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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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what's up, my vivacious vice-ridden vamps!

having a fantastic weekend so far. st. augustine was awesome last night: we went to our fave mexican joint. the waiter remembered us as usual (even though we've not been there in about 4 or more months!) and remembered our orders - except that mrfj usually would get o'douls when we'd go there, so we had to correct that and get him a real beer. smile.gif oh the food was soooo good!

then we went to the main art galleries on the strip, saw all the regulars that we always run into, popped over to the dem headquarters, and then took the free trolley all around the historic district and got off near our favorite street. we hit a new little bistro and had a couple beers, then walked down to our favorite cigar/jazz bar, where we heard their house band - appropriately named "the house cats" doing all the old faves that they always do and shocking us with some squirrel nut zippers! woohoo! i was psyched. i even treated myself to a couple american spirits. meanwhile, mrfj and i were flirting madly with each other all night and just having a romantic lovely evening. we walked over to another little bar to see if our friend was playing there. he wasn't, so we went back out on the street and made out against one of the walls. then we decided to walk down to the fort and laid on our bellies on the side walls and looked at the water.

in the fort parking lot, which is adjacent to the main drag through the city, the highway patrol had set up a DUI checkpoint. we walked past the officers and thanked them for giving up their friday nights to do it. it was pretty obvious that they weren't used to receiving thanks for the DUI checks and i think they appreciated it. a lot of the other pedestrians out and about were complaining about them. but with our history - well - we understood they were keeping us all safe.

anyway, we made our way back to the hotel and had the best HBI, only that it was interrupted by the domino's delivery guy, who got our pizza to us long before the 45 minutes they'd estimated. but we scarfed down a few slices and went right back to it. hehe.

got up this morning and got breakfast and headed home. we napped and fucked all day. tonight, we grilled some steaks and veggies and are now watching the gators win their season opener. i think we're going to watch a movie or something and then head to bed. we have a baby shower to go to tomorrow, which i'm looking forward to only because it's for a wonderful girl that i knew in college and haven't seen since graduation. she lives in DC right now, but is coming into town for the shower - we only hooked up again through myspace, which proves that there is SOMETHING good about that site! smile.gif

ok, this has turned into too much of a blog entry and i'm almost not wanting to hit the send button, so i'll stop now.

sounds like everyone else is having a wonderful weekend so far as well.

oh, taloo, i almost peed in public last night too, but that DUI checkpoint made me decide against it. wink.gif

poodle! hehe, i love that you aren't wearing pants!

minx, i'm glad you're feeling better. you have to make the best of what you have. i wish i could go thrifting with you when you're back on your toes.

hi turbo! your day sounds great. what are you reading?

oh, and i bet minx is right: tessie is blowin' hotbuns right about now. hehehehe

hi bunny! hi rosev! glad you guys came!

moxie, your post really had me confused re: time. thanks for clarifying that you forgot to post until the afternoon. hehehe.

hi doodle, when does your mom leave? you guys have spent a lot of time together so far. don't be too hard on yourself!

and heeellllllooooooooooooooo to everyBUSTie else!
hola busties!
me and are in AZ right now visiting the fam.

*slaps on some sunscreen and waves*

Moxie, looks like the little Moxette has kinda-sorta made it to Cute Overload! Click on the link they offer (which goes to all the "snorgle" photos on Flickr) and sure enough, there's the adorable Moxette! So cute!

FJ, that sounds like the most perfect weekend ever. [happy sigh]

PinkPoodle was Porky Piggin' it at home! Woo hoo! Congrats on having the place to yourself ... finally! smile.gif
Happy Sunday, all. I am back on my feet! Yay!
Turbo, to answer a question you wrote days ago, yes, I did the netti pot thing, although I did not try garlic with it. I actually tried it several times but nothing worked. My face just kept swelling and swelling. If anyone wants to see how ugly it got, click here. But consider yourself warned, it's not pretty.

Love the Moxette pic on cute overload, but what is "snorgle?"

