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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Fucking I have to go outside in the damned cold.

((jenn)) that MRG sounds like a killer. ouch. Hope it is better now. On top of your webstite sitch too. That just doesn't seem fair.

Tyger, that is sorta funny that you hit your friend in the nads. I am sure he doesn't think so though. I once punched mr K in the nuts in my sleep. He was pretty TO'ed.

I am having a hard time staying focused on work today. Have just resigned myself that I probably am not going to get much done & moved onto studying for my midterm this weekend. Somehow that seems easier to be motivated about.

*hands minxy a jacket* firedrills blow.

In celebration of my appetite finally returning, I am taking myself out to lunch today. What, oh what, should I get? Maybe soup & a sandwich.
Today just kind of question about it. I'm now reconstructing the website from the ground up, trying to "fake" as much of the database driven functions as I can, until I can get developers to re-do all the work they did last year to make our databases in the first place. Our IT guy is a total idiot, so he's not helping, just being upset, which is no help. Its going to be a long week, long weekend, and its just making me more tired. On top of MRG and the migraine. feh.

Finding a new job will be primary once this is all done.
goodmorning everyone.
i love these grandmother stories...i didn't do very well in the grandmother department--my mom's mom died long before i was born, and my mom's dad then married a terrifying republican woman only a few years older than his daughters who has been nothing but critical of our family my entire life; my dad's mom is sort of a bland, conservative, golfing-obsessed woman very much of her generation. to be fair, since my grandfathers both died, both my grandmothers have been making a little more effort with their families, but i never really knew them growing up.

i did have what my mom called a "karmic grandmother"; one of my parents' older friends, this awesome, long white haired woman who had worked as an illustrator and photographer and had one of the messiest, most interesting houses i've ever seen and used to read me weird books and take me to the botanical gardens and science museums and had corgis and used to live in this sprawling mansion called oak knoll and had married a really interesting guy who himself had a funny weird old house with ridiculous victorian furniture, a pond at the bottom of the garden, a courtyard and a bar in the house--they had split up because he had turned out to be gay, but still stayed close close friends, and they used to have these sort of "salons" and he was a bit of a nudist and i remember something about them being friends with andy warhol. she's in a home now, and has pretty much lost everything to alzheimers which breaks my heart.

ETA: she is also related to the forbes family (john kerry is a forbes, fyi) and thus we had access to this amazing private island off the coast of massachusetts as well smile.gif

my mom and aunt are pretty awesome too, but that's another post.

fj, my potluck antm viewing ended up being more of an "all we ended up with was fruit salad, wheat thins, salsa and lollipops so let's order in some vegan thai food" antm viewing, but it was really fun, and we have plans for next wednesday too. i don't need another tv addiction, but if it's an excuse to hang out with friends i'm all down smile.gif

i feel guilty cos i really wanna watch the office and grey's anatomy pilots tomorrow, but i have plans.....heh.
Minxlette got kicked out of school today. sad.gif

Here we go again...this is not good and I am running out of solutions.
Minx, Oh no! What happened? Geez, girl that is stressful!

Mouse, your karmic grandma sounds f-ing awesome.

dang, what is going on with the world?

mad.gif hey world, you messin' with my BUSTies? i'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey!

or a ninja!


seriously, is it the new moon tomorrow? (i know nothing about these things, just trying to figure out how ALL of us could be having rough weeks at the same time)

All equinox and new moon.

Significant? You be the judge.

I'm hiding out a bit these last couple days. A job that I designed has come back -- they approved it so now I have to make good and produce it. Great, right? and I'm not sick or anything. But it is a lot of * stuff * to shovel. and I need to prepare for the next step. I like it here, but I have a few other options and I'm not ready to be backwatered just yet.

Maybe some of the people in the department - company - field can make room for me on their new things, is my thinking.

Thus far I haven't really asked anyone because I still have to polish the resume and portfolio, oh, and the approach of course! I wish I could be all flash spangdangly and happy-enthused but finishing this thing I started makes me cross-eyed. I literally can't see or concentrate after working on it. So, that's one reason I'v been a little more absent.

