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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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That's cool that your dad works for them. I'll actually be working out of downtown St. Paul at the AFL-CIO building.

Yes, I'm still at work. I suck.
crap and a half, i think my laptop battery's recalled. i have to check the serial number but it falls smack into the range of the ones they're recalling--12" g4 powerbook, bought fall of 2004. yuck.
diva, querida! you SO do not suck!!!! you have a great sounding new job!!! you KICK ass!!! you are being responsible and making sure that you get everything for your old job done before you leave. that is awesome, and PROVES that you are professional AND KICK ASS!!!!
i know that this means we won't get to hear any more about your horrid boss, or the wretched throat clearing guy, but i am so happpppppy for you!!!! yayayayay!!

now, if we can just get resident boy OUT OF POODLEY NOODLEY'S life, and get her a cute little house, and figure out WHY the minx keeps getting attracted to ASS HATS, and that dirfboy gets comfy with his new environment......

we can save the world!!

where is jane lately???? i meeeeece all of you!!!! MWAH!! wub.gif
Hello all! I am just home (home a la doodlemama's place) from the BLUE RODEO concert! I am sorry I haven't read, but I'm connected on dial-up and I have a limited time left on my laptop proper plug (3 prong) in the bedroom!

The concert was WONDERFUL! We were in the sixth row, surrounded by trees, with grassy ground below and a starry sky above....and they did a whole bunch of fan favourites, lots of older ones. They were AWESOME! As usual. I love them. I sang along to everything, and also got up and in the grass! During an encore, they played this old, old song called "heart like mine," from their first's pretty fast and I started dancing like crazy, with my hands up in the air (still singing along)...well, Greg Keelor (the guy singing that particular song) caught my eye just as my hands went up, and he grinned at me and sang to me for part of the song! So cool! I love Blue Rodeo so hard! Oh yeah, plus we got there early and I got to watch the band do the soundcheck, through a gap in the gate....the security guy let me, after I told him I'd been a fan for 20 years! Hee!

When we got home, though, my mom went into this weird mood...even though she loved the concert. I think she was tired. Anyway, she wanted to put this picture frame together tonight, as she is showing some art tomorrow evening at her grad reunion. I wanted to wait till tomorrow, because it was late (almost midnight) and we were both tired, and also I wanted to relax after the concert....but she wouldn't hear it; she got down on the floor to start mucking about with the frame. Of course, it's an Ikea frame, so the instructions are nonsense, and putting their stuff together is like rocket science. She was getting irritated and whiny like a kid, and wanted my help. I said let's wait till tomorrow. I stayed sitting where I was, which is probably what ticked her off....but you know how sometimes people close to you get in an odd mood, and you know you just need to step away...? Anyway, I kept trying to say, no let's do it tomorrow, and she got sulky-mad and said I was mean...and then (while looking at the frame, not at me), called me a bitch! Just like that: bitch. I know she didn't mean it, you know, but whatever. Finally, I got down and put the frame together and said, you're tired, you're acting weird, and this is why I didn't want to do this tonight. She went away after we'd finished and had a cig, did some other stuff, and then came back and said she was sorry and that she was just tired. I said I'd forgotten it and went to bed...I had gone pretty closed off, actually, but I had to, b/c I needed some space, physically and emotionally. And that brings me up to right now. Really weird! I'm trying to let it go, I know it's just tiredness, and of course, it's not like we never annoy one another or never spat - we're normal family - but I don't think she's ever called me a name before...and after such a great evening, too....I feel kinda like the shine was taken off. Anyway, I had to get that out. Thanks for listening. Or reading. Or not reading. Well, if you're not reading, you're not seeing this sentence, so bugger off. smile.gif

Did I mention how much I love Blue Rodeo? When I die, I hope heaven is just one long, permanent Blue Rodeo concert. With plenty of weed, and a big, open, grassy space for dancing. biggrin.gif
(((doodle))) you know you are right, querida! she was just really tired, and shouldn't have been trying to put together the frame, with instructions badly translated from finnish or swedish. sad.gif

i think that sometimes the dynamic between mothers and daughters gets weird when we get older, because our moms are supposed to help US, and not vice versa. it is a sad, strange thing to wrap your head around when the reverse starts coming true. at least, that is how i see it when i am doing all of these things for my mamae that she used to do for me. it is the wheel turning, as it should, but i don't have to like it!!!

it will be okay. but you know that. i've never heard blue rodeo, but if you like them, i'm sure that i would, too!

*big hugs*

want me to brush your hair, or should we just cuddle???
*smacks forehead*

What is UP with so many of you not knowing who Blue Rodeo is? It breaks my heart, it really does. They are the love of my life and the soundtrack of my universe.


ETA: you can listen to Blue Rodeo here, if you like.

tesao, thanks for those words. I know you're right too. I would love to have my hair brushed, and THEN have a cuddle, if that's possible.

*lays head on tesao's lap*

ETA: I forgot to mention....some dude tried to chat me up at the concert, and when I mentioned the town I was from, he said he had some friends who ran "this really rocking church" in my town...which happens to be the same fringe church that the Lounge troll we call he-who-shall-not-be-named went to! (When he was harassing me and the other women at the centre, no less!) Anyway, I politely excused myself from the conversation. I almost said where I work, but I stopped myself.
but of COURSE, darling!

*picks up hairbrush*


come sit over here, sweetie.

*starts brushing doodle's hair*

it's okay that i haven't heard of blue rodeo. i'm older than doodle mama! i'm not supposed to be hip!
tesao, honey....doodlemama is 68. Are you REALLY older than doodlemama???

Gosh, I just love having my....hairrrr....brrrushshhhhhhed....mmmmmmmm.........skznx....
*CLANG CLANG CLAAAAAANG! rings the COWBELL all around the thread*

G'morning everybustie! I love Saturday mornings.

Got up early and walked the dog on the beach, played in the water with turbo, and then rode my bike up to the farmers market, and loaded up with waaaay too much stuff for my bike bags, so I had to ride home verrry carefully. Oh, and I stopped at the doggy beach and sat on the rocks to watch the puppies play in the water while I ate a croissant and fresh raspberries. And now I'm listening to NPR. Perfect.

