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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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My house smells yummy too from the apples! I ate mine warm on top of vanilla soy cream. So yummy.

Doodle, need to make a choice - what do YOU want? Do you want to send the young ducklings on their own, or do you want to go it alone and make a stand? Or, can you send the young'uns in a car and meet them there after your flight? What are the options, and what's going to be the best plan for YOU and the centre?

Ooooh...I was dreaming of vanilla ice cream while I was eating my apple slices. Maybe I should make some apple pie this weekend. I rock at making pies.

I would do it anyway, doodle. Just tell the kiddos that you don't want any pot-smoking in the vehicle. I'm sure you'll find ways to keep yourself busy the rest of the time. Hey, you might get a good story out of the experience! Heh

I usually hate the smell of food in hallways, offices, etc., but someone in my hallway makes the awesomest food almost every night and the aroma makes me salivate. Mmmm....I should sniff around and figure out who's cooking that stuff. If I suck up to them, then maybe they'll feed me.
turbo, you just pointed out something that just clicked for me....I can still fly, I don't have to travel with them! Duh. I hope they won't be offended, but I'll just tell them straight that if I have the option of flying, I think it's better for my health to fly. It's not like it's costing the centre anything extra than it would if we all went together in the car.

I mean, 16 hours by land and sea versus 2 by air? Ugh. I'm sure they'd enjoy the trip more, without an old, disabled, burned out drag on their coltish energy, anyway.

I'm jealous of your yummy apples! But, I bought a german chocolate cake for the women tonight, who should be here in a half hour.
Perfect reasoning, doodle! I really do think sitting in a car for 16 hours for work is too much, but add fibro to it...and really, you should fly. Go for it!

*passes doodle a bowl of ice cream and warm cinnamon apples*

Which reminds me, I've got to google and see if I can come up with Wolfgang Puck's butternut soup recipe...I swear, there must be crack in there, or something, because it is divine, and his restaurant is too close to my work for my own good.
Mmmm...squash. I'm really in the mood for carrot soup right now. Chili would be good, too. I'm gonna have to get some chili ingredients when I get paid. Hopefully today will be my last day of saltines. If not, then I'm going to break into my parents house (they're out of town) and raid their fridge and likky cabinet. They have an array of cheeses, wines, beer, whiskeys, name it. My dad is a former chef, so their house is full of goodies. I could pig out, get bombed, watch movies, and then sleep over in their comfy guest bedroom.

My cats are high on cat weed right now.
Hi Busties!!! I have been away and I meeced all of you!

After being out of town for over a week and then catching up at work I did read the archives however! The cheese porn is awesome. I really love cheese, especially cheddar, provolone and parmesan.

Congrats to Turbo on the raise and vibes for your mama (((Turbomama)))

Poodle, you should definitely go to your parents' house and get some snackies. Isn't their house super-close to mine? I could come visit you or vice versa!

So my boyfriend JT and I went out of town for his friend Pat's wedding on Hilton Head Island followed by a little vacation for us visiting Charleston and Savannah (since we were paying for plane tickets there already we figured we'd stay longer and make that be our vacation). The wedding was nice and informal - small ceremony on the beach - and I actually caught the bouquet, which was a shock to me because I am terrible at sports and have almost never caught anything thrown at me.

Maybe it was destiny because a couple nights later when we were in Charleston having a romantic dinner in a little fancy restaurant JT proposed to me and now we are ENGAGED!!!

He had been planning it before we left and he was sure I was on to him due to the many clues and I wasn't because I am so oblivious. We have been through so much in our ten+ years together, and I didn't think it would really feel different to be engaged but it does. My ring is pretty, too. Needless to say, I am floating around feeling like a big full-of-love cheeseball lately. smile.gif
Ooh, marileen, congratulations!! Were you surprised? Sort of expecting it? What? WHAT? Tell us! *shakes marileen*

Ok, well, forgive me, but I'm a little high myself. smile.gif And I'm listening to Blue Rodeo! WHOOO! cream and cinnamon apples. *passes plates of leftover german chocolate CACK through Okayland*

Thanks for thinkin' for me, turbo! biggrin.gif

poodle, do it! Go get yourself some of your parents' food, for heaven's sake! They sure wouldn't want you to go hungry!

We worked on the young women's speech, and it's going to be a wonderful, kick ass thing that should get everyone fired up. I almost wish I was going to be there to see it. Almost. Not enough to really want to go though! Gosh, I'm so glad I said no to travelling just to speak - I would have been DEAD by the end of two back-to-back work-related trips!

On this trip, I'm going to get to see the woman who co-founded the coalition with me. I'm excited, because I want to give her this wonderful, heavy oak tray I found last week, which I've stripped and sanded - I'm going to paint it with a metallic mosaic, so that the unpainted wood will be the "grout" part. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was meant to be "her" tray. (If you think *I'M a decorating maniac, you haven't met her!) I wasn't planning to see her till later in the fall, so I hadn't started the mosaic yet, but now I will have just enough time (2 days) to get it done and varnished! Whee!

Yayayayay for marileen and JT!!!! What a great place to propose!! So what kind of wedding do you guys have in mind?
Marileen- CONGRATULATIONS!!! You know what? I felt different after 6+ years when we got engaged too. Its a bit overwhelming, and gushy at the same time. I also felt a little miffed that I got "suckered" into the typical social convention of giddy-bride-to-be...but that's another story. That is INCREDIBLY romatic. Charleston-Hilton Head-Savannah is one of my most favotire places to beautiful. Such a great "story" too! Cought the bouquet, got engaged! ROCK ON!

So, turbomama is sick again. DOTTY-GET WELL, DAMMIT. Vibes, schmibes. turbomama needs some direction! (((turbos)))

moxieman and I are both oldest children. and we act it, too often, too. And, I'm a it reinforces the behaviour.

Doodle- 16 hours with 22 year old pot smokers- its sort of a duty thing, so you should probably go, but yech.

Can moxette have some vibes? She was feverish this morning, and full o snot. moxiemama is taking care of her today, not sending her to school. but i want to be home cuddling my pud. maybe its just teething? maybe? I hope so. The dr. opens in 45 minutes, so i'm gonna call then. Argh...this sick kid thing- it does make me envy the CBC a bit.

MARILEEN!!! Holy crap on a popcicle stick!! That is so blisteringly cool!! Congratulations!