I have a great vantage point right now, I've gotten a lot of things I wanted and worked years to get. Yet all I can do is ask myself why I didn't do and get even more even sooner.

Bummer minx and turbo. Odd that your service provider doesn't keep mirrors of the sites they host, tj. OR the IT guy. Ghod he sounds like a moron. But is it possible to back up databases, which is more of a process than an image or text or something? You see, I am clueless about databases except for creating content or accessing it. But I'm not asking people to pay me to program them. Ow.

Love your fairy godmother, mouse.

Was just doing database of fairy tales -- folk tales, notice witches are bad but fairies are good? And fairies are also "magic" and "female" and look just like humans. Food for thought.

Perhaps we don't want the harvest and winter to come. But stepping down the street today the air smelled nice and it was as if I could hear fiddle music.

Won't we all be sprightly and spandangly by next week? Probably

Fall equinox.
Hey gang...this is a drive-by 'cause I just wasted all my time and energy trying to deal with shit in the Sin Bin. I don't know why I bother...I don't think I should ever leave the borders of Okayland.

ANYWAY, I wanted to share a little bit of news....I just phoned the government employees' union to ask if they had or knew about a cheap office space we could rent...and they said it was perfect timing, b/c they are moving and they can give us something FREE for 5 or 6 months! Hurrah! Maybe it can turn into some more free space after that, which would really help with our money issues. So YAY!

Keep your vibes and energies a-comin' this way!
That is monster cool doodlebug!!

~*~*~vibey vibes for all kinds of rocking success for doodlebug and the people she cares about! ~*~*~

---- and I OFTEN feel like I should just stay in okay land ----

but admit I am curious and am now going to sin bin!
*wobbles unsteadily into the thread, eyes crossed with tiredness*

I just wrote two huge press releases in 1.5 hours.

Gotta go take some kind of break now. AGM in 1 hour.

Gotta run. Re-admit meeting at my child's school and I haven't bathed yet. I don't know if I even have clean pants. Fuck 'em.

I want to get the math teacher to go bowling with some cohorts this weekend...wish me luck! wink.gif
Minxy, already my day is better than every other one this week, just with that insult!!! bwahahahaha! Thank you for that, I needed it!

~*~*~*~*~*~magic minxlette vibes for schoolin'~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*tucks doodle snug into her bed*

Well, I've got a crappy static version of our site launched now...all the information is there, just none of the function...but its something, its a web presence, and it'll have to do. Now comes the beginning of the heavy work, of putting the pieces back together. BUT, I've hired programmers to make databases for me, and even though I'll have to refill them all by hand, at least we've begun to move ahead. I'll still probably have to work all weekend, but oh well.

keeces to all....back to the trenches for me.
My sister had her baaaaaaaaaaaaaby! Two weeks early, and only 3 pushes to get her out - you think the wee girl was ready to get on with her life? I'm an offical auntie now, and am appropriately antsy to see pictures...

