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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Oh, Math Baron will feel the lingering lusciousness of Minxy lips before tomorrow is done.

So exciting! You know, I bet that I could pre-make a tart crust and we could bake some (egads, I just mis-typed it as COME) apple tart at his house.

It is my sincerest hope that we will be liplocked as soon as we know that NO STAFF MEMBERS ARE TOOLING ABOUT. I wanna make out. BAAAAAD!!!
hee hee, minx, you are too funny..." Math Baron will feel the lingering lusciousness of Minxy lips before tomorrow is done." yes, yes he will. So you guys have had no smooching yet?

Diva, funny you should say that, I feel like my social life is quite boring lately.

Jenn, you have a chicago bustie meet up this weekend? fun! Oh! There is a chance I may be in Chicago on the 30-31 of December. Will you be in town?

Moxie wants an HBI baaaaaaaddd! Heehee. I hope you get it, girl!

Diva, what is the giant sick with? ~~~get better giant!~~~~~It does seem that you guys hang with his family a lot. Even if you like the fam, that can be tough sometimes. Mr K's fam is coming to town Monday. Mom, Dad, Grandmother. And staying at our house. Meaning we have to clean it.

It is not even 11AM yet. How can that be?
Kari....come play with ussssssss! We'll definitely be back in town by Dec. 30, so let us know! We'd love to meet you guys! I can't say that the ass end of december is the *best* time to see chicago - Brrrrrrr! - but all the twinkle lights downtown are gorgeous.
*snickers at the 'crusty butt plugs' line*

thats a keeper. laugh.gif

fj, your house is sooooo nice! all that hard work shows.
kari, i don't know which is house or cleaning house for family. my mom's a bit of a clean freak so maybe that one's worst. rolleyes.gif

minx'x getting lip loving....wooooo.....
moxie, i thought 'BSG' was something like 'big software gamers'....hehe....cack, cock....both are welcome in my book. mmmmmm

thanks poods for the test vibes....turns out the teacher needs to be a bit more explicit on what the test is actually covering and then maybe the whole class might get better than C's all around. honest. what was she thinking? i don't think she was. the test was 50 questions instead of the 100-nice. but it was all about the nervous and circulatory system, not the 'anatomy' that she had been saying previously.-soo not nice. but she said we can re-take the test...which i am going to do since i missed 17 answers.. bah.

we still don't know how george scratched his eye...he's an outside cat so anythings possible. but he's done with treatment as of this morning and i even did some biospot flea stuff which i know he's hating right now. oh well. he'll deal with it.

tonite we fly out to utah but was being a dickhead last nite and just goofing around playing his games instead of packing and then getting 'grumpy' when i told him to pack. if he's gonna be a stick in the mud, i'd rather leave him home. are way too stupid sometimes....

hi marileen!

mouse, good luck on the tartan. personally, 'i heart tea' would be cute in my book.
Hello babes!!

Sounds like everyone's having a good Friday so far! I have a lot less work to do than I thought earlier. Weee!!!

*runs off to do crossword puzzle*

hi good morning assholes,
busy day today can't stop drive by blahhh

minxie and mb! wooooo! crushin' vicariously here......




i wouldn't mind BOTH cock and cack. not likely to get either, though. sad.gif


i am living vicariously through all of you! minxy, you had better get some good LIP tonight!!! i'm counting on you!

diva, i almost asked you what this chocolate company was, it sounded so COOL, but then the rest of your post and finally sank into my food starved brain. um, maybe not.

SO, shrimp gut munchers!!!!! rancid, oozy bandage lickers!!! it's friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!

fj, your abode is LOVELY. just like you. smile.gif

diva, i still think i am in love with your place the most. i am a total SUCKAH for gingerbread. ummmm. gingerbread. goddamit i still do not have an OVEN!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ giant feel bettah vibeage! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

HURRAH!!! for chicago bustie meetups!!!

hey, speaking of which: did the Bustiecon ever happen???? i am so out of it.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, i've noticed that there is a bustie called taloo magoo -- is that our taloo??? anyone know???

i miss jane and lurve and sevenmile and that crazy woman who wrote the weird poetry. where ARE those people???
Hi, Tes!

I'm still trying to get through I've been on the 3rd screen for about 3 hours now. It's getting ridiculous. If Daily Candy is going to advertise some great website, shouldn't they make sure the site works? Or shouldn't the store care enough about all the traffic it's going to get to make it actually work? Anyway, the place is called CocoaBella. I'm still keeping at it, though. Strangely flavored chocolate will be mine!

Yeah, Taloo Magoo is Talullah.

What's gingerbread about my house? I love the place, too. Too bad it's just a rental. I'd think about buying it from our landlords, though. The giant and I plan to spend a nice long time there, probably until we can afford to buy a place of our own.

Have a meeting with my boss in a few minutes. At least it's nothing bad and there will be someone else there with me. Gotta go!
Good morning you....friends of Ann Coulter.

