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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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hi fj! i'm so sorry you have to put up with so much crap at work. but it's only a matter of time, right? smile.gif WHEN not IF!

i actually ran into the crush the other night, but he was with a GIRL and it seemed kind of awkward even though we all talked for a second and she seemed sweet--but maybe that was just cos she knew she had the upper hand since she was with him. or maybe they were just friends. i cannot read him AT ALL, and i'm usually pretty good at that kind of stuff--and of course that makes me just even more intrigued by him. BLAH!

heheheheh salad killer

I'm in for PR tonight (duh)! It's really a toss-up for who's going to get kicked off. I hope against hope it's Jeffrey, but I'd settle for Uli. She's sweet, but she has no range.

I haven't seen Eddie Izzard since Dressed To Kill, so please forgive me. I'm going to assume he's updated a little since then. Either way, at least he's not Alan Cummings, who, while very funny, makes me want to wash myself, and most especially during his stint on The L Word.

FJ, is this new girl your new assistant? Why didn't you get to have a say in hiring her? That post about her "cellar" phone was hilarious yesterday. Makes you wonder how people seem to get through their lives and hold jobs and put their shoes on the right feet and dress themselves. I get some like that who work admin for temp places, too. They can't spell for crap and can't fill out a simple form correctly.

Hi, Poodle! We're trying not to buy groceries for awhile. We went overboard last time and we're still trying to clear some room in the fridge and freezer. If only we didn't keep buying meat in boxes like the giant insists on, maybe we'd have some space. It's the giant's turn to buy, and he's running a little short, so I'm trying to make it easy for him to hold off for another week.

I just remembered I have wine, too! I always have wine (currently a case and a half of unopened bottles), but I've got an open bottle of white merlot in the fridge. Yummy!
white merlot? Call me a wine newbie (which i'm really not, but still)...but would that be the yummie merlot grape w/o the sulfides that make my nose run? If yes, what's the name of it, and where did you get it?!? I currently have a Grand Traverse (local MI area) Reisling chilling. I can't wait till its cold, to go with my pork chops, baked apples and cheesy potaoe dinner. Ok, it sounds fancy, but the potatoes are a box mix.

ok, the wee one is making noise...must see her cuteness before her daddy gets home and snatches her away. The moxiemen are all babyhogs!

I don't know what brand it is, just that it was cheap. It tastes like normal merlot, but it's not so dark (I think you can see through it) and quite a bit sweeter, so much easier to drink.

Your baked apples sound so yummy! I need to try making those very soon.

Okay, it's close enough to 5:00. I'm goin' walkin'!
So...waitaminute, FJ, are you saying the problem is my apologetic Canadianness? That I should be more like you Americans and drop the polite warnings?

*shakes head sadly*

This is exactly why you Yanks have to say you're Canadian when you travel to foreign countries.

tongue.gif biggrin.gif cool.gif
Now I'm da thread-killah. IPB Image
We just wish we had the Canadian charm doodle!

FJ...I *love* going out to eat should try and cultivate the habit. I always go out once while turbomann is away, usually someplace he doesn't like as much. But I enjoy flirting with servers, or watching people, eavesdropping, or just sitting and reading a book. You'll often find me on a saturday or sunday at my favorite cafe in the 'hood with a beer and a book and a plate of....sweet potato fries!

moxie, you just reminded me that I need to whip up a batch of cinnamon sauteed apples, STAT! My apple drawer overfloweth between farmers marketing and my weekly produce box, and not only are fried apples tasty, but I like to have some on hand to put on my oatmeal in the morning - now *that* is a good breakfast!

I just found another flea on turbo sad.gif I'm gonna have to put the icky stuff on him tonight.

I also just layed down for an hour, snuggling under the covers 'cause of the migraine, and I feel a bit better now, and my eyes stopped twitching, so that's good. I gotta take a bath and let my muscles unwind before PR comes on, otherwise I won't be able to stand to watch tv.

Ok, turbodoggie time....catch ya'll later!
Cheese porn!!!

IPB Image

Wanna wanna?
hehe minxie that reminds me of something i noticed a while ago by accident: not only is taken, so is, AND so is to my knowledge no one has yet registered go in on it together and start a cheese porn site?
ah, fun with teh intarwebz! That's hilarious mouse - - I think you'd be onto something there...maybe it could be a cheese comedy site, spoofing!

15 min to Project Runway!

I just took a wonderful sandalwood bubble bath...I smell yummy! My stomach is still really unhappy from the migraine, but my head feels better after the bath and my muscles relaxed a little.