I did some thrifting yesterday too. I found some cute sweaters and I nice picture for my wall. My friend loves to shop for antiques and other valuables at thrift stores. He has this vague goal of selling everything on-line, but so far his 13-16 complete sets of dinnerware just live in plastic storage bins in his basement. I figure if he dies young I'll just sell everything and pay off my student loans.
aw shucks *blushes* thanks for the thread title love smile.gif.
Oh, dear kitten, I sure hope you are feeling better! That piccie was grim! The garlic thing does work when something is about to set in on you, but it is fairly stingy.

Moxette is *famous!* Wowza - I love cute overload!

I'm having a wondefully lazy sunday morning here. Long walk with the dogs, breakfast on the beach, and then I crawled back into bed with turboman and took a nap, and then awoke to a lovely HBI. I have no idea what's in store for the day today, and that's fine by me.

FJs, you do indeed, sound like you are having the best weekend ever!

Kitten, I noticed in your description of your sinus infection on your blog, you mentioned that the pain is above your mom used to get chronic sinus infections for several years, and she found out they were being caused by this dumbass dentist we were going to who did a couple of root canals for her and it turns out he didn't seal them correctly, so they were causing sinus infections. I don't know your dental history of course, but could something like this be the cause?

I hope you feel better- I've been lucky enough to only have one sinus infection and is was awful.

*de-lurking again*

who agrees with me that kittenb still looks beautiful and not chimpanzee-ey at all?

us kvetchies are becoming brave, aren't we?

*re-lurking again*
turbo - the really funny thing is that I took that picture when I was beginning to feel better thanks to the massive dose of ibuprophen my doctor gave me.

pollys- what you wote is really making me think. I have a problem toothright below where the infections tend to settle. It is chipped and getting nasty. I am finally able to afford the work that I need done on it and my first step is on Tuesday. Maybe that will prevent the problem because I realized this time that every sinus infection I have gotten in the past years have been progressivley worse. Thanks. That makes me feel alot better. smile.gif There could be an end to this.
Heya girlies!!!

Your weekend sounds like it has been delightful so far, FJ!! St. Augustine sounds very romantic.


So it's day two of Operation Poodlepad Reclamation and I'm planning on visiting Slumberland Outlet and Benjamin Moore. I'm going over to my parents to take in their mail/paper, so I'm gonna use the opportunity to wash towels, sheets, and blankies.

I still can't believe how freely I can move about in my apartment. I almost always had to walk around something when the boy was living here. My apartment is a lot bigger than I recall.

*goes off to take shower with the door open*
pinkpoodle - I am really happy for you. All that space is yours again!!!
Does anyone else read the comics??? (As in, comic strips?) I'm just wondering if anyone else has read Garfield their whole life and has noticed at all that JON AND LIZ THE VETERINARIAN ARE SUCCESSFULLY DATING. For 30 years or whatever Jon has been a loser who can't get a girl and now he has a girlfriend! They had a hot date in today's Sunday strip! I am happy for him.

God, I am SUCH a loser. 31 years old here, people.
poodle's a problem solver!! Wow, I would have never thought that tooth issues could give you sinus issues! I hope you can get that all taken care of, kitten!

I *LOVE* all the kvetchies in here!! *passes bloody marys 'round the thread*

I have to confess that I have no patience for anything animated - not comic strips, comic books, animated shows and movies...I dunno what it is, but it just bugs me.

Ok, off to lunch!!
Glad to help, kitten! My mom had to have all the root canals re-done when she found out what was causing it. Fortunately, this was around the time my cousin was starting her own practice and is a much better dentist than that jackass we used to go to, so it wasn't nearly as unpleasant as it could have been. Hope it is the cause of the problem!!
Hmmm...I think you might be talking about polly, turbo. She is quite the problem solver.

Heh, aqua, at least you're not reading Cathy. You don't read Cathy, do you?