Sorry, I couldn't think of anything else. And that's the worst insult you could use against ME. So there.

karianne, yes, a fake camera, AND a sign that says parking lot under surveillance. A few years ago, we had a problem in my area of town of guys coming over here to pick up sex workers, and getting it on wherever they parked....which often happened in our parking lot!!! The landlady would go right up to their cars with a flashlight, and the guys would just shrug, in the middle of getting a blowjob, and by the time the cops got here, they'd be long gone. So, hence the fake camera and sign.

marileen, LOL...I think my cats already stalk through the jungle like mini wild cats! George is the long, sleek panther, and Carmella most resembles a powerful, feisty mountain lion, albeit one with stripes. biggrin.gif

treehugger and turbo, YES to the piccies! turbo, you should definitely launch a room-decorating project! It's a brilliant way to get ready for the hunkering-down of winter! I swear by it. Abd there are lots of ways to add colour without darkening your it right and it'll actually brighten it up!

OMG, minxie's actually restraining herself with MB. Colour me SO impressed!

~*~*~*~ vibes for moxie gettin' some HBI tonight ~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~ um, vibes for anyone else who needs some HBI tonight! ~*~*~*~

diva, what's wrong with the giant that he's going home sick? Poor creature! Where are you ordering chocolates from? Oh, nevermind, cross-posted with ya! YUMMY on the chocolate front!!

miz gb, I think that's how so many women end up doing so much stuff for their men - sometimes they act like children, whining and leaving everything till the last minute. Good for you for making him do his own packing!

Hi poodle!

Hi mouse! (What did your boss say about the ideas?)

Hi tesao! *tackles tesao and covers her in big sloppy smooches*

ETA: I'm going to go play around with metallic paint! tongue.gif
heheh ann thats an insult.

laugh.gif just called; he's mapped out where we will be parking the car and now he wants to know if we have seats next to each other. jeez....uh no...cuz you were being a dumbass about going in the first place...hahahahahaahahah. laugh.gif actually, i had no choice in the whole seating arrangement matter when i booked the tickets. looks like it will be the luck of the draw. dry.gif

doodle, he only packed his clothes by himself. i told him i'd pack his toiletries since he was actually 'stressed out' about it. odd. i swear when i met this guy, he was totally self sufficient. but then again, i got complaints from his friends about him forgetting stuff when i wasn't 'around' to keep him in check. like thats my job. grrrr....

i swear, i better get some good HBI out of this.

men....can't live with them, can't kill them. i want that for a bumper sticker. cool.gif

ok...i'm outta here...have a great weekend, busties!!!
Guess what doodlebug just discovered!? Chartreuse metallic paint!!!!! Ooooooooh...

*starts looking around doodlepad for things to paint metallic chartreuse*

miz gb, isn't it funny how it does become women's "job" to make sure men are able to move through life? STILL? And then men wonder why they are painted as incompetent in ads and TV shows....

This is another reason I never want kids. If my next partner turns out to be male, why would I want an EXTRA child to look after, when I'll already have him??
hey bitches!
poodle's insult was great! oh, i love doodle's insult too!!! that is so perfect!

happy friday!

thanks for all the nice things you all said about the house. we definitely have a LOT of work to do still, but at least we can see a difference in the house from before. turbo, i say go for it with the red walls! try with one accent wall first and see what you think. we painted our dining room a dark chocolatey-wine color and i was afraid it would make the room seem smaller, but i don't think it did.

diva, you make me want to buy some yummy chocolates! i think i'm going to buy some for the hostess of a martini party we're going to tomorrow.

i just bought myself a dress for the party a few minutes ago. it's a medium brown lace overlay with a slightly lighter brown lining, spaghetti straps (because this is FL after all). it's cute. i just hope it's not too dressy. i think it'll fit in even if people show up with jeans because it's brown. eh, whatever. i'd rather be overdressed than under.

minx, i love that you guys are taking it slow. i think that's the best. the anticiapation is going to make that first kiss like fire!! that will be sooo yummy.

moxie, i'm hoping for an hbi tonight too. mrfj was out of town for a while and then my back has been hurting the past couple days. i haven't been laid in nearly a week!!! well, ok, five days, but STILL.

ok, i love you all, but have to run. i'm gonna go scarf my pizza leftover from lunch. spinach, shrooms, onion and green olives. yummmmmmy! and i need to straighten the house. we're going to the art walk tonight and don't want to come home to a messy house.

msgb, you guys have a safe trip! karianne, have a good time too!

Ann Coulter!! BWA-HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

FJ: I like the anticipation, as well. Although my poor vibrator (which needs a new name) is taking a real beating. WHOOT!
Hi FJ! I'll bet you look gorgeous in that dress! It sounds really cute and sexay.

I agree, I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed. I think you just garner more respect that way, wherever you go. (Sure wish I knew how to impress that upon the young women when we go to places like the Legislature...*sigh*)

minx, I think you should name your vibrator "Smith."

Bongoboy played his drums till after midnight last night. Then started up again this afternoon. I talked to the landlady again, and she's trying, but since he's leaving, there's not much she can do except keep telling him to stop. I looked it up - provincial legislation requires a month's eviction notice even if tenants are creating a disturbance (except in special circumstances, like threatening behaviour). Undoubtedly he's doing it BECAUSE he's leaving, 'cause he's a self-centred dickhead, and he hates me over that whole minimotorbike thing. So if he goes into the night again, I'm just going to call the RCMP.

Got the first coat of polyurethane on the's going to look GORGEOUS!!!!!! Variegated purple metallic top and drawer knobs, and the original forest green-stained sides and drawer fronts. I'm very excited about this particular project.
Where the hell did everybody go?

In fact, where is everybody today?

