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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good morning all!

I dunno why, but Georgie was really anxious that I should wake up this morning. So even though I went to bed at 3, he started trying to wake me up at 8:30, and I finally got up at 10:00. Huh.

Good morning, jenn! That's amazing you two got together so young and are still together....that's pretty rare these days, so congratulations! You can be the role models for all of us who mess up our relationships. smile.gif

I've never done paintballing, but I was a big fan of laser tag at one point....and I won a lot. My game name was Artemis. Heh heh.

I've got the beef chuck cut up and brewing in the slow cooker, in some red wine and some italian dressing...yes, salad dressing. It's my secret ingredient in my meatloaf, and since I discovered I was out of Oxo cubes, I needed some kind of flavourful liquid in the cooker, so.....!

Today I have to do laundry, finish varnishing the tray, and organize my notes/pack for tomorrow. And play with the kitties a lot, 'cause I won't see them for pretty much 2 days.

ETA: ooh, I put some Pat Benatar in my playlist, and I'm just listening for the first time....does that ever take me back!
Where are y'all? Hope yer having fun.

I'm posting in between laundry loads....
Wowza....I am living in dysfunction central this weekend. I've got my drunk neighbor that we had to help yesterday...and now this afternoon the crazies next door are fighting with one of the board members over "rules" and F-You this and F-you that...over the fact that they've chained their bikes up in their parking spot - who cares???

Personally, I find their house music at 2am vibrating my bed, and most of all their chainsmoking on the balcony so that I can never have my windows open, far more offensive. But their behavior is always just SO rude. Really, I'd just ask them to show me the rule that says you cannot store bikes in your carport...because there isn't one. I'd never keep *my* bikes down there because they'd get stolen...we have car break-ins all the time. I wouldn't risk my bike, which is why it lives in my apartment.

Doodle, I'm sorry Georgie ruined your sleep...I hate that when it happens, especially on a weekend! Your slow cooker dinner sounds yummy!

I finished my butternut soup this afternoon, and its the best soup I've made in a very long time, I think. And the squash at the market were HUGE - about 5lb a piece, so I've got a lot of soup stored up in the freezer - yeah!

Laundry.....yeah, I should do somma that, but I'm not gonna!
Oh turbo, how yucky to have your nice, peaceful weekend at home mucked up by that stuff. I don't understand why some folks find it so hard to live amongst others in apartments and condos! Like my mini-motorbike/4AM music dude. Don't you just want to walk up to them and go, "Hey! You're not the centre of the universe! Lay off the crack!"? I do. dry.gif

Have you seen the passed-out guy since all that happened?

I am eating my slow-cooker dinner right now, served over basmati rice, and with a salad with raspberry walnut dressing. YUM.

One more coat of polyurethane, and I believe the tray is done. Did lots of laundry. Also, changed from the lilac sheets to the dark purple ones. Not very exciting, but I haven't used the dark ones at all yet, so it's like having brand new sheets! I'm looking forward to bed already, too - darn that cat! I'm very tired, and starting to have anxiety about going to the Legislature. Too bad I've got to stay up till at least 9:30, 'cause that's the soonest I can do the last coat on the tray.

I wonder what all the other Okayers are up to today? Nobody else has been around at all!
Oooh, Doodle, I love new sheets. You'll have to post pictures of that tray when you are finished, too. It sounds really neat. I always like reading about your projects. And oh, Pat Benatar! "Hit me with your best shot" was my absolute favorite song when I was in elementary school. I was heartbroken when our dog stepped on my record single of it and broke it! I would have to say my favorite Pat Benatar songs now are "Love is a Battlefield" and "We Belong". Cheesy but good.

Misbehaving neighbors are the worst. I'm sorry your building has turned into Jerry Springer central lately Jenn! Hopefully with winter coming they'll all quiet down (literally) and behave soon. Wow, you and Turbomann have been together for a really long time! That is so great that you have such a good relationship and are so accepting of each other. You have a keeper.

I just found a free movie pass that expires tomorrow so I'm gonna leave to go to the movies all by myself tonight in a little bit! I think I'm going to go see The Black Dahlia. JT is sick as a dog right now and has no interest in seeing it so he's going to stay home.

I had a good day today. A person my friend knows through work is completing her studies to be a health coach and needed volunteers this semester to work with for her coursework, so I said I'd do it since I thought it would be interesting. I had my first meeting with her this morning and I think it is going to be really good for me - it is kind of like a life coach but focused on your overall health and incorporating alternative therapies where appropriate (like referring me to an acupuncturist, for example). And its free! I'm hoping it will help me overcome some of my problems like self-sabotage when it comes to weightloss and stuff. Then afterward I went to Magers & Quinn and bought 3 books for myself as a treat!

Have a good night and sweet dreams not interrupted by kitties to all the Busties!

marileen - let us know how the movie is! I love going to movies by myself...actually, most of the time I do go by myself, as turbomann and I have very different tastes, and seeing movies is too expensive to see something you're not interested in, so we see out own, and then we're both happy!

