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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Rock on. We have Target roman shades in our dining room.
Hello out there.......*echos* *tumbleweed*

Where is everyone. It looks like it's just me & you Mr FJ
me too me too!

i'm going to buy a target fridge. bleh.
Hi, Karianne!

If they're anything like me, they are wrapping up work to bag out early and enjoy the weekend.


I dig where I'm working.

Hi to everyone.

Tyger,,, glad to see you're back. I wasn't able to finish school until I threw all ideas of "privileges" over the side of the boat. That meant dispensing with wacky clothes and hairstyles, new purchases, and most partying/sitting around/going out with people.

Bunker mentality. But don't do it till you're ready. If you want a new lover woman or man, want to get yourself supplies, and need to club and yell from the rooftops and just work for a while and sleep, well, do it,

Then, go back. Try to close the doors in such a way so they can be opened again. Don't leave to many loose ripped off rags blowin'. Try to cash in, academically speaking, on the work you're already done.

Is there no cool administrator? Old man white-haired dean who used to be a hippie or beatnik, with a twinkle in his eye? Cool woman in some admin position, like the equivalent of FJ or diva or doodle or turbo -- you know, some kind of tough woman in a knitted hat who rides a bicycle to work? Because, they can't excuse you from the work, but they can pull some strings to keep the stupider rules out of yo face.

I still owe a good person or two some flowers...

Think about it. Another great scam is to work full-time in a real job and take one or two classes at night. That way, you have better job ops. And you can concentrate a lot better on one or two subjects than 5 subjects plus two jobs plus trying to eat plus trying to commute.

Just for awhile. A few evening classes and then a petition to go days shows seriousness and will make you allies.
Hey laaaaaadddies!!!

Today kinda sucks so far. Of course my boss wanted to meet with me on the morning that I hadn't had any coffee. Now I'm gonna review the new lady's spreadsheets, which I'm sure I'll have to rework entirely. Anyway...

Those are cute jackets, kari! I especially like the brown one. Target has good stuff, indeed. I have this swirly, colorful, almost psychedelic rug in my living room that I bought from Target and I love it. I'm sure a lot of people would think it's hideous because of its boldness, but they're just boring.
hola my boobah smacking ho bags!


i officially have LONG HAIR!!!!...hehe.... laugh.gif

5 1/2 hours later.....and we still need to put more in! (rolls eyes in complaint) but it looks good...and will look even better with a few more in. i'll post pictures on monday...probably some drunky ones too. heh rolleyes.gif

diva ((((no baby))) vibes....when i run late...which doesn't happen often...usually due to stress, i just go get one of those preg tests...makes me feel a whole lot better. just a thought.

amazing...i never thought i would be asked to read something out loud for some one to pick up my lilt and tones of my of the chaperones is reading a small speech and wanted to hear my take on it.

Tyger!!!(runs and gives a huge hug) how the heck are ya? that sucks about the job...doesn't that idiot know you are on the inside track...all school budgets have to be approved 6-12 months prior to the school starting...

hi wombat, kari, doodle, mouse, poodle, mr. fj, minx and fj!!!

rockstar oodle? maybe you can get a small sponsorship from the drink 'rockstar'....hehe
dual sponsorship from rockstar drink and oodles of noodles ramen!!!
good idea, mouse!!

Rockstar drink and ramen = breakfast of rockers still touring in vans!
I wanna be a rockstar. I would be one of those drummers who also sings, like Bonzo or Don Henley. I always thought that looked really difficult. I'd be the crazy drummer type like Keith Moon. I'd get totally bombed at an after-party and drive my car into a swimming pool. Yeah. Of course, in order to be a true rockstar, you have to die before your time by choking on your vomit or having some kind of drug-induced seizure or by autoerotic asphyxiation.

Sigh...this is the day that never ends. I haven't made any plans for the weekend. I think the boy formerly known as "resident boy" wants me to see his new apartment. I need to come up with a new name for the boy. Any ideas?
YAY! People are in here now!

hmmm, a new name for the artist formerly known as resident boy. I will think on it.

Ms gb, I wanna see your hairdo!

Poodle, I agree that today might be the day that never ends. I went to workout at lunch, not b/c I wanted to, but I made myself. Anyhow, I usually take lunch later. But now it is 1:00 and I have more than 3 hours left to sit here at my desk. blink.gif That is how my eyeballs are gonna look by 4:15.

Happy Friday everyone!

Hi Tyger! *hands Tyger an orange*
We don’t want ya getting scurvy. Wombat’s advice sounds very wise – and I know you’ll find a way to get your education.

