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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I'll see your purse-faced, hair-in-a-bun, severe-suited, never-had-sex-in-her-life evil boss and raise you a 6'2", black-clad, deep-throated, amphetamine gobbling, badass outlaw country singer with guitar string callouses on his appreciably large index finger.

*anus squeals and goes fetal*
I'd take Johnny Cash. He was kinda hot, in his way. smile.gif
c'mon mrfj...that sounds kinda fun...especially if river phoneix i(yes, i use his "Parenthood" era name!) is the Johnny...

Doodle, don't you EVER feel bad for barfing in here. After the barfing I did IRL on saturday, all i could think about was "hmmm, how to I share this piece of news w/o being debbie downer?" You and I (and most of us) are a slight piece of the perfectionist pie, no? We must stick together!

My head's about to 'splode...i want it to be 4:30, so i can run home.
mrfj, i am having a rough afternoon but decided to log on and see what's what.

thank you for making me laugh. i'm really glad there was no one in the room with me when i read it.

((((doodle)))) i too have had severe dreams about impending doom at work. it really sucks. try to relax and give yourself a break. you're doing ok! i'm sure everyone there knows how hard you are working and are thankful that they don't have to do all the things you take care of.

hi msgb!
Actually, wasn't that "Leaf"? River died in front of Depp's club way back when.

The day has been FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! And my bank account hasn't bounced yet, so my timing and utter SELF-RESTRAINT (which I am very bad at) finally have paid off. I am going to the GROCERY STORE to buy GROCERIES!!! I am going to drown myself in fruit and veggies and dairy and am gonna get a big, crust loaf of BREAD!!! tongue.gif

I am so fucking AMPED right now. Seriously. I love getting back into teaching. Every moment is like inhaling a big wob of nicotene and caffeine...maybe laced with speed, but that would make me gnash my teeth, so I've never done it.

Okay, I haveta run because I can't sit anymore...I haven't sat all fucking day long. WHEEEEEEE!!!

Manic episode? Nah...only if a manic episode lasts for nine months. I vibe off of these kids HARD. All good.

Welcome back to the Jungle, babies...mommas got her barbaric yawp back. Awwww hells yeah!
Ooh, Whitman!

I once *non-plussed* an English prof by saying that I heard frat guys near my house let out barbaric yawps all the time!

Glad you're gettin into it minxy!!
My go-to Leaf/Joaquin Phoennix story is that I rented videos to him at the Blockbuster Video I worked at in Gainesville. He was short. And stoned.
I'm okay with him being short. Those Phoenix boyz are HOT!

mr Fj and doodle, you both make me laugh!

I just watched "The Family Stone." Avoid it at all costs if you do not want to be left sobbing halfway through the movie. Sad sad movie. Hopefully "Trust the Man" will actually be funny this evening. I'll keep ya'll posted.

YAY for minxy ROCKing the school!! And for good food!!

I think we *all* need to relax about work, I think! Nightmares about work are a serious cue for me that I need to readjust things and manage my stress level better. *breathe, doodle, and remember that you are only one person!*
I did such a beautiful piece of art today.
You all rule so hard: moxie, FJs, and turbo esp., thank you, but all of you, too. Plus, minxie gave me my 1st laugh of the day over in Confessions, and Mr. FJ gave me the 2nd laugh of the day here. I don't know what I'd do without my busties and busters, and especially the ones here in Okayland. *big weepy snort*

Cheers for minxie's groceries and wombat's art!

I'm okay with Joaquin being short AND stoned. smile.gif

Oh turbo, that's so funny...I was JUST thinking of going out and renting The Family Stone!! Weirdness! We are totally karmic twins or something. Maybe I need to buy a my early twenties, I had bike legs like steel, I'll have you know.

I think I'm going to cut out early and go for a long drive.

I have never been so happy to get apples and bananas in my whole fucking life.

Oh, and I've been remiss in my duties to tell ya what I'm teaching this quarter:

I designed the first four weeks to encompass the first parts of religious freedom and the tremendous division of religious fervor and the ensuing battle with The Enlightenment. My major text will be The Crucible; obviously the Salem Witch Trials will be the focal point (with parallels to McCarthyism and current religious fanatacism). There will be two juxtapositioned texts to bring some wholeness to the story...those being "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" by Jonathon Edwards contrasted by "The Age of Reason" by Thomas Paine. It will be luscious. As a primary document, I am using pieces of the Malleus Malificarum--which will be just weird. That is the first few weeks. It thrills me to no particular end.

