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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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msgoof - you are approved. Yay. We're friends. And you are so cute! Are you going to post a picture with your new haircut? My hair is a lot shorter now, ans not red and purple like in that one picture.

I went out last night and met up with some guys from work. Jerkboy was there and we ended up arguing and it became everyone's evening. It was kind of embarrassing. He's such a pompous poop pocket. Anyway - after we argued, he invited me and another guy over to his apartment after the bar closed. So, maybe he's over it. I'm so effing over this childish tiff.

I was too drunk to drive, so I left my car at the bar and got a ride from the other guy, who spent the night know. But he gave me a ride to my car this morning and everything's cool. It wasn't awkward or anything. I don't know why I did that. Opportunity, I guess. I definitely don't want to sleep with anymore guys from work, though. That could be bad. I was already with sa-OOL (remember that buttmunch? It was so brief, but I mentioned him in here.)

Yikes - manure smell. Reminds me of driving through Nebraska. Yucko. Not knocking Nebraska or anything, but hey - it smells like shit, man.

TESAO! How is our lovely doing? Are you checking back with us to receive all this love from us? I wish I had your phone number, I would call you.

Have a *great* second honeymoon with Mr. Hotbuns - although it seems like you two have never stopped with your original honeyoon. You two crazy kids, you.

So - I think I am definitely going to Agua Prieta on Friday. My friend said she would pay for gas, which is a load off my mind, because I have *no* dinero. My boss gave me a few bucks yesterday to buy some food until we get paid again. I can't believe how irresponsible I have been with my money. From now on, I am on a tight budget. I have learned my lesson.

How's everyone doing this morning? It's kind of quiet, no?
yay PK! i am so glad we are friends....and i will definitely post picts...maybe i will take some this afternoon...dunno....but we will be doing some sort of highlights this accent...

its crazy here at work...4 different exchanges going and people everywhere...and then commencement is coming up for all of our exchange students...hehehe I'm "Staff"...hehehe i don't feel like i am the resident bug killer....oooooooooo!

which totally reminds me...yesterday we found a baby octopus(totally dead) in one of the doll heads!! i mean...WTF?!?! the girls freaked out and i was the only sane one around to pick it up and dispose of it. LOL
a dead baby octopuss in a doll head? WTF?!!

That reminded me, just a couple of weeks ago minipixie and I were driving around town and the car in front of us had a head in the back looked so weird rolling around on the dash..from far away they look pretty realistic! Minipixie was a little freaked!
yeah i freak out mr. gb all the time by leaving them in the bathroom after i wash the hair...
mmmm, I'm still confused about this dead baby octopus in a doll head....can you illuminate that one for us a bit? *scratches head*
Hi is everyone today? Just took doodlemama to the bus depot, so she is safely off home.

I am having tons of anxiety again. Got an e-mail this morning; I am late delivering another important report, because I accidentally let it slip off my pile of stuff I have to get done. Damn, I'm so sick of being behind on everything.

I actually feel ready to confess something now...I made a decision while I was in Victoria: I want to be out of the Centre by the time I'm 40. Or thereabouts. Maybe I could stretch it till the next provincial election (May 2009) if I absolutely had to, since my 40th b-day is only five months before. But I need to start planning to go, and I mean seriously planning. It's time. That place needs new energy, and I need to end this constant anxiety and endless uphill climb.

I think I'm going to wait till I tidy up the current project I'm working on (end of December), and then start sending out my resume...that will give me 2 years. We will be fresh enough into a new project (presuming the feds don't cut us by then), that I could take part-time or temp work and start job-sharing my position at the Centre...and start the wheels rolling for eventually "phasing" myself out.

Does that sound like a plan?

I can't do this anymore.

I am thinking of applying to the admin department at the local university. I have some connection to the university, so references wouldn't be a problem, and I would be very happy doing honest office work for awhile, with no political bullsh*t involved. I mean, ok, yes, I know there's all kinds of political bullshit at a university, but if I was doing office work, I wouldn't have to deal with the government's political bullsh*t.

