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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Oh Kitten, that is horrible. I wish people could just take no and leave it at that. If it makes you feel any better, it does not stop if you are a lesbian. I found that out the hard way! But since he likes poetry here is one, from your loved ones at Bust, to this loathed aggressive male:

You say you were born with out a conscience,
But after our date it is clear that you were born with out common sense,
I had to listen you babble on about how you have no substance,
Now that I escaped that sad sight,
I will help you bring a few things to light.

Women don’t like the idea of a masturbating priest,
We don’t like your kind of crazy, not in the very least,
You are not superior to even the most horrific beast,
When someone says they don’t want to be friends it means go to hell,
That means never, ever, ever, ever ring my bell.

I can tell you now that you will die cold and alone,
Maybe it is because it looks like you use a spork for a comb,
It could be that you have a molested chromosome,
What ever the reason is it is obvious that you have no tact,
When a woman says no this is not the way to react.

Find a place that is far away from me,
Lovers, friends, acquaintances, pals are things we will never be,
If I have to tell you twice I will call the fuzz on thee,
When you see me call me Ms.; not Jenny
Get it through your thick head you are not getting any.

I hope all of you sweet gals had a great weekend. Mine was fabulous! I did nothing but spend time in the arms of my one and only lady and our four legged friends. I even went to a pancake breakfast benefit for children of Nicaragua. I was a bad girl because I could not stop making jokes about how the children of Nicaragua were starving for pancakes and that if I took some home I could send some to them, but they would be soggy from the syrup! Not too mention that they must be sick of eating those jelly beans by now. I guess I could have stopped myself, but I just thought it was ironic that we raised money for poor people by feeding rich people all they can eat. If that is not The American way, I don’t know what is. It was all in good fun and we donated a lot of money so I am happy and I bet those kids will be too.
First time I have laughed today! Thanks.
right on gloomy....i loved that poem!

my legs ache from all that walking yesterday...and my stomach hurts from all the laughing...and my liver...well, its recovering nicely. but my kidneys are having a heyday with my bladder....6th trip since 5 am. bah.
That is hilarious, gloomy! I especially like the line about the spork!

Well, I woke up the boy by turning up the volume really loud during a cable access polka show. He asked me to turn it down and then I laid it on him. I told him he was inconsiderate and he claimed that he didn't know, to which I responded "that's what 'inconsiderate' means." He also said that he wasn't feeling good and I told him I don't really care because I just had surgery. Then he asked why he should care about me. Anyway, he asked me what he should do and I felt so stupid having to tell him. It's like the classic male/female argument. I know it sounds cliche, but I shouldn't have to tell him. Seriously, he SHOULD know that it's important to be mindful of someone who is recovering from surgery. I would totally offer to get him some water or whatever if he was at home with incisions on his belly. Now I feel like a bitch. It's not my role to teach him about respect for others.
...and then you contrast that with my mom who dried my feet for me after I got out of the shower and washed my dishes for me--the dishes I was hoping the resident boy would wash before he left for the weekend. In fact, my mom cleaned my entire kitchen and bathroom for me. Granted, she's my mom, but she would do that for anyone who needed it.
RB should know better. are inconsiderate a-holes...oh well. but some of them are nice.
I could lend you the giant for awhile if you want, Poodle. Just promise not to snag him from me. Speaking of which, what time should I stop over tomorrow?

I'm being more specific about what I want in a used car (preferrably a 2004) and I ain't finding so much. If I just didn't have this aversion to white-ish colors, there's be a plethora, but I WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER WHITE CAR. I even just called to schedule a test drive for one I was really interested in, but it got sold yesterday.
Gawd, Mummy-you have no idea how good it is to have someone with whom to commiserate. I think that it is easy to look at scenarios (namely AND especially single men) regarding children and minimalize it. Like, why in the fuck do you give a shit what this person says about you? Why do you make such a big deal about small things like WHO'S NAME is on an emergency contact list? Why do you talk about your child's father all the time?

Uh, because (you unfuckingbelieveably simple tator tot) I am the MOTHER. Not a BABYSITTER. Not a part-time job. Not something I can just STOP thinking about. And people have really shitty boundaries when it comes to other people's children. For instance, my ex's shotgun wife; she does not understand in the very least, why it is very fuck RUDE to motherhen my daughter in front of me, that it is NOT okay for her to show up at some major event for my daughter without my knowing about it (and yeah, that has to do more with the ex and how he sets the tone and his bad boundaries), or consenting--you know, things that belong to that old agency of being COURTEOUS.

