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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Enema bag on bicycle, swooping down on unsuspecting passers by...
eeewwwww.....wombat, I think you just won the "mr fj daily gross out award!"
heh, nice imagery, minx! biggrin.gif

diva, now i want some kool-aid! black cherry was always my favorite. man, i just had a kool-aid flashback. when i'd go shopping with my mom, she'd always tell me to pick out ten or so packs of kool-aid and i would stand in front of those little packets forever, trying to decide which to get. and then when it was time to make the stuff at home, i'd pull them all out and do the eeny-meeny-miney-moe game until i had a winner. my sister used to get mad at me over it and just grab one and make it. then i would cry. kool-aid was some very important stuff to me back then, so there. sleep.gif

((((((((mouse)))))))) minx is right. it'll suck for a little while to know that you'll never be with him again, but remember that there is a reason. if there wasn't, you'd still be with him. i know that sounds elementary, but it's the truth. i'm like jenn - try to find the positive spin. you'll be open to other relationships now that you know this one is officially over. we love the mouse! wub.gif

dirf, sorry your munchkin was feeling bad and being bratty because of it. but like the others said, at least there was a REASON behind it.

wombat, your cake ordering made me remember: when we got home last night i started watching ace of cakes on food network. anyone else see that yet? turbo? it's a cool show about a guy who makes fantastic cakes, and has all his friends working with him. they do awesome work.
oh my god, i leave you guys for lunch hour and when i come back its all enema bags on bicycles??? i can't take you guys ANYWHERE. *huffs* haha

thank you for all the kind words. i seriously need it right now. i mean--logically i KNOW. and it's not immaturity it's more incompatibility--he doesn't feel the relationship spark with me, even tho i feel it with him. and it sucks, but you can't force that. and we were just doing this constant awful cycle where things would start going really really well, and then he would pull back just a little, and i would overreact, get mad, and then we'd stop doin' it for a while until i stopped being mad again and then i would be fun again and he would want to get me into bed again and then things would start going really well and then he would freak out and pull back and over and over and over. it just sucks cos he was the first person i really fell for in like five years, and i met his whole goddamn family, and they all love me, and i just want to stamp my foot and yell and be like "WHY! why do you not feel it when i feel it so hard??" but. you can't force it if it's not there.

i'm also kinda scared cos i'm not very good at meeting people or hooking up and i went basically three years with like, one one night stand before meeting him, and i don't want to have that again. meh.

anyway. sorry. needed to vent. thank you. we are still trying to be friends but i hope it doesn't get us into another sticky situation.

ETA: hi ms gb! glad you had fun at the beach. sunset junction was fun too, but nothing i would've passed up a beach bday party with all my friends for smile.gif
oh yeah, fj, you *know* I'm watching Ace of Cakes - very cool stuff. And I like that its not *all* fondant that he's working with...molding chocolate is SO much tastier than icky fondant gum. I wish that stuff never came onto the cack scene. Dammit. Now I want some chocolate peanut butter vegan cack. But not today, the weather is too nasty for side trips, and I have spin in an hour.

Mouse, once you settle in more to a place where you feel comfortable in moving on, you'll get a better feel for how you want to proceed in meeting people - whether it be online, in a coffee shop, through friends...but it'll come, just give yourself time to let it all unfold.
(((mouse))) i haven't even had a makeout session in over three years, and if it weren't for that ridiculous Jane magazine stunt, i'd swear i was the only 29 year old virgin in the country...don't get me wrong, it sucks, but it's not worth being in an unhealthy relationship just to get some. it really, really isn't, i promise. i've tried it both ways, and this is better.

i have such a crush on the guys in ace of cakes. especially that one assistant with the scruffy beard. he's bee-yoo-tiful. i have friends who live out that way, and i'm dying to visit them just so i can see the shop. but i ate some fondant once, and it's NARSTY. just for the record.

and i still love cherry kool-aid.