I need to wash and change my sheets in the worst way. I only have one set of summer cotton sheets, but I somehow have 3-4 sets of winter sheets - flannels and jersey...and I hate making the bed, so the sheets don't get washed as often as they should...not that they stink or our house, its mostly the sand that infiltrates the house from the beach, and somehow, there's always just enough sand to be irritating to your footsies at night, yet you can never get it all off the bed.

I did run into the next door drunk this morning, 'round 7am when I was coming back in with turbo, and he was going out with their poodles. There was much groveling and thanking going on, and I laid into him that he had better put my phone numbers and anyone else who cares about him in his cell phone, and if he even thinks about driving after taking a drink...he had better pick up the phone before he moves a muscle. he said he would, but it that way that I've been lied to so many other times by alcoholics, so I don't believe a word. More than anything, I want to run into his wife, and just offer my support to her as well. They're good people, and have been good neighbors, so this makes me really sad.

marileen, that is so awesome that you're going to get some free health coaching! I really need to get back to that, myself. I miss the healer I used to work with...but he got really burnt out, and is now selling bread at a roadside stand in NC. Be sure to let us know if you stumble upon any "ah-ha" moments as you start to make some changes.

Ok, I gotta go walk the dog, and then its off to bed for me too! I love going to bed nice.
GRRRRR!!! I have been sitting on my living room floor trying to figure out how to pack my "liquids, gels, and aerosols"....only to go on the Air Canada website and discover I didn't have the right size ziploc bag anyway. JUST got back from a mad dash to the nearest store before it closed. Goddamn. This is SOOOOO stupid. You can only pack a maximum of a 1 litre bag (basically a freezer bag that's only 1.5 inches longer than a sandwich baggie). I'm having to do things like toss the hair conditioner in favour of the face moisturizer, shit like that. And I haven't even gotten to the makeup yet. I don't even KNOW whether mascara counts as a liquid! And does toothpaste count as a gel if it's a paste? I can't believe this insanity.

I love this list. I can bring a whip or an underwater torch in my carry on, but I can't bring a bottle of hair conditioner because it doesn't fit in the regulation-sized ziploc baggie.

What do they think I'm going to do? Give the flight attendant a wash and set?

It was totally a man who drafted this regulation.

I'll get the pic of the tray in the morning, but I won't have time to post it till I'm back....

Good night all, will try and post from the Island, if I get a chance.

Those new sheets are gonna feel so good....
it IS insane, doodle!!! 3 oz of conditioner? how long with THAT last??? oh, and WTF is a butterfly knife? or a lipstick knife?? (can i just say that i LOVE that contraband is on that LIST?????? bwaaaahahahahahaha!!

unfortunately, i think toothpaste counts. there was another website that i looked at that had a photograph of the ziplock bag filled with things of the correct size, and there was a teeny tube of toothpast in it.

mr. hotbuns and i bought a bottle of 1930 Verdelho Vin de Madeira when we were there. he had it in his carry on, in a lovely wooden presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. when he went through security in Lisboa, the guy who checked his bag pulled it out, had mr. hb open the box, smiled WIDELY and congratulated him on his purchase, gave it back to him and told him to enjoy it! when he landed in the US, and tried to board the flight from NYC to home, they REFUSED to let him bring it on the plane, and told him that he would have to leave it with them or CHECK the carry on. no way was he leaving it behind, so he checked the bad -- and had to pay $80 for excess baggage.

it's NUTS.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm. raspberry walnut dressing. butternut squash soup. making me hungry!!! it is 9:00 am here, i'm still drinking coffee....thinking maybe it is time for breakfast. AND i think i'm going out in search of lemons and capers to make chicken scallopini (is that what it is called? i'm sooooo out of it!) for dinner tonight. oh, and wine, too. must have wine.

hi, marileen!!! how cool is it that you friend needs "practice"? hope that you both enjoy it. and i'm echoing jenn here-- let us know about any "aha!" moments!!

clean sheets are the BEST. especially when they are new. especially when they are PURPLE.

oh - and mascara is not a liquid. either that, or they didn't find mine when i traveled to madeira!

All of this airplane malarkey makes me wanna hurl. I haven't been on a plane since 1999, and it just reinforces my love of driving my car. OOOOOH! Do I see a correlation here? If enough fucked-up, elitist rules are put on airtravel, then more people will drive their cars, ergo spending way more money on petrol. Egads, we are a strange strand of bacteria...I loved that story about the wine, Tesao. Still makes me giggle.

Minxlette is doing oh-so-much better. I am giving her A LOT of structure and she seems to be thriving on it. After Friday's Chinese outting (she was soooo fricking cute with the waitress, who was Japanese...just tremendously polite and deferential--Minxlette, I mean), I made her a mixed CD with some of her favorite tunes like the "Who are you" song from The Who, the Spongebob Squarepants themesong, "A Spoonful of Sugar", "Holla Back Girl", and "If I Were a Carpenter" from Johnny and June Carter Cash. She's been listening to it all weekened.

The crapweasel has not surfaced. My stress level is way down, although the lack of sunlight is beginning to fuck with my head. The friends are getting together for a vegetarian (?!) BBQ today, and if it gets warm enough we may go to the beach. Last night I watched "The Exorcist". I bought a few movies yesterday at HalfPrice..."The Amityville Horror", "The Howling", "Cursed", "Kill Bill", and "Mullholland Dr." My Netflix queue is so filled with CSI and Deadwood epis that I haven't gotten in movies fixes.