Hey, did I mention that Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving? (Or as we refer to it in the Centre, "Colonizers are Pigs Day.") I forgot! Long weekend!!! Yeah, baby.

Too bad I'm so broke.
Metallic chartreuse, Doodle? I'd totally go for that. What are you going to do with it? Obnoxious colors rule - and metallic obnoxious colors rule even more!

That dress sounds really pretty, FJ. You're right, there's nothing wrong with being a little overdressed.

Doodle, you're right about how dressing up for important stuff garners you more respect. I've seen so many people who look like crap (and have the means to look better) doing very official work (like the people at my union who are supposedly always going to city council meetings and such, representing the AFL-CIO, showing up like they just rolled out of bed and slept in their clothes), but since they're students or younger or activist, they somehow think they can get away with looking like crap. I've got a lot more respect for the ones who dress like professionals.

I finally got that damn website to work, after almost 7 hours of trying! They had some big-time problems with their server or something, and when that was fixed, they still had even more problems with stuff, but it looks like it's all smoothed out now. It's still a little slow, but at least it's working.

I can't wait to go home in 10 minutes. I think the giant is getting the flu, so I want to take care of him. He won't let me get him anything, and it makes me sad. I just want to help.
ooh, i wish it was a holiday here. some people get monday off for colombus day, bankers and such. maybe minxy gets it off since she's a hot teachah.

i just tried the dress on for mrfj and he approves, hehe. tongue.gif but he agrees with me that i need new shoes to go with it. the brown heels i have are a little too business-y. i think i'll just get some cheap ones though, like usual. oh, targeeeetttt!!

ok, off to bathe and get my ass in gear for the art walk. been sipping smirnoff berry *sodas* all afternoon, so i'm slackin'. but i am gonna try to talk mrfj into splitting the bowl he's been hiding in the drawer so we can really um, appreciate the art.

smooches to all of yas!
hi ladies!

okay, i read the archives, minxie had a great night despite the hangover, doodle's all painting stuff green and shiny again tongue.gif, diva and gb gotta take care of their men, in addition to flying--what are you guys, twins? --moxie's horny, kari's going to a cool musical anniversary party, tes is hanging out with us, poodle came up with the best, grossest insult ever, fj's house is pretty and her dress is prettier, marileen's busy with wedding preparations, and turbo wants to paint her kitchen red!

i say go for it, turbo, my parents' kitchen is brick red, cream and moss green, modeled after karl larssen's paintings of his home smile.gif actually, i have some photos...bad resolution and rather old, here and here. oh and that's me and my bff about two years ago. and my dad painted the mural.

speaking of pictures, finally finished the uk stuff and per marileens request they are here. i can't say i like any of them, but my boss does, so whatever, i am DONE with it. i do kinda like the london calling one though, heh....enough of a punk reference to satisfy the boss but not enough for me to hate myself, and PLUS IT'S A PUN. i love how whenever she assigns me to do anything involving words, i always end up making bad puns. hee.

cool artwalk tomorrow, not sure what's going on tonight, super hungry! excited for a new project! i hope everyone is having a lovely afternoon and/or evening!

I quickly reviewed the archives, and was gonna post yesterday, but it was a bit prickly in here.

Tesao! My lovely, it is nice to see you. Medira. Lucky whore, color me 70 shades of jealous.

Diva, please, what was that candy site you were on? Is it somewhat reasonable? Oh, are you still loving your place? It is so cute.

Minx. Plant a juicy one on him. DO IT.

Doodle, I have been checking out the design thread in ab fad, and can I just say you are the queen. Seriously. You inspire me.

FJ, House=sooo cute.

Everyone, hello.

Let's see,update. I didn't get that job, but I didn't expect to either. There were people who interviewed that were far more experienced than me. I did have another interview today. I should find out next week if I make it to the second round.
I just refuse to settle for some crappy low paying job. No way. I am glad I have the record store to fall back on.

Oh, big news. We are buying a house!!! It is crazy. We toyed around with the idea, cause we are tired of renting, but we didn't want to get a condo (they all seem to look the same anyway.) We got pre approved, and decided to just take our sweet time finding something. On sunday we decided to go to some open houses, 7 to be exact. The very first house we looked at, we loved. The realitor said that someone came by for a 3rd showing earlier that morning, so we didn't get our hopes up. After looking at a ton of really ugly and crappy houses, we decided that we wanted to go see it again.

On Monday we went to see it again, and decided to put in an offer. The other couple put in exactly the same offer as us. The listing realitor is friends with the homeowner who got relocated to Portland. The home owner told her to pick the offer he should accept, and she really, really liked us and knew how much we loved the house. So, yeah..we had the inspection today, and it went fine.

The house is amazing! It is move in ready for the most part. The guy has been updating it for the past couple of years. It has a giant kitchen, and living room, an office, 4 bdrms, 2 baths, front porch, back porch, new garage, laundry, and an extra fridge in the basement. The freakin' master bedroom is bigger than our current living room. I am truley gobsmacked by this place.

So that is it for me.

Oh, Poods, I read some mention about you and ex resident boy getting it on, but I didn't see anything in the archives...what is going on woman!

Ergh! Bongoboy is at it AGAIN! It's so obviously deliberate. And all he's "proving" is what a small penis he has. I'm actually hoping he DOES play his stupid drums tonight, so I CAN call the RCMP. If it wouldn't mean disrupting other tenants, I would actually plant the stereo next to his wall and download some opera music to play early in the morning, loudly, when he's sleeping. (I did that once in another building, with people who partied upstairs all night....brought the stereo into the bedroom at 6:30 AM and aimed the speakers up, with opera playing at full volume.)

