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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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that sucks. i'm really sorry you had to deal with that.

((doodle's hand))
goddammit, fj. Minx is being all slutty and posting pics of the Secretary and you're all "waa waa waa! hold me! some black guy sneered at me". Get with the program and post some pics of yourself crawling across the carpet.

(I imagine I'll be fending for myself come dinner time now huh?)
Hmmm....that's just sucky, FJ! (You should phone the NFL dude...hee!) ETA: I think you should make Mr FJ post some pics of himself crawling across the floor in submission.

turbo, I know the feeling! I'm glad I kept our site simple, but even so, I still hand code in HTML (still no CSS), so it's a PAIN. (In addition to the hand pain, LOL!) What battle are you losing?

mousie, will you kiss my hand better, too? smile.gif

My step-grandma sent me home with this huge purple crocheted afghan she made about 35 years ago. It's SO old fashioned....but it's so purple that I love it anyway! What can I say? It's going to make for some cozy sofa napping this winter!! And Carmella is staking out her napping claim on it as I write this.
doodle,'re coding by hand - no wonder you're miserable. CSS is soooo is Dreamweaver, my coding god. I'm losing a battle against PHP, which is a programming language that I do not write, does not run on a Mac, so it is highly manual and frustrating to work with.

Ok, I'm outta the office, I'll see ya later!

*waves as turbo peddles away*
dooooooooodle, css is not so hard. i usually hand-code html and hand-code css as well and i found it pretty easy to learn. php, well, i've never even tried. i admire your bravery miss turbo.

doodle, you need to give me your address so i can send you your "i'll be a post-feminist in the post-patriarchy" pin!
Oh!!!! I'm going to PM you right now, mouse!!

ETA: ok, done! Yay!
"he also used an NFL giant football player as a reference." Bwahahaha!!! What friggin' moron! It sounds like you handled the guy well. I woulda done the same thing. Look at it this way--now you have a good story to tell when a "work sucks" conversation comes up.


Earlier this afternoon, I got in a tiff with my mom on the phone because she said I was becoming one of those people who hates children. All I did was complain about big strollers and she got really pissed off. I think she's still a little pissed when I opined that my nephews get too much crap and that they're gonna end up being spoiled. All I was saying was that I wanted to contribute to their post-graduation savings account instead of wasting money on toys that will quickly be forgotten. My mom made it sound like I was being cruel.
I hate sounding like such a dumbass, but maybe it's only 'cause I'm over 35 now....but what does "more cowbell" mean, exactly?

poodle, contributing to their savings account sounds like a much better gift, and I totally agree with you. Tell your mama I said so! smile.gif

I forgot to mention....I refinished this old box and painted a mosaic (like my kitchen cupboards) on the lid with metallic acrylics, and gave it to my brother when I was at the Coast. I was really worried he wouldn't like it, but he loved it, and said I should be selling them! Now, he's a Virgo and very picky, so if he says it's good, it's good. So I'm thinking I need to go into business like our diva...maybe I should start planning now to try and get a table at the 2007 x-mas craft fair....? If I can find boxes big enough, I can market them as "remote control stash boxes" (which is what my bro's was for)....everybody has eighty-bazillion gigantic remotes cluttering up their coffee tables these days, right?
It is time....for MORE COWBELL!

Doodle, I know the reference from a SNL skit where Christopher Walken plays the producer on a Blue Oyster Cult record and they're all in the studio back in the 70s. And he keeps saying things like, "That sounds great guys, but I think it needs more cowbell." More cowbell is the answer to everything!

And Doodle, I totally think you should make some stuff to sell - you are so talented!

((FJ)) Mean sneaky user people suck. It sounds like you handled it really well though.

~*~*~vibes for Mouse~*~*~*~

~*~*~job vibes for LRM~*~*~

~*~*~happiness vibes for all the Busties~*~*~*~

Some Magic 3-style good things:

I get paid in 3 days!
Then we get the 3 day weekend!
I'm definitely going to 3 places tonight - Ikea, Michael's and the gym.
My birthday is exactly 3 days before Karianne's.

doodle, your brother is right - everyone has 80 bazillion remotes these days...and a beautiful box would be just the thing! But me, I'd probably like something like that as a jewelry box - line it with silk like diva's purses, and you'd be all set!

Ha! I love the good things in threes!