The thing I like about Garfield is that he sleeps in this really small box that he obviously doesn't fit into. That's totally like my cats. They'll be blissfully snoozing away in a shoebox even though their furry rolls are spilling out over the edges.

I like old, hand-drawn animation. The computerized stuff is just too refined looking. Animation isn't supposed to be so finely produced.

Ack! I better get going!!! Later babes!!
Hey everyone, happy long weekend!

kittenb, I had trouble with recurring sinus infections for a long time, and they mysteriously disappeared once a good dentist took care of me! In fact, when I get a sinus infection now (which is very rare), I am convinced it's a sign I need to go to the dentist. Be sure to tell your dentist about your infections, and especially if you have one now....

poodle, I'm so happy to hear that the PoodlePad is all yours again! Hurrah! Now, only a few days left for me, and the DoodlePad will be all mine, too....

Hi also turbo, minxie, karianne, diva, marileen, polly, bunny, msp, lrm, moxie, tart, rose, the FJs, miz gb, taloo, wombat, and anyone else who's out there lurking!

I slept till 12, but I stayed in bed till almost 2. All I have to say is that it's a good thing those silicone vibes are so quiet! tongue.gif cool.gif
Well, you're one of my inspirations, doodle. You have shown that an apartment doesn't have to be a boring white box. Right now I'm prepping my kitchen so that I can wake up and start painting right away. I don't have before pictures, but I will post some after pics when I get ahold of a digital camera.
i can't wait to see the after pics, poodle! i still owe some...

i LOVE the invasion of the kvetchies!

i am still having the greatest of all long weekends, save that fact that i MISSED my old friend's baby shower because it was YESTERDAY! i knew something was amiss when we drove into the driveway and there was NO ONE HOME! argh! i'm a retard.

but, we went shopping instead. i got a new port-colored body by victoria bra and three pairs of matching knickers (that word was for you, anti-panties poodle!). i also got these shoes and a cute army green knee-length skirt and a short-sleeved striped angora sweater to match. i won't be able to wear the striped top for a while since it's still in the 90s here, but i can't wait to wear it. AND the best part? i got the cutest striped socks that match the sweater exactly! too bad my boots will cover them. but I DON'T CARE. i LOVE socks!!!

now i'm wishin' for winter.

ok, i've had three and a half red stripes and we just finished watching closer. i can hear mrfj strumming his gee-tar, so i'm gonna go croon with him, while wearing my new port-colored bra and boy shorts.

you know, that COULD be a euphemism, but it's not.

ETA: oh yeah... snorg-a-thon INDEED! if there is any question as to what a SNORG is, just click the link!!
Pinkpoodle, I know how annoying Cathy is, but I do still read it. I read all the comics, even {{{PUKE}}}} Family Circus. I especially like For Better or For Worse because they all age in real time.

Haha, I love what you said about the tiny little box he sleeps in. I always liked that too. WIth the blanket tucked in really tight around him.
QUOTE(falljackets @ Sep 4 2006, 02:26 AM) *

like, omigod! My cute army green knee-length skirt is, like, totally radical!

So I was just reading over turbowife's shoulder. I was reading about your purchases and I just thought, when I was in the army, I don't recall ever referring to anything as "army green". I suppose Olive Drab might not sell as many skirts.

Oh well. Someone probably ought to fry something.
Hi, peeps!

Poodle's got her apartment back!!!!! Let me know if you need any help painting or hauling stuff around, especially if you get furtniture at IKEA. My back seats fold down, yo.

We did see Muthafuckin' Snakes on a Muthafuckin' Plane on Friday, and lemme tell ya, I was thoroughly entertained. Normally, I get really scared at horror movies, but this was so over the top and entertaining that I loved it. Not a great movie, by any means, but that's an hour and 45 minutes of my life well spent. Other than that, we went to the giant's aunt's yesterday for a birthday party for his out-of-town relatives and played the TV Guide game. We came in second. And today we went grocery shopping and are watching a massive marathon of Arrested Development.

