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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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that chick IS fucked up, poodle. wow. i had been watching the dateline special before that with the fuckheads predating 14 year olds online, and i have to say that i'm glad they showed it from this angle as well (female predating juvenile males). i can't believe that she thought this would be ok.

((((minx and minxlette)))) i hope she can get used to the new school quickly and feel acceptance from her peers. that makes such a difference.

and yes, minx. take the whole fucking cake!

my cooch is doing much better, thanks minx, rosev, msgb, yuefie and anyone else that asked. i've gradually moved back to half decaf coffee, a little spice with my dinner and even had a nice and easy HBI (no funny-stuff, buddy!) last night. still haven't progressed to alkeehawl yet. still taking antibiotics for the next five days. i actually never took any real pain meds though, just the anti-burny stuff that makes your pee look like tang (which nearly made mrfj crap on himself when i peed in the shower without warning, muahhahaha).
FUCKYEAH, minx!!! You are an amazing woman deserving of a partner who is equal to the task of being a true partner in a, witty, excellent cook, friend to minxlette, AND with more than a small streak of kink!

Just talked to my dad....still no clue on what's up with mama, her best doc spent 2 hours with her today, which is amazing. All of her scans and tests came out perfect - as perfect as hers can be, so there's no clues there. My dad *may* have figured it out on his own through the magic of the intarwebz - it seems the non-stop sleep *can* be symptoms of a shingles re-occurence, in cases of patients with depressed immune systems who've recently had pneumonia....pretty amazing that you can research like that online! So dad'll present that to the docs tomorrow. And he gave me gracious permission to stay in Chicago for the weekend - even if mom get's outta the ward, she's going to need to rest - and she wouldn't do that if I came in. I'll be there in another month anyway.

Glad you're feeling better, FJ! Are you taking acidophilus bifudus while you do the dreaded antibiotics? My bod totally freaks out if I neglect the acidophilus.

I'm really relieved to get a pass on traveling to MI this is too fucked up right now to consider taking a day off this week.
Hi again! Still trying to catch up!

turbo, I hope everything is sorted out for your mama soon. I remember the years before I had a fibro diagnosis, and I was terrified from not knowing....

FJ, glad to hear you are feeling better.

So...remember me mentioning my colleague in another town had died suddenly on the long weekend? Just found out today it was a heart attack. And she had NO history of serious health problems. Her co-worker thinks work stress played a huge part. I feel selfish for even admitting this, but the first thing I thought was, "Thank god I am getting out of this work."

Anyway. The b-day went well, she seemed to really like the box. Of course, I wrapped it in three layers of boxes and wrappings (and duct tape, somewhere in the middle!) just for the fun of it, so that was even better. smile.gif Both girls have boyfriends (though one daughter is bi, so who knows who the next "friend" will be) whom I just met for the first time, and they are total dorky boys - the sweet, loveable, funny, and good kind - which makes me very happy.

*grabs minx by the hand and disappears into the closet for awhile*
*comes out of the closet several hours later, wipes her face a bit, straightens her collar, and walks with a limp*

Egads. I am getting sick. Fucking germcicle students. I am triple-dipping because of Minxlette starting a new school and new afterschool program on top of my own beloved munchkins. I need to start downing Emergen-C as a part of my program. I do, however, feel lucky in the wake of the chronic health issues I keep hearing about in is too fucking odd sometimes.

Tomorrow is my first payday in a month...unfortunately, all of it will go to paying off afterschool care. All. Of. It. Kill me now. I decided to put off buying new glasses again and make an appointment with my therapist. I haven't seen her since June. I think it's time. It's also time to get ready for school now...feh. I need to sleep more.
Mornin' peeps!!

~*~*~*~diagnosis vibes for turbomama~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~immunity vibes for minx~*~*~*~ You should keep some antibacterial wipes/gel at your desk. Although, in a school setting, that's probably the equivalent of trying to put out a forest fire with a bucket of water.

Oscar is finally being somewhat nice to Gus. I think Oscar's finally feeling okay. He did some playing last night and snuggled up with me in bed, so it's all good. I'm tempted to go into that vet and demand my money back, but I'd rather not deal with them at all.

