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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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hi doodle! nope, not too late for me.

i will pass on the nanaimo bars, but will take a toke of that greenery you got there... wink.gif

minx, sorry the minxlette is suffering a uti. that is bad news. it's bad enough when i go and abuse my body and cause one for myself, but sooo much worse for the little one to get it. i hope she feels better.

but YES!!! for MB calling you and inviting you out to the bowling thing! very cool that you guys are hanging out and still keeping it somewhat casual. that way you are learning more and more about him and can decide if you want to go There.

doodle, i love BD's shelter from the storm (which might be a tie for my 1st place song...) country pie, highway 61 revisited, rainy day women, don't think twice, peggy day, girl from the north country fair, subterranean homesick blues, one more chance, i want you, oxford town, man in the long black coat, i'll be your baby tonight and i love his version of you belong to me from the natural born killers soundtrack.

but then again, i'm a big dylan freak, so you may or may not agree with all these....

the only leonard cohen song i can think of right now is waiting for the miracle also from nbk soundtrack...

yes, i am drunk. but somehow still able to do all these italics.

YES YES YES!!!!!! poodle, you rock my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good heavens poodle!

*drops coffee cup*

Is that legal?

So, bongoboy was coming home this evening, saw me on my balcony, and slinked off in the opposite direction. I didn't mean to, but I couldn't help myself - I laughed out loud. I'm pretty sure he heard me. Oh dear. tongue.gif

ETA: cross-posted with FJ! Hi! *passes bowl around* You don't even know what a Nanaimo bar is. Admit it.
i totally admit it. i do not know what a nanaimo bar is. for all i know, i just turned down the best thing ever to be offered to me.


that's so funny about bongoboy. i bet he's totally avoiding you. how much longer? just a week or so, right?

oh, and i think that is poodle's grandmother in her avie if i remember correctly. i remember seeing that pic before. that's such an amazing photo. not one i'd soon forget, for sure.
Nanaimo bar

You really did pass up the best thing ever offered, FJ. *tsks and shakes head*

My grandma used to make 'em when I was a kid. They are killer sweet - the bottom is chewy (chocolatey-coconutey-grahamy-almondy), the middle is very rich, but the slab o' chocolate on top is not as sweet (I think it's basically semi-sweet chocolate and butter), and it's the best all balances out.

Is that poodle's grandma? The one who made the comments about not letting them overturn Roe v. Wade? Oh, she's adorable!

Yeah, bongoboy's supposedly out on the 15th. YAY! YAY! YAY!
oh cod, doodle. is it too late to get a little nibble? that looks soooooooooo goooooooood. homer droool indeed.


Ha ha! Mine* have peppermint flavoured custard in the middle...yummy, yummy, mint and chocolate.

*edit: bakery made 'em, not me!

*passes around tupperwared Nanaimo bars*

Very rich. Make sure you can handle it before you have a 2nd one!

thanks doodle!!!!

that hit the spot. made my teeth hurt a little, but goooooooey good!
Glad I could help! Now just wait for the sugar crash....

I think mine just hit! I'm going to have to either go move around and do something, or else go to bed....

*tucks Nanaimo bars on small paper doilies beside each Okayer place setting*

(You have to have them on paper doilies. It's a doodlegrandma tradition.)
Hey cum dumpsters!!

Yes, that's my pro-choice, life-hatin' grandma! wink.gif

Poodle, that's a beautiful picture, and I loved that story about your grandma!

Minx, sorry to hear about Minxlette's UTI- the only urinary tract thing I've ever had was urethritis and it wasn't fun. It just hurt a little as I finished peeing, I can't imagine it hurting that much the whole time you're peeing, and for a little kid?? ((Poor thing)) And that's so insane about the kid at her school- I'd like to think, "she's a product of her environment" but I've seen kids with fairly normal parents who do some scary stuff like that.

FJ, that's crazy about your home insurance- we were given the advice by our mortgage person, "Don't trust the bank to pay your home insurance- they'll fuck it up" Ours is less than $300 every 6 months- is yours so expensive because you live in a house? (we have a condo, so it's really more like a stepped-up renters insurance)...also, you're in FL- do you have to have hurricane coverage? Sorry to ask personal questions, I'm just preparing myself if it goes that high when we have a real house someday.

Turbo, I share your love of Marketplace- it's the only source that gets me remotely interested in business/economy/commerce. And the reporter's voice- ggrrrooowww!
Whoa.....I missed some party in here last night, it seems!

Doodle....those nanaimo bars look amazing!! My cousin makes something remarkably similar, but I don't think they had a cultural history.

Turbo woke me up at 5:30 am this morning, so excited about his new toy! Eeep. My friend E, the pugs' momma brought him a new squeaky last night, and new toys are *the best*, and he woke up extra early to share his excitement with us all...he's so cute, but its so annoying on a Saturday morning. But I got up, gave him a good long walk, then off to the farmers market, and then I picked up the pugs...who are snoring quietly next to me on the couch...very sweet.

And our human houseguests showed up at 9am - oh, and they brought 2 more friends to stay with us, without asking! Really, its very rude. So now, we'll have 6 humans and 3 dogs here this evening - full house! Thank cod the houseguests and turbomann are off to freeze their asses off at a football game today...though I'm really not sure they're going to get tickets...its NU's homecoming here this weekend. But whatever, its not my problem - I'm going SHOPPING!

Ok, I gotta go shower now....
6 houseguests! WHOA!!

Minxy--sorry to bestsy about the little one's UTI. I fear moxette getting really sick the most. Asshat better reimburse you some of that. Grrr.... (auntie-bear-ness).

Its been an odd couple of days around moxieland. A short list:

1. The Tigers are 9 innings away from their 1st WS in 22 years!
2. My favorite cousin and her VERY long term boyfriend (10+ years) seem to be breaking up...its shocking, sad and kind of scary. And she's in LA, and I'm in Detroit, so I can't do what i'd like to and move in with her for a couple days to hug her and let her cry on me.
3. Moxette has figured out how to sit all by her self, and wants to do no less now.
4. Speaking of shopping...i went to the Macy's (daytons, hudsons, etc.) 13-hour sale and RACKED UP for fall-winter. AND...stayed UNDER budget! WOOT.


turbo! that is soooo rude! are the other guests friends of yours? at least mutual acquaintances? still, a little advanced notice would have been cool.

moxie! that is so sweet that moxette is already sitting up by herself. our little girl is growing up! rolleyes.gif

polly, i think my insurance is so high because we live in FL and because it's a house. we have hurricane coverage (it's required) but not flood insurance because that would have cost us another grand per year. if the flooding is caused by a hurricane, we get partial coverage, but if it's just random flooding, no. but we're far from the beach and a good ways from the river, so we don't worry much about the flooding. it's the wind that concerns me more, and we're covered on that end.