Me, the patron saint of protecting kids? Um, okay. I'm not that into kids, just my nephew. I was happy to not babysit my cousin's kids because I really don't like them that much. And I only work in child support because that's the first department that hired me at the pay scale I wanted.

Hi, Taloo! $$$$$$$$$$ job vibes $$$$$$$

If I could only listen to one band forever and ever, it'd have to be Pink Floyd, hands down. David Gilmour is my personal musical hero.

Time to watch more It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Bye for now!

turbomann had me all re-reading my shit, thinking i was drunker than i thought i was and that i'd actually said "like, omigod! My cute army green knee-length skirt is, like, totally radical!"


but he's right. someone should fry something.

what do i have that's fry-able?

moving on...nothing to see here....
Hi guys. I'm staying up all night because I have to work a graveyard tomorrow night. Yuck.
well hello miss kitty.

i'm staying up for no reason at'all eexcwpt i don't have no reason to grt up!!!!

and im drunk, and myfj is already selpping. but hatever.
I'm already a little tired, and it is only 1:00 AM here. Banana is sleeping.

I have to work two graveyards in Room Service (a new job I just picked up today), and then after
that I am working graveyards in the pastry kitchen for the next three weeks. Sheesh.

I just applied at the University of Arizona for spring semester. I hope they will consider me a resident. I can't afford to go to school if they don't. I want to just get my degree finished finally.

So, FJ, you're dddrunk, eh? Sounds like fun. I wish I had some beer right now. What have you been drinking?

I think I will go get some Super Nachos. I'm hungry for something yucky and greasy.

Hey! Where'd my other post go?

I was just saing that I am going to go get some greasy nachos, I think.
I'm hungry for some ass TNT.
hi pk. room service, ehd?
love that. if your ptrons are abything like me and mrjf, you'll get a nice shw at least!Q

hm. i've been drinking red stripse, then made shots consnsting of various concctions that nclude3d: cruzan pineapple rum, ketel 1 vodka, absolute vodka, southren comfort, key lime juice, grenadine and peach cider.

i've quite literally HUGGED four trees tonight. sang everything from "my girl" by leadbelly (performe by nirvana) to "old time religion" from pete seeger and i've even peed in my guest room sink because mrfj beat me to the toilet and we both had to go real bad. i know is sounds reallly bad - but whatever. screw it. is that not why they made bleach? judge me if yo will. but you know yo want to paryt with me.

yes, i used the backshpace key a coulpe times but whatv'ver.

I just went and got greasy nachos. Yum!

Yes, I want to party with you, FJ. I wish I was there. Can you believe
that the Crocodile Hunter died? Holio Shit! Heikki used to love that guy. I'll
have to call him tomorrow and see if he cares.

I have never had a Red Stripe. I just assumed that good beer can't
come from Jamaica. But I know that's a dumb thing to think. Lots of peeps
love that beer.

I went out for a beer with Banana earlier tonight. We each had a Belhaven, which
might be my favorite beer (on draught).
PK!!!!! Good to see you sister!! Gosh, you are just the most job-picking-up person I know! Props to you for working graveyard. I'm not sure I could do that anymore....soon as it gets dark, my body wants to sleep!

Awwwwwww....I missed drunk fj! I *love* drunk posters - so good! ((((((no hangover for fjs)))))

So we were supposed to get up early and ride the lakeshore bike path with our friends, and then I was going to make of course it rains. poo. And now our friends aren't even going to come out later for brunch. Bummer. They live way the fuck out in the burbs, so I don't blame them for not coming in, we just haven't seen them since spring. And now I have all this breakfast food laying around. Oh well.

fj, no worries about the pissing in the sink - piss is sterile anyway, right? When I lived in the commune, the bathroom was waaaay down at the end of the hall, and there was no heat at night, so it was fucking cold too, so I'd just pee in the sink in my room. We all pretty much did, and we'd joke about it. Now that's a community to love...where pissing in sinks is acceptable and common practice.
Mornin' ladies!!!

