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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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wow, mr've had it done at the freaking source? Lucky man!!! I'll only see CS therapists who were trained at Upledger.

Poodle, I don't know anything about the kind of brain re-training you need to work on, but a little cranial sacral can really help release the depression and feelings of general heaviness...everytime I start to feel really down, I go get some!


Tomorrow I have to go back to school. Fucking inservices. Blech. So what am I doing? Chain-smoking and drinking coffee!! A little denial with cream anyone?

It's all good.
Good morning foofy foofies!!

(((minx))) Deep down, you must be a little excited to start a new year, right? What books did you decide on?

I did a little reading on the cranial-sacral thing and it sounds interesting, but I don't think it would be covered by my insurance. I think the best thing for me to do at this point is to take better care of my body and do regular cognitive/behavioral therapy. My brother went through 6 years of this treatment for his OCD, and he was able to go off of Prozac after a while. Yeah...this kind of crap runs in my family.

How did you your haircut turn out, jenn?

I have an appointment with my neurologist this morning. It shouldn't take much time though 'cause they're just making sure that my medication levels are in check.

Hee...I'm listening to reminds me of being 15. Thank god I'm not 15 anymore! Although, 15 is kinda special to me because that's the age that I discovered the joy of safety pins.
(cracks door to thread, peeks in, sees pile o' Busties still snoring away)

Shhhh... Hi, Poodly! No one's up yet....

(tiptoes back a minute later bearing a tray of steaming hot coffee & freshly baked apricot danish)

(sets tray down in a corner & opens curtains a bit, tiptoes back out & quietly shuts door)

Aww, bless... it's a grey rainy day here, perfect for a good sleep in.
Oy, Minx!!

Even though I LURVE reading and writing and learning stuff, I HATE that feeling of back-to-school -- all the anxiety of not knowing whether you'll be "stuck with" good or bad people for the year, marking out time for conflicting projects -- ugh!


Poor Batman's birthday is on September 4th -- so every year, he would have his birthday right before having to go back to school!

Ooh, Tart! Thank you, you are awesome!

Haha! I loved these songs!

Except everytime I heard "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" I would think *prissy, pedantic voice* Actually, every rose has SEVERAL thorns, unless you have a brain and buy the dethorned ones!"

Also, being the overintellectualized sap I am, I thought Axl was saying, "She got eyes of the bluest skies and if! she! Got a brain!"

If I ever karaoke that song, that's how I'm going to sing it!

Thank you Turbojenn and Mr fj for reminding me of what the good cranio-sacral is -- and the phrase "structural body therapy" I'm going to a medical doctor today and I can look up specialists and ask for referrals. Coolness.

*gratefully takes a cuppa and pice of danish*

Oh, boy, I could not get out of bed this morning. Pitch black out, thunder and lightning...the dog walk was not so fun. Turboman did drive me in to work this morning - there was too much lightning out there for biking, and I have a class downtown this afternoon anyway.

I wanna go crawl back into bed!

hi poodle!! good luck with the appt! An overall "taking better care of yourself" plan is always a good idea, for all of us.

My haircut is good - its very very short again, and while I like it, I think I will grow this one out a little longer before my next cut, and give myself a little more to play with...once the summer humidity has passed, and its safe for thick hair again! BUT, my stylist raised her prices $15 since my last cut. ouch. She is really getting to be on the edge of too expensive for me. I certainly can't afford color anymore, which is sad, as I am currently missing my orange and purple days. She deserves to make more money, for sure, I just know that I'm on the edge of losing her...she's working for the Ford Modeling Agency 2 days a week now, styling for editorial photo shoots...she's supremely gifted, and this is what she's wanted for so long, but its going to end up being sad for me when she eventually leaves the salon.

I hope minxy is having a *delightful* day at WORK!!! tongue.gif
Good Morning Mah Bitches!

*aaaaahhh* thanks, tart, that was just what I needed.

I too could not get out of bed this morning. All week I have just felt tired. I just wanna sleep! I think it is only made worse b/c
1. I did not get my work at home day this week. I have gotten very very used to it.
2. School starts again on Saturday. I seriously thought about taking some time off from school. But I came to the conclusion that if I did, I may never go back. Really dreading Saturday.
3. We are moving next week & there is still TONS of packing and cleaning and such to do. It will be wonderful once we get in the new place, but moving blows.

Anyhow. Sorry, I am a wee bit grumpy today!

Though I shouldn't be, I have a belated birthday dinner out with friends tonight at a wonderful restaurant.

Yeah, minx, what books did you choose?

What is this cranial-sacral therapy of which you all speak?

Poodles, good luck at your appointment today.

Hee...It took me a while to figure out why you were talking about "Batman." That's cute.

I love waking up to rain. It makes me want to grab a cup of coffee and a magazine and cuddle up with my kitties in bed.

Yeah, going back to school during the teen years was not all that exciting. You see all these people you haven't seen for a while, so it seems like it should be interesting, but it's not. It's like, "Oh yeah, those people..." And then you just want to smack them for being so happy. Highschool really does suck, especially when you're trapped in an "exurb" where there's nothing to do and the people are redneck dumbasses. Now my hometown is pretty much a full-blown suburb, so the people invest a lot more in their children's education--not the case when I lived there.

Crap! I better leave now! See ya later, haters!
turbojenn! ~*~*~*~*~vibes for finding new hair practitioner~*~*~*~

Minx -- You have had so much success with an underserved population seen as "difficult" -- you rock and are bound to have even more success this year! Plus, the debate team!! Take it! Plus you're livng in a better place, plus Minxlette has found a good fit for HER school -- think how much more power, less distraction you have this year.