I may cap off the morning with a bubble bath...mmmm...

And then, its up to the weather to determine the rest of my may thunderstorm here, which would not be that much fun, as I wanted to ride out to the neighborhood art studio walk, and then noodle around the city by bike....but whatever, it'll be a wonderful day either way...

*tucks the covers up around tes and doodle*
hello busties!

it's raining and my head hurts. i fell asleep in the late morning reading wuthering heights, and had strange heathcliff-inspired dreams. i'm supposed to be getting things moved out of this room, because my brother is moving home at the end of the month, because his roommates screwed him on rent and utilities money (everything in his name, naturally). unfortunately, i still have half of my furniture in the room he will shortly be occupying (including the computer, which is why i'm busting instead of moving things). i have mixed feelings about living with him again. he's three years younger and we're pretty close (we used to run in the same circle of friends for many years), but when he comes here, he tends to start acting like an asshat younger brother, and i don't really understand why.

((doodle)) mother/daughter relationships are complicated. hell, all family relationships are complicated (see above). i'm an adult child living with my parents, and i don't think it GETS much more complicated. well, except for the part where my mother has fibromyalgia, and is in constant pain, and on lots of medication to try to control it. i feel like i have to take care of her, which largely translates to trying to take care of the house (my parents have always had pretty traditional roles, where my mom takes care of the house and my dad "helps" her). it's hard to see her garden overgrown because it hurts her too much to take care of it. it's frustrating to watch her desk pile up over and over again with papers and bills, and the dishes pile up in the sink, and the laundry pile up in the basement...i feel like i've taken on this enormous never-ending responsibility that i just can't live up to. then i get frustrated with her because she won't TRY, even just to keep her desk clean or wash her breakfast dishes (which i think is largely the function of the depression from the pain, and not the pain itself), and then i feel guilty because i'm frustrated with my sick mother. whew. apparently, i needed to vent as well.

oh, the crazy asian guy that i met on the personals a bajillion years ago and have never met in person just invited me to a party at NYU for the creative writing MFAs (he got his degree there)! dude finally found the one thing i can't say no to--meeting people at my top choice grad school? possibly meeting Famous Poets? hell yeah! so now my question is--what the hell do i wear to a casual party at NYU when meeting a personals person for the first time and at which i could possibly meet Famous Poets and which is a networking opportunity?

the niecelet's first day of kindergarten is monday. bustie vibes would be greatly appreciated.

ugh, i've written a huge ridiculous and self-indulgent post. i'm sorry, everyone. it's the rain, and the third week of my BCP pack. not an auspicious moment for self-reflection, i believe.

((diva& catsoup)) congrats on the new jobs
(poodle)) good for you for starting therapy. i've been there, and it's a hard first step to take.
((minx)) good luck with back-to-school. you're a fabulous teacher and those kids are damn lucky to have you.
((tart&moxie))the babes are getting so big!
((tesao)) i get so excited when i see that blue text
((karianne, wombat, turbo, the fjs, mouse, msgb, and anyone else i missed))
(((((((calming vibes for LRM))))) I'm sorry family life is getting more complicated by the minute for you...I know too well how that feels, and just reading your post made me twitch just a little. I had to take care of my mom when I was in undergrad - she had cancer very badly, transplant and all that, and it was challenging, furstrating, angering and rewarding in equal shares, and sometimes, I just wanted to be like my other friends and just have school to deal with. But now, I'm really glad I was there to help out, and support where I could.

And, I have no idea what one should wear to such an evening filled with potential! I guess I'd go with a fun summer skirt - nothing too formal, some cute sandals, and a top that makes my girls look nice...but really, I have no clue.

I just got back from taking myself to lunch, having a couple beers, and then enjoying the open art studio walk - it was really nice this year, ran into tons of neighbors, good jazz trio playing on the stage...very nice. Riding my bike with a good buzz going always makes me a little nervous though - I just rode through alleys all the way home, just to be safe. I think its naptime now.
Family complications blow...good luck LRD! and (~~~~niceoid school vibes~~~~)

We're off to the BFF's for some end-o-summer grillin and park visitin. Well, the park is a 50-50 shot...depends on how pissy the bebes are.

We just have had a lovely little weekend so far...even though we had dinner with my slightly f-ed up BIL last night. I wish young men weren't so...well, pissed at the world. He has so much potential...he'll realize it someday i'm sure. At least he';s sober. That's a start.

Anyway, everyone have a luscious saturday night. see you on the flip side...
Hello again all! Thanks for the kind thoughts....when I got up this morning - this afternoon! - doodlemama was all apologetic and I could tell she felt super bad. I assured her I was over it and I'd forgotten it. Thank goddess we all have BUST for venting! And other purposes....I lurve my busties!!! She's gone off to her grad reunion barbeque, with her art for showing, so I get the place to myself for the rest of the day.

((((LRM)))) I was like your mom a bit when I first started experiencing the major symptoms of fibro. It is depressing! And the pain - and fatigue (which is another major symptom) - makes it harder to get stuff feel overwhelmed even by small jobs, because they pile up and you can only see the big picture. I finally forced myself to do it - FlyLady was the only thing that worked for me, because she teaches you how to break stuff down into manageable tasks....and she's so damned positive. I had let my apartment get so cluttered and messy I wouldn't let anyone inside. People who see it now, or see the pics, don't realize how bad it was! Weirdly, taking charge of my home again has been the most positive relief I get from the FMS symptoms...though you do have to be careful about pushing too hard...that's when I get pain attacks. Anyway, maybe you could chat up the FlyLady idea with your mama? (I think it's You could tell her it worked for another fibro sufferer you know! It took me about six months after I first heard about FlyLady to suck up my cynicism (sp?) and go for it, but after I did, everything started to change for the better.

turbo, I'm terribly jealous of your croissant and raspberries!!

moxie, I hope you have fun today!

