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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey, if you bring the brownies, I'll bring the laser light show. Diva can be the DJ.
Ok, but just be sure not to limit it to Dark Side of the Moon, 'k hon?

blink.gif cool.gif
Okay, maybe diva will throw in some stuff from The Wall for ya, doodle. wink.gif Heeee...the thought of a Blue Rodeo laser light show totally cracks my shit up.

ETA- How 'bout some laser Journey??? Faithfully would be a perfect song for a laser show!!! laugh.gif
You shush, woman! I would love a Blue Rodeo laser light show. And you all would too!!

Can we invite them to play a gig in our commune?

Ok, I have to go take doodlemama to the bus now...
If you bring brownies, then I'd be down for a Blue Rodeo show at our commune.
hi hi hi i'm back
and have crazy stories to tell
but first i have to read the archives!
Welcome back mouse!!
Well, if we're going to do a Pink Floyd laser light show, you can be damn sure it's going to be a helluva lot better than the one at the planetarium. I knows me some Floyd! The best stuff is from Wish You Were Here, Meddle, and some of the more obscure stuff. And just to scare you all, I'll put in some Syd Barrett stuff. Yeah. All your pot-stanking brains will be mine!!!

Special skills... hmmm... I'm pretty good at making jewelry and making desserts, so I could accessorize and pamper everyone with stuff they really don't need. I could decorate, too. And I can get any stain out of any piece of clothing. And I have a really funny way of explaining things in relation to other things. And I mix a mean drink, even if I do prefer mine a little on the weak side.

No special brownies for me, thank you. I tried that once and had this deja vu sense for the rest of the evening and the "duhs" for most of the next day. We went shopping for beads in LA and I spent $150 on "shiny things."

Hi to all. I read the archives, but we're on the way out of the house to watch PR at gay boyfriend's house, and the giant is really finally going to play with his little pug, Georgia. The giant has been wanting to meet her for months now.

Awww Diva, don't forget those friggin' peanutbutter krispie chocolates!!!!!!

OKAY, okayers, i took notes!

*deep breath*
poodle's resident boy is gone, yay, she's repainting! if i had to choose one band to listen to for life it would be the magnetic fields because i love them and because they have a huge repertoire and it is very broad in genre. i hope diva's job starts being more fun, but at least she got to see snakes on a muthafuckin plane! i love the drunk fj's and i'm glad they had fun in st augustine but hopefully mr fj's dreams will be less menacing, or at least that the man in black will have some good lube with him next time. turbo's dogsitting! i think pugs and poms are super cute, poms are the only longhaired small dogs i can stand. there was an ad at a diner when i went home for poodlepoms--i have no idea what that would look like!! wombat! bats! bats are so cool. and you're psychic! AND you made some great art, which i would like to hear/see more about. glad ms gb had a great roadtrip! i was in az for a coupla hours friday, i had a layover in phoenix. it looked really cool, i'd like to go there for reals. minxie sounds like the best teacher. we did the crucible when i was in highschool and everyone loved it. i wish i'd had a teacher like minxie--though my lit teacher was pretty awesome (we called her "goody g" all through the crucible and it stuck, i still think of her as that). and please don't worry about minxlette not having all new stuff and whatnot; i grew up with super poor, super awesome liberal inventive parents, and not having everything i wanted and every new abercrombie and fitch whatever that everyone else did made me more appreciative and individual, i think, so it's really a good service you are doing her. **vibes for marileen's babydog** taloo, scooter club sounds awesome! are these motorized scooters? like vespas? oooh... moxette is famous! she's a famous snorgler! **moxgut** **kittenb nose** hi lurkers! get into school vibes for puppykitty! you can do it! *hugs for doodle and org* WOOO KARI HAS A NEW HOUSE!!!!! i love that we are all talking about canadian bands! i used to be a fruhead in my less formed years. i was a murray fan too--everyone loved jian but i thought he was kind of a stuckup assface. imho. when i stayed in my crazy aubergine-espagnol-esque squatter warehouse shack in paris one of the rules was "don't pee in the sink in your room, cos it could come up in somebody else's sink" eeeewwww. i love the idea of a bustie okayers commune! i can card wool, spin it into yarn, and then weave, knit, or crochet said yarn into stuff. ooh and i can also felt. and make butter. and decorate cakes. and forage for food, and build survival shacks out of pine boughs.

