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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi all....sort of a drive-by....BFF took doodlemama out to her place, so I've been enjoying the last hour of total space. Who's a selfish daughter? *sticks out tongue*

Will be back later this evening...

Actually, the internet cafe is a block down the hill, but I had time between the three appointments that day -they DID have a dunkin donuts on the top floor of the gigantic, sprawling, ugly yellow brick hospital. It looks like something built by Ceaucescu (tacky Romanian brutal dictator)

Mouse -- a farm sounds awesome. When I go back to my family homecoming in May I just hang out. There are so many of us we camp in the back yard. I'm a good sport avbout cooking stuff over the fire.
What's this about magic supplies in Las Vegas?

family camping reunion, that's awesome!

magic is a big apparel trade show in vegas.

i can't find cheap parking for the airport--i don't wanna take the stupid shuttle! waaaah! it'll take me over an hour! waaah! and the door to door shuttle costs as much as parking......and don't even talk about taking the subway; for me it involves a bus, three different subway lines, and another bus and last time took me three hours. not kidding. BLEAHGH where is my chauffer
yay!!! this means that I'm one day closer to the weekend than I thought biggrin.gif

I have a friend that's going to pimp out my myspace page woo hoo, she makes fun of me for not being a techno geek like everyone else, and tells me that I know about as much as her mother does sad.gif the problem is that I have an ex-husband that used to do ALL the computer stuff, he was getting his degree in computer programming, so I never had to do anything but chat and I'm learning very slowly

who cares its wednesday!!!! do we do anything fun on wednesday? I forgot, when is the day that we tell each other what panties we are wearing? do we have something fun for all 7 days? we should if we don't,

I love the word panties

what is everyone doing this weekend?

since I missed the gem show last weekend, I might be going to the one in Phoenix in Nov. with a friend of mine, she deals with big rocks and geodes (sp?) we would be very drunk for most of the trip though and on a business credit card SCARY!!!

I have had 5 shots of espresso today, it doesn't seem to be wearing off wacko.gif
Mouse, sometimes when we go to the airport we call a car service. It is about as much as parking a park and ride thing. It's nice not to have to deal with getting to the train, or driving in traffic.

Poods, there is a pizza place called piece that is owned by one of the cheap trick guys. They have really good beer (they brew their own.) for the longest time the four arm gee-tar was hanging on the wall, but it is gone now.

There is a new grocery store here that just opened up within the last week called sunflower market. It is awesome. first of all, all the veg, and greens that you would normally keep in the crisper compartment of your fridge are in a seperate room that is about 55 degrees. The selection is good and so are the prices. They have a french meadow bakery (I actually spoke with the owner for a while.) The meat is nicely priced. For example: I got a pound and a half of frozen King crab legs, for 18 bucks the same thing I get from the fish market for 40 bucks, or whole foods for 32. Nice. I am gonna grill them up tommorow and serve them with a nice heirloom caprese salad.



I am so ready to kill the child. She fucking cut a quilt that her gramma gave her for her birthday not two months ago. Cut a big fucking hole in it, and she KNOWS how wrong it was to do. She actually did this while she was in bed last night. Her fucking shenanigans have gotten a little fucking off the deep end lately and I am at wit's end trying to keep up with this, not having any fucking money AT ALL because of the district not paying us for a month (NOT my fault--THEIR fault), and finding out that not only is daycare closed on Friday and Monday (which I fully expected) but also TOMORROW. I have ASSLOADS of meetings tomorrow, I have copying and typing and syllabus writing and her father is kind of being an asshole and then he said the magic words on the phone RIGHT as I noticed that she had sliced up her blanket:

Me and the wife are going on a vacation to Mexico in October and we need you to take her that weekend.

He refused to go to my fucking parents, TO OUR FRIENDS' houses, for nearly FOUR FUCKING YEARS and now he just traipses here and there, no damned problem. I haven't taken a vacation for SEVEN YEARS because of the financial ruin these last two relationships have rendered. Yes, my choices. Yes, I take responsibility for them, but I am SO FUCKING SICK OF THESE ASSHOLES GETTING IT SO MUCH BETTER in that respect. I struggle every single fucking day to keep us afloat because I made the "right" choice finally. This is what I get in return--having to budget so tightly just to keep gas in the car and milk in the fridge.

