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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Noooo!!!! I thought they had all been burned in a mass ritual.
What are zubas?
Well, since you's the zubaz wikipedia entry. Oh god, how awful.

ETA- They're usually worn by middle-aged sports fans with beer guts.
My eyes!! My eyes!! laugh.gif

Seriously, though, I remember a fad for pink patterned cotton pants that tied at the waist -- in vaguely "ethnic" patterns -- pseudo african or whatever -- worn by big, wide, bouncer guys with mullets. Often worn with pink t-shirts. I mean, bright. fuschia. t-shirts.

I think it was a satorial dare. Like, "go ahead, laugh at my outfit and I'll break your face."
Yeah, the 80's had to be one of the worst fad decades ever. Everything was just totally absurd. Zubaz was a product of the 90's though, so it's clear that bad taste transcends all time and space.
Those guys who invented Zubas look just like Road Warrior Animal. See?
ahahahahah oh god......they're like bad chef pants, worn outside the kitchen! tapered!?? really???

i'm all proud of myself cos i finally decided to start tracking everything i send out on my ical instead of keeping paper copies....i get more space, i save the environment, and i can look up what i sent when quickly! weooo.

and i promise i'll shut up about urban from now on, but i just found out that some prints i did are now in stores. they are kind of boring prints, but it is still kind of cool to see (fyi the link is giving me broken images right now but if you click on the thumbnails of the prints it seems to be working).

That is cool, mouse.

cross-thread -- and I think the thing with elance is that you charge more later -- more experience more raves from clients equals more moolah and supports a higher bid on your part.

I don't quite know where I'm going -- but I got a good book, some people in former companies to talk to, an exciting phone call today from the few websites -- one a FREE hosting -- that I DID update, annnnnd I finished a logo for a company that seemed to be crying out for one. Dig this, a technology company with snazzy graphics and NO. LOGO. Even if I don't sell it to them, I might be able to impress my boss.

I redesigned their tables so they made some sense and didn't just look like words mashed into a grid.

Wow, mouse, that's cool!! Hey, feel free to talk about urban outfitters as much as you want. It's pretty interesting. I would be super proud if I were you!

Well, the boy called and he's coming over tonight. *scratches chin* He sounded okay, so that's good.
Me? In fucking ZUBAZ??!!!! Girl, you get laid and you done lost your mind. tongue.gif

In high school for our Senior Homecoming Dance, all of the men on court wore tux jackets and red and white striped ZUBAZ. I have pictures to prove it. Fucking, kill me. Kill me now. God don't like ugly.

So my DVD player blinked out on me. I think that it's an omen--MINXY!! GRADE YER DAMNED HOMEWORK!!

I saw Math Baron in the staff workroom this morning before school about odd. I mean, I have to work with the dude, so we have to keep a very professional decorum amongst "our people" so our interaction was "Good Morning, Math Baron." "Good morning, Minxy." Funny shit...a bit awkward, but still pretty fucking funny. Oh yeah, he loved that CD I made him. He was totally going off, about five times, about how much he adored the Evolutionary Control Committee song "The Fucking Moon." What's interesting: that was my litmus test to see whether or not he got my sense of humor. HE LOVED IT!

We talked about shitty prom dates...his dumped him the day after; mine left after the Grand March. It's great to have a partner in craptacular life experiences. And he wore a big yellow shirt today. It made his drippy brown curls look splenderific. wacko.gif I am going nutters. This portion of my menstrual cycle makes me want to hump my couch. Bwa-hahahahahaha!!

Dinner with ex-RB, eh Poodle? I am dying of curiousity.
Hi everyone!
I have no idea whatsoever what is going on. I just don't have time to bust like I used to. Damnable school. And insomnia. And being sick.

Midterms are this week. And next week. And in two weeks. And in another month. I swear, they all end up offset so that i'll have a midterm every week between now and the end of november. 'midterm' is such a misnomer. they're NEVER halfway through the term. and there are usually two of them. feh on higher education, specifically calculus with two variables.

stuff with the boyfriend (whose bustname shall henceforth be 'boything', for lack of a better name) is verrrrrry good. we had marathon snuggles saturday night after my math homework party with his roomate. hmmmmm. he likes to run his fingers along my back in a way that would make me purr like a motorboat if i were a cat. happy sigh.

and now i have to go be a beaver leader. but i'll be back later tonight when i should be studying/doing homework
i get to go home now right? RIGHT?

damn. not yet.
mouse, absolutely you get to go home! I hereby grant you permission. *waves magic wand*

minxy and poodle, I am LOVING your new avvies!

