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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*passes lavendar bath salts out to all the Okayers, along with cups of jasmine tea* This thread needs some R &R! Geez oh Petey.

Minx, sounds like you have a very enjoyable night ahead! Nice! I think I might have some vino myself. Oh yes.

Tes, that is all so interesting, thank you for posting it. I would love to be able to see all of those things firsthand. Until then, I shall live vicariously.

Diva, very exciting that your trip is coming up! I know what you mean, planning it can be a little bit of a biatch. It'll be well worth it, I am sure.

I did some yoga at lunch and am now so relaxed I don't want to work. I guess I have to though, right? It will be a long 2 more hours if I don't anyhow.
Poodle, you so totally ROCK - I love when you come breezin' in here, and bring the common sense, yo.

I am TOTALLY looking forward to just going home this afternoon, making some homeade pizza for dinner, and just chillin' with my doggie and turbomann. Good dinner, a glass of wine, hated rice bag for my neck, and Grey's Anatomy...its gonna be GOOD.

I wanna be relaxed like Kari!

wombat....I wasn't making any assumptions about your magazines or your move....I was making what I thought was a friendly and hopeful suggestion, as someone who manages a women's library. Why do you assume I was bagging on you or making assumptions myself? I had no idea what your history was regarding that particular move - in your post, you only wrote that you had back issues of BUST, you threw them out when you moved, and it made you cry. I'm not sure what I was supposed to confer or intuit about your troubles from that, since you didn't give any further explanation. So, I made a natural suggestion that we would have loved to have back issues, and that if you had any more in the future that you were getting rid of, please consider an organization like us.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, and I really don't want to fight. But honestly, I have no idea where my post incited that heated, defensive response, and I don't think I deserved it.

Yeah, um...hi everyone.

What the hell is going on these days that people are on edge so much?
*hands doodle a warm mug of mint tea, and a currant scone*

We all OKAY now?! Can we let this all go, and get back to the regularly scheduled easy banter? WTF is going on in the lounge lately? Must be some kinda angry moon upon us or something.

*hopefully squeaks hedgehog so all can enjoy the magical grunting*

holy hangovers, batman....whats with all the psychological parenting voodoo hoodoo crapola?!!? imho, i think minx knows whats best for minxlette and i think she's doing a damn fine job. and thats OKAY by me.

*looks for some everclear to put in the hot apple cider*

now then...

yay for vacations! madeira sounds beautiful, tes! and don't forget your camera divala! the pool at the castle is one of the most photographed spots.

hi kari and wombat!

poodle, i took yesterday off too...although it wasn't as restful as hoped. George, my mom's cat, has a scratched cornea. so the lucky guy got a cone collar and eye ointment. which I, being the animal person in the family, have to put in 3 times a day until we leave tomorrow. lucky me.

yay for grunting squeaky toys! turbo's in hedghog heaven! hehe.

today i have another test (100 questions) on anatomy. i think this ones multiple choice. ACK!
Yes, ok, on with our regularly scheduled OKAY posts. I'm over it. smile.gif

Does anyone have anything stronger than tea?? I think we all need a drink! tongue.gif

I was trying to read the archives, but haven't gotten any further than where I just left I will try! But I'm also trying to do web/e-mail stats for the coalition today, as well. UGH!!!! Stats totally, totally, totally suck. And the stupid thing is, I could make them up and nobody would ever know the difference. *sigh*

I am wearing my glass leaf today, hurrah! So purdy. Ooh, shiny!

Everybody come back! Hugs!!
You are absolutely right one would ever know if you made them up! I don't have to do my monthly report this week...because....the website was lost in the explosion, and all the stats with it!! There's one benefit, I guess!

