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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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OHHHH kittenb! Happy Birthday! Me so sorry, me missed it!

How many spankies is it?
I sing to my kitties, too--especially the Carpenters song "Close to You."

Wow, diva, that's kind of odd of your dad to ask you about a possible wedding. That's funny about your ma, turbo. My mom is usually pretty cool with it when I tell her I don't think I want kids, but then again, she already has 3 grandchildren.

I'm eating mac 'n' cheese right now--the yummy, non-nutritious Kraft kind. favorite.

I get to leave in about 20 minutes!!! Yayayayayay!!!
doodle! hahahaha! No offense, but being from Detroit, where "the weak are killed and eaten," making a bit of fun of our Windsor neighbours (see, i can be Canadian, too!) is kind of a rite of passage. That was funny about the excuse me. smile.gif

Kitten, it sounds like you had a lovely birthday. How wonderful, nails, hair and today, martinis!

Ugh, i had bad soup (in that i didn't particularly like it) for lunch, and i'm hungry. Must fight urge for doritos!

Diva, I thought of you when I emailed our local dem party hq this morning about volunteering. Sigh...door knocking, here i come. Stroller and all!
*imagining turbojenn making a frilly baby bonnet, putting it on turbo the dog, taking a picture, and sending it to her mother*

Who wants to end all fighting except for in hockey
Who shops for a truck based on the holder for the coffee?
Who stands erect and insecure just like the CN tower?
Who's a superhero but not a superpower?

Canadaman! He eats donuts every day
Canadaman! and tries to keep out of the way
Canadaman! He appreciates input
And he says excuse me if you step on his foot

He can't fly or levitate can barely even jump
Can't see through women's clothing or bounce bullets off his rump
Looks horrible in tights, his Muscle are like lard
But who could save a life with his organ donor's card?

Canadaman! He loves Canadian culture
Canadaman! But what it is he isn't sure
Canadaman! Enjoys the social safety net
But who takes a job in the states the first chance he gets

Canadaman! He knows how to make poutine
Canadaman! And his hero is Lorn Greene
Canadaman! Wears a toque upon his head
He makes it look so easy or should we say e-zed!

--Canadaman by Arrogant Worms

hi msgoof, mouse, divalla, kittenb, moxie, poodle!
That song makes me want to be a Candian.

Thanks again all. Doodle, it will be 33 spankies this year! biggrin.gif
I prefer this song m'self:

Our country reeks of trees
Our Yaks are really large
And they smell like rotting beef carcasses
And we have to clean up after them
And our saddle sores are the best
We proudly wear women's clothing
And searing sand blows up our skirts
And the buzzards, they soar overhead
And poisonous snakes will devour us whole
And our bones will bleach in the sun
And we will probably go to hell
And that is our great reward
For being the-uh Ro-oy-al Canadian Kilted Yaksmen!

Ah. Ren 'n Stimpy. *wipes a tear*
happy birthday kittenb!

i love canada. half my family is there, in toronto, but i haven't been up there in far too long. maybe for canadian thanksgiving this year, hmmmm..........
OMG - wombat - I was *just* talking about the Arrogant Worms on Saturday when we were out drinking, and we all admitted to a soft spot for that song!

Doodle, I think being Canadian is a very good thing. especially good these days. *tucks doodle in for a nice nap*

Oh, my org is self distructing this week...its kind of funny, in a sick, sick way. We're down 3 staff member this week, in my department of 6. HAHAHAhahaha! Let's see, one of them we hired from the agency we're taking over, as a favor to them when she wanted to move downstate and they didn't have a position for her, and we wanted more presence there...oh, she went back to the agency we're taking over - that one is like a bomb exploding...board members scurrying everywhere to pick up the pieces. Now, 2 other co-workers just up and quit, not wanting to work with said agency we're taking over. Oh, its a good time here. Yes indeedy. Really, all I can do is laugh, 'cause all the worker bees saw this coming, but its like the war in Iraq - lots of idealism, no sense of reality or planning. We've got two distinct cultures, and they're like oil and water, for lack of a better term.