Poodle's gonna get dinner AND dessert - YOWwwwww!, now that takes me back....actually, I had to laugh, because at the gym tonight I was doing some weight training before spin class, and what do I see over in the freeweights section? A meathead in black and white zebra zubaz!!!! I nearly burst out laughing at the guy...oh, it was good. But then, the next thing mouse is going to tell us is how she's designing this great new animal print for men's pants!

Spin class was great tonight, I was in the zone, and then I treated myself to a long sauna, which was divine, and now I feel all loosey....I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.

And the greyhounds are all behaving nicely, so maybe I won't make their owner board them this week...we'll see how they do overnight.
oh, god, i HOPE not! i think the day that happens is the day i know i need to find a new job tongue.gif

turbo, i'll let my boss know you gave me permission.

*whine* "but, but, but, my friend from the internet waved her magic wa-and!!! what do you mean it doesn't work that way!!!?" *whine*
Hi tyg!! I remember those days well, except that my boy situations were sorta weird and crappy. Hang in there chica!!!

Heaven's no, minx!!! I didn't say that I wanted to see you in zubaz!!! I said zebra SPANDEX and then diva brought up zubaz!!! Of course, I would die laughing if I saw you in zubaz. Hey, let's have a zubaz party!!! tongue.gif

It's not "dinner" with the ex-RB, minx!!! *blushes* It's more of a "let's talk about this now before it get's really weird" evening. I even felt compelled to wear a bra tonight, even though I went for over a year of not wearing a bra around him in my apartment. Strange.

Awwww...minx...that's so cute about the Math Baron!!! "It's great to have a partner in craptacular life experiences." So true!!!

Sneak out, mouse!!!

Christ, now I'm feeling a little anxious and I'm dreading that moment of acknowledgement. Grrr...

The Bachelor just came on TV. I want to turn it, but it's so difficult. *forces hand to pick up remote*

Oops!! I totally cross-posted!!

Yes, I'm likin' minx's avatar, too!! There's just something about women with guns that I find so fucking hot...and empowering.

NO NO NO!!! NO DESSERT!!! I'm prolly gonna get the "I can't get involved in anything too serious" talk.
Poodle, I miss-read your postie. ZEBRA PRINTED SPANDEX IS SO MUCH MORE COUTH! tongue.gif

And the avatar--it's from Iron Maiden's website.

*insert screeching guitar solo*
heh, i think i managed to avoid weird and crappy boy situations by just deciding boys were too much work and therefore have made no effort in that department whatsoever. okay, lie, *I* had to kiss the damn boy because he just wasn't making a move...well, that one, in any case. it makes me very glad i have the boy, because the day after boything officially asked me out i couldn't deal with anything, and i was mad at him for liking me and for me for liking him, and actually asked the boy why he didn't give boything the memo about me being 'one of the guys' and therefore not girlfriend material. and the boy let me cry and held me and walked for, like, two hours with me, and assured me i wasn't a horrible unlikeable person and told me he loved me and that no matter where he went or what ungodly hour of the day it was i could always call him when i was crazy. i can't believe how lucky i am to have him.

oooooh, minx in spandies! whooooo!
wait, poodle, what's getting weird with bitchboy? i'm totally missing everything.
mouse, i can't get any pictures in your link to work. i take it you designed tshirts and those are pictures of them?

my mom is being infuriating. she does this thing where she won't outright say what she wants or ask what she wants to know, but dances around things. i've told her many, many times that i'm not going to get to where she's going unless she goes there first. so this morning she says she bought an extra ticket to the fall dinner at our church just in case i wanted to invite one of my friends to come along. like maybe one of them that doesn't live at home anymore. soooo i'm bringing my friend who i don't see because she's in none of my classes, and if my mom wants to meet boything she can damn well ask straight up (but then, she did meet him sixteen years ago, i figure that's good enough for the moment)

okay, studying. feh on you, calculus! FEH ON YOU!!!!!
Zubaz were the bestest. Unfortuanatly I wore them to my new school when I was 13, The style had officialy died a year ago, I just didn't know it. I can still remember walking in and no one else were wearing zubaz or anything close to the zubaz family of clothing. The next week I stocked up on wrangler jeans and flannel. I got my first pair of Converse all star shoes that same year. I even put slashes in the canvas with a razor and after a trip to the local waterpark, they frayed somethin horrible. It was awesome!!!
They woulda been a great addition to Joe Elliott's outfit in the "Pour some sugar "video. Tragically my step mother threw them out a few months later cos I ate all her Eggo waffles.
I'm stretching to find some good things...hmmmm...