I need ms gb to come over and massage my neck. My crick has now turned into a swollen lump on the side. Thankfully, in 20min. I'll be on my way home to put some heat on it.
i think whodini pretty much summed it up:

how many of us have them
the ones we can depend on
before we go any further,
let's be friends

WTF is up with my girls! holy shit on a shingle! blink.gif

do i have to come in here and spank ALL YA'LL's BUTTS? where is minxy's spankin' machine cause my hand is gonna get tired!

i have NOT read all the archives. i might. and then again i might fuck it and feed it fish heads.

fish heads, fish heads
rolly, polly fish heads
fish heads, fish HEADS
eat them up, yum

hows that for non-sequitor, ma' bitches? wub.gif
Ooh, a massage....that would be lovely. I wish I could afford one, I'd go get one right now!

It's a gorgeous, sunny, October day. Why do I have to be trapped inside doing stats??? *whine, snivel*
fj!!!!! oh my god, that song. it brings back childhood memories. FISH HEADS!

took a fish head out to see a movie
didn't have to pay to get it in!
It's the full moon!!! It's turning everyone into asshats!!

Oh doooods, I want some hard cider. I really like drinking wine during the cold months, but I always get so bombed off of it. Beer just isn't as cozy as a "drink-alone" beverage during the fall season. I should probably just make real hot cocoa or something.

I think minx got rid of the spanking machine because of some violence issue or something.

Awww...poor George the cat. How'd he scratch his cornea? Another kitty? He's lucky to have you around.

~*~*~*~test vibes for gb~*~*~*~

Hee...I sing fish-heads to my cats a lot when I'm feeding them. I should see if I can find that video somewhere.

Yahoo! It's time to go home!!
I am drinking some kind of blue soda pop. I found cans of it in the fridge here at the centre; the young 'uns bought it for the last pot luck, I think. It's a generic brand called "blue razz blast - raspberry flavour." It's kind of yucky and wayyyy too sweet for someone who is wholly accustomed to aspartame. But I was thirsty. I don't think I'll be finishing it. (ETA: this is not the first time I've seen raspberry flavour interpreted by a manufacturer with the colour blue. Who decided that was the new standard? Since when are raspberries blue???)

Hi poods! I love yer new avatar!

I do not know what zeez "feesh 'eads" mean. I am not from your country.
I've never heard the fish heads song, either. It sounds cute, though. Maybe a little stinky.

Maybe they do raspberry flavors as blue because red is already taken by cherry and strawberry? I know there's a difference in regular red and raspberry red, but I don't know how many kids would be able to discern (or even adults, or the people who make the stuff), so blue is easier. And *all* kids like wacky colors, don't they?

I'm doing overtime now, so I suppose I should do some work.
i've seen blue raspberry stuff forever......i never understood it though, cos blue raspberry isn't an actual berry. black raspberry, yes, but not blue......and definitely not THAT blue. i think kids like stuff that turns their tongue colors--though i never did. i always liked the blue raspberry flavor, though. sourer than regular raspberry.

i am going stir crazy, my friends. i have this vague project i'm working on which is to come up with a bunch of brittania themed crap, but i'm all idea-ed out, and my boss is at the showroom today so i can't go brainstorm with her and/or get a different project to work on. so i'm sort of halfheartedly tooling around with a stupid london skyline and some tartan plaid. even though that's going to be hella hard to print (the plaid). the boss wants tartan. and "punk". and i want to die.
Okey dokey Smokies...

I am in the middle of conferences, a small break in the storm and only TWO HOURS LEFT TO GO!!!! YESSSSSHHHH! I can see the back of Math Baron's head, but that's all that I am getting. Although I did run into him in the copy room earlier and his eye perked upm and not in that "oh shit, it's that crazy bitch again" way. We might all be heading out to nordeast for drinks later and I have to ascertain if he will be joining us.
Fish Heads is a really old, weird song with a munchkin voice singing the lyrics FJ posted below. You're not really missing out.

Leave it to wikipedia to have an entry on blue-raspberry:
The blue raspberry flavor, originally derived from blue whitebark raspberry fruit juice, became an artificial designer product in the late 1950s. Blue raspberry artificial flavor first was created by Herrmann Schmidt from Chicago in 1943, when supply of fresh blue raspberries from Oregon was restricted by war transport problems. Schmidt's application for patent was not accepted. The flavor is described as somewhere between tangy and sour. It is often accompanied with blue food dye. Sometimes blue raspberries are featured on products containing blue raspberry flavoring.

