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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Mornin' lassies!

Awww...moxette got to put on her fall clothes. How cute!

I love fall. It just feels right. I feel more productive during the day and more relaxed at night. I wish it lasted longer.

Yeah, I thought about the 9/11 thing, but as far as I'm concerned, it's just another random day. I'm actually sorta pissed off at the media because of they're milking it as much as they can. It's too soon to make movies and TV mini-series and shit. People are still too sensitive about it. The other thing I was thinking about as I watched the news this morning, is that all of this violence is caused by men. Stupid, stupid men. And there are so many of them. I realize that there are just as many "good" men, but still...women don't feel the need to blow each other up (or it's less common, anyway). Sometimes I wish that all of the men in the world would just shut the hell up and be civil for once. I know I'm being irrational. I haven't had my coffee yet and it's Monday.

On a positive note, I bought some Aveda Sap Moss shampoo, so my hair feels really soft and smooth. The scent isn't my favorite, but it's still nice and natural smelling.

It sounds like you're dealing with the whole org situation very well, doodle. I'm almost certain that this gonna end up being a positive thing for you, if you choose to look at it that way.

I almost forgot...HAPPY BIRFDAY KITTEN!!!!!!!! *begins cutting the cack*
Mornin' ladies! And a soggy grey one at that...while I was on vacation, the early sunrise seems to have vanished. I felt like I was getting up in the middle of the night this morning - yuck! I am not happy to be back at this desk...that, and I've been having a wicked allergy attack since yesterday afternoon - it seems the high mold level and my sloppy vacation eating habits have caught up with me....*sigh.* So, I'm going to start the week with a mini-liver cleanse.

Yeah, the 5 year anniversary is really kind of bumming me out, and I can't help feeling mostly disappointment in the way that all the disasters of the last 5 years have been handled - both here and abroad, and wishing the majority of americans would wake up and take a look around.

Doodle, this one's for you.

Awww, moxie, I hope BFFette is doing better today!

So, yesterday afternoon, before I passed out from allergies, my BGP and her BF brought their 10 week old pomeranian puppy over...1lb 5oz of fluff!! The little thing was so fragile, I was almost afraid to hold her, and I nearly stepped on her twice while I was getting lunch together, as she likes to race around your feet. There is no way I could have a dog that small - I'm such a klutz, I'd trip over her all the time. Give me a big, lazy dog anytime!
Yes, see Turbo, this is why we're friends. Disapointed. TOday, it almost seems backward to say that, but that's precisecly the thing. How we failed at every turn in the cleanup, physically, mentally and emotionally, of the event. all got me sucked into PR...marathon this weekend. Gah. Ok, over to lurk there...
i fucking killed da thread. sorry.
Returning to work bites. Why do people seem to fall apart when I'm out of the office? I left full instructions for everything that needed covering, and still, my most important print job of the year got fucked up because the other person working on the job didn't pick up the phone and get status updates on the job while I was away, and now its 6 days late mailing. Pisses me off. Its a day of putting out fires it seems.

I just wanna go crawl back into bed. gah.
Buenos Dias. What up.

((Doodles)) I am sorry to hear about the Centre. That is going to be a big change for you, I know. I think all the other okayers have given you some good advice. Good things can come out of bad things sometimes. I know you will find something else to do that is just as wonderful & meaningful as your work at the Centre.

((FJ)) I am glad you're on the mend! Yikes, that UTI sounds baaaaad. I am glad you have mr FJ to take care of you, and it sounds like he's doing a superb job of it.

It sounds like everyone else had pretty decent weekends.

Hi poodle, jenn (did you make that website btw?? that is rad.), mouse, minx, moxie, kitten, sassy, tyger, and everyone else!

Kitten, your 3 day birthday celebration sounds like so much fun! I wish I could attend, I'd be there in a second!

I had a pretty good weekend. I had dinner with the fam on Friday night. Saturday I had class, which was good. It is an interesting one, I am learning a lot. Saturday night I stayed in, which was really nice. Went to bed at 10:30. Sunday I grocery shopped & started painting the kitchen. I did not get much done though b/c 1.) it took FOREVER to tape up all the borders, 2.) I ran out of paint. We were using a color the other owners had left, I thought there was more of it. 3.) I decided I did not like the color anyway. So, we moved all the appliances back, left the tape up, and will go to the paint store for another color. We are thinking turquoise. Nice and bright.
nope, kari, I did not make that site, I am no where near that clever...but type in, and you'll have your very own! Like This!