I haven't heard from the Math Baron, but he had a very busy weekend planned...I imagine putting down the family dog on Friday sucked ass, but he had a college football game and the gamers coming over yesterday. I'll probably call him tonight. Guess that it's my turn. Yikes! Should I ask him out, or make the Shy Baron wait and ask me? cool.gif

I need to drink more water.
Tesssss!!! So good to see you here!

Its a gorgeous morning here - crisp, sunny, and very fallish! Turbo and I went on a long walk on the beach this morning, and he was all silly and frisky and running laps around me, and then was sat on the shore for awhile, just soaking in the sun and enjoying the morning.

Air travel is just getting to be too frustrating and tedious lately. The liquids thing is beyond ridiculous, I just think that if people want to blow up a plane, they'll figure out a way to do it - a liquids ban and making us take off our shoes are not helping the situation...just makes for more work for everyone, and makes us look reactionary and paranoid.

I think I'd listen to minxlette's mix cd all weekend too - it sounds rockin! I'm so glad to hear that she's doing better!

~*~*~*~*~safe travels for doodle~*~*~*~*~*
Air travel makes me break out in hives. Unfortunately, my bestest friend in the world lives across the Atlantic. Poop.
So, the liquids thing. SNL had a skit about it last night, where 2 Homeland Secutiry Supervisors were briefing a group of dumb-ass, blank-eyed TSA guards. They were being briefed on what did and did not constitute a liquid or gel. So, here goes: "Water? (yes!), Toothpaste? (yes!), hand lotion (Yes!)...the supervisors look proud...A turkey sandwhich? (Um, no...) Mustard? (Sure, yes, if its over 3 oz worth). A turkey sandwhich with mustard? (NO!)...What if the Turkey Sandwhich were purred in a food processor?" It just went on and on from there. heehe.

So, we had a pretty darned fun night last night. Elitiest as it is, I belong to a private club , which i use 99% for work. Last night, it was the big "back to the club" party-event. The food was delictable, the wine flowed freely, and there were 4 different bands to dance to. We had rockin HBI upon returning home, too! Anyway, moxette was at her grandma/grandpa's house...and poor thing slept ike shit. Keeping her grandparents up, too. I felt SOOOOOO bad this morning. I know parents are supposed to accept help, and have time alone...but its hard to do sometimes. Anyway, now the little one is out cold in her crib, going on 2 hours. I think, like minxlette, she thrives on structure.

Minx, ask that boy out! Math Baron and Minx, sitting in a tree....
*crawls into thread exhausted and confused* body hates me, and I can't say I blame it.

Tes!!! Nice to see you around my, eeerrrr um, THESE parts! Heh...

I'm imagining doodle breaking into the pilot's area and violently lathering their hair with revitalizing shampoo. Ha!

Damn, turbo. Sorry about your building drama. Want me to come down there and kick some ass?

Hi minx, mox, marileen, bustygirl, and anyone else I'm forgetting!!! *waves*

Oh dudes, life is so weird and my weekend was proof. I can't disclose much other than that the boy and I committed the ultimate friendship-ruining act on friday night. I probably shouldn't talk about it though out of respect.

I need to eat more vegetables.
You, okay, poodle?! Are you and exRB gonna give it a shot...or at least have some good sexin' it up and see where it goes? I hope you feel okay about it. Give your bod a nice bubble bath this evening, and whisper pretty things to it.

We've been doing a helluva lot of nothing today, which is perfect. The weather is amazing, so there's sitting in the sun, and walking the dog, and then we went to our favorite divey pub for the most delicious burgers and fries, and 'ritas, which my guts are trying very hard to make sense of. This is why I can only have beef about once a makes my tummy unhappy. But it was such a lovely afternoon to sit outside and eat, and watch the world go was worth it.

Sorry I've been away for so long. I don't have internet at my house anymore, and I am using Banana's computer today.

So - poodle - I hope you're all right. You are right, I think, not to talk about it out of respect, however, I'm SOOO CURIOUS!

I got a new bike the other day at the inter-community bike salvage, and Banana is fixing it up right now. He's such a good boyfriend. I can't wait to ride it to work.

I worked a month of graveyards just now. It really kicked my ass. I slept, I didn't sleep - it totally effed up my sleep pattern. I started days again on Thursday, and I am feeling a little jet lagged.

I have a part-time job prospect at this cafe that does job training for people recovering from mental illness. It sounds like it's right up my alley, since I am also recovering (and doing pretty darn well, I might add), I have experience in food service, both back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house, and I have a little bit of teaching experience (when I taught adult ESL in Chicago). Last night, I met a guy that told me there is an opening for a part-time job coach. That would be awesome. A do-gooder job, and making more money.

I'm going in to the cafe tomorrow morning to talk to them about it. Wish me luck!

Heikki is doing great. He is playing football and loves it. He keeps getting "Pride Stickers" for making good plays, and let me tell you how proud he is of each pride sticker.

