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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hello everyone! I went to take a nap after I quit working today (fibro attack, which are like migraines in the body), and I wound up sleeping for 8 hours! So now I'm wide awake. At 2 AM. *sigh*

turbo, my ex-g/f is Dene, from the Yukon - maybe it was the same bannock recipe!

turbo, I don't mind fuschia, though it depends on how it's done - I would probably do it with purple! Like a fuschia bush, of course. It's doubtful many guys could live in that, though! Even gay ones. As for hating your colour palette in July....don't think of them as fall colours! They are colours you love, right? And frankly, I think you can make even an rusty-orange feel summery - just do stuff to make it feel beachy...take down the drapes for the summer, roll up any area rugs, put away any throws and blankets, and keep everything simple and light. Orange and purple ARE popsicle colours, right?

I confess, I do love my natural sunlight very much (my apartment faces south) - I would be hard pressed to give it up! And so would my plants, of course. smile.gif

taloo, you are absolutely a couch genius....I also saw a couch on the AT pages that is red leather and shaped almost like the one you picked out on CL!

Aw poodle, that's too bad you can't do the couches....they just seem sooooo perfect for you. I could totally see you snogging some hot guy on them, like the rock star you are! biggrin.gif

I hear kitties playing in the playroom!! Yay!
Good Morning girlies!

I loved your image of comparing paint chips Poodle!

My touquoise wall is much bolder and darker than the one in that photo you posted. It really is like oxidized copper or the actual stone turquoise. I have a purple/eggplant sofa and a red leather chair.
I'm happy to say that I'm thisclose to getting my new computer (and home hookup back) I needed, for you techie/arty types out there -- I'm looking at YOU, mouse and turbo! to be able to use my classic system 9.0 applications, since my web applications are in those. I want to buy CS2 anyway, but no sense buying new web apps, because the web sites I've already done need to be updated, and they are based on Dreamweaver for system 9.0 pages. Le sigh! This means I couldn't afford the new MacBook because it won't do System 9.0 at all! But I can get a G5 that will run CS2, still have money left over for CS2 and some new modem connections, and still run system 9 stuff! Are you yawning yet?

Well, this is what it has taken for me to be the successful professional I am today, in such an arty-farty field. Since I was so stellar with the academic and literary fields, I'm considering stepping sideways into editing. I'll keep you posted. Heh! Heh! I'm on the internet message board and I said "I'll keep you posted!"

"Bannock" -- is that a name for what the guys in "Smoke Signals" called "fry bread?"I bet it is.

You gotta realize, the reason so many traditioal cultures have cooking full of lard, carbs, and fatty proteins like duck or pork,i s because:

--they were poor
--they did enough physical labor, and being in the cold, to burn off the toxic aspects
--they died sooner than we did, anyway!

The traditional jewish and traditional colombian foods restaurants we have around here are truly frightening.

I got to laugh at the "stinky feet" comments. I'm wearing stupid cheap shoes because the well-constructed leather ones I used to pay from 50 to 110 dollars to get, and maintain, are now exponentially more expensive. I've already had the experience of paying 110 a pair for plastic shoes, just because they were so cute, but now I just get good looking ones that are 10 to 20. The "trying to get it not to smell like plastic and other bad things" is tough though!

I'm in love with our click-clack couch!! It will sit up vertically for us to laze about watching TV, or it will sit up horizontally when we have company, or it will lay flat if we have guests. It is a darn comfy bed.

Our apartment has a lot of white, and blonde wood floors. A lot of fancy moulding, fireplace, and fancy round topped windows, too! We have leaded glass on the top, and it faces south so the windows go southeast and southwest. I have a collection of crytals, prisms, lenses, and old chandelier glass danglies to hang to throw rainbows about once I consider the angles correctly.

There is no way in hell I want to go to the difficulty and expense of painting my walls different colors, even though I spent a summer working on the governor's mansion with an expert lesbian house and business painter when I was young. We're renting, not owning, and the lease demands we paint everything white when we leave.

We got a great red couch cover for the beige couch, blue couch pillows, and red and blue woven rugs with some of the same brown/blonde that matches the floors. We also have paintings and posters, blacklights and colored lightbulbs, hanging lanterns.

The bed, bath and living room are all white with red and blue, for some reason the kitchen is white with orange and turquoise. It is awesome.

I'm happy my birthday is coming up, my friend is having a party for me! Too awesome.

Our friend Peg turned 40 and got *really upset* by it -- she got really drunk and went up to everybody at the spring solstice party and yelled at them -- Are YOU FORTY!! I'm FORTY!!!! I'm an old bag!!
My boyfriend had to carry her home! Too funny.

Hey, babes, don't flatter yourselves that you're shocking me with your BDSM stuff. Been there, done that., just cause I was trying just about everything when I was young. now and then. Heh!

It's good to know you don't mess up and do it the wrong way. If you were splashing it around in public, it would show that you were out of control and didn't know diddley about what you were doing, and THAT's when the consequences come down for your families or careers. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with all kinds of sex between consenting adults in their homes, and no reason why anyone in this thread would object to a wide range of -- COMPETENT sexuality. Duh and double duh.

ooooo! we are the decorating thread today!! i like it!

i can't do any paint here, because my landlady would probably have a fit, but there is a lot of colour regardless. the chairs in my dining room are a deep burnt sienna, and the sofa/loveseat are sort of a mustard yellow. my bedroom has teal and green and turquoise swirls on the duvet cover, and i have a Haitian Voudoun Flag of La Sirene hanging in the bedroom that matches those colors.

in the states, our color scheme is mostly various shades of blue and grey. we have one wall in our bedroom that i convinced mr. hotbuns to let me use because it was "iris blue". ahem. it is purple. no two ways about it. purple. smile.gif

so, obviously i am a fan of teal/turquoise/blue/purple/lavender/sea green. wink.gif

before i got married, however, i had a pink house. ashes of roses carpets. light pink walls, hummingbirds, flowers, girly girly girly. even the outside of the house had a pink grey trim. every once and a while you just have to get the pink out.

or under.

lurv: PERFECT analogy!! poodle: bwahahahahah!! i now have a fabulous picture in my head of sexy laaaaaydies with their jeans unzipped and their laaaaaaaaaaaydie parts pulled out, paint chips at the ready!
The Dickens you say? YOU like PURPLE, Tesao? smile.gif

I am listening to Hole and grading papers. Whoot. Fucking bored. I wish that I could chainsmoke whilst grading.

