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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Well, it's pretty tame. I had to first ascertain whether or not it would even be appropriate to move the fleeting crush to an active status. I crush on people all the time and haven't acted on them in nearly a year. There is the fabulous disappearing boyfriend to account for. I wrote him a few emails and haven't heard anything. I think that it's safe to assume he's is being a powerfuck, and I don't want that. I want "all that stupid old shit".

And I don't mean waiting for three weeks to hear from someone after being categorically stood up by them for our year anniversary. If I wanted a good game, I would take up Parchese or something. If he's actually interested in me anymore, I wouldn't have a fucking clue. I don't owe him any explanations for my choices anymore, and thusly I bring you:

The Math Baron, Part One

Minx, we need details!!
Yeah, if I wanted more drama of his caliber, I would try to start a fight with a teenage girl. It's too bad really...he's the only guy I've dated in fifteen years to whom I've been faithful. I was (am) vested. sad.gif

Anyhoo, me and my buddy went banging door-to-door looking for people who wanted to do some drinking at Psycho Suzie's after school was done...nearly everybody had cleared out (big shocker there). The last stop was Math Baron (I like that, BTW!). Out of character, I was being retarded when he said "Last stop, Mr. MB!!" I feigned ignorance...and am still actually having a hard time remembering faculty names, so...yeah. Sometimes I act like a girl.

We went into his room and I hid behind a stand-up blackboard and whispered, "You need rum. You want rum. You want it now. Badly."

He laughed and immediately starting packing his shit up and said he was IN.

Whoot!! cool.gif
Now, let me paint you a picture of MB: he's 6'6", built like a brick shit house, dark longish curly hair, and lovely brown eyes. He's a king-sized self-proclaimed geek. Seriously, he's intensely behemoth. He has friends. He has his own place. Actually, he reminds me a lot of the guys I used to hang out with back in high school. The weird kids that always had 4.0's, read D&D manuals during library time, and argued about how to make anti-matter guns. Did I mention that he was valedictorian of his graduating class? smile.gif
Minxy, I am glad that you like the M(ath)B(aron) that I have cast upon you. Enjoy the rest of your evening!! Let go of the X that obviously cares nothing about anything but himself...
ETA: The bowling didn't happen because mid-quarters are due this week. However, I would love to take on a beer or two with you sometime--drop me a PM whenever and we'll make it happen.

Alright, last post of the evening and then it is off to get stupid and watch a movie.

We drank. It was a blast. Then after everyone else had to go, I asked him if he would like to continue the merriment and he gave a hearty Yes.

We ended up having a couple of beers in Uptown, and then went back to my place to watch a movie and eat some pizza. Before he left, he asked for my phone number. We exchanged cheesy smiles and he went home.

What really struck me about him were the questions he asked me. I shouldn't be shocked by genuine conversation, but the X (by virtue of non-circumstance) really never asked me much of anything after the first few months. He even admitted several times to hijacking conversations and interrupting me, but never did anything abut it. MB seems very sincere...asked for clarification, sought more interesting.

I'm not going to jump the gun on this--that would be such bad form, and I'm just not ready.

But I like getting to know him...and he's so FUCKING HUGE! Size 15 shoe huge!!
Hey y'all...this is a quick to BFF's house pretty soon to celebrate her birthday...and also be the bodyguard for BFF, as both her sisters will be there. You know what I mean! The one good thing about being the best friend is it's one of those few situations where you're allowed to be completely and wholly biased.

turbo and katie, I'm so glad you like the painting! I'm very excited about giving it to her.

minx....just keep taking deep breaths! Good for you for taking some initiative, but now you know it's time to sit back and just let whatever's going to happen, happen! YAY! YAY!

I slept for TWELVE HOURS last night! Phew! But I really needed it. Not so happy with the back pain that comes from laying about that long, though. Still, I feel much, much better for getting that much sleep...lots of very interesting dreams, too...mainly ones in which some very gorgeous people were flirting endlessly with favourite type of dream.

The poor kitties have been stupifyingly bored, though. I've laid a bunch of sheets of newspaper out on the floor, and put some toy mousies underneath. This seems to be making Georgie VERY happy, trying to "catch" them, with all the sound effects of rustling newspaper to boot!

Ok, I'm off to shower and get ready!
And I found the de facto X's profile on Adult Friend Finder this morning.

Guess that answers all of my questions.

*takes deep breaths*
Hey ladies!!!

She's got it bad, got it bad, got it bad!!! Minx is hot for teacher!! He sounds cute minx. Crushes are always fun.

Wow, doodle!! I'm always blown away by your projects! I love how you're always working on something creative. I always get really lazy about that stuff.