I got a book on CD last week. It is "Naked" by David Sedaris. I have already read the book, but I wanted to listen to it with my friends at work to show them how wonderful David Sedaris is. It worked.

OK - I hope all is well in Okayland! I will try to read some archives now to check up on you all.
PK - hihihi!!!

Welcome home, chica! I'm so glad to hear that things are going well down there for you - the part time gig sounds awesome, and better suited for you than cocktailing in the resort - I hope you get it! And you've got a blossoming athlete in Heikki - awesome! And I'm really happy to hear that Banana is still around!

I love david Sedaris - and I love it even more on audio, so I can hear him reading it! I just saw that Amy Sedaris has a new cookbook...I might have to pick that up -- I love her just as much as David.
Yeah - I'm really excited to go talk to the people at the cafe tomorrow. I just hope if I get it, that I can work my schedule around it. If I get it, it will mean that I will have to go back on graveyards. Hopefully, my chef will let me do it.

The mosquitos are eating me alive!!!!!!!! I just went outside to talk to Heikki, and he is watching "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" on dvd. I hope I can see him again soon. He wants to stay in Colorado for Christmas because his step-brother will be home from Afghanistan during the Holidays. He said he would be willing to make a trip after Christmas, though. Perhaps for New Year's.

Banana is out getting another part for my bike wheel. It needed a new valve, then he just took off again and said it needed something else.

I bought a new face mask at The Body shop the other day. It is the Vitamin E sink-in moisturizing mask. My skin isn't that dry, but I have been using a lot of moisturizer and eye cream lately, hoping to counteract the effects of the dry Arizona climate. I love the mask.

I also got a prescription for my acne - I think it is called Cleosin. It is a face lotion, and it goes on nice and smooth, doesn't make my skin red or dry, and my makeup goes on nicely over it. Most improtantly, my skin is starting to clear up.

I am also starting a new method of birth control in a couple weeks. I got the Nuva Ring. It is so expensive, but I think I will have better luck with it than the pill, as I often forget to take it. I just need to figure out a way to remember when to take it out and put one back in a week later. It is three weeks in, one week out. Sounds simple enough, but I know I will screw it up somehow.

I went to the doc to get an IUD inserted, but she wouldn't do it. She said you have to be in a committed relationship for at least a year to be considered. I thought that would have been the way to go, but I guess I'm not qualified.

Did I tell you that Banana's roommate has the sweetest little weiner dog I have ever met? I love her so much. I was just snuggling with her a few minutes ago. I want my own weiner dog to snuggle with, but I know that I don't have enough time at home to commit to owning a pet. Not even a cat. I work too much.

I just PM'd Moxie with some info about Tucson. She said she and perhaps you, Turbo, were thinking of taking a winter vacation. You should definitely check out Tucson as one of your options.

thanks for the PM! We've both been so busy this week, we haven't even thought of it again. I'll try to forward the PM to turbo. It sounds like you live in a beautiful area!

Poods...I hope everything is ok. (((poods)))

Turbo, any more word on turbomama?

My BIL is causing all sorts of stress and emotionally destructive behavior at home again. Sigh...when will he grow up?

Why a year for the IUD? You could have the nuvaring and not use condoms... single girls can't have one?

ok, had a long to sleepy sleep. Hope everyone has a great evening, and a lovely Monday!
Yeah, I don't get the IUD thing at all..why would you *need* to be in a relationship at all? Its not like the pill or nuva keeps the STDs away any better than an IUD....that's just bizarre!

Arizona is definitely high on my list of places to visit, PK! We've got cousins down in the area too, that we'd love to drop in on too...and AZ weather is probably pretty nice, come mid-winter up here! And we'd get to see you, how could we go wrong?!

I love weiner dogs...they can be soooo sweet, and then sooo fierce!
Hi PK!!! It sounds like everything is going pretty well down there!! It's always a pleasure to have your presence around here!! Play with us more often! That goes for tes, too.

Ah...everything's fine. My body feels crappy from sleeping so much yesterday. Now my fridge is stocked with healthy, yummy foods and my apartment is cozy and clean, so I'm feelin' pretty good. As far as the other thing, I don't really know what it means, but I'm not gonna worry about it. Like I said, I don't really want to talk about it with anyone but him at this point. The only reason I share the info in here is because I talk to you guys everyday and it would be strange for me to act as though nothing happened over the weekend.

What's up with your BIL, mox?
Hello all! Well, I said I'd post from Victoria if I could, so here I am! Surfing on goddess-knows-who's wireless. There are lots of apartments around's not my fault if they don't secure their networks!

Just spoke to one of the 22 year olds, they are still on the ferry (9 pm) of them was dumped by her boyfriend last night. On her birthday. Oh dear. Well, I guess we'll talk when they get here.

In brighter news, I spent the afternoon with my friend (she loved the tray!), and we had lunch on on a restaurant patio on the harbour (8 oz. hamburger!), then poked around decor and antique stores for hours, and then went and hung out at her little studio apt. till about an hour ago...both of us still too full to want dinner. Anyway, it was all very fun!

