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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I totally saw the same thing about the Pride stickers, Doodle.
mornin' ya'll!!

I can't stop imagining minxy and MB in the staff break room, shooting illicit glances at each other, trying their best to behave!! Sounds kind of fun...maybe a little hot!

Doodle, I think you should decorate in anyway that makes you happy. Last year, I helped a friend of mine turn her dinette area into a tuscan cafe - we got a little cafe table and painted it, and put an umbrella up over it, trimmed the walls with some ivy, and installed little strings of white twinkle lights! It looked really great when you had the twinkle lights on, and we've had many a cup of tea in her faux-tuscan cafe! I say go for it!!

The guest doggies go to the kennel tonight - YAY! Turbo really has been in a foul mood since their arrival, growling an awful lot, which is weird, as he tolerates all the other dogs just fine...I think he's as tired of houseguests as I am!

Doodle, I would guess that turbomama has worse nutritional deficiencies than I had when I started my healing journey, and it took 2 years of heavy supplements and homeopathics of all kinds to replace my stores, and replenish my health, but I don't think turbomama will do it...she won't do anything unless a doc tells her, and I doubt the endocrinologist will talk about micronutrients when she sees him next week. I'm pretty sure that alot of my plan would work well for turbomama, and I could get my healer to fine tune it a little, but she won't do it, and I can't think that she would spend $200 a month for the supplements she'd need to fast-track her to a better place. It makes me a little sad...I have all this experience to share, but she doesn't want any responsibility for her own health - she'd rather be told what to do.
Happy humpday, humpies!!

Ooh, Turbojenn--I did not know they could grow pineapples in the midwest! wink.gif

Although, considering where I stayed on the South Side when I was there, it might not be too far-fetched.

We stayed near a park next to what was left of the Cabrini-Green projects, and they had parrots in the trees, along with the big balls of sticks they make--to keep warm I guess! And teams of uniformed black men playing cricket. Distinct tropical influence.

I suggest you hook up these cooperative teams of dogs to a SLED once the snow settles in! How badass would that be! Put away the bicycle and be the woman who dogsleds to work in Chicago! If it's a majorly snowy season, you could even get on the news!

Doodle -- it doesn't sound so insane for me! I need a table with drop leaves, my friends have one they're willing to gift me -- then -- cross fingers for laptop and other fun stuff.

Hi minx and poodle!

Hi Msgoof and divalla! Nice to see FJ and howdy to lurkers.
Hahaha...I'm just picturing the team of greyhound sled dogs...harnessed up and ready to go...and standing there in the snow, looking glum, shivering....funny. Greyhounds don't do anything they don't want to do...they're very feline that way. Although, the new hotness in dogsledding are husky greyhound mixes - they have the stamina for cold, and are much there ya go.

Yeah, our produce newsletter this week said that this was the end of the completely locally grown boxes for the season...I wouldn't be so thrilled with repetitive boxes of apples, squash, potatoes and kale for the next 8 weeks!

Our neighborhood has alot of Afro-Carribbean folk, so we've got the tropics too - no parrots yet, though. And you can always get good mangos at the markets - we've also got some delicious Jerk take out places. yummmm.....

happy hump day!

doodle, i totally don't think it would be overboard to make a garden inside. you're almost there already tongue.gif i've actually been fantasizing lately about putting up a piece of trellis or something for ivy to climb on....i'm taking on the lease next month (i'm only a "roommate" now even tho the old tenant doesn't live here....stupid complications with canadian visas.....which also reminds me how i do want to cash in on my family citizenship, move to canada and become an ex-pat.....but i digress) and i'm going to figure out exactly what i can and can't do. i want to paint and put up shelving.

turbo i'm really jealous of your produce box. it sounds so convenient! i wonder if i could get that here. also as far as chi-town food goes, i pine for your upside down pizza (though a boston/worcester musician friend of mine wrote a song called "pizza in new england" decrying chicago style hehe) because la is really NOT known for our pizza. le sigh.

minxie minxie! minxlette is hitting boys?? oh man. i shouldn't laugh.......but i kind of really want to. at least you're not hitting math baron tongue.gif

hi wombat! *crosses fingers for laptop* how is october in boston? i can hardly type for jealous.

hi fj!!!!*runs over and gives a HUGE hug* i meeeced you.

yay for the doggie's going home, turbo..turbodog could probably use the momma-and-me only time. laugh.gif

that's good to hear doodle, since i'll be flying friday. i gotta pack...ugh..that means laundry first.
mouse, its not really a vacation...its more of a family event. which is never a 'vacation'. lol

hi wombat! hi minx!

this cold is just dragging on and on. *pops some vitamins* stupid runny nose and cough. bleh.
dog sledding? in an urban setting? that would be cool. but then again, i would probably like snowshoeing as well.

my mom's cat george has a possibly infection of his eye...which means i get to go home between work and class and try to wrestle george into a carrier. no fun. i'm so wearing a sweater--no scratches for me please!
Good morning, babes!

I have skimmed archives, feel like I have a vague idea of what is happenin' round here.

Jenn, I am so happy that your mom is doing better. Would the diagnosis you mentioned yesterday be a serious one? I don't know much about that condition.

So you survived your trip Doodles? I think an indoor tropical paradise would be wonderful. I love your apartment already, it is so cozy and vibrant.

Minx, minxlette hit the dude again? Did she get in trouble?

hi mouse, moxie, wombat, poodles. fj, ms gb & everyone else!