okay, this is a hella long catchup post so i am going to save my crazy travel stories for tomorrow--suffice it to say i have been up since 4am eastern time, spent about 24 of the last 30 hours traveling, and am currently less forty dollars, half a day of work, and a car stereo. BLECH. but i got to see my best friend in the entire world and i didn't think i was going to, AND i met her girlfriend (!!!??). oh AND we didn't have power for two days. AND AND AND! (next post)
wow, mouse - that was an amazing re-cap!!! Makes us all sound soooo busy!

sounds like your trip was really eventful! tell us more when you feel more, uh, rested!

I love how excited minxy is about school! Teachers like you are the reason I loved my English classes so much!

Speaking of which, turboman and I were reminiscing all afternoon about our highschool english classes, and we disagreed about who our 9th grade honors teacher was, so I need to go pull out the year books, and prove I'm right! ...or likely not right, as he has a much better memory than I. All I remember of 9th grade is memorizing poems I hated, romeo and juliet, but then getting to thoreau, and it was all good from there....
Holy lordessa, that's a helluva post, mousie! Welcome back!

Yes, diva 'n' doodlebug get to be in charge of commune decor. And beading projects. I'm not so good at stains, though. diva, what is the secret to getting greasy spots out of t-shirts? Please help me - this is my number one stain problem!!

Hi minx! And poods! And lurkers! (ETA: and TURBO! cross-post!)

Well, doodlemama is off on a bus! And now, taking my cue from poodle, tonight is Project Reclaim DoodlePad! I'm about to do a whole bunch of laundry and get my apartment back in order - the way I like it! So I'll be around, but I'll also be, you know, bleaching ashtrays or straightening slipcovers or something. smile.gif
Wow! That was an impressive recap of the archives, mouse!

I can't wait to hear about your adventures! I'm glad you had fun with your friend despite the other mishaps. I take it that someone stole your stereo. Two days without power? What happened?

Ha! Funny. I was watching Rockstar Supernova and one of the girls butchered Wish You Were Here (they butcher almost everything). Earlier today, I was thinking about how easy it would be to play that song, so after hearing it on RS, I decided to pick up my guitar and try it out. It's super easy and fun to play. Unfortunately, I broke my lower E string trying to tune the thing. sad.gif I knew that would happen, too. I was fucking with it way too much. Oh well.

I saw Laser Nirvana once at the planetarium. I think it's safe to say that the planetarium sucks when it comes to laser light shows.
Minxlette starts kindergarten tomorrow, Okayers.

I think that I am commencing with the cosmic freakout of a lifetime.

Poodle, I do believe I'm in love with you. You can seriously play that on your guitar? Teach me! I have a guitar that's virtually unused, it just needs a decent amp to hook up into.

Wow, Mouse, that was one hell of a great recap. You caught me up on stuff I've missed myself! What did you and your friend do?

I hope Karianne is loving her new house.

Doodle, grab a potato brush and some liquid detergent, pour the detergent on the stain and scrub the hell out of it. And don't dry the shirt until you know the stain's come out. Sometimes it takes a few rounds, but I've never had one stick around that I tried my hardest to get out. I've never tried it with bleached detergent, though I suppose that would probably work even better.

Aw, Minxlette is in kindergarten! Cute! I hated kindergarten myself. My teacher, Mrs. Kulseth, was really mean. But my first grade teacher was the best - I even went to visit her after she took maternity leave and had triplets, which turned into twins.