Anyway, I must go and iron my clothes for tomorrow. Hope everyone is well!

My friends told me the same thing you all did and said to pry him open gently and suggest that we do something. It was easier than I thought, and I kicked Pride to the curb...glad I did because he got all excited. Our first date? An apple orchard and dinner. biggrin.gif Color me completely jazzed! Next goal: stick my tongue in his mouth and ask him if he would escort me to a wedding in a couple of weeks. We talked for three hours last night...he ended up staying up all night grading papers because "I chose to eat dessert before dinner."

Okay Okayers, I gotta run...not much sleep last night, but whatthefuckever.

And Poodle, rrrrrroooooowrrrrrr! I totally unnerstan you not wanting to talk about such manners.

You are such a classy broad. tongue.gif
Minxy! The 3 hour conversations are, you don't even have to wait till a second or third outing for the tounge-in-mouth! smile.gif YEah!

Oh, the BIL. He's just an ass. In the particular way a 24-year old man-child who moves home after college can be. He's had a lot of problems recently, but is honestly trying to straighten his life out. He just hasn't figured out yet that his parents don't live to serve his needs anymore. Its just kind of exhausting dealing with the fallout, as moxieman and I end up kind of stuck in the middle.

Doodle, Victoria--that's the island with the great University, right? The way things are going here in the US, we figure Canada may honestly be a refuge sooner rather than later.

Our other vacation thought is Pureto Rico. We LOVE vacationing with the Turbos...they're just as cool IRL as here. So, we need to make some descisions to price patrol Tuscon, rather than Phoneix. Yep, that's how productive I feel this Monday Morning.
Mornin' babes!!

Yay for minxie's date!! The apple orchard thing sounds great! I like the idea of you guys getting to know each other in school. I can just imagine him waiting for you at your locker, the two of you sitting at the same lunch table, making out in study hall, passing each other love notes in math class...

Your trip sounds great so far, doodle! I hope the next few days are nice, too. That's too bad about the one girl. Boys are so lame sometimes (a lot).

(((moxfam))) Yeah, you guys certainly shouldn't have to get involved in your BIL's crap.

I'm super tempted to call into work, but I don't really need to stay home.
WOoOOoT!!! For minxy and her hot teacher date! Apple orchard and dinner sounds absolutely perrrrrfect! Actually, turboman and I were taking a long walk last night and I was bemoaning the lack of real apple orchards gotta drive a couple hours to get to a decent one...but we'll be back in MI in 3 weeks, so we'll stock up on apples and cider donuts then.

((((((moxie's BIL & the moxie fam))))))
24-year old man-children are such a pain in the ass...I'm not sure what the wake-up call is that will help him grow up, but I hope it comes soon!

Poodle, I'm glad you're feeling ok, and have your cozy home cleaned and stocked with good foods for the week ahead!

Yay for doodle's safe arrival! and ~*~*~*~*~* sucess vibes for your meetings ~*~*~*~*~*

We've got a house full of 3 greyhounds again. gah. I am so. sick. of dogsitting, but I couldn't really dodge this one...the woman who talked us into greyhounds in the first place is moving to FL, and got kicked out of her apartment a week early, and has nowhere to put the dogs for a few days. I'm just pissed about this one, since their owner has been such a fucktard about breaking her 52 years old, and lifelong renter, shouldn't you understand that when breaking a lease, you should get the move-out date and settlement in writing?! Its really not that hard. She asked for keys to my place today, so she could come visit the dogs anytime...uh NO.

Ok, I guess I should do some work...ho-hum...monday blues it is....
turbo, sometimes I think you should forget working for the NPO and start an in-house puppy-nanny service. Saying that "out loud," it doesn't really sound too crazy, huh? Try to enjoy the puppers. Hey, we can do the Orchards if you want, when you're here. Moxette really seemed to like the Cider Mill by our house. I bet she'd love the orchard experience, too. smile.gif

OK, christ, i really have to work.
Even, *I* don't like dogs that much to run a full-time doggie-daycare...that, and my allergies just won't stand for it. Even having the pugs for one night set off my allergies like alarm bells. Greyhounds just don't smell, shed much, or have oily skin, so they work fine for me...other breeds, not so much.

I always just stop by the orchard near the house I grew up in - I don't pick my own anymore...I did enough of that as a kid and we had our own orchard and cider press! But stopping in is always nice, they still remember me, and I just like to pick up a couple quarts of apples, and get some warm donuts....mmmm.

work, yeah...I should do some of that too. stupid websites.
Happy Monday, y'all!

Hooray for minx and poodle! Don't worry, moxie, I'd never think of you as an *elite* person until you learn how to spell!

Yup, having a loving man is the best. Though I may flirt or crush with others, I wouldn't want to mess it up. We are happy and both work on the house and still make each other cum and totally have each others' backs.

GNR tickets = 75 dollars = um, no.

We had a cool weekend, went dancing Friday and I was dancing on stage with a bunch of crazies and the dj told me that next week was the anniversary of the night and if I came early I'd get one of his mix cds -- awesome!