My momma is so funny - she's been calling me every night this week because turboman is out of town, and she's making sure I'm ok. cute little dotty. I told her tonight that she can call anytime, I'm always happy to talk to her. She's a cute little lady. And she sounded better than she's sounded in many weeks. She told me all about telling her newest cardiologist to fuck off yesterday. heh. She got to the appointment only to learn that he was in the same practice as the fucker who nearly killed her last summer by mis-dosing her blood thinners, and dad had to call 911 and the medics saved her. They're very lucky to live 2 blocks from the fire station and 4 blocks from the police station. So, she's back in the search for a cardiologist, once again.
Oh gawd, you guys are making me soooo hungry!!! Oooh!! I have a couple organic apples in my kitchen!! How do I bake (or sautee) them? I had saltines for dinner and I need something with nutritional value.

Cheese porn!! Ha!! cheesecheesecheesecheesecheesecheesecheese....

Glad to hear that you ma is doing better, turbo. That sucks about the cardiologist though. That's so sweet that she's calling to check on you. Moms are so funny.

Hi FJ!! Ugh, I'm so sorry about the dumb girl. I'd be going crazy,too.

Mmmmm...tacos....can I have some?

Yeah, diva, you and the giant have a pretty packed fridge. I know where I'm going in the event of a disaster!!!

Awww...turbodog is so lucky to have you as his mama, turbojenn! I'm sure he's happy to have you all to himself now!
poodle, I usually just peel, core and cut the apple into uniform chunks. Heat a non-stick pan on the stove, add a tablespoon of butter or veg oil, toss in the apples, saute for a few minutes, add cinnamon, a bit of brown sugar or honey and maybe a dash of nutmeg, and I actually like a tiny pinch of fresh ground pepper. The sugar/honey makes it a little bit goey, caramelly...its delicious.

I didn't make any apples tonight...maybe tomorrow. The apples are delicious with some kielbasa or knockwurst, and some really caramelized onions...that is fall to me. yum.

I think we've got some very fine moms here in okayland...our mommas love us. That's a good thing.

Ok back to PR, and then to bed for me!
YES!! I would LOVE to in on it with you, Mouse! You can be my main cheese squeeze!

Easy Cheese. Heh.

Turbo, your Mamasan sounds like a real fireball. How has her health been lately? I totally remember that mishap last year. Scary business.

So, I just got off the phone with the Math Baron who called me! WHOOT! We talked for nearly 90 minutes about, well, everything I guess. What a sweetheart. He's totally neurotic about order, which I find hilarious since I am so NOT orderly. I mean, I have systems and routines, but he's a management guru. I remember the first time I crushed on him was right at the beginning of the school year when I saw him photocopying stuff and it was all labelled and sequenced and I nearly drooled. I came up (and isn't this just like a disorganized person?) start rifling through his stuff. I realized my faux pas immediately and asked if it was okay to do so and he just laughed at me...especially when I told him that I was having serious organization-envy.

He's nice. He said that his group of friends would love a girl like me hanging around when they are gaming. Something to the effect of, "They would be on the floor in worship after you left saying 'Dude, did you hear her? She was TOTALLY making fun of ME! That was soooooooo cooooooool!'" Bwa-hahahaha! Doesn't sound like we will be doing anything this weekend--I already had plans to go to the Whore, and he is going to be completely booked up with some interesting stuff, so the brakes it is. That's alright, though. Slow is good.

But if I don't buy some new batteries for my vibrator, someone's gonna get hurt. mad.gif

And he thinks it's sweet that I like Journey. Whaddayathink, Poods? Is he worth an evaluation?
Hell yeah!! He's a gamer though?? That could be dangerous. wink.gif I think he sounds pretty nice.

I'm gonna try the apple thing tomorrow night. I just had some fresh slices with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on them and that hit the spot. I'm so glad I remembered.

Well, I think it's time for me to call it a night, too. I like to think that we all sleep in gigantic flowers like in munchkin land. *crawls into flower bed and starts snoring*
Wow, I took a 3 hour nap!

Mmmm....cheese porn! mouse, those URLs are hilarious. I'm in for a cheeseporn site! But what to call it?