I'm waiting for turboman to get home, and then....the most awesome dinner is ahead, and there's 3 components:
  • chipotle-garlic-basil marinated flank steak that shall be grilled and transformed into fajitas
  • fresh sweet corn
  • homeade peach raspberry crisp!!! YUM!

Doodle, watch this & you'll get it smile.gif
The origins of "More Cowbell!"
blink.gif I'm not sure I needed to see that, rose! Heh.

Thanks for the input on the boxes, turbo and poodle....dunno about lining them, though....I think having to muck about with fabric and glue would drive me over the edge! I did paint the inside of my bro's black....that looked kinda cool, with the wood on the outside....

poods, you forgot something in your list of just gave out 3 sets of vibes!

turbo, I'm always so envious of your meals. Hey, btw, did you ever decide on a travel destination?
Dinner was goooooooo....I am so stuffed. Doodle, you're always welcome at our table!

Travel, ah yes....while not exciting or exotic, we are going to hang out at home for awhile, then visit several regional breweries - Three Floyds, Lakefront, and tart's favorite...New Glarus. We'll spend a night in Milwaukee, and then head up to tour the disturbingly famed House on the Rock, before cruising into Madison to stay with moxie & I's college roomie for a night. Its all stuff that we haven't done yet, so it should be fun.

Awww!!! You will be MERE MILES away from my hometown, Turbo!! When is this occurring?

BTW, make sure you pick up some New Glarus Spotted Cow beer whilst you are up that way. Way good.
Hmmm...I think you might be mistaking marileen for me, doodle. (although I also like the idea of a remote box or something like that)

I just took care of a bunch of tax audit/car title/medical statement crap, so I'm feeling nice and relaxed now.

Yeah, If I *have* to give my nephews something, then it's gonna be a contribution to whatever they pursue later on in life. When I was growing up, I didn't get anything from my extended family except for clothes from Grandma Jo and $10 from my godparents. My grandfather used to give me one dollar for my birthday. It was enough to buy candy, so that was always a nice surprise (when I turned 20, he gave me a 2-dollar bill). I never felt deprived or unloved by my extended family. Anyway, my dad agrees with me on this. I think my mom is just acting in defense of her gift-buying habits and my brother's parenting, which I'm not criticizing at all. I just don't want to participate in the same way. Family....grrrr...

Now I have The Kinks in my head. Lola! Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lola!!
Ah yes...good ol' Mount Whore. When's the last time you when back, minx? Do you still have family there?

I feel the need to clarify that the House on the Rock was NOT DESIGNED BY FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, contrary to popular belief. Frank Lloyd Wright would never create such a monstrosity. Sorry, I'm an architecture snob. I can't restrain myself. I got a huge headache walking through the HOTR because of all the weird collections and shit. It totally creeped me out. Have fun turbo!!! smile.gif

Indeed I do still have family back there, Poods. Both of my brothers and parents live in that damned village. I went back down there about...oh, I guess that it was about three weeks ago now. One of my best friend's brothers threw a huge pig roast/keg party at his GARHONDO deep in the middle of farmland (garhondo= a garage/house/ is just a really cool garage that he built that will eventually be turned into a permanent garage when he builds the house deeper into the ROCKS!). My girlfriend now lives in Austin, TX, and I haven't seen her in seven years, so it was imperative that my ass shows up down there. Plus I ran into an old guy friend of mine who has pledged himself to the Mighty Minx should I be unspoken for by the age of 40. He's a real sweetheart--makes tremendous ching, is a raunchy perv like myself, and we have been flirting with each other shamelessly for about 14 years now. And yes, totally unconsumated. tongue.gif And he is single. My sister-in-law keeps telling me that I should move back home and marry him now because we would make a stellar couple (we are very fond of each other), but that would require me going back to the Whore, and I cannot abide by that right now.

But the idea is tempting from time-to-time. The HOTR is only about 25 miles away from my hometown.

So, Poods, is he actually moving out? BTW, I am so tickled to hear that you are feeling bettah. Really, truely.

I have four new epis of CSI to consume tonight!!! Yeah!! Plus, my buddy Paul from work burned me THREE Distillers CD's that I need to indulge in as well tomorrow when I am lesson planning. I can't wait for my little vermin to come back to the fray. Have I mentioned how much I love Sleepytime tea?
I forgot about Sleepytime tea!! That bear on the package is sooo cute. I can't wait for summer to end so that I can cuddle up with a blanket and a cup o' tea or apple cider. cider...