/end anxious confession
turbo...we found a dead baby octopus in class in a doll head...its completely random and weird. thats just it.

hang in there doodle...relax...breathe....i think planning is a great way to figure out what to do, where to go...yada yada....just remember to throw all the pros/cons into the mix.
HI!!! I will go read the archives from today in a sec...but just wanted to give a shout out to all grandma's and mom's of busties everywhere for taking such good care iof us! Moxette spent the whole day with her during the day, one at dinnertime. I got work-clothes shopping done, AND a great HBI! WHOO HOOO!!

And minxy, you are currently my mom heroine. minxette is a lucky, lucky lassie to be going to prom!

ok, time to go relieve my man with bedtime. we gotta switch hit tonight.
I would eat a baby for some Marsha Marsha Marshmallow right now. :-)

I got the Mean Red Gramma early this morning. First time in awhile. I have nothing interesting to say except that I am also going to be taking another sort of direct action on dealing with the ExAsshat.
Ay. I just found out that my rent check bounced. Shit. Shit shit shit. I am in so much trouble, you guys. I have to pay it by the 15th. I get paid tonight at midnight, but not enough to cover the bounced check. Holy crap. How did I do this????

I have so many bills to pay coming up, and I don't know how I am going to do it. I don't even know what I did with all my money in the first place. Crap.

It was slow in here today, huh? How is everone doing? I e-mailed Miss Shuggah, but I haven't heard back from her yet.

The baby dead octopus sounds like a good grody-gross-out story, msgoof. You should go in there and describe it in detail.

C and C /A7X /18 Visions Concert Review:
By: turbomann

So, at first I'm a little confused because the show starts at 6:15. I mean, 6:15? Isn't that a bit early for metal? Anyway, it turned out to be not so bad, since I got home at 10:20 and I won't have to be a zombie at work tomorrow.

18 Visions - Never heard of them, never heard anything by them. I will have to delay forming an opinion of them, since it is hard to get a feel for a band when you can't understand a damn thing they are saying. First impression is that they are just OK.

Coheed and Cambria- Unlike A7X, their music seems to have been pussified for the show. It seems harder on the CD (I only have the new one). Jeremy really went to the show based on the recommendation of his sister and upon listening to the single on their website. Their single is probably the hardest song, so J was a bit disappointed with the whole package.

Avenged Sevenfold- I really liked their set. It was mostly off of the new CD, but they covered Pantera's Walk at the end, and they did it well. Much harder in person, which is a good thing. [City of Evil Album Review] I think the new CD is so polished that it is way softer than they are on stage. I mean, there were parts of the CD that made me think of the musical RENT. I love RENT, but I didn't get the impression that A7X would appreciate people making that kind of connection. Oh, and the part at the end of M.I.A. where he practically goes into falsetto trying to convey the anguish of the lyrics: hilarious, in a cringing sort of way /[City of Evil Album Review]

All-in-all it was a good show. Except for the $6 MGDs. I joked with J that he got screwed since the last time we went to the Map Room (bar) he bought me a delicious Grand Cru-type beer, and I paid himback with an MGD. Ha!

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming...
hi TURBOMAAAAANN! I've only been to one Metal show in my life. It too was hilarious in a cringing kind of way. I went because my favorite friends little sister was dating the guitar player. I felt like such a bitch being so amused at how ridiculous they were. I think the really meant it when they sang their hearts out and all I could do was giggle into my collar.

baby octipus in a doll head.

!!^^!!^^POWER OF ISIS^^!!^^!! for minxy! She will sway the blackened heart of the ASSHAT toward good instead of stupidity. !!^^!!^^!!Minxy!!^^!!^^!!

how is POODLE??

PK - I'm sorry you are in trouble.