Well, it's time to go to bed. I slept like shit last night, so I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.
Mornin' y'all!!

The cat alarm went off early this morning, so here I am. I wish Oscar would just wait until I get up like Gus does. He will not leave me alone until I wake up, but when I go to feed them, he just sits there! He's like, "Hey everybody!!! I'm awake now, so it's time to play!!!"

Yup, I can play the geetar, but it's pretty rough these days. Heh, I used to be the guitar girl during our school masses. I took lessons from this mullet-headed guy in a band called "Blue Steel." Hee! He taught me how to play a bunch of classical picking, which was kinda cool. I used to have a Washburn acoustic-electric back in the day, but I sold it so I could buy my '83 Cutlass Supreme. *smacks forehead* It was a gorgeous guitar--cherry stain with black inlay. I wish my mom had forced me to keep it. On the other hand, the beast car will always have a warm, fuzzy spot in my heart.

~*~*~*~first-day vibes for minxlette~*~*~*~
Huh - Poodly's cat & Tartlet must've got the same wake-up-ass-early-raring-to-party memo...

I am swamped with a capital Fuck Me this week - I subsisted on peanutbutter M&Ms and coffee until almost 3 yesterday afternoon, and am in danger of a repeat today. But my Pumpkin #5 finally arrived, so at least I smell yummy. I have mad skilz but no time to list them. Tartman & I want to start a punk-rock Amish collective with some friends of ours, but again, that's a story for another day...

Drive-by boobysmooshes for everyone!
Morning all!

Welcome back, mouse! Yes you must tell us more adventures!

I have yet to see a laser show, pinkpoodle. That is on my "to do" list for fall.

mrfj and i keep saying we're gonna go see a laser show. our planetarium has them too. they do zeppelin and pink floyd and occasionally toss some other band on the roster. only problem is that every time we decide to go, we'll look it up in the paper and they're NOT doing it that day. but we should make a point of doing it this fall/winter for sure. even though ours prolly sucks too.

i've been out of sorts for the past few days. i'm not really sure what is wrong with me but i'm sooooo tired and run down. i've nearly fallen asleep on my ride in and home from work a couple of times just this week.
i had UTI symptoms monday, was fine tuesday, and then it came back yesterday with a vengeance. i thought i was going to die yesterday morning especially. i think that can be attributed to having a lot of sex over the weekend... yeeks! it seems to be better today (i popped a couple penicilin and uristat yesterday). but when i got home yesterday, i passed out on the couch and then couldn't get myself going again. i stayed up and watched PR (YES! finally grimace is OUT!) and promptly hit the hay. but i'm still sooooo tired this morning.

i have to be up way early tomorrow morning so i can meet my work team across town at 6:45, pile in the van and drive up to charleston for a "team-building experience". then we have a dinner planned for a japanese restaurant and a meeting from 8am-2pm on saturday, followed by another 5 hour drive home. maybe it's my dread of the weekend that's causing me to be down. i really don't want to go.

We have a musical bunch in here, don't we? Maybe Poodle and Doodle should form a band called Oodle.

There was a guy on RockStar INXS last yaer (Marty I think was his name) who did an awesome job with Wish You Were Here.

~~**~~ Good First Day of Kindergarten Vibes for Minxlette ~~**~~ I loved kindergarten. We only half day kindergarten back then though. Is her's full or half day?

Tomorrow is my last day at work!!!!!!!! My boss is being such a bitch about me leaving. She's barely spoken 15 words to me since I gave notice. And no one has offered to plan a Goodbye Catsoup anything. I wouldn't be as bothered by it if there hadn't been a big effort to do a goodbye thing for a nurse who left a few weeks ago. (She's part-time (I'm fulltime) and has been there a little less time than me.) sad.gif So instead I've been inviting my favorite coworkers to go out for drinks tomorrow. Fuck it.