I haven't chatted with the resident boy yesterday or today, so I'm not sure what's going on yet. I plan on using the long weekend to clean and organize, so his stuff has to be out of here for sure on Saturday.

"garhondo" Ha! I love it!
*sits down at turbo's table*


Hee, poods is an architecture snob!

And minxie has a crush on Gil Grissom!

doodlemama apparently must watch rockstar supernova. I haven't actually turned on the television since her last visit in May. I had to watch this last week in Vancouver - it's kind of interesting, actually. Though I am loathe to admit being amused by television!

Tonight I made meatloaf and put together the new Ikea wall-mounted table, which is meant to be a window seat for the kitties. I dropped it on my toe, once. I swore a lot. Plus they don't include the actual hardware you need to attach it to the wall. And THEN realized there was no way to mount it on the wall unless I disobeyed the directions. WTF is up with Ikea? I can't even blame the translation, 'cause it's all diagrams. *sigh*
I soooooooo love Gil Grissom! Awkward, smart men make me tingly. smile.gif
Good mornin' sugar mamas!

Well, the boy left me a note saying that he's gonna move on friday and he has some people from work to help out. Yayayay!!! Drinks all around!!! I would like to have a "housewarming party" after I clean everything and re-decorate my apartment. I have a long list of chores to be done, so it'll take me a while. Oh, and a party in my apartment consists of about 4 or 5 people, because I only have 650 square feet!! Hopefully it will feel bigger when all of this crap is outta here.

(((Doodle))) Ah yes...the joys of IKEA self-assemblage.

Crap! I missed Rockstar Supernova again! I keep getting sucked into The Outsiders on ABC. Last night they did stories on child abuse within the Amish community, the Children of Christ, and in Colorado City where there's this self-proclaimed prophet dude and girls marry into polygomous arrangements in their early teens. Sickos.

Who is Gil Grissom?
*passes mimosas around the thread*

Ah, I love a good mimosa in the morning...maybe we'll have mimosas one morning next week, when we're on vaca!

Wow, we'll be vacationing in the vicinity of the town that spawned our minxy! Surely, that is an attraction in itself! I feel compelled to visit the HOTR, no matter how crappy it may be, as it was featured in my favorite novel, American, we must suffer its dusty collections! And there will definitely be a New Glarus stop...I'm unofficially titling this vacation "Jenn drives turboman's drunk ass around 2006," as I can't tolerate beer at all because of allergies.

Poodle, your little vision of curling up with a cup of hot cider and a blanket makes me feel better about the coming fall. The last three days of rain have mostly just made me sad, but now, I can feel better about looking forward to sweater wearing, jeans, apples, roasted squash, hot mulled cider, and the beauty of the changing leaves.

When do the leaves change in Mpls? Maybe we'll head on over ya'lls way in September sometime...fall colors are good for about a day here in chicago, what with all the wind off the lake.

I've got a fever & the only prescription is more cowbell!

I just watched that skit, it makes me laugh everytime.

How is everyone this morn?

Poodle, I am SO glad resident boy is moving! NICE! You'll have your whole place to yourself.

You guys are funny with your posts of 3s.

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well.

Things here are good. I spent alllllll day yesterday packing. Mr K worked all day & all night, so I was pretty much on my own. I got tons done though. I think we are in good shape. I am working this morning, then leaving to do the final walk through at the new house at noon. Closing is at 1. Then we are going to start taking some stuff over & also will clean the new place. Movers come to our house at 8:30 tomorrow morning. EEEEEE!!!!! So excited!

I'll take one of those mimosas, poodles.
Morning all! My goodness what a lot of activity while I'm gonee!!

Hi to kvetchies! You may see me lurking later today.

I seem to have the feelers out for the Roots as well as the Axlacious one -- I hadn't seen or heard anything about them for years, one of their old songs from a couple years ago went through my head, then they appeared in my local newspaper as well as the September GQ. Creepy. Toto toilet creepy.

but probably there is some media publishing-recycling schedule i am perceiving below my level of immediate consciousness. Or wait! Maybe it's the sound vibrations in the universe! The theory is that sound, once made, keeps traveling, and I read a couple years ago that the "I Love Lucy" shows had reached deep space.