I loves me some cheese. What's everyone's favourite kind of cheese? I'm kind of torn between jarlsburg, havarti with dill, and gouda.

turbo, did you're mama actually use the words "fuck off"??? I'm sorry about the migraine, they suck bigtime. I used to get migraine-like headaches all the time, but mine were a pre-cursor to FMS (which is like a migraine in the body), so I have BIGTIME empathy! I'm glad you are starting to feel better - any way you can get a massage in the next day or two? You sure deserve one, especially for having that on top of the website stuff. Hey, btw, I'm sorry for not getting caught up on this, but how did the web work go? Is it all back online?

minx, that's so exciting about MB, and also good to hear you're willing to accept slowness, hee! smile.gif But yeah, maybe you should buy some batteries in bulk...?? Hee! I put super-power camera batteries in mine, just to make sure it would be there when I need it! tongue.gif

poodle, I think you should ask your mama for some can't live on saltines, girl!

I sucked it up tonight and called doodlemama, and asked her if I could borrow $100. She said yes before I even said anything else! And yep, she asked if that would be enough, LOL. I wouldn't ask to borrow money if I wasn't stuck, but I still hate having to ask. Anyway, now I will be able to buy groceries over the next 2 weeks, thank heavens.

I got invited to speak at Take Back the Night in the next town over, which is this Friday. You'll all be proud of me, though. I knew it was important b/c they didn't have any "political" speakers, but I really didn't want to go, so I offered up 2 of the young women from the Centre to go in my place. They are thrilled, especially b/c their gas, meals, and a night in a hotel will be paid. The organizers are thrilled, b/c they get two "radical" young 'uns. I'm thrilled, 'cause I get to stay home. So tomorrow night the women are coming over and we'll write their speech, and smoke a little special speech-writing assistance. I haven't done that in awhile...since Blue Rodeo? And now I can't afford to buy any, so that will be nice!

I used to love travelling around and doing all kinds of stuff like this, and conferences, and lobby trips. Now I just prefer to be home all the time. I guess it's from being burned out. And also, I really LIKE my home now! It's the place on earth I want to be most! I don't know how that happened, or why. Maybe it's just old age setting in.

IPB Image
Aside from the twice-annual vacation of 3-5 days, we LOVE to be home. Its not old age, doodle, its settlement and comfort.

Poodle- baked apples, the easy way: Use apple slicer to slice apples (or a knife). The shape doesn't really matter, as long as their fairly uniform. Toss said apples in a baking dish with a squirt of lemon, some cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla (if for desert...omit if more savory is your thing), a hint of brown sugar, and a couple small pats of butter. Put in oven (375ish) for about 1/2 hour. YUM. The longer their in the oven, the softer and gooyer the insides will be. LIke a baked potato.
*yawns and stretches*

Yay! It's Thursday! Tomorrow's Friday!!!

Doodle, that's really cool that they asked you to speak!! That's definitely something to be proud of. *passes speech-writing assistance to doodle* cool.gif

Batteries in bulk...hehehehe...

Yeah, I was wondering if turboma said "fuck off" too. I just assumed that it was turbo's translation, but it would be so awesome if those were her mom's actual words!!

That's cruel to make someone choose their favorite cheese! My favorite "stand-alone" cheese would probably be gouda, and my favorite "ingredient" cheese would be provolone.

I love being at home, too, but my home isn't nearly as put together as your place, doodle. I love my kitchen though. I think I might paint my cabinets red with an accent color. My living room still looks boring and unsettled without a couch. My bedroom? Don't even go there. Maybe I'll clean and tape it tonight so I can paint this weekend.

I only have one more day to go 'til I can get groceries and beer, so it's no prob. I better start making a list. I love making grocery lists.


Mornin' mox!!! I can't wait to cook up my apples tonight. The only problem is that I don't have brown sugar. I'm pretty much limited to white sugar, cinnamon, and butter.
poodle, even if all you have is white sugar, it'll still be tasty. Or if you have molasses on hand, you can add a teaspoon of that, for a more caramelly flavor. I might try doing them in the oven tonight too - seems like less work that stirring them occasionally on the stovetop. I need to go get more cinnamon on my way home, though - I'm completely out, after making a couple batches of my morroccan veg stew, and cinnamon is the secret ingredient.

minx, math baron sounds great! I think I especially love that his bustie name is Math Baron! And don't be so afraid of the gamers, they're usually quiet, nice boys, with a perv streak a mile wide (at least in my experience), so go for it!!

AH, if only turbomama had actually said "fuck off." But no...turbopapa said that. Mom tried to be nicer, but she can make the sting hurt more with the kind "piss off" approach from this tiny little lady. But in the end, the moral of the story is, never see a cardiologist in private practice - they only want money. Only go to the ones at hospitals, who are not paid by the patient, and have time to really go over medical history..which takes some time in my momma's case.

