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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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diva, sorry, it's in SF,durrr.

A bustie New years would be so fun! Do you all usually go out on NYE? I haven't for years. It's amature night as far as I'm concerned. Peeps are going out to get as drunk as humanly possible and act like asses. I am more of the small gathering type.

Vosges. Yum. I love the barcelona. It has almonds, and grey sea salt. There are a few others I want to try. One has olive oil, another has balsamic vin, and another has tallegio cheese.
i am green with envy on your grilled cheese bread gooey lusciousness talk.....oh how i miss cheese....

although this weekend i might snag my mom's foreman grill and try for some grilled veggies....mmm

hi mouse, fj, taloo and turbo! and diva, of course!

good friend N might have a formal dress for me to wear..yay!!! i'm gonna head over this weekend to see if it fits the bill. supposedly its an emerald green sheath...with my red hair, its gonna be sweeet!!!

what to do for lunch.....i swear i have this fight everyday.

2 alarm 15 bean soup, fj??? wowsers....what have you got in there?!?!!?
taloo - I think my 2 favorite bars are the Naga curry and coconut one, and the dark milk chocolate with goji berries and grey sea salt...I may need to make a stop at whole foods on my way home tonight to pick one up...I'm drooling here!

I don't generally go out on NYE either, for the same reasons...the nice thing about Chicago, though is that there's no reason to drive anywhere...we generally either have a quite night in with just ourselves, or have a little dinner party. We're usually trying to recover from several days spent with our families, so we've not much ambition for anything too fancy.

ms gb - does your friend have a dress for me too? I need to find something to wear to the wedding we're going to next weekend, and all of my fancy stuff is a size too small right now. Oh well, I'll just get something that I can use for work too.
fahk! i got a letter from our homeowner's insurance with a renewal notice enclosed. says we owe nearly $2K for the next year. somehow, both of us thought it was attached to our home loan and i just called and it is NOT!! shite! now we have to come up with the money by mid november or we have no coverage! i don't even know what the repercussions are for not having coverage, but it can't be good...

there is still hope that it was put on our secondary loan, but those bastards won't talk to me because i'm not named on the loan as someone they can talk to. they won't just tell me if it is or isn't included. garrrr! i really hope they'll let us pay in installments. even if they let us pay half would be better than a full 2K down at once!!! sheeeeeet!

(((((fjs)))))) Aww...I'm sorry about that fj, that sucks. I'm sure they'll be able to work something out with you...I've never heard of billing for the whole year in advance, we get our bill monthly. But I am *certain* that they want your money, in whatever increment you can supply it.

Another exciting night at the dog park...two giant hunting type dogs came in tonight, dogs I've never seen before, and went straight for my favorite pugs and bit one right in the eye, and its bleeding freely. One of the other dog owners offer to give E. a ride to the emergency vet, and I'll have to pick her and the pug up later. This is the third visit to the e-vet in 2 months...ugh. The pugs are staying with us this weekend, while their owners are out of town, so I hope everything is okay. gah.

WTF is going on tonight, eh? Crazy bills and crazy dogs.
((turbo's pug friend))

that is awful! and so scary. i hope the little pug is okay. when i went to visit my parents last month we were visiting a friend whose little poodle had to go to the emergency vet (it ended up being fine) and it costs $200 just to walk in the freaking door. they really capitalize on the need there, so crappy.

fj, i feel your pain--i have to come up with the same amount by nov 1st so i can take over the lease on my apartment (i took it over informally from the girl who lived here before, but my name was never on the lease, which ends this month). i've been here six months now, i've been a great tenant, super quiet, always pay my rent on time, never complain, and my landlord still wants first, last AND security.

the ex wants to have dinner with me tonight. i don't have the money for that! he says he can call it a business dinner since he's working from home right now. psh. i don't know............i like being friends but i feel like we need to keep a little distance? i dunno.
I dunno, mouse, that's a tough call on dinner...what's your instinct on that?

Yeah, the e-vets are expensive, but honestly, its not much more expensive than a regular vet - if you're going to a vet for stitches or need meds, you're guaranteed to walk out of there with a big tab...there's a little premium on our e-vet here, but not much, and I figure they deserve it for the hard work they do, dealing with stressed owners, and working nights....they've been so kind every time we've had to go, I don't mind the cost so much.

*puppy update*

Well, I didn't have to pick my friend up from the e-vet - they got in and out in no time. The pug, fezziwig had a puncture on the inside of his eyelid, but no stitches needed at the moment...just antibiotics and eye ointment. BUT, E. said that 10 minutes after they walk in the door, another one of our neighbors walks in with her 6 month old westie puppy, who got picked up, shaken and bit by the very same dog as soon as we left the park. Nice. I hope to never see that dog again.
oh gosh! that's terrible, turbo! shoot! i hope the puppers are ok! poor babies are at least traumatized, i'm sure! what is up with that? why the fuck would the owner stay there after his dog attacked ONE dog? shit!

that reminds me of when my golden retriever puppy got attacked by a german shepherd when i was about seven. my poor mom was walking the pupper and this shepherd comes outta nowhere charging little peaches marie! she got bit on her side and was very shaken up. needed stitches and everything. the attacker had gotten out of his eight foot fence somehow, and his owners didn't want to take responsibility for it until my mom threatened to take them to court. i had nearly forgotten about that until just now. RIP peaches marie!

i had a strange encounter this afternoon while walking grover, IN MY OWN YARD!!! i walked outside the back door with her, not on a leash because she usually just goes out in the backyard and does her thing and wants to come back in. she's so old and unable to run mellow that a leash is just needless. well, as soon as we walk out, i can hear a child's voice. and i automatically know that it's this kid from across the street with a poor little malnourished-mangy-fox-looking dog that he drags around on a metal chain. he couldn't have known i was in my backyard because it is VERY well hidden by the neighbor's house, yet the kid proceeds to bring his dog into my back yard. as though this is normal. behavior. he's about five or so and i try to keep that in mind.