Turbo, that blows hardcore about your site - hope you get at least a few moments' respite over the weekend...

~~~~soothing low-stress schooling vibes for Minx & Minxlette~~~~

It was our 4-year anniversary yesterday, and to celebrate Tartman & I got back on the portions wagon after a 9-month hiatus. I don't know how we ended up in such a dry spell, but we made up for it last night - woooo!

Happy Friday, you... uh... damn. I got nothin'.
Good Morning sluts!

I know, I know, not very creative. It's all I got today though.

Good luck, Minx! I hope the meeting goes well.

Doodles, that is RAD! Yay! That sound really great. I hope you got some rest, sounds like your day yesterday was super busy.

Jenn, glad you got the website up, at least in some sense. You have to work on it all weekend? oye! That is no good.

Congrats Tart sister & baby! Wow, 3 pushes? I bet your sister was really happy about that. Is it your first niece or nephew? How exciting!

Hiya Wombat!

I am doing MUCH better today. I think stomach bug is officially gone. YAY! smile.gif I had a friend over last night, I had to do a role play video for class. We did that and then ate pizza & watched Grey's Anatomy. It was fun.

What are everyone's weekend plans? I am thinking of going to the mall tonight, though I really shouldn't spend any moolah. Tomorrow I have class. Not sure about the rest of the weekend, but am hoping for some R&R.
YEAH TART!!!! I can't believe you waited almost 6 months after the wee one! We couldn't even make it the "official" 6 weeks. heh. Hope the portions weren't bad...they'll be awesome very shortly, if they were! and YEAH!!!!! Auntie tart! what a luky neiceoid to have you for an auntie. She'll learn all about vegetables, parsnips especially. smile.gif And a cousin for tartlette to grow up with. What a joy!

ok, gotta go check on the wee barin. she needs a nap, pronto, but is crying in her crib. Oh, wait...I'm supposed to let her fuss for 10 minutes on her own. Hard. very hard.

Jenn- moxieman has some thoughts for him about the website

good morning puss-ridden yeast mongers!

my insults don't even make much sense anymore.

tart! you go girl! gettin' some long overdue LOVIN'!!

i am so glad it's friday! i can't wait to spend the weekend just doing whatever the hell i want to do.

oh, so we sent our "friends" a message that we weren't going to be able to make it ths weekend and guess what? they didn't respond! she and i are both anti-phone, so yahoo or email is generally how we communicate, so i don't feel like i need to call her. she got the message. she just chose to ignore it. again. i feel sooo much better about not going to spend time with them. i thought i'd feel guilty bailing, but they just helped me get out of that even!

mrfj pulled a trick on me this morning regarding some different "un"friends, as turbo likes to call it. he said that these people that we know from orlando - people that we have avoided for a few years now except running into them at random parties, etc - were coming in to our town tonight and wanted to hang out. then he said that he told them we WOULD! i freaked and called him and he kept it going for a few minutes and then started laughing. he made the whole thing up because he knows that i'm looking forward to quiet time and because we just had a long conversation about how we're not going to break our backs to hang out with people that we don't absolutely love and want to spend time with. i swear he's going to be able to fool me until i'm 80 though.

so is it wrong that i pumped my fist with exuberance when i heard on NPR that mcfatty's will soon be serving breakfast ALL. DAY. LONG!? if lovin' a sausage mcmuffin is wrong, i don't wanna be right.

my dears, it is FRIDAY. i'm in NO mood to work.

who wants to play with me???



YAY Tart!!! Another babe in the family - and an eager one at that!

hi hi FJ! SO good to see you here! I don't wanna work either. but feh, I have more than I can handle. Anyone wanna build a website for me? I did finally decide just to put my phone on "do not disturb," with a nice message explaining the website sitch...our clients are calling me non-stop, and its making me nutty.

And FJ, I am totally with you on the unfriends thing. I'm selfish with my weekend time, and only spend it with people I WANT to spend time with. I know this has made us somewhat paraiahs amongst the group of unfriends that turboman still likes, but I don't care. He can hang with them if he wants, but I'm not going there.
tj, i wish i could help you with that website sitch. if only BUSTie vibes were THAT powerful! smile.gif

~*~*~*~*~~~magical website fixing vibes for turbo~~~*~*~*~*~