Kari, I want to repaint my kitchen too...but I still have nightmares about taping it off the first time, so it's going to stay for awhile! Turquoise sounds lovely!
Okay, much to my surprise, a very shitty weekend didn't turn out so badly. biggrin.gif

On Sunday I woke up in a dreadful mood, but I also was feeling a little manic and realized that I could get quite a bit done before Minxlette came home. So, I spent the morning cleaning the apartment...and then I realized that it had been some time since I had done some cooking, so I made an Irish beef stew--MMMM!! So, then I went to Turtle and got some sourdough Levain, and a chocolate bread to have with my coffee. Basically, I spent the entire day cleaning and watching movies.

Moral of the story, don't give up...sometimes the game doesn't get played until after a rain-out.

I am so glad that you had a good time in Madison and whatnot, Turbo. I miss that city all of the time, but have gotten so spoiled up here in the Cities that Madison often gets eclipsed. I would only teach there if the schools magically got diverse. And they had a Ketsana's. Mmm...Thai food!! Maybe the girlie and I will get some of that tonight. WHOOT!!

I really need another cup of coffee.

Jaysus Karianne, I love turquoise kitchens. I'm glad you all do too!!

It's such a great 50s camp color. My sister moved in with a man with a fifties house on a lake and was buys PAINTING OVER the "hideous" turquoise kitchen with beige latex. You can see why we don't get along.

Glad to hear you're doing better, fj.

Glad you're happy again, tyger.

Bummer, doodle. So, all this time, you've been suspecting that it would fall apart without you, and that has turned out to be true. Still, you gave as much as could be given. Maybe offer to be a consultant for activities that others have, then get up and find a good job somewhere! You have a ton of valuable experience at this point.

Turbo -- oooohhh that stinks. Catch up vibes!

Hi to poodle, diva, marileen, kittenb, moxie!! Minxie!

Am I forgetting anyone?
I sooooo did not want to go to work this morning. I mean, I never want to go to work, but especially so this morning. Blech. I think it's because the fall makes me want to stay in bed. It's so cozy and grey outside. Days like this are meant to be spent cleaning and enjoying a movie or bad talk show.

ETA- Beige is evil.
Thanks, jenn! That website is pretty cool. I will bookmark it for the next time a friend is having a bad day.

Yes, taping up the kitchen sucks it. That is why I want to really like the color, b/c I do not want to have to do it again. No sir.

Hi wombat! What, you don't think latex beige is prettier than turquoise?? tongue.gif

I like bright kitchens too. I think they are definitely one room in the house where you can have fun with color. I mean, there are other rooms too, but maybe the kitchen is the least risky.

Hiya Minx! Sounds like you were super productive yesterday with the house cleaning. What movies did you watch?

Poodle, would you like some espresso? Days like that make me want to lay in bed too.
ooh, turquoise kitchens!

good morning everyone!
i am not going to say anything about sept. 11th. i have gotten to the disappointed/hopeless state where i have just sort of cut off any awareness of politics. i know, very very bad, but i feel like i just can't deal with it. i used to be really politically active especially for various anti-war efforts (actually was a youth delegate to the international hague appeal for peace in 1999) but lately i've just gotten terribly jaded and apathetic about it all. bad. bad bad. ugh.

on a brighter note, i saw willie nelson last night at the hollywood bowl! he was so great. i love him. after, my friends and i went out dancing--one of them had a friend from texas in town which apparently brings out the rowdy in her, since not only did they get into a fight with the people in front of us at the concert, they got kicked out of the club afterwards. yeesh. my other friend and i ended up staying till closing time, dancing all night with some adorable 17 year old fags. i love making friends on the dancefloor.

back to work--but i'm happy about it. every once in a while i have to stop and just be utterly grateful. i've been feeling really lucky lately, regardless of my recent loss of fuckbuddy and car stereo (which, hilariously, i was realizing this morning that i feel the same way about both losses--pissed off and upset, but can't do anything about it, and ultimately not that impacted), i love my apartment (and i will agree with pood that living alone does feel like "hanging out in my very own secret tree-fort "), i have a car that works and that i love driving, i get the most gorgeous view on the way to work every morning (mountains and palm trees yo) and i have a job that i actually look forward to going to.
That's great that you're feeling good about your situation, mouse. Sounds like you had an eventful evening, too! Willie Nelson is my homeboy.

Karianne and I are bright kitchen twins!! Yeah, taping off kitchens is a real pain in the arse.

That website is super cool, turbo!

I'm feeling better now that I got some work done and that a project is due later than I thought. I had extra coffee this morning, which fucked me up a little, I think. If I would have drank espresso, I probably wouldn't be able to type today!

