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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Oh yeah, and we grilled t-bones from my Dad's beef cattle and had a lovely dinner. Actually, he orchestrated dinner, I just had to bring the meat.

Oh yeah, Minxy bringing the meat. She's what's for dinner. smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Minx, the giant has his Star Wars stuff all organized and pretty like that, too. In his old place, he had an entire room dedicated to them. Every time he gets something new, he actually catalogues it. You should see the spreadsheet he has going. It even includes stuff like Star Wars underwear. (Yes, I have sex with a man who wears SW underwear.)

Turbo, could you hang something between his balcony and yours, like a big rainbow flag? He sounds like a real asshole. It's one thing if you own your own place and you don't share walls and common areas with your neighbor just 3 feet away (like if you have a house), but what about all the other people who also own their place? The rights of one person shouldn't infringe upon the rights of another, and I even said that while I was a smoker. I was a very anti-smoking smoker.

Taloo, I'm with Turbo on the couch. It's a very distinct style, and if you're into it, great.

I totally forgot today is Columbus Day. We have to work in my office, but we get the day after Thanksgiving off to make up for it. I guess a lot of places do the same thing.

Minx, your date sounds so incredibly sweet and perfect. MB sounds like a really great guy who is wholly deserving of you.

Poodle, traffic was all-around bad this weekend. It took me probably 30 minutes to get from the Hennepin/Lyndale exit to Bobby Bead on Saturday, and it didn't look like there was road work or an accident or any real reason for the backup. I wish I worked in your downtown so I could get my daily stuff I need like you can.

Hi, Doodle and Moxie!

We didn't do much over the weekend. We stayed home Friday night and watched wrestling in bed. We were out and about on Saturday. I got a new shirt (wearing it now), cookbooks, beads I need for a custom project for a lady at work, random stuff at Target, and we had dinner at Red Lobster. And yesterday we just stayed home and the giant watched about 9 hours of football and I made an orange/pineapple ambrosia layer cake. It was a pretty nice weekend in all.

I've got a headache I'm trying to get rid of before lunch. I'm meeting a friend from the union job for BBQ in a couple hours.
It's such a wierd concept to me to collect things. Funny I was just thinking about this very subject last night. I always go into antique shops and look at the kitchen stuff. Now that I will have the space I just may try to collect some of it.

I kind of agree with turbo on the couch too. It looks rad, but uncomfortable. I couldn't lay down on it.

Diva, that chocolate site is awsome. Drool....

Minx, I am glad your date went well.
I don't think Star Wars undies is any weirder than the Monty Python boxers turbomann has...really, I wish there were more pop culture undies readily available for the ladies..I mean, boys can buy all sorts of funny stuff at target...and we get...lavendar, pink and pastel blue.

Diva, what I actually need is for the wind to blow east-west, instead of the normal west-east...maybe I'll ask god for that next time I see her. We can't hang anything outside - we've got ALL kinds of rules about balcony decoration, but none about smokers. I got chastised last month for having a clothes drying rack out there, because that's not allowed. Fucked up, I tell you.

*drools at amborsia cake and minxy's steaks*
**runs in, panting** MINXY! Sounds like an AWESOME first date!

Turbo- ass hat neightbors.

Diva-lovely weekend!

everyone else- KISSES

**runs back to report-land**
Hey Bitches!

Minx, your date sounds so so lovely. The more I hear about this guy, the cooler I think he is. You must be dying in anticipation of some smoochin.' I would be! It will just be that much better when it happens.

Sounds like everyone else had nice weekends too.

Taloo! That is so exciting about the house! EEEEE!

Jenn, that f-ing blows about your neighbors. I would be so pissed too. But, it definitely sounds like confronting them will only make the problem worse. I have grown to really hate cigarette smoke since I quit about a year ago.

Diva, that layer cake sounds goooooood. I hope your headache gets better so you can enjoy your BBQ.

Poodles, that Heart logo is sweet. I have no advice for how to get it on a t shirt, but I think that would look pretty awesome. I especially love the colors.

I had a good weekend, though busy. Went shopping a little on Friday night, bought a pair of boots. Saturday, class & we went to that show that night. Sunday....oye. We bought tons of stuff for our house & spent the rest of our waking hours putting it in, cleaning, doing yardwork, painting. Mr K's parents are staying with us tonight & we wanted to get things looking good. It is coming along.
hiiiiiii monday ladies!

oh man, minxie, that sounds like the best date ever! he sounds so adorable, really. sings in the car!! fantastic! smile.gif

doodle, i love the idea of you vacuuming the bathtub. stupid bongoboy. i hope he leaves SOON! that's so annoying to have to deal with. i used to live above a family who played bad dominican pop music so loud that our furniture would buzz against the walls.

equally, turbo, i hope your neighbours stop being such entitlement bitches. it's awful to try and negotiate with someone who simply won't. ((turbo))

tes--SO glad to hear your loved ones are okay.

diva, you gotta tell us how those chocolates are when you get 'em! mmm.....chocolate....