I get sick of explaining my seriousness when it comes to my daughter's well-being and how intrisic it is to my life. Obviously, I don't have to much here, but you all are actually SENTIENT human beings that have a universal sense of responsibility that extends beyond your next beer, computer, or bank account. I understand that not everyone has to even LIKE kids, but for fuck's sake, will you acknowledge that it is probably serious business raising one SINCE YOU WERE?! I personally know no one who was raised by wolves.

Is my obvious frustration becoming transparent?

Did I mention that classroom sweating season has begun? Egads!
I must say, poodle, RB sounds like he is being a real prick. Why should he care about you? He actually had the NERVE to ask that? And to tell someone who is recovering from surgery that he doesn't feel well. Blerg. I don't like him at the moment.

Diva, your car plans sound awesome! I know you are excited. Yay new car!

His ms goof! Sounds like you had a blast of a weekend. Were these friends from out of town or from your city? How's the wrist?

Gloomy! Did you just whip that poem up? If so, I am mighty impressed. Sounds like you had a lovely, lovely weekend.

((achey jenn)) yes, get turbomann to give you a rubdown.

Pixie, didn't you just get married? CONGRATS!
Thanks, Karianne! Yes, I got married last Saturday. NowI am just biding my time until our cruise next week!

((minx)) I know how you feel! My ex had a party on New years with minipixie present. I went ballistic when I found out. There were people who thought I was over reacting. But when it is your child, and things are happening that you feel is harmful, and you can't do anything about it, it really sucks!
Well pixie - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! *throws confetti all over thread and passes out slices of cake and flutes of champagne*

So, tell us about your favorite part of your wedding day!

minxy, pixie and yummy, I'm sorry your exes seem to have no sense or consideration at all. Minxy, you made me spit out my water laughing, though with your "unfuckingbelieveably simple tator tot"....I like that one, I'm gonna use it. ;)

Gloomy, your poem is divine, perhaps you are the poet laureate of okay-land....poodle, of course, is our lyricist in residence.

RB is an asshole....and you are too nice to that boy. I'd have kicked his flat ass of the couch this morning, and told him to either be nice or get the hell out...paying a piece of the rent does not entitle him to infringe on your week of healing.
Hello all...

Oh man, some asshole long haired dude keeps driving this little tiny motorbike across the back lawn. I tried spraying him with my watering hose, but it's an indoor hose and the spray doesn't reach. I've got a bucket of water queued up for his next pass, if there is one...GRRRRR!
hehe. get 'em doodle!

wow, lots to catch up on!

freaks, poets, stalkers, tator tots, pauly shore references and BOOZE! what a weekend indeed! :-)

i don't have a whole lot of time since i just read all the archives, but just wanted to check in.

i'm off to get some xrays done on my back to see if there have been any changes since the last ones in oct. 2004.

yeah, not pregnant (BOOOOOO!) so i might as well take care of the xrays now.

poopity poop poop fart.

but, the good thing is that it's raining outside and we planted some happy shade-loving plants over the weekend and they should be getting a nice soaking as i write this. that is, if it's raining at home. we seem to be in an anti-rain vortex there.

meeting tomorrow morning, so i won't be in till late-ish.
~$~$~$~$~$~job vibes for tyger~$~$~$~$~$~
~*$~*%%~~*house selling vibes for marileen*~~%%*~$*~
******((((healthy hug vibes for poodle))))******

#@#&#*cruisin' for a bruisin' voodoo vibes for RB*#&#@#
Get him, Doodle! YEAH!

So - my week of sweet overtime is now all effed up because I had to go home sick today. I feel like crapola. I woke up at 8:00 this morning and had to run to the bathroom and vomited and "other stuff" for hours. I went to work at 11:00 and could barely make it to the bathroom. I tried to go into the pastry shop and work, but everybody pretty much kicked me out thinking I might be contagious.

So - I came home and slept for anothe couple of hours and now I feel a little bit better. Too bad I didn't work todays, although it would have been torture.

poods - good for you for telling the RB what's what. Sheesh. Like you should even have to tell him. What a dork.

minx, pixie, yummy - I also have had strange-feeling experiences seeing Heikki with his "other family". Sometimes when I am talking to Heikki, he accidentally called his stepmother, "my mom" instead of by her name.