Pinkpoodle ~*~*~gently steam and reshape the neurons vibes ~*~*~~
I think you're so cool because you know you deserve a good life and you fight for it!! A lot of people just give up, and you might fall down for awhile but then you get back up again. I bet the cranio-sacral would be great for you - any massage I've had is SO GOOD. Because, you get a nurturing touch that has nothing to do with the complications of a "relationship' or with the parental ties -- and yet it's such a nice, "happy baby" thing.
*nibbles on yummy apricot danish and begins talking with mouth full, crumbs a flyin'*

hey BUSTies! mmm, this is good, tart, thanks!

i need to get some of these massage perks that mrfj gets. i think i'm going to tell everyone that i want massage giftcerts for my birthday this year. there's a little massage place in the shopping center near our house. i should really try it out.

i am also thinking about getting a REAL pedi done tomorrow. i've never had one. i need to get my brows waxed (it's been months and i DON'T tweeze 'cause i'm lazy. poods would have a field day on me!) and the place by my house also does pedis. i'm just sort of wierd about my feet - they're super ticklish and i don't want to freak out in the middle of it. i wonder if i could just get the foot/leg massage without the rest. hehe.

yeah, jenn! how's the hair? did you change it much or just bushwhack? mine needs a good bushwhacking right about now. but i think i'll just trim it myself. i don't want the stylist to get too carried away.


i wonder how teacher minx is doing. seems like she JUST got out of school and already back! are the kids back already, minx? or is this just planning time? school started back here last week.

i love singing GNR. i haven't done it karaoke 'cause i usually forget about it until someone ELSE is singing it. and when me and mrfj sing patience with his acoustic gee-tar, we always forget a verse and just skip into the "oooooooh, i neeed you"s. good times.

i've been sooooo good this week, i just want to say. remember last week, i said i want to start getting up earlier so i can relax in the morning? every day this week, i've been getting up a half hour earlier than before. yay! progress! yesterday, i even had coffee while sitting on my front porch admiring my flowers!!!! today, i was really sleepy and didn't get up quite as early, but still earlier than usual. i'm hoping to make it a full hour earlier next week. yay!

turbojenn, you're my inspiration! i'll never get up as early as you, but that's ok!

x-posted with a bunch o' peeps!

glad to see i wan't the only one that had a hard time getting up today. was it just my imagination or was it darker outside this morning than it has been lately? when does daylight savings begin? not until october, right?
Cranial-Sacral... they lay you on a table, face-up and just touch you, fingertips lightly, barely laid still upon the skin of your face and your neck applying almost no pressure. For a while you think "okay, what's the big deal? Is she going to actually massage me or what?"

And then you go limp and fall asleep.

Practitioners claim that the brain issues rhythmic movements or cycles every so many seconds and that diseases can be diagnosed and treated by detecting these brain rhythms with the fingertips but I don't personally buy that. I think that upon stimulation to the body the brain just pumps out the appropriate feel-good neurotransmitters, relaxes you supremely and then puts your ass to sleep.
Well, I've been positioned face up and face down, and I was really working on some depression stuff and emotional release work, so it wasn't so much falling asleep, as she would touch my elbow, and gently pull on an arm, and I would be *poof* right back in some awful headspace from years ago, have an explosion of emotion, and then it was literally gone, and left feeling lighter and brighter...and tired, as you can expend a lot of energy...but I got a helluva lotta emotional work done in a few visits, and it was much more economical for me than even paying the co-pays on seeing a traditional therapist over time. It worked really well for me, its just what fit....but everyone takes their own approach to healing, and that's a cool thing too.

I'm too tired for work today....all this grayness outside just makes me want to take a nap. At least I'm getting out of here at 1:30pm to go downtown to a class, which means an hour nap on the train, I'm thinking. Or maybe just listening to my audiobook...we'll see.
Turb, I'm too skeptical for my own good. I don't trust anything or anyone until I think it's been sufficiently proven to me. I don't doubt its therapeutic value. I'm just suspicious of the back story.
Yeah, well...okay, you got me there on the backstory - its a little strange, but so much of life is a little strange, eh? Western med certainly has its own dark and sordid history....

I'm back!!!

My neurologist is weird. Nice, but slightly devilish-looking/acting.

Well, I think the fingers pressing on the body would be relaxing and somewhat uplifting (like a massage), but I don't think it would be an appropriate or effective way to treat someone who regularly fantasizes about suicide and resents being born. It might help out when you're feeling "down," which is not the same as depression (despite what prescription drug ads say).
hey poodle...glad you're back!! I think so long as you're taking the path toward healing that feels best for you, you're doing just fine...we all do what fits best for us, right?
What's shakin', babycakeses?

Congrats on your new job, Catsoup!!! That's awesome! Yes, I do have a new job, but it's only through election season, so I'll be coming back here in the middle of November. It's a start, though, and I'll hopefully love it.

I wonder if you could make weighted hula hoops by putting ball bearings inside the hoop. That would be really noisy, though, and the weight could get uneven. I'm going to have to look around more for some.

Thanks for the tip on mildew removal, FJ. I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom yesterday (took me a whole 90 minutes, which I'm not happy about), and everything is sparkling except the caulk around the tub. I was thinking I'd just have to redo it.

My maud, was my bathroom awful! Note to self: never trust the giant to get a bathroom clean to my standards. I'm embarassed that I let people in there while it was that bad. I want to send them apology letters.