I hate when my boss comes into to talk to me while I'm eating. I'm a messy eater, so I always have a piece of lettuce on my shirt or mayo on my chin.
ha! poodle! I love you!

We have a beige couch sad.gif

But it was just so cool --- either the long end or the short end will go up to make a back, and it's super modern and comfortable.

But, as my friend Daniel said, "I hate beige. It's so... beige."

I put a cool black and white indian bed spread on it -- with the white walls and black shelving and black stereo equipment, it really goes snap crackle pop.

We had a nice weekend, recovering from our colds or allergies or whatever.

Saturday was hot, we figured it would be the last beach day so we went to Revere Beach.
The water was so warm! As usual, I ran and jumped in while he stood and stared at me
and tried to pretend he wasn't cold.

Then this cute little bright turqoise and white place, The Banana Boat, was in its last week of its summer season, so I celebrated my end to my sugar binge by *buying us each a banana boat!!* which is like a banana split.


Today I am eating salad and left-over chicken and black coffee and seltzer water. And that is good.
hi everyone!!!


diva, i know of that book! i gave it to one of my dear friends B, who is notorious for crop dusting. Course, it helps that now he has two huge dogs that crop dust him...hehe.

belated birthday vibes for kitten *^^*^*^^*^*^*^*^**

*&*&*&**&&*&&*&*&hurry up and get here FALL#**##*#*#*#**# vibes

we had a fab last minute bbq on sat nite. with much drinking and laughter. good times. and yesterday i found 2 of my fav alky drinks at bevmo...i think i walked in there and swooned,...i swear i was drooling. went back to work today after taking 10 days off. this week will have major suckage for him.
but tonite i go to class, and then leave early to go to a haircutting class!! yay!! i cannot wait.

alas, i forgot to take pictures and the camera batteries are dead...i'll have to plug them in....

(passes out hot mugs of apple cider with a cinnamon stick) how's that for a taste of fall?
Oh, wombat, I like beige, just not really on walls. I think for things like furniture it is good, you don't tire of it. For instance, I have two red armchairs & I am tired of the red. I wish they were neutral colored. Then I could just change pillows & change the look of the chairs.

Hi ms gb! Yeah, that's gonna be a tough day for mr gb. It is so hard to go back to work after time off.

Mouse, I know what you mean about politics, current events, etc. I go through phases. Sometimes it is all just too depressing & I just don't want to hear about it. I go to 'stick my head in the ground' mode. That is for sure. I am glad you are feeling good lately, despite recent events. I don't know how you do it-dance all night & go to work? I can't do it anymore.
I agree about the 9/11 thing. I feel like telling people, ok you can't have some big teary eyed memorial service EVERY year till kingdom come. I mean it is the 5th, but i would be happy not to see another one until the 10th. Some would say its insensitive, but how is anyone supposed to move on? It's a horrible thing, we all know that, but spending hours every single 9/11 devoted to memorials and TV specials blah blah blah isnt bringing anyone back. It's only making everyone remember how horrible it was, and god knows we aren't learning from any of it!

Would the people who died really want this? I dont think so, I think it's for the media and other people who want to milk every last tear and dollar out of the general public. People here in NYC are going about their day as usual.

As for my two cents about any memorial service that does take place- I dont think George Bush should be allowed anywhere near this city.

Part of me feels like that the more we make of it, the more the terrorists have won.
Good point, mees karianne! As I am discovering now.

For awhile, I put two red pillows on the beige along with a weird purple thing.

It's fun to change it up.

Re 9/11 -- I roll my eyes as I figure we will hear about this on every anniversary for the rest of our lives.

and, for the most part, it just serves to reopen wounds in order to further a right-wing "spend the money on war instead of opportunities for the un-rich" agenda. It's not that I don't feel for the families, etc.

Maybe I'm a lousy person, because I hate 9/11 stuff, any "wear a blah-blah color RIBBON" stuff, any cheesy, corny charity campaigns. It's not that I don't care or don't give, I do care and give, I just hate the media-mozzarella factor. And I usually don't say anything about that.
The terrorists have know (and this is not a slam, my darling), I am so fucking sick of that phrase. It's like, BIG BROTHER is watching you. You are right, though. "They" have won by allowing the charlatan US government to feed their citizenry a big, fat dose of fear everyday.

Thank goodness we can hate the Muslims now. It was starting to get really stale just hating gays and black folk. mad.gif

*this is dripping with sarcasm*
I saw a post on a website from someone lamenting the fact that people don't have American flags hung, have those magnetic ribbons or go to church as much as they did right after 9/, yeah, some of us don't need that to convince ourselves that we're patriotic. Like my mom's pin says "Dissent is Patriotic" It's all just superficial symbols of unquestioning devotion to our crappy government. I'm still sad about the whole thing today, but I'm just as pissed off about the last five years (if not more angry than sad.) I can't deny the impact 9/11 had, but it doesn't mean I'm mindlessly devoted to our government.
Word, peeps. Word.