Hmmm...favorite cheese...I can't have much of it anymore, except the occasional sheep's milk hard cheese, but to make it really worth it, I would go for a 5 year-aged gouda - its crumbly like a parmesan or pecorino, hard, and a teensy bit goes a very very long way, and there's not much whey left in it, so it doesn't give me the stomach ache soft cheeses do.

doodle, I'm done with the temporary version of the site, there's enough little noodley things to fix to keep my busy for a lifetime, but I don't care about perfection right now, since I'll just have to re-do it when I get my databases rebuilt. I feel much better today, and I'm not going to spend the day coding - YEAH!
I only gots one woid for you goils: manchego.

I was at the shmancy (Richardson copying a spanish palace, with a courtyard) Boston Public Library the summer before this past one, they had a reception with wine and cheese, and I took a piece of cheese that looked a bit hard and pale gray-ish, and I was sure it was going to be bitter, but it was not -- it was meaty complex delici-OH-sa. I asked the server what it was called and he told me - manchego.

Aged cheddar -- sharp cheddar not so good for eating raw but Delicious and not bland when melted.

Smoked gouda at art openings.

I went to one opening at the old Polaroid factory which was located here, between MIT and the candy factories -- Edward Land was very liberal and avant-garde -- great opening with some old original Bauhaus artists in attendance and --- a circular bread, cut almost all the way down but not quite, thin slice of brie inserted between each cut, then heated so the brie melted. MMMmmm

I would be hungry except I made my man and me a nice breakfast - hardboilded eggs done PERFECTLY so they are still moist but no yellow runnies, real, non-instant, non-sugarcrap oatmeal with raspberries, banana and cinnamon, aged sumatra Peet's coffee, Tropicana orange juice, and Cranberry-Lime seltzer water - plus a few vitamins.

But I decree no more talking about food till poodle and doodle can eat some!! Which means -- tomorrow!!

Ooh, clients going changey-changey. Is the moon in -- somethng? Oh, I know what it is -- communications difficulties. Mercury must be retrograde. Like, it must have finally fallen into the sun.

Luckily these are not bad changes.

Do any of the rest of you have men who get coffee erections?
turbojenn erections? That's a new one to me. We're actually a caffeine-free household...crazy, I know, but its true. Makes us both craaaaazy, and makes my heart do not-good things. We're a mint-licorice tea family.

moxie - the new avvie - SO freakin' cute!

I get to go to a phone-trainig class in a few minutes - wheee! We're getting a new VM system, and apparently, it I'd really just prefer a page of instructions, but we all have to go. bleh. boss just said its cool if I take tomorrow off as a comp day for last weekend, so that makes me happy! I can sleep in, and just be lazy all day, probably watch some more of my Grey's Anatomy DVDs.
Good Morning, Okayers!

Cheese...drooooool.....I love cheese. I like goat cheese and really sharp white cheddar. There is not much cheese I don't like, with the exception of bleu cheese. And stilton. Wombat, manchego is good stuff.

Minx, your convo with math baron sounds good. I am liking this guy. I think you are right, slow can be very good. I hope you get some new batteries. smile.gif

Hi doodle, moxie, poodles, jenn, & everyone else!

Not too much to report here today. Trying to be productive again. I think I am making progress. Officemate is out today so it's nice & quiet in here. I can turn my music up, which is always a good thing.

Ya'll....I am in shock. Good shock. Today is annual raise announcement day around here, and its always the day I vow to look for a new job, because standard raises here are 1.8%, which does not cover my cost of living increases, 20% property tax increase, etc. So, I braced myself...for disappointment.

But then...I got a 3.5% increase - my biggest ever here! WOOT! AND THEN....I got a $2,000 bonus for creating the new website, and recovering it when the server crashed last week. I ROCK! I hate thinking that a catastrophic web server failure got me a decent raise, but it did! This place is bizarre. I think this'll mean about a $100 more on each paycheck, which will go a long way in keeping me from the annual financial freak out, when I have to borrow money from turboman when something happens.

*dances around the thread, and trots back to webland*
minx cheddar cheese with a crusty baguette, perhaps some doublecream brie or chevre, and a lovely Jarlsburg and a pile of fresh fruit. AND COFFEE!!

Yeah, Math Baron is quite likeable. I was talking to a friend back home and told her that it was so strange how I went 300 miles away from home and 14 years only to essentially return back to the boys I knew back home. He is soooo much like the guys I hung around with. Slightly neurotic, deeply empathetic yet rooted in firm values and respect and boundaries, totally geeky, interested in nearly everything, long friendships and family ties...and he likes Guns 'n' Roses. biggrin.gif I think that I'll make him a mixed CD after I get home tonight.