Yay!! It's Thursday, which means that tomorrow is Friday!!!

We use airborne at home with zealous repetition this time of year. I am beginning to grasp the germ factories that are schools...moxette has a poop infection (in that her virus makes her poop. alot.). She's the 7th or 8th out of 10 kids there to get it. And a cold. Poor thing. But, still smiling. I love my kidlet. I wish I were home with her right now, as a matter of fact. Is it wrong of me to laugh in my head b/c she giggles when she poops? hehe. poop.

ok, potty humor is over. I'm slightly sleep deprived, sorry.

**stumbles off for coffee**
Ah, moxie - but just think how strong moxette's immune system is going to be, hanging out with all the other droolers at daycare!!


I'm glad Oscar is feeling better, and back to his old self - its hard when our furbabies are stressed, and we can't do anything about it.

Its FINALLY not raining here - Wahoo!! Its looking like its going to be a very lovely day here.

Doodle, I *am* glad you'll be getting a new, less stressful position! And its going to be the *perfect* position that allows you to make a positive impact, and take care of yourself, and pay you well - just you wait - its coming your way!!
Hi Hooches. Is it Friday yet? Waaaaahhhhh! I am ready for this work week to end!

((Doodle)) The Dawson shootings are sad. Why are there so many sickos in the world?

Jenn, I am glad your dad thinks he may have figured out what is going on with your mom. I hope she is feeling better. I know that has to be so incredibly stressful. ((turbomom))

((Minx)) Oh no! You are getting sick? Booooooooo. *hands minx a big glass of OJ*

Nothing much doing here today. As I already stated, I wish it was Friday. Or Saturday. Not Thursday. I guess it could be worse. Officemate is working at home today, so at least I can turn up my tunes as loud as I want. That will help the day to pass. Though I believe it is going to be a long one.
Doodlebug, I admit to the black-humor feeling of irony yesterday afternoon as I was reading about the shootings in Montreal. We had just been talking about the extreme politeness of Canadians! That's not very *polite* to go around shooting people! Mercy! was my first thought.

My condolences to the campus and everyone harmed, though.

I cannot BELIEVE they took Lukas instead of Dilana, I could see Gilby -- who's kind of a sweetie -- felt REALLY BAD about it. Gilby and Navarro wanted Dilana, Tommy Lee and freaking Jason Poopstead wanted Lukas just because he's a guy. I know it. I saw Jason like, shaking his head for five straight effing minutes. Just because they want to wave their dicks around the tour bus... gimme a break already. Lukas. What a silly-ass, boring little pretentious turd.
"Jason Poopstead" Bwahahaha!!! Yeah, I know. I can't believe they think that Lukas is a better fit than Dilana. Lukas looks like a dork with his overly-gelled hair and shit. He's so not cool. He sounds like every other talentless rock wannabe. Such a poser.

I thought the same thing about the Montreal shootings, wombat. It just goes to show that people suck everywhere.

I'm starving.
good morning everyone

**montreal students**
the girl i took over my lease from (who had to go back to canada for ridiculous visa complications--they took her laptop at the border and forbid her from coming back into the us.....ugh) is going to school in montreal now, though i forget which one. i sent her an email to make sure she's okay...

i feel like i'm getting sick too, but i always do at the change of the seasons and we've just had a massive turnaround here--it's nearly jacket weather today; a week ago it was a heat wave. i'm drinking airborne now.

my ex wants to hang out tonight and go dancing because this dj that we used to dance to all the time back in philly is doing a set tonight in hollywood........i really don't think it's a good idea. i haven't seen him since we decided to stop sleeping together, though we've spoken on the phone often, and i think that if we're going to really honestly try this not sleeping together thing, going dancing is not quite the best way to start hanging out again. plus i have tentative plans with another friend to go to happy hour at our favorite dive bar. but i don't want to a: hurt his feelings by saying i made other plans, or b: come across as a crushed and weak little flower by saying "i'm not ready". meh.
Hi, peeps!

I forgot to give my opinion on beige: it is a non-color desperately trying to be a color, but failing miserably. I shall never live in a beige home so long as I live.

