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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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mornin' ladies!

Poodle, your friday fun with diva sounds perfect!! I love tacky bevvies!

I ended up with some emergency dogsitting last night for my favorite greyhound, as his sister had to be rushed to the e-vet, and he goes into destruct-o mode if left alone. When their mommies got home, I walked over, and we hung out with our hounds, and put away a couple bottles of wine. good times. So I didn't get to bed til after midnight - a rarity for me! And then I slept til 8am this morning - which is hugely late for me, but it felt good.

Hopped on my bike, and pedaled off to the farmer's market, and bought way too much stuff to fit in my bike was a slow wobbly ride home...oh well. I see all the beautiful fruits and veg, and I just buy way too much stuff...can't seem to help myself. But, it keeps us healthy.

Its such an amazingly gorgeous day here, I think I'm going to ride the lakeshore trail all the way downtown, and go to the Celtic Music fest, and then do a little shopping at Old Slavery - I desperately need some basic long sleeved tees, and then hit NY&Co, which is on the same block for some fall blouses. And then ride home.
Hey all! Hi turbo, mouse, poodle, and anyone who's lurking!

I am afraid of bpal. Everyone says it's okay, I won't get addicted, and even if I do, it won't hurt me. But I dunno. I dunno if I should succumb to this peer pressure. Bpal seems like a bad afterschool special to me. smile.gif Actually, I have one fragrance that I like very much (Alfred Sung Shi), and which I think of as my "signature scent," so I'm good with that. (Ditto re: burning only sandalwood and jasmine incense.) Plus Mr. Sung is Canadian, and you know how I feel about such things. biggrin.gif

SO! It's late afternoon here. I've spent 2 days moving furniture around (and wound up moving everything back exactly as before), trying to find a place for grandad's little cabinet. I think I have it sorted - we'll see after the paint is dry. I've got the cabinet primed and with 1 coat of paint so far, and I'm going to take the goth mirror apart and start fooling around with colours on the frame pretty soon.

I am listening to Blue Rodeo, of course. Got some nice BC beer (Granville Island honey lager) in the fridge, too.

Hope everyone else is doing well this weekend!
doodle, I *double-dog-dare* you to send me your address....we'll just see if maybe bpal is for you after all!

I've had the *best* day! I rode probably 35 miles on my bike. Rode to the farmers market and a few other errands, before riding the whole lakeshore path to downtown, where I went to the Celtic Music Fest and had a beer and listened to some very excellent Celtic music. The weather was absolutely perfect, and the lakeshore was just sparkling. I took my time riding back home, took a hot shower, and then took turbo for a walk, and then dropped by the wood fired pizza joint to get a mushroom garlic pizza, no cheese. Delicious.

And now, I'm curled up on the couch watching McDreamy....the perfect dessert.

Doodle, sounds like you've been very busy today! I woke up to my upstairs neighbors moving furniture at 6:30 am....they do that once a month when their cleaning lady comes. Its almost like comfort noise now, just part of the weekend.
driveby! driveby! hi everyone! this is a really weird weekend! i just ran into a guy i've had a crush on for a while--the one my friend swears is gay--and his baby DAUGHTER. WHAT????

*love to all busties, see you while paying more attention on monday!!!*******
Hi, peeps!

I'm listening to the giant trim his scruff with his electric shaver, and the sound is painful. I'm glad I'm usually alseep behind a closed door when he does this. I just wish he'd hurry so I can brush my teeth and put on some makeup. We're going somewhere nice for dinner. I'm even wearing a shirt my mom gave me last weekend - her taste is spot-on for me sometimes, and I wonder why she buys this stuff for herself, not that I'm complaining about the load I brought home with me last week.

Ah, yes, Poodle, cheesy drinks, and Nathan Lane. Good times. I've been singing "Unhappy" and "Keep it Gay!" all day long, driving the giant crazy.

So I think next week will be my last week at the new job. They're making it mandatory for us to work every single Saturday (with no other days off during the normal week to make up for it), and that just isn't cool with me. And on top of that, I'm just really unhappy there. I thought this was going to be so different, and I'm very disappointed. At least I gave it a shot. And at least with my other job, I know exactly what I'm getting into and how to deal with it.