A bonnet for turbo - now that would be funny!!
I was singing "Irritable Bowel Syndrome" for my batman while we where on vacation.
He was not too amused.
ARRRRGGGH!!! I'm so pissed off at the vet!! Oscar literally crapped and pissed himself, he was so scared. I realize that it's perfectly normal for a cat to get a little scared and maybe moan/hiss at the vet, but geez!! Oscar had totally adapted to the exam room and then the vet picked him up by the scruff of his neck and he went crazy. Before that, Oscar was rubbing up against the guy's leg and totally friendly, so it seems that you would pick him up normally. The vet's like, "Wow, this is really uncommon." Um, well, I don't know about you, but every adult cat I've known hates to be picked up that way. The thing that sucks is that Oscar is the "boss-cat" around here, so he takes it out on his brother when something like this happens. Now Gus is sitting up on his safety perch. Oscar's doing well now, but it took about an hour of comforting him in my bedroom before he was ready to come out and act semi-normal. That's it, I'm looking for a new vet. Fucking idiots.

Phew! Well, now that I got that off my chest, I'm proud to say that I voted for the Muslim guy!!

~*~*~*~anti-stress vibes for turbo~*~*~*~ Ugh, that sucks so bad. We had a couple just up and quit last year and it was pretty chaotic for a while. If I ever see those people out and about, I'm gonna slash their tires.

I think I need to take a relaxing bath now.
Aww, poor Oscar.

Yeah, cats like to be held like babies so they feel secure and don't dangle. A larger creature grabbing you by the neck as an adult is a death threat.

And, cats don't really like to be held at all, by strangers, so sometimes the careful approach with the cat's back feet on the arm and front feet on the shoulder is even better yet.

Or ASK the cat's PERSON to hold the cat. Jeez.

This guy does NOT have a good "cat-side manner" !!!!

Can I get somma those awesome bustie vibes for my mama??? She's back in the hospital, with maude knows what. She's been tired all weekend, sleeping non-stop, which is unusual for her - she took yesterday off, they ran a billion tests and found nothing. She went to work this morning, and her school called my dad and said she was falling asleep at her desk, and not very aware. All the scans they ran this afternoon look fine - EKG was as normal as hers gets, CAT scan was fine, they're waiting 24 hours to get her blood cultures back, but this one is weird. Always a new mystery with my mama.

Poodle, your vet bites. AND, I think you should either call, or write them a letter to let them know that they lost you as a client, so they know they need to change their practices. And, maybe they'll give you that vet visit free!

Honestly, the work shit is just funny. No one likes working for my boss, and to have 3 quit in as many days...just proves it....but it won't change her behavior one bit...she's golden in this org. I don't really have a problem with her, but then I'm fine with just doing as I'm told. Challenge her, and there lies your problem. Add the merger mess to it, and it just becomes more difficult to stay. But really, it is funny. And I can't do any more work than I'm already doing, so they're just going to have to figure it out.

(((((((((( Oscar and Gus)))))))))
For your Tuesday evening pleasure:

IPB Image
Hi all....

I wasn't really tired (or so I thought), but after turbo decided to tuck me in, I felt this bizarre urge to take a loooooong nap. So I did.

Oh turbo, I'm sorry your mama and your family's going through all this. And the shit at work on top of that! ARGH!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ vibes for turbomama ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*I* want a picture of turbodogg in a bonnet, nevermind one for turbomama.

poodle, I'd be really pissed off too! Handling a cat that way can seriously hurt it! WTF is wrong with your vet? Poor Oscar. Give him some lovins from me, Georgie, and Carmella too. And Gus too.

Hey moxie - would it surprise you to know it turned out to be the foreign phrase I used most?

wombat, you and I both know that three-quarters of the Yankee peeps on this board wish they lived in Canada! smile.gif

minx, I am totally crushing on you hard after your post in BustSecrets. If I wasn't losing my job, I'd totally be buying you that air ticket! biggrin.gif (ETA: ha ha, I accidentally wrote "your pose in BustSecrets" the first time!)
Well. ya know...we could just go find somewhere to make out.

