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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ms goof, those shoes sound HOT. Damn.

I think it would be rad to be a stylist, I'm always jealous of how often they can change their hair. Plus, they are not restricted by "office appropriateness".

Diva, I would love to go in on a gift for suggah. Do you know where she's registered?

I think I have mentioned before that MR K & I are going to try to buy a house in the fall. I look at listings to keep current on what's going on with the market. Well, today I found a house that looks quite interesting. Mr K is going to drive by it on his lunch break. It is much earlier than we'd planned, but if it's as good as it looks online, we might have to see what can be done.
oooh! good luck, karianne! that could be great!!!

and yes, pics are required of the shoes, msgoof!!! those sound HOT HOT HOT!
as for the shoes....i will be taking pictures when i get home...along with some head shots of my new turned out purty today.

good luck karianne....i want a house...

diva...we had a convertible sebring...1996 i ran pretty well...except mr. gb kinda trashed it...he never cleans out his car...and over time, it takes its toll...
hi ya'll! I just got finished with all my meetings for the day - whew! And now I have a whole hour to do a full day's work - yippee!

msgoof - those shoes sound *seriously* HOTT....we must see piccies - and of course the new hair!

And YaY for new cars, and potential homes, catsoup's mom and shuggah's impeding nuptials! AND, its tart and moxie's first mother's day with their wee ones this weekend - isn't that just awesome?!!
Happy Friday Busties!

Good luck with the car, Diva! It sounds gorgeous and once you have it in your hot little hands, all of the stress over getting it will melt away as you drive around in it in the sunshine.

MsGoof – those shoes sound awesome. You’ll have to post pics of them and your new hairstyle.

~*~*~healing vibes for Catsoup’s mom~*~*~

Karianne, good luck with the house! Interest rates are still good but are projected to keep going up, so buying now might work out even better than in the fall.

Hi to FJ, Turbojenn, Poodle and everyone else lurking today!

I have a lot of cleaning and stuff to do around the house tonight to get ready for the party tomorrow – I have not gotten nearly enough done this week and since we’ve had no potential buyers visiting over the past few days to kick us into doing it, so it has really deteriorated quickly. I’ve got a lot of laundry to do. Bleah.

Our kitty has been getting chummier all the time as she gets more used to us since we got her a couple of months ago and it has been so nice. This morning after JT went to work she crawled up by my head to lie next to me before I got up. She usually camps out near the end of the bed. I felt her little paw “pet” my hair and looked over to see her regally looking at me like a little queen! I loves my Sweetiecat.
awwwwwwwwwwwww! marileen has a sweet furbaby! and she's in love with her! :-)

have fun this weekend. i'm getting out of here in a few minutes. i'll check in later or sometime during the weekend perhaps.

happy mommy's day to all the mommies in OKAYville!
Me and the Minxlette are getting ready for PROM! It is so exciting primping with the wee one...I will have to post pictures at some point--I will be wearing a black strapless silk dress, and she will be delightful in a pink eyelet skirt and white cardigan with fancy black shoes and a headband.

Wow - you guys are so effing lucky to be going to Prom! I wanna get all dolled up and go to a ball.

I went out again last night - against my better judgment. I drank an energy drink beforehand, so I was a little more peppy. I spent the night with this huge Bosnian guy.

I want to go to a pool party, too! Or a lake party!

msgoof - I can't wait to see a pic of your hair and your shoes, dude!

My shoes are flat, brown mary janes.

Mysterious Lost Whammy-Bar Reappears

It took her an hour to read "okay thread' archives.

turbojenn -- no matter what happens to turbo, HE CAN LICK HIS OWN BALLS. That makes up for everything, doesn't it?

Pinkpoodle! You are in good spirits as always -- you have such guts! Good thing you're recovering well from the surgery.

Doodle! Naturally you want to move on at a certain point and it's good you are thinking about it!

Minx-- good for you for dumping that guy, and you are too cool to be alone for long! You're smart and fun, dammit! And you work hard and are always honest. love you!

Argh, me and my boyfriend went to see MOrningwood and for somereason they ween't the headliners and we only saw an itsy bit of them.