TC Busities -- I just bought a $50 gift certificate to Bar Abilene for $25! A friend tipped me off - you can get it at - click on Dining Deals. There's a limited number so if you're going to do it, do it sooner rather than later. I love Bar Abilene. I think I'll spend all $50 on margaritas.

Dealing with contract work makes me constantly have to get to know people and then leave.

My last job, I only would even be *speaking* to a few people because it was a very snobby and competitive place. And it was winter, and, yada yaa...

and they surprised me with this luscious gourmet chocolate cake with my name on it!


I wouldn't give up just yet.

but making your own plans is good too!

I have a steady boyfriend, neighborhood, friends, gym that don't keep changing all the time.

That said, it's easy to get lazy
Holy crap!! That's about 3 free margaritas!! I love their margaritas and mojitos. They're definitely the best in town. I gotta check out that website.

(((FJ))) Take it easy on yourself, babe. Are you getting enough sleep?
Gooooood Morning!

Mouse, color me impressed with your recap! Damn! It helped me out too, b/c I haven't been in the lounge much this week.

Catsoup, fuck your boss. That is lame-o. At least you only have to put up with her for one more day. Woohoo! I am so excited for you.

(FJ) I hope you get to feeling better. I had a week like that a few weeks ago, every night after work I was just wiped out. Couldn't get motivated to do anything. Like you said though, it could be the weekend you have coming up. That sounds exhausting. *hands FJ a steaming espresso*

I can't believe minxlette is starting kindergarden! That is so exciting, Minx! You have to let us know how it goes. Is she looking forward to it?

Poodle, so is RB gone now?

Doodle, your mama has gone back home? I know what you mean, it is nice to have your place back after having house guests.

Hi mouse, wombat, diva, kitten, tart, moxie & everyone else!

Things here today are so far so good. Nothing much to report, which is actually nice.

What are you guys' feelings on home alarm systems? Our house has one that I think is installed, if we want to use it they may just have to activate it. Then again, the box looks kind of old & they might try to say it needs to be replaced. Our house is not in a dangerous neighborhood, but it is more urban than our other one. I am trying to decide if piece of mind would be worth the $35 or so a month monitoring fee + the $20 or so I'll have to pay for a home phone line (we currently don't have a home phone).

I feel like FJ too, and so does my boyfriend and some of my co-workers.

On the east coast, there was extremely bad pollen/allergens on Thursday. Something about back-to-school at the same time as a major holidday weekend, sudden damper and colder temperatures for a week kicking up the plant matter, etc.

I've got minor cold-like symptoms that will probably go away...
Mornin' all you morally relaxed beef curtains!!!!

bwahaha...I've been saving that one up all week, and since I won't be in here tomorrow morning, ya'll have to put up with my early insult!

We're cruising on up to House on the Rock this morning, for an aftrernoon of touristing, and then on to madison to stay with moxie's and my college roomie, and maybe pick up a few brews for the tart family. wink.gif

So, with that, I'll see everyone tomorrow night!!
hi turbo, bye turbo! have fun at the house on the rock! i checked the website and saw that they have an organ collection - and my first thought was ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! who wants to see a bunch'a mangy old body parts? and then i realized it was the musical kind and i laughed to myself. so i just wanted to share that.


karianne, we've thought about a security system since mrfj is away so much. i think if there was already one installed, we'd probably go ahead and pay to have it activated. we live in a two-story and i'm always wanked out thinking someone is climbing the stairs coming up to geeeeeet meeeeee. thanks for the espresso. mmmm.

wombat, i don't think we had that increase in allergens because we didn't have the cooler temps. it's remained in the 90s for the past few months. 92 again today. the only good thing about going to SC is that it'll be 82. and it's going to be raining all day, which means our little team building exercise in the park might get rained out. i won't mind that a bit.

so, minx, how did it go this morning? was minxlette excited or was she clingy? i cried the first day of kindergarten and my mom had to sit with me for half the day. happened again in first grade when we moved from california to tenn halfway through the schoolyear. i was just so painfully shy and everyone always stares at the new kid. especially when they make a spectacle of themselves by crying. self-defeatist, even then.

catsoup, good for you for making your own goodbye plans. i hope they do something for you though. sorry your boss is being a turd to you. but this will be the last day of dealing with it. can you smell the freedom yet? smile.gif
Hi, peeps.