"hello there," i say.
"hi, this is *garbled name of dog that sounds like roger*," says dirty blonde boy.
"hey there, roger! you look like a fox! this is grover!"
"not roger!!", the very exasperated child replies. "it's: *garbled name that still REALLY sounds like roger*".
"oh." by this time, grover is barking short, but not vicious barks to let the other dog know it's her territory and i'm holding her collar because she isn't leashed and i'm not sure what she's like around kids. but she eases off and i can tell that she just wants to sniff, so i let her go. she sticks by my leg and looks up at me for assurance, which i offer immediately with a pat.
as the other dog approaches, grover walks toward him and they do the little doggie sniff dance. the kid is rambling and i can only understand about every fourth word. he says something about how the dog is looking for my bread(?) and that he ate all the bread already and wants more. then he says something about the dog down the road and how the owner of that dog is mean because she feeds her dog so much and it gets fat.
he grabs the area that would be the belly of his own dog and says, "see, my dog isn't fat!" (i'm still not sure if the dog is just really skinny or actually malnourished).
the kid is acting like we're buddies, as though this ISN'T the FIRST time we've EVER exchanged words with each other. he tells me that grover is sort of fat, but not like the dog down the street.
"phew, i sure am glad!", i say, laughing now, but still really uncomfortable. all i can think is that this kid brings his damn dog to my yard to take a shit!
so i ask him, "hey, are you supposed to be taking the dog for a walk? where is he going to use the bathroom?".
and he laughs this unknowing laugh and says, "wherever he goes, i guess".
"well, this is grover's yard and she doesn't like other dogs going to the bathroom here. i always make sure my dog uses the potty in her own yard, or i clean it up if it's in other people's yards. you should make sure she potties in your yard before you take him for walks." i'm barely able to get the words out and as though mocking me, the dog is squatting in my yard. meanwhile, grover is completely uninterested, but still standing very close to my legs, looking at me for more reassurance. "see? this is what happens when you take your dog into other people's yards. do you do this all the time?"
he nods.
by this time, mister boots is coming out of his fernal hiding place to greet me, just now realizing that i've made it home from work. somehow, his kitty senses have betrayed him and he hasn't realized that there is a kid and a dog in the yard. he ambles toward me, belly fat swinging, then sees the kid and bolts in the other direction, foxdog giving chase and nearly knocking the kid down as he pulls the leash. somehow the kid maintains his grasp on the leash and mister boots escapes back into his den.
"OK, time for you to take your dog away. he's scaring my cat and i don't want that to happen. i think your dog scared him into a tree last week, so we're done here."
"ok", he says. but he takes the dog to the side of my house, releases the leash and says, "go home, *name that sounds like roger*", claps his hands and then walks back to the yard.
i'm completely dumbstruck now. have i somehow slipped into cuckoo-land? some kind of bizarro world in which kids are completely unwary of strangers and living in my backyard? part of me wanted to go to the child and ask him questions about himself and try to learn about what was going on in his tiny little brain. but the rest of me wanted the little bastard out of my yard and to take his little dog with him! and that's the part that won. i told him that grover was tired of the company and that we were going inside and that he should go home too, "and don't ever bring your dog over here to poop again, ok?!". he left, but i am still looking out my window, checking for him and his foxdog.

i still want to know what *roger*'s name is.

i apologize for the rambling above. i have polished off a half-bottle of syrah and am now working on a smirnoff berry. i guess it made me chatty. whatevs.

my bean soup was a succes, but more like a three-alarm. i used some peppers from my own garden and they were MUCH hotter than i thought they might be... i've been waiting for them to change colors and they haven't yet so i didn't think they'd be hot. i thought they were chili peppers - really long and skinny and dark green. i left one on the vine still to see if it turns red. if it does, that will be One. Hot. Pepper. (msgb, it's actually a bag of 15 bean types that i bought from the grocer: garbanzo, kidney, lima, blackeyed peas, split green pea, northern, pinto, navy, cranberry bean, and a few others. then, i added the jalepeno i had in the fridge and the unknown ones from the garden. yummm-E!

mouse, sorry to hear that you're in the same financial boat as us. sucks!!!!
oh, and i'm going to fart like there is no tomorrow, tomorrow...

mmmm, beans.
bwahahaha! FJ, as soon as I saw your looooooong post, I said to turbomann - "fj must be having a few drinkipoos, judging by the length of post!" I'm right!'re so cute fj, even if your ass smells. smile.gif

that is craZy about your little neighbor friend...though really, a kid that little maybe shouldn't be wandering around outside without supervision...sounds like he might be a little lonely and looking for friends, and I think you handled the situation well. And I like how you hold firm on the poop issue. very nice.

okay, okayers....beddy-bye time for me! See you bitches tomorrow!
Hey all, quick post, just got home from a board meeting...apologies for not reading!

SO, I laid down the law tonight, told the board exactly what I was willing and able to do in regard to the centre closure/move (with a reminder of what each funder pays me to do with my hours), gave them a list of everything that needs to be done, with recommendations around certain things (what services to cancel, what office items to hang onto, etc.), and wouldn't let them move the agenda on until they committed to meeting next week to draft a "moving plan," with the expectation of each one of them taking on tasks and finding volunteers. After I finished my presentation, there was 15 minutes of awkward silences and mumbled excuses and foot shuffling, but I wouldn't let it go till they made some kind of commitment.

Because I'M NOT DOING IT! No WAY am I getting the work of shutting down dumped on me, especially when I've still got tons of other work to do. I'm a paid employee, and I'm not volunteering to do extra for free....I took care of doodlebug FIRST this time! YAY ME! Are ya proud of me?

Ok, I confess that I did read FJ's doggie story. Now I must go ask a question in the Kitty thread. smile.gif
Happy Friday the 13th, you unlucky, unlicked twats!