I'm loving this Amy Poehler interview in BUST.

Ah yes, the Brit theme. How much creative license do you have here, mouse? Do they let you come up with new ideas or are you directed to work with the images that you mentioned below?

ETA- Ooooh...minx might get to hang out with the Math Baron! How exciting!
Ha ha! Leave it to YOU to look it up on wiki, poods! Ha ha!!! biggrin.gif

That's funny. And there ARE blue raspberries depicted on the can...and pinky-red ones, too! I'm going to pour the rest down the bathroom sink on my way out. It will look so lovely and blue against the white ceramic....

*waves also at mouse, diva, and minxie*

Ok, I get to go home now. I'm sure I'll be back on BUST very shortly, though....there are no space-time coordinate deterrants that can keep me out of the Lounge!
I'm a total Wikipedia addict.

Ladies and gents, I present Fish Heads.

I should put that on a mix CD for my nephies, if only to drive my brother crazy.
i have a limited amount of creative freedom, not necessarily to my boss but just because certain things won't sell. also, this is for peachie keen, which usually ends up in like, ross dress for less, which has a much smaller threshold of what will sell than urban or delia's does. so it has to be immediately recognizable and iconic, and not take a lot of brainpower to figure out. it is my least favorite kind of thing to do.

the london underground roundel would be cool but they have extensive copyright laws. a map of the uk is not familiar enough. i've already done a bajillion union jacks with hearts and crowns and flags and flowers and junk like that. oh also, rectangular shapes are very unflattering for t-shirt screens, so that's out. BLECH.

i think i'm just out of ideas; i know my boss would have some good suggestions but she's not here right now.

oh but hey, i have just been informed that it's the chinese moon festival today which means we get free cake. woot!
mouse....Britannia themed fabric? Like a burn out or a print?

What about just doing the outline of the varying stripes in the Union Jack, in black line, and then no colours? That would look kind of cool as a bunch of them, kinda wavy looking, laid out on brown fabric or something.

Or...hmm...let me think....I live in British Columbia, there's ex-colony crap everywhere...give me a few minutes....

hmm, i like the outline idea doodle!

actually these are for screenprints, one main image printed onto the front of a t-shirt.
Ok, here's my list, jotted quickly while wolfing down dinner!

British pound symbols
specific structures like Big Ben
brollies and/or wellies (aka umbrellas and Wellington boots) (always raining there)
big-hatted palace guards
hounds, or foxes and hounds
Sherlock Holmes
cricket bats, balls, and hoops
bowler derbies
powdered wig dudes
golf (originated in Scotland)
Winston Churchill
Queen Victoria
London mods

(ETA: I'm visualizing most of these things in black outline or black crosshatch....maybe you could get a theme going on that...?)
wow, thank you doodle!

oh and i got custody of the buttonmaker finally, so watch your mailbox, eh? tongue.gif
Oooh! Fun! Here are a few:
double-decker buses
cool red telephone booths
I have to tell you, mouse, hearing about your job makes me scared to get a "real" design job...I'm pretty lucky to have the creative freedom I have in my job...but then I'm at a disadvantage as there's no one to learn anything from around here. I suppose every job has its pros and cons.

I first heard the Fish Heads song when I was probably 7 years old, listening to Dr. Dimento on my purple boom box under the covers in my bedroom, as I was supposed to be asleep! Good times. Turbomann informs me that in the original video for Fishheads, Bill Paxton is in it. These are the little nuggets that you get living with turbomann...I dunno how he remembers this stuff!

Wow, doodle - you are chock full of design ideas!

Ooh, yes, poods! How could I forget about double-decker buses and red phone booths? And tea, and bobbies! Wouldn't the black outline or cross-hatched image of a Brit phone booth on a red t-shirt look smashing? I'd buy it!

Oh mouse, I'm very excited about my button!!

turbo....thanks, but I'm pretty sure in this case, it's 'cause I live in the ex-Empire. Hee! (ETA: and we're still a constitutional monarchy....oh don't even get me started on how I feel about that.) Who says your job is not a "real" design job? Web design is very real!

