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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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i'm not upset!
i was simultaneously reading a lot of discussion elsewhere about it (that's why i posted that link)--my comments are more directed towards the general outcry that's going on right now, as opposed to a small discussion among busties. y'all aren't the only ones concerned.

mouse, bring all the debate here you want! i am not taking issue with you at all! i'm not even sure i take issue with the artist, as i DON'T know what happened and what was involved in the treatment of the animal.

turbo, that is cool about the elephants in thailand. it makes me wonder about the elephant at the missouri zoo: maybe she LOVED painting and LOVED hearing the applause from the guests. i guess we won't know until/unless she goes "berserck" and starts trampling people? wonder where the line is drawn in the elephant mind?

gah! i'm ready to leave. i'm SO tired today. we really shouldn't have done anything this weekend. and now this next weekend is all jammed full too! argh! saturday, going to orlando to hang out with friends and sunday we're all going to a water park, yayyyy! but friday night will be sanctioned as SLEEP night, for sure!

i think i'm leaving here at 5pm to go home for a NAP before the football party.

i'm having one of those blah days in which i feel very unattractive, ragged and lumpy. maybe the nap and a bath will pull me out of it. i don't really want to go through the washing and drying of the hair, but i think that might be what i need too. and a mask. i'm just feeling dull and pluuuuuuuurby.

that is not a real word. it's a feeling. just say it and you'll understand. or maybe i just need more sleep. blink.gif

oh, and i LOVED lurv's inappropriate use of the emoticon! heeee mad.gif mellow.gif
I feel guilty killing bugs. More often than not, my cats take care of that job. Although, yesterday, there was this multi-legged, wormish thing on my dinette floor and both cats just sat there staring at it. I moved around, but very slowly. Neither of them ate it in the end, so I had to kill it. Very weird.

Sometimes I feel like I'm captive in a zoo. I pace around my office a lot and people make me do things that I don't want to do.

That's a really cool story about the elephants, turbo. I would imagine that they're a lot like horses that way. Horses bond with their riders and enjoy going on rides (if loved and well-cared for, of course).

It's sorta sprinkling sleet outside. It smells like fall, too. I love it. It feels cleaner and comfier for some reason.
Painting cockroaches is ICK! People who pain cockroaches are even ICKIER!

EEP!!! What's up wi' dat? You know what would be worse? SILVERFISH! Or MILLIPEDES!!

I am soooo in the mood for take-out. Hmm...where should I go? The chili last night was really good, but I think that I am having that "I lived in poverty for far too long and want someone else to cook my meal thing".

And then would someone call Xavier the Cabana Boy and have him come do my dishes after her gets done with *coughcough* Doodle? Poodle--do you need him for anything?

I bought the Exorcist last night and can't wait for it to arrive (ebay). I have all three now--who wants to come over for a girlie sleepover this weekend. We can do facial, do jello shots, and eat popcorn.

LURV!!!! I am so sorry that I didn't call you back. Things got a little crazy, and so did I. smile.gif But you, you make me delirious. tongue.gif
QUOTE(falljackets @ Sep 18 2006, 01:27 PM) *

i'm just feeling dull and pluuuuuuuurby.

that is not a real word. it's a feeling. just say it and you'll understand.


that is pretty great about the elephants volunteering themselves for rides. they are incredibly intelligent animals--they can *recognize* a dead elephant from the skull, and will return to where their mother or friend died and fondle the skull with their trunk every once in a while. plus they're matriarchal tongue.gif
Elephants rock. Period.

I miss having the resident boy around to do the dishes. I've been pretty good about it since he moved out, but it's still my absolute least favorite chore. I wish I could train my cats to wash the dishes.

Mmmmm....jello shots....I might be down for a girl party this weekend.
Indeed, elephants DO rock! They're definitely very smart, and looking in those big liquidy emotional eyes...*swoon.*

pluuuuurby....that is the BEST made up word I've heard in along time *jots it into the bustie lexicon!*

I'm with you minxy, I want take out tonight too! My cabana boy is out of town today again, though. feh. He does my dishes too, shall I send him over?!

Its laundry I hate the very very most.

Tonight, I think I'm going to watch some more McDreamy & Co, maybe catch the new Sunset Strip show - I heart Bradley Whitford.

just the word s*lverfish creeps me out. gives me a bad case of the ICKs just thinking about it.

Well, I'm going to honor Diva this evening, and go find myself some brown boots that won't kill my feet! Catch ya'll later!

i have a headache and i wanna go home. whine!

i feel pluuuuuuurby.
Okayyyy -- somewhat pluurbious, but must do laundry and special rinsing-of-special-bras to facilitate the gym thing.