So, my big hookey day ended up being a day of cleaning the bathroom, ironing and hanging up clothes, and watching a little TV. That's okay, because I got a decent workout running around the house and I don't know when the next time will be that I'll have time alone in the house like this. And then when the giant got home, I started crying because I was so worn out, he's incompetent at cleaning to my standards, and my boobs were really sweaty in their undersides. I'm becomming my mother, dammit. Then we went out for dinner and watched PR. Good episode last night.

Did your therapy appointment go well, Poodle?

Rock on, GB! \m/ \m/ \m/

Hi, Wombat and TurboJenn!

Karianne, I feel ya about having people traipsing through your house while you're still in it. My landlord did that to me at my old apartment without even the courtesy of a 10-minute heads-up call. 9 times out of 10, I was naked and sleeping and barely woke up and got out before she showed the place.

School started for my BFF and her husband on August 7th. It's not so bad up here after all.

I'm not even going to say I'm going to do any work today. Screw it. Other than training the lady who's covering for me, I'm playing online all freaking day because my boss is gone and just because I can. So there! I haven't done shit today and only 15 minutes before I leave for lunch. I love when my boss is gone.

Is anyone going to the fair this weekend?


wtf, how is it thursday already?? it's almost september. i cannot believe that. my lease is up in november and i have to decide if i want to move or not..........aah.


jealous of all you busties waking up to rain....we're on the edge of another horrid heat wave here; 100+ temps in some areas. yuck. BUT this weekend is sunset junction which means running around in the middle of closed off sunset boulevard all day drunk listening to great bands riding street fair rides eating delicious food and buying way too much bpal. weeee!

i got yelled at yesterday for being late, which i suppose was deserved, but then she said that the problem was that we weren't staying late enough to make up for it. I STAY LATE ALL THE TIME. the other girl who's chronically late doesn't, but i stay till at least 6:30 and often 7, and it pisses me off because my boss leaves at 6 and doesn't see that i'm still working, and then i get yelled at for shirking my duties. yes, i often come in at 9:30 instead of 9, but i always stay the full 9 hours we're asked. dammit.

i've never had craniosacral therapy but it sounds interesting.
ditto on what mouse said about the heat...jeez....enough already!!! we had a sub in class yesterday and he was questioning why i wasnt' doing anything but acrylic nails...uh duh...its freakin hot and i don't want to use any hot tools. dry.gif

((poodle's noodle))

((kari-school and moving vibes))

yay! diva can play all day!!!

dude...any massage is good...i'll take a lymphatic please!!! mix in a bit of shiastu...some CS....awesomeness of sweet....ok that was totally lame. but i am kinda crazy right now since today is the LAST DAY OF CLASS!!!!! and i'm only going for 30 min to show off jake to some pals...and then i am going sleep!!!! next semester starts sept 5th so i am soo gonna catch up on some ZZZZ's.

oh, mouse! i am going on sunday to sunset junction and hopefully i'll see ya there.

wooo! i'll be the carrot with a cat head. i'll keep an eye out for totoro tongue.gif
diva, i'm not doing anything today either. well, ok, i've completed a couple of random tasks. but i'm really lazy. i've got day-off-tomorrow-itis. dry.gif

mouse, start sending out random emails to your boss after 6:30p so (s)he sees that you're at work. i do that sometimes. sorry you got yelled at though. that sucks.

(((poodle))) i hope your therapy is useful to you. oh, and nuerologists must just be a strange breed. mine is a bit of a freak also. he sort of looks at me and stares, waiting for me to say something. i don't think he knew what to do with me when i started visiting him: he never once even touched my back or did any sort of diagnostic stuff. he just gave me prescriptions for pain and muscle relaxers and told me to go to physical therapy (at my behest).

i can't believe it's nearly september either. that's just crazy talk.

Yeah, neurologists are goofy at times. My neurologist looks like he should have a monicle and a pencil-thin moustache.

Sorry you had to spend so much time cleaning the bathroom, diva. I did the exact same thing last week, but it felt good afterwards knowing that everything was truly clean.

I haven't started therapy yet, diva. It was a psychiatrist visit (colder and more scientific). It went okay, but I cried a little. Parliament-Funkadelic quickly remedied that. If anyone has any recommendations for therapists, send me a PM.

It would be really nice not to have to go to the doctor so frequently. I think I have some time off from the neurologist now, so that's cool.

Thank GAWD September is coming up!! I can't wait for fall so I can wear long sleeve shirts and my crappy pimp coat. I love having seasons. Fall is my favorite.

(((mouse))) I know what you mean about the staying late thing. My boss is the same way.

Weeeeee!!! I can't wait to go to the MN State Fair!!! I was looking at their website so I can plan what foods I'm going to eat (in addition to the standard cheese curds). I read that they're selling battered, deep-fried chocolate chip cookies at this year's State Fair. That's not quite as nasty-sounding as the battered, deep-fried Snickers bars, but still... *gags*
Do you want to go to the fair next weekend, Poodle? The giant and I are going either this Saturday or Sunday, whichever one has the better forecast. You're welcome to join us if you want, otherwise you're always so much fun to go with. Then we'd be splitting all the really bad-for-you food 3 ways instead of 2 if you came with the giant and me.

I'm going to try a deep fried Snickers bar. I'll probably eat 2 bites. I figure I'll need to bites to fully absorb the badness of it. And I'm going to try the fried cookies. And funnel cake. And cheese curds. And fresh potato chips and/or french fries. And corn on the cob (since theirs is really the only one I like). And Italian ice. And a malt and/or root beer float. And a foot long pronto pup. And mini dougnuts. And frozen crap on a stick. I'm going to have to look it up, too, to plan it all out.