Seriously, today was purely overwhelming. So many hugs from many that came back after we had thought they left town, or state. I was blasting Dee-lite when they walked in and it felt like coming home. I did. And now I'm getting all weepy and sentimental. They drive me fucking nuts, and I love them all like my own.

Anyhoo, I will let you all know what is coming up later when I get my head screwed back on.

And I saw the math teacher today, but I still don't know if he's single. I am such a pansy sometimes. Although I will admit that I'm just not on the prowl much these days. I do identify with your "struggle", Doodle. Sometimes I just don't know.
minx, love, i'm so happy that you are back in school. it's so obvious that it is your element. you're so good at what you do - excited and inspiring and just happy to be there. you make me want to go to freshman english! be manic, girl! now's the best time for you to try that stop-smoking campaign again, eh?

and, i'm glad you got some groceries, girlie!

i made it through PT a little easier than i thought i would today. i am very sore from yardwork yesterday (yes, after allll the fun we had, i squeezed in two hours of "work" in the yard at about 5pm yesterday and planted some more ivy and sweet potato vines). i had to cut a lot of roots from the oak trees so i could plant stuff around them, so i was pulling and yanking on them and knew i was going to hurt today. but the yard looks good and i was ableto do almost all my exercises so, i'm satisfied.

and now, i'm going to take a pomegranate bubble bath and tweeze my eyebrows. cause i never went to wax them when i said i was going to about a month ago and they're so shaggy now. yikes!

love to all of you!

hey! tomorrow is HUMP DAY! ALREADY! yay!
Oh...I'm in shock....I just got word that one of the coordinators (my job) in another women's centre, whom I knew thru the coalition, died "suddenly" over the weekend...I don't know what of yet. Gah.
wow, doodle. i'm sorry to hear that. ((((((doodle, neighboring women's centre, coalition and coordinator's friends and family)))))
((((Doodle)))) I'm so sorry to hear that.

*Sigh* I want to build a cul-de-sac neighborhood where all of us can get together on someone's porch and pour the coffee and wine during times like this. I know how to butcher and spin wool...what other talents do we all have here to share in our OKAYville?
Mornin' ladies!

(((doodle and org)))

I hope things improve with the new job, diva. Maybe you just need a little time to get in the swing of things and feel comfortable. Can you go back to your county job early if this doesn't work out?

I got it bad! Got it bad! Got it bad!! I'm hot for Ms. Minx!! I love that you're so pumped up for a new school year, minx! Those kids are so lucky to have you. Your religious freedom thing sounds awesome.

Outlaw country butt sex...heheheheeeeeee...

I had a dream last night that a Dark Side of the Moon LP was following me around and the triangle on the front cover was glowing and talking to me. It was terrifying.

I didn't get to list good things yesterday, so I'll do it today.
1. Going out to lunch today and boss is paying
2. My tax audit crap has been sent in and I don't have to think about it anymore (or at least not for a while).
3. The weather is so nice that I can have all of my windows open.
4. I rediscovered my vintage tablecloth collection, and so did Oscar (he's laying on the table right now).
((doodle)) hope you find out soon what the story is.

Poodle!! Ha! Hot for minxy. Ooh, boy, your kitties have a whole bunch of new things to lounge around on.

FJ! I think it's great the way you don't let your injury take away from doing the things you enjoy in life.

Ooh, minx. "Village" talents. I'm going to have to think about that one. I used to know how to weld, run a lathe, do carpentry and do electrical wiring, but that's been by the wayside for awhile. I've probably forgotten it all.

Divala -- yeah, the door to door thing stinks. I hope the rest of it is fun. It can be alienating to try anythng new, so give it some time.
Gooooood Morning Okayers!

I have missed you all! Haven't been in the office or the Louge for a week. Perfect amount of time away from the office, NOT perfect amount of time away from my gals.

We are moved! The closing was easy as pie, the move wasn't too bad. Really enjoying our new house so far. Will post pics when I take some.

((Doodle)) I am sorry to hear about your cohort's death. That is very sad. I hope her friends & family are doing as well as can be expected.

What else is going on with peeps in here?

Diva, how is the job?

I will try to go read some archives.

Congratulations, karianne! We *Meeced* you!
New House! New House! New House! I'd say that is a GREAT reason to be bust-free for a few days! So glad everything went smoothly.

Ugh- its gorgeous here today, moxieman has the rest of the week off, and i'm stuck at my desk. Color me jealous? y'a think?