Turbo--any word on momma?

Poodle--if you want a proper meal tonight, why don't you come on over to Casa del Minxy?

I'm the dork who made my paramour a mixed CD last night. *Cheesy Grin* He likes CSI as well, but prefers House. I will certainly pass on the GNR information.

Went to see a movie with Lurv last night, and she wanted me to pass on her love to Okayland. She has the sassiest haircut and has LIP EXPLOSION. Bwa-hahahaha!!

Okay, gotta run. Enjoy the day.
Hey, all.

Vibes of healing to turbomama, moxielette and anyone who needs them

Youngest rule! Both me and my guy are.

Don't even think of being bossy, condescending, judging or thinking the worst of me -- ie, talking to me as if of course I am weaker, stupider, sillier than you -- because you WILL be confronted. and/or rejected.

Low tolerance for bullshit.

Had a fun time last night at a work-related conference -- found out about PDF 8.0 and Creative Suite 2.3 or some such other bastardized name. Also, gourmet pizza! And made a lot of connections. I'm also uploading my portfolio in the next couple of days. Finished the changes on the project and it DOES look better. I'm learning a lot here. Still waiting to hear about my small business loan for GREAT equipment, so feeling like a gypsy -- grab here and grab there until I can settle into my "Home of Art."

There will be some cool "home of home" changes too, when I get some time off. Make dedicated comfy spaces for different functions. Do little projects such as re-gild the frame of my ancestor portrait (we know nothng about him, but it's passed down through the generations) Repair my antique furniture with real animal gum glue and twine. And the like.
WOOT! CONGRATULATIONS MARILEEN!!! How exciting!! I bet you are just glowing.

((turbomama)) I am sorry to hear about your mom collapsing, jenn. How stressful. I really really hope that the dr can figure out what is going on.

((moxette)) Get better, baby!

Jenn, Mr K was flying in from NYC last night & had the same issue-plane on the runway for hours. He was supposed to get in at 8:30, he finally got in around 11:45. I am a bit tired today b/c of it.

Minx! You made a mix cd? I think that is rad.

So, doodle, what are you going to do about the trip? I don't blame you. The older I get the less willing I am to be in situations that I find unpleasant.

heh heh, Poodle got her cats high!

Not too much going on here today. Work as usual. Going to spin at lunch I think. What is everyone up to this weekend? I am going to a new wine bar/restaurant with some friends tonight. Tomorrow....NO SCHOOL! YAY! I love when we have Saturdays off. No plans yet, except sleeping in. Probably will do housework & yardwork. Considering painting the guest bedroom.

((((((moxette))))))) I'm glad she can stay with grandma today, though - that's such a nice option to have.

No word on mama yet today. I'm gonna call later in the morning, because I know she'll have a slew of docs running through her room this morning.

CONGRATULATIONS Marileen!!!! *throws confetti all around thread, and passes 'round flutes of champagne.* Enjoy the glow and gooeyness of engagement!

Awwww....minxy made a mix for the baron!!! I think mix cds are among the best gifts - its such a personal, thoughtful gift!

Oh, yeah, turboman got in well after midnight. They sat on the tarmac for 6 hours....ugh. BUT turboman called in today, so we're both home! I imagine there will be some major HBI and napping this afternoon.

*drools at the thought of wombat gettin' a whole new computer set-up*
Oh! that's right...turbo's got the day off!!! YIPEEE!!!
Mmm...cherry danish!!

Yeah for HBI potential and for Turboman being home!!

I am an eldest child. You don't fuck with the Jesus. I am usually right, and if I'm not right, I will figure out a way to be right...just kidding. I am bullheaded. A fucking eldest child capricorn.

*munches on danish*

Yeah, I made him a CD with the following tunes--
"Pantera Fans in Love"--Nerf Herder
"You and Me are Gonna Be Friends"--White Stripes
"Retrovertigo"--Mr. Bungle
"Jesus Christ Pose"--Soundgarden
"Long Snake Moan"--PJ Harvey
"Supernova" *snarf* --Liz Phair
"Wasted Years"--Iron Maiden
"The Fucking Moon"--Evolutionary Control Committee
"Angel"--Massive Attack
"All is Full of Love"--Bjork
"Where I End and You Begin"--Radiohead
"Wonderwall"--Ryan Adams
"Skyway"--The Replacements

There were some others, but I am now forgetting. Ah well...I felt kind of bad for him because he is going over to his mom's tonight and they are euthanizing the family dog. I am such a freak. He started telling me this story about his husky that he had to put down (she got a reaaaaally bad virus or bacteria that they couldn't cure) a year or so ago and I started MISTING UP! What in the hell is wrong with me? I think that it was the way he was describing her and really got to me.

Gads, I need help. blink.gif

Hey, Karianne--Lurv asked how you were doing and wanted me to send you big booby-squishin' hugs.
I am the Scorpio Queen.

I am much smarter and tougher than my older sister, whom I used to beat up.

"I got here first" = everywhere in life, people try to brag, blubber and bullshit that who got there first matters.

Stop blubbering, cause ***IIIII*** got here ***BEST!!**


But, I think the reason so many of us would like to be alone or with close friends is that people WILL come and sit themselves at your restaurant table -- cheesy men or whatevah like FJ is fearing. I seemed to have perfected the "city gal don't mess with me" thing so they don't do that anymore, but when I was twenty years old and blonde, Mcyuckity. At least it also attracted cute ones.

Too many people still head out the door intending to exploit women. Including -- other women! Just try to get involved in any kind of organization -- there will always be some bossy broad trolling for free servants.

McYuckity maximus.
runs into thread and does DLR "air-splits" FUCK YEAHHHHH!!!! I got paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm definitely gonna spend this evening grocery shopping, eating crap, and drinking copius amounts of wine. Weeeee!!!!!! I'm gonna go to Jimmy John's for lunch and I'm gonna get myself a cinnamon mocha in a couple minutes.