(Update - phoned the landlady again...she phoned him, he stopped to answer the phone, then a minute later, came right up to my wall and banged on the deepest drum really hard about a dozen times...then did it again a minute later, or maybe that was his buddy, getting his 2 cents in as well. What a childish dickhead! I mean, who the fuck does he think he is? WHERE the fuck does he think he is? If that wasn't the end of it, then I really, really, REALLY hope this goes to the extent that I can call the police, tonight. I do not want a whole long weekend of this crap.)

taloo!!! Halloooo! Good to see you! Thanks for thinking I'm what are YOU working on???

mouse, congratulations on the house! WOOT!! Very exciting, and of course, we'll want pics!!

diva, I painted a little plant pot metallic chartreuse, and it looks really cool. I'm thinking I might save it for plant pots, which would save me some cash on glazed ceramic ones (I always buy green - or indigo, but only if I can't find green).

Yeah, I get frustrated with activists who show up to important meetings or presentations dressed like slobs!! I mean, you don't have to be a thin and gorgeous looker to be taken seriously, but you're sure not going to be taken seriously if you're dressed like tomorrow is laundry day. It just makes it easier for people to dismiss what you're saying. I don't know why people don't get that, or *refuse* to admit that it's true! But I'll admit it: a blazer always gets me respect.

FJ, yeah, as soon as you described the dress, I was pretty sure Mr FJ would feel wholehearted approval! biggrin.gif

ETA: I hear bongos...they've taken them outside somewhere, probably the beach...well, I suppose that at least means they believed whatever the landlady told them about not playing inside...better outside than on the other side of my bedroom wall!
talooooooo!!! Welcome home, babe!!! So good to see you here! And a HOUSE - sounds like an amazing find! You shall have to return here often and regale us with your home decorating adventures! Everytime I see people's houses, my initial reaction is "oooh-ooh, I'd love to have a house!"....but then I remember that I really hate yardwork and struggle to keep up my 900sq ft, and then appreciate my condo more....its all good. I'd just love to have in-unit laundry...the day I have my own laundry - *that's* when I've really made it!

taloo - are you in chicago? I think I remember that.....we're getting together at the Hopleaf tomorrow at 5pm (or whenever busties arrive)...if you're interested, let us know in Midwestern Mamas!

Mouse - I think those designs are really cute - you did well with the project, and the London Calling one is indeed snazzy, even if the song is stuck in my head right now....

doodle....metallic paint sounds awesome - I *need* somma that. And lucky you for the long weekend!

have fun on the art walk fjs!!

I think I'm going to take a stroll over to the brick oven pizza place and get me a plain mushroom pie. Mmmm....its my friday night ritual, since turbomann always gets stuck late at work on fridays. stoooopid.
Ah....listen....quiet. smile.gif

For now.

I think I'm going to get the landlords a gift certificate for a nice restaurant for x-mas (they're building managers, not owners). Does that seem an odd thing to do? My mom always gave her landlords gift baskets, and I've always done something similar, but I want them to be able to do something nice - they seem to always work so hard. (And I'd feel weird just giving them a "tip.")

turbo, get thee some metallic paint, and you'll be totally inspired to decorate a room! You can totally call me for free consulting, heh!

I am very jealous of your bustie gathering, btw! I think I should organize one for the next time I'm in Vancouver.

BFF is coming over tomorrow for coffee and DIY, so I just pulled some cinnamon twist bread out of the freezer. Yummy! (I bought a magnetic knife bar from Ikea, but my drill isn't powerful enough to install it in the concrete block wall. I bought BFF masonry bits for her birthday so she could help me with this, LOL!)

Where's poodle, btw? Haven't seen her since she buzzed by first thing this morning!
Ah, your bongo-playing misanthropes, THEY DO VEX ME!! Asshats...see, I'm lucky in that respect. My downstairs neighbor is a professional floutist and I LOVE to hear her playing at night. It's sooooooo relaxing and beautiful. So, in short, I am glad you finally have some quiet, Doodle. As Depeche Mode said, "Enjoy the Silence". *ting*

Ohhh, twist bread! YUM! I should make up a pan of sticky buns and bring 'em over tomorrow.

I had a panic moment earlier this evening. With all of my bad relationship luck this last year, I was *sure* that I would get stood up tomorrow. Fuck, my ego is still a little bruised. sad.gif I saw Math Baron for a few moments after conferences, but we hadn't hammered out plans yet for tomorrow. I left a post-it note on his truck before I left school because I didn't want to be hovering over him looking like a chintzy, clingy skeeze asking him to give me a ring sometime today or tomorrow morning to work out a plan. I heard from him about an hour and a half ago JUST as I was talking myself down using logic *gasp*. He called and we talked for 90 minutes and he is completely jazzed--has three orchards picked out already WITH maps and a list of shit that they have as highlights. Get this shit--one has a cornfield labrynth, one has banjo players, and the other has something that I cannot remember, but it sounds just wickedly entertaining.

I am going to bring along my digital camcorder. Even if nothing of magnanimous proportions occurs, I will still be happy to be spending time with an essentially very cool person.