That minimotorbike dickhead is playing the bongos, I swear to god.
wow, doodle! you really are full of ideas! and poodle! i love the phone booth and double decker bus ideas! you guys are so creative in here! mouse, i am incredibly jealous of your job.

speaking of creative: i've finally got the outside pics of our little work in progress of a home uploaded:

FJ hizzouse. hope you all don't mind that i cross-posted in the decorating thread. i almost put it in the grower thread because the bulk of the improvements on the outside have been plant-related. oh, and pic #18 is my fave...

so imagine this house, with a new coat of warm buttery natural (behr's wild honey) paint and a black door with glass cut-outs and that's what we're going for. i'll post more pics when we get that far. smile.gif

working to update the inside pics as well...

i LOVE the fish heads video. the first time i saw it, i was about eleven and it was on a public access tv. i thought i was incredibly hip for having seen it. heee.

sorry i'm a bit out of the loop in the thread. i usually read all the archs, but i couldn't get through them all after being away for a full week.

but i be back... and i'm off tomorrow. and i'll have the laptop here at home, so i will be posting from bed. yay!
thanks so much for the suggestions ladies smile.gif i get to go home in a few, but i'll run some of 'em past my boss tomorrow. poodle, i actually thought of tea, like, right away! my boss gave me a list of cheesy slogans to use and one was "i (heart) the queen"...i actually asked in the british busties thread for some suggestions for things to say, and someone mentioned tea with the queen, so now the t-shirt has a teacup in place of the heart. simple, but i thought it was funny tongue.gif

turbo, i know what you mean, but it really does vary from project to project. i've done a lot of things where i had a lot of freedom, and then i've done things where i haven't. it depends on the market, too--urban and delia's are the most open to more interesting ideas, whereas, like, jc penney or ross or anchor blue aren't.

but i do feel like that's the choice i made when i decided to be a designer as opposed to an artist. i knew that i'd be working for someone else, channeling their ideas, and me, i like that better. i like having certain boundaries; if an assignment is too vague, i never come up with anything decent. but within closer parameters, i tend to come up with better ideas, if that makes sense.

anyway, i'm kind of being a thread hog! sorry ladies.

ETA: x-posted with fj! pics of your house! oh boy!!!
Aw, your house is CUTE, FJ! Are you really gonna paint it? (That's the same colour as my childhood home, so I'm a little biased.) I'm incredibly jealous of your ability to grow tropical plants out of doors!!!!

mouse, don't forget to do an old-fashioned banner that says "Rule Britannia!" or something like that! smile.gif

tea and crumpets
Agatha Christie
Miss Marple

Okay, okay.

I phoned the landlady and left a message about dickhead and his bongos. I really don't mind music during the day, but it's on the other side of my bathroom wall, and when I can hear it (and FEEL it) in the living room (with a long hallway in between!), with the bathroom door closed AND my TV going? Yeah. That's beyond the realm of what's acceptable. Anyway, she phoned me back, said she phoned him, and also told me he's moving out on the 15th....HURRAH!!! Although, I'm thinking maybe I should move my car to the Centre's parking lot until after he's gone....just in case he decides to do something completely vengeful like sugar my gas tank. He does hold me responsible for his arrest and $1,000 fine, after all.

I don't understand why some people demand to be treated like adults but refuse to act like them.

Also, a local right wing "journalist" wrote a nasty column about the centre's closing while I was away, and I read it this afternoon. Just thinking about it gives me stomach knots...and I have to think up a reply. Ugh.

I think I'm going to go do something creative. I want to paint the top of my nightstand....
yeah, mouse....I suppose I do have "clients" too...its just a little different, as its mostly internal. The projects where I have to answer to committees of volunteers are my least favorite....yeesh...the soccer moms have some horrific ideas. I think I would probably enjoy doing production work for awhile, to get better/faster....but I've been such a jack of all trades, I wonder if I'd be bored without the variety....I think I just don't know right now. And that's'll take time.