And a lovely morning it is too...gorgeous pink sunrise over the lake, and I found my good long underwear last night, so my legs were warm and toasty this morning on my ride in!

I'm so very very glad that its friday!!! We've got a nice weekend lined up - turbomann's BFF and his GF are coming in to stay with us, which I forgot about, but they're the best kind of guest - I don't feel like I have to clean one thing, or cook or anything for them...they're very low key. They're going to a football game tomorrow anyhow, and turbomann will probably play paintball, so I'll still get my "me" time. And if its nice tomorrow, I'll probably ride my bike downtown, and do a little shopping, since I need something nice to wear next weekend. Oh, and I have the two pugs again this weekend. Sunday, I get to see tart - YAY!!!

Doodle, I am SO very proud of you for delegating, and making someone else deal with the majority of the closure and move - you have so many other things to do - they should at least be able to handle the physical stuff!
i am glad it's friday as well. i had forgotten that it was the 13th. thankfully, i'm not supersticious, much. i'm not sure what i will be doing tonight, but i think it will involve a nice nap in front of the television. i still didn't get to bed early last night and didn't sleep very well once i did.

turbo, i love friends like that. we really only have one set of friends that are that easy, but we rarely get to see them anymore.

doodle, i'm proud of you too for putting your foot down. it seems like you constantly have to do that and they still take advantage of you. good for you for just saying NO!

i'm bored today. i don't want to work but i have some stuff to keep me busy enough to let the day pass pretty quickly (at least i hope).

where's poodle???
Gulp! The window is going to cost me over $200 to get fixed. It's really fucked up electrically. The damned part is on backorder, but they think that they found one at another place in town that they MIGHT be able to get in today. I need that fucker fixed. I have so much running around to do and it isn't cool to be carless with the kid. Great...there goes my wardrobe dreams and incense.

I fucking hate this shit. And I forgot my Netflix movies in the cab. I tipped him well, so I hope that he just throws them in a postbox. Sorry to be such a neighing Nelly, but money is just the bane of my existence. Every time I start to creep out of the hole, someone makes the bottom a little deeper.

Must. Stop. Feeling. Sorry. For. Self.
you're not a neighing nelly, minx. i'm sorry that the car window is actually broken. that really sucks. and i hope the netflix dvds are returned. if not, you could always fib and say you never recieved them...

i'm feeling the same way right now. i have nothing in my checking account and less than $200 in my savings account until moday. we just haven't been able to get it together since the fucking IRS raided our savings months ago. i was honestly worried when my gas light came on today that i might not be able to get any gas to get me to work and back.

the good thing is that all my bills are paid. but the suck is that we still don't know how we're going to pay this homeowner's insurance bill if it turns out that we truly do have to pay it. and now i'm worrying about property taxes. i thought THAT was included in my mortgage payment as well, but now i'm starting to doubt it... my 30th is coming up next month (three days before the insurance bill is due) and i was hoping we would do something special, but it doesn't look like we'll be able to do it. it makes me feel selfish, but that sort of makes me sad. it's supposed to be a milestone, right? eh, i don't know. i guess in the grand scheme and all, it's not that big of a deal. i've got a great partner, a warm house.

it just makes me mad at us. mrfj and i make a lot of money between us but we're stupid and irresponsible and we go out too much for food and are too easy on each other. if he wants a book or a shirt or whatever, i tell him to buy it. and he does the same for me. we never think about the big picture, or when we do, it's in retrospect.

BUT, i've made a plan for our future spending and it should keep us in line, while still providing us with ample spending money so we don't feel deprived. if we can squirm our way past this next couple months, we should be ok. it always seems like we're tightening the squeeze right before the holidays though.

and in my mind, it always goes back to the fucking IRS, whom we STILL pay $750 a month to catch up from mrfj's independent contracting days. because at that time, we were too poor to pay taxes ahead of time.


/selfish rant
$$$$$$$$$$****Money vibes for FJ, Mouse and Minx.$$$$$$$$$$$$*******
FJ, I always just assumed that insurance was rolled into the mortgage too. That's was I was told, and that's how it is being done with our house.

I have a horrible headache this morning, and my eyes are so puffy. Gross, I look gross.

J got up before me this morning and was listing stuff on ebay. When I got up, he walks up to me with this record and says, "this is going to pay our rent this month." It's a a sealed copy of this obscure r&b group from chicago. Unsealed, copies graded very good went for 500. This was something he had listed lastnight, and there are 15 people watching it, it is up too $100 already. He got a couple emails already from people asking to buy it outright. It will be interesting to see what it ends at. Oh, and we have another record from that same group. Sweet.

We are going to pick up our bed on sunday. It will just have to sit, dissasmbled until we move, because it is far too big for our bedroom right now. I am so excited to have a king sized bed. Poor j will still end up sleeping on the last two feet of it because I am a hog.
Well, I just ordered nine pizzas for my last hour class so that we can fiesta on Friday the 13th. Great fun.

Oh yeah, and the kindergarten class that my Minxlette is in? Some FIVE-YEAR-OLD brought two knives intending to kill three students. Luckily, Minxlette was not one of the intended...but it's still really fucked up. This is supposed to be a "nice" of the nicest in Minneapolis, and look at this shit. SHE'S FIVE! SHE IS THREATENING LITTLE CHILDREN'S LIVES.

I am so fucking outraged right now that I can barely speak.

Fuck the money, I'm just glad that my kid is okay.
holy shit!!! ((((minxlette's schoolmates))))

i just don't understand this. how can children a)GET the weapons they're bringing to school? and b)think that this is ok? are we realyl that fucked up as a society that our children want to go on killing sprees at 5??

pizza sounds yummy. i might let a check ride the wave and order one for myself tonight...
((((((minx and minxlette)))) - that is so fucked up, minxy!! How does a 5 year old have so much anger to bring weapons to school...something is very wrong in this country.