taloo, i LOVE that couch! so stylish and simple--get it!

poodle, i know you can buy iron-on transfer paper that you can just put in your printer...maybe something like that for the logo? unless you know someone with a small silkscreening studio i think that might be your best bet--though the hand-drawn look using sharpies or paint might be cool, too. that is a really great logo.

moxie and moxieman GETTING IT ON! woo!

happy thanksgiving canada busties!!!

my weekend was pretty lovely--went to the brewery artwalk on saturday during the day and then got invited back for a party later that night, open bar and art stars and a crazy cast-iron hottub on top of a pole....oh those art types, what won't they make? tongue.gif went to see our friend and his dad play a show, which was really great to see--he is so good and his dad was in the band thelonious monster i guess in the eighties? and to see them play together was really sweet. sunday i did nothing except grocery shop and clean my house a little bit.

tonight my favorite local band (and one of my favorite bands just in general), lavender diamond, are playing at a venue by my house. i haven't seen them play in a while and they put on the most ethereal, beautiful, uplifting show--i'll admit that i nearly always almost cry. heh. i'm such a pussy.

ETA: crossposted with kari! hi kari! how much fun are you having organizing YOUR HOUSE!!!! smile.gif

wooo hooo on minxy and mb's first sounded nice....especially since both of you got a bit of relationship heebie jeebies....slow is good.

thank goddess no one was hurt in that explosion...((tes, mr.hotbuns, and tes's friend))

((((no-sicky vibes))))

doodle, a vaccum in the bathtub??? hmmm....i prefer moving furniture really loudly...but i have to keep that one in mind when we move.

Friday's flight was fine...we even stopped at a bar in the airport for a drink and fries. yum. and then once on the airplane, we got drinks too. best flight ever. laugh.gif
i did not sleep well on this me and were situated in twin beds ala I love lucy style.
Saturday was jam packed with 'family togetherness' time. my nephew got baptized and there were tons of kids and babies all over the place. We went back to my sis's house for a luncheon and my sis in law decided to throw verbal barbs at me. lovely. then me and my younger sis decided to 'blow this joint' and took off for the local health food store and kmart to play in the photo booth. hanging with R is much more relaxing. We then went back, picked up dad and some tools, and went to fix my sister's sink and drive around looking at houses. Then later, we went to my cousins wedding reception and then we bailed on that in favor of sushi and sake. yum. best. sushi. ever. I got buzzed and then we went back to my sister's house to sleep. the next morning, we drove over to my other sister's house(confusing i know) and went for brekkie at denny's. we then hung out, went to walmart as my tummy was doing a number on me, and then drove to the airport. Once we got back in good ol' california...we ordered chinese food from our favorite place and went home and snuggled with jake.


hi poodle! hi diva! hi mouse, kari and taloo!!!
mouse and ms gb - sounds like you both had busy busy weekends!

And mouse with another concert tonight...wowza! You are much more ambitious than I am on a Monday night...its all I can do to finish the day maaaaaybe go to spin class, and then hit the bathtub when I get home.

ms gb - sounds like you have a large family, and you got to enjoy them all in large groups and safe little compartments...and sushi and sake...YUMMM....

Ooooh, new boots - nice kari! I am in desperate need of a new pair of brown boots, but I just cannot find any that I like that will accomodate my large calves. boo. That's the downside of biking muscles, I guess.
hi ms. gb! glad to hear you had a mostly fun trip. hey, how's that toe? has the nail fallen off and gotten all shrively? heh....i think this is a question for the grossie thread.

turbo, i guess i do go see a lot of music...but they're usually very small shows, in houses or in very small venues for free or very cheap. there's just always a lot to see and hear and i really love the local music scene here. and the venue tonight is about four blocks from my house, so it's not much of an effort to go. smile.gif
RAWWWWRRRR!!! I swear the county and the state have some sort of vendetta against me!! Every time I try to do something, they say stuff like, "Sorry, we'll need your 5th grade report card for that," or "you'll have to use this treasure map to find the golden key if you want new license plate tabs." GAARRR!! They're in cahoots to make my life a pain in the ass.

Phew! *takes deep breath* I just needed to get that off my chest.

The giant has Star Wars undies!! Hahaha!! Cute!

Yeah, you guys definitely had some good weekends. I slept all day Saturday and then cleaned. Nothing special.

Thanks for the t-shirt advice, mouse! Do they have glittery iron-on paper?

Turbo, I can't believe that people are allowed to smoke in the common areas! Does Chicago have an indoor smoking ban in effect?
Yeah, there's no indoor smoking ban here for private I'm stuck...really, I'm just hoping they'll be kinder, gentler people once they bring their new baby home this weekend. I can hope, right?

gov't agencies do seem particularly good at the red tape...I still don't have a dog license for turbo for the city because they make it such a pain in the ass to do. He's microchipped and has a tag with our phone number on it - I count it as good enough.

