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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi all, just a quick check-in, tons to do.

I didn't open the Centre this morning. I couldn't get out of bed. I felt so sick, and I KNOW it was psychosmatic. I couldn't even get out of bed to contact the Chair and tell her I was too sick to go in.

I feel like a heel, as this is the most important week of work - preparing for the AGM on Thursday and writing a submission to the gov't on our impending doom for next week, and also preparing the media stuff around that - which means telling the media about our closure about a month sooner than originally planned. Part of me wants to bail and leave it all in the board's hands, but I can't, because I need that income coming in, and it just isn't fair, either.

::drive by:::
pinkpoodle- i just had to say that i busted out laughing at the wife swap thing last night. when the dad goes "i'm writing a chapter on pirates and ninjas, and why they should be friends but can't" i 'bout peed. only marginally topped by Mad Sally licking the linoleum.

(i heart fall too, moxie).
Arrrr comely wenches! IPB Image I hope all o' ye be havin' a happy "Talk Like a Pirate" day! I be done wi' work an' now I be eatin' Easy Mac an' watchin' Dancin' wi' th' Stars. Mario Lopez be a damn good dancer!

I be glad someone else saw Wife Swap last night! Th' pirate lass constantly accused th' other lass o' bein' fake, e'en tho she`s th' one who pretends t' be a swashbuckler. I wanted t' smack th' lass'. An' who be th' scurvy cur who came up wi' th' word "pirattitude?"

Ahoy diva! I be glad t' hear that ye`re back at yer old job an' that 'tis workin' ou' fer ye!


`Tis time fer me t' check me laundry. I`ll be back, ladies!
*hands doodle a steaming bowl of moroccan veg stew and acorn squash*

Doodle, my darling, put your feet up, stop worrying, give yourself a night off, and know that everything that needs doing will get done, and the things that don't get done...they'll be fine too. All you can do is what you feel able, delegate the rest, and be honest with yourself and your chair about how you're feeling and struggling. Love you, babe.

tyg, I went to the bakery at lunch today, and bought everyone pirate smiley face cookies in honor of this auspicious day.

And, I just made the most wonderfulicious fall morrocan veg stew with all the trimmings from my weekly produce box - fennel, onion, garlic, tomatoes, green and red pepper, carrots, sweet corn and seasoned with coriander, fennel seed and cinnamon. I then roasted an acorn squash to go with and steamed some spinach on top of the stew for a side. best meal ever.
Ha ha, guess what....the MRG just arrived. That goes a long way to explaining this morning. I sort of knew it was coming, but I wasn't looking at the calendar, so I thought I had another week, for some reason.

turbo, thanks, and I know it's from the heart. Unfortunately, 3/4 of the problem is that everyone tells me and the Chair to delegate, but there's no one to delegate to. *sigh* I'm pretty upfront with the Chair - she's very empathetic and supportive, but is just as pressed upon. I think she desperately wishes she wasn't the Chair, but at least she's committed enough to stick it out through this. If the community women would put more time into it than just giving us advice, we might have a chance to survive. We need bodies! Which is part of the reason I'm finally giving up on the place - if they don't care, neither do I. Well, I do, but you know.



Thank you for the stew. And acorn squash! I've only recently learned to appreciate squash. Of course, it makes me fart like hell. smile.gif

I do have to work on the submission tonight, but I went out and acquired a few comfort foods. For example, tonight I'm making Hamburger Helper Stroganoff. Yes indeedy, I am, and I don't care how bad for me it is. It's fast, easy, and I really miss having real beef stroganoff, which my mom used to make at every family event (because Grandad was Russian). Okay, it's nowhere near as good as real stroganoff, but it's faintly reminiscent, and that will do - plus I always add red wine, even to Hamburger Helper, and that boosts it's stroganoff qualities exponentially. And right now, I'm eating pralines and cream ice cream right out of the container. Also bought some new interactive (human-powered) cat toys, so I will be encouraged to take frequent breaks. smile.gif
You know doodle, I just had a conversation yesterday about how much it irritates me when people "say" they care about something, but then don't do squat about it. Its maybe a very close #2 pet peeve to general BS attitudes. I think the other community women giving you lip, but no sweat, blows.