Hi to puppykitty, lurvpaint, falljackets, tyger, msgoofball and divalla!! Divalla always has the coolest weekends!!

Cool that luna and tes stopped by!!

In my life: job is going well, I'm getting along great with the people, learning more and more skills and habits of the company too, and settling in.

Lost cool apartment! Sleazy jerkitude!! But we have ours until June 1st and plenty of MONEY which is the most important thing, and moving on the first of June instead of tomorrow is actually a lot cooler!! The new one I saw has stained glass windows and a fireplace and this darling little arched window in the bathroom and this california type arrangement where you can pass things from the kitchen to the bathroom! Cool as the old one was, THAT MANY windows would probably sun-damage my antiques. I dig it but I will take whammyman there tomorrow to see if he digs it too!!

Went on crazy camp-out family reunion weekend! I hear ya about the pizza making Turbojenn!! We camp at a place that has an old beehive oven out side with "shovels and rakes and other implements of destruction" as Arlo Guthrie would say.

Picture a bunch of kids and hippie adults dressed in wacky clothes doing a real maypole!! And sweet woods and streams! And when we were driving out there the trees had big buds/leaflet balls on them, ridges of skeleton trees slim brown truncks with red and yellow green foliage like fall on them, glowing in the sun!!

Yeah, stay in tents and just party at ten in the morning and people cook all kinds of great food over campfires and sing and play guitars and drums. Oh man, the greatest.

This is the 8th one I've been to and it rules. All my favorite friends were there. Some people I only see once a year.

Ghad. I've been so tired when I came back and i have to put professional clothes on and get up at five in the morning, and iron and all that, and then Monday night the jerk called us and told us our loft apt had fell through due to jerkitude--- suck suck suck

So i hope the california one with the stained glass will happen. It is sweeeeeeeet.

So tired. Don't usually have sweets but just had a SUNDAE with coffee ice cream and chocolate syrup, whipped cream and caramel. Sooo good. i've been seeing a lot of apartments. and working. IN a few weeks I will be settled in, back to the gym, and rested and things will be in summer time mode and take me HIGHER!

This cool woman from texas came up with her cool boyfriend who is a bodyworker and he worked on my back some and advise tme to get body work anas well as the gymand yoga stuff loosen the death grip in cranio and sacral.


This one rather silly woman -- though I like her in some ways -- had this "oracle" that required people to pick two sticks and then told them all this bad pessimistic Debbie Downer type news.

I was making fun of it and saying "The universe hates you! You suck! Admit it! Give up NOW!!" and this crazy guy named Brian grabbed the whole box and threw it into the trees! We were all screaming with laughter -- but he went and got it cuase he didn't want to be a jerk.


MY shoes are -- anything that will be somewhat orthopedic. Damn. I wear hiking boots through this effin RAIN and then change to cute platform patent leather maryjanes at work.
Prom was almost a complete bust.

The zipper of my dress opened up (you know, nearly 24") right in the middle of dinner. I ran with Minxlette to the bathroom and fixed it...but as soon as we got to the dance (literally, in front of it) the fucking thing came open again, and I tried for ten minutes to fix it again, but it just wasn't having it.*

*sorry for the bodacious run-on sentence*

I am super-bummed. My mom wants me to come home tomorrow (yeah, this has nothing to do with topic A), and I told her I would (this is after she bailed on her offer to come up at the last minute) but now all I really want to do is have a nice, quiet weekend with the babe and concentrate on being calm.

And yeah, that's something I work hourly at.
Hello everyone...I am sorry I haven't read today's posts yet! I just got home...was at a conference all day, then scrambled to complete Centre errands, and then had dinner with a friend. Am muito tired. Kitties are a little p.o.'d, too...especially now that "nana" has gone home and they are alone all day!

Will be home most of the weekend, pottering around the apartment. (Ah, blessed time alone, at last!) I'll check in some more over the next few days. Am going to take Monday off as well, in exchange for having to pack my ass to Victoria..and also for the stupid stats. See you all around, unless you are out having more thrilling adventures!
Hi everyone!!!

Oh no! Minx had a prom disaster! Did you cry in the bathroom stall? That woulda been classic!