I want to go home! and I can! Right now! ha ha!!

Are any of you watching Studio 60 tonight? I'm curious, but I want to be loyal to Tina Fey and 30 Rock as, hello, it IS HER life experience, not Aaron Sorkind's.

But it might be fun.

Things you don't need to know: lately, like the past week, I am sweating like an old hog! What's up? Did people turn on the heat? Turn off the A/C? or is it just ME?
Hello....this is NOT a drive-by! But I just got here and I'm reading the archives for today, so I don't have much to say yet. smile.gif
You know, it's the little things in life that make it so beautiful: raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, and a smelly drunk guy singing Bohemian Rhapsody at full volume on a crowded bus. Yup. Gotta love public transportation. Then he started rapping. When I said that I preferred Queen, the guy behind me totally lost it.

Hi doodle!!

What's "pluuuuuurby" again? I'm confused. sad.gif

Alright, it's time to do kitchen inventory and see what items I have that might make a decent meal. I'm gonna have to go to the grocery store, but I don't want to spend more than $20. I gotta make this stuff last until the end of the month.
I'm still reading, but I gotta say on the elephant many people upset with the treatment of the elephant are wearing leather shoes, or eat meat? Has anyone ever seen how chickens are forced to live every single day - and it's LEGAL? Has anyone seen a battery-cage? Sadly, livestock for human consumption is treated 100 times worse than this elephant seems to be treated, but we still buy eggs, and chicken, and beef, and other meat and poultry, and leather products. I'm not saying I agree with the idea of holding animals captive in zoos or for show animals, but is a lynx or an elephant more valuable than a chicken or a cow? I'm just sayin'. I don't mean to get anyone's back up, but getting upset over a painted elephant who seems to have a relatively good life (she lives in California, where the laws governing "show business" animals are among the strongest in the U.S.) seems kind of knee jerk, to me.

Ok, back to reading.
doodle, you are absolutely right. that's what i was getting at in an earlier post. i have a very difficult time reconciling my feelings on these things and i feel very hypocritical when i talk about animal rights because yes, i do eat meat and i do wear leather shoes at times. i do my best to buy free range when i can, but i don't even do that all the time.

huh.gif i need to grow a spine and practice what i preach, but then i think of a bacon cheeseburger and i lose all my conviction.

you can definitely get a lot of stuff to eat for under $20 poodle! make a soup or stew that will last a few days but that you won't get tired of. or buy a chicken and roast it for tonight and then make a soup from the leftovers. or chicken burrittos. mmmm.

i'm actually thinking i'm gonna just have a cheese sammich tonight myself. that's because i am LAZY. or maybe i'll eat one of the sweet potatoes i bought the other day. hmmm.

*goes off to forage*
I don't think an elephant is more valuable than a cow or chicken, an that's why I don't eat any of 'em. Well, that, and I don't like meat. I also won't buy leather unless it's used. I buy free range/organic yogurt and catfood all of the time. I try to buy free range/organic milk, cheese, and eggs when I can. I also do a lot of research on animal welfare policies for product manufacturers, etc. point is, that with the exception of a few conventional dairy/egg products, I'm not a hypocrite about this kinda stuff and I say that painting elephants is fucked up. So there. biggrin.gif

Yes, FJ, I think I'm going to make some veggie chili and cornbread. Chili's fun, easy, and cheap. My bowels will be mad at me, but at least my tummy will be happy!

ETA-I don't care if other people choose to eat meat, by the way. I don't think it's wrong. I do think that animals used for human purposes deserve to be comfortable and content. I've inspected a broiler chicken barn (2 levels, 50,000 chickens) and a hog finishing barn, and I can't get the thoughts out of my head. My strong opinions have more to do with treatment of animals than anything else.
Thing about elephants is, the cliche is true - they are very smart and they have a long memory. If this elephant really hated being shipped out every morning and painted up, it's doubtful that she would have tolerated it after that first day. Unless you are using violence and force (which you can't do with show animals in America), you really can't force an animal that big to do something she really doesn't want to do.

Ok, I'll stop.

I think we should hereafter declare Mondays "Inappropriate Emoticon Day."

Are we all in agreement?

ohmy.gif blink.gif tongue.gif rolleyes.gif wub.gif ph34r.gif wacko.gif

I'm going to post some photos of the mirror shortly....

*does her best 1987 cheerleader hurkee*

I ixnayed the takeout with the logic that I am not yet out of financial hot water. Roast chicken was calling my name, so I said, "Okay chicken, it's just you, me, gravy, greenbeans with almonds, and smashed potatos...and the kidlette."