Man, by the end of the day yesterday, I was one sick puppy. But, the blessed gods of Nyquil and a good night's sleep have just about cured me. Yippee!

LIstening to Jimmy Hendrix, vis-a-vis the Rolling Stone (magazine) 500 greatest hits of all time set on my ipood. I love early mornings at work when i'm the only one here!

Turbo, that stew sounds deeeelish! I was pretty happy with my dinnr last night, too...honey-nut breaded/sauteed chicken breasts with an apple cider reduction, steamed new potatoes dressed in parsely butter and garlic-stir fried green beans. Yummy, too. All pretty much made up on the fly-that's why i was so impressed with myself.

Doodle- we gave moxette squash for the first time last night. She LOVED it, but man-o, was she a fart machine all night afterwards. Fart! Giggle. Fart! Giggle. She's 6 mos old, and knows farts are funny. Definitly my kid!

Poodle- pirate emoticon! Rock.

FJ- why go and spend money on irresponsible, unresponsive people? I'm not saying drop the friends, just the weekend plans. You and always have, um, great weekends alone too!

Mornin' babes!

(((doodle))) I'm glad to hear that you're pampering yourself. Everything is gonna be alright.

~*~*~*~anti-sick vibes for mox~*~*~*~

Moxette is laughing at farts? How immature! laugh.gif wink.gif

Stupid MRG decided to come early. I swear I just had the thing. Fortunately, I have a nice clean sweater to wrap myself in, so I feel nice 'n' cozy. One thing I miss about the pill is the minimization of period symptoms. Stupid cramps.

Mmmm...I love to put a couple drops of bpal on my lightbulbs. I used to have a lightbulb ring, but I don't know what happened to it. Actually, I've found that the scent is stronger and it takes less oil if you just dab a little directly on the lightbulb.
Mornin' ya'll!

Count me in for the MRG party! Woohoo. No wonder my pants were feeling a wee bit snug, and I couldn't figure out why. hmph. Poodle, I actually found my cramps lessened when I switched to the Diva Cup, for what its worth...

Its a gorgeous and chilly morning here...I'm counting today as my first cold weather ride in, and it was lovely. Turboman called me the 'ninja rider' this morning, as I was decked out in my gear, complete with ninja facemask. But, the ride was good, and the only part of me that got chilly was my rump, so I'm calling it a sucess.

And, I've got a thermos of freshly brewed mint-licorice tea, so I am happy.

Yeah, my dinner was all improv too...I really had no intention of even cooking, since turboman was stuck in airline hell in philly, but all those veg staring at me just commanded my attention...and now I have good lunch for the rest of the week! Your dinner sounds awesome too, mox! I need to do some potatoes sometime soon...I've got some fingerlings in the crisper that have been waiting for me for a couple weeks now. Must be time for a roast chicken this weekend!

Oooh, poodle, I forgot about the bpal lightbulb trick...I shall have to set my spare imps upon lightbulb duty!
(pokes head in)

Hey kids! Any room in here for a Bustie grossly MIA these days? I will spare you all the gory details & just say that work has sucked hairy monkey balls & that trying to fit visits with 4 sets of grandparents into a 4-day "vacation" is a disaster waiting to happen. I have never been so glad to be back in my own house.

Things are slowing down finally, and I should be able to sneak in a bit more time for my Okayer beeyotches - I've missed you all and the non-judgemental, non-bullshitty tub of love that is this thread. (((Boobysquishing hugs to everyone)))
Pssst.....tart....take a lookie at the Midwestern Mamas thread...there's a gathering brewing for the Hopleaf next Saturday. And, I still have lots of beer to pass off to is looking very lonely sitting on our floor. wink.gif
tart! 4 sets of grandparents in 4 days. Holy god almighty. Have you slept yet? Go get thee some turbo beer!
Awwww...tartlet is so freakin' cute!!! Is it just me, or are Bustie babies waaaay cuter than the majority of babies out there?

Turbo is a ninja! Hee!