Friends, I have hit the wall. I am so angry right now. So very fucking angry. mad.gif

they're horrors at that age. if it helps, it's not just your kid, it's ALL kids of that age. not that it's much consolation, i know.

i wish i lived by you so i could come over and watch the littlun and send you out for a nice walk or something. and you're right, the financials suck. gah, i wish i could be more comforting or encouraging or helpful in some way...

You are having a righteously shitty day, and I think anger is a fine fine response. Be angry, and I hope the ex-asshat can make that weekend up to you later. In the meantime....just breathe. Take a break, and the strategize about what to do with the minxlette.

I'm gonna go take a bath before PR starts!
*starts giving minxie a neck, back, and shoulder massage*
*takes off minxie's socks and begins rubbing them with rosemary lavendar oil*

now breathe deeply my dear...

Its so frustrating how little kids pick up on adult stress and end up acting out on it at the worst possible times and exes take all the good lessons from your relationship and only get a clue and use them in their NEXT relationship. But it will all get better, I promise.

Karianne, good luck with all of the house buying and moving things. How exciting for you!

Can I get some good luck car vibes? We just found out JT's car is really on the verge and will need an engine replacement in the undefinable but probably very near future (our trusted mechanic looked at the problem and said he couldn't fix it, to just drive it until it drops - and who knows how long we've got) and we've only recently poured lots of money into the thing for new tires, a/c system fixing, etc. that is still unpaid on the credit card. We'll be on the hook for either a new junker car or a new engine for $2-3K, so we'll probably go for the engine since practically everything else has been fixed on the thing and its body is still in good shape. Arggh, we so can't afford that this fall.

Man, I really need more cowbell right now.

Okay, so I'm calmer now. I had to take some "remedial" measures last night and chill the fuck out. Plus I will had a couple of CSI epis with which to indulge. I am trying to be confident that she can be cool during my first hour and half meeting this morning--she has to come with me for the first half of the day, perhaps more. And my second meeting will be with the Gay-Straight Alliance and they will be more than cool having her there. She tends to get really squirrely in the presence of loads of people she doesn't know, but we will see what we can do. She knew that she had crossed the line last night.

Thank you for the well-wishing. It helped. Honestly, it did.

Hope that you all have a wonderous day, exempt from mishap. biggrin.gif
(((((Minx)))) Life just keeps throwing you curveballs, and you keep hitting them outta the park. I hope you embraced the anger, used the energy for good, had a big glass of booze and a good set of smokes and slept it off. You're a hella survivor, my friend.

And fuck the exasshat who couldn't plan his vacation AROUND when he was supposed to have his daughter...didn't he piss and moan for f-ing ever to get regular visits in the first place? Ass.
He sure did, Moxie. He sure did...

*kisses you and the baby and refills your coffee mug with the best Kenyan AA, and hands you a plate of peach coffee cake*
oooooohhhhh, peach. That sounds sort of healthy...not really *bad* for me, right?
Minxy, I am glad you are feeling better, and that you are just going to make it work today with minxlette, and just do the best you can!

Moxie, I don't think any sort of unhealthy pastries would *ever* be offered in this thread. wink.gif

I did have leftover peach-raspberry crisp for breakfast this morning, though. heh. It was yummy, even for being dairy/sugar-free.

Its Thursday, which means only today and tomorrow to work before I am off on vaca! YAHOO!!
Have a good time, turbo!!

Glad you're feeling better, minx.

and HI to everyone else.

ps -- after largely NOT eating sweets and not missing them, this morning I had a chocolate donut with chocolate frosting and chocolate jimmies (sprinkles, shots, whatevah you call them)

Good morning. I wanted to sleep in, but that's not happening. The garbage trucks woke me up, and then to top it off some cuntyassbite was honking and yelling at them cause she couldn't get through the alley. Go the other way, you rediculous entitlement bitch.

Now I am just chillin' with a freshly brewed pot of coffee.

**(^^car vibes for marleen^^)**

Minx, glad you are feeling better.