Yay! Diva's buying a car and the Karianne's are planning to buy a house!

Marileen, Sweetie sounds so....SWEET! Oscar cuddles up next to me everynight, too. His purring is super loud at first, but it's so cute that I let him stay next to me.

Hi doodle, whammy, turbo, msgoof, and anyone else I'm missing!!

Yesterday was a day of musical nerdom for moi. I literally spent the entire day listing the original album titles and release dates in my iTunes library. As you would imagine, this is a very time-consuming task because so much of the info in the music store is based on remastered dates or greatest hits compilations. Thank gawd for Wikipedia. Now every song listing is set up like so: "Going to California," Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV ('71), Classic Rock. The resident boy and I were talking about the year we were born, 1979, so I typed "79" in the iTunes search field and was able to tell him some of the songs that were released that year. Isn't that totally rad?!!

Okay, I'll shut up now.
*pokes head in*

Hey all, I feel like a jerk for not posting in here more often. Everyone here has so much to say.

Pink, on Thursday AZ Guy and I tried to list punk bands from the mid-80's, so you and resident boy aren't the only musical nerds. Now I'm going to put on some Zeppelin because I haven't listened to them in a long time.

I don't have time right now to read the archives, I'll do that when I'm at work later, but here's what's going on here: AZ Guy is now saying he doesn't want to move out or break up, but I'm still looking at other places to live. There is a part of me that doesn't want to continue with this, but at the same time I still love him, we get along, etc. Why can't this be easy?

I'll try to post later, or at least catch up.
*waves to everyone and disappears in a poof of smoke*
Hi lilacwine13! And I forgot to say HI to marileen, karianne, catsoup and doubtless to other cool folks.

We put a downpayment on the "california" style place -- I meant you can pass things from the kitchen to the living room and it has stained glass and a fire place. Why would anyone want to pass food from a kitchen to a bathroom?!

It's not the biggest place we saw but the nicest. Real character, ENOUGH room, Laundry in the basement, not tons of stairs to walk up, South facing for good fengshui and really close to cool markets and the train. Awesome.


Now there is just more packing to do. It is pissing rain here in Boston for days and days on end. Today is like what a guy I used to know would have called a "hairy cane" I'm so glad we're not moving today.

There's got to be a good guy out there for the gorgeous, fun, smart, hard-working, hip and happenin' PINK POODLE!!

~*~*~guys be poodle-worthy vibes~*~*~*~

Minx -- waah!
whew! Whammy, I was really worried about that apartment when you said there was a kitchen-bathroom pass through! I just couldn't figure out how that would be useful! But the apartment sounds great, and I'm sure you can get things packed up well before June 1.

(((((Lilac))))) Sorry to hear that you're in an uncomfortable spot with your man...just listen to your intuition, and let it settle out in time.

Poodle, my ipod could definitely use your organizational skillz....mine's sort of a disorganized mess.

minxy that sucks about your dress at prom...that very same thing happened to me at my own high school prom....very embarassing.

Turboman's been off getting tanked at the Chicago Beerfest all afternoon, so I've gone to the eye doctor and learned that my eyes continue to get worse each year, so at least I have a reason for being so tired the last couple of weeks. And then I came home, napped, put on a facial mask, and then played with my new mineral makeup, which I adore...
turbojenn_ what is up with your eyes? I'm a little concerned. Are they going to be okay with vision correction?
Yeah, I just need a new prescription. This week staring at my computer screen, I just started to feel a little strain in my right eye, so I went to the optometrist, and lo and behold - I am blinder than I was a year ago in my left eye, and the right is trying to make up for it. Soon as my new contacts and glasses come in, I'll be right as rain. For now, it just makes me a little tired.
Happy Sunday, everyone. I have a question for the long-time "Okayers." I started posting in this thread awhile ago b/c I needed someone to talk to on my incredibly long Mondays. I have realized that there are "rules" to this place and I don't know them. It seems that some days we are to start with insults and some days we are supposed to talk about shoes and/or lingerie. Am I getting this right? When is what? I want to play, too!
My weekend has been busy so far. I had a "coffee date" with a new guy from He was nice. I have another date tonight with a different guy. This one has a kid so if anything does come from this, I am going to be needing advice from the mommies here about how to get along with a boy's ex-wife.
Saw Mission Impossible last night. It was fun. Excessive use of the "Tom Cruise running scene," though. And really, who runs like that? He runs like he's bionic.
I could listen to Philip Seymour Huffman all day though. He has such a great voice.
Mornin' kitten!

