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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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turbo, how big are the grommets on the curtains? You could go to Home Despot and buy a plain wooden dowel to fit the length. Then in the curtain department, you can buy the hardware to hang them, and you can even find some finials for the ends, if you like.

You should send me some pics of your place! You know I'd love to help in any way I can with that kind of stuff.

tyger! Missed you there, girl, nice to see you around these parts!! How is school going? Hey, I missed it, did your pa come through with some funds?
Doodle, really you should go into business with all your wisdom. Wooden Dowel is such a great idea!

Ok, I'll go take some piccies now....

ETA: I just added the piccies to flickr: the living room

Please pardon the clutter...ya'll know how it is.

Ok, I gotta toddle off to bed now, but I'll be in bright and early tomorrow as usual.
Aw, thanks, turbo! I keep trying to figure out how to turn it into an internet business...maybe we should talk! smile.gif

Kitties and I just hung out in the new "playroom" - oh, it's terrific! And it's going to be fab when I get the coffee bar up in there! I put the tree towards the middle of the room to make it seem like an atrium. It's all very odd, I suppose, but then, so am I. tongue.gif
After looking at the pics....turbo, I am TOTALLY seeing purple, orange, red, and blue in there! I don't mean a dusty purple....I mean do a rich, full-bodied indigo-purple, maybe on one wall (it would totally work with your blue furniture), and orange on the others....and then pick up the red colours in that batik for the cushions and accessories...maybe something in an exotic satin stripe, like those bright Tibetan banners. Keep the colours all medium (orange) to dark (purple) and it will NOT make the room look small or overbearing! I'm telling you! I can visualize it completely! You might be scared to do it, but I think you'd find yourself with a warm and nourishing cocoon, and I just "feel" that it would be totally YOU. Look in the new Ikea catalogue (2007), and there's a bedroom set up in purples and oranges.....(ETA: I looked for it quickly but can't find it; maybe I saw it in-store.)

Ban the Beige! That's my new motto. biggrin.gif

ETA: what if I bribed you to do it, with a small painting (or mosaic-painted wooden object, if you like) to go with it? ETA again: which you'd only get AFTER you do it?
Poodle, how's about this one on craigslist?
Granted, it doesn't look super comfy, but it is stylish, and for some reason, I think it suits you.

What about this:

Plenty of room for you and the furbabies, and fuzzy too! But they look kinda dirty.

Fancy, wierd, uncomfortable Ikea:

Ha. Rock the holly hobbie look.

Or you could just outfit your entire pad with this set of awesomeness:

There are some super awesome things on craigslist if you can get through the multiudes of uggo, poofy furniture.

Oh. My god. I COVET the wagon wheel furniture.

Ok, no seriously, I covet the red velvet three-piece sofa. poodle, you MUST snap that up, it's to DIE for. I think it's the most "you" out of all of them! Very sexy, racy, like shagging a rock star in the back of an old music theatre! I insist that you have leopard print somewhere in the room with them. And you can divide them up any way you like - into different rooms if need be, for a period of time.

The Austin Powers one is pretty cool, too, very mod - you could have it professionally steam cleaned. Oh, WITH chairs, that's a good deal. They could be an investment to have re-covered later in life, and kind of rock star-ish, too, like your recording studio in L.A.

The red leather one is nice, but not so great if you have animals. The Ikea thing - looks uncomfortable. You'd stretch out to watch a movie and there'd be cold air at your back. And that other one....for the love of god, what heinous manner of gender socialization drove some woman (or parents of a girl, perhaps) to custom-order a girlie pink sofa with pink and white patchwork seat cushions??

I am so jealous of Craig's List communities - it does not reach ours...which is probably a good thing, as I'd be compusively refreshing THAT alongside BUST and Apartment Therapy every day!!

By the way Apartment Therapy is having a Fall Colours Contest. Scroll down for the entries of REAL people's small spaces, in living colour - most of them are really cool!

'K, off to bed. Going to view the new office space tomorrow.
ohhh, delete. I can't get it to work. mad.gif

Doodle, you like the gray, yes?
That is soo pretty.
Doodle, you are a wizard indeed....I'm really thinking about the purple. Looking at all the swatches at the Despot last night it was *really* hard to find an orange to go with those curtains, because there's so much red in them...but a dark purple...might be just the thing. Somewhere between a green pear and mossy green are also appealing to me. I'm thinking Monday is my day to charge ahead with this project...

and taloo - those furniture choices are awesome! I do like the red velvet as well, though comfort is key in my book, and they don't really look like napping material to me.