He always catches himself when he does that, but he still does it in the first place and it rips me to shreds.

pixie! Yayayay for your wedding! Congratulations!

kittenb - WTF is with these guys? I'm glad you ripped into the internet-massage dude. Has he bothered you since then? I don't know what to say about masturbating priest guy. He sounds like a whackjob. You need chocolate and Bust, right? Sheesh. I hate when guys are persistent. Some of them think they're being romantic, I think.

I'm so broke. I spent all my money partying this month, and now I'm in deep shit. I just hope I get my security deposit back from m old apartment soon.


Hi FJ!

Diva - how many pairs of shoes do you have? Is it a lot? For some reason, I see you with a collection of really hot shoes. Maybe because you talk about shoes often.

I guess I have a lot. I've got 6 pairs I consider high-end designer shoes (Fluevog, Prada, Chanel, Pucci, Blahnik), and an endless supply of sandals, but only one pair of flip-flops. I don't do thongs (shoes or butt-floss). I've probably got somewhere around 50 pairs or so, it's hard to tell because I never have them all out at once.

I'm sorry you're feeling like crap. Just be happy you don't have RB taking care of you.

I'm headed out to my show now. I may peek in tomorrow on my "sick" day, but I don't know. I'm getting mosaic stuff, spending some time at the ceramic painting studio, visiting Poodle, maybe applying for a car loan. It sucks that I'm usually busier on my days off than I am here at work.

M/ M/ M/
puppykitty - the JournalSpace guy has not written back. I think my threat to post all of his PMs online worried him.
AS for the wanna be poet, there's a difference b/w persistent and psychotic and he is too close to the edge. I blocked his email address. I hope that works. I got Bust, chocolate and the Hello Kitty store today!
Have a great night all. Thanks for being there for me today!
Bye Kitty! Have fun diva!

Hi FJ!! Keep on tryin'!

(((puppy))) What's wrong exactly? Do you have a virus?

Marileen just visited me and I got to see her awesome new house on the listing service. Totally gorgeous in every way. It would be the perfect place to be the stereotypical mean, old witch lady with lots of cats. If I lived in that house, I would let plants and vines overtake the yard and then I'd peek out the curtains every once in a while to freak out the neighborhood kids. Then one night, on a dare, a boy would knock on my door and I would invite him in for cider and cookies. I would tell him about my days as a burlesque performer in Atlantic City. He would tell all of his friends that I was super cool and then the kids would all come to my house to hear stories, eat pie, and play with my kitties. Yeah, that's gonna be me someday (or maybe marileen!).
Wow, poodle. You do know exactly what you would do with a house like that, don't you. It sounds like a great plan for when you buy a house of your own.

I think I have a virus. The nasty sickness just woke me up this morning and I have felt like dung ever since. I'm glad I didn't have to work, though. At first I was pissed about not getting a lot of overtime, but I would have practically killed myself if I had worked today. And I probably wouldn't have accomplished much.

I *did* have a few beers last night, so that probably contributed to it. I didn't get blasted, just had a few. I felt fine when I went to bed. Sheesh.

Anyway - last night I was with my new friend and we saw a couple of guys from work at the bar, so we joined them. I work with one of them a lot, so I kind of know him - but last night he kept bragging about the women he has slept with and pontificating on his "Theories" about women. This joker is 22 years old.

I finally told him that I thought he was very insecure and had low self-esteem, otherwise he wouldn't have to brag about being such a whore. (That's what he calls himself).

He got up and threw some kind of temper tantrum and left. He threw some insults at me before he left.

I'm so looking forward to seeing him when I go back to work. I wonder if he'll be embarrassed or if he actually doesn't get that his behavior proved me right.

I just went to the Mexican dive and got a caramelo plate. I paid with change. That's all the money I've got, and now I don't have enough quarters to do laundry. Shit.

I wish more Busties lived in the Southwest. I would like to have visitors, too. You're so lucky, poodle.

I need to call Miss Shuggah and see what she is up to.

I have one day off coming up - Friday, and I think I am going to Agua Prieta (town in Mexico) to visit a friend. I don't think AP is a very happenin' town, so I'm not sure if it will be fun. But I'll be with friends, so the company will be good.