Poor moxette sad.gif ~*~*~*~anti-fever vibes~*~*~*~

Ah minx, I love Skyway. It's just so--Minnesotan! Don't even get me started on Here Comes a Regular. That song makes me want to crawl under my covers and weep. I love The Replacements so much, especially 'cause they're from my 'hood. They used to live in the house at 2215 Bryant Ave., back when the neighborhood was pretty shitty. They hung out at the C.C. Club. Ah yes, the good ol' C.C. Club. It smells much worse now that the smoking ban is in effect. *reminisces about the days of chain-smoking and drinking cheap whiskey at seedy bars in the middle of winter*

Youngest kids unite!!! Looking back, it was like I had 4 parents. They still talk to me like I just fell off the cabbage wagon, so my rebuttal has always been (and still is), "I'm not stupid."

I wanna stay home with turbo!
Poods, you just inspired me to check my deposit account. Time to get my bottle of wine and two Green and Black's bars.

Just found out the one of my favorite students is leaving. Bummer. He's going to a really good school, though. I'm proud of him, but he's one of those kids that really raises the bar.

That's two paragraphs that end in the word "bar" now. Is this trying to tell me something?

I am going to take the Minxlette out to get Chinese take-out tonight. I miss her bones.

Yeah, "Skyway" is a great tune. Quintessential Minnesota lovesong. Gotta come the lovely bastards now.
Air splits! Poodle you are so funny. I totally got a menal image of you doing the air split. With tiger printed spandex pants.

Minx your CD sounds good. Tell Ms Lurv I am doing great & tell her I really appreciate the booby hug! How is she doing?

I like being alone & going places alone, but have the same fear. Swarmy dudes always want to come up & bug me. It really ticks me off.

CONGRATS Mr FJ on the big contract!! That is awesome!

Jenn, I hope you are enjoying your day off! And that you get many an HBI today.

Officemate is complaining. Again. aaaarrrrrgggg! She is a high maintenance chick. and black bars! YUM!

I am an oldest child. Well, I had an adopted brother that was older. I guess I should count him, though we just got back in touch after about 10+ years of no contact.
hi y'all ho bags....heheh....that one still cracks me up.

(((((turbomamma vibes))))))

*Congratulations to Marileen and JT!!!!!*

yay for getting paid.....its like a sigh of relief.

uh...on the hair front....we took out my extensions last nite...or at least, tried to....i swear i am looking into a different keratin product for the next time....this one sucks ass. honest. the back half of my head has wax residue from the crap melting on the hair since we had to use a flat iron to get it off....fortunately, i am a child of my imaginative father who can make do with almost anything....i grabbed some end papers and we used that in between the flat iron to absorb the wax. HUGE DIFFERENCE. I'm going home after work to blindly try to get more out of the back of my head. but we started at 7, left class at 9:30, and finished at 1:30am at my classmates house...i bought her dinner to help me out with the crap in my hair. She's amazing to have helped me. (sigh)

it feels like i have wax in the back of my head(think pomade).....i used laundry detergent, 7 types of shampoo, clinique toner...(to help strip the oils)(but it just made my scalp tingle)....

sorry for ranting on and on...

i would love to give a facial to anyone who wants one....SINCE I ACED MY TEST!!!!...wooo!

congrats mr. fj on the big contract!!!

i'm a middle child with 2 older siblings, girl and boy; and 2 younger siblings, girl and a boy. scapegoat i was.
Hi, peeps!

((((((((Turbomama))))))))) I hope they can figure out what's wrong with her, toot sweet.

Hooray for Poodle getting paid! I know I can't wait until next Friday when I get not quite half a paycheck. I've been avoiding cashing my check from the union - want to keep them until my trip next month so I don't have the chance to spend them.

MARILEEN'S ENGAGED!!!!!!!!! I was just thinking about you and JT the other day. I've been to HHI before, my BFF used to live there, and that's where she met her husband. I didn't care much for HHI itself (too much of a rich beach resort), but Savannah was awesome.

I've never gone to a sit-down restaurant by myself. I've gone to plenty of coffee shops and bars and such alone, but never a place where I actually had someone coming to my table to wait on me.

Hooray for being home on a Friday! I almost did the same because I was nauseas off/on all day yesterday, but I decided to just suck it up and come in.

Hi, Karianne! How much longer does your school go? You're a far stronger woman than me, I could never commit to a Saturday class.

Hi, Moxie, Doodle, Wombat, Mouse, Minx, and everyone else I cross-posted with!

I'm an oldest, and so is the giant. I'm the know-it-all kind of oldest (being Capricorn and all), he's the gentle kind that has a head for practicality and just goes with the flow. He doesn't take charge of a whole lot with us. Being the oldest is okay, but I always wanted an older sister, or even a younger one. Instead I got stuck with two brothers, who I did not like very much growing up and still have problems liking even now sometimes.

I got my hair cut yesterday. It's pretty good, but not the best I've ever had. I want to spend some time with it tonight and see what it can do. It's a little shorter than I would've prefered, but I think that might just be shock at having it cut for the first time in almost a year.

No big huge weekend plans, except to relax. Tonight we're celebrating my grandparents' 65th anniversary at a place called Dummy's. Yep, Dummy's. My dad's choice, of course. There are going to be 35-40 of us, so we needed a place with our own room. But the best part is I getta see Sam! Yay! I do need to remember to pick up my pants on the way up that I had altered, and should try to find something for my parents, who just celebrated their 32nd anniversary a couple weeks ago.
Ah, sibling rivarly.

Thread-fellow catfight


Actually, that's a good way to fend off people making "catty" remarks!

Make clawing gestures and say ""FFFFTTT!!! FFFFFTTTT!!!"

wow, so many eventful things! congratulations marileen, that's so lovely and exciting! poodle got paid! mrfj sold a big contract! turbo has the day off! ms gb aced her test! minx made an awesome mix cd! kari has tomorrow off! wombat's getting new gear! doodle's getting a free flight! divala got a haircut!

i didn't miss anyone, did i......? oh moxie! **vibes for moxette** i hear you on the giddy about marriage/torn about buying into societal expectations of giddy brides.....not that i've been there yet, but my views on the subject are similarly conflicted.

this weekend a friends' band is playing with pink mountaintops at this house in long beach, gonna go check that out.....and i think we are going to try to brave favorite dive bar on the weekends...usually we only go during the week because it is too crowded, but since lately my favorite ladies and i have been especially interested in trying to find cute boys, we recently realized that our chances may be exponentially better in a crowded bar--in fact the crowded bar where both my favorite ladies met their last boyfriends. not that we are boyfriend hunting, but it's always nice to have a resource to crush on. probably will work on art and possibly get coffee with the ex. and clean my damn house.

oh, and i am a typical only child pisces--super dreamy, mostly loner, really need my space and privacy. i can't stand living with other people (though if it were a romantic relationship i'd probably be able to do it) and i love doing things by myself. i go out to eat by myself a lot; bring a book--lovely.
Sheesh! I forgot congratulations for Marileen!