~*~*~*~*~(((((health vibes and hugs turbomom)))))~*~*~*~*~

I watched the Dancing with the Stars earlier tonight and I think I may be developing an addiction. I should have watched a movie instead.

I feel so bad for Oscar. I think he's forgotten about it for now, but it was pretty traumatizing for him. I just don't want him to feel scared around strangers, because he's such a friendly cat. I really don't know why the vet decided to grab him by the scruff of the neck when the little guy would have been totally willing to be picked up the normal way. It seems so obvious that you have to make the pet comfortable first and get the unpleasant part overwith as soon as possible. They tried to grab him with a towel multiple times and then the assistant didn't even have the shot ready when Oscar was restrained. My poor baby was shreaking so loud. Oscar's pretty wiped out right now and I've been giving him kisses every minute. I'm sure he's exhausted from fighting so much. I'll write a letter to the vet's office when I'm a little less upset. I still tear-up when I look at my fur baby. I feel like a bad cat mom.
thanks for the hugs and vibes ya'll. I'm just getting tired of the yo-yoing back and forth with my mom's health. And the woman is so tough, she won't cop to anything until she's falling down in front of her students. Its just hard for the docs to pinpoint any one thing with her...99% of people don't survive the cancer she's had, her heart's banged up from all the chemo, and maude knows what's causing the current compulsive sleeping, but her heart is pumping away ok. I'm wondering about her lung issues at this point...the chemo's broken them too...its just wait and see at this point.

*buys a ringside seat for the minxy-doodle makeout session*

Poodle, I think you're nothing BUT a good cat momma - concerned for your baby's welfare, and soothing him as best you can. Not your fault that vet scared the poor boy!

Ok, I must toddle off to bed now.


pssst....I watched Dancing too...I loooove it. Not as good as "So you think you can dance," but I'll take it. It fulfills my terrible reality tv craving.
Hi, again!

I'm back from my big day of door-knocking. I certainly got my exercise in for the day, doing 4 different runs, one to the 'hood, 2 to the Spanish-speaking area, and one in Uptown. It was pretty cool and refreshingly untedious, like our regular union doorknocks are. And my candidate won! The next closest one conceded, so it looks like our next US Rep is going to be the first Black Muslim in Congress! Woot!

Poodle, give Oscar an extra kiss for me. No vet in his right mind should handle an animal that way, and he needs to know that.

((((((((((((((((((( Turbomama )))))))))))))))) I hope she comes out of this one okay. She sounds like a real tough broad.

Hi, GB, Wombat, Doodle, and everyone I missed!

Time for bed. G'night!
Woo-hoo! Go Mpls!! Really, that is so awesome that ya'll are electing the first black muslim in congress! And way to go, Diva, in working for a candidate you believe in!!

Another rainy day here....sigh. I'm VERY tired this morning. Our asshole neighbors were not only chain smoking on their balcony all night, which made it impossible for me to open my windows without choking on their pollution...that's one thing. But they were playing house music until 1am in their living room, and our bedroom backs up to their livingroom, so the booming base kept me up until 12pm. UGH. Next time I see them, they're going to hear it from me. Its one thing on the weekend, but it was farking tuesday night! I can only hope that once the wife has the baby, maybe there will be less house music. I can only hope.

And I have a full line up of meetings today. ugh.
Mornin' ladies!!

Yes, Minneapolis kicks ass. We really need to get Minnesota back to an all-out Democratic State. I just know that Pawlenty will be governor again, but maybe we can get both senate seats back in the next few years. I would have to move if Norm Coleman and Mark Kennedy were our senators. Just hearing their names makes me gag.

~*~*~*~more vibes for turbomama~*~*~*~ She's a trooper!! Is she back home now or will she be staying at the hospital for a while?

