*drags exhausted heiney into the thread*

My dears, I meeced you this weekend!! I'm finally back in my own home, just got out of the most beautiful bubble bath, and have a new epi of The Wire to look forward to in a bit. hooray!

Moxie, You know my thoughts on your week ahead - you will be fine, and moxieman shall return to you on Friday, and I'm sure you'll appreciate each other even more next weekend! By now, I'm sure you and moxette are snuggled in at your 'rents house...I say soak up the parental love this week!

Mostly, I'm glad to be home. It was a most exhausting weekend, and my body hurts everywhere....there is now no longer a safe haven for my body when we visit our parents - you've got turbomann's dad's house - reeking of cigars, and now with a golden retriever puppy in the house - who I am very much allergic to. And at my 'rents house - the cat who makes me very was really horrible, healthwise - full blown allergy attacks, migraine, and I finally had to resort to Claritin D to make it through the wedding, which made me totally spaced out, dried out, and gave me another migraine and a sore liver to boot today. blerg. So, I am very very glad that we took the day off tomorrow, so I can rest up...painting may not get done, but that's okay. I do have to go into work for an hour, but it should be a nice day.

The wedding itself was beautiful, and it was really amazing to see our dear friend Joshie so completely happy, and loved by both families! We've been through alot with Joshie, and he has the kindest heart of any man I know, and he is so deserving of the love and relationship he has with his new bride.

tes, darling - I adore your love of bubbly, and all things culinary! And I would welcome you any day in chicago for a feast upon duck fat fries...we'll bring our own bubbly!

doodle - you DO deserve lazy weekends - we all do!! Turbomama gave me a spare rosemary plant - so now I have 2 to get me through the winter...but for now, they're the only plants I have...I need to work on my green thumb. Maybe after the painting adventure...
Hi turbo! Glad you are home!

*presses hot brandy-laced tea into turbo's hands*

That'll cure you in a hurry.

I hope you do take tomorrow to do absolutely nothing. The paint will always wait!

I am sitting here trying to decide whether or not to hack a hole in a Rubbermaid bin, so I can test whether the cats would use a covered litter box. It IS an old bin (it's hunter green for heaven's sake), but it's still very durable. Hmm.

Oh well. I'll consider it a sacrifice to science.

I'm like Mrs. Which from A Wrinkle in Time



Happy monday!

My weekend was pretty unproductive.
On Friday night we went to Kaze fo sushi. It was delish, but crazy exspensive.
I was a complete bum yesterday. I hadn't slept a wink on Sat night, so I felt sluggish and kind of ill. I did nothing but watch tv and paint.

Moxie, everything is gonna be fine this week. Don't you worry babe.

Turbo, that sucks that you are feeling crappy. I am jelous of you bubble bath. I cant wait to have a freakin' tub.

There are mountains of laundry to do. J did it last time so now it's my turn. Some how some bleach ended up in our colors, just little drops. We are trying to figure out what happened. There is no bleach near the machines. So either there was some spilled on top of the machines, or one of the neighbors did it.

We don't know the neigbors in our building. The ones on either side of us are great, and we have gone out with both of them. According to them, the guys on the bottom residence used to have light saber fights in the back yard. My neighbor aaron was coming home from work one night and saw them acting out a starwars scene that was playing on the tv. Too funny. The neigbors right below us are a complete mystery. They moved in in July. I have seen them exactly once. They like to put their trash on the pattio and the squirrels get in to it.
My Monday is going to be banking and computer configurations dry.gif

config! config!

Happy happy Joy joy.
A slow weekend in Okayland, eh?

Well, per Ms. GB's great suggestion, I did the ding-dong-ditch on Math Baron with soup, oatmeal bread, and apple bread. It was pretty damned funny. After getting lost a few times (he lives out in the sticks), I finally found his joint, put the package on his front stoop (not thinking too much about the questions as to whether or not a man that is 6'6" would actually look DOWN), rang the bell and ran like hell! I was on my way back into the Cities to visit some friends when he called wondering if I actually consider going 30 miles out of town to scare the shit out of math teachers and leave them good food a good time on a Friday night? Apparently, the tongues have began to wag here at my high school (and it ain't the students...). I included a letter in the care package explaining to him that I have respected his privacy, and was concerned that the rumormill may be irksome. I don't think that it is bothering him too much, and if it was, he certainly did not get bent out of shape about it. Anyway, we talked for about a half hour and he really liked it. Cool.

