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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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bye all! i'm leaving tomorrow early, and my internet is out at home right now. my parents don't even have a computer. i hope everyone has a lovely weekend and a lovely labor day!
Mmmm....mexican food...I'm waiting on some vegetarian corndogs right now. They're actually pretty tasty, but no substitute for a hearty meal.

The velociraptors have been fed and they're looking especially happy because they had their tasty, stinky food and there's a nice breeze coming in through the window. This is the first time that I've left my windows open all day for a couple months now.

Doodle, reprodepot sells really cool fabric, so I figured I could try to combine paint and other decor based on their prints. I copied their digital swatches and made some modifications using Photoshop, so the colors would nicely contrast my existing colors. I haven't actually picked out the paint colors yet, but I was thinking that BM's "Spectra Blue" or "Waterfall" would look good with the bright colors in my kitchen. I haven't played with the potential bedroom colors, yet. My comforter is sort of a softer, darker red with a beige hibiscus pattern, so I'm looking for soft, but deep sage green color. Ooh! I can't wait! I have to take before pictures. My bedroom is especially crappy-looking, so the change should be dramatic.

Corndogs are done!!!

ETA-Bye mouse!!!
Ya know, if I hadn't had my head so far buried up my ass today, I would've caught the punniness of that statement. Y'all are fucking ON THE BALL! I laughed my ass off. Honestly, you have kept me so bouyant. It's ever so lovely to be able to come some place, unload, and really feel supported by all of these bitchin' bodacious ta-tas.

I am indulging in my after-eight coffee pleasure whilst the girl is finishing her bath. We had a family picnic at her kindergarten tonight. All of us were in attendance and I think that it went well. Hard to tell sometimes with his wife...not that I feel in the least responsible for making her feel comfortable, but I did feel compelled to try and not be an acid-tongued cunt. tongue.gif

The Mick might be taking Minxlette and I to the fair--isn't that sweet?! How well timed is that? He is going to see if he can swing it financially and let me know tomorrow or something. He knows how fucking moronic and guilty it makes me feel that I can't do a silly thing like that once a year. Is it me, or is August just a really fiscally difficult time of the year?

The menu tonight? Deadwood. COCKSUCKERS!!
hey minxalicious - how are those socks? hehe

doodle, that still makes me laugh.

mrfj and i are working on our thursday-night-before-a-holiday-weekend drunkies and i can't belieive that i just made it thorough all those dashes without a fukcup. but then again, u just fucked up a lot so whatever. i should really take this to the other rthead. shit. i didn it again. see?

yeah. off to the other thread i go. how did i go that without a mistake?
Baby, my socks are happier socks having known the touch of the FJ. wink.gif
um, when i said "u" back there, i meant "i"

hehe. oops.

drunkie mcdrunkeferfucksten out
Hi, everyone!

This is such a drive-by, I'm sorry. I've been working odd hours and haven't been able to spend as much time screwing around online as I'd like, and my home computer wouldn't access the site this morning, so I haven't been able to post. The new job is going okay, I guess. It'll be better after the primaries. I've been going on door-knocks, which I can't stand, and I don't know if I like my boss that much (she's one of those bad-ass confrontational sorts who isn't real friendly). But except for knocking on strangers' doors, I like the work. I get to research candidates and create talking points sheets about them to help other people. That's cool.

My cousin I live by called me yesterday and asked if I could babysit his kids while he and his wife went out drinking with a friend (they needed a grown-up night). Turns out we can't do it anyway because they switched their plans to a day we're going to the giant's aunt's for a family thing. I'd rather do that than babysit 2 little boys I barely know and don't like that much, one of which is still in diapers. That's not going to be the first diaper I ever change, dammit.

Okay, time for sleep. Will definitely catch up tomorrow.
Good morning everyone!!!

I know its insult friday, but I'm fresh out, and forgot to pick up some new ones on my way into work this morning!

AND, its my last day of work before vacation...which means that all sorts of loopy last minute shit is going to dust up, but I don't care!! It'll be over in 9 hours!