Apartment therapy....that site is DEE-licious - thanks for sharing that - its giving me too many ideas...I need to let it settle in....

Um. last time I checked Minx, I wrote in support of you on this board, in this thread, and even in PM -- how many times?

A *LOT*, right?

I have praised and acknowledged your good points and accomplishments and contributions many times, yes? Yes.

The point of my splurging on about my life was to show my qualifications, credibility and authority. Yes, though not a mom myself, I KNOW A THING OR TWO.

I am not making assumptions, positive or negative, about how you're mothering. I have in fact only posted good things about it, in response to your constant posting about it. Obviously l don't know you in real life, and have no idea about the details of your relationships. Things are "my-sided" here, for everyone, and rightfully so.

My main purpose in that post, sloppy post both because it was rushed and that it was difficult for me to write, is to show the steps that we all must take to move from childhood to *freedom* as adults. That's the goal. We all have hot-button issues here, we also all have strengths.

The steps to be taken, roughly, after infancy, are to learn all the skills needed in society.

I assume most people know those, and I assume you're taking care of those. I don't know though. I hear enough people say that their kid can just sort of muddle their way through the elementary school/town/church/other kids, other moms minefield that I felt obligated to speak up when you seemed to be saying the same thing. Kids don't have a good time just muddling their way through, all the common sense skills need to be taught. And there is no such thing as being "alternative, non-mainstream" for a kid. They're all little traditional republicans unless they're in an extremely special family/school/commune, and even then, at some point they need to come out of that and deal with our shitty, money-grubbing, sports-worshipping etc. life.

I'm not assuming anything bad about you or anything you do, Minx.

I'm just hoping to offer information that can serve as a bridge to the both of you being happy and healthy and safe and prosperous. I hope for the best for you.

I don't enjoy speaking about difficult things in this thread. I am not trying to use you or anyone else for "therapy." I think I have a valuable experience and ability in life and when I believe it becomes necessary, I have to risk embarrassing myself and angering others by speaking up.

I would prefer to just come in and talk about the fun new connections I'm making -- congratulations, mouse! You rule! Soon we designer weirdos will run the world! Boo yah!! (Note: I'm NOT being sarcastic!)

I'd love to just come in here and talk about apartments and post pictures. I'm looking forward to going back to that.

However, my perspective here is that Minx introduced the hostility to the thread, I didn't feel particularly safe, fun and happy to be here with some of the things she was posting. Believe it or not, you don't own the world, reality says so. I'd like to see people say that Minx should *also* restrain *her* hostility. Respect is a two-way street. Making the typed equivalent of loud, bragging, threatening, ridiculing statements shouldn't be cool from anyone. How many times have I stuck up for and stuck with Minx, and will continue to do so, and yet, when I post about the difficulties she has brought up, in an honest way, with kindness and good future and sincerity in mind, I am told that I am the "bad person" here.

I don't think that is right -- not factually, not morally.

I'm not turning against Minx or anyone else here, or asking anyone to be "against" anyone.

The fact is, what ever anyone posts about, they are asking for approval and asking for others' opinions and they are waving it in people's faces.

Now, for me, this is the end of it.

I have said what I needed to say. I intend to move on. I want this to be a fun place for me to be.

And it is. "Because I say so!" Ha!

See ya tomorrow. I can't wait to tell you about my weekend and hear about yours.


P.S. Buffy and me, we go ***way*** back.
Hi grillas!

Thanks for the Hormone hugs Tyger and Minx. I feel so much better knowing that it is hormones. It sucks when you think everyone is dumb and out to get you.

I had a fun night last night. My friend the skinny panda and I stopped off at the liquor store on the way home from work and got some beer. Then we went to my place and played upwords and watched gilmore girls and ate delicious middle eastern left-overs from a meal my mom had made on Saturday. It was fun and we laughed alot. Skinny Panda came up with the term "back butt" in responce to the "f" word from yesterday's post. so! there you have it.

I am going to look at poodles potential sofa photos now.

cool.gif Happy Hump Day Bitches!!!