I suppose if there were music concerts so close to my house, I'd consider going...ok, well, there are, just maybe not my taste, and I've been meaning to go to the community theaters in our 'hood - we've lots of those...but, I'm pretty lazy about trying new things, so I haven't....I just like to be at home, I think that's the bottom line there. wink.gif
"Sorry, we'll need your 5th grade report card for that," or "you'll have to use this treasure map to find the golden key if you want new license plate tabs."

bwahahaha....i'm sorry, i shouldn't laugh at your situation. but its true.....but really, do your extra curricular activites in high school really determine anything later on in life?

ah, mouse, the toe. i still have the toenail, it never fell off. but its just ugly so i put some really dark purple polish on my toes so i wouldn't notice it. seems fine.

how did i miss the star wars underwear? on the flight, i was reading the 'skywest' mall magazine...and in it, i found adult size footie sleepwear! i was cracking up. laugh.gif
ms gb, those skymall magazines crack me up. so much useless tacky crap. 300 bucks for a hot dog maker? Yeah, I have a hot dog maker, it's called a pan.
Poodle, you are too freaking funny! 5th grade report card! I just don't understand why these government entities ever work together. The right hand never knows what the left hand is doing, and if there were just one place that could explain it all, it'd be so much easier. The DMV is especially one of those that tries to make it as hard for people as possible - I think they have meetings to brainstorm how much harder they can make it.

At least the giant's Star Wars underwear are boxer briefs, so they're not like little kid underoos or something. And they've got a picture of Darth Maul on them. Hehe! I always tease him about them. You don't catalog an item that rubs against your ass, you just don't!

I haven't been to a concert in ages - not since the Avenged Sevenfold concert that wasn't. 2 songs does not a concert make. I don't really know much about the local scene anymore.

You guys are all making me want to work on my house. Unfortunately, it's a rental, and all the rooms have been painted.

My headache is still sticking around, even after I took 3 Aleves. I swear, no OTC medicine is strong enough for me. I'm going to have to start carrying codene around with me again.

Yeah, SkyMall is some kind of funny. And all those executive types out there who actually buy that shit are just sad, sad, sad.

Hi, Taloo! Yeah, that chocolate site is something else. I'm looking forward to trying the bananas foster chocolates. I should be getting them in the mail on Thursday, if they got my message to hold off a day 'cause I won't be around on Wednesday. Then again, FedEx sucks, so I may not get them until next week.
QUOTE(Divala @ Oct 9 2006, 05:21 PM) *

You don't catalog an item that rubs against your ass, you just don't!

Best. Quote. Ever. Pure fucking genius, Diva.

Yoiks. I am tired. Minxlette is in the tubber soaking and playing with her animals, and I wish that my DVD player hadn't totally taken a shit on me because I have a bajillion movies to watch and nothing with which to watch them. I'm thinking about scabbing the DVD player from my classroom for a few days until I can afford to buy one after payday this Friday. ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS!!

*Pulls out her change jar and start counting*

I appreciate all of the feedback about the Math Baron. He really is a sweetheart. We shall see...

Anyhoo, better run and grab the clean laundry. wink.gif
Hello all!

Haven't finished reading the thread yet, but have to post now to say...taloo, snap that sofa up, girl! I disagree that it looks uncomfortable. It looks like the perfect napping sofa, and also the perfect sitting-cross-legged-having-deep-conversations sofa. And if you decide it's not living room worthy, it's the perfect guest bed/sofa for an office. And so stylish, AND if you really get sick of it, undoubtedly you could turn it over and recoup your money, b/c it's vintage hip, in wonderful shape.

turbo....if it were me? I would probably find a way to McGyver-rig a very powerful electric fan (or two or three), aimed right at their heads on the balcony, and turn it on whenever they smoke. Seriously. If they complain, tell them exactly why you've done it - because you're sick of those disgusting toxic fumes coming into your home, and it's your RIGHT not to be put at risk of cancer and heart disease from their secondhand smoke. And tell them you'll keep doing it until *they* figure out how to fix the problem themselves. (Even better, get a doctor's note to back you up. Even better than that, a lawyer's letter, which will scare the piss out of them - many lawyers will do a first letter for free or a very low cost.) Honestly. Seriously, what can anyone possibly say about that? What can the condo association even say to that? How can they even make you take it down? If they try, threaten to sue! That always works, especially in America.

I'm being kind - doodleBFF would suggest a super-soaker to put out the cigars. (ETA: actually, if you made a point of growing some outdoor window boxes, you could spray them every day and "accidentally" keep hitting the smokers with the second-hand water. Oops. They complain about that, you bring up the smoke. Tit for tat. You'll stop when they stop.)

Oh minxy, I am maybe even more excited about the possibilities between you and MB than you are!!!