And, I arrived this morning, and all of my riding gear had arrived and was waiting at my office door. I LOVE my new cycling is gorgeous, and so very technical with vents in all the right places. And the windstopper vest will be put directly into use this afternoon! The other stuff is much less exciting - base layer tops and pants, and lights for the bike, but I feel like a REAL cyclist now. Yeah!!

Hi diva!! Your new job sounds like a mixed bag, but at least its something different, and you get to use different skills, and I bet this'll get you energized for getting away from your current lousy boss when you have to return to the desk.

Drunk fj is funny!!

I got myself stuck dogsitting again this weekend...sigh. I can't turn down a dog in need...I'm a sucker that way. Turboman is none too pleased, but he would have said yes too, if he'd been asked. This time is a black lab mystery mix, and she's a good dog, I just hope she gets along with turbo in the house. And, we'll have my BGP's 9 week old pomeranian pup on Sunday, which should be fun - she's a 1 lb ball of fluff!
Its yeah, i got nuffin, too.

I seriously see a fur sibling for turbo in the future...the pom's are just adorable little puffs.

So, i hate being at my desk today. I'm green with envy that moxieman is home with the bebe, and i'm flippin at my desk. I'm hoping to leave a little early, at least.

Ok, off to do something slightly more productive than reading spoilers for Battlestar Galactica, and busting...
Nah, there'll be no turbo siblings in the near future, as much as I would like it...dogsitting pretty much gives me my fix. I don't really like small dogs that much, so for sure that's out...I'd defintiely want a second greyhound, but two things hold me back: 1. turboman would need a bigger car. which we don't want. 2. swapping dogsitting is a harder sell when you have 2 dogs, and boarding is $35 a night here. So, that pretty much solves that one.

That's so nice that moxieman is home with moxette....I hate it when turboman is home and I'm at work just doesn't seem fair. wink.gif

8.5 hours to go...
Okay, I'm stressing pretty hard today about cash, but I think that I figured out a solution!

I have boxes of Minxlette's old clothes at the old place that I can sell to Once Upon a Child!! I think that I can get at LEAST $100, which would be the pad that I need right now. Shweeeew!! Wish me luck!

More dogsitting?! Yikes! How big is your place, Turbo.

Sorry that you are sitting at a desk, Moxie, instead of cuddling the wee bairn. That blows. But the weekend is so close that you can taste it!

morning ya'll.

boy do i feel like poop today. but it was worth it. we had a lot of fun last night, just drinkin' it up at home.

you know i'm drunk when i pull SIL's white zin out of the bottom of the refrigerator. hehe. yuck!

turbo, enjoy the other pupper and know that you're helping the little guy out. smile.gif

minx, i hope your scheme works and you get some extra dough to get your through the weekend!

ok, gonna go get some coffee. maybe that will make me feel more human. the water and gatorade didn't work.
~*~*~*~*~*prosperity vibes for minxy~*~*~*~**~*~

((((((soothing head for fj))))))

I think drinking during the week is my favorite, it makes you feel like you have more time to yourself when you whoop it up on a weeknight...and I think I'd rather be hungover at work, than waste a weekend on it. heh.

Our place is about 900sq ft., minx. The lab mix we're sitting for is about 8 years old, so she's pretty settled in, so it should be fine, once she gets over her turf issues. If we have the pom puppy on Sunday, she'll be baby-gated into the kitchen so the other dogs don't get upset, and so when she pees on the floor, I won't care.
let's see if the fairy godmother's tricks worked...

aww.....look at the cute wittle baby!!!! I love that piccie!
Morning all!!


god I'm tired today -- stayed up late getting last things tucked away for batman's party.

OH! OH! speaking of a"batman" -- we have a big Coors Lite billboard on top of a building accross the street! Which isn't as gross as it sounds, cause, much as i hate Coors, the billboard is black with blue and white neon on it -- it's actually pretty ginchy.