I dragged my ass out of bed this morning to go bra and coat shopping with my mom. Oh god, I was so worn out from an evening of partying last night. The show was so much fun. It was awesome to see all of these people who I haven't seen in years. I also got to see tie-boy, which was a nice treat. The ex-resident boy came along and seemed to have a good time, too. The boy and I hung out in my pad and stayed up talking until 4:00am.

So...I have a couple new brars that are good 'n' comfy. I did the whole bra measuring formula thing, too, to make sure that I had the right size. It turns out that I'm a 46D. The fit is so much better. I also got a black winter pea coat, a bunch of shirts, and a pair of jeans.

Yay! The season premiere of Desperate Housewives is on next! I'm so addicted to that show.
I bet you look HOTT in your pea coat and new brars!! BTW, love your new avatar!
Hey poods and minx!

Where's the rest of the gang? Hopefully doing something naughty. Why aren't we doing something naughty? Hey, let's do something naughty together! Heh. smile.gif

Ooh, poods, I'm dead jealous of your new frillies and clothes! I was surprised to discover the change in my brar size at my last fitting, but yeah, it makes such a difference, doesn't it?

BFF loved the first I thought she was disappointed, but then later she told me at first she thought it was going to be this warrior woman drawing that I did a long time ago, which I promised to give her when I remember/find where I put it (but I haven't found it yet). So it wasn't that she was disappointed in the dragonfly. She loved it and hung it in her bedroom, right beside the door so she can see the metallic colours change when she goes in and out. (And also so no child or teenager will damage it when they go tearing through the house.)

And we all ate cake till we were sick!

I nearly had an apoplectic fit, actually, 'cause when I went to the shop, they were OUT of black forest cakes, which is BFF's favourite. But the woman behind the bakery counter made me one up special, after I whined piteously, "But it's my best friend's birthday!" So YAY!
*shuffles into thread and flops down in a catatonic state*

I'm exhausted ya'll....I can't believe I have to get up tomorrow and go do MORE work....fuck. this really sucks. I put in 15 hours this weekend, 12 of them today. ugh.

And with that...I'm going to walk the dog and go to bed. I had hoped for a bath this evening, but I think I'd rather sleep at this point. My poor eyes are dry and burning.

Poodle, I am SO glad you got some good brars for the girls - and a pea coat! I've always wanted a pea coat, I think of them as both stylish, and grown-up (but in a fun way).

Doodle, of COURSE BFF loved the painting!! Its really amazing, and if she didn't love it, you could always ship it down here to me. wink.gif

Ok, nighty night!
Mornin' babes!!

Dude, President Clinton is fucking badass. Did you guys see him chew out Chris Wallace (from FOX News)? Daaaayyuuummm!!!

~*~*~*~energy vibes for turbo~*~*~*~

Oh god, doodle, black forest cakes sound so tasty...

It was really frellin' cold in my apartment, but then I put on my comfy sweater and made myself some oatmeal, so I'm all cozy now. I could totally crawl back into bed with my furry snugglers.
Poodle, I hear ya! Its a chilly Monday, and I'm actually home sick. Had a swollen SORE ass throat all weekend, and its time to go see the Dr. But, they don't open for 5 more minutes, so I choose to BUST.

turbo, I heart yuo for putting in such long hours. I know how that goes. Good luck, and think of warm wintery places where we may drink fruity drinks to celebrate my turning 30, ok?!?

Minxy, that sounds like a wonderful first, um, date? I'm calling it out- Minxy had a great date with the Math Baron!

We had a lovely weekend, despite my ever expanding glands. Lots of fun with the bebe, who did tremendously well with her shots Friday. Lots of good TV time (were catching up on Battlestar Galactica), and I made 2 really yummy-ass meals for dinner. Now, its 2 minutes to dr. office open. Argh...I hate this b/c I KNOW the receptionist is there, just ignoring the phone until 8:30. Feh.

Ok, off to check out the craziness of other threads, to come back adn appreciate the happy-place that is Okayland.
mornin' ya'll. I'm in denial about the week ahead...SO much work left to do. BUT, I am going to leave work at 5pm today (still a 10 hour day, since I got here at 6:45), so I can go to spin class, and then hit the sauna, and then...I'm not going to work at all tonight when I get home - SO THERE!!!

Poodle, seriously, in this week that has sucked the life out of me....Bill is like this bright, shining beacon of hope, that makes me very proud to be a democrat, and gives me just a wee bit of hope for the future of our party.

((((((moxie)))))) Feel better, dear...looks like you seem to be getting an immune work-out from the bebe and daycare too - ugh. And you have no idea how much I've been thinking of cocktails on a warm beach somewhere this weekend...I can feel the sunshine on me already.

I made oatmeal this morning too - tasted very good, and made me all warm too! And now, I've got a thermos of mint tea to help prop my eyes open.
Gooood Morning!