~*~*~*~anti-pg vibes for Diva~*~*~*~

I like your purchases Karianne! Target sure does have cute stuff. And I need to stop buying it because I don’t need it and can’t afford it. I know that a cute metal canister to keep the dogfood in is not a necessity. But I bought one there this week anyway along with two new t-shirts, etc, etc. No wonder I’m broke.

Thank you for all the nice vibes for my Abe dog. After doing some non-scientific tests involving treats to see what he really can hear, I have calmed down a little about his hearing and it isn’t quite as bad as I feared. He has been really happy and energetic this week so that has been nice, too. I am such a nervous mommy over my pets, but I can’t help it, I love them so much!

I want to see MsGB’s hair!

Yay for Minxlette successfully surviving her first day of kindergarten!

Poodle, I really covet your formica table and sparkly chairs. I think you’d make a great rock star, too. I don’t have any good ideas for a new name for ex-resident boy.

Hi to Mouse and Mr. FJ and anyone else here today!

I want to sing a song with Rockstar Oodle. Who wants to do a duet with me?
Hey all. FJ's been penned up in the local emergency room all morning having a pretty severe bladder infection nursed. She's gonna be okay so we've got that going for us. Which is nice. Everyone show my aching baby the love. DO IT!!!

This will be my first 100% non-alcohol weekend in a long time. I just learned that drinking beer is anthithetical to sculpting abs. Who knew? So begins the first of as many dry weekends as it takes to get the six-pack back. Funny. I don't feel like an alcoholic - I don't think I am one - but I sit here wondering what I'm going to do for an entire weekend that won't involve drinking.
oh jeeze! sad.gif
~*~*~healing fj vibes~*~*~

mr. fj -- most social activities involve drinking.
tip from girl magazines: a vodka tonic has a teeny amount of calories compared to beer.
ditto for wine. That's why models drink that stuff. -- why wine is seen as "girly'

Hey -- cranberry juice is supposed to be good for bladder infections! So, I see cape codders in the fj's future social sitations.

Also, stop at, like two or so.

Oh, I MUST get back to the gym. I thought it was taking so much time and I didn't notice as much weight and tone differences as I'd like. But OH now I'm starting to get floppy and sleepy and weak and irritable. It really was doing much more good than I thought.

Want to constatnly have little aches and pains and mucus and illnesses and negative emotions and laziness? -- DO eat sugar and DON'T exercise. I was SO MUCH BETTER when I DIDN"T eat sugar and DID exercise. *** note to self*** remember this please!!

marileen -- thanks!

and mouse -- yes my eyes are blink.gif

arrgh and I've stayed after other people are bagged out early just to try to finesse some stuff for my portfolio -- ow! ow!

hi guys!

mr. fj- send FJ my love and ~*~*~*~get well vibes~*~*~~*

Shugga! It is so good to see you!! Are you still at the same address, btw? I still need to send you your wedding gift.

((FJ)) I am so sorry, UTIs suck it. I have had some bad ones, but never bad enough to go to the ER. Get better soon! Mr FJ, I know you will be taking good care of her. Doesn't FJ have a busy weekend? I hope she can get out of some of the stuff.

Hi marileen! Glad to hear Abe is ok. So you thought he might not be able to hear? That is scary. I am a nervous mom about my dog too. I can only imagine what I will be like with an actual child. Poor kid & poor mr K. He will have to put up with me.

Target does have too much good stuff. I really want to wear one of my new jackets tonight, but the weather has warmed back up. It was cool last weekend.
Hi peeps!!

Hi shug!!! Come and play!!!

Hi marileen!!! I'm glad to hear that Abe is doing well. Awwww...he's such a sweet puppy. ~*~*~*~bust-doggie wellness vibes~*~*~*~

*grabs mic* YYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I was just listening to Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who. I love that song--especially the "yeah" part. It's by far the awesomest scream in rock 'n' roll history. Hmmm...there are some other good screams out there but I can't come up with any right now. GNR's Welcome to the Jungle, maybe?

(((FJ))) That sucks so friggin' bad. I hope she's all doped up on pain-killers right now.

Alcohol is a way more important part of life than nice abs, mr FJ!!! Why not limit it to one night per weekend and drink something like rum/coke or whatever. Drink straight whiskey!!

Yes!! You must post pics of your hair msgoof!!!

I can think of a lot of names for the ex-resident-boy, but they're not very nice. I guess I'll just call him the ex-resident.
~*~*~healing vibes and ((hugs))) for FJ~*~*~

Hi Shugga!

Wombat, your description of how you feel not working out is exactly what I am feeling lately. I told JT how I was feeling so cruddy this morning and he told me I need to get some exercise, and I really do. Physically I am feeling rotten this week, so I really need to motivate myself to go to the gym.