Oh, mox, I hate to give you a hard time, but I must remind you that there is only one "iPood" and I'm listening to it right now!! What can I say, I have a deep emotional attachment to the ipods in my life. Sometimes I just hold poodlepod and reminisce about the good times we had together. biggrin.gif *homer simpson drool*

I was gonna say something else, but I can't remember. Ah well, it prolly wasn't that important anyway.
oh, oh...i only meant it as a tribute! of course only Poods could have the real-deal ipood! think finest form of flattery. I thought of you when i was doing the recent wipe out and reformat.
Hi, peeps!

4 sets of grandparents in as many days? That's just ludicrus! I hope you all recover well, Tart.

Roasted vegetables sound so good right now. I think there's a farmer's market tomorrow in my crappy downtown over lunch break, so I might try to pick up some stuff. I'd love a big, warm, cozy meal, but I'm stuck with a Slim-Fast and salad today. Trying to take off about 30 pounds. My pants were really tight this morning, and I'm not going to make myself have to buy new clothes. Woe is me.

I wish I'd remembered to bring my iPod to work today, but it's in my other purse. I could really use some pick-me-up tunes right now. But I swear I'm going to remember it tomorrow because come hell or high water, I'm walking around a lake somewhere.

Get better, Moxie. (((((((health vibes))))))) I feel a cold coming on myself, and I'm going to try to hold it off for as long as possible.

Both my bosses are gone today. Woo-hoo! But I still want to get some stuff done and take advantage of the great job I did of cleaning out my shelves and getting rid of work 3 weeks ago.
diva- maybe vegetable soup, on the thicker side, might be just what the pants call for? Its on my "to make" list this weekend.
Good Morning, Okayers.

I've been out sick with evil stomach flu for the past couple of days. sad.gif Now am back at work, but still feeling rather puny. I haven't been that ill in a long time, I forgot how much it drains you. I considered going home, but decided to try to stick it out at work.

I haven't read much archives, will do so though.

(doodle) I am so sorry that the stress is taking a toll on your health. Please look after yourself. The amount of work you do is just unbelievable. Really.

(diva friend) I'm sorry to hear about your friend's cancer. That sounds really really serious. I hope he recovers as much as can be expected. He is lucky to have you as a friend.

((all okayers suffering from MRG))
Happy Hump Day!

I'm home sick today so I have time to Bust! I've missed you all!

I'd like some roasted veggies too, please. And some stew. I got one of my cooking mags in the mail the other day and the cover had a yummy looking beef stew on the cover. I'd like some but I don't have the energy to cook. And Doodle, I think your Hamburger Helper sounds very good. If there are leftovers to share, please pass some my way.

I'll be around today but I don't have much to say. Plus now The View is on and I haven't seen it since Rosie arrived. I love me some Rosie. And I'm not ashamed.
(((((kari)))))) I'm sorry you're feeling pluuuuurby (fj's new term for feeling icky) - Feel better! Go home sick if you need to, no sense sitting around at work miserable if you could be resting and get more work done tomorrow. know what I say to re-booting the bod on a healthier track....BUTT FLUSH! Doesn't it always come back to that in here?! Actually, I'll probably be doing a cleanse next week, since turboman will be out of town all week, and I won't have to worry about cooking for him at all.
(((((sick BUSTies))))))

((((((mrg be nice to my BUSTies)))))

hi all. yes, fall is truly coming. we only have a high of 87 today! rolleyes.gif honestly, it was somewhat brisk this morning (relatively speaking) when i took grover out for her morning pee. i'm looking forward to being able to open the windows without it getting too stifling soon.

we've decided to blow off the weekend. we're both just tired of getting this treatment from them. they're not outright mean or anything like that. they've been very sweet the few times that we've hung out. but they never respond to either yahoo messages or myspace emails or even regular emails, even when it's clear that they've been read. plus, we both have this need to be at home this weekend - like our clocks have run down and we need some regroup time at home just nesting. i want to get some good cleaning done this weekend and weed my garden.