Good Things Tuesday, early morning edition:

1. Moxette- she was snoozing in my arms this morning, and she smiled in her sleep. I loves me my bebe.
2. Omlette. I went out for b-fast this morning, and had the yummiest omlette- done to fluffy perfection.
3. Tyger has a boyfriend!
yeah, i got noffin else.

Poods- hope all went OK last night.

Minxy- I LOVE that new avatar! ROCK!
Mornin' lassies!!

Zubaz died a year ago?

Well, I had the "let's talk about this before it gets weird" talk with the boy and the conclusion was as I expected. He doesn't want something serious right now and he also doesn't want us to end up being fuck-buddies. I don't want to be his fuck-buddy either, so that's cool. So we decided to leave it as a one-time thing. Of course this "event" stirred up the muck a little, but it should settle pretty quickly. Things were pretty much back to normal after our talk. I don't have the mental energy to spare on a relationship right now anyway--especially with him.

It's fucking hilarious that I was wondering if I'd ever have sex again that same day! I'm such a moron.

I have to stretch for good things, too:
1. Yummy organic oatmeal for breptist
2. Clean apartment
3. The awkward post-coital conversation is overwith.
4. My cactus is having babies like crazy
5. The weather is back to normal
6. New BUST!!!
Poodle, I'm glad that you had "the talk" with xRB last night, and that you're both satisfied with the conclusion, and still feel good about your friendship - that's pretty awesome. It does seem like maybe the universe is having a little fun with you..jabbing you with the HBI as you declare your indifference to the sex-making! heh...sometimes life is just funny that way.

I'm soooo tired this morning...we had crazy storms last night, and I had three terrified greyhounds on my hands. two of the three just sit and quiver silently....but the third...oh, he screamed and cried all night....its a remarkably human sound...and ear-piercing. Didn't get much sleep, and I shall be talking with their owner about their evening accomodations today. I don't care if they live at my house during the day, but I don't see why they can't stay with her at night - she's couch surfing at a friends' house, but they have dogs too, so I don't really see why I should be tortured because they miss their momma.

Its supposed to be 83 degrees here today. weird.

Oh, I forgot to give ya'll the turbomama update. She's out of the hospital, and went to work yesterday, even. And her small town cancer doc, who's taken care of my momma for the last 15 years, and knows her history better than anyone thinks he found the issue..."adrenal fatigue syndrome." ...Which I had about 5 years ago before I started the alt. healing stuff. But it makes sense....her nervous system is overloaded from stress, exposure to germs in the classroom, plus all the meds her body has to process to keep her going...the liver and pancreas get overwhelmed, can't keep up, and it makes you *really* tired, and you don't function very well. She's on new meds, and so far, so least she's feeling better, and back to work, which is where she wants to be.
Morning! Whoo! Tyger sighting!
Seriously, Turbojenn, I don't know why you should stay up all night with someone else's freaking dog.
And they couldn't even bother to train them not to be gun-shy. Serious violation in my neck of the woods.

Glad to hear that Minxy and Poodle are doing well with their men, and that moxette and minxette are behaving!

Good things

1. Interest already, with very small effort (in job search).
2. I reread my résumé, and not only is it NOT STUPID, it made me happy. It's slammin'. That's because
3. I'm a *good writer*!
4. I have an opportunity to get paid for being a good writer.
5. I have an opportunity to do package design, and get back in the tech world.
6. My first logo for the computer company was the best, and I recreated it yesterday. I had scrapped it.
7. My friend's coming over tonight and we will end up drinking while watching Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars.
8. I am up to 90 pounds or above on just about every weight machine.
9. I have a cute, sweet guy in my life that is still muscular and thin and sees me through everything.

I still have some New Yorker articles, novels and some trendy neo-mod art and web sites inside of me. But considering my record of setting and meeting challenges, I couldn't call myself timid in any substantial way. I watched Pretty in Pink for the first time last night and think it is some vestigial barely-middle-class caution and humility. That angers me. I'm smart, brave, sociable, capable, creative and hot, goddam it.