And Happy Mother's Day to all the rockin' mommies 'round here!

As for the daily themes round here, we've gotten a little lazy on them, but Friday is insult day, friday is also shoes, thursday is lingerie....I think...I could have shoes and lingerie switched around, though....clearly, my undies and shoes are not interesting enough to remember the theme day. heh.

I think we might go see a movie today - I'm torn between Art School Confidential, Friends with Money and Kinky Boots. Turboman will probably see Silent Hill...

I've got wheat/dairy/egg free chocolate chip cookies in the oven for breakfast....we'll see how they turn out, but the dough tasted good. Cookies for breakfast is what being a grownup is all about!
Cookies like that are pretty darn healthy. I think it can count as a grown up breakfast.
Man oh man...we just had the first people in to look at the house to buy it and my fucking MOMMA CLAWS were out. I actually was very cordial, but they were thanking me for letting them intrude upon my Sunday and I made some snarky-ass remark like this:

Well, I tend to think of it as a present from the universe for Mother's Day.

Said very dryly, of course.

This is a couple, unmarried, under 30 and that just fundamentally pisses me off. My ass is SO going to the Credit Union tomorrow to see what they can do for me, because I wanna lock into this fucking pronto.

I also think that I am gonna call Lurv and get some information from her momma because her momma is a way-cool real estate agent.

Hi everyone!

~*~*~*~housing vibes for minx and whammy~*~*~*~

Hi lilac!

Happy mutha's day to all the Bustie-moms!

There are no "rules" in the thread, kitten, but we have what I guess you would call "theme-days." There's "Good Things Tuesday," "Underwear Thursdays" and "Insult Fridays."

Last night, diva managed to pull me away from my music organization project and gave me a ride in her NEW CAR. We went to marileen's party which was lots of fun. Those guys have such a cute house! Thanks again, marileen!

Okay, I better get back to iTunes!
(((((((house gettin' vibes for minxy))))

That totally blows that you had to show *your* house on Mother's Day. And I'm sayin' - its *your* house. And you tell your landlord that, and get with the wonderful lurv mama, and your financial advisors, and make it legal....that house is *yours.* Believe it. Do it. Get creative. Make it happen.

WOOT! for diva's rockin' new ride!!! And Marileen's par-tay!

Poods, I tried to get religion about organizing my iTunes, but I just can't do it...I get bored so fast. *sigh* I am currently listening to KT Tunstall's album, which I'm really enjoying alot this weekend.
Another drive-by! I just really needed a weekend to myself, so I am still pottering around the apartment, or sitting on the balcony, or otherwise engaged in enjoying myself! Am taking tomorrow off, too. Will try to check in for sure then. Tonight, I am determined to get that bed frame put back together, come hell or high water!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~house-gettin' vibes for minxie~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
my ipod is organized by album or artist, depending on which menu i choose :P.

sorry i've been awol! i got sucked into the first two seasons of veronica mars on my computer, the first seven sandman comics, new friends(!), and a general social life that goes stay up all night, sleep until afternoon, drink tea and read until someone tells me to go hang out. we play munchkin and gloom and watch dvds at my friend's apartment. i remember someone here told me not to worry about university, because i'd find my 'kindred spirits' (i think it was moxie, or turbo maybe). and now i've found them. i've never felt so comfortable around new people in such a short amount of time.

last night the boy picked me up for hang-outery, and i found a mixtape a girl made him in his car. and it hit me how much i've been avoiding my emotions since, like, november. because, i mean, what reasons exist for a girl making a mixtape for a boy she's known since after christmas, complete with handmade liner notes and colouring in the cassette? and even if it is nothing, i really have to stop being such a dorkbrain about this.

happy mother's day to all you bustiemoms! and bustienonmoms!
Good morning, everybody. Chicago is having another bad weather Monday and my allergies are paying the price. However, on a lighter note, I finally had a date that was more fun than staying home and watching TV.
How was everyone's weekends?
hey hey - congratulations kitten!! A date better than staying home - now that is something!