I really wanted to have drinks with you last night, but I'm glad skinny panda came through. I have a serious craving for sticky buns. Does anyone have sticky buns? *acknowledges that this is a highly loaded question in this crowd*

FWIW, I have a childless weekend coming up here, so if any of you wanna get together and do something fun, today is my last day of teaching for the week. It will be a long-awaited weekend in paradise for this educator.

What is everyone up to this weekend anyway? I know that Poodle is running amok with her momma, but that's about it.
Hi, peeps!

Hi, Lurv! Your friend is a panda?

Turbo, do what Doodle says. It sounds so rich and delicious. I really like your place, too. It's nice and open.

Hi, Taloo! You found some very interesting pieces there.

I'm getting a little worried. I emailed my BFF to send me directions to her place from San Fran, and I don't have them yet. I'd call, but she's 2 hours behind so it'd be too early, but I leave for vacation in a few hours. She better be home when I do eventually call.

So much to do before I leave. I best get to it. And I still have to finish packing and do the dishes when I get home because I don't want the giant's mom to see a sinkful of dirty dishes if she comes inside. And can I get vibes for it not to rain or snow when I have to get on a plane today and tomorrow? That would be miserable, flying standby and all.
Lurv has a lot of fuzzy wildlife friends. wink.gif
~*~*~*~*~no weather incidents today for diva, and lots of safe travel~*~*~*~*~

YAY for your vacay diva - I can't wait to hear all about it, and drink in all those wonderful colors in SF...walking by all the colorful homes there is like drinking in the color - why can't every city have such colorful buildings?

Thanks for the house props...I think I'll work on selling turbomann on the purple wall...he says he doesn't care, but he sometimes balks at my purple obsession...

Lurv lurv lurv!! I'm glad you had fun last night! And how did skinny panda get her name - do tell!

PR finale tonight - WOOOOOOOT!!!!

oooooo! Have fun on your trip Diva! I want to go to San Francisco too!

sticky buns! bwah ha ha!

I am super busy this weekend. Friday is my friend Audrey's 40th birthday party and I have tickets to see my favorite band (Califone)!! Saturday my mom is coming up for a visit and we are going to see Skinny Panda's boyfriend *STAR* in a play at the University. Sunday my mom will go home and I will sigh. I have not had a day/night to myself since last Thursday and I have plans tonight as well. I need to get Audrey a birthday gift and buy the new Califone album before I see the show. whew!

I would like to see you all. I want to go to see Turbo's place. I'm jealous.

I still haven't looked at the sofas.

Skinny Panda is a very slender girl with very big eyes. She looks like a skinny panda. I also call her "Little Annie Foo-Foo". She's awefully cute.
llluuuuurrrrrrrrv! wow, two sightings in one day! aren't we LUCKY ducks!?! plus a tyger came a prowlin' last night! wooohooo! the gang is all here!

*runs through thread banging cowbell*

i relly love that apartment therapy site, doodle! thanks a bunch for sharing. i just spent the past half-hour clicking on all the colorful spaces in the contest link. funny, there are a lot of people that share my love for cheddar cheese-inspired paint. that's the color of my kitchen. i haven't put any pics of the kitchen up yet because it's so crappy. the only thing we've changed is the color. currently, it has these awful red painted bifold doors to hide the washer and dryer. eventually, once i get my super fancy front-loading washer and dryer, i want to take the doors off of the laundry area and paint the walls a contrasting color. for now, i need to come up with a good color to paint those darn doors. i'm thinking a bright apple green, but mrfj can't visualize it. he wants to just go with white. booooooo! i will post some pics soon and get some opinions.

turbo, i'm with doodle. go with the color. i think a deep purple would look great, as would a fabulous mossy green. do it! you can always just paint over it if you don't like it. painting our rooms in COLOR made so much of a difference in our home.

minx, i sure wish *i* could come and hang out with you this weekend. stupid distance. rolleyes.gif we have a big weekend coming up though. we are meeting some friends in st. augustine on friday night and showing them around. they're from dallas and have never been to our oldest city, so we're going to give them the falljackets tour! starting at our favorite restaurant for yummy goodness, then making random stops in at the jazz and ceegar bar, the karaoke bar, the gone with the wind bar, the loud and obnoxious live music but good brewed beer bar. we're taking them to the fort, across the bridge of lions, and all along the historic streets. we might even do a ghost tour and pop in ye olde pirate bar, although it's usually closed down by 9pm (but it's still a lot of fun because volunteers in period-wear are always there singing pirate and sailor songs and drinking MEAD and lagers). then we'll spend half the day wandering around the town in the daylight hours. we're really in love with the city and we THINK we can give a good tour.