Moxie, is that cute baby in your icon yours. I am totally not a baby person, but holy hell, what an adorable little thing.

g'morning... another difficult wake up day. boy, this weekend cannot get here fast enough.

i've already gone through my usual one cup of coffee and i'm about to get a second, which is very rare for me. it must be MRG and the nasty weather.

ernesto went over us sometime during the night. our yard is soggy, but besides that, you wouldn't even know it went over. in fact, we're supposed to have a front come through in the next couple days that'll bring more thunderstorms than ernesto brought.

*nods off for a few minutes*

**happy kidlet vibes for minxy**

~~$^@don't break vibes for marileen's car@^$~~

wombat that donut sounds divine.

Thanks Taloo! She is my little moxette. I've been trying to put a new piccie up as an avatar, but despite my expert photoshopping and sizing, the stupid admin keeps telling me my 75X75, 16K file is too big for the space allowed! Has anyone else had this happen? We call the avatar pic the "what'chu talkin 'bout willis?" pic. tongue.gif tongue.gif smile.gif

Anyway, since the topic's been broached, new moxette pics are up for anyone who wants to see them:

Moxette's picciesMoxette's Pics

I am having the most.stressful.job.week.ever. I can't farking wait till Friday. None of the job stuff is particularly bad, its just piled up and "NEEDED NOW". So, of course, i'm busting.
oh lurd! baby squeeeeeeeee!

i want to bite her cheeks, she's so dang cute as a button!!!!!! i love the plaid hat pics. what a doll. thank you for sharing. she just made my day!

(kitty pics are cute too!)
Moxie -- is the pic flattened? Is it a jpeg, gif, or png? Check

funny, taloo. I am always so nice to truck drivers. So is my guy. Boston is such an old city with such squinchy spaces and non-sensical intersections and entrance ways that I feel sorry for them.

If I see someone trying to turn a big rig or back it up or something, I stop way back or even back up to give plenty of room. You would NOT BELIEVE the number of people that just zoom right up to it and zig zag around it - or sit right next to it.


One of these days -- flat like a pancake.
Just a quick drive by hello to all.
Minx, god I am so sorry to hear about how bad your day is going. I wish there was some way to help. That sucks that your district is screwing you over.

Good car vibes for marileen!!!

Moxie - ditto on the adorable baby comments. She is so freaking cute!

Today is my first day back at work after a week of the worst sinus infection of my life. I was crying with the pain all day on Monday. My doctor gave me massive pain killers and anti-biotics but I just started crying at the office because I am still so damn tired. I think I am going to have to go home again. I just hate feeling like this.

babies!!!! er. one baby. she looks really SMART....i dunno she just has that look. and you have really pretty hair, moxie smile.gif

((minxie)) hope minxlette is being good today, hope your meetings go well.

wombat, i always like to say that boston's layout feels like it was randomly chewed into a piece of wood by termites, then turned into a map. tongue.gif

turbo, peach raspberry crisp sounds amaaazing.....i think i'm going to be cooking a lot this weekend because #1 i want my mom to teach me stuff (she's a fantastic cook) and #2 i will have access to a WORKING OVEN for the first time in about four months. my parents have both peach trees AND raspberry bushes.....may have to try something like that *drool*

i'm so glad ernesto didn't hit you hard, is supposedly picking up speed and headed to the carolinas where my grandmother lives. bustie vibes are clearly stronger than hurricanes, so i would be much obliged if y'all could point some in the direction of mouse-grandmom. danke. and let's hope everyone in acapulco is ok too. this hurricane season disaster global warming business is pretty upsetting.

speaking of vibes, putting some out there for marileen's car troubles too *~*~*~*

hi taloo! hi doodle! hi all!

last night some friends and i had a buttonmaking event in preparation for our friends' birthday (which sadly i am not going to be here for, as i will be home on the farm sad.gif ). we made a bunch of pins of silly pictures of her, and one of a piece of meat that her name kinda sounds like, and one of a brand name logo of said meat with her name replacing the brand hehe. they are all going to do a sushi dinner-bike-barhopping evening and printed spoke cards with her on the front and the route on the back. i wish i could be part of it.....but i'm happy to be going home.
thanks everyone on the moxette compliments. I think she's a cutiepie, myself. The smilie pics are just HER...she has a guffaw kind of laugh, that i'm pretty sure will turn into a snort someday. hehe.