I saw these weird white balls of light hovering near it, and realized it was bats, eating bugs attracted to the neon, bats lit up from underneath so the light shone off their bellies! How weird is that?! I didn't even know little bats little bellies were non-hairy!

that is an adorable pic! i love it! she's so cute wub.gif

still feeling like crap BUT we just decided to get a hotel room in st. augustine tonight so i'm feeling very excited!! now i REALLY want this day to end! we're going to the art walk tonight and it'll be so nice because SIL has taken her paintings out of the gallery, so it won't be all family night like it has been for the past year. don't get me wrong, family is good, and i enjoyed seeing her work in the galleries - it's just that the art walk had been *our* thing and when she put her art in there, it became more of *her* thing and turned into a task. now it's OURS again! yay! i can't wait to just fart around town, go to all our old hangouts (beginning with hole in the wall mexican joint!) and then retire to our hotel and get nekkid with my man!
FJ - your plans for the evening sound wonderful!!! I hope you have a good ramble around town, and lots of hot lovin with mr fj!!

I just thought of something...kari should be in her new home, busily unpacking!!! YAY KARI!!!!

I think I'm definitely leaving early today...the bossy boss will be out of the office this afternoon, so why should I stay, right?!
ho-bags, ta-ta sisters, and perky pillows.....*starts humming 'my humps'*


((minx needs moolah))
((marileen car vibes))
((fj's head))

turbo, the lab mix sounds adorable,...not to exclude the ball of fluff pom. poms are fun!

wombat..i love bats...they are facinating things....

fj gets her art fair back!

hi diva, marileen, moxie, fj, minx, doodle, poodle!

t-minus 4 hours and 10 mins to Road trip!!!!
We're leaving at one o'clock today.

Wish I felt better. But everything is falling into place nicely.

Have a good trip turbo!! That place sounds crazy!

good trip for fj!
i think this thread is already in vacation mode! hehe

turbo, you SHOULD leave early today! start that vacay off early! you guys be safe and have a great tour!

wombat, where are you going?

ms gb, road trips are so much fun. mrfj and i need to go on a good long road trip. we just never seem to get enough time.

we DID decide that we're going to go to GA for thanksgiving and meet my sister and her family at a cabin somplace. we're trying to get a little place in the mountains, on a lake, with a hot tub. perfect way to spend a turkey weekend!

wow, the flourescent bulbs in my office are going out. they intermittently go off and sometimes take a good couple of hours before coming on fully. one of them just flickered on and startled me with the brightness. i usually hate my cavelike dark office, but it's working for me today.

head still hurting.

i just went to mcfatty's and got some mcchickennuggets and a hot fudge sundae. i enjoyed it very much. i am hoping it'll do the trick on my hangover. i need a vitamin-chocked smoothie, that's what i really need.
Hey laaaaadies!!!

I'm always productive for the first couple hours of the workday and then its all downhill from there. I really, really wish I could leave, but the meddler is here.

Poms are cute. There's a pom in my neighborhood who is always wearing a pink tutu (sp?) when she goes on her walk. Usually I can't stand it when people dress up animals in stupid outfits, but this is just so damn cute.

Last night, I had an itch that only Johnny Depp could scratch, so I rented Cry Baby and drooled the whole time. I was thinking, "Is there any man more beautiful than Mr. Depp?" If there is, I'm sure one look would probably burn the eyes, like a solar eclipse. Sigh....I wish Johnny Depp was my boyfriend. Maybe I should start a Match profile that says "Looking for Johnny Depp or someone just as hot or hotter." Geesh, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean on Sunday. I don't know if I can handle so much hotness in one week. I mean, look at the fucker!!! Look at him!!!!

IPB Image

Oooh!! The office meddler said she's gonna leave early today, which means that I get to leave early too!!! Weee!!! I think I'm gonna rent more Johnny Depp stuff. smile.gif
Poodle, you are so right...JD is one of the hottest men around...I'm holding onto my POTÇ Newsweek, just 'cause there is a smokin hot pic of him in there draped over a dead tree...YUM! I do have to say, that Patrick Dempsey has been a long time love of mine too, and catching up on my Grey's Anatomy the last many weeks...he is yummy too. And both of them have really great hair, which we know is important, right poodle?!

I'm totally in vacation mode now. Not really gonna do much here the rest of the afternoon. Maybe get some directions for our vacation, that's about it...