I've got Blue Rodeo songs swarming through my head. I dreamt about Blue Rodeo songs. They are playing a 2nd show tonight...I'm really tempted to go back to the park, sit outside the fence and listen....

Well, I think I'm going to go forage for food....ETA: oh oh, I hear the ice cream truck....
Hey turbogal! I love you! Not doing anything outrageous here. Had dinner with J and Rich and Traci at the local pizza joint. Greek garlic pizza is awesome.

For everyone else, I'm not a regular poster, so I'll pretend that I don't know that there is a drunk posting thread. Anyway, I don't feel terribly drunk. The BAC tester says that I am (0.13), but I don't think I have waited the requisite 10 minutes since my last drink before blowing the thing. If you try it immediately after taking a drink, you'll blow 0.4.

J and Rich are talking about wandering out to Mickey's or Stooge's. The Barenjager tastes just like thick, potent mead. I definitely don't think we'll be finishing the bottle.

Anyway, time to break the seal, and probably have another Old Style tallboy!

Love to ALL!
C'mon kids! Where is everybody? We just droused breakfast sausages into Generic Fry Batter and into the fryer! We have also fried bananas, breakfast pastry, and mysterious, 7-year-old, canned, Korean meat! (turbojenn, you remember, from the Asian kids at Holden Village!)

Mornin' chickadees!!

(((lowred))) That is an unusual situation. That's very sweet of you to help out you parents. I hope your brother doesn't end up being an asshat. ~*~*~*~kindergarten vibes for niece~*~*~*~

Hi turbomann!! I think I'll pass on the mysterious Korean meat. I wouldn't even give that to my cats. smile.gif

Doodle, your story made me chuckle a little just because it's so representative of the mother/daughter relationship--especially as the two grow older. That sounds so much like something that would happen between my mom and I.

Yesterday was really emotional, but ended up being good. I went over to my parents house and sorted out my finances and crap. I was really tired, so I cried, but everything was cool after a while. My parents expressed all of this concern for me, and it was hard to listen to. I guess I'm sort of starting over or cleaning up all the crap in my life, and they want to help me. It's hard to accept their help though, because I'm stubborn and I don't want to feel like a loser.

After leaving my parents, I went to Home Despot and bought some dirt so I could re-pot a couple of my plants that were looking sad. The plants there were really cheap, so I bought a couple and my afternoon ended up being a planting/repotting extravaganza. All of my plants look great right now. Yay! I think I'm gonna buy more when the resident boy moves out.

I'm going to the state fair with diva and the giant today. I do not plan on eating a deep-friend Snickers. Cheese curds are greasy enough.

Well, I better put on my fair clothes! See ya later!
mornin' poodle!

I'm glad you were able to do some strategizing with your parents to create a new plan for prosperity for you. Its hard to ask for help, but your parents want only the best for you, and I'm glad they're really supportive in helping you move forward...we all need help sometimes, and the people who love you are the best folk to ask.

WOW, I missed drunk turboman posts! We live at opposite ends of the clock, though, so I was long in bed before his first post...haha - the potted meats from the Korean kids - gross....that would be 7 year old potted meats, from when I lived in the commune....gross. The Korean kids were funny - they brought duffel bags of food from their home country, and were fairly scared of the vegetarian fare there, but then the mice in the lodges got into most of their packaged foods and ruined them, so they had to eat what we were eating. Funny stuff.

As usual, I've been up early for a long walk with turbo, rode out to the grocery, made more fresh squeezed juices for smoothies and 'ritas, made qspice's awesome cilantro vinaigrette (see barefoot, precocious) which I am going to use to make her tomato avocado salad for lunch, with the addition of some shrimp. YUM.

Soon, I'm going to head down to Armitage for the "angels in adoption" benefit for the anti-cruelty society, and do my very best not to come home with another dog. BUT, the shops are donating a percentage to all purchases today, so I'll hit LUSH and Vosges chocolates while I'm down there, and feel good about my indulgent purchases! hee.

Have fun at the fair poodle, diva and giant!!

it's raining, it's pouring...

i found a shirt i want to buy for Schmoozefest 2006, aka my visit to NYU. it's here: i'm going to wait til tomorrow to order it though, because i haven't bought from this company before, and i never really understand size charts, nor am i shaped they way the people who make those charts think i'm shaped) and i think a call to customer service is in order so i don't end up with something that either squeezes or hangs. then i just need to figure out what to put on the bottom half. i'm thinking either dark-wash jeans or black pants, and heels. i just think i'll feel more comfortable in pants. i do own a black silk skirt from last summer, sort of a crinkly peasanty thing to just below my knee. what would stacy and clinton do?

thanks for all the hugs and vibes and everything everyone. it's a complicated situation, but it's also sort of mutually beneficial--i just graduated from school, and i want to go to grad school in a year, and i'm currently broke and unemployed, and when i do get a job, i need to save what i can to afford further schooling. but it's weird for me, because really, shouldn't i be DONE living with my parents? shouldn't i be out having my own place and my own life? i feel like i'm trying to catch up to all the "normal" people who went to college and finished in four years and went out and found jobs and got married and stuff. i dropped out of school, worked as a preschool teacher, and went back again, and graduated. it's not that i regret my choices, i just feel like i should have done more by now.

doodle, i passed along the flylady thing to my mom with a little "maybe we could try this around the house," so we'll see if it takes off. i may use it myself, anyway. thank maude, we're getting a dishwasher soon, so i can stop spending so much time at the sink.

i think deep-fried candy might just be the best-sounding idea i've ever heard. and i have no idea what cheese curds are. anyone care to enlighten me?
well, i'm supposing that everyone had spectacular sundays...cause it's empty as shit in here for a MONDAY MORNING...blah. Grey, sad, blah.

At least I get to be out of the office most of the day. That's somefin...

Hey laaaaaadies!!!

LRM, don't be so hard on yourself about your current life situation. You're still pretty young and you have plenty of time to settle into something that satisfies you. Plenty of people in their 20's and 30's are just starting school or settling into more permanent living arrangements. I see it as a good thing, because it means that we have more options these days other than nabbing a husband and popping out babies.