Karianne, I think it is easiest to get nervous about pets and tiny babies because they can't tell you if something is wrong (pets especially because they are really good at hiding if they are in pain) so you have to watch them and interpret. How is your doggie doing these days?

Poodle, it seems like it should be easy for me to think of good rock screams but I am kind of stumped. I like Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs whoop and PJ Harvey's shriek. Welcome to the Jungle is definitely good. Led Zeppelin must have some screams...

*delurking to continue the kvetchie invasion*

((((((FJ))))))) awww, UTI's suck. a lot. feel better lovie. ~~~healing vibes~~~

Hi everyone else!


Come back yuefie!!! Silly kvetchers!! Funny...I tried to kvetch once, but I couldn't keep up. smile.gif

Well, LZ's Immigrant Song has those really high notes in the beginning, but they're not really screams. I suppose they're similar enough though. Whole Lotta Love has some good orgasmic screams, too. I'm gonna have to do some research on this topic. I'm a dork, I know.

Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing about pets and babies not being able to express their pain through words. At least with babies, they cry when something's wrong. You're right about pets, marileen. They often suppress their pain more than humans do. Still, if you pay attention, you can usually tell if they're miserable.

hi everyBUSTie.

i'm home. i woke up this morning with blood in my pee, so i called my boss, told her i wasn't coming to the meeting and that i was going to the er. then i went back to bed because it was only 6am and i'd been up from 1am till about 4 dealing with the pain and crying and stressing over having to call in to work and not going to this meeting in charleston... so, finally got back up and went in to the er. waited forever in the waiting room, holding my pee because i knew they were going to ask for a sample. i thought my flipping bladder was going to explode. they let me pee in a cup during triage and then sent me back to the waiting room, where i read a newsweek article about johnny depp. so that part wasn't so bad.

so they took me to a room and immediately hooked me up on an iv!! which sort of freaked me out. they said i was dehydrated and that my pee showed definite signs of UTI, and a severe one at that. it was even causing abdominal pain and backache. so they gave me a full bag of the clear iv stuff, whatever that is that i can't remember the name of right now and then gave me iv antibiotics to get a head start on the treatment. i finally got out of there four hours and two needle pricks (one for the iv and one for the vials they had to take) later.

and i've been at home sleeping ever since, until mrfj got home and brought me my meds and some cranberry juice. i think he's going to go get me a salad in a few minutes because that's all that really appeals to me. maybe i'm craving the water still from being dehydrated?

anyway, so i'm alive, just really worn out and still having achiness.
thank you ALL for all that love you sent. i am sure it helped. and thanks to mrfj for being so sweet as to keep you guys updated. smile.gif

karianne, i love the chocolate brown jacket. really cute!

i promise i read all the rest of the archives, but i can't remember anything else.

poodle, did you see the vh1 classic showing the UK hall of fame induction the other night? the who were on it and i thought of you.

i keep thinking that jim morrison lets out a good yowl in some song, but i can't finger it, so hm. i guess i'll keep thinking.
((((FJ)))) I'm glad to hear that you're home recovering now. You're so lucky to have Mr. FJ there to help out. I'm also happy that Johnny Depp was able to be there for you at the hospital. wink.gif
thanks poodle. yeah, i always knew i could count on mrfj. he's my rock. he's about to go pick up some food for me. the doc told me i had to stay away from alcohol, caffiene and spicy food. i really want a piece of chocolate cake, but i was good and ordered a slice of carrot cake instead. (chocolate has caffiene, right?)

notice how easily i justified that? tongue.gif

what i didn't know was that i could count on mr depp too!! hehe. he came through for me at the er, and then here at home on bravo! yes!

missus abigail boots is very clingy lately. she is currently curled up completly under the blanket beside me. she's a cutie mcbooterston.

Sorry your chooch is suffering, ma love.

I. however, am drunk. The teachers went to Psycho Suzie's after school for the kick-off of a great. Fuck a six pack ON the abdomens, I want a sixer IN my abdomen. I want to be drunk when I wake up tomorrow morning--I have a crusadea tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh-=huh. DRnmk posting. I need to be naughty tonight. Very, very naughty. I may do something that is bad buyt that I won't regret. Heeee! Anyhoo...

suh-weet! minx, so kind of you to valiantly take my place as the drunk poster of the okay board for the weekend. i've held that title for the past couple weeks, and i heartily hand it down to you.

i know you will do me proud.

enjoy and live with no regrets! laugh.gif cool.gif
Fcuk, i certainly hope so.