Oh cod, fj did it...the first mention of the impending family holidays...I suppose the rest of the year is down hill from here, and the holidays will be upon us in no time. *shudders*

My mom just called to tell me my dad got laid off...not suprising, they've been cutting his hours for two years, and he was down to 16 hours. BUT, he has a great attitude, and I talked to him about applying for the "I wish" jobs, not the "this is what I've always done" jobs, and he got all excited, which was cute. He really wanted to apply for the editor position at the small hometown newspaper, but he didn't think he was qualified. Maybe not traditionally qualified, but he's a great writer, and has oodles of business experience, which, quite frankly they could use. And he used to be their auditor anyway.

Ok, I gotta get a few things done so I can g et outta here!
turbo, i am listening to kanye right now and thought of you. smile.gif

johnny depp is so hot and he seems so chill. i think we could be friends. with benefits. yup. i loved how shy he seemed on inside the actor's studio.

i watched him in c&tcf the other day. very well done movie and he looked cool as shit, but um, not so much on the attractive tip. whatevs, he's got game. poods, you can do ANYTHING YOU WANT this weekend, (even in your drawers) cos that apartment is ALL YOURS BABY! so cool!

*hangs head*

sorry about mentioning the holidaze. i know. i should be ashamed of myself. but i'm sort of looking forward to going to a cabin in the mountains. oh, and seeing my sister too of course... rolleyes.gif

t minus 2 hours and i can get outta here. i just popped half a lortab to get my head right. my backs all hurty today too, either from the dancing last night (yes, i fell into solid gold mode again after two vodka gimlets) or from the kinky sex.

speaking of which, i'm so glad that i started going to physical therapy. it really has done a lot for me, both physically and for my confidence in my abilities. but i'm bummed cause i found out i only have three more visits authorized by my insurance company. boooooo. it'll be ok though. i've got a lot of exercises i can do at home now.

hey, everyone be reaaaaal safe on their weekends. have lots of fun, whatever you're doing!

That's too bad, turbo. It's great that he's looking at the situation as an opportunity rather than a hardship.

Patrick Dempsey is a handsome lad, but he isn't an artistic masterpiece like Johnny Depp. My heart beats faster just thinking about Johnny draped over a tree. I need to think of something else--something less hot. Axl Rose, maybe? wink.gif

ETA- FJ, I can just imagine you dancing to "She's the Greatest Dancer" while wearing gold stripper shoes and a glittery halter dress.
Hi, peeps!

I'm eating the most ginormous (and healthy sandwich right now). It's smoked turkey on rye with provalone, mustard, mayo, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, onion, and cucumber. It's like 2 inches thick in the middle. Yummmm... and except for the provalone and mayo, it's totally good for me.

Okay, I haven't read much, but I did catch that Marileen and JT took their house off the market and are going to stay put. Yay!

And Turbo has to babysit this weekend. And that pomeranians are cute. My first boyfriend's family had a couple of them, didn't particularly turn me on. I don't like little dogs so much.

My mom let a dog in the house yesterday, believe it or not. She's very anti-pet. This, I think, was Sam's other grandparents' dog, or maybe it was one from the house where his dad lives. But I guess it's perfectly behaved and doesn't shed and only barks at black people. Yep, a racist dog of sorts. At least that's what Sam told me.

I'd go for Johnny Depp over Patrick Demsey any day of the week, even as Willy Wonka. The Dempsey does nothing for me, although he did in his younger years.

And FJ has a hangover and she's really funny when she drunk posts.

And Wombat has a really cool avatar!

Okay, that's all I can see on this page because the posting screen cuts a bunch of stuff off. It's better than the old forum, though.

Any big plans for the weekend? I'm bound and determined to see Snakes on a Plane tonight if it kills me, then tomorrow we're going to the giant's aunt's for a family gathering. Nothing going on Sunday or Monday, and I'd like to keep it that way. We should probably go grocery shopping, too.

poods, I love your new avvie!! Everytime I see jemisoutrageous around here, I start singing the theme song in my head! hee!