Hi Karianne! And where is Marileen?
Hmmm....I'm not sure about the seriousness of turbomama's diagnosis...its definitely bad if she keeps collapsing in front of her students, and can't work...but when I had it, I really worked on improving my health by alt means, and I noticed some improvement in my energy level in a couple weeks, with cleansing, and supplements, and being very careful about what I eat. Turbomama is willing to do none of that, and only takes the advice of her docs, who are unlikely to look at dietary needs and nutritional deficiencies, so I dunno. We have to go to MI later on this month, so I'll take stock of the sitch then, and bring along a load of supplements I have left over to see if she wants any of them. Its a wait and see kind of thing, I guess.

((((ms gb))))) Ugh - I'm so sorry that you're still struggling with the cold. *hands ms gb a warm mug of mulled apple cider*
(((takes the proffered cup of joy with a hearty thanks)))

mmmmm cider....yum.

so i just got the 'stylist' newsletter of events coming up...i wish i could jet set to all the shows...they sound like fun.

i have less than a 1000 hours to go! weeeee!
Hi, peeps!

Aw, Minxlette is hitting boys. One day when I was in preschool, I hit every single kid in the class. I don't remember if they sent me home or not. It was a bad day. : )

Yay for Turbomama getting some answers! I hope she does take you up on those suppliments, Turbo. She sounds like she could really use them.

Poodle, I love your idea with the spaghetti boy pic. And wow on the whole ex-RB thing. Of course you were going to have sex again. It could be worse - I went 2 years without before I met the giant.

Doodle, thanks for the info on the liquids on airplanes thing. I'm probably just going to put everything in my checked luggage to save space in my carry-on.

I wish the reply screen didn't cut off everything, 'cause now I can't remember what I was going to say.

Hi, Mouse, Wombat, Karianne, GB, and FJ!

And I see Tes is lurking!

I decided to play hookey yesterday since I was going to one day this week, and the giant wasn't going to be home until late, so I had a lot of alone time yesterday. I watched probably 12 hours worth of TV that I had taped on the DVR to clear some space on it, gave myself a facial, did some laundry, and cleaned a few things around the house. Then we had a lovely night staying home.

It looks like we can't take our trip until two weeks from tomorrow, instead of 2 weeks from today. Feh. I hate flying standby, but by doing so, we save over $900 cash. I just can't justify spending that extra money on a lousy flight. Yeah, standby sucks, but buddy passes are just about the best deal to be had.

Counting down the hours until PR tonight...

hee! yesh, divalla deville!!! i am lurkiing!!!

it is just SOOOOO daunting to see how many pages and pages (and PAGES!!!) of archives there are since the last time i posted!!

basically, i know that the universe is toying with poodley and the ex-resident boy....

that turbomama is not doing well,

that the idea of replacing that spaghetti with logos and other pop culture icons is TOO COOL,

minxlette is hitting boys again,

divalla once hit every single boy in her class in the same day,

divalla also has the cruella de ville icon that i liked the best (!)

karianne and i are vague idea about what is happening in the okay world twins,\

doodles survived her trip!!!

ms. gb has the cold that would not DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE, suckah!!

minx and the baron have to make cool while the other teachers are around

mouse has a fab new octopus icon which i should have commented on previously,

you all have me craving GOOD PIZZA which does not exist here

and i'm home sick but luckily today is a national holiday so i don't need to take a day off.

yeah. please forgive me if i didn't mention you. i'm incapable of reading all of those pages.

it is dark here. meh.

Hi, Tes! Glad to see you've got a day off and are around while everyone else is!

Correction: I hit every single kid in the class, not just the boys. I'm an equal opportunity lasher-outer.

I got the new Bust over my lunch break. I probably won't read it for 6 months (huge backlog of periodicals to get through first), but at least I've got it. It was the last one the place had.
diva: every SINGLE kid???? whoa!!!! that took ovaries, grrrrl!! sorry that you have to wait another day for your trip!!! keeeeeces!!
speaking of periodical back-up....I have a friend that just started working at Time Mag, and she just ordered me 4 subscriptions on her employee discount - eeep! My mailbox is going to be even more full now!

HI hi hi tes!!!

Wish I had more time here this afternoon, I've got deadlines looming....*dashes out of thread*
Yep, I was angry, even as a child. Maybe that's where my penchant for pro wrestling comes from.

Yeah, it sucks that we have to wait another day to go on our trip, but we would've arrived late at night, and this way, we're not losing a day of fun at all (we'd arrive around noon the next day), just a night sleeping in a bed that's not our own. It'll suck to have to get up at the asscrack of dawn to make the flight, though.

Tell us all about your trip!
I am most excited for you, Turbojenn.

And Divala!! I tend to Lurve the magazines, too. Hey, if Jim Morrisson read every magazine and carried magazines in his suitcase, it's good enough for me.

I confess I read the Amy Poehler article in Bust and then put it back on the newsstand.

I heart Amy Poehler.
Afternoon all!

Aw, minxette's in trouble again. Any chance she is acting out near/after visitations with her father, minx?