and seriously, keep up those job-getting vibes, because today an old roommate of mine just offered to forward my resume over to barnes & noble, where she used to work! and i just applied to the cambridge university press, which is one of those awesome dream job-type things. i have discovered that i'm really bad at writing cover letters, though.
I've heard the alternative art gallery openings in Los Angeles are good for making friendships and relationships.
haha wombat good call smile.gif

i WISH i got the food network........i used to be a cake decorator and it was SO FREAKING FUN. i need to get back into it again. i have the tools....but i don't currently have an oven. i need some vicarious cake decorating!
Wow - I have a lot of catching up to do. I don't have internet access right now because I didn't pay my bill. Gee whiz.

I am using Banana's computer right now. He's taking a nap.

Last night I worked in the bar, and I made about $30 the whole night. How very sucks. What a waste of my night. Today I had the day off and I slept until 1:00, then took a shower and called Heikki. We talked for about 45 minutes. He's doing well in 7th grade, and he made the football team. He is playing two positions. I don't remember what they are called. Some kind of safety and wide receiver. He's pretty excited. He got a "pride sticker" to stick on his helmet for making a good play. Pretty much, he got rewarded for knocking another kid down. Atta boy.

Mr. PK came back from China and has all kinds of funny stories about his trip. He's already busy with school now. He's in his second year of grad school, getting his MFA in Directing.

I had all kinds of crazy dreams last night, which I don't remember. All I know is that Norm MacDonald made an appearance in some kind of weird Crocodile Dundee hat.

My friends also returned from the west bank last week. They have changed their minds about having a fundraiser for their family and have instead decided they want to throw a party to raise money for a Palestinian Children's Club they learned about there. The Club does exchange programs around the world. Well, I imagine not many kids want to go to the West Bank for school, but they are trying to send Palestinian kids to schools all over the world. My friends want to raise money to host a Palestinian student here in Tucson. I think that would be an easier thing to raise money for, don't you guys?

At the end of September, I am getting an IUD inserted. It's called Mirena. I read a couple of pamphlets about different IUDs, and the nurse-midwife urged me to get Mirena, which is the plastic IUD that releases a small amount of hormones in the uterus to thin the lining. It lasts for five years. There was another one that was copper and had no hormones, but it causes heavier periods, and my periods are already pretty heavy and long. The Mirena lightens periods. Sounds good to me! Does anyone here have experience with IUDs? I should check in OBOH, I guess.

OK - I missed you guys, and I am going to read up now and check up on some other threads.
Hi all....I got home today! It's very nice to be home. I haven't showered in 3 days, though, so I'm stinky. Eek! Mom is with me. Very tired - took a 3 hour nap when I got home, but that's also 'cause it's very hot. Cats are fine, also happy to be home! Doing some laundry, and I'm about to introduce doodlemama to Eddie Izzard! Hee! Ok, will check back in later or tomorrow.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ (((((vibes and hugs for all busties in Ernesto's path))))) ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Kill me now...I am so bloody tired. Getting used to actually having a schedule after a good five weeks of not having one is HARD!

Okay, you can all beat on my extensively now. tongue.gif

We have district meetings today...perhaps that why I couldn't sleep last night. They are usually so boring and useless that I had no impetus to sleep (knowing full well I will probably pass out during one of the sessions today.

It's Tuesday, and I forget what we are supposed to do on Tuesdays, but I will add this link for your pleasure:

You can make your own "Wanted" poster. I know the buffalo gals around these here parts are notorious for a great many things. Enjoy.

*scratches belly, yawns, slugs more coffee, takes another drag off her smoke, and knocks a rock out of her eye*

Hello, random thoughts.