I haven't been playing with my Flash.

but -- should hear about money/laptop soon enough

10. Know about the latest tech from The Source, which is great.
wombat...I am really in awe of your design ambition...I don't quite have it...I like design, but not enough to go home and geek out and study up, and be the best I can be...mostly its just a job for me, and I'm ok with that. I could use just a dab of your confidence and world-conquering mojo, though. wink.gif

In the dog's defense, its really nearly impossible to un-train a fear in an can re-direct the energy and distract, but you can never really get rid of the fear...and greyhounds are really pretty un-domesticated, and honestly, you can't train them to do much of anything besides chase...they just don't care. I really think last night's howling was more about missing his owner, AND the fact that we do not allow dogs to sleep in our bed, or sit on our furniture. We've watched these dogs before, but always kept them at their owner's house overnight, because of the howling issue. We'll work it out today, I'm sure.
Turbs -- your description of greyhounds makes me laugh! laugh.gif

Our older, male black lab used to hide under the bed and howl during thunderstorms. For what was supposed to be a hunting dog, that was mucho embarassing.

You have to make loud noises next to them starting when they are puppies and scold them if they jump.

But I could see greyhounds not being into that kind of thing. Would make the starting gun kind of irrelevant, wouldn't it?

Hm. I love they way greyhounds are so serious and nervous. They're like the Charlie Brown of dogs.



I run the risk of being a fatuous know-it-all today, so, sorry.

I have to go out and tell people how smart I am and how great I am, so I'm gearing up for the task. rolleyes.gif

If I can do all this without being obnoxious, that will be an accomplishment.

Greyhounds are really the cats amongst dog breeds...they come to you on their own terms, and do whatever they please...mostly, just lounging around. Really, they're pretty much the calmest dogs you'll ever meet, though you've got the serious thing right...but the greyhounds in our neighborhood have a definite storm-handicap...turbo was never afraid of storms until...his first 4th of July Season here. We live *right* on Lake Michigan, a private beach out front....and there is a TON of fireworks shot off between memorial day and the 4th of July...and really, it scares me, and it terrifies the dogs because its close-range, loud, and unpredictable. So, that's why they all shiver and quake in storms, I think.

I don't think you're obnoxious at all, wombat...I need some of your confidence so I can go out and tell everyone how great I am, and get a better job too! And I do have a pretty damn snappy resume too...I just *hate* writing cover letters. blerg.
Thanks! And you ARE great.

My boyfriend's sister hires people and she says the best trick is to just write rather conversationally and briefly and just RESPOND, in order, to what they say they want in the job ad, mention what you are strong in, what you haven't done, how you would handle that responsibility or have handled it in the past. She says most people don't really respond to the ad, they send some generic thing and that can be frustrating. Also, if they get a nice sense of your personality -- plus your response to their needs -- that will make them remember you and put you in the top five.

Rita Sue Seigel -- a very successful local ad woman -- says to research the company, and tell them how you would make them stand out among their competitors. Also, if you notice a weakness, you can address it.

Storms and gunshots are way different for dogs. Every hunting dog I've known still gets afraid during storms. Our golden retriever, Fergie, duck-hunted every year and absolutely loved it, but when a storm would come along, especially in the middle of the night, she would break the no-carpet rule and come into one of our bedrooms. It seems like all animals get a little weirded out during storms. It's something instinctive.

I'm impressed with your ambition and skillz, too, wombat!!

More good things:
1. The maple tree in front of my house is completely orangish-red, almost neon, and it's absolutely gorgeous.
2. My boss is gonna be gone all afternoon, so I don't have to listen to her talk on speaker phone all day.

So doodle, you were asking about my coffee table before. Right now, my coffee table is pathetic and falling apart, but I don't really feel like spending the money on a new, boring one from IKEA or whatever. I decided that I'm going to do a collage of pop culture/consumer images, but it will be more or a composition rather than just a collection of random images. The images will still be random, but slightly more "composed" looking. I decided that the focal point is gonna be the kid below (real pic is much larger), except I'm gonna replace the spaghetti with a stream of product logos and various consumer crap, and the rest of it will be a crazy collection of pop culture images. They have to be pretty large though, so that people can see them without having to get up really close to the table.

IPB Image

Anyway, that's why I brought up the DLR "air-splits" the other day. I was looking for a large "splits" picture for my table. If anyone steals my DLR air-splits thing then I'm gonna have to kick their ass.