ooh! i picked the first pepper off my plant yesterday! it was a pretty green one, really skinny and about 5 inches long. so, i thought it was a HOT pepper, but it wasn't! it was sweet! anyone know anything about peppers? maybe i picked it too soon? i think i'll take this to the grower's thread...

i was so tired last night when i got home, i wound up going upstairs to read my women's health at about 9pm and fell asleep within the first few pages. i woke up with it on my face, rolled over and went right bac to sleep. but then this morning, i was STILL tired and slept about ten minutes longer than i should have. eh, whatever.

i'm wearing a shirt that i had forgotten that i owned. i cleaned out the top of my closet the other day and found it shoved under some sweaters. it's like i have a brand new shirt now. i should clean more often!


eta: i forgot to add that i also had squash last night! it was the perfect little yellow squash stewed with onions. so simple and yet so yummy.
hi everyone!!!

(((vibes for MRG busties)))

at class last nite, i was so out of it that all the girls much for trying to stay under the friend E thought i had a fever...bleh...i took some nyquil and went to bed. now the ears are all clogged so i get the annoying popping sensations. But i'm at work cuz i need the money but now i am reconsidering whether or not to go to school. decisions, decisions. sorry if my post is a bit selfish..i just can't think straight right now. blink.gif

hi everyone!

(((vibes for all sick busties)))
oh, hell, i'm hungover.
gah. pluuuuuuuuuurby all over.

i love the bartenders at my favorite dive bar though--they are always there when you need them to get rid of some asshole dodgers fans that hit on you and then think they're being charming by using that fucking awful underhanded shit like "she's could be hot too, if you'd smile more". like, oh, hey, i'm not actually attractive, but you're saying i might become attractive if i paid attention to you? fuck you, dude.
but the bartender came over and was like "everything cool?" to which we responded "actually no" and he kicked them out. it's not the first time they've been great like that either, so we wrote them a thankyou note.

happy hump day y'all....poodle, that pirate post was hilarious smile.gif
i love that moxette already thinks farts are funny.
tart! i was wondering where you'd gone. 4 sets of grandparents in 4 days...i think you must've broken some sort of record.
so great you got your first cold weather ride turbo! if i knew how to make the ninja emoticon i would. hee
((kari)) feel better!
doodle, don't worry about the stroganoff--it may be bad for you on one level, but it is good for you on so many others
((catsoup)) get better soon! but just to the point where you can't go to work but it's not unpleasant, so you can lie around and have a lovely lazy watching the view day tongue.gif
fj fj fj.....hi! glad to hear you're going to have a nesting weekend. flaky friends can come to you if they want to hang out with you so bad.

vegetables....mmmmmm. a delicious thing to do is to cook half a butternut squash with a ball of breakfast sausage in the little hollow in the middle. man why doesn't my oven work.

ETA: hi ms. gb! feel better!
*whispers* ....i know what it means, but will someone please tell me what MRG stands for?
mean red gramma......

*goes off to down some theraflu*
*hands mouse a couple advil and a jug o' water*

I'm sorry you're hungover, mouse. But ROCK ON for your bartender...that is way cool. I need to schedule a night at our neighborhood pub sometime very soon - they let you bring your dogs in, which is so cool - makes me much more likely to hang out. Even though I don't bring my dog, as he won't lay down unless there is something fluffy for his bony ass to lie upon, I still love going there, since I'm likely to find one or more dog owning friends there at any given time.

(((((ms gb, moxie, and all pluuuuurby busties)))))

Our org's website has been down for 30 hours, and the host *may not* have proper back-ups. I am most unhappy about this....and my boss is even unhappier. Not much I can do, but call every hour and bug them.
(((((tubro website backup)))) That sucks serious assness. Yeah, I'm much less sniffly-headed, but more generally pluuurby today. Maybe its b/c i'm usually not at work on wednesdays, but switched to friday this week. Hmmm....i suspect i'd just rather be home baking.
((turbo back up website vibeage))

y'know the problem i have with clogged ears is that is makes me off balance...which is bad. cuz i'm already off balance since i'm a wee bit clumsy. but i did manage to do one thing right...i have uploaded the picts of my hair onto my myspace page.(for those of you that have access). enjoy. blink.gif

*trys to find some good tea*

eta: mouse, grab some greasy grub if you can...totally helps.
((ms gb)) sorry you're feeling bad. Is everyone sick?