I finally got a MySpace account. Why? I dunno. I have 8 friends. I feel, like, so popular.

OK - I'm glad your recovery is going smoothly so far, poodle, and you're getting visitors.

And I hope Diva rocks her designers shoes off tonight.

And kitten - I hope your crazy stalker wackos leave you alone.

And tyger - why don't you look for a new, better job altogether and ditch that restaurant?
Wow turbo...there are so many parts....the tornado warning right before....the peacock that "sang" during the service....when water started gushing down the walls...but seriously my favorite part was when it was over and we had an hour long carraige ride to the B&B and it had finally stopped raining and the sun was out and the whole world was sparkly and we talked smack about various family memebers at our wedding.
That sounds divine, pixie. Congratuations--I know that I am not alone in wishing you all of the happiness in the world.

Another day at the paper mill. I am not looking forward for some reason--I am really in a funk this morning. I think that the impending visitation of the mean, red gramma and the break-up blues are wreaking havoc on my brains.

good morning ladies!

((Poooooooooo)) I'm glad you are in the recovery part of this ordeal. I'm good for a fruit salad and some company.

((minx)) I hope you get some time out of doors today.



hello and hugging and kissing to all you other beauties.

so so so much happening in here. Turbo's hand got crashed. Pixie is married! PK is back! Diva has pretty shoes! Msgoof is a cutie! My head spins with all the excitment.
mornin' lassies!!!

Pixie, your wedding sounds absolutely wonderful and complete with acts of nature - wowza - that's one powerful day!

hi hi lurv and minxy!

I'm feeling better now. Took a scalding hot bath last night, and that really helped take some soreness out of my right side from the bike fall.

Took turbo to the vet, he's on pain meds for the limp, and is just kind of a sad gimpy puppy. If he's not better in a few days, we have to xray....all this vet care is getting very expensive this spring, but what are you gonna do - he's my furbaby, and he'll get the best care, even if I go broke! ;)

PK, that dude sounds like a first rate ass...I hope you can handle him nimbly at work, and let him know you're not to be messed with.
Minx, your post makes me want to go kick someone's ass. She has serious boundary issues too- issues that I've let slide for a long time in order to keep the peace. But I'm fucking pissed off about it now.

And your commentary on the unfuckingbelievable simple tator tots (i love it!), is right on. The truth is that they have two things working against them. 1. They are only responsible for themselves. 2. They are men. There is no way they can really get it.

Here's what I do to make myself feel better. Get rid of anyone who doesn't get it. Emotional connection or not- you have to be a real man to be with a single mom. And regarding the ex's and their bitches... I just do my best to reinforce in my girls minds that we are family. I obviously worry about their influence on my kids, especially with their impending marriage and her kids involved. But I always spend extra time with my kids giving them talks about how this is our family. We even have a little thing that hangs on our doorknob that says "we are family". And sometimes when things get rough, we hold hands and say... remember we are a team, we stick together! Then I sometimes catch them repeating these phrases. And that's when I know that nobody can ever take what we have away from us. I know it might sound silly. But it works.

Then the reward- when they come home from daycare/preschool with a colored picture of a house and a few stick figures. You know the teacher had asked them to draw their family. So the big question, I ask, Who is that in the picture? Just last week this happened again. And the answer is always the same. She repeats the names of me and my kids. Does she mention any others from the other camp? No. And that's when I know that I'm doing the best that I can do.... and nothing that those bastards do can change that!



i've been lurking here but haven't had much to say. actually, i almost always check in here each day but sometimes i just don't feel like posting. ya know what i mean?

((TurboDog)) i hope he gets better soon! do you have pet health insurance? more and more i think i want to seriously look into it when i get a dog (whenever we get a house). pets are expensive!

poodle, how are you feeling today? i totally agree with everyone who said resident boy is being an ass. i hope he has shaped up.

yummy and minx, i admire your strength as mommies.

hi pk! hope you are feeling better today!

lurv sighting!

pixie, your wedding sounds lovely. any chance we'll get to see pictures?

good things tuesday -
*i should be picking up my new car today! (assuming everything goes according to plan.) yep, i am in the process of buying a new car! we found a blue 2003 honda civic with only 26,000 miles on it! and if all goes well, it will be mine tonight! the only snag right now could be if TB's car insurance company hasn't finished adding me and the new car to the policy. if it hasn't, no loan and no car. boo.
*i'm only working until 1:00 today!

tomorrow my mom is having a hysterectomy so if i could get some Bustie vibes, i'd really appreiate it. i'm nervous about it. i'm going home tonight and will be there tomorrow. i've never seen either of my parents in the hospital before. i'm not looking forward to it. but i must think positive.

hi to anyone i missed!
Hi, everybunny!