then on saturday, we're going to see slow hand in the flesh! we bought the tickets about six months ago and have been looking forward to it. now it's finally here! our dallas friends are coming with us to that too and then we're going to show them around jacksonville a little bit. it should be a really expensive fun weekend and we won't see these friends for a while since they're going back to dallas soon. fun stuff!

sunday will be spent recuperating. wink.gif

Ya know, FJ...I have an uncle who has a condo down that way and I am really tempted to take him up on his offer to come and mellow out by the ocean. Perhaps we could have fun evening together. You know, Love American Style.

It's Audrey's birfday? The hot dyke I met that one night when I showed up at your house?! Fun!! Give her a big birfday squeeze for me.

Can you tell I am trying to put off writing my professional development plan? Oh the bullshit I deal with retaining tenure...BUT I AM TENURED!!

California. Damn, Diva, but that does sound heavenly.
wow x-posted with everyone in the okay universe!

diva, have a funtastic time in california!! ~@~@~@@~@~@~no weather trouble vibes for diva and giant~@~@~@@~@~@~

minxalicious! come on doooowwwwn!!!
ooo! FJ with the Paul's Boutique quote! I love that album.

me and my crew were out breakin' windows
the bingo
the lotto
you know i never win those!

it's a nice place to visit
but a better place to ROB!

yes, yes, tomorrow is hot Audrey's actual birthday. she is so depressed right now. she says her birthday is usually a big deal for her but she is so down that she doesn't even care and she will be 40!! so! we are already planning her half-birthday celebration to make up for this bummer birthday time.

Happy hump-day ladies!!

Yes...~*~*~*~safe and smooth travel for diva and the giant~*~*~*~

Wow! Everybody has exciting plans for the coming this weekend! I'm going up to my family's cabin this weekend. I took tomorrow off so I could clean and do laundry. I'll be drivin' up der on friday. Weeee!!

Wow, taloo! That red couch is bitchin'! There's no frellin' way that it would work in my apartment without looking crammed though. I have about 101" to work with. I was looking at the "Austin Powers" one yesterday and that could work. I would also be pretty tight though. I would probably have to buy some big pillows for it and have it cleaned. The only problem with the couch thing is that my cats are naughty and there are certain fabrics that just won't work. I'm not sure about the fuzzy thing.
hey hey my BUSTIES come out and play with me
and bring your dollys, three
climb up my apple tree

slide down my rain barrel
into my cellar door
and we'll be jolly friends

for ever more more

more more

Poo poo! you are here!
i am in the process of reading the archives but i had to mention this TOTALLY BIZARRE incident that just happened! after looking at lurv's suggestions for pood's couch, i followed doodle's link to the fall colors contest. the first link i clicked on was this one. recognize that couch???? WHOAH DUDE
okay now i am done reading the archives. hi everybody!

lurv is fun. she should hang out here more.

divaaa, california is waiting for you! (i know, it told me)

fj, your pirate bar sounds a lot more fun than our pirate bar. but seriously, what is up with pirate bars? i didn't even know that was a thing, but i keep hearing about em. and the one downtown in la i guess just opened, or reopened, and it kept coming up in conversation all the time and we finally tried to go for dinner cos they said they served food, but they aren't serving food yet and it was only 8pm and it was decorated cool but nobody was acting piratey. maybe later on.

what is the gone with the wind bar like? is it on fire?

i love your description of the falljackets tour. i would love to hear everybody's personal tour of where they live.
hi everybody!!!

mouse, that's a bit odd....that's exactly the same couch....what are the odds that its the same people selling it now? *twilight theme song clicks on*

my belated good things tuesday:
-my car passed smog! yay!
-i got to run errands and then cuddle with jake
-i feel better able to deal with stress after laughing at stupid soap opera dramas...
-glad that OKAYland is back to being okay....

as for my weekend....nothing on friday, thank goddess. sat. nite is that LAPD Gala i have to get all gussied up for. and Sunday is the Barristar Burbank Hair Show which i still haven't decided if i want to go.

i need to make an appt for a massage and also get a new car battery...but that's 'schtuff' to do.

i have to repack my kit....bleh.