i've been enjoying a beautiful day here. i woke up at 11am (wow, turbo, 5:30am on a saturday!?! i just couldn't do it) and took grover out for a little stroll in the backyard. she's just not up for long walks much anymore. poor little girl's back legs give out on her a lot and she is so pitiful, so i don't even try any more unless she's really enegetic.

anyway, did some cleaning, some laundry (mostly grover's beds - 3 of them around the hosue), and watered the front flower gardens. i made the yummiest eggs for breakfast and sat and listened to wait, wait don't tell me, 'cause it's an npr weekend. wink.gif i smiled and thought of turbo while listening.

so then bff called and said she wasn't gonig to be able to make it. she was doing a cub scout camping trip with her son last night and her ex was supposed to come take over for the second night, but he's stuck in milwaukee so she has to fill in for him. i understand of course, but am also disappointed.

but! i called SIL and wifey and i'm going to make the trip this afternoon to gainesville and hang out with them. it just happens to be gainesville pride this weekend, so we're going to go see what's shakin' and then go to the local gay club. i've been to a gay club a few times in orlando, but with a large group of people and mrfj (except for one girl's night when he wasn't there) so i'm kind of excited to be going "unescorted". not that i would plan to be naughty or anything. unsure.gif i'm just gonna go hang with my sistahs.

so i just gave grover a bath, am waiting for her last blankie to dry, as it's the one she likes to travel with. then i'll be on my way!

gainesville is the home of UF, and they're playing a pretty big game tonight. it's an away game, but i can imagine the town will be pretty hyped all night, so i'm looking forward to the buzz.

ok, must go throw some things together.
Good morning all...

bongoboy woke me up at 10 this morning by cranking his stereo, banging his drums out on his balcony, and occasionally shrieking (like a girl but with a young man's voice) unintelligible words into the backyard air that we share. It just stopped a half hour ago. I kinda figured this would be coming this weekend - his "last hurrah." I believe the law says you have to be out by noon on the last day of tenancy (tomorrow)...I imagine at this point the landlords will hold him to the letter of the law.

Oh...the music just got cranked again. *rolls eyes* It actually wouldn't be so bad if he knew anything at all about rhythm patterns.

turbo, that's beyond rude - to bring uninvited houseguests? That's grounds for booking them into a hotel!! And not inviting those people back. Heaven's, I would be very mad. Six guests is a lot - I wish I could come over and give you a hand! Are you going to have to do all the cooking duties? I hope you'll still be around the Lounge!

moxie - could you invite your cousin out to stay with you for a week? Maybe getting away would be exactly what she needs right now. I'm very cheered to hear about moxette sitting up! And also dying to hear the contents of your shopping bags!!!!!

FJ, that's too bad about your BFF cancelling, but sounds like you've got a fun day planned anyway! I'm envious of your gay bar visit! All we have in my town is the monthly queer dance....this town sucks! (I love lesbian bars especially - dykes always know how to make ya feel cute!) And you're taking grover with you? That's cool. I'm sorry to hear she's starting to slow down - how old is she now, anyway?

I am listening to CBC Radio One, which I think is like your NPR. Only Canadian. Actually, I think they play some CBC shows on NPR and vice versa...

So...that must have been some really good weed, 'cause last night I took the bifold doors off my bedroom closet, tacked up some fabric in their place, and sketched out the entire plan for finishing the bedroom! I'm going to use curtains over the closet, because the room and the closet both just work better that way, and feel more roomy, too. I kind of wanted to do it before, but I wasn't sure where to stash the bifold doors till I move out (or redecorate) - then last night I decided I'm going to paint or wallpaper the doors and use them for my headboard! The reed mats are too delicate for the task, it turns out - they're getting wrecked.

Music's stopped again.

So anyway, I need to go look at curtain rods and clip rings today!
UGH....what a, I've never met these extra guests before....alls, I gotta say is one of 'em is sleeping with the pugs tonight! heh. Actually, they're all really nice people, but they've been sitting on the couch watching sports since 3 pm. I took a 2 hour nap, and I think I'll be taking a bath and going to bed early because I hear the UofM football game is up next. yay. I don't like sports, and thank cod I married a man who doesn't like them either.

My bigger problem today is a full blown allergy attack triggered by the pugs. I knew I was a little allergic to them, but the other times we watched them it was summer, and we had the windows and doors open to take the edge, I just feel like dren, as tes would say...hence, the going to bed early, as I am just histamined out.

(((((((minxlette))))) Ouch...I'm so sorry she's got a UTI - that's got to be hard for her - at least as adults we can identify the first sign and take care of it.

Doodle, I'm sorry that bongoboy is giving ya'll a hard time this weekend, but from now on, you'll be bongoboy free, and that will be nice. And WOOT! for good weed - maybe if I had some of that, inspiration would strike me too!

FJ, you're probably already in gainesville, but have a GREAT! time!!

((((moxie's cousin)))))

No, I don't cook for these people. I'll make applecrisp tomorrow for breakfast, but just 'cause I would have made that anyway....other than that, not my problem.
Hi turbo! Sorry about having to suffer through unexpected houseguests...and sports! I'm not sure which is worse. I can tolerate Canadian League Football, but our league is very small (9 teams), and it's fun to root for your own province. Thank heavens you don't have to cook for them!! Ugh, that WOULD suck. (If we'd wanted that life, we'd breed!) Are they just staying tonight, or are they staying tomorrow night as well? How long till you have your space back? Also sorry about the allergies! I guess you're not a believer in allergy meds....I am! smile.gif

I haven't heard anything from bongoboy since I last posted....of course, I've only been home an hour, but it seems very quiet...I'll bet that probably WAS his last hurrah. If he's spent the day moving furniture and boxes, he'll probably be too exhausted for vindictiveness now. Maybe I'll get one more "hurrah" in the morning if he comes back to clean the suite.

Well, I went to Home Despot and found what I think are the right curtain rods for my bedroom closet, and I also serendipitiously found a full-sized can of paint in the mistint section - in charcoal grey! Nine bucks CAD! So I'm going to paint the closet door "headboard" that colour. I DID set myself a spending limit before leaving the house, and I did stay under it, tho' only by $4 after all the taxes and eco fees. I wonder sometimes if spending limits just give you more ways to justify things so that you can spend right up to your limit....
hi doodle! I have a tiny respite in the weekend...I packed them all off to the pub to watch the next football game, I just couldn't take it anymore!! So I've got a clay mask on my face to help soothe my sore nose, and then I'm going to take a bubble bath, walk the doggies, and go to bed.