I had a much easier time sleeping last night than I did the night before, so I don't feel like ass anymore. Thank goodness I don't have to be at work until 1:00 on Thursdays. And before I go in, I'm meeting my friend from my other job for lunch. It'll be fun.

Poodle, I can picture that guitar. Yum. Mine's a Washburn electric in a purple/blue color. I couldn't make myself buy an accoustic guitar. I want to be Joan Jett, not Joan Baez.

Wish You Were Here is my most favorite song ever written, so I cringe when anyone tries to cover it. Thank goodness I don't watch Rockstar Supernova. The only good cover I've ever heard was Radiohead's, and it's off an album that only, like, 8 copies were ever made of.

Karianne, I'd go for a couple months and get the feel of your neighborhood before you activate that system. See if you hear about any other crime in the area.

I want to go on vacay with the Turbos!

Sorry you feel like ass, FJ. That weekend coming up does sound miserable.

Hi, Wombat, Catsoup, and Tart!

I need some Bustie vibes. My period is about 3 days late and I'm getting really nervous. I take the pill every night like clockwork. Can I have some anti-pregnancy vibes, please? I know being nervous about it is probably what's keeping it from coming, and I'm trying not to be nervous, but I can't help it.
((((NO BABY)))) Diva, you just changed jobs and all, it's probably just stress.
~*~*~anti-pregnant vibes for divala~*~*~*~
i'm pooped..but i'm here!!!

(((diva)))i agree with the stress screws up everything.

mouse...what a whirlwind! we need to talk...i really need to learn to spin...maybe you could give me a few pointers....since you are relatively close to me. (same state, that is) biggrin.gif

((minxlette's first day))

((turbo family vaca))

cold and flu season, not to mention allergies; is in full swing...time to stock up on nyquil, crackers, lemon tea and whiskey!

we did half a head of extensions on me, ran out of time and now my hair is up in a bun! we'll finish it...but it looks funny right now. hehe and i just signed up for a program that gives me discounts, 2 free mag subscriptions and one class a month in haircutting/color! next monday is the first exciting!

((vibes for all busties))

~!~!~no baby no baby no baby~!~!~

i was thinking the same as moxie. it's the new job thing. you'll get it. the pill is pretty darned effective as long as YOU are effectively taking it.

hi msgb!

how long are the extensions?
*minxlette first day!*
*fj feel betta*
*no baby diva*

hi everyone!
going home was lovely, i ate a ton of great food and saw a bunch of my old dear friends and my family and my dog and cat and chickens and it was just a lovely, chilled out, happy time and i didn't get in a single fight with my parents, which is rare, and i got to see my best friend, which i didn't think i was going to, and just allover it was fantastic. going into detail would merit a blog post and i don't want to clog up the board, but it was just a great vacation.