Hahahahaha!!! Minx is bombed and she's hot for math teacher!!! I love Psycho Suzi's. That's one place that you don't want to go without a designated driver. I need to find me a man who doesn't drink, so I can get my drink on whenever I go out. Weeee!!!

Yes, I've heard the rumors about Mr. Depp being on Inside the Actor's Studio. Alas, I no longer have Bravo. Fortunately, I rented a couple of his movies, so I'm all set for tonight.
hey babies, I'm back!!!

First thing's first....(((((((FJ Coochie healing vibes)))))) with a side of cranberry. Ouch, fj, I am glad you went to the er to get that taken care of AND stayed home, and far far away from that silly weekend of work meetings. I'm sure mr fj is taking superb care of you. If you get sick of drinking unsweetened cran (I know I do), health foods stores carry a wonderful concoction of cranberry, golden seal and uva ursi in capsules..its usually called Cranactin or something cran-ish.

Minxy's tipsy!!! Awesome - rock on, minxy, and have yourself a merry ol' time!

So, we're back from WI, and had a lovely time. We went to New Glarus brewery and took a lovely tour, and then drove around the faux-swiss village that its in, and then met up with friends in Madison for dinner. Madison has such a great feel to it, I could definitely live there. We walked around the city a bit, and then just went back to their apartment to hang out for a bit before we went to sleep.

And this morning....we went to the House on the Rock! If you are *ever* in the greater Wisconsin area, you owe it to yourself, your country and me to go SEE it! OMG....they say it takes 4 hours to see the whole thing...they are *not* kidding. We were cruising through there at a pretty good clip, and it took us exactly 4 hours to see the whole shebang. What an amazing collection of STUFF! Its kind of beyond description what a collection OCD Alex Jordan had, but suffice it to say that his compulsion was deep...150 doll houses, and a hundred sets of organ pipes, hundreds of mechanical music making animatronics, rooms full of whimsical firearms, a 45 ton water pump, giant collection of circus figurines, the world's largest carousel...and SO much more. Seriously, if it can be collected, this guy collected it. The weird, wonderful, and then he'd take the weird and invent his own giant musical animatronics out of it...and you could make the things play. We had a great time there, its perhaps the best tourist trap we've ever been to. Beats the batshit crazy Winchester Mystery House in a minute!

So that's all I really have to report....oh, and turboman has a shiny new Mac laptop of his own now, so we can geek out together now...we have delved into serious geek love now. wink.gif

and TYG, welcome home!! Take care of yourself, relax and figure out a way to make school work, if that's what you want to do. I know for me, I would have really lost steam if I had taken time off - I liked waiting tables and bartending too much, and needed the grounding aspect of school to keep me from seriously becoming a night owl and alcoholic....but hey, that's just me. heh.
Hi, peeps!

(((FJ))) I'm sorry you've got a bad UTI. I hope it passes quickly. And I think it's on "The End" where Jim Morrison does that really great yowl, but I could be wrong. I'm not a huge Doors fan.

House on Split Rock sounds amazing, Turbo. I'd love to go visit it, but I never find reason to go into Wisconsin any further than Dresser, and that's only because it's 10 miles from my parents' house. I love seeing people's weird collections.

I forgot my other skill I can contribute to the Okay commune: parking charms. I swear, I never get a bad parking spot ever. That's gotta come in handy somtime for y'all.

Minx is drunk! I was thinking about going to Psycho Suzi's tonight, but the giant and I went to a restaurant at the MOA instead. I really wanted a steak.

I could give plenty examples of good rock screams, but most fall into the death metal category. But a Pink Floyd song called "Careful with that Axe, Eugene" has probably the best scream ever. It's all trippy at first with really ambient instrumentals including a flute, then all of a sudden Roger Waters does this scream that sounds like bloody murder. It rules.

Poodle, you should totally be a rock star. And just for the record, most rock stars who died from stupid shit like ODs and choking on vomit died at 27. Maybe wait a couple years until you're out of that danger zone. But that would be cool to see a car get driven into a swimming pool. Just make a stunt double do it.

I'd like to be a rock star, too. I imagine I'd be something like Slash, just the cool guy who doesn't talk a whole lot but who's still really bad-ass and intriguing. I've got a thing for non-singers.

Hi, Marileen! I'm glad Abe is going okay.

I really like that brown jacket, Karianne.

