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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Poodle....your boss is messed so many other people on this planet, but REALLY, to hold herself so above the people in her employ...its kind of disgusting. I may feel like I'm underpaid, and that I'd like to make a little more money....but I have NO interest in yearning for the big fucking subruban house and trappings of wealth. I think living in a way that does not leave you in debt at the end of every month is a pretty good start to a vision. I'm very glad that I went to a major land grant university, and that while my parents were supportive, they were not the sole underwriters of my college ed....but maybe that's just me.

My boss, while mostly fair, has her own blind spots, not understanding what a young person such as myself is still doing at our org after 7 years....shouldn't I have more ambition?! Well, I don't...I just want a job with reasonable hours, and I don't want to manage other people. And mostly, its a good place to work. I still want a new job, but not because I'm overly ambitious...I just need to make a *little* more dough than I make now.

And really, a lot of days, I wish I was a plumber or electrician or construction worker and spent my days creating things in physical space, moving my body, and not having homework when I go home at night.
I'm ambitious and I also have a vision, but it is completely opposite than the vision she's talking about (or that most people would envision). My ambition is to live in a pimped-out, retro-fitted trailer in the woods, weld scrap metal sculptures, and take naked outdoor showers, which is just as difficult as becoming a lawyer, but in totally different ways. My friends and family have different visions, but they're not more or less significant than my own. They're just as difficult to achieve.

Another funny example is that my boss had a lunch with one of my associate professors, and he wanted to eat at Key's, which is a very simple local cafe that serves mainly American breakfast/lunch fare. She kept bringing up this lunch, and her tone was very elitist, as usual. The funny thing is that this guy owns a business that is just as successful as her own (if not more). Heaven forbid we eat at Key's!! Heh...I told her before her lunch to talk about me because I may need a grad school reference someday (the guy loves me for some reason). Ha! I think part of the difference may be that he's a "new money" Minnesota guy, whereas she's an eastern blue-blood type. She had a "coming out" party like young elite girls used to have.

I, too, had a lot of assistance from my parents compared to your average student (well, back then, anyway). I still had to work my ass off, but not nearly as much as many of my friends. It's not like my parents were able to throw money around. They've definitely forked out way more money on me compared to my bro and sis. My education is still one of their expenses and I that's why I hate asking them for groceries. I made a promise to myself and my mom that I would be there in the end to make sure that they're taken care of. That's all I can do. Even if I don't have money, my priority in the future will be my parents' wellbeing. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

Aw poodle, your boss sounds like a dickhead. Yes, you can say that about women, too! smile.gif

I don't really understand, either, the whole theory that if you're not seeking material wealth, you're somehow lacking ambition. It's the idea of what "wealth" is that's so narrow - what about health, good friends, happy family? What about the joy of creating something just for its own sake, what about the peace of finding and growing your spirit?

But I think poodle nailed the problem on the head - most people now are killing themselves to afford that "vision" of some particular lifestyle they think they should have. Lots of folks seem to always be struggling to afford the appearance of the lifestyle, but so many of them are in debt and working a million hours to pay down that debt. And if they're not in debt, they're giving up themselves (and their relationships with those in their lives) to hold on to what they have. When some of my friends tell me how far in debt they are, it frightens me! And yet even among the "non-elite" people, they HAVE to have the big cable/satellite package, the big minivan/SUV (AND a car), the big house (so they have somewhere to store all their crap), the best sporting equipment, the best cell phones, the best TVs, the best everything. It's like people have been conditioned (by advertising?) to believe they "deserve" all of this, that they're entitled to a certain lifestyle...and even when they're young and haven't worked to earn those things. Moreso maybe, when they're young...and that can be worse, b/c they get into debt at younger and younger ages...

/end rant.

So, um, yeah. HI EVERYONE! Hi poodle, turbo, diva, miz gb, moxie, karianne, diva, mouse, minx, FJs, taloo...and anyone who is lurking! wub.gif

Tomorrow is hump day. Also, there is an event for the local NDP (the political party I support) tomorrow night...I'm probably going to go to that as well, though I'd like to stay home on the couch, under my big purple crocheted afghan, with a kitty or two curled up with me!
Mornin' ya'll. Whew.....that cheap wine put me to bed early last night, and is making me very sleepy this morning...the dark, dreary, rainy day isn't helping either, but that's okay.

Its dread wednesday here...I've got reports to prepare and a few hours of meetings this afternoon, and I really don't have time for any of it, with the deadlines stacked up against me. Oh well...I guess I'd best get to it...


My best friend in the universe is coming over this morning to fuck around, drink coffee, and eat pastry.


And good luck with those deadlines, Turbo. May the Power of Puppy be with you.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, have you ever called your boss on being such an elitist and tell her how it makes other people in your office feel? If she's a nice person otherwise, maybe she just doesn't know how she sounds when she goes off on that stuff like she does. But hearing about how "gorgeous and popular" her daugher is has got to make you want to punch her (boss or daughter). Especially the "popular" part. That can just grate on people's insecurities.

Hi, Turbo and Doodle and Minx!