I got an email from a nice ex-boyfriend this morning inviting me to the Fair. Unfortunately, I do not have enough cash flow to be able to do that this year. Bummer...the Minxlette really likes the rides. Okay, I gots to go. Have a great day!!
I think we're supposed to talk about good things, minxy...but i'm so wiped out that i'm having a hard time thinking of any. Let's see...Good THings Tuesday:

1. There's a lovely breeze coming in through my window, even though its gloomy outside.
2. I abandonned my diet this morning and had a YUMMY coffee roll
3. Moxette's cold seems to be passing by quickly
4. Um, there should be a 4th...maybe after the coffee kicks in, i'll come up with somefin...

Minx- what did you end up with for the reading list? I've been waiting on pins and needles! Seriously. I know, dork.
Good morning chickadees!!

Damn. Now I want to make a Kool-Aid run. I can't get started on a Kool-Aid kick. Nope.

*lovingly whacks minx upside the head*

Where the hell is lurv, anyway?

"bike warrior enema queen" Bwahahahaha!!! I love you, jenn!!

I'm sorry your zoo trip sucked, dirf, and that you missed the gem show, and that you're feeling lonely. (((dirf)))

(((mouse))) That shit sucks so bad. You're not alone.

For the first time in a long time, I'm don't feel lonely or sexually-deprived. Everytime the thought arrives, I think "Ah, I don't feel like it. It's too much work and I have all this other stuff going on." I haven't felt like that for a long time. I think I'm a much cooler person when I'm not focusing on relationships, etc. Now my thoughts are focused on more important things like coffee tables and mp4's. smile.gif I wouldn't mind a drunken makeout session one of these nights, though.

PK!! I can't believe how fast Heikki is growing up! Football already! Geez...

You need to come back to Minnesota, by the way. You're missin' out on cheese curd week.

I'm glad your class is interesting, kari. Every so often I miss having classes and that kind of stuff.

Good things:
1. I consolidated all of the boy's stuff that was scattered around the living room and now my console has a visible surface. I hope that he gets these daily hints. If I don't push him a little, then he'll get comfortable and procrastinate.
2. I just gave Oscar a huge hug and he gave me kisses in return.
3. My new/repotted plants are looking really lush and happy.
4. My living room is super clean despite the boxes and stuff.
5. I get to move a bunch of stuff into storage soon.
6. The boss-lady is still on vacation

(X-post) Hi mox! I'm jealous of your coffee roll!
poodle - have you given RB a hard deadline to get his ass outta your living room? It really is going to be like you have a whole new apartment when he's gone!

PK!! We meeece you! Heikki is growing up so fast - 7th grade - that's so crazy!

*hands on hips* Yeah, where is lurv these days? She needs to visit SOON!

Its another gray day here...these days just make me loathe the long gray months ahead, and make me think that moving to CO with my Brother isn't such a crazy idea after all. wink.gif But, in the end, I know my heart belongs in Chicago.

*rummages around desk lookng for good things*
Oh, here we go:
1. Last night's relaxing bath whilst listening to some sexxy stories, and HBI to follow. Mmmmm...
2. Next week I'm on vacation!!! *dances around thread sleepily*
3. vacation.....soon....

uh, that's all I got.
Hurricane party. Our place. Tomorrow night. Can someone bring grenadine?
Ahhhh....vacation...I sorta wish I was going somewhere for Labor Day, but it'll be nice to spend the 3-day weekend cleaning 'n' stuff after the boy is out of here.

Yeah, turbo, I told him at the end of last month that he needed to start looking for a new place to live as of September. He's had a whole month to look for places and he's been way too leisurely about it. In my opinion, if you don't have a lot of money or time, you need to get your ass looking before all the good deals and decent places get snatched up.

It's cool and sunny here. I usually don't like a lot of sun, but this is morning sun, so it feels different. It's more serene.

My pants are too tight.

You should play storm-themed music at your party, Mr FJ.

Here I am!! Rock you like a hurricane!!

Here comes the story of the hurricane

You've... been THUNDERSTRUCK!!!
\m/ \m/ \m/


ooh turbo, HBI! Good for you!
Cool new bike clothes!

