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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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yes we have...iJames Buchannan. The man who led us into Civil War. And that's what $40,000 of college education gets me. smile.gif
Ooof...the growth spurts! Ouchie. Sorry gals, but it does eventually get better. Pretty soon the mini-me's start arguing with you logically and working on their best British accents, and say "Momma, you're beautiful!" and the world seems like a righteous place to be in. laugh.gif

Boring night--I'll take that. It's lovely to have a little bastion of quiet in the chaos. I was going to watch "Maurice", but the DVD was completely busted in two when I opened it up. So, I watched the last epi of season one of "Deadwood" and "The Exorcist III" (which was beyond gawd, George C. Scott should have had his head checked).

Good things Tuesday:

1. I still have a quarter of a bar of Green and Black's at home.
2. I am having dinner with Minxlette tonight.
3. I have had lots of quiet over the last few days.
4. I am starting to get caught up in paperwork.
5. It appears that there might be a baggie of gold at the end of the financial rainbow.
6. I am wearing my pink picnictable shirt today and it seems that it makes people smile, so that's cool.
minxy...I don't understand the concept of "1/4 bar of G&B's at home." This is an unknown occurence in my house...chocolate simply just doesn't stand a chance of lasting more than a day at our house. smile.gif

I think my head is going to explode. I just got two huge design projects dropped on my desk. WTF? Sadly, they are time sensitive, and I knew they were coming...but I did not need to hear about them today. I just stared at my boss blankly. blink.gif

Obama-Clooney....YUM. I'd take a piece of that sammich.
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, that sucks not knowing for absolutely sure about the centre. At least you know you're getting out and when it's going to happen. That's got to be a good feeling.

Hooray for Minxlette having a good day at school!

Hooray for Turbo's site being 70% done! And Google rulz. Yes, it does.

Thanks for the awesome article, Moxie. I love how you post things like that for to enlighten us.

((((((((Tart, for a rough night))))))))

Hi, Wombat! When does your contract end where you are? And interesting about the Irish vs. Black thing in your area. Didn't the Irish used to be treated like how the Blacks got treated later on? Or am I overestimating it?

Hi, Poodle!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) it's lovely out, and I'm going to try to walk around the lake again if my ankle isn't killing me, and probably even if it is
2) might go to a Democarat function tonight
3) voicemail from my BFF at work when I got here this morning

I've always got a ton of chocolate in the house. I have a whole drawer full of various chocolate goodies. Speaking of which, I should probably throw out the older stuff soon. I kind of hoard chocolates that I think look interesting. It's a condition, I tell ya.

I've been forced to put my iPod on already today. My friend at work, who I like dearly, is just so damn intense with people when he's on the phone, and it makes me feel anxious and jumpy. I really wish he knew how off-putting it can be, but he's just eager. I wish he'd just take a second to breathe. If I were to draw a picture of him, it'd have squiggly lines all around the outside of his body symbolizing nervous motion.

I like Clooney out of politics, too. If he were in that system, he wouldn't be able to get away with saying the things he does. He'd be just slightly better than all the other suits that somehow all blend into one. But I really wonder if we're ready for a Black or female president anyway. There seem to be a lot of backwards cowboys out there who decide who gets to be what.

I think Sam, even though he's 3 1/2 years old, is still wearing clothes for a kid a year younger. He's getting bigger, but he's still pretty petite for his age. He eats, but never very much, and he's constantly running and playing, so none of it ever sticks. You can see the boy's ribs, fer chrissakes. Speaking of which, I get to see him on Friday! My grandparents' 65th anniversary is then, and my dad got everyone together (35 of us or so) to go out for it. It'll be fun to play with the little guy. He and I had the most wonderful conversation about his trip to the Black Hills last week that started with "there were buffalo turds everywhere!"
yay for minxlette having a good day!
hi everyone!

i am starting out with a bad things tuesday; my car's not ready yet and they didn't tell me so i went all the way over there to get it, so i had to take the bus this morning and got to work over an hour late; then my boss is frustrated with some issue with some screens i did, but it's actually an issue with the printer, not the design, but it's one of those situations where she's just getting more and more upset and i have to suck it up and just say "okay, sorry, next time it'll be different" instead of trying to make her understand the situation. ugh.


good things tuesday:
--i have delicious mexican coffee to drink
--i look super cute (next stop: sartorial splendor thread!)
--my coworker's giving me a ride home so i don't have to bus it again
--the screenprints look really good even though they're placed wrong
Hi everyone!!

(((mouse))) Bosses are so lame sometimes. It's sucks that you can't really tell 'em to shut the hell up, which is what I would say to anyone else who got bitchy with me!! biggrin.gif

"I've been forced to put my iPod on already today." What?! That statement is so wrong! I have to be forced to take mine off. My boss said something a while back about not listening to my ipod at work, and I responded with, "Um...that's just not gonna work for me." She'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Another good thing: I found half a bag of Reese's PB Cups in my desk that I totally forgot about.

dealing with idiots today! ahhh! trying to train a lady for an internal position (because now i've apparently been named official trainer for my team, great /sarcasm) and i'm completely uninspired/unencouraged that she's going to last. she's the exact opposite of what an internal employee for my company should be. i hate to say it, but she's more like a the average temp we have walk in around here: unpolished, computer illiterate, and nearly just plain illiterate. i've been trying to train her through some online courses and over the phone. i've asked her to read what is on her screen and her reading is HORRIBLE! funnily, one of the course titles she read out loud was *effective communication for the assistant* and she stumbled through it, reading it as, "reflective communicate for the assistant". i'm NOT exaggerating. i called my manager, who hired her after a series of emailed messages, and told her how i felt. she said she'd heard it from a couple of other people already as well. ah, man. what a day.

and, i just got this from my assistant who is filling in at the office at which NewGirl is training:

"There's a note on this pc that says "NewGirl cellar 555-1234" and it is NOT J's handwriting.