That shirt is cute, by the way.

Cheese curds are chunks of curdled cheese, but in Minnesota, they're not cheese curds until they've been battered and deep-fried. Mmmmm....

Ah yes...the MN State Fair. We managed to survive the hot sun and large crowd yesterday. I think there should be a ban on SUV-size strollers. Other than that, we had a good time and ate lots of greasy food. I also got to see the baby animals, which is an essential part of my fair experience. Here's what I consumed yesterday:
jalapeno poppers
Summit pale ale
cheese curds
gooey cookies

I didn't eat as much as usual, because the jalapeno poppers didn't sit right. We never got around to the deep-fried Snickers either. Thank god.

Afterwards, I went home and took a cool bath. I tried to lay in the tub and pretend like I was swimming, but that didn't work very well. It felt really nice though, and I spent the evening watching Pirates of the Carribean with the kitties. Captain Jack Sparrow is hot, but he looks so smelly that I can't fantasize about him. Now I'm excited to see the sequel.

I hope you had fun at the adoption benefit, turbo. Did you come home with any goodies? Any new pups in the turbo household?
mornin' ya'll! It is grey, wet and icky here. And upon arriving to work wet and muddy from the ride in, I discovered that I forgot to put a bra in with my work I'm currently sporting a giant "spalding" logo across my chest under my blouse, which is of course, a plunging v-neck. Very nice. rolleyes.gif Thank cod turboman was just about to leave the house when I called, and he's bringing me proper attire.

poodle, my stomach hurts just looking at the list of fried goodies you ate at the fair - I hope your tummy has recovered this morning!

I don't care if cap'n Jack is smelly, he's still utterly do-able. Mmmmm....I watched many bits and pieces of the new Charlie and the Chocolate factory this weekend, as it seemed to be on HBO everytime I turned on the TV...Johnny isn't especially hot in that one, but Willy Wonka is still a visual treat.

Sadly, I did not come home with any doggies yesterday, though I certainly could have...there were some very cute ones there, including a momma St. bernard and her two 6 month old pups, lots of adorable pitt mixes, but the one who stole my heart was a cocker spaniel bassett mix....sooooo cute! But the streets were overflowing with people getting to know the dogs, and people were filling out applications all over the place, so I'm sure lots of dogs found homes yesterday, and that's a very good thing.

Hi moxie!

Good thing about this week...5 days of work, and then we're off for a whole week!
It's raining here, too, y'all. sad.gif, even though fall and winter can be fun, I hate to see summer go.

~*~*~*~neicey school vibes! ~*~*~*~

Lowredmoon. It's totally understandable to balance caring for your family with moving forward and to sometimes feel frustrated. A lot of us have been there. I'm hearing you on the pants thing -- have everything in your pockets and you can circulate easily without fussing with a purse -- don't have to wear fussy little shoes either. That is a cute top, but I'm picturing a nice, ironed, traditional button down -- maybe with a scarf or some jewelry. That way you're flogging the whole intellectual thing and fitting in with the guys, but you've got a little girly touch. Just my two cents. Sometimes hipsterish guys I know will find button-down, collar shirts with some crazy detail, like it's made in orange instead of blue stripes. Something like that.

Doodle! You were the one who turned me on to Blue Rodeo! I heart them! But it's hard to see them in the US. I don't see them in the media at all, and the one local show they played was in a small club on, like, a Tuesday, and I couldn't go sad.gif

They've got to get the whole publicity thing going...

Right with you turbojenn!! Sparrow is hottt!! I can't believe I STILL haven't seen Pirates 2. I'm jealous of you guys going to street fairs! It sounds like so much fun! Somehow I usually miss the ones they have here. I honestly can't handle sugary stuff anymore either. I just have a little and like, that's it. My "tolerance" is gone!

Poodle, you incredibly rock. Things will work out because you are working them out. If your parents are anything like mine, they offer help with one hand and subtly tell you your a weenie if you take it with the other. boy. Mixed metaphors, much? That said, you are a very strong person who uses all the resources at your disposal to get better, and that is admirable. So, don't feel bad if you take some things from them. Almost everybody does at some point if they possibly can.

Me and batman got rid of the last stack of storage bins and now I have to live up to my promise of alphabetizing the vinyl -- 7 crates of it!! !! !! Ack! and washing out all the dishes, goblets and silverware he got from his parents -- we have enough of all that stuff to be able to serve for the party without buying any paper or plastic! That makes me feel like a suburban duchess --ha ha! We bought some wacky colored lightbulbs and since there is so much white in there, I want to roll glowsticks into subtle spots -- like the top of the kitchen cabinets! Good times.

I had a very weird experience where I just randomly picked up a magazine I never pick up -- GQs September edition, in the supermarket line, just expecting to laugh at the weird cheesy men's styles they would suggest as FASHION!! for the next season - the women's magazines are god-awful enough, it's like they have pullled every lameass piece of non workable poo from the centuries out for this season -- and what do I see but an article on Axl Rose that is not tagged on the front or anything -- it's a really intense and weird one too. Sometimes things like this make me believe in the collective subconscious.
Thread hog, snort snort!!

FJ and mr fj -- are you worried about the hurricane? I hope you are not in its path.
Axl is Everywhere .....AAaaaaaaahhhhhhh! That is so crazy.

In fear of the coming winter, I just ordered a bunch of all-weather bike-gear online. I am tired of getting here on rainy days and having to towel mud off my legs - so I ordered some basic rain pants, a *nice* all-weather jacket, lights for the bike, a windproof vest for fall, a skullcap for under my helmet, and a couple of base layer tops...I shall not be wet and feezing this fall/winter! This may have to come out of the "I'm not going to Ireland Fund," but that's okay...having the right gear will keep me on my bike longer, and stop me from spending money on train fare.

Wombat, I need your motivation for cleaning and organizing...I really meant to do some this weekend, while turboman was away, but I was too busy doing other stuff - oh well! Maybe we'll get into it next week, when we're off work!
It DOES feel like summer's going. Yesterday, it was dreary, dreary outside. I spent part of the afternoon matching socks, which is something I only do in cool weather, as I'm a sandals girl all summer long. I find myself wearing a jacket (ok, a blazer, but still) today, too. Again, not a summertime thing.