Ok, back to reading!
thanks for your passion for my problem, doodle!! The thinger of it is, that we have 5-10mph winds on a calm day here, and they blow w-e, thereby moving the smoke in my direction. But our balconies are actually 20 feet apart, but my bedrooms are in between them, and I sleep basically 2 feet from their balcony, and our windows are the kind that open out vertically, so I'm not sure how the fan would work. I'm gonna have to think on it, but maybe I'll talk to a sympathetic board member - one of the ones who's been abused by the asshole, and see what he says...who knows, maybe a letter will help. Then again....we're headed into the 40 degree range this week, so it likely won't feel like a problem for awhile, since I won't have my windows open.

minxy - you just reminded me that I forgot that I have bathwater boiling on the stove so I can take my own bubbly bath...I guess I'd better do that. And next place I live, I will definitely have more than a 30 gallon water heater. tongue.gif
Bwahaha!!! I can totally see you pulling a MacGuyver, doodle! You're right though, when all of the other options don't seem feasible, then it's time to get creative. Hmmm...what are the possibilities?

Hee! I totally imagined Eric Forman from That 70's Show when you mentioned the Star Wars undies, diva, because he would wear the little boy briefs. I'm glad the giant wears the boxers instead!

Ah yes...the DMV. Unfortunately, I don't think their system will change anytime soon. If I worked for them, I'd be breaking the rules all the time out of laziness.

Oh god. *gags* The Bachelor is on right now. I hate seeing a bunch of women competing over one man that they don't even know. I mean, I could sorta see it if the guy was Johnny Depp, but still....
Turbo, as a nearly unrepetent smoker, I STILL empathized with your plight. There was a lady who had her lawnchair parked underneath me and Minxlette's bedroom windows and she would chainsmoke--EVEN AT SIX IN THE FUCKING MORNING. That was truly fucked, so...on behalf of all thoughtful smokers everywhere in the Midwest, I offer you my wholehearted apologies. Those people blow.


And fuck the DMV. They blow, too.

Okay, I have made hotdish, washed dishes, cleaned and folded laundry...what in the fuck else do I have left to do? Oh yes...pine away for Math Baron kisses... laugh.gif

Oh yeah, and Poodle...this one's for you!!

IPB Image
Thank you, for your empathy, minxy. My neighbors sound about the same as yours....Saturday, I woke up at 4am with smoke wafting in my window - WTF?

Ah well, its cold out tonight, I'm snuggled in post-bath with a blanket, clay mask on my face, and mug of mulled is good. I wouldn't mind snuggling in with turbomann, but he got stuck in Albany tonight...he has to take a 6am flight back, and then go to work - ick.

hahaha! minxy's pining for MB smoochies!! I love it!!! I hope he smells good...I love a good smellin' man.

I do wish I had been as industrious as minxy tonight and had freshly washed laundry...but I don't. I keep waiting for the laundry fairy to come, but he never does. boo.
My laundry fairy would be a gay man nicknamed "Lucy". He would wear crisp chinos and a linen button-up and have iridescent pink wings.

I quite think Lucy would stop over to your place if you have mulled cider. smile.gif

He did smell nice. Nothing overpowering or weird old-man smelling. I am really sensitive to scents, even as a smoker. Anything fakey drives me nutters--especially bad, strong deoderants like SPORTROCKSTARFUMIGANT. He just smelled like...uh...MAN! YES!
send Lucy on over, I'll put some cider on for him!

Bwahahahaha - SPORTROCKSTARFUMIGANT! I love it! So funny! Turbomann only wears scent when I put it on him, so I can pick out just how yummy he's gonna smell...and of course its bpal!

But really SPORTROCKSTARFUMIGANT just makes me think of those Axe duderant commercials, which then makes my think of how gross pits slathered in duderant is...and how I wish turbomann would shave those skanky things!

And with that...time for dog walking and bedtime. g'night! I hope Lucy comes over to tuck me in too!
Aw turbo, there's always a way! Says MacGyver. Ok, you could bolt the base of a fan to a piece of plywood, and then hang it out the bottom of the window so the plywood lays flat against the exterior wall. Bungee cords are a wonderful invention, BTW.

TMI? Aw sorry. (I didn't keep a women's centre going for 11 years on half a shoe string w/o being REALLY creative, LOL!)

Hi poods, minx, diva, miz gb, mouse, karianne, moxie, and anyone else who's lurking about! twin stepbros (same age as me) were really into Star Wars. When they were 12, their mom won $1000 in the lotto and gave them $100 each....this was when the Empire Strikes Back was still in theatres, and they spent it ALL on Star Wars movie tickets and memorabilia. Stepmom made them sleep on those Star Wars sheets till they left home. I wonder if they've still got the undies, tho'?

My laundry fairy would be a reincarnated straight white male of inherited wealth, who exploited the unpaid work of women for a few decades and now has to repay his karmic debt to the universe. He'd also have to do floors, windows, bathrooms, and cat litter duty. AND I'd also volunteer him as the practise dummy in a self-defense class for sex workers. Plus he'd have to live in a decorative glass bottle with teeny-tiny furniture inside, à la I Dream of Jeannie.

Hey, a girl can dream.

Thank goddess it's payday this week. I'm going to have to suck it up and invest in some herb this week. It does a ten times better job on the fibro than the painkillers (which just make me sleepy and aren't helping much at all with the pain), and at this point, the cost difference is probably negligible. I just wish they'd just legalize it, so I wouldn't have to go through all the subterfuge.