Yup, definitely another day of crappy weather. Sure feels like April all over again the last week or so.

Its monday. le blerg. And I had a nightmare right before I woke up that I got laid off, and it was way too real...not the way I like to wake up.

Well, time to start work here, I guess....
Turbo, I had a dream last week that I got laid off and it was very realistic as well. It really creeped me out.

My iPod only has two cds on it. I really need to sit down and put my music on it. And then of course I need to use it.

What was the date like, Kittenb?

I've been lurking but haven't had time to post. I spent the weekend at my parents' place, hanging out with my mom and dad. My mom is doing really well. I'm so thankful that the surgery went well.

I'm sick of this crappy weather. It's been raining every day since I got my new car last week. It must be jinxed. :-)
Good morning and happy Monday my beautiful Bustie babes! I hope you all had wonderful weekends and were able to see your Mothers or were worshiped as a Mother! If it was not for you Mothers we would not be here and would not have the strength, love and guidance that looks back on our lives and shines upon our future. We hosted our Mothers at our house this year. My Grandmother, Mom and Sisters with my wife’s Grandmother, Mom and Sisters. It was amazing. We laughed, cooked and drank wine all day sharing stories and getting wisdom from the older generations. Mothers Day has become so commercial even Anna Jarvis who first lead the movement for Mothers Day and her daughter felt it was too commercial and should come to an end 90 years ago but it sure is something to have all those matriarchs in one room. Very magical and very moving.

Tyger, some one made your boy a mix tape and decorated it? Wow, I did not think people still did that. It is probably nothing to him, but I am sure this girl has something on her mind. I wouldn’t worry about your boy. If he thought something of it he would have hidden the tape, but be careful and take care of your self!

Turbo is right Minx, it is bull shit you had to show your house on Mother’s Day. How rude! You march right into that credit union and make it happen. You are a smart, strong, single mother and I am sure you can do anything you put your mind to. You can do it! Unmarried under thirty couples fundamentally pisses you off? Aren’t you feisty! The only thing that fundamentally pisses me off is mixing stripes with plaids.

Have a great day ladies, and thank you for giving me strength and insight into my life through your own. You mean the world to me.
Hi! Hi! Hiiiiiii everybody!!!! It seems like forever since I've been able to read you. Yet, it's only been the weekend. Must. Get. Computer. Fixed! I'm having a little bit of bustie withdrawl.

Anyway, co-worker on vacation. Very busy. Just wanted to stop in and say hi to my girlies!
**** Waving hi to catsoup, turbo, kitten, tyger, doodlebug, poodle, minx, lilac, pk, fj, marileen, and all you other crazy women!!~~~~~~~ Have a FANTABULOUS WEEK!!!!

Gooood Morning Okayers!

Happy belated Mother's Day moms! I hope you all had nice ones.

Kitten, glad you had fun on your date. Do you think you two will go out again?

Poodle, how's the recovery?

Diva, how's the car?!

The weather here is crap too. Cold & wet.

Minx, sorry to hear about your prom mishap. Eek! And that they showed your house. Boooooo. I third or fourth the idea of going to the CU to see what can be done.

Marileen, sounds like your party was a hit!

Lilacwine, don't feel bad for not posting. No problemo. Come by when you can, and don't worry about catching up on all the news, just jump on in!

Whammy, glad to hear you are enjoying your job. Also that you put down a payment on the new apt. Sweet!

Hi yummy, catsoup, doodle, gloomysunday, and tyger!

My weekend was good. Friday night my friend & I ate at a really good Indian restaurant. Saturday I had class & was supposed to do a presentation, but we ran out of time. I will do it next week. Saturday night MR K & I went for sushi. We were going to go to a show after, but I got too tired. I don't know why rock shows have to start so damn late. We heard the headliner wasn't even going on til midnight. Too late. Yesterday we sat around & watched VH1s Metal Month specials. Top 100 moments in metal. Then we went to my mom's, which was really fun.
I actually had two dates this weekend with two different guys. The saturday one was nice enough for a second date, but I was not blown away. Last night's guy was a doll. Not at all what I normally go for physically, but I could not stop thinking about him afterwards. We just had martinis and sat talking about radom sci-fi trivia. Which for a geek-girl like me is great fun. He even has a model of Mal's gun from Firefly.
Yes, I just got an email from him and we will be seeing each other again. Giggle!
Hi, peeps!