When I was in elementary school, I don't know if I was big on hitting, BUT, I used to assault children who made fun of me by grabbing them and digging into their arms with my sharp, super-strong fingernails. Sex of the child didn't matter. And of course, we all know about wee doodlebug getting kicked out of ballet classes for biting the girl in the pink leotard. Too bad she never got kicked out for being a totally mean, cruel bitch.

tesao, honestly, don't worry about catching up on the archives. Just keep bringing your hot little self in here to yak with us - we meece you!!!

turbo, that's too bad turbomama would resist alternative therapies that would obviously help. I know that dietary change can make a huge difference in endocrine disorders. I'm big on the Schwarzbein Principle b/c it's really helped with my chronic pain and fatigue issues. Maybe you could talk to the doc or the endocrinologist about it - since Dr. Schwarbein is an M.D. (and endocrinologist), maybe he would be willing to recommend her books? At least it would get her off down the road towards self-care....

Poor turbodogg! He is probably getting uptight about the guest doggies because he senses it from you. My kitties are very sensitive to the nuances of my moods.

wombat, is the drop-leaf table for your desk, or dining area? I saw a wonderful one in Victoria that is a rectangular desk-shape when the leaves are down, but when they pop up, it's a nice, big round table! Wonderful concept.

mouse, Canada's not really a very good place right now, given our newly neo-conservative political system. Women are losing their rights quicker than I ever imagined possible, and I completely see the religious right starting to overtake the political system, in a much more subtle way than what's happening in the U.S.

miz gb, hah! Your mama's cat is named George, too! I think I remember you mentioning that...

Aw, thanks for the apartment loves, karianne! (And everyone else.)

I think I might just have to go for it, in doing something overhead. I'm getting a vibe for what I could do that wouldn't look too crazy or scare my landlords too much. (Though if they don't object to all the plant hangers and the glass wall divider hanging from the ceiling, what could they say about four more hooks used to hang a pergola?)

Where'd poodle go???

Anyway, hi everyone else who is not mentioned for whatever reason...probably because you have not posted today!
a pergola, doodle? sounds kinda fun but make sure you secure it into the studs in the ceiling....

hehehe...i said studs.... laugh.gif

yes, george is the family cat...he's 'special' in his own twitchy way...kinda spaz-ish...but fun...he's got the six toes on one paw thing going for him...i swear it helps him catch bugs better....huge paws.

mmm...dried tropical fruit.....yum

diva, every kid? dang....thats a hella lot of frustration to spend.
pergola pergola PERGOLA!!!! Its so fun to say pergola! Its the kind of thing where I'd have no idea what it is, except that doodle's already been discussion her plans here. Pergola!!

Turbodoggie has good reasons not to like one of the guest doggies...he's an asshole. Plain and simple. He wants to be alpha, he countersurfs, and last night, he even attacked a dog at the was a teacup poodle that had no business being in the dog park, but still...that was really the last straw, that made me decide that they had to go to the kennel ASAP.

I just made some yummy yummy pesto for dinner tonight with some spelt pasta...YUM!

AND...the Project Runway reunion show is on tonight - its looking like a good one.

I heart Amy Poehler too, wombat...she's just brilliant. And the article was pretty good and funny, though I still think the Samantha Bee article is my favorite among recent issues. I don't read much of the mag anymore - I think I'm getting older and settled, and maybe I'm not the target market anymore...but I still buy it every time - I think of it like paying rent for the wonderful community here.

It's not like I NEVER buy Bust. I just don't want to piss my money around and get piles of magazines, so I try to really restrict my magazine mania. Like, leave it on the rack as often as possible.

When I moved, I had to throw out a pile of early Busts, the ones that still had Marcelle and even some where it was a collective, and it made me cry, but I swear I am not going to fill the new space with tons o' crap.

A lot of cool old stuff I will sell, someday. Maybe if I get a breather between jobs, I can be all about taking digital photos and having craigslist encounters.

Yes, Minxlette is a chip off the old block...humiliating men, one at a time. We are still holding out hope that she will be a ravishing princess of a softball dyke. Actually, there isn't much correlation between her hitting and outbursts and her father's house. It's mostly her sensory integration issues; she gets into hyperzoomie mode as soon as she hits a crowd of people and cannot process, or filter, everything. Complicated business at times. She has been like this since...uh, in utero. I remember mentioning to exasshat whilst preggers that with the activity I sensed (e.g., having the shit beat out of my ribcage and whatnot) that she was going to be a handful.

I peeked in on Math Baron's gamer club that he runs after school, and it was just too cute and funny for words. All of these very awkward teenaged boys. I was going to drive my babysitter home afterwards, and had her look in with me (MB didn't even look up, he was so engrossed), but she's a really good-looking girl and the boy faction kept turning around looking at her with just FERAL LUST and wonderment. I don't think she even noticed. tongue.gif

Anyhoo, tomorrow is parent/teacher conferences and FOR ONCE, it is scheduled on a night where Minxlette goes to her father's house. I am trying to snag Math Baron to see if he will teach me how to play chess (that should be good and analytical, yes?), because I have always wanted to learn how to play.

I haven't bought a BUST issue in over a year. They just don't impress me anymore. The first one I saw was with Missy Elliot on the cover, and it's just gone downhill for me from there on out. Ah well...I don't really buy any periodical, though.

*imagines Doodle biting ballerinas and sniggers*

Hi all...I'm back! The money from doodlemama arrived yesterday, so I just went out to buy groceries...hurrah! Also...please don't tell doodlemama....I bought myself a wee, tiny prezzie. I think I deserve it, after the last week or two. I popped into Michael's, just to look around, and I saw this glass pendant shaped like a wavy leaf (the green one). The pic doesn't do it justice, but it's about 1.5 inches long and so lovely. What can I say? My brain went, "Ooh! A shiny!" And it was on sale for only $5, so I actually counted out my quarters and dollar coins to buy it. biggrin.gif

Ha ha! For a minute, turbo, I thought you were saying turbodogg was an asshole! Heh.