Ha! Minx, I was just singing that song yesterday!

T-t-teacher stop that screaming, teacher dont you see?
Dont wanna be no uptown fool!!

What I really need to find is a 4-foot high sidewalk or something that I can jump off of and do a DLR air-kick while listening to Jump or Panama. Hot for Teacher is a little fast for that sorta thing.
AH, I love to come in here first thing in the morning, and have minxy and poodle already making me laugh!! I bet Lucy can help you out with those air kicks!

Lucy the laundry fairy had best get to my house this evening...I'm down to the reeeeally bad/uncomfortable underwear now, and may go buy more if I can't get into the washers this evening.

Its tuesday, but I'm a little sleepy, so I'm gonna have to get back to ya'll on those "good things."

Has anyone ever tried one of those alarm clocks that simulates the sunrise, to help you wake up?

I'm really struggling with my 5:30am wake up these dark mornings, and the fact that the sun *still* isn't up when I ride to work at 6:45....I need something to give me a little boost.
I've never tried those clocks before, but they have intrigued me for years. I really want one. Personally, if I don't just get out of bed immediately, my motivation is just shot to hell. I can go and do my private meditation AFTER I wake up, but as soon as I hear the alarm, I need to be out of bed.

I smell like sage and rosemary. Who wants to cook me? wink.gif

Where the fuck is everybody else this morning?
*bastes minxy with a little butter, adding a sprinkle of salt and pepper*

I am going home this afternoon to roast up a chicken with root veggies for dinner tonight, so I'm sure a side of minxy will be *just* the thing to finish a perfect meal!

I'm the same, minxy - when that alarm goes off, I just have to put my feet on the floor and GO...snooze is not my friend. That, and my alarm sends turbodoggie rocketing out of bed in search of the nearest squeaky toy, so that's an added audio bonus to get out of bed. laugh.gif
YUM! That sounds soooooo good. I am going to make a batch of cheesy potatoes tonight with some unknown meat product. My BFF is coming over tomorrow (she still lives down by the Whore) and we are making apple pies and stuff. I am so happy because she is planning on moving up here with her family. I have known this woman since I was 14...she doth rule.

My coffee is gone. Feh.

Looks like it's just you and me, Turbo. You wanna sit down for something warm to drink and a few stickybuns?
Morning! I've been here, at work, but our internet was down. I MISS you guys when I can't connect!

Stickybuns...all sorts of those are good. Speaking of food...I'm off to my favorite mexican joint for lunch. Can I bring back any flan? 'RItas? Anyone, anyone?
Hi, peeps.

I usually snooze my alarm for about 45 minutes... and I'm late for work every day. I think it's because I'm usually dreaming when my alarm goes off, so it doesn't quite bring me into reality. Getting out of bed during a REM cycle is so freaking hard.

Minxy, the giant even has a little group of friends that all get together every month to talk about Star Wars stuff. It's weird, but if it makes him go out on his own to socialize, it makes me very happy.

Poodle with a jumping platform? I think she'd use it for evil instead of good. : )

Hi, Doodle and anyone I missed!

So things at work aren't so great. Remember that action a bunch of us were going to take against our supervisor? Half the people backed out because they think they're somehow different (but really because they're probably scared) and the other half backed out because the others did, so now we're left with bubkus. Nothing is going to change unless we make it change, and some people need to quit thinking just about themselves and think about the good it'll do for everyone. Feh. I'm going to start looking for a new job since I now know nobody has the guts to change anything around here.
Diva, I'm sorry you work with a bunch of punk-ass chumps who won't take responsibility for their job misery...but at least you're taking action on your own to find a new, better job. Maybe in a week or two some of your group might be willing to buck up and grow some 'nads and talk to your union rep...sometimes people just need some time to percolate before taking risky actions.

*grabs a stickybun and cup of roobios tea*

hi moxie!! glad your intarwebz is back on!
hi cheeekcadees!

i've been a worker-bee lately so i've been a bad BUSTie. i've meeeced you all so much though, and have been catching up, just not posting. my job is going ok right now. with my new assistant working on the basic admin stuff, i am freed up to work on other things. i also found out yesterday that with the new year, they're switching things up on me yet again. but this time, i will have one fewer manager and hopefully one fewer report, so that's a good thing! of course, they'll probably throw something else at me to make it sucky. eh.

sorry the job is sucky, diva. i hope you're able to find one that doesn't just LOOK greener from your side of the fence.

minxy, i'm digging this MB. i think he sounds like a good guy. i love that he actually made. a. plan. for a date. that is good stuff right there.

turbo, roasted chicken sounds deeee-vine. i think i have one of those in my near future. what i really want is a slow-cooker though, so i can stick a chicekn in there in the morning and come home to yumminess in the evenings.

i need one of those sun clocks maybe. i usually *wake up* to the sunrise, but i don't *get up*. i even think to myself, "self, you should get up now". but then i roll over and tell myself to shut up. i was really good for about a week and then i backslid to lateness. although, so far this week, i've only been two minutes late for work each day, so that's better than last week. i'm still just in a super hurry, rushing grover to "just poop already!" every morning. i need to buy myself some good coffee to give me something to get up for.