FJ, your house is SO cute. And the honey butter exterior will make your home even MORE beautiful!! And picture 18 is adorable...however, I was expecting that it would be a piccie of mr fj (who's been conspicuously absent) doing something silly or lewd!
doodle, yes, we're definitely going to paint it. it's just too dark for our taste. in fact, the color almost made us not even come look at it. but when i saw it, i just fell in love with it. all except for the color. we want something really light yet earthy. we'll probably be painting around the end of novemberish.

that's the plan at least...

we've painted almost every wall on the inside of the house. here's the foyer/staircase before and afters. i have to find some befores of the rest of the house, but it was all pretty much this dirty peachy color that's on the walls in these before pics

doodle, i'm glad the shitty nieghborboy is moving out. that's the best part of having our own home (besides the yard): we don't have to listen to the nieghbors fuck or fight (whatever they felt like doing at the time) anymore. that's the main reason we didn't buy the condo we lived in a few years ago.

oh yes, turbo, mrfj IS usually doing something lewd fer shure! hehe. but these links are being sent to the 'rents, so i gotta keep his good rep, ya know? heehee
Oh FJ, I LOVE those colours! Yes, now I can see that a blue house just doesn't work with those colours. But the interior colours are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Hee hee! It's so funny to think of being able to paint an exterior in November! If you tried that here, people would be sending the men with the white coats....

You know what? As of this month, I've lived here for 10 years (3 long-term relationships, 5 different cats, 2 different cars, 5 computers, and several changes of furniture), and this dickhead is the first neighbour I've ever had a single problem with.
Well, I guess that's the difference between art and design. With design, you're limited by the parameters of use, whether it involves marketability or functionality. I've always been a design nerd, and every so often, I wonder why the hell I didn't go into it. I spent most of my youth designing buildings, fictional cities, and landscapes. I went into architecture in college, but I dropped it because I didn't want to do curtain-wall office buildings, where the exterior is the only thing that distinguishes a building. I also took a couple graphic design classes and even flew down to visit the McDougal-Littel graphics department, but the whole thing never panned out. Maybe someday.

FJ!!! Your gardening work is spectacular!!! I love that picture of Abigail, by the way.

Daily bongos? WFT?! That's so rude!

Cute Fish Heads story, turbo! I can totally see you with a purple boom box!

Damn. I'm making chili and I think I may have added too much salt.

ETA- Cool foyer colors, too, FJ!! I'm a big fan of rich color schemes.
McDougal-Littel HQ is now 4 blocks from my current office....I keep waffling about seeking employment there. I have a few friends there, but seriously....they work ALL the time, early morning into late night, and I think that's the limit of my desire to do art....I need a life outside of work. I need something to get excited about, workwise.

Poodle, I think you still are a designer - anyone can be, right? Your avatars, your photo collages...and we all know what fine work you did with the pic of mr fj! And the table you're going to create - really brilliant stuff! ...And we'll expect to see photos of your finished piece!

FJ, your interiors are gorgeous! I wanna put some nice brick red in our house....but turboman's a little afraid. We'll see. If he goes on another long business trip, he may get a suprise. Our home isn't big, but the kitchen is a smaller square in the larger square that is our condo, so I was thinking of painting the 3 outside walls of the kitchen in the brick red....but I can't decide if it will make the space seem smaller...

But for now....I gots to go to bed. g'night ladies!!
Hey again all,

turbo, do they work all day/night by choice (like, how some people are just addicted to their jobs), or is it sort of a requirement to get the work done under deadline? Have you ever thought about going independent? Of course, I know that can be a lot of work, too, having to manage yourself like a business.

poodle, of course you are a designer.

Well, I've got the top of the nightstand and the knobs primed and with one coat of black paint. Need one more coat of black, which I'll do tonight, and then tomorrow I can play around with the metallic paints. Should have it all varnished by Sunday...maybe even Saturday!

I am celebrating my creative jeenyus with a big bowl of Turtles ice cream.