Er something like that, but it was goooooooood. And cost me as much as take out with leftovers for tomorrow, a carcass for making broth, with which I shall make the bomb soup of the century. You see, I still want those fucking glasses that cost $ will come out of my medical expense account mainly, but I need to secure the cash up front. Blah. I watched part of "The Graduate" and now the Minxlette is taking a nice, hot bath. The house smells like good stuff and I am gonna have a hot cider after she goes to bed.

You know what I want for brekkies? Fucking chocolate Malt O' Meal. That shit is the goodest...especially when you douse it with a little milk.

I talked to the behemoth math teacher today. He is 6'6"...yum. When we chatted, I tried to ascertain whether or not he is single. He said that he played cards with his friends and drank this weekend. No girlie references. So, I told my compatriot English teacher buddy that we were to organize a rebel bowling outting. I still haven't heard from the fabulous disappearing man, so...I dunno. I guess that if I don't by Friday I may as well cut my losses, which sounds utterly retarded considering that I have another guy asking me out for the weekend, as well. sad.gif I feel like I'm waiting for a definitive breakup...I guess that's the retarded part. He just won't, will he? sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif

I eat animals. I wear animals. I have slaughtered and butchered animals. I have also been known to occassionally pet and coo at animals. I would try to buy more meat and animal products that are from small farms (like all of my beef products from my dad's farm--he treats them like pets, which I guess might be weird for animal lovers), but that isn't in the budget right now. I think that painting elephants is a little retarded, but that's my aesthetic. It's kind of like my opinion about wearing make-up...I just rarely do because I think women are gorgeous as is--you all should see Lurv and Poodle's eyes (and they both have very distracting racks, hence why I let Poodle dry hump me whenever a camera is available). And HOLY MOTHER OF HANNAH, does Tesao have some fucking GAMS on her!!! WHOOT!!

Okay, gotta run. Be back later. laugh.gif
I don't buy that. Besides, I'm sure they have tranquilizers on hand.

That reminds me of this time when my family dragged me along to this lameass rodeo and, just as I was bored out of my mind, one of the bulls (HUGE!) literally ripped off the gate with it's horns and chased after all of the cowboys. It bucked some woman so hard that she flew in the air and hit a trailer. I didn't feel bad for 'em one bit. That's what you get for pissing off an animal that can kick your ass. The entire crowd of rednecks was totally freaked out, too. It was great.

Mmmm....malt-o-meal sounds sooooo good! Good idea, minx! I'm gonna have to buy some hot cereal when I go to the store.

You like my rack? Awww...shucks...*blushes*
Ok, I've posted some PICS in the Decorating Thread!!!

IPB Image
Very cool, doodle!!

The good thing about having very little food in the house is that it presents the perfect opportunity for a good cleaning. My fridge and shelves are sparkling!!!

I'm watching Wife Swap right now, and one of the families is a group of self-declared "pirates." Hee!

I just finished up a Green and Black's Milk Chocolate Almond bar...I think that I am in love. Normally, I get the dark chocolate, but I stretched and it was sooooooo worth it.


Doodle, you have the best digs. Seriously. You rock and/or roll.
Mmmm...chocolate. I'm jealous.

That pirate episode was hilarious. Freaks!! I bet they're Ren Festers, too. Now I'm watching Super Nanny. God, I love this crap.
Doodle, seriously, I wanna live in your house, except for the fact that georgie and carmellia would make me very ill. But, your home is so beautiful, and I wish my house were half so lovely and peaceful.

Green & Black's darker shade of milk chocolate is my current cocoa siren....except for that tub of homeade nutella in my fridge, that I've been spooning out of all week...YUM.

I'm gonna have a problem getting my Supernanny fix now, with Studio 60 showing opposite. hmph.

Oh, and ya'll better tune in to Jon Stewart tonight - Bill Clinton is on! I miss Bill so much. A thoughtful president, who speaks in whole sentences....*swoon.*
Sigh...I miss The Daily Show so much. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to fit cable back into my budget. I could cut down on my student loan payments. It's always worked for me in the past. biggrin.gif
Aw, t'anks, youse guys. You know you are welcome to hang out here with me, if you could just overcome your fear of Canuckistan and buy the frelling tickets. smile.gif

Damn. I have no chocolate. No ice cream. I am trying to persuade my brain to be satisfied with Quaker Corn Bran as dessert, but it's not working. But it's raining and I don't wanna go to the store....waah.
"Canuckistan" Ha! I like that! I think Canada should definitely include "stan" somewhere in its name. smile.gif

I know what you mean about the lack of sweets, doodle. I had peanut butter on toast and it didn't do anything for me.