Jenn, your day sounds perfect. I wish I had a bike and the ability to wake up before mid-afternoon on weekends.

Doodle, I'm the same way about BPAL. I've got too much perfume as it is, and I'm so picky about it. I don't have one signature scent, but I rotate between Pure Tiffany, Shisheido Relaxing, RL Romance, and a couple Demeter scents. I'm very happy with them.

I've thought a little bit about having a funeral for myself while I'm still alive. No fair that all my friends and family get to party ABOUT me instead of WITH me. And there damn well better be some belly laughs!

OK, time to put on some makeup and brush my teeth so we can get some food. I'm starving and the place we're going to looks like it has some mighty fine steaks and a dandy cheese plate. And then we may go to another place for dessert. I like late-night dinners and dessert, and maybe somewhere to have a drink.
Maybe instead of weddings being the one of the hugest events in people's lives, we should have parties celebrating ourselves. Birthday parties aren't the same. I'm talking about tiered cakes and buffets and bands and open bars and gift registeries and so on. I think I'll start planning for that.

"Keep it gay! Keep it gay! Keep it gay!!!!"
Poodle, I agree. I also think we should have a "I'm *not* having a baby shower" party too - and get a sabbatical in lieu of maternity leaves....wouldn't that by idyllic?!

In other news, with 30 minutes until the closing of petsmart, I discovered turbo was full of fleas. And turboman is out of town with the car. So, I frantically called neighbors, looking for a ride to get flea meds, as I was out. I also took a shower with turbo to try and wash the buggers out, which turbo was none too pleased about. But now, the dog smells beautiful (of LUSH shower gel, as that's all I had to wash him with), and he's all greased up with Frontline. WOo-hoo!
(((turbodog))) There's nothing like a clean pup, though. Our golden retriever, Ferg, was especially huggable after a bath. I wish I could get my cats to take a bath every so often. I'm lucky to catch them for a few wipes with a wet rag. Fortunatey, they keep themselves pretty clean, but it would rock if they smelled like Aveda. I have to admit that I've "accidentally" tapped them into the tub a couple times when they were awkwardly straddling the edge. They jump out and then look around trying to figure out what happened.
Ahhh...NOW all your dirty little pet secrets come out, eh?! tongue.gif

Two peeves about living in an apartment:

No porch.
No in-apartment washer/dryer.

I guess that I could throw in "No Cabana Boy", but that would be rediculous.

Today I am going to go to half-price books and see if I can't find some cheap videos or something. I threw some chilis, cayenne, and habaneros in the oven yesterday for about ten hours and slowly dried them out, so I am making buttloads of chili tonight. I am supposedly meeting someone for food this afternoon, but I can't get ahold of my sitter, so I don't know if that's going to happen.

Coulda used some wake-up nookie today. And wake-up snuggles.

At least I have great coffee.
*YAWN*....its a sleepy morning here....I was going to get up and do a 25mile ride with the bike club, but my knees are having none of it. Oh well, I guess I'll park my rear on the couch and watch some more of Grey's Anatomy Season 2....its delicious.

And maybe make some chicken stock to be used for black bean soup. double yum. *takes a couple of minxy's freshly dried chilis*

Minxy, I hear you on the no-in unit washer/dryer....that's pretty much the one thing I don't like about my place. When I went down to the laundry room at 10pm last night to dump turbo's bedding in there, my neighbor from down the hall was there with at least 20 loads worth of laundry, so while I have a clean dog, the bedding's going to have to wait.
Hey ladies!

I'm at work right now and it sucks big wank. It feels like a highschool gym in here and the lights won't turn on. Fortunately I have windows, so the lighting issue isn't that big of a deal. Grrrr...I hate feeling warm in a completely closed off setting. If the windows would open, then it wouldn't be so bad. Office windows that open? What a concept!! I suppose they figure that workers would see it as an opportunity to end their miserable office-worker lives, and that would really hurt the employment base. smile.gif

Ah well.