Anywhoo, today was a very good day. I am officially not pregnant. Yay! But I'm going to run out of pills tomorrow and my prescription has run out and my stupid doctor hasn't renewed it yet even though I put the request in on Tuesday. Grrr! But today at work, I didn't have to call anyone or knock on anyone's door. Another girl and I sorted new maps/lists, which wasn't so bad. We had Thai for lunch, lots of fruit salad for breakfast, went out for coffee, and I got off early. Then the giant and I went to Dayton's for a quick second and then out to eat. It's just been a really nice day. And as a bonus, I called my mom because I wanted to see if my dad would go door-knocking with me and I had the nicest converstation with Sam. He knew it was me before I even said it (he answers the phone a lot) and asked me to come visit him right away, so I'm going tomorrow. My parents are going to be taking him to the Badlands next week to show him the prairie dogs popping up out of the ground, so I'll have to wait several weeks to see him if I don't tomorrow. And Mom wants to load me up with free clothes. She has full closets full of clothes with the tags still on them that she'll never wear, and I'm not one to turn down charity like that because my mom has pretty good taste.

Okay, time for bed. 'Night!

Sort of a drive-by, on my way to bed...

So glad bustie vibes are so powerful...yay for diva!!!

tyger, I'm sorry to hear about the financial sitch...I hope your dad comes through for you.

FJ, I hope you feel much, much, much better soon!

Everyone else....((((hugs)))) for those who need 'em!

Ok, gotta fly! Meeting tomorrow morning...this is where we see if anyone else is interested in trying to save the Centre...since only 2 or 3 have RSVPed, it's kinda looking like no one gives a shit. sad.gif
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Sep 8 2006, 10:17 PM) *

hey babies, I'm back!!!

So, we're back from WI, and had a lovely time. We went to New Glarus brewery and took a lovely tour, and then drove around the faux-swiss village that its in, and then met up with friends in Madison for dinner. Madison has such a great feel to it, I could definitely live there. We walked around the city a bit, and then just went back to their apartment to hang out for a bit before we went to sleep.


Damn, Turbo, I live in Madison! If I'd known, I'd have bought you a beer. smile.gif Glad you enjoyed the city. I've never seen the House.

Welcome back.
Awww, I wish I knew you were there, treehugger!! BUT, we really loved the city, and I expect we'll spend more time up there with our friends, so next time we're up, we'll be sure to let you know! And you *must* go see the House on the Rock, its seriously a silly, fun time.

Its a gusty *fall* morning here...I think summer is on its way out. boo. But, I am looking forward to fall squash, fresh potatoes, cider, and warm fuzzy sweaters.

((((((save the centre vibes for doodle)))))
Hi Turbo! I'm glad your trip was fun! I've never been to House on the Rock - it sounds interesting! I can't believe it takes so long to tour the place! A good friend of mine was a tour guide there one summer while we were in college and when she came back to school at the end of the summer she was in the best shape of her life and said it was all due to running around House on the Rock every day.

~*~*good luck vibes for Doodle and the Centre~*~*~

Diva, I'm glad you're not pregnant! Yay for new clothes from your mom for your rockstar self.

Hi Treehugger!

Wow it feels COLD here today. I left the window open last night so the room was all chilly this morning. I am sad to lose summer, too, but I love this time of year. I don't know what to do today. I have lots of chore-type stuff to do but I don't want to do any of it.

yay for unpregnancy! and (((((((fj)))))))))
So, last night i put Z, The Boy, and one of our other friends in the backseat of my car. The Boy is 6'4", Z is 6' ish, and the other one is a normal-sized girl. it was rather funny, especially since i had CougarLion (who is 5'2" at most) riding shotgun with me. We watched Sleepy Hollow (mmmmm, mister depp), and went over to Z's old apartment and hung out and ate candy and then we all ended up having naps and going home at 4-ish. I've discovered that I can sleep very well in the middle of the afternoon and between 3am and noon, but if i try to sleep at normal hours i get the worst. sleep. ever. so my new plan is come home from school nap (until work if i have work that day, or just until whenever), do homework and stuff, and then watch movies until I fall asleep. I figure at some point my internal clock might just right itself, but i'll live it out until then.

I have this urge to rhapsodize about how much I love school. I figured out the reason I was mondo-depressed all august was the whole working being my life thing. I love getting up in the morning and learning things and seeing my friends at lunchtime out on the lawn. I love that I'm good at it, too. I actually got a letter asking me to join the local chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society the other day. It's 90$ I don't really have, but I'm joining anyway, if only so I can put it on my resume. They only invite the top 15% of each faculty from the school

CougarLion told me the sweetest thing the other day. Apparently whenever she's having a bad day senorcougarlion's first suggestion is always that she should call me to hang out.

ten days to international talk like a pirate day! (though i can talk like a pirate whenever i want due to the scurvy incident. whee)
Hey gang....