And for poodle who gets to EEEEAAAATTTT.

Ooh, I'm hungry. I'm just nerved out because I have to gather up work I've done before and re-present it.

It's actually not so bad, there's not too much "looking back and cringing 'did I really write that?' " this time around.

Must go have food and caffeine soon.......

I know why we're doing better

We're past the first crescent moon after the equinox!! and hella equinox it was -- An eclipse and new moon at the same time!

You know what the first crescent moon after the equinox is, don't ya? In the first Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, It was when the hell mouth opened!

Congrats on acing your test, gb!!!

Oooooh....mousie's gonna go boy hunting!!! Find one for me!

Diva's got new hair!!

I think you're right about the crescent moon thing, wombat.

Blaaaahhh...I've done enough work for the day. I know that if I keep plugging away, that the next few hours will go by much faster, but still...

*licks microphone and does another air-splits to the tune of Panama*

IPB Image

Seriously, what were those guys thinking when they fired their very talented and charismatic (albiet cheesy) lead singer and sex symbol?! That has to be one of the stupidest decisions that a band has made in the history of rock-n-roll.
sweet pic, poodle! That really cracks me up. I know, Sammy Hager sucks it.

Good work on the test, Ms gb! I wish I lived near you so I could get a facial. That would be nice.

Diva, what sort of place is Dummys? That is a funny name. It reminds me of some other funny restaurant names I've seen. Such as Dirty Dicks. And the marquee said "We have crabs!" Yum.

I had a starfucks at lunch, I think I can make it through the day now.
I liked David Lee Roth's radio show -- he was humorous about being liberal, like he'd gently nudge the guys that called up with moronic comments without being too self-righteous or "sensitive"

but apparently that wasn't good enough for the radio corporate jerks, who put more corporate right wing screaming jocky jerkys in Roth's place.

Boo!! But he rocks even for being an EMT in New York City. I can't for the life of me think of why anyone would make fun of that. You have to be in great shape in every way to be able to handle it.
Yeah, I feel bad for the guy. I think Eddie VH was just jealous because DLR received the more attention from the public--especially the ladies. I read something about a reunion or whatever, but you know it would suck and if I was DLR, I'd totally tell them to fuck off. It would be super funny if DLR, Hagar, and Cherone formed their own band out of spite! laugh.gif (I'm sure it would be awwwwful!!)

One of these days I'm gonna set up amplifiers in diva's front yard and blast Panama over and over again while she's trying to sleep in.

Dirty Dicks....eeeeeewwww...The crabs thing is funny!
DLR isn't on the radio anymore? I never heard him, but I heard very good things about him. That sucks. I hate how right wing talk radio can be, even if it's not even supposed to political. Apparently all the muckity mucks think that the right wing assholes are "common men telling it like it is." But they're not. They're telling it like it is in their little tiny bubbles that they never venture out of. That's why Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh still have jobs.

Props to DLR on becoming an EMT, but if I saw his face first thing after I'd had a heart attack, I think I might have another. That's very big-hearted of him to do, though.

Karianne, it's a bar/grill kind of hic club with a banquet room. There really isn't a whole lot of choice in the area, especially since my dad probably didn't think about it until last minute and everything else was booked.

Have fun going out, Mouse! I remember my days doing that, never had much luck, though. Still, it's just fun to go out with a couple girlfriends for the hell of it.

Congrats on acing your test, Mouse!

I think I've decided what I want my avatar to be: Cruella deVille. That would be pretty damn cool. Now I just need to figure out how to do it, unless some other kindly Bustie would like to help me.

I don't think I've ever heard the Skyway song, but just by the title, it sounds cute, unless it's referring to the strip club, in which case, ew.
psst minx, pood and ... others?

shortcut to buying tickets.

They're supposed to play my hometown a few days before my birthday! That would be a trip.

Sure, I think they should be called "Axl and the Axlarians" at this point, but it's still good.
Thanks for all of the good wishes everybody!

Doodle, definitely take the flight instead of driving. And to answer your question from before, I did know an engagement was coming but didn’t expect it for several months at the earliest. We had been talking in hypotheticals like, “IF we get married…” for forever, and he knew what kinds of rings I liked and stuff. Through our various discussions about it over the past few years, I learned that it was pretty important to JT to be the one to ask me instead of me asking him, and I knew it would happen at some point eventually. I also thought I’d be on to him for sure before it happened, so I really didn’t expect it. When he got down on one knee and asked me, I kind of went into shock.

We are hoping to schedule the wedding for a Saturday next September or October. It is going to be biggish – somewhere between 100 and 200 people – and traditional in the fact that we are going to have a church ceremony and a dinner/dance reception, but we don’t want it to be too formal or stuffy. We just really want to have a meaningful ceremony for the two of us with everyone there and then throw a really good party for our families and friends (including Bustie friends of course smile.gif ). I’ve booked some appointments to check out reception sites already. I really do love weddings – my favorite part of my old Saturday job was seeing the weddings and what people did with them, so I don’t think I’ll be too bridezilla about things – I’ve seen enough that I just want to be a good hostess and have fun and don’t feel obligated to do any of the nonsense stuff that’s not personally fun for me.

((healing vibes for Moxette))

Yay for Turbo’s day off! And Poodle getting paid! And Minxy’s mix-cd-making Math Baron crush! Yay for MsGB acing her test! Yay for Mouse going out man-catching at dive bars!

Hi Diva! I’m glad your haircut turned out okay. I know I was pretty upset after my last haircut with a different stylist but after getting used to it and as it’s grown out I have realized that it was actually a really really good one. I hope yours is the same way.

DLR is definitely better than Sammy Hagar. I remember seeing on tv that they did a tour together a few years ago and fought like crazy the whole time over things like size of dressing rooms and who did a longer set and I think they maybe even ended the tour early.

Wombat, I love the name Axl and the Axlerians.