I've read that you can tell an earthquake is coming because the animals start slinking around on their bellies.

I mean, the ones that aren't USUALLY belly-slinkers.

We had to just take our female dog on hunting trips. And she didn't mind the thunder either.
Happy beastie. She was like a cow, only with black fur.
good morning ladies!

poodle, i'm so glad you got stuff sorted out with the xrb. best to clear the air asap.
turbo, i hope you can convince your dogsitters owners to take their dogs at night at least--that's an awful lot to ask, especially with such a loud dog. and hurray for turbomama getting more info!
moxie had a delicious omelette! and moxette was smiling in her sleep.....i remember you mentioned something, mox, a while back about watching moxette LEARN things about her world. i'm still not sure where i stand on ever having one of my own, but the idea of a baby's brain fascinates me.

tyger, maybe your mom is trying to let you call the shots by being vague? i know it's annoying, but sometimes mothers--especially mothers with newly empty nests--need to be reassured that you don't disregard them altogether just cos you've left home. i know mine still needs to be told that YES, i want her to call me, YES i want her to visit. she still feels like she needs to give me "space" to be "independent", even though i haven't lived under her roof for six years now. it's kind of sweet actually. so maybe your mom is just trying to not be pushy and just give you a subtle "in" for introducing her to your boyfriend on your own terms.

wombat, you're so confident......the new yorker? wow. have you written for them before? my dream is to do illustrations for them.....maybe we can collaborate heh! i'd love to see some of your work, too, though i totally understand if you wanna keep that stuff separate.

my shirts at urban disappeared on the

oh okay okay, good things tuesday:
--almost cold enough to wear cozy warm orange and yellow sweater (a little itchy still but dammit, i want fall, i will suffer for my seasons! in the land that has no seasons!)
--going to go see some comedy improv thingy with the ex tonight
--not having to rush to send out anything today, just concepting
--bpal lunacy will-call announced for friday! eeee!
where is everybody?

**echo** everybody.....ody........ody..........ody much is going on..

i think i'm caught up...moxette smiling in her sleep, poodle dealing with xrb very well, imho....tyger and her boything, minx and math baron mix tape loveliness, wombats job search, mouse's trying to make a season out of a seasonless state(i'm so there with ya), turbo with the scared puppers...and turbomama finally getting a possible answer to her woes.

uh...where's fj in all this?

my car's in the shop so today i'm driving 'betty' (my first truck) who's a tank but still very cute. she's just fun to drive. hopefully i won't have to shell out too much to get my car up and on the road again.

good things tuesday:
-my cold is in the outgoing box.
-only 3 days of school this week and 4 days till i fly outta cali to see my nephews
-betty is running well enough to get me to class today if need be.
-i got some new clothes to layer for our next 'season'. bwahahahahahahah. laugh.gif
Hi mouse!! What?! Your shirts are missing? Do you want me to write them a nasty letter?

Bpal deliveries are always really exciting. I was thinking about ordering some more imps, but I have soooo many to get rid of, that I should probably just swap. I'm too lazy to do that though. I'd rather just "add to cart."

Minx! I forgot to share how cool it is that you made minxlette a mix CD with "real" songs on it. "Who are You" is a pretty hardcore song, although I vividly remember singing "Who farted" in the car as a kid. laugh.gif Still, that's one of my favorite songs. I love watching the recording of that song. It's friggin' hilarious. John Entwistle is smoking a cigarette while recording the backup vocals and Keith Moon is clapping and jumping like a little boy (dude can't sing). Anyway, I made a mix CD for my baby niece, because my sister said she didn't want her kid to grow up on Disney music. I really need to make CD's for my nephews otherwise they'll have no exposure. I told my brother that I'm gonna save his kids from a lifetime of Disney music and Toby Keith. I intend on forcing hard rock on them at a very young age. Okay, I'll shut up about music now.

(X-post) Hi gb!!! ~*~*~anti-cold virus vibes~*~*~
Good morning everyone....I just woke up at 10! Yikes! Well, I guess I will take the day off. My plane got in at 10 last night.