I ran over to the gov't center to submit my car title, and left feeling very poor. Grrr...sales tax. I hate money. When I rule the world, everything is gonna be free--especially beer. tongue.gif's a good day for eating soup. Yeah. I want some soup with carrots and potatoes and peas in it. Either that, or squash soup.
that sounds yummilicious, poods. We're having toasted ravioli with cabernet marinara and some sort of chocholate yummniess for desert. the MRG is on her way, and i want comfort food! And HBI. Gotta squeeze that last minute HBI in.

again, i am so god damned glad that you all are speaking the Word according to Busties. It makes me relieved that there are others who are deeply patriotic, and that deep feeling is driving the sadness of the demagogery and dogma shite.

Hey! Maybe I'll watch "Dogma" tonight...sounds like the right kind of movie, eh? Buddy Christ anyone?
IPB Image
Mmmmm...ravioli. I need somebody to cook for me. I'm too lazy to make anything myself.

Heh...I'm listening to Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J. It reminds me of my sissy-poo. She was into that crap in the early 90's. She also liked stuff like Young MC and Technotronic. I guess I can't really talk though, because I was listening to Garth Brooks and Nelson. laugh.gif

I downloaded Inside the Actors Studio w/ Johnny Depp, so I think I'm gonna watch the rest of that tonight. Wife Swap is on, too, and I'm totally addicted to that awful show.
i agree with your idea on the phrase they have "won". i dont like it either. but really, dont you think they just love seeing all our sappy crap its like hey, look, we havent moved on and we are still lettting you affect our national consciousness and whip us into a patriotic frenzy so we can continue to blindly follow our retarded gov.
Hey all...checking in...turbo, that made me cry. Only a little tho'. smile.gif Thanks everyone else, as well. Life without busties would suck.

I talked to the funder today, the cheque will be here in a couple of weeks...the cheque that will keep us going till the end of the year. So I can breathe soon, and also pay off the Centre's outstanding debts without having an anxiety attack every time I bring out the chequebook. The funder was so empathetic and disappointed about our closing that I almost cried.

I talked to a colleague, and she thinks I should ask for severance, which (according to her), after 11 years, should work out to about $7000. I think the organization might be able to swing it (I've been stashing little bits of extra cash into a separate account for them for years), and if I got that, then I'd be free-er to let them contract with me for the little things they wanted done, and I'd have a cushion to be able to do it while I look for other work or take other p/t jobs and contracts. (Being a contracter would probably also be a cleaner break for me than staying on as a p/t employee.) So. It's not much, but it's the start of a plan.

Also, I just heard from the student society at the university...they just learned of our plight and want to hold a vegetarian chili fundraiser for us. Which will probably raise a tiny amount of money in comparison to the work they'll wind up putting in, but it's very sweet and I told them to go for it.

Is it just the Canadian cynic in me, or did everyone else think, while watching the news on the morning of September 11, "I wonder if the U.S. government is involved...?"
RAAAWWWRRR!!! Dammit!! There's 9/11 shit on ABC, so I don't get to watch Wife Swap!! All they're doing is going over the events again. We already know what happened, asshats! I don't understand why they just can't do a little news coverage of the memorial and then maybe a little public service blip thing between shows.

I know what you mean, doodle. I can't imagine how I would get by without having my busties to talk to everyday. Just think of all of the laughter we would have missed out on if not for the lounge.

Right now I'm tackling the dish crisis in my kitchen. That's one thing I miss about having the resident boy around. Doing dishes is my absolute least favorite chore, which is ironic considering that I love to collect dishware. I think the problem is that I have so many dishes that I just let them collect until I run out of clean stuff.

Alright, I have an activity to cheer things up. What are your guilty pleasures in the following categories? I'll start.
1. TV Show: Wife Swap
2. Movie: Dazed and Confused
3. Celebrity: Jay Leno
4. Musician/Band: Pointer Sisters
5. Song: Let Your Love Flow by the Bellamy Bros.
6. Food: Peanut butter/pickle sandwiches
7. Other: Avocado green, harvest gold, brown, and orange 70's decor
oooohhhh! poodle! FUN FUN. I was just gonna report on the total reconstruction of my ipood...i, uh,

ok, here goes:

TV Show: American Idol
2. Movie: Dirty Dancing
3. Celebrity: Bradgelina
4. Musician/Band: Eric Carmen...yeah, i know
5. Song: Wanted Dead or Alive...its just my favorite song, period. I suppose anything by KISS would rate here too.
6. Food: oreos
7. Other: Wrestling...WWE Style!