Which is probably why they won't contact us. wink.gif

I hate most TV, doodle, but certain shows do delight me for some reason. They are: the reality shows/competitions that are goofy rather than mean-spirited (Rockstar, Idol, Hell's, Last Comic), the occasional "empowered girl in more intelligent fashion-posey environments" (Veronica Mars, Buffy) and .. not much else, unless there's cool music or news. Really occasionally SNL or the late night talk show hosts. Most TV is way too foul. I can't imagine who is going to watch a show about a nuclear disaster, for example - wtf?? or deal with all the dead bodies, stupid violence and idiotic stereotypes.

Architecture! poodle! You will understand this -- when I went to Chicago I drove to Saint Louis just to see the Wainwright building. I also hunted down Sullivan's buildings in Chicago, and when I went to the auditorium building, they had what had been the "Men's Smoking Lounge" door open because the janitor was taking out ladders or something, it's usually not open at all, and I walked in there and it had a fireplace with blue mosaic work that was really beautiful and included figures and all. Sadly, they had taken out the really cool BAR that used to be there. Also, it was a college instead of a hotel.

I like Frank Lloyd Wright too, when I went to New York on a bus trip with school mates we were supposed to go to the Metropolitan, but the bus passed the Guggenheim, which I did not know about, had never heard about, never seen etc. I didn't grow up in a museum going family.

The minute I saw it, I was so delighted that it looked like some crazy washingmachine or something - a pink fifties museum and you could instantly see that you were supposed to take the elevator up and walk down the spiral. I ran over to it and went in and climbed on it And that's the thing about Wright. If you love him you know it right away. And you will want to run and climb on it. That's what he wanted, too. That's why he paid so much attention to the path through and walkways and stairways.

The cool thing about Sullivan and Wright is that they wanted America to come up with its own architecture which would use our wealth of materials and honor the wealth of the ordinary people. They saw no reason why the 'Middle West" should not have as much culture as the Middle East, Europe or the coasts.

Sadly, they were largely defeated.

Did you know The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand was about Frank Lloyd Wright -- Roark = Wright, Cameron = Sullivan. If you can get through the cheesy soap opera like parts and the dullard beginning, it's a great book. Of course, her ferociously stubborn red-headed hero reminds me of ... axl.
Kari - you're closing today - that is SO exciting!!! Get your signing hand warmed up!! May the move go quickly and smoothly tomorrow! We shall expect to see pictures next week of your new abode!

Everyone needs more cowbell, especially if wacky, wonderful Mr. Walken is offering!

The architecture in Chicago is one of my very favorite things about living here - and reading "Devil in the White City" a few years ago was really marvelous to get to know the architects. And they have wonderful architecture tours here in the city - by boat, El and walking, and we take one of them every year...its good geek fun. Everytime we drive down lakeshore drive toward the skyline, particularly at sunrise and sunset, it just makes me gasp with its beauty, and you drive toward it, and all of a sudden you go around one curve, and you're right *there* amidst the gleaming giants. It really makes me feel all warm and gooshy about the city.
Axl is everywhere!
Axl is everything!
Axl is everybody!
Axl is still the King!

Did anyone here ever listen to Mojo Nixon? Well, even if you didn't, this one goes out to Wombat, our seriously perseverating Axl-worshipper from the East. Who loves ya, baby?

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO menstrual without the menstruation right now. I woke up at 6:30 ready to jam, and promptly fell asleep until 7:15 which makes me officially very late going. So, had to get me and the kid ready in less than 30 minutes (including brekkies). And then I felt like shit after I dropped her off because I snarked at her for stepping on my toes twice in the elevator and running in the YWCA. I felt like such a fucking bad mom. Grrr...

I have 48 hours to get my ducks in a row for school and being menstrual kinda puts the kaybosh on that whole deal. My back hurts, my head feels leaden, and I wanna sleep. Oh yeah, add to that being incredibly bloated and wanting to do nothing but drink a gallon of milk. Fer fuck's sake.


Today I am thankful because there was a staff breakfast with oodles of good fruits, croissant and nutella, gruyere, and quiche. What a gucchi staff!!
I know, minx, that song occurred to me too.


I forget who it was that Mojo Nixon said didn't have ANY Elvis in him -- was it "the other" Nixon? Reagan? Bush?


I suppose I'll go out and "Elvis is Everywhere" will be playing where I eat lunch.

Feel better!!

p.s. I have never heard "gucci" used as an adjective.
Good morning women!