Turbo, that's very proactive of your dad to research what's up with your mom. I hope he's right and they can quit trying to figure it out and give her the treatment she needs. My dad got shingles a couple years ago, from which my youngest brother (Sam's dad) caught chicken pox. It kept him out of jail for Christmas.

I'm so not ready to start my day. I have to work from 1:00-9:30 because there's a phone bank tonight. Bah. But at least my friend ditched me today for lunch (and was nice enough to call me before I'd gotten ready to go), so I have some extra time to just hang out. I need to retype my Why My Boss Is An Asshole letter and send it to the union people and a girl at work. Then I need to look up hotels in SD for my parents for their trip there tomorrow. And I suppose I should order some flowers or something for my parents since today is their anniversary. 32 years, I think.

Mouse -- "oval brickness" equals a computer mouse. I just didn't want to say, "with a stupid mouse" because you are mouse and you are not stupid! smile.gif

In fact, I would be shocked if you are NOT making a living as an illustrator by your deadline. Your stuff is nice. I am embarassed because my avatar is dithered. well, I will fix it. I was moving fast.

Ow. What ingredient in a freaking *burrito* would make my mouth hurt? I havent' been on the sugar for awhile -- fell off the wagon for my boy's Labor Day birthday and then climbed back on -- except for the nutella yesterday. I really was eating a peanut butter, nutella and wheat bread sandwich!!

I hear you guys about the change of the seasons. Me and the guy have cold-like symptoms we can't seem to shake. I was a little bummed to still have it this week, because I had a boring, no-go-dancing, no drinking weekend to try to bore it into going away.

glad you're feeling better, fj! Cranberry juice and vodka equals a Cape Codder! Good for what ails you wink.gif

Doodlebug -- hope you feel better soon. It IS good you're getting out of that profession --besides stress-related issues, you are at a high risk of being physically harmed by jerky guys who don't like the fact that you've intervened. They finally just arrested one here, years after he shot and killed a social worker. About 10 years is the most that can be expected in helping professions, and you lasted 11!!
its thirsty thursday!!! *hangs out emergen-C to all busties with vodka shooters* tasty!!!!

i'm drinking something called 'kombucha' which is a RAW food with enzymes and probiotics and detoxifiers....hopefully my stomach doesn't reject it...*fingers crossed*

******healthy vibes for all busties******

(((minx, diva, turbomamma, doodle, people in montreal, moxie, fj)))))

fj, i nearly spewed all over my computer monitor when i read the tang surprise in the shower....bwahahahaha....

hi wombat, kari, poodle, mouse!!!

it was 'drizzling' this morning when i drove to work. fall is officially here. (pulls her rain boots out of deep storage in hopes of the first rain)

i'm pooped....i need a 'reset' day....(pops a b vitamin)
rain rain rain! *i hope* it's been so long...... well, except for last week when i went home to PA and had such a vicious rainstorm that we lost power for two days and a bunch of trees fell down. but in LA, it's been so long.

hehe stupid mice. okay, i can see a mouse as an oval brick, wombat! hehe. what is your avatar of? i feel like i should recognize it but i have a major media hole in my brain due to being raised by hippie parents who sheltered me from pop-culture--not as much out of worry than out of sheer sweet oblivion. i actually just got a postcard from my mom who just went to a basquiat show (who she had never heard of before) and she said something like "it amazes me how much was going on in new york in the '80's when we were just dreaming away on the farm!" aw, cute nature hippie parents.

gb, kombucha is cool and really weird! my mother used to brew it for herself; you get this gigantic fungus-type growth called "the mother" and you use it over and over and it just keeps growing.......there was a discussion of it in the natural health thread a few years back.