That's just so rude to play house music on a Tuesday night in an apartment building. Of course people are gonna hear it!! That sucks. I have pretty diverse taste in music, but I definitely absolutely despise house and most techno. It reminds me of ravers, of whom I've known many. Even ex-ravers like the former-resident-boy act like they used to party at Studio 54 or something. Some of my friends in highschool morphed into ravers and they started acting all stupid and giving me the cold shoulder because I wasn't into the rave scene. Many of them went through rehab after highschool and are just now returning to the real world (sort of).

Anyway...I better leave for work. Ugh, I have so much shit to do. Blah...
I love the Ren and Stimpy, doodlebug! And I have to admit, living in Vancouver is a fantasy of mine. Along with living in L.A., London, Berlin and maybe Barcelona. And somehow I think I will end up in New Mexico someday.

~*~*~vibes for turbomama!!~*~*~

I can honestly say she's inspiring, even though the word "inspiring" usually makes me want to vomit.

What cancer was it?

I second the "good furbaby momma" pinkpoodle!

Hi to divala, msgoofball, moxie, minx! ha! I must run off and read that bustsecret post! marileen, karianne, kittenb, tyger, and .... I always forget someone -- but -- hi to the Kvetchies!

Later: darnit! forgot MOUSE!! Where is mouse, anyway? Mousie, mousie, come out to play!

Now let's see if this gets added to my previous post.

It's not a bug, it's a feature!!
My mom's had about 10 different kinds of cancer - started as breast cancer, but she'd have a couple strains growing at any one time. She had a bone marrow transplant about 10 yesrs ago, and has been cancer free for about 4 years now, but has since been struggling with other medical issues that are a result of all the chemo she's had - heart/lung issues, weakened immune system, and it just spins out from there. The lady is tough, but her body is not as resilient as it used to be, and I worry about her continuing to teach those little germ factories, but its what she loves most.

Gah, I have 4 hours of meetings starting in about an hour. ICK. Guess I better get ready for it.

Yeah, poodle, last night sucked. Worse thing is its not like they're going to move out anytime soon - I'm in a condo building, and they're just re-doing their kitchen and about to have a kid. I want my old neighbors back - they got to be close friends, and I miss them dearly. We'd just sit on our balcony, and they sat on theirs and we'd chat back and forth all evening. Now I rarely even sit out there 'cause the ciggie smoke wafts over, and I can't take it.

I'm just all around crabby today, I think.
Good Morning Bustiers!

((Turbomama)) Jenn, I am hoping for the best with your mom. I hope the drs figure it out pronto & fix it. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this repeatedly. That freaking sucks about your neighbors too. Ugh.

Poodle, I cannot believe your vet! What an ass. I agree with moxie, your vet does not have good cat side manor. I'd switch too.

Doodle, I am glad you took a mental health day, you deserve it. Recent events are a lot to take in, I'm sure you needed a day to decompress.

Things here today are fairly good I guess. I did my presentation at our meeting yesterday, and I was feeling good about it, until my boss came in here to review it with me. He said it was good all in all, but said our Exec Director said he was bothered that I sort of interrupted a Commissioner at one point. I don't think I did, I'm not really one to talk over people. Anyhow, that sort of deflated me a little bit. I hate stuff like that. I will review the tape anyhow when we type up the minutes, I'll check it out. Anyhoo.

PR tonight! Woohoo!
I think bosses feel the need to be more critical than your average person. I can't see you being so interruptive that it would be worth discussing. Most people do a little interrupting here and there. Stupid. I'm sure you did a great job.

Yeah, there's a vet clinic south of my 'hood that specializes in cats. Hopefully, they would know that adult cats aren't cool with being picked up that way. I think I'll call them and ask them to mail me a list of their qualifications. I still have to take Gus in to get some shots. He's less trusting of people, so I definitely need to take him to a place that knows cat psychology. Sometimes I wonder if Gus was abused or mistreated by people before I took him in. He still flinches sometimes when I go to pet him. I usually don't put my hand over his head unless he approaches me. He's constantly seeking out my affection, so it's not a big deal. I kinda like it that he only comes to me for lovin.' He's extremely affectionate with me--sometimes to the point where it's annoying. I wuvs my babies.