Gah! a HUGE moth just flew into my window and down onto my desk! Startled the bejebus out of me!

OK, back to your regularly scheduled weeks...
i can't believe it's the end of august already...and i can't believe i'm not going back to school. that's what feels really weird, no new notebooks or pens or anything.

turbo, i envy you both the dedication to ride your bike to work, and your living close enough to where you work to make that possible. i'm job hunting right now, and i can't seem to find work less than 45 minutes from my (tiny, ass-backwards) town. i'm actually starting to debate getting a job in NYC instead of jersey, because at least then i can take public transportation most of the way to work. part of me wants to just get a crappy subsitute-teaching job at the local high school or just work in retail instead, because i'm afraid that if i get a good job, i won't have the heart to quit it again to go to grad school, and i've put that off long enough as it is.

moxie, i have a huge and irrational fear of moths, so i'd probably have embarrassed myself ridiculously if that had been me.

pssst ... turbojenn.

Ask people OVER. It works for me.

Towel the mud off your legs! So this is not the beauteous kind of mud, I take it.

Hi moxie! Maybe you don't NEED bejebus in you!

..... I have more socks than I know what to do with. Everytime I see a bundle of fun colors for cheap at H&M, I gotta buy it. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, turquoise, black, white, gray, several shades of brown, and a couple stripeys. Sadly, no purple.

Not ONLY do I have a frickin' PC in my classroom (we were in iMac hell), but I ALSO got to download my chat protocol and I TOTALLY got through the firewall...I feel like such a techno-savvy woman.

I had the best food this weekend. This interesting gyros plate with saffron basmati instead of pitas and tons of homemade salsa and don't forget the BOOZE! Went and shot some pool on Friday, and there were these really interesting Native Americans that I ended up talking smack with, and consequently ended up shooting stick with them. They were all in the 30's, and one of them was super into "In the Air Tonight". T'was funny.

Oh yeah, lots of movies, too. Saw "Blue Velvet", "Ringu", the last two "Matrix" (egads, that last one sucked rancid ass!!)...there were another couple of ones, but I was too drunk to remember. Lots of blueberry Stoli was consumed in the wee, small hours of Saturday morning.

So yeah...I am in my classroom presently and avoiding another bout of curriculum planning. My poor little 'un has the sniffles, and I just want to take her home and baby her, for she will be a KINDERGARTENER in about nine days and that makes me want to have a cardiac infarction. blink.gif
good morning everyone
what a weekend!
sunset junction fair where i did NOT see ms gb but did see DETROIT! (from p.r.) walking around pushing a BABY STROLLER. *shudder*

me and my lades pretty much spent a good amount of time in el cid, which is a lovely mexican restaurant/bar with a patio which had a $2 cover that meant guaranteed bathrooms all day as opposed to port-o-potties, and it just sucked us in. heh. we did go down the crazy slide, and walked around; bpal did have a stand but beth wasn't there and they were only selling their like top 50 fragrances (none of which include mine) but i did snag some imps and i think that "morocco" is going to be my new favorite. big bottle!

saw: lavender diamond, brmc, darker my love and the cramps.
ate: beer, beer, beer, terrible (DELICIOUS) bacon-wrapped sauteed onion-loaded hot dog, perfect lemonade, fried zucchini

the complex ex and i are officially, officially, not sleeping together anymore and not getting back together, ever. i really effing hope it happens this time because as much as i love the sex, the back and forth and bullshit of sleeping with someone you're not actually dating (and doing so for a year now) is getting to be too much, and every other time we've called it off, we always end up sleeping together again. i could use some bustie vibes for this, please.

turbojenn, i think you are the most sensible woman i've ever met, and i've never even met you. all smart with your bike and winter preparations and all. turbomann, your frying cracks me up.

lowred, that's terribly exciting....famous poets and a date? i would go with the pants-and-heels look. classy, but subtle.

cheeeese curdssss *homer drool* when i lived in the middle of nowhere, the local a&w fast food place started selling 'em. delish.
Mouse, you are a riot.

That sounds like a great, fun weekend. A cool mexican restaurant right on Sunset? Awesome. And a fair? and a chance to smell BPAL *before* buying?! Sounds like heaven.

o/t: try not to worry too much about the money thing at work -- even if they do get rid of you, you've done some cool stuff and you can take that ability elsewhere. They probably, won't, anyway. ~*~*~vibes~*~*~
hello my lovelies!

sounds like you all had rainy weekends filled with yummy fried food goodness and cleanfests.

turboman, you should come in more often. i laughed at your plea for us to fry something.

wombat, yes, we're a little concerned about ernesto. but by the time it reaches us, it'll (hopefully) be weakened back down to TS or even TD status, so we might get some rain and wind. i doubt it will be anything like losing power for days or anything to cause major damage. but, i AM glad that we got those limbls cut down last week. that'll make us feel much more secure. (AND! i had two more of my petunia plants blooming this morning, one of which has not had a flower on it in four months! yay for sunshine!)

oh, and you're also right about inviting people over= makes you clean and organ-azize. every time we invite friends over, we spend the whole day cleaning and fixing up more. we want everything to be just perfect. ugh, but that house needs SO MUCH MORE DONE before it's all perfection.

friday was nice, but busy. i woke up and it was raining so i decided to sleep a little more. then i got up and gave the dog a bath and put her in the car. i dropped her off at SILs house for the weekend so i didn't have to worry about her being lonely and stubborn about going outside. she's just not good when we leave her. but she seemed to do well at SILs with them and their dog. she wasn't depressed when we picked her up, so that is a good thing!