This trip we're going on next week gets stranger and stranger. Now we have to fly out to Cincinnati on Wednesday night, spend the night there, then take the first flight out in the morning to San Francisco. I guess except for that one flight out of Minneapolis next Wednesday, every single flight Delta has outgoing is either booked solid or overbooked, so we have no other options. I guess I'm just going to look at the bright side of it: 1) we'll get to see a new city (Cincinnati); 2) we won't have to worry about not catching our flights since they're wide open for seating; 3) the giant will get to see San Francisco for the first time; 4) we don't have to go through Atlanta; 5) Cincinnati is a pretty cheap city to spend the night in; 6) even if it does cost us another $120 or so, it's still a far cry less than the regular price of $600/ticket; 7) nobody made any reservations for anything to do in California yet, so we aren't going to have to pay cancellation fees; 8) we are able to come back on Monday instead of Sunday, so we'll have basically a whole extra day there; 9) I'm always looking for an adventure. How's that for being sunny side up about the whole thing?

And now I have money to pay for the tickets because my bank account finally (mostly) quit screwing with me. Yay! I hate when it takes 5 days for purchases to clear.
Diva - be sure to get some cincinnati chili while you're there - I love the stuff...they serve it on spaghetti as well as hot dogs, and its pretty much all meat, and has some cinnamon in it, which gives it some interesting flavor...damn, now I want cinci chili!!!

Well, I think I'm going to meet my deadlines today - WOOT! If I could get out of my meetings, I would be truly happy, but I'm not guessing that is going to happen. I hate meetings.

Have fun with your BFF minxy!! Are you out of school today to make up for your PTCs last week?
happy hump day busties!!!!

sings "do the humpty hump, do the humpty hump"....hehe

have fun with your BFF, minx. and now i am curious as to what 'morally relaxed' behavior you did have this past weekend. hmmm.... dry.gif

fj...that weekend sounds fun!!!! reminds me of my friends sans HBI but we're a cozy bunch. well, that's what i call it.

diva your vaca sounds exciting!!! (wishes I were going up north as well...)

i have a hard time getting up as well, unless its bladder or cat motivated. jake is my current back-up alarm clock. Since he sleeps with me, as soon as the alarm beeps, he stands up and stretches and looks at me. i hit the snooze button and he stands there for a second, and then lays back down. Or, like this morning, he runs around meowing his head off till i get up. sleeps right thru it. grrr.

poodle, how discouraging...i used to work for the devil herself(think 'devil wears prada' boss) and she was all mightier than thou and crap. thank cod thats over with.

i want to stay home today and .....clean house?!!? now i know i'm over-worked. but at least i took out the trash this morning.

did you hear on the news? they found Giant Camel Bones!!!! really. as big as elephants....
hi turbo, doodle, minxie, poodle, diva....where's everyone else? also, where's wombat? she hasn't been around in a couple days i feel like....

pood that is so irritating about your boss--i can't stand people who boast. it's so unecessary and it only serves to make other people uncomfortable. if you have good things, that should be enough--you shouldn't have to tell everyone about them, or else it sounds like you're being insecure. and yeah, i absolutely do not understand living beyond one's means just to have some generic dream of "wealth".

i feel like i got the best of both worlds--so much so that i can't even start to comprehend how grateful i am for it--i don't know if i ever will be, but i think maybe the fact that i KNOW i can't even begin to understand how lucky i was is a start.... my parents were (and still are) not rich. right now, my salary is the same as my mom's, and more than my dad's. but my mom's brother in law is really rich. he owns some software company in canada and he's INCREDIBLY generous. he's the reason i've gotten to travel as much as i have..........and he's the reason i don't have student loans. i definitely put as much as i could into it; i had work-study and a coffeeshop job as well; basically i paid for my rent and supplies, and he (and my parents, as much as they could) covered my tuition.

so i feel like, i got the poor-kid smarts (knowing that excess of money isn't necessary for a happy life) with rich-kid privelege (no student loans to pay off) and i can't even fathom how lucky i am for that. sometimes i even feel guilty.
Well, my trip saga has gotten even more interesting in the last hour. Now we have to rent a car to drive down from San Fran, but I'm actually kind of excited about it because the giant and I can spend an afternoon alone there and I can show him around a little (as much as I can having only been there twice). I'm not excited about driving around in the city, though. Beautiful as it is, the hills make it really weird.

Giant camel bones, huh? I'm going to look for an article about it.

The only reason I ever really get up in the morning is because of the bladder alarm. I always have to pee first thing in the morning without fail. That's why I'm late every morning, because I didn't have to pee yet when my alarm went off.

Mouse, I'm kind of in the same boat with you as far as college goes. I didn't have any loans, either, but once I moved out of the dorms, I was totally on my own for everything except tuition and was not allowed to be without job. I was lucky enough to have a lot of money put away that my grandparents gave me when I was tiny (large bonds) and except for some summer session classes, my parents made up the rest. I feel kind of bad sometimes that I don't have student loans to pay off like most of my friends and could start on my "real life" debt-free (except credit card bills I was an idiot to rack up).

Time to scrounge for lunch. My lunch buddy called in sick, so I'm on my own today. Oh, well.

Hey ladies!!!

Mmmm...Jimmy John's makes me happy.

In general, my boss is a very nice person. It's not worth talking to her about the elitism thing because she's operated that way for 50+ years. Plus, it's fun to make fun of her behind her back and her stupid daughter comments are great fodder. laugh.gif Still, every once in a while, it really gets to me.

So what does the giant think of the travel changes, diva? He wasn't very keen on it to begin with, right?