Turbo, why not ask your neighbors to turn the bass down a notch? If they're offended, then that makes them the assholes in the situation. I did that when the guys below me moved in and it never became an issue after that. They were playing house music, too. Nobody fucks with my "me" time. I think I get that from my dad.
Thanks poodles. Yeah, I think it was one of those things that only your boss might notice. I definitely don't think it was really that evident.

I wonder what my dog's life was like before we got her too. You just never know with animals.

Where is everyone today??

I am going out to lunch today. Mexican. YUM.
mornin' ladies!

kari, that's so lame. who feels the need to do that?? also, who cares? i'm sorry you have to deal with a stupid boss like that.


~*oscar furbaby*~

hi wombat! when you were asking where i was, i was asleep in bed! i'm a few hours later than most of you guys. hi pood! hi turbo! hi karianne! good morning! where's everybody else this morning? i am full of exclamation points today!

minx, i gotta say your post in the confessions thread was the best one yet. i wanted to say something last night but i was about to leave work and it wouldn't let me post. maybe i'll go see if my two cents is needed now. meh.
Hi, peeps!

Karianne, you probably did a great job. Don't worry about it! If your boss has to nitpick that much to find something that you may or may not have done to give "criticism", then you're way ahead of the game. Supervisors just have to seek out the negative so you can't feel too good about yourself.

Turbo, my landlords are constantly having parties and playing really loud music (and moving around a fooseball table?) in the wee hours, sometimes during the week. Just give your neighbors a call and I'm sure they'll be more considerate in the future. We have to call our landlords all the time for that, and it usually works (unless it's so loud they can't hear their phones).

I'm in no mood to work today. I've got to leave for a union meeting in a few minutes. See ya later!
I think I'm feeling less cranky now...I just spent the last two hours interviewing and videotaping one of our adoptive families about their experience, and they were just bubbling over with goodness, and joy, I couldn't help but feel a bit better.

YEah, I should get the neighbors' phone I have no numbers of anyone in our building. Last night, I finally got out of bed, got semi dressed to go knock on their door, and as I'm leaving our unit, the noise stopped. I'm hoping this was a one-off thing, as they have never been noisy after 10pm before...and I'm hoping that with a new baby in the house, maybe the house music won't be jammin' as much.

There's really nothing that stresses me out more than noise from other people's apartments. Just ask turboman about living with me when our downstairs neighbors' marriage was dissolving...there was daily screaming and dishes thrown...I was a basket case that year.

Obviously, I need to go check out minx's confessions post, and see what all the hub-ub as about.

Well, off to more meetings for me - hurrah!
*bursts through thread door and obnoxiously clangs cowbell *

helllloo, luvahs!

i've been MIA for a while, so it took some time to read all the archives.

i know i'll not come close to mouse's summation from last week, but here goes:

*deep breath*

poodle, are you still liking the sap moss? i bought myself some about a month ago and LOVED it. still do, although, like most hair products, it seems to not be working as well as it was last month. i've been switching up with some cheap ass pantene every few washings just for somethin' different. i think i'll buy the deep treatment this weekend though. i'm like you, not particulalrly *fond* of the scent, but it grows on me and i like that it's all nature-y. sorry about your kitty. funnily, missus abigail boots actually LIKES to be picked up by her scruff (confession: mrfj actually picks her up by her scruff with his mouth and she just hangs there and then cuddles with him afterward). but she's a goof cat. most kitties do NOT appreciate that kind of thing. (((oscar)))

turbo, that site you put up for doodle is just the coolest. i think i'll make one for myself and keep it in my favorites so i can pull it up when i'm feeling low. ((((((((turbomama))))))) i sure hope she feels better and they can get to the bottom of the sleep thing. and sorry for the people quitting. i hope that doesn't mean that you have to pick up the slack!

yes! biege is evil!

turqouise kitchens are rad! mine is cheddar cheese orange, and i can't wait to put up some bright green and yellow tiles along the wall for a backsplash, but that comes later. i might even throw a turquoise one in for accent!