I wonder what the phone number to her attic is... LOL

ha! tomorrow will be fun since NewGirl will be training in here with me personally. i think i'll call in sick.

oh well, on to good things!

1. rockin' good HBI last night
2. rockin' good chicken soup for dinner again tonight ('twas yummy!)
3. the day has at least been entertaining...
4. the day is almost over

love to all busties!
oh, and you guys are totally right about the cowboy asshats holding our country back. worst part is that i work for one of those cowboy assshats. he forwarded out one of the most offensive emails i've ever read yesterday. you know, the ones filled with reasons that white people aren't racists since we don't have a White Entertainment TV channel, we don't have an association for the advancement of white people... how dare you call us cracker and then when a white cop chases down a black drug dealer and beats him or calls him the n-word, he's a racist. and my favorite: if black people aren't violent, why is the death rate so high in the ghettos.

it's fucking mindsets like his that keep our nation running backwards.

meanwhile, i'm sitting here reading it, mouth agape and afraid to tell him what i really think for fear that i lose this $1.5m account and then my job. i DID forward it to my manager so she was aware, to which she responded simply, "i am shocked". i guess i'm just laying the groundwork for when i really lose it on the guy.

and then we have the fuckwad jerry falwell, who unfortunately correctly surmises that hillary clinton's candidacy for president would be the one thing that could bring his consituency out to vote: that even lucifer himself wouldn't bring them to the polls as much as she would.

it's just angering, because it's true. there are so many people that hate her because HE tells them to hate her. they won't even think for themselves. they have no idea what she stands for. same with obama. he's black, so they'll not even consider it.

idiots, i'm sayin'.
Ugh, I hear ya on the training thing, FJ. I'm so sick of having to teach people basic computer skills on top of the normal training for our job. I keep telling my boss that the republican and I don't have time to train people, but they keep on coming. I wish we would just hire a real, experienced appraiser.

I can't believe that someone would even waste time writing that email, falljackets. So. Unbelievably. Stupid.

I wish I had beer money. Arrrrgh. I want beer now!!! I don't want to wait until the 30th!!! Now!! Now!! Now!! *throws arms in air and stomps around*
*runs into the thread panting....*

Hey hey babes! I think I might have my brain back...or at least part of it!! I've got that exhaustion/exhiliration thing going on. I've got the website 95% done for now, with only little noodley things I don't care about left to tie up! I left work on time....AND I'm not going to work at all tonight!

And I was going to take a nap when I got home, but instead, I've got a pot of veg stock on the stove to help clean out my crisper, and then I'm gonna make another morroccan veg stew for dinner. It was soooo good last week, I just have to have more!

FJ, your client is a total can someone even think its okay to not just think those things....but to forward them to employees?! That is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I think I get pretty isolated up here in a rabidly democratic city...

...if only I could send you beer through the screen poodle...turboman's got a fridge full, its occupying valuable veg real estate, and he's out of town. *bangs beer against the screen*

time to walk the pupper!
Hey all...this is kind of a drive-by...I'd really LIKE to be able to read, but it's been an incredibly busy day, and my headache and body pain has just started to recede, thanks to an extra dose of painkillers. Also, after spending the day dealing with politicians in person and on the phone, frankly, I feel like I want to bathe in Lysol. As per usual.

After considerable pushing (a LOT of pushing, by not just me), we did get a commitment from the chair of the (provincial) finance committee to phone the finance minister and ask for a meeting between her and us. Don't know that we'll get one, but it's a step in the right direction. Also, the press showed up JUST for us, which was cool. And, also, almost everyone else who was presenting presented on how cutbacks were affecting people (usually there are a lot of "chamber of commerce" type folks presenting about tax cuts and business issues and the like, but I only saw one this time), and quite a few presenters mentioned us, too - one organization offered to give up their spot so we could have more time, though the committee chair said it wasn't procedural, or some such shit. I don't know how the committee can sit there and hear the same thing over and over again, community after community, year after year, and do nothing. Why bother even having budget consultations? And on top of that are the problems I mentioned yesterday, which are at the federal level. It's all been such a horrible step backwards for women's equality rights in the last few years - it's like a step backwards and off a cliff, actually. Sometimes I have a hard time believing I'm still living in Canada.


On the up side, I got two presents today! Another bustie, amilita, sent me some aqua upholstery fabric from one of her projects (pic in the decor thread), and it arrived today, and also my mama sent me some paper hanging lampshades she bought me when we were at Ikea, and which I forgot to bring home with it was all a nice treat! And I bought myself a package of cinnamon buns, and I've eaten three! Okay, they were mini cinnamon buns, though. smile.gif
((((((((( more hugs for Doodle ))))))))

Turbo, congrats on the return of your brain! And thanks for the welcome. I'd like to post more in here, but I have enough trouble keeping up with Kvetch!

FJ, the mind boggles. I hope that guy will get a stern talking-to from his supervisor.

((((Pinkpoodle, Mouse, Divala, Minx, Tart, & ever'body))))

Good things
- Three types of G&B in the fridge
- sticky toffee pudding ice cream in the freezer
- I'm making Chinese stir-fry for dinner

Can you tell I'm hungry?
Just a note to pop in and tell everyone about the best appetizer ever.