Hey wombat, next time you have to get rid of a bunch of feminist mags, why don't you give them to a women's organization, like a women's centre? We would have loved your back issues of BUST! Anyway, just for future reference! cool.gif

Women bring us their friggin' ginormous back issue stacks of "O" magazine...we'd rather have cool stuff like BUST and Bitch!

That is what I've been doing with my copies of BUST, actually. We'll be donating our library to the university, where we hope there will be a campus women's centre in the next few years, so BUST will be in good hands.

minxette, humiliating men, one man at a time. Ah yes. Heh.

miz gb, I'm not worried about securing the pergola to the studs rolleyes.gif because I'd use special ceiling hooks. I have my plants hung up there (very heavy when wet), and also the (extremely heavy) glass frame room divider. Proper ceiling hooks have a special metal toggle thingie on the other end. I don't think they would be strong enough for bondage games ohmy.gif , but I think they can handle a bit of bamboo or lattice work! tongue.gif

Pergola, pergola, pergola!!! I can visualize it! Totally.
Hey ya'll! I'm back too! Just took the asshole doggies to the PetSmart Hotel for the next couple of weeks before they move to FL. I was skeptical, but I gotta say, that place is swank. And the kennels are really nice, and the boys have their own little room, and softie that I am, I rode to the thrift store on my way home today, and got two gigantic fluffy comforters for the boys to sleep on - $3 each - YEAH! I couldn't have greyhounds sleeping on the cold hard floor for 2 weeks - they are dogs of luxury!

And WOOT! for groceries for Doodle! And for shiny, pretty things! ...did you even need to say that you bought the green one - seems obvious to me!

I take my used BUSTs to work, and they get way more reading than the stupid People mags.

Minxy, MB sounds better and better all the time - chess - and he runs a gamer club - that is so awesome!! He sounds like quite a good egg.

Turbo and I are both happy to have our house back - and I brought him home a new grunting hedgehog, which he is now obsessively squeaking. so cute.
Hello, gals. It has been awhile, to say the least, since I posted in here mainstream and/or before imbibing. Anyhow, I thought that I would stop in and say hello. Plus, I've got some things to say.

It sounds like everyone is **busy** including Poodle. Turbo, get those puppers to their owners or at the very least, to a boarding kennel for the evening. You work too hard to be up all night -- Greyhound or not.

Doodle, you amaze me. I am in total awe, always. If I had a kick ass Auntie in Canada, it would be you!

Minx, are you sure that you want to peg Minxlette as a "chip off the old block"? While we all may have stirred up some dust in the past, as we came of age, perhaps this is something that really needs to be taken as a SERIOUS issue. Taking your body and believing that you have the ability to put it forcefully upon someone else is so not what we want young girls to think is acceptable. Maybe she is actually lashing out against these boys because she doesn't get to see her father -- enough. I don't know if you came from a broken family, and if you didn't -- do you remember what it was like to have a dual parent household? Maybe in her own little way she is trying to ensure that? All little girls love their dads, maybe she really needs more than she is getting now? I am just brainstorming this as I know that there are only so many times, these days that kids can get physically aggressive before leaving the area district becomes more than an option.

I was going to comment to all of the rest of you too, but it smells like my pizza, in the oven may be burning.

I'll check back in later.

Sunshine, that was tongue-in-cheek. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

*vomits a little*

All the chicas in the house know that Minxlette has sensory integration issues, which I believe I already stated. I am quite good at parenting my child and recognizing her issues. She has a wealth of support systems. You might re-read my first paragraph.

And fuck yeah she's a chip off the old block. I'm rather proud of her most of the time as her IQ blows most kids out of the water, and she is sensitive, and thoughtful. Sensory Intergration Disorder is wild, but I won't allow either one of us the luxury of "stinkin' thinkin'". Doesn't do anyone any good to sit and wallow; it's counter-productive.

And no, spending more time with her father is not an option...but you'd have to know the history to understand why.

ETA: In the future, when commenting about things of which you know nothing about, please be careful about assuming things. After the 18-month custody battle I went through, the last thing I want to fucking hear about is how I need to take things more seriously.
Minx, I am agast that you would vomit in your mouth over what I had to say. Whether or not you have a label to place on your daughter's behavious, I think that we will all agree that they sound to be out of line.

Perhaps, a consideration of what it feels like to be a kindergartner without your father, would let you see what she is feeling. Sure she may be a smart kid, a lot of us are, but when your behaviour isn't in check, a lot of that smart goes out the window.
Ok, just, whoa. Settle down everyone. *passes around a long pipe filled with a peace-inducing herb*

sunshine, with all due respect, I have to agree with minx. It's seems inappropriate to give another woman what amounts to a lecture on her parenting, especially if you don't know the situation and history very well.

Just to clarify, when I brought up the visitations as a possible issue, it's because minxette's father is a controlling, manipulative asshole, not because I think minxette needs to see more of him.

(ETA: also, to clarify, I came from a "broken" home, and I was always pretty happy about it becoming "broken." Actually, I always felt that breaking it is what fixed a lot of things. smile.gif)
ETA: I knew what you meant, Doodle, about the visitation stuff. Generally speaking, most of her outbursts occur during transition times. It's very much akin to kids with Asperger's.


Again, assuming. I was vomitting over what I said. Cliches make me nauseous.