mouse got to see willie nelson! i saw him last year. he's so great. i love him. i wish he was my uncle so i could get stoned on his tour bus with him and sing "blue eyes crying in the rain" with him. we'd get wasted and i'd fall asleep brushing his hair.

diva! yay for rockin' the vote! i need to be more politically active. i have good intentions. does that count? i DO vote, i just don't get out there and tell people that they should too. i sort of keep my political views to myself also because most of the peeps i work with are either conservative or full on fundies. boooooo.

moxie, i love keith olberman. i always forget to watch his show. *reminds self to watch tonight*

ren and stimpy got a mention! oh, i so love ren and stimpy! truuuly, i do!

what rolls down stairs alone or in pairs,
rolls over your neighbor's dog?
what's great for a snack and fits on your back?
it's log, log, log!

it's lo-og, it's lo-og
it's big, it's heavy it's wood
it's lo-og, it's lo-og
it's better than bad, it's good!

everyone wants a log!
you're gonna love a log!
come on and get your log!
everyone needs a log!

log, by blamo!


oh, i watched part of dancing with the stars last night. i wanted to laugh at tucker carlson, but i missed his performance. i did see emmitt smith (who i dig because he's a former UF football player!) and he did an awesome job!

karianne, i agree with diva. they HAVE to complain about something or they wouldn't be bosses. blergh. i bet you did great!

minx, i love yas! i'm curious as to the text message, but i have an idea. i'm glad for you.

hi wombat, kvetchies, msgb and everyBUSTie else.

i'll be back in a few. i need to run a package to the post office...i bought a gf a really pretty babydoll nightie from VS last week and i have to send it to her. it's a *no reason* gift and i'm hoping to really shock her with it. i've been teasing her saying that i'm her stalker, so that's how i signed the gift card. hehehehe.

Hi FJ!!! Can I hang out with Willie, too? I want to learn the ins and outs of tax evasion. I love "On the Road Again" and "Whiskey River." I should learn to play those on my geetar.

That's so sweet of you to buy a "no reason" gift for your friend. That's a good idea.

That is soooo funny that mrFJ picks up missus abigail boots like a mama-kitty. She probably likes it because it reminds her of kittenhood. I fake-bite my cats, but it's more playful and they know I'm not gonna hurt them. Oscar actually likes it when I pounce on him and growl, especially when he wakes me up in the morning.

Yeah, I'm liking the Sap Moss stuff. It's fun to lather up. The smell is growing on me. It's better than a heavily perfumed smell.
memo to fj: my deviant cat fetishes are not for public consumption on websites potentially monitored by law enforcement officials. Kindly keep this point in mind in future posts.
Wow, I am outta that other thread. Some folks are just too fucking irrational for words. And really disappointing. Kill me now.

I hate it when people act human.
*pats a seat on the bustie sofa* c'mon, minxy, just sit on down, and stay here with us where it is warm and fluffy...I don't even know what's going on 'round here, and I'm not sure I should find out!

I think I feel a tad jangled after that staff meeting. After the loss of three of our team in as many days, and the end of our fiscal year in 3 weeks looking very grim with layoffs boss is on a very thin edge. She was just really loopy, and it was a little shocking as she is normally very direct and business oriented. I feel a little bad for her.

hi hi FJs, we've *meeced* you this week!!

I'm a hair product whore, and while I love aveda, I've gone to a non-silicone diet for my hair. I thought my wavy, thick hair needed it to behave, but after about 3 weeks of non-silicone shampoos and products, my hair became softer than ever, and I rarely even use styling products anymore. I'm just sayin. LUSH would be my current love for all things hair and body.
hi all!!!

fj, that was quite a post...i'm guessing you are back to your good feeling happy self. thank goddess for painkillers....and play biting your cats back of the neck shows dominance but in a cuddly way....jake is always appreciative of kisses and bites. maybe that's why he prefers me to

turbo, that sucks! what a slew of messes...~*~*~**healthy vibes for turbomamma~***~~*
tell the neighbors to suck it up after 10pm...isn't there a noise ordinance of sorts..? i hate to call the cops on people partying but i have when it prevented me from sleeping...11pm is way too late on a wed. nite to be playing mariachi music....and hopefully your work will not require you to up your duties. dry.gif

diva, wooo for you for going political...i'm afraid i'm not so into my political beliefs as i want to be. i've always wanted to do some parade to show support....maybe one day.

poodles furbabys.....poor things! i would've have verbally degraded that vet for what he did...does he know you or your furbabys at all? check out that new place...i'm all for it.