Decorating? I am a bad decorator, but I have excellent taste in color. With the exception of Minxlette's room (which is a lovely lounge pink) everything is in earth tones. I have a deep forest green in my kitchen which extends into a earthware orangey-red for the livingroom. My bedroom is a grey-ish green with flecks of black. Keeps me grounded.

I think.

Still haven't heard from what's his schmeck, Tessie. He isn't even present today. Errrrrgh...getting nauseous.
Good Morning.

So Miss doodlebug, I have decided to start a home photo journal. Pre move in, and following up. Any time we do anything to our place, it will be documented. I am about to head over to the design thread an put up pics of our house. This is all your fault you know!

We made a major craiglslist score last night.
It is the lower left hand side.

Funny, we saw two of them on sunday at the antique stores. Both were kind of junky and still going for over 1000 bucks. The sides fold in so it looks like a cupboard or something when not in use. We have a cute little wooden chair with a red leather seat to go with it.
So far we have gotten our bed, which is a danish teak headboard with floating night stand, our couch: chocolate brown leather sectional (no it's not poofy at all.) and this desk.

I woke up with a very bad headache. boooo.
good thursday to you! and! you! and you, AND YOU!!

feeling a little silly today. the meeting was good last night, for a work meeting. my company comes from the netherlands and we had a speaker from there who has now been in america for 2 and a half years. he was really wonderful and inspiring. i still hate my job, but i do think my company is pretty good. anyway, i had forgotten about a scandal involving one of the girls i rode in with and the boyfriend of one of the other girls that works with us. so, when i walked in with her, i was lumped into the scandalous group and had to pull daggers from my back all night, but that was fine. the two girls i went with were actually pretty down chicks. i like one of them in particular. when i got into her car, she was wearing reindeer antlers and had the yeah yeah yeahs blasting. she had BUSTie written all over her. we all giggled like we had known each other for years and went out for some beers after the meeting was finally adjourned. it was fun to sit and chat with them. didn't get drunk, just mildly buzzed (off a blue moon draft and some shot called a pineapple upsidedown cake, YUM!). anyway, it was good times and i hope to hang out with them again.

oh gosh, not the duck fat fry talk again! i have to admit, that sounds disgusting to me too. i am not a fan of duck. i remember my uncle ordering it at some restaurant when i was about six and i was horrified. i sat watching the ducks swimming in the pond right outside the window of the restaurant and imagines that they'd yanked one from his happy swimming hole and stuck him in a roaster.

and yet i eat chicken rather often. *shakes head at self*

turbo, i agree with doodle: you'll still love your "fall" colors in summer. i LOVE my orange wall and can't imagine getting tired of it. and the beauty of paint: you can change it!!

i'm jealous of all the BUSTies enjoying an early weekend right now!

mornin' ya'll!!

Taloo - that desk is an amazing score! What a nifty piece! Yep, its all doodle's fault that we're all working so hard in our homes! tongue.gif ...And I am so glad she's here to encourage us!

FJ - that meeting does sound pretty great, for being work and all...and WOOT for hanging with cool chicas!

Yeah, I know I love the fall colors...but my second bedroom is already aged cheddar orange and brown, so there's that part of me, that's thinking...if the whole house is orange, is it too much? And I'm not going to commit to painting the rest of the living room until I can reconcile it in my brain, since painting will involve moving the wall o' books....would it be too weird if I left that wall beige? Probably, yes.

I start my weekend tonight! YAY! But, the 6 hour drive dread has set in, so its not *all* that exciting. I need to drag out my knitting tonight so that I have something to do in the car.

HI hi hi tes!! Somehow, I can't picture you living in a frilly, pink house...purple, YES - but all pink? were brave! But then, I work in an office where every wall is a light pink, so I pretty much don't want to go home to it, ya' know. Though we bought our place from a co-worker, who actually used all the leftover paint from the office re-design to paint the when we bought it, everything was the same damned color as my was BAD!

And YAY for new computers...a G5 is still a damned fine machine, no shame in that!
Tess!! I miss you.

I love duck. LOVE IT. My favorite thing is duck leg confit. Basically it'l legs that you cure in salt for a day, rinse off, then cook at a very low temp for several hours, in it's own fat, mirepoix, and spices.
Coupl of nights ago made a duck leg confit pizza with carmelized shallots and manchego cheese. It was the best thing ever.

Once at work, I dumped a deep roasting pan of warm renderd duck fat on myself. What a mess, but I couldn't be pissed, because it is duck fat. Me likey.
I'm being a squeemish vegetarian. Someone slap me!