I need money. Anyone wanna rent me for a weekend? I make a great conversation piece.
Minx, that's cool. Why can't some one ding dong ditch me like that?

So what is everyone wearing today?(insert heavy breathingh and flapping slapping sound)

I fucked up my hair. I cut bangs a while back, and they just keep getting shorter and shorter. will someone take away my scissors? See, I am trying to grow out my hair, and I figured bangs would be easier until the rest is longer. I want long hair damnint. It hasn't been long since my wedding.
Happy monday ladies!!

It was a little slow in here over the weekend! I figured I'd have to read a couple pages of archives.

That's so cool that you left the MB some goodies, minx! I wish someone would leave me food, cause I hate making it for myself. I need to find a man who can cook.

Taloo!!! I like your hair as it is!! I occassionally have these long hair phases and when I get it cut, I always wonder why the hell I thought it was a good idea to grow my hair out in the first place.

Doodle, you complete more tasks in one weekend that I can take care of in one month.

Welcome back, turbo!!

Hi tes, wombat, mox, gb, and lurkers!!

Here's what I did over the weekend:
-skipped cabin and went to great uncle's funeral
-bought vintage 70's bulbous red chair that Oscar has claimed as his own
-completed part II of etch-a-sketch destruction project (making a picture frame)
-bought iron-on transfer paper
-designed a credenza for my TV, DVD, turntable, receiver, and records
-watched Once Upon a Time in Mexico and drooled over Johnny Depp
-decided I need to get in shape and make my health a priority
happy Monday!

i read the archives! i'm so proud. i feel like a good Bustie!

FJ is beautiful, funny, capable and kind AND smart. you are allowed to be feeling down sometimes. i feel like sometimes i compound the problem by feeling bad about feeling bad. did you get a skirt?

minxy! that was such a nice thing you did this weekend.

Hi Tes!

my weekend was really great. Audrey turned 40 and the party was fun -- lots of folks. I've known her since 1990 but i'd never met her parents until now. THEN i got to go see Califone (my favorite band) with Jason and my favorite friend and one of my co-worker's husbands who is also a painter. It was a great show and the new album is EXCELLENT! Saturday I cleaned in the morning and my mommy came. We had a very foodie weekend. First we roasted lots of veggies (sweet potato, potato, carrot, red onion, red pepper, corn). Then we went shopping and after she left I ended up making braised kale, baked califlower with almonds and I baked a cool little squash. Fooooooood!

That said, I've lost 5.5 pounds in the last 10 days!

hi Poodle! tell us about your weeekend. How is your momma?

and Yeah! welcome home Turbo!
Mornin' ya'll! Sounds like everyone had good weekends - hooray!

Poodle - you got SO much done this weekend, and I love your decor plans!

I've just been lazing about this morning, drinking mulled cider, and washing the wall I'm going to paint, and making shopping lists. In a few minutes I have to go into work for a bit to check some proofs for work, and then have lunch with turbomann and run some errands.

Hooray for days off!

Well, the phone just rang, and I gotta run!

Lurv....I am drooling over your food!!
I am just scanning some more LPs to put on ebay.
We ended up getting 700something for the one that I was telling you about.

We need to go to target. We try avoiding it on the weekends cause it tends to be a madhouse. Lot's of rude people and screaming kids.

Poodle, I dig your hair so much. It's thick and lustrious. Mine on the other hand is thin, dull, an frizzy. Yuck.

So, I am having the overwhelming urge to pierce my nose again. Just a tiny micro stud. I think I am too old though. I hate being grown up.
Oooh, lurv, it sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Friends, birfdays, food, music---perfect.

Hi turbo! Bye turbo!

My weekend was actually pretty low-key. I slept a lot on Friday, spent most of Saturday with my mom because of the funeral, and screwed around with some crafty stuff yesterday. My mom is doing just fine. She seemed really pleased to be around her family. After the funeral, we went to these cool vintage stuff shops along the University Ave. strip in St. Paul. I was in heaven. It was really fun to see items that I currently own (made me feel uber cool). I found the red chair at this place called Succotash. Later that night, it occurred to me that I don't even really need a couch as long as I have a couple comfy chairs and a big ottoman. It's extremely rare for me to have more than 2 people in my apartment at a time, and I don't think seating would really change that.