Busty ladies and germs, I need your help! I have a crush on this fellow and I really think he feels the same. I want to ask him out but he manages the coffeeshop near my work and I cannot figure out how to get him alone so I can ask him out! We got close to being alone earlier this week but then a delivery guy arrived right when we were about to step out of the shop together. fuh! What should I do?? Ask him out in front of the baristas and other customers? fuh! I'm too chicken! Can I pass him a note (ingeniusly folded like the notes passed in Junior High??). I wish I had a business card. Ideas please!

((((PK)))) I'm sorry you're having rent troubles...that sucks. I hope you can get it figured out pronto, and back on your way to prosperity.

Lurv!!! I think you should definitely ask this gentleman out, and if you can't get him alone in the shop, I think a discreet note would be fine, I don't think that's weird at all. Deliver it with a smile and a little wink!

Its a dreary rainy day here, and we're going to get 40mph gusting winds later, so no biking in today. It would be the perfect day to snuggle in bed with a book, but alas, I am already at my desk. At least its thursday!
I vote for the note too! Do it Lurv!

((PK)) sorry to hear about your money woes. That is not good. Can you talk to your landlord?

It is rainy here today also. It's been raining for about a week, I am ready for some sun. I need my vitamin D!

It is quiet in here today, so the day won't be too bad. My officemate has her telecommuting day today. She is the real life Debbie Downer, so this brightens my day. Mr Know-it-all Talker in the room next door is telecommuting today too. Sweet, sweet silence.
Hi, peeps!

I played hookey for the past couple of days, but I'm back now because if I called in again, I'd need a doctor's note, and I have no intention of visiting a doctor. I would have come in yesterday, but I got no sleep whatsoever the night before, so I decided to just stay home again.

Anyway, what was supposed to be a productive day yesterday turned out to be a day of sitting at home waiting for phone calls to deal with my credit issues so I could get a damn car loan. This is not fun. I was still getting screwed from when my brother wrote out bad checks in my name in 2002 and it somehow never made it back to the credit bureau that it was over and done with and it should be erased from my score. And I dealt with the evil behemoth that is Time Warner Cable. I now no longer owe them a dime. And still, after all this, I'm not getting the interest rate I wanted (almost 2% more than what I'd hoped) so I still may shop around more. Feh. I test drove another couple cars last night and fell in love with a 2005 silver Sebring. That's the car to beat, even though it's about $1500 out of my range. But my, is it beautiful. I also drove a Stratus, then forgot to return the keys until I noticed them in my pocket after they'd already closed.

Thanks for the review, Turbomann! A7X's earlier stuff is actually pretty heavy. Waking The Fallen is more metal than City of Evil, but with less flourishes with the guitars.

Karianne, that sucks that you have to work with Debbie Downer. Is she worse than the Keyboard Killer?

Lurv, you should definitely ask the boy out! Maybe you could make up a cool business card for yourself to casually hand over to him.

Hi, PK! Sorry about your money sitch.

Tesao!!!!!!!!!! Please come back and tell us more stories!

Doodle, I think it's a good plan for you to get out of the Centre. You do great work there fighting the good fight, but it sounds like it's such a drain on your life and has been for years.

Sorry about the manure reeking building, Turbo. I know it's the best stuff to use, but in the middle of a big city? Oy.

Speaking of annoying stuff in our neighborhoods, the people in the house next door to us were up using BUZZSAWS outside until almost midnight last night building a deck. Who does that on a Wednesday night, fer chrissakes? I almost stuck my head out and yelled at them, but I didn't have a shirt on and didn't feel like putting one on. What are you supposed to do in that situation? I'd think I'd have the right to go a little ballistic.