I'm at home "sick" today. I figured after the concert last night that I'd be achey, but no such luck. The dingbat who put the concert together put the band that 60% of the people were there to see in the middle of 3 bands, so by the time we got there, we only got to hear 4 songs because we thought they'd be on last and we'd have plenty of time to get there. The band who did go on last sucked - we only stayed for one song, and not even all of it. The dude had this freaky huge hair, think Sammy Hagar as a blonde and about 10 times as much hair volume. This guy's hair was like a separate organism. The music was nothing worth remembering and the singer sounded like a bad Geddy Lee, and I hate good Geddy Lee. So we left the place before 9:00, drove home in the rain, and stayed in the house with all the lights off during the storm. That was probably the best part of the whole night.

I should really take a shower and get on with my day. I have to get planters and flower pots at Lowe's along with tiles/caulk/grout to mosaic them with. And I'm also going to paint some of my own tiles today for the thing I'm making Mom and Dad. Since it's still early, I may be able to get it all done before this afternoon.

Oh, and my refund finally came in! Woooooot! So I may look at some cars today, too.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I'm off work
2) I'm up early enough that the day isn't lost on my laziness
3) awesome HBI last night
4) tax refund is in
5) it doesn't sound like it's raining
6) I getta see Poodle today!
7) possible test drives

Congratulations, Pixie! Sorry I forgot yesterday. Isn't rain on your wedding day supposed to be good luck?

Kitten, it sounds like you've got things kind of in order. I hope neither one ever contacts you again.

Hi, Lurv, Minx, Puppy, Poodle, Turbo, and Yummy!
Hey, strangers, happy farkin' Tuesday!

Good Things:

Tartlet is just hanging out in his crib, so mama's got time for a bit o' Busting

This kid's almost a month old! Holy crap!

I got to eat all my breakfast today AND have a second cup of tea before the aforementioned started fussing for a feeding

A local photographer wants to do a series on community gardens, and wants to use our plot as her feature (despite the fact that I haven't had time to do anything with it this season)

Alas, no time for the archives, but props to all my peeps, and extra special congratulations to Pixie!
morning busties!!!!

Tart! holy crap! The Tartlet is a month old!??! time flys....
Diva..yay for refunds..and days off and HBI's...
Catsoup....~~**~*~*catsoup's mom healing vibes~*~*~**~~*
Hi, Lurv, Minx, Puppy, Poodle, Turbo, and Yummy!

~*~**~~*~*marileen house selling vibes~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*fj baby vibes~**~**~~*(post xray of course)

good things tuesday:
-mr. gb leaves today for 4 days(Freedom!!)(lol) to texas--maybe i can finally clean house. ;)
-the parking lot is getting repaved so i had a delightful detour and walk into work thru lush plantings and architectural buildings. yay!
-my text book finally arrived--right after i sent a complaint email to amazon/ups. go figure.
-hand is a bit sore from fingerwaving yesterday..but today is roller curls and manicures...wooot!
-lovely HBI last nite...first in 2 months.

PK--where are u in the southwest? whats your myspace link??
Ah Lurvly...thank you for your well-wishing. BTW, I know we didn't talk about this on the phone the other day, but no worries about not being supportive. Would the captain of the Titanic have been supportive of its drowning passengers?

Ex: Hey, you know what? The water is kinda cold, and we don't have any more boats...good luck not drowning!! Love ya!!

Probably not. It would've been more like this:


And Mummy, I learned a serious lesson last night about my responsibilities to my daughter: that it doesn't include validating her father as a parent, nor making his WIFE feel included. I don't have to play nice--I play for her best interest and that will most likely always include him powertripping EVERY FRICKIN' TIME I tell him that his wife is overstepping the boundaries. He actually had the shrivelled up nutsac to tell me that I am OBSESSING over his marriage, and basically that I was a jealous bitch and needed therapy and how dare I say that his wife wasn't invited when SHE found the school and SHE helped get her in and SHE blahblahblahblah...his wife has a sister (a richer SAHM) who has a kid who is already attending the school that my baby will be going to. By Minneapolis MTF59 union rules, any faculty member gets preferential placement for their children. Another way of getting in is by siblings...her father is claiming that her acceptance into the kindergarten was by virtue of his wife's niece's placement at the school and his wife's sheer and utter industriousness.