Also, I realized I don't have to move my car, 'cause there's a fake camera right above where I park...except I'm pretty well the only tenant who knows it's fake. (Same landlady who helped me steal liberate Georgie told me about the camera.) I *wondered* why nothing happened to my car after minimotorbike dude got the big fine!! I guess I forgot that everybody else thinks it's real!
pinkpoodle like my cut-n-paste crap?! That's so sweet.

Just a little bit ago, I was reading lists of 80's fads, hoping that they would give me some ideas for my coffee table, and I was reminded of the evil "stir-up pants" phenomenon!!! laugh.gif Thank god they came up with foot straps to keep those pesky stretch pants from riding up past my scrunchy socks!!

Alright kiddos, it's time for me to turn in. *gives everyone goodnight hugs*
Hi everybody!

Damn my job for keeping me from Busting at leisure lately! I'm keeping up with the archives but it has been hard to get a chance to post. I've also been really wound up and forgetful and scattered lately, so it has been hard to collect my thoughts enough to write anything. I've been very happy but feeling crazy lately - maybe it's that full moon!

JT and I've been doing lots of wedding stuff this week so that has kind of eaten up our non-work lives for the moment. Fall has become very popular for weddings now so we had lots of appointments to look at reception places before all the good dates got taken. And we did find a site and reserved a date! Our wedding is going to be on a Saturday in late September 2007 and the reception will be at the Embassy Suites in St Paul. While the ceiling is a little low in the ballroom and it is fairly conference-y, the size will be perfect and it will be pretty and fancy when we decorate it up, parking won't be an issue, and we can have an open bar for the guests while staying within our budget, which is something we really wanted to be able to do. The coordinator was also really nice and professional (unlike at some of the other places we saw) so that made me feel good about it, too. We still need to find a ceremony site, so we'll be dealing with that next week and once we have that done then things should settle down with the planning for a little bit.

Tesao, your descriptions make me want to visit Madeira!

Doodle, yay for your bad neighbor moving out! And I love the idea of an indoor garden. You'll have to post pictures of your pergola after you install it. I have this image of your apartment turning into a little jungle like in "Where the Wild Things Are" and your cats stalking through it like mini-lions.

Mouse, can you post a picture of your Brittania design after you're finished? I really like your design stories.

Poodle, you are so creative, I think you are definitely a designer at heart.

Turbo, a red kitchen sounds fantastic. I really like red in small spaces - it maybe shrinks them a little, but the richness of that color just makes them sparkle.

Diva, we flew Delta for our recent trip and I put all liquids and gels in my checked luggage and it wasn't a problem. Our luggage was delayed (first time that's ever happened to me), but got sent on the next plane there and we got it delivered to our hotel just a few hours after we got there so it was okay. I hope your trip is lots of fun. And yes, take lots of pictures!

Hi FJ! I love your house pictures and your color choices. Your kitty is so cute in that picture, too. So you and the Mr got married in Savannah? How romantic! It is a really cool city and I wish we would have had more time to spend there. I took lots of "arty" black and white pictures of the architecture and town squares and stuff and we took a very cheesy but really fun "ghost tour" around town at night in a converted hearse. I would like to go there again someday.

Hi to Minx, Karianne, Wombat, PK, Tyger, Moxie and anyone else lurking who I forgot to mention!

Turbo, I have a brick red kitchen and I love it! If you're interested I can post pictures in the Decorating thread this weekend. smile.gif
Good morning, mah bitches!!! Its FRIDAY!!!!

That would be lovely if you could post pictures, treehugger! I think I need to take some "before" piccies tomorrow morning, and post them for ya'll, 'cause I'm just scared of darkening my already dark condo - we've got all norther exposure, and balconies above us, so we get next to no natural light, and no windows in the I think I'll post piccies tomorrow in the decorating thread for all the experts to weigh in on. smile.gif

Marileen!!! So glad you stopped by in the midst of your wedding flurry! Sounds like you're getting things nailed down already - way to go! *shudders at the memory of wedding budgeting*

I think this happens to me every fall....ya'll start talking about home decorating, and I want to jump in and play too - must be the nesting instinct...but I think I want to tackle another room in the house very soon.