I'm almost want to scrap my etch-a-sketch frame project, but I've come so far with it. The demolition process was surprisingly messy and difficult. I swear, that toy was meant to survive a nuclear disaster. I literally jumped on the thing and pounded on it I was finally able to pry off the front red piece. I took care of the aluminum powder issue a while back (which was probably the worst part). You'd think that turning an etch-a-sketch into a picture frame would be a simple process, but that's not the case.

ETA- Holy crap, taloo!!! That's so kickass that you made $700!! So what do you think you can make with these other LP's?
Poodle, so are you just using the outside plastic as a frame?

I love succotash, we go there every time we visit, and the places on Univ ave too.

What can we get for the LPs? Depends. I have about 40 of them to scan. Every thing in this lot, as a general price range will go from 20 to 100. There are a few that will probably get a few hundred for. We just listed 50 more things last night as well.
double posting!! that hasn't happened to me since the old lounge! whoah...
hi darlings!

turbo, in my world, "lazing about" never, ever is in the same breath as "washing a wall". but i think it might be in doodle's tongue.gif oh and ****recovery vibes***** at you too

it's a tes sighting! wooooo!

taloo, go ahead and get a piercing! i think that the micro nose stud is the classiest of piercings and can be pulled off by any age. stheriousthly.

making an etch-a-sketch into a frame is a brilliant idea poodle! i can imagine it being totally a mess and difficult to dissect though. stick with it! also, tell us more about your new chair!

i love that you actually left the soup and ran away, minxie, that's so freaking endearing! let tongues wag, who cares really? this is such a charming courtship, i'm loving vicariously watching it progress.

i finally decided that the ex and i need to not have contact for at least a while. it sucks but it's so difficult to be friends. if things go well and we have fun, then of course i want to be with him and as a result get sad/mad that i can't, and then things get sucky. and i'm just so sick of feeling all of this anger and jealousy and sadness. it needs to go. maybe it'll help to keep our distance for a while. wish me luck, though, it's tough.

on the plus side, i did see my coffeeshop crush twice this weekend. he is so freaking adorable but i have no idea what his story is. i wanna ask him out but i'm utterly shy and terrified of rejection and have no clue about how to do it. knowing me i'd probably write out a questionnaire and slide it across the counter and then run away. ding dong ditch indeed!

hi everyone i missed or crossposted with!
hello every-body! rolleyes.gif

taloo(shakes head and takes away scissors)....just let them be. don't be mad at me, i'm just doing my hair appointed job duty.

moxie! don't think such things! ***safe traveling vibes for moxieman and soothing vibes for moxie****

mmmm roasted veggies!!! mmmmm!

i still got mad cake skills! my friend A and I baked her birthday cake friday nite...turned out WAY better than expected. Super duper chocolatey.

and the formal gala event on sat. nite was cool if not a bit odd...lots of guns and stuff on display...turns out it was a fundraiser, complete with silent auction. we bailed after a bit and went to the Magic Castle, hung out with Irma and watched some card tricks. always fun.

i so need to go to target as has hijacked my tupperware. its forever lost at his work. phooey.

i'm glad it worked out minxy! that soup looks even tastier.

today is supposed to be hot! 90's i thought it was Fall....Mouse? whats your take on this?
Mouse, just slip your crush a note that says:
"do you like me? Check a box.


Will you go on a date with Me? Check a box.

He will recognize your maturity and fall madly in love with you.

Ms gb, where do you live?
QUOTE( @ Oct 23 2006, 10:09 AM) *
today is supposed to be hot! 90's i thought it was Fall....Mouse? whats your take on this?

oh my god, I KNOW. yesterday was so hot that when i was sitting in my apartment WITH MY FAN ON there was a big puddle of sweat on my leg BECAUSE MY OTHER LEG WAS TOUCHING IT.

taloo, i seriously would do that. except it would be a lot more verbose and probably include a section like "if no, please choose one of the following: 1) it will not be awkward when we see each other again, or 2) i cannot guarantee that it will not be awkward; please do not come by during my shift. my shift is:_____"
i just read the archives AGAIN!

who is a good Bustie?! ME that is who.
Bwahahaha!!! I love the multiple-choice thing!

Good for you for enforcing some distance, mouse. It's almost always the best thing in ex situations.

So, gb, did your cake end up being phallic shaped?