Okay, back to the work grind (aka finding cars to test drive).
hey ladies in the place, i'm callin' out to ya~

*runs into thread banging on a cowbell*

why? because we always NEED MORE COWBELL, BABY!*

i'm so happy that it is thursday. not as happy as i'd be if it were friday, but still. i hope the day flies by. hell, it's already nearly noon and since i'm actually going to take a lunch break today, i really only have five more hours to work. blah. that really doesn't sound so good now that i think of it.

i was feeling very icky yesterday. worst cramps that i've had in years. i think it might be from the clomid that i'm taking, which increases estrogen in the first half of my cycle. and unfortunately, i think it's causing mood swings this month. last night was especially bad. i couldn't do anything right: nearly killed mrfj!! he was putting up a new light fixture and asked me to help him figure out which circuit breaker to switch off. i helped, but was looking at the wrong light, so when he started exposing the wires, they sparked! i was so mad at myself for doing it and it put him in a bad mood. then i slammed the dishwasher and broke a glass. it wasn't pretty.

so, i opened up a bottle of cab sav and proceeded to get DRUNK off two glasses of wine. my alkyholic consumption has been drastically reduced in the last few months. i wasn't prepared for it to have such an affect on me. i actually passed out on the guest bed and when i woke up this morning, couldn't remember getting to bed! but, at least it helped my mood! hehe

diva, sorry about the car loan thing. it's really depressing when you start looking at your credit and all the bullshit that you still owe on. i haven't even checked my credit score because i know it'll be bad. i should check it though, just to see what it's like. mrfj has decent credit and that's the only reason we got the house and the car. i've paid a couple old debts, but still have the major student loan looming, as well as some medical bills. i have some late payments and stuff like that, but the bills are the biggest issues right now.

PK, sorry about your money situation. i wish i could win the lottery and help all my friends. we were in a bad state a couple weeks ago. our power was shut off. we had a few months of incredibly high bills during the winter (like $500) and we weren't able to pay them all at once, so it caught up with us. the really sucky part is that we were getting paid the very next day after they cut off the power and i was planning to pay it, but then they cut it off. we had to spend the night in the dark. to be honest, it wasn't half bad.

doodle, i think that's a good idea. i learned something a few weeks ago that was really beneficial to me when i was trying to decide to talk to my boss about something important: the BRAIN principle. basically, you ask yourself these questions:

what are the BENEFITS?
what are the RISKS?
what are the ALTERNATIVES?
what does your INTUITION say?
what if you do NOTHING?

based on the answers you give to the questions, you'll be able to figure out what the best thing is for you to do. with my limited knowledge on your actual job, i would imagine it would be very difficult to remain motivated and passionate about the job, regardless of how passionate you are about women's issues. you definitely sound like you could use a break!

hi turbo, poodle, marileen, minxie, tyger, yummy, pixie, all the lurkers and everyone else that's here that i forgot about!

hi busties...i so can't type today...stupid acrylics....but they got my friend K credits in class so...oh well...

~**~**~**~~*~*~*vibes for all busties~**~*~*~**~

we fixed my hair a bit more yesterday....looks mucho better....thank goddess.
i murdered my brother because the voices told me to

Silly little game...

Pick the month you were born in:

January--i kicked

February--i loved

March--i did the macarena with

April--i played with

May--i choked on

June--i murdered

July--i sang to

August--i had lunch with

September--i danced with

October--i smoked

November--i yelled at

December--I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born


1-------a paperclip

2-------a monster

3-------a phone

4-------a fork

5-------a gangster

6-------a mexican

7-------my cell phone

8-------my dog

9-------my best friends boyfriend

10-------my neighbor

11-------an ipod

12-------a banana

13-------chuck norris

14-------a stuffed animal

15-------a goat

16-------a pickle

17-------your mom

18-------a spoon


20-------a football player

21-------a ninja

22-------a fireman

23-------a noodle

24-------a squirrel

25-------a baseball bat

26-------my sister

27-------my brother

28-------my science teacher

29-------a permanent marker

30-------a llama

31-------A homeless guy

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White------Because i was high.

Black-------Because thats how i roll.

Pink--------Because im NOT homosexual.

Red---------Because the voices told me to.

Blue--------Because im sexy and do what i want

Green------Because I hate myself.

Purple------Because Im cool.

Gray--------Because i was drunk

Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars

Orange----Because i hate my family.