(((ernesto, fall AWAY from mouse's grandma!)))

Ok, back to super stressor day. I just took my assistant out to lunch for her 1 year anniversary at the office. She's such a great person, we're really lucky to have her. Well, me mostly, cause i hate to do the office shit, and she's damed organized and likes it. smile.gif

so, i just tried to upload again. the pic is a flattened it should work, right?

here's the error message i got (which i posted in the appropriate help therad, and never got a reply to!)

Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.
The error returned was:

The file you requested to upload was greater than the limit the administrator has set for your group.
hola busties....i missed yesterday....i zoned out on other bad.. huh.gif

((mouse's tummy))
((kari and moving))

yay RB is leaving tomorrow@!!!! squeee!!!

hi taloo, poodle, mouse, minx, doodle, kitten, wombat, fj, moxie, turbo!


i was looking at houses in other states on sites and i guess i entered my cell number on one of them and now they are calling...blah. yeah i would be interesting in a house 4 states away! yeah i'll get right on that. pish posh...dude, its called 'dreaming'....who'da thunk it?!?!? although there is some property i was looking at....maybe i could get info on water rights and such..hmmmm

i am sooo loving my vacation time...even though i am working 5 1/2 hours a day still...its the closest thing to a vacation....since i don't have school..although today i am going to help cut my dad's hair or at least observe it being's haircuts are a bit of a mystery...i'm excellent with clippers...its the scissors over comb thats tricky.

*goes back to eating hershey kisses but throws a ton to the busties in need of chocolate!*

nobody mentioned it but gil grissom is one of the main bug guys on CSI and totally old guy doable. just MHO.
mox, send me the photo, and I'll see if I can optimize it to be smaller than 16K, I think I had to pare mine down pretty far to get it to work. I'm sorry for your stressful day...hopefully tomorrow will be an easy ride into a long weekend!

mouse - what a fab idea for a birthday celebration - I *totally* need to do a two wheeled dinner/drinks cruise next year...although, I do find riding while drunk to not be a very good thing in the city...we'd have to ride the alleys home, me thinks to keep us all safe.

((((((kitten's sinuses))))))) Do you have a neti-pot? Or a 40ml syringe? I put about a half teaspoon of salt in 8oz warm water and rinse it through my sinuses when I have trouble brewing and it really helps...with what you've got going on, it might be painful, but it kills bacteria...and if you *really* wanna clear things out, juice one clove of garlic and add that in there, and rinse it through...burns like hell, but damn, it kills anything. We are experiencing ridiculously high mold counts right now, so that's likely not helping things. I hope you feel better!

I want a peach tree and raspberry bushes...that would be fabulous!
*marches into thread clanging cowbell*

Hi everyone!!!

Blah...I just finished re-writing the new lady's report, so my brain sorta hurts. What's up with people not being able to write? How did these people manage to earn their bachelors degrees? Geesh...

Today feels like it should be friday.

(((kittenb))) Go home!!!

Hi wombat!!

Hi taloo magoo!! Where are those pics?

That's funny that you love the word "panties," dirf, because I absolutely despise it! It sounds so sexualized and infantile to me. Sorry.

I got paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moxette is huge!!! I love the picture with the wooden spoon. Everything goes in the mouth at that age.

Marileen, is it the Caddy that needs work? It seems too nice to leave in disrepair. ~*~*~*~car vibes~*~*~*~

(((Minx))) Damn, that sucks. Is there any way that the quilt can be fixed? Sorry about the asshat. That's totally shitty that he dismisses his parenting responsibilities when it's inconvenient for him. Question: how did your last two relationships leave you in financial ruin?

The button-making thing sounds so fun, mouse! I love that kind of stuff.

I knew that the anti-ernesto vibes would work for the FJ's! Vibes always work!

I like cutting men's hair, but yeah, using the scissors is a little tricky (especially considering that I have no real hair-cutting experience). I used to cut my friend's hair back in college, but only because he would take his shirt off and I got to see his hot bod.