Wow!! 90 degrees? Dayum. I don't miss summer.

Taloo! You guys are gonna be zillionaires!!

Yeah, I can't believe I didn't know about those vintage shops earlier!! I used to visit Theater Antiques a lot just for fun, but then they closed. sad.gif I like these little places more, anyway. Swank Interiors has a little chihuahua doggie, too. I spent more time playing with the dog than looking at their stuff. Oh well.

I'll take a picture of the red chair and some pics of my sad apartment so y'all can give me some ideas. I'm gonna have to make a cover for this red chair, because my cats are evil monsters. When I first brought it home, Oscar was so frustrated that I wouldn't let him scratch it. Everytime I got up or wasn't looking, he would make a mad dash to the chair to destroy the upholstery. When I said "NO," he would give me this whiney "no fair" meow. I have a blanket on top of it now, which helps a little, but he still crawls up underneath and sleeps there. Silly cat.

Wow!! 90 degrees? Dayum. I don't miss summer.
***Pats Lurv on the back*** Good little Bustie.

Poodle, you should take some pics and put them on flickr. That way you can do a photo journal thingy. Oh, and get thee over to the "house of gods" thread in ab fab, they can help with some good ideas.
taloo, me and mouse reside in good old california...LA to be exact. which reminds me...the palm tree which is notorious with hollywood, is being infested with a fungus. and they expect all the palm trees, which are soo not a native plant, to die out and be replaced with more native oak, sycamore and eucalyptus. interesting, no?
i wonder what the in-n-out company thinks about this, especially with that being part of their logo.

sadly, poodle, the phallic cake did not occur this weekend. i could not find the pan nor did i want my god fearing/loving mom to find out i owned such a thing. nor the talking porn ornament tree...but that's another story. lol

i wanna see poodle's new chair......

*tries to take a peek*
*falls to knees, muddying prom dress*

No palm trees? That is weird.

*blows cold MN air down to cali*
Good afternoon y'all!

I have taken Monday off again! Since I had to go to a meeting and then collect moving boxes on Friday, which is supposed to be my day off. 25 hours a week = 3.5 days of work a week, and that's the best they're gonna get. So there!

I actually read the archives, too, lurv! We are good Okayers!

poodle, I'm dying to see this chair! I agree, you do not need a couch, but you do need somewhere to lounge and watch movies, etc. What about making some big squashy floor pillows?

miz gb, I didn't know that about the palm trees - how long do they expect the process to take? Are they not trying to control the fungus? It will be weird to think of Southern Cali without palm trees!

Ooh, turbo's washing the wall! I'm dying to see that paint up there!! It's the purple one, right?

Halloo taloo, minx, mouse and wombat! Where's everyone else? Where's karianne, and marileen, and tyger, and...oh, several other Okayers????

I think a spider bit me on the leg in the night. It's too late for mosquitoes...?

Okay, what to do with a day off? Think I'll....defrost something for dinner, and go work on one of my bedroom many projects....actually, I finally got all the cords and switches I need to hang paper globe lights in my bedroom, so I think I'll do that.

Right after I eat soup for breakfast. Erm, lunch. Heh.
where is everyone?
Cat people, you should watch this:

I am not even a cat person,and it had me sqee-ing.
taloo, that cat is very impressive!

I wonder if Carmella could work her little belly off that way...?

Hi mouse!
Wow! That's exactly what my fat boys (and I) need!

I've been playing with my Heart logo so that I can print it on transfer paper and do a little iron-on experimentation. I wish I still had the ex-RB's printer/scanner at home. sad.gif

*immediately thinks dirty thoughts about ex-RB* D'oh!!
Poods, get back here! What happened w/ you and ex rb? Spill it sister.
*runs into the thread, and flops on the okayland cuddle puddle sofa*

Wow taloo - $700 for one LP - I love that your collection is paying off, and helping you swankify your new pad!!

Poodle, I love the etch a sketch frame idea - that would be So cute in my kitchen, but if its as hard as you say, I don't think I'm up for it.

And 90 degrees in CA? Wowzers... I was just freezing my arse off at the doggie park in the COLD wind coming off the lake. Brrrrr. The next couple weeks will probably really test my bike riding devotion.

And YAY for doodle for taking the day off!!