Other-------Because that's how I roll.

none------Because i cant control myself

Put the phrases together, type the

phrase in the subject box, pass it on to your friends and don't

forget to send me a copy.

pk - you have all my sympathies. I wish I could help. I have been in your sitch and nothing sucks worse. Would they be amenable to half now and then paying more for rent for the next few months to make up for it? I know that half now and half off the next pay would just mean that youn couldn't pay next month's rent.

Good morning everyone. I have felt better than I do right now. I had a headache most of yesterday and it came back in the middle of the night. It has gone away, but I can feel it waiting in the base of my neck for me to move to fast so it can overtake me or something.
The boy from Monday's problems left a message on my phone yesterday seeing if I want to go to the movies at the end of the month. I don't get it. I just don't get it!

I kicked my neighbors because I am sexy and do what I want to do!!!!!!

I murdered a noodle because I'm sexy and I do what I want to do!! bwahahaha! Thanks Lurv!

The BRAIN principle - I love it - thanks FJ! Doodle, I think its very wise of you to consider other job opportunities at this point. You've worked so hard for so long, and sometimes you just have to decide that its ok to take another job where you don't have to struggle so much. And you are right, there will be someone else to fill your position at the centre. I know firsthand how hard it is to leave a job you so identify with (uh, why am I still here?), but the time approaches for us both, I think.

FJ, just keep blaming it on the Clomid, and help mrFJ handle it by framing it as these hormonal swings will prepare you both for the hormonal swings of pregnancy. ;)
i murdered my neighbor because i hate myself....does that even make sense???lol

ok i trimmed the nails so i can type...bah...and now they are sporting this luscious coral color..mmm

kitten...just say no..not your dreams and in my nightmares... there any overtime you can do to make ends meet? bake sale? wash? if i was nearby, i would help with that....

I loved a banana because I'm NOT homosexual!

That's dirty and nasty and now i'm going to have to change my breakfast routine.
I had lunch with an ipod because that's how I roll.

Hey, that’s true!

Ms. Goofball, I will admit I do bad things because I hate my self. Thank Maude I am a pacifist or my neighbors would be fucked!
i yelled at a pickle because i'm sexy and i do what i want.

Mr. FKA "played with a goat because I'm sexy and I do what I want" He asked that I call GPS (goat protective services).

So here is the crush update:

I'm an even bigger dork than anyone could imagine.... read on: I went to the shop with today. there was a young man (Chris) and a young woman (Katie) working. Crush was nowhere to be seen.
the young man made an effort to come over and peek at
the name on my card. He said that Skip (another cute man -who I think is part owner in the chain) was always asking what I drink.
We joked around for a while about Both of them
stalking me. Then I said "sad thing too because it's
Crush that I have a crush on".
Chris asks "really?"
and I say "yeah!"
Chris says let me go get him.
I gesture in a cool but negative way (I'm cool).
Chris says "really?"
*positive jesture from me- still cool of course*
Chris: "why?"
me: "why not!"
Chris: "Because he's a total butt-rocker" "Don't tell
him I said that"

So yeah, I pretty much did the most junior highschool
thing ever.... telling the barista that I have a crush
on his boss. Anne insists that we go in there again

Another friend suggested that I draw a picture of two people holding hands, write "you" under one and "me" under the other figure..... and then my phone number.

I'm seriously considering it.
Lurv that is awesome!

I had lunch with your mom because that's how I roll!!!

~*~*~money vibes for PK~*~*~*~

I went to a metal bar briefly back in the early nineties when I was still underage and thought it was funny. Then that same night my friends dragged me to a "metal" party in some band's practice space that was a nightmare full of people with hair like Jerry Hall and faces like Keith Richards. Its kept me away from all things metal ever since!

((Doodle)) You are giving yourself plenty of time to make changes and that sounds really smart. It always helps to have a plan.

Kittenb, that is creepy. If you haven't already, I think it is time to lay it out for him and call to tell him his behavior is stalker-like and if he contacts you again you are going to consider it harassment and will file a restraining order against him. Have a friend listen in on the conversation or record it so that if he creeps out worse on you, you have a witness and/or documentation of you telling him not to contact you anymore. He may be harmless and just like you a lot, but it sounds like he has pushed it too far so you need to nip that in the bud right now. Having tended to attract stalkerish types in the past that I was stuck dealing with, I sympathize with you and my advice is well-meaning!