Next day we went walking down the lovely fall Newbury Street to an art opening with the artist in attendance. His name is Samuel Bak and he is a holocaust survivor from Lithuania. I asked him about the fake birds in his paintings -- they are painted bright blue in a rough fashion and often shown to be flat and tied to things, etc., like still lives with cartoon birds. I asked him if it was a reference to The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski. He said he liked the book but it was a pun on the word "auf" -- He also has a lot of teacups in his art. I told him I saw the paintings upstairs -- the gallery owner had taken us up in a little elevator -- and the bird in that one was actually flying into a rainbow.

He was happy that I had noticed that he has acheived freedom/happiness late in his life.

Our other artist friend is not selling so much stuff, but she is starting a framing job today!! Right near my house, so I offered to have her over for cocktails tonight! In case it's crazy. We have vodka, rum and beer stashed. We had dinner with her Saturday at a cool cafe that was blasting Black Sabbath and has good healthy (some veg or vegan) food for cheap, good coffee, and wine and beer and desserts to die for. It's called the Other Side cafe and is on the "other side" of Mass Ave from Newbury Street.

Sunday was rainy, I went to Victoria's Secret to try to get a free lipgloss from a magazine coupon but they had all run out in the first couple days of it -- I would have been whinier about it if it wasn't a hideous color -- turns out "Hottie" is dark red with gold flecks. Eeeeshhh...

I gotta confess me and the boy and the artist friend looked in Urban Outfitters and some trendy shoe stores cause her shoes were hurting her -- I don't really like Urban Outfitters either. Nothng against you, Mouse, because a lot of the fabrics are cute, but they charge too much for the low quality -- I can always get a better version of whatever it is at half the price and consider Urban Outfitters to be hopping on trends and selling them for a higher price to tourists.

The other thing is that there is a local designer here who makes a lot of T-shirt designs, each incorporating a cartoon cupcake, and when he tried selling them through Urban Outfitters, they tried to give him an insultingly low amount of money for them, and when he pulled out of the deal they stole his designs and he had to sue them. He has now opened his own store, called Johnny Cupcakes.

So, I think you have a cool job, Mouse, you'll get good things from it, but watch your ass!

Sunday we had double mochas and split a giant oatmeal cookie, which turned out to be dark chocolate chips and macadamia nuts instead! Yummers. Hey, I *tried* to do the healthy thing!
Um, thanks? Wombat? I'm never gonna get any better...always been a top-knotch reader, piss poor speller. I hope moxieman's got the wee one's back for that!

I dunno, mox...I've never really noticed that you were a bad FIL, on the other hand...well, he still misspells my name after 12 years! tongue.gif
Good Morning, okayers!

How's everyone doing?

Hi Pk! It is good to see you! A month of graveyard shifts? Oye. You sound like you are doing well, that makes me happy.

Poodles, sounds like you had an eventful weekend. Glad you are feeling good. I understand not wanting to talk about it.

Congrats on the date minx! FUN! Can't wait to hear how it goes! When is it? An orchard sounds very romantic.

Jenn, you dogsit more than anyone I know. How long do you have these 2 for? That is really nice of you to help out that lady. You are a real sweetheart. Did you enjoy your long weekend?

Hi moxie, wombat, & doodle!

I got to work late today. Note to self: the alarm will not wake you up in the morning if you set it for PM. Anyhow, I finally rolled in around 9:15. I must admit I did enjoy the extra 2 hours of sleep! We did a lot of work at our house yesterday. I fully weeded 2 big flowerbeds. The plants in there looked like weeds. I pulled almost all of them. Just going to start over & plant new stuff.
2 hours of extra sleep - that sounds great!!!

Its a gorgeous day here, and I don't wanna work!

I've no idea how long I have the dogs for this time...with any luck she'll board them at petsmart starting tomorrow night. I've even volunteered to drive her and the dogs there. I'm just tired of the whole dogsitting thing, and these particular greyhounds are shredding machines, so I really don't want them in my house at all.

wombat - your weekends always sound so exciting! I don't know where you get the energy for dancing, and art shows, and visits with friends...most weekends, I just want to hang out in the peace and quiet of my home!
MORE dogsitting, turbo? Geesh!! I hope these people are returning the favor or at least giving you a little money.

Hi kari! Yeah, I hate it when I set the alarm for PM. wink.gif I'm glad that you're feeling refreshed though, and that your flowerbeds are weed-free!!

That artist sounds cool, wombat! When I think of "fake birds," I think of Mary Poppins or old-school Disney stuff. I wish I had blue cartoon birds following me around and singing throughout the day (except for when I watch TV and sleep). My bluebirds and I would sing Journey together instead of happy, sugary songs.

It's not that I don't want to talk about it. I hope I don't make it sound like it was a bad thing. I just don't want to be a blabbermouth. I do have to say, though, that I feel like I need a hip replacement.
Still reading, just checking to see if I've got an avitar now. Thanks, Poodle!
mox -- I was thinking that post after you got back from the club -- scrolly down!-- was a "drunken post." smile.gif

Cool lookin' avatar, poodle and diva!