Smack down! Who's next??
doodle, I'm glad that a plan is starting to form - and that it will give you the financial cushion you deserve!

I'm probably going to sound like a crazy fringer, but I definitely think the government was involved, or at least passive in letting it happen. There was plenty of time to scramble F16s to assist. But more than that, the towers were very special to the community I grew up in, as the architect, Yamasaki, lived nearby, and his grandaughter was my very best friend growing up. But anyway, I talked with her over the holidays, and she started talking about what a huge loss the towers were not only in the human toll, but for their family, as it was grandpa's greatest work. But she said that the way it was designed, it would not have fallen when struck from the top, as it was. There were nearly 50 vertical steel columns to give the building strength, and a deep, deep foundation. Ultimately, I don't think we'll ever know the truth, and maybe that's the greatest loss of all.

Ooooh, guilty pleasures! Count me in!

1. TV Show: America's Next Top Model
2. Movie: Save the Last Dance (insert other high school dance movies here)
3. Celebrity: Patrick Dempsey
4. Musician/Band: NSync (I know, I know, but you asked)
5. Song: Love Generation by bob sinclair
6. Food: nutella
7. Other: love of all things purple...
Oooh!! Save the Last Dance, Eric Carmen...those are great!!! I love the scene in Bridget Jones' Diary where she's crying/singing along with "All By Myself."
movie: dirty dancing
tv:dawson's creek reruns before school
celebrity: geez, um, tom and katie. i can't look away
musician:80s dance music
song:kissing like a virgin
food: popeye candy sticks
other: halo

so, i did all my linear algebra homework! woot. all the homework i've done since school started. I have calculus, but i just can't bring myself to do it. and i left my note package at school. i think i'll make my friend i sit with in class be my study buddy. not the greatest plan, really, as today we had a rousing game of tic tac toe, another of dots, and then i drew some pictures of severed stickman heads. and said friend failed the class last semester. at least he'll be entertaining.

(((doodle))) 'cause it sucks when your life gets all turned upside down

okay, so this morning i was like 'wtf is up with all the sept 11 stuff? and then i looked at the date. months and days don't register with me anymore past them being what i write at the tops of my notes and assignments

in happy news, the international house of scholarships from absentee parents has come through, so i can afford to keep my car insured and buy it tires and stuff and not drop out of school. wheee
Ok, my guilty pleasures...

1. TV Show: What Not to Wear
2. Movie: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
3. Celebrity: Keanu Reeves
4. Musician/Band: The Judds
5. Song: "Patricia the Stripper" by Chris de Burgh
6. Food: marshmallow bananas
7. Other: shiny metallic pinwheels
Happy Patriot (Act) Day, peeps!

I definitely think the government had something to do with 9/11. How many warnings did they get before it happened that they ignored? Wasn't it something like 6? The Clinton Administration passed on all sorts of information to the Bush Admin, but they failed to act upon it. I think Bush just needed a theme for his presidency, and war/fear/terror is a darn good one to get, especially if you're a Republican.

Sorry, I have nothing but vitrol for Republicans today. Or any day. I just found out almost half of my dad's side of the family are Republicans (all the ones who didn't go on to college, actually). My aunt, last Christmas, actually searched for a family in New Orleans who thought FEMA did a great job and gave them all the money she would have spent on gifts for us. Nice sentiment, but did she have to search for a family like that? And my cousin is very proud of having voted for Shrub and says he'd do it again. And there's my other aunt (both aunts married in, so it's not in the blood, thank goodness, since they married my uncles after they'd had kids with their first marriages) will only say "I support my president" refusing to give any reason for it. Some people are really dumb. But I also found out that my grandpa who I don't like is a staunch Democrat. That makes me like him quite a bit better. He's only selfish about his own money, but at least he doesn't hate poor people and is pro-union.


Turquoise for a kitchen would rule. I'd have liked to paint our kitchen (it's the only room we didn't paint), but it's done in a really cool treatment with some texture, so best not to screw it up. But taping mouldings does suck. We have crown mouldings on every doorway and window and around the perimeter of the room, ceiling and floor. It took forever to get it done, and the ceilings are 12' high.