Good morning is still morning here! Haven't had a chance to read the posts yet, and probably won't till this evening. Just got off a teleconference, and am also mad-scrambling to get that report in by the end of today, and also get some admin stuff done for the Centre that I have to do today. The report isn't too hard (wish I'd realized that yesterday, when I had several small panic attacks over being late with it), but it's finicky and time-consuming because it means gathering, interpreting, and reporting on our web/e-mail stats. Ugh. I was actually adding numbers with a calculator while trying to participate in a completely different conversation on the teleconference. I'm pretty sure my job has made me ADD.

Anyway, I'm boring y'all to tears! Will check in this evening, if I can't check in sooner!!!
I x-posted with a bunch of people, including Lurv again - I was referring to the game, not the crush stuff (but that is very cute, too). So what does it mean if someone is a "total butt rocker" anyway?

We must have a lot of August birthdays in here!

I had lunch with a football player because I hate myself.

hee hee

Doodle, I totally missed the post when you talked about switching jobs. I think your plan sounds good. It's nothing rash and it gives you plenty of time for opportunities to arise. I know somewhere else will snap you up in a hurry!

I did some yoga at lunch, my back's been tight today. I think it helped some.

Lurv! You are so brave. I am more shy, it takes me forever to let it be known that I have a crush on someone. The note with the drawing would be so funny.

Kitten, I cannot believe this jackass. I second what marileen said.

((FJ)) sorry to hear about the killer cramps & bad mood.

Ms goof what else did you do to your hair?

Diva, how frustrating with the car loans. I hate finances. I've been thinking a lot lately about credit & interest rates & payments, in regards to house purchasing. It is stressful.
I guess a butt rocker is someone who likes metal - notably glam-metal. whatever glam metal is???

Hi Karianne and Marileen and Doodle!

Kari, I understand being shy in the dating area. I'm practiced in steeling myself and plundering forward. It gets me in trouble sometimes but people pretty much know who they are dealing with.

Doodle you're job makes you miserable. There are so many places where you can make a difference. I hope you will try some of those other places.

FJ yelled at a pickle!
mr. gb's is 'i ran over my cell phone cuz that how i roll'...heheheheh

when i read 'total butt-rocker' i was thinking that he's into guys....unless i am completely wrong and have been hanging out with way too many gay boy hairdressers....which i have.

my hair is sooo cute...and the girls are digging it as problems yet...although one of them has jokingly offered to carry the baby...hehehe too bad i don't want kids...

speaking of kids, there is a mass of 'em that has infiltrated my work environment and is making a huge ta-da noise...singing too. i am soooo glad i am not a teacher and i am grateful for those who put up with all the them and their questions.
I danced with a phone because i am sexy and do what I want to do
"so when he started exposing the wires, they sparked!"

Not cool, man. Not cool.
Am I the only one here who saw "butt-rocker" and immediately thought that the dude was gay?

Just wondering :-)

ETA: I guess Ms. Goofball already did!! I will never get over being a fully-indoctrinated faghag.
yeah, minxy, I totally thought butt-rocker meant he was gay....I think that's a cultural reference that would be missed by many folk...

Ok, I gotta get to rollin out my pizza dough and get that bitch in the oven. MMMmmmmm.....who wants a slice? Its covered in porky goodness - you know you want it. You really do.
It's 5 PM and I'm still at the Centre. I hate stats. I hate interpreting stats. It all just sucks so hard.

I want homemade pizza, too. Waah!

I hope to be done by 6. *le sigh, le whine*
yup, add me to the list of peeps that thought "butt rocker" meant he was gay.

mmm, pizza sounds good. i keep saying i'm going to start making my own pizza. and then i call the delivery guy.

I would have thought butt-rocker meant he fancied men too - albeit he obviously doesn't have gay.