"buttloads of chili" I love chili, but for that phrase makes it sound really unappetizing, minx! laugh.gif

Heh, I can't remember if I said it earlier, but I told my boss on Friday that my co-worker's B.O. is lowering the office morale. Ha! That's the first time I've seen her really crack up.
Hey all!

*cowers in the corner, fearing the onslaught of bpal imps*

Thank you for the offer, but honestly, I think I'll have to stick with my chosen scents. Part of the reason I'm so picky is that some scents trigger migraine-like headaches and/or fibromyalgia attacks (which are basically like migraines in the body), and I never know which new scents might do it. I can't even go into department stores anymore, unless I enter far away from the perfume counters. Heck, even certain brands of flip chart markers do it! One of the downsides of leaving my job is that the women's movement is very aware when it comes to providing scent-free spaces. So are unions, though, so if I can get on there...

Well, I've got the final coat of polyurethane on the little cabinet. I can't move it till it's dry, but it LOOKS good anyway. I also finished the mirror frame - I used metallic turquoise, painted on over the black and wiped off - and it looks REALLY cool! I'm just now eating a late (3:30) lunch at my computer and checking BUST.

Sorry you have to be at work, poods, that really sucks. Whatever you do, don't become a workaholic like I did - it's not worth it!

minx, it's totally legit to throw in "no cabana boy." I'd be your cabana girl for a day, if I could. wink.gif

diva, that's too bad about your new job, but you're definitely right to move on if you're miserable. I would be very unhappy if I had to give up every weekend for work, unless it was something I really loved doing. Where did you go for dinner?

turbo, I couldn't stop laughing when I read you washed turbodogg with LUSH! biggrin.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif
Are you kidding me? The last "holic" I'd every be in my life would be a "workaholic!" laugh.gif
I am going to watch "The Blair Witch Project" tonight and smoke--I could use a cabana gal.

Is it cheating if I become fascinated with licking the small of your back?

Ok, but I can't watch the Blair Witch thingie, 'cause I saw it in theatre and the bumpy cinematography made me so nauseous I had to run to the bathroom three times. Maybe you should blindfold me.


*shakes backside in minxie's general direction*

poods, that made me laugh out loud!

The furniture swap around didn't work...see the decor thread if anyone's interested in the details. But I still love my mirror! Now I must go clean up the aftermath of the weekend's work.

ETA: Georgie just stole the bendie straw right out of my iced tea!!!
Nobody, but nobody, should have to work weekends if they put in 40 hours during the regular week. Unless they're getting paid a buttload of overtime, and even that's iffy.

Doodle, I'm really affected by scents, too. When there are too many scents around me, particularly soap scents, I have a little bit of an allergic reaction. It's the only thing that's ever triggered it.

We went to a really nice place for dinner last night that's only about 6 blocks away from the house. We had the most marvelous cheese plate with this Belgian honeyed goat cheese. I've never tasted a better cheese in my life, and the giant even liked it. And for dinner I had chicken breast with proscuitto and provalone, and the giant had filet mignon. Then we went to a drinks/dessert place for a choco chip cookie sundae. It was a really nice night, and we didn't even have to wait for a table at either place. Late dinners rule.

I'm feeling kind of inspired to paint. I've got a plain wood stepstool my dad gave me for Christmas (Mom got one, too, because we're both short) that I've been meaning to start on.

I can't watch Blair Witch for the same reason. The camerawork is entirely too shakey, and I can't stand that lady actor's affected voice. Her voice makes me cringe.

I'm kind of looking forward to getting back to my regular job, but not hanging my head in shame at coming back a month and a half earlier than planned. But at least I'll be able to take a guilt-free sick day, a trip to California next month, and have all my evenings and weekends free. I guess sometimes you don't know how good you have it until you leave it for awhile.
diva, there is no shame in reclaiming your weekends. no shame at all. you have to do what is good for you.

hi everyone!