Okay, it's time for bed! G'night ladies!!

ETA - Awwwww....I just walked into my bedroom, and there's a lump in the middle of my bed. Oscar's curled up underneath the blankey. Soooo cute!
What?! I'm the first one in here?

Good morning wayward hotties!

Turbo, your boyfriend McDreamy is gonna make a Good Morning America appearance this morning.

It was really freakin' cold in here when I woke up this morning, because I accidentally left one of my windows open last night. Even my kitties were all poofed up because it was so cold. I'm feeling toasty now, cause I turned on the oven and cracked open the door to let the heat out.

He's on right now, turbo!
hi hi poodle, I'm here! Ooooh, McDreamy on GMA....I'll have to see if that's posted on YouTube later. Really, I'm still in fangirl mode after seeing clinton on Jon Stewart last night....truly, two of my favorite men chatting and being smart together...what more can I ask for?! And I'm really glad that Clinton is staying engaged and really spearheading some very important work with his global initiative.

Ah, its a beautiful crisp fall day here...the sunrise over the lake was stunning this morning, and I saw my breath for the first time of the season. Time to switch my dresser from summer clothes to winter, I'd say. And, I pulled out my fingerless gloves for work this morning - the cheap bitches running this place don't turn the heat on until Oct. 1, and my office is the coldest in the building...the thermometer is currently reading 54 degrees. nice. I've got a down throw blanket on my legs too.

So, good things tuesday:
1. I bought *the most perfect* pair of jeans ever yesterday....very ass friendly. I have a really hard time shopping for jeans, like many women, but I think I have found denim bliss with the Gap's boyfriend jeans!
2. Turboman comes home this evening from PA - YAY!
3. Beautiful fall day!
4. Hot mulled cider to warm me up this morning...mmmm....fall.

Oh, and for diva....I did not succeed in my quest for the perfect brown boot, though I did fall in love with a pair of Born's that were gorgeous...but my muscley biking calves prevented full zippage. boo. The quest shall be continued this weekend...
Mornin' turb!!

I'm soooo jealous of your cider. I would really like to buy some, but I don't want the ultra-processed stuff. I like the cloudy, organic stuff, but it's a tad more expensive. Mmmmmm....

My brar underwire is jabbing into my underarm fat and it's driving me bonkers. I really hate to use my credit card (promised dad I wouldn't), but all of my bras have "expired." My dad insists on seeing my credit card statement now that I owe him car payments. I can't blame say I blame him, but I'm gonna have to buy a bra sooner or later. Maybe I can convince my mom to buy one for me. She constantly wants to buy me clothes because she thinks that I look like a slob, but I usually turn her down because I don't want her to spend her retirement money on me.
*hands poodle a steaming mug of cider*

If it makes you feel any better, the cider's not that good yet, since there's only a couple of kinds of apples that are ripe right now, so its definitely got some tart bite, and I prefer the later season varieties when there's a good earthy base when the delicious come into season. Sometimes, I feel like such a nerdy farm kid, and wonder what the hell I'm doing in a big city....and then I remember that I hate driving.

I'd say, go brar shopping with your mom...proper support for the girls is very important! Or, I have been known to duct tape the wiring back to the bra, in times of poverty and desperation. cool.gif


Today the résumé gets finished. Been printing and reading, playing with type and printing -- pretty nice if I do say so myself.

Today -- wearing nice new audrey hepburn black pants, a cute American Apparel shirt, new watch, new shos, socks from Talbot's.

Massachusetts primary here -- moving might have effed up my voter registration, so I brough all my ID papers and a new piece of mail and will make sure I'm okay. It's a really important race, I have to vote for the good guy democrat governor as opposed to the money-grubbing asshat democrat governor.

and this is an inadvertent "good things Tuesday" list!

I'm also happy to have bought several newspapers today -- about the more minor races I will make an informed choice.

Apologies in absentia to Axl -- the site is now up. I can check in and see when to get tickets. I usually don't like to see the same person twice, but I feel I don't want to miss this.

Annnnd -- I am missing the woods, mountains and reservoirs, the just plain wild tangle of land where I grew up, cause y'all are talking about apples. My family went way back on my father's side, and he had a friend with an orchard and his own cider press. Nearby, dad knew where to pick the pignuts too. And these places were on the side of a mountain where you could see fifty miles accross the misty valley and there were lakes that were kettle holes from the glaciers, filled up with springs, super clear, clean and cold.