That camel bones thing sounds awesome! *runs off to find article*
Yeah, Diva, we found driving in the hills of SF to be weird too...I mean, its FLAT in chicago, we've got no hills and no curves here....but, at least its not really intimidating otheriwse to drive there - its such a small city, and traffic really isn't moving all that fast. Make the giant drive so that you can enjoy the sights!

Giant camel bones!! I've got to look that up - fascinating!

I just got out of my 2 hour staff meeting, and oh, it was a lulu (as tim gunn would say). My boss was in a really bad mood today, making all kinds of demands, and generally being bitchy. It was fairly unpleasant. Now I get to go meet with the president, for another unpleasant meeting. Bosses...sheesh.

BUT....I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon - WOOT! Nothing too drastic, just a trim, and thinning out the shrub on my head that has been masquerading as hair for the last couple weeks. But of course today, my hair looks totally cute. Why is it that on haircut days, your hair just magically decides to behave? Its like plea bargaining, I think...I've got no mercy today, though! cool.gif
Poodle, he is kind of pissed about our weird-ass plans, but there's not a damn thing he can do about it, so he should just let me be in charge and enjoy the ride. I have no problem dealing with these little things that come up - they're just all part of the adventure.

Turbo, I think I'm going to drive. My friend drove both times I've been out there (I can work a stick shift on normal flat areas, but not in a city like SF), so I'm going to drive and let the giant enjoy it. I've already been there twice and I want to make it fun for him. After all I'm putting him through, the least I can do is the driving. But those hills are freaky! We turned a corner and went down one - I seriously thought that the world just dropped off or that we were on some kind of freakish roller coaster. It scared the crap outta me. We will not be going up to that corner again. : )

((((((Turbo's meetings))))) I got lucky and the two for this month that would've both fallen this week got cancelled. I can't imagine having to go to all the ones you do.
diva, try to get a rental car with gps....i swear, its the only way to do San Fran. in my opinion.

hi mouse!
We're only going to be there for an afternoon and we're getting the cheapest car possible, so probably no GPS. I like to kind of just wander and see what I can see.
diva, i'm so jealous of your trip! i want to go to SF again soon. we had the same experience of going around a corner and feeling like we were driving off the end of the earth. it was pretty fun, but incredibly scary at the same time. nothing like flat florida! thank goodness mrfj was driving.

i think i was pretty fortunate growing up, but it was because i had great parents and was smothered in love and acceptance. my parents were not rich. i grew up in a mobile home and didn't have much "stuff". it was a treat to get a bag of clothing from an older cousin or the hand-me-downs from my sister. i wouldn't have been able to go to college (nothing more than a community college, at least) had i not gotten my scholarship, which covered 3/4 ot tuition. only reason i have the crazy student loan balance that i do have is because i took the maximum amount they offered me each year and partied with it so i didn't have to get a job.

sometimes i find myself wishing that i had millions of dollars so i could live the life of leisure, and i'd love to one day be able to send my kids to good schools. but i would never want to raise kids to be elitists. i bet pood's boss's daughter is a mini version of her.

that reminds me of these stupid twins here in town whose father owns a car dealership. he puts them in all the commercials and they're so incredibly annoying. i guess they're about 10. every time we see them in a commercial, we comment on how incredibly entitled they probably act because they're little mini-celebrities. they're being groomed to be assholes. ugh.

i'm getting depressed because mrfj is leaving today directly from work, so i won't see him until sunday night sometime. BOOOOOO! in fact, after he left this morning, i rolled back over and went to sleep and didn't get up until nearly 9. i called my assistant and told her i was going to be late. i'm so glad i have her here now, even if it's only a couple days out of the week.

anyhoo, i think tonight will be leftover gorgonzola walnut salad with seared tuna, a glass of cheap wine curled up with the kitties.
so a small airplane just crashed into a residential building in east manhattan...why is my first thought "this is exactly what the republicans want?" I hate that my first reaction right now is how the Reps want to play everything into fear going into the election, and lookie here - another plane crash! gah.

sorry to bring that in here...its just the thought that won't leave my head right now.
Good afternoon, and Happy Humpday!

turbo, I haven't heard any news today...what happened? Yeah, I do agree it's hard not to think that way about the politicos...but how could you not, when they've consistently behaved so underhandedly?

My haircut is scheduled for Friday...we really are becoming twins, turbo, isn't it freaky?

Aw, poor FJ. I'm sad that you won't have Mr FJ to keep you company this weekend.

diva, you are such a Capricorn when you write about your brilliance with money! I love it. biggrin.gif (BTW, someone just did my chart, and I discovered my "Venus is in Capricorn," whatever that means...anyway, it made me think of you! But I guess Venus doesn't have anything to do with finances, 'cause I suck when it comes to money.) Your trip sounds like quite the adventure already....can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

Hi also mouse, miz gb, poodle, and minx!