Our local weather guy was bragging about how beautiful the weather in SAN FRANCISCO is going to be this weekend. Cheers to Diva and the Big Man!
turbo, i had forgotten that you already have the orange room. hmmm. maybe the purple and mossy green you were thinking of?

i think you should definitely go with the purple and then when the mood strikes and you figure out what you want for SURE, you can paint the other walls. sure, the biege wall will look a litte lonely until it gets painted, but you can always just stare at the purple one instead! smile.gif
*ahem* There may be pink inside of me, but I assure everyone it's all the meaty variety. I have no intention of letting the pink explode in my decorative universe. There are only 3 things I will never allow in my home: pink, chintz, and ruffles.

But for tesao's love, I would probably put up with it.... wub.gif

So! I'm still awake....gonna go through the day, I guess, and probably fall asleep real early tonight. Anyway, I rearranged some more furniture, watched the last eppie of CSI and an eppie of SATC, and I am roasting chicken with sliced yams and butternut squash as I type this. (Thank you, whomever told me about pre-cut squash - I made them sell it that way at Safeway!)

turbo, that is not too much orange - girl, that's a coordinated colour scheme! Why fight the orange, baby, when you love it so? (ETA: ooh, green is also good with I can attest to!)

taloo, that's an interesting desk - lots of storage! Very clever that it closes's brilliant. I'm very envious!

I am sitting at the round table, in my green Ikea chair, using the laptop. I like this new arrangement very much! Can't wait to start telling people I'm gonna hack up my dining table.

I love that you all think I'm a bad influence and Martha Stewart at the same time. That must make me The Anti-Martha.

Hello also, FJ, wombat, minxie, and the person(s) who has/have a 50/50 chance of cross-posting with me before I hit the "add reply" button....
hi girlies! wow i can't believe it's thursday already....woo!

i have just had the very peculiar experience of finding out that a bustie i am familiar with actually went to my school while i was there. now i just have to figure out if i know her.....!

i love pink--in fact i am wearing a pink sweater today--but it has to be light. i don't like deep pinks, magenta, anything too close to purple. and i really don't like purple (sorry tes and doodle!!). but i'm not allowed to paint my place, meh. my parents' house is painted really lovely; they re-painted a lot of stuff over the past maybe ten years and it looks so nice now. the kitchen is cream walls with brick red and olive green trim, the living room is white with a dusty pink moulding along the ceiling, the guestroom is burnt orange with cream trim, their room is light olive green and cream, and my childhood bedroom is blue (once with clouds...aww). there are also three murals in our house--the terribly embarassing sun, moon and flowers i painted in my bedroom at age 12, the mural of tuscany my dad painted around the top of the walls in the kitchen, and my mom painted a big peaceable kingdom above the woodstove in the living room. aw i miss that house.....

duckfat! duckfat! i am a carnivore of the mindset that if i'm going to eat animals, i shouldn't be squeamish about the fact that they ARE animals, and if i get squeamish, maybe that means i shouldn't be allowed to eat meat. i just like to be aware of it and conscious that i'm being sustained by something else's life.

last night i was thinking about how i really want to get a cat.......i have to discuss this with my landlord. though it's such a lot of responsibility, i wouldn't want to get a pet unless i was positive i could provide the best life for it....
Funny thing, I was a strict vegatarian for 10 yrs, and I almost qualified as a vegan, but I ate honey, and I refused to eat vegan baked goods.
Now I am full on carnivore. What's more is I love organ meats too. Nothing better than a sauteed sweet bread. And don't even get me started an foie...looooove it. It's like meat butter. yum.

When we had our house in mpls, we went crazy with color. The bedroom was orange, the office was a lime greenish. I think now, I am into more understated walls, and adding punches of color through various means. The entire downstairs in our new place is a carmel color. I like it, but not in every room. The master bed is a hideous cornflower blue. We can't decide on a color.

Doodle, you are the anti martha. And you have inspired me so much!
well, what do ya bedroom is pink....and doesn't mind.

helloooo everybody!!!!!

mouse, i have a cat in mind for you if you want one. and that goes for any cali busties. pm if you want.

all this paint talk makes me want to paint. must. resist. paint. chips. hehe

today we have a test on haircutting...bleh.

(((((safe travel wishes for diva and giant))))

and i'll take a pass on the duck fat. no thanks.

Mmm.....caramel...*drools* (for paint color and confection). Yeah, I'm thinking green or a light mocha brown might be a better option for the other walls in the living area. I like orange, but I am concerned about the amount of it in the or brown would be good by me too. I'm gonna have to go back and start playing with the paint chips again.

Mmmm....roast chicken and yams and butternut swaush - that's the most perfect fall meal! Yumm...and contains lovely shades of orange as well!

doodle! I hope you get some good sleep tonight! I don't know how you function after staying up all night!

"meat butter." eewww....and that's exactly the sensation too. thanks for that image taloo!

Very often we had liver and onions as children; not that I liked it, mind was a bit mealy-textured for my taste. I am still a full-on omnivore. There's nothing I like more than some beef from my dad's farm. There was a space of about six months where my former fiancee and I went through an experimental vegetarian thing, really just to see if we could do it. He is 6'5" and huge so it was a real chore to get him filled up and blahblah. I make 90% of my own broths from carcasses, like to catch my own fish, and have no problem assisting in a butchering, but that's how I grew up. I understand why some meat eaters get squeamish about that part, but it's still pretty strange to me. My family respects their animals, takes very good care of them, and I have no problem saying that a loved animal is a tastier animal.

Lurv--I won't slap you. You love all creatures and that makes you squicked when you think about suffering on any level. That's why I love you so damned much. Anyway, I loved our salad, bread, and cheese fiestas this summer.