And yeah, where the fuck be Poodle, yo?
I'm here! I'm here!

I was busy drinkin' wine out of my ugly yellow/brown Fire King mug whilst listening to The Grateful Dead. Yeeeeaaaahhh....

And then I called minx to talk about weiners 'n' stuff.

"Friends of Ann Coulter" Daaaaayummm!!! "Scaley rot infested labias!!!" Holy shit! I can't compete with that stuff, yo!

Taloo Magoo!!! Nice to see you!! That's so bitchin' that you and the J-man found a house!! I must see pictures!! Where the frell have you been lady?!

Doodle! Have you confronted the bongo-pounding asshat in person?! I would freakin' strangle someone if they did that for more than one hour!! Then again, I'm an crabby asshat, so...

Not much else to report this evening. I just wanted to check in with ma ladies.

*drifts off to Jack Straw*
Um, good morning.

So I called the cops, 'cause I heard the drums, but they'd stopped playing them by the time the cop got there, and obviously put them away somewhere 'cause the cop tells me there was only a stereo, and that must have been the noise I heard, so he told them to turn it down. So now I get played as the crazy one, like I don't know the difference between bongo drums and the bass from a stereo. Hello, my brother's been a drummer since I was one. I know what live drums sound like. Bah.

Now I can't sleep. Double bah.

poods, no I didn't confront him before, because it's a separate security entrance and I didn't know which apartment number he was in till Friday morning, when I asked the landlady (so that I could report him if he went into the night again).

*stews in a grumpy, half-awake stupor*

Sorry for dumping on the thread. It's 2:45 in the morning and I'm pissed, and now apparently I'm a crank, too. mad.gif
You will never fucking BELIEVE who just called me.

Just kill me...and then tell me to look at my phone to see the number before I pick it up in a somnambulistic stupor.

Yeah, that's right. The Fabulous Disappearing Ex. Calling to apologize. On the day of my date...I should have expected no less; it happens like that with him. I should have hung up on him, but I don't wish him any ill will and I guess that I was morbidly curious. The damned scab got ripped off halfway and now I feel weird. Exposed, I guess.

I am worried about Tessie, however. There was a large explosion and fire near her casa back home and she's trying to locate Mr. Hotbuns. sad.gif I am waiting to hear from her to get some details and/or resolution. Please send her your BUSTie best energy. Poor be so far from home.

(((TESAO))) I love you, baby.
Oh, I hope every thing is okay. (((tess))).

Doodle, I know exactly how you feel, for j and I once had a bongo playing downstairs neighbor. They would have drum jams and lots of parties, where their drunk trollopy girlfriends would get lost, wander around the building, and accidentily come pounding on our door at 2 am. Not cool. Want me to come put the beat down on em? I will. I'm kickin' off my shoes and taking out my earings.

Poods, I have been a semi hermit. Really depressed. I haven't even talked to my family since I saw them when I came to mpls the last time. Sucko. But I didn't want to come on here and get all boo hooey, cause that would have made me feel worse, so I just lurked.
((((((tes & mr hotbuns)))))

They've been talking about the fire on NPR all morning...sounds like no one was killed, some went to the hospital with breathing problems from the chemicals, and 90% of the residents will be allowed home today...lets hope mr hb is among them, and everything is okay.

Minxy....I hope you listened to the delusional ex, took it for closure, and are ready to move on with MB!!! And don't let your brain sabotage this for you - you are HOT, smart, sassy, and MB would be lucky to have you, and it sounds like he knows it already! And you've got such a FUN date to look forward to tonight to boot! I highly recommend the cornstalk maze.....*sighs, remembering make-out sessions of yore in the corn maze*

taloo - we are happy to have you here anytime, in any mood - just jump on in!! And GOOD things are coming your way - your house, and a new job shall be yours...SOON!

just got off the phone with mr. hotbuns. he is okay. the kitties (mr. alexei platinovich of platina luna and ms. meg) are okay. the house is okay.

my BFF was "evacuated" from her house (1 mile from the explosion/fire site) but when she went to the shelter, there were all of these people with their pets (mostly dogs and cats, some rabbits, some ferrets) standing outside in the rain, because they wouldn't let pets in....... so BFF went back home with her maine coon and said frell it and just closed the windows tight and stayed inside with her kitty.

loads of businesses were closed down. fortunately, there was a lot of rain that dissipated the cloud of chemical doom, so people didn't die.

it is SO hard to be away from home and not know what the frell is happening.

life comes and goes in the blink of an eye; i've seen it countless times. that should be calming, but somehow it isn't.

you dudes are just the best. poodle, i love you forever.

minx, thanks for letting people know what was up.

jenn, you, too.

how can i feel so CLOSE to people that i have never MET?????

fuck me hard.

i wonder how minxy's DATE is going????

did everyone know that minx HAS A DATE?????

HI,< TALOOOOOOOOO!!! it's okay to lurk!!!

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* get that house!!!!! vibes for taloo and mr. J ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Taloo, the chocolate place is called Cocoa Bella. It's at, and hopefully the website is still working. It took me 7 hours to order a box of 36 pieces. It's not too bad, cost-wise. 36 pieces are $35, and shipping is reasonable, actually the same price for a big box as a little one. They ship with an ice pack.

Good luck with the house! That sounds like a lotta house for you guys. And good luck getting a job. You're absolutely amazing and any restaurant would be lucky to have you. Are you still doing roller derby at all?