So now I've decided not to draw the stupid picture because it is too much with the Junior Highschool 'I have a crush on your friend' stuff. Still, I think I have to ask him out tomorrow or it'll just get more pitiful if time goes on. Gots to be a woman about it now. eeeee hopefully I'll have a simple story for you tomorrow that isn't too embarassing. I'm escared! Any ideas on how to ask a fellow out under these cirucumstances?

Doodle - I've never done stats - totally mysterious area you are treading in as far as I am concerned.

I'm done! And my colleague approves! YAY! Stupid stats.

I am eating Ichiban noodles at my computer, I'm so desperately hungry...
*passes slices of pizza around*

I love to make homeade pizza, its really relaxing, and the only bread product I ever make anymore, and I miss breadmaking. But I've worked out a pretty ok recipe with spelt, rye and a bit of wheat flour, so it works pretty well for my tummy.

YAY Doodle!! I also hate stats. I have to do them monthly - web stats, and all the other gobbledy gook that I expel from our database on open cases and is the least favorite part of my job.

Go Lurv!! I think you are so cute whispering with the baristas about your crush! You go ask that boy out!
Hi everyone! This is a drive-by because I feel like I could fall asleep any moment. I slept all afternoon instead of going to work today. I guess I need more rest.

I wish I could find a boyfriend who plays John Denver songs on the guitar. We could sit cuddle under a wooly blanket in front of a campfire, singing funny songs and laughing about stupid stuff.

Okay, I'm going to bed now. Ciao babes!
Hey Bitches, ITS FRIDAY!!!!

A dreary and cold one, at that, but I'll take it. I've got a 3 hour all-staff meeting to start off my day today, and then another hour and a half meeting directly following...SUCK. The all staff is all about "strategic intent" and whatnot, so boring is the theme, I guess.

Ok, I gotta get my ass in gear as I have 45 mintues before the meetings to get squared away. ciao!
what's up, wayward hotties? it's friday, yo!

oh god, poodle, you should be dating mrfj. he LOVES john denver (sorry baby, you've been outed!) and plays it quite well on the guitar. hehe. hope you're feeling better, snookums!

eh. i'm so glad i don't have to attend weekly meetings, turbo. sorry about yours. i can only imagine how mind-numbing they are.

stats! ick! stats nearly made me lose my scholarship! grrrr. i do not like them, sam i am!

it's friday ya'll! what shoes are you wearing? i've got my friday uniform shoe: brown bowling sneaks!

what's on tap for everyone's weekend? i've got nothing tonight (YAY!) and then a pool party on tomorrow and then mother's day at mrfj's 'rents place on sunday. it should be a nice little weekend.

do i really have to work today????????

I've been lurking but haven't had a chance to post. My mom had her hysterectomy on Wed. and everything went really well. She'll be released from the hospital on Saturday. I'm so glad things went well. I don't know what I'd do without my mommy. I'm going home again today after work to be with her and the family.

Poodle, you take care of yourself before you go back to work. Don't rush it.

It's cold and dreary here too, Turbo. I think the high is 48 today. That's not May weather. Silly MN getting confused again.

FJ, you're going to a pool party this weekend? That sounds like fun. I haven't been to a pool party since I was 15. And that was only the third pool party I had ever been to. There just aren't a lot of pools in MN. I've been to many a party on a lake though.

Guess I need to get ready for work. Boo work. But I do get to do a fun presentation today. I get to talk about puberty with fourth-graders. That will be fun.

(Tom Cruise is on Ellen adn the audience is going crazy. They don't seem to know he's insane. Maybe it's an audience of scientologists.)
Dude, if anyone in here is a fag hag, it's me. Do you know of any other straight females who volunteered on the Pride planning board for 3 years? I also have molded chocolate and made a peacock out of fruit. I am therefore an honorary gay man.

I usually refer to "butt-rocker" as "crotch-rocker." By that term, I mean bands like KISS, Motley Crue, and all those other bands that guys listended to because they were cool, but their underlying agenda was to get cool rock-chic girls. Mmm... love the smell of that Aqua Net.