Hi PK! Long time no see. And welcome back, doodle!

Minx, bummer about the fair. When I was a kid I lived for rides -- which we only went to once or twice in a summer. Now, as an adult, they just make me dizzy. It's been a good five or ten years since I've been on even a rollercoaster, merrygoround or ferris wheel. jeez.

Poodle -- argh, resident boy must go. And you know what happens-- every time a person gets perfectly happy without a relationship, one comes along! So, duck!! wink.gif

Same for you, mousie mouse!

Good things. Oh, I'm bleh today too, must go back to asshat hospital for -- mammogram, special ultrasound ovarian cancer scan -- just because there's family history, and it's great to get such a special advanced treatment for practically free -- and-- go to their physical therapy department. yuck mcyuckity, it doesn't compare to gettting a bodywork referral. Oh, well, I see cute magazines in my future. They don't even have good magazines, it's a low-ranking tacky hospital that takes this low-ranking, tacky HMO. In my last job, I had Blue Cross so I'm spoiled a wee.

Okay, end kvetch,

Let's see:

1) It's cloudy but not outright raining!
2) I get to sit around and get poked a lot, but at least my tests will all be DONE for the year!
3) I'm going to the dentist to check out if my teeth can be whitened for CHEAP, that would be awesome -- my plan DOES have a good dentist -- or I got lucky
4) I've got a cute new purse
5) Rockstar Supernova is on tonight. Those guys make me laugh. I don't think I want to see their so-called music tour though. I would if Navarro was in it. I'm trying to see whether that bush on top of Newsted's head is fake or not.
and limes. someBUSTie has to bring some limes.

having a rough morning. did NOT want to get up, even though i fell asleep relatively early. i'm feeling depressive right now, and just trying to keep my head above water. i don't feel like doing anything productive. and really, i don't even feel like doing anything non-productive in particular. i want to go back to bed and just cover my head. i'm sure i'll snap out of it in a couple days. i'm pretty sure it's MRG related, as she is making an early appearance this month.

it'll be so nice to have another three-day weekend this weekend. we're looking forward to doing NOTHING this weekend. we've been far too slutty lately and need to have some "us" time, which will most likely consist of at least one karaoke night and a lot of movie watching. i just reordered my netflix queue and am hoping to receive a couple good ones by saturday. i also want to do a spa night in there somewhere. we did that last year (masques on each other, foot rubs, sugar scrubs) and i've been looking forward to doing it again ever since. (get ready, mrfj!)

good things tuesday, because it's important at these times to focus on the gouda:

1. only three wake-ups left till a three day weekend.
2. i have a delicious lunch of leftover homemade "hamburger steak" and dilled smashed potatoes.
3. ernesto appears to be having a hard time gaining strength, so we shouldn't have much more than 35mph winds once it gets to us.

puppy! i thought of you when i was watching the "ace of cakes". have you seen it yet? turbo, i KNEW you watched that show! i think it's so awesome that he usues POWER TOOLS to make cakes! ha!

hi poodle! hi doodle! hi moxie! hi minx!

x-post: hi wombat!
poodle, I marvel at the musical database that is your brain! I love it - storm themed party at the fjs!

((((((safe storm party for the fjs)))))))

That RB better get outta your place this weekend...that, or send the pink mafia in to scare him out. I'm sure all the ladies around here would be happy to help out!

Wombat - your day sounds very unfun today...ick. I hate hospitals...its all hurry up and wait all the time. But you're going to race through it at lightning speed, and they all better be ready to snap into line!

My pants are too tight too, poodle. Next week when we're off work, I'll start to get back into a better work out routine...that and I'll probably do a lot of longer rides. Ordering my cool new bike clothes really pissed me off yesterday...apparently size 12 = XL or XXL in the biking world. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Mr. FJ, if I was in your area, I would soooooo bring the grenadine. And the limes.