I'm glad Mr. HB is safe and nobody got hurt in the explosion.

Cool shirts, Mouse. I like the one with the teacup.

Minx, put the ex out of your brain and just have a good time with MB. He sounds smart, cute, and is really interested in spending time with you. What could be better?

Hi, Poodle, Turbo, and Doodle! We're about to head out and do some things in a little bit since today will probably be the last jacket-free day of the year. We caught some of VH1's "Making of the Album" and it was Pink Floyd doing Dark Side of the Moon. Yay!
Hello everyone!

Is it wrong that I got up this morning, put my vacuum cleaner in the (dry) bathtub, turned it on full power, and let it run for 15 minutes? You know, directly on the other side of bongoboy's wall?

If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

Personally, I think the bathtub *needed* a good vacuuming.

Hello, minx, turbo, taloo, diva, and tesao!

tes, I hope your friend is okay.

taloo, I may have to take you up on that.

Aw, minx, what a craptastic asshat that guy is. It's good you've got closure now, but fuck him. No, no, wait! I didn't mean it like THAT! Kick him to the curb forever. That's what I meant.

diva, I hope you have fun, out and about!

turbo, what are you up to this weekend?

I think I'm going to go take a nap, while there is a brief interlude of quiet on the other side of my bedroom wall.
Doodle, I think that's *awesome* that you ran the vaccuum in the tub!

We've had a lovely day. Spent most of the afternoon in bed. That was good. wink.gif And then we went into the city to do a little window shopping before the BUSTie gathering.

And, we just got home from the gathering, which was SO much fun! We had some good belgian beers, excellent dinner, and then we walked down the street to this amazing ice cream and cupcake shop that kitten recommended, and YUM! red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. MMmmm....

And the evening is so beautiful and perfect here, with a bright moon in a clear sky, so the walk back to the train and then home was just lovely. I'm gonna take turbo out in a few, and walk by the lake, enjoying the bright reflection on the water.

Alls I gotta say is....minxy better be making out with Math Baron by now!!
Turbo, I'm postivly green with envy! The chicago BUSTIES are the closest to me...ah well. We had a pretty awesome day today, repleat with spectacular cock (delayed from yesterday vis-a-vis teething bebe), great dinner with the BFFs and a newly hung potrack. Its our small contribution to the DIY weekend. smile.gif

Now, a little desert, and off to beddy bye for me.

minxy and MB sitting in a TREE, KISSING! It WORKS, given the orchard and all. smile.gif
*cracking up at the vacuum*

but doodle, that bathtub was FILTHY!!! full of nasty DIRT and cat HAIR!! it NEEDED to be vaccumed! and cat hair is just NOTORIOUSLY hard to get up!! we ALL know that!!


wonder if we'll get any sort of a recap of yesterday's DATE!!!!!! with Math Baron from Minxy, or if she will just be too tired out.

corn maze??? i don't need to ask, it's obvious, but HOW COOL IS THAT???? i hope they got to do one! and that he held her hand on the hay ride! and that they steaks and apple crisp were delish!!

taloo, what kind of resto are you interested in working in???? i imagine you would start out as a prep chef of some sort? this is SO EXCITING!!!

moxie, i am SO SO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO envious of your day resplendent with spectacular cock. i need a day like that. sad.gif *wipes a tear from her eye*

the moon was beautiful here, too, last night, full, BIGGER than usual (how does that happen, anyone know?) and shining down on the ocean. sooooooooo powerful, so much bigger than i am.....

doodle, my BFF and her kitty are just fine. a little freaked out (the kitty) and PISSED OFF (my BFF - because of the shelter situation). but thank all the gods for the RAIN, or things could have been much more serious!

time to go do my Ball exercises!!! my things from the states finally got here, and mr. hotbuns sent me a BALL!!! i'm so psyched!!! i'll stop in again when it is a little later and maybe there will be some other people UP by then.....MWAH!!
mornin' tes!!! Good to know that you got to enjoy the same amazing moon last night! We took a long walk by the lake because it was so beautiful, and it was almost like daylight, it was so bright!

I slept in this morning (till 8am, which is rare for me), and it was so glorious - the sound of the waves outside my window, I just lazed around for awhile before taking turbo out for a long stroll. Its another gorgeous day here today!

I've got apple crisp in the oven for a little be served with vanilla soy cream. YUM.

I do hope minxy will stop in today to tell us all about her DATE!!!

Tes, I'm so glad mr hb and your BFF are okay....what a scary situation.
Good morning all...well, good afternoon....I slept till just past noon! And it was lovely. A nice quiet night for me, no bongoes! Imagine that. smile.gif

*giggles at turbo "sleeping in" till 8* tongue.gif

Lucky turbo and moxie and their HBI!!!!!

I wonder if the reason minx hasn't reported on her date is because it isn't over yet....???

tesao, also, as BFF* reminded me, it is best to vacuum when you're trying to get cobwebs off the ceiling. In fact, I might have to do that for real again. I'm glad your friend is okay. And I'm glad for the rain!! And that's something I never say.