mrfj leaves AGAIN tomorrow and will be gone through sunday at a trade show in ATL. i was thinking of flying one-way to meet him (because he'll be driving to get the booth there) and then driving back with him, but the one-way flights are ranging from $215-1000! and that's even on!!! i couldn't believe it! looks like i'll be staying home this weekend, which is probably a good thing after this past weekend.

let's just say i was rather slut-tastic.

good morning ladies,
minxie, you and LUCY are cracking my shit up...... iridescent pink wings! i love it. i also love how doodle keeps coming up with ingenious macguyver solutions to turbo's problems.

poodle, you totally need to build a jumping platform! when it's not in use it can be a cat fort tongue.gif

diva, i'm right there with you on hitting the snooze button for 45 minutes. i am SOOOOOOOOOO bad at getting out of bed. it's been my new years resolution to wean myself off that damn thing for several years running and it still hasn't happened.

it sucks that people are being so lame at your job......i hope you find a new, better one soon! **job vibes for diva**

i'm starting to sort of cast around for new jobs, too....not that i really dislike my job now, but i've been here almost six months now and i never wanted to make a career here, just get experience, and i really would love to get some print design experience or some more formal web stuff--my goal is to have enough experience in each design discipline so that i can freelance. plus, at this job, i'm the youngest and the most recently hired and even though i feel like i'm capable of a lot more responsibility than i'm being given, nobody tells me shit or includes me in any important decisions, and it's beginning to piss me off. meh.

ohhhh lavender diamond was soooooo beautiful last night. oh i love them so much! everyone needs to go to their site (if you can) and listen to their song "you broke my heart". winter flowers also played, and my friend r. and i had never heard them play before and weren't quite sure what to expect and oh, lord, they are the most earnest, hippie, hipster-with-a-side-of-ren-faire band i have ever heard, i swear to god i thought i was in camelot. it's not that the music wasn't beautiful--it was! but r. and i could NOT stop giggling. it was bad. so we went outside to smoke and talk about pretty privelege instead--how some people grow up having everything handed to them simply because they are extremely attractive, and how that affects the way they treat everything. or maybe we are just bitter because our friend t. is going out tomorrow with the bartender from our saturday party, and she is about six feet tall and looks like a middle eastern amanda peet. hmph.

ETA crossposted with fj! hi fj! we meece you too! tell us your slut-tastic adventures so we can live vicariously through theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

oh and hi moxie!
I'd love to come home every night and go "Oh Luuuuucy, I'm hooooooome!" in a Cuban accent. That would be just divine.

Hi, FJ and Mouse and Moxie!
diva- i swear we share a brain, sista! That was the FIRST thing I thought of about Lucy...well, that and Hank Azaria a-la "Birdcage" lookalikes!

FJ- I just have regular married lady portions...granted, this weekend we had them so much i was sore, but still...slut-tastic is not a common word in my house. Please enlighten? smile.gif Ah, and the miracles a slow-cooker can do to a roaster bird! My favorite recepie:

1 roaster bird (3-4 lbs)
1 lemon
1/2 C. OJ
1/2 C. Honey
Salt and Pepper, to taste.

1. Salt and pepper inside and outside of said bird
2. Poke holes in the lemon, and insert into Bird's tushy.
3. put bird into bowl part of slow-cooker
4. Mix OJ and Honey, pour over bird
5. Cook on LOW 7-8 hours, or HIGH 3-4 hours.

Beware of falling-off-the-bone yumminess!
Good morning everyone....ugh, I hate mornings. I'm kind of grumpy having to get up early after a long weekend, so forgive me for not greeting everyone by name this morning.

Hey turbo, have you thought about investing in one of those full spectrum lamps people with seasonal-affective disorder use?

Personally, a sunrise alarm would do nothing for me, since I can sleep through broad daylight into the afternoon, if I really, really want to. For some reason, my "natural" body clock would have me up till 4 am and sleeping till 12 or 1 pm, if I let it. (I have to wake up in stages to shake off the layers of bitchiness, so the snooze alarm is the best option I've found to date. Not that I'm no longer bitchy by the time I get up, but I'm less bitchy than I would be otherwise.)

Ok, I need coffee.
Yeah, doodle, the alarm I'm looking at is one of the full-spectrum light dealies...but its $150 just for the alarm...the lights generally run about $200...I may go for the alarm, since once I'm up, I don't have a problem with alertness or any real mood issues, I just prefer waking up to the sun. I generally wake up right when the sun hits the horizon, so I think the alarm clock will work well for me.

I still have yet to jump into the slow-cooker revolution...I just can never make up my mind about it enough to spend the money on it. But that recipe sure sounds good...maybe I'll try it in a casserole some time...
Oh, I think the casserole/roasting method wouild work just as well. The "sauce" would end up more glaze, but that definitly has benefits, too!