*stamps foot* WHAT am i supposed to do about the boy???
well, I don't think it's weak of you if you don't want to see him.
Dancing is a lot like a date, and is a point of flirtation/hook up for ALOT of people!

so, nothing wrong with saying no to the DJ and suggesting dinner instead.
IPB Image
bwahahahah minx...i love the drinky faces!!!! hehehe

that'll be me this weekend. lol

mouse, its a tough one. personally, i don't think your ready just yet. if it were me, i would put him off, saying i was busy-plan, etc.- but suggest something in the future...but a club would be an ideal long as you stay away from the 'dark corners'. oh and bring a friend....or two. just my suggestion.
minx. awesome.
Aw. Those smileys remind me of me and fj. Guess which one is fj.
dangit. my stupid IT dept blocks all photbucket stuff. and myspace. and youtube. i hate them.

so i can't see the cool smileys, although i can only imagine what they look like and i can sense that i'm being ridiculed by my mr. tongue.gif

oh, hi guys... i'm here. just been real busy today and only had an opportunity to come in just now. i've read everything. i swear it!

mouse, i think you should totally just tell him you have plans. because you DO have plans. you aren't dating him anymore, so if he gets his feelings hurt because you have other plans, then you guys need to have a conversation. just my opinion. smile.gif
Hi time to read today, sorry, I am packing up my personal stuff at the office. I feel sick to my stomach, and I keep breaking into tears. The stupid thing is, I'm packing my stuff up now because I'll need to bring the boxes back - it hasn't even occured to anyone else to start collecting boxes for the closure of the Centre yet. I hate this. I think all my old abandonment issues are going to start coming up to the surface pretty soon...

Anyway, I'm not posting this for sympathies. I just needed to vent so I can get back to packing up. Thanks for being there....

There. How's that for resurrecting the insult?

Well, after waiting for a month, I have finally been paid. This is me paying it all over to the Y for after-school care. The payschedule switch really fucked me over...essentially, it put a -$1000 to my account. This is me being very excited dry.gif Ah well, there will be enough money left over for groceries and gas to get me through the next two weeks. Then I can pay the next one over for rent. Jerks.

Should be a full weekend...plans tonight with an old college friend, meeting with the BFF's tomorrow night for a girls' night of wine and unedited "Sex and the City", and then perhaps another engagement with another old college friend for brunch or something on Sunday. I kind of get this feeling that I wake up at 5:45AM, fall asleep around 10PM, and then it starts all over again and it won't stop until winter break. That's cool, although I am the kind of person who needs downtime to feel normal.

I am really feeling badly for Doodle right now. Sister, if you read this, I am sending you virtual genmaicha vibes, with extra velvet pillows, and a full-body massage from Eddie Izzard. Chica, I loves you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do in terms of moral support.

Doodle- you should be posting for sympathies, honey. Closing the Centre is closing a very long, hard-fought and well lived part of your life. Mourning is good. Use your busties to help you, as you've helped so many other women.

Minxy-sounds like a great weekend in store! We're meeting a friend's new pom puppy, and hitting up the cider mill. I can't wait to see moxette at both! There's something extra special and heart-endearing about a 6 month old who is "seeing" her world for the first time. (mama sigh...)

I hate being at work today. Sleeeepppppyyy....above mentioned sweetie pie was SNORING most of the night. Moxieman, kitty-cat and moxette. A lovely trio of snorers I've got. *stumbles off to find coffee*
Yeah, what mox and minx said, doodle!! You shall get all the love, support and shoulder rubs that you need in here. VEnt away, and keep us posted on how you're doing and feeling.

I've got a whole weekend to myself ahead! Yahoo! Turboman is headinig to MI this morning and going to babysit the neicey and nephie with his dad tonight and tomorrow, and then going to a b-party tomorrow night for one of our dearest friends.

So, I'm planning to see at least one chick movie - likely "Trust the Man," and I'm going to ride my bike downtown and see some of the Celtic Fest, and do a little fall clothes shopping....and just maybe stop by the new LUSH shop downtown. wink.gif

Sigh...I miss cider mills - the city doesn't have much in the way of those....but I do get excellent *unpastuerized* cider (which you can't get in MI anymore) at the farmer's market, and the bakery there does sell cider doughnuts in the fall, so I'll have a faux-mill experience. Still, I'm just as happy to put my family's cider making days behind me, and not reek of fermenting apples too! We had a small orchard and cider press growing up, and fall meant apple squeezing time, among other pantry preparations like canning and pickling.
Happy Friday! Fucking finally! Geez this week's been a long one.