*goes off to wrestle with a hairdryer cord tangle*

((((hugs to all my busties)))))
thanks mouse.

by the way, these links you ladies are sharing.... most fun!
*runs into the thread, panting*

Wait, wait, I can't keep up! Not with the thread, or work for that matter. We're 3 days from our biggest fundraiser, so that's a lot of fun, and I've got three other deadlines looming for unusually big projects...yipes.

It just makes me smile to see that Lurv is hangin' with us again!

And I wanna go to a pirate bar!!!

We've got the wedding in MI this weekend, so we'll be on the road and offline. The wedding should be pretty fun, and I'll get to check in on turbomama, so that's good. I'm not sure we're going to be able to see the moxies, though...our schedules are working against us....booo.

I love your song, lurv!!

Wow, that looks a lot like the other couch! It's in NJ though and the craigslist one is here in MN. Still, it could be the same one. Weird.

I don't think there are any pirate bars here.

Crap. I'm so ready to get out of here and start my mini-vacay.
mouse, i noticed that too!!! re: the red couch. how insane is that!? wink.gif

our pirate bar is really in an old building in the olde towne village that used to be frequented by pirates/conquistadors/slaves/timucuan indians and other various folk. there is a group of people that live in and around the village that dress in period-wear and attend various functions around town and it usually culminates in a little bar called el tabernia de gallo. these people are SO into thier hobby/job, they practically live it. we always see "soldiers", "priates", and "wenches" there. hehe, and they only serve yuengling and authentic sangria. this pirate bar is definitely not to be lumped with the trendy places. it's about as far away from "hip" as possible, but because it's so untrendy, manages to be even more hip. if that makes sense...

mouse, you made me laugh with , "is it on fire?" hehe. the gone with the wind bar is actually called "scarlett ohara's" and is just as eye-roll inducing as the name might imply, replete with velvet paintings of scarlett and rhett. but it really is a good time and no visit to st. augustine is complete without a hurricane from there. they also serve absynthe.

oooo! msgb gets to go to a gala! i don't think i've ever attended anything that could be referred to as a "gala".

i have to go to a meeting tonight. the regional director is comng to town and all the offices are supposed to be meeting him at one place for a big meeting. he's supposed to be a pretty cool dude and it promises to not be as boring as most meetings. but i have a feeling i will regret having volunteered to go to it. it's the same dude from the last meeting - the one that i got lost on the way and cried my way home because i felt out of place and dorky. i really hate that my company has a tendency to hire snooty cheerleader types. seriously. but, i've arranged to meet another "down" girl and my cool gay boyworkmate will be there, so it won't be too bad. and, it gets me out of work early, so that's always a plus!
real absinthe!!? wow.

*whines* i wanna visit the fjs.....!
I want to try absinthe!

I'm happy to see you too Turbo. I have really been AWOL for a long time now. I missed everything.
absinthe and pirate bars....what could be better?

lurv - you didn't miss everything - there's plenty left to come, right??!!!!

And one day, one day...I'll make it out to Mpls. Really, I think Mpls and chicago should be a nice round 3 hour drive apart...that way its easy for a weekend drive, but still far enough to retain our distinct cultures...I think we should ask our congressfolk to work on that for us, what do you think?!
I think the very fact that the red sofa is on Apartment Therapy is a SIGN that poodle should buy it! Seriously, poodle, get rid of something! smile.gif You can actually break it up into three pieces, and manoeuvre it around in all different ways. You could put pieces back to back, or put one in another area altogether. Honestly, it's so perfect!

diva! When are you back from your trip? ~*~*~*~*~ safe travel and happy trip vibes for diva ~*~*~*~*~

taloo....I like grey, but I think the reason I like it is b/c it disappears and makes other colours pop....not sure if I could do it like that apartment, though it is cool. And very gay! smile.gif

Aw turbo, purple and orange know you want it. I can already hear the ambient music you will play in that room. Hey! What about doing your kitchen pear green, and then you'd see it through the doorway....