And you are right of course, in that patrick cannot plumb the emotional depths that JD can, but I'm a sucker for a man that's aging well and has those happy krinkly eyes when he clooney is another one with the eyes that make me *swoon.*

fj - maybe you can pay out of pocket once a month to see your cute PT man? I did that for a couple years after my insurance ran out on chiro visits...I loved my chiro, but it also helped keep me accountable too. I need someone to report back to, otherwise, I get lazy.

Mmmmm...Kanye....maybe I'll throw some on in my office too!

Poodle, I'm gonna dance around my pad in my undies tonight, with beer in hand, in your honor! Hooray for reclaiming the poodlepad!! i am, eating my luscious food i made, listening to luscious jackson...and now you bring up luscious boys.....see i did the three thing.....speaking of three things...i'll take JD as #2 and mcdreamy as # 3 for my party....yee haw.

((((((safe bustie vibes over the weekend)))))

hehehe i can totally picture fj dancing.... laugh.gif

thats too bad turbo about your dad...but i love his upbeat mood about it now....when one door closes, another opens....

t-minus 1 hour and 30 minutes..... cool.gif

ok what about this....if you had to eat the same meal everyday for a week but you could pick what it would be, What would it be??

we were talking about this at work....i picked my homemade sub sammitches....they rock!

or JD with a side salad....i'm just saying.... laugh.gif

hi diva!!
Okay, that didn't work out so well. They only wanted fall and winter clothes.

I only got $20. sad.gif
bummer minx....still....$20 bucks is $20 bucks......

i used to sell mini loaves of chocolate chip banana bread on the sly..... rolleyes.gif

30 mins to go!!!!!!
that blows, minx. is there anywhere else you could take the rest of the summer stuff?

hm, that's a hard question msgb. i'd think it would have to somehow include bacon.

i could never grow tired of bacon. mmmm. bacon.

diva, that sammich sounds really good!

we are going to our fave authentic mexican joint tonight. i'm gonna get two big tacos and a chile relleno. yum. i can taste the grease now! wink.gif

ok, i'm out. mrfj called a bit ago and was already on his way home. i think he's as excited about our trip-on-the-fly as i am!


I'm at home now!! I waited until the office meddler was good and gone, and then I snuck out. Weee!!! Now I'm drinkin' a bottle of Minnesota's finest lager (Premium, of course) while listening to Stevie Wonder and chillin' with my furry monsters.

I figured you'd be a busy girl, diva. I can't wait to hear your review of Snakes on a Plane. I always trust your opinions on films.

Ah yes, Johnny Depp. I don't think it's fair that his wife is hogging his hotness. Yes, he is contributing to society by sharing his gorgeous looks and unbelievable talent with the world, but I think he owes it to all women to remain single and open for romantic encounters. He should do tours.

I like that krinkly-eye smile thing too, turbo. I dated a guy 20 years older than me, and that was one of my favorite things about his appearance. I think it looks nice on almost all people and I'm surprised that people try to hide it with botox, etc.

I'm jealous of your vacay plans, FJ! I love hearing about your adventures with Mr. FJ.

I would love to be up at my family's cabin right now. At the same time, it's refreshing to have a long weekend to clean up poodlepad and return her to a girlish state. It already smells girlier in here as the boy's presence fades. No more futon!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!

Mmmm...bacon...I wish I didn't like pigs, because I could enjoy the pleasures of bacon again. If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would probably be Jimmy John's gourmet veggie sub. It's almost exactly like the sandwich diva described earlier, but sans turkey.

Here's a difficult one: If you had to pick one musician/band to listen to for the rest of your life, who would you choose and why?

ETA- That's too bad about the trade, minx. Do you have anything of value that you could sell on ebay?

ETA2- It's funny how we've run out of insults for Insult Friday. Just this morning, I was thinking, "Yay! It's 6:00 and I get to be the first one to give an insult!" but then I couldn't think of anything.
i'd be a tie between Barenaked Ladies and Bon Jovi... hmmmm, canadian hipster vs. jersey mafia...
Hello gang...I am just home now and about to read today's archives. Hope everyone is well!
Definitely Great Big Sea, all the way. smile.gif I love me some sexy Newfoundlanders.