At the risk of looking totally wussy, i need to give a shout-out to my MIL. After this weekend's episode, my confidence level is a bit shook, and moxieman was out of town all day yesterday. She invited me over for dinner, adn wouldn't let me go home until moxieman called to say he was close by. Just cause "you need some mom, too". I heart her.
Raaaawwrrrr...this person who works for HUD is giving us crap for one of the projects we did even though they don't know shit about appraisal. How dare they question our analyses!!!

Yay for kari's new house!!! I hope you guys have a good time getting settled and deciding where everything will go. I always enjoy that part.

That's sweet of your MIL, mox.

So I listened to some Dark Side of the Moon, so I'm not freaked out about the glowing/talking prism anymore. Now I'm relaxed and I feel like doing drugs or something. smile.gif
poodle, that dream is crazy! sounds like you WERE doing drugs to dream such a thing! heee! glad you were able to overcome your fear though.

YAY! kari! that's so cool! do you love your new place? how is yuki taking to her new surroundings? we excuse you from being away, but we sure did miss you!

wombat, i could hire you to work with my manufacturing company! haha!

i don't know what kind of skills i could bring to the table. i can cook well and mix a mean drink. perhaps turbo and i could share kitchen duties and take turns doing dishes. and mrfj and i could provide evening musical entertainment and lead the sing-alongs.

mox, that was nice of MIL. sometimes they can really be lifesavers. i think i made my MIL mad on sunday. she was telling us that there is a company here in town that will use our existing front door to make a new one with a glass insert. i asked her how much that would cost and she said somewhere around $7oo. i sort of scoffed and said that we could get a brand new one at home depot, installed and everything, for $3-4oo. she said something like, oh, you guys are old enough to make your own decisions and abruptly wanted to leave to go home. maybe it was just my imagnination, but i thought she was mad. eh.

so, i had a new avatar last night and now it seems to not be there anymore. wtf?

eta: ahhh, it's all about the refresh.
Mornin' ya'll!!!

Its another lovely day of vacation here! 75 degrees and sunny - YAY!

Nothing on the docket, and a quiet morning of reading on the balcony, and now we're watching Wallance and Gromit!

Poodle, I would definitely be afraid of a Floyd inspired dream! Eep!

Kari's in her new house - YAY!!! I hope you're enjoying finding new places to put all your stuff!

moxie - your MIL definitely rocks!
FJ- you're avatar is different from before...and just a gorgeous, might i add!
Just saying hello, ladies!
schnikeys! tongue.gif

as for the bustie community neighborhood.....i could bring baking, animal husbandry, hair doing-etc., and plumbing insight...whereas mr. gb can fix everyone's computer...although he's a bit rusty on macs. (sorry turbo) but he'd make up for it by taking turbomann out paintballing on the weekends. and i have a rampant supply of wool that needs spinning and knitting, minx. smile.gif

moxie, your MIL is so sweet....

kari-yay for coming back to visit! how's the unpacking going? everything fit through the front door?

(((doodle vibes)))))that's so sad to hear...

hi fj! i'd take care of those eyebrows for ya if i was closer.... wink.gif

mr. fj, i did the blockbuster gig you remember what prp stands for? cool.gif

yesterday was the first day of class....only 20 people showed should have more...we are supposed to have 65....

*sneaks off for a bowl of cereal*
Ah! if we get to bring our SOs to the village, I bring mad-mad skills! I also knit, and bake a mean batch of chocholate chip cookies.
mmmm cookies.......
ooh, fj, I bet she's a "no aluminum doors" kinda person.

or vinyl doors, or whatever it is they sell at home depot.
ms gb - that's the thing about macs, though - they don't need fixin'!! hahaha!!

skillz....I got the cookin' thang covered, dog walking, mox and I can knit everyone warm wooly scarves, and I can split wood like mad and drive your two ton split shift trucks and earth moving equiptment!

See, I knew that everyone here had mad skills. Okay, lemme add to the list:

I can milk goats and cows with my HANDS!
Make soap.
And I can teach yer chillens how to read reeeel gud.

And no one should underestimate how important it is to pour a proper cocktail. I, for one, will be really happy with the FJ's as the community entertainment leaders.

But you really should see Poodle in high karaoke stylings. She's wild.
I, for one, will be really happy with the FJ's as the community entertainment leaders.

Be very, very careful what you ask for.

Does "PRP" stand for "Previously Rented Product"?
true nuf', but they always need UPDATING...or so i'm told every night. smile.gif If the village takes chillins...mine is a laugh a minute. Tartlette, too, i bet.

oh, i can also find us a clean, environmentally friendly place to reside.
somehow my sis managed to wreck her g4 mac....had to send it in...

i can milk sheep...which is similar to goats and cows....

and make cereal bowls for everyone on my pottery wheel. cups and mugs next!!!
i also tinker in the automotive....