good morning all *gives up and turns around and moons you all instead*

tart is an antsy auntie! hehe

**school vibes for minxlette**

**webvibes for turbo**

**moxette & moxie vibes for getting through fussing**

hooray kari's not sick anymore!

i'll play with you, fj wink.gif

i went back to the favorite dive bar last night and they have taped our note up over the register. haha.
i want to be able to do nothing this weekend and just hang out with my new wacom tablet, but i have HAVE HAVE to take my car to get smogged. bleh. why aren't any mechanics open after most people get off work, and why do they only stay open till 1 the one day they are open that most people have off? saturday is my sleep-in day, dammit!
hiiiiii mouuuuse!

i meant to tell you how cool it was about the dive bartender. that's the best!

i have to go feed my ILs cats at some point this weekend, but aside from that: NADA! yes! we will go somewhere to drink watch the UF game on saturday night but that's just fun stuff. i wouldn't mind going window shopping for more home improvement stuff, but we can't spend any money and that blows. but we do need to look into costs on a lot of projects, so maybe this weekend will be a good time to do it.
*averts eyes from mouse's bright mooning ass* hehe

cool.gif much better,..,.....

yay for tart becoming a aunty!

(((vibes for minxlette school things)))

yay kari's better!

((((vibes for turbo's website at jobbitty job))))

i'd play with you fj, but i don't want to get you sick. is going to vegas with the boys this weekend...and i'm at home sick. i had plans but they went up in smoke when i got sick. poop. stupid head cold....and now i squeak when i laugh. damn funny. maybe tonite will be a jakey and movie nite. i had to leave class early cuz they wanted me to do a tint retouch and a blowdry and i didn't have the energy for it. blah.

ok you cum swallowing yeast mongers....back to your regularly scheduled programs...
Hey all....this is a total drive-by, mea culpa. Just wanted to send some *heartage* out for turbo for taking the time out to PM me while in the middle of dealing with this website crappola, and for keeping me sane.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ web vibage for turbo ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ also some vibes for minx/minxette ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ and anyone else who needs 'em! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Got a draft of my submission to the gov't finance committee done, will meet with the group at 3 to go over it. I'm sitting here with Nair on the underside of my jaw, where that "little problem area" is, and I thought I'd use the 10 minute waiting time to buzz by and say HI! Then I've got to shower and dash to an appointment...a hair appointment, thank heavens! I love my hair appointments. I pledge to stand fast by my hair appointments no matter how poor I become. smile.gif

Oh yeah, the mini-motorbike asshole, who's now in my shitbook for 4 AM music-playing on the other side of my bedroom wall, has been put on written warning by the more complaint by me, or anyone, and he's evicted. Oh, how I love the power of having an asshat by the balls. biggrin.gif

Ok, the Nair is burning!

Hey you pube-entangled dingleberries!!! laugh.gif

I don't have a whole lot to say today--just hi!

(((minx and wee one))) What happened? I didn't know they kicked kindergarteners out of school.
bring it on is right, minx! yes! i need it tonight.

still have at least an hour's worth of work but i don't want to do it. nope nope nope!

but i will.

hi poodle! hi doodle! hi msgb!

i think i might color my hair tonight. i'm ready for a change. that and my roots are showing. my silver-haired roots. argh. i'm not even thirty and i've got silver hair. blurg!

i'm thinkin' dark red. something three or more shades darker than i have now.
oh, FJ you are not alone on the grey tip. I got my first strands at 21. Now, I just get to play and change every time one appears!

poodle, that is awesome! dingleberries. heh.

minx, what happened at the meeting??

i have gray hairs too. it sux. i am 31.

hi mouse, fj, moxie, jenn, ms gb & doodles!

doodle, does nair work well? i am considering electrolysis. i know it is expensive, but am tired of waxing & such.

i am ready to go home. almost time! i have had the hardest time with this stupid role play video for class. i did it on a minidv recorder, thought it would be easy to transfer to dvd. wrong! major pain in the ass. had to get a friend that works in video production to transfer the tape to dvd for me. gaaaah! i hate technology sometimes. ok, most of the time.