Well, we've decided to close the Centre. It's not a surprise - it was basically me telling them they had no choice but to do it. We're going to keep the operating Society going, though...or rather, the board are going to keep it going, and are going to try to find funding for new projects. I've got to go sooner or later. They want to keep me working for the Society as long as there's money, but after the end of the year, unless some miracle happens, it's going to be very part-time, and it might be better for me to ask to be laid off, so that I can still get Employment Insurance....unless I have another p/t job by then, and can juggle both while I phase out my work at the Centre. Anyway, I told them that even if I stay p/t, my 40th is my absolute deadline, no matter what else happens, so they know they have to start planning around me not being there. So anyway, we're going to move to a tiny office as soon as we find one, either November 1 or December 1, and that's when we'll officially close.

I'm grieving so hard. It's like I've known and known, but now the decision's made, I can't stop crying. Part of my brain is whispering like some dark, latin lover: "Let it go, come away with me and we'll build a new life." And part of me is paralyzed with the fear of not knowing what comes next - or what to do next. And then there's the loss of identity...for nearly 11 years, this has been the most important relationship in my life! It's like leaving a marriage, when you know it's better for both of you if you leave, because you're hurting one another and you've stopped growing...but you're also torn, because some things are still good, and you still feel love, and also it's "safe," you know?

Anyway. That's where I'm at right now.

Oh christ. And then there's going to be the media. Ugh.

I must go drink.
***disclaimer*** this is actually falljackets. i didn't log off mrfj before typing. sorry for any confusion this may cause.


listen to the latin lover in your brain. that voice knows what it's talking about. but allow yourself to grieve as long as you want. you're right, you've been at that place for a long time and it's become part of your identity. you've said it before that it's time to find something new. and nothing says you can't still volunteer your time to women's issues (frankly, i'd be surprised if you didn't!) and maybe find yourself something that will be less stressful. take this down time to take real good care of yourself, girl!

oh, i meant to welcome you back, tyger! so WELCOME BACK! we meeeeeced you!

good to have the turbos back safely also!

yay for no babies, diva! when in the hospital yesterday, they tested me for pregnancy and for ONCE i was GLAD that i wasn't pregnant, as i've not been living the pure life lately. wouldn't that have been my luck to get knocked up after going on a one-month bender. yikes!

so, minx? what naughtiness did you decide upon yesternight?

hi to everyBUSTie else. i'm doing ok today. still having abdominal pain (which i guess is my bladder screaming at me). but i planted some pretty flowers today so that made me feel good.

(((((((((hugs to all that need them, especially more for doooodle))))))))))
*passes mugs of soothing mint and licorice tea around the thread*

Doodle, I am so sorry to hear about the centre, that this is how it had to end. It would be wonderful if you were making a graceful exit, handing the reins over to someone fresh for the fight, but sadly, that's not the case, and you are definitely entitled to grieve for the end of the centre and this huge part of your life. I hope that when it comes time to really close the doors that your board either throws a big party to celebrate the work you've all done, or a scrapbook that details all that you've done for women in your province...You deserve to be sent off well, and to be SO PROUD of all the work you've done to advocate for women and children in your area.

That said, I'm really excited for the new opportunities that will be offered up to you, doodle. Its scary to think of doing something different, to step outside comfort zones, but you'll be ready, and the universe will be ready to offer up exactly what you need - just you wait!

((((((FJ's girly bits)))))) I'm glad you're feeling a bit better today, and doing things that make you feel good!

I'm snuggled in, wearing my first sweater and socks of the season, the lake roaring outside my window, and I think I just might take a bath here in a little while.
*tiptoes in*



(ps soon as i get the buttonmaker back from its other mommy, your pin is in the mail)
Hey y'all!!

I just returned from a viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Oh god, I'm at a loss for words. Johnny Depp as a pirate.... *drifts off into hornyland*

((((((((((Doodle)))))))))))) I'm really sorry. I agree with FJ, though. Listen to that latin lover. Turning points like these are always scary, but this could be the beginning of something really great. You're right--it is like the end of a marraige and so much of your identity is tied to that org. I suppose the best way to look at it is that it's a small part of your greater identity, which involves a huge chunk of women's advocacy. You don't have to lose that part and I'm sure you won't. I hope the closing helps you relax a little, so that you can focus on yourself rather than your role in the org.

I'm so glad you're feeling better, FJ!!! Take it easy on yourself for a while. No benders!!

Yay!!! Turbo's back!!! Madison is a great town. I'm glad you enjoyed the House on the Rock and didn't walk out feeling nauseaus like I did!! That place seriously freaked the crap outta me. Doll collections are just plain creepy.