(*BFF is who I was channelling when I decided to plunk the vacuum in the tub. She would have done that - plus added an old blender full of rocks, and maybe an electric mixer bouncing around in metal bowl.)

turbo...are you gonna share some of that apple crisp? *eyes turbo's dessert longingly*

Yesterday BFF came over, and miraculously, only one child called during her visit! We scarfed down cinnamon toast and aged cheddar and hot chocolate. Watched V for Vendetta and The Devil Wears Prada last night. I've been feeling a bit under the weather...maybe a wee flu or flu-like thingie, although I'm in complete denial about it. So I haven't done much of anything, no wall-painting or anything. I've slept a lot! I'm off shortly to spend some of my meager funds on Reactine, so I can maintain my denial by at least keeping my nose and sinuses clear. biggrin.gif I figure my body is just pissed at me and wants me to rest for a change.

Gosh, the quiet is so lovely today. The sun is glinting off the river and shining through the trees, which are slowly turning yellow and starting to show their bare branches in a few spots. I saw an eagle fishing, earlier. Lucky bird. It's salmon run season, and this year is the big one. (The sockeye come up our river every year to spawn about an hour north of here, but their number is extra-huge every four years - this year.)

And I get another day of this tomorrow, to laze around and do nothing!! I guess I do have something to give thanks for. cool.gif

Where's everyone today? What are y'all doing? I love reading about your weekends! Your descriptions are all so lovely!
Good day all.

I am feeling a bit crap today. My head hurts.

Tes, I don't know if i necesarily want to work in a restaurant. I can't make a livable wage. At my last job, I was lead line cook and I still made shit. Plus it is so hard on my body. I would come home some nights barley able to walk.
I think I am gonna look into private cheffing.

I am curious about minx's date.

J and I are going to our old neihbors house to have a bbq. I get to play with the doggies, and I am thrilled.
Hey babes!!

Thank god Mr. HB is okay and that no one was killed in that explosion. That's some scary shit.

I'm anxiously awaiting minx's date report!!

Not much goin' on today. I drove all over the damn metro area trying to find a guitar string. Geesh! Driving around this town is such a pain in the arse. How can there be bumper-to-bumper traffic on a Sunday afternoon? The construction, the accidents, the annoying drivers, the traffic congestion, the potholes....AAAAHHH!!! I'm so glad I take the bus everyday and manage to take care of my needs downtown and in my neighborhood. It's a luxury around here.

How's everyone?
*passes bowls of warm apple-raspberry crisp around the thread*

Sorry for the dessert delay....its been a lovely afternoon of enjoying the sunny day by the lake, and turbomann just had to take a cab to the airport to go to Albany for work tomorrow. Poor turbomann....he's so sick of traveling, and doing it on a sunday every week bites.

And I made a homeade pizza earlier too, so turbomann wouldn't be starving all night. It was red onion, roasted red pepper and olives for me, and turbomann had sausage on his part of the pizza. YUM.

(((((taloo's head)))) ~*~*~*~*~perfect job vibes for taloo~*~*~*~*~*~

doodle, your movie date with BFF sounds awesome!! I loved V, and I need to rent Prada. I am jealous of your day off tomorrow - enjoy!!

hi hi poodle!

I've gotta go walk the doggie, and then I think I have to venture out to targhetto - we are out of all manner of household cleaning and food wrapping devices...poodle's remarks about traffic make me really not want to go, though...I'm gonna have to think on that a bit...
Mmmmm...thanks for the crisp, turbo!!


Doodle, I love the vacuum thing! Have you heard any offensive noise yet?

I spent the last few hours cleaning my house and now my allergies are going crazy. If I don't clean, my allergies will be just as bad. At least my wood floors are nice and shiny now.

Doodle, got any ideas for keeping my next door neighbors from sitting on their balcony and chain smoking all day/night?

I know its community space and all, and I can't stop them, and they're terribly rude people to begin with, but it really bugs me that on a beautiful day, I can't open my windows without my whole house starting to smell like stale ciggies. Their balcony is 1 foot away from my bedroom windows, and I lay right against the wall, next to the window. I keep hoping maybe he'll quit, since his wife quit when she got preggers, and will be going in for a c-section tomorrow. The guy has all his buddies over tonight, and they're currently whooping it up on the balcony smoking stogies. Which, turbomann will tell you, are "breath fresheners for people who eat shit." His dad is constantly chomping on a stogie, and the stench generally makes us all queasy.

Poodle, I had the very same kind of allergy attack last weekend, when I did the major cleaning of my house too . Its no fun. I did make a cup of mint tea afterward, then saved the leaves, and dumped it in a large bowl and poured boiling water over it, to steam my face with a towel over my head....that always helps clear things out, and it makes me feel so relaxed.

And now, its time for bed. g'night ladies! *waddles off to bed with a tummy a little too full of crisp*

pray for early frost? Is it seeping through the walls to your BR? That might be something to ligitamately bring up...maybe as a property devaluation?

I think the allergies are on this UP and DOWN weather...its windy like Fall, but warm, so we have windows open. RIpe for all sorts of sneezy stuff to enter the home.

So, we had another great day yesterday. My dad watched moxette so moxiemama and I could get some errands done (moxieman was at ofc.), and the two of them had a great time. And we all had a yummy dinner together, and then at home, more cock. Well, that part was just moxieman and me...duh.

Dudes, its WAY to friggin early on a Monday (bitches...said with effort...) to be at work. I got here at 6:30 AM. Sheesh...i think its another 50 hour week ahead. Gulp.

PSSST...Happy Thanksgiving, Doodle, Tyger and the rest of our Canadian sistas! What's the traditional Cannuck fare? Turkey? Stuffin? Beer?
Mornin' ladies!!