For the record, I only wish I had millions of dollars so that I could tell everyone to fuck off. Which I think is what we all want, isn't it? smile.gif
ugh, turbo, i agree. it's just as fucking scary to think about the way everything is being distorted to make us even more scared, as thinking of another 9/11 is. and yet, i feel like people are kind of still on edge--the 5 year anniversary passed without event, and we're kind of up for another attack somewhere in the western world--there was new york, then a little later there was madrid, then a little later there was london.....which only makes us easier for the politicians to scare.

i hate thinking about these things.


so hey guys, what's up? it's totally empty in the lounge today. where is everyone?

hi gb! hi fj!
mouse, you're right. it seems like the lounge has been rather quiet lately. it seems like we all go in cycles. i know i have a good week or two out of the month that i'm away and then a week or so when i'm all hardcore up in here.

for me, i've been busier since the beginning of 4th quarter. i needed to step up and make some adjustments so i can push the year through with a bigger bang and hopefully increase my chances for a fat raise next year.

maybe a lot of BUSTies are focused on their careers since the end of the year is coming (along with the evil H-word that it brings)?

or maybe we're all just tired because of the seasonal change?

surely we haven't run out of things to say!! ohmy.gif

thanks for the sympathy on mrfj being away... i know it's silly of me to be depressed when he's not here, but he's my best friend and i truly love having him near me. but, him being away lets me practice on my independence and pretend to be single for a bit. i didn't make it to a restaurant to eat alone the last time he was gone (not out of fear, but just didn't have the opportunity) so maybe i'll do that this time. i DID go to the mall on my own last week though, so that was a babystep; and not just to a department store on the perimeter, either - i walked through the FOOD COURT even! ALONE! i know, it sounds so trivial, but it truly was good for me. that's a lot of prying eyes to avoid. ph34r.gif

Hmm....yes, I agree that the Lounge goes in cycles, but sometimes the cycles are fighting and disagreements,'s like people go on edge in moon cycles or something! Me too, I think. I hope it's not that people are just avoiding the Lounge because of that....

I just realized I had garlic with lunch, and I have no clue if I reek of it...I hope I don't, since I have to go to that political thingie-mabob tonight! EEP! Well, if I see people backing away from me, I'll make jokes that I'm wearing garlic to keep the politicians away.

FJ, you could try what I do sometimes when I go out by myself - I like to pretend I'm engaged in a sociological study, and then I make some absurd objective up in my head, like, to notice how many people engage in affectations or other deliberately attention-whoring behaviour. It makes observing people so much more fun! It's also fun to unnerve people by pretending to scribble notes furiously while you keep glancing in their direction.

Though I confess I'm dragging BFF with me to this thing tonight, so I don't have to go by myself....heh.
hi hi everyone! BRRRRrrrrrrrrr - its damned cold here today! And 20mph gusting winds that nearly knocked me over on my bike! I'll be very glad when my cold weather riding tights arrive this week - I need 'em!

I got and AWESOME haircut tonight! Not what I was expecting, as it rarely is with my wonderfully creative stylist, but it rocks. Its longer in front, I can tuck it behind my ears, but still pretty short, and then it gets all short and a little spiky near the back...its gonna be fun to play with, and I think will work smashingly with my helmet head/headband problems. The hair has *got* to work with the helmet. heh.

I think I need to turn the heat on here. feh.

Sometimes, on the weekends, I'm secretly disappointed when turbomann doesn't go play paintball...I really love it when I have one day a week to do my own thing. But right now, I want my turbomann around, since he's been traveling every week for the last 5...he's still at work tonight trying to catch up from traveling earlier this week. So I have my trashy tv night all to myself - ANTM and Project Runway - WOOT!
You know, most of the time I feel so damned ADHD that it's a fucking wonder I get anything done.

That being said, I got a shitload of stuff done today.

Best Gal Pal came over this morning and we drank coffee and ate pastry, walked around Linden Hills, and then as the coup de grace (or whateverthefuck) she came up to my high school and stayed for an hour and got to meet a bunch of my weirdo students. That was awesome. They got all choked up when we were saying goodbye--I think that they understand now that my friendships are genuine. That ruled.

Fuck, I miss her already. But it looks like she will be joining me in the Twin Cities ever-so-soon. She and the hubby and four children are set to move up here sometime in the near future. YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!!! I have been waiting for fourteen years to be in the same state as her and can scarely believe that it will actually happen. YEAHYEAHYEAH!!!

Then we had the kickoff meeting of the Journalism Club--my baby! We actually had about 20 people show up, which far surpassed my expectations since it is primarily an academic club. I can't wait!!

Then TONIGHT!!! I get a phonecall from Minxlette's teacher (we communicate every day), and she tells me that Minxy Junior had a PERFECT DAY! Holy sheep shit!! It just gets better and better...

AND THEN! I run into Math Baron in the parking lot on my way out and he tells me that he got my email inviting him to the wedding with me this weekend...unfortunately, this is his card-playing weekend and he cannot attend. BUT!! HE invites ME to a wedding for the following weekend. And get this shit--it is a faculty member's wedding and TONS of PHHS staff will be there, so I guess that the cat will be out of the bag! Now I have to go shopping for an awesome dress...he was really happy that I could go, and it will be MEA weekend so there will be plenty of time to get ready and act "cool". BWA-HAHAHAHA!! I am such a fucking dork.

But I'm a dork with a second date!

Tonight I "took it easy" and made a gallon of cream of wild rice soup and have a pan of apple pie in the oven currently. Craziness. I need an apple peeler because this is just rediculous. I need to make apple butter and some apple sauce this weekend and feel the carpal tunnel coming on, but DAMNED, can this week get ANY BETTER?!!! biggrin.gif
Minxy!!! I think the only thing your happy humpday was missing was HUMPING!!! Sounds like you had a most fabulous day!!! And minxlette too WOOT! And MB continuing to woo you in his own sweet style! You and minxlette *deserve* that apple pie that's in your oven!