going back, however, was a disaster--my flight from philadelphia was delayed two hours which made me miss both possible connecting flights in atlanta (godknows why i went through atlanta, but hey, that's delta, which i will NEVER fly again). the next possible flight was at 7am the next morning (it was about 10pm) and delta was NOT willing to pay for ANY hotel. we got a "discounted rate" which was still $55 a night, which is not really a discount in my eyes (then again i'm not the kind of person who ever stays in nice hotels). i had about $100 bucks total to my name at that point since i was waiting on a paycheck that i would have picked up the day i flew to pa, but since i don't have direct deposit i didn't have it in my account (and i still haven't managed to save anything from this new job since things keep coming up, like buying a car and having to replace my goddamn fridge). but i was not about to sleep that night in the airport, i was freaked out and plus all the benches had armrests so i would've had to just sleep on the floor. so i went to the hotel and they told me sixty-something, at which point i think i just looked like i was about to cry so the woman at the desk was like "are you gonna have enough money to eat?" and i just sort of looked awful and she gave the room to me for $35, and she is the nicest woman i have ever met, UNLIKE those who work at delta (grrrr). so i was able to sleep a few hours in a safe bed before i headed back to the airport to catch my 7am flight, then wait half an hour for the shuttle to union station, lugging my suitcase along, then another half hour for the bus to my house, then about three blocks of suitcase lugging, then home just to change my grungy clothes and then off to work, of course when i got to my car i noticed that my stereo and speakers had been ripped out. i don't even know how they got in, since nothing was broken, but thank god nothing else was broken. i can drive a car without a stereo. but grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. anyway, i'm home safe now. the end.

ETA for ms. gb; seriously why haven't we hung out yet? i know you west siders are loth to cross la brea, but really! tongue.gif
(((((mouse))))) sorry about the bad travel experience! that sucks. i hate it when airlines fuck you over because their flights are delayed and then stick you with the expenses. i had to stay in miami for an extra five hours one night because my bags didn't get through customs in time for me to pick them up. i ended up sleeping on the floor for part of the time. worst part is that i was flying back form mexico and had on a tank top and little sweater coverup, and when i flew in to FL, we'd had a cold front, so it was freeeezing. i was never so glad to be back home.

but it's good that you enjoyed your time with the family. no arguments, that's good! smile.gif
To get anywhere with Delta, you have to go through Salt Lake City, Atlanta, or Cincinatti. I only fly them if I have a buddy pass (gay boyfriend works for them) because it's so much cheaper, otherwise never. I don't care if PR featured them the last couple weeks. When my BFF used them to get her from CA last year and had to stay overnight in SLC. So she and a girl she met on the plane just rented a car and drove here instead of waiting. I try to stick with Northwest when I fly, but whatever's cheapest.

I think my whole pregnancy scare is just about stress. I can't imagine something growing in me, and my innards don't feel any different.

Okay, time to work.
hi fj! that picture looks bitchin, by the way...feel betta, k?


mouse, that's a nightmare story of a vacation trip....but at least that lady was nice. and i am not loath to drive...i love it..provided i know where the hell i'm going and have it mapped out. thus said, we need to do a LA bustie meet up...even if its just the two of us! smile.gif

as for the hair extensions...they are 2 inches past my shoulders in length and we still need to finish the top portion...and then razor cut it to blend in. currently i am sporting a strange looking mullet of sorts. hehe tongue.gif

oh i know smile.gif i'm just teasing you. i think the east side/west side patriotism is silly. you could just as well tease me about not wanting to cross la brea from the other direction tongue.gif
Aw mouse, what a shitty trip back home! I can't believe Delta did not pay for your hotel. Unbelievable. I had to stay overnight somewhere in CO a couple of years ago, but they paid for the hotel at least. Sheesh.
I am glad the rest of your trip was good.

Diva, I am sure you have nothing to worry about. If you are on the pill & take it correctly, it's pretty good. ~~~~~~~~blood vibes~!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ms gb, so only half of your head is done? That is funny! Can I again say how jealous I am that you get to play around with your hairstyles so much?

gaaaahh, it is only 2:00! Two more hours of work. Blah.
Hi gang, just got online, will read as soon as I can.

Hi doodles!
Hey, I have a question....has anyone else here ever taken St. John's Wort? I suppose I should ask this in one of the OBOH threads, but I trust you guys a lot. I notice that when I take it, my anxiety seems to calm down, but I don't know if this is a placeabo (sp?) effect or what. Also, if it really does work, it makes me wonder how it's all that different than a pharmaceutical, which I'm generally opposed to taking.