That's great that the resident boy may have found a place to move to. When does he hear about it for sure?

I can't wait for September, either. It's perfect weather to wear light long sleeved shirts, but I may have to pack up the sandal collection. That part sucks. And Poodle's pimp jacket rules.

I have to send my boss emails when I stay late, too. I'm pretty much late every day, so if it's more than 15 minutes, I have to email him when I leave. It sucks, but I guess it could be worse. At least he's not pressing the getting to work on time issue so much anymore.

Maybe I should try a massage again. I had a couple at my old gym, but I really didn't get much out of them. I find it really hard to relax, though, especially with a stranger touching my bare skin. I'm not a touchy/feely person at all. I don't even hug my family.

I guess I do have to do a tiny bit of work today. I should send out service of process and I want to clean my keyboard. I even picked up q-tips and rubbing alcohol to do it later on so the smell doesn't bother anyone.

Poodle, what is wrong with you? Deep fried snickers and deep fried choc chip cookies sound deeeelicious! I love fair food. The fries, yum.

Mouse, I've had the opposite week, I'm more "how can it ONLY be Thursday??"

Bathroom cleaning: I sprayed a bleach/water mix on the moldy caulk in the tub yesterday. Came back in about 30 mins and it was sparkling white. It was great. Except for the bleach smell permeating the house that is. Ah well, it'll fade.

In other good new: when I got home from work yesterday the "for rent" sign was gone from our frontyard. yay! Someone rented the place, meaning no more people will be coming by to look at it. Sweet.
i was thinking the same thing... deep fried snickers and cookies sound absolutely divine. diva is right, i would need a couple bites to know for sure-sure. hehe

yay about the house getting rented! now you're all free and clear. who cares about that modly tub, now! smile.gif
Hola Busties!

Thank you for all the nice birthday wishes last week! National Marileen Birthday Week was definitely a lot of fun and was all about being social with old friends this year. I worked during the beginning of the week and had Thursday (the actual b-day) and Friday off from work. Thursday I went and renewed my drivers license and then went to Walker Art Center and saw the Diane Arbus show with two art club friends and then we went to dinner at Café Brenda. Friday I packed up Abie and went to my parents’ house al day where they fed me lunch and birthday cake and we watched the doggies run around their giant yard. Saturday I went out for breakfast and coffee with the friends who had nighttime plans and then a bunch of old friends and I went to dinner that night at Chino Latino. My friend Ladybug who lives in LaCrosse who’s birthday is four days before mine came and stayed overnight Saturday, so we celebrated for her, too. It was so nice to see so many of my rarely seen friends and everybody had a great time.

The past few days have been spent mainly lying low (my computer was broken for a few days until JT fixed it for me so there was no busting at home), doing errands and chores and work, and fighting off the symptoms of MRG. I had a mean old migraine yesterday, too. I feel much better today.

Today my boss came back this afternoon from a meeting in the south metro area and his car is all dented up from the literally softball size hail they had for at least twenty minutes! His description made it sound like a disaster movie – storm so loud and noisy you couldn’t hear anything else, cars everywhere with windows shattered, and people caught by the storm before they could get inside staggering into buildings with blood and bruises on their faces from getting hit by hail…scary! He was really grateful his car windows stayed intact.

Congratulations on the job Catsoup!!!

Congratulations on your car Poodle! ~*~*~and healthy vibes for you~*~*~*

Yay for Diva’s leave of absence job!

Good luck with your packing Karianne. Yay for no more showings!

I wanna do karaoke with the FJs.

I would love to try cranial sacral therapy – that sounds awesome and like something I could benefit from.

Wombat, I like your Axl dream. I’ve been having so many crazy dreams lately but they are so complicated and weird that I wouldn’t know where to begin in talking about them. And speaking of Axl vs. Slash for pets, I would go for Slash as a pet name, too. He seems to be a more friendly rock star than Axl, and you want your pets to be friendly, too, so it would be good karma. Do any of you remember the sketch from “The State” where the woman’s house is infested not by mice or bugs but by Slash? He’s been eating the cereal and they chase him around with brooms and he runs into a huge hole in the wall and hides and they eventually catch him in a giant mousetrap set with French bread and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. It was awesome. I loved The State. I wish they would do a reunion show. If I was skinny I’d buy a wig and a top hat and dress up like Slash for Halloween.
Holy mother, its FRIDAY you loopy cunts!

I had to go to the most aweful networking gig last night. Most of the time, I enjoy these things...I like meeting new people and making contacts, etc. Last night, the young commercial real estate brokers. Oh goddess/maud/whomever can provide mercy, what a group of selfish, egomaniacal, in0-the-box thinking people! I had to leave after 1/2 the reception and return to my nice, little house in an in-fill, older suburb where "the real players" (read: big box ugh) don't want to come. SO much for urban redevelopment, eh? Sometimes, I do not love my job.

All this talk about massage, therapy and CS reminds me that I need to make appts with both my regular therapist and my massage therapist for the next week or two. Feeling better temporarily does not equal well...the least little bit of pressure, and I'm an anxiety ridden beastie again. Eh, at least I get to go work out at lunchtime today, right?

Poods...i'm very proud of you for sticking with what you know will be hard work. Good for you!

What's everyone up to this weekend? We're grillin with the BFFs... I'm hoping to get their 10yr old to hang with me a while...he's a great kid, and I think feels a bit left out with the babies around now.
Mornin' ya'll!!