ETA- I forgot turbo!! Hi turbo!!!
hi poodle!

hi kitten! hope you feel better....

turbo, yeah, drunk-biking is iffy, luckily la has pretty big bike lanes and there are a lot of back streets. i find it a helluva lot safer than drunk driving though, and unfortunately this is a HUGE city for that.

i already asked this in a couple of threads, but does anyone know how much/if oneis supposed to tip one's prepaid by card airport shuttle driver?

i cannot stop smelling myself. i am wearing dorian, and i am obsessed. this is maybe only the third scent i've really gotten obsessive about. i like bpal, but most of her scents don't really catch me. this one does. i got the imp sunday, it's GONE. it's ALL OVER ME.
yeah, chicago unfortunately has very few bike lanes, but we do have lots of neighborhoods where traffic is minimal near entertainment hot spots, so I usually just take those home after an evening out. And reflective clothing is a must.

I dunno about airport shuttle tipping...I usually take cabs, and tip 20%...

Dorian is one of only three scents where I have used up an entire bottle...the others being Snake Oil and Snake Charmer....I love me some Dorian though.


I'm finally feeling less sleepy after sitting outside in the sunshine and eating my lunch. It is however making it harder for me to concentrate on getting work done...heh.

Ooh! ooh! Mistah Kottah!!

Is it 90 by 90 pixels at just 72 pixels per inch resolution?

You can have a pic that looks small that is 300 pixels per inch and that makes the size x4 - at least. Computer screens generally at 72 pixels per inch.

*end geek moment*

mouse -- I would say no tip because it's like a bus and he gets paid pretty well. But if it seems more like a private car or it goes out to get individuals on a phone call basis, maybe!! That's exciting that you're going!

Hi ms. goof! taloo! pink poodle! turbojenn! marileen!

i don't know why i still get so fucking mad at this every time. the meeting that we rescheduled last week, my boss and i? it was scheduled for 3pm. guess who's not answering her phone or returning my messages.
fj, this feels like one of those times (ok, many times) when management takes adwantage of competant employees who are good at their job, figuring the meeting really isn't *that* important, since all systems are functioning well. That, or she's dodging you, since you have some real concerns to bring up, and she knows it.
Poods--The first one (ex-fiance) charged up about $1000 in long distance phone bills to his BRAND NEW GIRLFRIED (appr. 2 weeks after I left him) on MY calling, he got really retarded and refused to pay me back for the brand new bed that I had bought and he kept. The other one (baby daddy) between court costs and lawyer bills and the fact that it was over a year before I collected ANY child support at all, I was drowning in debt.

Oh yeah, the ex-fiance (not baby daddy) managed to smoke up a lot of our joint money. I found out that he had been smoking over a quarter a ounce of weed a week and that money came out of OUR account. I always asked him what all of the withdrawls were for, but he was very evasive.
well, minx! it was *joint* money...



Maybe he had a different interpretation of "joint banking account"
wombat and i are thinking alike today.


meeting went fine. i told her i need an assistant to get my data entry done. she complied. so i'll be getting an assitant again. yay! she is so oblivious to what i do on a day to day basis though. i'm tellin' ya. when i brought up things that i needed to work on, she thanked me for being honest.

her complacency is causing my own complacency. blink.gif
*~*~*~*~* vibes for marileen's car *~*~*~*~*

Hurrah for resident boy getting the EFF out of the Poodle Palace!! Hurrah, I say!! Want us all to come over and help him pack?

mox, I'll have to look at yer pics when I get home this evening - we're on dial-up at the office...sloooowwwwww....

Hey FJ, didja finish rubbing that oil on minxie's socks? Hee hee! (No really, go back and read yer post...LOL!)

minx! Kick ass! Yeah!

I, too, have the hots for Gil Grissom. Oddly, I never liked men with beards before...

Hi also turbo, wombat, karianne, mouse, diva, miz gb, kitten, taloo, and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone, so sorry!