Guilty Pleasures:
1. TV Show: WWE Raw, Smackdown, and ECW wrestling
2. Movie: George of the Jungle (the one with Brendan Frasier in a loincloth with long hair)
3. Celebrity: the Tomkat debacle
4. Musician/Band: Jackel
5. Song: too many to count
6. Food: 'Nilla wafers with vanilla pudding with cream cheese and crushed pineapple mixed in
7. Other: lots and lots of shoes I can't really afford and barely wear

Moxie, we have so much wrasslin' stuff to talk about. I've never heard of another girl my age with a brain in her head who follows it.

Doodle, I hope you do get that severence check. It's the least they could do.

Today's been pretty mellow. I got to work late because I thought I went in in the afternoon. I'm glad a telemarketer woke me up and I had the thought to look at my schedule. I only got to work 20 minutes late, and it was at another site, so I didn't get caught. My boss even made a surprise visit, but it was almost an hour after I'd gotten there. I spent 7 hours phoning for my congressional candidate, bribed Poodle to vote for him, and promised said candidate (he stopped by) that I'd get the giant to vote tomorrow. Then I came home, worked out, and watched wrasslin'. A tear came to my eye when I saw Trish Stratus' last match on Raw.

Oh, and I spent the better part of an hour arguing with the nurses at the clinic where I pick up my BC pills. They wanted me to come in for a dumbass blood pressure test before they'd renew my prescription. I've never once had a problem with my blood pressure, so they finally just let me fill the damn thing. It's taken 6 days for me to get a refill of my prescription. Maybe if they've have told me about having to take a BP test LAST WEEK WHEN I REQUESTED THE REFILL, this day spent haggling wouldn't have happened. I kind of yelled at one of them. Oops.

I have to get up at the asscrack of dawn tomorrow to go vote with the giant at 7:00 am when the polls open. He won't do it without me, and the only time we have available is before he goes to work. THIS is how much I care about the democratic process and him voting. I'd break up with him if he didn't vote.

Mornin' chickadees!!!

I love that diva and mox share a love of WWE, and I'm lovin' these guilty pleasures!! Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!! Awesome, doodle!!

My cats woke me up early this morning. Grrr...

Good things:
1. It's not Monday or 9/11
2. I woke up early enough to watch Saved By the Bell and the rest of the J. Depp episode of Inside the Actor's Studio.
3. I have stuff to eat other than cereal
4. My dishes are clean and my sink is empty!!!!
5. I get to leave work early to take Gus to the vet (routine checkup)

I got eight hours of sleep last night, and I'm here to tell about it. WHOOT!

My Guilty Pleasures

1. TV Show: C.S.I.
2. Movie: Legally Blonde
3. Celebrity: John Cusack
4. Musician/Band: Iron Maiden
5. Song: "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls
6. Food: coffee and cigarettes, and yes, they are food...and Marsha Marsha Marshmallow
7. Other: neck biting and stalking the FJ's

"stalking the FJ's" Bwahahahaha!!!

Is it bad that I'd rather watch Saved By the Bell than the national news? I suppose you can add SBTB to my guilty pleasures list. biggrin.gif I just don't feel like watching all of the talking heads ramble on about yesterday's events and the presidential address, etc.
*waddles into the thread* Eeep, my body is creaky this morning - I'm not sure why I thought weight training for an hour before spin class was a good idea, but this morning, I know it definitely was not a good idea...

Poodle, I'm with you - I'll watch just about anything besides news these days. I get my news from NPR and, and that's about all I can handle.

I talked to my mom last night - she asked if I was watching the movie on ABC about 9/11...uh NO....and then I informed her that the movie was a fictionalized account designed to make Bush look not as neglectful and Clinton moreso...she nearly didn't believe me! "Oh, they wouldn't do that, would they?" She's your typical Republican sheep. *sigh*

I'm finding myself wanting a turquoise kitchen now too....hmmmm....turboman will be away again this weekend...

*gives turbo backrub*

That movie thing is such a joke. I want to kick the asses of the idiots who came up with that. Lame. I have many republican rellies, too. They're pro-lifers.

I'll vote today. I usually don't care about voting in the primaries, but I fear diva's wrath. smile.gif
thanks poodle!

I'd fear diva's wrath too! I do vote in every election, though. Its really stupid not to in the city, as your precinct is likely to be in your own building or on your same block, because its so high density here...if you can't walk across the street to vote....well, that's pretty sad.

Oh, my mom must've been feeling particularly wily last night, because after her disbelief about the fictional nature of her programming, she was telling me about my brother's best friends from HS that she saw over the weekend, and how he's planning on starting a family next year...she sighed dramatically and said, "I sure hope your brother gets the idea from him to start a family soon, because I sure would love grandchildren, and I hear I won't be getting any from you." Cheeky. very cheeky. I hope she knows that I am going to report her *hopes * to my brother this morning. cool.gif
Good Morning!