well, chicas. it is about time for me to blow this popsicle stand. i hope all of your weekends are full of relaxation & fun!
Waaaah, I am stuck at this goddamned desk for a few more hours tonight, and well...ALL weekend. Fucking sucks, I tell you. And my boss is just like, "oh well." Note to self: get a new job, pronto.

I have to leave at 6pm to pick up....the dogs I'm sitting for this weekend. Am I stupid or what? Probably. I won't even be home to have fun with them, and they're my favorite pugs in the whole world. stupid job.

ok, I best get cracking if I have any hope of getting out of here tonight.


Minx - give us the update on minxlette (((((good schoolin' vibes))))))
Have a good weekend y'all!!

I have been stopping in as little as possible this week because - big old project I need to get done!

Yup I will be looking for a job as of mid-October. I know I can live okay in the interim although might have to cut down on fun stuff.

I don't think I can do without the hair appointment either, Actually I better have jsut color only this weekend!! Color only is cheaper -- I have to keep after it though! I am already combing it funny to cover up silver!! Hey! It's not gray, it's silver!! and, they're "fine lines"

Oh baby, love your fine lines!

well, I know how upsetting it is to tangle with people on here doodle, cause I've done it a few times. smile.gif

Oh, yeah. so, I tried to mitigate, nothing against you at all.

smile.gif smile.gif

serious! Doodlebug rocks.

well, may we all move on to wonderful jobs ---- annnnnd

This weekend there is a free blues fesitval both days! That and catching up on stuff like turning the mattress, washing the linens, handwashing the brars and other such fun things. I will also drop in on our gay boyfriends. They don't like to call and go places so much, although occasionally they do that. They like to be dropped in on and just hang out. I feel weird about that sometimes, but it's great when it works!

have a good weekend everybody!!
Hey ladies!

I'm a member of the silver hair club for women, too!! I don't know when I started getting them, because I was coloring my hair for so long. Now they're starting to pop up everywhere, so I pluck them out. Once I had the resident boy check the back of my head, and he found a really long white hair. It was freaky, yet very cool looking. I want to go grey gracefully, but I'm only 27 and it's too soon. I'm gonna keep coloring until they take over my roots.

Ah yes, not much goin' on here. I spent the rest of my dwindling funds on beer. It's so worth it though. *swigs Summit Pale Ale*

I'm gonna have to beg my ma for money or find a sugar mama/daddy tomorrow, though, because my all-time favorite local band, The Vibro Champs, are having a reunion show tomorrow night!!! I used to get totally pimped out in my vintage gear to see these guys almost every week for several years. I'm gonna call my friend to get on the guest list, but I'm still gonna need some fundage for a couple drinks. I'd dress up, but I can't fit into any of my old sexalicious dresses. That's the main reason that I would like to lose weight. Even when I'm at my smallest, it's hard to find vintage dresses that I can fit into. I have some beauties. I don't know any rockabilly sluts who could fill out a dress like I can!!! Those were some of the best days of my life, and I knew it at the time. It's too bad that the rockabilly scene sucks ass these days.

Go for it, wombat!!! You're obviously a very skilled more ways that one! Heheheh... ~*~*~*~new job vibes for wombat~*~*~*~
I started dyeing my hair when I was 25, and there wasn't any grey then...but I have no idea if there is now that I'm two months shy of *gulp* 38!

karianne, Nair is only so-so. I only really like it because the stubblies don't grow back prickly. I'd choose electrolysis or laser if I had the $$.

Hi everyone else! Too tired to name. I need a nap so bad. What a lame girlie I am, taking a dinnertime nap on a Friday evening!!
strangely enough, I have my very own natural hair color for the first time since I was probably 16...and I kind of like it....but I do *really* miss my orange and purple streaks....*sigh* Maybe once I get that fabulous new job that's out there waiting for me, I'll do it again.

Ya'll this website mess just really informs my need to find better employment. I'm done working tonight, I brain has turned to jello, and not in a good way. But I'll get up early and get some done before turboman gets up, and then - we're going to spend the day together, dammit! He has to fly out to philly sunday morning, so I'll have all day sunday to pour into stupid work.