((moxie)) sorry to hear about your throat. Ouch. Make some hot tea w/ honey, I find that so soothing.

((jenn)) too much work this weekend! Girl, I don't know how you do it. It really blows that you had to turn down a big freelance job too. Boo. I am glad you don't have to work tonight!

Doodle, I love your dragonfly painting! It is so pretty and you are so talented & creative.

Poodles, I bought a bra this weekend too. I had this VS gift card I needed to spend. Unfortunately, I am really loving the bra I bought. I say unfortunately b/c that means I will want to buy another one & they are expensive.

Minx has a new crush! NICE! He sounds hotttttt too.

I had a really nice weekend. I stayed in Friday night & watched tv all night long. Saturday had class & a midterm. After that I figured I'd had a hard week, so I took myself to get a manicure. Then I went to the mall. Saturday night mr K & I got sushi & watched Welcome to the Dollhouse. Yesterday we went shopping for some house stuff & also to the flea market. The weather here is glorious right now.

I took my car to the shop this AM for 3 things: tire alignment, new brakes, & to get a belt checked on. They called me and told me it would be $630. WTF?? I told them to fax me the estimate. They had 3 fluid flush outs on there, totaling like $215. Fucking mechanics. I hate how they try to screw women. I called & told them not to do any of those. Now the total is close to $400. Not thrilled about it, but I do need the other things done. I hate getting car work.
hello party peeples....

wooo hooo minx! he sounds like fun! enjoy the ride!

((((turbo-pace yourself vibes))) don't overexerte yourself.

((((moxie get well vibes)))

*yay for new brars!*

mr. gb left on friday with the guys and momma and poppa gb helped me re-arrange furniture so i could squeeze in a little table for eating when i was at home. the new arrangement leaves me more floor space for jake to run after his laser pointer. yay! and i had a dear friend drop in to watch movies with me on sat. nite. and yesterday was errand running(since i was finally up to it) and chilling watching tv cuz i am so wiped. got home, i ordered a pizza, and ordered around. he enjoyed it....honest....i fed him, drugged him, and bedded him. laugh.gif he's soo not complaining except that his allergies are acting up. sad.gif

i'm still sick..and apparently, coughing hard enough that my boss wanted to know if i wanted to go home. (dreams of bed) a nice thought but i need the moolah so i'm here. I know i overdid this weekend but no one else is gonna do there.

hi kari, fj, doodle, wombat, poodle, moxie, minx, turbo, sunshine, and anyone else i may have forgotten in my nyquil induced haze.
hi ladies!

kari, i feel you on the car thing. i took mine in this morning for smogging and to get the horn fixed and just to check it out since i hadn't had anyone look at it since i bought it, and OH HEY $550 worth of work. i only paid $700 for the damn thing in the first place, but i figure that even if i took that $550, plus whatever i could get for the car (which wouldn't be $700 since it had an expensive stereo when i bought it that is now STOLEN), it still wouldn't be enough to buy anything other than another crappy used car that would probably need work, and the mechanic assured me that if i get all this fixed it will last for several more years and it is a good car (even though it is only 4 years younger than i am). BLECH.

((ms gb and moxie)) get better guys!

((turbo)) that sucks about having to turn down the freelance job.....but i bet they'll appreciate your honesty and responsibility and contact you in the future.

doodle, that dragonfly's gorgeous! i wish i could see it shine in real life smile.gif

minxie! great new crush! math baron sounds actually quite like one of my dearest awesomest male friends: 6'+, latent d&d affections, enjoys alcohol tongue.gif

pood! good you got stuff for the girls hehe

hi everyone else!

i had a good weekend, hung out with the ex for a bit which at first was really difficult but i think it's gonna be okay...i wish he could just be a jerkface so i could ignore him and get on with it...never thought i'd say this, but it sucks that he's such a decent human being. hah.

saturday went on a boyhunt with one of my lady friends--to absolutely no avail. we went to three different bars, places we don't normally go, and still! nobody is cute! wtf!! where are all the cute boys, seriously?

oh and i dyed my hair! dark reddish brown.
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, that dragonfly painting is beautiful! I hope you have some nice stuff like that around your place. I never keep my own stuff that I make - it's all either for sale or being made as a gift for someone.

Turbo, that sucks balls about your website and not being able to take that freelance gig. Do they have any idea how much you do for them where you work? And pugs do tend to be attention whores. They're cute, but I could never have one, although the giant loves them.

Hooray for new bras and coats and jeans! I'm thinking of replacing my bras since they don't have the elasticity they used to and aren't holding the girls up like they did even a few months ago. But I abuse my bras - for the last several months, I've been switching off between two of them, and I know they're getting tired.