I think that I am going to go see a free movie tonight with Lurv after I help some friends of mine move. I miss that woman. She really is salt of the earth.

So, how are all ma bitches today and their offspring (furbabies and otherwise)?
Hi, peeps!

My favorite cheese would probably be a smoked gouda, honeyed goat cheese, or really extremely sharp cheddar. And except for the gouda, I had pretty much all my favorites last night. The 3 of us made it almost all the way through a large baguette. Of course there was no bruschetta because I'm a giant idiot who can't remember to cover bowls when I put them in the fridge, so it was all dried up.

I'm so going to make some sauteed or baked apples this weekend. It's absolutely mandatory.

No coffee erections my guy, he can't stand the stuff.

I'm glad your mom is doing better, Jenn, and she has the balls to stick up for herself.

I'm kind of a homebody, too. Except for restaurants and shopping trips, we don't go out that much. I was even more of a homebody when I lived alone and my apartment was all about me. But still, I go out and do stuff way more than the giant, just because I'm more involved in things than him, if only just for the social aspect. That's half the reason I go to my Democrat get-togethers (does that sound any less like AA?).

Speaking of which, the Republicans are coming. Ewwwww!!! They picked Mpls/St. Paul for their national convention. I wonder what kind of chaos and despair they'll leave in their wake.

So, I did a good thing last night and went walking again, and it hurt. so. bad. I made it all the way around the lake, in pain for about 40 minutes of the hour-long walk. My calves were absolutely burning. But still, I'm going to jump right on with it next week just the same.

A gamer boy, huh? My first real boyfriend was a Magic player. Things turned out badly, but that was just because he was an idiot. They do tend to be very loyal, though.

Did you guys see PR last night? Grrr! They totally played us with not eliminating anyone because they all got Fashion Week shows anyway, but I suppose we had it coming. But I was still aching to see Detroit get kicked off. That dress was ugh-ly.
Diva, I'm actually ok with the PR result - all 4 would have been showing at Fashion Week anyway, it always seemed lame to me that one of them did all the work, and then wasn't in the running....sure, they get a HUGE boost just for showing there, but it still seemed lame.

All this cheese talk is making me so hungry. I don't want my healthy lunch now. Waaaa!

Republicans in Mpls - that is horrifying!!! I can't think that they would come to Chicago, but it would be scary.

Minxy, the Math Baron is sounding better and better all the time.

Ok, I'm gonna go either eat my healthy lunch or go get something not-as-healthy....
Hooray for turbo-jenn!!
That is awesome.

minnnnxxx -- tell him to check out It's a well-functioning fan site that has practical uses and is not too full of idiots.
good morning!

doodle, i think you never want to leave home because you have THE AWESOMEST APARTMENT EVER. i mean......duh. tongue.gif

turbo, that's so fantastic about your job!!! congratulations! wow. about time they realized how awesome you are.

minxie, mb sounds dreamy. from the boys you've mentioned in here, i think you and i have a bit similar tastes.

pood, i bet you could make good apples even with just white sugar and cinnamon. i actually have an overload of apples at home right now.....i don't have any sugar on hand whatsoever, but that could be remedied.....mmm yum.

hi moxie, wombat, diva, karianne!

manchego sounds delicious. i've never tried it, but i want to. man....i have a hard time choosing my favorite cheese. as cheese just to have around the house i like super sharp cheddar and really good swiss--i know a lot of people who don't like swiss or find it bland, but i love it. havarti with dill is good too....or a sharp hard cheese, like parmigiana regiana or asagio...and i love camembert.....and blue cheese! i used to work at a cafe that had fantastic food, and one of their typical dishes was this incredible grilled sweet potato/red onion/gorgonzola sweet and savory and mmmmmm. actually wombat, it's in boston! appleton's, in the south end, on the corner of appleton and dartmouth. and try the orzo, too, it's incredible and i even got the recipe and still can't replicate what ailton does there. GAH now my mouth is watering. how about a cheese phone sex line instead?
Fuck yeah, turbo!! Today's a good day for you! It's about time you get to relax and sleep in. And a decent raise? That's awesome.

Cheese phone sex line!!! Ha!! Oh god, I love it when you crumble all over me...and it totally turns me on when you melt on top of a bed of tortilla chips...

If I had to choose between sex and cheese, I would definitely opt for the cheese.

Ya know, I should really give all of my love to cheddar. Can you imagine life without cheddar? It really is the most versatile of the cheeses. I vote for cheddar.

Yeah, I think white sugar will work with the apples. I stole a bunch of it from Starfucks.