then drove another couple hours to orlando (dropping the dog off added about an hour and a half to the total trip, which was about 4 hours) to pick up mrfj. and from there, we drove another hour and a half to tampa. i swear, i drove all over the state on friday! we visited a couple that we had met a few times. had good dinner and conversation, then nude swimming and sauna sitting, followed by other nude activity. smile.gif

went to a theme party in orlando. it was a "back to school" reunion party with a bunch of old friends we had when we lived there. mrfj dressed as a coach, complete with high wasted polyester snap shorts, tucked in baseball shirt, whistle, knee socks and a clipboard. i went as a librarian (to stick with the faculty line) and wore a pencil skirt, heeled maryjanes, a pretty sheer blouse, glasses and hair pulled back in a headband. i think we were the most creative couple, as non-creative as that sounds. wink.gif i'll post a pic when i get them loaded.

we stayed at a westin that night and went to brunch with the same peeps from tampa (who'd come up from orlando for their own party). mrfj had offered to pay for the brunch when we got there because they'd already paid for the hotel and offered for us to stay with them. when we got the bill for the brunch, i nearly swallowed my straw. $170!!! for FOUR PEOPLE!!! i mean, the food was divine: omlette station, waffle station, roast beef, mussels, salmon, stone crab, prawns, fruits and salads, pastas, a sushi station and tons and tons of gourmet desserts. but over $40 per person? we should have been able to fill a suitcase with goodies! of course we paid for it, and sort of justified it because it was the only real expense all weekend. but still. next time, it might be smart to ASK THE PRICE of the brunch before chowing down. YIKES! i wish i had that spread before me now, though.

i am looking forward to cooler weather. even though it's nearly september, we're still having highs in the 90s. 92 today. at least they've fixed the ac here at work though. i'll be glad when the weather cools enough to open our windows at home and let the breezes flow through. that's the best time of year. i guess that'll be about october when that starts happening.

lowredmoon, i like that top! i think that would look lovely with a nice pair of black pants and some pretty heels.

i want some cheese curds. i've never actually had them fried before, but i had an acquaintance from wisconsin that used to bring home different kinds of curds for me when she'd visit home. i would sit and eat the whole selection in one sitting.

speaking of, i think i need to eat. i'll be visiting the vending machine today because i'm too lazy to drive to get fast fod somewhere. methinks there is a hot pocket in my future...

hi fj!!!!!

(sorry wombat, i may be being an idiot, but was that money/work thing directed at me? cos if so i'm not sure i know what you're talking about)
morning y'all!!!

sorry mouse! my plans got switched at the last minute...well, 24 hours...turns out, my friend lisa had a birthday and wanted to go to the off we went to Laguna beach. although it sounds like you had a great time at sunset.

good news about the weekend...
-i only got sunburned on my toes and i stuffed myself silly
-drank like a fish
-laughed my ass off
-saw all my friends

bad news is that now my tummy is rebelling,....ow....

((((vibes for kindergarteners everywhere-first day is always the hardest)))



minx is all high tech ...wooow

4 1/2 days to arizona.....
I guess Blender was right about Axl's "come back."

"one of them was super into 'In the Air Tonight'." Bwahahahahaha!!! So, so funny. Why??? I've never heard of anyone who is reeeeally into Phil Collins music. You're talking about Phil Collins' song, right?

Mouse, I thought about you yesterday 'cause I saw a girl wearing an owl t-shirt. Hmmm...I just had an idea: mini-macrame owl earrings. Hee!

~*~*~*~anti-storm vibes for the FJ's~*~*~*~

I'm really excited for fall and winter. I can't wait for the frellin' hot sun to go away. Summer can kiss my ass.

Sigh....I'm starting to get nervous about the boy moving out, because he hasn't secured a place yet and he's not packing stuff even though I brought boxes home for him as a "hint." If he ends up sleeping in his parents' mini-van, then that's his own stupid fault. I especially want his furniture out of there and his paper crap and 'puter off of my kitchen table. I think I might have a "housewarming party" after I clean and re-decorate the poodlepad.
i used to know a super buff hard edged black guy that always talked about how "street" he was, but every day when he'd pull up in the neighborhood from work, he'd be playing "in the air tonight" so loud in his pick-up truck that we'd all say, "earl's home".

speaking of, i'm so glad "my name is earl" won emmys last night for writing and direction. i LOVE that show and was bummed for jason lee that he was snubbed. when the writer gave his acceptance speech, i thought it was the funniest speech i've ever heard. "god, you might have something to do with this, but you took all my hair, and that's not cool, man. so i don't thank you." hahahahaha.
when i was little, that song used to scare the crap outta me. i'd just read this ghost story about drowned people coming back to take someone else with them, and it just sort of meshed in my head, and i still associate them with each other...*shudder.*

i'm sending out resumes for editorial assistant positions in NYC, because it makes more sense to me to drive 20 minutes to the bus station than to drive over an hour to an office, which i'd have to do to work in jersey, apparently. the thing is, i have next to no official "office" experience--i spent a lot of time working in childcare, which involved unbelievable amounts of paperwork, but i don't know how to make someone say "hey look, let's get this girl! her decade of childcare experience and english degree translate perfectly into our corporate environment!"

*~*anti-ernesto vibes for the fjs*~*

*~*boy move OUT already vibes for the poodle*~*

hi mouse! hi wombat!

has anyone heard from tyger lately?
Hi, peeps!

Doodle, my mom and I have been through that same thing so many times, even though we're much more malicious. But the next day, it's all pretty much forgotten. My mother never actually apologizes to anyone. Yours sounds much more mature.

Turbomann's funny when he's drunk.

LRM, I had to live with my parents for a year and a half after I got done with college because job-hunting wasn't going too well and I had a ton of debt. And then a few years later, I lived in my brother's basement for a year and a half. Things will eventually work out.

FJ, that spread sounds amazing. We have a hotel in the suburbs that does a brunch similar to that, minus all the seafood. It's priced about the same, too. I'd go back in a second.

The fair was fun yesterday, but even though it isn't a strenuous thing, wandering around for 4 or 5 hours really wears you out. And on the bus on the way back to Poodle's car (she has a sweet-ass car, BTW), I got it in my head that the greatest thing in the world would be to drink a cold glass of black cherry Kool-Aid, so I went to the big-ass grocery store and bought nothing but Kool-Aid mix and ice. I'm weird when I get a craving.