Perhaps a consideration over what it is like to be a mother might be in order for you as a non-parent. Your feelings are valid, but your preachiness is out-of-line. It's so easy for people to go off on parents, especially single parents, and to run so quickly to the possibility that it is because of a lack of fathering time.

Now THAT makes me vomit.

Gee, I wonder what my child could possibly be going through? I am blithely running through this parenting trip with beer goggles on. While I'm ignoring my child in her hour of need, I might just run out and do a line of meth and whore myself out while she's asleep in bed. /sarcasm

Give me a fucking break. If you would stop proselytizing long enough to actually read what I wrote, you would notice that I know what she is going through, and if you read it you may have thought about what I said in regards to it, not just made some faulty jump in logic before you ran your mouth off in defense. Read up on sensory integration disorders, or get your master's in education, or perhaps even get to know me for more than a few random posts.

Until then, kindly bugger off. Your feedback about my parenting or child isn't welcome because it's freakishly judgemental and full of misconceptions and erroneous finger-pointing. I have a feeling that this has less to do about your compassion toward my child and more about you being right.
sunshine...This is OKAYland, and things are OKAY here...there's no bagging on other BUSTies in this thread, and I guarantee you that we will all stand behind minxy, and vouch for her, and her parenting prowess.

Minxy, you ROCK as a momma, you know it, and you're not afraid to share with us how much you rock...your understanding and ability to work *with* minxlette through all the ups and downs, and creating strategies for helping her be the best minxlette she can be....awesome in every way.

I can't even consider taking on the awesome responsibility of parenting right now, and listening to the hip mamas here on this board just reinforce that fact....ya'll are doing an amazing job, and that's a fact.

With that, I'm going to bed...see ya'll in the morning!
Ah, yes, after everything you and minxette have been through with the ex-asshat, I knew YOU knew what I meant minx! I was just clarifying for anyone else who might not be sure what I meant. I think I've gotten used to speaking "shorthand" in situations like yours, though it might be confusing to others.

Yes, I also 2nd OKAYland, we are here to support one another and have fun together.

And I also 2nd that you are a kickass momma, minxie...and well able to defend yerself, too. smile.gif And of course, being a teacher of children yerself, undoubtedly pretty aware of what goes on in a kid's brain. (Oh where were all the minxies when I was a wee student?)

Good night, turbo! Sweet dreams, with no bad doggies to keep you up!

I bought Turtles ice cream today. I think I need to eat some now!

I just sustained a gardening-related injury!

I was transplanting a palm tree and it poked me in the eye with one of its fronds!!!
((((((doodles)))))) that mean old vicious palm tree!!! how DARE it poke you in the eye!!!

jenn, *i* have that squeaking hedgehog doy toy!!! or at least i do if it is the fuzzy one, not the all plastic one!! a friend of mine gave it to me and watched to see my reaction (i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVED it!! i think hedgehogs ROCK!!!) before admitting to me that it was a dog toy. she'd cut the tag off.

i can't hear that thing making it's weird grunting noise without giggling.

yah, where IS poodley noodley????? you don't think that she is getting another HBI from the ex resident boy, do you????

doodle, did you ever finish that tray??? did you post pics??? i have a dragonfly tattooed on my ass. smile.gif

((((divalla)))))) if you want to, you can go and read my live journal

i've been making most of my travel posts public, so that family and families of friends can read them. i've posted once about madeira, and will probably post again today. or, if you prefer, i can do a cut and paste and put stuff here. (i just don't wanna hog the thread)

i'm at home again today. no holiday this time, just feeling puny. first i had diarrhea, then yesterday i couldn't keep anything down. today i'm doing bubbly and/or clear liquids and saltines and chicken broth with rice cooked in it. i'm really feeling weak, but i think that is because i haven't eaten. i'm wondering if it wasn't something that i ate that sort of set me off.....

(((((minx))))) hope that minxlette is doing better. glad to hear that her father has to attend this parent/teacher confab. maybe he will start taking some responsibility for his child, the shrimp head.

and YES!!! have the Baron teach you how to play chess! mr. hotbuns and i played chess when we were on vacation. he's better than i am, but it was FUN to play with him!!! er.....that, too! rolleyes.gif
tes- post away! I don't think it'd make you a thread hog at all!

Minxy- your bebe sounds like a gem in the rough- which is the best kind of gem. Is the PTC at your school or her school? I guess I was a bit confused if you were relieved that you didn't need to find a sitter, or that exasshat might actually attend b/c its his mini-parenting time. He IS an asshat. I hope minxlette can ease her transititions better as she gets older, and has more tools for such. Our BFF son had similar acting-out problems every time he saw his birthmom...but they've gotten better as he's gotten older and had lots of theraputic help along the way. (((minxlette))). Also, do her teachers/principals know about her disorder? If so, they should help, right?

ohhhh me, ohhhh my...benadryl head is making the screen fuzzy...i should go get some coffee to counteract. *gets up with one eye closed...stumbles to kitchen*
*rubs eyes and unclenches jaw*

Tessie, I was TOTALLY thinking about your hedgehog when Turbo was talking about it. Asshats may vex us, but HEDGEHOGS DELIGHT US SO!!! I am so sorry that you have been feeling badly. I kiss your white blood cells.

My anger last night did not make me feel good. I feel icky about it. Going to "that place" and being on the defensive was like a slap from a cold, dead fish.