I have been taking the OTC Claritin today, but its just not enough to combat the smelly, oily puggyness. But what it really tells me is that I need to do a cleanse and get back to basics with my diet so that this doesn't continue...which will take awhile to purge, but that's okay. I just hope tomorrow I feel better, because the pugs aren't going home until monday.

Our human guests will go home tomorrow, which is fine. I have to get out and about and find some decent stuff to wear to the wedding next weekend, and then I'm meetin tart and tartlet for a late lunch at my favorite cafe. So that'll be nice.

Doodle - what excellent finds you got at the Despot! I think I finally need to break down and get curtains for our sliding glass door in the living room...if we can't afford a new door, then I need a curtain to help block the chilly draft.
Oh, good for you for kicking them out for awhile, turbo!! It's the least they could do for their host, after showing up with extra uninvited guests.

Not to sound like a pharmaceutical employee, but have you ever tried Reactine? I used to use Claritan, which is a different chemical, but I can't remember which. Anyway, I had a little success with Claritan for years, but I really improved with Reactine. Anyway.

turbo, yes! Off to buy curtains, now! Take turbomann and you can make out amongst the drapery samples. the process of emptying out the dining room (so I could work on my headboard project in there), I've discovered that I may have to permanently change my round dining table into my round desk, on wheels, and throw out my existing desk. I think 11 years in the women's centre has convinced me that round tables make better workspaces.

Which is going to mean a change of scene for my dining room. Suffice to say the next pics of the the mural area may feature a kitty playground and a coffee bar. More lengthy explanation in the decor thread. (Seriously, you all have to come out here and have some of our BC bud.)
oh turbo- sorry about the puggies. We're all a bit pluuurrrby here this morning, too. Yesterday, moxette and i spent the afternoon with my folks, and she was the only person in the room NOT snifflinf, sneezing and using tissues! What a turn. AND, color me JEALOUS of your planned lunch with the tarts...i wonder, now that miss thing is older...hmmm...its time to introduce her to the intended, eh?

Yeah, the cousin to Detroit might not be the best of solutions...part of this situation is the really, realy interconnectedness of our lives/relationships. Moxie-fam primer 101: I have 17 cousins. We're all close...especially to those w/in 2-3 years age each way. 2 of my counsin-brothers lived about 1/2 mile away growing up- we went to school together. Older cousin-bro (same age as break-up cous-sis, who grew up in LA, but we managed to stay VERY close with) married 10 years ago. His best friend, who, of course, we've known since we were kids all, was his best man. Said friend meets LA cousin...and, BOOM! Insta chemistry. BOOM! Insta love. SO, when I say she comes HOME, its they both do, as our family and his family live about 1 mile away from each other. Coming here doesn't make things any easier at all...lots and lots of memories too.

...yes, that's the short version. It also makes me really want to call the boyfriend-partner-fiancee (after 10 years, titles get blurry) and see how he's doing, too...i worry about them both.

So, question for you's alls... (will x-post in other threads too)...i think the sniffels i had yesterday are developing into a full blown sinus infection. I've got antibiotics on hand, from when we thought i had strep. Question is...just HOW much do antibiotics screw with BC pill effectivness? Just the days one is taking them, or the entire month?

Hey, its sunday BYE BYE BONGO BOY!

FJ, how was the club?

Turbo- how was tart?tartlette?

ok, off to make some coffee...after i finish my 1st bottle (16 oz) of water. for every cup o joe i drink, i need to replenish with at least 8 oz...drinking more water is my new addition to the weight-loss plan.
Yikes moxie/doodle -- ya'll are up early/late, as the case may be!

I did get to sleep in til 7:30am, so that was nice, my body needed the rest. And the puggies stayed out in the living room and snuggled on the couch with one of our guests all night. heh. I got turboman up early with me for once to help with the dog walking - even I have a hard time with the 2 pugs and turbo...the pugs weave back and forth and are really good at making a tangle.

I'm looking forward to seeing the tarts this afternoon! I do have to go in search of wedding clothes beforehand, since I was too pluuuuurby yesterday to get that done.

I dunno on the BC question, moxie, but I'm sure someone 'round here has an answer....

And mox, I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin...I know how much you love them both, and I hope that you can keep a relationship with both of them, since your families are so intertwined, and I hope they can give you cues as to how to keep all of your relationships and support them both.

Doodle, I'll definitely be checking out TJ Maxx sometime in the next couple weeks for curtains. I should probably measure or some such, before I do anything.

And as it is Sunday morning, that means I've got a apple/raspberry crisp in the oven...yum...
Turbo--that's so rude that they brought extra folk with them. I hope that they at least had good manners and were outstanding houseguests.

Well, Minxlette's UTI was up-graded to a bladder they want me to buy MORE antibiotics...fucking kill me now. Asshat had better fax them the 'script information so that I don't have to pony up ANOTHER $35.

Minxlette is now a bread connesieur or howeverthefuck you spell that. She is in love with sourdough wholewheat Levain. She loves saying it: "Levain! Momma, I LOVE LEVAIN!!!"

Went to a wedding last night on Harriet Island. The ceremony was at sunset and just so very lovely. Me and best galpal spent the night fighting over this little baby with the chubbiest ankles known to man. He danced with me to Hall and Oates, so you just know that it's true love. wub.gif


*sprays cootie poweder all over Doodle's porch*
Can you hear that everyone? It's the delightful sound of....quiet! Yep, I slept right through the noon deadline with nary a bongo, cranked stereo, or shrieking man/boy in ear range. Ahhhhhh.

~*~*~*~*~*~ get better vibes for minxlette ~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~ get prescrip digits from asshat for minx ~*~*~*~*~*~

minx, what is Harriet Island?

I have no answers on the BC question, mox, but your family size would send me screaming into the night, LOL! smile.gif I have 3 cousins whom I hardly know and pretty much never see. And 1 of them lives in the same town as me!

turbo, yep, I posted at 2 am my time...I was up till 4, I think - not unusual! As long as I get the required hours of sleep eventually, like within the same week, my body seems to put up with my crazy sleep patterns.

turbo, I insist that you go measure for those curtains today! I insist! And write the measurements down and stick them in your wallet. You must have curtains - I won't let you get away with freezing!

Today is laundry day as well as headboard painting day. We'll see if I get to hanging the curtain rods by this evening. (There's a LOT of laundry.)
You are absolutely right, doodle.....I DO need to measure for curtains today, and place the measurements in my wallet!