So I'm posting from home right now. There was a funeral that my new boss had to go to, so I'm going to try going back in an hour or so. It would've been nice if someone had called me, but whatever. I hope this all works out. And even if not, I'm going to be back at my old job on Nov. 16.

Hi, Minx and Mouse and GB and Tes and Poodle and Turbo and Wombat and everyone I missed!
mouse - I do try to be a sensible person...I have good days and bad days, just like anyone else. I left MI after graduation because I temped for a few months and *hated* spending 2+ hours a day in the car. I hate driving, will do pretty much anything to avoid it, and so - chicago was a perfect location for me! And I moved here to sit at the desk I'm sittin' at, so I was able to choose to live close to my work, and 5 miles is the perfect distance for biking in. When I get a new job, I may not be as lucky to bike in, but I still won't be sitting in a car!

(((((LRM jobby job gettin' vibes))))

*drools at fjs brunch* I've been obsessed by thoughts of bacon since yesterday morning, when I saw my boys (the Hearty Boys) on food channel yesterday making their brown sugar bacon...just baking it with a bit of brown sugar on top....I NEED somma that. Or maybe I should just go bang on their door and make them make me some (they live 1 block away).

The rain just will not stop here. I am just not mentally prepared for the soggy grayness ahead. *sigh*

Yeah, where is tyg???? I know she was going to try and couch surf for awhile to move out, but where oh where is our sassy sista?

hi diva!! My stomach is still hurting thinking of all the fair food you ate this weekend!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. cheeeeeese currrrrds!! i still haven't ever had them! but they sound SO DAMN YUMMY!!! they'd satisfy my tummy!

i have such a sweet tooth when it cooooomes to looooooooooooooove...



i am happy happpy happppy to be hooooooooooooome at a reasonable time and nothing too vile happened at work today, and i am getting on a plane that will take me to mr. hotbuns on friday!!!!


i am babbling.

low red moon, graduate school will happen when you are ready, it doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing. promise!!!

divalla, you are my idol!!! sooooooooooo cool that you moved into your bro's basement. ditched biker dude. and now? new digs, new job, new boy.... (totally off topic, non sequitur: there is a fancy schmancy italian brand of pasta here in the fancy food shop called divalla. i crack up every time i see it. it is really spendy, though, so i haven't bought any to try yet. i'll have to let you know.

oooooo. morrocco. one of my FAVES.

brown sugar bacon. i want it NOW!

long post warning...........

good morning BUSTies!!!!

so I set up a profile on (cause i'm lonely) and I also finally set one up on myspace and looked up people from my old school, in the process I found a bunch of people that I f***ed in highschool when I was a total whore, I said hi to them and almost all of them are sending me messages back that sound like a bad porn film bleh, to top it off, this guy that my mom wanted me to marry (she would go on and on about him) he was cute but not my bad boy style back in the day, well now he is happily married, and so devoted to her, and I'm thinking *that could have been me* ahhhhh should have no regrets, I am happy, just in a different way and totally lacking the sexual, male companionship part of my life.

I had a horrible weekend, first on saturday I took my spoiled rotten child to zoo for an early birfday celebration just the 2 of us, and the zoo is not cheap, parking alone is $8 I thought it would be fun, but all i heard all day is "can we buy something, what can we buy?" to which I replied that getting into the zoo was expensive enough and, mommy does not have much money....his response "well just go to the bank" aaarghhh i wanted to explain that it was all his father's fault but I relaxed and kept my yapper shut, the zoo was humid and rainy and hot all at the same time, and we walked the entire place for about 4 hours, it felt like a very long hot power walk, I am still sore, then we got home and he kept on about not getting something at the zoo, he was cranky and honestly BITCHY the rest of the day, so sunday we had plans to go to the international gem and jewelry show, I design jewelry for a living, and have looked forward to the show for 6 months, since I have never been to one, so he woke up saying that he didn't feel good, and I figured that he just didn't want to go with us but i had no alternative, we loaded in the car and about 2 blocks from the house we had to pull over and let him blow his chunks in someones front yard, I finally realized that his bitchiness was because he really didn't feel good, needless to say I missed my first gem show, and within an hour he was jumping all over the place feeling fine, and my mom was enjoying herself at the show.

friday my neice went to college, she is absolutely freaking out, they think she may end up coming home, but they told her she had to stay at least 5 weeks, i am really praying that she stays, my sisters life is in a mess right now and things would be a little easier on everyone if only 2 of her 3 kids are at home. and I would like to call the neice but am afraid to make things worse. (I have a way of doing that sometimes)

sorry to be so selfish in my post, but I do feel better......thank you smile.gif

~~~lrm job finding vibes~~~ you know sometimes people are looking for a fresh on the market person, this way they can train them the way they want them to be trained