so, i was wicked sick last week. like, totally hopped up on the dayquil and still wonky sick. a guy in one of my classes commented that i looked like a scared puppy one morning (i was wearing a toque under a hoodie with the hood up with my hands in my sleeves hugging my arms to myself at the time). and and and.... I HAVE A BOY!! okay, so totally not official yet or anything, but i have a boyfriend type thinger in the very, very near future. when i was sick and sitting with him at school he held me and rocked me for, like, half an hour when i was totally out of it, and seems to have become very attached to having me sit on his lap in sitting situations. and playing with my hair. and being all manly and protective when drunken people stumble a little close to me at concerts. he's cute and geeky and a little dorky. it makes me all happy. though i'm going to have to turn in my membership to the 'boys don't chase after me club', which is sad since i co-founded it only a month ago.

okay, my computer keeps telling me it needs to restart and intall important updates or some such, and it's 2am tygertime and i really should try and sleep for at least a few hours before i get up for school, so i shall be off.

toodleynoodles, laydeez!
Hey man, it's 4:20 here!!! Dude!!!

I can't sleep because Gus kept sitting on me and he's a big boy.

Congrats on the new boy, tyg!! He sounds sweet!! Glad to hear that you're feeling better.

Mmmmm....choco chip cookie sundae.... *homer simpson drool*

Okay, well, I think I might try to fall back asleep. I fed the beasts, so hopefully they'll leave me alone now.
mornin' ya'll!

Eeek, poodle, I'm sorry the kitties had you up in the wee hours!

Turboman returned from MI last night, and we had time for dinner and a quick HBI before we botth crashed, and that's about it. He's off to PA today for work. feh. But, at least I have the car this evening, so I can get the grocery shopping done.

Turbomama is home, and she's going to attempt teaching today, though she's not sure she's going to make it through the day. She may have to retire this year, which would make her very sad. But the health news isn't so good. She went into congestive heart failure badly Thursday night at the hospital, her lungs filled up with fluid...the whole shebang. Her lungs filled up because they gave her too many fluids with all the IV drips, and her heart couldn't push it all around. They determined that her heart is just getting weaker, even though its pumping evenly for the first time in awhile. So, she really has to monitor her stress level and fatigue and fluid intake to make sure it doesn't keep happening. She's going to see another new cardiologist and pulmonologist next week, to start strategizing, but the medical options are feeling fewer. Poor mama. She's not 'fessing to any of this, of course. Dad had to call me when she was taking a nap.

Diva, your dinner sounds delish!!! Mmmmm...cheese tray. And, I'm glad you're able to return to your regular post - no shame in that. Now its just time to start turning the wheels on your boss, if he returns to his normally assy behavior!

YAY tyg!!! Way to go on the new boy - he sounds super sweet! And any boy who takes care of your while definitely worth getting to know a bit better! Make-out sessions ahead for tyg!
((((turbomama))))- you know how I feel about your mama. She's a strong-strong lady. You all want to know where turbo gets her joie-de-vivre...its turbomama.

OK, off to do expense reports (bleh) and play with the new version of itunes *yeah)
ok, sorry for the double post. I just chatted with my college roomie (the one before the mutual one with turbo...), and she's newly engaged! and CRAZY excited about it. I'm so happy for her...her beau is a wonderful man, and just right for her. And the best part- she's moving from 1.5 hours away to less than 1 hour. Yippee!
~*~healing vibes for turbomama~*~*~

good for you divala, it's good you can go bck to your old job. And that food sounds delicious!!

Poodle ~*~*fun money vibes ~*~*~ yeah, it stinks to not be able to go out. Sometimes I'm like that also! I'm not sure if people "get it".

Blew a bunch of money this weekend, but it was fun: am finally back at gym and really loving it and people are glad to see me. I also haven't lost much ground in terms of what I can lift, etc. Friday we went out to the brit pop night and I was wearing a crazy outfit -- trendy brown glitter stretch halter top I got at the brand new designer outlet that opened --25 bucks! Some cool old necklaces and a black cotton blouse with short puffy sleeves that i got last year -- that's the trend this year! And black velvet hot pants and a belt with a big, splashy belt buckle -- another trend this year! I wore my one with the cow skulls I bought at the Black Crowes concert.

We must have spent 20 to 30 bucks a piece -- he was drinking newcastles and i was drinking tonic with raspberry vodka, and we tip our bartenders.