Karianne, good on you for getting a real estimate and taking charge of your car repairs. I hate when shops do that to people less informed about cars than they are. A person is lucky to find one good shop where the people are fair and don't try to snowjob you. With my old car, they used to try to sell me extras all the time until I explained that my car is old as hell, and I don't care if it dies on me, so just give me the $20 oil change with no frills, please. My car isn't worth it.

Minx, didn't you break up with that ex months ago? You had your closure conversation and everything? This math teacher sounds a lot better than that other guy.

While the giant and I were at his mom's yesterday, we flipped past Fox "News" (that word totally does not belong next to Fox) and saw some of the Bill Clinton interview when he chewed out that guy. Yeah! Go Bill! That's all the stuff that needs to be said, in the tone it needs to be said, to the people who need to hear it. That man is just amazing.

I talked to my friend with cancer a little bit ago, and they're pretty optimistic about getting rid of it through chemo and radiation. I guess his chances are pretty good, thank Maud. He still hasn't quit smoking yet, though he's cut down significantly, and except for that he's pretty healthy.

The giant and I had a really nice weekend. We went out for pizza on Friday, slept in on Saturday then went to a little tourist town in the rain. We went to probably the greatest homemade candy store this side of the river, a really cool kitchen store, and I got a huge strand of handmade beads for not a terrible price. Then I started crying about how fat I am when we went to bed. None of my clothes are fitting the way they did even 3 weeks ago. And yesterday we went to his mom's to do yardwork and have dinner. I don't think his SIL likes me that much, but I don't really care. Maybe she's just grumpy in general because her husband's in Iraq, but she still never says hello to me (or really even to the giant) or addresses me that much. Oh, well. It's not important enough to dwell on.

I wish this day would end so I can go for a walk around the lake. I'm making a point of doing it 3 days a week. I want to lose 20 pounds by the middle of next month.
*drives by*


I will catch up this evening, I swear. Right now I'm going insane. We've changed our media strategy halfway through, so it's complicated and time-consuming...the coalition has decided to ask for emergency funding for our centre, so we're holding off the media till that contact is made. We won't get emergency funding, but I agree that the process is important. And I've had to push back my own noon deadline for finishing writing tomorrow's submission because of dealing with all of this....

AHHHHHHHH!! HELLLLLLP! I'm covered in beeeeeeees!!!!

ANYWAY! Back to it!
((ms gb)) sorry you are still feeling bad. I hope you are able to get lots of rest later tonight. It is awful to have to work when you are sick.

Jenn! You are amazing! I would have tuckered out loooooong ago, but you keep on truckin'. I hope you are able to fit in some R&R this week, though you have so much work to do.

Doodle, you had cack?? Yummo.

(Diva) I am sorry you're feeling down about your bod. I think your exercise plan will fix that. Sometimes even if there have been no actual physical changes, if I haven't worked out in a while, I start to feel quite slothy & bad. Exercise always seems to help. I am so happy the prognosis for your friend is good. smile.gif

Mouse, sorry we are car woe sisters today. Bah, mechanics. Hopefully the mechanic is right & your car is going to last for a long time after these repairs. I just want mechanics to give me the bottom line. Obviously, there are all sorts of things that COULD be done to my car. However, I am not really a fan of just giving money away, so just tell me what MUST get done.

I went outside at lunch, it is beautiful!
thanks kari for the get well vibes...and all the others who sent get well wishes....the clogged ear thing is what really bugs me....y'know when you swallow and then you get the 'pop pop' in your ears...bah.

hi diva! gaining weight is frustrating...especially when you know you haven't been able to do what you need to me, i was hoping to exercise when mr. gb was out of town...that sooo didn't happen. dry.gif

mouse...whats up girl? reddish brown, eh? what did you use? oh and cute boys...they're all at game functions...its football season, yo.... cool.gif

*passes out homemade chicken soup to anyone who wants some* its good cuz its made with love...

can i just say how WONDERFUL it is to pop in here, scan the archives, and find that doodle ate CACK, that divalla is still having a great time with the giant, that minxie is hot for teacher (and maybe HE is hot for teacher, too???) that poodle is still badass cracking me up and that turbo is still spinning???

and LOADS of other stuff, too.....


hugs for kari and mouse and car woes. they SUCK.

today is a national holiday (celebrating the start of the war for liberation) and it is almost 9 pm and i am tired of myself (i've been a slug today, pretty much doing nothing except reading and sleeping and playing with mimi) aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it occured to me that when i USED to be tired of myself i would come and bust with the best here in the okay thread!