Sigh...I want to go pick up my moxette and play. The wednesday's off gig is like having 2 fridays. I just loose steam at the end of the day.
morning busties!

sorry it took me a bit to get here..i've been updating myspace and what not....and creating a new page for my hats that i make since while i was knitting during demo in class last nite, the guy giving the demo(who could be 'Lucy' provided we got him some pink wings) wants one. and is willing to pay. Yay!

'slut-tastic' can only mean one thing........uber hot HBI!!!! am i right? did i win? Ding! Ding! Ding!!!


i still need to find a way to get labels printed for my hats...diva, mouse? any suggestions?

thanks for the recipe, moxie...i'll have to try that. both of us love slow cooker recipes...cuz its easier on us.

oh oh oh...

good things tuesday

-i finally created a site for my hats, etc. with a company name that honors my dearly departed dog fred.
-noodles for lunch
-all the busties in okayland. cuz it is a good thing!
"I think she'd use it for evil instead of good." Bwahahaha!! I think it would be good and evil at the same time! The only reason why I need something to jump off of is because I'm too out of shape to do what DLR does with his legs.

Mmmm....I'm eating an Oreo blizzard. It's a wee bit too sweet, but that's better than it not being sweet enough.

All these recipes sound so good! It almost makes me wish I liked meat.

It takes me about 5 seconds to get up. I highly value having enough time to sit and drink my coffee while watching Good Morning America and the remaining half of Saved by the Bell. There are some days (usually on the weekend) when I'll sleep for the entire day and wake up around 9:00 PM. Not good. I attribute that to depression (rather than deprivation). I'm able to fall asleep at any given time, really. I'm certainly not sleep-deprived. I come from a family of hardcore "sleepers."

Good things about today:
1. I wore my new black peacoat for the first time and I really like how it looks and feels.
2. The DMV actually gave me my license plate tabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cost me over $90 though)
3. I beat the post-lunch hour rush at the DMV, so I didn't have to wait in line for long.
4. The day has gone by pretty fast so far because I spent the morning doing sucky stuff with my boss.
5. Sucky stuff with boss is done and now I can enjoy some peace and quiet.
6. Lots of clean laundry and only one more load to do.
7. Stopped at a red light; lookin in my mirror and not a jacker in sight
8. Saw the police and they rolled right past me; No flexin, didn't even look in a nigga's direction
as I ran the intersection.
9. Didn't even have to use my AK...I gotta say today was a good day! tongue.gif
It's soooo cold. I've had the heat blasting in the centre for 3 hours and I'm still soooo cold.

I'm so cold that reading about poodle's blizzard gave me the shivers.

*sound of chattering teeth*

Actually, I might be a bit flu-ish, but I'm in complete denial.
oh, yeah. i forgot about good things tuesday!

1. the old standby: it's not monday!
2. work is looking up. or at least more manageable and less vomit-inducing.
3. i get to spend another night with mrfj in the bed with me.
4. i get to spend the rest of the week (after tonight) eating whatever i want for dinner (that means you, popcorn!)
5. i'm finally having time to BUST again!

msgb is a winner of sorts re: slut-tastic... we went to the art walk on friday night, wound up staying at a friend's house smoking up on good bud and later that night, mrfj and i proceeded to have a yummy hbi on our buddy's SON'S BED! we pulled all the sheets off, so as not to completely mess it up, then told him to wash them just in case! but it was one of those drunken stoned this-is-the-best-sex-ever-i-am-so-fuckin'-sexy-and-so-are-you kind of sessions. very very nice.

then, saturday, we went to the martini party, which as you have probably guessed was thrown by a "morally relaxed" couple and had a few of our favorite morally relaxed people there. there were about 25-30 people there and i floated about kissing boys and girls of my liking, playing in the hot tub, smoking cigarettes, dancing and then hitting the hay with my current favorite boytoy (boy from couple A from a story a while back). it was another drunken lay, completely unplanned as i was just planning to snuggle with him but one thing led to another and well, that was nice too. then i went to the room where mrfj (my all time favorite everything!) was laying and got another hbi! and then another when we got home!! morally relaxed parties make me a horndog.

mrfj and i tried x again (as did most of the other party-goers) and while i didn't have a bad experience (not even the morning after regrets), it wasn't GREAT enough to make me want to do it again. i think i am done with that stint. just give me green bud and a couple drinkipoos and i am a happy girl.

still, it was a good weekend. but it will nice to just spend a quiet one at home this weekend. i just wish mrfj would be there for it too...

poodle, you just rocked my world with the ice cube lyrics

love. it.
Oops, I forgot:
Good Things Tuesday
1) got to talk to Sam for a little bit. He's enrolled in classes: clogging, science (mixing stuff together), and tumbling
2) almost wasn't late to work
3) wearing a really soft bright red shirt (seriously, it's primary red) my mommy gave me
4) realized I won't have to see my boss for more than a week starting next Monday

I'm fine once I make it out of bed, just getting there is really hard. I'm notorious for my being late, just ask Poodle. I can't be trusted to show up anywhere except work before noon.