Actually, tonight I have parent/teacher conferences, as well. For some confounded reason, every school in the Twin Cities has conferences on the same night, which makes it nearly impossible for me to attend. HOWEVER, I am in DAILY contact with her teacher (good and bad), so it isn't like I am ill-informed. Her father is going, and I think that's grand. Things between us have gotten extra-mellow. We even shake hands now. smile.gif Did I mention that his wife wants to go out for a drink with me?

And yeah, the teachers and CTARs team know about her issues. We had a big pow-wow the other day to set up a plan. The principal didn't listen to me when I told her on resigstration day that we would be a plan of attack for her behaviors, and now she believes me. I wish that people would understand that some folks actually know what they are talking about, but we have a behavior plan in tow and it seems to be working, actually. The boy-hitting was one incident in a week, which in the grand scheme of things rocks. A week of only one or two incidents is huge progress. She was so successful at the YWCA...I hope that we can get back to that again.

Ugh. I have to have a cyst lanced tomorrow. It's in a really inconvenient place. Think about me sitting on it ALL FRICKIN' NIGHT. EWWWWWWW!!!! The pain!

Okay, gotta run.
mornin' loves! *rubs minxy's shoulders and jaw* Sounds like an extra hot bubble bath might be just the thing after your long day today...I hope PTCs go well both for you and your students and minxlette! I love that you can go to minxlette's teachers with a well-thought out behavior plan...minxlette's teachers are lucky to have such a wise parent on their team, working with them.

Oh, YES tes - it is the very same plushie hedgehog! Its our fouorth one actually, turbo loves them bits. He was the happiest dog in the world last night to have me all to himself, and a new hedgehog to grunt all night. We actually ban the high-pitched squeakies in our house, so we have all manner of low-pitch grunting, oinking and baaaing toys - they're just a little easier on the ears. Its a plushie farmyard at our house.


That reminds me...another teacher in my discipline came running up to me in the media center (AKA the fucking LIBRARY...why are things so damned complicated these days?!). He handed me a print-out and says, "Have you ever heard of THIS?"

It was a picture of people who get off on pretending that they are animals. Furries...there is a subset of the fetish called "plushies". Folks who get off on pretending that they are stuffed animals and whatnot.

*imagines Turbo and Tesao as plushie hedgehogs snorting at each other*

Thank you for the shoulder and jaw rub, T-Momma. My dentist says that I need a dental guard for when I am sleeping because, apparently, my teeth grinding has produced REDICULOUS wear on my pearlies. I keep wondering when I will wake up with a mouth of broken teeth.

Minxlette grinds her teeth, as well. It's like that Mr. Bungle song "Carries Stress in the Jaw". A whole houseful of teeth-grindin' silliness.
I think HBO did a show last yesr on the plushies...I remember turbomann and I were kind of tipsy when we were watching it, and we found it particularly silly, and a little disturbong to see dumbo doing very lewd things. All I could think of was how much the insides of those costumes must *reek.*

Turbomann and I are both jaw clenchers when we're stressed...we don't grind, but I wake up with a stiff jaw. The jaw/facial massage is a favorite in our house.

*non-chalantly puts on hedgie costume and wanders off in search of tes, grunting*
Good morning!

jenn, I thought you meant you'd bought a real hedgehog. Did not figure it out til minx (or doodle?) said they could imagine turbo running around with it in his mouth. I'm glad you have your house back!

Doodles, I am glad you bought groceries & were able to also buy yourself a little treat. Everyone needs treats!

Hi TES!! So good to see you! ~~~get better~~~~ Sorry you are having stomach problems. sad.gif No good.

Hi Minx & Moxie! You hot mamas!

Things here are fairly good today. Officemate works from home on Thursdays. As does Mr. Talky next door. It is QUIET in here!

Mr K & the band had a show in Memphis last night, he got home about 5:15AM. The dog started going crazy, he was driving the big van, not his car & she did not like a strange vehicle coming into her driveway. Since I was already awake, I talked to Mr K for a while, then got a pre-work HBI.

Going to try to get lots of work done today!
Egads. We just had a pepfest...I had to go smoke behind the bleachers just to cleanse myself from the stench of male testosterone and football ego. tongue.gif

Where in the hell is everyone this morning?
Hi, peeps!

Minx, your girl is a lovely, strong-headed person with a brain of her own. Be proud of that. I'd much rather have a kid who got in trouble once in awhile than an overly docile kid with no backbone. They're more interesting.

Hooray for asshole dogs going to the kennel! I can't believe you'd call a dog an asshole, though, Jenn. That's pretty funny.

Doodle, I always buy myself a little sumthin'-sumthin' when I have extra cash, or even if I don't and feel like I can't have anything for myself. Little stuff like that really helps. I believe strongly in retail therapy.

Tes, go ahead and paste in what you wrote in your journal! You wouldn't be a thread hog at all, and I can't figure out LJ (not that I really care to anyway), so this is probably the only way I'd read about it, and I really want to.

Hi, Moxie and Karianne! Congrats on the HBI last night. I had one, too, just to take the giant's mind off what's bothering him.

Today is going to be a good day. My gay boyfriend is taking me out for Italian for lunch in a couple hours. If it's nice out, I might walk around the lake again (I did yesterday, and my ankles/calves still hurt like mad, but I got over it - they go numb if you ignore them for long enough). And my TV is on tonight, too. Yay for new CSI!

Speaking of which, CSI: LV had a show that featured those people who like to dress as plush animal toys and go at it. Kinda freaky, but you've gotta laugh. I love their topics sometimes.