I have to go hunt down the board chair at the uni and get the rent and my paycheque signed. Spending any money these days makes my stomach all knotted. I woke up having an anxiety attack. Err. Think I might take doodlemama with me and show her the campus and the view. Oh...yet another screw up on my part...apparently I gave the July rent cheque to the landlords with only 1 sig (we need 2)...the bank finally just sent it back. D'oh! This job makes me feel so incompetent these days. I'm sorely tempted to ask the board to just lay me off now. unsure.gif
ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow OW cramps from HELL


(sorry, tmi, but i am in soooooooooooooomuchpain right now argh)
BWAH! that's right doodle, and minx's socks are smelling ever so fresh right now.

hehe. that's what i get for posting while drinking wine and watching PR.


there is a big difference in being incompetent and having too much on your plate. when did you say you were getting your break, doodle? i wish i could get laid off for a month.

we went to a fun local hangout last night for dinner. it's the place where there waitstaff and kitchen workers are all also performers. they have a band and the servers take turns getting up and doing little numbers singing, playing instruments, etc. they're pretty good (some better than others) and it's always a lot of fun to go. on the weekends, they invite the audience onstage and let you dance on the tables and the bar. anyway, they're hiring right now and i took an application. i'd LOVE to do it, but i don't know if i physically could do the serving part with my wieght restrictions. plus, they want me to commit to at least two nights a week plus friday and saturday nights, which would cut in on my social life and my work. i'd have to close and not get out until 3am some nights. it's something to think about, if i could secure another paying job during the day so i could leave this one altogether.

i think it's just a pipe dream though.

((((sorry mouse!)))) i'm getting 'em again too today. my left ovary is killing me right now!
I'm sure minx would like to believe that her problems are more than just opportunities for one-liners.

Well, minx, look at it this way -- you're doing things most people wouldn't dare to do.

1) teach school
2) teach teenagers
3) teach the underprivilege
4) have a kid
5) raise a kid
6) fight to keep a kid
7) raise a kid more or less by YOURSELF
8) have wild sex
9) bidding on a house and moving while still saving retirement money and college money
10) getting rid of a guy who's a pain in the butt -- a lot of women stay forever
11) facing up to depression and getting treated successfully -- only one third of people with the disease ever DO that
12) going above and beyond your required tasks with the school kids in spite of your personal life difficulties

And i will stop there or I will get thirteen.

You're entitled to feel stressed and angry sometimes, scared and sad sometimes, and it stinks that so many social institutions don't think twice about dumping on parents (oh, why not! Close today too!)

but, remember how well you are dealing with things and how much you have successfully dealt with already. For you to be so honest and humorous is great.

We love you.
Poods, I have yet to download them. I will send them to you as soon as I do.

I have had a really great afternoon. I got a perty new dress, petted some goats, and rode around on the stella.

Mouse, sorry you are all crampy. Damn uterii.

hello doodle, fj, ms gb, everyone else.
holy schnikeys...i go away for a bit to toodle around...and eveyone's here!!!

((mouse's crampys))
((fj's ovary))
((minx just cuz she's bitchin!))and i don't mean the whiny kind.

hi taloo, poodle, marileen, wombat, moxie, doodle, fj and minx!

i just might be pseudo cooking tonite..i found me a fab garlic hummus recipe....mmmm

**passes out pitas and plugs in the blender** ain't summer cooking fun?

wait a got to pet goats??? *pouts* i'm sooo jealous...what kind??
Word, wombat - our minxy is all that, and MORE!

fj, you do not want to start waiting tables when your health is not prime to begin with, trust me. If all you're doing is hosting and holding a mic, go for it - but you don't want to wait tables with back issues. You carry on one arm, which makes your muscles do all kinds of unbalanced flexing, and your feet get sore and all that. I still miss bartending and waiting, but I know my body would not tolerate it as well now as it did when I was 20.

taloo's got goats!!!!

((((((mouse & fj)))))))))
~*~*~anti-cramp vibes for Mouse~*~*~*~

Thanks for all the car vibes. Yep, Poodle, it is the Cadillac. We love the old grandpa car and it is the perfect kind of car (when it is working) for JT, so I'm sure we'll be forking over the cash to fix it when it goes. It has been losing oil like crazy lately. I'm making sure our AAA is renewed for the inevitable tow. We already scheduled a trip to South Carolina next month for JT's friend's wedding and a mini-vacation for us (first real vacation together for us ever in our 10 years together) and already bought the non-refundable plane tickets last month for it, so we are on the hook for both an expensive trip and big car repairs this fall.