Poodle, yay for the boy evacuating. Does he have a lot of stuff at your place? Did he actually find a place of his own or is he going to become the residentboy to someone else?

Turbo, have you ever taken one of the architectural cruises down the river? It's kind of spendy, but really informative. I have been on it several times. Whenever we have visitors we bring them on it.

Leaves changing. There is not enough of it in Chicago. When I first moved here, I was miserable, and homesick for the first year or so. We were driving up to Mpls, and it was fall. The leaves were changing and it was so pretty. That made me feel even more miserable about chicago. I cried for three hours, and poor J just sat there patting my back and driving.

So, can I get some vibes? I have an interview on sat for a really kickass, well paying job. That is all I am saying about it, cause I don't want to Jinx it.

I can't believe I missed Tes. phoooo.

Oh, Poods, get ready to be jealous. I am going to see Cheap Trick on sunday at Rivinia. They are lawn seats, but watching middleaged rhythmless yuppies flailing about in a manner that they approximate to dancing is pure entertainment. The COF spotting is bountiful as well.

Okay, time for me to pay the company bills dry.gif
taloo...why was I thinking that you were in AZ???

~*~*~*~*~*~*Jobby job go-get-'em vibes for taloo!*~*~*~*~*~*~

Yup, we've taken the architectural boat tour a few times, I never get tired of it...unlike many other chicago tourist attractions like museums that I wear out on really quickly.
I don't know turbo, maybe cause you are silly.
We should get together for a drink, or you could come over and I can cook us up a nice dinner.

I get really tired of the museums too. Except the modern art museam.
I am curious about the Science and Industry one.

Oh, here is a stroke of niceness for the day. Our car is broken. Dead. I think J left the dope light on, and it has been sitting that way for a couple of days since he has been taking the lammy. He called road side assistance and is dealing with it now.
good morning everyone!
kari! congrats on closing on the house! pood! YAY YAY YAY for resident boy leaving, its about freaking time, right?
what kind of collections does the house on the rock have turbo?

doodle i hate ikea instructions too. sooo hard to follow. why????

((vibes for taloo)) fingers crossed on your job!

((minxie feel betta))

i haven't seen axl anywhere except this thread. heh.

my dad is obsessed with frank lloyd wright. it's kind of a guarantee that every year for christmas he will recieve chocolate, a farmer's almanac, and a book about frank lloyd wright from at least one (more often two) people. hehe.

i watched rockstar supernova last night! i think what's missing is the mean, tell it like it is judge. the guy who sang coldplay totally butchered the beginning and didn't really do all that great for the rest of the song, and they were all "you killed it dude! way to go!". i need simon cowell!

pood, i saw that outsiders thing too and i think the whole effing series is just a crapload of sensationalistic bullshit. it's not done to educate the audience at all, it's done to shock and titillate, and that grosses me out so hard.

i wish i could have fall this year. that's the only thing i really miss and regret about moving to california. i miss, miss, miss fall, and rain, and they way streetlights get all yellow against the dark blue sky at that perfect moment at dusk in october.....i love california. it's being really good to me. but missing fall is really sad.
what's up my funky bitches??

*pops open a bottle of champagne*

wow, so much to celebrate today!

karianne is probably pulling out her pen at the closing right about now. i bet they spend the night there tonight. that's what me and mrfj did. 'cause it was OUR house!

and POOOODLE gets her space back too! YAY! i'm so glad he's finally doing it! i wish i could come to your party. i'd bring my karaoke player. cool.gif


i'm just getting in to work. been recruiting offsite all day. i actually found a good candidate today, so it was worth it. makes up for the assface yesterday.

almost got blindsided on the way here. an 18-wheeler decided to run a red-light (i'm guessing because he was going way too fast on wet roads) and as i got the green, i began coasting out into the intersection. when i'd looked his way, he was slowing down, but then he gunned it and started honking at me. i opened the birdcage on him as he passed and thought about turning around to see if i could get his license plate, but when i realized what had almost happened, i just started crying. i pulled myself together pretty quickly though and got myself to work.