Fuck that. The bitch yakked with her sister; that doesn't take a rocket scientist.

And then he went on a SIX THICK PARAGRAPH crusade about how paranoid I am that my momma-toes were being stepped on (they were) and how I need to get over it (I won't) and he and his wife just wanted to show some solidarity (then stop being assholes and play ball with me, not fakey token shows of "togetherness").

Obviously, I didn't even reply to that shoddy piece of rhetoric. I haven't been able to talk to anyone about though, either. He...sorry to take my venom into here, ladies, but thanks for the ears.
Good morning all!

I haven't read the day's posts yet, but hopefully I'll be able to.

Mean red gramma arrived yesterday and I'm still cramping. Ugh.
Hi everyone!


(((turbo and turbo-dog)))

I'm feeling much better today, except my belly is super itchy and I want to rip these steri-strips off.

Good things:
1. Cramps have chilled out.
2. The resident boy is being considerate and offering to get me water, pick things up for me, etc.
3. I finished cutting up a crapload of collage material and now I can move on to the fun, creative part.
4. My work people sent me a nice plant (they're probably just trying to lure me back to the office).
5. Diva is visiting my pad this evening.

My cats are driving me bonkers today. They keep getting all in my stuff and harshing my gig. Sorry--I couldn't resist!
Visiting your pad? EWWWWWWW!!!!!

Dude, that's gross. I knows you gots the mean red gramma. Now you all be harshing my mellow.
Hi everybody! Thanks for all of the good luck vibes with the house. I will keep you posted on what happens.

Poodle, it was so fun to visit with you and your little furbabies yesterday. They were so cute tearing down the hallway like maniacs. I felt bad afterwards that I wasn’t quick enough to catch Oscar for you so you had to bend to pick him up and stuff. I hope it didn’t hurt your incisions too much.
And I realized after I got home that I forgot my “classy” magnet! I’ll need to get that from you at some point to add to my tacky magnet collection. I’m glad you’re feeling better today and RB is behaving better. Even if he is a bit of a butthead to live with hopefully you can keep things tolerable so you can stay good friends after he moves out.

Congratulations on your marriage Pixie!

((Turbodog)) ((PK))~*~*healing vibes~*~*~


~*~*~vibes for Catsoup’s mama~*~*~* And yay for new car!

Gloomy – you should write a poem for the Okay thread every week!

And some ~*~*~*good luck vibes~*~*~ for everybody else here I neglected to mention!

Diva, I laughed out loud at your description of the hair that was its own organism. I am inspired and totally want to draw a picture of something like that. That is too bad the concert wasn’t as good with missing some of the songs – I have had that happen to me before at shows, too. And good luck with the car! I also don’t like white colored cars – I think they reflect light and attract attention in the night from thieves and creepy people so I’m all about having a darker-colored undercover car that no one notices too much at night.

So last night after I left Poodle’s place I was naughty and stopped at Herbergers and bought 3 pairs of shoes. I couldn’t help myself! They are so cute, though. And now I have lots of good basic sandals for the summer so my toes can be free.
Hi poodle, minx, and marileen...

Where the eff is everyone else today?

doodlemama goes home tomorrow. She has done very little but stand at the dining room table and paint watercolours...which is cool. Lots of light here, compared to her small-windowed place in rainy old Vancouver.
Awwww....that's great that doodlemama has been painting all week! How's the new couch - is it chartreuse yet? piccies? Piccies of your whale painting? pppppllllleeeeeese?!

And might I say that I am glad that the RB has returned to his senses and decided to be a human being.

minxy, I'm sorry your ex continues to be an ass....there just seems to be a fundamental responsibility and nurturing deficit in so many men these days....your next partner, well, he's going to be everything you deserve, and be super cool with minxlet to boot!

diva - so which bands were good and which sucked? Turboman's seeing the same show here tomorrow...I'm sure he'd appreciate the advanced reviews. ;)

Turbodoggie is doing *much* better this afternoon, due in part, no doubt to all the wonderous bustie vibes offered here. We made it all the way around the block this evening, and he only started hopping at the end - most of the walk he was putting *some* weight on the gimpy leg. *whew*

Hi turbo!