My boss bought me a cinnamon mocha and it was reeeeeaaaally good. I practically slammed the thing. Gestures like these make it really difficult for me to complain about her.
how would that go mouse...."the air was hot with anticipation as the cheese bubbled softly. Her eyes glistened in the light of the microwave oven; waiting for the signal that bliss was moments away."

hehe cheese porn...

well, busties..i'm on the right track to being back to my normal goofiness. as you can tell. rolleyes.gif

minx, gamers are actually very loyal yet they have their pizza and dip...we do a 'game dip' - its velveeta and salsa nuked together and then tortilla chips. is down to one game nite a month due to my schedule crossing his schedule..but him and all the guys are thrilled to see any female in the vicinity during game sessions...especially when they bring grub....and they are all pervy...turbo's right on that one. laugh.gif

fj...we must be cosmic twins...i make my chicken noodle soup with spaceman shaped noodles. i like fun noodles...simple pleasures i tell ya.

today we have a test on the muscles of the face...i'm so not looking forward to it. but we have monday off from school so i'm thrilled. biggrin.gif

hi poodle, kari, doodle, moxie, wombat, rose violet, minx, turbo, fj, and mouse...and the other lurkers.
ms gb & poodle - your cheese porn cracks me up!! "as the cheese bubbled softly...when you crumble all over me!" - that's *totally* porny!

And I have to tell you, ms gb, my favvvvorite part of facial massages - is the jawline and chin massage...soooo relaxing!

I just read my raise letter again, and it seems like I'll get the $2K in a lump sum, up front...its not a part of my regular base pay, should I be here for another fiscal year (which I won't)...but that's even better, I'll just chuck it into the "someday when we actually go to Ireland fund," which right now, wouldn't get me very far. So, super cool, yo.

Poodle inspired my lunch today...I went to Jimmy John's and had the veggie sub, no cheese. YUM. That bread is so deelish.
ooooh, Jimmy Johns. Maybe for tomorrow. Yes, that sounds perfect. And, this is for turbo really--we just found a local pizza joint that makes breadsticks that taste EXACTLY like Pokey Sticks. Wanna bet what we had after awesome, late night portions last night? Yep! Just like college again...sigh.

And, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ON the RAISE!! You totally deserve it. My boss offered me a raise the same day I told him I needed to cut down to 4 days a week. I felt guilty taking 20% time off work for the week, and getting a 5% raise. So, we cancelled the raise, and didn't lower my base pay. It works out better for me, anyway.

you know, I bet there is cheese porn out there somewhere. A big block of swiss has all sorts of holes.
Mmmmm.....pokey sticks. Actually, just thinking about them makes me remember the post-pokey tummy ache. That was never fun...but they were delicious!

Wow, mox - that was amazing of your company to let you keep your base pay and cut down hours - that would be my dream. Yeah, I'm happy with the raise for sure, but I'm still going to keep looking for jobs..I'm still worth a lot more than they're paying me, and this just gives me a little confidence boost, and more motivation to really look for the right next job for me. The raise is a nice little bandaid, though.
.....The brie's rind slowly split, revealing its soft, warm contents.....

Heh, cheese porn. Too funny.

CONGRATS Jenn! That is sooooo awesome. I am so happy you are getting the compensation you deserve! That bonus is sweet.

I am becoming more & more of a homebody myself. I just like to be home. I like to go out too, but really only if there is something specific to do. I don't really go out just to go out much anymore.

Ewwww, the Republicans are coming to your city? Yikes.

Poodle, I am envying your cinnamon mocha. I could so use a pick me up this afternoon.

Man, I thought my MRG was gonna come w/o the cramps this month, but I am starting to feel some. Bah.

Ms gb, you are sounding peppier today. How are you feeling?
ooh! i forgot to mention trader joe's ho's selection of young, nubile cheeses: sweet caramelized onions thrust into sharp cheddar, and a creamy white dessert cheese throbbing with apricots.....
Hi everyone! I'm so quickly skimming that you wouldn't believe anyone could read that fast! I'll be back an a ilittle while, but just had to say.....

CONGRATULATIONS TURBO!!! WOOT!!!!! I'm so happy for you, you deserve the raise and the bonus. I'm SO glad you're being recognized for your efforts and commitment! YAY!!!!
yes kari...i'm feeling much my normal goofy self again. except with a nagging cough which will hopefully disappear soon....

yay turbo on the raise!!!! wooot! you so deserve it. enjoy your day off!

mouse...throbbing apricots? are we going fruity with the cheese porn? cuz if so...