((mouse)) hangovers, ick. Are you feeling any better?

I am feeling slightly better as the day goes on. I am leaving early, have a cleaning at the dentist.

Fall is coming here too. It is cool outside today, a light jacket is required.
Wow, I just feel beat up. I am so sorry that I brought my disease-ridden self into this thread...I didn't mean to do it, I just like you all so much that sticking my tongue...

Never mind. I need help. I have been sick all is starting to come out of my chest, however.

And things and people are starting to piss me off. I hate it when that happens. Very rare.

Okay, I ate my chili. Life is a little better. Gads...why are the students being so fucking RETARDED today?!! Seriously!! They aren't understanding basic fucking English directions and I KNOW that I am being clear.

Thank something that my epis of CSI are showing up tonight. Okay, thank Netflix. smile.gif

I think that we are going to go bowling this weekend, like on Saturday afternoon. Anyone wanna come?

I have nothing intelligent to share today. Sorry.
everybody's sick sad.gif
bustie germs, ewwwwwwww

i am soooo hungry.

i'm not sick, i'm not sick!

but i AM tired. still feeling pluuuuuuurby too.

*revels in the fact that my BUSTies are using my made up work*

i just got another nice email from a workmate in the corporate office. there was an injury here last week and i've been communicating with risk management about it and the manager of my account wrote to me, telling me to smile, that i was doing a good job and she could sense my stress over the phone but that i do a better job than most of the people she comes in contact with. so that's nice. so that's one good one from the VP bosslady and one good one from the risk manager this week. plus, i billed 22K over my budget last week, and 15K over this week. so i'm a superstarrrr.

and it's incredible because i HATE my job and no one knows that i really would love to walk out of here in a quarter-second if i had something else to do.

i hope all of you start feeling better. sad.gif i hate that so many of you are feeling bad. must be the changing of the seasons. we all love the nice fall weather, but it plays havoc on our systems and body clocks!
Wow! Everyone's feeling crappy today! MRGs, colds, hangovers... (((all busties)))

I've been churning out numbers all day long. Everything fits together like a pack o' weiners. I'm so good at this crap.

I'm sorry, diva. I forgot to give your friend's partner health vibes for the spinal tumor thing. That's really scary. Have I met this guy before? Is it the couple on Queen or the really funny guy (Indian?) with an older male partner? ~*~*~*~good health vibes~*~*~*~

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, but I'm too lazy and tired to type right now.
Yay for the work kudos, FJ!

Poodle, you have met him. He's one of the Fruits on Queen, the really vibrant one. I never would've thought he'd be the one endangered by a life-threatening disease since it's his partner who has AIDS. Both of them smoke like chimneys, though. Of both the people I know diagnosed with cancer this year, both have been smokers and neither have had lung cancer, which is what you would expect. Kind of funny, or not, as the case may be.

I really hope they take me up on my offer to help them out and not try to go it alone. I don't mind helping out with everyday stuff, and it's got to help them just to be around friends. The last time I see this friend better not be at his funeral.

Plurby is a darn good word.

Minx, I think the new season of CSI (Vegas, not the crappy Miami or NYC one) starts tomorrow. Yay!

Hi, Karianne!

I can't wait to leave this place in a little bit. The giant and I are going to walk around the lake after I get home, which I've been itching to do for awhile.

That's a darn cool bartender to stick up for you guys, Mouse.
That sucks. So is this pretty much a fatal case and, if so, how much time does he have left? I'm sorry, diva. I would try to help them out, too, if I was in your position. It would be nice if you could visit him at least once. I'm sure your company would really cheer him up. How's your uncle doing, by the way?
(((((((((diva's friend))))))))) i figure a few more vibes can't hurt.

dang, i can't type tonight. i cut my index finger somehow while cooking. just a little scrape on the tip, but it's making it hard to type with.

hope everyone is having a good hump night.