~~~~vibes for poodles much needed BOY free place~~~~

~~~~Ernesto=TD vibes for the fj's~~~~

~~sending out vibes for all students who are new students or nervous about their new year good luck to them all~~

and of course ~~all busties who need them~~
Hello Okayers!

How's everyone today? I think I have read all of your posts. Will attempt to address everyone. That is a feat though!

Mouse, I cannot belive you saw DETROIT walking around. Did he have a scowl on his face?Was he with a woman?

Poodle, resident boy MUST leave! You need your poodlepad back. I think a party is a great idea! I wish I could come.....

Sounds like you guys had a good time at the fair this weekend. Did you ride any rides?

Diva, so you went to the office but the boss wasn't there? I agree, it would have been nice if they'd called you to tell you as much. Funerals are not planned much in advance though, so maybe they did not have time.

Hi Tes! That is so great that you are seeing Mr Hotbuns soon! I bet you both are really excited. How long has it been since you last saw each other?

Good luck with your job hunt LRM! I hope you find something wonderful!

Hi ms gb! Sounds like you had a really fun weekend. I can't imagine how great it would be to be able to go to the beach whenever you want. That is pretty cool. My friend that used to live in LA would go all the time. She'd call me while she was hanging out in the sand & I'd be in my bland cube at work. How's your toe doing?

Doodle, sorry to hear about the sitch with your ma. I hate when you've had a great time and then something puts a damper on it. I am glad you made up. I'm with everyone else, those things just seem to happen with mothers & daughters. Glad you had fun at the Blue Rodeo show. It sounds like it was amazing!

Hiya Jenn! I have to second everyone else, you are my hero for biking to work everyday. I can't really do it from where I live, but I don't know if I would anyhow. I'm lazy sometimes. smile.gif Yeah, tell Turbomann to come back & see us more often! Especially drunk. We like that.

Hi Minx! Glad your new 'puter is up & running. How are your students? Or do you have students yet? Is it inservice still? Sorry that minxette is sick.

FJ, sounds like you had a blast this weekend too. I have a lot of family from Tampa. I will be crossing my fingers that you don't get Ernesto. Yeah, good thing you cut those branches down. Just in the nick of time! That brunch sounds too delicious. YUM! But yowza, that is pricey!

Hi moxie, dirf, wombat & everyone else!

I had a good weekend too. I went to a show Friday night, Mr K's client (band). It was awesome. Saturday I had class. I was really really dreading it, but it is actually going to be very interesting. A lot of work, but good stuff. Saturday night two of my friends from class took me to dinner for a belated birthday dinner. I had paella, it was goooood. Yesterday Mr K & I packed. And packed. T minus 3 days til moving day. Going to pack more tonight.

kari i think he was with a lady. he was pushing a stroller.

*safe from storm vibes for fjs*

*job for lowredmoon*

dirf, i'm sorry your weekend didn't go that well, but it's good that minidirf was just being bitchy because he felt crappy, not because he really was being awful. i don't have any experience with kids but i would imagine it's gotta suck when you know they don't understand and you have to keep your mouth shut.

diva makes me want grape kool-aid.....hmmm....

man. my heart is feeling like shit due to this ex stuff. i could use any comfort i can get. *sigh*
Hi, karianne!

~*~*~have a good move vibes ~*~*~*~

Ohla -- bummer, but -- you realize what this means -- he's still young enough to think you have SUPERPOWERS. Use that wisely! Hope your moms got you some good cards/brochures/connections/samples at the show.

Mouse -- okay, cross thread -- that was you worried about accounts at your job? In the "Work Stinks" thread? Sometimes if I have a large project here I check in WAY too much -- just to relieve anxiety. Maybe I did mix you up with someone else. In my job, we do design but we're responsible for tracking how much our cost center bills to the client -- so I too have nightmares I will mess it up. Oh,well, apologies if that came out wrong.

Word on Ms GB going to the beach! I hope we can get in a couple more beach days in Boston. Or, at least that it isn't rainy next Sunday. I don't have a place to put 20 or so SOPPING WET coats. The bathtub?

I just ordered a GIGANTIC cake with layers of chocolate and vanilla rum-custard and strawberries and his name written on it -- I'd rather have too much than too little!

Hooray for minx getting past the firewall -- she's SMAHT
nah i was having some trouble getting info about my health insurance, but that was all. thank you for the kind thoughts tho, i'll take em and use 'em towards the boy crap. sad.gif
((((((((mouse))))))) Its hard to convey, but you know you're doing the right thing, by closing the door on the ex sex, its just not fun to do. BUT, your heart will be open and accepting for new partners you have yet to meet, so that's good, right?! ....I'm such a silver-lining girl, sorry.

Dirf, I'm so sorry you missed your first gem show!!!! I know how much you were looking forward to that - what a bummer. Sometimes, being the responsible parent is just no fun.

Tes!!!!!! You have a hotbuns headed your way this week - HOORAY!!! You enjoy your well-deserved vacation, and maybe you'll leave your room once in awhile, eh? cool.gif

Kari - 3 days until the move - I can't believe it!! That is so exciting - and exhausting! *hands kari and energy drink*

Really, I'm no superstar for riding to work...have ya'll seen Chicago? Flat as a pancake, I tell you. With a good wind, the bike nearly rolls itself to work! Ok, not really, as the wind is always coming at you from the side, but its still not very hard. And taking the train is much more annoying between cell phone yappers and the people who *need* to share their music with you.

Boy crap is stupid poop.

That being said, you will probably feel a tremendous load off your soul when you are finally up and open to getting back out there and either being a swingin' single, or a dynamo dater. That's kinda the way I see Lurvpaint. She is one of the coolest single people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Seriously. You should have heard the voicemail she left me the other day--she kept repeating my name to the tune of some gospel hymn. I guffawed my ass off.

So, I feel your pain sister. I did that same song and dance for (mark this) SIX YEARS. He was an ex (Sid) from back at home. It wasn't until I finally did the final sayanora that I saw how dysfunctional both of us are...and NOW? Holy christ-krispies...he is still pretty fucked up and immature. I don't know if this is the case with your ex, but hind-sight is invaluable.

It will be painful, but it will help you grow in a million ways. And this might sound weird, but embrace it--don't fight it. If you feel sad, feel it. If you feel horny, masturbate. If you need your friends, call them and tell them. It's all good. Most of us have been there...some of us several times. And if you need some BUSTie love, keep on coming back here. 'Cause we loves ya. wub.gif
wombat, you are right he DOES think i have superpowers biggrin.gif

kari... I hope the move goes really well, and I hope you don't have boxes laying around a YEAR later, like me ohmy.gif

jenn, don't be so modest, you know you are a goddess of the bike, with your biking to work, spin class, and of course you are also the butt flush goddess wink.gif

((mouse)) boy crap sucks

and yes sometimes being the responsible parent does suck, but I also get ALLLLLL the benefits of the fun loving little one all to myself
Yeah, like if this had been about ten years ago, you would've seen a figure of Jenn on my altar, riding a bike with an enema bag in one hand and a pocket of of stars. biggrin.gif
*blushes* Awwww.....ya'll are really too kind....though I really do adore the image of myself as the bike warrior enema queen! blink.gif heee!

*snorts hysterically*
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