I bet that sounded pretty horrific to our lovely resident vegetarians. Sorry pretty ladies. I have been having conversations with the Minxlette about this very thing because I believe that she also needs to make her mind up about what she consumes. Yep, she grew up omnivore, but if she chose to go vegetarian I would support her diet in that manner. She knows where her hamburger comes from, although it is doubtful that she fully understands the concept of death and consumption. We'll get there. She's wicked smart.

Oh yeah, and she's had a nearly perfect two weeks here, so YEE-HAW!! She is way more chatty about how she feels and what spurs her fear-responses. And she's less defeatist. WHOOT!

Way cool that Diva is experiencing decent weather WAY OUT THERE IN CAL-I-FOR-NIE-AYE!
taloo, you got us all with the meat butter comment. hahaha! nice.

i am not a fan of organ meats, although i've never had pate or fois. i had liver and onions one time. i remember it smelling really good and then tasting it and nearly gagging. mom didn't make me eat it. she'd only cooked it because my dad was on a strange diet that called for it.

but i do love my meat. mrfj (mister meat and potatoes himself, at that time) went on a vegetarian diet that lasted all of four days when we first started dating. we were both on a real wierd tangent of wanting to kick out all our old habits and try new things. i would have been able to go longer than he could because ilike more non-meat items. his veg diet consisted of pastas, celery, carrots and green beans.

i don't necessarily like to think about where my meat is coming from, but i don't shield myself from it either. i do try to buy free-range and organic farmed.

minx, good for you for sharing other ideas with minxette about her consumption. it certainly is a personal choice. my niecelet has veggie tendencies. she doesn't eat a lot of meats because of animal treatment, but the poor thing has an inner conflict in that she loves a good cheeseburger.

speaking of food, i need to go grocery shopping tonight. i'm starving right now. i didn't eat much yesterday and this morning, my client bought pizzas for everyone here for lunch. since most of the people get here at 5am, lunch is at 11:30. he told me to help myself to the pizza and i did, but the two pieces i ate just weren't enough. now i'm starving again and i have several hours before i can eat again. i forgot to bring a lunch and have zero cash/change for the vending machine.

and i keep yawning on top of it. i skipped coffee today because the air conditioning repairmen are (still) in the kitchen and have the entire floor in that room covered in dust. at least, i'm telling myself that it's dust. surely that can't be asbestos...

yes, green is good too, turbo.
Happy Thursday Beeyatches!!!

I'm at home right now. I planned on going up to the cabin tomorrow, but my great uncle just died and I may end up staying home if the funeral is on Saturday. My dad, bro, sis, and the kiddos are still going up there, which I understand, because it's harder for them to cancel their plans. So anyway, I'm waiting for my mom to call and give me the verdict. Hopefully the funeral will be on Mon. or Tues. so I can still go up north.

Nice to see you, tes!! And, wombat, welcome back to Okayland where everything is happy!! wink.gif

I'm squeamish about meat, too, lurv. I think it's icky. I have no qualms about buying free-range chicken livers and hearts and chopping them up for my cats though. They deserve it. Heh...last week, when I was chopping up livers, Oscar grabbed an entire liver, ran away really fast, and then ate the whole thing in a couple seconds. As for humans, all I care about is that they know what they're eating and the conditions in which the animal was raised. If I ever have kids and they want to eat meat, then I'll make sure that they see the typical conditions and production process before they decide to make it a regular part of their diet. Basically, I just want to freak them out.

I find it extremely annoying that meat has to be in everything, even if a dish would taste better without it. Lasagna is a perfect example of this. Why must everything contain ground beef or chicken? Blech! I've never been a big meat person. Taloo! I have a hard time imagining you as a veg-head! You could be the spokesperson for the entire meat industry! I love how you guys love meat so much.

Turbo, I think you should go with purple and green hues. Orange has definitely experienced a revival, but there's still such a thing as too much orange (remember the Brady's kitchen?). Orange overkill can be really harsh on the eyes.

(X-post) Ha! That's so funny about your niece, FJ!! The only meat dish that I have a hard time resisting is a cheeseburger! Whenever I eat one though, I can't stop thinking about cows, which sorta ruins the experience. I just decided to eliminate them entirely. I still love the smell of grilled meat in the summer breeze though. That's one of my favorite smells along with fireplaces in the winter and freshly ground coffee. MMmmmm....
Poodle, I'm sorry about your uncle. That sucks. Were you close?

Liver. My mom used to make it all the time, and it was gross. I made liver in school and loved though. If you use calve's liver and cook it med rare, you don't get the metallic taste.

I am pretty careful about the meat I buy. Free range/ organic only. I go to the butcher to get it. Speaking of butcher. I adore fabricating meat. Once we move we are gonna buy a side of beef, and I will break it down.

A huge part of the reason that I was vegetarian was that I used it as an excuse for restriction and limitation. Just a part of a diguise for a raging case of anorexia. Sad.
But now I am all good, and I think I could eat a steak that weighs as much as I do. Really.
Poodle, I'm sorry aboout your uncle. And I hope you still get to go up-north with your fam. I love that in the midwest we have this general sense of "up-north" and most of us associate it with cabins, nature, trees and family vacations.

not only does taloo like meat butter, she fabricates meat too!! I've never heard of butchery as fabrication...I just kept picturing you creating a brand new cow out of the odds and ends you find in the crack of the couch.

Poodle, I think you're right - there is such a thing as too much orange, and it can get I think, in my current frame of thought, I'm gonna do the purple wall on Monday, and hang the curtains, so I can see the new color in the room, and *then* decide if the nekkid beige walls need to be attacked.