Thank god you're not preggers, diva. A baby would really interfere with our rock band plans. By the way, I could totally see you as the Slash-type. wink.gif
Hi mouse!!

Hi treehugger!!

Hi yuefie!!

My nephew started kindergarten this week, too. When my dad asked him about his first day, all he had to say was that he ate hot lunch and it was really good. Ha! Such a cutie. Meanwhile, his little brother has mastered the pooper. They grow up so damn fast.

It's so nice outside right now. It finally feels like fall. I wore a sweater, even!! I'm not sad to see summer go away at all. Bring on the frost, Mother Nature!!! I'm ready.

Living by myself is so fun. I get to do whatever I want at any time. I almost feel like I'm hanging out in my very own secret tree-fort or something. Tomorrow I plan on taping off the molding in my bedroom and digging through all of the treasures in my closet. I'll also set aside some time for my new boyfriend, Johnny Depp. I'm doctoring a couple of his movies right now. I also managed to find his appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio, so I'm gonna watch that soon.
No naughtiness...I was so horrifyingly dissmissed by one, that by the time it was time to go to the other I was in a FOUL fucking mood. So, I did nothing. Well, not quite nothing. I went to a teacher friend's house and hung out with he and his wife for a little while and watched some Bill Maher. That was fun. Then I got crushed like a bug and cried myself to sleep, woke up, cried some more, drank some coffee, got another fist up my ass by the aforementioned person (um...can I be a dumbass and just admit right now that it is our year anniversary and you can pretty much guess what didn't happen), cried myself all the way back to the southside, hung out with my friend whose ten-year marriage is on the rocks, stopped feeling sorry for myself, and now I'm home again.

And feeling a wee bit sorry for myself.

And now I'm feeling sorry for Doodle. (((Doodle)))


I have one more fucking episode of CSI to watch. That's gotta be a good thing, right?

I, too, like living with no man under the roof. For now. I really miss snuggling with a big, testicle-ridden XY. Sometimes I get tired and would like someone, for once in my fucking life, to take care of me--just ONCE in awhile, and be consistent about it. I am getting the idea that this is a daunting chore for most XY that I have met. I would like to meet someone who isn't afraid of the responsibility of loving someone. And reads a lot. And will teach me to play chess. And laugh at me when I need to put my helmet on.

And it would be nice if they also had a big weiner (props to LURV!!!)

I think that I will commence with the smoking of something, have a beer, watch Grissom, and fall asleep next to my vibrator whose batteries are dead. That is a very sad state of affairs, my friends.
turbo - I am so jelous! Ever since I read Neil Gaiman's American Gods it has been my life's mission to get to House on the Rock. I have not made it happen yet, but soon...

{{{doodle}}}- I PM'ed you some thoughts. I hope things have not gotten too crazy for you.

The weather in Chicago is perfect for the mood I am in. I like fall, though. I just get more productive as the weather gets a little colder. This summer has been too stressful and I am happy to see it go. Of course, things have just gotten more complicated, but I am going to write about that all here.

On to better news: today is the first day of my three day birthday celebration!!! I am having some friends over for knitting, crocheting and Joss Whedon DVDs. Anyone in the Chicago area who wants to join is welcome! Tomorrow, my 33rd birthday, I am getting a manicure, pedicure and a haircut. Can't wait. And then on Tuesday I am going for drinks at the Kit-Kat Lounge. Again, you are all invited! cool.gif
hugs for ((((minxie))))

oh, kitten, if i could teleport to chicago for knitting and whedoning i would sooo do it. alas, i shall have to be there in spirit only. happy early birthday!

so, i got new pants! i was mui pathetico friday morning and had a little 'woe is me, all my pants are holey and i can't afford new ones' performance, so my mom took me shopping. one pair is even not stretch, which is happy. i have to go back and get them hemmed, but whatevs, they make my butt look superfantabular

right now american gods is actually my book of choice to read during psychology. i'm thinking of ditching it for a colouring book, though, as maybe i'll learn more from the teacher that way. oh, that was funny, learn things in psychology class at my school. really it's that mister teacher man butts into my hearing and makes me miss what i'm reading in the book

i think i'm going to spend the two hours before i have to leave for work NOT reading my damn probability textbook. as far as i can tell it's going to basically be a self-taught course, but, on the bright side, it is the first math class with cute boys in it. i had begun to doubt the existence of cute boy math majors
Just popping in to say American Gods was amazing! Neil Gaiman is great.
I'll write more later, but wanting to now re-read all of his stuff. And his graphic novels aren't that bad either. So want to marry him.