good for you, turbo. i'm glad you're going to spend time with the t-man while he's in town. remember i said i got a nice email from the risk manager at my corporate office? she said, "it's only work, fall". seriously. i have to remind myself of that all the time, and to hear it from someone like her, that deals with legal and medical and pressing matters all the time makes me realize that it's TRUE! someone else fucked up by not having a backup for your site. you shouldn't be punished because of it.

so there!

and if they give you shit: give 'em my number. ph34r.gif

glad to hear i'm not the only silver-haired vixen in here. i have some thick white ones, coarse silver ones, a few two-toned ones from being colored. heee. i bought a loreal colour experte in a dark red. i think it's called cinnamon stick. i paid $160 last time i colored and i was happy with it, but i always do it myself when i go darker. plus, i don't have the funds for a professional do right now and the roots are all "HEY YA'LL, I'M OUT AND PROUD!".

(btw, i'm watching bill maher right now and this fuckin' bitch sandy rios(?) on here is making me so mad that i can't concentrate and here i am talking about my fucking hair for cod's sake.)

poodle, i bet you would still look hot in vintage clothing. it looks superfly on girls with curves. i hope you can go to the show, vintage slutty or not... tongue.gif

wombat, i gotta handwarsh my brars too. i need to go through all my drawrs and toss out some old shit too. i realized yesterday that i truly still have underthings that i've had since 10th grade.

Hi again, gang,

Well, my nap started at 7 and ended at midnight!

FJ, I want to see pics of your new hair colour!

I think the only thing I still have from the 10th grade is a little journal I collaged the cover of with pictures of Def Leppard. (Pyromania era...I lost interest in them after that.)

So turbo, what is GOOD brainjello?

I am eating ice cream out of the container again. This time it's chocolate with little bits of fudge or something. I dunno what it is. I'm trying to make sure I buy the "real" ice cream, 'cause it's not as bad for ya, but the choices are pretty limited, which is disappointing.

I tried some of doodlemama's soy ice cream this summer, and it's very tricky or sneaky - it tastes good on the first bite, so you're fooled, but then the second and third bites taste yucky.

ANYWAY. Since I'm up, I'm going to go work on BFF's dragonfly painting, which I have to have finished by Sunday afternoon!!
mornin' ya'll. *YAWN*

I need to make myself some mint licorice tea very soon.

The pugs kept me up ALL night. They were very very offended that I would not allow them to sleep in our bed. So, they stood next to my head and cried. all night. And would try and jump up on the bed, shaking the frame, but coming nowhere near to making it. So between carrying the 28lb tub-o-pug down the four flights of stairs from his house (he has a sprain from being tubby), to crying all night....I have uber sympathy for all the mommas in here, who have dealt with crying babes, and who must have incredible arm muscles. And it just confirms once again, that dogs are as much parenting as I need, AND turbo is the greatest. dog. ever.

But now the pugs are snoozing on the couch with me, one cuddled up on each side of my lap, and its really sweet, and I love them again.

I ended up working all night last night anyway, even though I wasn't going to. Oh well. Turboman was playing his online games, so I figured I might as well hit the html.

Speaking of, I should do some now, before we actually go out and have FUN today!

Oh, and doodle soycream is tricksy. You definitely have to spend the $$ on the good stuff - Turtle Creek, and SO Delicious are the only passable ones in my book. And they don't have the yucky aftertaste or strange mouthfeel.

I think.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I already put my initial on the bottom, anyway. Must. Not. Overwork. The. Painting.

I'll see if I can get my camera going and post a pic before I give it to BFF tomorrow. Don't know how well it will turn out, as some parts are in metallic paint, and it might not show up on camera. But I'll try!

turbo, it was SoGood, chocolate ice cream cones. They pretend to be a lot like Drumstick cones or something, and the first bite was really good. But after that....bleargh. Anyway, mom likes 'em, and she can't really eat dairy anymore, so whatever works for her is what matters!

How much have you got left to do on the site? And what does turbodogg think about the pugs?