Yay! for Kitten's dates over the weekend! Sometimes you can get really lucky with Match, sometimes not. That's how I met the giant. But my gay boyfriend seems to have a date with a new guy every week and very rarely a second date.

Whammy, this new place sounds incredible. Lots of space plus stained glass AND a fireplace? Who could want anything more? When the giant and I got our place, we had actually also applied for another, who's big selling item was a working fireplace. It could help cut down on your gas bill, too.

Actually, I think Karianne has the consistently awesome weekends.

Hi, Karianne! That's cool that you didn't have to present on Saturday. And rock shows do start late. Sometimes that can be a good thing. I just can't do shows that I have to ask off work early for. There should be no rock before it's dark out, in my book.

Minx, I'm with everyone else and think you should see what the CU can do for you. It couldn't hurt. That house really is yours.

Hi, Yummy, Gloomy, Catsoup, Turbo, Tyger, Poodle, and everyone else!

I did indeed buy a new car over the weekend! It's a 2005 silver Sebring sedan. It's got pretty much everything I wanted, but for some reason doesn't have power seats. No biggie, it's not like I move them around at all from day to day anyway. The transmission also makes this odd sound when I'm driving around town that sounds like a really far away ambulance, but the dealership said that all Sebrings are like that. I may get it checked anyway. Anywho, I love my new car and I've given Sam the very important job of naming it. He had a ball crawling from the backseat into the trunk last night. But the best thing ever? IT HAS CUPHOLDERS!

Last weekend was pretty good. On Friday, we went down to where the giant used to live to take a last look through some dealerships and dropped in on his mom while she was hosting her book club, then ate omelets and pancakes. We were up early on Saturday so my dad and I could sign all the papers for my new car, then we went and pick it up. After that, we rescued Poodle from her computer and went to Marileen's party (really fun, she's such a classy girl and their house is awesome, if it weren't in St. Paul and I were in the market, I'd snatch it up). And yesterday I went up to my parents' place and hung out. I was the only kid there since Sam's dad was working and my other brother was sick. I stuck around really late to see Sam when he got dropped off, then he totally freaked out after my mom snapped at his mom for not giving him a bath and she stormed out without even saying goodbye to her little boy. Whatever. We had lots of fun playing in my car and reading books.

But the weirdest thing happened. Apparently my family talks about the giant a bit because Sam's mom was saying how nice he sounds and how much everyone likes him, and then she *gave me a hug.* WTFBBQ? Why would she do that? I come from a really non-huggy family, so it was kind of weird. I do not want physical contact with my brother's weirdo ex-girlfriend.

I've made a vow to myself to be productive today. I've been crap for the last week because of this car business (which I'm so glad is over with because now I can sleep and the pain in my shoulders is gone) and I need to catch up. I'm going to be putting in some overtime for the first time in a week and a half.

WooHoo for divalla's new car and it's rocking cup holders!!!
yay for cars and cupholders and dates! and hi everyone!

oh, gloomy, the boy is actually my best friend/ex-boyfriend (the boy is just his bustiename). we were together last fall. i'm just happy that this girl is out of town for the summer, so i have time to work stuff out for myself properly. i think i'm going to tell cougarlion i need a girltalk and tea sesh tonight.

i had a grilled ham sandwich dipped in maple syrup for breakfast. sooooo full of junkiness. and today i have to job hunt more. fucking jobs. fuck them, that's what i say
The car sounds sweet diva! Sounds like you are crusin' in style. That is odd about Sam's mom hugging the giant. WTF? What do you make of it? That is good that your family talks about him a lot, they must like him.

Kitten, awesome that you are going out again with dude. yay!

tyger, that sandwich sounds goooooood.
Actually, Sam's mom hugged me, congratulating me for the giant or something. I still don't really understand.