My little sparrow friends have come for their morning visit to sit on my windowsill...I love it when I can watch them. I have to type slowly and quietly so they don't fly away....
I had SO much fun last night!!

*is unrepentently happy that she woke up at 5AM and had the wherewithal to take ibuprofen and chug a half liter of water*

Oooh...I had a Beam evening. It's been a long time. I ran over to MB's table to ask if he was coming, and it was a "Hell yeah! Woo-hoo!" response. When he showed up at the bar, people got all excited because apparently he has never been a party to these sorts of teacher socials. smile.gif I got pretty trashed at one point and then let it mellow. We shut the fucker ex-fiance's father (my former AP and nearly father-in-law) was there and he got really drunk and started talking about me being part of the family and lalala in front of MB--several people in the school know about this interesting connection including MB, but it was interesting for him to hear it from the other side.

Dudes, I am using so much willpower, it's SICK. I still had a nice buzz and wanted to make out in the parking lot afterwards, but I kept my distance and was a good remembering that there is some merit in starting things "properly". But HOLY HELL! We are on for tomorrow!! The date is set. He has already been asking his brother about finding local orchards and talked about doing a panicked housecleaning...which, according to him includes putting away all of the Star Wars stuff and keeping me away from the dragons. Feh on that! I told him to keep the dragons out and I would show him my dragon tattoo, which horseshoes my lumbar. He just grinned and said "Sweet!"

Okay, sorry to be all Gushy-Mc-Gusherson...but HE'S SO DAMNED CUTE!

Gotta run and shower and get to the second and final portion of parent/teacher conferences! Tonight, a pamper myself evening with movies and a pumice stone. WHOOT!!


Hi marileen! Hi treehugger!

Wow, marileen, you guys are movin' right along on the wedding thing! It's insane how far in advance these things need to be planned just to get a place reserved.

I love the idea of a red kitchen. I love red in almost any room. I had a red bedroom in highschool. It took me along time to convince my mom to let me do it, but she liked it in the end. Red! Red! Red!

Yay! It's Friday! The only sucky thing is that I have a bunch of stuff that absolutely needs to be finished before tomorrow.

Hi minx and turbo!!!

OOoooh!!! How exciting, minxie!! "keeping me away the dragons" Hahaha!!

Crusty butt plugs...

*bursts out laughing and runs for the door*
Good Morning Hooches!

It is Friday! Huzzah!

Minx, it sounds like things with MB are going smashingly. How exciting! I like this fella.

FJ, I love your house!! Your before & after yard pics give me hope for my yard. It needs help. But, I think it could be pretty rad. I have started in on it, but it's gonna be a long process. That's ok.

Marileen, it does indeed sound like you & JT are moving right along on the wedding stuff. Fall has become really popular. You are right, some decorating can transform any site. That is really exciting that you've set a date!

Doodles, there is a fake camera in your parking lot? Nice! It sounds like it is serving as a deterrent.

Man I am glad it's Friday! This week has gone by quickly, but I'm just wiped out. I think a lot of it has to do with the decreasing amount of daylight. I love fall for many reasons but that is not one of them. What is everyone up to this weekend? I think I am staying in tonight, or I may go to TJ Maxx. Tomorrow I have school, tomorrow night MR K & I are going to a one year anniversary party at his friend's music venue. Sunday: House Work.

Crusty butt plugs! hehe...that's the best one in a LONG TIME!

I can't friggin wait for thsi day to be over. I generally work 4-day weeks...yet, this week, i've already (at 9:30 am) got over 40 hours. I can't flippin wait for 3pm to roll around. Its a BIG GOD DAMED Playoff game here in detroit, and my office is next-door to the stadium. Seriously, the 1st playoff game in detroit baseball since 1987. So, I'm getting the fuck outt dodge early.

OK, more coffee. Its only 11 hours and 20 minutes until BSG tonight! out there too? Super geek alert, eh?

I LOVE FJ's house! You make me want to paint my kitchen...almost. Maybe 1 wall of the kitchen, for contrast.