(doodle) Along the lines of what others have said, you can vent anytime. It's got to be really tough to pack up your stuff. Hang in there sister.

Nothing much going on here today. Willing the day to go by quickly.

What does everyone have going on this weekend? Minx is hanging with college pals, moxie is doing fun stuff with moxette, Jenn's having a solo girls weekend. Those all sound like good plans. I don't have too much going on. Tonight I am going to dinner with 2 friends & then to a concert. Class tomorrow. That's it so far. Which is good, b/c I have a loooong list of house stuff I want to do. #1 on the list: painting the kitchen!
Funburgers. Love it, minx.

Thinking of you cause those jerks delayed my student loan checks for my entire fall semester. What I was supposed to get in September, I got at Christmas!!!!!

I was a smart person who planned every step of the way and planned the budget and worked for years on the school stuff and the jobs and making sure the car was paid up and the dentist and doctor were caught up so I could risk coasting, etc., but to the republican multi-millionaire governors we have here, anybody who isn't wealthy enough to go to an extremely expensive scchool is just lazy and dumb anyway, right? Why should they throw their money away?

I had to max out a credit card just to put food in my mouth and a roof over my head, because while my boyfriend could help out somewhat, he couldn't pay my everything.

Hurt my credit rating just to *survive* not to buy 300 dollar jeans and a 500 dollar ipod, thanks very much.
Sucked because I had made all my car payments on time and had a KILLER credit rating.

Now that I've paid the card off -- one more pay off and SEEYA!! I think my rating is actually pretty good.

Doodlebug, this has been a big deal. Honor the stress you feel now, and work through it. Try to get a job. Not knowing what you're doing next is a source of trouble. Heck, even be an admin in a corporation. For awhile, it would be a nice rest.

I had a dream about falljackets!! Ha ha! A bunch of people were coming over to our house -- me and my boyfriends house, which for some reason was my mother's house --wtfbbq!?

And falljackets was one of the first people to arrive, and she apologized for still being kind of sick and sleepy, and I said no problem you can pass out on the couch and we'll put a quilt on you, and I'll give you your drink FIRST and it was -- a licorice mint flavored shot!!


It probably killed you instantly dry.gif

Sorry bout that...
kari, you are totally making me itch to want to paint....the thought of suprising turboman with a new kitchen color is tempting! OR, I could finally finish sanding and painting the kitchen cupboard doors - at least the ones that expose the plumbing and such...will have to think about that one...

I think I'll also spend much of my weekend with Dr. McDreamy...I've got a 30% off coupon for Borders, and I'm going to pick up the season 2 DVDs on my way home today! Mmmmm....Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington...yeah, I could spend a weekend with those boys. cool.gif
Hey all....thanks for the heartage and stuff. It's lovely to have this space, isn't it?

Oh sorry, I forgot.

You fucking cunts!

I stupidly said I'd meet the board chair for coffee at 8:30 so I can get cheques signed....and I'm up now, on a day I hadn't planned on working. Bleargh.

I talked 2.5 hours with a friend/colleague/cohort-in-crime last night - the woman who co-founded the coalition with me. She is in a similar boat with her centre, except her board is still in denial about the how bad the financial situation is. We had a huge half-drunken rant session, and also started planning the media around our Centre's closure. And we planned some other going-down-screaming kind of stuff for this fall. Anyway, she is on leave, temping as an employee advocate for the government employees union; she is going to talk to the local for me and I'm going to apply for temp work there. (I don't want advocacy though, just office work - something with less responsibility!) I could probably get some work over the December/January holidays, which would be a would be something to get me going in a new direction anyway, and would get my foot in the door - if I could eventually get on full time with the union, an office support staff position would (ironically) pay more than the women's centre coordinator job, plus pension plan and benefits, plus I'd be a member of two unions. (You have to be a member of the union you're working on behalf of, PLUS you have to be a member of a different union because your employer would be...the union!) Also, my friend might have a six month placement in my town in the early spring, and would rent out my spare room (after we clean the fucker out), which would help me out quite a bit.

I might paint some furniture this weekend. Or a wall.