Also, we have made the final decision that we are NOT moving and pulled our house off the market. We figure God was trying to tell us something and that we should stay put. With JT's job location changing and me getting more happy about my job, it just makes more sense to stay where we are and be closer to jobs and friends and stuff, too, and it's not like we don't love our current house. So we are going to look into doing some refinancing so we can pay for the roof replacement our house so desperately needs and maybe create a 2nd bathroom in the basement and buy a new refrigerator to replace our ancient sickly one, etc. sometime this winter or next spring.

Poodle, yay for Resident Boy losing his residency status! I hope it all works out and you get to enjoy your space more and end up better friends with him not living there.

Moxie, your little Moxette is so cute and she has grown a lot since the last time I saw your posted pictures! I think my favorite photo is "Wacky Hair" - I love her expression in that one.

I also tried to change my avatar last night and had the same problem. It didn't do that the last time I changed the avatar, so I really think it might be a Bust problem. I'll shrink my new photo down some more and will try again tonight.

Turbojenn, you make that bpal scent sound so intriguing! What stuff is in it and what does it smell like? I want to try some new perfumes and might need to order some bpal imps.

I have no clue what Gil Grissom looks like since I don't think I've ever seen an episode of CSI.

Minx, I'm glad you're feeling a little better today.

Hi FJ and Wombat and KittenB and Doodle and Taloo and MsGB and anyone else here today!
turbojenn bike just drove me right home, didn't stop at the gym at all....funny how that happens! Oh well, its a perfect day for a long dog walk!

marileen - sounds like you guys have made a good decision about your home, and sprucing up what you already have is a great thing to do to feel even better about your home AND up your resale value for when you do sell.

I would highly recommend ordering some bpal, of course. rolleyes.gif Dorian is my go-to scent when I want comfort or feel crappy, it just makes me happy. There's the lightest white musk in it, that perfectly balances against a sugary lemon note, with a backdrop of tea...its so lovely.
Joint account! Hahaha!! Sorry, minx, but you gotta admit that FJ's joke was funny. smile.gif Wombat's list is very right on. You should print it out and stick in on your frige.

Marileen, it's probably a good thing to stay where you are and save the money for the car, tickets, etc. You guys have a cute house in a good location. Besides, we don't want you to move far away!!

~*~*~*~anti-cramp vibes for mouse~*~*~*~

I've been looking for nice color schemes for my kitchen and bedroom. I'm gonna go with a robin's egg blue color in the kitchen and sage (but slightly more brownish-greyish) in the bedroom. I used swatches from the reprodepot site to come up with nice colors that would work with my existing crap.

I think I'm gonna swing by the beer store and the co-op on my way home. If I don't pick up some wet cat food, my cats are gonna turn into velociraptors and eat my face while I'm sleeping. I'm scared of the catfood at Target, so I buy this hippie, free-range, extra-stinky stuff that they absolutely adore. Of course, now they're spoiled, and they look at me like "WTF?" if I don't give them any for dinner.

When will this day end?!!!!
Jenn, Dorian sounds awesome! Now I really want to get some bpal...

Poodle, the description of your cats made me imagine them hovering over you snorting steam like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park! Those colors for your kitchen and bedroom sound really good. You are definitely going to have to have a party to show off your place after you get done redecorating!

And "joint account" really is pretty funny.

Hey! That's my real name! Well, almost. It's Dorianne. But I go by a shorter nickname instead. I prefer to save my real name for special people, like Revenue Canada.

Ok, I'm sort of driving by. I just got home and I have a wee headache. Bleargh. Just took a handful of ibuprofen....ok, only two, not a handful. Also I need to eat. I picked up Mexican food on the way home, and the manager/owner was totally flirting up a storm with me. And also trying to teach me Spanish. Um, no, I don't think that's why I have a headache! Hee!

poodle, I wanna see those paint colours!
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