'figlette was trying not to protest but the anticipation was almost too much to bear....the balsamic glaze that Gouda was slowly dripping on her was tingeing her flesh with its savory sweetness...Her ex, Pear had nothing on Gouda.'

hehheeheh...this is fun.

way to go mox! 4 day work week and you get to keep your base pay?!!? nice!!!
OMG - the cheese porn is toooooo funny! AND, it makes me want cheese, which is bad. Cheese hates me, but oh, I love it!

Thanks for all the love here, ladies. I'm definitely having a better day today! It really makes a difference to be appreciated for your work, and supported. My boss has been really terriffic through all of this and I'm really glad I get to take tomorrow off as a "freebie."
turbo!!!!! congrats on the raise! that is reallly super!!!! enjoy that day off tomorrow, you superwoman, you!!!

oh, the cheese porn is making so so horny hungry! heeeee! tongue.gif

mrfj sold a huge contract today. biggest in his company's history. we will be going somewhere to celebrate tonight! maybe i'll get some CHEESE!

i think havarti, sharp white cheddar and smoked aged gouda are my favorites. but i loves me some brie and provolone too. hmmm, i think when mrfj is gone next week, i shall have myself a cheese plate night for dinner. funny, i keep planning my meals for when he's gone because the yummy food makes it easier to have him away. smile.gif

turbo, you're right: i should start going to places to eat by myself. i'll try that one day next week too. i just have to remember to bring my book.

NewGirl is very annoying and stressful. but i am being productive while she's doing her online class stuff and i'm getting some things accomplished that i've needed to get done, so that's a positive.

mmmmm, for some reason, i'm craving hot chicken wings and olives. in addition to lots of cheese.

Congrats on the raise, Jenn! That's great news! And being let off for tomorrow rules. Isn't it nice when people appreciate you?

MsGB, I'm glad you're back to your old self.

Hi, Karianne and Mouse!

This cheese porn is funny as hell. I'm not feeling creative enough at the moment to come up with anything of my own.

Congrats to Mr. FJ!

Trader Joe's does indeed have an excellent cheese selection, and you can actually afford to get the good stuff! Most of mine from yesterday came from there. Get the marinated fresh mozzarella if you have a chance. It's to die for.

Moxie, that's great about getting less hours and the same pay. Good for you!

I'm looking around for pictures of hairstyles I like so I can print them off and bring them to my appointment later on today. I've only found a couple that are sort of like what I want, kind of. I guess I'm going to have to do a lot of explaining when I get there, and I never know what the magic words are to use to get what I want. Sometimes I feel like an idiot speaking the wrong language to them.
Hi again everyone!

Aw, thanks mousie! I wasn't bucking for apartment compliments, but thank you v. much. tongue.gif

turbo, I'm so glad you've gotten recognized for your work! You really do deserve it! I also hope the news has helped disappate the rest of your migraine...

Hi also FJs, miz gb, poodle, karianne, moxie, tart, diva, wombat, minx, and the rest of ya, wherever you are....

I've been jolted into my afternoon by the sudden need to arrange an overnight trip that me and some others are apparently taking to the provincial capitol next week, to make a political fuss. My head is spinning. The social work department at the university offered to pay our travel, the local sexual assault centre is going to help with our accomodation - now I just need to find money for some of the meals on the trip, as some women are low income. Dunno if this will help us get emergency funding or not, but at least it gives some power back to the volunteers, in terms of doing something concrete and active. If we're gonna go down, we're gonna go down like warriors!

It's always so weird to be booking hotels and going on trips, when in my real life, I'm having to borrow grocery money from my mommy! I think non-profit work is the 9th circle of hell.
Salivating with anticipation, she grated the wedge of cheddar harder and faster, until her nachos were overwhelmed with an explosion of cheesy pleasure.

That's super cool that you get free travel and accomodations, doodle! Do you get to use the mini-bar, too?

I want a facial massage from goofball.

You should eat by yourself, FJ! I think you'll find it to be quite relaxing. You don't have to converse and you can leave whenever you want, without feeling pressured. I loooove going out to breakfast alone.
"...until her nachos were overwhelmed with an explosion of cheesy pleasure."

really....the cheese porn is SO excellent in here this afternoon - I'm lovin' it!

No cheese here tonight, but I've got apples baking in the oven (thanks moxie), and we're going to have chicken brats and sauerkraut to go with. YUM.

Tomorrow, I think I'll make a pot of chicken stock for butternut squash soup this weekend.

Turboman just called. He's been sitting on a plane in Philly on the tarmac for 4 hours. Apparently there is "weather" in Pottstown where the navigation is, so they can't take off. WTF?