The next day, went shopping on Newbury Street for fall work clothes -- got a new watch which I really needed! A trendy Fossill cuff watch -- none of the cheap watches looked good enough to interview in. ANDDDDD... some new black pants! Two pairs of the Gap slimfit Audrey Hepburn pants! My old black pants are getting unacceptably faded. We split a sandwich at the local coffee shop -- huge turkey, cheese and mango salsa thing -- and stopped at a nice italian Newbury Street cafe and had giant cappuccinos and split a slice of fresh fruit topped custard pie.

ms gb -- glad you're keeping up with the irish wake tradition! I think it started in the old days when they didn't have as many medical instruments as we do -- have a big party and see if the guy wakes up!

but what the heck is Hawaiian bread?!

Like your idea about DJing a funeral poodle!! In 'High Fidelity" they do a whole riff about that -- I don't think the whole funeral bit made it to the movie.

* I see a red door and I want to paint it black!* doodlebug song of the day. Secret: for the most part, college students don't read the textbooks. You buy expensive books, haul them back and forth, and the professor will only occasionally refer to something in them. This is different for, oh, medical or engineering students, I hope!

have a good day y'all.

Related axl news: the website that was supposed to debut today is delayed !! Haha! Hope it's not eleven years!

actually, i think the lyrics to doodle's version go "i see a black door and i want to paint it GREEN (or purple)!"

wombat, i covet those pants. i covet them hard.
so glad to hear turbomama's home ((turbomama))
diva, that cheese plate is making my mouth water.
*money vibes for pood*
tyger! a new boy? that's soooo exciting. *jealous*

i could use a new boy. dammit. unfortunately my last existing crush HAS A BABY. i still can't get over that. i mean--well--at least i know he's not gay now? meh. i still have a crush on him. and i guess it's kind of rare and awesome for a young guy to be hanging out with his baby while not still involved with said baby's mama....okay, dammit, now i have an even bigger crush on him.

i never saw the blair witch project, but i did go camping in the woods where it was set. in fact, THANK GOD i never saw the blair witch project, or i probably wouldn't have been able to handle camping! my parents live out in the middle of nowhere right at the edge of lots of woods, and they like to make fun of it by pulling hats down over their foreheads and yelling "fuck man! what are we gonna do! fuck!" so i guess in that sense i've seen it.

i had a good weekend, hung out with good friends and saw a lot of (unfortunately really bad) art--i feel like all the art shown at the art crawl this past weekend was either decent ideas with terrible execution, or crappy subject matter with really fantastic excecution. nobody had both. i'm picky.

i did go see the banksy warehouse show, which was pretty awesome. he painted a live elephant though (painted on it) and though apparently it's a trained elephant used for commercials and whatnot and used to this, it still was a hot warehouse filled with tons of people--TONS--and i'm not sure how i feel about that. OH! OH! and speaking of mcdreamy, i totally saw george there! and i think that he and luke are FAR beyond mcdreamy, or any of the dudes that grey falls for, in actual dreaminess. unfortunately not dreamy enough, though, to make me remember their real names. heh.
It looks like I might be going back to my old job tomorrow. My new boss claims I've given her the silent treatment for the past 2 days (so very not true, I just don't feel all chatty when I'm around someone I don't like and don't feel the need to make conversation with them). I'm just waiting to hear back from payroll. I guess I have a meeting with my new boss and the union guy who got me into this whole thing, but it's just a formality. I wouldn't go at all except that I have to turn in my timesheet from last week and today, and fill out my mileage report. It's going to be hugely uncomfortable, but I don't really care anymore at this point.

Yay for Tyger's boy!

And friends moving closer!

And not backsliding at the gym (like I know I've done, and it makes me sad)!

Hi, Mouse, Turbo, and Poodle!
ya know what, mouse...I am totally DONE giving credit to boys who spend time with their babies, I mean WTF? Why do we as a culture think its so damned sweet to see men with babies...seems like if you made it, you should bear some of the responsibility...its not any more coo-worthy than a momma with her baby. But maybe that's just my baggage, eh?

diva, I'm glad you're able to wrangle your way back to your desk tomorrow. You gave it a fair shot, tried something new, stepped out of your comfort zone, and it didn't work out, and that's okay! I wish more of us had the safety to step out and try something new!