the clouds are starting to roll in and i think we're going to get just the kind of weather i was hoping for - shut-in weather. the storm is down to below 40mph winds, so by the time it reaches us will be about 20mph at the most. but it has everyone feeling anxious and dreary. i'd like to just go home right now and cuddle with the animals and mrfj. even my newly self-proclaimed "outside cat" mister boots sensed something this morning. he usually walks out with me and the grovester in the morning and then refuses to come back in. this morning, he walked the little half circle with us and then followed me right back into the house. eh, maybe he was just hungry. tongue.gif

turbo, that sounds like a really nice little trip! it'll be fun to drive your drunk dude around! i love it when mrfj gets drunk and i'm the DD. he always puts our sound of music cd in and sings the lonely goatherd to me at the top of his voice. hehehehe.

but i'm reallly looking forward to our no-plans-weekend. oh, it's going to be sooo nice.

minx, sounds like you and me are on the same menstrual dealio. i *thought* i was bleeding yesterday but i wasn't. i know it's coming though. i've been *off* for the past couple of days. me and the mr are almost always right there on an even keel, but not when i'm mentrual.

but at least you had a yummy spread this morning! i got myself a sonic toaster with bacon and cheese this morning. it was deeeee-licious. still drinking the cherry limeade that i got with it. mmmm.

taloo, it's always nice to see you here. i think i might have stalked you off of poodle's myspace... ph34r.gif
*****$$~~^^get that jobby job^^~~$$*****

and oh yes, the cowbell! i love it. i love it every time i watch it. we own the snl best of will ferrell dvd and that is one of the scenes they show. i gotta have more cowbell, baby!

slackoff day today!

my boss and one of my coworkers are in vegas for the magic trade show. i'm pretty jealous about this, cos i'm really interested in seeing those work and are and all, but they're just complaining cos they have to go to vegas and back in one day (it's about a four-hour drive if traffic is decent). *whine*
Awww -- That's so sweet, fj.

My guy likes Sound of Music too. He hated to admit it. He got snagged by the part where the crabby father starts singing with them.

hooray, karianne!!

Doodle. Breathe.

did not hear "Elvis is Everywhere" at lunch.
hola busties!

i just got back from the DMV, getting my new super high-tech license. i look stupid in my photo, which i think is a requirement.

high on a hill was a lonely goatherd

i thought michael j fox was the anti-elvis?

((FJ))glad you're ok
yay for karianne and the house!
*~*job vibes for taloo*~*

i have to run, my brother's moving in tonight at 7 and i'm still typing from the room he's about to occupy, which half my stuff is occupying.

mrfj, i'm turning you in:

he can't watch, listen to or especially sing edelweiss without getting all choked up.


hi lrm! smile.gif
When I was going to the U of M for theater Cristopher Plummer came and did a lecture.
He was a real jerk. Now I can't watch Sound of Music with out being reminded of what a cock knocker he was.

What a let down.
The Lonely goatherd, eh, fj? That is too funny! Turboman gets kind of silly, but I think he'd have to have *alot* to drink before venturing into musicals!

I have to confess my lack of enthusiasm particularly for Sound of Music...too many memories of my mom and dad singing it very badly during spring cleaning...torture, I tell you...I can't even think that it might be touching....all I can think of is lemon pledge and cleaning my bedroom. eep.

mouse, the house on the rock has all kinds of crappy collections, that from what I can tell, are marvelous just for their quantity...there's a gallery of music boxes, an underground carousel...I'm intrigued to learn more about the strange guy who put all this stuff together...

taloo, we should *definitely* have a drink sometime. soon! You name your favorite watering hole, and I'll be there...we could even get some of the other chicago ladies to join in on the fun...I still have yet to meet sidecar, though we always talk about getting together...

ooh turbo! I'm glad you appreciate the buildings.

I'm glad I moved from my little farmtown to Boston, otherwise I wouldn't have understood or loved architecture or cities.

Boston suffered a building slump from the 20s to the late 80s. Economy was bad as well

When I first got here after high school in the 70s in the sticks (Dazed and Confused nightmare)
there were still hardly any skyscrapers, remnants of the industrial revolution, abandoned incinerators and military assembly plants that we could sneak into, windows that would show giant dead printing presses, railroad tunnels through the buildings, etcetera.
i have a soft spot in my heart for the sound of music, because it used to be on television once a year (back in the days before VCRs, damn i'm old), and my mother would sneak me out of bed without waking up my baby brother so i could stay up late and watch it. and she used to sing the songs to put us to sleep at night. i still sing a mean edelweiss. i can do the harmony and everything.
It's still on!!