It has been "indian summer" here and I don't have any access to swimming, except indoor at the Y, which is peeving me. The ocean has rip tides due to hurricanes, the public pools are closed, and I don't have access to a lake because you either need to have a house on one - the way we used to - or live in a town, show residency etc. taxes paid, to use the public beach. Which I also had as a kid. So, no lake-ys and god knows where my cider will come from.

I could take a long drive -- there is an old new england place that has apples, pick your own or buy their bags, they have a big cider press, a place that makes and sells hot steaming apple pastries, an indoor place for homemade soap and crafts, old books, antiques and taxidermed animals from the early 1900s, and cheap -- used to be "penny' -- candy. My parents would take me once a year -- about this time, beautiful fall leaves and drive through woods and meadows. Well, wouldn't you know it, I took two city friends there a couple years ago, did all the driving there and back, took my whole day, and all they did was ruin my beautiful spot. Stupid yuppies. They bitched that the apples weren't good enough, that some things were imported instead of local, and had no patience or desire to buy any candy and spend hours browsing through the weird old books you can get cheap. Arrgh! They suck. Maybe I'll just go BY MYSELF. I have AAA and a cellphone.

Studio 60 = ass. They have maybe one moment of pseudo-intelligence -- a "rant" by a guy who of course is a nut and of course gets fired, and it's very hypocritical of them to even put that in -- and the rest is a soap opera about how all these extremely wealthy people are all about power games. It's like, yawn. I want to see a show about a legendary comedy show that isn't funny and is a contrived piece of shit?

See, i turn down mom shopping b/c she has wildly different taste than me, and takes my choices as a cricism of hers. Then again, i generally prefer totally solitary shopping anyway. Moxette does make a good "Mom, you look great" giggly face in dressing rooms, though. smile.gif

So, I only got the post-break part of Pres.Clinton on the Daily Show. Was he as perfect in the first half?

I've officially got moxette's cold. Stinker. Up at 4:30 AM playing with her crib toy. I go in at 5:30, she SMILES at me and spins the thing again. I'm thinking the crib toy is at about its last week.

Good things tuesday:

1. Despite sniffles- got to the gym and had a good workout.
2. Have orange spice tea and tylenol cold in my desk, and now in my body.
3. I weighed myself today- only 4 lbs to go to hit my goal!!
4. honey-nut breaded chicken for dinner tonight. Yum.
5. Hot cider for desert. I LOVE fall.
Clinton was indeed as perfect in the first half of the interview...*swoon*

I dunno, wombat, I kind of liked Studio 60...sure it started off a little slow, but I think it has promise...either that, or I'll just watch anything written by Sorkin and starring Bradley Whitford...

I didn't sleep well last night flea ridden pooch was chewing and slurping on himself all night...poor pupper. I can't really do anything else for him though - he's been bathed and Frontlined....stupid guest doggies giving my furbaby the itchies.
Mox, you have an adorable, happy, funny kid.

Yeah, I don't know, Turbo, they're gonna have to do something besides "the world according to white males" to interest me. Get weird!!

Sure, I can have a crush on Amanda Peet too, but that doesn't change the fact that she's, like, the corporate male dreaming of scary dominatrix career lady thang.

but, who knows, maybe they'll get weird. I can't wait for the Tina Fey thing. Rachel Dratch is the funniest thing ever. I don't know what will happen to SNL without them.

That's funny though, about your dogs, turbojenn. I forgot about how they wake up at night and lick themselves or lick the floor or something, and the sound of their slurping is like a platoon of marines marching through a swamp.

Geez, they should do a show about you in your little condo full o' dogs! laugh.gif
How popular are dogs now? It would be a hit!!

Call Aaron Sorkind and offer your services -- he'll put you in a TV land apartment, which will be huge and lushly appointed -- with cameras.

I'm only kind of kidding!
wombat, I *love* your idea about the doggy show...I mean, I have the perfect ingredients - my solemn perfect dog, faced with the wacky hijincks of the many dogs who come stay with us....combined with cranky old neighbors, and the angry beliggerant drunk janitor...I tell you, it'd be a HIT!

I could definitely swing the TV Land apartment...

Sadly, I'm not sure Sorkin has the ability to do anything beside the world according to white males. I am definitely looking forward to Tina Fey's show....I hope its as brilliant as I want it to be!
I kinda figured that Studio 60 would suck because most people can't relate to the storyline or setting. When I saw the ads, my first thought was, "Why would I care about what goes on in a studio environment?" I skit or movie might be funny, but a TV series is just too much.

Wombat, your hometown sounds delightful. Your stories are making me want to take a day off and drive down to the La Crosse, WI area to see all of the colorful trees.

What are pignuts?

Awwww...that's so cute that moxette spins around her crib toy. I wanna see more moxette pics.