FAHK~ i just posted nder mrfj again. i hate it when that happens...
One of the things I've learned most about cancer, through all my mom's stuff and my MIL, is that one of the biggest factors in healing is your attitude...feel hopeful, feel the best you can, take care of yourself, and you have a better shot than most. Surround yourself with people who love you and also feel hopeful - even better.

So I have only two words for this evening. heavy. drinking.

My website, for our GONE. poof. The only backups....were on the server that blew up. Fucktards. Tomorrow is going to suck. And likely going to be expensive to....oh, pay developers to rebuild my databases from scratch. fuck.

Ok, dinner beckons...

*goes off to re-back-up the coalition website*
at least I didn't see any databases on your site....that's what's killing me. I've got all the static stuff, but I can't download the DBs via FTP - its too much data.

I'm on drink #2, and I've got ANTM on, so that's good.

And I just ate a fabulous lamburger with sweet corn. mmmmm.....homeade nutella wontons for dessert, yo.
oh, jeeze, turbo that sucks. i'm sorry you have to deal with that sad.gif

((diva)) and ((diva's friend))

pood, i'm always jealous of people who have a head for numbers. i think math is fascinating but i could not be worse at anything, frankly. well, maybe i would be worse at pro football. but still.

i am going to an america's next top model potluck tonight. jeeze.....last thing i need is to get hooked on another tv show....
Oh god, that's so true, turbo. It almost seems like people are afraid to visit sick people. For me, the fear (or hurt) comes from my grandma die of heart disease when I was 8. I remember her not being able to talk to me. (now I'm bawling). She didn't have many visitors, because she was in northern Minnesota. That's what kills me now. I knew that she heard me, because she squeezed my hand, and that's the last memory I have of her. At least I knew, or know now, that it meant soooo much to her. The interesting thing is that I started having seizures that year. I also switched from public school to Catholic school that year. Anyway, it was a very painful year for me. Grandma Jo is my hero. She lived in the middle of cold-ass nowhere. Her first husband committed suicide, her second (my mom's dad) died of a heart attack in his 40's. She spent so much of her life alone with her children, working as an underpaid hairdresser. Her last words were, "make sure that they don't overturn Roe vs. Wade." That's badass. I realize that I've completely fucked up the thread, but I don't care. It's important to me. Also, I've had way too much wine and I've been listening to The Replacements, which is a very "Minnesota Winter" band.

Even when I had my stupid routine gall bladder surgery, it meant so much to me to see diva and marileen. The resident boy was so focused on his own agenda, that he didn't even bother to consider my comfort, or lack thereof. It took a lot of mental preparation for me to have guests, but it always ended up being awesome. Even in the past year, it's been a blessing that people have wanted to hang out or at least take me to the grocery store. My mental health has been so much better now that I live alone and can drive. It's no wonder that I was going crazy.

Christ, I need to shut up now. Sorry

PS - I want to know why Mr. FJ was logged in but didn't post.
poodle, that was beautiful. And I'm sure your gramma's spirit felt it, wherever she's off adventuring now. I'm thankful for the time I've spent around all the people in my life who were ill, and especially those who've made their transition...being with people on their path to healing or the next stage of life is an honor, and tremendous opportunity for learning and sharing. Sometimes I think turboman and I have experienced too many losses for our age, but then, there's been so much beauty in the journey too, and it all balances.

And I'm a puddle too...but I'm watching Grey's Anatomy, and its a sad one....
Hey again all...

(((((diva and diva's friend)))))

(((((turbo and website))))) ARRRGGH!!

I just caught up on today's posts....thanks again for your thoughts, everyone, and yeah, moxie, I would have had a lot to say in that conversation!!!

..."make sure that they don't overturn Roe vs. Wade." poodle, that's brilliant.

I don't do death well. I was with my Dad when he died, and it didn't seem peaceful at all. He had pneumonia, and he was already senile, so I didn't know how to deal with him. Watching him gasp for breath at the seemed so awful that it's actually what made me quit smoking. (He smoked since age 10.) I freaked out...but I didn't actually believe he was going to die until his last few hours. Actually, I dealt with my cat Bunny's dying days better than my own dad's, I'm ashamed to admit.