And WOOT! for minxlette doing so well in school, and sharing more of her feelings with you - your girly is super smart!!
Thanks, taloo and turbo. We weren't very close, but he's been a staple in my life from the very beginning. He's actually an in-law and my great aunt died long ago. I'm almost happy for him because he seemed really lonely and depressed without her. The last time I went to his house, it looked as though my great aunt still lived there--kinda creepy. Anyway, he was old and weak, so his death is no surprise.

I think it's important that I attend his funeral, if anything, just to support my mom. I would hate for her to go alone. I think it hurts my mom a little that our immediate family isn't close to that side. Almost all of our family gatherings revolve around my dad's side. I understand why my bro, sis, and dad would skip the funeral if it was on Saturday, but it still bothers me a little. I think it's a little disrespectful towards my mom. Also, I feel a little resentful that they get to go to the cabin, while I get stuck with the emotional responsibility. I'm surprised that they use inconvenience as an excuse.
Your welcome Poods. I lost my granny earlier this year, and I have been thinking about her alot. She was an important part of my life. When I think of her, I can feel my heart breaking just as bad as the day I found out she passed. But like you, I think it was best that she finally let go. She missed grandpa and her health was failing.

I am in the process of scanning and photographing 50 LPs and 45's to list on Ebay. Oi.
Are you talking about that super rare LP that J has? What band is it again?

As I think about it, I'm feeling more and more pissed off at my family. When I see them, I'll be sure to give them a little passive-agressive treatment. The other thing is that I have this super cool B&W portrait of him and my great aunt in my living room. He's wearing his WWII uniform and she has this gorgeous 40's hairdo. It would be really weird to display this picture that I love, but then skip the funeral of the guy in it.
poodle, i'm really sorry about your uncle. was he sick? i hope you can still go up to see your family. i know you were looking forward to the time at the cabin.

eta: i think i would be a little miffed at my family too if they did that poodle. good for you for supporting your mom. and that picture sounds amazing. i wish i had pictures of my ancestors like that.

taloo, how does the cost of getting all your meat at the butcher compare with grocery store prices? is it reasonably the same? i would prefer to get our meat at a market not too far from my house because my local grocer doesn't have a large variety of organic/free range. not to mention the freshness factor, of course.

turbo, i think you have a great plan. painting isn't something you want to jump into, regardless of how easy it might be to change.

i'm ready to change our guest bathroom color. it's the same dark purple/brown/bourdeaux that our dining room is painted. i love it in the dining room. the only reason we painted the same color in the bathroom is 'cause that room was hideous and we had the extra paint. it definitely looks better than the horrible blue with green treatment the previous owners had on it, but i'm just not in love with it. i think it has a lot to do with the stark white tile in that bathroom, which will also be replaced. the tub in that bathroom is rusted out around the drain (i'm waiting for it to rust completely through any day now) and we've decided instead of putting in a new tub, we're going to put in a walk-in shower. i want to use natural stone in there, so it might actually work well with the paint by then. we also have to tear out the horrible vanity and put in a pedestal sink. oy. we have a lot of work to do in that house still...
Poodle, I have a similar role in my family, as the attender to every family event, and manager of the emotional roller coaster so that most of the family will remain on good terms. Its not an easy job. And I think a well-placed comment about how this is important to your family would not be out of step. But I'm glad that you're attending for yourself, and honoring your uncle's life.

In the last few years, I guess I've come to really appreciate funerals, as hard as they are, there's often so much kindness shared, and its a time when you see people you haven't seen in ages, and you share good memories of the departed. It makes for an exhausting weekend, but both turbomann and I agree that we won't miss a family funeral if we can help it...its not something you can re-do later, and we're always glad to took the time to do it.

FJ...when I hear you, and my other friends talk about major household projects, I'm kind of glad the stuff we have to do is just paint. A condo is easier that way. Eventually, we'll have to re-do the bathroom...we're just trying to hold off on that for a couple more years, but we've definitely got some mold back there behind some of the tile...not to mention a flamingo pink tub and toilet.
Wow. I can't believe FJ made a comment about loving meat without Mr. FJ popping in to say something about it. That just feels like something wrong in the universe. smile.gif

poodle, I'm really sorry for your loss, hon, and glad you're going to be there for poodlemama. I love old pics, too! I have quite a collection - my dad left me all his, and his mom left me all of hers. What part of WWII did your uncle participate in? My dad was in the Canadian Navy, in the Atlantic.

turbo, I dunno why my body does such weird things with sleep, but I've given up trying to force myself into a "normal" sleep pattern - it just doesn't work. Been this way all my life! But I think skulking around your workspace at 4 am is supposed to be the mark of a jeenyus, isn't it? tongue.gif

I love the idea of purple and green...obviously!! Are you thinking of pear green or mossy green? A nice yellow-based green of just about any kind would go well with either of those purples....that nice pear green with purple would be lovely and fresh! Yum!

I hate being at the Centre now. I just want to work from home, at my round table. Bah! I suppose that is a good sign for the future of my working life, though since hopefully it will give me the ability to manage lots of different contracts or something!

We officially close at the end of October, and then it's a month to pack up and shut down. November's gonna suck bigtime.
You are so gay for me, doodle.
You wish, Mr. FJ. smile.gif

It is fucking thunderstorming out. WTF? Where did THAT come from?? It was sunny when I opened the Centre at lunchtime! My boots are still in the repair shop - I'm wearing slides for fuck's sake!!!!
Sheeesh...and THAT coming from Meat Man. *snigger*

Poodle, darling...sorry about your uncle. That blows. Honestly though, I have really started to get confused about people's families around here. There have been a lot of family losses in the last couple of years with all you womens. Was he sick? I cannot remember...maybe that was Diva's uncle.