OK, work...gotta work...right.
My oh my...I do believe that I am tad but hungover...I was banking on the hope that they would have brought doughnuts for the staff (they usually have doughnuts and really good coffee...but NO), and there is no pastry. I am getting hungry and the next two and a half hours are staring at me like an ugly, stomach-churning episode of "Let's Revist Your Bourbon".

Bah. Forget about it.

Wow, I am totally in love with the Falljackets choice of colors for their lovepad! Sweet!

So, what is everyBUSTie up to this weekend.
Tonight, BSG and I am hoping, a big ole' HBI. I was seriously twitchy with the horny last night, but moxieman had a bad-belly attack, so no lovin. Had to be at work absurdly early again today, so no lovin. I need cock. Not cack, cock. Sigh...Then, tomorrow, taking care of moxiemama...she had some tests today that she'll need recovery time with. Seeing BFFs new tv for dinner tomorrow. I can't wait to see their dumb-ass pug with a wide-screen! Sunday, cleaning. Loads of cleaning. And maybe another HBI...gah...another reason to want the day over!
*high-five to Moxie and her need for cock, not cack, cock*

minxy- you know that a first date after lots of long phone conversations is really a third date, right?!? Here's to cack, cock and all other lovely, sinful things!!

On that note, aparently in America, we no longer believe in Jesus style. This may just be the best (read, most delusional) quote I've read all week:

"“I’m looking at the data,” said Ron Luce, who organized the meetings and founded Teen Mania, a 20-year-old youth ministry, “and we’ve become post-Christian America, like post-Christian Europe. We’ve been working as hard as we know how to work — everyone in youth ministry is working hard — but we’re losing.”"...NYT
((((((minxy's tummy and head))))) I'm not sure I'd make it through wrassling teenagers with a hangover. yikes!

moxie, it took me awhile to figure out that BSG was "Battlestar Galactica"...I'm sitting here thinking - "big sex game?" haha!

I think we'll have a good weekend here too...the weather is supposed to be lovely, and if it is, I'm going to ride the lakeshore path into the city tomorrow - I can't pass up a good day for a long ride anymore - the outdoor cycling season is slipping away fast! Turbomann is paintballing tomorrow.

And then...tomorrow night - Chicago BUSTie meetup! Yeah!

Sunday, I'm thinking I'll probably do some cleaning, and cook an early dinner before turbomann has to fly out to albany NY for work...blerg.
Hi, peeps!

FJ, your stairway looks gorgeous! I love that red with the light green. And your philodendron is beautiful, too! I can't wait to see all the plants that you've planted get really huge. Makes me want a house of my own so I can make the giant garden for me (what? his mom makes him do it all the time).

Aw, MB is into Star Wars. That's cute. The giant (thankfully) keeps his in a storage facility. He's a hardcore collector. I've got a dragon tattoo, too, though they're a part of the larger picture.

Now I want doughnuts. Must resist, since I think I'm going to have Thai for lunch, and I'd really like to treat myself to the pad thai instead of yet another stir fry.

Mouse, your job rules. I really like the idea of the union jack in outline with a graphic in front. I still like union jacks, even if they are passe.

Karianne, you always have the best going-out weekend plans. The giant and I have only ever been out to see one band, and we missed most of that bands set.

Hooray for the wedding plans, Marileen! That's so quick of you to get done! Yeah, fall's becomming really popular to get married. My parents did, grandparents, a whole bunch of people the giant knows, and several people I know have done it. And I probably will, too. I could never be a June bride.

Hi, Poodle, Moxie, and Turbo!

I'm trying to order chocolates right now off the slowest. website. known. to. man. It's taken me an hour and 20 minutes just to get 3 screens into it because it keeps timing out and I get error messages. On this site, you can design your own sampler box of all kinds of chocolates from around the world. I just hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg - after all this work I'd hate to quit on it.

No plans for the weekend yet. The giant is going home sick, so I'll take care of him some, but for all I know we're going to just stick around the house. I'd like to go out, but it's probably not going to happen. My only requirement is that we don't see family. I'm all familied out, especially with his. I see them probably 3 times as much as my own family.
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