Yeah, it went ok. We met the entire Opposition Caucus and presented to them, which was interesting, and we did a press conference with the Opposition Leader. And also the new Critic for women's equality issues organized a meeting between us and 3 male "movers and shakers" within the Party. Getting meetings with men on women's issues is usually very hard, but our Critic just didn't take no for an answer (that's the kind of women's equality critic you need!). In the end, 2 out of the 3 men were helpful and interested - the other one was a useless tit who feigned interest (in a "hurried" kind of way), but didn't take notes and, before leaving, asked us to send it to him in an e-mail. WTF? We could have done that without travelling, thanks. Anyway, I don't know if any of it will have an impact, but it's done. I didn't see the press conference on the news, though, which does kind of make me feel like it was a big waste of a trip.

I do feel rather dirty after being in the provincial capitol. It's not only from the "filth" of politics, but also that it's such a city of privilege - very white, very wealthy. I saw a stretch SUV, for heaven's sake. I saw 2 BMW dealerships (apparently there are more), and I also saw a rather high number of Bentleys, Mercedes, and Jaguars driving around as well. And there are tons of yachts and sailboats and the like. It's very much a "British colony" type of city, even though nowadays, it's mainly 2nd generation born-here-types, who've managed to retain the colonizer attitude.

Anyway! I'm going to catch up on my reading shortly, but I think I need to eat something first!
awww, mouse, I am *so* jealous - I would love to be able to go to the bpal will call - not only for the instant gratification, but to meet my beloved labbies....I'm still awaiting a shipping notice for my 8/28 order. *pouts*

Its really too nice out today to be expected to work...I may have to sneak out a bit early.

mouse, that sucks that your shirts disappeared...turboman and I looked at them in awe yesterday, its awesome to know the person behind the design, even if its not my thang....

Ok, I gotta go get stuff done, I guess...phooey.
Good for you doodle!

Ugh, I hate those stretch SUV's and stretch Hummers. So, so awful.


Sorry, I just couldn't resist breaking out in song. tongue.gif
Yeah, mouse, I loved your burn fabrics.

Stinks the shirts were moved off, but maybe they'll be back.

I'm not at the illustration stage yet, but I'd definitely keep you in mind. I have titles, images and phrases for a couple stories. I think I can adopt their tone. But I'd have to actually write it, edit it, print it , copyright it and set it right? Um, yeah.

And, I'm sure the bpal is just one of the cool things about living in Los Angeles.

It truly seems awesome, Angeleno busties.

Welcome back, doodle. It's easy to feel that you have accomplished nothing, but more likely you are tired and "emptied out" from accomplishing a great deal.

Poodle -- Fun as always! I seriously have to work on my avatar.
hi miss gb! fight that cold! make it leave! oooh, and you're going on vacation? luckies.

wombat, you know it's just a matter of time before you get out here smile.gif rent is cheaper than boston and minimum wage is higher, la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa....... *nudges you*

i think the shirt thing is just some website glitch.
Heh, you'd have to pay me humongous bucks to move to LA. I'm crabby here , so I know I'd become a homicidal maniac down there.
'sup ladies.

i'm suuuuper busy at work today so this is just a pop in. i hope everyone is good. i haven't posted in forevers, so i still ow miss marileen a WOOT. congrats on the engagement. how'd you like savannah? yes, that is a truly romantic place (where me and my mr were married!).

ok, i know i have lots more out there to catch up on and i just don't have time. didn't want you guys to think i'd forgotten about yas!

oh, mouse, i tried to see your urban outfitter stuff. mrfj is planning to go to one in portland oregon today, so i'll have him look out for your stuff (if he can understand how i'll describe them to him...).

Hi FJ! Sorry you're so busy! Give yourself a break and come play with us.

Wow. I heard my boss' 2 office doors slam and it scared the shit outta me, so I put my ear up to the door and she was arguing with the republican about how he wants to take a few days of around the end of December. He wanted to take a couple days off a while back, but she wouldn't let him. Then she went on a 2-week trip to Greece. I can't believe that she's getting that crabby about him taking a vacation in December. Poor guy.

I'm closing my damn door.
hiiiiiiii fj!!!!!!!!!! we mish you!
whoa, that's crazy poodle...I mean, c'mon - nothing happens business-wise at the end of december anyhow. I guess I'm lucky here in that they pretty much let you take vacation whenever you want, so long as you take care of your projects before you go...

Hi hi hi FJ!!! Sorry you've been so busy busy!