Its 7:30pm, on a holiday weekend, and turboman is just leaving work. poor guy. This *always* happens. So dinner will be around 9pm tonight. bleh.

In the meantime, I have two happy dogs competitively chewing marrow bones.

Well, poverty be damned. I took out the ziplock baggie of emergency change and took Minxlette up to the gas station and got her an orange soda to do a movie night with popcorn. She was tickled. I get so funky about money and it rankles my already finely honed sense of control. I am trying to get over that. In two weeks, this plague will be over. I took the $20 and went to the grocery store and got essentials...maybe I can ask a friend for a small chunk of change to get fruits and veggies to tide us over until my reimbursements come in. I would sell something on eBay, but I don't really have anything worth selling...maybe my last living pair of underwear! It would be considered a collector's item since I have been commando dating back over two years now.

BWA-HAHAHAHA!!! laugh.gif

I have to laugh because I so infrequently get frivolous things. The last frivolous item I bought I consider a single gal's essential (my lovely dildo)...I still need to make sure that I can get stuff for her back-to-school, but that is minimal. Unfortuntely, she won't get a cavalcade of newness, but I love her and she is brilliant and I will help her cope if anyone has the brass balls to make fun of her. If anyone tries, I will sic Diva on them and they will pay. Diva is the patron saint of protecting children, in my book.

Okay, it is getting dark really fucking fast these days.

By my estimation, Tessie should be fucking her Hotbuns right about now. That makes me happy.
Ewwwww!!!!!!!! minxie's gettin' her pants all dirrrrty! ohmy.gif

Heh. Glad to hear you are in fighting spirits, minx. But, just to clarify, vibes, dills, and (close your eyes poodle) buttplugs should never be considered frivolous purchases.

turbo's having a pupper party this weekend! smile.gif

Whew, sorry I never got back to post more earlier....I decided I needed a nap! Which I think may have been a subconscious way to get time alone. Now I am painting the frame of a mirror I thrifted today...and I snapped at doodlemama and then had to apologize. I don't think "togetherness" is really my bag.

how about a johnny depp thread? He's enough man to go around... and, IMO, the majority of BUSTies seem to adore him. Including me. It's wrong that Captain Jack Sparrow turns me on so.

That photo is drooooolworthy.

Just one band? Hmmm ... can I pick one musician instead? Because I would pick Susan Werner. She has so much range. I wish more people knew about her.

Johnny Depp is hot, but my loins long for Murray Foster, the bass player for Great Big Sea (formerly of Moxy Fruvous). Damn, that man is yummy. Luckily for me, my husband looks a lot like him.

If I could eat just one thing for a week, I'm sure it would be something Italian. With lots of tomatoes and cheese & stuffed pasta and herbs and ... yum!
Mmmmm....rosie, you are right, Murray is a hot hunka man....and who doesn't love bass players?! But I guess I just have to go with JD and PD still, as I have more celluloid opportunities to adore them, where I only get to see Great Big Sea maybe once a year, live. All the GBS men are pretty hot, though. Its always so exciting to find other fans!!

bunny - pose the JD ? over in community, I bet we could get a hot sweaty conversation started, for sure!
Mornin' cats and kittens!!

My apartment looks so weird right now!!! My kitchen table surface is visible!!! I like it. I'm gonna do some thrift-store shopping today and then maybe go to IKEA just for fun.

A Johnny Depp thread sounds like a great idea!! Did I mention that I think he's hot? I watched Cry Baby again last night with the resident boy. I'm gonna have to pick up some more "grown-up" Johnny stuff for tonight.

If I had to pick one arteest to listen to for the rest of my life, it would have to ROCK HARD, yet also know the value of mellow, acoustic stuff. That band would definitely be Zeppelin. Not only do they have a huge catalogue--they also have huge.....

I think you're right about naps being somewhat of a subconscious way to spend time alone and recharge. I love napping. I come from a family of nappers.
Okay, so I just got done with a manic cleaning spree and was wondering where the gumption stemmed from when, LO AND BEHOLD!, I went to the bathroom and realized that I had finally started bleeding. Yeesh. Took long enough. Four days late. No wonder I've been so tired and mangled.