RV! HELLO OUT THERE! Do not re-lurk lassie! We have much catching up to do!


Rock you like a hurricane !! \m/ \m/

I have grenadine -- I want it for girly drinks. So far it's been on my mantel (sp?) for a couple months. Hi roseviolet!! Sometimes I lurk in kvetchland -- I was gonna throw a handful of dinner rolls at y'all and then run back out! Ha!

(Lobs mashed taters by way of lurking kvetchies!)

*scans for gravy*

This is a GOOD THING TUESDAY! smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Only 3 days until Karianne moves!

And 3 days until RB moves out of the Poodlepad!

And Doodle hasn't showered in 3 days!

And 3 days until FJ's long weekend!

And 3 days until Tes sees Mr. Hotbuns!

I think I see a trend here.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) It's 11:30 and I'm at home on the computer. I have to get ready for work, though. I'm not off until 9:30.
2) Yesterday at new job went well. They made me go on a beer run.
3) Tomorrow I'll be off at a normal time and have my weekly date with gay boyfriend
4) I can wear jeans to work every day until the middle of November!
5) I got exactly the schedule I wanted

I read most of the archives, but no time to comment on them. I'm going to have to spend Thursday morning on it.
Oh, it's like that is it?

*pours gravy all over Okayers thread, before jumping well back*

You started it...
apparently, good things happen in threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees... rolleyes.gif
awwwww......the fjs are always attracted by threes! hee!

*wollops syb with a handful of creamy whipped meringue*

first its turbo's statue of enema biking warrior goddess...then its gravy flinging mashed potato goodness....

i'm so bringing the chicken salad....*flings a hearty spoonful*

who's bringing pies?

(has thoughts of the movie 'the great race' in her head)

yeah the beach was excellent, toe loved the water, and I barely got sunburned..just my toes and parts of my feet. the only things missing was and my willingness to go in the water. stupid MRG. and coooooold water.

((vibes for the fj's))

((poodle kicking out rb vibes))

((mouse's heart vibes))

oh my cod...PK and RV were here!!!

vibes for every bustie *~*~****~~*~***~***~***~*~~**~*

good things tuesday:
-3 bitchin dreams last nite.
-i'm not sleepy cuz i had a huge nap yesterday
-i started a new helmet cozy
-3 1/2 days left till arizona!
*rolls eyes and chuckles* You're such a pervette, FJ. Of course, I'm a pervette too, because I immediately picked up on your reference .

The 3-day thing is weird! Good observation, diva!

I had to run over to Target and buy a bigger pair of pants because the ones I put on this morning were making my tummy hurt. I feel so much better now. I suppose I should start walking and eating heatlhy. Poop. I hate doing stuff that's good for me. My psychiatrist said that I can only have one or two alky drinks per week. Boooo!!! Now that's just cruel. I'd almost rather have a screwed up brain. sad.gif

ok. soo YOU guys are the pervettes!

i *swear* i didn't mean it that way! i was simply making a reference to the old saying that bad things happen in threes. seriously!

you guys KNOW that i would totally admit to the pervishosity if it were mine.

i had to read turbo's message a few times to get it! hahaha.

or maybe i'm just so pervish that it comes out of my subconscious...
i've got another one: 3 days till i visit my fambly! it's been since christmas (aka holy-shit-was-that-really-EIGHT-months-ago-yes-it-was-i-will-be-fifty-before-i-know-it) so i'm really excited. it's only for three days (whoa....) but will be lovely nonetheless.