Eff, I hate it when men sit on the tree planters outside the women's centre. It makes me nervous, because they're facing our windows, and I keep wondering if they're "watching" me for whatever reason, and I also think it intimidates women from coming in.

Hey! I wanna be in a band with poodle, called Oodle! Yeah! Thanks for the suggestion, 'soup! biggrin.gif

BTW, who got KICKED OFF SuperNova last night? Never cared in my life till doodlemama insisted on watching it, but now I wanna know!

Hey diva, thanks for the tip...I'm gonna try it! I never machine dry anything that has a grease spot 'cause I don't want it to set, so hopefully your trick will still work. I'm tired of having to treat my t-shirts as disposable! And frankly, I have enough painting shirts now, too. Heh.

Is this day dragging on or is it just me?'s a full moon tonight, isn't it?

BRB....more to read, but someone just came in.
Yeah, hi, doodle!!

My media antenna psychic moments continue unabated.

I must create media, you see. So I seem to be downloading from the universe.

Weird, but true. Things are proceeding apace.
Ack!! Mouse!!! That's awful!! I'm sure it was worth it though. Crying always works (I usually can't help it in those situations). That's so sweet of that lady to give you a break. I woulda done the same.

I have done so little work this week, it's not even funny. I don't plan on doing anything for the rest of the day, either.

I updated my Match profile, which is probably a really dumb idea. I don't have time for boys right now unless they're super hot or super cool (in other words: Johnny Depp). I might give someone a shot though, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to impress anyone. They're gonna get the real deal, which involves me drinking, swearing, and talking about bulges (well, maybe not the bulges part). smile.gif


Doodle, I've always been under the impression that St. John's Wort was more of a treatment for mild depression, rather than anxiety. That's probably a question for turbo. I'm not much of a believer of that herbal stuff, especially when it comes to mental health.

Storm got kicked off last night. I say we create a reality show named Rockstar Oodle. How 'bout that, doodle? We both play guitar! We can combine the stylings of Blue Rodeo and Led Zeppelin for a completely original sound!
Poodle -- just put, "looking for guy who drinks, smokes, swears, likes Iron Maiden and has a big "bulge""

You might meet someone interesting!
Bwahahaha!!! If I could combine those characteristics(?) with responsibility and chivalry, then I'd have a great man!!
I'm a baaaaaad bad bustie! Will you ever forgive me? And pre-emptively forgive me for my self-absorbed tale of woe to follow? I've meeced you guys!

So, I haven't been around mostly because I was avoiding opening my computer, as I didn't want to check my email or be in contact with the outside world at all. What of August I didn't spend working I generally spent curled up on a couch at The Boy's apartment being a general mental trainwreck/affection whore/incompetent at first person shooter games. I was just generally the kind of crazy where I don't like being with myself, let alone alone with myself, so I force myself to be extra-social so I don't go into hermit mode. Also, I lived on chocolate lucky charms and almost got scurvy (i was at the easily bruises/inability to heal/hurty gums stage, which actually amuses me. i now get to claim to be a pirate and say 'yar' a lot due to the scurvy incident)

and now for the woe. Friday I went in to the school to re-sign a contract for my slacker job there. My boss says 'Oh, we need to talk about that. We had a budget cut, so it's only going to be coworker man this year.' which, of course, is utter bullshit, as there are still the same amount of hours regardless if there are one or two of us, and my mom works for the school's old treasurer so I know that the budget is set in March of the previous year. So, I'm basically fucked, because I can't make as much money with the same sorts of hours anywhere, as at that job I had at least 2 hours to do schoolwork every shift. Since I bought a car a week and a half before I was fired (it's sooooo cute! a 93 white 2-door sunfire with a nifty and a half stereo system), I don't have money to go to school next semester, and will not be able to make enough before then unless I plan on spending no money/not using my car at all. so i've been reduced to asking my dad for money, though i figure he can pony up, since my mom pays my rent, buys my food, and buys my bus passes and he doesn't even pay child support anymore.

right now i'm deciding between ripping mister asshole exboss man a new one in person, or just writing him a scathing letter.

at least so far school is good. but now i have to go pick up a paycheque and donate blood, but i promise i will come back and read and post and stuff later tonight
Tyg!!! Welcome back!! I was wondering what the frell happened to you!!