Anyway, 'nuff of that.

I am still working tonight. Tomorrow is our AGM, plus I need to have the media stuff done before Friday so I can fire it out in advance to our allies, and then it goes out to the press Monday, then we are presenting to the gov't ctte on Tuesday. Bleargh. I am NOT, repeat, NOT doing an effing thing on the weekend, though, I swear. (I am telling y'all this so you'll hold me to it.) BFF's birthday is today, but her daughter and I are conspiring to do a family thing on Sunday, so that's all I'm doing...and I'm giving her a dragonfly painting, so I have to finish it before Sunday afternoon!!

I sure wish I could run away to Florida and get drunk with the FJs.... wub.gif

So how many of us in this thread have a synched MRG cycle? That's weird.
Thanks y'all! We're talkin' old poodle memories here, but those memories have seriously left their mark on me. I've had many people (and pets!) die since then and I've been able to accept it. The most painful part now, is to watch people who were closer to the deceased. I'm sure that when my grandfather dies, which isn't that far off, that seeing my dad and my aunts and uncles grieve will be the most painful part. When my dad cries, then I know that shit is way fucked up.
ETA - When I give your ma vibes, turbo, I mean it from the very bottom of my heart. My mom says the same "mom" stuff, but every other part of her cancels that out. She's so lucky to have YOU, of all people. You are one of the most positive, inspiring, healthy people that I know! I can't imagine life without you!!!!
Hey poods....I concur with your description of turbo!

That resident boy was fucked up in more ways than not visiting you in hospital....don't take it too much to heart.

I love your avatar, btw, poods!

I wish I didn't have to work for a living. Why can't I win the lottery? Though I guess I have to buy a ticket first, or something. My last co-worker always called the lotteries "taxation on the stupid." smile.gif
Off to wake up the girlie and spend some quality cereal time, but

(((All Ma Busties)))

Shit's tough all the way around, but that "Roe V. Wade" thing was so fucking badass that I am going to think about it for quite awhile. Wow.
Mornin' ladies.

This is a beautiful discussion happening in here today. Poodle, your memories of your grandmother are really wonderful, thank you for sharing them with us.

I am feeling a lot better today. I got home from work yesterday & had a rather unpleasant evening. Stomach bug just won't go. But maybe now it has. I am at least eating something, which is an improvement. Also, not feeling so weak.

Jenn, I watched Gray's Anatomy last night too. Could it have been any sadder??

How are all the other sick busties today?
Awww....thanks for all the love, poodle and doodle and minx. I think I might really fall off the deep end this week, if I didn't have everyone here to hold me down. I'm a little weepy this morning, but I'll make it.

MRG's revenge hit at about 1am this morning - migraine, vomiting, diarhhea...the whole works. gah. I'm sure it was facilitated by the work stress, but its times like this where I just think it'd be a lot easier to get my tubes tied and be done with it. Stupid bc pills.

So, this morning, I start to rebuild the website from scratch. I have no databases, no tables, nothing. And its going to take a lot of begging, and a lot of money that's not in my budget to get some help rebuilding the databases. The static stuff, I should have, so I can get a basic version of the site up today, with a lot of luck. And I'll probably be working all weekend, which sucks, because this was going to be the first weekend in 3 that turboman and I would be in the same state together, even though he has to fly back out to Philly on Sunday. that blows.

Ok, off to the trenches for me...

maybe you can take saturday off to spend with turboman and then work all day sunday since he's leaving that day? i hate that you have to deal with this on top of everything else.

and gosh, i'm so sorry to hear about all the mrgs going around. i'm at the tail-end of the synchronized OKAY cycle; i think i will get mine early next week.

hey mouse, how was the potluck? what'd you bring? i didn't watch ANTM last night. i don't want to risk getting involved in yet another reality/contest show. i've watched them in the past and i'm sure i'll watch a few epis this season, but instead me and mrfj sat on our front porch drinking wine by (cintronella) candlelight. wink.gif

poodle, i love what you said about your grandmother too. i wish the females in my family had instilled more feminist values in me as a child and yound woman. they were all too concerned with religious values, which didn't exactly instill strength in their women. *sigh* my momma is a pretty solid woman though and i did learn independence and don't-take-no-shit from her, although i seemed to have forgotten her teachings during my first marriage, but that's another story.

anyway, you totally didn't bring the thread down by telling us about all that, poodle. not in the least. and i know exactly what you mean about seeing your dad cry: the most indelible memory i have of my great-grandmother's death is seeing my father cry in our living room before telling me what had happened.

wow, such poweful memories of women in our lives. no wonder busties rock!