I'm trying to finalize our plans for our trip in a couple weeks, and it's tedious. Coming back, we'll have to leave from another city (San Jose instead of Monterrey) and have a layover in Atlanta. The giant is pissed off about that, but I really don't see why. It's not like we have to walk to Atlanta. When you fly non-rev (buddy pass) and are the last to get on the plane, it's best just to be happy you get any flight at all, even if it inconveniences you by a few hours. It's way better than driving and way cheaper than paying full price for a ticket. Neither one of us has a fear of planes and we both have the next day off, so I don't see what the big deal is. But on the upside, it looks like all the tours of Hearst Castle we want to take should be open, and they cost right around what I was planning to pay.
Uh, doodle? The magazines would not have been in any CONDITION to have been hauled to a Women's Center? Thanks for the assumptions? The move was extremely difficult. I also had my first moving place fall in on me and I had two weeks to get another.

I could not just break my lease, because I don't have extra $$$$ to throw around, so I ended up having to clean 14 years worth of accumulation as well as dust and dirt, find a new place, get the papers signed, find a mover again at the last freaking minute -- a lot was involved. Don't just assume it wouldn't have occurred to me to donate things. It just wasn't possible. I had started a new job, there was a lot of trouble and uncertainty in my moving situation, which I talked about HERE, and it wasn't possible to have comported myself in a LOVELY way on every occasion.

And another thing about Busties not bagging on busties in this thread, I'll have Minx and Divala and everybody else know that I was a shy kid in school and I was the one getting punched and kicked by miniature ASSHATETTES!!!! and I do NOT think it is praiseworthy and humorous and means that they were strong and brave and had intelligence and a personality while I was "spineless and docile"!!!!!!!
It means that I was brave and strong and gutsy tomboy feminist enought to climb to the tallest tree and be great at kickball and go exploring through the woods and jump off the highest swings and get great grades and write my own stories with my own drawings when I was in second grade and read at the 9th grade reading level when I was in 5th grade and if I felt soft-voiced and intimidated when I was in school cause everyone was a year older than me and I got switched from the average class in first grade to the advanced class in second grade with whole different group of kids and had to catch up -- well , so fucking BE it!!

I did not deserve to get kicked and hit when I was a little 90 pound pretty blonde girl and I was not a wimp I was someone who had respect for others!

It's not cute and it's not funny and I can't believe you guys are siding with the bullies and bullying sunshine who called you to task for it and saying shit like spineless and docile.

Fuck that!

I like you guys and I like Minxy and believe in her, but you gotta know where to draw the line. Being violent because you have ANY head issues is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT OKAY!!

diva- how does one get on standby-buddypass lists for flying?

WOmbat, I totally understand your point. I was the shy, "smart" kid who got bullied by the insecure, bigger, stronger kids alot too. From what Minxy has written, though, I don't for a minute think she believes its "OK" for minxlette to hit or hurt anyone. She understands why minxlette does it, and is trying hard to change the behavior. I think her assessment of minxlette's strong personality is a seperate thing. I'm not sure any adult would ever think its a good thing for one kid to hit another. Minx's strength as a mom is that she isn't just randomly yelling at minxlette OR ignoring the problem. Most bullies were bullies (and I'm not saying minxlette is a bully) because their parents didn't give a rat's ass about them.
Wombat, you're projecting.

And good for you for being a pretty blonde girl. Yeah, that's bitchy, but wtf is the point of mentioning that?

Why in the hell does this all of a sudden become about other people, rife with anecdotal evidence assuring that it looks like someone is a fuck-up and that we all know it? This isn't a soapbox session where people get to chose sides--that's where people get it wrong. There isn't a side--there are facts, and it appears that you are missing them wholly.

You might empathize with the folks that she gets into it with, but who are you to say that a line has not been drawn? And what knowledge do you have of the situation? Do you know for sure that some incidences weren't provoked? Do you understand that sensory integration disorder has nothing to do with bullying, although the presentation can LOOK the same? All of the latent hurt feelings around here are distorting the fact that a DISORDER has nothing to do with the amount of RESPECT that someone has for humans. Wow. Would you like to also suggest that people with mental disorders are inherently evil?

And what might you suggest as a "line" being drawn? Would you like her taken out of classes? What are you even suggesting? People have lots of opinions, but the loudest ones never seem to have any salient, well thought-out solutions...and who in the fuck is bullying anyone in here? Good comes the parent gestapo.
where is POOOOOOODLEY??????

okies. here goes thread hogging. remember, i warned you.

first, some basics are in order (i suppose): Madeira is a volcanic island. everything, and i mean EVERYTHING is vertical. it is VERY odd to be in a tunnel going downhill, at a 6% grade incline, complete with truck warnings. oh. let me add to that. everything is vertical and winding. downright squiggly! no point in having warning, squiggly road ahead signs here! they are all squiggly!

the main “product” of the sub-tropical island is not tourism. it is agriculture. it is INTERESTING agriculture, because of the land (see above paragraph). the sides of the vertical slopes are terraced. the houses, restaurants, hotels, gardens, vineyards, are ALL on terraces, often covering more than one terraced layer. they grow bananas amongst the grapes, one terrace of grapes, one of banana trees. there is also a LOT of sugar cane. apparently, like Brasil, there were once sugar Barons in Madeira. (Portugal must have really had a sweet tooth!) what was the most interesting in terms of the sugar cane is that you have to burn the sugar cane fields. so, on most days while we were there, (if not EVERY day) there was a terrace either on fire or smoking away, covering the sky and scenting the air.