I'm making good time on the kitchen painting project this morning, so I'm taking a little break. I painted all of the annoying stuff like the areas around the radiator and the trim. Now I'm onto the roller.

Hahahaha!!! FJ, you're such a funny girl!

Hi PK!!! That's awesome that you're looking into attending college. ~*~*~*~resident status vibes for PK~*~*~*~

I'll have some of that breakfast, turbo!!

Well, I better get back to the kitchen before my cats decide to take over the painting job. Why do they always have to get involved in this kind of stuff?

Later babes!

Hello everyone!

poodle, I'm SOOOOO excited about you taking on the PoodlePad and reclaiming it! HURRAH!!!! Can't wait for pics!

turbo, are you still dog-sitting?

Hello also everyone else, FJ, divalla, turbomann, PK, aqua, and lurkers!

I think amazingasshat needs to get hisself to an AA meeting, pronto. I do lurve our ignore function, tho'!
*passes warm bowls of peach-raspberry-blackberry crisp around the thread, topped with ice cream*

Doodle, I definitely agree with you about the asshat, and I am most pleased by the support and rallying this morning to erase his name from plagueing the main pages as last poster. bravo, busties!! And ignore is such a delightful feature.

Fall makes me all nesty too, and poodle redecoratin' makes me want to get back to making something of our space...maybe I have the energy for one room per year?

So is doodlemama still hanging with you, or do you have your place back to yourself now?

Cats crack me up with their tactile nature of wanting to touch everything you're doing. My friend's boy kitty absolutely has to touch everything she's doing with his left paw, and when we were painting her condo, he was just completely obsessed by wanting to touch the paint. silly kitties!

Our neighbors are coming over in a few with their pugs to share in the giant mass of crisp I made, and we shall sit out on the balcony to enjoy it!

I'm so glad we took this week off for vacation - YEAH!

I still have the guest doggie until tomorrow night. I'm very much enjoying her doggieness. She totally wants to please you all the time...turbo's nothing like that. wink.gif

*slinks off into the corner to savour the melty-ice-creamy-crispy-fruity thing*

busties ARE the coolest peeps on the planet, I agree. We're all like, "Take Back the Night? Fuck that - Take Back the Lounge!"

doodlemama is still here, yes. I think she leaves Wednesday.

Kitties are laughable. Georgie always wants to "help" with whatever I'm doing - painting walls, lighting candles, doing a tarot reading, whatever. He's so sweet - I think he believes he's a "familiar," even tho' I'm not wiccan! (He'd be a perfect one, tho' - so sleek and long and black.) When mom and I did the mural, he was still a kitten, and he kept doing this runny-slidey game with all the newspapers we had on the floor....*sigh*

So, how many dogs will you have around this evening, turbo? Sounds like a doggie party! Do they get ice cream too?
Oh! Oh! Can I please have some crisp? Pretty please?

You have more guest dogs than I have guest humans, Turbo. It's impressive.

Poodle, I LOVE the Jem pic. I've had the dvds on my Netflix list forever but they've lost the first disc and I want to watch them properly. Maybe I should cave and start with 2.

FJ, you're silly. I love it. smile.gif

I've been around on and off, lurking here and there. Saw Little Miss Sunshine this weekend. BEST movie I've seen in a long time. If you haven't seen it, do it soon.

Hi everyone! I hope to be more OK-active again. I think I pledge that a couple times a month and then disappear. Bad Catsoup.

*hands a bowl of crisp to catsoup*

4 dogs total tonight! Yeah, I have more dog guests than human guests, what can I say? In many ways, I like dog guests a lot more. wink.gif When our friends with the pugs came over, I had to lock the other guest doggie in the bedroom, where she barked all evening. First, one of our friends is a man, which is a problem for her, and then she doesn't like the pugs much - she doesn't like them at the park, and they seemed doubly offensive in her sleepover camp. Oh well.

When do you start your new job 'soup?