Hi everyone else! I have more replies I wanted to post, but I've got...erm...bathroom issues today and I've had to get up 4 times now in the middle of writing this! I'm afraid to leave the apartment, actually, in case it strikes when I'm not near a bathroom. I'm even backing out of looking at the new office space with the board chair and the treasurer (and it was embarrassing to explain). They can go today, I'll go tomorrow. Anyway, it's good for them to do this stuff independently - the board needs to get used to managing without me. (See? I'm getting the hang of this.)

The effing plumber/repair dude/whomever (2 of them) came into my apartment this morning, woke me up, said they'd "phoned first," which is true, but only if letting my phone ring unanswered MINUTES beforehand counts as phoning first. Guess they don't care anymore that the legal notice period for apartment entry is 24 hours. GRRR. Anyway, it's a good thing I was home 'cause I had to prevent them from installing a new WHITE range hood in my kitchen. After I painted everything grey! No! All I asked for was a new filter! Anyway, I convinced 'em not to put the new asthetic blight in my beautiful kitchen.

ETA: hee hee! Georgie just discovered that the new treehouse vantage point means he can see everything that's happening on the kitchen counter!
YES! Turbo, we should get right on that. I will start a petition in Minneapolis and you can start one in Chicago. With enough people behind us I'm CERTAIN that we can get Chicago and Minneapolis at LEAST 3 hours closer if not four.

I've been thinking about painting my tourquoise wall a deep pink (almost red and bending toward a warm color but still a very clean hue).
doodle, I think I'm sold on the purple wall...And my kitchen is already green, but more of a mint ice cream kind of color, so that will have to be next...that's a pretty easy switch, the orange walls for the rest of the living room...that will take some consideration, as I have a wall o' book shelves and gigantor tv that would need moving to paint back there. I'll post the proposed palette when I get home this evening, for your approval. smile.gif

Lurv, I definitely think my alderman could get this done for us...I mean, after all, a man SO powerful as to get a fois gras ban passed for the entire city of chicago...he must have some pull with *someone* important!

I will sign this petition ONLY if Chicago conceded a Hot Dog in, I want a descent fucking hotdog joint in my neighborhood.
Yes, yes, yes! My bribe is working!! doodlebug is very happy. Hey turbo, just something to think about, but if the painting job seems overwhelming, you could probably get some students-for-hire to do it not too expensively.

Hi lurv!! Missed you! wub.gif

ETA: What? "Fois gras ban"?
while you're at it, lurv and turbo, let's make the east coast and west coast a nice day's worth of driving, eh?

when i was small, the guestroom in my parents' house had grey walls and the old, warped glass in the windows caused a tiny rainbow to show up on the wall for about an hour or so in the morning. they repainted it orange several years ago, and now the rainbow doesn't happen. the window didn't change, so i'm assuming it was something with that particular hue of grey.....
*waves magic wand so that minx gets her hot dog stand and mouse gets a fast-forward scenic drive to the midwest*

Minxy, if you do make it out here sometime, we will HAVE to make a pilgrimage to Hot Doug's Encased Meat fat fries...that's all I'm sayin'.

Yep, doodle, you heard prissy pants alderman wrote, and then got passed, legislation to ban fois gras in the entire city. Mind you, our ward is not classy, and is not a fois gras epicenter (heroin, yes), so WTF was he doing? It really became talk of the nation there for awhile - we were on the daily show, colbert...and its my assinine alderman. Now, another alderman has written legislation to revoke the ban, because it became such an embarassment for the city. Gotta love chicago.

Oh, and doodle....I'm totally cool with painting...I was a *professional* there for awhile, so I handle a mean paint brush, and I'm handy with the spackle trowel...and turbomann says he doesn't care what color I paint, so long as I keep him out of it - and that seems like a fair trade to me. smile.gif
Egads...the infamous duckfat fries. I remember you bringing those things up and it has taken months of therapy and a serious drug habit to attempt to forget. Must. Have. Duck. Fat. Fries...

Mouse...I like your rainbow story. It made me smile.
Okay Okay what about erasure pink or bubble gum pink or white lady private parts pink?
duckfat fries.......?????