Picture this...

...if you can:

Shrimp stuffed with basil wrapped in applewood bacon and smothered in BBQ sauce.

So awesome. And I didn't have to pay for it...
you t-mann - it *can't* be the best app ever, 'cause I wasn't there to eat it with you - so there!

*pouts, and wanders off to take a bath with a special vibrating friend*

Doodle, I'm sorry you had to spend the day with politicians, and worse, that they seem to have shoved their heads so far up their asses that they can't even see the reality of what's going on around them.
Doodle, at the risk of sounding like a bitch, it really bothers me that you do these sorta/kinda drive-bys on a regular basis. It's like you use the thread as a place to pour out your thoughts and then leave. I understand that this is a hard time for you, but it's overtaking everything. We all have shitty stuff going on in our lives. Sometimes you just gotta put away the shitty stuff, relax, and socialize with other people. Like I said, I'm truly sorry for you that all of this happened, but I miss the doodle who wasn't entirely consumed by the centre. Throw rotten tomatoes at me if you like, but that's the way I feel and I can't stand holding it in.

*braces self*
That's it. I'm starting a spanking machine.

Everybody line up and get what's coming to you.


IPB Image
QUOTE(pinkpoodle @ Sep 26 2006, 07:01 PM) *

Doodle, at the risk of sounding like a bitch, it really bothers me that you do these sorta/kinda drive-bys on a regular basis. It's like you use the thread as a place to pour out your thoughts and then leave. I understand that this is a hard time for you, but it's overtaking everything. We all have shitty stuff going on in our lives. Sometimes you just gotta put away the shitty stuff, relax, and socialize with other people. Like I said, I'm truly sorry for you that all of this happened, but I miss the doodle who wasn't entirely consumed by the centre. Throw rotten tomatoes at me if you like, but that's the way I feel and I can't stand holding it in.

*braces self*

(ETA: I apologize in advance for the length of this post - I know I have a tendency to over-articulate while trying to be clear and honest, and I have yet to find a way to overcome that verbose-ness....I keep tinkering with this post tonight, and no matter what I do to it, it's so long and ridiculous that I want to delete it, but I guess I must also want everyone to see how ridiculous I am. smile.gif )

Well, I was all set to write a bewildered, apologetic post, but because I am a detail-obsessed researcher as well as a rather relentless advocate, I decided to find out where I'd gone wrong first, so I re-read all my posts in this thread back to the 1st of September, and took a few notes as I went. Yes, I know it's a weird way to waste energy. So sue me.

Out of 63 posts I made between September 1 and September 26 (not counting this one), 25 refer to the centre/my work life in any way, shape, or form.

12 of those 25/63 are 90-100% about the centre/my work life. Give or take some cross-over of topics, approximately half of the 12 are about the centre itself or political issues related to it, and the other half of the 12 are about my personal job loss issues, like income and grief.

6 of those 25/63 posts hover around 50% centre content, and usually represent about a paragraph, and occasionally two paragraphs, of a larger post. Regarding centre content, 3 of those 6 are descriptions of what I was working on that day (rather like many other thread participants, especially many of those who post during work hours).

7 of the 25/63 are at around 10-20% centre content, i.e., one or two sentences about the centre, and all of them are brief descriptions of what I was working on (again, rather like many other thread participants).

Of 6 posts I've made in the last 2 days (not counting this one), 3 of the 6 were 90-100% about the centre and/or politics, 1 of those 6 was approximately 75% about the centre/politics (though in the overall post count, I included it in the 90-100% count), and 2 of the 6 were between 25-50% about the centre/politics.

Of 7 posts I made over this past weekend, including Friday, only 1 of them contained anything - one sentence - about the centre/work life. That one sentence, part of a much larger post on Friday, was to mention a piece of work I had accomplished. All 7 of these posts, including Friday's, but maybe excluding one from Saturday (where I only posted to show off pics of a painting I'd finished), were pretty "social."

Of the 12 completely centre-related posts, let's leave aside the 4 from the last 2 days for a minute, which I will apologize for. The other 8 posts were written over the course of an entire month, spread out pretty evenly over the month and going back before the closure decision, and they were usually posts reporting some heavy-duty shit hitting my personal fan, like the decision to close the centre, or the sudden death of a colleague.

I'm pretty good about owning my shit (to the point sometimes of owning other people's, too, sadly), but I honestly don't believe I deserve to be criticized for discussing my job issues, any more than anyone else deserves to be criticized for discussing the issues that affect their lives...which we ALL do, no differently than I have, be those issues relationship-related, health-related, family-related, money-related, job-related, or anything else. We all come in here to socialize AND to get and give support. But nobody is under any obligation to read my posts or anyone else's.

And I sure don't think it's at all fair to say I'm "consumed" by it on a "regular basis" after 2 days and a total of 6 posts of what may be off-base writing. Nor do I think I deserve to be told to "put away the shitty stuff, relax, and socialize" because of 12 posts written over the course of an entire month. I've made 51 OTHER posts this month, containing a variety of topics and, yes, socializing. Lots of socializing, and humour, and songs lyrics, too. 75% of those 51 posts don't even mention a single word related to work, to the centre, to politics, or any of it. Not one single, solitary word in 75% of those posts. So I honestly and truly don't get it.