And, my dad called, and turbomama is back in the hospital. She collapsed in her classroom again today. Once again, all the bloodwork and scans look perfect. Ugh. She's doing the sleeping 'round the clock thing again, and no one knows why. She's seeing an infectious disease doc tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. (((((turbomama)))))

*squeaks with excitement* pottstown! that's where i'm FROM! yeah. we get weather frequently. hehe.

hope turboman gets back safe soon!
((turbomama vibes))

i hope they figure out what is going on with her. until then, and after, she's got our vibes coming to her loud and strong.

sorry the t-mann is stuck on the airplane. that sucks. is he coming home tonight?

i don't know what my fear of eating alone is all about. i think i'm afraid people might actually try to talk to me or sit with me or something. i think part of my problem is that i've never spent a lot of time as a single person. i've only been to the beach by myself like one time, and that was only for a quiet walk right after my divorce. don't get me wrong, i'm glad i have mfj to pal around with most of the time. but i need to be more willing to go out on my own and try new things alone. when i'm gone, he goes out on the town. why the hell do i have to be agoraphobic and, well, unsure of myself all the time? unsure.gif
~*~*~*~(((health/diagnosis vibes for turboma)))~*~*~*~ It must be really difficult to hang in there when you don't really know what the issue is. Your ma is seriously hardcore.

I had baked apple slices for din-din and they were soooo good. Thanks girls!

I know some people who have a difficult time being alone in most settings. I've never understood that, because I'm pretty much the opposite. I really need my alone time, and don't like talking on the phone very much. Many times, I have to really motivate myself to be around other people, but it usually ends up being a good thing. I really enjoy wandering around, driving, shopping, or whatever by myself. I think I have some "youngest child" complex, because I get really irritated when people tell me what to do. Heh...I still say "don't make me do things I don't want to do" to my family members. biggrin.gif
funny thing is that i don't mind being alone at all if i can be at my own house and just do whatever i want to do (although i really don't like sleeping alone). and i love to go to target or to the grocery store alone because i can spend however much time i want looking at goofy shit that i don't need and have no intention to buy. i guess i just don't like going places where i feel i'm going to open myself up to people looking at me/trying to talk to me. it's really wierd: if i'm on stage, i want to be watched by everyone in the room. but if i'm not, i want to just blend. i'm the shyest, most timid extrovert you'll ever meet.

i'm the youngest child also, and i sure don't like being told what to do. how many of us are the youngest? i'm sure we've gone over this before, but i have a mind like a colander.
Youngest here! Turboman's a youngest too!

I like to be alone anytime. I get anxious when I have to go to large social my friend Chris' 30th b-day bash that's saturday, and I haven't rsvped yet. Its the worst sort of thing for me - a night of drinking a lot of beer at the brauhaus, eating sausages, and someone always vomits...or many someones. I don't drink beer. 40 people at one big long table drinking beer for several hours...eeep.

Eating out and going out alone is something I really savor....I go where I want, I take a book or magazine, and just take my time about everything, sometimes I splurge and go someplace nice for dinner. When I was a server, I loved waiting on the single diners - they seemed so free to do whatever they wanted, they'd chat with me, they'd tip well, and I cultivated the love of going out on my own. I'm not especially shy, but definitely not an extrovert, and I have a hard time with stupid small talk. I'd rather talk about things deeper than the surface.

I love Grey's Anatomy. I just love. it.
Bwahahaha!!! Dennis Deyoung of Styx is singing "Lady" with Hal Sparks right now on that Duets show!!! Laaaaday!! When you're with me I'm smilin'! Give me allallall your looooove!!!

Yeah, I know what you mean about not wanting to talk to people. When I'm downtown or on the bus, lots of people try to talk to me, so I put on the ipod and make a crabby face. apartment smell so nice after baking those apples.

ETA - Actually, I'm not shy at all. When I'm in a group of people, I become a total ham (unless I'm tired). Just ask diva or minx.
I like being alone, and when I'm out by myself I don't like having to schmooze with people who aren't close friends, and I don't like being around other people in general for too long. I'm over being worried about it not being healthy. smile.gif

Fuck, the coalition offered to pay for a flight if it's just me travelling, but the chair wants me to go with others if there are any others, and the only others at this point are going to be 22 year olds. And I like them, but I don't know that I want to give up two days of my life to spend 8 hours in a car there and 8 hours back with them. And their music. And their pot-smoking. (I'm all for pot-smoking but not when driving is involved.) I don't know how to get out of this. I want to go on a plane! I'm too old for this shit!
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