Sounds like a cool time, mouse!

Thanks for the approval of the pants. My pants need approval.


I'm now hand-drawing letter-forms for a logo. The rest of the job is so computer-generated, text-stuffed, and full o' squares cause there's really no white space -- it would be nice to have something non-mundane up in here. Then, I read my new resume over again. You have to let it lie fallow to catch the really stupid parts.

Or maybe I'm procrastinating again?

Not really. Yesterday -- made supper, lifted weights.

I am hand-drawing a logo with the pen tool which is not a task for the timid.
ooh, wombat, good luck with the logo! i am trying to make a t-shirt with a "SPACE!" theme combined with this sort of gradated ditsy print thing and am not pleased with it so far. i think i have to scrap it and try something else.

turbo, i'm SURE this goes in the childfree thread instead, but that's exactly my point--it's not that i think it's sweet to see a man with a baby, it's that it means he's someone with integrity who agrees with the "you made it, you're responsible for it" idea.....which, unfortunately, a lot of men aren't.
It is so difficult sometimes.

My main task is to consolidate and present the things I have done, but I have some wacky projects too, that will show a higher level of design and be on par with things "the kids" are doing in Computer Arts Special and Communication Arts. I hope.

but be aware: I know gay guys with multiple kids. Sounds kinda "brokeback," and maybe it is generational -- ie, these guys are now in their 30s and 40s and I guess they were just trying to deny it when they were young -- if your gaydar sounds like a car alarm, though, you still might want to fish around a bit and see what's up.
hola my busties!!! *passes out cups filled with guinness* we've still yet to hit bottom...bottom's up!


the party/wake was great, with the exception of one guest who got on everyone's nerves...a totally cute guy, artistic to boot, but what an brains whatsoever. and he was man handling all the girls in the entire place! has already been decided that he is no longer invited to any events. sad, but true.
the juice box, doodle, was a capri sun....not a sake juice box...i prefer the sake ones. tongue.gif

wombat, the hawaiian bread is a sweet bread...excellent for the morning after/hangover...

yesterday i went to the LA county fair and saw the horse races! i even won $9 buck and change! woo...! and then i raced home for a dinner with's family.

mouse! you saw the elephant art exhibit? i read about that on yahoo..did the elephant seem ok? was it still covered in paint? i love elephants....had i known about it, i would've gone...

tyger's got a boy! sounds promising! you take care of yourself.
diva ~*~*~*~*job vibes~**~~*~* up and downs...but you can take it. and where are you visiting in california?? details!!! biggrin.gif

hi minx, turbo, moxie and poodle!

i'm trying the new fruity cheerios out...not a mix of froot loops and cheerios... cool.gif

and right after work, i am rushing off to OC to go to that see Phillip Wilson! rolleyes.gif woo! he does amazing work!

thanks for the explanation mouse...I hear you on the integrity thing.

Ms gb- your weekend sounds fabulous - isn't it amazing how many people it takes to finish off a keg?! I don't have nearly enough peeps to take care of one of those these days!

Whoa, a painted elephant? Sounds strange, and perhaps unpleasant for the 'phant.

Wombat - your weekends always sound so exciting and jam-packed! And your clothes sound fabulous...I don't think I can put stuff together like you can. Without WNTW, I might be seriously misguided. wink.gif
ooh i wanna go to the fair....
yeah gb i saw the banksy show--the elephant was painted like wallpaper, and apparently it's been in lots of commercials and is used to wearing "makeup"...and they took it outside for part of the time i was there...but it was still in a very small pen surrounded by tons of loud people in a crowded, hot warehouse. it didn't seem too unhappy, but then again elephants are kinda hard to read unless they're stampeding.

wombat--yah, i know gay guys with kids too, but i don't know any 23-year old, working at a coffeeshop while finishing their masters degree, living in an apartment with roommates gay guys with kids. i think that this child was unplanned, at least by him. anyway, it wasn't my gaydar, it was my friend's. meh. maybe someday i'll run into him and we'll have time to talk for a second. eesh.
hi pretty ladies!

I feel like I hardly know how to post in this new format.