I'm not mad. I was mad. Actually, I was sad at first, then mad as I started doing this "research." But at some point, I started laughing - mainly at my own, stupid attempt at "proving" myself through "research" and "statistics." And yeah, I even went back and checked my numbers again, like a good little researcher.

poodle, all I can say is, I'm sorry I've been obsessive about the centre and politics during the last 2 days, and I can only blame it on being too emotionally exhausted to even think about anything else. But I don't believe it warranted that response, not by a long shot. And I really don't want this to become something bigger and turn nasty in the thread. So, honestly, unless you want to pursue it further (which I'm willing to accept, although I think I've already made a substantial, if slightly ridiculous, case for myself), I'm willing to move past it.

Hugs? Tickles? Food fight? Pistols at dawn?

ETA: poodle, I also apologize for this being way too long and too much. I'm still feeling a little burned after what happened elsewhere in the Lounge last week, and I'm probably still feeling very defensive and cautious after that. I really don't want to take it out on you or any other bustie, and I also really don't want to engage in another "battle," or to make a mountain out of a molehill. I know the numbers and note-taking are stupid and those actions have made this way too big a post than is probably justified, but I really didn't know how else to respond to something which, truthfully, I felt unfairly stung by. I don't know if you can understand that, but I sincerely hope it doesn't get in the way of how we relate.

ETA: and I do also apologize to everyone for not always being able to participate fully, i.e., asking questions and commenting on what's going on in everyone's lives; sometimes I just honestly don't get time to read the thread, and I'd rather be able to post something than just disappear altogether. Mea culpa....
doodle, I haven't felt like you were over-venting your work life here....we all do it, and maybe I've just been too obsessed by my own work in the last week, to notice anyone else's work obsessions. wink.gif

Either way, this thread is to talk about anything, and sometimes, what's really hitting us is work. And personally, if a post isn't that interesting to me, I just skim through it quickly and move on...that's all that's required. And after the last week of dust kicking in other threads, I'm all for letting this one go.

Anyway, g'mornin'....I've decided to take friday off. fuck work. I'm tired. That thought makes me very happy. And turbomann comes home tomorrow night, and I miss him, so that's good too.

More later....must leave for work....
Wow! I'm impressed by your research! That's just the vibe I get sometimes. Maybe I feel this way because I don't really venture to many other threads, so it seems like you're dropping by to post and then leave. What happened in the lounge last week that I'm in the dark about?

I don't feel like fighting either.

Lemme guess, minx, you keep that spanking machine in your closet with all your other goodies, right? laugh.gif
This is because I think Eddie Izzard is sexier than Johnny Depp, isn't it?

poods, I meant 63 posts in this thread. I wasn't including other threads at all in my "research." Really and truly. Maybe it's just that the depressing stuff stands out more because it's, well, depressing.

Anyway, let's move on.

Why am I up? Fucking hell.

I don't wanna talk about last week in the Lounge! dry.gif If you really want to know, you can read the Sin Bin and Childfree by Choice, but I lost sleep over it, so I really don't want to go over it again...and neither does turbo, by the looks of things.

*waves at turbo* I make coffee, or try to get more sleep...?
Also, doodle, keep in mind that I work in appraisal, and not for a non-profit or whatever, so I have little to no emotional attachment to my work. I've been working my arse off over the last couple weeks to prepare for a hearing that we have next month, but it's not really anything interesting. When I'm stressed about work, my strategy tends to be to avoid talking about it. In fact, I really hate talking about work in general, but since we are, I would like to share that I want to strangle the Microsoft people for fucking with Excel.

ETA - Yes, this all has to do with the Izzard vs. Depp debate. Grrr...
You know the great think about OKAYLAND? Everything is OK here. Always. Period. We can have civil, booster conversations and not get freaked out. We can have all the love. We can think about yummy appetizers (ok, so that particular one is very bad for me, but still). This is my happy place.

Does anyone else think of particular busties when faced with things IRL? Like, I had McD french-fries for lunch on Monday, and saw the new b-fast all day menu. I totally pictured FJ scarfin down a McMuffin at 2pm and lovin it! If that's not friendship, I don't know what is. smile.gif
*returns from sin bin* now I see where you've been spending your lounge time! It's a worthwhile cause though...

So true, mox! *brews pot of organic, shade-grown, fair-trade Columbian coffee and grabs multi-colored Fire-King mugs for everyone*

PS- Sorry for pickin' on ya, doodle.

*bends over for spanking*
Excel...try Publisher! Or even Word. Bah! I hate all of MS Office. Everytime they "improve" it, they make it worse for anyone who actually wants control over what they're working on...I think the features are default set on Absolute Idiot, and it takes forever to find all the settings and "fix" them.

Yeah, I think the difference for me is that it's never been just a job, or even just a career. It's truly "the personal is political," because it's about my own rights as a woman, just like any other woman.

Eddie Izzard is much hotter. There's just something about a straight man who can wear fishnets and heels....

Hi moxie! I think of poodle whenever I hear a Journey song. smile.gif

I think I might opt for returning to bed....
Okay, now you're just pissing me off!!!

IPB Image

Take that!!!
Um....nope. Not working for me. Sorry. Don't get me wrong, I really, really respect him as an actor. But I can't help it if I don't feel any chemistry!

It's not him, it's me.

I think I can get 2 more hours sleep if I go now, so......


I think the problem with Microsoft is that the more they try to make it "easy," the more steps you have to go through to do what you want that is counter to their assumptions.

For one thing, the tool bars. There are so many stupid little drawings on them -- they think people will find drawings easier than words, but no, you have to figure out what the little drawings are supposed to MEAN. I, of course, resort to hovering until the little yellow label pops up.