Hell yeah, its Friday!!! And about damn time!

Weekend plans...none, other than pampering myself!! Turboman is off playing with the boyz this weekend, so I'm going to do whatever i want, and if that means turning into a slug for a weekend, I'm doing it. I'm really glad to have the time to just have a quiet weekend to myself. I'll probably do a long bike ride on Sunday, and maybe on Saturday I'll see if I can find a terrible chick movie to go see, and then take myself out to dinner. I love dining out by myself sometimes.

I think I'm one of the wretched snobs who has no interest in big box stores coming into my neighborhood. Boo. Makes the city far less interesting.

I have to geek out here a minute...I went to a Adobe Create Suite 2 Preview Seminar yesterday was free, and an afternoon out of the office, so it seemed like a great idea. Holy shit, it was such a great seminar, and the new apps are freaking amazing. Wombat, its a whole new file management world, and I have *got* to find some way to talk my boss into upgrading my software! This stupid org never wants to spend money on my software....they don't care if my skillz get moldy.

Rawr!! I hate when I don't have time to post before leaving for work!!

Hi marileen!! It sounds like your b-day week was awesome! I saw the ad for the Diane Arbus thing in the City Pages. I would love to see that, but there's so much going on this week and I have no money!

Crap. I gotta go. I'll talk to y'all when I get my ass to work.
I am so fucking glad it's Friday. About damn time!

Happy belated birthday, Marileen! I'm glad you had a good week. I like stretching out birthday celebrations too.

Poodle, I PM'ed you.

Turbo, I'm jealous of your pampering weekend that sounds great.

I want to get a massage. Not in the budget right now though.

We're going to the fair on Monday and I can't wait. I am such a state fair geek. I usually go at least twice.

Last night TB and I went to Broder's for yummy pasta to celebrate my new job. They had this amazing dessert - it was a chocolate truffle fruit tart. A layer of chocolate topped with a creamy layer topped with strawberries and blueberries. Fantastic.

The new job is creating and implementing a curriculum on suicide prevention for high schools. I'm excited about it. But it's my first job that has nothing to do with sex which is a little weird for me. smile.gif

What, no celebrating in here about emergency contraception getting FDA approval for over the counter sales (for women over 18)? We were all very excited yesterday at work. It's not perfect because it's not available to teens but it's still a remarkable step.

Hi Moxie, FJ, Karianne, Diva, Mouse, anyone I missed.
catsoup- sudafed isn't avaliable to teens either. I think that some watchful eye on people who are children (legally, at least) is as responsible balance in 99% of the cases. That being said, I was relieved to see some sort of real science winning out for once in this absurdist environment we call the Bush Administration.
Yowch!! Marileen, that's freaky! I wish I had seen that skit -- ha ha! Also freaky, the huge hail. We had a tornado in Massachusetts in the fifties that killed a hundred people, it was so big it was off the charts -- they think it was BIGGER than an F5. My mom lived through it and nobody would believe there was such a thing as softball sized hail.

Nyahh, Nyahh, Turbojenn, I've had the CS2 suite on my desk since April. The people that program the little plug-ins -- like for fonts and to make it get along with Quark, etc -- have lag-time, so until maybe two months ago we were still *USING* CS. I had done all the books, tutorials and play and now I'm reminding myself a bit.

The thing about it is that it works a WHOLE LOT better if everybody switches over to it at once and uses it exclusively for everything. Also, you don't end up using Bridge as much as you think you would -- it's a memory hog and basically you should know what your file is and what it looks like anyway. I've got to make some portfolio items that *show* that the art it was made with that particular software.

If you have a machine at home you can download 30-day free trial -- I'm looking for a laptop-- actually I'm so close to paying off my credit card debt I ran up at school that I think I can get a new card and just put in all on there.


You do good work no matter what program you're using, turbs, and that's what really matters, but every couple of years you have to buy all new stuff or it gets difficult to work with people. sucks giant eggs in my opinion.

Big box stores, chains, etcetera-- I usually don't like them in the city either, but I don't think that's being a wretched snob -- it was only wretched snobbery in the particular case I was talking about.

The neighborhood has never had a history of being upper class, it's only recently that upperclass people bought things there because they couldn't afford anything else, and the particular "parcel" they are talking about is a piece of muddy land next to a river that was tidal and very polluted, there are highways that block it from view, and it was the site of a giant Ford manufacturing plant and, until recently, a failed conversion to a shopping mall. The "big box" stores proposed were IKEA and Home Depot, stores that would be very useful to old and new residents trying to fix up the decaying housing stock. Recent, rather yupped out arrivals wanted to build a fake-victorian, towne houseee development instead, which would line the pockets of the republican governor and his cronies and wouldn't work because it is marshy, saggy, dirty land with a lot of auto fumes that aren't going away.

The other thing is that the taxes those stores would have paid would be a very large and very needed benefit to the police, fire department, and schools, it is a largely residential section of town where there are hardly any businesses or industries at all. The property taxes on plastic pseudo elegnant homes would be much lower and much longer in coming -- while it was built etc. But the yuppies banded together, mouthed concerns about aesthetics (um,---- yeah), the enviroment and fake liberalism and hired lawyers and got a lot of press.

The upshot is that we will still get the IKEA but it is a long way off, the city services those folks think they're above using (public schools! Mercy! Who would ever go to THOSE anyway?!) are still starving for the money and then there's going to be a much smaller fake victorian little street that will probably generate a lawsuit from its future residents due to a cancer cluster from all the pollution.