Minx.....(gives a huge hug and then sits next to turbo to watch the doodle-minx makeout session) cool.gif

hi kari! turquoise does rule...but beige is a for a paint mom has a pinky beige all over the house...bleh.....give me anything but beige.

hi wombat! hi mouse! hi moxie! where's tyger?
I tried joking around about it, but, ack. Must be something in the stars.

Mercury is not just retrograde, but has fallen into the sun and burned up.

*all sitting on big couch, piled on top of each other like a litter of puppies, eating peanut butter and nutella on whole wheat sandwiches and chewing solemnly*

Hi, FJ!! Glad you're back.

Ooh, turbo, that is sticky icky. Reassure her of your loyalty, I would say. Offer to help her find new people. Being part of the hiring process will put you in a more powerful position. But, eh, maybe she's feeling too threatened for that. Oh Oh! Hair product -- try Biolage conditioning balm. SOOOO good. No wax, nothing ending in "cone" and no lauryl sulfates and alcohols, nothing crispy -- it makes the christmas-tree-shaped frazz on my head look like normal lady hair.
Yeah, we're all invited to help find people to fill the empty holes here, but I don't know if I could honestly recommend the experience of working here right at this moment, when everything is so chaotic. I sent her the "you are mighty" website thingy, and I could her her laughing in her office, so that's good. We'll make it through.

mmmm.....nutella. pepper posted a wicked recipe for homeade nutella in the trolls thread, and I am totally going to make it this weekend.

Ok, I must somehow now motivate myself to go to the gym....hmmmm.....

*jumps in the puddle of busties*
~*~*~*~work relief vibes for turbo~*~*~*~

I was just listening to Prince, so now I feel like letting out all sorts of shouts and squeals, and so on. If only I had a purple air guitar.

*heavy panting* ...And the ride...I said the riiiiiiiiiiide is so must be a limousine!! Aaaaaaoooowww!!!

There's nothing more hilarious than getting bombed with friends and then watching Purple Rain. We should do that sometime. Heh, that reminds me, my ex-boyfriend used to strip to When Doves Cry at bachelorette parties, etc. He was doing cocaine at the time and he needed the extra dough (all prior to me, by the way). He wouldn't do his routine for me though because he was too embarrassed. When he told me the song, I literally rolled around on the floor in laughter for about 10 minutes and then intermittently throughout the day. It's funny--one of the complaints I commonly receive from ex-guys is that I made fun of them too much. I think they're just a bunch on insecure whiners who can't take a joke from a girl. So many guys are like that. Geesh...

*puts Purple Rain in DVD player and jumps on Bustie pile, spilling whiskey-sour everywhere*
"*all sitting on big couch, piled on top of each other like a litter of puppies, eating peanut butter and nutella on whole wheat sandwiches and chewing solemnly*"

wombat, that's beautiful smile.gif

ladies........i just bought this gorgeous wacom tablet. barring my car, i think this is the most expensive thing i've ever bought myself (i did, however, find it on a different website for nearly $100 cheaper than the company sells it). however, it is an investment for the future and if i do not have a real illustration career up and running within a year, then you all are free to come beat down my door and take it away from me, as i would not deserve it at that point.
Is there room for me on that couch?
[sits next to Minx & chews home-made nutella sandwich]

I have wasted waaaaaay too much time on YouTube this week. Madness. Time to brush the dust off of my hobby chest.

Hope you're feeling better, FJ!
kewl, mouse. I have one at home -- it's kind of small and not pressure sensitive, but it's still better than the oval brickness.

I'm still taking all the steps to get me a mactop, stat. whew. been so long.