Ok, I gotta run off to bed...catch ya'll tomorrow!
HAPPY FUCKING TUESDAY BITCHES!! (would I be copying FJ if I added "now fry like bacon"?)

I start school today. I am just as nervous as the kids, guarenteed. My syllabus was all fucked up, must to my chagrin, and now I have to get into school early in order to reprint the damned thing. FEH! Wish me luck on the drive back to responsibility and really shortened days.

BTW, I am so NOT happy about the lack of sunshine. The sun should be out by now, but NO. It' dark.

I have been bleeding like a stuck pig...remind me to never lose a pack of pills and go off them for a month. I think that made me dippy as hell and I haven't bled like this for over TWO YEARS. Hell, nowadays, I bleed for about a day and it isn't even anything really to write home about.

I need to get laid.

Yesterday was chock full of random acts of kindness brought forth by my friends. My BFF, K, told me to come over and do my laundry at her house, and THEN bought me and Minxlette's passage to a waterpark called Bunker Beach...wherein my other BFF, G, gave me a check for enough money to get Minxlette a lunchbox and buy some groceries. I have the best friends in the world. They knew that I would rather eat pasta a butter everyday rather than ask my folk for money (because my mom has this money-guilt-thing to lay on me every time).

So here's my question: what do you think would be an awesome thank-you gift for these chicas? They are both struggling, vegetarian mommas to two chillen a piece (and married)...should I custom make some vegan soap for them? Can them tomatoes? Maybe a homemade gift bucket for each of them? Would that be cool? Does anyone here know how to make bath bombs?

Allright...I need to bail. Time to shave, wake, up the girlie, make a smoothie, and pack everything up. I love being a terminal high schooler. cool.gif
Mornin' minxy!!! Good luck at school! I know you'll get the year off to a great start today! Awwww....that's so nice of your friends to help you out! I do know how to make bath bombs, though you'd probably have to buy some stuff, here's the recipe I use: how to make bath bombs. And here's where I buy supplies: brambleberry. Personally, I would totally dig some canned tomatoes. I need to learn how to do that myself.

I need to make some more bath bombs myself - production goes on hiatus in the humid days of late summer, because the humidity takes the fizziness away.

I have no plans for the day - YAY! The guest doggie goes home tonight, and I'm glad for that, as she woke me up at 6am barking, and wouldn't shut up. Maybe tonight we'll go see "Trust the Man," it looks good, and I adore Maggie Gyllenhal and David Duchovny and Julianne Moore - even if its sentimental tripe, I'll still love it.

(((minxy))) First day of school...ROCK! Here's to the kidlet's growin' up (kindegarten, wow!), the chillin's learning the coolest literatures known to teachers (which is WHAT?!?) and the best teacher in MN! For the thank you...what about something like bananna bread, or zuchinni bread? There must be a vegan recepie out there for those...

Sounds like everyone had good weekends. I think its awesome my kid made it to cuteoverload. When she smiles, i kinda think she's a cute overload myself!

So, the rest of our weekend was nowhere as good as the first half. I had a wicked gut attack saturday night that sent me to the ER for rehydration (thank god for moxiebro, who came to rescue for moxette!). Then, spent all day sunday sleeping on the couch. Yesterday, I did play with moxette alot, but she was aweful stuck to her daddy, which i understood. Today, moxieman is at a day-long business meeting, and won't be home till late, so I'm hoping my gut doesn't re-attack (the ER doc thinks it might be an ulcer...), and that i can spend a quiet evening with my bebe.

eh-llo, eh-llo

good tuesday to you awll.

-that was my plucky british accent, in case you didn't pick up on it-

sheesh. what a great weekend. but the problem with weekends like that is that they must come to a close. i hate that. i hate having to wake up and drag myself away from mrfj, the warm bed and the snuggle-kitties.

and now i have to work. boooooo. this weekend will suck because i have to go to charleston for work on friday through saturday for a meeting. and they're making us drive there in a van together (4 hours) and i have to room with some chick i don't even know. grrr.