I'm so sorry about the money/school thing. Damn. College is too expensive. I hope your dad helps out. ~*~*~*~financial vibes for tyg~*~*~*~

I couldn't help but laugh outloud when you mentioned the scurvy thing. smile.gif

I forgot: ~*~*~*~anti-preggers vibes for diva~*~*~*~ I can't even picture that right now. I hope it's a stress thing.

My girl made it through her first day of kindergarten, only two spaz attacks, and the teacher is so old school that I bet she can handle ANYTHING ANY CHILD can dish out. Yep, she made it on the bus and to the Y downtown with no issues other than forgetting her backpack and lunchbox. WOO-HOO!!!

Holy shit, will someone give me a shot of whisky and sing me nighty-night songs? Maybe I should have bitchboy man-table come over and give me a footrub. tongue.gif He's been a good boy (relatively speaking).

Okay, more after I finish my decompression chamber session here.

Thank you all for being so supportive.

*flashes everyone in the thread and passes out on the couch*
Sort of a drive by, just on my way out the door, but saw this and had to post first....

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ anti-pregnancy/bring-on-the-MRG vibes for divalla ~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Yay for minxlette!!! Oh geez, I remember how hard it was to remember lunchboxes, etc. It's funny how things seem so scary at first, but then they become basic as we age. I remember being scared about highschool around age 13 because I looked at my brother's highschool science text book. I wasn't as fearful of college, because I had more self-confidence, but it was still a little weird. I thought about that a lot when I saw all of the freshman at the Target north of the U of MN last weekend. I was thinking, "Thank god I'm only here to buy cat litter." It's kinda refreshing to know that steps in life aren't as awful as they seem (at least in the greater context of human life).

*takes a swig of cheap pinot grigio and wishes that she had purchased a cheap shiraz instead*

As I was digging through my kitchen last weekend, it occurred to me that I would have creamed my pants to have such cool stuff 8 to 10 years ago. I remember watching Reality Bites back in the 90's and thinking, "Oh my god, they're so cool and they have such awesome stuff!" I should watch it again just to see how it feels now. I'm certain that I would laugh at pretty much the whole thing. Even going over to the homes of older people (age 25+) was fascinating for me. I didn't realize at the time that it took being really poor and having your heart broken to have such stuff. I inherited my bitchin' formica table with a green felt poker table underneath and matching glitterly chairs from an ex who totally broke my heart. He was moving and didn't want to deal with it. Nowadays, I look at my table as a huge score. If people ask about it, I tell them it was a "divorce settlement." Anyway, I thought about that a lot last weekend.

Happy Friday Bitches!

((Tyg)) Girl, I am so sorry things have been rough. I am sure your dad will pay & everything will work out. I hope it does.

When I went to the campus bookstore to buy my latest textbook there were a lot of freshmen & their parents in there. In one sense I am jealous, those were fun years, but I wouldn't go back if paid to do so. No thanks. Those were also hard years.

Minx! I am so glad minxlette's first day of school went smashingly! You must be proud.

Doodles, I don't have any info on St John's Wort, sorry. Maybe someone else will know though. Possibly Jenn, as she is the mistress of all things health related.

Have you guys been in Target lately? They are really stepping it up, I must say. Last night I bought this and this. Hope those links work. Anyhow, I was happy with my purchases. I also bought 2 roman shades & 2 sets of mini blinds.

What's everyone got going on this weekend? I am going to dinner with my mom, sisters, & an aunt who is in town tonight. Tomorrow is class. I may try to paint the kitchen Saturday night & Sunday morning. Mr K is out of town all weekend, so it will be me & Yuki.

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