The kitties have been wanting to play endlessly today! I've had to play with them numerous times, in between working on the painting. Good thing I just bought them new toys. The only real problem is that Carmella's a bit of a bully, so whenever she's in the vicinity, Georgie thinks he needs to step back and let her play, and then SHE can go on and on endlessly, so he never gets a turn! I think we've solved it by playing out on the balcony, which she still fears a bit. tongue.gif

I need to go tidy...I've let the apartment go a little bit to shit with all the work I had to do this week!
YAY doodle!!! I wish I was working on something positive and creative this weekend! Pictures! We must see pictures!

I've put about 3 hours in on the site, but turboman has to fly to philly tomorrow a.m., so I'll put a full day in tomorrow. I've got at least another week of 12-14 hour days ahead of me before I get a full, static version of the site totally pulled together. And by the time I finish that, I'll have new databases from the programmers, and then...I get to re-do all that work re-dumping everything back into the databases...its extremely frustrating.

Perhaps the saddest thing is that I had to turn down a fully creative, big budget freelance job that would have been the biggest piece I've created in a couple years, because I'm busy with this mess. sucks.

But now, I've had 2 glasses of wine, so the edges are slightly blurry, and I'm just going to poke along at my own slow pace programming the rest of the evening. Its not *so* bad to be working at home, in my lounge pants, with a glass of wine. Sure, I'd rather be reading a book, but I would love to have one day a week to work at home, when no one's bugging you.

And the pugs just went home! So I'll get a good nights' rest tonight, which should help alot. Turbo completely ignores the pugs - its as if they are not occupying the same house. They're such funny little creatures. I did like how the pugs are cuddly, but they demand so much more of my time and attention than turbo - he's really the perfect dog for me. I love my dog. smile.gif
Okie-dokey...I'm gonna post pics...

I'm posting two pics, because for some reason in the pic of the full-on view, there's a bit of a moire or crosshatch effect that isn't actually there in the painting. I think it must be the product of the canvas and the metallic paint, and the way the flash hits it. Anyway, I can't get a full view pic without the lines. (Though if you squint, you can kind of get the gist!) So there's a detail pic, too, so you can see the colours and stuff. And also a bit of my thumb is in there too! tongue.gif


Dragonfly Detail
so perty. i love love love the wings!
Doodle, your painting is GORGEOUS!!! are so talented, and I love that you paint things that are meaningful to you....I'm still in awe of your whale....

We just got takeout from the roman pizza place around the corner. So good. Wood-fired pizza is the best (no cheese of course, for me)...and now, I think we're going to open up a bottle of raspberry tart frambois lambic for dessert. Yum. And then I'll probably pour myself into a bath before I stumble to bed. All in all a good saturday, even if I did have to work for a few hours.
katiebelle2882 i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE raspberry lambic turbo. is it the lindemanns kinda? my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
Better....its from New Glarus, a small brewey in WI..and is the best raspberry lambic I've yet tasted. I'm gonna have to have some of turboman's co-workers get some more for me - lots of folk where he works live in WI, and that's the only place they sell it. Its very tart, sweet, and full raspberry flavor. perfect.
** darts into thread in the name of beer**THIRSTY** My BIL owns a cheese factory facility"in a small ass town next to New Glarus and he brings brews home all the time. How amazing is the woman owned brewery with some of the most seriously kick ass beer around??? Um, the Spotted Cow Ale?


I pick up at least one six-er when I go home...which is a small town close to New Glarus which boasts cheese factories.

*insert Twilight Zone theme music*
Sweet ass, Minx. Maybe we can get together sometime for some beers, I will provide. Are you going out bowling as you hoped earlier this week?? Did you scam that Math Baron?
New Glarus Brewery does indeed ROCK. We've got a closet-full at the moment, and a case awaiting transport to ms. tart. good stuff. Next time we're up your way, sunshine - we'll definitely give you a call.
Turbo -- Excellent, as you may have gathered; I'm in Minneapolis. I can't wait until the next time that I have one from New Glarus...
Math scam...well, my friend. I do have a good tale. It is completely rated-G, but great nonetheless. smile.gif

Want I should dish?
Minx, please divulge -- ASAP. I am dying here w/o my most desired beers.
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