*positive thoughts, positive thoughts*

minx, i'm so glad you have good friends like that to help you in times of need. it's great to have people you can count on. they sound totally BUSTworthy. wink.gif

hi turbo! hi catsoup! hi doodle! hi poodle!

eta: hi moxie! ((((moxiegut))))
Hey laaaaadies!!!

I feel so crusty this morning. I stayed up too late.

Mmmm...zucchini bread is so yummy. That would be a great thank-you gift.

Turbo's such a dog lady! I love it.

My kitchen is painted and looking awesome with all of my colorful dishes and wall hangings. Guess what I found while cleaning and painting yesterday--A VINTAGE CHROME AND FORMICA TABLE!!! I also have 4 red glittery vinyl chairs that originally came with the table. In fact, I have a lot of really bitchin' stuff that I forgot about because the boy's computer, books, and ugly canned food dominated my kitchen and dining area.

Heh...I'm listening to Fuck Tha Police. It's kinda giving me a headache.

Yesterday was awesome. The weather was nearly perfect, so I opened all of my windows and let the breeze in. After painting, I took an hour-long bubble bath, enhanced by a coupla bottles of Premium and the sultry voice of Julie London. I shaved every inch of my legs and moisturized the crap out of 'em. I also spent some quality time with Johnny Depp (in my imagination) and took a short nap with Oscar. I cleaned a little more, danced around in my underwear, ate pizza and drank more beer, and watched The Libertine for the second time. It was a great way to spend Exploitation of Labor Day.

Oscar has blue paint on his ear. What a little turd cat.
Yayy puppykitty!! Belhaven! It's dark beer but not sticky, goes down really smooth -- I love when I find a barr that has it! Good luck for working the graveyard shifts! I used to work at a hotel that catered to gay guests a long time ago, Friday and Saturday front desk graveyard shift. Great money, not much work, nice guys.

They got really snappish around the holidays though.

Paryt. Love it. We all want to paryt with FJs!!!!!!

fjs are diryt, always have teh awesome paryt heh heh


I like Johnny Depp too -- He started out being generic cute boy actor and managed to make a hip and intelligent career for himself - Istarted liking him around the "Gilbert Grape" days.

Heeyyyyy -- a friend of ours might give us a nice dining room table... !!

Nice sex this weekend and THE PARTY and a lot of work leading up to it and a lot of sleep after.
Unfortunately a little too cold and rainy to go to the beach.

The party -- some old friends came over but not the thirty I invited!! There was a morning shift and an evening shift (brunch party) and we had the most fun with the evening shift which was the crazy rockers and clubbers! We watched Ziggy Stardust, the DVD of the last performance in 1973.


We got enough food for 30 just in case.

*passes Bloody Marys, Mimosas and delicious italian rum-custard and pastry layers with whipped cream and strawberries cack around thread!*

Food all week? Buckwheat soba with spicy sauce and chicken and vegtables mmmmmmm

and music forever?
Have to be Velvet Underground.

Doodle -- surely you've seen "Why Cats Paint" ?? That book makes us laugh out loud still.

Hooray for poodle
I think people talking about redeocrating their homes makes me wanna do it too! Poodle, your table and chairs sound awesome - I always wanted t o have ruby red glittery chairs! I need to think about what I want to do next to make our home lineoleum in the kitchen and hall is pretty much at the top of my list, though. I cannot stand the un-cleanness of my 40 year old ugly flooring. I guess I should start saving.

Yeah, I am the crazy dog lady. heh. When our friends and their pugs came over last night, they said at the park yesterday that three people said that they wished I was there - because there were people actually playing tennis in the tennis courts where we let the dogs run, so no one could play. When I see that, I get everyone together with the dogs, and we line up against one side of the fence and stare at them. I'm not afraid to imply my desires...and it always works like a don't have to say one thing, except a sweet thank you, when they leave. cool.gif And really, I'd never play tennis there - the courts are all cracked, pockmarked and there's grass growing everywhere.
Hi, peeps!