I am officially on a four-day weekend. I had a bunch of shit that I wanted to do with Math Baron, but he got pretty sick, so the wedding on Saturday is off. Bummer that it happened on a childless weekend. It's always weird seeing someone THAT BIG with a "little" cough. It sounds like the will explode into a tickertape parade.

We went out for lunch, though. He and my friend Paul were talking about "murses" (man purses) and I laughed so hard that I snorted. He thought it was an excellent way to get back at me for all of my chiding him during the apple orchard festivities. I also found out that he is a soup fanatic. Do you all think it would be cool if I made up a pot of beef and barley soup and dropped it at his house?

Doodle, what are your plans now that the Soul-Sucking job is coming to an end?

I wish that Lurv could post a photo of her couch. It is the perfect purple for Turbo.
hey babies!

I'm sorry about your sweet old uncle Poodle. You sound like a real careing grown up.

my sofa misses your pooper Minxy!

Mr. FJ looks like Hyde from That 70's Show.

I want Turbo to come up and put her pooper on my purple sofa.
doodlebug plans are to look for work. Um....yeah, it's all very vague. Basically, the plan is to get some temp office work and some contract work and hopefully make it all pay the rent. I have been planning to keep working very part time for the Society (my current board), but it will be on a contract basis, and it would be for specific pieces of work, like projects. I wouldn't run the organization. And I'm hoping to get on with one (or more) of the labour unions to do some temp office work, which would hopefully lead to a full time office support position, which actually, ironically, pays more than my current job. (And would be about one-tenth as stressful.) I might also apply to the university admin dept., and there may be a chance to do some work starting up the new campus women's centre, which is a project I've been involved in. And then any other interesting contracts that come my way, I guess. I want to rest! But still make rent.

After I rest, I'd like to take some of my experience and do some kind of consulting or training, I think. Not totally sure how that will look yet - I need some time to think - but there are so many gaps I see in terms of service providers' AND activists' awareness and comprehension....

Anyway, even though that all means I'm basically clueless about the future, I'm kinda looking forward to it. I feel very positive about not knowing what I'll be using to pay the rent this time next year. tongue.gif

I'm starting to put my feelers out for interesting work, but I keep getting idiots wanting to sign me up for their effing multi-level marketing scams (which they all insist are not scams)....OR they want to do (paid) career counselling on me (like I couldn't just pick up "What Color is Your Parachute?" from the library and read it for myself). It makes me want to scream, "Fuck off, willya!?" What kind of doofus do people take me for?

Thanks for asking! And sorry that's such a long-winded reply.
((poods)) i'm so sorry.....and i'm sorry your family is being stupid about it.

minxy, you should absolutely cook up some soup for math baron!! yum.

my car was smoking this morning when i pulled into work. not a huge amount. it burns oil, i know that already, but i've never seen it smoke. meh. can i have some get-home-safely bustie vibes please?
~*~*~**~home safely vibes for mouse~*~*~*~*~

lurv - I totally wanna come put my pooper on yer couch!! A purple couch - now that truly really is a dream!!

I just rode my bike all over town running errands, and it was a perfect fall day for it, aside from the grey skies. But perfectly cool weather, and no wind for once...I zipped all over, and now I'm home and have wedding pressies bought, and laundry in the I just need to make up some morrocan lamburgers for dinner, and get my shit organized for the weekend ahead.

Of course, work was imploding when I left, but whatever. For once, they are going to have to figure it out for themselves, as I will not be at a computer this weekend. nuh-uh.

Minxy, I absolutely think you should make some beef barley soup for MB! It has untold healing powers....and then bring some over here!

Doodle, I think your coming year sounds like an exciting adventure, and I hope that it will give you ample time to recharge, and really think creatively about how you want to pay the rent.

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! for minxie!

no more midterms until next friday! woot, i say, woot indeed. midterms can suck my left nut (but not really, because nuts are boy parts. i'm a girl, so i have girl parts. that's a vagina. so endeth the lesson)

go doodle and your making the board do stuff it needs to be able to do. and yes, the international house of long-distance parenting scholarship did come through.

i get new tires tomorrow probably! which is good, since mine are bald. i'm actually wary of driving in the rain right now (but i do anyway because i love my car much more than my mom's)

mmmmm, last night (okay, technically verrrry early this morning) was muchly full of the smoochies. mmmmmmm smoochies. i think that is officially my thought of the day, 'mmmmm, smoochies'.

grrrr, my 80s kate bush is *almost* done downloading, but all of the songs have just one little bit missing so i can't listen to them yet. whiiiiiiine!
I dunno, tyg, I do find that I have nuts of convenience. As in "its so hot out there, I sweat my balls off." See, isn't that nice, and lookie - I don't got no nuts!

Wooooo-hooooo Minxy!!! That is most awesome news!
Hello again! Home now.

"_____ can suck my left one," generally works for me. Let them figure out which "one" I mean!

Hi tyg!! Glad to know you are possessed of sufficient fundage.

Yay minx, wonderful news! When? Where's she from? Why's she moving?

turbo, you are like an Englishwoman, flying about town on your bicycle! Hee! Actually, you make me miss bicycling all over town myself. (Not enough to actually acquire a new bicycle, but it's the thought that counts.)

I bought plants. Because I need more plants, of course. But I was celebrating finishing my STATS. Which I hate doing almost more than anything. Five plants, little sized (the $2 size - 4" pots), not sure what a couple of them are yet, but will spend the rest of the evening figuring it out, and planting some of them.

I am listening to CBC Radio One, where a man with a Canadian accent is "interpreting" the African-accented English of a man from Liberia. Like, *I* can understand what the man is we really need English-to-English translators? So bizarre.