Okay, fuck. I'd better start getting my ass in gear. If I didn't need my paycheque signed, I wouldn't even bother.
Doodle... Two words... Florida vacation. Free room and board. A couple of rum runners will kill your grief for a while.
minxy- have you ever listened to Bif Naked? Awesome countywoman of album has a song "Funeral of a Good Grrrlll". The chorus of which is "do it to me now...throw me to the ground..." grrr. I thought of you. And what the MRG is preventing me from this weekend. Darn you, MRG!

Off to find food.
i can never think of any good insults. oh well.

(((doodle))) i'm so sorry you have to go through this right now. super tough. but i can't imagine you won't be able to find something else fulfilling. i have faith in you doodle!

hello everyone.....sounds like you've all got good weekends up ahead--there's an art crawl in my neighborhood this weekend so i'll probably be doing that.

i did end up going out with my friend last night, but ex boy never called again, which pisses me off because even though i would've said no, i'm cranky that he didn't call. bleh. well, it's unlike him to actively blow me off, and i know the project he's working on has a deadline of today, so maybe he just got super busy. however, a text message to say "hey, can't make it tonight after all" might've been cool. meh.

the friend i hung out with and i are on the exact same page when it comes to the boys, which is great to have someone to commiserate with...we've both had these on again, off again, ex boy fuckbuddy thing going on for the past year with our respective boys, and both ended it within two days of each other, it's actually kind of funny how similar it is. she ran into a couple of her ex's friends when we got to the bar, and then as we were leaving, one of my ex's friends randomly showed up. awkwardness. and hilariousness. at least she understands!
Bif Naked!!

Long time no hear -- ee.

I bet she regrets picking that name
centre's door closes,
but doodle's heeding the knock:

hey lovelies. i'm here for a second. that's all i have time for right now, though. i've read and i'm up to date, just have zero time this week. hoping next week will be better!

will post tonight! (or later)

oh, i love you all, you bunch of cuntbags!
hello ho-bags....simple, the point. biggrin.gif

after reading archives, devouring some garlic hummus and G & B's chocolate....i'm ready to post the pictures i took last nite of my hair. but then i realized....I DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT CABLE!!! *pouts* sadly, i cannot share my hair until i find that damn next week....

it looks like tonite will be a mo-m and jakey-poo nite. i get to workout...jake watches....we might watch a movie after. tomorrow is the drunken wake/b-day party for my friend L, and i've already called dibs on one of her beds. laugh.gif

(doodle) doors are already opening....look forward to the new opportunities.*gives a big hug and some chocolate* i would take that trip to florida that is offering....carpe diem

mouse, its sounds like you had a good evening after all. ignore the ex boy...obviously not worth it if he didn't even text.

it sounds like everyone has their weekends all set up....hi kari, wombat, minx, moxie, turbo, fj!

Blah, I'm too tired to insult.

Today is a pain in the ass and everyone in our office is crabby. It sucks to be crabby and poor at the same time. My bank account is very low, so I can't buy anything fun. sad.gif

I'm tired of revising all of the new people's work.
i'm sorry, but drunken wake/bday party????????
Hi again, thanks for all your thoughts. FJs, you are SOOOO sweet to invite me to Florida, thank you so much. I would love to go to Florida, especially since I've never ever been there, but alas, it's not in the budget this year. Car needs work and new tires before winter, and the rent's going up, and the job's disappearing. It's going to be a tight winter for me, unless some kind of magic happens.

Carpe phooey!

Ah, I'm only kidding. Carpe phooey is from an old Bloom County cartoon. (Or was it Calvin and Hobbes? Wait...Get Fuzzy?)

I did carpe diem and bought some paint this morning. Aha, but it was budgeted for! I was waiting for reimbursement for some travel expenses from May....I was actually planning to paint in July, but I sent the wrong receipts the first time!!! Anyway, I knew if I didn't buy the paint now like I'd been planning, I'd do something stupid with the money, like stock the bunker with canned goods and dried beans, and then I'd never get my paint. Ooh, plus the folks in the store recognized me from my job (as spokesperson), and they gave me a huge non-profit discount...which was really cool of them! Anyway, it's a lovely shade of....yes, green. Get over it, I love green. It's for the bedroom - I don't know if I'll start this weekend, but I've got no excuses now, anyway.