Nice job! Way to go!


boy, big rant, but basicallly I agree with you TJ, it's just one of those managed development issues which is a little different in this case.

Ah, wombat, I *knew* that you, in corporateland would already have CS2!! I wish I worked in a place where you didn't have to fight to stay current...oh, and that paid me decently. I hope that when I get the software I can just come in here some weekend, and totally geek out and go through our whole photo catalog, and meta tag everything. I have thousands of baby photos that I'm solely responsible for managing, and when someone calls me and says "I need a photo of a smiling bi-racial infant, age 6-12 months," I gotta find it, and usually it means sifting through my folders for awhile - I already have the pics broken down by ethnicity, but that still leaves a few hundred photos in every folder. And then you have to track down permissions...I envision myself using the ratings system to visually cue which photos I already have written permissions on. I got a 30 day trial disc yesterday, so maybe I'll geek out on that this weekend. Oh, AND I won a free copy of Acrobat Pro 7, which is awesome, and has some great new features that will be great for us. sigh...geek love....

turbo -- wow, I had no idea! When you deal with THAT many photos, it MUST be handy.

Also, I want to thank you again for the cranio-sacral information and support you on the whole mind-body knowledge and connection thing. I had various massage-school or hippie massages (cheaper) where I would definitely get imagery.

Mox -- yeah, that crowd sounds gross, and congratulations for you for keeping so many balls in the air.

catsoup and all - I'm really happy about the morning after pill thing too! It's still creepy that they want to restrict access to teenagers, tell their parents or what have you, because teenagers are the ones most likely to be sexually abused and not to have parents that can deal with it very well -- they're the most vulnerable of the pregnant population. Bah!!
Believe me, when my BFF told me that Plan B would be on the market OTC, I practically weeped. I had a "situation" two years ago with a condom breaking. It took me 2 hours after finding out the the planned parenthood in my area was totally closed, and THEN had to go to the doctor and do some 'splaining. AND THEN the insurance company kicked me with the bill which$110. Oh, and did the guy kick in? Nah.

Anyhoo, no school for Minx today. I am freewheeling. I am planning on buying more coffee and cigarettes and having a curriculum planning pow-wow in my livingroom. Maybe I'll get really ambitious and clean my bathroom. Just sit around reading, planning, listening to Lords of Acid and Pink Floyd and Failure. Good times. My weekend gets cut off short because he wanted me to take Minxlette back a day early, so I gotta get moving on it.

I woke up at five o'clock this morning, dead awake. I had a seriously creepy quasi-nightmare. Someone had written me a letter that was really mean. What the fuck? I need to get back to my Diaryland webpage and write because I have some eerie skeletons coming out of the closet lately. I would love to do some cranial-sacral or more massage right now, but I am financially immobile until the 15th of next month. Everything is budgeted to the last penny.

I had another really good nectarine and raspberry smoothie this morning. Damn, does that make me system happy. I have been trying to drink one of those in the morning before I even touch a cup of coffee. I have found now that I am actually drinking less coffee as a result. Cool.

Minxlette had to have two vaccinations and one bloodstick last night at the doctors. I hate that shit, although she was much better about it than last time when we had to four-point restrain her.
Hi, you belly up gutter sluts!

Today is my last day here until the middle of November! Yay!!!! *throws confetti everywhere and turns a cartwheel* I've still got a ton of stuff to do before I leave for the day. I have to see if I can suspend my parking contract because nobody wanted to sublet it, write out a check for my COBRA, see about getting remote access to my work email, email everyone and tell them my new address, and do a lot of general cleaning up. And what am I doing? Playing online and eating a german chocolate roll. Yep, I'm great at time management. Not to mention I came in a half hour late.

Congrats to the technogeeks for their new technology. That all goes way over my head, but if it makes you happy and makes your job easier, that's great.

I feel the same way as you guys do about big box stores in the city. That's what suburbs are for, dammit! Unless the store can be fluidly integrated into the existing area, like the Target in downtown Minneapolis (it's 2 floors with underground parking in a pre-existing building), then it shouldn't be there.

Moxie, I'm sorry you had to deal with those mean boys yesterday. I don't really much like those types, either. They all look the same and don't seem to have a whole lot of brains of their own. I fear that my brother is turning into one of those, only of the insurance/retirement management variety.

Hi, Marileen and Catsoup and Poodle!

This weekend should be pretty relaxing. Other than going to the fair either tomorrow or Sunday, we don't have any plans. Maybe we'll go back down to the giant's mom's because she needs a whole bunch of holes dug to plant more flowers, but maybe the giant's SIL will be there to do it instead.

So I went to a Democratic meet-up earlier in the week, and I found out some things about my neighborhood. Apparently, outside the building that houses the man who tried to steal my car, there is a meth lab on wheels in a large, what-used-to-be, delivery truck. They don't cook it right there - they take it out into the middle of nowhere - but still, I don't want that shit on my corner. And a couple people got jumped there last weekend (the giant and I saw the fistfight they got into in the street). I guess the cops are now onto them and I'm hoping that they just clear the building out. At least one of the units has kids in it, and I hope they can find a better place to live, but I hope the other ones get locked up for a very long time. Except for that building, the neighborhood is very, very pleasant.
Damnit, I didn't do the obligatory insult.

i can never think of a good insult, but happy effing friday anyway!

so, yeah, re: morning after pill, GREAT. when i went to planned parenthood earlier this year, they pretty much forced one on me (i just went for a checkup and bc). i was all "its okay, i probably won't need it" and they were all "take one anyway!" so i have one lying around my apartment, waiting for me to slip up. i think california's planned parenthood is AMAZING. there are a lot of not so great things about the state i currently call home (da governator, anyone?) but their pp is incredible. when i was living in PA, a checkup and two months of bc cost me EIGHTY DOLLARS, even with the rated-to-your-income deal. at planned parenthood! here in CA, i make over twice as much money as i was making in PA, i got a checkup, a YEARS supply of bc, AND the morning after pill FOR. FREE. (i donated though). i wish all states would pick that up.

re: big box stores; i agree with diva. i mean, if you have to have them, make them fit with the city. but largely they are unecessary (though as someone without a car until very recently, i appreciated being able to take the bus to target, which i couldn't have done if it were in the suburbs).

yay diva's last day!!!!!!