$*$*$*$*$*$*Prosperity Vibes for ALL$*$*$*$*$*$*$*$*

Minxy and FJ, that totally sucks that you're getting hit up for high costs at an inconvenient time. YUCK.

Honestly, I'd never heard of rolling homeowners insurance into the mortgage...I roll my property taxes in, but I'm not trusting a bank with my insurance, no way. We just had to pay our property tax escrow shortage this month - that was $300, but honestly that's the smallest tax increase we've seen in 5 years, so we feel grateful. Stupid city of chicago wants waaaaay too much of my money.

YAY for taloo's ebay sales, and NEW BED! and NEW HOUSE!!!

FJ...opening an ING Direct savings account has saved my rear end on a number of occasions...they just automatically take money out of my account every week, so it disappears without my noticing, and I can't get to it from my main bank...I couldn't save anything without the auto deposit feature, I don't ever have that much left at the end of the month, and impulse control is not my strong suit. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Yeah, where is that darn PinkPoodle at?

FJ, good on you for standing your ground with that kid. People shouldn't let their dogs crap in other people's yards.

Turbo, you have the pugs again? When do you ever get a weekend without guest dogs? I have the cutest visual in my head with the pugs, though. I think of them as little old busybody people that Turbo just watches and shakes his head at. It's a lot cuter in my brain. That could be a really good children's story. I hope that mean dog doesn't come back to your dog park until it learns how to be around other dogs. I hope it's owner offered to pay for the damage it did. That is just so not cool.

Hi, Taloo! You just reminded me I have to get on the giant about selling some of his duplicate stuff on ebay. He's always saying he's going to, but rarely ever does. I think it's partially because he has to go to his storage locker to get most of it, and that's kind of a pain in the ass.

Good for standing your ground, Doodle. Let them be akward and figure things out for themselves. You're not their dumping ground for all unsavory work.

Good luck with the window, Minx. It wouldn't go up on it's own after all, I guess? I drove my old car without being able to put the window down for months and months. It's a pain in the ass, but not undoable, I just had to open my door A LOT.

Looks like a pretty low-key weekend for me. I'm going up to my parents' tomorrow to visit Sam and get a copy of my insurance info for when I have to rent a car for our trip next week. We're going to the pumpkin patch, which should be loads of fun. They always take the best pictures of Sam when he's playing with the pumpkins. Other than that, it'll be a whole lot of staying home and saving money, which is fine by me. I want to get my summer clothes switched out for my winter ones so I can start wearing sweaters again instead of knits meant for spring weather.


$$$$$$$ for all who need it

OMGWTFBBQ, Minx!!!!!! What the fuck is a kid that little doing with knives? And where would a kid get that kind of idea? Holy shit.

That reminds me, I felt so sad yesterday on my way home when I saw this tiny little kid, couldn't have been more than 5 (actually looked closer to 3 or 4) walking home alone. He was barely bigger than Sam, who's small for his age. He was just walking with his little coat and backpack on, looking both ways for traffic, and put his hands out when he saw a car coming in his path (he was still at the corner, so he was safe). I really wanted to give him a ride home or follow to make sure he got home okay, but I figured he'd be afraid to talk to strangers (rightfully so in our neighborhood most of the time) and his mother would yell at me for following her kid. I just wish there were something I could have done for the little guy.
*looks behind the okayland cuddle puddle sofa for poodle*

Yeah, it does start to feel like we never have a weekend without guest doggies, but I love me some pugs, so its cool. I just have to cover all my furniture with sheets, because there's no keeping those guys off the couch. Next week we get payback, though, 'cause we're going to MI, and turbo will be staying with his greyhound buddies. I'm trying to postpone taking turbo to MI as long as possible, because turbomann's dad just got a golden ret. puppy, and turbo hates any puppy (they try to kiss him, which is just *so* not cool).

Oh, and the guy whose dogs attacked the pug and westie puppy has offered to pay for the damages - very nice. And he has been informed of the "rush hour" at the park, so if he wants to come with his dogs before or after the mass playtime, he should feel welcome...we don't want his dogs not to have playtime, we just don't want them in with ours.

Awwwww....I'm jealous of your pumpkin patch outing, Diva - that's one of my very favorite things about Fall - and it'll be extra fun with Sam! We definitely need to get some pumpkins to carve this weekend...I'm all about roasting pumpkin seeds. Tart gave me a great idea of toasting them, and then when they're just about done, take them out and drizzle them with a bit of honey, add some garam masala, and stick back in the oven for another 5 miniutes, so the honey will set and harden when cool...its soooo yummy. I've also done butter with southwest seasoning, or garlic many options for fall goodness!
man, scary weird stuff is happening with little kids and dogs! ((hugs to all involved, esp. minxie and little one, because that shit is downright terrifying))

it must be because of friday the thirteenth.

i did end up getting dinner with the ex, which was fun and fine but it's HARD (pun very intended) to hang out with him especially one on one because goddammit i just wanna jump him. gah. i can't. i can't. i know he would love it but it gets us into way too much of a mess. ugh ugh ugh.
well slap my ass and call me sally!

turbojenn, i guess i've been living under a rock because i've never heard of ING direct. ok, i guess i've heard of it, but had never given it a second glance because i didn't know what it was. i just took a quick tutorial of how it works and that looks great! it's perfect since it offers a higher interest rate but makes the money available pretty much immediately if i should need it (have you ever had any trouble getting the funds transferred back over in a pinch? it says they usually transfer within three days, which sounds reasonable). tj, you're a rockstar!! i am going to open a new account next week and transfer half the amount that usually goes to the savings account attached to the checking account over to a new ING direct account.
/commercial for ing direct

diva, the pumpkin patch does sound like a lot of fun to go to with a kid. we're going to get a few small pumpkins and use them to line the sidewalk in the front on halloween and one larger one on our little table outside. at least that is something cheap, yet entertaining! i still need to make my costume.
mouse - good for you for having dinner with the ex, and NOT jumping him!!!