I hope dear mouse made it home okay, no breakdowns....
I'm with you on the "suck my left one," doodle, except for the "one" part. I say "tit." I usually don't say "tit" though unless I'm extremely pissed off or extremely horny. Yeah, I definitely throw around the words I hate when someone has their cock inside of me. I'm a talker. Heeeeheheheee...

My other favorites are "_____ can lick me where I pee" or "_____ can lick my peehole." I actually said that when I was conversing with one of the new women in our office, and then I felt a little embarrassed afterwards. I have a tendency to say stuff like that in inappropriate situations. Someone has to do it though, and that person just happens to be me!!

It looks like I'll be here this weekend instead of up in da nort woods, ya know. It's all good. It gives me a chance to do some organizing and planning here at the poodlepad. I'm happy to be with my mom during this time.

Ha! Mr. FJ totally looks like Hyde in that picture! Damn...I love Hyde, especially when he had the beard. I am a total That 70's Show addict (big surprise, I know). I caved and bought the 1st season on DVD while I was at Super Target this evening. I alreadly have Seasons 2, 3, and 4, so I figured I should complete the set (until the other seasons come out on DVD--sans last season). I tried to download the show (legally of course, heh) but I couldn't get all of them and I wanted to have them in order. The resident boy thinks I'm nuts for spending so much on That 70's Show, but what can I say? I friggin' love That 70's Show!!! Dude, Cheap Trick sings the opening song fer fucks sake!!! Sure, it's a Big Star song, but Cheap Trick sings the fucking song, dammit!!! Cheap Trick!!!

Doodle, I can totally see you working from home. At the same time, you have the right stuff *breaks on in NKOTB dance* for working with people. God, I could totally see you as a Womens Studies professor. You could even do adjunct or something like that. Teach our ladies, doodle! We need confident hardasses like you in those positions!!!

~*~*~*~car vibes for all busties who need them~*~*~*~ I drove again today, and once again, it left me feeling pissed off. God, I hate driving around here. I need to find a nice quiet place to cruise around while listening to my car playlist (which mainly consists of 70's hard rock and stoner tunes).

I've had a little likky, and I could go on forever, but I'll stop for now. I had some other stuff to say, but I can't remember.... *drifts off into beerland*
poodle, women's studies have nothing to do with the real world. smile.gif

Seriously though, I don't see myself ever getting out of the women's movement totally. I'm always going to be a feminist, after all, and whatever "professional reputation" I have is based on that. But I do need a rest! And I just don't see myself at the academic level - if I was ever going to go into academia, it would have been art. And art school is still somewhere in my future, though perhaps old age, when tuition becomes free for seniors! I'd like to come back into the movement from a different angle, though. Actually, I have very recently put a couple of "feelers" out to some of my other coalition sisters about forming a group to do some private feminist consulting work. I think there is interest....if so, we'd still need to figure out if anyone would hire us, or rather, what people might be willing to pay us to do!

poodle, I'm still curious about what your uncle did during the war...? I know you Yanks came into it a bit late, so I wonder if he was overseas the same time as my dad, who joined near the end, when he was 17....?

Ooh, I don't think I posted this here...doodlemama is going to Ikea for me on Monday! That means by the end of next week, I should have everything I need to complete the new Coffee Bar and Kitty Play Atrium. YAY! I also went to Home Despot after work today to price the ingredients for my renovated work space project.

I got paid from the coalition, finally! So I can pay doodlemama back the $100 and send money for the Ikea stuff and shipping costs (she's putting everything on the Greyhound) at the same time. YAY!
Yes, doodle, but every woman needs some immersion in basic fem stuff!!

Darn. I just spent $10+ on the ex-RB and he didn't even show me his weiner. Stupid boy. His weiner's not too shabby either. *drifts off into weinerland*

Its Friday, you pee-hole licking cum suckers... See, I can be inclusive, too! smile.gif

How's all my bitches weekends lookin? We've got a packed one coming up, and it blows b/c even though turbos will be in town, our schedules are totally opposite, so no see-ee. Feh- well, msturbo and i and moxette can do something cool at thanksgiving sans men, i think. We're car shopping, packing our whole family up, and hitting a friggin family gig at my in-laws saturday night. Sunday, moxieman goes away for a week, and moxette and i are shipping to my folk's. Single parenthood of an infant is a bit too overwhelming, even just for a week, for me. Actually, its the "just for a week" part that is overwhelming- 1 night, easy and fun. LIfetime- one adjusts and "makes it work;" 1 week- a long time, but no real lifestyle change. Anyway, my parents are geeked to have the baby with them, so there's that.

Minxy, did you make that soup? I think that's both very sweet and thoughtful. And, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTt on your friend!

OK, I suppose I should work. really get something productive done...hmmm...

Hey, turbo- i just read an article that Russia is suspendign all foreign NPO's...including the adoption agencies. Does that put a huge crimp in work? (gulp)...
Mornin' bitches!

We're just about to ship out to MI....where I will be sans 'puter...Waaaaaah!

Moxie - you look like you have way too full a weekend to even consider seeing us - good luck with the car shopping! If you're looking at diesel jettas, get 'em now - they're not coming out in the new model year, while they switch engine platforms.

Russia sucks. Seriously, don't anyone ever considering adopting from there...mostly for health issues and corruption reasons, but really...its bad over there. They change the rules on us every year, basically making it so that you have to pay the govt all kind of money to jump through additional hoops (money that does not go to the children's homes that need it), and they only accredit agencies for one year, so you spend 6 months out of the year chasing new rules. We have been licensed as an NGO, which is part of the lastest round of changes, which hopefully will lead to our reaccreditation. But right now, no, we are not ended Oct. 15, and we're hoping to get our new license in the next month, which will involve another large "donation" to the folks in charge. Its sad because its the kids that get the shit end of the stick, and all the kids are just in a holding pattern every time this happens.