CS2! it's weird, some of the stations in my office have it, some don't (unfortunately i'm still on plain ol' CS) which is annoying. eh.

i've been feeling really down lately. meh.
damn...good one minx. i still like dirty cum receptacles.....

yay for plan B! i was so happy when i read about that...kinda like a F=U to the bush administration. now i we can only get hpv vaccines out there....

marileen! its sounds like you had a great birthday weekend... biggrin.gif

the best thing by far at the faires is...(in my book) the bbq and the deep fried but those foot massage thingies are good too.

yes mouse, i'll be arriving on the Cat Bus with acorns in hand....actually just look for a super tall, goofy walking redhead. that'll probably be me. cool.gif

hi poodle, catsoup, turbo kari, and moxie!

the phones are screwed up here at work...the phone rings, but i can't hear anything. different numbers are popping up on the ID so i know its not a stalker or a prankster. bleh.
whatsa matta??

For me, I hate to see summer go. Also, I need to put together an even more slammin' portfolio, without violating confidentiality, and I don't know if I want to stay here, stay here but in a different capacity, or move on, and it has to be decided within a couple months, which is creepy.

I have back-up money, so it won't be a totally frightening scene financially unless there are really extreme circumstances, but I really like this company and these people -- there seems to be a lot of shuffling about though, I don't know what I can count on. Waah!! This has been really great.

Me and batman had sweet and playful sex last night which was very spontaneous and gratifying -- We still have a few big PITA tasks to do for his birthday/housewarming.

Plus GET BACK TO THE GYM!! I was doing so well for most of a year -- no excuses, progress, enjoyment. Now I went to the doctor yesterday and I have gained weight back. Ack. They really do make you feel like turds. I sympathize, poodle. I mean, yesterday I went to an old hospital that had been "cheered up" in this really tacky way and it was still impossible to find anything -- the main entrance looks like a side door, nobody knows what they're doing, they're all yawning and cranky cause it's 3 in the afternoon on a Thursday, and I was there for hours and hours waiting in lab coats, going somewhere else, getting stuck with things, having a pelvic with a full bladder because it didn't occur to them to do the urine sample FIRST -- arrgh!! and this was just the yearly checkups kinda rolled into one.

I fully support FJ and Poodle for dealing with this stuff all the time. It makes you feel all sterile and empty somehow, like all you see are defects and you're just a number. I felt like my spirit was pulled out of my body. The native americans have a ritual called a "sing" which serves to remind a sick person of who they were and who they are aside from the sickness -- kinda calling the spirit back.

And mind you, I'm not actually ill or anything, it's just a weird process.

MY spirit could be called back into my body by getting a gourmet tuna melt, a nice smoothie, strong coffee and silly girlie magazines!
Ack! I still don't have time to play, but I wanted to drop by anyway.

Thanks for the PM, catsoup. I would love it if you could find that number for me.

I'm sorry about your crappy doctor's visit, wombat. I hear ya. I'm just glad that I have the treatments available to me. It's really not so bad. It's really just the past year that has been crazy.

Diva, I would love to go to the fair with you guys, but it would have to be on Sunday. My dad wants me to come over tomorrow so we can do a couple things with the car and then sort out finances and crap. sad.gif I also need to beg them for $50 or something so I can buy food at the fair. I'm too poor for cheese curds right now!!

Hi to everyone!!

Alright, I must get back to work now so that I don't end up having to stay late. Grrr...
Happy Friday Chicas!

Cheers for over-the-counter Plan B!

Wombat, some Slash just for you:

*throws confetti for Divala's last day!*

Good luck with your curriculum this weekend Minx! I can't believe it is already back to school time. August has gone by so quickly.


I want to go to the state fair this year but am not sure when I can go. Maybe not this weekend but the next.

Hi to Poodle and Moxie and MsGB and Turbojenn and anyone else here today!
Shhhhh! I'm a little tipsy right now! I went out to lunch with a friend, and I got a Stoli raspberry lemonade and a white russian with Bailey's instead of regular cream. I'm giggly and smiley and kind of drunk-ish! Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

Yay for Sunday! Don't worry too much about money, Poodle. I've got some extra, so I'll take care of most of it. We can share in the giant's very first public transit experience! I don't think he's ever taken a city bus, so if we do park/ride, then this will be his very first time.

I just ordered a weighted hula hoop. It was $55 including shipping, which is about what I planned to spend. I hope it's as good of a workout as they say it is.

Sorry your dr's appt sucked, Wombat. It bugs me when they don't think to do things in the order easiest for you, and taking a urine sample is so easy.

A couple ladies I work with bought me a box of Frango chocolates as a "good luck" gift. That was so sweet of them! Literally!

And it's about damn time on the Plan B coming through. Yay! I really do think it was just a matter of time, but I'm really happy it happened during/in spite of the Bush Administration. Take that, pro-life, right wing whackadoos!