GB, I'd give you advise on labels, but I don't use them. I probably should, I guess. But congrats on selling a hat!
diva, i guess we are time twins. i'm never on time and everyone that knows me knows that i'll be five-fifteen minutes late. i know i SHOULD get up and get moving in the morning. i just don't do it. once i'm up, i'm up... it's just that whole feet on the floor kind of thing.

mrfj and i were talking yesterday about how we hope we get a sense of responsibility as we get older or at least when we have children. we'd LOVE to get up at 5am, but can't even imagine doing it unless i had to. perhaps if i went to bed before midnight or later each night.
1. Minxlette had a perfect day at school AGAIN!
2. My BFF is coming over tomorrow to bake really good tasting things.
3. I had the best date of my life on Saturday.
4. I had, *cough*, other fun this FJ would say, "morally relaxed".
5. I finally saw "V for Vendetta".
6. Poodle called me stinking-ass drunk and made me laugh.
7. I get paid on Friday.
8. I love my daughter. She's so damned sweet. I like the way she smells and giggles.
9. I have the bestest friends in the world IRL and in OKAYland.
10. Chocolate exists.

I love the FJ's "relaxed" romantic life. *sigh* I wouldn't live in fucking Florida for all the king's gold, but I do wish that they were my neighbors.
Hot damn, FJ!!! That's porno material. You and mr FJ are slut twins. (and minx, too) wink.gif

MINX!! You did bad things over the weekend?! Go sit in the naughty spot!!

Awwww...that's so cute that Sam's is learning clogging!! I can totally see him dancing around! My nephew 5-yr-old nephew only cares about sports, and my 3-yr-old nephew is more interested in using the toilet right now. The pooper-boy is the more artistic, sensitive, girly-man one. I hate to admit it, but he's my favorite out of all the kiddos. He's also my godchild, which I don't take that seriously, but it gives me an excuse to spoil him a little more. My sis has a baby girl, but I haven't been giving her the auntie attention that she deserves. I think I might introduce her to my cats next weekend. I love how kids react to new animals!

Thank god the bosshat is gonna be gone for a while, diva. Ugh. All it takes is one dickhead to make the workplace shitty. It's even worse when it's the person in charge. So what kind of job are you interested in?

That god for FJ's work relief!! We meeced you!

More good things:
1. My apartment smells like bpal and dryer sheets
2. I'm sipping a glass of cheap red wine
3. I didn't get a ticket even though today was the very last day of the grace period for my new tabs
4. Dancing with the Stars is on and that's a guilty pleasure of mine.

Even saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp, and it read "pinkpoodle's a pimp!!"
*stomps around thread* the FJs have the MOST come my weekends are never that exciting? Seriously, I have the curiosity, but not the courage.

I am totally buzzing on bad rose' wine that someone left at our house...the wine sucked, but the floaty feeling is good. My spelling seems to be intact for the moment, thank cod.

The herb roasted chicken and crispy potatoes for dinner were dee-licious...and I have plenty of leftovers for lunch this week! YAhoo!

poodle, of *course* the blimp was singin' your praises - isn't that what its supposed to do?

...Do I open another bottle of wine...that is the question....
Yeah, I gave up on the bad liquor buzz thing a long time ago. Although, I did buy some Pabst Blue Ribbon the last time I hung out with diva. It was actually pretty enjoyable in an ironic sense. It reminded me of an old friend.

I've been thinking about this all day and I need to vent. I was in my boss' office and she was saying crap like "Oh, my life is so hard" blah, blah, blah. I told her that she has a choice and that she could sell her business and her huge $1,500,000 dollar house, move into a small, comfy space, and send her last baby to Madison instead of an expensive private school out east. She looked at me and said, "NO. There's a VISION. I made a promise. There's a VISION." I didn't even know how to respond. I don't know whose vision she's talking about but, apparently, it's not a vision that can be fulfilled in one of the best schools in the midwest. She's basically insulting everyone that works in our office and pretty much every person I know by saying that. She's such a freakin' elitist. She has so many good things about her, but her elitism is just plain awful. If she wasn't my boss, then I'd definitely give her a piece of my mind. My co-worker once said to her (about her second kid), "what if he wants to be an electrician or something like that?" and my boss just gave him this blank look. Electricians make a good living! I take it so personally that she thinks her circle is better than my family and friends. Anyway, that's my story about my boss' HUGE flaw. I suppose the only thing I can conclude from the whole thing is that I'm glad I don't have that same perspective. That was the only icky thing about this good things tuesday.

ETA-The only thing I could say to her after a 5-second stare was, "Well, most kids don't have that option, so if it's there, then you might as well take advantage of it." Ha! She also talks about how "gorgeous" and "popular" her daughter is (same words every time), and the office meddler got so sick of it that she said, "Well, every mother thinks their daughter is gorgeous." The office meddler drives me crazy sometimes, but at least she's on planet earth. She's the one who is most offended by the higher education talk, because she never earned a college degree, but she's very competent in her field, and she managed to help her daughter go to Madison on her divorced/single-mother's salary.
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