I like all the lists in here. I will do two, since I missed the guilty pleasures one from yesterday.

1. movie: Grease 2
2. musician/band: ELO
3. song: Bette Davis Eyes (not sure who did that one...)
4. food: french fries with loads of salt, ketchup, and mayo. Or maybe a piece of chocolate bar dipped in the peanut butter jar

1. It is going to storm here today, which will bring cooler weather
2. I did lots of housework last night, so the house will be clean when I get home today
3. I am wearing my new gray blazer from Target

I was so tired of the 9/11 stuff yesterday. It was everywhere, there was no escape. I think it wouldn't have been quite as bad if they hadn't been doing it all weekend too. It just got me down, really threw me back into that bad mindset. Thanks, media. I definitely think we should commemorate the date, but it was overkill.

I am usually working from home on Tuesdays, but today I have to be here b/c I have a presentation. It is in front of our whole commission. I am not really that nervous, but I'll be glad when it is over.

Doodle, that is so sweet of the college folks to organize a fundraiser. I think that is really nice. I am glad you have funding to finish the year out & I really hope you get a severance. You definitely deserve it, you have put so much into the Centre.

Jenn, sorry about your aching muscles. I hate when I get too ambitious & over do it. ouch!
Poodle, is it your district in MN that has the democrat State Assemblyman (or whatever you MN folks call them?) who is Muslim and in the lead? I read that its the Mineapolis (sorry, i spell sucky) and inner suburbs district. Very hotly contested primary...ok, yes, i am a total political dork.

Good things tuesday:

1. Keith Olberman of MSNBC. You all gotta watch his Op-Ed piece from last night. Finally, someone on national media TV hands the president his ass on a plater.
2. my sister is in town, playing with moxette all day today!
3. Yummy toasted ravioli that turned out PERFECT last night.
4. The best, most leg-numbing HBI last night. I felt greedy afterwards...i love that I get to have many multiple orgasms to moxiemans 1... heh.
5. My brother, the chef, is making dinner for us tonight. Yumo.

hmmm....maybe these good things are a clue that I'd better go eat something.
Morning all!

Good things Tuesday.

1) credit card debt almost paid off!
2) good jobs on my 'secret' job board resource that will be a step up
3) new credit line for mac laptop and software!
4) wearing cute new shoes and my favorite top
5) cooked a great dinner last night -- chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, brown rice, raspberry chipotle salsa. We ate this and drank white wine while watching The Life and Times of Antonin Artaud. Such an inadvertently funny movie about the decadent aRRRRtist in Paree. A lot like "round midnight". I wonder which came first?
6) It's a sunny bright day here.

Guilty pleasures

TV Show: stupid "contests" like American Idol, Rockstar Supernova and Amercia's Next Top Model.
Movie: ??? None of my mmovies are eembarassingly cheesy -- maybe I'll subsitute "magazine" and nominate the Cosmopolitan I bought last night. rrrghh!
Celebrity: I "like" certain musicians even though I would never listen to their records. Christina Aguilera and Madonna fit into this category. I don't really like Madonna, but like some things she has done or said.
Music: I torture my boyfriend with "Chicago" -- the band, not the movie.
Song: I just found out the one about the "crazy bitch" was done by Buckcherry. Total radio fodder.
Food: I went to Burger King the other day. I hadn't eaten any fast-food chain burger crap for a long time, a year or more. It was a treat for finally vacuuming my car and getting an oil change, cause I felt like total ass that day. I had: a black angus burger, fries with barbeque sauce and extra salt, and a Dr. Pepper. It was gooooood.

good morning y'all

good things: uh.......hahaha. i was all about this yesterday, this morning i feel kinda lame. let's see: good job, good apartment, had a fun weekend, got cute cheap new jeans, bought inserts for cute shoes so i can now actually wear them, got to work on time.

guilty pleasures:
tv show: pretty much anything i watch is a guilty pleasure, as i don't get any decent channels
movie: trashy teen girl movies
celebrity: lilo
music: really bad pop music. like, tatu bad.
song: see above
food: terrible gas station breakfast sammiches.
Hi, peeps!

Moxie, yes, it's that race we're voting in today. If the candidate wins the primary, he's pretty muich a shoe-in for the position since the area is a DFL (Democratic) stronghold. But yeah, it's really hotly contested. One of the leading candidates used to be the chair of the state party and is all whiny and resentful about not getting the endorsement, and the other is a woman who snow-jobbed teachers in the state years ago (but still calls herself a Democrat). I've been doing a lot of work for my candidate, who will be the first Muslim ever in congress, and I like that he's from the crappy part of Minneapolis, not the cushy suburbs. I'm going to go door-knocking for him in about an hour.