Aww....and you're the sponsor of the Journalism club -that's awesome!! My publications teacher is probably the reason I ended up taking the path I did in school - that woman was *there* for me for three years...through school, class, my mom getting cancer for the first time as well as a close friend's suicide. I know how much I looked up to my pub teacher, and I'm sure that you are the same rockin' kind of inspiration to your students.
Hi again...I'm back. And I think I'm gonna go crawl into bed. I'm really tired. Bah. Can I please get some no cold/flu/whatever vibes from y'all? (And some for Carmella Fitzgerald, as well, who seems to have a bit of a cold herself...her left eye has been watering.)

minx, your day sounds perfect! How are you going to handle going to a wedding as "dates," where your co-workers will be, though? Eep! I'd be freaking.

turbo, I wanna see a pic of your new 'do!

Ok, that's all the strength I have tonight. Blame politics. Gonna go crawl under my nice, warm, down comforter and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep. Nighty-night....

*floats off to bedroom like Bugs Bunny on ether*
good morning lovlies! it SNOWED here this morning. I hope moxieman takes a good piccie of moxette in her snowsuit! We had a perfect-mom-daughter day yesterday. Resplendent with naps, visiting daddy at the office, and dinner with my folks. and LOTS of playing...trying to get the kitties is her new favorite passtime. hehe. anyway, the only downpoint of the day was that i had an emergency trip to the eye doc (hence parent time), cause what i thought was a BAD allergy attack turned out to be "gunk" in my eye, stuck up behind my eyelid! GROOOSSSS! But, now my eye is all better.

backing up the office computers this morning. great big day of busywork. I love these days.

FJ- don't feel bad...when moxieman is out-of-town, it usually takes me a tylenol PM and wine just to sleep. Not quite sure what I'm gonna do with the moxette and him out of town this month...gulp?
sshhhhh....don't say that word moxie!! I don't want any white fluffy stuff falling from the sky here! Its cold here this morning - 35 degrees, but still a bracingly beautiful morning, and these clear cold mornings make for the *best* sunrise over the lake. It was my coldest bike ride in this morning, but my new windproof jacket kept me quite warm, and my ninja sock over my head was nice...I just need my cold weather tights to arrive with my shoe covers to keep my legs and toes toasty.

I'll have to have turbomann take a piccie of my hair for ya'll...I was looking at my piccies of me with the orange and purple streaks the other day, and I kind of miss them. But, my hair is its own natural color for the first time in a decade, and I kind of like that too.

Oooh, moxie - that's so weird about your eye - I'm glad its better!

(((((((anti-flu/cold vibes for doodle and carmella))))
Good Morning!

Sorry I haven't been around much, I am probably one of the Okayers contributing to the low activity in the thread. Sometimes I just lurk. If I don't have the time to read posts & reply to people, it feels to selfish to just pop in & post. Have a bit more time today.

Doodle & Jenn, we are haircut TRIPLETS! I got mine cut yesterday, thank maud. It was driving me nuts. Jenn, I totally empathize with shrub hair, mine gets mushroomy. It's too thick. oh! It looks like the Chicago trip over New Years is on! I believe I will be arriving Dec 29 and leaving Jan 1. I don't know what you & turbomann have going on, but the band mr K manages are opening for the Raconteurs the 30th & 31st. Not sure of the venue. Tickets may be expensive too, will check on that.

Diva, your trip sounds like a lot of fun! I have always wanted to go to San Fransisco. I think it is really cool that you have an afternoon for you & the giant to tool around in a car. Fun fun!

Minx, it sounds like things are going smashingly for you in all life areas. smile.gif Math Baron sounds divine, and I am so happy that Minxlette is doing well in school. That is great news.

FJ, I sometimes get that way when MR K leaves town too. It depends. Sometimes I don't mind, sometimes I do. Now that we are in our new house & I am not completely used to it, I like him to be there at night. I am still trying to get used to the house sounds. I have considered activating the alarm, but I really don't want to shell out the money for it.

Hi doodle, mouse, moxie, and Ms Gb!

Things here today are pretty decent. Officemate working at home, so I can play my music as loud as I want to. Well, not really, I mean, there are people in the office next door, but louder than when she is here. I am going to try to be really productive today. Boss wants a draft of this report tomorrow & it is not quite ready yet. Also have a short paper to do for school. Yeah, I'm gonna do it on company time. Sue me. Took my car back the the shop today. They had supposedly aligned it 2 weeks ago, but when MR K & I drove it on the interstate this weekend, it was going way over to the right. Fuckers. I really dislike these mechanics, I had hoped never to deal with them again after they tried to rip me off a few weeks ago.
turbo and moxie, i'm jealous of your cold weather. i mean, i love my florida warmies but i would love it to get downright cold for a while. it's still going to get in the 80s here today and only down to the high 50s for the low. it probably won't get cold until at least mid-november. we might have a cold front here and there, but not sustained.

but, we still made our first fire of the season last weekend when it got down to 57. we had the door open for most of the night, too. wink.gif

i had forgotten about ANTM and PR last night when i said i was going to go to bed early. i wound up staying on the couch till after midnight. i MUST go to bed early tonight. i'm just so dang tired all the time and i know i'm not getting enough sleep.

minx, your week DOES sound like it's going great! MB sounds so cool! and the minxlette is doing well, too! woot! that's awesome that her teacher keeps in contact with you daily. teachers work so hard (as you well know).