I love the Replacements. I like “Skyway” and “Here Comes a Regular” but my favorite is “Kiss Me on the Bus”! Their drummer Chris Mars has become quite a visual artist and pretty much doesn’t play drums anymore. His paintings are interesting and kind of scary looking.

Hi Karianne!
Yay! poodle got paid! poodle's gonna have groceries! YAY!!! Thank goddess, too, 'cause we were ALL starting to get worried about you, poods!

miz gb, congrats on acing your test! I wish I could take you up on your offer, dang it!

diva, I'll bet your hair looks great - maybe it's just 'cause you're not used to it? How long does your hair take to grow? Maybe it won't seem so short in a couple of weeks.

Ooh, turbo's gonna get some HBI! WOOT!

Now, now, minx. Don't you think it's a bit soon to be making each other mixed CDs? Next thing you know you'll be shopping for condos! (*big ol' wink*)

wombat, I wanna hear more about your home projects! What are you fixing with glue and twine?

And that's a really good point about people - guys - feeling free to sit with women or hassle us when we're alone in public! I also perfected the don't-fuck-with-me look while growing up in Vancouver (learned it from my ma!), although since I live in a smaller community now, I only really have to use it when I'm travelling.

karianne, yeah, although I like to think it's that we have higher expectations of what we deserve as we get older! I guess they call that increased self-esteem, or something. Heh.

mouse, a live band in a house in long beach sounds way cool! Is it actually ON the beach or somewhere else in the community? (I don't know what that area is like.)

marileen, that's cool that he managed to surprise you so well! My dad and stepmom got married after 10 years together, and were together till he died....I dunno if he surprised her, though! So now I get to live vicariously through you. smile.gif

~*~*~*~*~*~ moxette vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~

Nah,.mox. I'm flying!

Everyone who asked - it's the layout of the province that makes it take so long, and so no, I ain't gonna do the ground/sea travel, given the option of flying. If it were just to Vancouver, I could probably do the ground travel with the youngsters, but that's only 4 hours - it's 4 MORE hours with the ferry hassle and driving into Victoria....they really keep that bloody capitol city isolated from the rest of the province, damn it!! Anyway, I'm on my way out to buy my air ticket this afternoon. It's so annoying to have to do it in person in this techie age, but I don't have room on my Visa - I don't even have room for groceries on my Visa, and the air ticket is $525 CAD. *sigh* Although, even if I did have room - it took me from May till September to get reimbursed from the last trip to the capitol, so I'm kinda done with that - I asked for an advance this time.

I am torn about where I fit on the birth order ladder. On the one hand, I am a Youngest, as I have an older brother who was my hero and tormenter for my first 8 years. On the other hand, when I was 8 and my parents split, my brother and I split, and hardly knew one another anymore (even now our relationship is more like cousins than siblings), so I was really more like an Only. I dunno. I feel like both, and neither.

Ok, this is long already, but I had to add that I am still feeling a bit "hungover" from last night, and all I had is weed...only the young women drank wine, too! Dammit. I AM getting old. (ETA: alternatively, I could blame the high sugar content from the cake, which I am not used to. Yeah, that's it.)
i am tired and i want to go home. i got yelled at for sending out prints on the wrong fabric, but i only sent what was given to me. apparently i was supposed to notice that it was 9 blocks of jersey instead of 2 blocks of slub and 3 blocks of jersey. ugh. it's not my job to check that stuff. and right now the popular thing is "BRITISH INVASION!!!!!!!!" and i find that very, very, boring. OOH a union jack shaped like a heart, how novel!

diva, i can make you an avatar of cruella!

doodle, the house is sort of a not-quite-commune filled with a bunch of musicians, many of whom are our friends, and the great thing about it is that they tend to know OTHER musicians and we get to end up going to really intimate shows in a living room instead of in a club venue. unfortunately there are a lot of problems with the house too (it's totally falling apart and way too many of its inhabitants do way too many drugs). i think it's a few blocks from the beach, not quite sure.
Oh, boy, you're making me lonely for that kind of life, mouse. I mean, the big old shaggy band hang-out house. At various points I have hung out at houses like that. Never lived in them. I mean, the trouble comes down eventually.

I love in Allston Rock City -- which is a part of Boston that used to be very working class and Tom Waits ian and the irish and italian families who built the big houses did not mind the rock and rollers and were fairly left wing and radical democrats. Get off the highway at the giant blinking coca cola sign on the bottling plant and go into an area full of car showrooms and car garages and car parts stores, a food coop in an old garage with skylights, hippies and shaggy rock houses, and on the t-shaped main drag, pizza places and liquor stores with big neon signs, rock clubs full of smoke with wooden floors, furniture stores, cleaners, laundromats and shoemakers. Second hand stores. annnnnddddd Aerosmith living all in one apartment and writing their first couple albums there -- flirting with the BU girls who had boots, long hair and miniskirts and smoked gauloises-- big run down town house apartment buidings and victorian houses.

Now, it's cleaned up but kinda the same -- more south americans and asians and black folk, more middle class, and all variety of world restaurants and specialty hair shops catering to the different races, more high class but still rock and roll.

But I miss the stupid hotel they put in the place of the coca cola sign.
*kicks back in chair and sips glass of cheap vino*

Ahhhh has never tasted so good. Still no groceries, but I did pick up the cats' hippie food that they've been whining about for the last week. I also got them some happy, free-range chicken livers that I'm gonna chop up for treats AND new batteries for the laser pointer. My boys are in cat heaven.

(((mouse))) Sorry about your shitty day. British invasion? Like The Who "target with arrow" symbol? The thought of waifish Urban Outfitters girls wearing Who shirts makes me gag. I absolutely DESPISE the AC/DC shirts that are everywhere. I bet 80% of the people who wear those shirts couldn't name more than 3 AC/DC songs. Have you guys made Journey shirts yet? People get in bidding wars over vintage Journey Escape Tour shirts on ebay. I'm dreading the day that Journey shirts show up in the Target juniors section. *cringes*

Driving would be aaawwwful, doodle. I think the plane trip is completely reasonable.

Yeah, DLR got fired from his radio gig, too. Poor guy.