Ok, that's the Me Report for today. Now stop making me cry, you crusty cunts! (And crusty foreskins.)

*sings Bif Naked songs in the thread*

I love myself today, not like yesterday
I'm cool, I'm calm, I'm gonna be okay, uh huh
I love myself today, not like yesterday
Take another look at me now
'Cause it's your last look, your last look forever!

*bangs head*
yes mouse, at a wake, well, a traditional wake is for someone who has passed away and you do a small roast/rememberance whilst drinking alcoholic beverages. my dear friend L is slightly obsessed with death and has always expected to die in a car accident by the age of 34..which is what she will be in a matter of days. so, to poke a finger at the Fate in her head, we are having a wake instead of a birthday party. Now we have all thought it would suck if she should perchance die in said auto accident after this event, but we figure that she'll know how much she was loved and it will be fine. in a sick, demented way of course. but this is what she wants so this is what she is getting. we will have a keg of guinness and a full bar to help 'us' along. i am bringing a gift, figgy vodka, and a sleeping bag(possibly a large bottle of aspirin) with me. and maybe some hawaiian bread for the next morning. dry.gif
Doodle, I hereby proclaim that you *shall not* have a tight winter, that *prosperity* is headed your way, and will swish in at the exact perfect moment to usher you into your new professional life. So there. paint. Any purple to go with that? Its my favorite color combo...except maybe pale blue and spring green...I like them too....oh, I could sit and wish upon the color wheel all afternoon.

1 more hour at this desk, and I am outta here, for my man-free weekend...first stop, Borders - to pick up a little McDreamy on the way home. *sigh*

ms gb...what's this about a b-day party wake? Ah, ms gb - thank you for explaining...still, I'm not sure I could handle that, but then, maybe I've been to too many funerals and wakes in the last many years...I'm not poking anything even vaguely in the direction of Death! wink.gif

Apparently, I've been saddled to plan a going-away something for one of my co-workers. She's not even my friend. Why is this my job exactly?! They forget, I'm the computer jockey, not an extrovert like the rest of the nuts in our dept.

Poodle, I'm sorry your co-workers suck. I dread similar pains with the new hires that will be coming in.
turbo, turbo, turbo. The whole apartment is green with purple! Except where it's green with turquoise. My sheets are purple! Actually, I do have that big can of bluey-purple (a mistint I found), which I'm trying to decide what to do with. I still have no idea, but I expect inspiration to hit at a later date.

What is a Borders and what is a McDreamy? And why are you organizing a party? Can you not tell them you won't do it? (Look who's telling other people to "just say no," hah!)

Today I got really, really angry about my colleague dying from that stress-induced heart attack, and as far as I'm concerned, her death is on the BC government's head. They are spending BILLIONS on the fucking 2010 Olympics, but they can't (won't) find the $1.7 million that would fund women's services across the entire province. Fucking hell, it cost a million just to redecorate the Premier's office!
Poodle: how bout playing with old stuff?

or check out!!

It's great -- all these usually macho, dorky, stooopid (for the most part) heavy metal guys are sticking up for Dilana! It warms the heart.
thats just it, turbo...we aren't pointing the finger at Fate herself...just the fate in L's head...she's been surrounded by deaths since the early age of 13....and has, as such, developed a sick sense of morbidity/humor. Pointing the finger at Fate and whacking her with a 40 of guinness is like begging for bad, we aren't doing that. we are doing 40's of guinness though.

i just got a juice box...mmmm!

Borders is a big bookstore with a dvd/music section....i'll let turbo tell you about Dr. McDreamy!!!(sighs)
Well, who can argue with 40s of Guinness?!

See doodle, that's why we're like inter-country twins, see?!

I'd like to paint our bedroom a sooft earthy green, with the wall our bed is against in a dusty purple...turboman is afraid of color, though, and I am lazy, so that one hasn't happened yet.