Oy, I am TIRED body is just wiped out from the allergies....yeesh. And turbomann is tired of walking these little fuckers, as they are rather impossible, and weave all over the place. Now, I gotta work up the courage to put the ointment in the eye of the one snoozing next to me...he scared the crap out of me this morning, he got ANGRY and repeatedly tried to bite me. angry pugs are more terrifying than you would think.

(((((minxlette feel better))))) ~*~*~*~*~*~asshat, give up them rx digits!~*~*~*~*~*
Poor minxlette....I feel so bad for her - I used to get UTIs as a kiddo too, because I would do my damnest not to have to use the public restrooms at school, which were gross.

YAY for bongoboy being GONE gone GOOONE!!!!

And my houseguests are gone too....thank cod! I don't think I would have minded their presence nearly as much if I was feeling well...but in the middle of an allergy attack, guests aren't exactly what I want to have in my house....all I want is to sleep.
Ah, I'm glad to hear you are houseguest-free, now, turbo! I rather think turbomann might want to give you a massage now, for your troubles!

I didn't know pugs were angry dogs, but they certainly always seemed a primary example of "little dog syndrome," to me.

Which may have been bongoboy's problem as well.

I am telling you, I love, love, love charcoal grey. I don't know how I ever lived without it as a decorator colour. I think I used to believe it would be cold and depressing, but it's absolutely not anything like that! It's a great doesn't add any suprise tones and detract from the main colours, but it's also sophisticated and solid. I love the charcoal grey in my kitchen, and I'm loving it in my bedroom now, too.

turbo! Did you measure yet?
Yep, doodle, I did already measure, and the dimensions are tucked safely inside my wallet. I even did a little curtain research, and it seems our glass door is a non standard width...oh well, we'll just have to get two panels, no biggie.

I think turbomann and I owe each other massages....for me for the houseguests, and for him for helping out with the pugs - he really gets frustrated walking them. I handle them a bit better, but damn - they make you arms hurt because they pull so much.

Mmmm....charcoal grey...I've never really thought to decorate with it before, but I do love a good charcoal pant or sweater.

And, I had a lovely lunch this afternoon with tart and tartlet...who is a charming little man, whose smile just can help but make you feel happy. I felt a little bad, as I don't think my conversational skillz were really up to par today after the allergy attack, but that's ok, it was really relaxing and we had some goooood food.
Hey ladies!!

Yay for no more bongo-boy!!

Yay for no more houseguests!!

((((mini-minx))) Poor girl. That musta been freaky for both of you.


Doodle, I think you may have taken away the "domestic goddess" title from Martha Stewart. I'm jealous of your productivity. I have a hard enough time getting myself to do the dishes!

I subjected myself to the hell that is the Twin Cities highway system this afternoon. There was a huge accident just south of downtown and one of the cars had rolled over and landed on top of the concrete median. Just when I thought traffic was flowing smoothly, there was another freaking multi-car crash less than a mile away!! The drivers here are awful. I blame it all on cell phones.

I went to IKEA today, which was kinda fun. I bought a bunch of colorful kitchen gadgets and a throw pillow that reminds me of the Led Zeppelin III album cover. I tried out some of their couches, but the inexpensive ones are so frellin' uncomfortable. I need a couch desperately!!

Awww...that's so cute that Turbo's having fun with his new toy. My friend brought a couple furry mouse toys over on Friday night and Oscar was having the time of his life. It's so cute when he plays with his toys in the bathtub. I chopped up and seared some chicken livers for the boys, so they're feeling pretty content right now. My apartment smells like death though (which I'm sure they love). The things we do for love...
goodness, where is everyone this pluuuurrrrbbby Monday? I'm at home, working until I go volunteer at moxette's school thjis morning. School photo day. Its totally dorky, but I think a room full of babies getting photos taken for "school" is just hi-larious. But, the teachers will need help rangling, and I volunteered.

We spent the evening doped up on nyquill, the drug of gods. I love that stuff.

I've got nothin else...oh! except I get to see Turbos this weekend! Yeah!!

kisses, hugs and non-pluuurrrbbbyyy mondays...
Indeed, it is a pluuurby monday morning...I'm not sure where the sun is this morning, but it seems to be sleeping in, and its looking like more rain instead.

It actually seems like a relief to be at work today after the weekend we've had. The guests are gone, the pugs are gone...alls that's left is to clean my house and de-pugify. house smells like nasty smelly DOG...greyhounds do not smell like dog, its a lovely feature of the breed.

So in contrast to having stupid sportsfans in my house, extra dogs and being seems pretty easy today.

Moxie - that is SO cute that you're helping out with school pics this morning! And YAY - I get to see the moxies this weekend! WOOT! ...And see another one of our closest friends get it'll be a good weekend.
Mornin' chickadees!!

(((sick mox))) That's super cute that moxette's getting her "school" picture taken! Awwww...she's growing up so fast!

Yeah, dogs do smell bad. I would give our old dog baths with yummy-smelling shampoo, but she would still have that "dog" smell. If my cats smell like anything, it's dust from hiding under furniture and in other weird places. Either that, or they smell like their stinky cat food.

Poooooooooooop!!! I don't wanna go to work!!! *drops on floor, pounding and kicking* I thought about calling in, but I have stuff that needs to be done today. Grrr...I've had enough of this whole work concept.
Yeah, agreed. Enough with this "work" shit. 'Tis a good thing that Led Zeppelin is on the radio presently, or else someone would have to pay.

Honest to whatever, I slept most of yesterday. Just plain exhausted. I fell asleep around noon, three, and went to bed at 9:30. I feel much better today...think that I may have been fighting off something, but I was just CRAAAAAAAAAAABY this whole weekend. Felt bad for the Minxlette, 'cause she was kinda sick but she was being a shit and I cannot abide by that.

I need to think about what we are going to cover today. Unprepared teacher...AAAAAAARGH!!!!!
Hi, all,

Sorry for disappearing! Especially on such a note.

The reason I disappeared -- well, a few reasons.

Doodlebug-- I like you and I'm sorry I (virtually) yelled at you just because you suggested dropping cool magazines at the women's center. I did do a lot of donating, but it was at the local thrift store instead. It just hit a nerve for me because the move was so crappy, I felt bad I couldn't have done better with things but was not possible. The main diffculty with the move is that I don't think I have a home computer anymore!