(just got back from a lunch of the best fish tacos anywhere north of ensenada)

heh heh i ate fish tacos...heh

ETA: crossposted with lurv! wait, what about fish taco pink? *cracks self up*
oh! mouse is dirty and a bad influence!!!
Yes, lurv, that's why mouse fits in so well here with the rest of us dirty bad influences. biggrin.gif

I'm not commenting on the pink. It's not you, it's me. Love turquoise. Hate pink. sad.gif

Duck fat fries...hmmm...sounds interesting and tempting. I've been thinking about yam fries lately...I wonder what those would taste like cooked in duck fat? Damn. I just bought two yams, maybe I should go nab one of those Canada geese out on the river before they disappear for the winter.

Ok, seriously, I know that geese are not treated well in the name of foie gras....but don't you ever wish that people would put even one-tenth as much emotion and passion behind improving the human condition that they put behind the animal one?

turbo, now I remember you telling me about being a painter. Damn girl, you really SHOULD come visit me. Heh. Ok seriously, I am dying for this purple and orange room to happen!
I would usually agree with you about the pink but I think that a strong enough hue would make a bold statement and be very inviting. I have really enjoyed my tourquoise wall(s) for the last few years.
I love pink, lurv!! It has to be "pink" pink though--not baby pink. "lady private parts pink" Bwahahaha!!! I can just see you hiding in a corner at the hardware store with your pants unzipped to compare paint chips!! laugh.gif

I'm liking your paint ideas, turbo and doodle. I'm really tempted to paint my living room a medium indigo/periwinkle hue with a little grey to it for softness.

Ducks are so cute!! How can you eat them? I love it when they waddle across the street with their cute yellow ducklings. Ducks and geese mate for life, too, which is super cool.

The idea of food being cooked with lard totally makes me gag. My dad always puts lard in pasties and it makes me angry.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I'm done working for the week!! Yahoooooooooo!!!
What about pink and turquoise? I must admit to liking this room very much. There's something quite whimsical about pink and turquoise...

ETA: cross-posted with pinkpoodle! Pink! Hah! Sorry.

"Indian bannock," aka, the bread made by many First Nations people (aka Native Americans in yer language) is made with pure lard. But it's oh, so yummy. I used to live with a partner who was F.N., and she made bannock with Sunday breakfast twice a month. ('Cause it's too heavy to eat EVERY Sunday!) My fridge never saw a carton of lard before, and hasn't since.

See, I am fucking smart about couches, and psychic. Seriously, that is so crazy.

Duck fat fries. Yum. Every time I go to hot doug's I get the Don Rickles, which is the thuringer, with carmelized onions, mustard, and a pickle. There are two record covers on his wall that j gave to him.

I too am gonna have a great weekend. Our best friends are coming in from mpls for the weekend.
Mmmmm.....I LOVE that turquoise room...looking at all those piccies though, it makes me long for natural light in my house...we just don't get it between a north facing apt, and balconies stealing all the light. boo.

I would love a bright fuscia wall in my bedroom, behind the bed...I'm afraid turbomann would draw the line at that, I think. Purple isn't necessarily a "feminine" color...but fuscia....ermmm.

My only concern with a real fall palette in my living room is - will I hate it in July? I don't think so...but there's that tiny voice in my head that worries.

Taloo - the Don Rickles is what I get tooo! Seriously, we need to have a BUSTie outing bad its kind of out of the way for public transit, but we could probably get a carpool together.

doodle, the guy who married us used to be a pastor in a rural alaskan inupiat community for 10 years, and he would always have us over and make bannock with the most delicious venison and bean stew. *drools thinking about it*

Really, I have to defend fois gras farmers....most of the farms in the US now are WAY more humane than any industrial poultry farm you will ever find. Those ducks have to be really healthy to gain weight that fast, and most of the ducks have a pretty good amount of space to run around in (which chickens do not have). Yes, they are force fed, but the duck approach the feeders themselves, they aren't treated in any cruel fashion. I still wouldn't eat fois gras if you paid me, but I think the industry gets an extremely bad rap...they've had to clean up their act in recent years. You can't say the same thing for poultry farming.
/end of defense of disgusting foods

Ok, I gotta go walk turbodoggie, and then - ANTM, PR and paint pallete formation!
You were right on the money with that red couch, taloo! It's frellin' awesome! Damn. There's seriously no way that I could set it up in here without it looking totally stupid. There's this friggin' radiator that basically ruins the functionality of that wall. Grrr... I don't really have the money for a super-cool pimp couch right now anyway. Plus, there's a strong possibility that my cats would use it as a scratching post. sad.gif
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