HI! to everyone else that i haven't mentioned.

jenn, i was wondering: when you take turbo out for walks or to the dog park, and there are other greyhounds, do they recognize each other? i mean, (and anyone jump in here!) do dogs recognize other dogs that are the same breed?
*runs up and gives tes a big squishy booby hug!*

tes, breezed in here without a word about your wonderful sexalicious vacay with mr hotbuns? C'mon sister - dish it! Make us all wish we had an island retreat with a partner we love!

Oh, greyhounds most definitely recognize other greyhounds - we usually have several greys together at the park everynight, and they just stand around together, and chase the occasional squirrel that taunts them running along the top of the fence. They get all waggy and excited when they see other hounds...well, as excited as a greyhound gets - which is like a polite wagginess, and maybe a little bouncing and a dash of sniffies...and then - back to standing around. Since they lived together with only dogs of the same breed for so many years, I think they have a higher level of interest in their own breed. All the pugs in our 'hood definitely like to hang together too...and they and the greyhounds are good friends, and protect each other...very cute.

Ok, ya'll...I'm canning the spinning plan this evening. I'm feeling barely alive this afternoon, a little foggy, so I'm going to go home - at normal time - and take a nap, and then take turbodoggie for a walk. Thank maude I have leftovers for dinner.

Kari and mouse, that totally sucks about your cars...they can get expensive in a hurry.

Diva - just stick with your excercise plan...if you have the interest in doing a cleanse, I'd highly recommend it. Even if you don't do the butt flush, it really helps in breaking the cycle of cravings for sugars and least it does for me.

*slurps chicken noodle soup from ms. gb*
tessie tes!!! yeah, spill! how was your vacation?

turbo, that's so awesome and cute that your neighborhood is so dogfull and has sort of doggy gangs. adorable.

hi diva! glad you had a nice weekend with the giant, and so good to hear your friend is feeling optimistic. it's awesome he has a good attitude about the whole thing.

hi ms gb--i used drugstore stuff, garnier nutrisse. i'm poor *hangs head in shame*and even moreso now after stupid car and i'm up for my lease in november since i'm still technically the "roommate" of the girl who had the place before me, and to start a new lease he wants first last and security which means i gotta pony up nearly 2k by next month UGH UGH UGH BUT I DIGRESS and anyway i think it still looks cute.

gb, do you think all the cute boys are at dodger games? if so they certainly mess up my commute home. i'd rather have them messing up my bed.

haven't much time to BUST today. went in and spewed grossness in the grody thread, but that's all i had time for.

so! how is everyone!

tes! you're here! yay! yes, do tell! it's been so long since you were here, you have to fill us in!

minxie! wooot. yes, i second it: it was a date! sounds like it was fun. cheesy grins are always cool. rolleyes.gif

msgb, sorry you're all sicky still. that stinks. i made some homemade chicken soup last night (even made the chicken stock!) and i'm looking forward to eating it when i get home, even though i'm not sick. hoping that i won't be! i put bok choy, carrots, celery and a ton of herbs in it fresh from my herb garden!

diva, i'm sorry you felt pluuuurby last night. it does suck when all of a sudden your clothes don't fit. i think your exercise idea is great. 20 lbs is a lot for a month though, isn't it? my dad went on some cabbage soup diet one time that actually helped him lose 10lbs in a week. i actually LIKED the way the soup tastes, but never did the rest of the diet cause it just seemed wierd (like eating nothing but bananas and soup for one day). but sometimes i'll make the soup and eat it for a few days and it helps me lose a lot of water weight. except when i add potatoes and sausage to it. erm, yeah, ahem...

i love exclamation points!

hi karianne and mouse! sorry about the car woes. that really sucks. we need to get ours serviced soon. the VW is already at its 10K mile service call.

oh, and i colored my hair reddish brown also. it's really a dark auburn and i dig it! i will post pics later tonight. i also took a TON of pics of our house last night, and once i find all the before pics, i'll post 'em!

Hi, everybody! Thanks for the vote of confidence poodle!! Coming from POODLE that means a lot! The Pood!!

Karianne's a gear head! Karianne's a gear head! Which is very cool.

Well, there ya go, mouse -- I'm now picturing you leaning out the window of your newly refurbished car and saying to a hunky fellow driver -- "You messed up my commute -- now can you mess up my bed?!"
Ooooh. Play some *Soul* on the radio!

Turbojenn, you are truly amazing. Built a whole website, hung out with your man, took care of extra doggies and wasgonna go to spin class -- makes sense to not go when you're this tired though. Get sleep if you need it!!

One of the secrets to maintaining healthy weight is to get enough sleep. Healthy food and not too much of it, exercise and enough sleep. Because if you don't get enough sleep, you feel hungrier and have a harder time having the energy to think, so you eat more food, especially sugar. It's a chemical called lutein. They tested this in mice.