(((((anti-cold-flu vibes for doodle and carmella)))))

karianne, hi! i was wondering where you were this week. sorry your car is still not right - stupid mechanics! i need to take the jetta in for its 10K mile service. it's a little overdue. i just hate having to sit and wait at a service place to get it done. grrrr.

i'm going to try to be productive today too. i have a list of goals for the week and i've only been able to mark off three out of eight things. but they're prety big ones, so it's a start. i want to leave the office tomorrow with no sticky notes reminding me of things to do, and with an empty *things to complete* folder.

problem is: i'm usually most productive during the afternoons, so i'm having a hard time getting started this morning. i read an article in men's health recentyl that you should try to complete a huge project first thing in the morning so you can continue the productive streak all day. the article also said you should refrain from checking email for the first two hours of the day so you don't get sidetracked from said project. i don't know about that though... i tend to have important things in my inbox in the mornings because my manager does a lot of work from home in the evenings. email is the way we communicate in my company since we're so spread out.

i heard on NPR last week or so about a company whose CEO has banned inter-office emails on fridays. if they need to get something done, they are forced to go to the person directly rather than sending an email. i thought it was sort of funny that we have worked so hard to develop fancy communications technology and tools and now companies are working backward. AND the company was being talked about as if they've discovered something radically new and different... rolleyes.gif

oh man, i'm rambling!!!
Uh....its snowing here now, really snowing, not just little flurries. damn. I need to get better tires for my bike...that's for sure. I don't have a car, but getting all this gear for cold weather riding sure is hurting my bank account.

*nudges the cold weather on down to FL*

I'm not sure you'd like Chicago style cold, though FJ...its a whole other realm of hell when the temp drops, and you have 20mph winds coming off the lake. Brrrr....the only antidote to this kind of weather is looking like the stay-puff marshmallow man with a down parka.

Kari - I will definitely be in town over new years, so we'll have to make a plan to meet up. I'll pass on the concert though - there's very few bands I'm willing to spend cash on to see live anymore - its just too expensive nowadays, and unless the venue is smoke-free, I don't consider it at all.

I know not checking email for an hour or two would really help me get things done...staying off BUST would too, but neither one are happening. wink.gif
Snow already? Oh no! We're having cooler weather too right now, but not that cool!

Jenn-yeah, we'll work out some details closer to the time. I'm with ya on the concert-there are so many bands I'd like to see that I don't go see b/c of ticket prices. I thought I'd mention it in case you were a Raconteurs fan. I'm not really, but I've only heard one or two songs.

FJ-I have heard that too about not checking emails when you get to work. For instance, I've been here 2 hours and am now just about ready to start actual work. Sad, isn't it? I am more productive in the mornings, though you wouldn't know it from my statement above! That is funny about that company. I've wondered if there is going to be technology backlash sometime. It gets old doesn't it?
uh....the snow and wind are blowing all the pretty fall leaves off the trees...that just ain't right...
(((((poor wittle nekkid chicagoan trees)))))

turbo, you're right. i don't think i would make it very long in chicago winters. i was there during november one year and thought i would die. but that's partly because i didn't have a really heavy coat since i don't really need one here. even when we go to savannah in the winters, i have to bring several lighter jackets and sweaters and layer them (and then booze up on river street to keep extra warm!).

gosh, just thinking about going to savannah with mrfj this year makes me smile. gah, i'm such a sentimental dork!
Hi, peeps!

We're getting snow up here, too. The giant said that it was like a blizzard over the bridge on our way home, he could barely see. And yet an hour later, it's a very cool, crisp fall day with just a little bit of water on the ground. And then a few hours later as I'm going to gay boyfriend's to watch PR, it's snowing again, and there's accumulation on the ground. Last weekend was 80 degrees, so I just don't understand this. And there was ice on my car for the first time this year. I don't know why Mother Nature is in such a damn rush to get through fall and into winter. Feh.

All I know is that I refuse to put on my winter coat until there is snow accumulation on the ground. I refuse to wear it in October! *stomp stomp stomp*

I'm so jealous of you, Kari and Turbo! Now I wanna spend New Year's (aka Intergalactic Divalla Day - The Golden Version) in Chicago!

(((((((non-sick vibes for Doodle and cats))))))))

Minx, my favorite teacher my senior year in school was the publications advisor. I even went to the college I did because that's where she went. She was this tiny little woman who used to be a body builder, and smart as hell.

I'm like Kari, more productive in the mornings, but it takes me a couple hours to get going. Between checking email (must be done), Bust, GoFugYourself, my bank account, getting something to eat, and just waking up, I don't get anything done until well after 10:00.