Mine is still dithered -- a big no-no. I'm going to finish a real work project and then get back on the avatar -- before it drives me crazy!
hiiiii everyone!
minxie, that sounds like a lovely date. so exciting!
hi pk! hi tes! y'all should stop by more often
((poodle)) vibes for figuring out your stuff
turbo, you seriously should start a kennel!
doodle, glad you made it to victoria safely--did they take your mascara? my friend got allllll her makeup confiscated a couple of weeks ago. i agree, i don't get it either...logically it all makes no sense, the stupid bans. and the whole thing when the london plot was uncovered, to take all suspicious liquids and throw 'em all in together in the middle of a busy airport? doesn't really sound that safe to me. bleh.
diva's got a new avatar!
hi moxie! hope you're working hard.
hi kari and anyone else i missed!

wombat, i don't actually work for urban, my company just sells to them (and others), and i'm still at the point where i'm just a pawn...i don't do anything without first being given an idea or instructions. and i did hear about the johnny cupcakes stuff and that was bs.......buuuuuuuuut........working in the industry, if i've learned one thing it is that everyone copies everyone else; changes it just enough to get away with it, but everyone copies. i'm not saying it's ethical, but it's how it goes. which is sad.

and i do agree with the urban stuff. i can fit into their clothes, but only certain things well (mainly t-shirts, since my legs are about eight inches too short than whoever they think they're selling to) and i'm really too poor to shop there. which is kind of funny. i can't afford to buy the stuff that i make.

i had a good weekend, the show was really fun and i also got sushi with the ex, and amazzzzing italian food (which i have leftovers for lunch today) with the ladies and went to see "science of sleep" which i still haven't figured out how i feel about.

the ex is fasting and going to temple for yom kippur. he never used to do shit, so it's kind of suspicious. "you're dating a jewish girl, aren't you!!" argh. i don't wanna know.
hola busties!!!

hi tes!!! Hi PK!!!! we meeced you two!!!!

i'm kinda out of it....need more sleep i think. I saw an old friend on friday nite, went out with friends on sat. nite(huge margaritas) and much laughing, and then relaxing on the couch yesterday with a little bit of grocery shopping with also,'s bro popped in to crash the nite. He's just stopping thru to go to a wedding in vegas so its nice since we won't see him again until december.

ah the airlines mess extravaganza....i get to deal with that on friday..yuck. i may have to go shopping since i threw out some old clothes this weekend in order to be prepared for fall season in utah.

minx! the date sounds great....i just thinks its cute that he's a gamer....hehehehe. btw, he might go with you to that wedding if you go with him to some computer event. I'm just saying's all..... biggrin.gif

turbo..what a weekend....(((your neighbors with the poodles))) i hope they can work things out amicably...and hopefully those shedding greyhounds will get to petsmart soon. Allergies are no fun at all.

poodle,...uh....i am SOOOOOO CURIOUS. but i will wait for all due time process. cuz i know know some point, will come out. rolleyes.gif

kari, you reminded me i need to go grow boxes are looking a wee bit decrepit...Gardening is so soothing...especially weed pulling....great for frustrations.

hi moxie, doodle, wombat, mouse, diva, bustygirl, and lurkers!
Yeah, UO is definitely marked up way too much. I think you should get this stuff for free, mouse!! Do you get to take advantage of their resources at all?

Mmmm...margaritas...I'm with ya gb. I could really use a nap and some bad daytime TV.

I don't mean to be the voice of grimness, you guys.

I'll be glad when I make a certain transition or two...

sometimes we get to go "shopping" in the outdated samples and whatnot smile.gif

ETA: what's up wombat?
Doood, I'd totally do business on the side if I were in your shoes!! Heh...I don't think I'll ever get over the attitude that my boss owes me something and that I'm justified in using a little extra color ink.
Oh, I just thought my first post today in this thread was harsh-ish.

Also, I'm going from one contract to another.

I have some interesting possibilities and opportunities, but I'm working on the portfolio for a couple different presentation sites and it makes me cranky.

I think I should have done more and wondered where my time has gone.

Then this weekend I was all like, waah, it's rainy, let's go dancing and sleeping and shopping and hanging out and cafes and sleeping. I mean, we got stuff done -- housework stuff

and, also I've gotten things I'm reading that are changing my approach A LOT.

Also, I was moving, getting new stuff, going to the gym, getting the build up to today as far as money/connections/jobs go

but still, it's like, why am I not doing more and really communicating with myself and the world and going with people out to lunch and stuff - not that I have no social life, but, you know.

All this stuff is coming along in steps as it should. really ... but I'm wondering if I have some essential timidity, that is, always holding back one way or another.

and, at this point, I'm free enough to have ... to be the only person responsible for what I do or don't do before I die.

I can give myself credit for having GOTTEN MYSELF free and this all takes time...

Well, this is not making sense probably. It's not that what I have is bad, it's good, it's just that, there is a whole lot left still in there -- lost in me and not out there, and some of it has been in here for YEARS.
(((wombat))) I still don't completely understand what you're talking about, but I get the general idea. Don't be so hard on yourself, and don't let those books drive you mad either. I hope they're having the opposite effect. It's okay to feel stressed, frustrated, confused and crabby every so often. It's a crabby day today.