Ok, I'm outta here, time to ride home! WOOT!
Yeah, she's been a freak lately. Fortunately, she just took off and she's going down to Florida for the next couple days. Phew!! The last 2 weeks have been a real pain in the ass.
I love that when the boss is out of the office it feels like a halfway vacation day - no one to come bugging me with random nice.

I just got *the best* produce box from my organic grocer - I love to be suprised by the selection, and this week has a wonderful selection...pineapple, bananas, beets, parsely, lettuce, plums, kiwis, apples and kale - YUMM!

The doggies all behaved again today while I was at work - YAY! Gotta go walk them now...thank cod they all walk together like they've been doing it forever.
Hello. I am Senora Exhausta. Soy cansada. Wheeew...

I am in a grading frenzy because I am a slacker, but fuckit...they can do their worst. I love it when students get edgy about grading. It makes 'em work a bit, I am being a total dick. Ah well, I have parent/teacher conferences on Thursday night. Then I can finish these damned grades and make googly eyes at the Math Baron. I think that the only person that knows is Smoke Fiend, and he is too polite to insinuate anything.

Cripes, I need to lay down, but I have dinner to finish making (beef stroganoff...although Turbo's fruits are making my mouth water) and a little girl who needs some momma-love. She hit another student today. Same one as the other time...I think that she likes him. Girls are weird. tongue.gif
Awwww...minxlette is hitting boys sweet! wink.gif
Hey y'all....I still need to go read the archives...I wound up spending my day off eating soup, playing with the cats, and then going back to bed!
Sounds like a perfect Good Things Tuesday, doodle!!
Heh heh, I guess so, poods!!

"I don't have the mental energy to spare on a relationship right now anyway--especially with him." Yay, poodle! *jumps up and shakes pom poms* That spaghetti-eating child is simply fiendish, btw! smile.gif

Fucking hell, it's COLD! When did THAT happen????

Ha ha, PK...when I read that Heikki kept getting "pride stickers," at first I thought, "Wow, isn't Heikki kinda young to have come out??" tongue.gif

moxie, yeah, Victoria has a pretty good university, and it's ON the Island, but it's not the entire Island, just the main city on it. The Island is called Vancouver Island. I think it's pretty expensive to live in Victoria itself, though, and of course, see my "ex-colony" post from this morning! It is very beautiful, though. Actually, there are a lot of really nice towns on the Island besides Victoria, if you're interested in a move to Canada (which I wholly support!!!!!!).

turbo, I can't believe someone would expect you to give them the keys to your house so they could come and go any time they wanted - visiting their dogs or not! UGH! I couldn't stand knowing someone could just enter my home at any time. No way! I've read some of that stuff about adrenal gland burn out, that your momma is going through...the stuff I've read says that nutrition deficiencies of certain types can affect that....does turbomama have to look into dietary issues, too?

Oh speaking of keys, apparently BFF has lost my spare keys, and couldn't get in to check on the cats while I was away. GRR. Wish I'd known she couldn't find them beforehand, but anyway, I left them tons of extra food, so they were just lonesome. (George came running to the door when I came home - he's been very clingy since!)

Oh turbo - when I was in Victoria, my friend and I were looking in shops, and I saw the most beautiful lifesized sculpture of a made me think of you and turbodogg!!

mouse - no, they didn't take my mascara! And I didn't put it in with my liquids, either, though I did put my foundation and concealer in there.

diva, yep, my liquids made it through, in my teeny little plastic zip bag. I wound up borrowing hair styling product from my friend in Victoria, which didn't work as well as the one I had to give up, but I did get the conditioner in instead, so it was a trade off.

It is pretty dumb, isn't it? And the woman at security check-in made a comment about how great it was now that they had relaxed the regulations!!! But yeah, diva, you can put any (legal) liquids you want in your checked baggage. It's that they don't want you mixing up explosives inside the airplane cabin.

I am very excited about the prospects between minxie and the MB.

HI miz gb, wombat, tyger, FJs, and anyone who is lurking about!

Sooooo.....I came back from Victoria (city of gardens) thinking I need to go all out in making my living room into an indoor tropical own personal atrium. Since I'm about halfway there now anyway. I am trying to figure out if I can put up a funky sun umbrella, or a canopy, or doing something gardenesque overhead.....and I'm actually seriously thinking suspending a rectangular piece of lattice trellis would work, something pergola-esque. So what do y'all think, would that be crossing a line towards decorating insanity?
I'm still imagining doodle attacking the flight attendants with foundation!!
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