Well, last night was a good night. We had free dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp that was actually really good (they have a delicious mahi mahi with mashed potatoes and bourbon sauce), walked around for a bit, then went to gay boyfriend's to watch PR and get our tickets for our trip taken care of. Now I just need to make the car and hotel reservations today, but that should be really easy. The giant's been really quiet lately because now he's all worried about money. We keep getting nickeled and dimed on this trip, between the unexpected hotel stay and costs from that, extra ticket charges because our first leg is considered a different ticket because there's an overnight, and having to rent a car, we're spending over $160 extra apiece. This was supposed to be a cheap trip! I should just keep my big mouth shut about the little extra things and just pay for them so he isn't any the wiser. I hate it when he worries about money like this.

Okay, my fucking car window won't shut. It's freezing fucking cold and the thing won't close. I hate it that I will finally have a little cash after this paycheck and it all has to go to getting it fixed. SNARKKKKKK!!! Ah well...
Minx, I had that problem with my old car. Do you have automatic windows? Mine would go up a little way and then stop. Then I'd have to wait awhile before I tried again, and it would go up a little. Sometimes you need to pull it a little by the top of the window, even just pushing up on it works. Seriously, my old car did that for most of a year and I never bothered to get it fixed because it would eventually work.
SNOW??? god i am so freaking jealous of you guys. i'm with fj; i got excited this morning cos i could wear a SWEATER. i'm sorry it's making your trees all nudie, turbo, but man i wish i could be there. i wanna get to chicago, too--a couple of my dear dear friends live there, and when i visited a few years ago i had such a lovely time. i wanted to move there for a long time. who knows? maybe i still much as things are going so well for me in california, i'm a northeast girl at heart and i miss me some seasons, HARD. i miss all bundling up in my fat red parka that goes down to my knees and has fuzzy pocket lining, and trudging through the snow and looking at everything all white and flurrying, and not being able to feel my toes....*sigh*. i hope i get some real weather when i go home for x-mas this year.

kari, can i ask what band your mr manages? that's pretty cool, opening for the raconteurs, AND you get to travel!

(((anti-cold vibes for doodle and kitteh)))

minx, i'm so freaking happy everything is going so well for you (except for the window, but try what diva said--my friend has a sticky window in her car but you just need to pull or push on it. i bet you have dextrous fingers *wink*). minxlette just keeps doing better and better and you KNOW we're all swooning vicariously so hard for math baron.

the ex invited me to this design meetup thingie last night at a bar; it was okay but it mostly ended up being motion graphics people, which i don't do (yet). i did have some delicious hefeweizen though, played foosball and had a nice, non-awkward time hanging with the ex. there is still so much freaking sexual tension there though......gah........i guess that takes a long time to go away.
hola busties!!!

jeebis...snow already??? wow. we have these odd days right now..50's and 60's in the am.....goes up to 75-80-85 and then back down to 50's......stupid everyone is layering to avoid having to get the jacket's out. lol. know the window issue is because your life is going so. freaking. well. right. now. just my 2 cents.

yesterday was ok...except we didn't have time to color my we lightened 3 sections that we are gonna keep blonde...and then today we will do the copper and red. hopefully(crosses fingers).
We had a big open house last nite at school so we couldn't work on 'each other' and had to work on real clients or our doll heads. bah.

and i have to go shopping for a formal dress for some events coming up. ugh. i despise spending my hard earned cashola on an outfit that i can only wear at certain times. maybe i can tweak it and get some classy undies too..

hi minx, fj, turbo, diva, kari, doodle, and mouse!

((anti cold vibes for doodle and carmella)) jake is just getting over his cold..but he's still sneezy.
minx, yes, do what diva said. i've had two cars with automatic windows do the same thing. the motor probably just froze up or has a short. they don't usually break completely all at once. push up on it and pull it at the same time, while pressing the switch and it should go up. and yes, we all know that your fingers are capable of doing so... tongue.gif

msgb, your hair colors sound awesome. i can't wait to see the finished pics! i love my new darker auburn hair but your talk makes me want to highlight it with some big lighter chunks. perhaps that's a weekend project? hmmm.

doodle, i forgot until just now: you said yesterday that you could subsist on fruit, bread and cheese (and desserts) which i wholeheartedly agree with... do you get the food network up there in canadaland? last night on "ham on the street", he was making grilled cheese sandwiches with JELLY. i was like ewwwwwwww, but then some of the combinations sounded sooo good. like brie with strawberry preserves on challah and apricot jam with havarti on rye. i would NEVER have come up with that selection but damn if it didn't look delicious and make total sense after i saw him do it.

he also made a panini using a huge baguette stuffed with mozzerella, basil, tomatoes and prosciutto, wrapped it in foil and took it to a dry cleaner and put it in their pants press. it looked soooo good when he took it out. i like that show. of course, i like most shows involving food.

msgb, your cali falls sound just like our florida ones. but like mouse, i'm loving that i can pull out the sweaters, even if only for half the day...
thanks fj! once we do the color tonite..i'll take some picts and post them up tomorrow!

i love sweaters..i just bought 3 in fact. one of my fav's is an irish sweater i picked up in the airport on the way home.
I see you, fj...
oh, fj....back in the day when I ate cheese, I loooooved a grilled sammich on good artisan bread with brie and homeade grape jelly...another favorite was grilled cheese (american) with peanut butter - so yummy! I want! I'm going to have to go get some spelt bread from the bakery next week, methinks.

*snow update*

It seems we've got clashing winds here...I've got snow blowing in the easterly direction, but its blowing back up from the ground toward the west too - its very weird. And the small elm outside my window is nearly nekkid now. boo.