They just don't want to face the fact that all anybody wants is a typewriter on their computer screen. So they make this memory gobbling, money gobbling behemoth, trying to create a publishing program, when nobody in the real publishing world would be caught dead using it.

Okay, end Microsoft rant.

Today is gorgeous weather around here. I'm going to City Hall at lunch for change of address Voter Registration forms -- at the primary polls they gave us Spanish Language ones. We could kind of figure it out and send them in, but then probaly all the government publications we received thereafter would be in Spanish. We don't know it THAT well.

Uh, as long as we're negotiating Okayer, relationships, could you stop posting gigantic BDSM pics in this thread, Minx? Either smaller or keep them to the sex thread? because I Bust at work, plain blue skin, and people still walk up behind me all the damn time? I could get fired for viewing sexual content on my work computer -- I pretty much don't post on the sex threads for that reason. Thanks.

I think Johnny's cute, and I think guys in eyeliner and extravagant clothes are cute, but Johnny as the drag in Before Night Falls is just butt ugly.

That was a great movie, though! I hate Schnabel as a painter and as a New York "personality," but Before Night Falls and Basquiat were damn good movies. Before Night Falls made me think of that Pixies song, "With your feet in the sky and your head in the ground... Where is my mind?" because it started with Arenas playing in the dirt as a child and then killing himself after getting AIDS. Just all 'round slammin' movie.
Aw, damn it, girls, a little warning! Scruffy pirate Depp = sure, yummy enough. Creepy tranny Depp with a beaver 'stache = one skeeved out Tart. It's too early for that shit, man...

You know what I love about OkayLand? Never having to put on a brave face. If I'm having a shit day, I can come here & lay it out without ever having to smile faintly & say "Oh, no, I'm fine, it's fine, it's really ok". I love that we veer from fisticuffs over Depp vs Izzard to stupid baby tricks to handing out virtual drinks/snacks/boobysquishin' hugs. I love that my relationships with my Busties are not contingent on my being cool or having cute shoes or bitching about my husband.

I suck and have no time or brain power left to catalogue everyone's recent triumphs & tribulations, but it's not because I don't appreciate each & every one of you. You all rock the fucking Casbah, and I'm honored to know such incredible people.

Good morning!

Okayland is my happy place too. I think we all go through phases where we are preoccupied with one thing or another.

Jenn, that shrimp appetizer you posted about sounds divine. Yum.

Nothing much doin' here today. Hoping to have a productive work day. Wish me luck.

Oh, kari, that was turbomann's appetizer last night...which I did not get to enjoy, as he is in philly this week...but you can bet that I will be picking his brain to figure out how it was done!

awwww, tart, your post about okayland made me smile. this *is* a very very good place...and definitely you ladies make my job a lot brighter most days!

Ok, I need to call the mechanic now, and see about taking the car in this afternoon...afterall, car repairs is a theme this week, right?!
Wombat, only if you say "Please, Ma'am". tongue.gif

I don't have an effing clue about resizing things. I'm having enough troubles trying to figure out the new grading program at my school (dirty bastards switched it up again). Ah well.
Hi, peeps!

Today has been an interesting one. I thought I was supposed to go to court to fight a ticket today, but it was yesterday! I can't believe I wrote it down wrong! At least they were nice enough to pend my tickets (2 tickets for tabs over 2 days on a car that is legally inoperable that was only on the street because someone tried to steal it when it was behind the house) and give me a new hearing date for next month. So I got a smoothie and a babka before I got to work. And as a bonus, my boss is gone! And maybe it won't rain after work so I can go walking again!

As far as the issue goes, when I see "drive-by," I automatically ignore the post. It's my own personal policy.

Yay for Turbo getting the site almost done and not working last night! It's unbelievable how fast you've gotten everything up to speed again. You're truly a genius.

I think about FJ now, too, when I go past McDonald's and I automatically think "McFatty's" and don't stop in. It'll be really hard to resist when they start all-day breakfast, though. At least it's not on my way to work every day.

I really need to get computer literate. I'd love to learn publishing programs, or even how to use Excel without feeling like a complete dumbass, but I'd have no place to practice my skills even if I learned.

Please don't jinx me with car repairs! I finally have a car that hasn't given me a problem since I got it, and I don't want it to start. It's nice not having to buy a new alternator every few months for no good reason.

So, I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, for the first time since last November. It really needs it, and it's long overdue. I just hope the stylist remembers how she did it last time, which may be iffy since I've only gone to her once.

hello darlings!

i have to say, okayland is pretty great with the conflict thing--esp since there have been two MAJOR conflicts in the past week or so in the lounge that got blown out of proportion and drawn out way longer than they should have, it works out the best way. you guys are awesome.

i have to say, i'm on the depp side of the izzard/depp spectrum, but i really don't get all that fluttery for either. i think depp is a great actor and izzard is really funny, but, eh, men in drag REALLY don't do it for me. women in drag, on the other hand.....!

i think of you guys whenever something you've mentioned pops up--i've even had a few dreams about okayers. oh, internet. haha.

if turbomann is in philly and likes delicious appetizers, he should go to monks and eat the sweet potato fries! and turbo, i'm super impressed at how fast you've gotten things back on track. you totally deserve friday off.