I think I'm going to borrow BFF's camera. The chartreuse-ing of the sofa has to wait until at least payday, which is Thursday. I will go look at fabrics this weekend and see what's up.

By the way, I was totally howling over your suggestion that poodle take an air horn to RB. I was imagining having an air horn myself. Maybe at a few of those meetings with government.

Ugh, I just ate an entire bag of Lay's potato chips. I feel sick.
Marileen--where in the hell is your house again? Can you PM me the listing, please?

Doodle, the Chartreuse Warrior Princess. Get thee an air horn and blast those bastards whenever it is the most inappropriate.

I am taking direct action upon my misery and have decided that I will be taking my daughter TO PROM!! I had a gift certificate for the Gap, so I took her today after talking to a colleague to find a lovely outfit to get both of us dolled up to the nine's and have a great evening together. Our collective egos could use some priming.

I will also not give up hope for finding a supportive partner someday. I learned a lot though this last relationship, and to be quite honest, do still respect him. He has a problem that he doesn't even know exists and someday I will venture to breach that conversation with him. Not soon, but maybe someday if we continue to be friends. This is good for everyone in the longrun.

I have to trust that the universe is showing me shit when I am ready. Errrr something. I have been trying to be kind to myself: not responding to the ex Asshat's emails, indulging in the finer escape modes, a good bottle of wine, bubblebath for the little one, new books for both of us (compliments of some gift certificates from Christmas), and Momma got herself two new lipsticks and a mascara from MAC today (I put it on the fucking Field's card, so sue me). I don't wear much makeup, but a little nice stuff is uber-pampering and I need a little of that. I could really go for a massage, but I have to start saving up money just in case I need to move this summer, although I am taking measures to ensure that will not need to happen. Poodle, do you know any good real estate people I could talk to? Perhaps you might be able to help me on a couple of angles when Ye Olde Poodleness is feeling back up to full YAAAAAA strength?

Until then, I thank my lucky left foot that I have you ladies here. Some day the catastrophes will slow down, and then they do you will be the first to hear about it. :-)
minxy - sounds like you are having the best sort of day in pampering yourself and the minxlet! And I think you've learned alot in your relationships, certainly, and your bull-shit-o-meter is pretty finely tuned, and you hold your own.

BUT, I do reject the "someday the catastrophes will slow down" about changing it up to "I have weathered my storms, and that time has passed." is time for good things to manifest for minx!!
Reason number five brazillion (sorry, I couldn't hold back on a good Bush-bash) that I love you, Jenn.
Turbo, the concert was 3 bands: 18 Visions, Avenged Sevenfold, and Coheed and Cambria. We missed 18 Visions entirely, but the giant's heard of them and likes them. I'm thinking they played for about an hour or so. Avenged Sevenfold would have gone on after that and played for maybe an hour (though I only saw the last 20 minutes - suck), but what I did see was very good and heard they played a good mix of stuff, not just the current album. Coheed and Cambria I was not impressed by. The music was your typical slow-ish heavy metal and the vocals made me cringe. At least Geddy Lee finishes his phrases and doesn't clip the end of the last word. We only heard one song, but it was enough to see that I wouldn't like them. So, if Turbomann wants to see Avenged Sevenfold, he should get there absolutely no later than 90 minutes after the doors open. Maybe he can post when he gets back and let me know what I missed?

I test-drove 2 cars today, a 2004 Stratus I was entirely underwhelmed by (just a very distinct average, nothing worth writing about) and a gorgeous fully loaded purple 2004 Intrepid. Oh baby, was this fabulous! They were really anxious to get me into it, so they knocked $1000 off their asking price and will give me $1000 for my trade-in which is worth $300 on a good day so it'll be within my price range. But it's an awful lot of car for me, so I didn't make any promises, but don't be surprised if it's the one I buy on Saturday. I'm still going to drive some different body styles, just to see what fits me best and because I can. Just on principle, I'm not going to make any promises on the very first car I drive on the day I drive it. But no matter what, I'm driving home a new car in 4 days.