I hate to go on and on about this, but I think I have found my car, barring finding something blindingly amazing tonight when I'm out looking some more (just to make sure I got the absolute best deal out there, I'd kick myself if I didn't). It's the 2005 Sebring I drove last night (exactly like the one I drove the night before, down to the color and options). Unless a miracle happens tonight, I'm going to be ready to sign the papers tomorrow and hopefully drive it home. Yay! I can't put quite as much down payment on it as I'd wanted, but I figured out the payments and I'd only be losing a lousy $20 over the course of 5 years, and I can deal with that.

I'm so glad this car business is going to be over with. I haven't slept well since Tuesday. I had to take codene last night to get to sleep, and I still feel out of it. I stay up all night crunching numbers in my head, and the stress from that has given me this really bad shoulder/neck pain for the last few days. And when I do sleep, I dream about crunching numbers. This sucks.

All-staff meetings just blow in general. We had one yesterday for the whole office (we only do it once a year because we have to rent out a huge hall at the Science Museum - there is no room large enough in any of the buildings we occupy to do it like that. It was just a lot of fluff and back-patting, which is better than our division meetings.

You guys have put the taste of pizza in me. I just ordered mostaccoli for lunch. I really wanted pizza, but I couldn't get it by the slice.

(((((((((blanket hellos and vibes for everyone)))))))
Happy Friday!

(poodle) get some rest!

Diva, it is so exciting that you are getting a car! Huzzah!

Catsoup, glad to hear your mom is recovering. I think it's sweet you're going to hang out with her.

Booooooo for staff meetings.

Shoes: navy Sauconys

FJ it sounds like you have a good weekend planned. I think tonight I might go out for Ethopian & and art opening. Tomorrow I have class, I have to give a presentation. Tomorrow night we are hoping Mr K gets off work early, he's been working late everynight & we have not seen each other much. Sunday, probably will go hang with mom.
yaaaahoooo its fricking friday ma fabulous femme feminist felines!(again..i am stuck on 'f')

diva, you made a peacock out of fruit?! rock.

Catsoup, i am glad your momma is recovering nicely....((((catsoups mom healing vibes)))

mmm pizza...i used to make my own dough in the bread machine...soo good..i even had it down to a science so that mr. gb couldn't even goof it up and could make me dinner...awesome possum.

i think that 2 hour nap i took yesterday really REALLY helped...i feel loads better. and my apt. is soo clean now...

I found myself cutting my hair yet again...the tail in the back was bugging....and i layered a few pieces that were a bit chunky...this morning, my hair is behaving like a dream...soo glad...but i wish i could see the back of my head and see how it turned out...hmm oh well.

hi doodle, poodle, minx, fj, and all the other lurkers.....wheres whammy?
hi karianne...!

oops i forgot...

yellow and black lace high heels with corset ribbon detail in the heel.....its like sex for shoes....mmm
Wow, MsGoof, those sound like amazing shoes. Do you have a picture?

I forgot to mention yesterday that Shuggah says hi. She's still blocked from Bust, and now also from Live Journal. She's doing well and misses everyone. Anyone want to go in on a wedding gift for her?

(((((((((Catsoup's mom))))))))

I still don't know what the plan is for Mother's Day at their house. I've decided I'm going to make a slightly smaller down payment than I wanted because I want to get Mom something nice, or at least materials to make her something nice. I just have no idea when I'm going to find the time since I'm looking at cars tonight, buying one tomorrow morning, and then at Marileen's tomorrow night. I guess I'll have to spend the afternoon on it. It'll either be a vase I paint or I'll try to scrounge up enough paper clippings to make a decoupaged box or frame. I wish my mom liked jewelry like every other red-blooded female on Earth, or nice skin products or ANYTHING. The woman is impossible. I love her, but she's impossible.

I wish my freaking lunch would get here. I'm starving and hate waiting on others to arrange delivery or pick stuff up.

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