FJ...I'm just here to help. wink.gif I've never had any trouble getting the transfer made in 3 days, sometimes it even shows up after 24 hours. I love forgetting about my ING savings, and then after a couple months, checking my balance, and feeling so proud of what a good little saver I am! I could never keep money IN my savings account with my other bank, because it was too easy to get to...I've never used my ING account for frivolous things....turbo even has his own savings account for vet bills and dog park scuffles!
morning you slap happy twats!!!

((((minxlette safety vibes))))the horror of some 5 year old having a grudge already against students....makes me wonder what the parents are like...

(((turbo's pug friends))) i'm glad the owner of the scary hunting dogs paid for the bills and apologized for his dogs behavior...maybe he didn't think they would get 'set off' at the park like they did. weird things set dogs off. did a great job with that boy and his *roger* dog...even if you are a bit 'beany' today. hehehe.
doodle, i am so proud of you for taking care of yourself FIRST this time. good for you!!!

where the heck is poodle?!!?

mouse...i think your gut is telling you the right with the ex is a XXX(poison) least that's how its spelled out in my head.

speaking of head, (bwahahahahahah) sorry. um...we did my hair color and it turned out so bright...!!! i really like it...except it makes me even paler...i think. i posted some picts on my myspace page...if you want a look see....and today the mobile scissor sharpening dude is coming by my house!!! yay.....i'm thrilled...hopefully my grandmother's scissors can be fixed up so i can use them. (crosses fingers)

and i have to start working on my halloween costume.....there's a contest at work.
minx, that's absolutely insane! How does a five year old even translate anger into weapons violence?? Holy mother! Are you collecting minxlette for the rest of the day or are they carrying on with the day? Wow.

Anyway, hello everyone....good morning! I am reading the posts right now...and trying to eat chicken soup for breakfast. Yeah, weird, I know, but I'm still in denial about being sick and I figured this would help kick the phantom illness into oblivion. Heh. Plus I haven't gone grocery shopping yet - it was this or oatmeal.

Anyway, yeah, thanks for the kudos, diva, turbo, and FJ! I feel pretty good about making the board take responsibility. I just told them I couldn't do the shut down, physically or emotionally. Rah!

turbo, I've thought about that ING thing before....hmm...I did start another account in a credit union in Vancouver (the theory being that it's a pain in the ass to get any money out), but I've only got a few hundred in it, because it relies on me mailing them a cheque for my deposit. I wish there were a credit union version of ING....but you make it sound so easy, I might go for it!

FJ, I'm sorry about your money woes. I think you should ask Mr FJ to be your slave for your birthday. That would be pretty special - he'd have to do anything you wanted, including sexual. (I'm sure he'd comply with the sexual part!) (If it's any consolation, I spent my 30th birthday in therapy, in the middle of dissolving a long term relationship....counselling in the afternoon and group support in the evening!)

Hi also, mouse and taloo!

Personally, I don't believe Friday the 13th is pagan and wiccan beliefs, 13 is a lucky number! Otherwise I wouldn't have booked a haircut today.....because as you all know, I have serious Hair Vanity.

ETA: cross-posted with miz gb! Hi! And thank you! What is your costume going to be?
I've got a savings account with my credit union, just because it is a pain in the ass to get money out once it's in. I don't put much in, just a little more than is required to pay off my car loan - they have the lowest interest rate on the loan I could've found. I opened the account to deposit money in which they take right out to pay for my car, so I only make probably $10/month, but it's a little something. I think I'm going to end up just having the giant hide money for me in a jar somewhere, which is what he's currently doing so I can afford our trip. If I know where my money is, I'm going to spend it, which is a giant no-no. I'd also like to start a savings fund for eventually buying a house and having a good wedding.

I haven't decided what to do for Halloween yet. We stayed home last year getting the house together because we'd moved in just a couple days before, and we'll probably stay home again since it's on a weeknight. Sam's going to be "a witchy wizard." Hehe! He has 2 hats and a magic wand so far.

Man, it's cold out! It wouldn't be so bad if the wind weren't so fierce. The walk to Jimmy John's and back seemed to take forever! I can't wait to get to CA where it's 62 and sunny.

I'm here! I'm here you anal-pube flossers!!

We have this giganto report draft to complete by monday so I'm been typing away pretty steadily and working a little later than usual.

Holy shit biscuits!! I can't believe a 5-yr-old brought knives to school! Wow. That's some seriously fucked up shit.

~*~*~*~financial vibes for all~*~*~*~ I'm still trying to pay for a burrito that I charged back in 2003. biggrin.gif

I liked your dog story, FJ!

Hi taloo!! That's super cool about J's record!! I wonder if I could get that much for my Earth, Wind, & Fire record. wink.gif

Hi everyone!!

"A witchy wizard" Ha! I can't help but think of "Witchy Woman" by The Eagles. As usual, my mind turns to music.

Wow. It's kinda cold outside. I had trouble getting out of bed this morning because I was so cozy. I didn't want to get out of the shower either because my apartment was chilly.

Yay!! All I have to do is finish a little chart and fiddle around with a couple aerial photographs and then I'm done done done!!!

Minx, that is seriously effed up. Man, if that happened in my kid's class, I would say, "kick the little demon out of school." But that's just me, and I am not a parent. But, what kind of fucked up shit is that kid being exposed to that would cause such venom? Hmmm.