HI ALL! *flings delicious black bean chili she is proud of herself for having made last night*
i used to lead a lot of these sort of quaker peace and justice conflict resolution workshops, and one of our icebreaker activities was to give everyone a spoon and provide the group with a giant bowl of whipped cream. the rule was you could eat as much of the whipped cream as you wanted, but you couldn't bend your arms. of course the point was to figure out that you had to feed each other, but once that hill was crested it pretty much always just turned into whipped cream everywhere. delicious, delicious metaphors.

good things tuesday: i'm feeling better than i have in a long time. just sort of calmer. i don't know if it's knowing that that volatile element is out of my life, or just a change in tides, but i'm glad for it. i know the most difficult part is still to come, when we reach the point where we are getting along great and having fun and every time before it would have crossed that line into the physical......and have to resist that. but for now.....i feel kinda great. or at least, better.

lurkers should stop lurking dammit! *stamps foot near hiding place*

oh fj, you delicate flower, you expect us to believe in your innocence, with that rolly eyed little guy right there taunting us...oh, we know what you meant! wink.gif

Yay mouse! I'm so glad that you're feeling a bit better, and that you get to see your family this weekend!

And to add to the sexxy threes on here today: 3 days until my vacation!!!
I delurk occasionally, honest! Usually if pinkpoodle posts toto lyrics. Generally I can't keep up, hence lurking.

As I'm here: congrats to all with 3 days until vacay/vacating roommate/moving or other milestones. Yay!

(Sorry turbo, was that supposed to hurt? smile.gif )
nope, syb, it was just supposed to be delicious! *throws some meringue clouds in the oven*
*munches on a chunk of french bread with sharp cheddar*


*throws cheese at Poodle and revels in the irony*
Ha ha!! I have minx's cheese!

Meet you all the way, syba-arite yeah!!

That just reminded me of the Will & Grace episode with the guy who sings that song and changes the woman's name every time. The Grace catches him singing to another woman.

Meet you all the way, okaaay-yers yeah!!

Oooh...I forgot about my burrito!

Ha! I went to the bathroom a minute ago and the toilet had a "TOTO" logo on it. Coincidence? I think not. Hmmm...I wonder what it means...
i just got in a fight with an applicant. more later, once i cool off.

~*~*~*~*~*soothing vibes for fj~*~*~*~*~*~

*we need a side of COWBELL over here for ms fj!*

poods, we have toto toilets here what *does* it mean?

There is a teacher at our school that came to work yesterday wearing a brown t-shirt exclaiming: MORE COWBELL!!

I thought of you all. smile.gif
*runs through the thread nakey to amuse FJ and pull her and the thread out of a temporary slump*

Three: It's the magic number. Yes it is. wink.gif

Good Things Tuesday
1. I went to the library earlier today. I love the library.
2. I'm going to run out to the local dairy in a bit. I love the dairy.
3. I was talking to my Mom earlier and I made her laugh so hard she cried!
4. I love the very idea of a Good Things day.

[Steals dinner roll from Wombat, lobs it at Moxie, & runs away]

i won't go into the whole long drawn out story, but this guy came in to get a job. i had him fill out the application and gave him the test, just like everyone else that comes in the door. he immediately seemed shady, telling me he'd only worked for family but he had experience. then three times he asked when he'd get his first check (which is almost always a sign that he just wants A paycheck; he wasn't asking about pay periods, which would be completely normal). i told him he'd have to be hired first, but gave him the answer. when he gave me back the app, i realized that the basic skills test he handed back was blank. i gave it back to him, he gave it back with one page done, the next blank. i told him i needed him to complete it and he gave me a look like i was asking for too much.

then i noticed that the socks with flops that he chose as footwear wouldn't be appropriate for the interview and tour of our industrial facility and he looked me up and down several times like i was giving him a hard time. i explained OSHA rules to him, etc and he continued looking at me funny. i told him he'd need to come back tomorrow for the tour, but that i would finish the interview now.

i questioned the high pay-rate that he was seeking and told him that i didn't see the requisite experience on his application to justify it and he said, "oh, i've worked other places, it's just been under the table". i get that answer a lot, and i gave him my standard response, "i'm not interested in where you paid taxes; i'm interested in where you worked and where your experience lies", to which he respnded, "oh, i've been here and there". by this time, i'm getting frustrated and practically laugh out of disbelief. i looked him right in the eye and told him i felt he was feeding me a line and if i saw through it, the plant manager and supervisor would surely see through it. if he has experience, please tell me what it is. otherwise, he'd only be qualified to interview for the entry level position that we'd already spoke of.