*la la la ignores chatter about hair coloring* Really, I like my natural color, I do....but the thought of bright chunks again just makes me salivate....after xmas...yes, that'll be it.

mouse, I think its easier to wax nostalgic about cold weather when you're not in it...I don't mind winter, but I don't LOVE it either... I'm going to pine for your sunny skies and temperate climate, instead....sound fair?
Hello all! I'm here, blowing my nose...ugh.

Thanks for the vibes. I am a firm believer in denial as an anti-sickness strategy, so I'm still firmly in denial, and your vibes should help with the rest!

FJ, I did get the Food network when I had cable....those grilled cheeses sound fascinating. I do like different fruits with different cheeses, so I guess the grilled cheese and jam recipes aren't too far off of that...?

My dad used to eat brown bread, peanut butter, and lettuce sandwiches, almost every day, for lunch.

BTW, everyone, your posts about FIRST SNOW just made me remember I need to take my boots in to the shoe repair guy! I had skimmed the thread first thing this morning, and remembered to snag the boots on the way out the door. It's getting pretty cold here...I think first snow might be on it's way soon.

Raise your hands, anyone who thinks mouse is delusional for missing snow and cold. smile.gif

Seriously, though, it's all fun and games till the morning your car won't start.

Ok, I've got a signed paycheque in my hot little hands....I'm going to run out to the credit union and cash that, and pay the centre's remittance (employee deductions, etc.) while I'm there.
happily, happily delusional! the cold seasons have always been my favorites. god knows how i ended up in southern california.

hi ms gb! hi mr fj!

i have a cheese, turkey and jam sammich waiting for me in half an hour or so. i love the combo of sweet & savory....mmm.
Hello, lovelies!
Every time I tried posting yesterday, my posts got eaten.

Blech, I can't believe that it was snowing today. I wore my winter coat outside.

Divala, you should spend IAD!!! in chicago. You and poodle should drive down here and stay for a couple o days. We will have plenty of room for you to stay with us. It would be a great time. Think about it okay?

FJ I love ham on the street, and ace of cakes.

Okay, I am gonna go smoke, and then make some pumpkin bread.

For dinner I am making roasted squash risotto (FJ, I think you mentioned that yesterday, thanks for the idea.)
I'm one of the crazy few who actually love winter. I like it a lot more than summer - can't stand when it's hot out. The only part I don't like is ice on the sidewalks and roads. Falling on my ass and spinning out in my car ain't cool. The cold itself doesn't bother me, and I love snow.

I've tried doing grilled cheese with jams before. A couple times, I've taken a huge loaf of ciabatta and layered it with mozzarella, proscuitto, and fig jam. It was luscious. Pear slices in grilled cheese is really good, too, with the right kind of cheese.

The most awesomest thing just happened, and it's all thanks to that bastard MySpace. I have a profile that I don't do anything with because I've just never really been into that stuff (only joined because Poodle found a guy for me, but that didn't work out when he found out I'm a gay-loving liberal). Anyway, out of the blue I get an email from one of my best friends from high school, probably the only person from back then I'd even care to talk to. I haven't seen her in 8 or 9 years. So, yay!

Those chocolates I ordered came yesterday, and they are totally worth having to slog through that website. They even gave me some extras for my trouble.

Okay, off to reserve a motel room and then I'm done dealing with this trip for the day. I've already got a car reserved, so I hope this is the last thing I'll need to do before we go.
Diva, check out the commadore hotel. We stayed there and it was sweet. There is a great restaurant called canteen on the left of it, and a bar called the red room on the right.
Taloo, I'll definitely consider coming down. I've been wanting to for awhile and I've got no plans yet for my birfday (golden this year, though I don't know why that matters).

Is the Commodore in Cincinnati? That's where we have to spend the night. San Francisco is just an afternoon thing on the way down to Monterrey. It was the closest airport we could fly to that would have open seats.
YES YES YES!!! Let's make it a BUSTie New Year in Chicago - bring your parkas, and come on down....we've enough busty homes to house everybody!!

*steals one of diva's chocolates*

When you come to chicago, diva, we'll have to stop by Vosges chocolates...I loooove their exotic truffles..cocunut curry- yum...grey sea salt and goji berries in dark milk chocolate...drools. Oh, go check it out for yourself Vosges...its pretty expensive, but whatever. Its beyond delicious.

taloo, I think I might've been the one to mention the squash risotto...or at least I posted the recipe over in barefoot....its truly delicious, the taste of fall...yummm. I always have to make it when turbomann's away - he's not a fan of squash...or tomatoes, or mushrooms....its just wrong, that's all that is. Sometimes I wonder how I could marry such a person. Thank cod he's cool in all other ways.
yup, taloo, it was tj that mentioned the squash, not me, although that sounds really yummy! and turbo, i know just what you mean: mrfj is such a meat and potatoes guy. granted, he's started eating a lot more chicken and turkey and even the occasional fish in the past year or so, but he's not as adventurous with his food as i am. he won't eat a bean that isn't green to save his life. and that is why tonight's menu will be a 2-alarm 15 bean soup. and mmmmmmmmm cornbread. *homer drool*

BUT bff is coming over on saturday night for dinner and i think we're going to buy cheese, fruit, bread and wine to munch on while catching up on random girlness. i just might break out the old sandwich press and see what yumminess i can muster.

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