Did someone say Tom Waits?!! That neighborhood sounds super cool, wombat. I can't really think of an equivalent neighborhood here that isn't somewhat trendy. Nordeast is cool and has a working class history. Tom Waits...if you ever listen to the song "9th & Hennepin," listen to the words, because its based on an odd experience that he had in a donut shop on Hennepin, where this kid with a gun smashed the window and robbed the place. He doesn't go into detail about the place, but he claims that it was his inspiration for that song. I don't care what people say, I love Tom Waits, and his lyrics are unbefuckinglievably awesome. He's one of the last true beat poets. I could go on and on forever about the guy, but I'll spare you!!

You'd be amazed at how tricky it is to find a decent Cruella picture that could work as an avatar. Here are a couple of the best ones I found. I cropped them and played with the color just for you diva!! All you have to do is go into into the avatar section of "My Controls," paste the url in the box, and hit "update avatar."
Hey ya'll....turbomann and I have had a mostly lovely day together. A lazy morning, and then we decided to go downtown to our favorite mexican spot for margaritas and lunch.

But when we got to our car, we saw our next door neighbor slumped over in his car. Turbomann knocked on the window, he kind of waved, but was really disoriented, and wouldn't get out of the car. We'd just seen the janitor, so turbomann went to go get him. I was afraid he was having a stroke. I walked over to the drivers' side door and he couldn't figure out how to get out. I showed him where the unlock was, and opened the door. He was, in fact, piss-drunk. Literally. The smell wafting out of the car was beer, vomit and piss. His pants were soaking. He was very lucky to have made it home...though now all the bangs and scratches on his car make a lot more sense. We helped him back into his apartment - right next to ours, and he tells us that he and his wife are splitting up, and he's having a rough go of it. We were really worried about him, set him up with some water, and gave him our phone numbers. He was so ashamed. I definitely need to talk to his wife, next time I see her, and when I see him, I'll offer to take him to a meeting if he is wants to quit the booze. I'm sad for them, they're really great people, and we love their little poodles that they rescued from a puppy mill...I hope he's okay...she hasn't come home yet. But he knows where we are if he needs us.

So lunch was nice, once we got out and about, and then we had to stop by the LUSH shop nearby, as I was out of my favorite bubble bar and shower gel, and then we stopped at Vosges to get some yummy chocolate. Mmmm...and then it was naptime, and I slept for 2 hours. I think bathtime will be up next, and a nightcap HBI.

mouse....I hope you've gone home by now! Working late nights is my greatest fear of considering a corporate much as the NPO paycheck sucks, its rare that I work a late night...that and I'm insecure about my skillz, since I work solo, without other creative types to learn from.

I hope everyone is having a good friday night!
nah poodle, fortunately the underground target symbol is considered too "obscure". this is more, union jacks with hearts, touristy t-shirts of london type stuff.

*a little defensively* we do make SOME cool stuff, promise. and not everyone who shops at urban is a waif. i am not a waif, and i would and could wear most of what we do. but i hear you on faking the band tour t-shirts thing.

ETA: crossposted with turbo. oh, man, that's so scary about your neighbor! you are such a good neighbor....freal. i hope he's okay. *vibes for turbo's neighbor*

i haven't gone home yet, will be within half an hour i think. but don't forget, i'm on west coast time, so it's not really late. i usually stay until somewhere between 6 and 7 pm, about 9 or 10 hours. could be soo much worse--my freelance friends work 16-hour days (but then, of course, get two weeks off after....pssh).

hope everybody has a good night!
Ooooh...your evening sounds delightful, turbo! And I like your version of the nightcap!!

As I was driving to the co-op, I was thinking about how great it would be to have sex with someone that really cared about me. That's really the only way that I would do it these days. Then it occurred to me that I may never have sex again. What if I never do it again? For me, sex is like going to the State Fair. Its familiar and fun, but it only happens once a year and I'm really tired afterwards. It would be really cool to have regular sex with someone who I loved and who loved me in return. You guys are reeeeaaaaaally lucky. Go off and have sex like there's no tomorrow!! Do it for me!!!

I've bought stuff at urban outfitters before, mouse, so I'm not totally ripping on all of the shoppers. I was at my teeniest at the time, so I could fit into their larges (barely). I do get mad that their sizes are so limited though, but I guess they were only buying what's out there. It seems like stores and manufacturers would get the hint after they run out of every other size but small and extra-small. Hmmm...extra-larges disappear first? That's strange! I get the impression that manufacturers are smug about carrying larger sizes, even if it means extra money in their pockets. I once wrote a letter to Victoria's Secret telling them that they are foolish for not carrying 40+ and D+ bras, because those women are willing to spend a fortune on a decent bra that doesn't look like something a grandma would wear. I never got a response. So yeah, of course I'm gonna complain about how a thin girl could easily wear a Who t-shirt while I can't, even though I'm most likely more of a fan than they are (if they even know any of their songs other than what they hear on CSI). *kicks dust and pouts*
Hi all...still organizing meeting details for Victoria, at this late hour on a Friday...bah!

When I bought my air ticket, I asked about whether my shampoo would be confiscated if I didn't check my luggage. Apparently if I carry it in small travel sizes - brand names, NOT the plain plastic kind you buy and fill yourself - then it's okay. It's all so stupid. It's probably worse for y'all in the U.S., 'cause you're air security regulations are pretty gestapo-esque. Ditto the UK.

Here's what I don't get about air travel. Ok, so you're not allowed to carry on stupid things like tweezers and nail clippers, right? But whenever I get through check-in, what do they almost always sell at the little shops inside the terminal, even after the check-in point? Nail clippers! Sometimes tweezers, too! And lots of souvenirs that I'm absolutely sure have parts that could be used as sharp, pointy weapons. I just don't get their thinking at all. I really, honestly think they only do it to keep people meek, compliant, and in a constant state of fear.

poodle...wait. You've been living on saltines, but you bought booze and no groceries????

turbo and turbomann's day makes me feel vicariously happy. But how awful about the neighbour! Drunks freak me out when I encounter them unexpectedly (by-product of my childhood). How sad! Unfortunately, if someone doesn't want to get help, there isn't much you can do about it.

mouse, I'm envious. I think my new, NEW vision of heaven is to be at a falling apart house where Blue Rodeo is playing. That's after my last vision of heaven, which is to be able to dance barefoot in the grass under the stars while Blue Rodeo is playing, which I've now acheived. biggrin.gif

*waves at wombat*
I'm living vicariously through the turbos, too, doodle.