That sure puts a crimp in posting for awhile! I've got a few ways to get access but will be around a bit less until I finally get my MacBook Pro -- that's a process. So, the move cost me things that I care about and that I need, people cancelled at the last minute and I got last minute movers that were crappy, and oh, the whole nine. My contract -- six month contract-- ended 10/10 so I needed to get online portfolios done, resume finalized, everything PDFd and uploaded, projects wrapped up for work folks --

so then I go into the okayers thread and it was exploding!!

divalla -- i know you're a good person, I have to admit I too lashed out at other kids on occasion but not until 8th grade! I'd been pretty popular in 6th and 7th and then my family's shit hit the fan in a major way and this was an age where everybody gives each other crap, and i had had a really smart mouth before but now was so upset I would start crying -- so i ended up getting in fights and got suspended! Oh, those were the days. Luckily I went to high school out in the sticks instead of the snooty suburb, so people were nicer.

divalla, minx, minxette and whoever else -- i know the other kids can be a pain in the ass! and sometimes there are reasons for lashing out.

minx -- i know sunshine was annoyingly uninformed. but she was trying to help methinks. I suspect minxette would be happier if she could spend her weekends at "home" with you and her own room and stuff and NOT have to go to "daddy" at all! smile.gif

You have done a great job fighting for her and I know you are concerned and caring mom. And I know probably the last thing you would want to hear is "you're a bad mother!" makes you go mad.gif

You are not a bad mother. My own mother responded to my fathers' illness and the chaos it caused by being overcontrolling, "always right" hanging over me looking for signs something was wrong and taking me to doctor after doctor for "syndrome" after "syndrome" I started feeling that my main enemy was HER because she was telling me there was something wrong with me deep in the core of my being and functioning.

when you said minxette was a problem in the womb and she has blahblah disorder, it reminded me of that. she IS acting out because of you and the dads' divorce and all the changes, that is not a criticism of you though, because you have been strong and kind, exeplary so.

Please know what the next step is though, from a kid that has been there, reassure her it is not her fault, nothing about her, right now she's bugged but it will go away, life will straighten out and she will be happier and more capable and there is nothing permanent about her. that is wrong. encourage and recognize her sttrengths. make sure she knows she's not "doomed" e ven a parent's mental illness or financial struglle doe s not doom her.

make sure she knows how to hit a softball by the time she goes into first grade, and other skills. I ahd to teach myself everything, to swim and ride a bicylcle by myself and everything, my mom gave up on me with some highfalutin sentiment that was really her own depression.

must go, take care.

I hear ya on the sleep thing, minx. I slept a lot on Saturday. I piss away almost every Saturday these days. I forced myself to go to IKEA, the grocery store, and the coop yesterday, which is pretty amazing for me. It takes me a lot of motivation to leave my apartment. I need to do something about this problem.

Yesterday felt really weird. Normally, I feel completely content going to the co-op and Target by myself, but when I went to IKEA yesterday, I almost felt like I was a ghost amongst all of these mortals. It was like I had no business being there because I don't have a life. I don't feel a sense of permanence, partly because I don't have a mate. I fucking hate walking around IKEA and seeing these young happy couples looking at light fixtures and vases together. They look so grown-up, whereas I feel like I just started college and I'm buying stuff for my dorm room. I feel so behind. I know it's stupid, but I can't help but feel that way. Next time I go to IKEA, I'm gonna bring the ex-RB along with so that I don't feel like a total loser.

I feel like crap today for no reason, really. It's probably because I stayed up to late playing with Photoshop. Sorry for pooping all over the thread.

ETA- Hi wombat!

I even eat like a college kid! What 27-yr-old woman lives off of EasyMac and cereal? I might as well move into a rooming house and get myself a mini-fridge and a hot-pot.
*scoops up poodle poop and tosses it behind the couch*

happy monday.

yesterday must have been the day for sleep. when mrfj got home, we at some pizza, watched walk the line and then went upstairs for bed at about 7:00p. lots of kissing and cuddling, followed by hbi, but still fast asleep by about 8:00p! we cuddled and snuggled all night long and i still didn't want to get up this morning when the alarm went off. i do feel refreshed though. but what i wouldn't do to spend the rest of the day snuggling in the warmth of our bed.

saturday night was fun. we didn't wind up going to the gay bar though. apparently, there has been some drama gong on in their small lesbian community and SIL didn't feel like dealing with it. we did go to pride, but like all the ones i've ever attended here, it was small and practically dead by the time we got there. SIL and wifey came from denver, where Pride was a huge event, but it just doesn't have the same following here in FL unless you go to the one in orlando or miami. so we ended up going to dinner and then coming back home for drinks and watching mystery science theatre, which was just as fun because at least we were able to talk and chill. and grover LOVED being there with their doggy osita.

but when we got home, she was afraid to go in our house! the battery in our smoke detector had died over the weekend and when i opened the door and let her in the house, the alarm chirped and scared her, so she went back outside and sat in the driveway and wouldn't budge. i'm telling you, when that dog gets it in her mind that she doesn't want to do something, she can be SO stubborn. i had to pick her up (all 70 lbs of her) and scoot her back toward the door. i finally got her in the house and went to the back door to let the kitties in, and she ran out the back!!! argh!! it was like i was on candid camera! so i put her on her little outdoor cable (which she usually hates) and she went all the way back in the back of the yard and hid behind a palmetto. once i figured out that it was the chirping noise she was afriad if, i took it down from the wall and took the battery out, wrapped it up in a towel (because it was STILL chirping, even without the battery!) and stuck it in the garage. she still didn't want to come in, but when mrfj got home, he was able to coax her out and back inside. silly girl.

poodle, i'm sorry you're feeling bad. i know what you mean about feeling like a ghost walking mong mortals when you go places. that's a good way to put it. i feel that way when i'm walking alone through stores and the mall and stuff. but i think for me it's more of a self-protecting tool than anything else: i don't WANT anyone to notice me or look at me, so i don't look at them and just sort of float through the aisles...

turbo, hope you feel better!!

moxie, that IS funny that the babies are getting their first *school pic* taken. hehe. i bet they're gong to be soooo cute though! and the parents will appreciate it.

hi minx! hi wombat!

ewww, someone just heated something in the microwave that smells terrible!! sort of like warm puke. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Hi, peeps!

((((((((Minxlette, get better)))))))) I've never had a UTI, but I can't imagine being a little kid and have bloody pee.

Hooray for Bongoboy being gone!

Turbo, I wish I could come down and help clean the pug outta your house. I had to take a whole bunch of pug hair off my clothes last night from gay boyfriend's little pug. And boo for uninvited houseguests! How terribly rude!

Aw, Moxette is sitting up by herself! That's so cute! The little one is growing up. And what did you get at Dayton's/Macy's/Marshall Field's?