Yep, Borders is just a big bookstore, which mostly I boycott, because their selection isn't as good as the Barnes & Noble that is one block further down on the street, and the employees at the Borders here don't know much about much. BUT, I have a 30% off coupon for Borders, so that's where I shall go!
that sounds like a really funny birthday party ms gb smile.gif

turbo! bad bad turbo. very bad turbo. you had to go and mention devil's night and its smoky sugariness, and now i have found myself with a paypal receipt for devil's night 06, dorian AND morocco. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM??? when will i ever buy myself a new fridge!!? ohmy.gif
wombat, I confess, I voted for Dilana about 25 times in the last go 'round, even tho' I'm Canadian! I totally think she was the better singer AND the better performer. If she'd had a PENIS she would have won.

turbo, you could just paint rooms like I wall per weekend! It's much easier, tho' you do have to live with a bit of a mess over the course of the month. smile.gif However, this weekend, I think I will paint some furniture. I brought home this funky low bookshelf from the Centre, which my grandad built years and years ago, but I've got so much darker wood in here that I'm going to paint it something light and fresh. Green probably. *ignores the groans from the crowd* And also, I have this slightly ornate mirror frame that I painted black when doodlemama was here, but it turned out too gothy-looking for me, so I want to perk it up a bit, maybe with some of my craft acrylics. PLUS BFF's b-day is next week, and I want to give her a dragonfly painting (she loves dragonflies).

miz gb, what KIND of juice box?

mouse, what is devil's night 06? Come to think of it, what is dorian and morocco?

I had to make room for my books that were at the Centre, so I just threw away thirty pounds of old textbooks. Ok, not thrown away, but left beside the dumpster. I used to try to read them, since I never got a formal edumacation, but everytime I cracked a sociology or psych textbook, I was arguing with it by page four. So.
doodlebug, get thee a bpal addiction, stat! all three are perfume oils. devil's night, as turbo said in the sniff sniff thread and as i am hoping, is sugar smoke and musk, dorian is tea, lemon, sugar and musk, and morocco is warm vanilla. at least that is how they come across to me.
I hope people drink at my funeral. Maybe I'll create a playlist for the music I want played during my death party.

I have plenty of old stuff to play with, wombat. It's the food and drink that I hate skimping on. I just don't have money to pay covers, eat or drink out, and so on. Going out is no fun when there's a tight budget involved.

My co-workers (even the meddler) are the people who keep me from going totally insane. If it weren't for the republican and the tennessee guy (a closet hippie, like myself), I wouldn't have any fun or anyone to complain about work with. It's my boss that I want to strangle. She's a very nice woman, but the way she operates our business is mucho whacko. I have to come into work over the weekend, but I guess it's only fair considering that I worked a half-day on Tuesday. Stupid airport takings.
doodle, darling, all you have to do is say the word, and send me your address, and I shall enable you into the ways of bpal. But it is addictive, as mouse mentioned below (sorry, doll!)....but I have only tes and tart to blame, as they were my you see - it all comes around!

Poodle, I love your love of music, and I am so glad that in our bustie commune that you will be our musical archivist and DJ. Interestingly enough, a friend of mine is startin up his own co-op in one of my favorite places in WA, and it is very tempting indeed. But I know that in the long run, I am not cut out for communal living. I like privacy and time alone way too much.

Oh, and doodle, I cannot live with mess or clutter...when I get the urge to paint, I'll do it all in one shot, no matter how long it takes. I think the "pleasure palace" remodel took 3 nights total...I transform into a woman obsessed. Though moderation might be a better course in the end.
Hello all!

I just returned from diva's house, where we ate pizza, drank tacky beverages, and watched The Producers. I bought a sixer of Pabst (in the tall cans) and diva had herself a Sex on the Beach in a Hard Rock Cafe glass. smile.gif The Producers was heeeelarious! I can't get over how cute Nathan Lane is. He's like a puppy. I love movies, but I get super antsy or tired about halfway through. The ex-resident-boy can attest to this. I've fallen asleep so many times while watching movies with him. Anyway, it was a good night, but I'm wiped after such a suck-ass work day.

Yeah, the co-op thing is really appealing to me, but I like to do my own thing on my own schedule. It would be fun to live with a couple people, but not in a highly organized environment.

Well, kiddos, I'm falling asleep as I type, so it's time for me to turn in for the night. See y'all tomorrow!
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