Yeah, I needed beer and/or wine (in this case, "and") desperately and I wanted to make my cats happy, so I didn't pick up groceries. I can't really afford food at the co-op, but I buy my cat food and coffee there (and occasional dairy). I want to go to the "normal" grocery store tomorrow morning so I can really savor the experience.

I just seared the chopped up chicken livers with a little salt, canola oil, and catnip, and my cats are going apeshit over it. Yeah, the salt and oil aren't great for them, but that's what makes it a treat. Gus won't eat the chicken livers until they're a little cooked on the outside. Oscar likes it either way. My cats are so spoiled.

ETA- My cats aren't spoiled--they just get treated really well for your average domestic cats. I've felt really bad for them ever since my asshat of a neighbor constructed a sheetrock monstrosity where there used to be trees, birds, and bunnies to watch while I'm away. They don't have much to look at these days.

The worst part is that my neighbor is waaay too friendly with me and he says stuff like, "oh yeah, I saw you doing that the other day." Ummm...CREEPY!!! I remember the day they were clearing the trees. I opened up my bedroom window and yelled, "You're ruining my view!!!" and my neighbor said, "We're improving it!" I think not. The ex-resident boy despised that guy more than I did, which was kinda cute.
I think poodle and doodle's cats are very very lucky!! I should get turbo something special this weekend...he hasn't had a fresh marrow bone from the butcher in awhile, maybe I'll get him one.

Doodle, I'm so glad you're flying to Victoria...even though flying has its own hassles. Honestly, I wasn't that sad to cancel our Ireland trip this year since they got even more baroque on security. I really just don't buy that people are more scary than they were 10 years ago and that we should be scared of everything. And they've made flying such a hassle, its not adventurous or fun anymore, its just frustrating and tedious. I'd hate to have a job where I had to fly all the time.

The evening nightcap....was very very nice. And I smell so lovely of jasmine and vanilla from my bath. I do love a good bath, and a good bath with a waterproof vibe, and audiobook erotica....even better.

Mouse! I hope you've left work by now - eep! There's an urban a few blocks from my work...I wander through from time to time, but the sizes are hard for me too...and I love a lot of their casual pants, but they don't carry a thing in petite, so I'm pretty much out of luck there. Vosges chocolates had some gorgeous screened tees today, and I totally thought of you, mouse...and, their signature color is that's doubly good in my book! I'm definitely going to pick up a shirt at some point...maybe when my bonus comes in.

poodle, I have the same feelings about Victoria's Secret...I'm only a 38B, and they only carry 3 bras in my size - come on! I did just find some *really* great brars at Target last month from Gilligan O'Malley - good construction, firm support, and really comfy...and they usually carry larger sizes.
So...aren't you hungry? Or...isn't your body getting tired without real food?

I'd never survive! Of course, I don't buy much likker. I usually have an open bottle of each (red/white) going for cooking purposes, and I prefer to always keep a couple bottles of red on hand, in case of company. But I very rarely drink (again, by-product of my childhood). I DO, however, like to EAT! YUMMY! I bought a bunch of chuck steak that I'm going to do in the slow cooker tomorrow. I can have some for dinner tomorrow night, and the rest will be waiting for me when I get back from the Island Monday night, when I'll be too tired to even think about cooking.

That's too bad your cats lost their view, poods. I hate it when trees get hacked down for crappy development. I just noticed some beautiful old trees on an empty lot down the road got hacked down. I don't know if they're developing the lot, or if it was just some stupid community anti-"crime" initiative. (Because god forbid homeless people should have park-like areas in which to congregate.)

ETA: ooh! cross-post with turbo!

Yeah, I agree about flying. I don't think we have it as bad in Canada as you do - not for domestic flights, anyway. The guy I talked to seemed pretty casual about the whole liquid item issue. Although it's hard to know what our new Conservative government will do now, we don't have that whole "Homeland Security" b.s. that keeps your citizens frightened into submission. And, wow....HBI AND a waterproof vibe? Now I think we are ALL envious!!
we're starting to see wine sold in tetra-bricks here (like your soy milk cartons), and I've gotten some damned decent stuff in cartons here, but those are my favorite to have on hand for cooking - they fit in the fridge really well, and stay fresh longer.

I'm gonna make stock and butternut squash soup, provided I can get some cream from the organic grassfed dairy at the farmers market....its the only dairy I can eat without a problem, and though it costs as much as diamonds...damn, it is good!

Oh, and I talked to turbomama earlier this evening. She's still exhausted, and sleeping alot, but mostly she's just pissed off about being trapped in the hospital, knowing full well, nothing happens on the weekend. The infectious disease doc stood her up today.

Oh, I SO love homemade butternut squash soup! *swoons*

I might get some tetra white wine, if I can find any - that's a good idea. We can only buy from liquor stores here, though, not grocery stores, so I'm not sure what's available. I always seem to have red wine open, though, because I like to open a new bottle when someone comes over, but it doesn't always get finished, because I'm so not a drinker....

That's shitty your mama's stuck in the hospital over the weekend. Sorry to hear, but nice to hear she's got fighting spirit!! LOL! Of course, if this were Canada, our messed up health care system would have dumped her in the parking lot after her first day in hospital.

I have painted the metallic mosaic part on the tray. Now I just have to varnish it. I freaked at first because I didn't think I liked it, but now that it's dry, I can see that it will be very much "her" (my friend that I'm giving it to). I hope the polyurethane smell goes away by the time I get on the plane Sunday, or I'll be singled out for a very thorough search!!!

I love the turbos. I wish I had that sorta thing. I really like being alone and I can get myself off in less than a minute, but I would still love to have an ultra cool relationship. Maybe someday. Still, I do a much better job on myself than any man has ever done. I did have one guy who managed to push the right button, and the weird thing was that he was a virgin--a very well-hung virgin--a very well-hung virgin with a hairy chest, which I kinda dig, yo. Sex for me has to be something special these days, or else it's a waste of my time. No offense to those who can get it on without the emotional stuff...

I'm so impressed by your productivity, doodle!! I am trying to come up with random ideas for my pop-culture coffee table that I'm going to make. That is the reason why I brough up David Lee Roth and his stage antics. I'm looking for very random, campy images that I can use on my table. It will take me a while though, because I'm pretty neurotic about the details.