I've been away too long. I don't know what any of you are talking about. Like Diva's job? And who does Minx want to lick? whoa.

Hi msgoof! thanks, turbo! I'm not exactly *skinny enough* to be wearing hotpants and a halter top, but the little black shirt added a nice curtain and vertical line on the side. Ha! Stealth is the winning strategy.
hi all.

been busy the past couple of weeks but i think it's going to start slowing down soon. i hope so at least!! yeeks!

went to mobile over the weekend to see our good friend for his birthday. had a great fun time, but i'm really tired now! booo! (the drive was over 6 hours each way!)

we're supposed to go watch a football game tonight at other friends' house. i think i will need a NAP before i go though. kickoff isn't until 9pm!

lurv! hi! hi! hi! what's up with you lately, girl!? we've meeeeced you!

diva, your saturday evening sounds nice!! yummy cheese plate AND a choco sundae? yummmmm! sounds like you and poodle had a great time on friday too. i've not seen the new producers yet.

hi tyger! oooh, was this boy the same one that you played tic tac toe with last week? sweet!

mouse, you should totally talk to your crush by mentioning the kid and sort of halfway pumping him for info about the momma so you can understand the sitch!

msgb, glad the wake was a success, save the turdboy that will now be banned from parties. mmmm, thanks for the guiness!

doodle, hope you can find a place for the piece after all that work!

turbo, your weekend at home alone sounded nice. how did the turbodog get fleas? from the other doggies you were watching?

wombat, get that resume/portfolio together and stop making excuses!

minx! *smooch*

ok, now i'm sure i missed someone and i'm sorry!

*blanket love to all*
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Sep 18 2006, 05:42 PM) *

ya know what, mouse...I am totally DONE giving credit to boys who spend time with their babies, I mean WTF? Why do we as a culture think its so damned sweet to see men with babies...seems like if you made it, you should bear some of the responsibility...its not any more coo-worthy than a momma with her baby. But maybe that's just my baggage, eh?

Hell yeah, turbo!!! *pumps fist in air*

LURV!!! Where have you been, missy?!! Don't worry 'bout grasping everything right away. Just join in!!!

Okay, wait...a painted elephant?! WTF? Why can't people just leave the freakin' elephant alone? I'm sure that the elephant doesn't find it so thrilling to be painted and paraded around. Seriously, don't even get me started on this crap. I woulda thrown buckets of paint at the people and then called them mean names. Grrrr...

(((Diva))) You gotta do what you gotta do, babe. There's no point in hanging around there.

hi fj! hi lurv! hi pood!

fj, i would talk to him.....problem is, i rarely see him now that i have a fulltime job (i used to hang out at his coffeeshop on my days off, but now i work those days) and whenever we've run into each other it's been very brief and in a hurry. meh.

re: painted elephants, i've actually been reading some of the debate. elephants are often painted during religious ceremonies in india. but, then again, they aren't then penned in a warehouse and surrounded by a billion yelling hipsters with cellphone cameras.
yeah poodle...the elephant was a shock to several animal rights activists, as the article said, and demanded that the paint be entirely removed; irregardless to what effect the artist was trying to compell. so the last day was paint free...which i think mouse saw. i love elephants and hate to see them mistreated. they had to ship the poor creature home every nite to perris, ca so he could sleep. not right, if you ask me. one day..maybe...but a 3 day event? uh no. dry.gif

hi fj!
Painting an elephant is not art, it's a trashy circus act. That's all I gotta say about that.

I hate not being able to buy yummy food.

Can you tell I'm especially crabby today?

I'm really tempted to beg my mom for money, but I hate for it to come down to that. The problem is that I'll be way broke after I buy my prescriptions this afternoon.

it's velly nice to peek in here. i don't have much to say today. i will be peeking in again soon. mad.gif << please enjoy my use of inappropriate emoteicons.
nope, i went on saturday and saw the painted elephant.
clearly a controversial issue.

but, of course, that's what everyone's latched onto, even though it was only a small part of the show. meh. art is what you make it.
lurv lurv lurv!!!! We meeece you in here! What bright shiny, sparkly things have you been up to lately? How's the jobby job?

poodle, I think we're all entitled to feel crabby on mondays...a whole week of responsibility ahead. feh.