I just went to the bar down the street for a guiness and some lunch. I brought the bartender some pumkin bread too. It's a nice thing to do since I see him atleat 2 times a week.
anal pube flossers! nice!

welcome back poodle! smile.gif

well, crisis is averted. we can pay the insurance in installments, most likely quarterly. THAT is a load off my shoulders. now we just have to find out about the property taxes and whether or not that was rolled up in our mortgage. something tells me it might not have been. if not, we definitely have to set up an escrow for that this year.

this must be my day for financial woes. i'm having to deal with my client's non-payment of invoices and now my corporate office has frozen their account so i can't add new people to be paid. i'm really stuck in a hard spot. i don't want to lose the customer, as they're a $2m account, but what's the good of billing that much if they're not goig to pay it. i still think my corporate guy is being a jerk about it. i mean, people have worked so they need to be paid. my manager said she'd make sure it happened, but even she's nervous about it. argh!

i want to go home and eat more bean soup so i can blow myself around the room.

that is pretty rad (karianne's word!) about the record, taloo. i wish we had treasures laying around in our house.
mm..pumpkin bread.....yummmm

hi poodle! hi taloo! hi diva!

doodle, currently i am trying to come up with hair-based costumes....such as hairspray, medusa, david bowie, frankenstein's bride, etc. currently medusa is my focus.

it rained here in cali last nite, diva...but its supposed to be a driveby weather thing....actually its supposed to rain today too...and that hasn't might rain tonite though...i hope not till late since i'll be at Oktoberfest in HB. Mouse! you should go!

as for friday the 13th....its always been a good luck day for me. as such...

-less traffic
-hot lunch
-my scissors are getting sharpened
-oktoberfest tonite with friend N

now if only traffic was light while i drove to N's house....that would be sweet!!!
Yeah, I'm gonna run over to the Y and grab her after I pick up the $300 repair job car. Fuuuuuuckk...ah well, it needed to happed. I did everything I could, but the electrics on the thing were completely hosed. And the window was rolled all the way down, so there was no way to force it up. Feh.

I wanna take the girl out for Chinese and buy her a new jacket now...momma needs a drinkiepoo.

Let us know what you come up with, GB!

A roomie and I had a house party one Hallowe'en, and we gave prizes for best costume....we had to come up with a "most creative" prize at the last minute, 'cause we couldn't ignore the creative brilliance of this one woman. She wore black head to toe, and then pinned socks, dryer sheets, and bits of cotton fluff (lint) to herself....she was a "dryer goblin"! smile.gif

Ok, off to the hair stylist now!
I love the idea of a medusa costume, but the "dryer goblin" is really making me giggle. Really, I wanna see that lizard that lives in the dryer and chews teeny little holes in my t-shirts!

FJ, you crack me up - "blow myself around the room" bwahahaha!

I need a drinkipoo too...I've been fighting with the asshole IT Idiot all day - won't give me access to something I need, that is holding up my work. I just got fed up and called his boss, the VP, and she told him to let me have my way. so there. *sticks out tongue at asshole*

*snatches a piece of pumpkin bread from taloo*

I love all varieties of spice bread/cakes....pumpkin, zuke, banana, and especially ginger....YUM. I'm gonna have to go to the vegan bakery and get a slice of spice cake, me thinks.

I'm tired. I want work to be over...gah.
turbo, i read that down there as "sticks tongue in asshole" laugh.gif good for you for getting your way. stupid IT departments. i'm still waiting for the MIS/IT department here to fix my fax line, which their contractors fucked up last week while doing some duct work. i'm obviuosly not a high priority.

i need a drinkipoo too. i have one more bottle of vino at home and that oughtta do the trick.

and you guys reminded me that i didn't make my cornbread last night! so there's THAT.

wow, i need some excitement.

i've been having an internal struggle all day about going and buying a pack of american spirits to smoke. i want to, but i don't want to. i guess i should just go straight home and drink so i'll be too drunk to drive to teh store and get them once i start craving them. i wanted them last night after i got a buzz from the wine.

be warned now: you'll probably be seeing a lot of me and my drunken ramblings if your hanging in the lounge tonight...
hmmmmm, oktoberfest eh? what's that about? is hb hermosa? cos......that's a hell of a long ways away. *pout* why can't you party on the east side? tongue.gif

fj, SO glad to hear you worked out the insurance crapola! i have just gotten a little leeway with the money woes too--just landed a freelance illustration gig and got paid half up front! it's not a ton, but it means my budget is a little more than $8 bucks a day now, which is superb since in addition to my freaking $2k to my landlord, i also need to pay my car insurance, cell phone bill and two goddamn registration expired tickets for my car; even though it's been, like, a week and i was only able to get to the dmv this morning (and i still had to miss work, i just wasn't going to risk getting another ticket). i effing hate how all of the important stuff (dmv, mechanics, post office, bank, doctor, etc.) is never, ever open when most people get off work. grrrrrrrrrr. but yay! job and money!

i misread turbo's tongue-sticking, too. heh.

doodle, dryer goblin is AWESOME. the best costume i've ever seen was a tumbleweed--she dressed in brown, stuck leaves and sticks all over herself, and rolled around on the floor.

my personal favorite costume was invented by me at i believe age 5--i wore green, and stuck a pink tutu upside down on my head. i was? a rose! i had a small obsession with headwear as a child; i used pink tights as easter bunny ears once, and was known for wearing several hats at once. my mother has many pictures of this.

ETA: hair based costumes, ms gb? what about cousin it?? biggrin.gif
Oh NO! I certainly don't wanna put my tongue anywhere NEAR the IT Guy! The horror! Honestly, the guy is such an arrogant asshole, and he's got no reason to be - he has no tech credentials, and really is of no help to me at all. And the flurry of emails sent back and forth that I cced his boss on...I have no idea why he still has a job. He abuses me, whatever...but he uses the same rude tone and language with his boss - its really beyond me why he is still there.

and hooray for freelance gigs!! These days, I've just been turning them down...its kind of a bummer, but I don't think I have the space in my brain for it right now.

And I think I'm catching doodle's cold...i just don't feel quite right, and my sniffles are different than allergy sniffles. I may have to run out and get some miso soup tonight...that always seems to do the trick.