So, I did get up at the asscrack of dawn to vote with the giant, so I've had to wake up twice today so far.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) the giant and I worked out last night and I can feel it today in my shoulders and abs
2) it's a gorgeous day to be outside doorknocking
3) maybe a party tonight after the polls close, and no guilt in going since the giant is going to be playing with his little Star Wars friends tonight
4) bear claw for breakfast
5) doorknocking is probably going to be in my old neighborhood in Uptown, at least I hope
6) 7 hours of exercise doing said doorknocking
7) it's not 9/11 anymore

Turbo, your mom sounds like a trip. My dad asked me on Saturday, just out of the blue, if he should start saving for a wedding in the next 3-5 years. I said probably. At least nobody's pressing for babies except my extended family, and they're mostly dumb.

Hi, Wombat, Mouse, Poodle, Minx, and Karianne!

Ok, I'll finally dig up some good things here:
- I just got a $60 credit on the fancy riding jacket I bought last week, that went on sale today!
- I'm going to use that credit to buy the fancy riding waterproof pants I want!
- Feeling much more prepared and ready for work today, than I was yesterday
- Just found a new cranial sacral therapist that I think is going to be really good, and she makes house calls - exactly what I wanted!
- leftover warm peach-raspberry-blackberry crisp with my lunch

Yeah, diva, my mom can be a funny one. She has been pretty focused on the grandbaby thing alot lately, and I can't blame her, I'm just not willing to give her what she wants. wink.gif

~*~*~**~*super-duper door-knocking vibes for Diva, may she drag everyone to the polls~*~*~*~~*~*~

*runs out of thread to shop for more biking duds*
hi mouse!

hi turbo, diva, minx, poodle, moxie, doodle, and whoever else is lurking/reading archives!

yesterday was a 14 hour day...bleh....good thing that's only once a month. course, its only an hour longer than my regular 13 hour day...but every damn minute counts...seriously. i went to that haircutting class last nite...picked up some chinese food on the way and was mindlessly shoving it in my mouth 5 min prior to the class starting at this hotel...mind you..there was also some cop event as well...nothing like having a bunch of buff, hot cops watching you shove hot orange chicken in your mouth at rapid speed. oh well. next!

good things tuesday:
-regular class if anything is regular in my life.
-no headache yet. (its looming..i know it)
-i brought my camera to work and its charging so i might be able to post picts of my hair even though i haven't done a damn thing to it today. well, except wash it. blink.gif

guilty pleasures:
tv show:the girls next door...i stare in stupid facination at this show...
movie:the pirate movie(an 80's spoof) or flesh gordon. or strange brew...yeah i'm geeky.
celebrity: i get sucked into all of them. sad i know.
music: my hip hop album cd....totally unexpected...but nonetheless.
song: anything by taylor dane....yeah. huh.gif but i love that chicago too, wombat!
food: funeral potatoes...totally not on my diet but damn tasty.
other: i buy sex toys like i buy clothes. not that i'm complaining. cool.gif
Happy Tuesday ya'll. Okay,s o good things about today:

- I just had a very nice cupcake. The cake was good, the icing made me want to bathe in it
- I am slowly learning how to crochet a granny square. Once I get it down, I can start on the shawl I want to make
- I bought lovely new dinner plates at a thrift store the other day. I can't stop looking at them!
- Going out for martinis tonight to celebrate my brithday yesterday! Whoot!

Guilty pleasures:

1. TV Show: Pimp My Ride
2. Movie: Deep Impact
3. Celebrity: The men from MythBusters
4. Musician/Band: Backstreet Boys
5. Song: "Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonley" BSB
6. Food: Sugar
7. Other: I love to sing to my cats

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes yesterday. I realized that I am at peace with celebrating my birthday on a day that the country wants me to mourn but I hate that everytime I turn on the television that day I have to see the AssHat-In-Chief practically break his arm patting himself on the back. So instead I got a haircut and had my nails and toenails done. Perfect!
Hi all....I decided not to go into the Centre today. I need a mental health day. Although I do have to answer some e-mails and shit. But that's not so bad.

I just wanna say how much I love y'all in this thread. Especially after reading some of the nasty stuff that's going on in other threads! Y'all are so kind and polite here, I'd swear you were all Canadians. smile.gif

(I'm so Canadian that when I travelled to another country for the first time as an adult, the first thing I asked to be taught in a foreign language was how to say "excuse me.")
happy belated birthday wishes to kittenb.....wink.gif
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