Everything should be okay ----

hi roseviolet!!
mouse- that is a NICE piece of equiptment! Moxieman has many-a-time mentioned wanting a tablet. Now that he's more into IA and programming, though, he can't justify it.

Um, is there still room on the couch? I can put moxette on the floor to roll about...
i am having peanut butter and marmite, and will make additional sammiches for any couch-dwellers who are like me and think nutella is too sweet.

Okay, I'm lame, couldn't drag myself to the gym today. I wanna enjoy the blah grayness of the day with a cup of tea from my couch...and so I am. *hands steaming cups of mint licorice tea around the pile of busties*

mouse, I *LOVE* the wacom tablets! When I was taking classes a couple years ago, I had the chance to get one pretty cheap through the school, and I still bang my head about not getting it. I'm not really much of an illustrator though, so I'm ok without one...and once I get Adobe CS2, scanning hand drawings and using the Illustrator trace tool should solve many of my issues. /end geekitude

I think I'm going to have to schedule a bubble bath this evening, I need some time to unwind.
yeah.....i have one at work, and i had a tiny one a while ago but i lost the pen to it. but i don't like my work workstation being nicer than my home workstation, cos i come home and don't want to do anything cos i don't have the same resources. scanning and tracing is definitely a good thing, and i don't want to do away with that entirely anyway, but i do a lot of drawing from scratch in illustrator and you can't really do that well on a laptop trackpad. hehe. GEEKOUT!

wombat, what's oval brickness? or am i stupid?
(((Turbo Momma))) Wow, ten kinds? She's like the carcinoma smorgasbord...I've never heard of anything like that! She really must be a tough broad--I wish you all hope and healing.

Speaking of which, how is your chooch, FJ? I am always very concerned about our ladies' chooches. tongue.gif

I am getting sick. And no, not morally speaking. A whole bunch of my students have begun to complain of sore throats, coughs and headaches and I woke up this morning with much the same. Damnit, but I wish I had some money so that I could get both me and Minxlette to our preferred alternative health professionals.

School was good. We took a small break to wrap our heads around some basic functions of grammar and editing. Kids in my classes LOVE this shit because I am really tough on their brains and this seems like a playdate to them. Minxlette, however, is having a really rough time transitioning to yet another school. Poor thing. The bane of her existence, and we keep having to switch schools. This should be the last time, but wow. Poor little darling. Any spare vibes left after lovely Turbo's momma would be much apprecipated at the Casa del Minxy.

Hey Poodle, how's the apartment reappropriation going? Are you back to being nakey a lot? And your ex was a STRIPPER?!!! Holy sheep shit! You can't get any better than that reminds me of that really foul song

She poppin she rollin she rollin
She climbin that pole and
Im N Luv with a stripper
She trippin she playin she playin
Im not goin nowhere girl,im stayin
Im N Luv wit a stripper

Okay, more later. Gotta catch up with the archives.
Hello everyone....I haven't really read today's posts....I've been glued to the news after today's shootings in Montréal. I keep bursting into tears. Have to shake it off soon and go to BFF's house for her daughter's b-day....I imagine she will be extra upset, since she's very sensitive and is around the same age as the victims, plus it happened on her birthday, and she has Québécois roots. Gah.
*Plays with Rose's hair and Doodle's...*

I needed some relief, a break from the (non)events of the weekend. My self-esteem really took a hit and then I realized something: I am not a fucking doormat worthy of scraps. I want the whole fucking opera cake after a steak dinner with potatos. I get really sick of being loyal to people that don't have a working concept of that with which to reciprocate. I had a fucking BALL. I felt like I was on stage...well, it is mostly theater anyway. I had a discussion with Tessie about it this afternoon and she gave me both thumbs up.
Right on, minx. You're a hardcore woman, and you don't deserve to be poo-pooed on by some asshat. You're too smart for that crap.

I'm watching a special on the 23-yr-old female teacher who had sex with a 14-yr-old student. She's such a frellin' dumbass. She's freaky plastic looking, too. She looks almost exactly like a barbie.
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