I never get enough sleep --- divala, I'm sure you're beautiful -- don't lose too much weight too soon -- about a pound a week is a reasonable expectation. More than that will just make you miserable.

Good luck with closing down the center doodle! It's hard, but you're still doing it whlle make great art! Fantastic!

Hi to ms goof and moxie and anyone I missed!

Oh, fj! Ha!

We had the greatest weekend -- bought new music -- that is, Kasabian and Dirty Pretty things - and a great boxed set of New Order and I bought another copy of Iggy Pop's The Idiot for my guy becausee I had given our to the gay boyfriends when they went to Berlin! Went to a coffee shop and it turned out they had the most orgasmically wonderful well made spicey texturey good ingredients .... y..... brunches ever!! Like Huevos Rancheros with great veggie chili with jalapenos, guac, and corn!!

Also checked out a new coffee house -- did tons of house cleaning! Went out to dance club! and had HBI!!


Finished project -- maybe little packaging and changes.

Must finish other things.

Yeah, so you know that huge conversion we've been slogging through for our Big Client? The one that required 4 weeks of specialized programming, about 150 new templates & hours upon hours of training of hyperstressed admins? The one that's been hogging up my time & preventing me from eating a decent lunch/pumping effectively/Busting?

Got an email just now to the effect of... eh, we liked it better the other way, so we're going back as of next week.


That's it. I'm not doin' nothin' the rest of the day but reading archives & windowshopping on eBay. Fuckers.
Hope you can still salvage something for your portfolio.

I'm picturing you bouncing a computer off their heads.
Another drive-by...the Canadian Conservative gov't just axed Status of Women Canada...that was our federal funder. I suspected it would happen, which is why I wanted them to shut down the Centre now, but I didn't think it would come so soon, right before an expected election....

Anyway, it's all over but the crying.

We are not such a spiffy country after all, I guess. Women's Centres now have NO sources of gov't funding available, and most have no charitable tax status with which to fundraise private money.

(ETA: the irony is that *I* feel oddly "liberated," to use such a word after your abusive husband finally hits you, and you know the storm is over.)

((((((((((((Doodle)))))))))))) I'm so so sorry to hear about this.

And here I was, hoping that things were better in Canada. sad.gif

((((((doodle)))))) I'm so sorry that your centre's funding was pulled. I'm sad that its going to be difficult to find funding to do the important work of the women's centres in Canada. But, I'm not so sad for you - as you said, this is really giving you some closure and opportunity to move on, and that's a good thing for you. And I have full belief that there is a wonderful opportunity out there for you, and that it will give you time and space to rest, and allow you to continue to make valuable contributions to your community.

~*~*~*~*~new job vibes for doodle, and mucho rest and smooth transition to your new position~*~*~*~*~*

RV -c'mon in here and post anytime - we'd love to have you join the par-tay!
Hey babes!!

It sounds like everyone had good weekends despite the car problems and icky colds! ((((all sick and car-troubled busties)))

(((turbo))) Hang in there lady! That goes for you, too, tart!! (((tart)))

(((Canadian women))) That sucks, doodle.

(((diva))) You're being too hard on yourself with the 20-lb. goal. Why not just start out with a simple goal like walking more and limiting your desserts to 2 per week? Pedometers are awesome, too. Actually, it's kinda fun to keep track of how many steps you take each day. You're supposed to shoot for 10,000, which pretty much means that you have to walk a couple miles each day.

(((every bustie)))

Gus is very frustrated right now because I ran out of wet cat food and I can't afford to buy more. He'll eat the dry stuff for dinner, but only after he's certain that he's not getting the other stuff. He's been meowing at me for over a half-hour now.
Ah, wait, it's not that awful...they are only approving the applications they have (it's project funding), and the next budget is reduced 25%, and who knows whether we'll qualify under new the centre may or may not get new project funding, but anyway, we have to finish this project first.

I am sitting here waiting for the photocopying to finish....

It's all so rollercoasterish, that's the problem. Will they? Won't they? Will the province restore funding? Will the feds cut the women's program? Even though we've always stressed about money, now we stress about it in a whole new way. All our energy goes into finding and juggling the money just to keep a roof overhead, and it feels like we never get anything concrete done anymore. That's where I'm feeling fed up and "done."

I've already moved ahead in my mind though. I've told the chair I want to be laid off at the end of the year, and I'm going to sit down with the money and try to budget myself a severance, which I think we can manage, especially now that I've saved them 6 months on rent by going begging to the unions. If there is any future work from the Centre, I'd be okay with being a project contractor, but I don't want to be responsible for the whole organization anymore, and in my mind, January 1 is the day that responsibility ends for me, no matter what work comes up after that.