I am tres jealous of Poodle's thrift shopping--would you like to do that with me and maybe some of the other crew when I finally get on more stable financial ground, say, next month?

I went into Minxlette's bedroom earlier and she was sitting in her little wooden rocking chair with a Ragedy Andy doll wrapped in a blanket listening to "James and the Giant Peach" and she goes:

Shhhhh...the baby's sleeping.


Feh. Is it getting humid, or am I just having the during-menstrual my-body's-jacked up thing?

I need a bottle of whisky. Who wants to donate?
Good morning!

Hi Minx! It is amazing to me what a difference getting MRG makes in helping you feel better emotionally and physically. I don't know if we have any whiskey in the house, but I know I have a bottle of wine here with your name all over it if you so wish.

I vote for a JD thread. He is so gorgeous that I think I would be completely intimidated in person and would have to hide but watching him in movies is fun. I still need to go see Pirates of the Carribbean 2.

Diva, I hope you get to see Snakes on a Plane this weekend! And it is so neat that you get to do the work you're doing and take a break from your regular job.

Poodle, I want to go to Ikea today, too, but I don't know if it's going to happen. How exciting to get to do stuff to redo your place! I love doing that kind of stuff.

Our biggest project right now is getting everything really cleaned up and organized inside so we can start slowly bringing back into the house the stuff we had stored/hid in the garage during the houseshowings and put it away or get rid of it. I want to get as much done today so I can do some art project-type stuff this weekend, too.

Turbo, the doggies sounds so cute.

We realized yesterday that our Abie is starting to lose his hearing. He still hears but is definitely no longer dog-acute and his compensating for it really kept us from realizing it for a while. It makes me sad - I don't like thinking about how my babydog is getting old. sad.gif He just turned 14 last month.

I feel 100% better today than I have all week - my insomnia/lack of sleep was making me feel hungover every day and the sleeping pill I took Thursday night made me feel drugged all day yesterday.

Hmmm, it would be really hard to pick only one band or one singer. Maybe U2? They have a lot of albums so there would be some variety. And for one meal to eat all week I'm thinking it would have to be stirfry.

Hello to Doodle and Roseviolet and Moxie and BunnyB!
It is SO beee-yooou-tiful here today!! I just took the puppers for a long walk, and now they're all crashed out. Ms. Zoey-barky-pants did NOT like me taking a long bath this morning...she kept checking on me, and then she laid in the bathroom doorway and would emit little "woofs" everytime she heard a noise. cute. I'm not used to having a dog that's actually interested in my companionship. Its weird.

Marileen, you could get a little clicker to use with Abie to get her attention - one of my friends has a mostly deaf dog, and that works really well for her.

YEE-HAW!!! The poodlepad has been reclaimed!! I think I need some JD today too - maybe I'll go see if I can pick up has all my favorite things - JD and chocolate!

Minx - the cleaning attack hit me this morning too - WTF? All of a sudden I'm listening to NPR, and scrubbing counters, which led to handwashing the throw rugs...weird.

I think now, I'm going to ride down to my favorite cafe, sit outside and get a beer and a piece of vegan mixed berry pie. YUM. And take my book.

Smell ya later!
Good afternoon!

I hope everyone's weekend is rockin' so far.

I had my interview today. It went fairly well. I just hate interviews, I get so nervous. I came really well prepared though. I brought my food portfolio, a weeks worth of menus, a cost example sheet (so they know I can do cost control.) I just don't know, there were a ton of interviewees, they were running behind cause someone was really late. I was the last one, so after it was over we sat and talked about food, and I kept thinking up really good questions. I just don't know if I have enough experience for them. All of my parts are crossed.

I had a really fun night last night. I went to a party, and then we went on a scooter rally ride (about 30 bikes) through downtown stopped at the planetarium, where I snuck off and peed outside. Continued our ride to Exit, had a beer, then we went and got giant burritios.