he laughed and then angrily said that i wasn't giving him an opportunity. i told him i wasn't going to argue with him - that if he could show some more actual experience, instead of "i travelled around and did a lot of things" then i would be happy to. at that moment, a present employee walked in and i asked the applicant to please step outside so i could take care of business with the employee. i still had my composure then. but he wouldn't leave. he kept telling me that i'm making an issue of his request for more money and that he would bring me certificates, etc. "ok, sir, but please step outside so i can take care of this employee and then we'll talk some more". i'd already made the decision by this time that i was NOT going to hire him but wanted to keep him from being angry. he still refused to leave my office after several requests and as my voice escalated, the supervisors in the office across the hall came over and asked me if there was a problem and escorted him from the building.

ok, so i said i wasn't going to make it long, but i am still fuming. i've worked here for nearly three years and i've never had this happen. i will be having someone walk me to my car this afternoon when i leave.
Hello, chickadees! I just finished reading today's posts...haven't totally caught up on the archives from when I was on holidays, but I've been trying to skim. Hello to the FJs, turbo, diva, poodley-noodley, karianne, marileen, minx, sybarite, roseviolet, tyger (where IS she?), mouse, miz gb, moxie, tart, wombat (yeah! Blue Rodeo!!), PK, LRM, olhakadirf, tesao, and anyone I'm forgetting...

Am updating the Coalition website today. Bleargh. I pulled a tendon in my hand when I was in Vancouver (putting together a farking Ikea product, surprise, surprise), so it's a bit hellish.

Good things:
1) I'm HOME again! I love home. Hate having to work, but love home. Love my town, love my desert, love my river, love my apartment. Home. Ahhh.
2) No plants died while I was away.
3) I am saturated with memories of dancing barefoot in the grass, under the stars, at a live Blue Rodeo show, which I think is about the most perfect vision of heaven I can muster.
4) There was a jar of Nutella waiting for me in the cupboard when I got home.
5) I just finished updating the website.
(((FJ))) I know that when tempers are lost, it makes us busties feel poopy. You did the best you could, farkin a-hole applicant to the contrary.

Okay, maybe I'll just crawl through the thread.

IPB Image
Oh FJ, I just read your story about that applicant. What a jerk! Let me guess - white dude? Another victim of white male entitlement syndrome? GRRRR!!! Stay safe, hon.

Yesterday on the highway, the guy in the car behind me flicked a LIT cigarette butt out the window. And yup, white male driving the car. Holy effing entitlement shit!!!! It's dry as a bone....PEAK forest fire season in British Columbia...HUGE fire warning signs everywhere along the highways. In fact, the huge local fire a few years ago, the one my BFF had to evac for, was caused by a lit cigarette butt tossed out a car window.
actually, no. it was a black dude. it's unfortunate because i liked him at first. his mother and grandmother own homeless shelters around town and that's where he'd gotten his work experience. he seemed like a nice person at the very first moment. funny how quickly he changed.

i just realized that he also used an NFL giant football player as a reference.

but yeah, mox, my stomach hurts now.

damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! nice pic minx! hehe. i loved that movie.
minxy's magic - she can post pictures!!!

(((((((FJ)))))) that man is a first class asshole, I'm glad you'll have someone walk you to your car tonight. And mr fj at home to soothe your nerves, like we know he can! cool.gif

doodle! hi hi hi! Welcome home! I'm sorry you're updating websites today. Ugh. I'm wrasslin' with mine currently. I am losing. I don't care.

15 minutes, and I'm outta here...unfortunately, its another ride in the rain. boo.
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