FJ - we've been meecing you too! Boo for busy busy jobs!

Yes, turbo got fleas from one of our guest doggies. I really need a 12 step program to teach me how to say no to doggies in need. We've got 2 pugs coming this weekend, and then starting next week, another neighbor's 2 greyhounds (and not doggies I like very much) will be staying at our house during the day for 2 weeks, while the owner's landlord paints and repairs her apt before she moves out. GAH.

Yeah, I'm not digging the painted elephant...its just not the best environment for the animal, but more than that, it just reeks of stunt art, and I'm not a fan. Paint people or least they have a voice, and can give consent.
Very true. Art is what you make it, and for that reason, I am declaring my left butt cheek a work of art. laugh.gif

Come back lurv!!!

ETA- What I need to do is make a big something or other in my kitchen, so I can sustain myself on something other than toast. The problem is that my kitchen is very empty, or at least it seems that way. There's gotta be something in my cabinets to work with. *scratches chin*
pood, get the right publicist and you'll make millions! hehe
Alas, people probably won't appreciate my art until I'm long gone. sad.gif
i tend to agree with poodle re: the elephant *art*. i went to a zoo in missouri over the summer and they had an elephant painting on paper and they were selling the paintings. honestly? i had a problem even with that! i didn't think the elephant was happy with all the people gathered around gawking and screaming and clapping and stuff. i sort of kept my distance and made rude comments under my breath. it smacked of exploitation of animals to me.

poodle, give us an inventory of your cupboard and i BET we can give you some mad recipes! wink.gif

That's not a bad idea, FJ. I'll check out my cabinets when I get home. Ooh! I just remembered that I have cornbread mix! Yummmm....
interesting article about said elephant. brings up a very good point which is, banksy treated the elephant within the very same parameters as all captive elephants are treated. so is this a debate about painting one elephant, or about whether elephants should be kept in captivity at all?

ETA: he also used a bunch of live cockroaches in another part of the exhibit--no one's complaining about them being treated unfairly.

NOT THE THREAD (or board) TO DO THIS ON MOUSE *i'm out*
i've not read the entire article yet mouse, but i have a real hard time reconciling my desire to SEE the animals at the zoo with the fact that they're being held captive (often solely) for that purpose.

on one hand, i'm all about conservation of wildlife and sometimes zoos and other captivity programs are the ONLY way that a species will prevail. not to mention the education they can provide.

but i also have a problem going to zoos myself because i always feel badly for the animals (particularly the larger animals and the cats) because they're clearly unhappy. there is a lynx at our local zoo that incessantly paces his 12' by 12' cage. i've been several times and i have never seen him NOT pacing.

i have no answers for what is right. like i said, i have a hard time reconciling it in my own mind. my two best friends are bird enthusiasts and biologists and they've worked/volunteered in zoos and they deal with the same issues.

it makes me sad.
Nothing against you, mouse.

Hi, lurvpaint!
Ditto, what FJ said. We have two very fine zoos here in chicago, and I've never been to either. Zoos as a rule, make me very depressed. The animals are depressed, or worse - captivity crazed. I don't know what the answer is either.

On another note, a friend of mine goes to thailand once a year for work, and she always goes to the mountains for a couple days of solitude, and rides elephants...she said that the elephants just live on the mountain, no captivity, and they wander down the mountain of their own volition to give rides, and however many elephants come down, that's what they have to work with that day. I thought that was pretty cool, that the elephants were choosing to work.

And on a silly city slicker note, I saw sheepherding demonstrations at the celtic music fest this weekend, and this woman next to me remarked how "cruel" it was for the dogs to be herding the sheep like that. I told her that if the lamb I eat got that much exercise and fair treatment, I'd feel much better about eating it. Plus, those sheep were no dummies - they knew the whistle commands as well as the dog and would move in the proper direction before the dog even moved! HA!

mouse, I don't think its getting particularly heated in here, we're just having a discussion....and this thread is for all of us to discuss anything. didn't mean to upset you in any way at all. wink.gif
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