Anyway, thank you for your kind words, turbo and rose, and everyone, please forgive me this long, self-involved post.
Math Baron said that he would definately like to hang out again. biggrin.gif I guess that sometimes it just pays to keep your hands to yourself! Mua-hahaha!

Doodle, detaching one's self from something as big as what you have been working on must be incredibly difficult--and I'm glad that you aren't taking the martyrdom route. You ARE owed for your services and dedication and I am so pleased to see that you are acknowledging your worth.

Minxlette had a really good day at school--let's all give her a big round of applause!

Sorry about all of the BUSTie woes of late; all the car troubles, and computer issues, and other just really annoying sad sacks of shit we seem to be laying on now and then. To that end, I give you this:

IPB Image
*drops trou and assumes the position*
Good girl. tongue.gif
Ah, no, maybe they are pulling the plug on the women's program after all...I'm so confused. No new funding, because the women's program has no mandate now. Whatever that means. Ah fuck it, I don't care.

Everything is done. I am home. I even left the photocopied submissions in the car so I wouldn't be tempted to agonize over every word. All I have to do tonight is iron my good black pants, make supper, and play with my poor neglected kitties.

Everytime I write that I'm preparing a submission, I expect someone in this thread to crack a BDSM joke, and nobody ever does. Unless you count minxie's spankies, of course.

YAY MINXETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta go post something in Corncobs about the phone company being a dickhead.
Doodle's submission! Bwa-hahahaha!!!

Okay baby, this one's for you:
You're so crazy minx!!!

Good for you, doodle. I'm a firm believer that a person's work is not their life. There's so much more to doodle that she deserves to explore. Also, it might be that doodle's passions and skills are needed somewhere else. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a new job that pays the bills, fulfills your passions, and helps out those who need it the most.

Hooray for minxette!!!
So......the dilemna of having a free evening when you have a child's busy box for a brain but you're too tired to do anything that you get halfway to relaxing and then you think of something that needs doing. I put on some groovy music. I got a cup of hot chocolate made. Then I was going to sit down and leaf through some decorating porn, but I thought, oh, before I do that, I should just e-mail the submission and the press release to the Opposition Caucus, so if there's any press, they can be ready to respond. Then I thought I'd better not do it without sending some quick personal notes along with some of them, to the legislators I know, anyway. And, yeah. Here I am with an empty cup of hot chocolate and crick in my neck. Bah.

*bends over for a much-deserved spanking*

I did play with the kitty-cats for awhile.

Forgive me, Okayers, and thank you for being so wonderful. smile.gif

I'm gonna go iron my pants and then just go to bed. Bah.
The early morning edition of good things tuesday:

1. I got laid.
2. I feel 100% better than over the weekend.
3. I look CUTE as hell today- grey pencil skirt, short-sleeve white buttowndown with sweater-vest, maryjane pumps and black leather jacket. Moxiemans sez "You're suppoed to look that good BEFORE sex, not after!" hehe.
4. I have busties to love.

Doodle- my estimation of Canada- Your countrypeople are nicer, kinder and generally more socially aware than us Yanks. The problem?

Conservative bastards are conservative bastards anywhere...and just enough cowboys to elect them cause the rest of us heartache. Solution? Get rid of cowboys. No, seriously...that's what I'm counting on for Our election this Nov....all the cowboys are corrupt ass-hats, and its becomming very noticeable.
Wow, moxie, your day sounds fabulous already!! damn!

I'm still scraping by on sub-par energy here...hopefully I'll gain momentum here once the mint tea sinks in. I hate having to get up when its still dark out...I'm much better at waking up exactly at sunrise...dark mornings is the hardest part of fall/winter for me.

Well, I've got 70% of the site running now...I'm hoping to finish the last big chunk today, and then its just noodley little stuff after that. Hopefully we'll pick a new web hosting company today, get set-up tomorrow, and then I can unleash my programmers by Friday...maybe by next friday have all the databases re-set...and then spend all next weekend putting all the content back into the databases...a long road ahead still, but less overwhelming.

Ok...back to da intarwebz.
ARRRR, ye comely wenches!!!

"decorating porn" Haha!! I like that!

Mox got laid! Mox got laid!

Okay, here are some good things about today:
1. I'm eating Chocolate Malt-O-Meal for breakfast
2. My apartment smells awesome because I've been putting bpal on my lightbulbs
3. One spreadsheet (of many) is almost done
4. My cats are really cute, as usual
5. I get paid in a couple days
6. The weather is friggin' awesome today
If I were a cheerleader (ugh, i know), I'd be doing the "GIve me a T! U! R! B! O!" cheer right about now. You heroine of the web, you!

and just for us political dreamers out there...