one of the most distinctive, and best (IMHO) features of the island is that in order to get water to all of these agricultural crops, the Portuguese built “levadas”. Levada means, in Portuguese, to be left behind. “E o Vento Levou” is the name of Gone with the Wind in Portuguese. same root verb. Levadas are small canals (no more than 8-12 inches wide) that are cut into the hill/mountain sides of the island, from the top to the bottom. Rain water is caught and funneled downhill by gravity to feed the villages below that need the water for farming, drinking, cooking, and everything else that you can imagine water being used for. these levadas were built centuries ago, and next to each of them is a small path that is used for maintenance. the paths are only large enough for people to walk them, with perhaps a small pack animal (although all we ever saw were goats). this makes them PERFECT for hiking, and they are one of the best touristic aspects of the island. every one is distinctly different. for the most part, they are grass covered, but the island is quite diverse in terms of micro-climates and vegetation, and each of the levadas has it’s own individual feel. what they have in common is the lovely, COLD water running down beside them, several feet deep, clear and pure. all of the levadas are still in use, and many villages depend solely on them as their source of water.

we walked three of them. there are hundreds more to see. we loved them – they were fun, they were beautiful, they were all different, and only once or twice did we actually run across other people. which is fairly amazing, given that there ARE tourists here. i think that maybe a lot of them just come to be pool slugs, but i could be mistaken.

regardless. one of the levadas had quite a long tunnel, that required a torch/flashlight. mr. hb walked in front with the torch and i walked behind him on blind faith, literally. (this meant that he got all of the cobwebs and such) even in the dark, we could hear the rush of the levada on our right.

another had a beautiful waterfall. unsurprisingly, these are common – but it was still a delightful surprise when we came upon it. we got to walk behind it. of course i wanted to play in it. i just don’t understand why everyone does not share my delight in playing in frelling COLD water on very warm days.

we need to go back, if only to take more of these levada walks. the longest one we went on was about 6 hours…..there are some that require all day and a picnic lunch. alas, i only remembered to bring the camera along once, and that was the day that mr. hotbuns left it in the car. so, we have no photos of these lovely hikes.
hi ladies!

i second what diva said about minxlette; she's gonna be a really interesting human being smile.gif

he-ey! kari got morning HBI!! woo! i think i'm going to use the pinkpoodle reverse psychology bustie magic system and openly ponder if i'll ever get laid again.

doodle, hope your eye is feeling better. stupid palm!

heh. plushies. i have a friend who is SO FREAKED OUT by them. it's really funny to tease her. man. i'm going to hell. tongue.gif

turbo, i had a dream about turbodog!! it was really weird. i mean, it may have not been specifically him but i think all the talk about greyhounds in here made me dream of one.

oh and i know pood isn't around yet, but my friends were talking about the upcoming gnr concert and i thought of youuuuuu.

x-posted with wombat! hi wombat!

i would like to remind everyone that this is the OKAY thread, where everything is OKAY. OKAY??

oh and tes, madiera sounds so beautiful. we definitely want you to hog the thread if it's all goign to be descriptions like that!
Moxie, you have to have a friend who works for an airline that still does buddy passes. Lots of them don't anymore, what with all the hooplah going on in the airline industry, but Delta still does. I wish my gay boyfriend still worked for Mesaba, because then I could have got way better flights with less weird layovers from Northwest, but I think they cancelled their buddy pass program. : (

Tes, that island sounds amazing. I'd love to see all the terraced growth, but don't know if I've got in me for one of those hikes.

Wombat, I wasn't praising violence. I was praising stong-headedness and a strong personality, which I think so many kids don't develop anymore what wtih parents always having to have perfect control over their kids at all times and not allow them to figure things out on their own. And I do believe that especially nowadays, parents can tend to shelter and over-nurture their kids to a point where they don't know how to deal with the world on their own terms, always deferring to the parent. I know lots of people like this. I never said bullies are a good thing. And kids can get in trouble for a lot more stuff than bullying other kids. I'm sorry you got beat up as a kid, but my opinion still stands.
WORD, mouse, on the reminder that everything is OKAY here, and no baggin' on each other... I think we went through this already...

tes!! OMG, your vacation sounds amazing! I'm not sure how I'd feel about driving through volcanic rock tunnels though...I get nervous anytime I have to drive through long tunnels in the mountains...of course, there's no chance of that here in chicago!

mouse, I was terrified of plushies, santa, anyone dressed up to be something else. I would scream and scream if anyone even tried to force me to see the easter bunny or santa. Those dressed up fakies just always seemed suspect to me, I guess.

That's awesome that you had a greyhound dream! I often dream of my house never being emptied of guest doggies...eep!

Hello laaaaadies!!!

I took a mental health day yesterday and slept most of the time. When I was awake, I was too lazy to go on the computer. That's all! Everything is cool in poodleland.

What the frell is up with the sudden amateur psychology in here? It's nobody's freakin' business about minxlette's relationship with her father, unless minx feels the need to talk about it. Here's a psychology question for ya: What happened during a person's childhood that they never learned how to avoid sensitive topics that they have no business talking about?

Phew.. *chills out*

Hmmm...I had a bunch of stuff to say, but now I can't concentrate due to lack of sugar.

I'll be back sexy mamas!!
*hands Poodle a Grasshopper, heavy on the likker*

Dudes, I have no students tomorrow and no daughter tonight as well.

Guess who's gonna get ripe tonight?
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