Oh my god. My bra is so uncomfortable right now, that I'm tempted to run over to Dayton's--sorry, MACY'S--to get a new one. My dad will be pissed, but my mom will understand and tell him to deal with it.

Good things:
1. I don't have to pay for any medical expenses for the rest of the year, because I met my out-of-pocket maximum. That's good and bad, I guess. The good thing is that I'll get a refund check in the mail for paying too much over the past couple months. It would be super cool if a check came before the end of the month.
2. I also get a $40 transportation reimbursement check, which means I might be able to buy more than $20 worth of groceries (maybe even cider!).
3. I realized that I have a crapload of bpal impage that I haven't tested out yet.
4. My cats are extra cuddly because of the cooler temperature.
hi, good morning ladies!

i liked studio 60. meh. in fact, so much that i would happily choose it over supernanny......and i think we all know how i feel about supernanny (if we don't, i can elaborate).

i have been having trouble with ups. i am going to yell about it in the rant section.

good things tuesday:
--will (fingers crossed) FINALLY get my wacom tablet tonight!
--bpal could arrive at any moment!!
--going to go see one of my favorite local bands tonight
--my boss brought her new puppy into work today

damn moxette sounds so friggin cute.

everytime you all talk about fall i get all jealous. especially you, wombat. boston in october is one of the best things i've ever experienced. hmmmmm........i may just have to find out if i can afford airfare for a weekend. i may just.
my parents have apple trees and when i was younger and we had a good crop, we'd take them out to an amish guy way out in the country who had a cider press, and make cider. my mom was showing me photos of when we used to do that. hehe. totally great pictures of me, so awkward, with braces, holding our cat among gallons of homemade cider on our front porch.

turbo, yay for finding good jeans! it's so hard isn't it? i thought i found the perfect pair recently, but it turns out they're the kind that loosen up after like, one wear, and now i realise i should've gotten a smaller size. bleh.

pood, your dad must understand the need for bras! **good bra money vibes for poodle**

i wish i'd seen the daily show!!!

poodle, its cute in a wry way, at best. on one side, it occupies her and keeps her from being bored and crying at 3-4-5 am. on the other, it would be very irresponsible of mama to turn the damed monitor off b/c the spinny thing is LOUD.

Argh- moxieman just had a fishy-bad expreience at our dentist. This is very troublesome, as this dentist office has treated my family since before my parents were married. I need to figure out what's the deal. There's a new dentist (1-2 years at the practice?), who neither of us particularly like, but who we keep getting stuck with. i have to spend time figuring this shit out.

And yes, what are pignuts? beyond the obvious, which is just kinda icky and personal to talk about.
"beyond the obvious..." Bwahahaha!!! Eeeeeeeeewwww...

I think half of the fun with bpal is waiting for the package to arrive. It's such a nice treat.

I know what you mean about the wry cuteness thing. It's really cute how Oscar pokes my face in the morning, but it's freaking annoying, too, for obvious reasons.

ETA - I emailed my mom and she insisted on taking me brar shopping. Thank god.
Hi, peeps!

I'm back at my regular job, basking in the mundaneness of it. It's really wonderful. As much as I complain about it, I really do know I've got it pretty good.

Turbo, I'm wearing Borns right now! They really are the greatest comfort shoes ever - I have 3 pairs. If clogs are still in for this fall/winter, I may look into getting a pair. And I've pretty much given up on any boots that zip up. I can barely get them past my ankles.

Poodle, buy the bra. The boobless shall never make the boobful feel guilty about their boobs wanting comfort.

Hi, Lurv! Poodle and I thought about you when we went through the Fine Arts Building at the fair a few weeks ago.

We've got Studio 60 on the DVR to watch at some point. Maybe we'll get around to it.

I've never seen Supernanny or Wife Swap.

Bill Clinton was delicious on TDS last night, except for admitting he's friends with Dubya.

GB, the giant and I are going to fly into the Monterrey area, or maybe San Jose, depending on seat availability, since my BFF lives just outside of Monterrey. I'd like to see the Hearst Castle, but that's probably as far south as we'll go, and I doubt we'll take another road trip on the weekend. It'll probaby be a Wed-Mon trip in the middle of next month.

I've got several gay guy friends who have kids. They tend to be a little older, though, which I can understand because around the time they got married and had kids, it wasn't really heard of to be out of the closet. A lady I work with has 3 sons (all older) from her gay ex-husband.

Speaking of which, one of my gay guy friends' partner is in the hospital with an inoperable tumor in his spine. Can I please get some vibes for him? I'm going to call him up later.