**kari productive vibes**!

i finally got my car back and even though my wallet is a LOT lighter, it drives so sweet it feels like a different car! my commute was a pleasure smile.gif i have to pony up a crapload of money at the end of this month too cos i'm signing a new lease, but really all i can think of is how thrilled i am that i can actually afford it *by myself*. it's gonna be tight, but i can DO it. this is the first year i've actually been totally financially independent, and it feels awesome.

oh, and remember the art show i was talking about with the painted elephant? well--one of the paintings was of a white family sitting down to a picnic, oblivious to the starving african children watching them. yeah, pretty blatant political criticism, nothing all that new, BUT......guess who bought it, for nearly $300,000? BRANGELINA. i am not kidding. do they not see the irony?
*shuffles into thread and flops on the couch with bee slippers on*

hi y'all....

diva, she probably won't remember. take a pict of what you want with you and be clear BEFORE she starts on what you want and see if she can do it. just my 2 cents.

mouse, its football season...who cares about baseball on the west coast!? really. but that means wading thru jocks at sports bars...which is never a good thing. I personally like street fairs and pubs and hole in the wall restaurants. tongue.gif

*lines up for the spanking machine* can we do shots of appleschnapps too??

we are studying anatomy, bone structures, and the muscular system at school...test tomorrow...bah.

since i was home sick's my good things:

-i'm not as sick as i i must be getting BETTER!
-yummy alphabet veggie soup for lunch
-extra soft kleenex for my nose in an ubercute monkey on rollerskates box.

hi minx, fj, poodle, kari, tes, doodle, turbo, wombat, tart, moxie and rose violet!
Mmmmm....sweet potato yummy. Even though I just ate lunch, I could still do with some sweet potato fries.

Glad you've got a sweet ride now, mouse! And congrats on financial independence - the first year is always hard, after that, I think I was just kind of used to it....and now 7 years later, I think I have to make an upgrade in my financial life, and seek - *gasp* - for-profit work. I wanna get paid, yo.

A painting for $300K...I cannot imagine that kind of wealth. You can but a *nice* house for that.

I'm with the Depp gang too. I like the Izzard, but I luuuurve me some Depp. Just not in drag...that's not pretty at all.

I definitely need Friday off....I can't wait to just sleep in and hang out at home, maybe go drink some sangria with my friend E, who'll be off work too.

Yay for ms. gb feeling better!!!!
hi ms. gb!

i don't care about baseball (or football for that matter), but i am forced to care because dodgers stadium is kind of my backyard. and when i lived in boston, fenway was my backyard. i still would pick the red sox over the dodgers (but honestly, who wouldn't?).

turbo--yah, you can buy a nice house--OR you could feed several hundred thousand starving africans. though as someone pointed out in the celeb gossip thread, banksy probably isn't going to use that money too feed starving africans either. meh. and to think that is just a drop in the bucket for some people....

HEY! two more posts and i can change my "advanced member" status. what do you think it should say?

ETA: it changed itself! i wonder if i can change it already at 498..... *rushes off to check*
I'm in the Depp camp. The boy never makes a wrong style choice (unless it's for a role and has has to wear it to the Oscars) and always presents himself well. Not to say that Eddie Izzard doesn't (love him, too, in his own right), but he really needs to update his look. He looks like a prostitute from the mid-80s.

Ms GB, I'm going to make it a point now to have pictures taken of my hair right after I get it done if I really like it. I am going to try to look for some pictures of what I want, though, just to have a solid point of reference. I just wish I could find my old stylist, who was a friend from college, but he's moved on. He gave me the greatest hairstyle of my life and I'd pay dearly to have it back.

Sweet potato fries are so good...

Wow, that's a lot of dough for a piece of art from someone who's not dead yet! I'm still holding out hope that at least Angelina sees the irony of it. Have they said anything about it yet?

I checked the scale this morning, and for the first time in a long time, I saw the numbers go down. This is a very good thing. I've walked around the lake twice so far, really watched what I've eaten (actually cooked a real meal from scratch - parmesan crusted chicken breast with roasted potatoes/peppers/onions and rolls - no microwaves involved!), and now I'm seeing some results. Hooray! It's stuff like this that makes me want to keep it up. I'm walking again after work tonight, even though my ankles and calves still ache and I've got some new blisters/calouses. I just think of it as making me stronger.

I also went to a Democrat meeting last night, and I regret it. The woman sitting next to me ate a huge salad with her mouth open (that's a whole lotta bites! and she stabbed with her fork, probably like Karianne's Keyboard Killer) and another girl went on and on and on. I got sick of the sound of her voice, so I got something to drink, and when I came back, she was still talking. Yeah, she was a bastion of knowledge, but what about having a conversation? I'm not sure I'll be going to that one again. I saw Poodle's ex-boyfriend a couple times there, but didn't say anything because I didn't think he'd recognize me.

I'm bored. I want to find some goofy stuff to look up online.
bwahaha...diva, your post made me crack up "Democrat Meeting" my addled brain sounds like some kind of Dems AA meeting, for those desperately trying to stop caring about their fellow human it just me that's cracking up?! my brain hurts.

YAY for the scale going down! I need to do some of that too. I think the homeade nutella is having adverse effects on my clothing fitting properly...but really, I just want my work clothes to look good again. And I need to go to the gym. more than once a week. meh.

goofy stuff online, eh? Have you read the Project RunGay blog? Farking hi-larious. I look forward to it everyday.
mmmmm sweet potato fries.

Okay, call me stupid, but have any of you ever gotten you type face looking like buttons on a computer or math or something?

M is Min, S is god knows what -- only when I'm online -- it is really freeaky. And it doesn't post like that. And it's not just on this site and I've already tried going into Preferences for font settings. Driving me mad!!