I am *definitely* looking forward to drunky FJ hanging out with us tonight! ...And pass on the smokes, my dear...they're no good for you. *hands FJ somma taloo's pumpkin bread*

oh, turbo! i'm such a failure! i bought cigs. i know... i caved to my cravings. but it will provide me comfort for the evening and i know if i didn't get them, i'd just be mad at myself. i know i'm reaching to justify it, but i don't smoke very often so i think of it as a treat. i'm on baby-making hiatus till january, at which point i will clean up my act.

don't hate me huh.gif

sweet deal on the freelance work, mouse! that's great! btw, i haven't told you that i dig your avatar. you designed it, right? sorry everyone is trying to take all your money away too. what is UP with that?

hahaha-I had to laugh at the dryer goblin costume-'cause a few years ago, my dog was the "sock monster" for halloween.

he's a mostly-black dog (border collie) and i took an old black t-shirt and velcroed mismatched socks to it. that year was really the only time he got dressed up for halloween. i had a job where i could take my dog to work, so I had an excuse to dress him up.

and for fun, i'm listening to william shatner right now. "common people" + pumpkin spice beer (local microbrewery) = fun!

ETA: FJ, I totally don't hate you. If I were inclined to make babies, I'd have to clean up my act too. I can relate. smile.gif
brett! hey girl! it's been a while since you posted in here! or maybe you were here while i was away... either way, i meeeeced you!

and i LOVE william shatner's common people! actually, i love that whole cd.
i'm currently listening to the essential bob dylan.

FJ, I could never hate you, worries! Enjoy your evening of solitude!

Brett!! What's shakin?! I love the "sock monster" idea...turbo would be a fabulous sock monster - he looooves his winter clothes!

I'm currently awaiting turbomann's return, and then....we're going to have date night, like a real couple! I can't remember the last time he was home in time to go out to dinner on a Friday. And then...maybe we'll really steam things up and go to target for some sinfully decadent tupperware, swiffers, detergent, and saran wrap. OOOooooohhhh!

I'm currently listening to Marketplace on NPR...I'm such a dork...but I do have to admit that its one of my favorite shows to listen to.
well shoot, tj, i was at least hoping for a spankin'!

and i think i already confessed my longing for kai ryssdal. his voice, his quirky humor. ahhhh. you are not a dork for your npr love. i have been on a kick lately where that is all i listen to on my ride to and from work.

have fun on your date! wow, swiffers? you guys are going all out dirty!!! hehe! actually, i love mine and mrfj's little domestic dates like that. i love wandering through target with him, playing in the aisles.

SIL just invited me to come to their place tonight. if i weren't already a sheet and a half drunk, i'd consider it. but it's a two hour ride and by the time i sober up it'll be too late to get that trip started. so sweet of her to offer. i always have so much fun with them. oddly, we seem to have more fun when it's just me, SIL and SIL's wifey. but i think it's cause we're all girls and can relate better. i d'know. mrfj would say that they just like me better.
hi brett!

sign me up too for fans of both npr AND william shatner's has been!! i listen to as much npr podcasts as i can at work. marketplace and all things considered remind me of being very small and hanging out in the kitchen while my mom cooked dinner smile.gif
Hey laaaadies!! I just got home. I'm drinking beaujolais and I had forgotten how light it is. I'm used to Shiraz, so this almost tastes watered down to me.

The republican's father died last weekend, so I have a funeral to attend tomorrow. This week was pretty nuts because he was absent quite a bit. Man, we'd be so fucked if he left. I told him to tell me if he's planning on switching jobs, because then I'm gonna start looking for a new job too.

Awwww...that's so cute about your dog's costume, brett!

The last time I dressed up for Halloween was a couple years ago. Diva and I were satanic cheerleaders for Kerry. The year before that, I was Anna Nicole Smith (pre-trim spa). I totally forgot about my plans to dress up as Cher this year! Hmmm....with my body type, people would be super confused.

Mmmm...pumpkin bread....pumpkin beer....yummmmmmm...

Good call on the Bob Dylan, falljackets. I have a crapload of Bob Dylan on my ipod. My faves of his are Buckets of Rain, Tangled Up in Blue, and Tonight I'll be Staying Here with You. Buckets of Rain reminds me of Duluth for some reason. I guess it's because the song is sorta depressing yet beautiful, kinda like Duluth. Bob Dylan was also born in Duluth and grew up in Hibbing, so I can totally feel the lyrics. His music is so Minnesotan in that cold, blue-collar, north woods mining town sense. My mom went to his same highschool and she said that he performed in a talent show once and everyone laughed at him. She also worked for his mom Beatty doing odd jobs.

Sorry 'bout the IT ass, turbo. I can't remember if it's SNL or MAD TV that does this regular skit called "your company's annoying IT guy" or something like that. Whenever I think of IT guys, that skit comes to mind.

Gb, I'm so jealous of your Oktoberfest plans! I've been trying to convince someone to travel down to New Ulm, MN (a.k.a. Germantown, USA) for their celebration, but everyone is too busy (including myself). It's freakin' cold now, too.
hey poodle!!

it's SNL that does the "company IT guy" skit. i always think of the same thing when i read about IT troubles. jimmy fallon did a good job on acting like the arrogant, exasperated asshole IT dude.

yes! i love the bob dylan and william shatner love up in here. poodle, i LOVE tangled up in blue. that's definitely my favorite dylan song. i loved that in both concerts i've attended, he sang it from a different perspective. actually, he kept going from first to third person throughout the whole song. he's the coolest. i want to buy his new cd which, as happenstance would have it: npr did a piece on a couple weeks ago.

ah, the full circle that is known as the okay thread.

love. it.

Hooray for hanging out and drinking. I am drinking a merlot from the roshambo winery.
It was our favorite place in sonoma. When we went there, there was an art exhibition from a bunch of tatoo artists. We joined the wine club and now we are part of the party army. Heee. Our first shipment came today.

Hi brett.