On that note, Good Things Tuesday:
1) I'm back at my old job, where I have my own space and my own things and my own job that I do very well
2) I feel fall in the air - too bad it's going to be back up to 70 by Friday
3) since I had the forethought to clean my desk before I left, I was greeted with a clean desk when I came in
4) I'm wearing a really cool shirt my mommy gave me
5) I worked out last night and have not screwed up my healthy eating plan yet today
6) I'm going to walk over to DAYTON'S (until the day I die!) and look around and get some candy for the nice lady who covered for me and bask in the crisp air
7) Although the feeling will fade in a couple days, I feel appreciated here

Hi, Wombat, Moxie, FJ, and everyone I missed!
Diva, is this the gay boyfriend's partner? Or a buddy who is gay, whose partner is in the hosp? Either way, ((((back-spine vibes)))

I hate, hate, hate dealing with insurance, coverage, plans, policies, everything like that. Argh. Its over now, and everything understood. I'm just going to have to take a serious management lesson over this- especially at home, I am the CEO. Meaning, i need to get my ass in gear and organize the life the way it makes sense to me, and get the info from him that i need to make this shit run smoothly.

Feh- i can't even drink tonight, b/c i'm so doped up (a-choo!) on cold meds. I am not enjoying my life right now.
hey y'all

(((((vibes for diva's gay friend's gay friend with the tumor))))))(did i get that right?)

((((get well vibes for moxie and moxlette))))

YAY! diva's got her job back...well, its a job. hearst castle is is a great time of year to go see that area...

yay for chili and chocolate and homemade soup! which i need to do....

cuz,.....with my hectic body finally said "Enough!" and now i got a scratchy throat with a side of headaches.....which is how almost every cold i've ever had starts. bleh. so i gots lots of meds, lots of yummy food...but i need to make my chicken soup....dunno when...maybe friday.
Also, major dissappointment last nite. the artist i was supposed to see cancelled cuz his son got sick(understandable) but, the idiots who run the show neglected to tell me it started TWO HOURS EARLIER than the other class. so i walked in at the end. bleh. i was pissed.

i'm way pluuuuuurby today...but then i gots 3 kinds of meds going in my system...maybe its more woooozy than pluuuuurby. dry.gif

good things tuesday:
(believe it or not, i still have good things to say)

-i got to see some friends yesterday while 'supposedly' waiting for my class to start.
-i have left over chicken soft noodles to grub on
-mr. gb did the dishes for me since i'm pluuuuuuurby
-i'm wearing my uggs and a turtleneck...cozy.

(((spine tumor!))) that is terrible news.

dry.gif So, resident boy finally moved out eh? That is good news.

Hello to the lot of you. Thank you for the kind greetings.

I would be VERY humbled if Mondays were dubbed 'inappropriate emoticon Mondays'.

Good Things:

Last week is over
The cool weather is perfect for sleeping
My soup tasted good with fritos
I got to talk to the Red-headed baby today and he sang me a poop song laugh.gif
I'm going to have Vietnamese food for dinner with my friend Wallis
I'll get to meet Wallis' new chihuahua puppy tonight laugh.gif

I enjoyed that show 60? I did!
Diva, I nearly cried when the Borns didn't fit - they were crazy sexy gorgeous boots, and so comfortable, but damn the zippers!!! But, I *really* want a nice pair of boots to wear with jeans, so the quest goes on, I suppose.

Diva, if you are flying into San Jose, you *must* go see the Winchester Mystery House! If you enjoy total must go! It was the craziest place we'd ever been...until the House on the Rock..but it was really a fun tour. Is that this weekend that you're going out there?

((((((diva's friend)))))))

Hooray for brar shopping! Seriously, the girls need to be comfortable...a man can never fully understand that one.

Yeah, I did like Studio 60 enough to ditch Supernanny, but I know I can catch the nannies in rerun later on. Its just good birth control to watch that show.

Mouse, the Daily SHow reruns in the evening at 7pm out here, maybe you can catch it tonight...I'm sure I'll re-watch it, just to bask in Bill's glow.
Pignuts are a variety of hickory nuts that grow wild. They're easy -- if you go at the right time -- October, according to Henry David Thoreau -- they are found on the ground and you don't have to climb the tree. A lot of people don't know what they are anymore, they are on the edge of farmer's land and people don't pick them up. They are not a deep woods tree, there will be a road or field nearby.

They are also not prickly!! Their shell is a thick skin of four green pieces, looks almost like a green crab apple.

I used to think my dad was using some silly nickname for them -- well, I mean, folk slang or something, but also found them under "nut trees" in an academic tree identifier book. In that book they were called ....