Now I'm horny.
Thanks, pinkpoodle!!

I'm talking about going from one graphic design project to another. It's like looking for a job several times a year. Even though it pays well and has benefits and 401 k and it's often a matter of progress to move on, it is still discouraging sometimes.

I am crossing my fingers that I get money for a new computer -- AND I just got a cool book that is preparing me for another way of making moolah.

And! Just as I was typing all this I got a call to interview for a job that would have me doing stuff I really want to do! And for 10 percent more money!

That is because BUST IS MAGIC.

See, you were typing on here about getting laid -- and it happened! I notice this happening a lot -- people type stuff on this site and everything changes. For the better, I might add.

We're MAGIC!!!
Hi, peeps!

I'm all up to date now.

Minxie has a really fun date.

Tes popped in,but not for long, and still no details about her vacation. Funny story about Hotbuns and the wine, though.

Turbo's dogsitting... again. ((((((vibes for neighbors)))))) Any more news on your mom?

Doodle's in Victoria! Still want to know if her liquids and gels made it with her.

Mouse is an awesome textile artist. Seriously.

Poodle's got a thing with ex-RB? Wow.

Hi, GB, Wombat, Karianne, PK, and everyone else I missed because I can't scroll down that far!

We had a really decent weekend. Had a family thing on Friday night and got to play with Sam for a little while. Picked up some alterations, so I've got 3 new pairs of pants that fit perfectly, and got a gift for my parents for their anniversary. On Saturday, we went to see the Twins play the White Sox. They lost (damn you, Chicago!!!), but it still looks like we won our division and don't have to play the Yankees in the playoffs. The giant and I didn't think we'd make it to a game this year, but my uncle had a couple free tickets we scooped up. Then we went down to the giant's mom's because his neice was there. She and I played foosball and air hockey, then we all went out to eat. His SIL was a lot nicer to me than she usually is, and she saw my anti-Bush sticker and said she hates him. Good for her. Yesterday, we just stayed home and nested. I slept too long, the giant watched football, and I made baked apples.

It sounds like my parents are going to have the Christmas Eve extravaganza at their house this year. That'll be probably 40 people in the house. I don't know why they volunteered since this means Mom's going to be completely psycho starting at about December 10. I'll probably go up their quite a bit to help out, or at least watch Sam while she does her stuff.

I also talked to my BFF on Saturday, and we've got everything planned out for our trip. The giant and I leave to visit her 2 weeks from this Wednesday. I can't wait! It'll have been a year and a half since I last saw her. I'm not looking forward to the planes, though. Can you put liquids in your checked baggage? I'm kind of picky about my products.

I can't shop at Urban Outfitters or VS. I'm far too large, and always have been. I've bought one piece of clothing from them in my life, and that was a gift for BFF. They do sometimes have some cool stuff in their home decor area, though.

I think I'm going to forego my walk tonight. My right ankle still hurts whenever I have to walk any kind of distance, and I'm just not into doing 3+ miles. I think I'm going to make the giant help me fix my exercise bike so I can do that instead. It really helps to loosen up the ankles.

Hi diva!!

It sounds like you had a pretty nice weekend! I love getting my clothes altered. I've done that a few times with waists and sleeve/pant leg length, and it's always worth it.

Your mom's gonna host an extravaganza, eh? Does your extended fam do this every year? I had a great idea the other night: a hair-metal party!!!! I have the ipod playlist, but I don't have the place. *winks and nudges diva*

Mmmm...baked apples. The co-op didn't have any cider left when I went there on Friday, so I bought this stuff at the normal grocery store that tastes so processed and boring. I'll drink it I guess, but it's still a big disappointment.

Heh...I ate one of the chicken liver chunks that I prepared for my cats and it wasn't so bad. It was kinda chalky and smooth. I can kinda see why my furry carnivores would like it. I tried to force feed one to the ex-RB, but he refused to take a bite. Wuss.
I've come to the realization that if I ever want to wear pants that aren't at least four inches too long for me, I'm going to have to pony up for alterations. Even with the alterations, these pants ended up being under $50/pair, which is reasonable. I'm terrible at sewing, so it's really just easier to have someone else do it.

Yeah, my dad's side of the family (mom's, too, but there are about 1/4 as many people) do this every single year, but normally at my grandparents' house. Since my dad's parents are going to Dubai for the holidays to visit my uncle and cousin, they said we could still use their house to get together. Since my parents live about 8 minutes away from them and they just did major renovations and have a lot more space, they volunteered to do it at their place. But this is a very good thing because Mom and Dad volunteered to make all the food, so I'll actually get to eat a good meal, for once. My relatives' cooking sucks.

Dude, you can totally have a hair metal party at my house! The giant might even have a little fun. Just let me know when you wanna do it.

The giant wouldn't let me get hippie cider when we went grocery shopping, so I guess it's just plain old apple juice... again.
More than anything, I just wanna see minx in zebra-print spandex pants! laugh.gif
That reminds me! While the giant and I were at the Twins game, there was a group of people in a van tailgating with a whole bunch of U of Mich stuff - and one of the guys was wearing zebra print Zubas! There, we had our Zubas sighting of the year!
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