I'm going to go eat tacos now because I don't have to answer to WW anymore.
good monday morning madness to ma busties....

(((minx house vibes))
((tyger job vibage)))

kitten's got a second date..wooot!
diva's got a car that awesome....

hi kari, gloomy, whammy, catsoup, lilac, turbo, doodle, poodle, yummy and everyone else...

ok i have the pictures of the new do and the sexy sassy shoes...
and click on the pictures...

this weekend was way too, also known as incovenience man,...did not inform me of which airport he was flying into and thus i went to the bigger airport..and he was at the smaller airport...bah. and it was traffic the roads were a mess...double bah.
Sat. i worked my butt off at an event..lots of kitchen me a sous chef! the crowd numbers were around a 1000, so we were non-stop chopping and slicing to get the grub out. Afterwards, me and the mr. went out for sushi, got me tipsy, and then the mr. went out to re-connect with the and jake stayed home and slept on the couch watching tv...sunday was all sleep and bumming around...although i did get a bit crafty and made a ruff for a costume! and then i took a nap with ma boys...very nice.
You're cute, MsGoofball! You look a little bit like Karianne. And I love your hair! It suits your face really well. Damn, it's been ages since I've gone to MySpace. I owe a bunch of people some emails, but I never think to even check and then forget about it when I do. I love all the Roy Lichtenstein pictures. I saw an exhibit of his stuff at MOMA-SF and use it in my bags and wallets. I've got a book full o' it.

Which reminds me, Pride is in only 6 weeks and I really need to get serious about busting ass and getting stuff made. I've made no bags since December (and that was a pre-sold custom bag), but I have made some jewelry. I should really do that tonight while I watch wrestling. I wish I had a website where I could get this all online and see what people think. But shit! I only have 6 weeks to get everything done!

sorry about the link..its not working...will retry with something else..
Oh my goodness. Some construction people are in the office above mine just hammering away on the floor, my ceiling. There has been on-going mantenince, wich has caused some problems. Now, because of some unfinished pipe work that has been sticking through our ceiling, the counter is being covered with red dust. And the hammering just keeps going on. Argh.
ok..trying this....
Msgoofball, you are adorable and thoes shoes are intense!
msgoof - I *love* your new cut and color - so cute cute cute, and nice for summer!

I'm still battling my longing/hate relationship with my growing hair. Its hitting the top of my shoulders for the first time in years, and while I'm looking forward to ponytails this summer...the in between stage kind of blows. Mainly, because it requires more styling assistance than I'm used to.

Diva - congrats on the sweet new ride - sounds like you're doing a good job of breaking it in! And as for sam's mom, whatever your past troubles with her, if she's happy for you and the giant that's not a bad thing...maybe an unexpected burst of emotion, but its good to be happy for other people, right?

*hands kitten earplugs and an umbrella* Ugh...noise in the workplace is really hard to deal with, and construction noises doubly so.

I just remembered I have a seminar from 8am to noon tomorrow to go to...I'm not so excited about it, and have too much work to do, but whatever, I'll still be out of the office.
guess who is working two split shifts and one lunch this week! that's right, me! and, though i'm wary of counting on it, the last time i worked a split i made forty and change in tips. and you know what, if i can make 80 a week in tips and 100 a month in actual pay, i'm okay with that. plus tutoring until the end of june-ish.

turbo, i empathize with the growing out thing. it's like, if only you can skip that stage where your hair would be fine if it would grow another inch or two. i have troubles making it through that, but i'm thinking i'll let my hair get longer-ish now. it's a buzzcut, but longer on top right now, which i think is a good cut to grow it out from.

msgoof, you're so cute. i love the hair. yay for diy hair!

me and my old bff are going to bring our guitars to the park tonight and write songs. how incredibly dorky is that? we've finally found our stride with our relationship now, and it's great. i also want to work with her on arranging an acapella harmonized verson of 'without mythologies' by the weakerthans. if we get our shit together we can probably play at the coffeehouse we go to on friday nights sometime before the end of the year, which would be soooooo cool.