Mouse, I think you're right, I think my days off are a lot like doodles. Lets see...I did sleep in, and then it was busy busy busy from there. I went to work for an hour to check proofs which were effed up, and then out to lunch, and then home despot, target, and back home to paint! I've got the first coat done on the wall, and the curtains are half hung - turbomann needs to drill different holes, but the drill battery needs charging. I LOVE the purple, its called "athletic purple," and even though it makes me vomit just a little, its Ralph Lauren paint, 'cause really, it was the most perfect bluey purple for the room.

But I do indeed need to paint the other walls in here, the beigeness looks anemic now. Once I finish up and post the piccies, I'll let ya'll chime in on phase 2 plans. For now, I gotta get some dinner on!

And then....more painting!

8:45pm update - Second coat of paint is DONE! It looks fabulous! I can't wait to take the tape off tomorrow and take some piccies! I do definitely need a third curtain panel, but that's going to have to wait until Nov. 1, when I have a $20 off coupon for Pier 1. Yipee!
Good evening, turbo, poodle, and taloo!

turbo, I'm dying to see pics of the wall! You know I am. Sometimes you have to just splurge on the right paint, and I'm sure your splurge is going to be sooooo worth it!

poodle, I want pics of your experiment, too! And your sexy red chair...

taloo, those are terrific couches!

I am so envious of all you big city folk with your craigslist access! BOO!

Heh, I must have missed mouse's comments earlier, about the doodlebug verion of "lazy days," heh. You would all roll your eyes if I wrote what I did today.

doodlemama's sending my Ikea crap by Wednesday, yay! Project Coffee Bar/Atrium/Kitty Playroom can be completed! Also the bedroom closet.
Bwahaha!! That last couch is awful!!

(taloo, the story with ex-RB is that we did "it")

That color sounds rad, turbo!! Be sure to post pics!

A girl in the craftster forum made an etch-a-sketch frame without the same hassle, probably because she used one of the newer models. I have an old-school glass one. Mine is slowly coming together though. I have a little clear plastic window in place and a correctly-sized picture for the inside. I completely destroyed the black plastic backing, so I'm going to attach a piece of masonite (painted black) in its place. I think it's gonna look pretty cool.

poodle, it sounds cool!

I've been both puttering around and lazing about, at varying intervals throughout the day. Got quite a bit of organizing done over the weekend and today, which feels good.

Anyway, my mouse is doing something weird, so I'm not going to stay online. Good night y'all!
Good morning!!!

*YAWN* ...I'm a little tired from yesterday, and a little sore from working around the house and painting and such...but the painting is all DONE, and I stayed up way too late last night steaming the new curtains, so that the new living room would be ready for the big reveal this afternoon when I get home so I can take piccies right away. And, as predicted by doodle, I Looooove the purple - its really quite perfect. Now, of course, I want to accessorize the room, and the other walls definitely need paint too, but that'll have to wait until next month, after I pay all the billz and such.

Poodle, I definitely need to see a piccie of that frame when you get it done - it sounds super cute!

I really don't want to work today...I just want to stay home and potter around the house. hmph. stupid work.
Okay, time for a random bitch-session. mad.gif

I am SO FUCKING SICK of being broke. And not just "not enough money for smokes" broke, I'm talking one month behind in afterschool program cash for the kid, no milk in the fridge and the groceries that I do have are VERY threadbare, I hope I have enough gas to last me until Friday, and my car needs to go into the shop AGAIN (after just having had it in there one week ago) broke.

I would love to be able to blame this on a multitude of bad habits and a penchant for shopping for shit I don't need, but NO. It isn't. It's because I chose to have a kid, and the fact that shit happens. I can't get a loan to save my fucking life because of the 18-month custody battle. I am about ready to burst into tears because my only option right now is to ask my parents and I CAN'T WAIT to get the "responsibility" speech from my mother.

Can't fucking wait...I had to cash in my coin jar just to keep my checking account from bouncing and to have enough money to wash a couple loads of laundry. I feel like such a fucking joke. The stress is killing me. I wanted to take a vacation (the first one in nearly ten years...and no, going to Wisconsin doesn't count, but I can't even afford to do that more than once every three months) with my girlfriends this spring, but that ain't gonna happen.

I made some more broth and bread last night.
Good morning!

I actually got a decent amount of sleep lastnigt. It's strange to actually feel rested.

I think I need to go get a pumpkin bagel from einstien. Yum.

Turbo, congrats on getting the painting done. I can't wait to see pics of it.

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