I am just heading off to a bbq at scooterworks cause there was another ride today, but J had to go with out me.
(((Minxy))) what'dya watch?? I don't think little 'uns need much new-new stuff...they grow SO fast, that lots og great stuff is left over. I saw the single cutesest boots (like rain boots) at OUAC yesterday...a little minxlette would have been, shinny rummer, with a clear (still rubber, duh) cutout of a rocking daisy on each boot. For a 5 year old, tres cool.

we had a friggin ROUGH night here last night...poor thing had a gassy attack at 12 and 2 am, that required an hour, each, of constant rocking and walking. Finally, we gave her the meds (once we figured out what might be bothering her at 2:30 AM). Sigh...she's still asleep, beautiful girl. Didn't wake for her normal 6AM brekkie.

On the flip side, we had the best crockpot chicken dinner ever last night. Moxieman made a great bird, and my sides complimented it perfectly. We had a really good day so far today too. So, far, so good.

Its dreary and rainy here, and we're taking the cue to get some cocoa, order somefin up on demand and stay in our jammies for the night. Sigh...its moments just like this when i love my life. smile.gif

ok, off to read the day's news. that's what i get for posting in the morning, and forgetting to hit "add reply." Its now dinnertime.
(((((((taloo get that jobby job)))))))

Awwww....poor moxette, I'm glad she's feeling better.

I've had a perfectly relaxing afternoon - first to my fave cafe for beer and pie, and then some reading on the balcony, and then a perfect saturday afternoon nap, with the sound of the lake and a good breeze coming in. I've no idea what turboman and I are doing this evening, but it may just be grilling and snuggling in.

taloo - scootering looks like its so much fun! I love all the clubs that have popped up, it makes me smile everytime I see a scooter club whizzing by or stopped at a restaurant. The bike club here intimidates me - they're a pretty serious, swift, lean bunch.

Turbo, I've never been able to see the Sea in person. They don't travel this far south very often. I'm lucky I was able to see Moxy Fruvous twice! That's when my love for the Mur-Man began. Luscious. If you have an hour and a half on your hands, you can see a concert by Great Big Sea on-line. Just click here! My favorite bit is when Murray has a solo during "Scolding Wife". I wish he had more chance to talk, though! Oh well. I guess I can wait 7 years. wink.gif

Don't mind us. Just drooling over Canadians. biggrin.gif

Moxie, I love the new avatar!

Marileen, it can be so hard when you realize that your pet is getting older. Give the puppers some extra snuggles from me.

~~$$~~$$~~$$~~ job & money vibes for all in need ~~$$~~$$~~$$~~

I love the new Johnny Depp thread. The title is perfection!
Howdy cowgirls!!

Guess what! I ain't got no pants on!!! The resident boy's stuff is all gone, except for his dumbells and a chair. Weeee!!! I told him to knock on the door if he comes back just in case I'm nekkid. smile.gif

Your night sounds like it was fun taloo!!! Why am I not surprised that you peed in public? Was J there?

~*~*~*~employment vibes for taloo~*~*~*~

((((gassy moxette))))

This is a good weekend to "resettle" into your place, marileen. I'm sorta doing the same thing.

(((Abe))) He's such a sweet guy.

Well, thrifting was a bust. The thrift stores around here are such a rip-off these days. I did find a set of 70's pyrex bowls that I couldn't resist. Damn. I'm so addicted to old pyrex. I decided to stop by Axman Surplus, which was lots of fun. They have all sorts of cheap weird stuff there. After that, I went to the Target north of the U of M. Boy, did I pick the wrong store on the wrong weekend. All of the college kiddos are moving into dorms and apartments, so the place was a madhouse. Oh well, I got some cleaning supplies and ventured over to Home Despot for some planting supplies. Now I'm all set for a weekend of poodlepad rehabilitation.

"How Depp is Your Love?" HA! I love it! I was gonna talk about Johnny in here, but I guess I'll wander over to the Depp thread instead.
Rosie, I will *definitely* be checking out that online concert! Yahoo! So many of my favorite artists are Canadian...they're good peeps, and doubly so when they're HOTT!

YAY for the reclaimation of poodlepad! *raises a 'rita for pood's panty-free-dom*

I need to wander over and check out the Depp thread, which is indeed brilliantly titled!
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