*passes out garlic hummus and pita bread*

is it time to go home yet?

yes mr. fj...yes it does.....

DING DING DING!!!! we have a winner!
Animal husbandry? Milking goats? Knitting? Baking sweets? When did this become an Amish forum?
I'd hardly say we'd be amish if ya'll were leading entertainments! cool.gif
and then there's also fj's fab drink mixing skills to boot....

*wishes for mojitos to magically appear**
Don't forget fj's fabulous typing-while-drunk skills.
yeah, i got no real-world skills...unless it involves sampling toxic crap...then, i got your number...

but, i can mad feed people!
"typing-while-drunk skills" Hahaha!!!

I can handle the entertainment in the bustie village. That's about it though. I'll keep our extensive music collection organized.

Yeah, I guess my DSOTM dream does sound like some kind of drug-induced vision. I think it was because diva mentioned Pink Floyd when we had the "one band" convo. I'm really in the mood for some Laser Floyd. Maybe I should host a drunken Laser Floyd show in my living room. laugh.gif

Our office went out to lunch and now I feel sleepy. I had fish 'n' chips, as usual. Mmmm....

That was such a cool dream, though, poodle.

And I have always found Pink Floyd to be a little creepy.

I'm still doing "in advance of media" psychic stuff.

I got posessed by "the shape of things to come" the other day, like, Yardbirds version, and today I read Cornell is covering it.

I dreamed about making a media campaign that had a bright red background and drawings on top of it, and I went to a website for an organization I never heard of before that I read about in the paper, and what is it like -- it's bright red with little drawings on it. It's just....

I'm thinking about what to do next and the antennas are up, I guess.

This is not unusual, according to the kundalini yoga people.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to see Rockstar Supernova tonight.

That I can't predict. Oh, wait, I get this *thud* feeling that they want Toby.

I was rooting for Patrice, and when she wimped out, Dilana. Storm last night was awesome, though.

is that all i have to offer you, mrfj? hehehe

ok, i'm ready for this day to end but i'm not nearly done with my work so i won't be able to leave for a while.

i'm like poodle, i went out for lunch and i haven't recovered. sooooo sleepy! i had a turkey sammich.

by the way, the wall in my pic is my cool ass burnt orange hallway wall. i'll post before and after pics real soon. promise! we found our USB cable last night finally!
Amish!! Bwa-hahahaha!!!

I rather think that it is our way of balancing the inherent evil in each of us. Knitting and spinning wool makes me forget about, temporarily, the beastly thougths that I have on a daily basis.

Or maybe it's just an excuse to sit and think some more about what I am going to make the bitchboy man-table do for me the next time I see him. tongue.gif I know that I told Tessie about this, but *whispers* I have a male submissive that I'm training. Put that in your sheep's ass and smoke it!

SCHOOL IS SO FUN! My students think that I am far beyond demented, but it works. As they told me last year, "Ms. M., you just don't fuck with crazy people."

Okay, I need to get my crazy self busy here and get some handouts copied for tomorrow. We are in the middle of the Puritan Primary.
Hello all....thanks for your kind words. I still don't know anything more about M's death....we are waiting for the family to release the details. There is so much stress-related illness in our work that I'm worried about what the cause was. Anyway...

...I'm going to focus on more cheerful things.

Like, if we had an Okayland community, I could contribute my extensive British Columbia-based knowledge about *ahem* indoor horticulture and *ahem* specialty baked goods. And I could decorate the commune, of course.

doodlemama is leaving this afternoon...I have to take off early to drive her to the Greyhound. I won't say I'm happy to see her go, b/c I love her, and it doesn't make me happy! But I will say that I'll be relieved to have my entire space back to myself. Although I imagine the furbabies will be a might clingy for awhile...
Horticulture. That figures. Who's going to step up with the barn building and milk churning?
Umm...*raises hand*...I can make butter.
frankly i'm most interested in just how *special* doodle's baked goods are? are we talking happy brownies? mmm. i've not had a happy brownie in quite some time.

hey mrfj, is that your formal application for the job of barn builder and butter churner?

or would you prefer to be a man-table for us all?

*hangs head because she's not even sure what a man-table IS*

i mean, i can imagine, but... hm.
I will bring the buggy whips.
Yes, happy brownies, though I prefer to make happy chocolate chip cookies, frankly. And also happy horticulture, which might be a way to financially support the commune, actually. I've never done that specific kind of horticulture, but I know the details, and I'm very skilled with plants in general. smile.gif
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