You've got your Nutella, I've got my weird cheese. I have probably 6 kinds in the fridge I want to ge rid of tonight, including some Belgian honeyed goat cheese. Let's see if I can keep myself away from binging on that and ruining all the good I just did. The giant, gay boyfriend, and I are having a nice little cheese plate before PR starts tonight. I even made bruschetta.

Yeah, I've been reading Project RunGay quite a bit. I've had too much PR in my life lately, though. The other night I had a dream I was in the final 5 and I mucked up something Zulema was doing (yes, Zulema from last season was in it) and that Laura had to pick her baby son off a cornstalk like he was a vegetable, but Laura and I were best friends and we blamed it all on the baby.

If you just type in, you come up with a whole lotta gay porn sites. I have to remember not to do this.

*recoils in horror*

Oh no you DIDDINT just say that about Eddie Izzard, diva!! Ya wanna take it outside?

*bares teeth*

(Erm....just to clarify that I'm kidding....I know I probably don't need to, but after last night's post, I'm still shaking off the "painful honesty" hangover.)

So yeah, hi everyone! Hi turbo, diva, poodle, karianne, wombat, mouse, miz gb, tart, moxie, minx, and also everyone who's not around today!

Are you guys talking about yam fries? I loves me some yam fries. I used to make them in the oven all the time, but those yams are so hard to cut, and because of the fibro, I can't slice them up anymore! So sad. Can't cut butternut squash up, either, so I haven't made butternut squash soup (which I LOVE) in years. And the commercial stuff just sucks. *sulks* (ETA: damn, now I'm actually CRAVING yam fries. And the only restaurant I know that sells them is in Vancouver.)

I think the best thing about this thread it seems to be one of the only threads where we seem to be able to work through the (very few) conflicts that come up without dragging it on endlessly, and (hopefully) no one left feeling unheard or "going to bed angry." I don't know how we manage that, but it's pretty groovy.

*hoists flag of Okayland up the mast*

Speaking of that, where is everyone today? Did I scare them all off with my uber-huge'n'scary post?

I'm kind of slacking today, I'll admit it. I think I deserve a slacker day after the last week or so!! For starters, I'm still in my underwear - the beauty of getting to work at home sometimes! For another, I haven't done much of anything except respond to e-mails, although sometimes I think I could spend 90% of my paid hours doing that and still never get caught up on them....
I actuallly think it has been slow round okay land for a week or two -- I think we are all stressed, not that it's anyone's fault. Although I sometimes entertain such thoughts as well. Da thread-killah!! But, seriously, compared to other boards , we have a deep and ongoing reelationship, which is awesome!!

I post on heavy metal boards and people say two sentences, which are usually stupid and full of exclamation points. And they he names like goatlover76. And then you never hear from them again. Not that you'd want to.

Dooooddddd -- in our shaws market here we have already cut up hard squash in the salad secton -- lazy but oh so good when me and batman don't feel like getting out the table sw just to make vegetables.

If someone hadn't read this thread begforee, they would think divala had a giant gay boyfriend!! WHO YOU CALLIN A FAGGOT!! *SMAXHSH! BIFF! BAM!! POW!!

Doodle, could you bake the yams to soften them up a little before you slice them?

I'd love some spiced butternut squash right about now. I had no idea how good it was until Poodle got it while we were out for my birfday. I don't know that I've ever had acorn squash.

Wombat, I'd go on those boards, too, except for people like the ones you mention. I've got the giant for in-depth metal conversation. He may wear slacks and polo shirts and have short hair and not know how to play a guitar, but dude knows his metal. Especially the more obscure stuff. It's also cool that he can name a whole bunch of women in metal and actually buys their albums because it's good music, not just 'cause they 're girls.

My gay boyfriend is actually a very hairy, somewhat petite Georgia peach. He has a little bit of a gentle southern accent and is just a button. My mom wishes he were straight.

Every time I see Eddie Izzard, I want to bring him to a good makeup counter and find him some nice clothes. For a man as cool as he is, he should look the part a little more. I'll watch him anytime he's on, though.

Isn't it 5:00 yet? I wanna take my walk and get home in time to put in some laundry, do the dishes, and assemble a kick-ass cheese platter with fresh warm baguette, grapes, almonds, 6 cheeses, bruschetta topping, and crackers. Seriously, I could live on cheese plates. It's all the food groups in one.
wombat, I'm jealous of your access to cut up squash...maybe I'll suggest it to the (union, yay!) Safeway I shop at, they're pretty good about following up with customer requests. So far, I've gotten them to stock free range eggs, organic nut butters of several varieties, organic honey, and gelato. Hey! I should put in a request for BUST magazine, too!

Speaking of groceries....I'm short on money this month, because of the reduction in my wages. I'm supposed to get that made up by the coalition, but it's the first month of that change, so it's been slow to get the payment process going. I probably won't get the first payment till halfway through October. So I'm trying to get through on 25% less money than I'm used to having, which is really messing with my grocery-buying. I'm on the brink of asking doodlemama to loan me $100 till that money comes, and I know if I asked, she'd just say, "Do you need more?" But my pride keeps getting in my don't want to have to ask your mommy for help with groceries when you're almost 38! And then part of me says I should just suck it up and get used to it, prepare for the end of the year when the job is gone...but I've been eating ramen and a multivitamin for lunch every day, and that just sucks!! sad.gif

ETA: cross-posted with diva! I dunno, I thought Eddie looked pretty good in Sexie, his latest video - he's been improving, I think. I hadn't thought about cooking the yams a bit first, duh! I wonder if par-boiling would work better than baking? Hmm....
Oh god, I would kill for a bottle of vino and diva's cheese plate in front of me right now. I wouldn't mind some acorn squash either. Mmmm....