Happy early bday kitten! I'm there in spirit yo!
Oh, I am loving all the Neil Gaiman lovin' in here! He is my favorite author, ok, well...maybe tied with Charles deLint. Anyway, I adore him, his blog is wonderful, and I am very much looking forward to the Stardust movie next year. His last movie, MirrorMask, is also among my favorite movies - its just specatacularly beautiful film....I could go on and on.

I've had a wonderfully busy rainy sunday morning here - early to the market, and I just finished a spectacular veg lentil soup, and took peach-raspberry-blackberry crisp out of the oven. My BGP and her BF are coming over for lunch and bringing their pomeranian puppy to visit. She weighs 1lb 5oz...she's just a little tiny ball of fuzz...I'm sure Turbo will go and hide. smile.gif

Hooray for new pants! I need to get me some too...I love buying fall clothes...need to wait a couple weeks to have the cash to do it though.

Happy birfday kitten!! Sounds like you have a fabulous celebratory line up ahead!!

Ok, I must finish tidying before BGP arrives!
What's shakin', babycakeses?

Yes, fall is indeed almost here. As I drove up to my parents' house yesterday and saw all the political signs out on the road, I got a little tingle. It also helps that I had to wear a sweater, too. Fall is here and so is the election cycle!

(((((((((((((Doodle))))))))))))) Listen to that voice and just let it go. Explore a little and see what you'd like to do when this ends.

I'm in the mood to go out for a frilly cocktail. Too bad there's a boy on the couch watching football waiting for me to join him to watch wrasslin'. I kind of miss living on my own a little. I'd have just slapped on a little makeup, changed my shirt, and gone out. I'd also like to make it to the farmer's market just once before it starts frosting.

Sam was really fun to be with yesterday, really affectionate and happy. We kicked a soccer ball around, played at the park, and read Walter the Farting Dog twice. Mom gave me a crapload of new clothes, most with the tags still on. Some are really nice, some I'm going to give to Goodwill. I guess I don't have to do any shopping for fall, even though it would've been fun. I really don't need anymore clothes.

Welcome back, Tyger!

Glad you're feeling better, FJ!

(((((((((((((( hugs and vibes to everyone else))))))))))

Hey all...just checking in. I am wrapped up in an enormous purple afghan, and I've eaten an entire container of pralines 'n' cream ice cream. smile.gif Thanks for all your hugs and thoughts. It truly does mean a lot to me.

I wish I had a clue what comes next; it's kind of frightening to think about. I've managed the last 11 years on the job front by making conscious choices to just "go with it" whenever something new faced me, and it's always seemed to work out...but now that actual income will be an issue, I'm not sure this is the best thing to do! ACK! But the truth is that I've lost my fighting spirit for this battle, and I guess I have to "go with that" too. And I have something new to fight for - getting my life back.

One thing I am really grateful for is that I think the "right" group of women are the ones who will be hanging on to the organization. Of all the times we've faced closure, this is probably the first group I've felt I could trust to actually keep the core organization going, AND keep it feminist. And hopefully they'll be able to re-open the Centre someday, or something comparable. (And honestly, after the number of people I've pissed off, I'm pretty sure they'll have an easier time getting there without me.)

Ok, that is today's (once again completely self-focused) Me Update.

It is one of BFF's daughter's b-day this week. I usually give them money, 'cause I'm clueless, but I don't really have it to give this year, so I am painting her a box, like the one I did for my brother, but smaller. This girl (almost a young woman, actually) likes the same colours as me (green, purple, turquoise), so it's a fun project. Anyway. I'm off to work on that!
Well, its monday morning, ladies...grey, cloudy and full of fall-ness.

Its also the 5th annivesary of 9/11...and I'm so torn. I'm sure many of us are...liberally minded politicos that hang around these here parts. Profound sadness is coupled with resignation and memory. Isn't that a great way to start a workweek?

(((doodle))) you're going to find something bright and beautiful to accomplish next. Take some time to adjust, beg to be laid off, and reassess your strengths. Visiting my thearapist on Friday, she told me about her husband, who runs a tool and die shop. He's a lawyer by training, but 20 years ago, his firm collapsed (the firm he worked at), and when he assessed his desires and strengths, he came upon making THINGS, tooling, feeling part of a system, etc. were his inner desires. Think on the opportunities you have!


We had the lovliest weekend of family-ness. The fall breeze really tickled the wee one, and i loved getting her bundled to go outside. I can't friggin wait to hit the cider mill this weekend!

We do have a little scare coming our way, as our BFF's son came down with a 102F fever sunday morning, after he and moxette were playing hard saturday night. So, we watch and wait, and send BFFette a little extra hug.

kisses all! Must work. or visit other threads on bust...?
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