On the internet, I notice that "pignuts" are more like truffles in the UK
hi diva! hi lurv! hi ms. gb!
((diva's friend))

turbo, i don't have cable. so i can't catch it sad.gif oh well.
that winchester house looks crazy amazing. i want to go there!

Yayy, mouse!!

~*~helping vibes divala's friend~*~*~
I've actually been to the Winchester Mystery House, I think it was last time I went out to CA. I didn't think it lived up to the hype and I was distracted by this white trash couple in our tour group. The woman dressed about 40 years too young for her age, and her husband looked like a human weasel. They talked really funny, too, like something straight out of that SNL skit, Appalachian Emergency Room.

The guy with the spine tumor is a friend's boyfriend, also a close friend of mine. He's somewhere in his mid-40's, very lively, chain smoker, and a ton of fun to be around. I'm going to give him a call later this afternoon.

What's a click n' ship?

sup ladeez?

geesh, i've written thre or four posts today and they've been eaten or i've had to click off the page. but i've BEEN here, so that counts, right?

the winchester house looks crazy. i wonder if the stairs that currently lead up to the ceiling actually led up to another floor that was demolished in the earthquake...

we passed hearst house when we were driving through earlier this year. i'd love to go back and actually view it sometime, although at the time we were too poor and in too much of a hurry to stop in and wait for the tour.

been handling mucho work issues today. can someone explain to me why people won't just communicate? if you're not coming to work, CALL. if you have injured youself LAST WEEK on the job, CALL and let me know!!! sheesh!

and, i'm having an issue with some friends. we're supposed to go to o-town with them this weekend. they're always, "oh, you guys are the best! we never get to see you and we love hanging out with you so much, we'll drop anything to see you". and then when we send them an email to get details of the weekend, they read it and don't respond. this has happened multiple times (not for trips, but in general... message them or email them and we'll hear back sometimes weeks later). honestly, this has me really peeved and i'm almost ready to write them off. i mean, i'd really honestly NOT spend the several hundred dollars for hotel, food, tickets to the theme park, not to mention the needing to kennel poor ms grover because our standby dog sitters are all going to be out of town. i'd love to just sit with mrfj at our house and do yard work and lazy stuff. argh.

oh wait, this isn't the "fj come and complain about everything" thread. sorry about that! unsure.gif

um, yeah. good stuff:

1. it's stormy outside and should be for the rest of the night.
2. i don't have anything planned for tonight and will just lounge.
3. i got an unexpected thank you email from VP for all my hard work last week training the colleagues! wow, she really DOES notice!

hmmm, i thought of more of these earlier today.

((((diva's friend))))
I talked to my friend in the hospital a little bit ago. He seems to be in pretty good spirits and will be going home tomorrow. In a couple months, when his back heals up, he'll start on chemo/radiation, and he'll be in a wheelchair for the forseeable future. I guess the tumor (yes, cancerous) is wrapped around his spinal cord, so they can't operate on it. Poor guy. I'm going to try to take some time off to hang out with him and help him with things while his boyfriend is at work and trying to achieve some sense of normalcy.

FJ, I hate when friends drop the ball, too. It's like they don't realize other people make room for them but also have lives of their own. It's really easy to talk like you want to see people and would drop everything, but it doesn't happen that way so much.

I can't wait to go home at a normal hour. There's either a senatorial or gubenatorial debate on tonight that I want to catch. I missed the one last night and I'm kicking myself for it.
avast ye scurvy dogs!
it's international talk like a pirate day. i answered attendance in class with 'ahoy', but very few people noticed
~*~*~*~diva's friend~*~*~*~
good things tuesday:
1) i thought i wouldn't see the 'unofficial boyfriend type person' (who really needs a proper bust name)(and he's not tic-tac-toe in math class boy, he's tic-tac-toe boy and boy who calls me snuffleupagus' roomate), but he missed the bus he should have taken and so was getting off the bus i was catching so i got hugs.
2)leftover barbeque chicken quesidilla for lunch
3)tilly and the wall on my stereo. nothing like a percussion section of tapdancing to brighten the day.
4)choir tonight

so, i got the boy the best birthday present ever. it's a black shirt that says 'not a frisbee' on it, 'cause he always gets hit with frisbees and we decided way back in the day (like, years ago) that the frisbees were attracted to him and were hitting him in an attempt to mate, and he needed a sign so they would stop getting confused.

i ran into a girl from school at the grocery store who informed me that me and unofficial boyfriend type thinger were so cute that we were going to make people around us explode due to the cutesness of it all.

now i must be off to have coffee and girl talkness with cougarlion. take care!
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