Hi, FJ! That's really funny about Grover.

Poodle, I'm always looking for a reason to go to IKEA. We could pretend to be a couple, if you want. Or I could loan the gay boyfriend out to you. BTW, he was saying how we should all get together again and go to Jitters because that was really fun that last time. Don't feel pissy about yourself, 'cause you rule hardcore. And if you want to get out and do things more, you're always welcome to go walking with me. I'm trying to make a habit of it, even though it's hard to do now because it's getting cold and the weather is totally schizo.

Welcome back, Wombat.

I'm so completely not motivated to work. There are no bosses here and half the office is gone for the annual conference up north, so I have very little motivation. I even slept until a half hour before I was supposed to be at work, just because I knew nobody would catch me coming in really late (I was 30 minutes late). Makes me wonder what the point is of being here anyway. I'd have called in, but I'm already taking half the week off and next Monday for our trip.

We had a pretty lazy weekend. We did nothing on Friday night, I went to see my parents and Sam on Saturday, and we stayed home yesterday. I got through the entire weekend without spending one red cent. Sam and I had all sorts of fun playing. He took me to the moon, Mars, and around the sun in his spaceship, and we collected moonrocks and had a picnic with the Martians. We all went to the pumpkin patch in the afternoon, and Sam was a huge pain in the ass. He wouldn't cooperate for movies or pictures (we brought the video camera my dad just figured out how to use after 2 years - better late than never), and insisted on pulling the huge wagon of pumpkins around with him even though he's far too small to do it. And then we watched Curious George together and she showed me what he learned in his tumbling class. I miss him already.

It looks like I may have a craft fair to do next month. Yay! It's at a Lutheran high school and they have a rule about "no displays contrary to their beliefs." Would that mean I can't sell my sex-themed handbags? I've only got a couple of them, but they've got bare boobs and stuff. I think I'm going to try to get away with it. I'm only doing the fair because the admission is pretty cheap, so I'm sure to make my entrance fee back.

Wow, it's almost 11:00 and I've managed to not do any work yet. I rule!

Hi Okayers!

It sounds like everyone had nice weekends. Well, most people....Minx, sorry Minxlette has a bladder infection. I feel for her, those are really painful. Is she feeling any better yet?

And, Jenn! I can't believe you had houseguests this weekend that brought extra people! Rude. I am happy they are now gone though. How long are you watching the pugs for?

Diva, it sounds like you had tons of fun with Sam. I want to go to a pumpkin patch, that would be cool. We are going to get a pumpkin, but I'll probably just end up buying it at the grocery. Your trip is coming up quick! Nice!

yes, Welcome back, Wombat!

Fj, poor grover! That is pretty funny though, imagining you trying to get her inside & her running back out. Mr K & I went to bed really early last night too, we were just wiped out.

I had a decent weekend. Got Mexican food with a friend on Friday night. Saturday had class & a final & then MR K & I went out of town for a wedding. I had a good enough time, we didn't know many people there. Well, Mr K knew more than I did. We ended up staying at some people's house. It was nice to not have to pay for a hotel & appreciated the hospitality, but the house was kinda nasty. Fortunately, we were only there from about 3:30AM Sunday morning to about 11:AM Sunday morning. We got back to our town about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. Mr K & I shopped. It was his birthday, I bought him a sweet new pair of tennies. Then I took him out for sushi. It was delicious.

I love charcol grey, Doodle. I have come to love it more over the yeas. My current favorite color combination is charcol grey, green, and cream. Your apt has a lot of those colors doesn't it? I think I am remembering it correctly. Well, I know it has a lot of green, with all your plants.

Hi poodles! I am sorry you felt like that at Ikea. If it makes you feel any better, I have a mate & I still feel like that at times. I think it is an age thing for me. We're supposed to be all "adult," but sometimes I feel like I haven't reached that point yet. I have concentrated on getting our house looking good the past year or so, & that has helped. Before that I feel like it consited of things we just happend to acquire. It made me feel like a college student. Believe me, we still have lots of hand me downs, now we have some stuff we chose & bought ourselves. Anyhow, I may be rambling here, but I know the feeling you speak of. ((poodle)) And you can poop on the tread any time!

PR finale this week, can't wait!
Thanks, diva. I don't know what I would do without you around.

That is a cute grover story!

And a cute Sam story!

I think I need to join font-aholics anonymous. I can't stop downloading fonts. I won't even use most of 'em, but I can't help it. They're so fun to play with. I really need to dump this job and go back to something design-related. Today actually isn't that bad, because I get to draw all over plat maps and aerial photos.

Today's the first day in a long time that I can slack off. Hmmm...Wikipedia is calling my name. What's that Wikipedia? You want me to read about blaxploitation films? Sounds good to me!

ETA- KARIANNE! That's so weird! I was just wondering where you were!

Yah hoo for no more bongo boy.

Everyone's weekend sounds so nice, save for the unexpected house guests.

My weekend was uneventful. We picked up our bed and couch yesterday. We are just keeping them at the warehouse space until we move so we don't have to deal with hauling it up and down stairs. Still looking for a dresser, ours is falling apart and we keep having to repair it. We keep looking at Craigs List several times aday. Craigs List, I love you.

Yesterday we also went to several antique stores. It totally bums me out. Gone are the days where you could find really cool stuff for a bargain or a reasonable price even. I saw one of the chairs that we have, which we got for 25 bucks going for 150.

I get to start packing. Boooo. Luckily, our closing is on the 15th and we won't have to be out of here until the end of the month, so we are going to gradually move everything in that time, but the big stuff we will save til the end.

Geeez, Me Me ME.

Poodle. Don't be down on yourself. I could go on and on about how awesome you are, and you know you are. We all go through highs and lows, just ride this one out.
If it makes you feel anybetter, I don't want to be a grown up, with shitty responsiblities. I think alot of people wish they weren't tied down by everything. In a perfect world, I would run of to Europe and make a living traveling and cooking on the line in little bistro type places. But that is never gonna happen.

PS, there is nothing wrong with easymac, and cereal.
wow, i missed a lot this weekend!

turbo, are all your guests gone (doggie and human)? did you hang your curtains?

doodle, your decorative productivity impresses the hell outta me--especially while stoned??? wow.