Can I share mine? My grandmother was just about the coolest lady I ever knew. When she passed, 4 years ago now, she was luck enough to go exactly how she wanted to. 3 days before, we had dinner together, she adn I, like we did pretty often. We were talking about death and dying, and she said "you know, your mother and Bob (my uncle) want me to move to one of those senior apartments. I might look into it, to make them happy. But really, I just want to die in my own house, in my sleep, with my cat cuddled uo to me." Lo and behold, 3 days later, after having seperate, intimate lunches or dinners or afternoons with each of her children and grandchildren, she did just that. Rock on Grandma. My only hope now, is that I go the same way. We named moxette after my grandma. I think they would have liked each other greatly. smile.gif

Oh, turbo! What a horrible thing. I absolutly feel your pain. Similar has happened to moxieman, and its none-to-good at all.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle, my uncle's doing okay, probably better than expected. Last time I saw him (about 6 weeks ago), he was using a walker, but other than that, he seemed like his old self. He's actually been able to work once a week, which is a lot considering he was planning on taking months off. I don't know if my friend's cancer is fatal. Actually, I refuse to say the word fatal until it's at the very end. I'm one of those people who can't give up on something until it's really finally done. So as far as I'm concerned, my friend has a thing that will be killed with a battery of chemo and radiation and he'll make it out okay.

Those are some beautiful memories of your grandmother. The last thing I remember my grandma saying, except for the gibberish on her deathbed, is "you voted Democrat?!" Whatever. She had one of those slow, probably painful deaths: several weeks of heart attacks every other day, bedridden, on an oxygen mask, literally saying "why doesn't God want me?" So death was kind of a gift for her, I guess. I didn't find out she'd died until I went to the hospital the next morning to visit, and she was gone. My parents hadn't even bothered to call me, though I half expected it anyway. And the day she died was the one and only time I've seen my grandpa kiss her. The woman was a saint to put up with my grandfather and how he... is. But boy, oh, boy, did I cry at her funeral. I don't normally cry much when people die, though I've had very few people who are close to me kick the bucket. I think I cried harder for Paul Wellstone's death than anyone else's, even thinking about it now makes me all teary.

My mom has asked me what I think about putting my grandpa in a retirement community. I'm actually all for it, though we know my grandpa will fight it every step of the way. The way I see it, he'd have people around to talk to, not have to keep up with a house, and have medical attention when he needs it, not just when he decides to get it. I could just see him dying in his house all alone and nobody knowing about it for weeks.

Turbo, that sucks about your website. Nothing left at all? And speaking of Nutella wontons, I enjoyed a couple dark chocolate hazelnut wontons with vanilla custard and Frangelico sauce yesterday at lunch. Delicious!

Hi, Doodle, Minx, Karianne, FJ, and Moxie!
awwww, ((((((poodle and diva and doodle and turbo and moxie and kari and msgoof and everyone i'm forgetting)))))) your grandma sounds very rocking, poodle. those are some badass last words.

so, i accidentally elbowed one of my guy friends really hard in the crotch a few nights ago (we were snuggling on the couch and Z tickled my knee). turns out i left a bruise. it's really the funniest thing ever (according to him, too. he has this tendency to get hit in the nuts).

turbo, that sooooooo sucks about your website. ~*~*~*~unstress~*~*~*~

okay, i need to go get ready for school and shit. maybe i'll get me some smoochies today. i was going to last night, but then while i was in the bathroom before i went home my silly boything (that is his bustname, boything, i've decided) decided to eat doritos. that coupled with the fact that he hasn't officially asked me out means he got no smoochies.

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