I wonder if this is how yummilicous people felt about JFK? I should ask moxiemom.
Isn't Obama just *amazing?!* And how lucky am I, that I get to vote for him! Really, he makes me feel all hopeful and sparkly, just like Clinton/Gore did, when I got to vote in my first presidential election. I do hope Obama waits at least another term before running for president, and I think he's smart enough to do that. He can use the next 6 years to really lay out his vision, and get people in less populated areas to take notice, and learn to love him as much as the urban centers of the country do. *sigh*

Thanks for the cheering, mox. Right now, I'm ready to do a few cheers for Google, who thank maude caches everything, so I'm going through copying all the lost content from one section of the site that was completely database driven.

/end geekiness
Happy Tuesday, wenchies!!

We've got a good candidate here in Boston, too -- Deval Patrick. I went and got me and my guy updated in our voter registration at City Hall (cause of changing address) just so we could vote for him in the primaries.

He's black, started out poor but got rich, liberal on everything, pro gay marriage, knows we can't cut taxes, is taking the Republicans to task for cutting education funding. Massachusetts had the fourth highest ranked public schools, and is 49th out of 50 states in funding now because of Republican asshats. Could go on, but I won't. Anyway, Patrick is way way ahead.

Ironic a black man is named "Patrick" and is the most popular candidate -- in Boston, where if you're white and you wear a shamrock black people suspect you are a big fat racist who likely to thump them on the head. There is a long history of black/irish feuding. Maybe that's going out of style. Heh!

Good things:
Project done, will do wrap up, good thing for my portfolio
Wearing great new watch, black pants, shoes!
Can get back on career track
HBI Sunday and weightlifting Monday makes me happy on the body level.
Nice breakfast of Peet's Sumatra coffee and oatmeal with mangoes, blueberries, and raspberries.

Ha, that's funny about the cat's food Poodle. We gave our girl Fancy Feast twice a day. Little cans, good nutrition, much deliciousness, and easy to open. She was a healthy critter. She lived to be about fifteen, still with clear eyes and silky fur and good jumpin' around skills. Her favorite was some flavor with "crab jelly" It came out with jelly around it which she would suck off with an expression of total bliss on her little face.

I haven't had a cat for a long time...
Oh, Wombat, it gets better - today, they've decided that they're sticking with the new format, after all. But with some changes. If they send us 150 new templates, can we get those implemented by next week? But can they leave the template details up in the air until later in the week? And can we call the 20 publications that are refusing to use the new system & make them use it? And can we get them a half-caff and a sesame bagel with lo-fat veggie cream cheese, while we're at it?


And WTF, Canada? I leave you alone for 30 years and you get all stupid on me. Don't make me come up there - I have a Canadian birth certificate, you have to let me in.

So, I'm thinking an Obama/Clooney ballot. Who's with me? (fans self in anticipation of thoughtful, progressive, tres yummy campaign)

So the dairy bar was open all. friggin. night. Tartlet was up non-stop, and around 1:30 I said sod it, and into the family bed he came. He nursed almost continuously til my pre-alarm went off at 5, and then wanted more when I came back from my shower. When I left the house, he was passed out like a bloated frat boy, with a goofy smille and a big fat belly...

Good things:
- it's absolutely gorgeous, and not a twinge of my usual high-pressure-sytem migraines
- I get to wear my comfy sandals one last time before serious fall weather sets in
- BGP sent her first ultrasound pic of her wee bean
- My sister's baby is beeeeeyoootiful
- Tartman brought me a latte & a scone for breakfast, knowing I'd been up all night & had no time to get anything myself, promised me another aromatherapy spa bath sometime soon, & is hunting down a babysitter so we can go & see The Prestige (David Bowie as Tesla!)

Props to all my peeps...

tart-isn't the great 6 month growth spurt awesome? moxette, who is HUGE to start with (95% height and weight), is eating as much as we'll get into her. Hope all is ok with tartlette, and that he's just a growing boy.

I think I prefer mr. clooney on the big screen. He's just too damed beautiful to be spoilt as a politican. Obama, though...sigh. I am in the great democratic minority, but the last sitting senator to be elected president was a first termer. That's all I'm saying about that.

Gah, why aren't I working?!? Damn distractions of the "Rolling Stone's 500 greatest Songs", Project Runway site and my dearest busties...oh, wait...if i weren't at the desk, i wouldn't be doing any of that. smile.gif
Hi, Mox! Yeah, nothing like the gaping black hole that is a baby's belly... I chalk it up to the growth spurt on top of some pretty gnarly teething - I swear, I can feel molars back there. Nothing's broken through yet, so we've got more Hungry McCrankerpants to come...

(But Clooney as VP would bring some Cary Grant-esque wit to balance out Obama's earnestness. And think of the White House parties... Random thought: have we ever had a bachelor in the White House?)
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