((get better vibes for minxlette)) and do we need to form a bustie army for rx reimbursements from the asshat? let us know!

welcome back wombat, i was wondering where you were.

hi poodle, diva, karianne, moxie, fj and everyone else!

i had a similar not-an-adult moment this weekend, but i felt differently about it--i'm GLAD i'm not there yet. i'm a couple years younger than y'all, but still.....i went out to dinner with some friends of friends this weekend and they were all thirtysomething career women, very high up (talent booker for madtv, fashion producer, photographers agent, etc) and it was just kind of scary to me. the girls i knew who invited me along are older but they are still down to earth and not terrifyingly GROWN-UP; i just feel like there is a certain type of very successful, very educated, very business-smart woman who is always ON, like her game face, her impressing-clients face is always ON, ever if she's just out to dinner with friends, and it scares me and feels really shallow. like she won't ever say anything just honest.

meh. i had a good weekend otherwise, attempted to go to the PIRATE BAR downtown but they do not serve food yet and food was what we wanted, lounged around a lot and had a meeting with my friend who runs an online vintage store i did the website for, and i'm gonna do a 360 sort of branding thing for them, with business cards and spec ads and whatnot. man, all of a sudden i've got a billion projects....
bonguirno Everybody......!

heheh.....i've been channeling spaceghost all morning. aagh

((turbo's allergies))
((wombat moving stress))

mouse, HB=huntington beach. right off the 405 and Beach Blvd in alpine village. good fun except it was raining and lightning...N was freaking out about that. she hates lightning. so we stayed until 11 and then went back to her place and broke open a new bottle of Paddy's and watched 'young frankenstein' since we rationalized that it kept with the german theme. hehe. The next day was filled with shopping, laughter, and me doing N's hair....which turned out GREAT!!!!! my first partial weave!!! we even took before and after i will post those when i get them. I then drove home, changed, went out with friends to our pub and drank ourselves silly while listening to the live band.
Sunday and I slept in, and went to our friends nice. it was at this botanical garden that you wouldn't know was there unless you had directions...

Hi doodle, fj, poodle, minx, kari, taloo, turbo, diva, mouse, and brett!! tongue.gif

i'm taking tomorrow off cuz i need to go get my car smogged in order to get my tags...stupid dmv.
wozers...e.veryone is chatty this morning!

ms gb and mouse...the LA lifestyle intimidates me just hearing you goys talk about it...mouse, as a nearly 30ish person, I think I would feel very intimidated indeed at that dinner table - YIKES!

And poor miss grover - to be so startled by the fire alarm! I don't blame her at all for not wanting to come in the house - thank cod mr fj was able to convince her to come back in when he got home! Turbo got scared last week when we turned on the heater function on our new AC unit for the first made a lot of beeps that woke him from his sound snooze and sent him skittering away...but when he felt the warm breeze coming from the bedroom, he was more than convinced to return.

Kari - I'm glad you made it through staying in the nasty house post-wedding...I have a hard time with dirty nasty accomodations...I probably would've tried to snake out of it...but at 3am, you were probably ready to just crash!

Poodle, I don't feel so grown up either...and I'm not thinking its going to change anytime soon, and I just have to make peace with it. And the things I think of as grown up - big job, comfortable income, nice wardrobe, erudite conversation at dinner parties with other grownups....I don't have those things, and for the most part, I'm pretty cool with that. I'm thinking having curtains might be a nice next step in the grown-up direction...but mostly, I like my small life, I'd just like a little financial padding, ya know?

Diva, I definitely think you should display your sexy purses at the craft fair - Lutherans defintiely have an appreciation for the saucy (doffs former spokes-lutheran cap)...and you know the high school girls will love them, and wear them proudly!

Ah...craigslist - how I love thee! I think I need to start combing the listings for some bedroom stuff of our own...we still have the dressers we had when we were kids...mismatched and wobbly, and our nightstands...milkcrates with a table cloth draped over.

Taloo! I can't wait to hear more about your homeowning adventures!

The guest doggies have gone home...thank cod. Those pugs are just too high maintenance for takes them a half hour to find just the right spot to gets very annoying. With any luck, turbomann will have vacuumed by the time I get home tonight from spin class.
Poodle, you must have ESP to be thinking of me right when I posted!

We had a Mexican luncheon downstairs today. The building sponsored it. It was delicious, but now my clothes smell like food. Why/how does that happen? The didn't even cook it there.

Jenn, yep, you've hit the nail on the head. And you too, mouse. There are definitely things I think "adults" should have. When I get down on myself I start thinking about how I don't match up. I don't make tons of money, I don't have a superstar career, that sort of thing. Sometimes I wish I could be more like you Jenn, just accept it and let it go. I don't want to be in the ratrace of keeping up with the Jonses. I do better with it some days than other days.

You're right Jenn re: the accomodations this weekend. Had I been 1. not so exhausted and/or 2. not so liquored up, I may have refused. I don't know if there would have been a way to do so w/o being rude though.

No more pugs! good! You are a one doggie household again?

Hi Taloo! That's so exciting that you're moving to your new place! Packing's a bitch, but the end result will be well worth it. That's really nice that you have so much time in btw the closing & when you have to be out of your current place.

Mouse, was it you that asked me last week what band my mister manages? I think it was, but maybe it was someone else. Anyhow, he manages a band called The Features.

Hi Ms GB!
Yep, back to one doggie household, and I will be doing my very best to learn how to say NO...I think the pug owners understand my allergies and not to ask again, even though they are totally cuddly and I love them...they are the biggest PITA dogs we've sat for yet.

here's a curtain I found at Pier 1 that I like...while I'm not a huge Pier 1 fan, it is pretty affordable, and its easy for me to get to on bike. autumnal curtain And THEN, I'm thinking of painting the opposite wall in a similar color...its more like a half wall, and has some windows in it to the kitchen...odd, but very nice...I'll have to take some photos so doodle can weigh in with her genius eye.

See? Lookit me! All "grown up" with my newfound love for window coverings!

OK, I will admit total stinking jealousy at seeing the photos of my brother's new house in CO this morning...its freaking gorgeous, and huge, and with a stunning view of the mountains. feh. I'm trying to think of it as my vacation home, that I'm just nice enough to allow my brother to live in. cool.gif yeah, that's it...
your clothes smell like salsa and enchiladas, kari....? yummmmm....much better than my sweater i'm wearing, which has remnants of smoke, beer, and body spray. lol

i agree with turbojenn...i'd like some financial padding....which is why i replied to the PCH never know....but in the meantime, i'm going to really study and work on my techniques!

i need to go to the doc. my hands have been doing this pins-and-needles sensation for a few days now...maybe my circulation is out of wack or maybe its just aftereffects from that accident 3 years ago. but its driving me ...slowly...nuts!
(((msgb hands)))

The gig this morning at the school was funny- no doubt about it. Some kids, about moxette's age, aren't quite sitting yet, but TRY so hard, and just topple, so the photographer has his assistant holding the baby until the last second, then "Flash! TOPPLE". Good stuff. My kid, of course, did great- except she kept trying to eat the set! laughing probably encouraged it. Sheesh, I'd better get the vaccum out at home tonight! Some sitting moxette photos:

sounds like decent weekends all around, except for minxy/minxette and the allergy-inducung puggles. Minxy, is the wee one better? Poor kid. Poor mama for dealing with poor kid.

ok, gotta try to shake some heat here...the building owner's haven't turned the heat on yet. I have to alternately sit on and breath on my fingets to keep them warm enough to type!
I meant to say I had erroneous ideas of things adults were supposed to have, not that I really believe adults must have money and "careers." Hope it didn't come across that way.