You know I love you for your purple Intrepid
Plush fabric seats
Riding in the back
Cruising down the street
Waving to the boys
Peeling out of sight
Spending all my money
On a Saturday night
Diva, I just wonder what you do there in back
Of your purple Intrepid
purple Intrepid!!!

Diva bought me mango sorbet and I ate the entire thing in one sitting. Yummmmmm....

I'm really feeling too lazy and tired to type much more. I just wanted to stop in and wish you all a good night! Ciao bellas!
Yo dudes! Busy busy crazy day at work. Jerk-guy just ignored me all day, but I might be going to the bar soon, so I'll probably run into him.

Yes, I am feeling better.

msgoof - I am in Tucson. Are you in the Southwest, too??????? My myspace link is tofutefisk. I think. I just did it. I think you just type /tofutefisk after the url.

Who else has myspace??

OK - gotta read the archives now and then go buy some smokes. I still haven't quit.
mornin' bitches!! I've been thinking it was thursday all morning so far, and now I'm disappointed to find that it is wednesday...and I have a 2 hour staff meeting. feh.

PK, I love your myspace name - tofutefisk - good stuff!

diva thanks for the concert review - turboman is more an AS fan, but his buddy that invited him is a big CandC fan, so they'll definitely be staying for that. Turboman picked up Coheed's cd las tweek, and he remarked upon it being strikingly similar to Avenged....I'm sure he'd be happy to post a review tomorrow.

Me, I'm excited to have access to his car tonight - paintball season has started, so my access to the car on weekends is more limited, so I'm looking forward to doing a little erranding tonight.

And I need to schedule an appt with the eye doc. I'm outta contacts, which is not cool when biking, and my right eye is definitely getting a little blurry. more money out the window there, but vision is important, eh?

Poodle, your lyrics, once again, amaze me....I don't know how you can pull all those tunes outta your head, I've just got no mind for it at all. And a possibly purple car for diva - dee-licious. But then, turboman frequently remarks that I would buy anything that's purple. ;)

Howz everyone?

I worked at home yesterday. It was nice not to have to get up so early, but I have discovered that working at home makes me very stir crazy. I don't think I could do it more than once a week.

Diva, that car sounds sweet!

Poodle, how ya feeling?

((PK)) are you recovered?

Hi everyone else!

drive by!!!

*flinging sparkly glitter and kisses into the thread*

i love you and miss you ALLLLLLL!!!

i'm in NYC, for a meeting, and on my way home to NC next week for nieceoid's wedding and a second honeymoon with mr. hotbuns!!!

i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece you all!!!

if you have my US cell phone #, it is charged up and turned on and i would LOVE to hear from you!!!

hugs and kisses!!!!
drive by!!!

*flinging sparkly glitter and kisses into the thread*

i love you and miss you ALLLLLLL!!!

i'm in NYC, for a meeting, and on my way home to NC next week for nieceoid's wedding and a second honeymoon with mr. hotbuns!!!

i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece you all!!!

if you have my US cell phone #, it is charged up and turned on and i would LOVE to hear from you!!!

hugs and kisses!!!!
tes!!!! Welcome home, however briefly!!! Thanks for stopping in - I need to throw some things in the mail to you while you're stateside! And do stop by as often as you can while you're here - we meeece you so much!
Tes!! Good to see you girl! You sound well, I am glad. Have mucho fun with Mr Hotbuns!
morning y'all crazy busties...

hi tess!!!

PK--i just added you on myspace...

so heres the scoopage...i got my hair whacked last nite in the name of education...its a bit asymetrical...i am not sure i am vibeing with it yet...but its definitely different and is forcing me to lose hours of sleep cuz now i have to shower and style my hair before work if i don't want to look like a punk rocker who slept in a bucket all nite. tonite we will tweak it more in class and maybe this weekend we might do some highlights...dunno...i'll try to post some picts later.
I think new fun haircuts is one of the prime benefits of hair-school! There's a school right by my train stop, so I ride the train with all the students, and they always have the hippest cuts and colors. I may go there when next I want pink or orange highlights - they seem to have some really bold colors.

Our whole building *reeks* of manure this week...they put new mulch around the whole building, and it just permeates everything. Its kind of making me nauseus....and it'll keep reeking for about a month. I'm bringing my tart burner in tomorrow, I don't care what they say about it.
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