I hear ya on the grocery thing, doodle. If you looked inside my fridge, you'd think I was an ex-fratboy bachelor or something. The shelves are almost empty, but there are plenty of condiments! I don't want to beg my mom for money either, especially since she provided the funds for my Vibro Champs outing last week. Fortunately, I have enough chocolate malt-o-meal and saltine crackers to sustain me over the next couple days.

Sigh...more than anything, I want a sixer of beer.

"He looks like a prostitute from the mid-80s." Bwahahahaha!!! So true!!

Democrats Anonymous--I like that!! I think Republicans are the ones who need to go through a 12-Step program though.

RAAAAAWWWWRRR!!! I wish my boss would get off the phone already!!!
poods - maybe your boss is on the phone with my boss, 'cause I've been trying to talk to her for the last 2 hours!

Republicans *definitely* need a 12-step program....WORD on that.

I've got a migraine brewing now - looks to be a storm headed our way. I just wanna go home, take a hot bath and nap, before PR tonight...oh, and have somma diva's cheese platter. Mmmm....
Ah well, at least her lengthy phone conversations give me and excuse to play in the lounge. I really hate it when she wants to meet with me around 4:30 or so, because then I end up being stuck there and having to stay late.

Mmmm...I love the smell of narcissus. I can't stop sniffing my wrists. Does that make me a narcissist?

Oh crap, she sounds like she's wrapping up her conversation. I was kinda hoping that she'd go on and on forever so that I could sneak out early.
Minxy is an obsessive retard.
Minxy is an obsessive retard.
Minxy is an obsessive retard.
Minxy is an obsessive retard.
Diva, you had to sit next to salad killer? oh no! Can I come over to your house to help you eat that cheese platter? Pretty Please?

I did not even know who Eddie Izzard was until this weekend. We saw a show he was on, not sure what it was. I really liked him though, pretty funny.

ms gb, I am glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better. It is frustrating while you are waiting to feel better. I hope it happens soon!

I know I've not been in Okayland as much as usual, Wombat. I think you are right, everyone has a lot going on. I like that people can pop in here though & not have to catch up with everything. That is a daunting task!

Doodle, you DO deserve a slacker day! More than anyone I know. I have never had yam fries, but they sound delicious. I ate dinner at my mom's last night, she sauteed some parsnips. I did not like them too much. The texture bothered me.

Who is watching PR tonight?

Jenn-I hope you are not getting a migraine!
*rushes through OKAY thread door, slams it shut and throws her body against it, panting*

oh, how i need the respite of the okay thread! i've been training NewGirl for the past four hours and it's making me insane. i finally just told her to go home and come back tomorrow. she is SO not company material and i don't know how my manager is even kidding herself to think that she is. i won't even bore you all with the details, but it's BAD.

i've read everything and i know i'll forget something or someone but:

mouse has a cute new avatar! any word on your crush with the baby lately? congrats on getting your car back and having it running like new!

msgb, you and i must be twins for real. i've never met another adult that loves abc soup!

moxie, thanks for associating me with mcmuffins! hehehe. i didn't know they were already starting the breakfast all day thing! woot! bonus!

turbomann, that shrimp sounds like something i had at a wedding reception once, but it was scallops wrapped in basil and then wrapped in bacon and drenched in bbq. deeee-vine!

turbo, yes, you ROCK for getting so much of your site back up and running so quickly. you're an inspiration. i feel so lazy lately!

poodle, i don't know if i've ever had malt-o-meal. is that like a chocolate malt or something? wow, a malt sounds yummy right now. or even a milkshake.

doodle, we loves ya. if i might dredge just a little since i've been gone all day: i think poodle got that impression (and i must admit that i did too) because you often preface your posts by saying it is a driveby... most of us just come in and dump without apologizing for it... so maybe it's not as noticeable? eh, either way, we do love you and we don't ever want you to NOT post. oh, and your research of the thread was insane. hehe. laugh.gif

who went and brought up sweet potato fries. gah! that sounds yummilicios! there is a chinese buffet here that serves them. so yummy. and we never go because it's not that close to home and there are always other options. i might have to take myself to the trough one day next week while mrfj is out of town. i wonder if they'd let me do buffet takeout? i don't really like eating ar restaurants alone. but they have some really good shrimp noodles and the best steamed vegetables i've ever had at a chinese restaurant. for reals.

wombat, i get the cut up squash too, although it's just the yellow kind and zucchini that i can get at my local grocery. i don't think i've ever had acorn squash either, diva.

and diva, damn! that cheese plate sounds incredible!

hi karianne! hi minx! hi anyone else that is here!

oh, and to the lurking rosev: unfortunately the guy that sent me the email IS the boss here, and the HR dept. for the client periodically sends out questionable derogatory emails themselves (about illegal immigrants usually) so it wouldn't do much good to forward it to them either, which would be traced to me and hence, i'd lose the account. i forwarded it to MY manager and that's about as much as i can do for now. but when i no longer depend on this job (yes, WHEN, not if... i will not allow myself to say IF) i wam going to let him have it before i go and THEN i'm going to sign him up for all the gay porn, ACLU mailings and atheist literature i can find and have it sent to his work address. he'll have to put up with the opposite as i've had to for these few years.

i'm going to leave work early and go to the grocery store and pick up some sour cream. i'm making tacos tonight and just remembered that i don't have the cream. i gotsta have it!
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