I love soy milk, but for totally different reasons than cow milk. I still buy it on occasion just for the taste. I was vegan for about a year until I went on weight watchers and it became really difficult to avoid dairy. Before that, I lived in a vegan house and we cooked together, so it was no big deal. I lived in the middle of the city, so it was easy to get vegan cookies, etc. I never felt deprived. Actually, my diet back then was probably way worse than it is now (aside from this week's saltine binge). It's really not that hard to cut dairy once you get used to it, which I'm sure you're well aware of, turbo. I guess that goes for everything.

That said, I bought myself some B&J's American Pie ice cream, doodle, so I'm not totally deprived! *runs to freezer*
You know...I just really don't get off on random encounters. I have a couple of lovers that I very infrequently see, but I have known them both for so long now that the sex is just an extension of my friendship with them, if that makes any sense. But what I CRAVE is the emotional connection with a lover, and I haven't had that in so long that it kind of aches once in awhile. There was a period of time with P*** that it was there, but I couldn't trust him so it waned and there was no getting it back. I look at those intimacies as different. Both satisfying in different ways. Lately, I have these kissing fantasies...just looking into someone's eyes and kissing.

Gaaaaah!!! But it really is so lovely.

Alright, I need to make a decision here as to whether or not I will stay up another 45 minutes to watch an epi of CSI or just go to bed. Hard with the Minxlette here. I like to be fresh and wakey for her in the morning, but still want a sanity-saving weekend.
whoa~~~~~NINE archived pages since monday? NINE pages in 4 days???? gah. the okayers are trying to keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell me!

divalla, cruella de ville is PERFECT for you as an icon! heeee! i hope you can get one of those pix that poodle found made into an avatar!

yayay!!! for surprise engagements!!!

and yayayayay!!! for mixtapes!!!

and yayayayayayayay!!! for lovely night caps!!!!!!!

booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo on people who erect monstrosities that deprive kitties from seeing grass and trees and birds and bunnies!!!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for turbomom being stuck in the hospital over the weekend! sad.gif

doodle, that tray sounds cool as hell. (okay, hell is usually depicted as HOT, but dante's innermost layer of hell was COLD. ice cold. and personally? i think ice cold would be a lot worse than hot. but that's just the tropical coming out in me)

re sex and emotional bonds: i think that some of the best ever sex i've had was because of the emotional ties with the other person. that said, i don't think that anyone will be surprised that i don't really have to be in love with someone to have sex with them. i DO have to like them. when i was much much younger, that wasn't even a criterion. i had too many once only encounters waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back "in the day". that was pre HIV, pre HPV, pre anything but gonorrhea and syphilis. and post pill. so in a weird sort of way, i'm very glad that i got to do all of that without condoms.

and it is a VERY good thing that i don't have to deal with dating now. i'm VERY happy to be married, and to such a wonderful man.

okay. think i am being mushy now. time for more coffee. i hope someone pops in during the weekend. i miss you all so much, and can't even think about posting during the week, for the most part. sad.gif

hugs and kisses!!!!!

Dude, I would be completely friggin' exhausted if I had to do your job everyday, minx. Teachers should be paid a hell of a lot more. Teachers should be making the same wages that doctors and lawyers make. Dayyumm. My mom has been working her ass off in ELL/ESL for 25+ years, and earned her masters degree (during my naughty highschool years) and she still doesn't make enough, in my opinion. She works twice as much as my boss for half of the earnings. I can't totally diss my boss though, because she bought me a cinnamon mocha yesterday and told me that she was very pleased with my analysis. I'm so grateful that I work for a woman instead of a tiehead.

Oh crap!! The ex-resident boy is here!! See y'all later, haters!!
Hi all....

OMG, TESAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wub.gif

Girl, where the frelling hell have you been??

Tell me more about your coffee table project, poodle! IPB Image

*waves at minx*

Sex. Um. I think I'm holding out for something at this point. When I was younger, I engaged in a lot more sex without intimacy than I think I was really comfortable with. (Y'all may not believe this of me, but I was very "wild" in my 20s.) Now I think I'm holding out for intimacy - love, if I dare say. But I haven't been in a mental/emotional place where I've been willing to seek it out, or to allow it to seek me out. That's changing, but it's been very slow to change, because I've been struggling so hard to find my own core again, after so many external struggles. This most recent state of my personal universe has been about the attainment of intimacy with my own self; intimacy with the "other" will come later (or sooner, or, y'know, whenever). So I still tend to resist becoming open to meeting someone else. And not, y'know, that I'm going to be expecting declarations and feelings of "love" before "sex" happens, but there's got to be a real connection, and a respectful, honest friendship from which "love" can develop. Y'know? Oh, that's just way too much information.

So I've got 2 coats of polyurethane on the bottom of the tray. I think that's enough for the bottom, but if I'm still awake at 2, I can get one more on before bed. I can't WAIT to do the top. The polyurethane is really picking out the grain in the oak, and I'm really excited to see what it does to the top, since all the "grout" in the painted mosaic is the bare, unpainted wood.
Good mornin' chicas!!

Awww...thanks for all the love in here last night....turbomann and I are indeed very lucky. Alot of it is getting together so young (17) that we never thought that we weren't right for each other (in spite of really *not* being right for each other for about 4 years), and really, for the incredible patience of my turboman to sit through my control freakiness in college...and then spending a year apart and realizing that there really was love there, and we didn't want to give up....and finally accepting change in each other as we've gotten older. And really, I'm more in love with him that even when we got married 4 years ago.

Doodle, your tray sounds absolutely gorgeous!!! You must post piccies of it before you give it to your friend! I'm sure the oak grain as the "grout" will look amazing, once its been varnished. And Poodle, your pop-culture table sounds AWESOME!!!

Turbomann is off paintballing today, and then off to the giant oktoberfest celebration with the unfriends tonight, so I've got the whole day and evening to myself!! I've already been to the farmer's market, whole foods, and hispanic market, and have a huge pot of chicken stock in the works on the stove, and squash roasting in the oven for the soup I'm going to make this afternoon. And that's pretty much the plan for the day.

Tesssssss!!! We meeece you!!! Now, I command you to come back to this thread, sit yourself down, and tell us all about your fabulous vacay with mr hotbuns!!! telllll ussssss!
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