Hi, GB and Mouse and Minx!

Got to get back to work. I'd like to be able to go home in 4 hours, but we'll see.

I'm tipsy! Yay!
Hidey Ho!

What's up knob slobbers? Happy Friday!

Finally, I thought this week was neverending.

Sounds like everyone is doing well today.

Wombat I'm with you. Tuna melt, coffee, & a mag would be on time. Your dr appt sounds quite unpleasant.

Hi Marileen! It's good to see you round these parts. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday week. What day is your birthday? Mine was the 20th.

Minx, sorry about your crappy dream. Boo. So when does school start full on?

Diva, I didn't know you for sure got the position. Congratulations! What will you be doing? Is your workplace giving you a leave of absence?

Hi mouse, moxie, jenn, & ms gb!

I had a good dinner out with friends last night. I ate some stirfry with peanut sacue. Mighty tasty. Then we had a chocloate chip tart for dessert. My friends gave me some lovely birthday gifts as well.

Weekend plans: Tonight the band mr K manages is playing. Gonna go to that. Tomorrow, class sad.gif. Tomorrow night, going to dinner with some other friends. Sunday: pack pack pack. and pack.
Hi, Karianne! Yes, I did get the position. I'm going to be recruiting people from other unions (teachers, postal, trades) to volunteer for AFSCME (my union) so all the unions are on the same page for the elections. I guess day-to-day, it's going to be making a lot of phone calls (hopefully writing scripts, since I do kind of have a degree in that), coordinating volunteering events, door-knocking, data entry... I just hope it keeps me busy for 40 hours a week early on because I can't afford to take a pay cut. I'll find out more on Monday when I start.

I can't believe you're moving already. Didn't you guys just start the very beginning of thinking of looking at houses a month ago?

Hi, Marileen!

Okay, seriously must work now. I've now got 3.75 hours to get all my shit done. I really don't want to be here past 6:00, but I'll stay if I have to.
kari - you ROCK - "knob slobbers" - bwahahaha! I love it!

This day is going on far too long. 1hr 15 min to go - wooohooo!

I'm trying to decide where to take myself for dinner tonight without turboman, but the skies are looking ominous, so it may be take-out. poo.

diva's drunk - I'm jealous!

Back in the good 'ol days (when I had a part time boss), we'd have 'rita fridays around here, and one 'rita is more than enough to make the afternoon speed by a little faster....sigh...I miss those days. Now, I have the most punctual boss that is in the office more than any other person here. oh well...she's also the best boss I've had here to date (and there have been many bosses), so take the good with the bad, I guess.

I wanna go to the fair with ya'll! Our state fair is 3 hours south of here, and I don't need cheese curds that bad. smile.gif

I bet you're getting stronger muscles with all the packing you're doing, right kari?! Good luck getting everything boxed and ready to go!!
hey all you cum slurping cunts, Happy Friday!!!!!!

I would love to have a fried snickers, I had one 2 years ago and it made me ill from all the fat, sweet goodness...........drool

I am so excited about the morning after pill being otc, hopefully it will not be abused, but I think a high price tag on it is what they will do to fix that issue, as for the teens, if a 16 yr old girl needed it I would hope parents or an older friend would help her out, being over the counter does make it easier for that purpose also.

I have a friend who is having a pregnancy scare right now, and another who is having an ectopic pregnancy scare,

dirfboy had a much more successful 2nd day of school, nobody teased him, and he seemed to be getting along okay already getting into a little bit of trouble (just a little) which I feel is his way of testing his boundaries and wouldn't be doing that if he didn't feel a little comfy in his new invironment. when I tried to fix his issue of his dropping the drawers to pee, he told me he already knew how to do it properly and didn't need any help "MOM!!!" then walked away like a friggin' teenager, he's only FIVE

I am not a touchy feely person, and really don't like massage or anything else that includes a stranger putting their hands on me, unless of course it's an inappropriate way wink.gif

I might go to the international gem and jewelry show on sunday, but I don't know if I want to pay the $7 to get in plus I would have to drag dirfboy with me, he would probably enjoy it, on Sat. I might take him to the zoo for a little pre-b-day fun day, i would rather sleep in though

my neice went off to college today, for the first time EVER my sister cried on the phone to me, I have never seen that woman cry, I cry enough for the both of us

all the technogeek talk is giving me a smart ladies make me comp. is horribly underused, bust, shopping, cash register, quickbooks

(((((all BUSTies)))))

Diva, your new job sounds really cool. So it is in conjunction with your current workplace then? Nice. I will cross my fingers that you get full 40 hour workweeks.

Jenn, what are you thinking for dinner tonight? I think take out is fun too.

Diva, yes the move is quick! I think we found this house on Aug. 4. We found it pretty quickly, it was only our 2nd time out with our realtor. I was surprised!

Hi dirf! I am glad dirfboy is doing better & had a better day at school. The attitude he gave you is too funny.
YAY dirfboy!!!

I'm home - yay! And just in time, as the thunder is a rumblin' out there! I've got a beer in hand, music jammin, and I'm a happy girl!

Dinner, I depends on the rain, I guess. If its delivery, probably thai. If its not raining, I may roll on down to Heartland Cafe, which is a good veg friendly, quirkly neighborhood place, with good beer, and they'll have live music tonight.
Diva, my dad works for AFSCME. He writes their newsletters and newspaper thing, does media stuff, etc. Are you going to be working in the office in South St. Paul? That's where Catsoup's Daddy is.
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