So, is it Turbo that doesn't like pugs? My gay boyfriend has one and the giant used to have 2 (one was a mix, and I liked that one's temperment a lot better). They're noisy little things.

Minx, that's awesome that your friends came through for you.

Moxie, that little girl of yours really is a cutie. Sorry about the stomach thing, though.

Poodle, I want to see your place now that the boy is out, out, out! Any idea what you're going to do about a couch?

Hi, Catsoup, Doodle, and FJ!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) had a healthy breakfast of Frosted Flakes and a grapefruit
2) don't have to work until noon, though I'm going to try to be there by 11:30 so I don't lose another half hour this week that I have to worry about making up
3) the long weekend was really nice. The giant and I spent a lot of time just hanging out.
4) Daylight Savings is coming soon (I hope?) so doorknocks at work will run shorter. Gawd, I hate doing those and I have to do one today.
5) probably 10 kinds of fresh fruit to make into a salad at some point
6) I don't have to do the dishes for a very long time

Okay, I should probaby put some clothes on and head into work. Yay. I really thought I'd like this a lot more than I do. I'm almost slightly regretting taking a leave from my regular job.
hi diva!! I'm sorry your adjustment to the new gig has not been all least its a change of pace, and only temporary. Is it too much to hope that your asshat boss might be gone when you return?

Nope, I love me some pugs. Especially the ones that came over last night. They're my boys. And all the greyhounds (16) and pugs (9) in our hood are good friends, and watch each others' backs at the park. cute.
wow turbo, that's a lot of greyhounds per capita!

diva, i'm sorry your job isn't the greatest. that's sort of what keeps me at my job here: i'm worried that i won't like anything else any better than what i've got going on here. until i can figure something to keep me working at home, i guess i'll stay here.

yeah....4 days till friday...woooo


we got back at 6ish yesterday and stopped at our friends house to hang out and catch up on the weekend drunk sightings and play some drunk checkers(which is always entertaining) laugh.gif

((moxie's gut))
((minx and minxlette's first day of school))
((pk's sanity))-thats a tough shift..hang in there!
((kitten--feel better vibes))

hi wombat, kitten, turbo, turboman, fj, diva, poodle, minx, pk, moxie, and doodle!!

poodle's got space! yay!

we did some off roading in sedona AZ in a jeep that was pink!!! the pink jeep company tours! and we saw some amazing lightning storms...luv that!

good things tuesday:
-cute shoes
-rice krispy treats
-4 days till the weekend!
-fab surprise hbi last nite. woo!

today i go back to school as well (sigh) but we have a new teacher but i don't know if we have to bring all our gear or i guess i should bring all of it. poop. dry.gif

FJ, you've been posting here more today than emailing me. It's time for counseling.
Hello all....hope everyone is well today, on the First Day of Not Really Summer Anymore. Bleargh.

This is our first day open after being closed for all of August. I was a wreck this morning. I kept having nightmares about how the job I was doing was really for this HUGE organization, and all of a sudden I was about to be in HUGE trouble for how far behind I was on my work. Which is probably true, in some sense. Hell, in one dream, I dreamed I was questioned for (and possibly about to be arrested for) murdering someone, which I didn't do but no one believed me! I didn't want to come in today at all. I wanted to be laid off, actually. I'm still a mess....there were 3 messages from the funder on the machine, and now I've phoned back, but she's away on holidays. My gut is flip-flopping. I think closing down for August was a bigger mistake than staying open, b/c now I feel even more behind than before...

Ok, that's where I'm at. Apologies for barfing on the thread.
Doodle, the other night I had a dream that Johnny Cash was attempting to put his finger in my butt. I don't mean to one-up you but that is what I call a nightmare.
Ah, but Mr. FJ, in the dream about working for the big organization, you didn't see my new boss. She was the purse-faced, hair-in-a-bun, severe-suited, never-had-sex-in-her-life evil boss of my worst nightmares.
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