Today I picked up my paint brushes again. I haven't painted since I moved to Chicago. By no means am I an artist, but I love painting. I actually painted something that will be wall worthy. J came home and said "did you do that? that is going on the wall at our new place." Maybe, I don't suck as much as I think i do.

Poods, what would you think of coming to Chi town for NYE, I mentioned it to diva too. I could have a fun bustie party!
Awwww, yeah....I'm thinking BUSTie NYE in Chicago would ROCK!!! I told turbomann about the potential plans, and he was definitely down with that!

*thwap thwap thwap thwap THWAP!*
(administers catch up spanking for FJ)

FJ your SIL and wifey sound like really fun people - of *course* you have a blast with them, especially when its just the girls!

We had a lovely dinner at our favorite neighborhood thai place, where the owner knows us quite well, its almost like having dinner with family - he always pulls up a chair to chat, and gives us freebie teas or appetizers...when I want comfort food, that's where I want to go. Only, the owner was being mischievious tonight, and holy crud - he put so many chilis in my gar pow kai tonight, my lips actually feel a little assaulted from the spiciness!

And we did indeed continue the date wandering around Target...I like it on a friday night when its pretty empty, and we just wander around looking at goofy stuff. Unfortunately, we were there for every cleaning product under the sun, and didn't get anything fun...but at least I won't have to buy that stuff again for quite awhile.

Yeah, I wish Jimmy Fallon was my company computer guy - at least in the sketch, he seemed to actually FIX something...our IT guy is completely useless on top of having a really bad attitude.

Taloo - that's awesome that you've picked up the brush again!! And you absolutely should hang your work in your new house!

That winery looks like a really fun place...we missed that one when we were out there on our honeymoon...but we did go to Ravenswood, which is one of my favorites.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that adores kai ryssdal...someone who makes me want to listen to business reports - now that's talent! My NPR love is only exceeded by my love for Scott Simon, who does Saturday Weekend Edition.

Almost bathtime for me, who wants to jump in the tub with me? I'm going for cinnamon bubble bath tonight!
Mmm...Coffee Friday! My dirtiest, guilty pleasure next to knowing the lyrics to every 80's song and truly loving Journey.

Well, the bad tonight went to worse...I was on the phone with my GalPal G, and heard Minxlette screaming bloody murder in the bathroom. I smelled a horrid odor, she complained of it really hurting to pee, and spotted bloody urine on the bathroom floor. Earlier she had complained of a "weird stomach ache". Just then Nurse Ratched (BFF) called and I listed off the symptomlogy just to be sure and she confirmed a UTI and told me to go to Urgent Care. I did. Bummer for the little one. It was beyond treating with normal scads of fluid and cranberry. The doctor was awesome, though, and made her feel a whole lot better. The other major bummer was that Baby Daddy did not give me the prescription numbers, so I had to pay out another $70 in unexpected expenditures. There goes the collasal grocery shopping I was going to do...oh well.

As I was going to pick up the car, my buddy Paul was telling me that there was a Math Bowling Competition at Elsie's and that I should go, although Math Baron wouldn't be there. I kind of didn't feel like it until I nearly was at the Y to pick her up and Math Baron called to tell me that he would in fact be there and wanted me to join him. Sooooo...he met Minxlette for the first time. And got to see me fall flat on my ass as I was trying to retrieve a dead ball that Minxlette had attempted to throw. I went seriously ass over teakettle.

He laughed and said, "Nice splits, Minxy." *add sly grin* WHOOT! Bwa-hahahahaha!

Minxlette said, "I like Math Baron. He's nice."

The dyke I work with got all Snoopy-dance on me and says "I know your secret...I know your secret!!!!"

WHA?! Who told her?

I like drunken members of Okayland...get fucking rocked! It's OKAY.

Go for the spicecake, Turbo. It's OKAY.

I wanna be a Satanic Democratic Cheerleader for Halloween. Is there a patent-pending on that design, or may I take creative liberties. Must I pay royalties?
Am I too late to the party? I am sorry, but had company…and I AM now possessed of the magic green herb…and a plate of leftover Nanaimo bars. Mmm. Anybody want Nanaimo bars? Not the magic kind. I don’t even know if it’s possible to do that with Nanaimo bars….hmmm….*thinks furiously*

diva, if you stay home for Hallowe’en, will you and giant dress up to give out treats to all the kiddies?

miz gb, I meant to add earlier that I named my laptop Medusa (reclaiming of myth, or something), so I do hope you go as Medusa!

taloo, what is your definition of “artist” if you don’t think you’re one? It sounds like you are creating art to me, girl!

Hi brett!! I love that you dressed your dog up! How did he feel about it, though?

Aw minxie, now I’m mad at that dickhead Baby Daddy myself. I’m sharpening my broadsword (hah! BROAD sword!) as I write this…

…maybe we need to do an Amazon tour…we can take care of turbo’s IT guy while we’re at it.

What we all really want to know, turbo…is if you and turbomann made out amongst the swiffers?

poodle and FJ, I cannot choose between Buckets of Rain and Tangled Up in Blue. I do not know much Dylan, though…what do you recommend a relative newbie should DL? (I also need someone to answer this question about Leonard Cohen….and yes, as a Canadian, I’m ashamed to admit that!)

poodle, tell me about your new avatar….it’s gorgeous!

mouse I LOVE your girlmouse rose costume! Do you have any old pics of that? Like, that you could scan and post??

Lovin’ my hair, btw…Friday the 13th IS good for me…and my stylist is an arteeste. It’s always in layers, around shoulder length, but she switches things around and does different things to it each time. I always get tons of compliments on my hair, so I just trust her to do her thing at this point. (Within reason, of course!) Plus, she gave me a nice, long scalp massage. Sympathy for the centre stuff, I think. wink.gif I do love having a regular stylist, it really is the one “treat” I’m determined to hang on to now, no matter what!

O vanity, thy name is doodlehair. I mean, lookit! I just wrote more about my hair than I did about anything else! jeebus.
Just for old time's sake...
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