Enough of that already...I've got a day in the car ahead of me, a good audio book, and lots of knitting to do.

Have a good weekend everybustie!!!!
Hahahaha! Moxie, you kill me. I hereby declare that this Friday is LESBIAN SEXUAL REFERENCE INSULT FRIDAY!


I made my first hour class say the word "vagina" the other day five times in a row. I got sick of hearing slang for it and wanted to destigmatize the darned thing. Imagine 20 students saying "vagina" in unison. It was beautiful. cool.gif

My friend is moving up from Monroe, WI...right next to New Glarus. It really is beautiful down there, but the schools sucks ass and both of them have urban leanings. She wants me to help her find a big apartment close to a coffeeshop and yarnstore. We've been talking about this for over ten years, and I am simply beside myself that it is happening so quickly. She got a job offer at a local hospital that included a nice relocation bonus and a really fucking beefy salary and HER choice of hours. It's crazy. And she starts in mid-November.


I am going to make the soup early this afternoon. The roast is thawing in the sink presently, and I will probably bring it over to him tonight if he is around.

Egads, the wiener-talk abounds...I am soooooo menstrual and hungry for the HBI this weekend. Grrr...loose woman on the prowl...

ETA: Where in the flying fuck is Karianne? I miss her southern self. sad.gif
Happy Friday Lesbians!

I suck at insults.

Hooray for Soup and BEST FRIENDS!!

Poo on car troubles!

Hooray for Turbo's pooper!

Poodle is a good human.

I'm happy that it is Friday.
Happy Friday you doodie encrusted asspickles!!!

Poodle, back up. Did you and ex RB get it on? If so when did that happen, and how the fuck did I miss it?

I had a fantasic evening. We went to Tango Sur, this Argentinian place whith two of our dear friends. (Poodle you've met Joseph. ) Then we came back, I had a nice HBI, then we watched the Shield.

Speaking of the Shield, do any of you watch? We got the first 4 seasons on dvd.
It is my new favorite show. Micheal Chicklis gets me really hot for some reason, I think its his character. Then there is another dude on the show who plays a cop with the name lemonhead. Looks like an older version of a guy I would sleep with occationally in college.

ok, so i just checked urban dictionary for the word qweef, and one of the sample sentences was, "like a tree spitting yellow pollen, she qweefed and the world listened". BWAHHAHA. that made me laugh so hard, i nearly....

wait for it...



not much to share today. (shocking, eh?) feeling a little low. somehow not looking forward to our weekend with friends as much as i should be. i really like them a lot. they're both very sweet. i think they make me feel insecure about mysef because they both make 6 figures and i feel so beneath my potential. sweet mrfj has been sending me affirmations all morning. i just need to get off it and believe that:

i am lovable and capable.

george michael's careless whisper is playing in the weld shop next door.

i am sort of feeling tired and rundown and i know that it's just the little mini-depressions that i put myself in. last night, i wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and play stupid yahoo games. i think i'm going to leave early, go buy a new skirt and take a bubble bath and get myself out of this funk. maybe i'll open the champagne in the fridge and let the bubbles rush me from my funk.

minx, i can totally imagine you making the students recite VAGINA. hehe. and awesome idea to make the soup for MB. i think that's a very thoughtful and friendly thing to do. i can't imagine that he could be skeeved by it. i think he'll be touched that you were paying attention when he talked about loving soup.

lurv, i'm so happy that you are here! hehe, you made me laugh with the recognition of my paul's boutique quote. i was wondering if anyone would... wink.gif

*~*~*~*~*~*~safe travels for turbo, continued safe travels for diva~*~*~*~*~*~*

sorry your cabin trip was cancelled, poodle. maybe you'll be able to get up there sometime soon.
good morning you people who write better insults than i care to think of!

i did get home safe last night, thank you for the vibes. my car has not done anything wrong since; it was just burning a little oil and i think it was a fluke. i HOPE it was a fluke since i cannot afford any repairs until next month. blah.

everyone really needs to stop with the hbi talk. i'd wander over to the frustration thread except it's too painful to even peek in ltas. GAH.

tyger, i LOVE kate bush!

fj is lovable and capable!! everybody knows money doesn't make the awesome girl. tongue.gif

minx that's awesome that you made your class say vagina over and over. brilliant!

hi turbo, moxie, doodle, poodle and anyone else i missed!

labia licking, arse tooting ho bags.

i've decide my hair is way too short to curl--this was determined after we curled my hair last nite and went out for drinks. i looked like shirley temple with red ringlets.

(((((safe travel vibes for turbo, turboman, diva, and giant)))))

today we (me and my friend A) are making a cake for her birthday--her idea. so i gave her the ingredient list and we're supposed to go out to brunch tomorrow with said cake. provided we don't eat it first.

minx, i think he would love the soup....i'd do a ding dong ditch basket....kleenex, soup, crackers, and a movie. but the soup is always the best part.

Where is Kari?

Poodle is talking about ex-rb's weiner AGAIN. now i am really curious. details. please.

hi tyger! smooches are a good thing.

more plants doodle? it must be like an arboretum in there.

meat butter.....(shudders at the thought) but loves pate. blech.

i have to say, i have this hilarious mental image of minx carrying a gigantic industrial-size stockpot of soup, something like this, straight from off the stove with the ladle still in, and trying carefully to put it down on mb's doorstep before running away.

when ms. gb said basket, my immediate reaction was "that wouldn't fit in a basket!"
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