I like that curtain Jenn! Love the color, very warm. I think an opposite half wall painted a similar color would look bangin'. Comfy and cozy.

Yep, Ms gb, that is about right! My clothes smell like fajitas. Lovely.

You should go to the doc to get that checked out. From what I understand that can be a result of many different things.
I LOVE the ever changing moxette avvies - what a cutie! That smile is so silly and wonderful!

Yeah, I think I'm liking that curtain...I'm gonna swing on over to Pier 1 before spin class tonight, and see if they have it. And to the paint store tomorrow. I could bang out that wall in a night, I'm pretty sure.

ms gb - I got the tingly hands back when I was showing beginning signs of carpal tunnel from my long days at the keyboard and mouse...could that be part of it from your new life with scissors? Moxieman actually saved my right arm by suggesting this mouse, and it worked like a charm - now I can work all the long days I want - Yipee....or something.
I, too, love Craigs List. That's how I found our house. I've never bought anything else from it, though.

Taloo, you and J always seem to do the best stuff and go to the best places. I'm jealous.

Karianne, that sucks about staying in the nasty house. I've had to do that before, and it blows. My ex, the crazy cat hoarder, used to have the nastiest house ever, but she'd never admit it. It just makes me want to refer people to that show "How Clean is Your House?"

My mom keeps bugging me to get curtains, or make them (with what? I have no sewing machine). We have perfectly fine shades on all the windows, so I don't understand her obsession with it.

GB, of course Frankenstein is German! Sorry your hands are doing the tingly. I think I'm starting to get carpel tunnel in my left hand.

I don't exactly feel grown up, either. I'm 30 years old and still renting, just finally got a car that I can depend on not to break down on me, and still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. I think that's the biggest thing for me, that I don't have an inkling of a career. And I feel schleppy when I go walking around myself because I don't have the cute tailored clothes that other people have and feel like they're looking at me weird. And who knows if I can make the committment to ever get married. I like to think I can, but I can also see myself bailing because of what I might miss out on, even though I can't say my single life was that great, either. It makes me feel kind of immature.

Mouse, aren't LA people supposed to be obsessed with their careers? My BFF said people were kind of like that when she lived there a couple years ago, and the portrayal on TV and movies makes it sound that way, too. I wonder how many of those people are actually embelishing a bit when they brag about their jobs. The way I figure it, no job is absolutely perfect so they have to put up a front that it is to show they're happy and healthy and all that bullshit.

Poodle, I see a lot of you in that picture of your grandma. : )

Still not doing much around here today. Haven't completely slacked off, but close. I just had the most lovely tomato/mozzarella/roasted pepper salad along with an Asian salad, which was really good except the stuff was chopped up too small and I had to scoop it with my fork.

Anyone have any tips on places not to miss in San Fran? We've only got about 5 hours to spend there, so I know we're going to Fisherman's Wharf to see across to Alcatraz, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, maybe Haight/Ashbury, and going up Market Street. I don't think the giant would be interested in the Castro or Chinatown. Any cute stores we should try to find?

diva- before we got engaged, moxieman kept saying "i need to feel like a grown-up before we get married." Eventually, his pop told him he NEVER would, cause the image of being a grown-up is always mired in someone else- some elder, some version of what you think being grown up is. Now, we're married, own a house, and have a kid, and I still see my 18-year old self hanging in turbo's dorm room with her brown rug and the IG playing on the stero when I look in the mirror. I'd love matching furniture/astethic throughout the house, but now with moxette, we're just content for tidy. As for carreers, so many people find their own person-hood outside of career...but as Capricorns, we tend to put all our eggs in 1 basket, eh? As for the committment of marriage- maybe turbo can speak to this, with moxieman for years before we married made the descision and transition relativly easy- we were already choosing to be together every day. At our wedding, the most powerful part was knowing we were taking part in a sort of right-of-passage that our parents, and families and most friends had done before us. After that, we just kept on keeping on. Still looking at ourselves as our college-selves...
yeah..i know its carpal tunnel...which doesn't spell well for my occupation of choice. but i should go to the doc and get checked for underlying issues...just to be sure...and get that food allergy check too while i'm there.


hi moxie!
Diva, I would *totally* skip the wharf, and go to Good Vibrations, of course! Hmm...and then Seriously, the wharf is a giant tourist trap, and whatever you do - don't eat there - its all crap! The Alactraz tour was amazing, but if you don't have time for that, skip the wharf, or just drive by.

For my money, I would *definitely* go to the Bombay Ice Creamery on Valencia St...we just stumbled onto it accidentally, but its one of the best memories of our honeymoon...we spent an hour talking with the Indian woman who owned the shop and created the most amazing ice cream flavors, and we tried a lot of them - liitchi, rose, cardamom, curry, coconut, anise...and they tasted like real, fresh cream...absolutely delightful. We also went to a wonderful - and cheap Vietnamese restaurant on the same street, maybe a couple blocks away, but I can't for the life of me remember what the name is.

I think I'm the most ambivalent married person I know...I'm not sure if we would be married yet, if our dear friend who was a pastor, wasn't riding his unicycle across the country and making stops in chicago and michigan. We really never talked about marriage much (and we'd been together for 7 years), but when he annouced his unicycle tour, and asked to stay with us for a week, I sort of spontaneously pounced on the idea - it was convenient *and* exciting. The piece of paper wasn't important to me, and still isn't, and the legacy of marriage and title of "wife" still really doesn't light my fires, but here I am, married. And my commitment to turbomann didn't change with the piece of paper - we were just as committed prior, but there's a perception gap in our culture between those with the paper and without, and it got us respect in our families, which is nice, however stupid it is. BUT, standing in front of all your friends and family and declaring that commitment, and celebrating it - now that was powerful, and I wouldn't trade that for anything.
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