Turbo, why don't you TALK to them?! There's no reason why they should have the convenience of a smoking balcony if it's at your expense. Just be nice about it and take care of it before you have to engage in an all out battle.

Mmmmm....mashed potatoes and bean/dried onion hotdish...yummmmmmyyyyy. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

It's Columbus Day here. Talk about a politically incorrect holiday.
Mornin' ladies! Monday was a disappointing shock when my alarm went off this morning.

Normally, I'm totally in favor of talking to the neighbors, but there's really no "talking" to these neighbors - they've done a number of more offensive things, and when one of the sweet old ladies down the hall talked to them about throwing construction debris over their balcony onto the pavement at midnight on a tuesday, it resulted in the guy screaming eff this and eff that at this poor 80 year old woman, and I had to run out onto my balcony and ask him to simmer down. He's an asshole, plain and simple. The type that once you ask him not to do something, he does it twice as much....he feels that because he OWNs his place, he can do whatever he damned well pleases. I think at this point, I'm just waiting for the cold weather, and hope that over the winter he gets tired of standing in the cold outside to smoke and quits for the health of his new baby. We shall see.

If it makes you feel any better, mox, I'm in for a 50+ hour week here myself. I ended up working for about 4 hours yesterday evening too when one of my web developers ran into issues. yuck.
Damn. That sucks. Is there someway you're association could come up with some kind of rule like "no smoking within 15 feet of the building?" That probably wouldn't stop them though.

Who does a person have to blow to find a decent Heart logo t-shirt on the web? I still have my little thing that I doctored up a while back, but I'm not quite sure how to print it on a tee without it looking crappy. Any ideas, mouse? Should I use fabric paint or ink or something? I love their old logo.
IPB Image

Ugh, I don't even want to see my boss' face this morning.
good morning all.

Yum, I want some crisp. I think I am gonna make some pumpkin bread today.

It is gorgeous outside, but I need to clean this pigsty that I like to call home. I am also gonna go through and get rid of stuff so we have less to move.
We found a great new bed on craigslist. It's kingsized, danish teakwood with floating nightstands. When j gets up I will have him send me the link so I can show y'all cause I can't find it in my search.

What do you all think of this couch?

So who has the day off for this sham of a holiday?

Okay, before you get your panties in a twist, we did not kiss and we did not do the naaaaaaa-sty.

But I had such a great time. biggrin.gif

I got out to his house at around 10:30AM and he gave me the grand tour of his house. HOLY STAR WARS PARAPHENALIA, BATGIRL!!!. I've never seen anything quite like that. It was all organized really nicely and whatnot, but WOW. And I saw the dragon room--it wasn't as obscene as he made it out to be. I think that sometimes people are wont to be apologetic about things that others won't understand...I thought that they were quite pretty..well, most of them. Some are just silly, but it's his thing and that's cool.

Then we got ready and headed out to the first orchard. We hit four in all, and it was just too fun. We saw weird banjo players, (the corn maze cost too much money in my opinion, so I vetoed the damned thing and we opted to walk by the river. It was so marvelous. Very romantic...we talked about stuff we used to do when we were kids, how much we wanted to just jump in with a rope swing and be rediculous--you know, shit like that. I had great cider doughnuts, and he kept freaking out over all of the really good preserves. He's mellow. When we finally got home (and he sings in the car!!), we started drinking some screwdrivers and hitting the "relationship" portion of the date...where you talk about everything you've either fucked up yourself, or that someone else aided you in the fucking up of. He hasn't dated in a really long time and has been hesitant to do so after his last relationship burn (it was bad, even by MY standards), and said that he has been waiting for a "woman with her own, strong and independant mind...someone who just doesn't NEED me all of the time".

Ding! Ding! Ding! Hey! Guess what?! That's ME!! tongue.gif

So, no. There was no liplocking. I am being cautious and respectful, but before I left and after we had the, "yes, we are both officially single" conversation he said that he would really like to see me again soon.

And lemme tell ya...the hugs from a man that's THAT huge are delicious. I grinned all the way home.

SQUUUUEEEEEEEE!!! cool.gif Yeah, I'm cool.
That sounds perfect, minxie!!!! Like I said during our phone convo, DON'T SCREW IT UP!! wink.gif I'm just giving you crap. He sounds awesome.

I'm hot for POODLE!!
Minxie - that sounds like the *perfect* first date!! I'm sitting here grinning, just at the wonderful description of your date! And I think its so adorable that he lovingly displays all of his collectibles, and that he sings in the car, and gives the most delicious hugs! MB sounds like a very promising candidate for the minxy partnership plan!

taloo - I think that couch is rad if you're a stylish sort of person...I'm not...I'm more interested in a couch I can flop down on and sink into, and that one would have too many sharp angles to be safe around my clumsy self.

poodle, no such luck on the smoking rules for the building...we don't even have a no smoking in common interior areas, and I started a petition to create such a rule 2 years ago, and it didn't fly. We have too many smokers in the building, and worse than that, they started a campaign to *always* smoke in the common areas there for awhile, so I'm not touching this one. Lot of immature entitled bastards live in my building, I'll tell ya. Meanwhile, I have to come and go via the back door with my dog, because its just not sanitary to walk through the front door if you have 4 paws. WTFever.
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