I hate the way TV content that used to be free is sold to cable and dvds and whatever, but Sound of Music is still on TV. We caught it on some random night. Also, Fiddler on the Roof was on one Sunday afternoon.

I like Margaret Atwood, too, Lowred!!

She's very Bustie.
*crawls into thread all sweaty and greasy*

I just returned from a sans-boss office lunch where I consumed 2 Summits and a plate of fish 'n' chips. I could totally fall asleep right now. It feels so much like Friday.

Hi taloo!!! Cheap Trick was here last weekend, but I didn't have any money and the show was far out in the 'burbs. I was sad that I missed it, but I figured they'll come back eventually. sad.gif

~*~*~*~job vibes for taloo~*~*~*~

Ugh, I'm too sleepy to type anymore. *falls asleep on keyboard*
Hi Poodle!!

Yeah, they'll be back -- those rock. gods.

I wasn't going to kill myself to see he-who-shall-not-be-named, because he'll either come close by, or fuck it.

One's own life priorities must come first.

I'm hearing Archie Bunker's voice in my head saying "Prior-orities"

OOH!! Yesterday at the clinic went really well -- good handling, lots of reassuring news -- a great lunch at the pretentious internet cafe -- it was almost --- fun.

Except their office techniques really stink. I went to three different DEPARMENTS within the same hospital, and those required going to two different parking lots -- REQUIRED, i COULD NOT leave my car in the first parking lot and walk -- and filling out the exact same medical history forms and signing for indemnity. Same hospital -- same insurance card -- same computer system -- same DAY.

They asked ME if i was supposed to pay a copay.

Then, they asked me if I had a "pre-appointment" At that point, I got testy. I was like, I don't know!! I called up and made an appointment and my primary care doctor made these referrals and her desk made the referrals into appointments that I have written on this piece of paper which is why I am here today! What on earth is a pre-appointment?"

the vibes worked for the fj's!!!!! they are safe by the grace of the BUSTies wink.gif

good things it tuesday?

1. kari signing on her house and getting ready for the big move.

2. poodle's RB is giving her her place back

3. these are all for you guys

have an awesome day (((BUSTies)))
thanks, ohla!!

I am doing a difficult and detailed but rewarding task.

then i jump into bust for a break. Then i jump back.

ps, it's wednesday!!

gee thanks, whammy-bat! now i have the theme to all in the family in my head!


poodle, fish and chips sounds yum. but you're right! it DOES feel like it should be friday.

now i have cramps. booo.

where's the chocolate? who has chocolate? someone HAS to have some chocolate!!!

yeah, what IS a pre-appointment?

LRM, i used to watch the sound of music with my mom and sister every every every year. it does still come on, i think near the holidays.

oh, i talked to my mom yesterday. she said they took the nat'l park job. she's going to be the volunteer coordinator. they're excited about it, so i can't be mad at them. but i DID grow some pubes and tell her that i was depressed last week after talking to her and made her promise that they'd spend most of next year on the east coast between me and my sister in NC. she said that was already in their plan. so, i feel better having gotten it off my chest. now, it'll be february before i get to see them again instead of early january.
Fj!! Haven't YOU been having the death defying life lately!
hi fj!
how's the storm?

wombat, that's so crappy. it's so annoying when people who are supposed to be on top of things have no idea what's going on. sorry sad.gif

i just ate lunch and feel crappy. it was just some trail mix and pasta but my stomach feels gross now. i don't know why.

i'm really looking forward to going home this weekend. i wasn't looking forward to it before, cos my parents and i don't always get along all that well, but i think it will be good for me. i wanna just sit on the porch, eat a gigantic bowl of salad from the garden, drink my dad's famous iced tea (or some yuengling lager *pine*!), and chillout with my dog and chickens. i might go into philly to see some old friends but i may just hang out on the farm the whole time too.
A clinic with an internet cafe?! That sounds neato!!


(((mouse's tummy)))

Soooo, I just talked to the resident boy over phone and he says that he has two "for sure" places and one really cool place that he's waiting on. He insists that he'll be out of there at least by Saturday morning.

I'm watching the Live in Budokan performance of Surrender on my ipod and now I'm regretting not coming up with a way to see Cheap Trick last week. Sigh....Robin Zander and Tom Petersson were so cute back in the day. Robin Zander is especially cute with his whispy long blonde hair and silky white plants. He's not looking to shabby these days, either.
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