why oh why are boys not kept in cages and only taken out when needed? why do they have to make me crazy? not that the cages thing would actually work for me; there are very few girls i am actually friends with

also, is a great way to waste time. people make pictures of scenes from movies or movie posters and you have to guess. it's evil, though, because there's no way to get it to tell you the answer if you can't figure it out. so i have a tab with google open for such cases :P
that stickscene is fun...well, fun for ex-blockbuster employees like me....but then again, i have an advantage. heheehe...thanks for the compliments!! all the other picts on there were from class and such..more will be put on, i am sure.

in the meantime, i will be needing to find cute clippys for my hair...
msgoof, I love your hair! You are a cutie pie. Those shoes-Ooh-la-la, they are hot!

tyger, glad you got some shifts. Make that dough!

Ah, diva, I must have read your post wrong about the hug.

Jenn, I feel your pain on the hair grow out. Mine is growing as well and it is really starting to drive me nuts. The most annoying thing is that it wants to flip out. My stylist says it will have that tendency til it gets to a certain length. I am trying to be patient....

I cannot tell you guys how unproductive I've been today. Eh, what can you do.
Hi all...I had a longer post written but my wireless connection keeps cutting out........grrrr!!!! We'll see if this one posts...
Hey babes!

Kitten's a datin' machine and tyg's a workin' girl!!!

Msgoof does kinda look like karianne!! I love the hair color. Cuteness!

I'm back at work today, which sucks because now I have to do meaningful(?) work instead of crafty stuff and music organization.

Speaking of that...only two cd's catsoup?! Blasphemous! Then again, I'm sort of a music freak.

And speaking of that.... Here's my latest photoshop project that I intend on use for my decoupage purse thingie. I used the pick-images from this dude's site and cropped/chopped them up into even shapes, doctored the colors to make a checkerboard pattern, and applied the healing brush to smooth out the edges. I'm proud of this one! It was actually pretty time-consuming. Hmmm...I should have surgery more often! (Thanks for humoring me) :-)

I wish I could do that StickScene thing, but I'm awful at remembering movie plots, scenes, dialogues, etc. It's kinda weird, because I have very little trouble remembering tunes and lyrics.
good afternoon all. i'm tryng to waste the next thirty minutes because i'm bored and i don't want to start any new projects now at the end of the day!

not that coming in here is a waste of time! you know what i mean...

oh, but stickscene is definitely a waste of time, and i thank you, tyger, wholeheartedly for that!!

weekend was nice. the pool party was good because the weather hung in for us. nice and sunny all day saturday. i had a few more beers than i usually drink, along with some concoction of flavored vodkas and seltzer water, which was pretty good. but all that drink and lounging in the sun (oh, and the green stuff that kept floating by, ahem) made for a pretty effed up FJ and me and mrfj had to go take a nap in the guest room of our friends place! ha! it was actually kind of fun, and we took the opportunity to scrump. hehe. then we got up and rejoined the party; they'd hardly missed us at all. we did karaoke a little bit and then the party got a little wierd and the hostess disappeared with a couple in her bedroom and another guy got drunk and inappropriate, so we called it an evening. by that time, i was completely sober, so i drove us home. the end.

yesterday was also nice. we went to dinner at mrfj's parent's place for mom's day. we bought her some butterfly plants and she ooh'd and ah'd and we ate ice cream.

i feel like i just wrote a "what i did for summer" report for school.

i'm glad i'm not the only unproductive one today. i'm just not into it. i have wanted to go home ALL day.

turbo, sorry about the seminar tomorrow, but i feel ya: at least it's NOT in the office.

i'm recruiting tomorrow and wednesday to see if i can find some new applicants. i hate doing it, but it does get me out of the office and allow me to sleep in each day. so i've got that going for me.

diva, the new car sounds rad. (i've been working to steal that word from karianne for a while and work it into my vocab!)

hi karianne! :-)

msgoof, your shoes and hair are awesome-r than i expected. dig the shoes. totally!

poodle, your design is way cool. you're so industrious! oh, and mrfj shares your need for musical organization. he has all of our music organized by artist, song, decade, genre, album, etc. you are not alone! hehe.

ummmmmmm, ok, enough time has passed. i think i can safely walk away now.
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